New Missouri Law Would Force Parents to Register Firearms With Their Local School

by | Jan 24, 2013 | Headline News | 241 comments

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    Attn. Missouri Gun Owners: Please Report to the Principal’s Office

    Adding another chapter to the book of “How to Vilify American Gun Owners”, a new bill on the table of the Missouri State Senate would require parents to notify their child’s school if they own a firearm.

    Not reporting the acquisition of a new gun to your child’s school would become a criminal offense.

    State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal says that the bill she introduced will help to end school violence. “It encourages parents to make sure they store their guns safely in their home, it also gives the school districts the opportunity to help encourage gun safety in the community and in the household.”

    Chappelle-Nadal says that she “believes in the 2nd amendment” but hopes this will bring awareness to the need to “lock up guns.”

    This registration would be available to the police, of course, to “help them solve crimes.”

    Much like the publication of a map of legal gun owners in Westchester County, NY, it’s just another bullseye painted on the homes of gun owners.

    The summary of the bill, SB124 reads:

    SB 124 – This act creates the offense of failing to stop illegal firearm possession. A person commits the offense if he or she is the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18, he or she knows the child possesses a firearm in violation of the law, and he or she fails to stop the possession or report it to law enforcement.

    The offense is a Class A misdemeanor unless death or injury results from the firearm possession in which case it is a Class D felony.

    This act also creates the offense of negligent storage of a firearm. A parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 commits the offense by recklessly storing or leaving a firearm in a manner that is likely to result in the child accessing the firearm if the child obtains access to the firearm and unlawfully carries it to school, kills or injures another person with it, or commits a crime with it.

    A firearm that is in a secure location or locked is not considered to be recklessly stored or left in a manner likely to result in the child accessing the firearm.

    The offense is a Class A misdemeanor unless the child kills or injures another person in which case it is a Class D felony.

    The parent or guardian of a child injured or killed by a firearm may only be prosecuted for negligent storage of a firearm if he or she was grossly negligent.

    This act requires a parent or guardian to notify a school district, or the governing body of a private or charter school, that he or she owns a firearm within 30 days of enrolling the child in school or becoming the owner of a firearm.

    The written notification only needs to include the names of the parent and any child attending the school and the fact that the parent owns a firearm.

    A person only needs to send one written notification if he or she has multiple children attending the school or becomes the owner of additional firearms. Any time a new child is enrolled in a school the parent or guardian must send an updated notification with the new child’s name.

    Failure to notify the school under this act is an infraction, punishable by a fine of up to $100. If a person is found guilty of negligent storage of a firearm and has failed to notify the school of firearm ownership, the person must be fined $1,000 in addition to any other penalties authorized by law.

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    Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.

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      1. this bill will not pass

        • Let’s hope not.

          When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was days from being pushed through Congress, something like 9 out of 10 calls coming in to the Congressional switchboard were people calling to tell their Representatives and Senators not to vote for the bill. They passed Obamacare anyway.

          At this point, I put nothing past these people.

          • What are the odds that this hyphenated-name twit has ever held a paying job off the taxpayer’s teat?

            • I think she was a school teacher before politics. In that case she was a tax paid employee but not quite as bad of a tick as a politician. Good schoolteachers are priceless, but very rare.

              • It’s Illegal.

              • unfortunately most teachers nowadays are two sandwiches short of a communist

            • It is not possible for a Man to commit an “offense” or an “infraction”. A breach of corporate code is not a violation of Law, nor can I commit an infraction against a statute or contract under which I have no obligation.

              People, you choose who makes your Law and what Law to follow. If you allow idiots like this to dictate your law, you will get what you deserve.

              You also choose who you are obligated to. If I said you had an obligation to me, would you just believe me? Why do you believe it when the corp, an inferior creation of Man, says so?

            • I have never known a woman with two last names who was NOT a self-important bitch.

          • I think he means it in a Gandalf the Grey kind of way 🙂

          • You said a mouthful with that statement’ “At this point, I put nothing past these people.”

            The progressives/liberals/politicians are living by a different set of rules. It’s like they have no rules, or they change the rules as they move along their agendas.

            If this thing gets pushed through, look for other states to follow suit. I know what I would do if such a bs bill was being sought after in my state; I’d send letters and emails to my state reps an tell them that in an event of passage of such an infringement of rights, I’m moving my tax-spending ass to another state (maybe even Canada). Shhhh! don’t tell eeder or daisy.

            • Let me get this straight. The government does not follow the Constitution, current law, or our “wishes” as the people. Why would anyone give “them” or their new unconstitutional “laws” the time of day. “We the People” need to send them to a re-education camp on the Constitution.

              • The best way to re educate them would be to for a coalition that would withold tax payments to the government, if a whole block of society would just stop paying taxes it might get some attention, especially if its loud and visible,

                • You have a point… if everyone would go down to the HR dept where they work and fill out one form so the company can’t withhold taxes from your pay. If the HR person says they can’t, you have the IRS send you an exception form. Then you would have to withhold your own taxes and park them in a separate savings account.
                  The company has to pay these withheld taxes every quarter. If people don’t allow withholding and don’t pay on April 15th, that will really put the banksters’ system in a tangle. Sounds like a really good plan!

                • Let us know how that works out for you.

            • @ Don’t tread, I feel your pain, but Canada? Daisy is forced to throw stones at intruders, should the need arise. Not sure where a person can go? I have been thinking pretty hard myself, living in the Former Empire State. I want to vote with my feet, I heard the Attorney General from Texas is welcoming NY residents as a poke to the stupidity of our new laws. Clay

              • You’re welcome to come to Texas as long as you don’t try to impose the laws and regulations here that you’re trying to get away from there.

                There’s a reason Texas is the greatest State. We want to keep it that way so our children and grandchildren can live in freedom and liberty.

            • Share your caution about liberals. However, Canada has far more restrictive gun laws than the U.S., and immigration requirements are highly restrictive. Unless you have $1 Million to invest in a business or have a unique skill that cannot be provided for by local labor, forget it – you can’t immigrate to Canada. Might as well stay here in the U.S. and fight these Marxists with every means you can muster (calls, voting, protests, political counter-strategies, your pocketbook, etc.)

              • Darn, was really hoping we could pawn off a bunch of Replicants on Canada.

          • My very good friend and fellow “prepper” went to see the doctor the other day. Since it is a new year, the office was updating their files on all patients. The usual forms except one. The new additional form asked the questions…
            Do you own firearms?
            If yes, how many do you own?
            What type of firearm do you own?
            Where do you store your firearms?
            He wrote, see other side of form.
            I invoke my fourth amendment right to not answer the questions on this form!

            • AZ Ready, this took place in Arizona!?

            • Fifth. Fifth Amendment.

              Fourth is unreasonable search.

              • It think the 4th and 5th both apply.

            • @az you mean 5th amendment yes?

              This is the fourth amendment.
              The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

              This is the fifth amendment.
              No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

            • I would add, “My ownership of anything is none of your business. Mind your own business, or I will take mine elsewhere.”

              • HOW ABOUT FUCK YOU JEWS!

                • I SAY, FUCK YOU ZIONISTS!

                • Wow, I hope you don’t own any firearms, your speech is already more than dangerous.

            • I think the next time I see any “do you own firearms” question, I’m going to respond with a question of my own: “…does your daughter perform oral sex”?

              Oh, it’s personal, you say? You’re revolted by the question? Well guess how I feel when you ask me about firearms, champ?

              • I’d ask if she does anal and oral.

            • I agree with his thinking, BUT those kind of answers probably get you put on list somewhere with someone…
              Since IT IS NONE of their business I would just say “NO” and leave it at that.

              • I agreeKnightowl…..Oh how I would love to say many things….but wisest response would be “no”

                • Sad state of affairs when We The People need to be afraid of what we say or write.

                  • kinda like the old black and white nazi films we watched when we were kids ,where they hung people for defacing obama errr i mean hitler posters

                • I gave the Census the info the needed: name, rank, and serial number. and for the rest wrote NOYB, none of your business, when they called I told them the same.

                  • Yes, Paranoid, that census I received was answered as yours.
                    A man was sent to my house, I told him he’d have to wait in the drive, that my husband and I had errands.
                    We went to lunch and shopped as he sat in the drive for about two hours.
                    On returning, he asked the questions and I responded with age, race, birth date, usual stuff.
                    He asked if I’d sign the release of not complying to the census and I did.
                    Now, a few weeks later, I had a phone call asking about my farm–what farm??
                    I asked if she was inferring since I had insurance at that time with Farm Bureau–she said no, it was from a census or records–blah, blah, blah.
                    Strange, huh.
                    And later I read of these type questions being asked of farmers or those with land??
                    That’s not me.

