New Poll: 92% of Americans Think Their Basic Human Rights Are Threatened

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    In a new poll, only 92% of Americans feel like their basic human rights are being threatened.  That number should approach 100% of people were actually paying attention…

    Americans are most concerned that their freedom of speech (48%), the right to bear arms (47%) and right to equal justice (41%) are at risk, says the Harris Poll/Purple Project, which surveyed 2,002 people nationwide.  While just over 2,000 people is not a large number, the real shock is that it isn’t closer to 100%.

    “When you frame something as a threat, it creates a bit of a political response, and it creates division and encampments of special interest,” said John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll. That’s why political parties and lobbying groups warn supporters with strident language, he said: It’s easier to drum up backing for a political cause by talking about an issue in terms of “threats.”  But it’s the politicians and the government that are threatening and removing people’s basic human rights to begin with – which is something no human has the right to do to another.

    According to USA Today, Americans prioritized the freedom of expression and free speech over other rights.  The right to speak out against the tyranny and oppression we are living under and the constant internet censorship by Big Tech make this unsurprising.

    Sixty-three percent said they would miss the freedom of speech if that right was taken away, while nearly half would miss the freedom of expression (46%) and the right to equal justice (45%). –USA Today

    “When you look at the things we really value, what makes America so special is these core tenets of our Constitution,” Gerzema said. “I just find it interesting to note how much Americans really value this.”

    What is interesting, is that the mainstream media outlets that covered this poll left out something very important: rights aren’t gifts from the government.  Even without a Constitution, we should all have the right to speak freely, express ourselves, and defend ourselves so long as we never initiate aggression against another. This isn’t a difficult concept, but one that apparently the media outlets have a difficult time putting in writing for the masses to read.


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      1. What is a basic human right? To some like myself they are spelled out pretty well in our Bill of Rights, and I do think they are threatened.
        To others they are free government healthcare, basic income from the government and protection from all the perils of life.

        How you ask that question can make quite a difference in the answer.

      2. DUH!
        I used to comment here a bit, I spend my time over at the Hill and Brietbart these days for political stuff. This moderation
        stuff SUX!
        I had a solar power ground mount and racking question for a guy that used to post here, but I won’t waste Mac’s time moderating it.
        It is survival oriented stuff. You know SHTF.

        • Welcome to the age of gd dmnd bots and vpn’s.

          Deal with it.

          I’m thankful this particular website is so rich with content from anon posters and somehow they really do can the autobots and solicitors.

          That being said I posted in every single article down the row today. I do expect all of my comments to be approved, not just what any person may or may not agree with. Selective censorship is even more offensive than outright total censorship. That’s why I never participated in social media because shadow banning and the likes has been very obvious for long long before the general population has eventually opened their eyes to it. They’re complaining about emerging censorship and I’m like, it’s about time I’m not the only one, ten long years of watching people join social networking while I refused to participate. If you have to login and ask for approval to have speech, you have no speech and are just fooling yourself. How’s globalism working out for your personally?

          That’s why I don’t even bother posting on infowars, natural news, or daily sheeple or any of those sites anymore, selective moderation is for the birds.

          Freedom of speech, love it or leave it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, even if you’re just a single board moderator. It’s the principal of free speech that matters the most. There is a very specific reason the tech industry moved away from forums and moved to blogs, and it’s not a coincidence that coincides with rampant censorship.

          And tell me for real no liberals are raging flamed at this website and they never try to post here. Let them, I welcome the discourse and I ain’t fraid of no troll.

          Are you talking to me? Are you… Talking… To… Me? Are you talking to me! Are you, talking……. to me? Want to hate on your boy (redacted), the line is way the fk back there.

          I won’t really be worried, until something really crazy happens like everyone pretends to get along. That would be entirely more frightening to me. Let them cry. I would have to have feelings in the first place to get my feelings hurt. I am the original psychopath. The stable kind.

      3. Basic Human Rights, as spelled out in the BILL OF RIGHTS, are inherent to every American CITIZEN. In the BILL OF RIGHTS the founders valued those concepts so much that they attached them to our CONSTITUTION. The reason I suggest these are the rights of American CITIZENS is because they protect powers that we must shield from subversives & others that mean to tear down our society. Americans have a right to protect our nation from Trojan horses (terrorist immigrants) and others that want to destroy our society from within.

