NBA Superstar Charles Barkley Slams Ferguson Rioters: “Those Aren’t Real Black People… Those Are Scumbags”

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Headline News | 182 comments

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    (Image: Wiki Commons)

    With NFL players and Congressional members now engaging in the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ movement in a show of support for the Ferguson protests, one particular superstar is taking a different stance.

    Retired NBA player Charles Barkley doesn’t side with the protesters. In fact, he is appalled by their behavior following the Ferguson Grand Jury decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson. In a recent interview he made some comments that more than likely won’t help him make any new friends in the African American protest circuit.

    I’ve got more support now than I’ve got negativity.

    It’s like them jackasses who are looting. Those aren’t real black people. Those are scumbags.

    Real black people… they’re not out there looting. I just watched a great story on CNN where a bunch of really amazing folks wouldn’t let them burn down establishments… it was a great story.

    Unfortunately, the way the media portrays a lot of black people… we only put the negative black people on television. We don’t put the good, hard working black people… there’s a perception among some black people that if you’re not a thug or a hood-rat, and you don’t wear your pants down around your ass you’re not black enough. And they are always holding us back, plain and simple.

    If it wasn’t for the cops we’d be living in the Wild Wild West in our neighborhoods.

    Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops?

    I don’t know what happened in Ferguson. Nobody knows what happened… but I want to take the time as a responsible person… and read the Grand Jury statement.

    Listen to the Interview:

    Black or white, when individuals turn to looting, robbing, beating and burning, especially when they target independent businesses or innocent people for no other reason than the color of their skin, it is no longer about raising awareness of the issues. Rather, it is nothing more than animalistic behavior that divides, rather than unites a cause.

    Barkley, unlike our political leaders and protest organizers, sees this for what it is – just another propaganda ploy to create friction and hate so that people like Eric Holder can propose new regulations and legislative actions that further erode our liberties and divide Americans.

    The point is to keep us all fighting with each other, whether figuratively or literally. Then ‘they’ can save us with even more Orwellian-style control mechanisms.


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      1. Detroit is next…

        • SHTF IN Detroit: is suffering a Massive Power outage right now Everything went dark at about 10:30 AM this morning. They still don’t know the cause. The Jails, police stations, fire depts, all municipal and schools building went dark. They sent all schools kids home.

          • Even Detroit Airport power was out and stop lights across the city.

            Power now returning to downtown Detroit
            DETROIT — The lights are gradually coming back on across downtown Detroit after a massive cable failure triggered a huge power outage in the city’s fire stations, schools and other public buildings.

            About one-third of the outages, which hit as many as 1,000 sites, were restored by 2:15 p.m., and most should have power restored by Tuesday night, according to DTE Energy.

            The outages knocked out electricity to most public buildings, trapping many people in elevators and cutting power to police departments, fire stations, schools, jails and traffic lights.

            The “major cable failure” shut down the grid at about 10:30 a.m., according to a statement from the City of Detroit, affecting at least 100 major customers, such as the fire department, which have numerous individual facilities.

            “We have isolated the issue and are working to restore power as soon as possible,” according to the statement by the city.

            Traffic lights began coming back on at many intersections around 11:45 a.m. and in the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, where many people were evacuated through stairwells. Other buildings were gradually going back online in early afternoon.

            Other affected buildings included the Detroit Institute of Arts and Wayne State,

            The Coleman A. Young Municipal Center also was was evacuated. More than 1,200 inmates at two locations were locked down until power is restored, said Lt. Brian Earle with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

            • This sounds to me like the govt buildings just got hooked up to their own power source, not a blackout. This says nothing about RESIDENTIAL power outages. Why only govt/public areas affected? Are they really on a whole different circuit than residences?

              When our power goes out here, everything in that area of the grid goes down or on backup generators…not just certain properties. Dos anyone else get what I’m thinking here, about the govt separating itself from the rest of us on the power grid?

              • Six;
                I get what you are saying but I think part of it depends on how the supply wires are run. We had an outage last winter for a couple days, while our neighbor across the street was fine.


                • That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Ghost. I find the separation by TYPE to be onerous. I suppose cities may have been started in the business section, then wired for residential, but that doesn’t make much sense to me. Cities that I know of, grow both residentially AND commercially. You have to have demand before supply. So you might have a welfare office or post office on the same feed as several blocks of houses and apartments, etc, because of their proximity to each other. That’s just the way the lines were ran.

                  I’m thinking grid plan here. Of course the service sections will butt against one another, depending on how the lines were run, so one section might be dark, but another isn’t.

