New Study: Robots Can BRAINWASH Children Into ‘Mindless Conformity’

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 43 comments

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    A new study has shown that robots can brainwash children, essentially programming their minds into “mindless conformity.” Children can be significantly influenced by machines, even when the robots were obviously wrong.

    Writing in Science Robotics, the University of Plymouth researchers behind the study said the findings raise concerns about the potential for robots to have a negative influence on vulnerable children.  Children were shown to trust the answer a robot provides over their own assessment, even though it was easily wrong, making “robot pressure,” the new peer pressure, reported RT.

    People often follow the opinions of others and we’ve known for a long time that it is hard to resist taking over views and opinions of people around us. We know this as conformity. But as robots will soon be found in the home and the workplace, we were wondering if people would conform to robots.” 

    “What our results show is that adults do not conform to what the robots are saying. But when we did the experiment with children, they did. It shows children can perhaps have more of an affinity with robots than adults, which does pose the question: what if robots were to suggest, for example, what products to buy or what to think?” – Professor in Robotics Tony Belpaeme, one of the scientists behind the study.

    Professor Noel Sharkey, who heads the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, responded to the research on Twitter. “If robots can convince children that false information is true, the implication for the planned commercial exploitation of robots for childminding and teaching is problematic,” he wrote.

    Of course, it was pointed out that teachers can do this as well, as children are taught to respect authority first over coming to the correct factual answer. Children in public schools are already taught that if they conform and do what’s asked of them regardless of the morality behind the task, they will succeed.

    Because of this new study, the researchers cautioned that a discussion needs to take place around what protections need to be put in place to minimize the danger to children as robots become more widespread. To the rest of us, this is what it looks like when everyone (from the government to the corporate media to the food and medical industry) attempts to manipulate your opinion for their gain.


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      1. What robots are to children, “scientists” or “researchers” or “experts” are to adults. They are considered the all-knowing information sources who are rarely wrong. The problem is that they can be wrong.

        • Already happening. Few people under 20 can seem to logically arrive at an answer without asking Siri or consulting Google.

          Too late folks.

      2. I think the other half of Mindless liberals who get their news from CNN and fraudbook are just as culpable as mindless dolts, who never get any facts in their brains and live their lives in a mindless bubble, thinking everyting is manby pamby, the Gubberment will take care of their best interests.

        And you ain’t seen nothing yet, just wait and see what life is like on earth after the 5G Tech BS is rolled out into every neighborhood across America. These mindless twits will respond in evil ways as human drones, all by a click of mouse by the TP2B, sending out massive waves of mini RFI microwaves to the mindless skulls.

        Keep plenty of ammo on hand folks, it will be like the scenes from “The Walking Dead” show.

      3. The answer to all of this, is to get far, far away from all urban areas and mindless programmed technology, and get yourself set up on your own country Property and entirely off the grid.

        Saw an amazing sight this AM. The sun is shining, I fixed my coffee, started reading SHTF, looked out my cottage door, and several bunny rabbits and a turkey were out in the yard eating the couple of handfuls of cracked corn I spread out every AM at sunrise.

        Then Out comes the big Doe about 20 yards away, she probably heard the squirrels chomping away at the corn, and she is looking around for a few mins, then she grunts a few times, calling out to her 2x 2 month old spotted fawns that came bouncing out of the woods in the back all excited, and run up to momma’s milk sack and start sucking milk for about 3 minutes. The cutest thing ever. And this is 20 yards away from me. I got a few photos of this, with all the critters in one photo. This is my slice of heaven which makes it all worth it.

        Folks cut the mindless programmed cable cord, and social BS media, sell your overpriced POS city property to some other mindless dolt, and go find yourself a slice of heaven, out in the country and start living real life as it was meant to be. Nature is an amazing calming natural experience, that cannot be duplicated. Its real and in your face. Yesterday when I was putting my kayak into the canal water on my property for my weekend paddle, a big barn owl was watching me from a limb above. Another nice sight to see. Fresh air, sunshine, no technology destroying clutter to mess it all up. Get out there in real nature and enjoy it. And its all free if you go look.

