Network TV Blackout on Obama’s Amnesty Address: Only Univison, Telemundo to Carry Live Immigration Announcement

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Headline News | 231 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Thursday evening will mark a momentous announcement from President Obama concerning his hugely controversial executive order to “shield” and otherwise legalize millions of ‘undocumented’ illegal immigrants living in the United States.

    But is this tide turning presidential address scheduled to be carried live on TV for all the country to witness?

    No. It seems that the big four networks – ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox – have all opted out of broadcasting the 15 minute speech, instead airing their November sweeps shows as scheduled in hopes of maximizing viewer ratings:

    The administration announced today that POTUS will be speaking live from the White House at 8 PM ET on Thursday. ABC has the fall finale for Grey’s Anatomy on at that time while CBS has ratings powerhouse  The Big Bang Theory, NBC has reality show The Biggest Loser and Fox has Bones. As of right now, three of those networks will not see any changes in their November sweep schedules due to the speech.

    While Obama’s speech will be seen on their cable news siblings, Fox and NBC  are not carrying it live on their broadcast networks tomorrow night.

    Out of sight, out of mind?

    Moreover, according to, the White House never asked the networks to carry the address:

    The broadcast networks were not asked for time by the administration, sources tell me.

    Wow! Sounds more like a blackout than a snub. While the cable networks, watched by news junkies, will carry the speech, the heartland of America will have drama, dancing and entertainment on their minds rather than the astounding wholesale immigration amnesty implemented unilaterally by the president – outside of Congress – through the stroke of his executive order pen. As SHTF previously reported, Obama will, specifically, reassign more than 12,000 immigration agents to other duties and shield resident immigrants residing in the country from deportation.

    But, curiously, there are two regular TV networks with massive viewing audiences who will be broadcasting the speech LIVE despite hosting similar big TV award shows (which will be interrupted)…

    They also happen to have the largest broadcast Hispanic and Spanish-speaking audiences:

    Univision Network will air the POTUS announcement regarding Executive Action on Immigration live tomorrow. We will proceed with our coverage plans for the Latin GRAMMY’s, immediately following the President’s remarks. Complete coverage of the announcement, reactions and what it means for the US will  be covered across Univision’s news platforms, as well as on the Network’s “Despierta America” morning show.

    Fellow Spanish language network Telemundo will also be showing the President’s speech live with reaction and analysis to follow at least until 9 PM.

    There is absolutely no question here as to why Univision and Telemundo would find Obama’s speech so broadcast worthy, while the other major stations are keeping with the regularly scheduled program.

    Nothing to see here, no skyrocketing costs for health care, education, food stamps and social programs. Move along… the season finales are starting soon.



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      1. I wonder why that would be.

        Start learning Spanish y’all…

          • Thanks for the video.

            Everyone is appalled by this flagrant display of honesty. This is that “they” think of us because this is what we collectively are. The masses have a very short attention span and as Madison Avenue and Hollyweird has capitalized on a desire to embrace appearance over substance.

            You get the Government and system that you deserve.

        • Rosetta stone continually plays an add on my local radio. It’s a sign to the illegals to learn English, I think. I couldn’t tell ya but hey what do I know. I’m stuck between purchasing a beretta 9mm 92fs the same thing as the always Beautiful Kate Beckinsale uses in her Underworld movies, or a savage 111 in .338 lapua. oh life how you make me chose. Sad. Johnny in Mt is out.

          • DEF the 9mm Beretta FS-92. More concealable. Pump 17 rounds into the bastards close range. Went. To the range last week. Beretta very accurate.

          • I like the Springfield XD-9 pistols, myself. Standard 4″ barrel has pretty good accuracy, dead-on reliability. The 111 should be a good shooter. I just sold my Savage BAS-K in .308. It shot well… but the damn thing was so heavy that it was ridiculous. Just picked up a Remington 700 Police instead. Half the weight, and .6 MOA with 168-BTHP Federal GMM.

            • I have a problem with that grip safety on the XD pistols. It isn’t necessary to have one. I had the one on my 1911A1 deactivated. One time out of ten, when drawing the pistol, the grip safety was not fully depressed preventing the pistol from firing. Not acceptable. It must fire each and every time.

              History lesson: So WHY did the 1911 have a grip safety in the first place? ANSWER: To prevent accidentally shooting your horse in the neck. That is no longer a problem for most of us, so why do some manufacturers insist on having one now?

              • Interesting to know. I have played some with two SA XDM’s quite a bit and never seen that happen?

                • Yes, I’ve shot them many times and have never had an issue with it not firing. If your grip is THAT loose on your pistol, maybe you shouldn’t be using it in the first place….

          • Love Beretta. Great pistols, very reliable, and worth every penny. The 92FS is a cultural icon, the good guys always have one in the movies and the 92F was the final contestant along with the Sig 226 adopted by the military to be the M9.

            That company is almost 500 years old, founded in the early 1500s.

            • I have the Beretta and am happy with it. That said I like my glock a lot more and my wife likes the sig (though we just borrowed a friends to let her shoot it). If you have one that fits your hand well and you can just seem to hit the target with it then I would say stick with it.

              • Which is why I prefer 1911s-preferably a Colt Government with a match barrel used with Wilson Combat #47s or Elite Tactical. It’s attractive, dead accurate, rock solid, the trigger and ergonomics of the single stack frame are perfect, more custom options, the thumb safety is on the frame where it should be and not up on the slide like the Beretta, and a better grip angle than the Beretta with no curved backstrap. Though I do like the Glock 21, really fun to shoot.

          • I hope you’re being facetious Johnny… “A sign for illegals to learn English”. YEA RIGHT!

            Even if it was, they could never afford to purchase it! Its so damned expensive.

            Instead of the Beretta, Id go with the P99 myself. Not a huge fan of the 92FS.

          • Don’t buy the Beretta… the CZ 75B Compact 9mm is the best 9mm in the business. The late great gun guru Jeff Cooper said the CZ was the best service 9mm ever made! For long guns I use the Remington 700 .308cal 5R Mill Spic.

            • While I agree on the Rem700 (depending on year, they’re aren’t as good as they were even 10 years ago) and won’t argue with Jeff Cooper, I suggest trying as many as possible to see what YOU like.

              If the grip doesn’t suit her my wife won’t like the best ever made firearm of whatever caliber or type. If you could watch her drills with her bushmaster M4gery and then hear her say she doesn’t like the beretta or my glock (I can’t believe I just typed that) it would at least give you pause.

