New SARS-Like Virus Spreads From Bats to Humans: “Not ‘If’ There Will Be An Outbreak”

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    An alarming new threat has emerged in the discovery of  a new virus that can be transmitted directly from bats to humans, and has the potential for a deadly outbreak.

    Known as SHC014-CoV, this lab modified chimera coronavirus is currently circulating in Chinese horseshoe bat populations and can spread to humans, infecting the lungs. It is thought to be similar in to the SARS respiratory virus,  and scientists have replicated the strain in mouse lungs, demonstrating the easy adaptability of the disease across the species bridge.

    The Daily Mail reports:

    Scientists have discovered a new virus, similar to SARS, that can jump from bats to humans, prompting fears of a future epidemic.

    They warn there is no treatment for the virus, referred to as SHC014-CoV, which can cross the species divide without the need to mutate.

    But, they caution, it is still not clear whether or not the disease has the ability to spread from human to human.

    Could it cause a new epidemic? It is a definite possibility.

    Disease researchers in North Carolina and China found that SHC014-CoV will “replicate efficiently in primary human airway cells and achieve in vitro titers equivalent to epidemic strains of SARS-CoV.”

    Dr Ralph Baric, of the University of North Carolina, said:

    “This virus is highly pathogenic and treatments developed against the original SARS virus in 2002 and the ZMapp drugs used to fight Ebola fail to neutralise and control this particular virus.

    ‘So this is not a situation of ‘if’ there will be an outbreak of one of these coronaviruses, but rather when and how prepared we’ll be to address it.’

    Here’s the abstract from the study:

    Using the SARS-CoV reverse genetics system2, we generated and characterized a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus SHC014 in a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV backbone. The results indicate that group 2b viruses encoding the SHC014 spike in a wild-type backbone can efficiently use multiple orthologs of the SARS receptor human angiotensin converting enzyme II (ACE2), replicate efficiently in primary human airway cells and achieve in vitro titers equivalent to epidemic strains of SARS-CoV. Additionally, in vivo experiments demonstrate replication of the chimeric virus in mouse lung with notable pathogenesis. […]

    Our work suggests a potential risk of SARS-CoV re-emergence from viruses currently circulating in bat populations.

    So the risk is there.

    And the ways of combating the respiratory disease are not worked out. Researchers, who stand to benefit from the very outbreak they hope to treat, have complained that government research has been put on hold:

    Researchers said their discovery is notable, as it highlights an ongoing debate over the US government’s decision to suspend all gain of function experiments on a variety of select agents, earlier this year.

    The move has put a substantial standstill on the development of vaccines or treatments for these pathogens should there be an outbreak.

    SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, first jumped from animals to humans in 2002 to 2003, triggering a worldwide outbreak with around 8,000 cases being diagnosed, including one at the university’s Chapel Hill location.

    Almost 800 people lost their lives during the outbreak.

    The SARS outbreak killed some 800 people, and carries flu-like symptoms, which worsen, impairing the lungs and leading to potentially-deadly pneumonia.

    Now, scientists believe this coronavirus and other pathogens circulating in bat colonies could bring back severe SARS infections, along with the serious possibility of spreading this new strain.

    There is no way to know how bad a SHC014-CoV “bat flu” outbreak could be, but the potential for mass casualties and a heavy handed government response are clear enough.

    Fortunately, the personal steps you can take to avoid such pandemics work for any of these diseases.

    The first steps included preparing for extra food, fuel and supplies as you would for any emergency. Creating a safe room where you and your family can retreat and avoid exposure from the general population is important, and planning a secondary place where sick family members could be quarantined without infecting other loved ones, while being cared for, is also a prudent idea.

    Health workers, hospital employees, doctors and nurses all rank at the top of the list for group you will want to avoid if an outbreak has been reported. Teachers and students are also highly exposed. Avoid busy public areas, and especially public transportation hubs where people from every area of the world cross paths and leave pathogens behind.

    Staying in your house, with self-sufficient preps is the best plan, if it is possible. In the worst cases, it may become mandatory.

    Sanitation and a contamination-avoidance protocol are key to minimizing the risks.