                  Think like this: (It’s been a long time since I was in on running romex, so bear with me, I’m ancient)

                  In a house, you can wire your rooms to their own breakers. The kitchen goes out, the basement and upstairs might be okay, because they’re on separate circuits. W&D and other 240v lines are obviously separate from 110v, you should already know why.

                  I see Detroit’s wiring sort of like a safe room. You’d wire it separate from the rest of the house, yes? So that if the power got knocked out of the rest of the house, your safe room would still have it’s own power, because it wasn’t wired with the rest of the house.

                  Your most important room was kept separate. Now imagine you wanted guests in the house to leave and they didn’t take the hint. You could turn off the power to the entire house, even blow up the breaker panel, and retreat to your safe room which still had power, because it was wired separately.

                  That’s kinda like what I’m thinking about the wiring plan for Detroit. They could take out the power to all of the little people, but keep it on for themselves while they wait for the rest to leave.

          • YEP , Top story at Drudge .

            How ya wanna bet they were hacked ?
            Do you think we would be told if they were hacked ?

            • Detroit – the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program.

              Also, the only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime,

              Thanks, socialists!

              Oh yeah. Their “War on Poverty” started 35 years ago or so has now spent ~ 20 freaking TRILLION. Yet more great work from the left

          • This response hardened the whites in their view that black people are criminally inclined and a threat to the safety of the lives and properties of whites.

            The issue has been cast as white-black racism.

            Actually, the situation is far more serious than racism.

            I can remember times when police in America were reliable. They had themselves under control and saw their role as helpful to citizens and investigators of crimes. They took care not to bring charges against innocent people and to kill citizens without cause. Police would put their lives on line in order to avoid making a mistake in the use of their power.

            Those times are gone forever. The police have been militarized, especially after 9/11, but even before. Police are taught to regard the public, especially any suspect or traffic offender as a potential threat to the police. The new rule taught to police is to apply violence to the suspect or offender in order to protect the police officer, and to question suspects only after they are safely secured, it they are still alive after being beaten, tasered, or shot.

            This police training, together with police incompetence, which is difficult to understand in these days of GPS addresses, results in massive assaults in the homes of totally innocent American civilians who have done no wrong, but, despite their innocence, lose family members and pets to gratuitous police violence.

            Taxpayers pay the police to investigate crimes, not to attack members of the public. But the police have been taught to see their role as protecting themselves from a criminally-
            inclined public, black and white.

            Police reside in the executive branch, and since 9/11 the executive branch has succeeded in removing itself from accountability to law and to the Constitution. This unaccountability has filtered down to the militarized police who can now murder with impunity as their numerous murders of citizens are given a pass.

            • Your well written comment is the stuff of sane minds, in an insane world, Anonymous:

              “There is a new music video that is going viral entitled This is What Happens When You Call The Cops.


              It is a shocking video putting together numerous clips of Police Brutality that is very disturbing to say the least. It has captured the stark transformation of the police into a militaristic force […]

              The militarization of the police has no boundary of race, creed, or gender.

              This video captures the resentment that is bubbling beneath the surface, Anyone who thinks this is just a race issue better open their eyes. The abuse has no limits. The civil asset forfeiture laws are unleashing criminal activity sanctioned by the courts against the people no different from Rome when its armies sacked their own cities to get paid.” …


              It’s because Of the cops we’re living in the Wild Wild West in our neighborhoods right now.

              Do you know how Much Better some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops?

            • Oh wait, maybe Charles Barkley had it right, in a wrong sort of way, when he said, “If it wasn’t for the cops we’d be living in the Wild Wild West in our neighborhoods.”

              Consider this:

              The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality

              “the civil society of the American West in the nineteenth century was not very violent. Eugene Hollon writes that the western frontier “was a far more civilized, more peaceful and safer place than American society today” (1974, x). Terry Anderson and P. J. Hill affirm that although “[t]he West . . . is perceived as a place of great chaos, with little respect for property or life,” their research “indicates that this was not the case; property rights were protected and civil order prevailed. Private agencies provided the necessary basis for an orderly society in which property was protected and conflicts were resolved” (1979, 10).” …


              Or, if you might prefer to listen to audio:

              The Myth of the Wild West – interview with Tom DiLorenzo.