              I recommend you research what a lot of experts say, like Jeff Cooper, buy Boston’s Gun Bible, try as many as you can and then go with what works for you.

              Caliber standardization is important for groups, but as James wesley Rawles pointed out in “Patriots” having a personal firearm in a different caliber is fine too.

              Plan accordingly.

          • Perhaps it is for us to learn Spanish!

        • I still have to push “1” to hear it in English in kalifornia…..

          • soon it will be “marque numero dos por Ingles” (that’s press 2 for english in spanish)

            • REB – It already is “press two” if you call Verison.

              As to learning spanish , I know enough to figure out what is being said , and i think that is important.
              You should here the crap they say when they think nobody can understand them .

              • absolutely right.
                My grandfathers learned Russian and German, and not because they wanted to conduct business in either.

        • No, I will not learn Espanol just to accommodate all those little shitstains. Fuck them.

          • Nobama, I’m with you. If these turds won’t learn English, then I don’t need to talk to them, period!

          • Today I pulled a Spanish lady out of her car from a 2 car wreck. Did not understand a word she said. She kept pointing in the car and I went back into the smoking car which I thought was going to catch fire, looking for her purse. I grabbed her bag the moved her away from the car. Went over to the other car an another lafy had a banged up knee. Both cars ari bags deoloyed on all sides. She was Ok so I went back over to the first lady again and in her bad was a small puppy dog. That is what she w as pointing to but when I grabbed the bag I had no idea a dog was inside. If she spoke english I would have known what she was talking about. When more cops and an ambulace arrived I took off. Still here in America I with others rushed right in to help. I saw the crash and as they slid into a pole. It looked bad so I jumped the curb parked my vehicle and ran over there. Crazy.

            • WWTI, my compliments to you for your heroic action. You did the right thing, I don’t care what anyone says.

            • WWTI,

              Good for you. You are a better man than I. I would have just stopped, went over to her, and called the police. I would have assured her that help was on it’s way but that is it. I’m too scared of all the legal things that could happen if I had provided any physical assistance whatsoever.

              Good for you and bad for America that I, along with many others, are just too weary of doing the decent thing all because of the potential for lawsuit.

            • WWTI your joke is funnier than Eppe”s, did you get her billfold during all of the excitement. Me and Cuz don’t care if you did.

              • Even with my efforts, No I did not even receive a “Solo Mucho Gras” So I undelay outa there like Speedy Gonzallas. AmScra!!!

                Yeah I could have ran over to the car and in english said to the lady. “DO YOU NEED HELP? PRESS THE #1, OH YOU WANT YOUR PUPPY TOO PRESS#3. AND IF YOU WANT THOSE SERVICES WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS PRESS #5 TO PAY!” We accept MC, American Visa but no Mexican Excuse Cards. Sorry No Englesy no helpy.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

              I am proud of you! You saw there was a car wreck and went right over to help the people in the smoking car. (The car could have caught fire.)

              I am thankful there are people who are still willing to help others like that.

              Those in the car could have been any of us, our family or friends.

              Hope you have a great day!
              KY Mom

        • Por seguro. Listo por la reconquista?

        • Caution on using “Black out” as you may be considered racist! Try using “Non Aired” “No habla english” or somthing simple to keep the american idiots out of the loop. I guess the POTUS has no concieved idea as what he is doing for his kids. Remember first and foremost; you all voted for “CHANGE”. I keep my change in the jar.

        • All Fox stations have been offered the OPTION of carrying POTUS; the network will be “pushing forward” their regular programming for viewers. I personally know of at least one Texas station that will be carrying the President live this evening.

      2. “Nothing to see here!”

        “Move along now.”

        “Nothing to see here!”

      3. With Spanish translation, I’m sure…

        • Most “Americans” don’t care anyway. It’s not “fun” to think about. They will wake up the next day, to another sell-out, and they will not be fazed. They will only be concerned with the day’s bread and circuses.

          • What do you think the “African-American” population will do when it finally occurs to them that their “messiah” just turned into Judas Iscariot?

            When 2016 comes rolling around, where will we be? Civil war with an attempted dictatorship by the Kenyan? Revolution with the rotten DC bastards ALL hanging from street-lights? “Lone wolf” that can be blamed on a patsy like Oswald?

            I honestly think obungler is doing this *specifically* to start a war. Nothing else makes any sense, from my perspective….

        • No Eppe… he’s a man for all the people in all the world…

          He speaks in many tongues… 🙂

          • All of them forked.

            • Heheh. Yeah, Monkey, you beat me to it. I was going to say: “With a tounge like that you can speak our of both sides of your mouth AT THE SAME TIME!!!”


              • NetRanger:

                When people say things like he does, I have to bend over to hear them better, because they are talking out their ass.

        • Nada ver aqui, nada ver aqui….(nothing to see here, nothing to see here)

      4. Pretty sure CNN (Comedy News Channel) will carry it.

      5. Treason in the Oval Office!!! Indict, impeach, and hang this sonna bitch from the Washington Monument!!!

        Death to Traitors!!! Its totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

        • Durango this guy doesn’t care what the Constitution says. He is black and knows Republicans will not impeach the first elected black President. Why; because they have said so. Since they have already ruled out the only viable Constitutional remedy to his lawlessness they have very little recourse . Obama knows he can do as he pleases and he is doing so.

          • Congress will do nothing making them complicit in Obamas crimes. And they are criminal acts. If Congress will not act then other legal pathways will need to be taken. It must be possible for states governors and/or state attorney generals to bring criminal charges against the President and/or Congressmen when they commit crimes. It must be possible for individual states to Opt-out of recognizing these amnesty proceedings and any corresponding documents given to illegals. Write, fax, email and call your state representatives and Congress to tell them to step up. Remind Congress that they have a legal obligation to act. Many voices do make a difference. Many voices kept us out of Syria last year. That saved the lives of our service men. Write, call whatever but send your message today.

            • What do you want to bet that Ferguson verdict is handed down on Friday. The feds stage riots around the country and THAT is what is on the news for the next week. The POTUS betrayal slips into the books unnoticed by most. The people do not know about the amnesty or the treaty Obama plans to sign to ship more jobs overseas and to allow the US to be placed under international laws.

              • Cara, that is exactly what I was thinking coming home from work tonight. Never let a good crisis go to waste. This knuckle head is something else. Just as Mark Levin says “he is full MUSSOLINI”.

              • @Cara. Ferguson has False Flag Written all over it. Immigration of more Brown people is the Jews plot to dilute the Euro American White Population up here in the US. Same ol’ devide and conquer for shits and giggles. Jews have no goals other than create daily chaos and misery in the world for their entertainment.