    Some other suggestions for this scenario include:

    1. Never touch your face with your hands. Your hands by default will be the most likely area of your body to contain infected debris.
    2. Avoid contact with others and limit social protocols – resist shaking hands, kissing, hugging. Limit your exposure as much as possible.
    3. Make a plan. Daisy Luther provides an excellent template for creating a pandemic plan. Further, to prepare for a pandemic event, if you plan on bugging out, do it before the quarantine measures are placed. Talk with country cousins about staying with them for the duration or begin fixing up any remote properties in preparation for a long term pandemic event.
    4. Make preparations and discuss with family members the family’s pandemic plan.
    5. Have some entertainment available to family members: board games, books, art supplies, etc.
    6. For those with special needs, ensure that you have supplies ready for them (infants, elderly, handicapped, etc.).
    7. Prepare a sick room for the home to limit family member’s exposure to the virus. If someone in the house is infected, then the person needs to be segregated to a room of the house and that room needs to be sealed off from the rest of the home either using plastic sheeting or duct taped closed with limited interaction from other family members.
    8. Consider all items coming in from the outside to be contaminated and should be washed with antibacterial soap or a chlorine mix before handling with bare hands. Therefore, any item you pick up after the emergency starts need to be handled accordingly.
    9. Seal air leaks in your home. All it takes is one particle of infectious material to doom your whole family. Since you will be indoors with not alot to do, do this.
    10. Any time you come into near contact with anybody who is infected, you will need a shower. This is not an option.
    11. All common items in the house should be disinfected after use regardless if anyone is sick. The kitchen and bathrooms should be meticulously cleaned after use.
    12. If a family member dies in quarantine, seal off the room until professionals can deal with it. Don’t risk it. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, Wear long pants and long sleeves. Tuck your sleeves into your gloves. Dig your grave prior to moving the body. Spray the areas of the body you intend to touch with your bleach solution and wait 10 minutes before touching the body. 13. Avoid touching the torso and head of the deceased person and only touch the disinfected extremities. Disinfect you clothing and shower after the operation is complete.
    14. Looters and crime waves can occur during this so ensure you have a means to protect yourself and your preps.
    15. Stay isolated until quarantine is lifted.

    If circumstances compel you to travel or go out in public, any serious pandemic should be met with personal protection gear, including a respirator, protective eyewear, gloves and a body suit.

    As with ebola, there may be more fear than substance, yet full on outbreaks are just a few mistakes away, and failing to prepare and avoid the risks could cost your life.

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      1. Colloidal silver is stronger than any virus

          • This unhip bastard liked it…..get off our cases Acid.

          • Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys

            “Death Ramps” is an alias for British indie rock band Arctic Monkeys. They usually go under this name in collaboration with Miles Kane and fellow Sheffield artist Richard Hawley, and have released five tracks, all B-Sides to Arctic Monkeys singles.

            Not to bad for “Modern” Rock. grandee has often been called unhip by all the musical professionals in the family.

            • The bat populations in the U.S are already in a weakened condition from White-nose syndrome.

              Most people don’t realize bats eat massive amounts of mosquitos and other insects. Massive decrease in bats, will that mean great increase in the numbers of insects? I wonder what the impact will be on crops?

              Bat tragedy finally reaches Kentucky
              “Some bat populations across Kentucky have fallen by up to 90 percent as the full force of the deadly white-nose syndrome settles in, three years after it took hold in the state, according to the latest scientific surveys.

              That loss means more mosquitoes and insects that are active at night and are normally on bats’ menus, expert said. Some of them are serious pests, potentially costing agriculture billions of dollars, and help to spread human illnesses like West Nile virus.

              It’s not that researchers are finding hordes of dead bats, said Rickard Toomey, director of the Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning. “They simply are not there.”

              Kentucky wildlife officials wrapping up winter surveys of more than 70 caves in 21 counties are seeing the same thing for tricolored and little brown bats, which had been among the most common bats in the commonwealth.”

              “Our declines are 80 percent for the tricolored, and up to 98 percent for the little brown,” said Hines.

              “As it is now, it’s very sad, walking into a hibernaculum, and seeing just a few bats or in some cases just a few species where you had seen many,” she said.

              White-nose Syndrome in Bats
              “White-nose syndrome (WNS) is an infectious disease associated with a recently identified fungus (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) responsible for unprecedented levels of mortality among hibernating bats in North America.

              WNS is named for the white fungal growth that invades the skin tissue on the muzzle, wings and ears of cave-dwelling bats during winter hibernation. The disease was first noted in New York in 2006 and has since spread unchecked to 25 states and five Canadian provinces.

