New Machine-Gun Armed NYPD Unit Lumps Protesters in with Terrorists: “Civil disobedience an attack on NYC Itself”

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Headline News | 192 comments

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    In the wake of the Paris terror attacks abroad, and the protests over Eric Garner’s death by chokehold, the NYPD is reformulating its policing strategy, and creating a new unit, dubbed the Strategic Response Group, to deal with “special events” including both terrorism and protests.

    This additional unit will be a specially trained “strike force” to supplement the already established NYPD’s counterterorism program with 1,000 officers trained in heavy weapons tactics.

    Not only will this Strategic Response Group be equipped with “extra heavy protective gear, long rifles and machine guns,” but its officers will be “constantly updated about threats” concerning potential terrorism and ‘civil disorder’ gatherings via smartphones and tablet devices.

    Tech Dirt highlighted Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s conspicuous plan to handle civil disobedience, protests and terrorism as a unified threat under one special unit:

    Bratton stated that responding to protests and terrorist attacks require “overlapping skills,” hence the creation of a single unit. There has been no further clarification on what these “skills” might be, other than possibly being able to discern whether it’s a protest or terrorist attack they’re dealing with and, consequently, whether the machine gun stays in the squad car.

    This new unit must be something special. Or its already-existing counterpart must be something awful.

    With public protests and crowd control within the scope of these new plans, Bratton downplayed to potentially intimidating role of officers armed with machine guns.

    Or not, said the department when its new counterprotest unit began taking heat for Bratton’s conflation of terrorism and tying up traffic.

    When asked if New Yorkers should expect to see police officers with “machine guns” at city protests, a spokesman for the NYPD told The Intercept, “No. They’re not carrying them at protests.” In general, however, the spokesman said officers would have access to the weapons “either on them or in their vehicles.”

    With much of the public outraged at recent police behavior, it is no surprise that the NYPD is viewing dissent through the same lens as violent attacks. CBS New York reported:

    “It is designed for dealing with events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai or what just happened in Paris,” the commissioner said.

    The Strategic Response Group, Bratton said, will be dedicated to “disorder control and counterterrorism protection capabilities.”

    Funding comes in part from Homeland Security, who’ve helped establish the view that anyone could be a potential “lone wolf” terrorist attacker:

    Funding for the new squad is expected to come from both the city and federal Homeland Security grants.

    The unit of 350 cops will be specially trained in high-tech weaponry to deal with protests, “lone wolf” attacks and evolving threats posed by terrorists, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

    The city is also expanding its surveillance activities even further in effort to “enhance” police presence without depleting resources from typical neighborhood patrols.

    Bratton is also calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to outfit all new subway cars with cameras that would be monitored on the train by an officer in the conductor’s booth, as well as at an off-site location.

    The commissioner said he will also ask Mayor Bill de Blasio for more funding to buy more Tasers as an alternative to the use of force. Bratton reportedly wants at least 450 cops — five or six at each of the city’s 77 precincts — to carry Tasers on them, not leave them in their cars, Kramer reported.

    It appears that with public criticism of police actions at a high point, re-invoking terrorism and recent violence against officers is useful in rebranding the department, while expanding its scope and size. Tech Dirt write:

    Using the word “terrorism” in a sentence is an easy way to route funds to your law enforcement agency. New York — being both highly populated and an American icon — is certainly high on the list of terrorist targets. But years of counterterrorist investigations have done very little to reduce the threat. The NYPD has been overselling and under-delivering on the “imminent terrorist threat” front for years. Because it has so little to police at home, it’s been sending its officers around the world to actual terrorist attacks — a tactic that has earned it little more than the irritated scorn of those actually charged with policing much more dangerous parts of the world.

    Above and beyond all of this, there’s Bratton’s assertion that the same special unit should be tasked with counterterrorism and handling protests, as if the two were remotely related in any way. The message is clear: civil disobedience is an attack on New York City itself — and Bratton’s boys and girls trained in the art of counterterrorism will be on hand to break up the next one. To dissent is to strike terror into the NYPD — itself a pleasant thought. But once the SRG hits the streets, it probably won’t end well for those would-be terrorists and their evil protests.

    Treating large scale protests as events of civil disorder and equating the exercise of free speech in general with the threat of terrorism makes clear that thing are only going to get worse from here.

    From Ferguson and other cities across the nation, to protests at the G20 and G8 summits, riot police dealing with mostly peaceful crowds in a heavy-handed way has become the norm, but this escalation gives the impression that there is still room to go downhill and treat public gatherings as criminal behavior.

    And already rights have been under threat of total extinction. Yikes.


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      1. The fact that they are turning into such a police state is showing their insecurity in what is coming. They know the informed people won’t lie down, and its very problematic to them. They hope their image of superiority will intimidate and scare the masses into submission, and to most it will. But not everyone.

        • Oh, it’s coming alright. You’d have to be blind not to see it coming… and amazingly, most sheeple still are!!

          Three interesting headlines today make me believe it starts this year and goes nuclear next:
          1) BOJ losing control of long term interest rates in Japan (hyperinflation coming).
          2) Greek WILL Exit the Euro (Far Left parties in Italy and Spain are capitalizing on the Greek elections and Greece is almost certain to default on its debt).
          3) Interest on US Debt to pass Defense, Non-Defense Discretionary Spending (even with near zero interest rates!!)

          All the folks that have made fun of preppers are in for a rude awakening… starting in the very NEAR future.

          Don’t rejoice, the reset is going to be plenty ugly. But at least the folks that have prepared will have a full belly, clean water, and the means to defend themselves.

          Take care all,

          • Good to hear from you Mal. Hope you are well.

            • You to Patriot! I’ve been around, just don’t post much any more. New job and growing kids… doesn’t leave me with much time to type! But I’m usually here every day.


            • The redcoats talked about my ancestors like that too…once.

              • It’s all about channeling. Talk big and bad about how N.Y., the banksters capital, is a very bad place for a terrorist attack. Message: Take your terrorist attacks to someplace else like Boise, Dallas or Miami where the citizens live. But leave N.Y. alone!


                • Big B:

                  Yu don’t know how right you are.

                  A closer look at Bratton will show you he is a fox in the henhouse:

                  Was a research fellow at the JFK school of Government at Harvard University

                  He is Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, whose members provide advice and recommendations on a variety of homeland security issues to the secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security

                  9/11/2003 he was awarded with the honorary title of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his work to promote cooperation between the US and the UK police during his distinguished career.

                  On 8/12/11 Bratton said he had talks with the British Government to become advisor on controlling the violence that had affected London the prior week.

                  He said he had received a phone call fro UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron initially wanted to appoint Bratton Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis of London, but was overruled by Home Secretary Theresa May, who insisted that only a British citizen should be able to run the service.