                • BTW/ We all know what Tribe controls the Media in America. Its all one big conspiracy to destroy our country.

                • WWTI, I have the feeling an announcement could come from Ferguson before or during Obola’s speech. Double whammy!

              • I kept wondering WHY no verdict in Ferguson. I just read a few minutes ago that they are still presenting evidence to the jury.

            • Sorry to be pessimistic, but none of that matters. Legal, not legal, greencard, whatever. What matters is that there are millions of them here and they aren’t going to be sent home.

              Even if we could end birthright citizenship tomorrow (good luck with that) and deport all illegals the one’s already here legally and their anchor babies are already on track to demographically take the country. Whites will be a minority in this country in about 2 decades no matter what letters you write or who you call.

              The death of the west, to borrow from Buchanan, is a forgone conclusion due to demographic implosion and invasion.

              My wife and I gave serious consideration to Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina (I’m already fluent in spanish) as alternatives to Idaho. We reluctantly fled dixie but decided Australia was on the same path as the US, just not as far along.

              I don’t think I have it in me to flee again; and besides, where is there left to go?

            • Well good luck getting CAlifornia to go against illegals. Mr Brown just gave the illegals the store.

          • Impeachment is a waste of time and a huge mistake for any political party at this juncture.

            kidd promotes it, because he promotes everything that IS the system…..he is a state product here to promote the matrix.

            • BJ, I agree about impeachment. It won’t solve any problems anyway.

              • What do you mean, impeachment won’t solve any problems? It’s a good start.

                • Are you serious or being funny?

                  • BJ: The US Constitution is our most powerful weapon against the FEDS. Unlawful actions by the masses, justify the use of the US Military against the people. Follow the process as long as there is a process to follow. As long as Americans follow the Constitution, the moral authority belongs to US. Be smart about your FREEDOMS.

                    If Obola removes the process, then the American People are justified by their Constitution to take up arms against its government as other freedom Movements have done around the world; and all of them have political parties to support their use of arms.

                    In that event …. shoot to kill. 🙁

                    • Conversation with you and those like you is like casting pearls to swine.

                  • BJ:

                    When I want to be funny I use , LOL! etc. I’m dead serious. They need to get him out of there ASAP. If the VP can’t get away with as much, he’s white.

                    • So tell me how impeachment worked last time?

                      Tell me exactly what it will solve if even remotely more successful this time?

                      You are being sucked in with bait with the whole impeachment thing. We are so far past that.

            • BJ: We do not live in a vacuum. YOU do not live in a vacuum. If we do not promote the American, Constitutional State, someone will impose a different state on US. To be “stateless” in this day and age is to invite, no encourage your own enslavement.

              That is what the NWO is all about and they are doing that by twisting the US Constitution and passing illegal laws that enslave US.

              If you do not support the US Constitution, YOU will be doing EXACTLY what Soros and his Open Society like want: nothing, while they move to enslave you. 🙁

          • There is a better remedy than impeachment. That is for a federal judge to try him for fraud and treason. Convict him of the crime, he is not a legitimate president and then all his laws become null and void.

            • So what if they did? There’s still tens of millions already here with more on the way.

              Whites are already a minority in the under 5 years old category now. That’s right read that again. 4 year olds are already majority non-white. My mother was born when the country was 90% white and will likely live to see it become majority non-white.

              If anyone knows of a realistic solution to this problem please let me know. Please don’t give me any crap about kicking illegals out (it already doesn’t matter except for when we become a minority), picking the right politicians to fix things, or turning into rhambo and winning the race war. None of those things will happen. White people are too old, too fat, too dependent, and don’t have enough children.

              I’m going to go get drunk now. I’ll check tomorrow for any sensible replies.

              • Rebel ,
                W84 on a SLBM

                Semper Fi 8541

              • Here’s a solution Rebel
                Have white people give a fuck. Both figuratively and literally.

                • Oh no. Majority of whites seem to be too caught up in the Kartrashians and other junk entertainment. Too busy with having fun or what is cool to care that they are being bred out.

                  • Huntsman is correct and we have a tough road ahead. It makes you wonder how England ever conquered the US, Canada, Australia, and others if the gene pool was from the same as their descendents.

                • We are doing our part. Thinking about going for # 6. One last attempt to have another son and give a brother to the one we already have.

                  Too many whites have become totally Godless in America and selfish. Looking out only for number one…themselves. And not wanting what they think will be a burden and don’t want to spend the money to have children. They are only interested in their career, having fun, etc. etc.

                  • That’s fantastic. We’re going for #>5, ahem. The problem is that we are outnumbered (ok well not here in ID) and I don’t see how it can be fixed.

                    You post often so I’ll talk to you later.

                • In the interest of opsec I will point out that my wife and I have more than 5 kids (pretty normal in this part of Idaho with all the mormons) and we homeschool. However, we will eventually be overwhelmed because most of the country doesn’t think like us.

                  Going to go get drunk again.

              • The solution is to live in Idaho 🙂
                Not many of them come here…cant stand the winters…and Richard Butler’s legacy is still alive and kicking!

                • The solution is not to live in Idaho. The Second American Revolution will happen in our major metro areas, and primarily in and around DC and state capitals; or not.

                  If the NWO can take our guns and pacify the major cities, those “Lone Wolves” in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming will be hunted down like Randy Weaver.

                  Death to the North American Union. death to the New World order. Death to Traitors, It’s totally CONSTITUTIONAL!!! 🙂

        • Now, WHY, would you want to pollute the Washington Monument, by hanging the current POTUS from it’s observation deck?

          • TP, the entire DC region is already polluted and beyond redemption.

          • That pretty good scaffolding around the Capitol building could support a couple hundred hangings.

          • Damn, do I miss the green thumbs at a time like this

            • me too

        • I don’t think the republican led Congress will do ANYTHING.

          It may be time to storm DC…….!

          • Stan…We are way past that time.

        • DK

          Hang em all


          So many so little time..

          • Possee We do not have enough rope and hosses

            • I still got a few thousand feet of static line, more than happy to see how it would work wrapped around their necks,
              On belay

              • Come on preppers you got your 1000 ft spool of Camo 550 Paracord right? Check!!

        • DK:

          We will be watching come January DK to make sure those republicans live up to your posts here at SHTF. Anyone can look back and see what you have told SHTF posters that we can expect out of those you have so much faith in.

          Have you not noticed the worming and squirming already, DK?