        • When the census taker comes around claim you’re mixed race. If you don’t, the DOJ Civil Rights Division will send you some Somalis to ruin the scenery. Eric Holder set that up with the Census and HUD. They are going zip code by zip code to see who doesn’t have enough diversity. What a country.

          • Yep never answer “White” or “Caucasian” on any census or application. Screw up their numbers. Fuck diversity.

            • Him and Infidel, agreed about to hell with diversity. I don’t even talk to any census takers.

        • TSB, agreed wholeheartedly. Kids are already brainwashed into ‘mindless conformity’ by mindless libturd adults so if nothing else brainwashing from robots may be even worse. Libturds will be the death of this country.

      4. ‘…It shows children can *perhaps have more of an affinity with robots than adults…’

        We *definitely had more of an affinity with video games than with adults, yet still accused it of cheating, once it became familiar.

        Houses that cheated on Halloween and flaky carnival rides were remembered, accurately.

        “Children in public schools are already taught that if they conform and do what’s asked of them regardless of the morality behind the task, they will succeed.”

        Have you actually gone to public school?

      5. No one will believe this, but television and video and video games will do this too.

        That’s how lifetime conservatives are born at an early age, through video programming brainwashing them as little children.

      6. New Study: Robots Can BRAINWASH Children Into ‘Mindless Conformity’

        This isn’t new the Libtards/commies have been doing this for years.


        • Sarge, libturds have already ruined the kids’ minds. They don’t need help from robots or anything else.

          • TDR,

            Teachers, professors, and any other indoctrinators need to worry about their job security. Also, the elites will also have their next generation of teachers once the current flock is lined up against the wall and shot. Socialist regimes have a tendency to kill people who push for socialism once those very same people become disillusioned with socialism.

      7. Robots aren’t autonomous but spew whatever they have been programmed to say.

        Study childhood development. You have two things at work. The first is the morality center in the frontal lobe based upon parenting and adult authority figures like teachers. The second is neural development in firing along the axon.

        In the former, young people lack a fully developed sense of right and wrong and good versus evil. And this is limited to what their parents and adult leaders tell them. Garbage in equals garabage out especially with atheism.

        In the latter you have literally poor insulation of wiring until adult onset. This means very faulty thinking as one axon has interuptions and misfiring as they trigger cascading axons.

        This is a great overgeneralization. What is worse is as teenagers arrive at answers by analyzing a topic, they start underusing other axon firing, until these connections are no longer strong. This is a form of specialization that is meant to give a rapid answer to problems, but should that initial answer be illogical, then they are apt to repeat the same illogical answer especially if praised for it.

        It’s a system that is supposed to say help them find a path through a city so they don’t have to retest different paths each time, but you can see how early mistakes that are praised in some manner leads to repeating the same mistakes over and over.

        Why in the world would you let a robot become an authority figure? But you let a television or the Internet or a musician or an artist be an authority figure, don’t you?

        The more nonsense or face it, out malevolent garbage is spewed into the faces of children, the more they accept the immorality of the world.

        Teens are natural iconoclasts. They reject their parent’s authority to seize autonomy. But without good parenting and positive Christian rolemodels, you abandon them to satanic people.

        Leftists are everywhere and literally make money off of influencing teenagers. They want you to let a village of Luciferians teach your kids.

      8. The antidote is to minimize your child’s interaction with machines. It is another way of saying: go out and play.

      9. Living way out in the mtns in the savage wild over the years I have shed my conditioning and learned to think for myself as no one else is around for a mile or so. It took time but I have become a free man again. Probably much like the old mtn men fur trappers. I can stand in plain sight of people and they dont see me. I have learned to be part of the forest not an intruder and can move among deer without disturbing them. I was up tight and self restricting when I moved out to the mtns over come with conditioning and limiting my self by trying to conform to some one elses rules. Think for your self again and stop being the brain dead pawn of tyrants

        • You nailed it Moses. Get far away as possible and off their grid and your natural instincts take over again. I go to bed when dark and wake up when the birds start chirping and the sun is about to rise. The most beautiful part of the day is in the early AM, and watching the day unfold as it does. Amazing, good for you.

