New Mexico Man Found Crucified To A Tree

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 47 comments

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    The disturbing video of a New Mexico man being rescued after being nailed to a tree is difficult to watch.  The man was discovered crucified to the tree after a city worker heard his groans for help.

    The worker said he was a little concerned at the sight, so he decided to call the police for help not knowing what else to do. “He kept yelling, ‘Help. Help,’ and so I came and I saw him and I kind of freaked out because I didn’t know if there was any other guys around,” the city worker told police.

    Once a police officer was finally able to locate the crucified man, identified as Jose Duran in a wooded area known as the Bosque, the officer immediately called for help. The man was groaning in pain and asking for help with both of his hands nailed to a tree.

    While awaiting paramedics, the cops tried to figure out how a man comes to be nailed to a tree in the United States of America. “Hey, what happened man? Paramedics are on their way. OK?” one officer said.

    Once all of the first responders arrived, it took hours for 12 people to save Duran.

    Duran initially refused to give the officer his name but finally gave a few details about how he ended up crucified in New Mexico. Duran alleges that two men were sent to threaten and scare him after he was involved in an ugly real estate deal, which he says is all laid out in the documents. He claims he was taken at gunpoint on a Monday morning and had his hands nailed to a tree, against his will, by two people he doesn’t know.  “I’m scared because… nobody believes me,” Duran said.

    But his hands show the trauma of the ordeal he’s gone through.  Duran has no criminal background but authorities did find document relating to a long-standing real estate dispute that he had mentioned. He also took reporters to the tree he was nailed to and it has obvious holes in it.


    He said it all started on that fateful Monday morning around 8 o’clock while he was walking with a folder full of documents. He says Bosque walks are common for him but this time, he was approached by two men.  “He (said, you don’t) listen, (you’re going) to die,” said the man, recalling what he says the perpetrators told him when they were marching him into the Bosque at gunpoint.   “Two people pointed a gun at me and told me to go down below,” said the man.

    “So they wouldn’t shoot me, I agreed,” said the Duran. After trekking roughly 50 to 100 feet off the path, into the trees, the man says the gunmen grabbed him, told him they were “going to make him disappear,” and pulled out a hammer. “That’s when they grabbed one of my hands and nailed it to a tree, then the other one to another tree so I wouldn’t move,” he told KRQE News 13. He also says that one of the gunmen “grabbed a nerve” in his neck causing him to pass out.  As he fought consciousness, the gunmen took off, allegedly spooked by passersby.

    Duran later took cameras to the spot where more than a dozen first responders worked for hours to free him.  Duran is saying not many believe him, including the police, who are still looking into whether or not Duran had someone nail him to the tree in an effort to make those fighting him in court look bad.

    No arrests have been made.


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      1. I would not be half as afraid of a WROL SHTF event if my neighbors were of the same character as the people were during the Great Depression. People have become so selfish and self centered that they will do anything to another person as long as they get theirs.

        Also, people today are of poor character and most are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addicts caught up in their addiction are extremely dangerous.

        As they used to say on Hill Street Blues, “Let’s be careful out there!”

        • Vulcan nerve pinch hahaha

      2. The scenario fits a drug deal gone bad.

      3. Someone would be dead before they could ever grab Braveheart to nail him to a tree. There’s something in this story being covered up. I’ll bet it ‘s about drugs and NOT real estate.

        • Why do you always comment in the third person? Are you royalty or something?

          And what makes you think that you, a 60 year old, overweight, unfit, mall security guard could take out anyone?

          Still, it must be a comfort to your febrile imagination to think that you can.

          • Anonymous, wtf is your problem? You don’t know me or what I’m capable of. I’m not overweight, I’m in good health, and I work in MANAGEMENT at my company, an office job. You know what that is, don’t you? I’m not superman but I can hold my own in any situation. So go take a flying leap.

            • Stop pretending to be Chuck Norris you middle-aged wannabe keyboard warrior.

            • Wow! Management…Or so you say…Then again, you say a lot of things…most of them of the blowhard disposition…

              You’re always spouting on how hard you are. Or how you can take out gooks, chinks, UN blue helmets etc., in fact anyone who displeases Bravetart is dead meat! Guys like you are overinflated windbags.