              The fungus that causes WNS has been found in three additional states. Ten different bat species, including three that are federally endangered and one proposed as endangered, have been affected by WNS or exposed to the fungus.

              The disease has caused the death of an estimated 5.7 – 6.7 million bats across eastern North America with estimates of mortality often exceeding 90% in caves that have experienced multiple years of infection.”

              “Indiana reported an 80 percent decline in little brown bat populations last year.”

          • Acid, this unhip old bastard says for you to go f#$% yourself!

        • So is moonshine 🙂

          • LOL Genius – can’t go wrong with a little moonshine – ツ

            • FTW, you know it 😉 Heres a recipe for medicinal moonshine:

              Make some shine with honey instead of sugar.
              Take 2 cups of honey shine and add 4 tablespoons of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of nutmeg.
              Let the mix sit for a day and strain it through a coffee filter to get the sediment out.
              Mix in 1 can of frozen apple juice with vitamin C and add the rest of the shine.

              Drink liberally and even if you do get sick you won’t care 😛

        • I have said many times that I can see only two scenarios whereupon full-blown SHTF would ensue:

          1. Pandemic
          2. Power grid failure

          Read up on the Spanish Flu and the Black Plague.

          Shit got real back then and they didn’t even have the interconnectedness that today’s world has.

          If climate change is real, viral and bacterial vector efficacy could theoretically be drastically enhanced with more extreme weather patterns.

          Depending on the severity of the illness, this is the one scenario where you might have no alternative but to take steps to prevent people from transmitting the virus to you. You’ll be inside with much the same setup as the fallout scenario.

        • Game review: Metro 2033 and Alien Isolation

          I got two new survival video games. One is based on the 1979 movie Alien. The other is about surviving a nuclear war in the Russian subway tunnels. Both are highly recommended.

        • Batman is really in trouble. The boy wonder will have to give in to the sexual advances from the Joker.

        • Ask Ozzy about bats…

      2. If this is a “lab modified chimera coronavirus” then the labs are releasing various viruses into the general population. Gotcha. If this is true then there is the somoking gun against the labs and probably the government.

        • Most, if not all of these Viruses are Lab Manufactured.
          Scientist playing God, and disturbing mother nature.

          Ebola – Sars – Bird/Swine Flu – AIDS – Polio – Vaccines… you name it, chances are … it was manufactured in a Lab.

          • FTW

            I will admit. Man is playing God in places he should not be.

        • Who wants to be its our goverment finger prints on this. Trying to knock china down a notch since we are in a “currency war” with them… just another step twoards ww3

        • It’s not nearly as dangerous to mankind as the experimental halfrican virus Obola in the White House has been.

          • Oh yeah, the African virus is still in the WH.

      3. What happened to Ebola? Why’d that burn out so quick. I’m starting to lose faith in the New World Order.

        • Yeah…we were supposed to be dropping like flies by last Christmas according to at least one poster here. Still waiting…..

          • Yep–even though i’m sick with a whopper of a chest cold right now,

            my epidemic preps are still in order from last yr.

            we good to go

        • Lol, I know, starting to think this great culling is never gonna happen. I may never get a chance to play out my walking dead/mad max fantasies.

        • I believe the Ebola was just another Lab Test Study gone wrong and lost containment. Ebola is one of those things that just do not go away on it’s own. I’m certain there is a cure, but to receive it – I’m sure it has a heavy price tag to it.

          • Yes to recieve the cures for various “Un-curables” you Must request the cure in…Yiddish.

        • Ebola it seems liked a narrow range of humidity. When the seasons changed wet to dry to wet. Ebola could not handle the change, plus they were aggressive about education on hygiene. And they setup programs to remove infected bodies.

        • Ebola is not a very tough virus.

          It spreads like wildfire in turd world conditions and is helped along greatly by the muslime practices of washing and handling the dead (I think some even kiss their dead relatives goodbye). The fresh bodies carry 100 times the viral load of a living infected human.

          Large outbreaks are most common in muslime countries. This is easily verified. Outbreaks tend to burn themselves out quickly in Africa because people don’t usually get very far once they become symptomatic. That’s why obola et al flatly refused to restrict travel from countries with outbreaks. They wanted to try to spread Ebola to USA. USA can handle a few isolated cases (if we grow a pair and quarantine people), but the panic induced by a large outbreak would quickly shut down the economy in the affected reigon, and allow turd world conditions to occur. USA has been flooded with turd worlders for years. They would help the outbreak grow exponentially, just like they have helped bedbugs get reestablished here.