          I have never voted for a democrat in my life, but know at this date in history there are NONE worth spending the ink to mark the box on the ballot.

          Any new ideas DK on how we get America up out of the muck and the mire?

          Or is it more “engage your employees my peeps? With a smiley face to make us all feel warm and fuzzy?

          • Dave in Idaho already made a post today telling what Mitch Mcconnel did, a durango kidd and free slave republican. Of course those who aren’t blind have been seeing what all the politicians on both sides of the aisle have been doing for a long long time.

            • Didnt know there were different sides

              • exactly 🙂

                • {sarcasm}

                  What? No difference between DemonRats and RePukelyCons?

                  You people are directionally and alphabetically challenged!


                  In congress, the DemonRats set on the left side but the RePukeleyCons set on the right side.

                  Oh! And another massively huge difference is that behind all DemonRats is a (D) as opposed to the (R) for the RePukelyCons.

                  There are other differences too! Massive ones.

                  DemonRats will tell you you’re being selfish and they have to raise taxes to help “The Children” or “Your Fellow Man” or “Global Taxing, er, uh, WARMING”. …and of course to make all kinds of laws to give government more power to regulate that stuff since, we the people, are way too stoopid to do it.

                  RePukelyCons won’t do that!!! No, no, they’ll tell you that “Al CIAda” or Iran or “ISIS” is going to kill us so they need to raise taxes so we can attack countries that are a threat to our “national security”! …and then, of course, they’ll pass all kinds of laws that they need to look into your lives and regulate all kinds of stuff to keep you safe.

                  Come on? WTF is the matter with you people!

                  Copperheads and Rattlesnakes are totally different. Oh, oops, wrong post.


                  I’m part of the (L) party. Its the (L)eave everyone alone unless they beat, kill, steal or defraud you. (L)eavealone, (L)ibertarian, (L)iberty, call it what you want.

                  THIS PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOUR (L)EADING PARTY OF FREEDOM: We don’t lean left or right. We go straight down the middle and don’t touch anybody.

                  • Amen brother.

          • POG/BJ: I am not a Republican. I am a Patriot and independent voter. I have seen McConnells statements and I have never supported his positions. The best I can say for Mitch the Bitch is that he is better than the Liberal who would have won his seat and kissed Harry Reid’s ass at every fart he let.

            There must be a GRASS ROOTS movement that energizes the apathetic white voter to get involved at the local, TEA PARTY level and change the system from the bottom up.

            Take your rage to a neighborhood Tea Party meeting Granny. Its EXACTLY the voice we need in political circles in your city, county, and at your local school board meeting. Some individuals are making a difference where they live.

            So can you. 🙂

        • Careful my friend.

      6. This sounds like a tinfoil hat wet dream. Civil unrest then marital law, just crazy.

      7. I suspect that they will announce whether Darren Wilson will face charges tomorrow or Friday as well so the Repubs will not get any air time due to all the riots going on down in Ferguson.

        • I was thinking the same…

        • Friday morning

          • Yep, Black Friday is coming a week early this year.

        • I been thinking Friday so whatever may happen, will start on a weekend when school is out and people are home from work.

          • I’m thinking Friday myself so there can be more people out to protest. More of a scene. More of a cause to institute what ever they like.

            • Of course the MSM will choose to exploit “One dead black thief killed by a Cop”, over “Amnesty Granted for 5 Million Illegal Cockroaches infesting our Country.” Which btw/ sends a message to the rest of the world, “If you can make it to the US and breed like rabbits you will be rewarded Citizenship and a Free EBT CARD and section 8 Housing.” Free Mi Casa!!

      8. The best thing to happen to Obama at this point is impeachment. It would leave a success lane to White House ’16 wide open for Hillary, Biden, or any other monkey they want to run. It would be political suicide for the GOP to impeach this idiot and he knows it. His handlers are just taunting republicans at this point.

        • SterlingSilver says: Totaly agree It’s time for all or nothing !! Pillory time!!

      9. But… but… but…

        We won the election?

        • LMAO
          WHO is we ?

      10. Kick this turd out of office. He will kill the economy with this move. There will be more blacks out of work than ever before. The hispanic will take their jobs. And will do them for less money!
        The house and the senate should cut off all funding for this and obullshit care!!!!
        This BS is going to cause everything to come crashing down. We can’t keep carrying or afford 12 million more people on welfare. and obullshit care.

        I’m back, and great time at BOL#2 learned some things about one of my neighbors in the area. Not a very friendly person. That story for another day.


        • ” He will kill the economy with this move.”

          Sgt. Dale he has already succeeded in destroying the economy. This will be the final nail in the coffin for our country. The fact the media won’t air it is proof they are in on the commie take over as I have repeatedly said (if the media lies the media dies). Just like the blackout on ebolo even though a woman just died in NYC on ebolo watch bleeding from her orifices. I know your prepped, you can now prepare to use them very, very soon. Stay safe my friend.

          • Madog
            YUP he already has KILLED this economy! and now just working on killing us!

            • They are going too far with this NAFTA. Trading people with out borders. Since the tax incentive was taken away for exporting and out sourcing jobs. They decided now to import the cheap labor back into the country to take our jobs. How the heck are we suppose to pay for Obamacare with no jobs? You can’t fix Stoopid!!

          • Mad Dog
            Wrong word I should have used Bury not kill.
            You and yours also stay safe!!

        • Sgt. Dale: What do you mean: the hispanic will take jobs of blacks? There is no jobs to be taken from blacks. They prefer to collect government doe, obama money, obama phone, free rent, free electricity, free heat, ebt, bitch how racist whites are, visit social media, watch TV…….
          All of us will see soon what will happened in Ferguson and maybe even in other cities with large black population.

          When I am at work I have no time to riot, burn down the mini markets or harass backs on the streets, but they do.

          • Look closely at your phone and electric bill cost (taxes) breakdown….you will see that you ARE paying DIRECTLY out of your pocket for the free phones and electricity.

          • Blacks could have a dilema. If they announce The Grand Jury Verdict Just as the Jerry Springer Show is on could reduce a half hour delay in rioting and looting. However if the Steve Wilco show backs up Jerry Springer in the Ferguson local, it could be an hour delay in looting. Definately something to take bets on.

          • P77
            Very good point, my FRIEND!!

        • How was the hunt Sarge?
          See any nice bucks?