      10. So the robots do a better job at dumbing down students than any teacher is already.

      11. Ever found a “nice”, town in this country that
        isn’t over run by crime, killings, or illegals who
        can’t speak English…..nor do they want to.
        Family vacations are more like the ” Vacation ”
        movies with Chevy Chase….only not as funny!!

        In every big city these days is like the “gangster haven”
        ghetto we used to only read about in the National

        Sadly, the US has become Mexico North.
        This is what happens when the “patients are
        running the asylum”……Or demoncraps by
        other name.
        Try to name a town that is a family attraction
        and NOT a Communist Disney Park, that everyone
        can be safe, healthy and have fun.
        Is there such a place any more???

        • Kay, not just the cities. The suburbs and even rural areas are inundated with the invaders.

        • I found a small town like that, and the County is 98% White people. But I’m not saying where this is, and then what? Ruin it?

          • Yeah, riiiight.
            You won’t tell us because everyone on this site likely to read it is a black illegal just looking for someplace to ruin Whitey.
            You are such BS.

            • Not BS, I live in a similar place. 98% white, very low crime, cops don’t mess with you, lot’s of fun things to do, clean. One must use their brain to find these places, try it….

      12. Now here is what IS scary. We have all kinds of data on psychological testing based on peer pressure. When they do psychological testing, everyone but the test subject is a plant. And they will have these plants intentionally give the wrong answer and after a few times opposing their opinion, as they. The minority opinion (albeit the obvious correct one), peer pressure to conform will make the majority to YIELD to an onbviously incorrect answer.

        Likewise in behavioral studies, when given an order in a set up experiment in which everyone is a plant except for the test subject, if an authority figure says to torture one of the other subjects, the preponderance will yield their long developed morality to the authority figure.

        If people are conditioned to accept pat answers from robot teachers or take directives from them, then humanity is doomed as most are trained to abandon their morality.

        How do you think jihadists imams get teenagers to strap on suicide vests? They start them with plastic guns and teach them that it doesn’t matter what the Quran says, do what these wahabi imams say and kill infidels.

        They making robots.

        So is social media.

        So is rap music.

        So is Hollywood

        So are the Democrats.

        Christianity stands alone. Christianity teaches free will. Even we you get saved through grace by faith in Jesus Christ, you don’t abandon free will.

        Do you see Christians committing acts of terror? NOPE.

        The elite gobalists want you to swallow their easy answers. Reject them!

        There is nothing easy about Christianity. It is wrestling with the angel…just like Jacob. We wrestle with own conscience as well.
        Genesis 32:22-31

        • Christians have committed more acts of terror than any religion. Just the bombing of Yemen with US bombs. How about the world wars? Dresden fire bombed. Tokyo firebombed. Granted, the atom bomb was designed by Jews, but Christian patriots delivered it. How about the crusades? How about the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003? And on and on ….

          Real Christians wouldn’t hurt anyone. But these monsters called themselves “Christian” and kill in the name of their hippy Jew “lord” to happily bring on the Apocalypse.

          Sick muthas. All of them.

          Ask a Yemenite mother about her dead babies ….
          Thank a CHRISTIAN for all the bombs.

          And of course you forgot Anders Breivik and Dylann Roof and the rest. The Texas church shooter. Etc.

          Christians have killed millions. The killing will continue under Emperor Trump.

          • Baloney. Your thesis is garbage because you are labeling various folks as Christians when they were not.

            Meanwhile greatest genocides in history were committed by atheists! Over and over these democides are by communists!

          • Tell me Dragyn, who is your master? Lucifer, right?

          • and there is the MIS-understanding of CHRISTian

            just because they have said they are christian, does not a CHRISTian make.