      4. get your N95 masks now
        don’t wait until a pandemic is officially announced
        they should already be part of your preps
        I remember when the swine flu passed through
        getting masks was EXTREMELY difficult and VERY expensive

        also look up a YouTube video on how to properly wear the mask
        it won’t do you much good if you don’t have a proper fit

        and I need to mention one of my favorite doomer porn books

        THE JAKARTA PANDEMIC by Konkoly
        great read and pretty realistic

        • the BIGGEST benefit of that mask is it won’t allow you to touch your mouth with your HANDS!…a bandanna across your mouth will be a very reasonable substitution, in MY opinion…but it won’t protect U.S. from the MUSLIM virus that is creeping across europe right now, coming to a theatre near YOU!

      5. Lovely. This last year has been a rough one for our young daughter who was dx as an asthmatic. Each cold she gets goes to her lungs and results in her breathing being compromised. She’s already been hospitalized with complications. So, I guess I better order some more facemasks for us and be sure we are talking preventative suppliments.

        Guess I better review my medical preps too.

        Anyone have thoughts on using CS to prevent and maybe even treat this? Opinions on Sovereign Silver?

        • Anon1970 – Asthma is serious. Stress, dust, household cleaning solutions, pollution, mold, and high elevation where the air is thinner all aggravate asthma, as do temperature extremes; extremely hot and humid and very cold or too dry or too windy can easily trigger an asthma attack. High elevation and places that have Haboobs/dust storms are the worst for asthma sufferers.

          You may want to ask the Dr about a rescue inhaler and also Google the top 10 natural herbs/spices that strengthen the lungs, as asthma tends to worsen over the yrs, it does not usually get better with age.

          Hope you have an alternative electric source when the SHTF, as I mentioned temperature extremes can trigger an attack — considering every year 2,500 people die from asthma and in some cases it could have been prevented.

          • I am an asthmatic as well. I use my inhaler for exercise, and on occasion, if the air quality is bad.

            She has a nebulizer, too young for a rescue yet, but I have a rescue I could give her if we couldn’t get power.

            We have a generator. A few months ago there was a power outage and she needed a treatment…brought her to the RV and gave her a treatment.

            I keep a close eye on her using an Ox pulse and Peak Flow. When she gets congested we have her use her Acapella constantly to break up the gunk in her lungs. It really makes a difference.

            But I am looking for things that could treat/assist her in overcoming illness should she get something nasty, like she did last Spring. Of coarse, we can and will take her to the dr but what if that isn’t an option?

            I have so many tinctures on hand that I could use, but sometimes it’s a bit experimental and I want to know what to give her that will kick some a*s if we need to.

            Thank you for the suggestions and advice. I forget about cold getting to her as we live in a very moderate climate.

        • CS is quite effective. You can make your own. Google the kits for it; not inexpensive
          (you are buying silver afterall),
          however, long term worth it.

          I use old Cointreau bottles. brown and resealable. also, square and fit in a box easily. store extras in the dark.

        • CS is great especially if you use a vaporizer and inhale the mist. Oil of oregano is another good one. Keep up on the garlic and honey. The usual vitamins and maybe some cayenne or cinnamon. I have cured bronchitis by inhaling CS mist it works! has a lot of articles and info…

          • Any nano silver product should work good for you. For topical and moldproofing I use my own homemade. Homemade CS is cheap and is a great disinfectant for surfaces. Kills mold and fungus like a mofo! Also cures athletes foot and some rashes. Instructions are all over the net. I just use the 3 9volt batteries in series with .99999 fine 14ga. wire and distilled water.

        • Anon1970 – CS is great, especially for viruses, parasites, pathogens, etc, and when taken in the proper dose, aside from boosting the immune system, it’s not effective against environmental pollutants; household toxins and cleaners, mold/mildew, exhaust fumes, smog, and other environmental factors in terms of triggering an asthma attack. CS will not prevent an asthma attack if one is subjected to toxins/pollutants or temperature extremes.

          When it comes to CS ‘more is not better’ — I once mistakenly took the ‘more is better’ approach and started detoxing toxins through my skin – oozing sores. Very painful. It was one of the worst weeks of my life.