              • when I dont like a question I dont answer it ..AT ALL

                leave it blank, if they say something about it being left blank..than say oh sorry ..take the paper back, wait a second then hand it back to them..still left blank.
                If they are not a dolt they will get it, if they are a dolt, it wont matter if they get it or not.

                • I always draw a single line through it and hand it back…it isn’t “blank” anymore.

              • Or write in N/A – Not Applicable.
                Because answers to those questions are not applicable to my healthcare. Period.

            • Just say NO!!

              • all good answers…but what you really need to do is take a crap…wipe with it…and cheerfully hand it back!

            • He used the fouth. I believe the fifth would apply as well.
              And yes, this is in Arizona.

          • How does gun registration stop school violence? These people are complete morons, especially if they think we really believe their logic.

            • I have no children. So, that paperwork from parents with guns in the home will insure no child in the community will steal my gun and go crazy shooting?
              Geeze, great logic.

          • Agreed, I would “put nothing past these people.”

            posted on Drudge Report this morning:
            Dems to Unveil Assault Weapons Ban Today…

            Feinstein ‘will have lots of assault weapons at her big event’…

            REPORT: Ban said to include handguns, shotguns…

          • I don’t live in MO, but this reminds me of how glad I am we home school and don’t send our kids to Ceasar for an indoctrination.

            • Missouri has been a “red state” for years, can’t see this bill going anywhere but file 13, so what’s all this worry about or are we just venting frustrations!

          • @ Mac. This is the type of TRAP that they want to try to get started everywhere, so those that don’t comply with new gun laws will become criminals unable to legally own firearms. Just look how an incident with something with domestic abuse can lead someone to no longer able to legally own a firearm. This sneaky backdoor approach is a lot more than it looks like. The more idiotic laws there are the better the chance of making someone that owns a firearm into someone that crosses that threshold that they can’t legally own their firearm anymore.

            WATCH OUT in the future for ridiculous laws that can make a good honest citizen into just enough of a law breaker so the “privilege” of owning a gun is taken away. They will use the old ignorance of the law excuse to prosecute people with. These underbelly attacks is what we all need to be aware of. Places like new york and california are famous for avalaching honest people with so many laws that not even a lawyer can keep up. I am so glad you are keeping on top of everything. Two thumbs up to Mac.

            What disturbs me so much is WHY is there such a desperate state to get all these anti-self defense laws passed through as quickly as possible. WHY the urgent need? I think it is a telltale sign, a terrible calls to arms sign for all American, that time is running out before the true nightmare begins, and the state feels it needs to disarm as many of the population as they can before…………………..

            • Why is China stockpiling rice and metals? Why is the (not our) government stockpiling enough ammo to kill each of us four times over? Everything is getting so strange and I can’t keep up with all the ramifications. I do hope Missouri has more sense, or else it’s going to turn into Ohio and we won’t retire there.

              My doctor’s office had the same questions about gun ownership, to which I answered “No” on everything. The nurse who usually takes blood pressure, weight, etc., had questions about everything under the sun….such as “Am I sad?”, “Am I angry?” “Do I feel like I’m about to lose control?” “Do I hear voices telling me what to do?” (Really?) It was a quickly and badly done psych evaluation and I didn’t appreciate it. They also offer a :service” which is very intrusive and probably thought up by Michelle Obama, wherein you can get help with social problems, personal problems, logistic problems, marital problems, financial problems, credit problems, ad infinitum. You have to pick one area in which you need help, so I chose taking medicine on time, and damned if I didn’t get a couple of calls reminding me to take my blood pressure pills! I finally called and told them to knock it off and, after much protesting, they did. My blood pressure is up and when I asked my doctor of 14 years WTF, he just said he had to do that. I assume due to some intrusive provision of Obama Care. Resist!

              • What you do there, is ask her if she is a licensed mental health professional. If she says “no”, like most of them will have to, then simply tell her that she is “not qualified” to make a determination as to your mental status, and then shut up no matter what she says after that.

            • BE INFORMED,your right ,they are in a hurry,and here’s why,OBAMA SOLD AMERICA TO CHINA,gave alaska to the russians all this SO the new world order could come to power,these foreign nations are standing in the wings waiting to attack and they can’t because america has not been disarmed yet,and IT’S COSTING THEM A FORTUNE,100,000’s of troops just standing around waiting,I do think we can expect the show to get on the road soon,BE READY AMERICA,my guess is they won’t send you a post card to let you know when attack day is ,SO BE READY…………..

          • I just had a wonderful idea, as most of you know a thousand years ago Europe had the problem that the Church was ending up with all the money. Which left none to run the economy, the problem was solved by the Viking raiders they would rob the churches, put the people to the sward, and spend the money back into the economy. If we could find some Vikings they could take care of the Bankers and for a little extra on the side take care of the various congress people. Great idea. Anyone know where we can find some Vikings?

            • Well, skip Scandinavia. They’re all socialist now. The closest you’re going to find are the Scots-Irish of the South and Mid Atlantic.

              I’m Catholic, but am aware of the abuses of the church. At that time, it wasn’t actually a church, but a money-power extorting machine, kind of like the group of bullies at the top of the food chain here is not actually a “government”, but a money-power extorting machine.


              • The Church was sort of like Bankers?

            • I would guess Minnesota? 🙂

          • Time for home school!

            Schools get state and federal funding based on the student body size. In our school district, each of my kids represents $7,000 to the school. Multiply that by 4 kids, and my decision to home educate just cost these dicks $28K! With Kahn Academy and free online courses, I could home educate much better anyway.

            • And sterling silver, don’t forget the additional funds for EVERY child in special classes, like Title I and Title II, and speech, and …you get the idea.
              Keep your children out of these classes.
              They are only money makers for the schools.

              I taught public school. I also told my niece go keep my great nephew out of those classes in FIRS grade–yep, first grade, because he was being a ‘shit’ on test day and played with the answers, making the sheet pretty.
              He never got bad grades, got behind, or was held back any grade.
              Question everything in schools–especially the tests!!!

            • I plan to do my part to starve the beast. My daughter will NOT attend public school. (And I currently teach in one, so that should tell you how I feel about the “education” system. Just a few more months and I’ll be free at last…)

          • mac
            you are so right,,but school diat. should be more concerned about other types of education,,


          • O’Bummer Care passed because it gave the left and the Right what they wanted. It was the perfect compromise.

            The Left gave everyone health care; the Right got Corporations off the hook for paying for health care for their employees. As usual, the cost was passed on to the American taxpayer.

            Engage your employees or be impoverished by them.

        • I know I’m preaching to the choir here and many of you may have already seen this post from a couple of other places on this forum, but I think it is perhaps THE most important message to convey in the gun control debate. The reaction to this message from the MSM and the general public of coarse is that “it can’t happen here”. If you could talk them, I think that the dead would say “that’s what we thought too”.

          This is a simple powerful message. Please help spread it far and wide.

          Here’s what the Left doesn’t get about the passion behind people who defend the Second Amendment and why they will NEVER willingly give up their guns, no matter what kind of gun it is:

          The gun control agenda in three easy to follow steps: Registration, Confiscation, Extermination.

          If you don’t think that statement is true, ask the millions of Armenians who died under Turkish rule because they did not have the means to defend themselves with guns. Ask the 6+ million Jews and 3-4 million other ethnic groups and nationalities that died in Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler. Ask the 20+ million Russians who died at the hands on “Uncle” Joe Stalin while that doyenne of Liberal thought, FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, looked the other way. Ask the 30-40 million Chinese that died during Mao’s rule. Ask the 1.3 million Cambodians who died under Pol Pot. Ask the millions killed in Africa in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s under various despotic regimes. Of coarse, you can’t ask them because THEY’RE DEAD, but, they can BEAR WITNESS.

          The one common factor in all of these estimated 100 MILLION+ deaths, which are more people killed than in ALL OF THE WARS both declared and undeclared in the last century combined, is that THE VICTIMS WERE DEPRIVED OF THE MEANS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH GUNS by their own governments BEFORE THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS KILLED THEM.

          • navy vet,you hit the nail right on the head,GEORGE BUSH sr,said we got to take down that little country who’s holding up the arrival of the new world order,who’s that AMERICA,thats who……give them your guns and your dead,no if’s and’s or butt’s about it,there coming and only a fool couldn’t see it,its right in our face,the traitors are coming out of the woodwork just like the LORD said they would………….