                  So, with this background, look for Bratton to do all that is needed to protect the City of New York; after all it is the “seat” along with DC where all the decisions are made to bring about the NWO.

                  “They” know hell to pay is coming in NYC, to the United Nations (seat of the NWO), the non-federal reserve Bank of New York, the gangstas on Wall Street, etc., and they needed a good little soldier to help protect them when Americans awaken. Bratton seems to be a REALLY good choice.

                  • Fuck NYC. I for one will praise the name of the Lord when God brings judgement upon this cesspool of a city and the captains and kings who dwell there.

                    The destruction of NYC will be the beginning of the rebirth of America as it was intended by our founders.

                    • Right on there net! And fuck all the children who live there who’s BIG crime was being born there. Kill “em all and let God sort them out, right? Jesus, I’m not sure who needs the net thrown over them more, you or the 3 poor sickos who agree with you. I hope somebody is monitoring this site, you need a long stay in an institution with straight jackets.

          • Actually, the proposed 2013 budget was $576B for non-discretionary and $675B for defense. The service on the DEBT was $462B. NOW, it depends on whose numbers you use, but proportionally, the debt service is fairly low. That is about 13% of the budget for servicing the DEBT. Wouldn’t disagree with anything else.

            • Only because the interest rates are currently near zero. What happens if they go up to, say 8%? Game over….

          • Hi Mal,
            Last year through a Bible reference I was able to go forward in time and realized that trouble would be in the year 2015. All hell will break loose around 2016. Can’t find the reference and hoping I’m wrong!
            No, I’m not one with religion, so lets just say I was stunned as well.
            Maybe our bellies will be filled for a year or a bit.
            Thanks for your info…….I’m watching!

            • Shemitah end will happen on September 13, 2015. Increased probability around that dater

              • “Kirby says the financial markets are not the only thing controlled; so is the current global chaos. Kirby explains, “The chaos is planned because the architects of the chaos are the globalists. The globalists have a little saying: ‘out of chaos will come order.’ So, what they do is whip up animosity and fear and play groups off of one another. . . . The goal of the globalist, ultimately, is to have one world government, one world currency and one world religion. The whole idea of globalism is to first round countries into regional blocks and then merge the blocks into one super country. These people have contempt for humanity, and they have stated their contempt for humanity. They want to reduce the world population by something of a factor of 80-90%. These globalists have taken control of the U.S., Canada, most of Western Europe and the United Kingdom. These people are dangerous, and these people are seemingly taking the work to the brink.”

                I might add…Their Master is from the dark. Their master is soon coming in the form of “Christ returned”, to rapture his followers, but the “promise” of a rapture is all they will get. He plays the role of Antichrist and the False Prophet, all at the same time. He has many followers in the various religious organizations to help with the confusion of what true Christianity is.

                Look for Chrislam on the rise, and a weaving of Catholicism into it. The Pope has already been programmed for it. Rick Warren has already been programmed for it. The mega Church establishment has already been programmed for it.

                When chaos and martial law become main street America and the world, the New Religious Order will help feed and clothe the poor, that were once called the middle classes. Out of that will come the “New World” followers. The support will ensue from governments and all will be required to support and follow the “one World Religion” that feeds and distributes welfare, plus medications and such.

                With all the handouts by “religious folks/organizations”, and a militarized police force prodding everyone in that direction; who will stand against the “Beast”? NONE… because they will all be followiing it for their survival.

                All, except those of us that have planned and prepared.
                We will not willingly accept “It’s” mark, and submission requirements. We will have the Ultimate authority on our side, and we will prevail.

                • Good comment Olcu812. Praise God.

                  • OICU:

                    “Eyes to see, ears to hear”. You have been blessed. Your post is great, thanks.

          • AND The ability to rebuild it afterwards and KEEP it in adherence with the Constitution. THose of us alive afterwards need to be keenly aware of the past mistakes and ensure LIMITED governmental power or our Great granchildren will be fighting the same battles after power corrupts again

          • Yes 2016 will be this century’s 1914.

            • The Universe:

              Wonder how many people reading your post truly understand what you posted?

        • because the ferguson “protest” was so productive right?

          bunch of angry boons destroying a city because one of their own got what he deserved.

          what was even sicker, is the fact that there were so many whites among them…what did these white hipsters have to prove? “hey, we may be white, but we sympathize with you”?…more like chicken shit whites who thought that they’d get better treatment from blacks if they backed them up, eventhough they were in the wrong…fkn cowards.

          i’m all for the cops to have more balls in dealing with loudmouth unemployed protesters who want to do nothing but bitch and destroy property or hurt citizens.

          as a white man who has more important things to take care of and earn a living, i could care less about things like little gangbangin nigs getting shot for being thugs. idiots want to protest and stand up for that kind of garbage, well, they can get shot too for all i care.

          • First they came for the gang banging nigs …..

          • Chicken, welcome, and I agree 1000%.

            • Right on Braveheart! And don’t forget to tell everybody you aren’t some stupid southern racist either!

              • calling it the way it is doesn’t make it racist. i hate thug nigs, but to me, all blacks aren’t thug nigs.

          • Most of the people protesting in Ferguson were outsiders. It was learned that some were commies and on the payroll of George Soros and his commie groups. No surprise to those of us who get our intel from legit sources not main stream bs.

            Holder w/drew his threat against civil rights violations on the white cop who shot that nig. Ferguson was a situation that had accelerant thrown on it. Then it burned on and on like it was meant to do.

            Saw earlier that a past FBI honcho admitted in a video that they create fear/terror for funding. Like were surprised at that one.

        • You said it 100% correctly. Thank you for not having me to repeat everything.

        • I think Gen.James Mattis said it best.”There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline,cunning obedience and alertness, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim.” I think I will go with being a hunter. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

          • There is a “Hunter” on this blog that is posting truth. All who understand the truth would be fortunate to be on his team when the real SHTF hits our doorstep.

        • We are 400 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by any terrorist attack. I consider Cops to be Domestic Terrorists. Harassing the public on a daily basis. STEALING Our Assets using illegal laws.

      2. They will force us to vote from the rooftops. America created gorilla warfare and we stalemated a hugely experienced nation in a war with a ragtag bunch. It was a new method of warfare. If these assholes keep it up, America will create another type of warfare.

        It will will be considered 4th generation warfare or 4GW. …and frankly, there are many, MANY who are ready to pull the trigger now. All we need is a bunch of assholes like the NYPD to piss them off.

        A word to the wise: back off or you’ll be very sorry.