            • Anonymous, AMEN to your comments and let me add what you just mentioned is a result of federal influence in civilian law enforcement. the asset forfeiture laws have helped increase corruption in law enforcement. After 9/11, the creation of DHS and federal grants being given away like candy to LE agencies to buy military hardware, etc. have brought about even more corruption. They have become a law unto themselves. There are really are 2 sets of rules; one set for us “civilians”, and another set for the enforcers. There is no accountability for them anymore. I have totally lost faith in law enforcement. I avoid them like HIV today. And don’t get me started about the judicial system. Lawyers belong in the same sewer.

              • Man! How many personalities do you have???

                Maybe you should let us all know how many there are and what their names are? Then just sign each post with the name of the current personality you are under the control of and then we know who we are dealing with and can reposnd appropriately.

                • BJ, I only have one personality. What I stated in that post are my true feelings. Despite what people like you, helot, YMWW, etc. think, I don’t support any police state. When I was growing up back in the 60s, this country was a far different place. Police back then were NOT like they are now despite popular belief. I had cops in my family who were NOTHING like today’s cops. They didn’t even trust any federal people. They’re all retired now and won’t even let their siblings get into LE. They are just as sick and disgusted as you and I are of what law enforcement has become. BJ, I can tell you’re very sincere and passionate in your posts and I can respect and appreciate that. I know we’ve had some differences and I’ve really been heated with you at times. I’m also passionate and sincere with my beliefs. I don’t really want to be at odds with you or anyone else here at this site. I know that my real enemies are elsewhere and eventually I’ll be confronted by them when TSHTF. These holidays are not a good time of the year for me. It was at this time of year when I lost my wife to a drunk driver. I hurt every day. I miss her like hell. She was the person who got me into prepping in the first place and I have never regretted that decision. I’ve been around more than a few blocks. I’ve been through some things in life that would blow your mind, but I survived each and every one of them because I was prepared. I’ve got a good idea of the hell that is coming to this land and I just keep prepping for it to the best of my ability. Every one of us will eventually be faced with situations we don’t want to happen but we know will probably happen. I only know for sure that I’m not going to shy away from it and rise to the challenge. I hope to make it all the way through SHTF but I know there’s always a chance I may NOT make it. I’m saving my fighting strength for what’s coming. I don’t want to fight with anyone here. I’m willing to bury the hatchet, so to speak. I apologize for being mean toward you in the past and I really do wish you the best. Take care.

                  • Braveheart,
                    I commend you on an outstanding post!!!! BJ, I commend you, as well, on your response!!!

                    • SD Mule, thank you for that. I also apologize to you for any differences we’ve had in the past. My real enemies are NOT here at this site. They are out there in the real world and I’ll be facing them soon enough. I don’t have any reason to fight anyone at this site. Take care.

            • perfect post.

            • WOW….What an awesome and perfectly stated message.

              I fell and think the same but my posts never come out as well as yours. Mine come out a little different and 90% here bash me for it, yet when worded more eloquently, very little disagreement comes along with praise…..LoL 🙂

          • I just watched the video of the Walmart shooting at Paul Craig Roberts’ website… it is very, very hard to watch!

            The guy has a pellet gun and the police slaughter him for holding it, as he talks on the phone to his wife… really hard to watch because he sees the cops pull up, realizes what’s about to take place, throws the toy gun down, and screams as he tries to hide, scooting on the floor, trying to hide– He is screaming hysterically, screaming, “its only a toy, its only a toy!”

            Of course, this does no good as the murderous bastard cops shoot him several times anyhow. WE HAVE A GESTAPO NOW– ITS NO LONGER THE POLICE!!! Its starting out slowly, but doubt not– Justice is gone and we have a Gestapo.

            What they are trying to convey to us is that its wrong to even hold toy guns– even kids will be slaughtered for this! They want your guns and they will do whatever it takes to convince you to give them up. Period.

            • Went to Paul Craig Roberts site to watch the walmart shooting.

              That was a completely unnecessary shooting of an innocent man.

            • Watch the one of the 12 year old a week and a half ago in Cleveland. His name was Tamir Rice, he was 12 and playing with a pellet gun in a park. Cops rolled up and were shooting just as soon as their gun cleared the window once the door was open.

              Some here bashed the kid and justified the pigs taking the boys life. Watch the video and decide….its tougher to watch than the Walmart one IMO….maybe because he was only 12 years old.

              • BJ, I just finished watching the video you mentioned. I have to agree with you on this one. The cops could have and should have handled it in another way. That kid didn’t have to die. Those 2 cops are murderers in my book.

                • I am glad you see it that way. But I think you were agreeing with Old Coach and dale that the cop was doing as he was trained to do about a week ago??