        • According to the title it is no longer a bill and has already become law. Otherwise it would read New Missouri BILL WOULD Force Parents to Register Firearms With Their Local School.

          This is why I don’t post on here much anymore. I do not believe people are as stupid as they appear. I believe they are intentionally sensationalizing everything.

          • I agree Prepared Pastor. I used to enjoy this site because it was for people who wanted to be preppers without all of the crazy-person-talk (such as race specific viruses or mind control radio waves). But the recent rise in sensationalism has led me to believe that this site is headed in that direction. And yet SHTFplan is still the first website I visit every morning, darnet.

          • PP
            yup for a purpose too


        • As a resident of MO, I encourage other residents to contact their Representatives and express their opinions regarding this Bill. I rather doubt that it will pass.

        • Republicans control the House and the Senate in Missouri. Most legislators think it will tread some water and then drown.

        • SO,who cares if it passes or not,you going to run down to the local school and tell a bunch of stupid whores you bought a new gun? AND how are you going to feel when the sorry traitors in blue show up on your door step with there terrorist swat team ready to kill your whole family,sucking their ass won’t help,WHAT REALLY NEEDS to happen is to watch who these traitors in government are, THEN FOLLOW THEM HOME,film there whole family,hand out the pictures to everyone in the area,and who they really are,commies and traitors,decorations for the local trees in the area later……buy lots of new rope so it don’t get woreout right away…………..

          • I guess your momma never washed your mouth out with soap!

      2. Yes! Thank God someone has a firm grasp on the situation. I must also register my knives, bow and arrow, all blunt objects, and every rock in my gravel driveway. Oh, and my thoughts and intentions, I must also register my thoughts and intentions.
        GFW———-stands for geefuckingwhiz

      3. If I was a parent, and I’m not, but if I was, I would never send my child to one of these Communist, Mind Programming, Bolshevik, Indoctrination Centers.


        HOME SCHOOLING is the ONLY avenue I’d consider, with weekly, parental guided Field Trips to the local shooting range.

        • You just watch, one day in the future home schooling will be banned. It’s already under assault.

          • I agree homeschooling is under assault, especially in some parts of Europe. Give it time and that focus will move “across the pond”.

            Court terminates parental rights in homeschool case
            “An appeals court panel in Sweden has imposed the “death penalty” on a homeschooling family, granting the state full custody of their son, who famously was “state-napped” from a jetliner in 2009 as the family prepared to move to India.”

            “The family was on board a jetliner minutes from departing Sweden for Annie’s home country of India when Domenic was seized in June 2009. The reason authorities initially gave for taking Domenic was that he had been homeschooled.”

            “In a dramatic case involving the Romeike family, a U.S. immigration judge granted political asylum in the U.S. because of the persecution they would face if they returned to Germany. The Obama administration is appealing the ruling, seeking to send the family back.”

            “Donnelly said what is happening in Germany and Sweden needs to be noted in the United States because of the habit officials have of adopting controversial European policies.”

            • KY mom this is the reason americans have guns,when the sheriff came to take my boy I asked him how many of his people did he think it might cost him,they got back in their car and left and never came back…that was a long time ago,I don’t think their smart enough to understand anything now,AS a matter of fact, I asked my dad what he thought their problem was “he said nowdays they would rather be dead then do the right thing” they already bought their bus ticket to hell and now their just waiting for some one to punch it so they can be on their way…………

          • Controlling education has always been one of their goals.

            #17 from the “The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals”
            “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”

            Despite evidence that homeschooled children can get a good education, the media prefers to present it in a “negative” light.

            Homeschooled students better socialized, perform better in college, study shows

            “There is exactly one authentically radical social movement of any real significance in the United States, and it is not Occupy, the Tea Party, or the Ron Paul faction.

            It is homeschoolers, who, by the simple act of instructing their children at home, pose an intellectual, moral, and political challenge to the government-monopoly schools, which are one of our most fundamental institutions and one of our most dysfunctional. Like all radical movements, homeschoolers drive the establishment bats.”

            Seven Lies About Homeschoolers

          • yup, and in some states if you home schooled, by 9th grade they Have to go to high school in at least a public school or they will never get into any further educations..cant even have a charter school in my state for the last 4 years of education for some reason, probably has to do with acredited hours in a “public school system”
            Not to mention the credentials you would have to prove as the teaching parent
            hope my kid can get thru this system before it implodes, but im thinking that wont be the case

            • I guarantee that is something pushed through by the union.

            • Lots of kids will be delivered by midwives in private homes.

          • The teacher’s union has fought it fiercly at every turn. I remember when home schooling was gathering steam, they tried to say you couldn’t do it unless you were a licensed “educator”.

        • Not everyone has that option. But I’m glad you don’t have to work. I’m envious. I do try to supplement and re-frame some things, and relocated a couple years ago to the best schools I could find. Oh, and no, I can’t just “make my wife do it” if that’s what your plan was. Doesn’t always work that way either. I did find that I was MUCH more knowledgeable about parenting before becoming a parent. Funny how that works.

          This bill, though, is highly intrusive. That would definitely trigger another move if I were in that cesspool of a state.

          • @NT “I did find that I was MUCH more knowledgeable about parenting before becoming a parent. Funny how that works.”

            I tell everyone, I knew everything until I had kids, because it took kids (specifically teenagers) to tell me I don’t know SH%t.

        • @European American,

          I just saw your solar pic’s. Nice. Is the Wells Cargo trailer used as a primary battery storage? I am trying to get into this solar strategy but it appears that I am going to have to become an electrician. Any sites you can suggest to simplify my understanding? Thanks, BigB

          • What the hell are you talking about? your comment has absolutely nothing to do with this thread idiot. send him a personal message . Duh

            • And your post pointing it out provides what, Clarity on the subject, an interesting point no one thought of. Nope!

              If you were looking to prove you are an ASSHOLE, Touche, You Win!!

              And before it is said, yep this post adds nothing but to prove so am I, at least on to other A-Holes

          • BigB… Do a web search on “Off grid solar design” Off Grid designs are pretty straight forward. Grid tied designs can get tricky and would suggest professional installation. You may want to read up on Ohms Law and figure out the difference between AC and DC. Then make a decision on how much stuff you want to run. More stuff the more it will cost.

            • Thanks Shootit, just what you said made my head twirl. It would seem that there has to be some simple rules like how a 12 volt deep cell battery will produce so many watts for so long. I know it is going to cost me. Learned that learning to play poker. But this solar deal should be better than generators in the long run, if done right.

              • Batteries are rated in amp hours. There is a simple formula that you can use to figure out how many batteries it will take to handle your power needs. Then you will have to figure how many solar panels it will take to recharge the batteries. Some of the websites will give you a solar calculator to figure this for you. Here is a simple example. A typical outlet in you house is rated at 2400 watts. This equals 120 volts x 20 amps = 2400 watts. A typical house has a 100 amp service which would be 12,000 watts. Have fun learning!

                • If you have electric heat, you probably have a 200 amp service.

                  • Good point. If you have electric heat you will not be heating your house via solar electric. Much cheaper would be solar water heat. You could have a combination system, hydro, solar water, solar electric, and wind. I use solar electric in my motor home, an out building for lights, and a small 12’x 16′ hunting lodge.

            • I have NO INTEREST in a grid-tied solar system. Any solar I install will be completely isolated from the grid. People think they are making money or saving big by selling the utility co. power. Such an arrangement keeps you in THEIR system. i prefer the idea of storing my excess electricity in batteries and using it myself. they don’t pay you more than what you pay them for power, do they?

              • Xcel Energy in Colorado charges just over 11 cents per kilowatt-hour for residential use.
                If you have a grid-tie solar system, they will pay you about 9 cents per kilowatt-hour you provide to them.

        • You better inform YOURSELF that YOU have a new gun…else yourself may report you to you and….Im getting soooo confused… 🙁
          seriously I agree though homeschooling is the way to go!

      4. All Politicians should be PRE-Screened prior to assuming Public Office for Mental Health Disease’s .

        This is a known AmeriKan Politician Mental Disease , called “NARCISISTIC GREEDY ARSE-HOLE” based on Narcissism , Greed and the Politicians Fear that another Human Being with Patriotic colored Balls Red White -n- Blue will Stand Up for their Own Individual Rights to Personal Freedom ; And take away the Politicians Fragile Grasp of Self Narcissistic Indulgent Political Greed and Self Important Power by Free Minded Patriotic Individual Armed Force ! ;0P

        * I’m starting to really hate Criminal Corrupt Prostitute Politicians and their Whore Lobbyists so much in general my “trigger finger itches” just thinking about them .