          • KULA
            For me the hunt was great. I’m a meat hunter, but if a monster showed himself I would take him!
            Got a 125 lbs. Doe and a button buck. Filled both of my tags.
            Wife shot a nice 6 point, All in All out of 8 hunters 5 deer were taken.
            I’m going to take some meat to some folks I know that can use it. Illinois season opens on 21St. I hope to get a biggen then.
            Out of 32 years of hunting in Missouri this was by far the coldest frigging hunt of then all. We had temps in the middle teens and freezing rain and Ice, with about 1` inch of snow. Most of the time you have one day of cold weather and the rest is mild.
            Thanks for asking.

        • Sarge, glad to see you back and you had a great time except for some “undesirable person” near your BOL. Lead and brass work wonders for troublemakers. aim small miss small braveheart

          • TRBH

      11. It’s Sweeps Week for the networks, or so they say as their excuse for not airing the speech.

        The reality is, if they did air it, the country would wake up in the 15 minute duration of the speech and condemn it.

        Heaven forbid the leftist networks would do anything to scotch their own favored immigration policy.

        • Well then,
          I say alternative media needs to spread it far and wide what this POS OTUSA is doing.
          I want to start an organization,
          Not sure what to call it but is basically a group dedicated to resistance,
          Vocal visible resistance to the current US representation and a call for removal of such and an audit of all fed agencies.

      12. There is a congressional procedure to revoke a executive order. It has happened before. The Republitraitors dont mention it because they secretly want ammesty for Illegal beaners.

        • Actually amnesty for uneducated illegals who’ll take on low paying jobs is not as disastrous as implementing the recommendations by Bill Gates and other sell out from silicon valley to bring techies from other countries to replace the Americans and paying 1/3 of their salaries.

          Cisco, IBM, HP and others already started the layoffs which will pick in early 2015.

          Welcome to the land of the imaginary free and home of the corporate slaves.

          BTW….Gruber made close to $5M to do us with Romney care and then AIPAC/Ape (I mean Obama Care). Ferguson is just a set up to change the focus of the stupid Americans as Mr. Hanukah Gruber proudly stated it on multiple occasions.

          • Home Depot now displaying outdoor life like moving gun targets in the parking lots. Nice Brown silloettes. Really life like. Free shooting range now open 24/7 till end of year.

            • You mean the ones willing to work to support their families? I hear there was another range down the street where they line up and don’t move as much…

              • I say go to Home Depot fill your pick up full of Brownies with the promise of say laying sod. Then drive them strait to the INS office and honk the horn as you pull in the INS office parking lot.

              • No the ones seeking to steal jobs from Americans.

        • Dave:

          Most secretly support the agenda put out by the other party. Watch the worming and squirming and outright lies.

          Always wondered if Americans ever ask themselves how any candidate can spend millions for a $200K job; and if they don’t have the millions to spend where does the money come from and what is expected in return for those donations.

          It is called “the buying of America” to the highest bidder. Campaign donations can be looked up on line so anyone curious enough can find the highest bidder.

          • POG, the problem is either Americans don’t know who are the highest bidders or they know it but either ignore it or afraid of admitting it.

          • POG. Under the current campaign finance laws decided by the Joooo Supreme Court that fund raising PACs don’t have to disclose who or how much money was donated by whom. Therefore more money is spent on advertising at the Joooo Media companies to make the Joooos richer. It is just like Money Laundering to purchase their favorable candidate. Its like giving your money to a thug to go buy dope for you.

      13. This is the soft recolonization and ethnic cleansing of the US, and it’s asymmetrical warfare. It’s an invasion and our language, culture, heritage, birthright, and society are under attack. Some do it for votes and their twisted sense of social justice and to destroy the country to create their socialistic racial utopia, some do it for cheap labor, and globalism threatens the sovereignty of nations in a world where borders become increasingly diminished. The biggest traitors are the Democrats that are aiding and abetting these illegals. But I have yet to hear establishment Republicans call for impeachment, deporting all the illegals, and sealing the border. No one that truly loves their country would put any foreigner above its people.

        No other country would tolerate millions of illegals.

        • No one will impeach Obama for fear of losing their seats on the grounds of being racist. We all here know what needs to happen….A CIA or FBI brainwashed shill to do what they do and hide best. But instead the CIA and FBI have been co-opted into this whole agenda 21 BS because they want to be masters of the universe. Where is a rogue Mossad or DOJ black ops off grid agent when the country needs it? If only he pisses Israel off just enough….sigh.

          Guess we’ll just have to hold the line til 2016.

          • No one will vote to impeach Obama because they’ve all MET Joe Biden.

            • That is precisely why he chose Biden to be his VP, that idiot is his insurance policy.

            • I’ve though so too, since the first election.

          • No Pitty. Are you referring to the Grassy knoll again?

        • Hey, this is almost like when Europeans invaded America, killed the natives, and then claimed the entire continent as their own. This country is built on genocide and, quite frankly, karma is coming back for us regardless of our culture

          • Yeah, we should have done like the Spanish and made slaves of them. Would that have made you happier?

          • S – Every country in the world has fought for its borders at some point in time.
            Your arguement dont hold water.

          • Europeans *settled* the Americas. The people already in place had no government nor regulations to prevent settlement. In fact, they sold land to the settlers and traded with them regularly. When the French and English were fighting, many natives were enlisted as mercenaries. Paid by the scalp. Mercenaries, not a people trying to prevent their land from being taken. They fought for trinkets and whiskey, not for land.

            Furthermore, the people here did not effectively fight off the settlers and reaped what they sowed. Much like we will if we don’t recognize this reality. Much like the native English who failed to repel Roman conquerors, Jutes, Anglo and Saxon ‘settlers’.

            If it had not been the Europeans, it would have been the Chinese, Japanese or possibly the Russians settling the Americas. They would have brought diseases the natives were not immune to and the results would have been just the same. Globalization happens. Some cultures and civilizations are less prepared for the future than others.

        • This is happening not just here, but Europe as well. It’s called White Genocide.

            • Jack, Now be ready to be called Hitler, Anti Semite, and God knows how many other Jew made labels. However, THANK YOU FOR SPREADING THE TRUTH.

              • Amazing how just 2.1% of the US population can manipulate our Country, our courts, our limits on speech, dictate our foreign policy, treat us as their debt slaves and even try to take away our guns. This Parasitic Tribe is a Cancer on our Country, our Freedoms and Happiness and they need to be eraticated from our shores now.

            • Jack Pucky you lowlife, you ain’t nothing but a Stolz Vorfahrenite.

          • This is not even close at all to the America I grew up in as a kid in the 60’s and 70’s. America is now like a big Puerto Rico Banana Republic. I bet Putin just flips on his TV and laughs his ass off daily of the cartoon show produced out of the Whitehouse. Fat Albert and the hoodie Gang of despots. Another Bill Cosby Cartoon show.