        • @NR; How right you are, we did invent guerrilla warfare. At least relative to the Europeans. I think we kind of bogarted it from the local Indians. I do have a question though. How would all this take place in NYC? The “tri-state area is a “gun-free” zone for all practical, intents and purposes. I just don’t see any fighting back in NYC. It will take a massacre of major proportions to cause that to happen. IMO.

          • Excellent question; If they meed thousands of riot trained Cops with machine guns in NY with “No” guns in the population; what’s it going to take out here where we have lots of them? Somewhat unprofitable to Nuke taxpayers.

            • As far as NYC, theres always smuggling, ppl could be (hopefully) smart enough to leave ala mass exodus…a large police infrastructure with a significant Ground order of battle/ equipment inventory need funding to maintain and buy ammo. Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two incidences caused the shooting of 2 cops, and a massive reduction in stopw out of fear. If something significant were to happen, what do you think their reaction would be.

          • We did not invent guerrilla warfare. If memory serves, it was the Dutch, in their fight against the French.The term “saboteur” came from that fight.

            • Guerrilla is a Spanish word, and guerrilla warfare originated over 200 years ago.

            • Switft, Sabot, that’s a wooden shoe as used in Holland during WWII. The patriots threw them into machinery to clog the wheels of nazism.

              Look it up.

          • Gun free zone? Only for law abiding citizens, the gang bangers and his will still have guns.

        • Gorilla is a monkey.
          Guerrilla warfare was a term coined in the jungles of Viet Nam used against foreign invading occupiers in the late 1960’s. I”ll give you a dollar if you can guess who the foreign invaders were, who got their asses kicked? Then pulled out and went back home losing the war.

          • The greatest guerrilla fighter in the past several hundred years if not ever was the Confederate general, Nathan Bedford Forest. He was fearless and his calvery men would charge Hell with a bucket of water. General Lee said he was the best General in the Confederate army and wished he had 10 like him.
            Forest killed 2 men and wounded another on the square in Hernando Mississippi who were harrassing his uncle who owned a bussiness there.
            Sherman and Grant refered to Forest as “That Devil Forest” and made it a priority to kill him but never could.

            • Mark technically Nathan Forest wasn’t a guerrilla he was regular army. WWTI, guerrilla warfare started long before Viet Nam. William Quantrill and William “Bloody Bill” Anderson of Missourah, were true guerrillas in the War of Northern Aggression. Trekker Out.

              • Yeah, but it’s 150 years later and you STILL lost the war, so get when the fuck are you numb nut hillbillies going to admit it?

          • WWTI:

            You and “Lucy the 1/2 ape, 1/2 human really keep track of your ancestry don’t you?

            Sorry WWTI…couldn’t help myself. ‘Tis you who proclaimed your ancestors were gorillas.

        • @netranger,

          But we have zero organization and continuity of message and tptb control the flow of information, and that is their strongest weapon IMO. As soon as one guy does “vote from the rooftop”, all news and media will go full bore and paint the unlucky fellow as a terrorist nutter and most on here will jump on the wagon and wave the flag with patriotic fervor. Look at eric frein, or dorner or that “black panther islamist gang banger terrorist” in new York recently. Most people don’t even know which side they’re on yet. There’s an old saying that comes to mind….If you’re gonna make an omelet, you gotta crack a few eggs

      3. They are arming the Police with auto’s. Why? Because they are also arming the Leaches and Zombies with them too. They are going to start and civil war to take over.
        This whole thing is a False Flag to get the people that are against the NOW, to start fighting with each other.
        To all the LEO brother out there watch what the hell you are doing. DON’T VIOLATE YOUR OATH!!!

        • yeah yeah, everything’s a false flag these days amongst you paranoid shit-for-brains.

          go pray now.

          • You say paranoid, we say intel and assessment. Analysis is a good tool to use. Proof is everywhere but TV.
            Watching stupid is a cheap pasttime we get a kick out of. Keep twerktyping.

            • intel and proofs from the likes of alex jones and shtf religious prophecies, plagues and a once per day doomsday warning? twerkitup shit-for-brains.

              • Chicken,

                There are way too many here who have invested everything in doomsday, revelations, and conspiracy everywhere they look to give up on Armageddon now, they have no choice but to hope for the end of the world or everything they’ve done as been a total waste.

                • that’s a true fact that i can literally rely on.

                  IF shit did ever hit the fan, i’m surrounded by large forests with plenty of wildlife and hunting rifles, fishing rods/tackle to eat like a king. tonnes of outdoors stuff(cause it’s an actual hobby and not just gear i’m clueless about or territory that i’m unfamiliar with)…shtf to me will be just like camping. which i do pretty much all summer/fall long.

                  these “preppers” are a joke and likely never done anything outdoorsy in their entire life. lol.

        • Another thing so called authority figures can do is accidentally lose a few radios. Since some pd’s and agencies have new tech radio gear that can’t be scanned yet it could be a big help. Good to know what the other side is doing 😉

          • One good thing is no matter how many machine gunners you have they are still no match for a couple of good snipers…

            • @Genius; Well, yeah…true, for a while. Also, sustained, aimed fire, is more accurate and devastating that automatic fire in most circumstances, AND it conserves ammo.

              • Looks like more tools for us to take in SHTF.

            • AMEN to that genius!

            • And autos just waste ammo faster. And does no good for long range. A strategy that could start to be implemented by a side that opposes the state side….if a side like that exists would be to…..

              Start taking out military and LEO/CEO leaders now that will be pulled in to implement martial law by the govt. It shouldn’t be too hard to find who they are…..hard for a snake to strike when the head is off before it even coils!

              Now THAT is a pre-emptive strike.

              Of course that is all just fantasy for hollyweird.

              • You’d need 308 and above, down range some MG’s had ACOG’s.

              • As snipers, aim for those who like to point and direct their troops. And those with bars or stars on their collars. Watch the movie Stallengrad. A few snipers shut the whole town down.

            • aww how sweet of you to be so inspired by a recent hollywood embelishment…lemme guess, everyone in amurica wants to be a sniper now?

              a better role for you would be that of a sheep…i hear those muslim rag-heads love given that tender sheep sniz a pounding.

              • Chicken, I am not inspired by some asshole they made a movie about. The guy your refering to is just a piece of shit killer. I have read some of his quotes and trust me, he is no hero at all. Just a psycopathic piece of garbage that some real hero took care of. Don’t put words in my mouth mutherfucker 🙂

                • fair enough.

            • Machine Guns are a Spray and Pray tool, used by those who are bad shots.

              • WWTI

                Plenty killed by spray and pray in WW1. by Maxim Machine guns.