        ~N.O. ;0P

      5. These stupid old people are going to be the death of us.

        • And today’s young people are just SOOOOOOOOOO smart!!!!

      6. yeah, and ill also notify you when i smoke a tasty joint, brew some clear corn, and anything else already illegalized, legal gun owners… welcome to the wonderful world of clandestine enjoyment of your god given rights, you get used to it…

      7. I agree with all safety aspects and the responsibilities involved with owning firearms by all law abiding citizens who desire to own one or one thousands guns or more.

        My issue with my own comment above: If such suggestions or any associated laws are coming from the Nazis then I’ll adjust my comment to two simple word:


        • But, but,’s for the children!!

      8. deffinatly will pull my kids out of public school if this passes



        • I think you’re being sarcastic but I’m not sure enough to give you a thumbs up. 😉

          • I doubt it Daisy. There’s enough crossed wiring inside that skull to keep an army of head shrinks up to their knees in government grants for 5 years studying it.

          • When I saw the million moms for gun control I said to my girl:


            • For anybody who’s ever read your comment history,it’s more than obvious that your next ” girl” will be your first.

              • Not true. Ive had quite a few girlfriends.

                • Let me explain something,the ones in your MIND do not count. Like when you pitch a pup tent in mommies backyard with a can of chef boyardee,it’s not survivalist training.I’m aware of your hatred of reality but someday you WILL have to leave mommies basement.

      10. To me, the answer is simple: either don’t tell anyone of the purchase, have someone else handle the purchase, or purchase the weapon from a relative or private party. If asked, say the purchase was a gift for someone else. Flying under the radar is the rule going forward.

        • We shouldnt have to hide our shit in a free country. We have to intimidate the stupid people into submission.

      11. This certainly is a topsy turvy world we live in. Examples: The NRA actually supported gun control until around 1977. The US military regularly donated surplus guns to the NRA and helped set up organized “shoots”. The Black Panthers were the main outspoken defenders of the 2nd. In 1967 two dozen Black Panther Party members walked into the California State House carrying rifles and protesting the latest gun control bill (try THAT today). Gov. Reagan commented “There is no reason why, in the street today, a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.”

        • Sometime in the future when the SHTF carrying a gun WILL be mandatory if you want to survive.

      12. I would imagine we will be seeing a lot more of these rediculous laws being pushed, I also think we are prolly gonna see another false flag if they dont get the public support they want. If you look at the videos on the Ytube of the Aussies and the Britts crying over the loss and helplessness they are feeling about their guns being gone, and warning us not to give in and fall for public pressure, its heartbreaking. They are helpless they know it and its just pathetic.

        Ive got a buddy ex USMC Officer he lives in Sydney Oz now and he was back home to visit the family a few weeks ago, we talked about the situation over there, he told me that almost over night the Mexican drug cartel moved in, yeah imagine that Mexican gangbangers in Australia. Dont suppose we will hear about that one on the Rachel Madcow Show. However it woke me up to the grave consequences we face.

        Once the guns are gone they are gone and they will never come back. We are being pushed down the meat grinder and are about to be served up on a bun. Some one of the millions of folks out there with nothing left to loose is gonna snap and do something terrible that will close the deal on removing the 2ndAm by garnering public sympathy, as tho Sandy Hook wasnt enough. I feel like Im sitting inside that movie V for vendetta right before the fireworks start.

        Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see America in this much trouble. Stay strong my fellow Patriots this shit is just getting started.

      13. What’s next…making firearm owners wear say, a distinctive insignia on their clothing, carry their ‘papers’ with them at all times, and force them to live only in certain sections of the cities?

        • Fine by me. the insignia should be a holstered .45. And the “papers” steel. When they force us all into the same place they won’t be able to come in. (Not considering exactly how you can force us to do anything) The other thing most forget; the gun owners in this country are also the people who pay taxes.

      14. Push until it breaks, they know there will eventually be an eruption, they are planning on it, i know of residences of at least 5 state and county police. Its hard to defend yourself and family, when you’re trying to escape the flames in your pajamas.

      15. I dont have any “New” guns..I see it written says have to report any “new” guns..

        besides screw them..the registering when purchased was already done, at least where im from..

      16. when none of the kids show up for school next year , they will really be in a pickle wont they? oh and stop paying the potion of your taxes that fund them..

        yeah I know it sounds stupid..just as stupid as this states Idea

        • would be great to not have to pay school taxes. Unfortunately they are rolled into property taxes.
          Been paying for other peoples kids to go to school for over 25 years.

      17. if this action against basic freedom is passed, the people of Mo who really believe in freedom should vote with their feet ASAP

        • They won’t because the gubmint has done an awesome job of dumbing down the masses and it was intentional. The populace are more interested in American Idol and the Super Bowl than the thought of being fed to the wolves.

          • want some fries with that??

        • Why are we always supposed to “Vote with our feet?” Why not stand up and tell the tyrants “No, I won’t conform”…oh yeah I know why, because run-and-hide is much safer than stand-and-fight. Go ahead, thumbs down all you like, NONE of you has done a thing to stand up to these political bullies because the thin veneer we call freedom is still better than the prison we get sent to when we scratch away that veneer and see the truth. We all are guilty of drinking the cool-aid, me included…..

      18. I have just been emailed the 38 page gun legislation that Governor Martin “Slick Mick” O’Malley has proposed for us Marylanders. It is draconian to say the least. I won’t leave Maryland because of it. If these sonsabitches want communism, THEY CAN LEAVE to get it. I will not comply and if they pull up to my doorstep to enforce it, they will pay.

        • Im glad I left Maryland for Florida.

      19. Notice how they wrap all of these gun grabbing initiatives in issues regarding “the children”.
        Whenever you hear those two words, watch out, you’re about to be taxed more of have your guns taken.
        Register NOTHING.

        • I gotta agree with you Dave; “Register nothing”!

          The older I get, the more I understand why my Grandpappy would get mad and cuss the politicians and our gov. leaders via the tv screen. It got so bad, granny would make all us visiting grand kids come to the kitchen with her or go outside. This was in the sixties and seventies, and pa-pa knew what was going on, but we just thought he was getting high on his dip-snuff and chewing tobacco.

          It’s my belief that a person is better off, the further they can stay off the radar. I try to keep all documents, with my name attached, to a minimum.
          No electronic banking for me, other than an occasional credit card purchase of an item for the SHTF plan of survival. Mostly cash, at least as long as it’s still worth something.

        • I have learned from past experience, the less the gubmint knows about you the better. That’s the primary reason why soooo many businesses operate under the radar, hence the term..”under the table”.

        • It’s always about “the children.”

          They need to raise taxes because the schools need more money. No large sodas. No fried foods. Car seats until they are seven years old. How much water your toilet/shower uses. Ethanol in gasoline. The list goes on and on.

          Not that these things are necessarily bad ideas, but they shouldn’t be controlled/regulated by the government, especially at the federal level.

      20. This all started back when the Federal government waged war against Southern states’ rights in the 1860’s. You Yankees (Missouri included) wanted the heavy hand of the Feds to crush Southern rights rights back then, setting a precedent of oppression that has continued to this day, and 150+ years later you reap the what your fore-bearers sowed back then.

        • Yes I’m a Yankee, hate the term because of the baseball team, but honestly, I had nothing to do with crushing your rights, and I am fighting anyone that tries to do it now.

        • TT, Your handle sure fits. I think maybe you’ve drank to much Tequila, or your not to sharp on your history. The Battle Flag of the Confederacy has 13 Stars. But you probably don’t know what states they represent. I assure you Missouri ain’t no gun control state. You can find State Senator’s or State Represenatives from every state in the union that will propose stupid bills like this. By the way,I’m from MO. and I belong to the SCV, my ancestry fought against the Federal Government, in the War of Northern Agression. What about yours? And our current battle ain’t between the North and the South. Although it is still the Federal Government that’s our problem. Just remember there are PATRIOTS from every State and every Color and every Religion. Ever heard the axiom “Divide And Conquer” well the Feds like that, and there’s way to much of that on many of these post. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus! P.S. Missouri is the 12th Star.

      21. If I were a law maker in Missouri I would introduce a bill that would make it illegal to introduce a bill that infringes upon the constitutional freedoms and constitutional rights of a citizen in that state. The penalty would be immediate expulsion from office and a minimum of a $100,000 fine. This hyphenated biotch would be gone.

        These a-hole lawmakers introduce crap like this to get there 15 min of fame and endear themselves to the socialist kingmakers of their party. Probably wants to run for AG, Lt Governor or something.