            • Puerto Rico ,the banana territory created by the fucking jewnited shit of America. Bono pendejo.

          • Anti-Racist is code for Anti-White.

        • @White Fox,

          Well said.

        • Poor guy cut himself shaving, then lost the straight edge down the drain of the tub.

          Tragic, another poor rich bankster lost. And he was for the people. And the environment. It even says so on his bio. That’s why lived in a 1 million dollar penthouse.

          So tragic. My heart is breaking.

        • Still many more are left femaregion1…..

        • And they still havent found the nail gun……..

      14. One day we will roll this and a lot more back.

      15. The days of go along to get along are over.

        • There will be a final straw at some point anyway.

          • I think there is a good chance that I know you. I sure miss the island sometimes.

            • Ok, tell me something only I would know, if we know eachother

              • OK I’ll bite.

                You once kicked an old mangy dog behind Jimmy’s chicken shack.

                • You had an affair with the fat girl, who rode the moped to work, but made me swear to secrecy 🙂

                  • Double nope, thought that was your old lady,,,

                • Nope

              • You have a shirt with pineapples on it. “No” I mean real Pineapples.

              • Ok saw you banging that hot chick by the bridge and waterfall on the Road to Hana. You peeked up and I gave you a thumbs up and you replied back with an island hang loose hand sign. Kula you da’ Kuhuna man.

          • Sorry but we are fresh out of the last straws. Its time now.

      16. Bags are ready, locked and loaded. Plan to shelter in place unless it goes really off the wall.mone of those 83 cities that have planned riots? Yeah it’s 30 minutes away. That sucks.

      17. Off Topic but very Important. Please Preppers, replace all your Smoke Detector Batteries. Many people will be running alternative heating systems and this is the time of year many unnecessary house fires and deaths occur. The 9 volt batteries usually have an exp date on them, but replace them any way and test the button to make sure the alarm works. Thx.

        • Great advice. Please consider. Green thumb?

      18. so in six years everything obutthole has said has been a lie, does this mean he’s screwing all the Hispanics too?
        If we impeach him we get Biden and he’s dumber than my basset hound. So we are just beyond f**Ked.
        Guess I better pick up another couple 1000 rounds Saturday,Could be a really harsh winter.

        • Yeah I was Hoping Obama would Change. Now I’m fighting to hold onto spare change.

      19. Nada que ver aquí. Sigan su camino.

        • Welcome Senior!

          This path leads right to the tip of this shiny barrel.

          Come on in amigo!

          I actually prepped all my rice and beans for you, I knew you were coming!

          Vios Con Diablos, chinga.

        • verdad. Pues ojalo que tenemos buen suerte. Oh and practice with our long rifles.

      20. Also seeing a lot of law enforcement movement. Any recommendations for travel during this time? I know it’s not advised but doing some airline flights up to Alaska. My only regret is I can’t bring preps. I’m hoping that if it’s gonna hit it will do so soon enough to cancel.

      21. As a matter of fact, Sen Burticus, there is EVERYTHING to see here. Specifically, the usurpation of democracy by executive fiat. Also known as fascism.

        Usted es el 100% mal.

      22. T.V.? I don’t need need no stinkin T.V.

      23. Where did all the hot damned up and down arrows go?!?!?!?!
        Not liking this!

        • @DG,
          Yea, I miss the arrows also.

        • We are going to validate the good comments with responses.

          • What about the bad comments like my Cuz always makes. How you going to validate them.

          • Doesnt mean the responses will mean anything at all though!

      24. Good Evening Everyone,

        First things first here….Canada Canuck’s DH IS having his surgery today, a rather meaningful one at that, fraught with risk. Should you have a free moment to spare through the evening, please consider them in whatever way seems appropriate to your particlar spiritual persusaion. “Ask not for Whom the Bell tolls…it tolls for Thee…” No?


        That said, our ‘Glorious Leader’ seems hell-bent on effecting the final completion of the destruction of this Nation. The economic destitution that will follow this ill-advised lunacy that he is to implement on Friday will have final, terminal effects on an already weakebed state that can simply support no more ‘bleeding out’ of it’s scarce resources. First came the debacle which was ‘The Affordable Care Act’ and now, the ‘Coup de Grace’ appears will be the INCLUSION (by Executive FIAT) of 3-5 Million persons – NON-citizens, all – who are either to cowardly OR inept (or both) to clean up thier own particular corners of the World…

        HOW many wars for FREEDOM must the Citizens of THIS country fight for the benefit of those who are NOT ‘of US’? The next few days merit deep thought Folks…Good Luck, perhap we will see you on the other side of this thing that now comes; though that – yet – remains to be seen. The pure arrogance of the Leadership of this Land is now wholly beyond BELIEF.

        Adios All…again, Best wishes to CC and her DH, “Mein Freundin du IST Liebchen!” A bit unexpectedly ‘pre-occupied’ for now…gotta go therefor…

        • @Mr.Rodgers….Good to see you ‘back on board’!!Thanx for your concern and thoughts.

          All seems to have gone ‘well’. Surgery lasted 7.5 hrs…and actually, 2 procedures were done at that time. We should know in a day or 2 whether the one procedure was successful or not.

          Thanx to all of you for your prayers, I’m sure that is what helped pull him through. Take Care all, CC.

      25. Any hints out there where 308 brass can be bought on line? Need good reloadable brass in bulk without breaking the bank. Already have the other components

        • everglades brass. 79$ per 500.

          • I also like Everglades . fast shipping and cheap

        • Try MidWay USA….

            • Try lots of reloading supplies.


          • Old Cop still picks brass from out in the woods!

      26. Just watch one day we will be forced to learn Spanish. And chant Viva Obama!! They are doing everything to get us to revolt. So they can crack skulls and take our guns. It coming people, wake up the troops from their multi decade nap.

      27. Thanks Dave!!!

      28. “Entertainment is the opiate of the people.”

        Looks like the networks are giving the people the ‘Dope’ of their choice.

      29. Zero the usurping fraud holds no allegiance to this country, he’s most likely in illegal alien himself with phony SS number..indeed if born in Kenya like he was telling folks prior to 2007, the law at the time prevented a young Stanley Ann from transferring citizenship… regardless though of the undocumented muzzie marxist drugged out queer —

        A President can’t create law and lay down edicts or decrees, this is completely un-Constitutional and illegal, violating all kinds of laws. Zero the puppet and the ruling class elite statist scum in both parties are domestic enemies of the Republic. They are creating chaos and disorder.