        • Sgt Dale, with all due respect, you are wasting your breath. Every single member of the LEO brotherhood, who has witnessed wrong doing, or questionable conduct by a fellow LEO and did nothing, said nothing has already violated their oath. The LEO brotherhood already has the us vs them mindset. They will do what ever they are told to do. They want to keep their paychecks, “accidents” while on duty do happen to renigade cops. And they know their bright shiny badge DOES grant them extra rights, and the state permission to do things that if they were a mere sheep people like the rest of us, they would be in jail for it. They can leagally lie, steal, rape, and commit murder. And the zombies that watch all the crime shows on TV, will by into the lie that the LEOs are there to protect them.

          • It seems the bigger the city, the worse the problem is with Leo’s that fail to uphold their oath. I live in a small town, and it’s difficult NOT to know local law enforcement. Their kids go to the same schools, they eat at the same restaurants, and they attend the same churches. My experience has been very positive here with Leo’s, and I have the privilege to call a few of them my friends. Of the few bad cops we’ve had here, they were outed by their fellow officers, and now they’re in jail. They need and count on the support of the community, and here they have it. It saddens me that this is not the case everywhere. I guess they get jaded by the things they see, the truly awful people they sometimes encounter, and the fact that things are getting much worse very quickly. I would personally hate to be a cop, knowing that I was trying to do the right thing and knowing that so many people would hate me because of the inexcusable behavior of a few of my fellow officers. What a lousy life that would be.

            • It seems the bigger the city, the worse the problem is with Leo’s that fail to uphold their oath. I live in a small town, and it’s difficult NOT to know local law enforcement. Their kids go to the same schools, they eat at the same restaurants, and they attend the same churches. My experience has been very positive here with Leo’s, and I have the privilege to call a few of them my friends. Of the few bad cops we’ve had here, they were outed by their fellow officers, and now they’re in jail. They need and count on the support of the community, and here they have it. It saddens me that this is not the case everywhere. I guess they get jaded by the things they see, the truly awful people they sometimes encounter, and the fact that things are getting much worse very quickly. I would personally hate to be a cop, knowing that I was trying to do the right thing and knowing that so many people would hate me because of the inexcusable behavior of a few of my fellow officers. What a lousy life that would be.

          • I hope you’re not waiting for sgt dale to reply because there’s no way in hell he will.

        • Isn’t it interesting how all these blood thirsty goons try to shut you up Sgt? They don’t sound like the voice of reason to me.Just a bunch of goons trying to incite people.

        • Sgt, relax: Now I admit it’s been about 40 years since I lived in the Hood: But, I don’t think they have gotten that much smarter. You give them a gun that shoots more than once and they will be looking down the barrel to see where the noise comes from when they shoot the next shot. TPTB give them guns; they are no threat to us. It would be just like giving the guns to us a week later with a little less ammo.
          You think about it; You ever worried about the Zombies etc in a straight up fight? First time they think they have done anything you can shoot them while they do their end zone dance.

      4. terror terror terror !!!!!!!!!!!

        time to cower in place like Boston !!!!

        your 9 times more likely to be killed by a cop
        than you are by terrorists

        and 70 times more likely to be killed by a cop in this country
        than you are in any other first world country

        shouldn’t the government be protecting us against the police ???

        • Fat chance of that. They are one and the same.

        • Satori,

          Buffalo Springfield had it right in their song For What Its Worth – “step out of line the man come and take you away”.

          • Sorry, the lyrics should be updated for today’s police state: step out of line the man snips you with “extra heavy protective gear, long rifles and machine guns,” and carries your dead lifeless body away.

        • Some think the g-man is setting up LEO for a civilian strike and thats when military will be called in.

      5. All that crap won’t accomplish a THING. They’re doomed, no matter how many “toys” they have.


      6. Wish they were training to take out the terrorist in the white hut, congress,senate, supreme court, pentagon,etc.

      7. I can think of no good reason to visit any large city.

        • Airstrike?

          • yep my version of Urban Renewal

            that way ya kill them all & let God sort them out

          • @AC; What would that be done with? In IIRC, 1997 an A10 with 4 “500-ish” pound bombs left formation and later was found crashed at Gold Dust Peak, CO. F-16s were scrambled to “find” him. Now that was pre-9/11. I would imagine ANY deviation from an armed training mission today, would have CAP fighters all over them. Also the pilot cut off his IFF transponder. I would imagine they have fixed this problem. Anyway, just wondering.

        • Exactly!!!

        • Actually, I do go to my local “top 25 MSA” to go to the gun show. Only reason I have gone there in almost 10 years. NOW, I can’t think of any other reasons to go there.

      8. Let me see if I got this right. NYPD has something like 20,000 officers and they need 450 of them with machine guns in case of a “lone wolf attack”? Is that about right?
        If it is right, then I’d say it will be a draw.

        • @ed; Nope. Need to do a re-read. They wanted 450 new Tasers, to arm 5-6 people at each of the 77 precincts.

          The commissioner said he will also ask Mayor Bill de Blasio for more funding to buy more Tasers as an alternative to the use of force. Bratton reportedly wants at least 450 cops — five or six at each of the city’s 77 precincts — to carry Tasers on them, not leave them in their cars, Kramer reported.

          Apparently they leave them in the car, and don’t wear them as part of their uniform.

          • I stand corrected…at least partially.

            This additional unit will be a specially trained “strike force” to supplement the already established NYPD’s counterterorism program with 1,000 officers trained in heavy weapons tactics.

            Not only will this Strategic Response Group be equipped with “extra heavy protective gear, long rifles and machine guns,”

            The unit of 350 cops will be specially trained in high-tech weaponry to deal with protests, “lone wolf” attacks and evolving threats posed by terrorists, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.
            Thanks for your service….peace

      9. hmmm

        NYPD with machine guns ???

        probably not a good idea

        although they did gun down grandma and her walker

        and then they deny all responsibility for their incompetence

        and then remember the baby the cops flash banged ???

        medical bill right at a million dollars
        and the police REFUSE to accept ANY responsibility for their actions

        every time I hear “to protect and serve” it makes me wanna
        throw up

      10. This could all be cleared up quite quickly. All New Yorkers, at least those who still have balls, and who have weapons, express you Constitutional rights: perform acts of civil disobedience: Open Carry. Flaunt it…in their face. Dare them.

        • European Dumbass
          Stupid advice, meathead! Next thing you’ll be telling people to put their hand in a cage full a rattlesnakes, or stand in front of a train.

        • In that situation, expect crowds being mowed down, not just the intended target.

      11. In really tough times, a machine gun carried is a machine gun waiting to be captured.

        Lets hope we never see times such as this.