        • Great idea. I know there are A LOT of gun owners & hunters in MO, and probably quite a few state reps & senators would support them. Someone living there needs to start e-mailing and calling them asap.

      22. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

      23. Do the children of gun owners then get extra specially intense indoctrination sessions lest their parents are educating them on the constitution etc? This would be a major concern of mine were I a Missouri Mum.

        Gubberment indoctrination is at insense enough levels without being singled out for special treatment. These children will be encouraged to turn on their own parents. If this passes then I honestly think home ed is the only sensible option for parents in this state.

        Schools in countries where gun ownership is legal should be running common sense sessions on basic gun saftey for all kids as a matter course. These should be run in the same way no child should leave school unable to prepare a simple meal from scratch, change a plug, check the tyres & breaks on a car, put up a kitchen shelf, know the standard of behavior and speech expected at a job interview etc. No politics just common sense life skills.

        If schools are unable to do this then parents should be informed so that they can make the appropriate choices for their children. I’m putting my money where my mouth is on this one, having just formally applied to flexi-school. (Sadly the system in the UK for ASD therapy means that if I homeschool full time he would lose access to state funded language and occupational therapy).

        Flexi-schooling, (attending mornings only or just a couple of days a week etc) may be an option for parents whose ability to fully home educate is limited by work or other responsibilities, so I thought I’d throw it out there for consideration by other preppers.

        I will NOT be sending out into the world in a decade or so a dumbed down kidult, doomed to permanent dependency on the gubberment or others to raise his own family.

        If you are stuck using state funded schools then I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to ensure that senior staff are on your wavelength. My child is more severely punished than many of his peers for certain infractions such as cussing at my request. (Sadly in my area too many parents just don’t care).

        • lonelonmum, yes they do get additional training, it is called Special High Intenstity Training, or SHIT for short. The instructors will provide all the SHIT the children can handle.

        • There isn’t time for “common sense” education since all the time is taken up with diversity training. I homeschooled our last three kids and they’ve turned out VERY well. It is difficult to get them into college since the state takes a dim view of non-indoctrinated kids, but if you can, start them off in a religious school and then when they do well, transfer to a state college because private schools are extremely expensive. Good Luck, and again, RESIST. I stole that saying from someone else and when I see it again, I will give them credit.

      24. Register guns? Sure thing. Right after the schools register the party affiliation , religious beliefs, and voting record of their staff and teachers with the parents. Perhaps start a huge bloated government agency to record the information. The community will be much safer knowing what kind of environment their children are in most of the day. They will be better prepared and able to plan for how much deprogramming is needed.

        • Awesome idea Bob!!!

      25. Homeschool? alot cant, But maybe we can bring back old school schools operated by 2 or 3 responsible people with a combind fee reasonable to sustain their living

        • Great idea grandpa!

      26. “It is also important for the State to inculcate in its subjects an aversion to any outcropping of what is now called ‘a conspiracy theory of history.’ For a search for ‘conspiracies,’…means a search for motives, and an attribution of individual responsibility for the historical misdeeds of ruling elites…a discrediting of ‘conspiracy theories’ will make the subjects more likely to believe the ‘general welfare’ reasons that are invariably put forth by the modern State for engaging in aggressive actions.” — Murray N. Rothbard

      27. Can a state choose to stop allowing citizens the freedom to choose their own religion? Can a state tell a citizen that they DON’T have the right to free speech? No? Then why are states allowed to choose how and to what extent they “allow” the 2nd amendment to exist?

        These people would be the first to cry “CONSTITUTION!!” if a state decided to force them to be Christian, but when it is to their ends everything is relative.

        I’m preaching to the choir of course, but an assault on the 2nd is an assault on EVERY right given by God and enshrined in our Constitution. We have a complete lack of ‘leadership’ willing to frame the debate around the real issues instead of responding to emotional arguments from those with ulterior motives.

        We are going to be moving to MO very soon. This story was a reminder that the Progressive/Statist/Communist agenda is alive and well everywhere. This cancer will not be cured by change in Washington.

        Esse Quam Videri

      28. Hello; My gun is locked and my RUBBERs are avaiable for immidate use. My child refuses the RUBBER and has already got a gun from the drug addict across the school.

        What the hell are they thinking. The masses are being led down a road they dont understand, the mass communications systems in place need to be held accountable for misinformation, give the story, but only the FULL story. Don’s suger coat it!

      29. Will force parents or would force parents? Another alarmist title to an article about a law that will probably never see the light of day. How about “Proposed law would…”

        • I’d agree. Will never even get out of committee is my guess.

          There is always some idiot legislator that will introduce some idiot bill that never goes anywhere so he/she can go back to their liberal district and say “well, I TRIED”…..

          Obamacare passed because their was money to be made by the insurance industry. MONEY is why bills get passed that seem to defy common sense….always follow the money if you want to understand the WHY.

          • Yes, but it acts as a trial balloon, and floats the idea out there. The more the dumbed-down public hears things like this, over and over again, the more likely that they will start to think it is normal, and eventually will ask for rules and laws like this. Opens the Overton Window just a little wider….

      30. That might work in bigger cities but much of Missouri is still rural and if little Bobby wants to go hunting next year with Dad, he’ll keep his mouth shut. Don’t forget, it was in Missouri were a small town bully was shot to death after years of abusing everyone and the local Sheriff, State Police, and even the FBI couldn’t solve the case because everyone kept their mouths shut. It’s a great story and may still be on youtube.

      31. Dem Sumbitches

      32. I’m totally cool with filling the doctor’s form about guns, as long as I’m not under oath when doing so. always remember that the only person you cannot lie to is a judge, and even that isn’t quite set in stone.

      33. Its treason to put forth bills that are clearly unconstitutional. There’s got to be a lawyer on this site to draw up papers.

      34. I live in Missouri, and while I have absolutely NO confidence in politicians, over the long haul, the current complexion of the House and Senate practically guarantees this bill will not get any attention beyond that which it’s introduction created. The Republicans have a super majority in both legislative bodies, can over ride any veto from the Democrat governor, and if there is any trend, legislatively, it seems to me to be toward nullifying federal unconstitutional overreach. Another bill, similar to one in Texas, has been introduced which makes attempting to enforce unconstitutional federal laws by federal agents, a felony. It has a much greater chance of passage and could even survive the certain veto from the governor.

        That being said, as I’m sure the feds would disregard such a nullifying law, I would similarly disregard a state law such as the one the article reports. Like those billboards used to urge, I’ll “Just Say No!”

      35. NWO ZOG Zionist Freemason Fascist Globalist Commie AmeriKa: Out of Control, Mismanaged and Misgoverned

        Our nation is armed to the teeth against external threats, while our own citizens are arming internally with handguns and rifles.

        These citizens fear each other, and our under-supported police and fire departments are little help. They have been gutted in many areas of the country as the tax base that financially supports them diminishes.

        Our POLITICAL MAFIA CORRUPTED CRIMINAL CONTROLLED system of government is not working.

      36. If this Senator believes in the 2nd amendment about as much as you believe Mars is populated with 10 foot tall Amazons. She is as anti-gun as you can get, but this bill is DOA. The most dangerous bill introduced in MO so far has been one to require universal background checks, but it likely will not pass either.

        On the plus side, there is a bill to make it a felony to enforce any federal gun control bill passed after Jan. 1, 2013 and another to allow school personnel with concealed carry permits to carry on school grounds.

        Missouri is a fairly pro gun state. If we could give Kansas City to Kansas and St. Louis to Illinois, this would be a really great state based on freedom instead of collectivism.

        • SD: People in Illinois would like to give COOK COUNTY TO LAKE MICHIGAN. Then plant in beans.

        • Are they really ten ft tall? Do they wear Bras?

          • Hate to break it to you, but they would only wear a half bra, if any, as they would cut off the right boobie in order to more accurately shoot their bows. Per Hippocrates. At least the Greek Amazons…not so sure about the Mars Amazons.

            • on a 10 ft tall babe one might be enough. dream on

      37. Has anyone read or heard of gun control bills being brought to state legislatures in the south?

        Nothing on Google.

        • Yes, slingshot. Even in the south.

          Not sure if this will post correctly, but I’ll attempt to put the link here:

          [L=]Gun rights group sues Winston-Salem over weapons ban in parks [/L]

      38. My friend, our freedom is under direct assault.

        From those who want take your guns. From those who want to shred our Constitution, and as our good friend Rand Paul from Kentucky says, from those who want to be (Commie DickTator) King of AmeriKa .