                  • people need to look at the facts closely, before making a judgement call. Kudo’s to Braveheart as he went back and re evaluated the facts… it was murder. And the system will let them get away with shooting a KID.

                  • BJ, the comment I made on the shooting of that kid was the first comment I’ve made about that particular incident.

                    • If I am wrong, then I appologize. I have a hard time remembering who said what. I usually just lump posters together in broad groups mentally and sometimes we can disagree on huge fundamental ones and then agree on the smaller nuts and bolts of things….OR vice versa.

              • Yeah I seen this last week, but since so many here have the rightwing ideologue, noecon war mongering, boot licking, love our overlords mentality, I thought I don’t want to lose it and shoot my computer when one of them still blames this victim too and says the cop “did what he was trained to do.”

                Which BTW, when you keep hearing that they did what they were trained to do, you gotta ask the question… there something wrong with their f*cking training?

        • Hope everyone has bought up a shitload of gas, oil, kerosene, and diesel for their needs. Better be testing out those marine batteries for your solar power backups. Get epsom salt and distilled water to bring bad battery plates back to life. Heat 2 cups of distilled water not quite to boiling and dissolve the salt into it and pour evenly into your battery and shake the hell out of it. Immediately put it on the charger. The celebrities and scum politicians just keep on shooting their mouths off. Cops are bad and rioters are bad too. Be on no one’s side but your own. Get ready to fight any and every damn body.

        • Charles Barkley was a pretty awesome basketball player, fully deserving a spot on the “Dream Team” and holding his own among the very best.

          It’s nice to hear a sports celebrity weigh in correctly on a contemporary socio-political issue, especially when he’ll likely take negative shots from liberals and from the militant black community for being an “Uncle Tom” or being wrongfully called a “sellout.”

          • Charles in Charge!

            The round mound of rebound.

            Liked the sixers when he played.

            My real thrill was meeting Dr. J one day at my college.

            Our BB coach was a friend and a great player in his own right.

            Skinner was his name, he actually dunked on me once in a pickup game. Any way, the day Dr. J came, he did the foul line to basket dunk. Very cool to see it up close. Got his autograph. 🙂

          • Free slave I am from the same part of the country that Charles Barkley came from.Charles came from a small town of Leeds Alabama a town that I was partially raised there,We are not all the same and not the same color but human non the less.

        • If only Rock were a “black”

        • GR – OK Chris Rock can stay cause he is real and funny. The rest can leave anytime.

          • Trust me Chris Rock would flip in a heart beat if he were surrounded by hood rats

            He would fall right in lock step

            Take away his money and he would be next to luck some mother and steal her phone
            Fuck Chris rock and all that look line him

            • Kick some mother ,, sorry typo

            • Chris Rock loves his masters…

              • Chris Rock gets it because of what he has accomplished/achieved in his life. Like it or not he is a successful person. Granted you could argue how he reached that success or by what means …. But he is there and has put out his opinion.

                Would he have the same thoughts if he was poor, etc. maybe, maybe not. That misses the whole point.

                Not to mention I posted it because it was funny.


              • There was a time when Chris Rock was pretty racist towards white people, especially in his skits. Apparently he’s rebranded himself. Anyone who didn’t follow him a few years ago would never see the difference.

                I’m glad he seems to have woken up, but it will take some time for me to put aside the racism from before, for the newer version. Sorry, but I wiped every memory of him from my mind for a reason, and that reason was his former obama-worshipping, anti-white version. I don’t have time to go back and watch his videos to find the ones I’m thinking about. I thought it was disgusting then, and I wouldn’t like it now any better.

                I tried to find the specific links again, but they’re too old now and have dropped off the search engines. You know how things they don’t want us to know simply drop off the net? Well, there’s something missing here, about Chris Rock the old version.

                I urge you to be careful about jumping on a bandwagon that just happens to be playing music you like to hear.

                If I’m wrong and Mr. Rock does indeed have changed his views, then I’m happy that another black person gets it. I’ve known a few that have gotten it all the while, even when it wasn’t cool and lucrative. I’m afraid I have a very long memory.


            • remember “pookie” from new jack city?

        • Barkley: “Those Aren’t Real Black People… Those Are Scumbags”

          Mr. Barkley, are these black kids thugs:

          Zemir Begic, 32, was found unconscious with apparent injuries to his head, abdomen, face and mouth in the 4200 block of Itaska at 1:15 a.m. Police say Begic was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

          According to police, Begic was in his vehicle when “several juveniles” approached his car and began damaging it. When Begic exited his vehicle the teenagers yelled and struck him with hammers.