        • Just wait till these ragheads start kid napping our
          school busses, holding people at the malls for ransom
          all over the country [all at once]. Theres maps out there
          showing where the rag heads are holding up. If you live in one of these citys HEADS UP!!!!!!!! lock and load

      12. The only Terrorist that I am concerned with wear badges.

        • Badges… Badges… Q’wee don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

        • Warface,

          The danger of spreading Ebola infection to Americans has NOT gone away, we are just NOT hearing about it.

          Obama supports and continues to allow flights from Ebola stricken countries to the U.S., despite the HUGE risks to people here. The threat INCREASES with each flight into the U.S.

          We stopped hearing about Ebola in the news, because that news has been SILENCED by the administration. (Maybe this was the job of the Ebola czar.) Internet search engines have also been manipulated.

          Remember this…
          Obama Administration Pressured News Outlets to Not Report Suspected Ebola Cases

          On page 2 of this article, the reporter admits…
          “The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed NOT to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed.”

          We KNOW there have been FALSE negative Ebola tests. Remember Dr. Martin Salia.

          A doctor’s mistaken Ebola test: ‘We were celebrating.  … Then everything fell apart’

          Occasionally, I will read (somehow the news gets out despite the Ebola Czar) of someone being sent to a “select hospital” and being tested for Ebola. Then, there is no additional news about this person. Maybe they just record the patient as having tested positive for malaria or some other illness.

          The CDC also doesn’t give ANY information about the many people it is tracking for Ebola.

          Why this…if Ebola is GONE?
          In early December 2014, U.S. health officials designated 35 hospitals in the U.S. as Ebola treatment centers.

          I think many doctor’s KNOW there are some “unreliable Ebola tests”. (Maybe they test for only a specific strain of Ebola or something else.) Meanwhile, the doctor’s just continue the standard treatment that would be used for Ebola.

      13. So if you peacefully gather to petition your government to redress a grievence, you are considered to be a terrorist? This is NOT going to end well

        • Welcome to the Reich!

          • welcome indeed. There are already many members of the reich who post here on a regular basis.

            • Anon, regular commie posters are mostly commies, red thumbers and .gov types, but I repeat myself.

      14. Warface:

        Measles,the mighty mighty measles have now out distanced Ebola. How odd!

        In the county I grew up in every kid I knew had the measles at one time or another. And NOBODY died.

        Our overlords are suggesting if your kid has not been inoculated then he/she will not be allowed in school. I see doctors joining with our overlords, putting up signs: “If your child is not vaccinated they are not welcome in this office”.

        When did measles = bubonic plague?

        This whole measles/vaccination bs is another, in the long list of controls, to see just how much constraints/laws/rules/fear/war the American public will put up with.

        The American patriot is about at the end of their rope; soon these pharma pushing/law abusing/fear mongering criminals are going to find themselves at the business end of a lot of ropes.

        • Good points, Granny!

          But in the end, I think the equation goes thus:

          Measles = profits +(targeted population contamination via adjuvants).



          “..The American patriot is about at the end of their rope; soon these pharma pushing/law abusing/fear mongering criminals are going to find themselves at the business end of a lot of ropes.”


          I hope you’re right, Granny…but, in truth I think you’ll see many more episodes of payback/transactions being conducted thru the cross-hairs…of a mil-dot scope!

        • Measles does kill people. Not many, but it has in the past.

          • @old coach

            So do peanuts

            • and step stools.

        • Amen Granny
          Rooftops are the latest rage though. Just ask the bankers.

        • You are excactly right, Granny.

          The Big Push for vaccinations comes from two fronts, Big Pharma and Big Gov/Globalists.

          It brings mega bucks into their coffers while mainlining the sheeple with genetic altering toxins.

          When they have the “medical establishment” snow blinded with the rhetoric of vaccinations as being “safe”, and for them to push and preach this rhetorical bullshit, we know something doesn’t smell right.

          As my newly acquired Dr. informed me, “that we offer flu vaccinations to all participants in our programs”; as a push that I may be required to be vaccinated for further treatments, I refused.

          When further pushed, I responded; “I have never taken a flu shot, and never will”. I haven’t had as much as a common cold in over six years. Furthermore, a good friend of mine had never had the flu nor a flu shot until last year. Upon the urging by his wife, because he had just turned 60, to get a freebie vaccination, he unwillingly consented and within a week was striken by a flu so bad that he was bedridden for two weeks and spent hundreds of dollars on curative measures. He lost three weeks of work as a coast to coast team trucker, that cost him an additional $3000.00 in lost wages. So, no, I will pass on any vaccinations of any kind, thank you!”

          As of now, I haven’t been refused medical treatment or prescriptions, but I know that day is soon coming and I will be prepared to tell them to go to Hell, and take their genetic altering vaccinations with them.

          • Let’s see Obama and the members of Congress and all government agencies gather themselves and their family members all in one televised event where they show themselves getting vaccinated!

            If it’s safe and effective, why don’t they proudly PROVE that they and their families get the shot?

            • That video would just be them getting a saline injection…..

              • Yeah, that’s right!

            • What makes you think they’d get the same shot as the rest of us? Don’t you know? Their vaccines would be free of SV-40, mercury and other adjuvants like formaldehyde.

              • Of course I would NOT expect the same vaccination and therefore it would have to be random. That would TRULY scare them…

      15. They just do not have the boots with-out outside help. If they meet with enough resentence and the first week ends for them with say 5,000 KIA things are going to be changing for TPTB because a lot of PD will not show up.
        We live in very interesting times friends.

      16. If they gave all the costumed nutter blue boys a psych test to see if they were sociopaths before they hired them, they wouldn’t hire them.

        oops, scratch that…

        The psychos are the ones they want.





        • Yep, can’t purchase 30 rounders in Maryland. I have found a easy way around that. Fuck Annapolis and the whores who work there.

      18. Need to buy a AK47 or AR with High capacity Magazines.

        Drums with 70 to 100 rds. Drums for SKS (75) and Mini 14 rifles (90).

        • Have you ever even shot any of those types of weapons? Completely useless. Anyone with even a little practice can change a mag in about 2 seconds. You get in a firefight where there is any use for them, you stupid, you dead. Nothing I’d like better than be up against a Nimrod that thinks he needs a hundred round mag; I’ll take an old MI Rifle. Hell, I’d take an -03 and win that one. No I’m not afraid of a bunch of Cops with machine guns either. General Pickett (SP) proved head on charges were worthless 150 years ago.

          • Paranoid.

            I have an AK and Mini 14 and have shot these weapons with drums. I can reassure you I handle these weapons real well. Besides rapid fire pull with just my finger I have use the Bump systems and have found the sweet spot.
            You underestimate those who have practiced and are proficient. You might have the open field advantage but house to house or in close quarters, I will have the firepower to shot through walls and other obstacles you hide behind. Your claim these weapons are useless is untrue. Actually the weight of the drums keep the rifle from recoiling upward and you can stay more on target. You can also install buffers and compensators.