        • The ‘mahomet man’ was a regular conversation point by the founding fathers.

          One is remiss to argue reparations in the modern day without mentioning Benjamin Franklins opinions on slavery and the subsequent common references to islam.

          In the last public act before his death, Benjamin Franklin parodied a proslavery speech in Congress by comparing it to a fictitious proslavery address “anno 1687” by a North African Muslim, a pirate named Sidi Mehemet Ibrahim. Like proslavery southerners, the Algerian argued that he could not countenance the end of Christian slavery because it would hurt the interests of the Algerian state, there would be no way to compensate the Muslim slave masters, and nothing could safely be done with the freed slaves. Franklin’s salvo against slavery was published in 1790 in major northern newspapers. His use of Muslims and Islamic images is one of the most famous in eighteenth-century America, but not unique. Islamic references pepper the public documents of early America, demonstrating that many were not only aware of the religion but also ready to use it as a rhetorical tool of argument. A close look at the uses of Islam in Anglo-American writing before 1800 shows that Franklin’s use of the proslavery argument was another version of a well-established tradition: citing the similarities between an opponent’s views and the “beliefs” of Islam as a means to discredit one’s adversaries. Over the course of the eighteenth century, rhetorical uses of Islam became increasingly secularized. Early in the century, Islam was typically used for religious purposes in religious debates while later commentators often took knowledge “derived” from observations of despotic Islamic states to support political points. Although one should hesitate to describe early Americans as conversant with Islam, they certainly conversed about Islam regularly.

          One does not have to reach very far to associate our liberties with the religions that surround our culture.

            • Thank you SHTF moderator, whomever you are.

              Nothing warms the heart like free speech.

              Seriously though, never bow to censors.

              One really interesting youtube video set to watch is;

              Old 80’s commercials.

              I remember back in the day not very long ago, advertisers would have been laughed out of the room if they tried to exercize content control. They begged for a spot at the advertisement table.

              These days there is massive consolidation of news outlets, the 5 corps controlling 90%+ of what you see, read, and hear arguments. You better believe they have a major industry board member on every single stop. That is why news is for the most part, dead and buried. Corporations rarely enjoy spending money on investigative journalists whom investigate their own business dealings. Conflict of interests are more common than not, on both sides of the ‘isle’.

              The only way to resist censorship, is to resist censorship. There can be no compromise.

              I’m thinking some of the instant upset sort of comments here are from people whom know just enough about tech to use it to their advantage, without understanding exactly what they’re doing. I’m incognito mode, using adblock, ublock, various other masking, and then let the ip address fly right through. I’m not trying to be invisible, I just don’t like sharing data. The tech systems don’t recognize that though because my digi print probably looks just like a bot or solicit bot or something. So to anyone bothering to read this, take notes, you have to follow up later before you can make any positive assertions of censorship or not.

              This website rocks BECAUSE OF LESS PERSONALIZATION. No stupid icons, no linked logins, limited apparent tech tie ins to big box data suppliers. And what I like most about this website is that old comments still appear online and through article linking. Just today I read a lot of 2017 commentary on this very website. Really remarkable because these days one of the most rampant censorship activities is taking older data and simply wiping it away.

              Also you may not be aware of some of the more devious censorship actions out there, but trust me, they’re just beginning and you have not seen the half of it yet.

              Many website and various systems are now purposefully altering spelling and text in minor ways so you may think you merely mis spelled something or had bad grammar or context if you look at that later. But I’ve seen this happen in real time as they seek to implement these systems. Predicative text systems are more advanced than people think. Think about the devious power of that, coupled with auto transcribing systems and a complete sweep of all communication of all forms into fusion centers. They are just getting started.

              So after the fact of having speech in the digital realm you may also experience; Alteration of your speech unbeknownst to you, removal of your commentary selectively at a later date, complete removal of all commentary, retroactive penalization of speech based on changing moderation, ownership, or even alteration of your speech itself, outright full alteration of your intended points and positions.

              That’s why; Paper is the ultimate tool for freedom of speech. Always has been, always will be. You can’t retroactively change what’s on the printed page of mass printed publications. Powers that be however, can, will, and actively do, retroactively change their complete body of digital pages.

