New UK Government Report Confirms COVID Vaccination Significantly Increases Risk of Death

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    This article was origiannly published by The Daily Exposé under the title: New UK Gov. report confirms COVID Vaccination significantly increases the risk of Death and kills hundreds of thousands after five months

    New figures published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics reveal the Covid-19 vaccinated population are much more likely to die of any cause than the unvaccinated population in England among all age groups.

    This is unequivocal proof that the Covid-19 injections have been and are still killing people, and patterns within the ONS data suggest it takes five months after vaccination for the deadly consequences to be fully realized.

    On the 17th of May, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published its latest dataset on deaths by vaccination status in England, and it has revealed a whole host of shocking findings.

    For example, we now know that according to the ONS, 70,000 people have died within 28 days of the Covid-19 vaccination in England, and 179,000 people have died within 60 days.

    We also now know that Covid-19 vaccination increases children’s risk of death between 8,100% and 30,200%.

    But it turns out that once you dig a little deeper into data, you find that Covid-19 vaccination actually increases the mortality rate of everyone within approximately 5 months.

    Table 1 of the ONS dataset contains figures on the monthly age-standardized mortality rates by vaccination status for deaths between 1st Jan 21 and 31st March 22. The first Covid-19 injection was administered in England on 8th December 2021, and here are the figures on mortality rates by vaccination status in the following 4 months –

    The unvaccinated were substantially more likely to die of any cause other than Covid-19 than the vaccinated population in both January and February 2021, before the rates seemed to normalize by the end of April.

    But look at what happened from May 2021 onwards –

    All of a sudden, the vaccinated population as a whole were more likely to die than the unvaccinated of any cause other than Covid-19, and this trend has continued month after month since. It also turns out this trend tally’s up with those who received the Covid-19 injections first.

    People in England were vaccinated by order of age, with the eldest being offered the Covid-19 injection first.

    The following chart shows the age-standardized mortality rates per 100,000 person-years by vaccination status and age group for the month of May 2021 –

    The figures show that in May the three age groups who had a higher mortality rate among the vaccinated were the 70-79, 80-89, and 90+-year-olds. The trend then continues into June with vaccinated 60-69-year-olds joining the highest mortality rate club.

    It then continues into July with the 50-59-year-olds joining the highest mortality rate club.

    This data either indicates that the Covid-19 injections take approximately 5 months to completely decimate the immune system to the point where a person’s chances of dying of any cause are significantly increased, or it indicates that the Covid-19 injections are directly killing people in the thousands with a slow and painful death that takes on average 5 months to conclude.


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      1. Hey Darwin,
        care to explain ???

      2. safe AND effective

      3. Wow! Good work there detective! Everyone else figured that out 1.5 years ago!

      4. The risk of death is compounded 10x by being stupid. Vax for this, vax for that, only asswipes get a vax for anything! Lazy stupid bassturds can’t think enough to check out natural cures. I feel just as good as I did 10 years ago ( thanks to calcium fructoborate). I drink like a fish, work like a slave, and I’m retired lol. I need to go back to my regular job to get a break! I have had 1 shot since I was about 6 years old and that was a tetanus shot. My employer insisted I get it (cut myself on some sheet metal). Other than that I will never take a shot for anything. Oh but the govt. loves me and wants to save me…. BLO ME! How can people think that way??????

        • It was a Global IQ test and a billion or more failed including the DarTard!

        • Damn, cut yourself working on sheetmetal when you were 6? You a hoss, man!

      5. Looking at the source files, I cannot replicate your figures. Can you highlight in the original source files which data you used ?

      6. I am a homosexual and you people offend me! You need to be vaccinated and die! Your all a bunch of homophobic right wing conspiracy theorists! How dare you keep your kids from me. I wear my rainbow clothes with pride!

        • So you’re a faggot huh? Noone could have guessed that! Put your stupidity with it and you are a stupid faggot.

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          • You should stop picking your nose once you hit brain matter.

        • Dude you seriously need to grow the fuck up.
          Wanna know why you have such difficulty getting along with others?
          It’s 1000% because you are immature,disrespectful and a spoiled,entitled,whiny crybaby.
          Has absolutely nothing to do with you being homosexual.

        • Mr. D is a provocateur. Don’t respond to his comments. His goal is to discredit you and undermine site, that is his purpose. Completely and permanently shun him. He may want to try commenting using a different name, shun and totally ignore anyone who even remotely appears to say the same things.