            In my younger days we use to have target practice in the woods. About five of us and we would burn up close to 6000 rounds a practice. Could cut down small trees with a drum full.

            • Just to add something.

              Have you ever done any “Point Shooting”.

              Most people do it with a Pistol.

              I can do it with an rifle.

              Practice, Practice, Practice.

              • I call it “snap shooting,” I started with my pellet gun ~35 years ago. I would hold it in a normal walking position with the safety on, and snap it up to my shoulder and fire as quickly as possible without even looking at the sights. It took many rounds of practice, but I ended up being able to hit a clothes pin consistently at 30 feet. I could tell by the way the stock hit my shoulder if I was on target even before I pulled the trigger. My mother wasn’t too pleased with all the destroyed clothes pins though…

            • You have to get to the house.

              Ever see what a Weatherby 300 mag can do to a boy in blue ?

              Say at 300 yds.

              • Turnthekey.

                True on both sides of the equation. Either defensively or attacking.

              • A well placed shot to the eyeball, with a .17 caliber projectile traveling at 4000fps, from 100 to 200 yds. will stop an auto fired weapon, in it’s tracks.

                A quality 12 to 24 variable scope is a priority for snipe(r) shooting.

                Just sayin’.

            • And then go home and replace your burned out barrel.

              • The Old Coach.

                Burned Out Barrels.

                Good point. So far I have seen some deteriation of the rifling in my weapons after extensive use. Has not affected the accuracy that would cause me to re-barrel.
                There is very little difference shooting three 30 rounds mags. in rapid fire and running a 75 round. drum.
                The barrel gets hot and wear occurs. Some AK’s are chromed lined and that does help the life of the weapon.
                Barrel life for a military style gun is supposed to be good for so many rounds and this is compared to the life expectancy in battle. People do die in war. So as long as the guns function, that is spit bullets, in close combat it doesn’t matter (IMO). How many firefights will happen to you and the duration of the engagement.
                No I did not fire the weapons till the barrel was glowing red hot like some idiots do. There is a video on Utube showing just that. The forearm stock is burning and the gun (AK) is still firing.
                I do have a extra barrel ;0)

          • Hey Paranoid – Watch this Useless Video of a 100 Round Drum emptied in 8 seconds. You think this is useless? Just asking. Yeah, I have this exact KelTec PLR 16. 5.56 Pistol

            keltec plr16 223,with c-mag,100 rounds 8 sec WOW


          • Paranoid, the M1 is the best rifle ever made. Get some.

        • All you need is your bolt action deer rifle and lots of ammo.

      19. The Mayor is a Commie. He even worked/fought for Communists in Central America in the 1980’s. Commies believe that political power comes from the barrel of a gun, so what do we expect?

        Name one Hardcore Marxist State that is not a Police State.

        Given the relationship between the Mayor and the NYPD, the “special group” might be there to protect “Red Bill” from his own Cops?

        Hey Bill, watch out fur them Hogs!

        • Best way to get rid if commies is with the stuff that comes out of that barrel as well, one good turn deserves another

      20. Mmmmmm ice cold IPA’s and a damn good hoagie for dinner

        I need to appreciate the small things in life for a minute. I might not have very many minutes left to enjoy them. Who knows???? We may wake up tomorrow and the world will be teetering on the edge worse than it is today!!

        Today was a good day though. Worked on my jeep , my son had a great day in school. My beautiful pregnant wifey is working out our budget for the month. Life is pretty good for the moment for ol Captain Crunch.

        Cheers to all of you tonight

        • Salute Captain C!!!

          All the best to you too!

          ..and GOD’s blessings for the health of your unborn child!!!

      21. Officialdom continues to gear up as if preparing for battle. The scary part is they are not also equipping themselves to mobilize outside the US. So it is very clear that their mission plans are focused internally, where we average Americans live, work and play.

        All that firepower is way to much for the few actual bad guys out there since most are already locked up within the gigantic US industrial prison complex. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

        Even Ray Charles (R.I.P.) could have see this authoritarian nightmare barreling down the tracks like a runaway freight train.

        There has got to be a way off of this rock. Beam me the hell up NOW Scotty.

      22. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship.
        (George Orwell)

        • Sad to say, with the exception of the American Revolution of 1776, the facts support Orwell 100%.

          • And our Democracy was sold to the biggest bidder Banksters. They sure didn’t teach us this in the Public Schools did they? Establishment of the Fed Reserve 1913.

            Woodrow Wilson. Quote- “I am a most unhappy man…”

            “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

            • A progressive, was ww. He was a real commie before and “after signing the Federal Reserve into existence.”

            • YET, he signed the damned thing into law anyway…what does that tell us?

        • Best quote ever, and that’s where we’re headed. God help us. ..

      23. –Addendum to above–

        ..and thus, does manifold “killer diseases” like leprosy, TB, Chargas, Ebola etc..etc(& many others!!!)..gain a foothold into the gene-pool of Amerika, infecting our children, grand-children, family members & friends..

        ..with the side-benefits of judeo-political correctness!

        ..many thanks to the tribal-cretins, who hijacked & trashed our formally sound immigration policy…way back in 1964!!!


        May the jew (then)Senator Jacob Javits & the perpetually drunk Senator Ted Kennedy..a co-sponsor..

        ..burn in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Ditto, all the dip-shits who voted for the destruction of the USA way back then!

        –(you too, LBJ!!!)–

      24. So… they would have called ML King’s protests, or those in Selma “terrorism??” Please go on record, Mr Police Chief, as having that as your position.

        In other news:

        “To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”

        Brock Adams, Dir., United Nations Health Organization

        No word yet if they are going to remove the religion of secular humanism or the Cult of Al Gore and his BIG GREEN MONEY global warming circus

        • Yeah, that story doesn’t make much sense anymore now that oil is recovering and gas prices are going back up.

          Nice try though.

        • Of course it’s about resources. Except when it’s about religion.

          • In the end, it’s always about power and control.

            Everything else is just an excuse to pursue it.

