New Poll: Trump Received The Highest Economic Rating of Any President In The Last 20 Years

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    A Gallup poll released on Tuesday found that president Donald Trump had received the highest economic approval rating of any president in the last 20 years. A whopping 63% of the public approves of Trump’s handling of the economy.

    It’s the highest economic approval figure since the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy when George W. Bush was president. Bush’s economic approval peaked at 72% in October 2001.

    By comparison, President Obama saw support for his stewardship of the economy top out at 59% in February 2009, the first month of his presidency and the height of the Great Recession, according to Gallup.

    Last week, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found 56% of respondents supported Trump’s management of the economy, which is undergoing its longest expansion on record and continues adding jobs at a healthy pace. –Yahoo News

    Much to the dismay of the mainstream media, the same Gallup poll also found that Trump’s job approval rating stood at 49%, and just over half of Americans now view the Republican Party favorably. These strong back-to-back poll results came at a pivotal moment for President Trump. With the Republican-led Senate likely to acquit him in his impeachment trial over an alleged attempt to investigate Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, Trump is seeking to place the economy front and center in his re-election campaign.

    If Trump wants to win reelection, and win it in a landslide, he’d do well to dramatically cut taxes for the middle class.  And by “dramatic” we mean severe and deep cuts that people will notice.  The problem with his last tax cut bill was that not enough of those who make less than $1 million saw a difference because it could have been negligible. Trump needs to make the next tax cut noticeable to everyone and in a meaningful and impactful way so that even socialists begin to understand the power of being “allowed” to keep more of the money they worked so hard to earn.

    That’s just our two cents…

    In “Parasites on Parade,” Larken Rose (author of “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and “The Iron Web”) uses his own direct experiences with bureaucratic and judicial stupidity, intrusion and corruption to illustrate why, everywhere and at all times, in every situation and at every level, government sucks! This snarky, flippant look at the mentality and tactics of various state busybodies also provides an important lesson regarding the true nature of political “authority,” and the problems and abuses it naturally creates.


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      1. h ttps://

        I am not interested in using you for a taxidermy subject (like in Australia) or sending you to some kind of Indian school, just don’t think this qualifies you for medals or your grandchildren to be astronauts.

        I’m reasonably sure that the toothless drug addict should not be the boss of any business.

        You don’t own your shelter from winter cold, free-and-clear; it’s rented from the govt. Her school voucher is paid by a property tax. Why must you jeopardize private property, if you can pay for the Communist school system in QE. You have a mint, but need my money, property, and forcible participation, for some reason.

        He is listing quota case after quota case, and hiring subsidy after hiring subsidy in his ‘conservative’ budget. Have you ever seen a crime map, of the ‘opportunity zones’. Ours used to have springwater, cattle, and orchards, but, now, there is no example of constructive labor, anywhere in sight.

        What are you conservatives conserving, and who are you conserving it for.

        How do you think that more seats were created on the overcrowded lifeboat.

      2. The German Peasants’ War, 
        or Great Peasants’ Revolt (German: Deutscher Bauernkrieg) was a widespread popular revolt in some German-speaking areas in Central Europe from 1524 to 1525. It failed because of intense opposition from the aristocracy, who slaughtered up to 100,000 of the 300,000 poorly armed peasants and farmers.

        To believe that such an atrocity could be repeated in the year of our Lord 2020 is unfathomable aristocratic hubris.

        On 16 February 1525, 25 villages belonging to the city of Memmingen rebelled, demanding of the magistrates (city council) improvements in their economic condition and the general political situation. They complained of peonage, land use, easements on the woods and the commons, as well as ecclesiastical requirements of service and payment.

        In days to come the pesants fought gallantly against the mercenaries (todays blackwater etc.)hired by nobles to protect their land. However the main causes of the failure of the rebellion was the lack of communication between the peasant bands because of territorial divisions, and lack of military ability…..ultimately.

        In this modern digital age in which we live …missels and bombs are rapidly being replaced as Wmd’ s with algorithms and stock tickers while simultaneously proving to be a vulnerability for the Nobles.

        The most detrimental aspect of the peasant’ s strategy ; was believing that a solution could be reach and some sort of normalcy restored.
        I cannot foretell anything of the kind occurring once the war of the great divide begins…expect total destruction

        There is no Martin Luther this time around and even if there were …his endorsement for the Nobels would mean NOTHING.

      3. If Pres. DT had not won; the “Green Initiative “ would have been passed using new environmental regulations in a final push to finally close down all industry and manufacturing in the US, the economy would be in very deep recession or depression, taxes would have certainly increased, we would not have learned of how grossly corrupt many officials were/are, our 2nd Amendment rights would have abrogated at the federal level, socialized medical care established, national borders thrown open with unrestricted immigration, a highly regulated internet with a mandatory ID for every single person before being able to access the internet, a large body of new laws passed against “hate speech” with the officialdom regulating all speech in public, special rights for gays, women, immigrants, minorities, and Muslims, the phasing out of fossil fuels including natural gas resulting in skyrocketing utility rates, and reparations paid to everyone with a historical grievance. Everything in this list has been proposed by Dem. candidates running for Pres. There are many more.
        It is highly likely within a few years after these “enlightened” laws and programs are in place, there would be nationwide open rebellion.

      4. So the fact that Trump is still trying to incite war against Iran for no reason other than predation, psychopathy, and greed is suddenly irrrelevant, in addition to his numerous acts of treason and high crimes, which the Pseudo-Liberals did not charge him with? Get rid of all of them! All of them means all of them!

        Oh, I forgot, this is America, we are supposed to start and support color revolutions everywhere but here, nevermind.

      5. I took a poll of 500 people, they all said that we need less gun laws, I was at an NRA meeting. Polls can be rigged, wake up sheeple.

      6. America is run by a host of Billionaire plotocrats that juice the markets for their wealth and control of the global masses as consumers of their ideas. We do not live in a democracy nor a true capitalistic economy. We live in a fascist economy. Big corporations running the Government. The FDA is a perfect example and storm of disaster. Approving drug for consumption with no worthy testing or disclosure of ingredients. We cannot tell you all the ingredients contained within this product, as that is a trade secret.

        A plutocracy or plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income. The first known use of the term in English dates from 1631. Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy. ~Wikipedia

      7. Either the poll is fake or Americans are complete idiots. Every part of the economy is in decline – trucking, manufacturing, retail, home sales, restaurant activity, etc. Personal and business debt is the highest ever, and savings are low. The only thing booming is homelessness.There is nothing to be happy about when 80 percent of households live paycheck to paycheck.

      8. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Marsha Blackburn are insisting that Twitter now censor both Iranians, Ayatollah Khamenei, and Foreign Minister Zarif, all signatories claim that the first amendment only applies to Americans. Well, I’m an American and my Twitter account was shut down. Maybe the first amendment only applies to Americans who agree with either the RNC, DNC, or both in foreign policy, since they frequently agree to do the wrong thing together! It was shut down shortly after the failed Guaido coup. I guess that they thought that I was Venezuelan, for thinking that the Venezuelans and not the U.S. government should be free to choose their own political leaders.

        These anarcho-fascists look more and more like the artificial caracatures of brutal dictators that they impose on anyone with resources that they would like, and any government with a debt free, interest free currency, depriving the incompetent sloths of their bank tax on citizens!

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