New Calls For “Anti-Vaxxers” To Be Thrown in Re-education Camps While Their Children are Kidnapped & Their Homes Seized

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

     If you disagree with the medical establishment’s lies about vaccines, you have no right to exist in society at all, say pro-vaccine authoritarian tyrants. In case you were wondering what the real plans are for people who oppose the quack science dogma of the vaccine industry and its child-murdering vaccine advocates, look no further than today’s rant from anti-Trump neocon Rick Wilson.

    “Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody,” tweeted Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson), a neo-con Republican strategist and so-called “never Trumper.”

    This demand sums up the medical police state tyranny and anti-human authoritarianism that characterizes vaccine advocates, almost all of whom are “medical child molesters” who maim children for profit. They quite literally seek to throw parents in concentration camps if they refuse to have their children injected with nearly a hundred toxic vaccines that contain neurotoxic substances such as aluminum, squalene, mercury, aborted human fetal tissue, formaldehyde and even complete DNA sequences of aborted human babies whose genes were genetically engineered to cause cancer.

    Here’s a screenshot of the tweet, since Rick Wilson is likely to delete it soon:

    And here’s the live tweet, if you wish to respond to it (and haven’t yet been banned by Twitter for daring to oppose vaccine tyranny):


    A Bush administration deep state / anti-Trump neocon

    Rick Wilson is a creature of the criminal-minded Bush administration, which engineered the 9/11 attacks to put in place Patriot Act expansions of deep state surveillance to spy on the American people in the name of “national security.” As explained by

    Wilson is best known as being the Republican strategists who served as George W. Bush’s Florida campaign chief during the hotly contested 2000 Florida presidential campaign re-count. Wilson was an appointee to the Department of Defense by then-Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney. He has also serve Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns and recently wrote the book, Everything Trump Touches, Dies. He has been a columnist for The New York Times, The Federalist, and Daily Beast.

    Rick Wilson’s desire to have the state seize the homes of “anti-vaxxers,” kidnap their children and throw the parents into concentration camps is indicative of the deranged medical violence and tyranny that characterizes the entire vaccine industry. Wilson isn’t an aberration; he’s a “centrist” among vaccine pushers who almost universally share support for pedophilia, open borders child trafficking, and medical child abuse, by the way. The same people pushing vaccines also push LGBTP – pedophilia – including “Drag Queen Story Hour” perversions.

    I warned about this last year, stating in a video that the vaccine deep state was taking steps to “criminalize all vaccine skeptics.” See the full warning video here:

    Rick Wilson is apparently voicing the beliefs of California State Sen. Richard Pan, also known as the “Vaccine Joker,” who accepts campaign bribes from Big Pharma to force his medical violence upon the children of California through various vaccine mandates such as SB 277. Richard Pan has all the characteristics of a medical molester and chemical violence child abuser, insisting that parents have no rights to protect children from his medical violations of children’s bodies.

    The vaccine industry believes it owns your body and can penetrate and invade your body with anything it wants

    Make no mistake: The vaccine industry is an authoritarian, anti-human rights “Ministry of Truth” medical cartel that believes it owns your body and can force you to be injected with literally anything they call a “vaccine,” regardless of what it contains.

    These beliefs are irreconcilable with fundamental human freedom and civil rights, yet they are being pushed aggressively by delusional tyrants who are true sociopaths that reflect the very same philosophies exhibited by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and other heinous mass murderers. If you disagree with them, they claim the right to throw you in a concentration camp and kidnap your children. Rick Wilson even adds that the government should steal your private property, which includes your home, your bank accounts, and all your assets.

    This is literally what these people believe. They are not joking. This is what they demand.

    And since the vaccine industry now has total immunity in the courts, in the press, and also complete protection by the tech giants who ban and de-platform all alternative views, there is nothing the vaccine industry won’t attempt to silence dissent and force its brain-damaging poisons on all children in America and across the world.

    We are witnessing the true desires of the vaccine industry now on display, so thank you, Mr. Wilson, for finally admitting what all the other vaccine pushers have been demanding behind closed doors.

    What can you do to learn the truth — and share the truth — about vaccines and the systematic medical violence being committed against children by deranged, authoritarian lunatics like Rick Wilson? First, you can support the film Vaxxed 2, which is found at The entire documentary will soon be for sale at

    Secondly, get ready for the launch of the new search engine before the end of this year, as we index all the best vaccine truth websites along with holistic health, wellness, nutrition and real health science websites that are all being systematically censored by the evil tech giants like Google and Facebook.

    You can also read or check daily for aggregated headlines from dozens of the most censored websites on the ‘net.

    The truth will prevail, and lunatics like Rick Wilson, even as much as they wish to commit acts of extreme violence against informed parents and innocent children, will ultimately be defeated.


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      1. It’s obvious, it is not merely a medical issue, in using propaganda and state sponsored threats and violence it is really a political and social issue. The NWO and their legions of minions can’t stand that people will not subordinate their parental rights over their children to the state. Forced vaccinations are merely another tool used by the state to gain primacy over the family unit.
        Secondly, Big Pharma has officialdom (elected and bureaucratic) in its pocket, expect no help from your “representatives”. If you can’t throw lots of money at them they don’t want to hear from you, in fact, they don’t even like you anyway.
        A little research will show “elites” don’t subject their own to all these “vaccines” that they insist you do. Just like they can have bodyguards with guns but you should not, or they insist we not travel to avoid adding to the carbon footprint but they can have their private jets, or we should be forced to put our children in lousy public schools but place their children in elite private institutions.
        Just refuse to bow to them, they don’t care about you, it’s really just part of an effort to create an obedient sub-class.
        If you can be compelled to silently and obediently have your family members vaccinated, without your consent and without daring to ask what is in these vaccines, you have lost a big battle. Just as when traveling, when going through airport security, you are rendered powerless to ensure the privacy and persons of your family.
        Forced vaccination is just another front in the never-ending war being waged against the Amer. people.

      2. NOVEMBER 1, 2018 Know Your Vaccines: Top 10 Toxic Adjuvants & Ingredients

        The article below contains some very useful information regarding various ingredients found in vaccines. We encourage you to read it, but also to do your own research from other sources to compare and contrast, in order to make up your own mind.

      3. Democrats abuse the system. Republicans trust the process.

      4. Rick Wilson maybe better start looking over his shoulder if any of our people are harmed. Anyone who comes to harm me and/or any of mine will be stopped with lethal force if necessary. No one is allowed to harm us PERIOD.

      5. Rick “Hanging Chad” Wilson has zero respect for our Constitution nor for its enshrined principles. The Fourth Amendment, specifying We the People have a natural right to security in our persons, papers and possessions is just outdated trash-talk to this corrupt neocon. I hope he’s a target of one or more of the >450,000 indictments which have thus far been produced by Grand Juries across this nation. Given his Deep State bona fides, it’s likely he’ll be meeting Old Sparky soon.

      6. If you do not think these people will kill you just as fast as possible, you my friends are living in a delusional state. Every chance they get, they tell you just how they feel about us, and our precious Constitution. The ONLY thing stopping them is our preparedness to fight them.

      7. They make weird faces at you, while they say it.

        Can’t even pretend to be normal, in public.

      8. If you want to see the face of a psychotic drugged demon, look at the face (and eyes) of Adam Schiff. Now imagine having someone like that rule over you in a re-education camp. This is what we are facing in the end.!!!!

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