        ~ U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell 01/21/2013

      39. We in MO have the same scenario as a lot of other states. Kansas City and ST Louis with their huge populations of libtards. The rest of us that live in the “sticks” get out voted just because of the sheer numbers of them. Happens all of the time. This wont pass here, and they know it. This dipshit is just trying to appease the tribal warfare scum that have taken over our once prosperous cities.


      40. Anoher crazy law to restrict our freedoms. When will it stop. I have asked people who I know that are 70 and 80 years old who are fairly cognizant of what is happening if they have ever seen such a thing as what is happening.

        The resounding answer whether they be of any political affiliation is a resounding NO. Nor can they see what is the purpose of all the divisivness in just about every aspect of our lifes.

        There can only be one answer. That being the powers that are, the real ones, the Bilderberg Group, The Morgans, The Rothchildes, et all know some thing we don’t or if we do it is called a conspiricy and poo pooed by the media.

        The old saying divide and conquer is a truism and one of the biggest tools in war. Well we have been divided in so many ways here in America that we can only assume an immediate change or event in one form or another is about to happen.

        Every day it would seem that another law such as the MO. law is thrown in our faces. Is this just goading by the powers that are to get someone, some group to lash out and give these powers the right and justification to institute fruther restrictions? If so they are doing a very good job of it. All it will take at this point is one political miscalculation by a conservative group of people to set this off.

        Perghaps that is why what was toted as the big political battle regarding spending and entitlements was once again kicked down the road in a very quite manner with no outrage by the right and no crowing by the left. Some thing is about to happen.

        I have been prepping for the last three years. I have had some general reasons such as earth quakes, financial melt down and just in general shtf scenarios. But now I am not sure what it is I am prepping for. Am I, have I been prepping for no reason? Can a stroke of a pen by Janet Na-whatever negate my prepping and just throw my stuff into a collective?

        You all know by my posts that I like to keep things light most of the time. But I am sincere when I say that I am very worried about an immediate event that will change our world so much for the worse and in ways that our prepping was for naught.

        But I will continue to prep and hope that what I do will benefit my family. To all of you on this site that I have gotten to know over the last couple of years, thanks for what you do and the best of luck. This is my last politicaly orientated post and from now on I will only post prepping items.

        • Impossible that all my preps will go for naught. Realistically, all they are for is so that I can go out standing up rather than on my knees. To old to learn to beg for my supper.

      41. This will (if passed), do a terrible thing to further degradation in the society. I am a very law abiding citizen. I will pick up litter that is not mine at ball fields. I will help people with the door. I generally go out of my way to be courteous in life. I obey the law except for what say…I do 67 in a 60mph zone? This is probably the extent of my deviation from straight. Now, however, the government is pushing their shit to far inch by inch. I some law like this passed, I WILL be a criminal. I am NOT going to register shit with people like this. It is none of their business. Then I take on the mindset that I am criminal. I become comfortable with it. I will embrace it. Soon I my mind will be ok with other criminal thought and actions. See where this leads. Take a normal person and essentially force them to become outlaw minded. I would also fight my $1000 fine tooth and nail. Bad step fo rthe fucks in government.

      42. If it passes someone needs to deliberately get caught disobeying it so it can become a test case for the court system.

      43. I will guarantee that if this bill is passed, within 30 days they will ask the children if there are guns in the house, and if there are, and not on the schools books, KNOCK- KNOCK on the door, police may we look around.

        • Already happening, pale rider–coincidence?
          I received a copy of a questionnaire for 13-18 year olds.
          I can’t copy it here, but gun questions, drug and alcohol, sex and mood questions were on the list.
          2. Do you, your parents, or friends have guns??

          It’s happening.

        • Just wait till ‘Little Johnnie” smartmouths Mommie at the supper table and after you put your foot into his ass he gets on facebook and posts about your guns that you got stashed all over the house. Yeah, that wake up call will come.

      44. Dave and Don’t Tread, I’m with both of you about registering nothing. These days, the public schools all over this nation stick their noses into things that are totally none of their business and have nothing to do with “education”. They even try to tell families how to raise their kids. Whatever happens with the kids when they are on school property is one thing, but once those kids have left school property for the day, IT’S NONE OF THE SCHOOLS’ DAMNED BUSINESS WHAT THE KIDS ARE DOING! IT’S NONE OF THE SCHOOLS’ DAMNED BUSINESS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE KIDS’ HOMES! Although I’m a product of public schools myself, I also received my family’s version of “homeschooling” to guarantee a healthy balance. plus, back in the 60s when i was growing up, the schools were totally different; nothing like what you see today. Educators concentrated on education and nothing else; they knew their limits and actually respected the rights of parents. Nowadays, every school official think he or she is a God; they’re shitheads just like anyone I see on the steets these days. If people really love their kids, they would pull them out of the schools. Braveheart

      45. Take all the kids out of school in protest. Kill that cash cow and see how quickly the state backpedals away from that kind of intrusion.

        Never trust a bitch with a hyphen in her name, first sign of a truly diseased brain.

        On a lighter note, the bill won’t pass, and the best ‘shine I ever tasted came from Missouri.

        • This would work. The schools are all about money, anyway. I was an elementary school secretary for a brief time, between usual jobs, and it was amazing (and horrifying) how much power I had over the parents. Anything the school demanded was handed over immediately, and I basically owned their kids. Even the most out-rageous demands were met because I had the power to turn the parents over to Child Services, recommend them for expulsion, require any and all documents, set up “mental health” consults or approve or withhold “special needs”. Now that last one is a huge scam and steer clear of those programs if you can. The schools are a huge thugocracy which is why, when I was no longer in charge, we switched over to home school.

      46. As a Missouri resident I can tell you that this will NOT pass, it won’t even come to the floor. They will bury it in committee. The funny thing is, we talk about this bill, but not about the bill that is being fast tracked in Missouri. To make it a criminal offense for a law enforcement officer, local/state/federal to enforce any federal weapons ban on a citizen of missouri.

        Now before you all tell how dumb I am and that federal trumps state. I am fully aware of that. Just using it as an example. This bill has over 60 sponsers. Our House and State senate is over 2/3 republican, and we have a governor who is an avid hunter.

        So lets not bash a state based on 1 thing you read on the net, because the state you called a “cesspool,” Not Timothy, is one of the better states for gun owners/home schoolers/preppers.

      47. Think about how this would reflect on the individuals student. It is apparent that the student would be constantly under strong watch by school staff and would be treated differently than other students. Being judged by other students can be hard to deal with now those students will be judged by the people who have been placed in a position of trust to keep them safe. Now they have to give up a feeling of normalcy because daddy likes to hunt. Where is this fine line between safety and freedom?

      48. You have got to be kidding. Why don’t we require notification of gun ownership to our place of work, our neighborhood association, our church, the grocery store, the restaurant, the park where our kids play.
        Why stop with disclosing gun ownership. Why not have to report to the school each time we discipline our kids, and what we gave them to eat, the time we provided for them to sleep, The type of environment we provide for them inside the home.
        Why do politicians decide which people must to do the dirty work of carrying out their hidden (not so hidden) agenda.

      49. I’m a Missouri resident and gun owner and I can tell you this, “It will not pass”! With only a few Democrats supporing her, it doesn’t stand a chance. She’s an idiot for even introducing it. All this does is brings the MSM wolves out to get the word to the other states that are ignorant enough to pass such a bill. Any Missouri residents who fear guns can move to New York where your now safe. (Insert Sarcasm here)!

      50. even be careful and you cant trust nobody even a register card that you get like from FN, how many guns do you own? etc dont even say you have any from the register card that comes with some of the new guns. who knows if that information will be forced to be given to government. its your house, they have no right to know what you have. this is madness. just be careful.

      51. We can sell f-16s to terrorist nations and the DOJ can sell fully automatic weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, but keep guns out of the hands of American patriots at all costs!!!

      52. There are alot of laws that have passed over the last four years that I thought I would never see. Most the American people dont even know about because the media has been told to keep their mouths shut. The government is taking baby steps to disarm the law abiding citizen and doing nothing to stop the criminals. The main reason is the government sees gun owners as a threat. When shtf they know the people will be defenseless if they can take our guns before it happens. They can stick it where the sun dont shine. Whats mine is mine and it aint none of nobody elses business.