          Following the assault, the teenagers fled the scene on foot. A 15 and 16-year-old were located a short time later and placed in the custody of juvenile authorities.

          One teen was charged with murder, two more were held and a fourth was sought Monday as officials spent another day trying to quell speculation that the bludgeoning death of a Bosnian immigrant was racially motivated.

          “There is no evidence that this was a crime occasioned by the race or ethnicity of the victim,” Mayor Francis Slay declared in a formal statement. He added, “Speculation that this attack had anything to do with the Ferguson protests is absolutely unfounded.”

          Another blogger noticed this:

          If the white victim was not targeted because of his race, or skin color, then who exactly were the teenagers (ages 15, 16 and 17) looking to attack at one o’clock in the morning as they walked around with hammers in the middle of the night?

          Was the white victim, Mr. Dzananovic, who escaped an hour earlier, just coincidental to the white victim who was brutally murdered by the black teens a short time later?

          Apparently Mayor Slay and Police Chief Sam Dotson would like you to reconcile as such.

          Alas, another resident happened to notice those same teens chanting “eff the white people, kill the white people“, just a short time before.


          Takeaway Lesson for Liberals: Pass legislation for Hammer Control Laws. Must be a registered and licensed user of hammers.

          Charles Barkley: “These aren’t real black people… Those are scumbags.”

          • Should not have gotten out of his car. They had hammers – he had a ton and a half of deadly weapon and he abandoned it. Car at 40mph beats hammer any day!


            • Even armed I would not have got out of the car; for what? Think they’re going to repair it? Step on the gas and get the hell out of there.

              • anyone who gets in front of you, is simply free road improvements…

                • Anyone who gets in front of me would become pancakes and I LOVE pancakes.

                  • You do what you have to do not to get injured or killed. If where you are is dangerous you get out of there. This being said still requires common sense over anger. Running over bystanders that are there is wrong. It their trapping you with a human shield they lost the innocent bystander and have become an active participant. If at all possible attempt to hurt the least amount of people. If they have a weapon that can reach you in your vehicle be it gun or incendiary device its may God help those blocking my escape.

                    Before the night is out you will be answering for your actions. A few years in prison being known as, “The white motherfucker that ran over all them black kids” will not endear you to the incarcerated black population.

                    In the end the questions become, “How threatened were you”? and “Would a reasonably prudent person do the same actions”?

              • sounds like more Driver A or Driver B

                he had a “right” to get out of that car
                he exercised that right

                • You’re blaming the victim, again.

                  • once again
                    it’s called situational awareness

                    Driver A used good judgment
                    he is alive
                    Driver B used poor judgment
                    he is dead

                    “blaming the victim” is irrelevant at this point

                    Driver B turned himself into a victim

                    my favorite quote from Selco
                    “stupidity got punished very hard back then, usually with death.”

                    this is how life works
                    whether we like it or not

                    Nature ain’t out to get you
                    but she does punish stupidity

                  • Satori;
                    I agreed with your point in the last article about situational awareness but to blame a guy who is in his own neighborhood is a little much. IMHO.


                  • It kinda reminds me of watching those old monster movies. You know, the ones where you sit there and yell at the TV “Don’t open the door, stupid”, or “Go back into the house, just go back NOW”…right before they get turned into sushi.

                    We all watched the video and probably would’ve known what was going to happen, even if we hadn’t already heard what did.

                    It’s called COMMON SENSE.

                    Some have it—some don’t.

                • hi Satori, I liked your logical A and B comments a while back. Unfortunately many of us like to exercise our rights to be dumb asses.

                  • Selco said it best

                    “stupidity is punished”

                    and its not about “blaming the victim”

                    it’s about having choices to make
                    some good
                    some bad

                    let me give a few more personal examples

                    years ago before I had GPS
                    I took the wrong exit off the interstate while on a trip
                    well it didn’t take me long to figure out my mistake
                    I very quickly found myself in “the wrong section of town” so to speak
                    I turned a corner and was going to circle back around the block and try and get back on the interstate
                    as soon as I turned onto that street,I immediately saw a large group of black men,late teens,early 20’s I would guess
                    there were at least two dozen or so,standing in the middle of the street
                    I could have asserted my right to use the roadway and proceed ahead
                    I could have pulled a Driver A stunt
                    I slammed that G_D damned brake pedal through the floor board
                    slammed it into reverse and did the fastest damn 3 point turn ever executed in the history of the automobile
                    as I was SPEEDING away
                    I looked in the mirror and saw a half dozen or so of these gentlemen running after me
                    perhaps they wanted to welcome me to the neighborhood or give me advice on a good local restaurant
                    I’ll never know
                    Driver A,alive to tell the tale