      25. 1000 highly trained officers is nothing if the city is full of guerilla fighters. Good luck officer you’ll need it when these attackers are burning the city to the ground. If there is gonna be war you gotta have a goal to shoot for. If people want to win they need to study tactics and building an army of fighters. You will need to show guys you know what you are doing get them recruited to your cause and if they desert the cause they will be delt with harshly. They need the best high cap weapons that are standard for all of them. Seriously who would fight for the govs puppets. I love America but not it’s administration. Every dog has his day. Look at saddam and quadafi and other tyrants look what happened to them our gov definetly need to be scared it’s not looking good for them. I watched a program where these guys working for the cartels went into the army and one guy said it was the best place to get soldier training he was trying to be a foot soldier for the cartel he doesn’t want to fight for America he wants to for$. How many others in the military have other intentions like this. Let’s face it. War is coming don’t be the only fool that is unarmed. Have it and hope you don’t need it for war. And remember paper don’t fight back. So you need more than a 22lr that’s for kids to use. I love these guys that think a 22 is good enuff 100 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle is nothing. It’s perfect for hits up close within striking distance. That’s it . People say certain calibers kick too much I don’t see it really I’d rather have a bruised shoulder and be confident than use a 22 with a high cap mag and dump it all on target wondering if threat is eliminated. Think maximum destruction. Suck up the pain it will feel better by the end of the day. I look for the guns that kick the most these have the greatest knock down power. For paper targets 22 is good to play with but do not think this is gonna stop aggressors. There has been people who been shot with 30 cal rifle and kept fighting for a bit. This bit is all it takes for them to get you.

        • Asshat.

          To dovetail this subject.

          Caliber, Weight, Size, Quantity.

          I do not know if you fill a 50 cal.can with any caliber if there would be a significant difference in weight. A full can of .22 as compared to 30.06. The amount of ammo. Approx. 5000 22rds to about 600rds. for 30-06.

        • @asshat…

          The .22LR is perfect for de-motivating your adversary. Ask the Russians who occupied Chechnya. The rebels sniped at them and shot ’em in the balls. The Russians couldn’t even hear the shots, let alone figure out where they came from. Fire more than one round from your super magnum, and I guarantee you that you’ll be targeted and neutralized pronto. Make crotch shots from 100 yards and listen to ’em scream. Besides…when you wound 1, you take 2 or 3 more out of the fight to tend to them. It’s all about taking the “will to fight” out of your adversary. Urban fighting is close-range stuff. 100 yards or less, most of the time. At longer range, you need the high power calibers. But at close range, big calibers just make it easier to find you.

      26. What do you expect from communist garbage

        • Errrrm! Some vegetable peelings, CCCP cigarette packs an old copy of The Moscow Times and defo some empty vodka bottles… Lots of them.

      27. Please reprint Brandon’s new piece on organization so more people can see it, good piece!

      28. It should be clear to everyone by now that the USA is at war with its own people.

        They want the white sheep to keep chasing the black sheep and hope you don’t all notice the farmer using his pigs to herd the sheep into a van that is taking both types of sheep to the slaughter house once a week.

        stuff is being put in the water or food system to domesticate the flock, dum you down so you don’t notice that the grass is running out and the water you drink is full off dirt and piss

        The farmer is also a bit of a pedophile and loves young lamb and even when we catch him with his pants down then the legal system kicks in to ensure he can get away with it and the pigs on the farm will bite anyone thats says otherwise.

        • And…Mr. Smith, I might add,

          the gov is using the Judas(religious) goat, to help lead the sheeps into the fire trap.

          Can’t trust those barnyard types any longer. The ass has taken to herding my milk cows even. I wondered why the Califorication nation can’t sell their milk,… it’s because it has begun smelling and tasting like donkey piss.

          • Lest anyone fail to see what is in store for American families with their loved ones able to serve in the PTB’s wars take note:

            Bill Hammer and guest talking about the “burning of the Jordanian pilot”, Hammer asks,” What is it going to take to fire up Americans to put American ‘boots’ on the ground? An American being burned alive?”

            Switch scene to ‘Wag the Dog’ unholywood. How long do you think it will take them to conjure up a scene of an American, or better yet an American child or children being burned alive if that is what it takes to get Americans DEEPER into involvement in the Middle East. Whatever false flag it takes…..

            Wonder why we tend to believe the MSM concerning what is happening across the globe when we can’t even know or believe them what is happening on our own doorstep.

            Anyone catch the questioning of the newly selected candidate for the Secretary of Defense. Stuttering and stammering is what you will hear. He has already been informed what his role will be….send our kids to the Middle East to be killed for the New World Order looming on the horizon.

            When will we ever wake up to the sinister OWO plan for the world? Article after article can be found about the involvement of the CIA+ISIL+ISIS = complicit in the downfall of the Middle East into the hands of the OWO.

            • Just in case you don’t know who Hammer is….

              Talking monkey for Rupert Murdochs’ Faux conservative? news programs.

              A quick look at Murdochs’ empire will convince you his tentacles are everywhere. And you are seeing and hearing exactly what he wants promoted. At least CNN/MSN does not try to gloss over their commie network.

              • You REALLY need to get out of the house more often!

      29. So you know what this means to me?
        If they give the PoPo full auto , that means after and while T S is Hitting the fan .. we the people can have their full autos too

        pick it up as you go

        Full auto is all for show any how , and this is to do nothing but instill more FEAR into the sheeple class

        a person with full control over their weapon and ability to put one round down range into their target with out giving up position and tons of ammo will rue the dude wasting ammo with a full auto
        hands down 100%

        these full autos will be for nothing but shock and awe

        • If full auto guns were only for show every military force in the world would not be fully armed with them.

          Every weapon has its time and place for effective use, knowing when that time and place is is what is important.

        • Full auto is good for supressive fire, unless the opponent is a complete moron they will not move when random full auto bursts are being sprayed their way, is easy to pin down a group in multiple locations who are advancing on your location, supressive fire from your team (team can be just two) can allow your movement unless your oponent is also using the same tactic. Supressive fire can facilitate egress if the situation is right ie you are not surrounded,and or you are not up against large numbers, hence the need to move away from your adversary ASAP,
          Lots of variables to consider

          • Exactly right Kula. Also keep your biggest high capacity Magazine attached to your weapon, as that too can at least put some fire down range till you can get to your hidey hole. Once you hunker down you have more cover protection to switch back to 30-round mags, for precision fire.

