New Venomous Snake Discovered Is Already At Risk For Extinction

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    A team of biologists happened to stumble across a new venomous snake while on a mission to research sea snakes. But the scary new snake they discovered just happens to already be at risk for extinction.

    The new snake was found in Australia by a research team of biologists which is led by University of Queensland’s Associate Professor Bryan Fry. The new species of bandy-bandy snake was found at Weipa, a town on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula, in the far northeast of Australia, according to Fox News. 

    Fry said bandy-bandies were burrowing snakes so they were surprised when they found it on a concrete block by the sea, after coming in from a night of sea snake spotting. “We later discovered that the snake had slithered over from a pile of bauxite rubble waiting to be loaded onto a ship,” he said.

    The black-and-white snake is now named Vermicella parscauda or the Cape York bandy-bandy. The bandy-bandies typically live in burrows and feed on a specialized diet of blind snakes.  So far, scientists actually only know of five species of bandy bandies, all found in Australia. The hoop snake (Vermicella annulata) is the most commonly encountered bandy-bandy, the researchers reported in a study published in Zootaxa.

    The team has so far found only six individual snakes of the Cape York bandy-bandy species in the Weipa area. This site has large-scale bauxite mining that involves extensive digging, which could be affecting the naturally burrowing bandy-bandy, the researchers write.  The team is yet to do a detailed assessment of the abundance, distribution and potential threats to the species, but say the bauxite mine, and the activity around it, could endanger or present the threat of this snake’s extinction.

    “Bauxite mining is a major economic activity in the region, and it may be reshaping the environment to the detriment of native plants and animals,” Fry said about the potential dangers to the newly discovered snake.  “Every species is precious and we need to protect them all since we can’t predict where the next wonder-drug will come from,” he added.

    “The discovery of this enigmatic little snake is symptomatic of the much more fundamental problem of how little we know about our biodiversity and how much may be lost before we even discover it.”


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      1. AS far as I care all of them can go extinct.

      2. Venomous snakes going extinct is not at the top of my priority list. I’m much more worried about the unique genius and beauty of white Europeans being wiped out.


      3. The globalist, NWO, socialist, fascist, powers-that-be need to become extinct.

      4. Everything is useful.

      5. Ask any Marine about the Habu which is commonly found in Asia and more deadly by many multitudes than some cobras

      6. I blame Global Warming myself!

        The 25 million kangaroos are next on the list.

      7. Who could possibly live without another poisonous snake to worry about.

        Might I suggest that this species was simply dying out and should be left to nature to decide its fate. Oh sorry, I forgot that this would interfere with man’s interruption of the natural cycles.

      8. I went to Australia on vacation, stopped at an outback natural museum. The woman guide said she spent half her life hiking and never saw a poisonous snake in the wild.

        The very next day we were on a bus tour of the South East coast, beautiful, and at one stop, walking to the ocean, I spotted and photographed the most poisonous snake in Australia. Australias death adder. I have to say hundreds of tourists walked right past this little guy and never saw him.

        Just a couple years later in Central America where it was, out of its range, I saw a Bushmaster laying across our trail. The guide never saw it. I likely saved his life, it is the largest poisonous snake in the world.

        Moral of the story, be situationally aware! Really, keep your eyes open people.

        Number one killer of young Americans right now is Drugs. Protect your children. I knew a guy once who’s son was into drugs. As soon as he realized it, he (in his state legally), recorded all phone calls and gave all incriminating tapes (not his son) to the police. They took out all the dealers and he got his son into an out of state rehab. When I learned this I thought it extreme. Years later, I see the wisdom. Family comes first.

        Number two killer of our children is cars. Freaking teach your children to drive like their life depends on it. Situationally aware here is key. My state emphasizes defensive driving…. I’m sorry, teach you child paranoid driving, because idiots are out to get them!

        • I hear you on the driving – nine times out of ten, braking to avoid will get you into a crash! Anticipate what’s coming/potentially coming, drop a gear or two and tromp on it to get around the potentiality and drive like everyone else is trying to kill you! I taught my son to ride a street bike at 9, a car (manual trans, no power steering) at age 10. I put him on city streets at age 12. Needless to say, he is a stellar driver and, once legal, aced his road test in a standard-shift car. Situational awareness is a skill that most people lack, and everyone I know that started driving well before legally being allowed to, has that – probably mostly to do with keeping a third eye out for cops that might bust you for “borrowing” your parents’ car, lol!

      9. Send those Aussie snakes to DC;

        they will thrive there.

      10. It don’t make a lick of sense to kill every snake, just reduce the worst offenders who are poisonous. Why?

        The worst offenders could give a lethal bite to a child or elderly tribe member. Take care when cutting off the head because the venom sacs are still there and people have died from beheaded snake heads.

        But the ratsnake is harmless and common and is controlling the rodent population of rats, mice, voles, and chipmunks. Your dog is almost certainly surviving on them as well.

        If you kill all snakes, the coyotes will be thrilled and even the wolves and coydogs and feral dogs will hunt them. Now you have a genuine THREAT because of stupidly killing all snakes. The primary food of coyotes, wolves, coydogs, and feral dogs are RODENTS.

        Rodents are a primary vector of disease especially in some regions where PLAGUE ie Yersina bacteria is endemic. If you kill every snake, you will have more DISEASE via rodent vectors.

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