      53. Are you having Fun yet?
        Don’t you just love it when they trot out more gun control as they also continue to drain you lifes savings by inflation or new tax or co-payment or fee., Yeah, and you love when there is a new drug to take away your pain but the side effects are as dangerous as the cure. They tell you what to eat and drink with all sorts of fancy marketing and the product does not even look like the picture on the menu. You sit there dumbfounded as SNAP cards are use to buy booze and Lobster while you eat chicken and rice. All those dead beat fathers who don’t pay a dime for their kids. Free phones, section 8 housing, all the free medical. While Obama has you bent over a stump I hope you realise he and his ilk are not going to stop putting it to you.

        You are not mad enough and still trying to think how you will resolve all this without a scape.
        You’re not!

        • Slingshot, wait’ll you see the Youtube video I posted (it’s in the mod queue right now).

        • Slingshot,

          I agree. It won’t be resolved without a fight.

          You see, THEY don’t care. THEY cannot give a damn less what the people think, or what’s in the people’s best interest. THEY really don’t give a shit. This has been in the works for a long, long time, and it’s drawing to a close.

          So, the noose is being tightened with new bills, restrictions, regulations, etc., while THEY kick the chair out from under our feet.

          Am I angry? Absolutely. I would say any free-thinking, liberty-loving American citizen is highly outraged about the ass kicking our freedoms are taking from TPTB. Yet, the pot is bubbling, and I believe the lid is about to come off.

          Many have commented that we’ll have to let THEM fire the first shot, and I agree with that as well. If we(and by ‘we’, I mean the average citizens)fire upon them, we’ll be demonized by the government and the press.

          So far, the shots they have fired have been across the bow, so to speak. Sad to say, it will take a shot landing to have any affect. People will have to be killed before the anger becomes unbearable and things begin to happen.

          • recall this mentally ill politician…this assault at the state and feral level will never end…time to down size ALL government /employees

        • Gosh, I love this! I’m making way too many posts today, but there have been some wonderful posts which give me hope. I’m going to give praise to another poster, then will stay off the rest of the day.
          Prepper Recon, may I have permission to copy your post and send it to my worthless senators and representative? I won’t credit even your poster name if you’d prefer, but what you said is so concise and apropos that it couldn’t be said better. Am sure I’ll end up on a list but don’t know if it will be the one for domestic terrorism, or a list of potential suckers to ask for money. Thanks!

      54. A Huffman High School English teacher is being questioned for instructing her ninth graders – as part of a Black History Month exercise – to see the R-rated Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained.”

        The assignment is part of a scavenger hunt, and one of the items requires students to see the violent slave pic “Django Unchained,” a “Roots”-goes-“Pulp Fiction” shoot-em-up about slavery and revenge.

      55. As a native Missourian I can tell you now that this bill will never pass. It’s just a token effort from a state senator from north St Louis county. Her district includes municipalities that are overrun by “at risk” demographics. People with light-colored skin and common sense stay away from those areas. If you get my meaning.

        Fortunately the state is mostly rural and we have most of the blue voters contained in St Louis and Kansas City. For now.

        Most Missourians like guns. Period. Most would simply ignore this bill if it passes. I know I would.

        • I should be a little more specific.

          Most Missourians like guns and privacy.

        • I have driven through St Louis. Mo should invest in large bulldozers. Urban renewal.

      56. @ BI and all earth watchers
        7.5 earthquake at Canada-Alaska coastline.
        Many 3.0-4.0 in Sierra Nevada range overnight.

        • @ PrepperGal35. What 7.5 earthquake? I see all the earthquakes in the Sierras, but the 7.5 earthquake was over 2 weeks ago. Please clarify if you saw this on some seismic site like Iris or something. If someone is giving out wrong informtion we need to know about it.

          By the way North Korea is likely going to soon test another nuke. Watch for a very shallow earthquake in their country, this will be a nuclear test. IF the magnitude is about 5.6 or more then they have likely tested a hydrogen bomb. It is one thing to keep testing atomic bombs, but to test a fully functional hydrogen bomb would really put that fat little new leader of North Korea into a position of being at the level of Pakistan and India. I highly suspect that after the successful ICBM test of there rocket, that North Korea wants to cross that level of being able to manufacture hydrogen bombs and get its status up in the world. The USGS will record this and we will know if a H-bomb was tested. 5.6 or larger. A 6.0 seismic reading would be a 1 megaton test.

          • Was just readding the same story on N. Korea B.I.

        • Can’t confirm size with other sites but whatever it was is inside BI window…

      57. Well!!! the picture of the Ruger is nice.!!! But I would rather have a shiny one.NO, make that two shiny one’s with pearl handles,and a double gun belt.
        And a cowboy hat.
        and cowboy boots
        and a black horse.
        and a Winchester repeatin rifle.
        awe hell i just want to be a cowboy!!!

        • …you forgot your spurs, Sir….

          • sharps or blunts?

      58. Top headline in todays local rag;

        Panetta opens combat roles to women

        Question: Would females in combat roles-infantry, mech armor, artillery, etc. be more inclined to do the will of their superiors if the order is to defend the State(fed gov.) over the constitiutional protections of the citizenry?

        Please don’t think of me as misogynistic but my political experience is that most women aren’t as libertarian in their mindset as men. Prime example is women overwelmingly voted for Obama.

      59. FYI, Feinstein’s news conference on her proposed 2013 gun ban is streaming live on Fox

        Listening to it is like an overly dramatic soap opera. Heavy on “issue of conscience”, “for the children”, “if not now when”, “spare the heartache and loss”, “we must do something”….

        A bunch of speakers, mostly senators and reps, going on and on about how the duck and deer hunters are protected in this ban and 2nd amendment protecting hunters.

        “No alienable right to own a 100 round clip”, “If it’s not in the stores then it can’t be bought”, “hunters want this ban”….

        Hard to listen to. These people are so clueless. Nothing about the need to defend against tyranny. It’s like they are reinterpretating the 2nd to mean duck and deer hunters.

        • @Kindle If you watched the “amnesty” hearings, they did the same emotional rhetoric. That fell through and look what transpired.

          @everyone There WILL be gun control — it will be forced upon the population. And it will probably be channeled through retailers, vendor shows, and even manufacturers.

          The boycott at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show got so large that they just cancelled the show. I did some digging and learned that the company running the show, Reed Exhibitions is an organizational arm of a much larger publicly-traded firm, Reed Elsevier. They’ve got ties w/ the Progressive party and are pushing the gun-control agenda. They even have a small PAC, contributing to the far-Left (D)s, of course. John Podesta (Center for American Progress) tied to them through lobbying efforts and we all know Podesta is an Obama lap-dog Commie.

          So the recent business venture scheduled by Reed Exhibitions/Reed Elsevier lost this one because enough people stood together and forced-their-hand with good ole capitalism and strong principles. With more than 1,200 vendors at that show, what do you suppose these show organizers lost in revenues for their little gun-control agenda??? And remember, they’re a public corporation so they’ve got losses to answer to.

          We DO have some power, but it’s more of a consumer-driven power than a citizen power. Sad but the money machine drives them more than the Constitution or morals. So if that’s what it takes, we need to remember this and use our boycotting strength to shove back hard.

          If businesses are threatened or run into red ink because they can’t sell Progressive agendas, those agendas are going to be kicked to the side of the road. Greed and money rule the corruptible, not principles. And this, in my opinion, is their Achilles Heel.

          • We should all get to know or support any of the vendors who stood their ground and boycotted the show. The show organizers forced new vendor regulations on ‘assault rifles’ saying they could not be sold there. Here’s the link w/ the list of 307 vendors who pulled out:


            • I read that story earlier

              congrats to those vendors for supporting the Constitution

              “SHUT IT DOWN ” !!!!!

      60. This bill is proposed by some liberal Obama worshiper from the city of St. Louis. She looks like she is 25 years old and just out of some liberal law school. I think she wrote the bill just to get some celebrity and and make hereself look like she is supporting her King Obama. It will never pass, probably get the least number of votes any law has ever got.

      61. Why is it that none of the disturbed and evil men, who steal guns, then go and kill movie-goers and children in school, has ever been identified as a conservative NRA member?

        Ft Hood~~~ Registered Democrat ~ Muslim

        Columbine ~~~ Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals

        Virginia Tech ~~~ Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~ Registered Democrat

        Colorado Theater ~~~ Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal

        Connecticut School Shooter ~~~ Registered Democrat; hated Christians

        Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats.

        Y’all Beware! INTERESTING, isn’t it?
        What should we do now?

        • Y’all Beware,

          What we should do now, is prepare our homes, perimeters and ourselves for what is coming. We can’t stop them and the media has their backs. It is building to a great crescendo and one of these days it will burst. We have had plenty of time to see the writing on the wall, no excuses any more.