        No country can survive an influx of foreigners who will not assimiliate/integrate into the culture. Big corporate American wants cheap labor slaves, and big statist gov’t wants obedient serfs.

        This lays the foundation of the next civil war. Things have a way of spiraling out of control with such lawlessness. It may not be a grand affair — this is a large country — but in certain locale in USA there will be tensions, fighting, think big cities, southwest, perhaps minor skirmishes in places like Atlanta.

        Also uneducated foreigners will be dependent on EBT, welfare system, which is totally unsustainable.

      30. As stated by Gruber. Americans are stupid, if they weren’t every channel not covering blatant in your face treason would be turned off!

      31. This was interesting, I wonder how many people know this?:

        “Every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower has deferred some deportations. President Reagan deferred deportations for about 100,000 families of foreign nationals in 1987 under his reading of the congressionally authorized 1986 amnesty law, and President George H.W. Bush did so in 1990 for about 350,000 foreign nationals under his reading of the same law. Each of these was based on a principled public presidential reading of the words and purposes of a federal statute. Obama does not purport to read and interpret the current immigration law; rather, he effectively rewrites it.

        What can Congress do? Congress can pass legislation to invalidate Obama’s executive actions. Yet even if it did so and overrode his certain veto, it has no assurances that Obama would be bound by the new legislation. He refuses to enforce the plain language of well-established and never judicially altered federal statutes. What assurances does Congress have that he would follow any new statutes that he has vetoed and that regulate his behavior?” …

        • See every time we go to war we promise the native sympathyzers refuge back in the US after the war. We harbored Nazis, Muslims, Russians Jews. Time to cut off all dual citizen passport with Israel for startets. Fn traitors spies.

        • Helot, congrats on a good post. You were not condescending at all.

        • It’s all part of the master plan to reconstruct America (destroy the American dream).

        • I love that we read some of the same sites. What does any of it matter any more though? Western Civ is over.

          I’m going to get drunk now.

      32. You guys Blaming Illegal’s for coming here, is the same as blaming cops for abusing their power. While justified, it will not fixing anything. These people are being used as political weapons. Taking your anger out on the pawns will not dethrone the king. People are so quick to throw the easiest targets under the bus without looking at the problem in the mouth.

        • Howdy T,

          I THINK that you might just have come closer to ‘it’ than anyone might – as yet – have suspected.

          In the last couple of years the ‘ones at the TOP’ have done every, last thing they could possibly DO to shear the general public of any means of self-defense, as well attempted to engage US in any war – anywhere – they could possibly manufacture ‘ex nihilo’, Yes?

          Indeed…at every turn they have made it ABUNDANTLY plain that they wold very much like to see a whole bunch of US ‘deader than dick’. Thier effort NOT withstanding, they have a track record for the last few years of exactly Zero vs – oh Say – infinity.

          So, NOW where does that leave the poor downtrodden filthy rich POS’s (piesce of shit) who are actually running this place…the whole She-bang, that is? Well, lets start a RACE WAR: Black vs White, Mexican vs EVERYONE, etc, etc. People had better start thinking REAL HARD about the ‘why now’ part of all that…the implication as to ‘what is going on’ behind the scenes right now, this minute in fact. Everyone KNOWS that the ‘final vaporization’ in which the BANKERS disappear down the rabbit hole (like “Alice in Wonderland”) with all the WEALTH HAS to be preceded by some VERY large magnitude event, Yes? (Else they WILL get caught at it.)

          Else HOW will they manage to declare that final ‘State of Emergency’ also known as “Martial Law’ that they have so very clearly been wanting to (slavering at the mouth FOR)…but have as yet not been ABLE to, Hmmmm? Consider the antagonism in Ferguson Mo at this point, in addition to everything else involved currently.

          Stop for a momment and THINK Folks..what does the ‘timing’ of this IMPLY? Three guesses…first two don’t count…get ready Folks…real ready, real QUICK. Nuff said.

          Adios Muchacho’s

          • Thanks jog…god be with you and prayers to CCs husband….

      33. The shit is about to hit the fucking fan our republic is doomed and all I read is trash talking and name calling,” I’m surrounded by morons.maybe America deserves whats heading towards her.

      34. Mr Rodgers
        It’s about to get very interesting in the neighborhood.

        Stadt zu Stadt der morgendammerung wird der tag treffen

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Morning NB,

          Ah-hah…interesting linguistic seguey, that one…tis telling Friend! 😉

          Sorry I have been absent. Thanks for the previous ‘head’s-up’, a few forums ago Friend; every little bit DOE help, No? 🙂

          Ja Wold, Mein Oberst!….GotterDammerung gekommen IST…Ich Denke…und Ragnarok also. Mein Gott in Himmel!…

          Ummm, while I’m here Friend – and this applies to OTHERS here as well – might to ‘lake a gander’ at a NEW TV how just airing lately…on the Discovery Channel, called “Edge of Alaska”; it’s at a quirky lil place with some RATHER quirky Folk living there, Eh?

          Nuff Said, till later all.

          !!Footnote to CC!! THANK GOD Honey…Thank youu for the news; I was dreading today – for you and him BOTH – but He does work MIRACLES as we all know…Be therefor of ‘Good Faith’…now especially; all that will hence come is ordained at this point…as always it is. My prayers are…and REMAIN with you both. Lastly, YES there IS a problem with the ‘direct’…leave that till later Sweety, concentrate on yourself for the nonce…and DH as well! “Fur Immer und Jamals Liebchen…”

          Till later All

      35. Need the up and down thumbs or this website is coming off my bookmarks. Hot damn Liberals musta got ta Mac! Boo hoo hoo,you down arrowed me too much and you hurt my feelings.

        • Here’s your red down arrow, DirtyGeek.

      36. Ol Remus at the Woodpile Report posted his ‘good-bye’ issue….am gonna miss his good ol’ Appalachian common sense…

        Oh hey, off topic too…re someone calling their basset hound dumb….I have seen basset hounds participate in agility…watching the body enter the third weave pole is cute as the tail end is still clearing the first….

      37. Is this an alternative media site?

        I think not. Except for a few libertarian minded posters, this site has become a Republican, badge lickin’, statist wet dream…lol.

        • Yupper!

          And with the bonus of the “you can leave, I am sure (insert name would welcome you.” And the “I know they’re not perfect, but they are the lesser of two evils and most of them love God” posts.

          So with all the right/left wing sites out there for the matrix stuck kpeople here….why would they come here?