        • EOS
          Thats also why the AR with selector switch is such a good tool, con dump mags in seconds or can send one shot to a golfball at 300 yds,,
          Just sayin
          Know your tools

          • Exactly

            And I knew you would know exactly what i ment by my comments on full auto

            and to the comment-er about why the military has full auto

            its to be scary , and because most grunts cant shoot worth a shit so spray and pray is what they teach the non skilled shooters

      30. How Reality TV Is Teaching Us to Accept the American Police State

        turn if off
        turn it OFF

        ““Plays, farces, spectacles, gladiators, strange beasts, medals, pictures, and other such opiates, these were for ancient peoples the bait toward slavery, the price of their liberty, the instruments of tyranny. By these practices and enticements the ancient dictators so successfully lulled their subjects under the yoke, that the stupefied peoples, fascinated by the pastimes and vain pleasures flashed before their eyes, learned subservience as naively, but not so creditably, as little children learn to read by looking at bright picture books.”—Etienne de La Boétie, “The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude: How Do Tyrants Secure Cooperation?” (1548)”

        they’ve basically been using the same methods now for hundreds of years

        because they work
        we keep falling for them over and over
        we just don’t learn

      31. PAPER: IRS to offer extra tax refunds to illegals…

        Drudge Report


        by Daniel Quinn

        “As the water in the cauldron slowly heats, the frog feels nothing but a pleasant warmth, and indeed that’s all there is to feel. A long time has to pass before the water begins to be dangerously hot, and our own history demonstrates this. For fully half our history, the first five thousand years, signs of distress are almost nonexistent. The technological innovations of this period bespeak a quiet life, centered around hearth and village — sun-dried brick, kiln-fired pottery, woven cloth, the potter’s wheel, and so on. But gradually, imperceptibly, signs of distress begin to appear, like tiny bubbles at the bottom of a pot.

        What shall we look for, as signs of distress? Mass suicides? Revolution? Terrorism? No, of course not. Those come much later, when the water is scalding hot. Five thousand years ago it was just getting warm. Folks mopping their brows were grinning at each other and saying, “Isn’t it great?”

      33. MAC!
        Please reprint Brandons piece on organization,,,
        Sorry for repetition,,,

      34. @warface

        They decided measles was more entertaining and just as easy to get the ball rolling on mandatory vaccination programs for us all!!!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!!

      35. The Baltic Dry Index drops another 13 points. Down to 577. This is important to you because it is an indicator of trade. All ores and coal travel by freighter. The index is low because there is no demand for freighters. There is no demand because no one needs much ore for steel and iron. Because the world economy is collapsing. Energy demand is way down. True unemployment in the US is closer to 16%, not 5.6%. The government is out of ammo for extending the economy. This is usually when governments go to war.

      36. Did anyone see Obama on TV Tuesday AM? He was sweating profusely. I’ve never seen a president whose staff would let him go on the air like that. I thought he was having a heart attack. No such luck. Maybe a drug overdose. Only time I sweat like that is when I’m constipated.

        • Prophet:

          Maybe he just came from a torrid roll in the hay with his ‘boyfriend/wife’,

          • Maybe his handlers just gave him some backstage persuasion…

        • Yea, I’ve noticed he has been looking a little “green around the gills”, lately.

          Too much
          “goody’s party powders”, maybe?

          He has been showing signs of someone that is weakening down. When that much evil looms within a person, it will soon cause many ailments and stress from within.
          He knows exactly what is comming down the pipe, and it ain’t pretty.

      37. It’s no surprise that NYPD is viewing the people as the enemy. The feds are using the Trading With The Enemy Act against the peopleof the nation, viewing them automatically as the enemy of the government. Then there comes equal protection of the law, right? So we’ll all be treated as the enemy by any level of government. Statutorily they will view us as guilty until THEY decide we are innocent. At the very least, that law needs to be repealed so tht government would not have THAT leg to stand on. Then fire the whole lot of them and put in people you can trust

      38. I’ve heard people and even judges quote that “Rights” are violated all the time without quotes or even reference to those rights when there weren’t any rights violated! People will scream in your face they have the right to welfare. Free education, free food etc. No they don’t! There is nothing in writing that says this!!! One of the biggest reasons this country is so screwed up is 98% of the people don’t know what their rights are. They have been dumbed down, doped up and screwed around so much that………. rights??? Rights are whatever I feel entitled to today. Thats all you seem to hear these days. Non referenced, irrational and passionate rants and rhetoric and usually threats to burn down the town if they don’t get there “right” to free paychecks, housing and food. These are not rights but commune (ism) at its worst. Stealing the hopes, dreams, and integrity of people that get on this stuff. Its basically selling your soul to the devil!
        Well kudos to you Mac because the the article was spot on except for the reference to the the constitution were these rights emanate. So here it is;

        Amendment I
        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        The threat is there to destroy our right to PEACEFULLY assemble through intimidation. The trouble is the violent assemblies that is the driving catalyst for the militarization of our police forces. Quote the Constitution wherever you can. It is the LAW of this land!

        • Check out the 9th Amendment, nlightened. All rights are in there, not enumerated in the first 8.
          Peacefully? How you gonna pull that off when the goons are there to kill you?
          Better come prepared.

      39. Horrifying. What is wrong with people?

        COPS: Teacher attacked 1st grader for having too much food at lunch…

        Slapped, kicked, yelled at boy…

        ‘He only needed one taco’…

        Drudge Report

        • Was that teachers name Michelle O?

          I have a niece who is a supervisor in a hot lunch program in Idaho.

          Says Michelle’s hot lunch program is starving kids and making paperwork a nightmare. Everything that woman? touches should be suspect.

          • Then you have a family member who’s involved in a giant ZOG conspiracy! Do what you NEED to do!

      40. With NYC having some time ago crossed the demographic Rubicon of a majority non-caucasion,non-European population — presently at 55%, Bratton and his Khazar ‘Jewish’ masters are going to require patrol wings of AC-130H Spectre gunships trans versing the streets and avenues of NYC when the SHTF!

        • JW, They best have fire extinguishers and big hoses.

      41. Whether you voted or stayed home when you could have voted in NY, Voters in New York have the over-regulated, overtaxed, corrupt mess that best represents themselves. They love opressive laws, regulations and ordinances and now some cry when low and behold the police try and enforce the juggernaut of unenforceable statutes. There is no cure for those with the mental disorder “pass-a-law-for-everything-itus” syndrome.

        • Look what they resorted to, so they could PASS that law.

          New York’s Plot to Gut the Second Amendment

          “The SAFE Act was rammed through both houses of the New York State Legislature and signed into law within 24 hours.

          Legislators were given the 39-page bill only fifteen minutes before a floor vote at 2 a.m., and Cuomo waived the state’s mandatory three-day waiting period for public input on new legislation so that the law could take effect immediately upon his signature.

          The SAFE Act’s provisions are massive and breathtaking assaults on the Second Amendment.”

          “but the final draft of the legislation required existing owners to register their rifles every five years and forever banned their transfer within New York State.

          Upon the death of a registered owner, the banned firearm will be confiscated by police; the decedent’s estate must arrange to have it sold out of state, or it will be destroyed.”

      42. Bratton stated that responding to protests and terrorist attacks require “overlapping skills…”

        Where exactly do the skills overlap?

        Oh, yeah, the part where they shoot innocent, unarmed, nonthreatening citizens.

      43. NYC

        When you live in a Zoo with a bunch of animals, you will be treated like you live in a zoo with a bunch of animals.

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