              Just what military service have you seen or, more probably, avoided? Shooting tin cans at your cousins BOL does not count!

              “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You.” You’re too young to be a draft dodger (like a lot here appear to be), so what have you done for your country, apart from whine?

              • Anonymous dickhead, I never pretend at anything. I’ve always been skeptical of anyone who post under the name anonymous. At least I post under some kind of moniker. Are you really happy living in momma’s basement?

                • Bravefart. You talk way too much crap. Constantly. People are sick of your blowhard shit.

                • Anonymous sleeps with a jew.

                  • Deplorable Bravetart is a tubby blowhard buffoon, phony tough-guy keyboard warrior

                    • Anonymous, why don’t you and your friend 7/24 just FOAD.

                  • What sort of management response is that? Is that the sort of cutting edge remark they teach you in management school? At least I don’t and have never slept with a spick.

                    But I do know someone who has…Racism, Blowfart, is a two way street. Play with fire, your memories get badly burnt…

        • It is about tree abuse. And bloodless tree holes.

      4. The third world is encroaching. What should I say, what should I do, How long should I wait?

      5. Something about this story stinks..not buying it.

      6. This stinks to high hell of a hoax. Who nails a person to a tree in a public park where he will easily be found, and while the nails through the hands is painful, his weight was not on the nails (by the pictures) so once the initial sharp pain is gone, the impale wounds would tend to go numb if you did not move the hands too much. If this were real they would find a skeleton or rotting corpse well away from heavy foot traffic to make sure the dude died, not where he would BE RESUCED SO HE COULD TALK ABOUT THE PERPS AND HIS ORDEAL….This smack of set up attention getting behavior just for the cause listed, to be able to implicate a hostile party to him. Its not truth that matters but the accusation and court of public opinion who often KNEE JERK REACTION to stories like this to garner sympathy.

        People need to take very very basic human psychology to understand this stuff, it is not genius level science. Also a little discernment of the available forensic evidence goes a long way to establish possible motives and responsible parties. people are accustomed to the public being moronic rubes, this story merely confirms it.

        if nothing else, ask “Qui Bono?” or WHO BENEFITS. The independent thinking and common sense (ok uncommon sense these days) should take over to actually see things like Sherlock Holmes and Watson would. You see the obvious story told at a glance, and here the supporting story of the “victim”…now what DOESN’T jive in both parts, then you know the motive and perps.

        • Where have we seen this same kind of shit before?…”Hands up, don’t shoot”…and look where that got us…The loudest most public attention getting people ran the narrative and ran off the eye witnesses…Now then, who did what in that case….oh wait..riots and arson… you know what the real story was. the riots and arson were the community of thugs telling the cops, “we outnumber you and we can manipulate public opinion against you and MAGNIFY our numbers with 2 minutes of tape.. TRY US! and they did, and they WON…look where we are now. All the anecdotal evidence PROVES my observations correct, the criminal community ,made a martyr out of a DEAD THUG with a false narrative and literally overpowered the law enforcement community creating DISORDER (Criminal Mob Rules) the power of the day, and the Law Enforcement Community NEVER RECOVERED, in fact that Disorder (Criminal Mob Rules), became the racist order of the day in MOST major cities and among most “minority” officials and judges and in the media/social media.

          • NJ, I can speak with some authority on that. Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter has a ‘branch office’ everywhere that has a ‘black community’. But no black thug or anyone else’s thug rules over me. The officials and judges, regardless of color, I just ignore.

            • Okay, tough guy.

              • Anonymous, STFU.

          • and that fukin “president” supported his “son” and the media continues with their bullsheit everyday at every opportunity. they keep those flames fanned, divided by every means possible, racial, sexual, political, religion, drugs, immigration, health, environment, jobs and almost every facet of our life. instead of live and let live as long as it causes no others harm we argue, fight and kill each other for all of the above reasons. humans, what a species.

      7. It took hours to free him? what? I could take bolt cutters and get him loose in a minute. Maybe he had it coming?

        • We all have it cumming. Vulcan nerve pinch hahaha They “Spock” ed him. What bull $hit

        • I would just use a chain saw, cut the tree, and when it fell it would rip his arm off. Problem solved.