          I didn’t sleep for the entire week. When it comes to CS ‘more is not better’…CS isn’t something you want to take more of than the recommended dose, adjusted to age/weight. Plus, try explaining that to a mainstream ER doctor…who has no treatment/cure for OD’ing on CS.

      6. This virus sounds racist.

      7. LOL Mclovin

        • In Detroit they name their kiz after ebloa…IE: Shaniqkia Ebolaniquia Uniquius Jones.

          And shes lookin to make biege babies with Your Whitey Son’s!

      8. “As with ebola, there may be more fear than substance…”

        Really?… “more fear than substance”?… Ya think???

        Cripes, now the bats are gonna get us you say!!!

        Hey Mac, focus on the real threat: The Banksters and their bought and paid for whores (politicians)!

        That’s the only issue of our day. Everything else is a bat shit crazy distraction!!

        A bat virus??… Give me a fucking break!!!

        • Looks like it’s time to don the batman costume and save the world again! 🙂

        • I really wouldn’t put it past the powers that shouldn’t be to release a lab built pandemic.

          This is a great article!

          I started prepping for Y2K, it didn’t happen, but the Hurricane did a year later. All those preps were perfect.

          On and on it went over the years, I replenished and improved my preps. Then a bigger problem would come up, but we were safe and sound.

          Yes, I did buy a few Ebola preps, it fizzled, but I’m tossing nothing in the trash. I read this article and I’m like Alfred E. Newman, “What Me Worry”!

          Syria had one of the most advanced chemical and biological weapons programs in the world, and if anyone thinks they gave up the best of it, you have another thing coming. Understand that if it suites the cause of Islam, they will release their worst. Prep for one pandemic and you have likely prepped for them all, and it’s not expensive if you are already prepped for other general natural disasters.

          • PTPO

            Did the same on Y2k. Did not throw anything away . Still have preps from Ebola. All packed up and stored.

            Rotation of food stores mostly but check gear once or twice a year.

            Lots of preps overlap different disasters.

            • I did buy a couple cases of long term freeze dried food, it has a 15 to 25 year shelf life.

              The wife took one look at it, and said I’m not eating that!

              I said, I pray we never need it, and if we never do use it, we can always donate it to a disaster somewhere in the world while it’s still a couple years from expiration. Likely those people will prefer it to bugs, worms and dandelions.

              If we really need it, you’ll probably prefer it to bugs, worms and dandelions as well. She’s good with it now.

              We do keep a pantry full of canned and dried foods as well, but those are all foods we normally eat. They are rotated and maintained in quantities where they are consumed before they expire.

              Because we always have a stockpile, we can wait for sale prices to replenish. We save a lot of money in comparison with people that pay full price because they always wait till they run out, and new it now. The prepping perspective can be a real money saver, and help promote a less stressful life.

      9. Meet the new bug.

        Same as the old bug.

      10. My father was a degreed Micro-biologist. I helped him in his Labs when I was 9 and 10 years old. We grew enough Typhus to kill the entire city of Long Beach, CA. He was doing gene splicing for a Thesis paper. Imagine a 9 year old boy growing Typhus in a Petri dish. Scared yet? Much quieter and more efficient than a gun.

        All you can do with “bugs” is minimize your exposure. You cannot stop all exposure. Clean is good. Bottom line is there is people that will survive and many won’t, and will die. I, as a Prepper have lots of Hydrogen Peroxide and know how to make and kill nasty diseases.

      11. That’s just great…..something else to worry about.

      12. Bats not international persons coming from remote corners of the world who have not gone through any scrutiny to establish the status of their health or the lack there of. What a crock of shit. O ya the Muslim invaders in Europe shit on the bus, on the train, in the street, and in the toilets of the homes of people’s houses. But don’t never mind them, the Northern Africans don’t carry diseases, that’s just your racist paranoia. You infidels better watch your asses, cause the disease free men of Allah want a place to put there sword. fxxxxken bats my fxxxxken ass & U2.

        • Bats are great I encourage them to hang around they eat a ton of bugs. Screw the muzzies SAVE THE BATS! The only bats I hate are the ones that are of the species FAT OLD BATS that waddle down the middle of the store isles and you can’t get around them. I just want to bat them over the head with a big ol summer sausage. No worries folks, as soon as I find my batman outfit I will save you.. 🙂

          • Tip over their ‘lil rascal scooter when they hog up the isle, that’s how I make do ツ

            [bad humor, … couldn’t resist the temptation]

            • CLEAN UP ON ISLE 5!!! 😛

              • AND BRING THE FORKLIFT!