          1. They are only half awake and the most painful part of waking up is yet to happen for them.


          2. This site has been purposefully infiltrated.

          Have you noticed the huge uptick in the use of the word troll?

      38. Who the hell wants to watch this pos anyways?

        It’s all kabuki theatre for those interested in such crap.

        what’s another 5 million or so probably on the dole already?

        This will be a double feature for the nation..

        Amnesty and Ferguson back to back..

        Now that’s entertainment..

        Plus it keeps all the dozens of other scandals off the headlines which the newly elected repubicans will never address in the first place..

        Business as usual..

        Prepare accordingly..


      39. It’s only on those two channels because the idiot president will probably announce it in Spanish!

      40. I believe the Constitution means nothing to Obama or his handlers.

        While they SAY they want to HELP the country, we have seen the laws and executive orders passed have been to limit freedom and further weaken the economy and the middle class. Hand in hand with agencies like the EPA and the UN, they have been hard at work.

        We are seeing a textbook Cloward-Piven strategy at work. The economy is struggling.

        ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ is to swell the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions.

        Obama’s words and actions have ENCOURAGED and made it clear this administration WANTS these illegals to COME and STAY here.

        • Ubnfortunatley the COnstitution meant nothing to all the presidents for a long long time. Hell, it don’t mean nothing to a lot of people here 🙂

          If it meant anything to Bush, he would of been more responsible economically and wouldn’t of started TSA, DHS, Patriot Act among others. He also wouldn’t of started the wars he did.

          But hey, they are all just doing their job and what they are told to do.

          Where have I heard that before??

      41. It is highly symbolic that the bisexual marxist mulatto Hussein Obama is announcing his mestizo amnesty just days before Thanksgiving, the mythology of which is firmly rooted in American folklore and linked to the Puritan settlers’ first winter in what became the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

        The racial and cultural alien and enemy Obama is sending an unmistakable message to White America that, in his view and that of the tribe that “runs” him, our history has come full circle and is now OVER. This contemptible mongrel of mediocre intelligence presumes to act as the herald pronouncing America’s funeral oration.

        Our history is in fact NOT over — it is merely being set back by centuries to the stage when Whites a.k.a. Americans lived in the midst of savages that could attack European settlements at any moment and slaughter or enslave the inhabitants regardless of “age, sex or condition.” Read about “King Philip’s War” (which lasted from 1675 to 1678) for an example of a) what to expect in the future and b)what Americans a.k.a. Whites may be called on to do to regain their independence and right to SELF-GOVERNMENT.

        As an aside, Americans a.k.a. Whites owe a huge and PERSONAL debt of “gratitude” to that Tribe which, through decades upon decades of work, has brought this moment in our history about, not only for its sadistic timing, but its consequences that we will experience in the future.

        The questions that remains unasked is: If the government is actively aiding foreign invaders of the country, in order to reduce Americans a.k.a. whites to numerical and political irrelevancy in their own country, who then will defend the nation? Can ALL the members of the regime’s SECURITY FORCES be on board with this attack on the substance of America?

        • Good question —

          Will the security forces enforce the law (as Presidency does not grant power to write new law, no legislation has been passed) or answer to un-Constitutional edicts and decrees like good knee padders? “Law enforcement” is losing all legitimacy unless this is stopped. State law enforcers better stand their ground and ignore this…

        • Seems Mexico’s Revolution day is in this time frame as well.

          I also seen a headline somewhere yesterday about George Soros getting his North American Union today.

      42. “The QUESTION that remains unasked…”

      43. Not airing the speech will prevent a 350 million gallon VOMIT cleanup.

      44. Yeah, they are blacking it out, because they know most of America will be absolutely pissed off. So, in reality, their out there doing what they usually do – running cover for O by not covering live the event for most of their viewers, while at the same time it goes live to what they (the admin) thinks is its targeted audience. But at the end of the day, following the money usually always establishes itself. Visas for the tech sector, low wage workers for labor intense industries, and on, and on with whatever else these sneaky, untrustworthy pols will try and get away with.

      45. Joe Biden was chosen as a favor for his son in Delaware? arranging the arrest of the chauffer that wrote the book exposing Ostupid’s homosexual experiences in the back seat of the limo just long enough to steal the election by compromised electronic voting machines; all irrelevant–the idiots would have voted for him anyway–he’s black. No, I don’t think he is mixed race. I think his mother was black, not Ann Dunham. All lies.
        Larry Sinclair is name of chauffer, I believe.

      46. No I will not learn Spanish……….why in gods name would I want to learn the language of poverty anyway ??

        Perhaps it is they who might just try to assimilate into our society………..but then again that has not worked for black people in this country either……..

        • When Spain was kicking out of her territory along with the khazars,the people of brittania were hearding dare you call the second most spoken language the language of poverty you sickly looking Anglo Saxon españa,viva franco,sieg Heilbronn vicktoria.

      47. Obama didn’t ask the networks for time.

        If he had, they’d give him all night to lay out a string of lies.

      48. am not surprised about it…. it will be a great awakening of the masses if they play the news… so the mass media are all doing it together…. its convenient…. of course the spanish media will be there showing the show… they know the americans for good or bad are already fucked by cognitive dissonance.. they don’t want to know or are already too dumb down to understand… too much sugar in their food castrate their cojones…. now it doesn’t even matter if they take your guns or no … 30,000 drones flying over you will destroy the most badass militia anywhere in the globe… but it’s cool… it should be something out there that can take down the drones B/S…at the end of the day i think they are triangulating planet earth…. and all this puppets in governments, COMM CEO, intel agencies, clones with ET agendas will be our biggest threat… they are already here and they look like us…. how you know how to recognize them … easy .. by there stupid all around take over agendas they are supporting … 😉

      49. All the good people here at shtpalan are being grubered by Obama.

        Obama’s executive amnesty announcement isn’t being shown on the four major TV networks because the White House didn’t request it. With a full 37% of Democrats not supporting executive amnesty, along with 69% of the Independents, and 89% of Republicans*, Obama knows executive amnesty is, in fact, a political death warrant for the Democratic Party and candidates for the 2016 elections. The last place Obama would want to air his executive amnesty is on American television.

        ex animo
        * Source NBC/WSJ poll, conducted Nov. 14-17 and has an overall margin of error of plus-3.1 percentage points

      50. ‘Murica,10% true Anglo Saxon,the rest a bunch of Anglo Saxon wannabe’s from Italy,Germany Poland,Norway and every other European tribe.sieg Heil españa.european sellouts are so funny.

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