              Did you read the story about how they identified a group of people whom have changed wiki content over the years, to lean a certain direction? Discovered to have made hundreds of thousands or possibly more subtle alterations over the years. So next time you search gogredirectyouropinionggle or wikifakedatapedia, remember what was there yesterday may not be there today, or even tomorrow. Those ideologues actively manipulate all tech systems they may gain access to.

              If this website had a monthly printed publication of all this clever commentary and permission granted news articles, in a magazine form with a yearly subscription, I’d buy it. People may even pay to publish, knowing active distribution numbers. Advertisers would have far less power to influence content control.

              We actively subscribe to paper publications for the specific purpose of protecting speech. I maintain no less than 5 a year. My new ones are gold prospectors monthly and gem and mineral, those are really interesting. Standards include cornucopia institute (food safety), judicial watch, arbor day, audobon society, freedom first, and a wide rotation of others through the years. Think about it, because one day, if things continue the way they are going, paper printed could become the only option. Don’t forget about the merits of zines, flyers, bumper stickers, mags, t shirts, all of that. These days ebay is full of various printers of all sorts, and one does not need to get raked over the cost coals to produce their own material. Print it yourself, that is after all, the origin of the printing press. One dude slaving over the printer. Same as it ever was and nothing new under the sun. It is not my responsibility or intention to keep every tech nerd in the entire world employed forever. So if anyone else wants to publish, please, feel free to do so. Standing by to subscribe to straight forward yearly magazine subscriptions with upfront costs and no membership requirements. The mags make great stocking stuffers at xmas and I certainly do leave them in waiting rooms. Big corporations only think they are in control of the informational flow, they are mistaken.


      4. “Feel?” Anyone alive and aware 60 years ago is absolutely certain.

        Stalin used to say “Time is on our side.” It’s true. All they needed were a couple of generations to be brainwashed in the schools and Soviet thought became the norm.

      5. I wonder how many of these people also felt their ‘right’ to ‘free’ healthcare and other theft based ‘rights’ are endangered?!

        • Chumley, you’re going about it all wrong brother.

          The United States government exists to protect rights, to protect constitutionally defined liberties.

          The United States government does not exist to protect healthcare, paychecks, or anyones feelings.

          See how easy that was? Clue, get one.

          I see the terms of service policy includes religion… Misguided concepts like that have been going around lately. Religion and the tenants hereto is the fire by which our liberties burn, and burn brightly at that. Without adherence to judeo christian values, our society is already lost.

          Bradlee Dean. Sons of Liberty media.

      6. I agree, there is No more free speech on this website either. The web Host musta gave into Google to keep themselves relevant in algorithm search requests.

        This used to be a good website to exchange info, but now just one way dribble and stifle the free speech commenters. Greed over principle.


          It’s all about the TOS (terms of service).

          Everyone is susceptible to tyrannical pressure, nobody is safe.

          That being said, the question and answer has already been delivered through the ages. As long as we do not participate in outrage culture and try to rewrite our own history, we can be safe and dandy at the same time.

          Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony.

          The British are coming, the British are coming!

          Four Score and Seven years ago…

          Know your history or be condemned to repeat it and that goes specifically to the moderator of this and every other website out there. This is speech. Don’t let them con you into believing it’s just blogging. This is speech, and it’s protected. To censor speech is to go against god himself.

          It’s o.k. to censor shillery and unsolicited advertisements. It’s not o.k. to censor speech, legitimate speech. If someones feelings is hurt, that’s their problem, not yours and not mine.

      7. ThatShe Blows; how right you are. This site is almost gone,I still drop by but the commenters are few anymore.

        • SHTFplan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

          Not very hard to figure out where the conflict lies.

          Open up a storefront instead, I’d happily buy a t shirt and bumper sticker.

          Abiding censorship by big tech companies is for the birds.

          Besides, you could probably work around the smile program with a vpn and shell redirect site or something. the big A is big, but they are not all knowing all powerful. Find a workaround. Do not censor.

      8. Where were their concerns the past 20 years for the millions of innocent people murdered, maimed and displaced by Bush’s ‘Global War on Terror’?

        • Partisan commentary.

          If it could only be as simple as ‘blaming one guy’…

          Rethink that approach, such an approach is in the end, a self defeating effort.

          Swords are capable of swinging both directions. Live by one, die by one with the same measure.

          I hereby have taken pen in hand to spread the message and blessings of liberty on this very blog board.

          Thank you sincerely for reading and participating.


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