            • You have got to hand it to the people who design the Rascal-type scooters. What a gearmotor and battery to be able to haul those land whales. I pity the poor kids who have to fetch the scooters from the parking lot. Usually the stores have signs stating that the scooters are not allowed outside, but the Orcas ignore these.

        • B from LA



          They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere.

          B.A.T.S. flying into Ft. Dix, N.J.
          New York City has problems with B.A.T.S.

          They should play the Batman Theme.

          • Slingshot:

            I don’t live in LA.

            b. a. t. s. But I can see Russia (Russian warships) from my house.

            • B from CA.

              We get them once and awhile off the coast of Florida.

              There is some concern that they ( Russian Subs) may be in the Gulf of Mexico. Could have Chinese there also for all I know. Chinese Warships had a Port of Call in Mayport, Florida last week. Then went down to Cuba,

              Wow! That close to shore.

          • Slingshot, that picture at the top. Do they look like trolls to you?

            • Braveheart1776

              They are my buddies Fric and Frac.

              Always hanging around and don’t do nothing. ;0)

              • Sling, LOL. On the other hand, could one of those be acid?

        • Batshit Crazy!
          Got that whole Dracula thing going on too.

          “Tainted Blood-
          Don’t touch me puleez
          you might have
          a disease”

      13. Off Topic
        Read today that MAGPUL the maker of the PMAG for AR/M4’s, is now making a mag for Glock 17’s. The review I saw was really good and they are about 1/2 price of a factory Glock mag.

        Supposedly mags for the G19 & 26 are on their way too.

      14. I agree with number 12 of this article. “Dig “their” grave prior to “re”-moving the body.

        A note for your information only:

        A friend of mine graduated Law School. I asked him to tell me the most important thing he learned in Law School. He said, “If you kill someone, don’t tell anybody”. I took that to mean, don’t threaten an intended target of assassination. So all you blow holes, “shut up”. Just a friendly reminder. Cause if there really is a crack down it won’t be the killers who go to prison, it will be the big mouth wannabe tough milk toast nobodies who wouldn’t hurt a fly. That would be a crime. Now wouldn’t it.

        • Best advice I’ve seen posted here yet.

          Pie holes are for stuffing pie into, not destroying yourself even before the SHTF. OPSEC!

          I’ve googled news on “prepper arrrested”, in every case they needlessly did it to themselves. Most of them wouldn’t have hurt a fly, but that doesn’t matter, a Fed somewhere still got a promotion, or bonus because he made the six o’clock news by trapping some poor sap.

          There are Feds who’s full time job is just surfing the web and making a Santa’s list of who is naughty and nice.

      15. Hmmmm, when Ebola broke out, I looked at my preps and bought about $30.00 worth of pandemic supplies to fill in the gaps.

        There were rubber gloves, I use them anyway in the workshop and around the house. There were some Tyvek bunny suits, I use them already for messy paint work and cleaning the crawl space. I already had a chem mask for nasty paints, solvents and insecticides. Just needed extra filter cartridges. I bought an extra pack of pool shock chlorine for water purification and sterilizing stuff. There were chemical rated goggles, I should have had them anyway for insecticides etc, literally none of it will ever be wasted, I use it all!

        I read this article and say yup, it’s a potential threat. I checked my preps and find I’m good to go……… Except for all that moonshine other posts talked about, maybe I should get some! Hmmm, $30 on pandemic supplies, maybe about $2,000 on moonshine. I could add a 300 square foot armored pantry with a secret entrance to hold it. Do you think it’ll be enough?

      16. “3. Make a plan. Daisy Luther provides an excellent template for creating a pandemic plan. Further, to prepare for a pandemic event, if you plan on bugging out, do it before the quarantine measures are placed. Talk with country cousins about staying with them for the duration or begin fixing up any remote properties in preparation for a long term pandemic event.”

        What shall we do if we don’t have any “country cousins” or remote properties? Lay down and die? I guess prepping is a rich mans game…or a man who has hillbilly cousins game.