        • GTFOOH;
          I have 2 blood relatives that are homosexual and 2 friends that are homosexual.
          I have a great relationship with all of them.
          I have known all of them for over 40 years.
          The difference between them and you are;
          1. They are not immature
          2. They never disrespect anyone
          3. They don’t have outbursts of profanity
          4. They don’t troll websites to insult,provoke,and taunt people.
          5. They are not royally pissed at life.
          You have some serious mental health issues that need addressing.
          Seek help.

          • The fool who posted as “Mr Darwin.” is not me. These idiots have resorted to pretending to be me because they have no other recourse. They are morons.

            My first wife was an actress with many gay friends. Almost all of them (as with any population) were/are stand-up, kind-hearted people. I have a cousin who is gay. My murdered aunt was a lesbian. My best friend’s son is gay.

            I am not gay, but I stand with the gay community 100% because it’s the just, decent thing to do.

        • Shots working!

        • So delightfully juvenile. Wouldn’t expect anything less from this crowd. You’re all retarded. You’re all traitors. Each and every one of you can fuck all the way off.

          Pssst, Mr. SHTFPLAN censor. You haven’t posted any of my comments lately. I’d like to assert my 1st Amendment rights, please. Thaaaaanks.

      7. Is anybody besides me remembering that video clip of Pedo Joe on national TV about a year ago, where the condescending, arrogant bastard was talking down to, and lecturing Americans who were refusing to take the jabs and where he said he was ‘running out of patience’ with these free thinker types of people?

        Seems like it’s been quite a while since Pedo Joe has mentioned these deadly clot shots and heart and immune system damaging vaccines.

        But, meanwhile, the Orange Man is still boasting about being the Father of these Death jabs at his campaign rallies…, what might we conclude from these two anomalies?

        Might it be that a senile, brain damaged, arrogant, incompetent, diabolically evil tyrant who is suffering from the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s Disease is more aware of the explosion of adverse side effects from these vaccines and has decided to avoid bringing up the topic – than the Orange Buffoon is who clearly is either totally ignorant on the subject, or who is aware of the adverse side effects and chooses to ignore them, while he continues to boast about being the Father of the vaccines?

        • It’s your last statement on the orange man that is true. He compared his vaccine’s adverse events to birth control pills which have killed 25,000 women in a TV interview a year ago. He knows the danger.

        • Honk honk!

      8. Statistical corelation does not imply causation.

        Too many factors involved to establish causality on a population level study done after the fact without controls to narrow them down to the vaccine.

        Statistical corelation studies simply give a hint of things that may need further investigation. An actual double blind study is needed to determine anything conclusive.

        • They don’t know what an actual double-blind study is. Just sitting here, you can pick out like a dozen things wrong with their inference here. UK is highly vaccinated, and the few who aren’t are generally young and healthy, where the highest percentage of vaccinated are over 70 and probably unhealthy.
          The author of these articles suffers from confirmation bias, and probably thinks that’s a bonus. He may as well argue that “100% of sky divers who die, were wearing a parachute when they died”, which of course is necessitated by the fact that 100% of sky divers wear parachutes, and wearing the parachute wasn’t the cause of the death, but jumping from the airplane.
          It’s not that they don’t understand what they’re talking about, they don’t want to.

      9. I checked the source and couldn‘t replicate your graphs, can you highlight which tables you used ?

      10. Considering almost everyone in the UK is vaccinated, and the only holdouts are usually young people, especially future mothers who fear the effects of pregnancy, this is literally meaningless. The highest vaccinated in almost every country are those over 70, but in the UK, they have a very high vaccination rate either way. The *only* people who generally hold out are the most healthy.
        This is why you all get accused of “disinformation”, because you provably spread it. I’m not saying the left doesn’t do it at a rate of 10x more, or that it is a reason for censorship, but this kind of armchair epidemiology is just a joke.

        • Like the US, the UK has an extraordinarily unhealthy population because of lifestyle factors (bad food, lazy lifestyles, obesity etc.). Throw in an experimental vaccine and that is bound to take a few thousand out. Not a biggie really because the UK could do with bringing its population down by a few million or more.

      11. Darwin admits he started the monkey butt pox epidermic! ROFL LOL LOLZ!!!!!!!

        • Seriously, how old are you? I’m positive your education ended around the 4th grade, but you could at least try and come up with some insults that are at least high school level.

          Btw, thanks a bunch for trying to post as me. The (few, very few) intelligent people here will instantly know I didn’t write that shit because I know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, dumbass.

      12. I just got a message from Q. The Storm begins tomorrow!

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