          • Now we know what a stupid idiot you are. Stay away from other people.

          • that’s the ticket!

        • so, those heads of those nails are pounded all the way into his hands ’til they are flush with his hands…how you gonna get boltcutters on them without cutting his hands up? i imagine he had many broken bones in his hands too, as nobody hammers in a nail without missing the nail a couple times.

      8. Crazy carpenters.

        • Perhaps it was “Nailbanger” lol.

      9. He was not crucified. Had he been, he would be dead.
        Getting very tired of the inaccurate, sensationalist headlines on this site. The Daily Sheeple used to be a good alternative news site. It is fast becoming National Enquirer.

      10. his mistake was going with them,I would rather be shot in public and have a chance those who shot me viewed and caught then just go with them and disappear,he actually got lucky here if story true,have no reason to believe not.I know of someone who was trying to stop a local development in his town,was threatened with death.I am not sure whether the threat would have been carried out but he named all the folks involved to locals and distant friends,was wondering if happened how that would have played out,his friends were a little nuts including me,and as Him stated,I am a crazy carpenter!

        • Warchild Dammit!, absolutely! “his mistake was going with them,I would rather be shot in public and have a chance those who shot me viewed and caught then just go with them and disappear”.

          I have already prepared myself mentally that nobody is taking me anywhere. Shot me now, but I don’t care what they say, I’m not going with them.

          It’s like I say, there are worse things than death.

          • Justice, damn right. That kind of situation makes death look good.

      11. Well, this cat certainly pissed off someone really badly…

        • This is how Spock got his ears. They nailed his ears to a tree then pulled his feet

      12. Crucifixion is not uncommon with gang violence in Mexico. We have violent criminals in the United States too but this is something new for us. No one wants these violent gangs anywhere. Trump can try to keep them out and expel the ones who are here. No one wants them. Send them to Chicago and keep them there.

        • how about we shoot them all till they’re gone?

      13. maybe he got caught raping someones daughter …

        or just being a petty thief

        I really dont see a problem here if this is the case or even close to it

        when the S hits ill be stacking skulls up on fence posts, its the message that keeps on giving

      14. Probably the IRS was trying to nail him to a cross.

        Wetbacks do it to their Judas figures, in a gnostic adaptation of Christian Scripture. (I read that Judas hung himself. But, sometimes, people imagine that more of an explanation is needed. So, detailed myths emerge, from the Bible. Culitsts, gangs, assassins, etc, etc, also use Christianity as a cultural platform, besides just Mr. Rogers and those nice, wholesome ‘Mormons’ on South Park.)

        Jihadis consider crucifixion to be something ironic, to do to their Christian converts, who they consider to be apostates form their faith, but also like to corner the first responders. In other words, the victim might be seen as bait, particularly if there is a dead end, etc.

        Those who try to learn about violence, and the way it operates, were correct to be wary. Busybodies are endangered, and will be stigmatized, without fail. There is no correct answer, which leaves you smelling of roses, ever. This is something dirty. To talk about it, or come into contact with it, will make you dirty. Smart asses should need to make peace with that.

        “Once all of the first responders arrived, it took hours for 12 people to save Duran.”

        All things being equal btw, nerve damage be damned. Don’t ask for my help, if you don’t want the claw hammer.

      16. look at your own hands, and feel between the bones on both sides. there are a few places that a nail could go through doing not much but make some holes. Sure it would hurt…but wouldn’t do much damage.
        had a guy at work put a screwdriver through his hand…he sprayed it out with brake cleaner, put a bandage on it and kept working.those crucifixion re-enactors in the Phillippines do it too.

      17. did the realestate agent not get paid

      18. New Mexico,Land of Enchantment

      19. Seems it was “breaking bad” for him.

      20. Reminds me of the legend of Vladd Teepees, the original Dracula legend.

        Muslim hordes were coming to sack his lands in the area known as Transylvania. As they marched along the road they saw thousands of people dying or dead, impaled upon polls along the roads. It was the favorite method of execution for Vladd, and he was such a tyrant.

        The invading hordes were so creeped out they stopped, turned and went home without invading.

        Whether you agree or disagree with the method, I gotta say, history says it worked just fine. Sometime you just have to out terrorist the terrorists.

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