      17. White-nose syndrome (WNS) is an emerging disease in North American bats which as of 2012 was associated with at least 5.7 million bat deaths. The condition is named for a distinctive fungal growth around the muzzles and on the wings of hibernating bats and was first identified February 2006 in a cave in Schoharie County, New York. It has rapidly spread.As of September 2014, the fungus has been found in caves and mines of 25 states throughout the Northeastern U.S., as far south as Mississippi, as far west as Missouri and as far north as five Canadian provinces.

        The disease is caused by the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans which colonizes the bat’s skin. No obvious treatment or means of preventing transmission is known, and some species have declined >90% within five years of the disease reaching a site.

        Beyond the direct effect on bat populations, WNS has broader ecological implications. The Forest Service estimated in 2008 that the die-off from white-nose syndrome means that at least 2.4 million pounds of insects will go uneaten.

      18. The emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-CoV underscores the threat of cross-species transmission events leading to outbreaks in humans. Here we examine the disease potential of a SARS-like virus, SHC014-CoV, which is currently circulating in Chinese horseshoe bat populations.

        Evaluation of available SARS-based immune-therapeutic and prophylactic modalities revealed poor efficacy; both monoclonal antibody and vaccine approaches failed to neutralize and protect from infection with CoVs using the novel spike protein. On the basis of these findings, we synthetically re-derived an infectious full-length SHC014 recombinant virus and demonstrate robust viral replication both in vitro and in vivo. Our work suggests a potential risk of SARS-CoV re-emergence from viruses currently circulating in bat populations.

      19. Chapel Hill, N.C. – Nov. 9, 2015) – Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have discovered a new bat SARS-like virus that can jump directly from its bat hosts to humans without mutation. However, researchers point out that if the SARS-like virus did jump, it is still unclear whether it could spread from human to human.

        The discovery, reported in the Nov. 9 issue of Nature Medicine, is notable not only because there is no treatment for this newly discovered virus, but also because it highlights an ongoing debate over the government’s decision to suspend all gain of function experiments on a variety of select agents earlier this year. The move has put a substantial standstill on the development of vaccines or treatments for these pathogens should there be an outbreak.

        “Studies have predicted the existence of nearly 5,000 coronaviruses in bat populations and some of these have the potential to emerge as human pathogens,” said senior author Ralph Baric, a faculty member at the Gillings School of Global Public Health and world-renowned expert in coronaviruses. “So this is not a situation of ‘if ‘there will be an outbreak of one of these coronaviruses but rather when and how prepared we’ll be to address it.”

      20. Baric and his team demonstrated that the newly-identified SARS-like virus, labeled SHC014-CoV and found in the Chinese horseshoe bats, can jump between bats and humans by showing that the virus can latch onto and use the same human and bat receptor for entry. The virus also replicates as well as SARS-CoV in primary human lung cells, the preferred target for infection.

        “This virus is highly pathogenic and treatments developed against the original SARS virus in 2002 and the ZMapp drugs used to fight Ebola fail to neutralize and control this particular virus,” said Baric. “So building resources, rather than limiting them, to both examine animal populations for new threats and develop therapeutics is key for limiting future outbreaks.”

      21. Studies Show Masks Do Help
        For many years, scientists weren’t sure if wearing a mask was effective at preventing the spread of viruses. However, recent studies suggest that they can help.

        First, a 2008 study published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases concluded that when used correctly, masks are highly effective in preventing the spread of viral infections. Family members of children with flu-like illnesses who used the masks properly were 80 percent less likely to be diagnosed with the illness. Surprisingly, the difference between types of masks used was insignificant.

      22. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reported similar results. Researchers looked at 400 people who had the flu. They found that family members reduced their risk of getting the flu by 70 percent when they washed their hands often and wore surgical masks.

        Other studies found promising results outside of the household. For example, one such study was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan on more than 1,000 students living in residence halls. They assigned the student to groups: those who wore masks, those who wore masks and practiced hand hygiene, and those who did neither. The results showed that those who wore masks in residence halls and practiced good handwashing reduced their risk of flu-like illness by an astonishing 75 percent.

        Still, the study found no reduction in symptoms for mask use alone. This finding suggests that the use of masks should always be paired with regular handwashing.

        • Researchers at Right Wing University Lab’s and American Policy Center…..Say America over the past 100 years has had a massive influx of the world’s most deadliest infiltration-virus…The right wing research teams have coined the phrase for this pandemic potential and nation Wrecking virus as “KikeusisAmoungusis”

          Wosrt case scenario, according to right wing researcher teams, is if the virus ever joins forces with and creates a type of Double Whammy threat when combined with “AfricanzAmoungus”.