            CHRISTians must be defined by their actions–not by their claims.

            • Amen.
              … but keep in mind that humans will always be fallible
              We are not perfect and true Christians will be the first to admit that. Fortunately, we are not required to be perfect in order to be redeemed.

      13. In the same light that leftists have swamped social media, and forbid any politics but theirs, what do you think they will program into “teaching robots?” By the time the practice is commonplace, there may be no alternative to the leftist screed. This whole thing is an opportunity to shut out parents and shove in the leftist garbage to the next generation..

      14. Homeschool.

        Don’t have T.V. in the home.


      15. Robots are the new moose limbs. Someday we will fight them for our lives and they will be just as hard to get rid of.

          • Good choice! That’s why you’re the Genius around here.

        • Fritz, but some of my best friends are robots. They work hard and don’t stink.

          • Lol. Well, ok then. When I’m President someday, if you like your robot you can keep your robot. I don’t know what else can be said about stinky ones you mentioned though.

      16. Why do the technocrats want robots? It’s slavery all over again! No wages and no benefits and no complaints and no slave revolts and no questioning orders.

        When they have this and AI working, they don’t need billions of us. We will be eliminated.

        Only fools think robots are for the majority if human beings.

        Look up the image of the beast in Revelation. It sounds like a robot.

        11And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 12And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 13And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, 14And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. 15And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
        Revelation 13:11-15

        The only way you can life to an image is either an AI hologram or an android.


        Electronic devices and media have never been used to encourage calm, orderly behavior, in my lifetime.

        I understand that censorship is regarded as a cardinal sin, among freethinkers.

        But, I have seen state stamps put on historical reenactments and biology reels. I am not demanding that you believe that. Just getting it to the point of what is mutually agreed-upon, normally.

        We have a minor household emergency and cannot find safety info on a consumer product. It is sometimes difficult to ID a food plant, growing in a planter, for so much factitious cyber-squatting.

        In many respects, we are redirected through the most inefficient routes through stores and roads, and pitted against eachother, for maximum output.

        Some order, some conformity, would be civilizing.

      18. I’m amused that those University researchers overlooked the FIRST and BEST robotic brain washer: TELEVISION!


        – the Lone Ranger

      19. Many people that consider themselves good Christians remain silent, through lack of will or lack of knowledge, about the truth regarding 9/11/2001 their faith will mean little or nothing regardless of what the future holds.

        Use your voice before you lose that voice, or.. if the S does indeed HTF ..many people of faith will have no one to blame but themselves when they see the fear and sorrow in their children’s eyes.

        Christopher Bollyn is a very serious truth seeking and truth speaking man worth listening to if starting to inform oneself.

        Satan doesn’t need our souls.. just our silence.

      20. B fromCA;
        Refusing to play with libtards on their terms is what has
        gotten us where we are now. There are “social rules” and
        bad mouthing this country, Constitution, and those that make
        it safe by risking life and limb to keep it free. We need a set
        of rules. When I was young, I remember after the war, anyone
        who talked Communist support could be punished.
        Disney was a commie but nobody ever knew because there were
        consequences for doing so. He would never had made his billions
        if he had, in fact.

        Freedom of speech is one thing , but supporting the enemy, giving
        them comfort, condoning that behavior, insulting those who gave up
        everything thing sacred for everyone else, is treason.

        Put those ingrates out on the ocean and let the enemy
        torpedo their ship…..since they don’t like this country anyway.
        It would be, “fight for your ungrateful life or die.”
        Think that would work to civilize the morons??

        I love my country, but I don’t like the extortionists that are
        running it….or running it into the ground.

      21. Even more so the computer gaming the kids are so addicted to?

      22. TERMINATOR 5 OR 6 …

        THE GLOBALISTS IN POWER ARE PREPARING A WORLDWIDE TECH DICTATORSHIP WITH THE HELP OF FASCIST CORPS LIKE google, facebook, amazon, twitter, apple, ibm, microsoft, etc…


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