Nearly 2/3 of Voters Think Trump Will Win Reelection Later This Year

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    A whopping 2/3 of American voters believe President Donald Trump will get a second term. This latest poll, released by CBS News on Sunday found that most voters think the race will be tight, but Trump will still win in November.

    The survey found that Trump will face a tight race with any of the likely Democratic nominees. Thirty-one percent of registered voters said the president will definitely win a second term, and 34% said he probably will, for a total of 65% expecting him to be reelected. A total of 35% disagreed; 23% said he “probably will not” win, and 12% said he would “definitely not” win.

    While polls can be deceiving (everyone remembers Hillary Clinton was expected to beat Trump in a landslide back in 2016), it could show that democrats have given up some hope that their party has an answer to the “booming” economy. Regardless of the economy being fake and highly manipulated, low information voters tend to attribute how well they are doing financially to the guy sitting in the Oval Office.

    Republicans were overwhelmingly certain of Trump’s victory: 9 in 10 predicted his reelection. But still, more than a third of Democrats agreed he would likely win. According to USA Today, opinions on the race appear to be firmly set for most voters. Sixty-three percent said their minds are made up no matter who the Democratic nominee ends up being, and 61% said they wouldn’t change their position no matter what Trump does in the next year.

    In the battle for the nomination to take on Trump, Sanders – who won decisively in Nevada’s caucuses on Saturday – was the top choice of 28% of likely Democratic voters. Next was Warren at 19%, followed by Biden at 17%, Bloomberg at 13%, Buttigieg at 10% and Klobuchar at 5%. Only 12% of those voters said it was likely they would change their minds before casting their ballot, though 46% said it was a possibility. –USA Today


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      1. Well take a good hard look at the bunch on ignoramuses he’s running against and the choice is pretty easy IMHO.

        A corrupt senile ex-vice president who is a gaff a minute embarrassment to himself, his party and the nation that was the frontrunner and now is a dead man walking after Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada; a billionaire who can’t decide which political party he represents and whose news organization of the same name defends China every chance it gets; a multi-millionaire communist who disavows capitalism, who is now the front runner, after Nevada and will probably be the Demonrat nominee, unless the DNC decides it wants screw him AGAIN; a woman who has been lying about her cultural heritage since high school to gain appointments and jobs that have made her a multi-millionaire; a gay first term mayor of a city in Indiana that is smaller than one I live in and a woman whose name recognition is best described as “Who?”.

        Not to mention the agenda or is that the “planks” of the party: defeat the nazi racist Putin’s puppet in the White House; confiscate all firearms; fully condone and fund by the government, using our tax dollars, the killing of babies up to and after the moment of birth which was made a constitutional right by the SJC; restructure the Supreme Court to ensure that it remains Demonrat forever; higher and/or more taxes and not just on rich people; open borders; amnesty for illegal aliens back to 1976 and forward to infinity; free health care for illegals; welfare for illegals; voting rights for illegals; reparations for black people back to when slavery was abolished in 1863; reparations for gay and lesbian people. the living ones anyway; free college for everyone; $1.6T student loan debt forgiveness; green energy. excluding nuclear. paid for by the taxpayers; outlaw all energy production using fossil fuels; outlaw all fossil fuel powered transportation; government approval for every sexual and gender identity deviancy known to man, soon to include government sanction for DRAG QUEEN story hour for toddlers, primary schoolers, tweens and teens at your local library where they hand out condoms and other sex related or homosexual paraphernalia to children; $15 or is it now $20 an hour minimum wage and free shit Free Shit FREE SHIT for all, except white people. White people get to pay ALL the bills.

        • *fruition

          • A federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that the Department of Justice (DOJ) could withhold funding from cities and states that refuse to cooperate with the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

            ((((GET UM TRUMPY))))

      2. Yes, Trump will win. But don’t look for big changes, I have reservations. Historically, regardless who is in office, or what party is in power, basic national issues change little, if at all. There are SYSTEMIC and FUNDAMENTAL problems that are crippling the nation and its people and society, and are NOT being addressed. Things like massive debt (it’s at the point it doesn’t make any difference anymore), out of control Mil. Ind. Comp., endless wars, covert expenditure of resources and human capital for Israeli wars and hegemony, hyper/super concentration of wealth in the US, ever-growing and invasive spying on Amer. citizens, a two-tier system on justice, vast hordes of illegal immigration over running the country with the complicity of officialdom, a horrible public education system in this country, an ongoing deterioration of our GOD-given, Constitutionally stated rights, the crowding out of citizens concerns by massive undue influence of lobbyists and their money, and a badly deteriorated national public infrastructure are but a few items being ignored.
        These are REAL nation-altering issues, not merely political issues, but issues that threaten what kind of country Amer. is going to be, whether scared unfettered rights and liberties will continue to exist in the future, what the long-term financial health and well-being of the country will be, and even the life span of the country. Officialdom and politicians with their minions will not address these problems because they are the ones who made it like this based on their agendas. Almost no official or politician, or party is actually addressing them.
        It’s time for all Amer.s citizens to get real, to admit that we are considered nothing more than managed disposable resources. We count for basically nothing, and even more so, we are truly despised. Elections never bring the vital changes necessary to repair long-term and pressing problems. Think about it, the same conditions and problems continue to exist regardless of the voter turnout.
        Just as a single blow from Alexander’s sword undid the Gordian Knot, the seccession of states would solve these problems. This is where we should be looking to fix things.

      3. Trump says he wants to stop the out of control immigration.Then he hires nitwits like this.

        Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Wed. Feb 19, 2020:

        “We are desperate – desperate – for more people. We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants.”

        Does he just let these people run with their ideas while he relaxes with a Quarter Pounder and tweets whatever crosses his little mind? Does he care or is he just bullshitting the public with talking points to keep them happy? Does he really have any say?
        No. The bosses control the agenda from the shadows and the choices Trump is given are two sides of the same coin. His agenda will be the one the deep state agrees to. The Congress proposes the laws and they are all blackmailed into doing what the bosses wish.

        So, sure, Trump will most likely get re-elected. If not, the left side of the Uniparty will have a boss-approved candidate to fill the seat. You don’t think these primaries are anything but a circus show for the masses do you? The bosses will have an approved candidate for you to vote for…left or right.

        Don’t forget to vote. If your candidate didn’t get elected last time, vote harder this time.

      4. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh, I remember, Trump has placed the demands of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Wall Street over the needs of America at the expense of America guilty of treason, and high crimes, which the DNC did not charge him with since they are guilty of the same crimes themselves!

        Who would vote for this guy the second time around? An Israeli, a Saudi Arabian, an enormous gambler which is a share holder of bullshit, or involved in an illegal daisy chain, and a corporation.

        Dow 30 trillion! The sky is the limit!

      5. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh, I remember, Trump has placed the demands of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Wall Street over the needs of America ….
        Winning is ok …winning a rigged game
        Nirvana –

        • If winning is a rigged game, it is not winning, it is cheating, which is an admission of inferiority and incompetency, and is therefore losing.

      6. them Goyiums touk my hegde trimmors
        i was want to trim my bieard

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