          So fat at least, 109 Other nation State’s have prior been infected with the deadly invasive species…And to date the only known solution was for a massive BootOut.

          • “KikeusisAmoungusis” & “AfricanzAmoungus”

            Fortunately for us, there is a cure for these kind of viruses and they come in a variety of choices to choose from.


            Most popular & recommended usage would include:


            Close quarters virus protection:

            Pistol pump sawed off shotgun – 00 Buckshot

          • Them Guys, you do have way with words. And your words are 100% true.

            • Yes, he does have a way with words, but that’s as far as he’ll ever get too. You’ll see him saying the same things years from now, and he won’t be changing anything any more then now, so, in short, it’s all worthless, unless you think talking will ever change anything. Sure, it all sounds tough but in reality it does nothing.

            • Thank You for the kind words Braveheart…And at least I am now again able to get replies posted up….Not certain for How long?….Was being 100% total deleted for past 5-6 months or so.

              IMHO this site had Far more read only hits and many more reply comments before these Censorship and deletions began to happen….Plus it seems those whom were deleted from posting were the folks that generated the Most replys and reader hits eh!

              Recall that era?…Each article had an avg of 100,000 to a few even had close to 300,000 Read hits and each had avg of a Low of 350-550 replies…Highs of well Over 1000+ replies posted up each article!

              Seems ever since a small few whinny crybabies got too Scared of real facts and Truth being posted about their favorite self chozens it all began to fall apart eh.

              of course this too is probably another huge Truth those same fools cannot handle!….Anyways “if” this thank You gets past moderations withn reasonable time frame I hope you see it Braveheart…TG

      23. Rusty, great information, thanks.

        • “ditto”

      24. ditto to yer ditto

        great posts Rusty

        many thanks for the info

        may prove to be lifesaving one day

      25. Off the subject about viruses you see that we got

        Jihadi John

        Got a missile right up your ass did you BOY.

        HA HA HA You F&^%ing Pig F*&k

        Hope you are in HELL ………….

      26. There are several things we do every year starting in November, that we would do just the same or slightly modified to reduce our flu infection percentage that also is good for other risks.

        1) Reduce eating out at restaurants, fast and otherwise. You don’t want the runny nosed teen assembling your hamburger.

        2) Make every trip outside the house count. Grocery trips? Instead of buying perishables for the week, think of one trip for every 2 or three weeks, using frozen veggies and fruits to cook with for awhile. One of our favorite winter recipes is sloppy Joe’s with frozen bell peppers and onions.

        3) Get out in public “off peak”. Shop in the early morning
        hours when sick employees are much more likely to still be in bed. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car and use it before and after going out anywhere you have to use a cart or open a door. Christmas shop (if you do) off peak or online.

        4) Stock up on OTC remedies before you need them. Tylenol, ibuprofen, decongestants, immodium, mucinex, etc. so you don’t have to go to the drug store where all the sick people are congregating. Avoid doctor’s waiting rooms.

        5) At church (if you go) avoid intinction during communion. You should be able to ask your pastor for a separate blessing. I have helped with intinction around the holidays and it can be a very nasty business, hygiene wise.

        6) Stay home by the fire with a glass of hot chocolate or brandy and reflect upon how blessed we all still are.

        • All fantastic advice! Though, I don’t worry much about Lords Supper because, well, I don’t.

          Let me add one other thing I do, stock up on ‘sick’ foods. I keep canned soups, saltines, recharge (a healtier version of gatorade), applesauce, frozen bread for toast. I prefer to make homemade soups and electrolyte but if I go down, then we need something to exist on without leaving the house. When any one in the household presents with illness the first thing I do is pull a frozen chicken out of the freezer to thaw and make homemade chicken, celery, carrot, and parsley soup.

          Last night I restocked my medicine cabinet and feel much better. Still need to review my bulk herbs though.

          Thanks for the pointers!

      27. ht tp://

        A reminder to carry wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizer to clean the shopping carts for more than the flu/cold season.

        Remove the space for link.

        YUK!! What next??

      28. This new twist to scare us is getting old.
        Anyone here know of anyone that contracted Ebola, died of Ebola??

        I thought so.

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