      62. The NRAs new motto should be…DO NOT COMPLY WITH ILLEGAL GUN LAWS.

      63. If the schools want to start a balanced community gun safety program, big deal, but they do not and better not and should not worry about what I own!
        If these schools want to worry about something, they should be worrying about teachers who don’t care and only see our children as a paycheck. Worry about schools so heavy in administration that other services are cut in favor of their administrative pay. Worry about how they are going to get uncaring parents involved in their children’s education. But nope, schools are more worried about pieces of paper that look likes a gun.

      64. Dave and Don’t Tread, i’m with both of you about registering nothing. BI, I’ve been having the same feelings concerning Obamacommie’s rush to disarm us. Think back to the recent article about the Chinese government OFFICIALY demanding that the American people be disarmed and now the more recent article about the Chinese buying up real estate, infrastructure, natural resources. etc. in our country, and there you have it. Every one of these Chinese-occupied zones would be, in their view, sovereign Chinese territory, and a certain percentage of Chinese involved in these ventures are military. Chinese trojan horses on American soil. Last time I checked, possession is still 9/10ths of the law. Everything the Chinese have bought so far still rest on American soil, so we can always take them back by force. The Chinese want Obama to disarm us so they won’t have hot lead flying at them when they finally invade us, and they will, along with only God knows how many other countries. There is no legitimate basis for any of the anti-selfdefense laws already on the books and most certainly for no new laws either. I already disregard certain anti-selfdefense laws by carrying certain nonlethal self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go; been doing that for many years. I’m not following any new anti-selfdefense laws either. I’m not giving up anything, period! Party time is getting closer. Everybody get everything you need now while you still can. Best wishes to all. braveheart

      65. Concerning nosy doctors… you’re better off staying away in the first place! I kept telling my mom to take care of her health and stop going to doctors! she didn’t listen… went in for pnuemonia, was getting over it but doctors ordered a bunch of stuff which basically amounted to experimenting on her. It caused such negative results, they put her on powerful medication, which also caused negative consequences. My sister looked it up on the Internet– they were doing very dANGEROUS procedures which weren’t even necessary.. bottom line, she died a few days later… NOT from the pnuemonia, but from doctor’s doing all they could for big bucks.

        • Cindy, I am truly sorry for your loss. As a Nurse I can tell you the worst place for a sick person is your local hospital, & I work at one. So many elderly patients come in with something small and then spend the next three months fighting an infection they picked up at the hospital. As far as unneeded meds, it happens all the time. I would suggest that everyone pick up a copy of the Davis Drug Guide or similar. You do not need a new one a used one that is a couple of years old will do. They are usually quite cheap by then. This has almost every med used today in. It will give you a comprehensive view of the drug. The rule is ” If you can be sick at home, be sick at home.” Recovery times are faster for those treated in home, Moral is better, and the environment empowers the family and patient alike and forces a greater investment of the family unit in the recovery. I am not saying never go or stay at a hospital, just that if you have to, make it as short as possible, be pushy about it and get home. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. Clay

          • I went in with a really bad stomach ache last summer, and came out with an $18,000 bill!!!!! They never did find out what caused the pain, just ran a bunch of tests, CAT scans, etc, gave me some morphine and sent me on my way.

        • sorry to hear of this..not good

          There is a reason why they call it a “practice”

          because they have no idea wtf they are doing sometimes

      66. It fascinates me that not only was Columbine during the AW ban, but one of the guns used had 10 round mags. I do not understand why the idiocy of gun control advocates still bewilders me. At any rate, I am a former devil dog and currently a teacher. In my state there is no interest in what people carry at home.

        I did read that if the Federal gov. passes anything against the second, that Missouri is going to pass something against it. Meaning anything against the second would be unconstitutional in the state of Missouri.

        • Now THAT was funny — thanks VRF


        This is the new list released today at Feinstein’s news conference. If you go to the shaded area that says “click to expand” you will go to the list. If you click it again it will enlarge into a screen size copy that you can read. It is more than what was originally listed on her site.

        I think my mini is safe cuz the new list only has Minit 14 tactical.

      68. A friend of mine is a chorus teacher at a local middle school. The teachers there were given an opportunity to write an essay and qualify for the state paying for them to obtain master degrees to earn higher salaries. Her essay was approved and she entered the program run by the government. I asked what kind of work she was having to do in the program, KNOWING that it would be some kind of liberal BS propaganda. Why else would the government want to pay for it? It was to further indoctrinate the teachers. She said she had to read a story and write a report on it. I asked what the story was about.

        She said it was about a boy with a gun. So it was anti-gun indoctrination, just as I thought.

      69. I’m from Canada and our Country started a “gun registry” program then dropped it after public opposition. We have stricter gun laws in Canada than the USA such as; Centralized crimminal background check, Mandatory training, Mandatory gun storage rulles, 10 round limit to mags, Semi-Auto only. You can still get AR-15 etc here, just with the 10 round per mag limit. We would welcome any and all of you whom wish to move here. 🙂

        • @Canada

          “We would welcome any and all of you whom wish to move here.”

          Ur an idiot and a pussy! Run and hide? Really?

          If they (Americans) all run and hide what do you think will happen here? We NEED them to stand strong and fight this garbage or we will all loose together. Do you really think if the US is disarmed we aren’t next?

          • Im really glad to see not all Canadians are communist dickwads. Welcome, friends.

        • If magazines are limited to 10 rounds you just duct tape two 10 round magazines together, and flip them over as you expend the ammo.

          It worked well in Nam with 20 round magazines. It can work with 10. Improvise, adapt, and engage.

          OUR Constitution and OUR liberty is at stake today. If the Globalists win this argument on Gun Control, America itself, will be the next target.

          Make every ballot count. Vote.

      70. As soon as I saw this, I fired off an email to my MO senator urging him to oppose it as an offense to legal gun owners, tantamount to gun registration and an invasion of privacy. Sheesh.

        As OP said, they know what I bought and when; No need to tell them again.

      71. Cindy, I lost my mother to breast cancer and chemotherapy right after Obama first came along, so i know exactly what you’re going through; my condolences. I stay away from doctors like they were HIV. Here’s 2 interesting articles, especially the first one. Direct link: Direct link: I laughed so hard on Piers Morgan getting sick on flu vaccine I was in tears! braveheart

      72. How about you have to register your political affiliation and who you voted for in the last election? Then we will know who is responsible for the present screwed up situation in this country.

      73. O.K. its thats how you want to play then…any woman obtaining an abortion must register the abortion with the local Catholic church.


        • The answer to tyranny is more liberty…anytime I hear the word “must” I cringe…

      74. recall this mentally ill politician…this assault at the state and feral level will never end…time to down size ALL government /employees

        • …so which do you recommend?….do we cut them off at the knees or cut their heads off…or both…that’d really “downsize” them 😉

      75. All the states are trying to find ways to find out who has the guns so they know where to go to collect them. I believe they are all getting ready for the U.N. Small Gun Treathy Summit in March 2013. It is scary that every state is trying to pull something. I am suprised that my own state Missouri is in on it. I feel betrayed! Hopefully she is on her own and won’t have any support.


        HELP WANTED: ;0p




        CONTACT – [email protected]

        * these are volunteer positions only , and potentially life endangering , APPLY AT YOUR OWN RISK .


        ~N.O. ;0p

      77. Action:Reaction


      79. Wouldn’t it be funny if every parent of all the kids, reported in saying “Hell ya, we ALL have guns”!!! So what?
        Some people just need to be slapped, but that also is not without concequence…..

      80. Since more children die in pools at home than with guns at homes, perhaps the legislature should require parents to register pools with school enforcers.

      81. Sounds like a boat load of “infringement” to me!

      82. I would just like to point out that if you do a little research you will find that this bill has no cosponcers while HB170 on the other hand which makes it a crime in Missouri to enforce any kind of federal gun accessory gun or ammunition ban or registration in Missouri has 61 co sponcers.
        I think its pretty clear that Missouri is largely pro gun even if we have a crazy lady get in the mix sometimes.

      83. “Idle hands are the devil’s plaything’s.” The politicians have hands that are either held out for a cash donation or else writing another useless or derogatory law that only attacks the people they are supposed to be representing. We the People.

      84. Oh c’mon the gunowners kids won’t be singled out for any special attention . You know just an armband or maybe a small tattoo to mark out those with access to weapons . Nothing anyone should worry about you know ? It’s just for the greater good 🙂 /SARC OFF/ Resist people , there is no compromise and no middle ground with this .

      85. A Missouri Democrat wants to force parents to inform school officials of firearms ownership.

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