                    another time I was called to do a job estimate in a “questionable neighborhood” shall we say
                    I had been there for awhile,walking around,taking measurements etc
                    I looked down the street and about a hundred feet away
                    saw a half dozen or so young men of color coming in my direction
                    I could hear shouts of “white boy” and “our hood”
                    I had a decision to make
                    I could assert my rights
                    and stay there and complete my estimate
                    I could pull a Driver A and get the hell out of there
                    I jumped in my truck and literally burned rubber
                    once again Driver A
                    alive to tell the tale
                    now perhaps I was mistaken
                    maybe those gentlemen were with the neighborhood Welcome Wagon
                    and were bringing me a basket of fruit?
                    I’ll never know
                    I stopped off at the local market and bought my own damn fruit


                    STUPIDITY IS PUNISHED

                  • And some of us will stand our ground and start sprayin lead rather than run.

                  • I call BULLSHIT Dave in Idaho. How many people have you killed on the streets of America??? I say, ZERO!! Take that armchair John Wayne bullshit to the bar with your buddies, the real world is a little different than the movies. You don’t frontal assault a position where you are out numbered and out-gunned, there is a reason you have a head at the top of your body, it is supposed to house a brain. Satori made the correct decision, avoid contact until you have the advantage. Even with the advantage, it is a decision that will have consequences. Good work, Satori!!!

                • Having the right to do something does not always mean its the right thing to do.

                  • That might be a correct statement Kevin2, but I would bet you would not stand there and get your ass beat if 1. you could drive away or 2. not drive away and let the lead fly. Shooting is always the last option but right or wrong, sticking around is about as stupid as a person can get and is always the wrong choice.

          • FreeSlave, I say MEGA KUDOS to Barkley for telling the truth. I’ll take GOOD black people like him any day over the losers like Michael Brown and his supporters. They are the ones that give the “black community” the worst reputation. THEY NEED TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT. THEY NEED TO CLEAN UP THEIR OWN HOUSE BEFORE THEY CAN TALK ABOUT ANYONE ELSE’S HOUSE. THEY DON’T HAVE ANY DAMNED BUSINESS PREACHING TO WHITE PEOPLE OR ANYONE ELSE ABOUT ANYTHING. THEY DON’T HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON.

            • I agree with you.

              Now the Libs are going to do to Charles Barkley what they did to Bill Cosby.

              • I believe, YOU, are absolutely correct in what is now going to happen to Charles Barkley.

                • FS and TPS, let my opponents bring it on. I stand by my comments. This tiger never changes his stripes for anyone or anything.

            • Satori, AMEN to your post. Nothing I can dispute.

        • Nothing left to loot there

          • Who is Charles Barkley?

            And why is this news??

        • Morning (evening there??) eppe – Mac has my email address if you’d like to include an Aussie on your chat list.


          PS – we have areas here that are similar but generally our Aboriginals are as peaceful and easy to get along with as anyone else. Our main “race” problem are the Muslim enclaves full of “refugees”, in Sydney in particular. Only yesterday it was announced our authorities were too late to stop a 9 year old girl being sent to the Middle East to be married. It is a fairly common occurrence unfortunately and what we hear of in the news is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

        • No. One, it is winter. No one riots in Detroit in winter. Two, Detroit is a ghost town. Riots need people in close quarters to get started. People are too spread out. Not that there aren’t little riots all the time that don’t make the news. There also isn’t really anything to loot in Detroit. No real retail.

      2. Thumbs up or Mr. Barkley

        • It would be funny if Barkley delivered a trademark right elbow to the nose of Obola while he was teaching Obola how to box out for a rebound.

          • We can only hope. 🙂

            • Man, I’d pay real money for the video !

              • I was looking for the “change”!!! 🙂

        • I love the Chuckster. I have since he played in Phoenix for the Suns. Chuck is saying what other black leaders and celebrities SHOULD be saying to young black men and women.

          When successful blacks make it uncool to be a drug dealer and a thug, more young blacks will rise to fill their potential, and I embrace that day.

          No, Chuck is not suffering in the ghetto now, but he was born dirt poor in the deep south. Alabama I think. He had some talent and worked very hard to get where he is at today and made the RIGHT choices along the way.

          There are many talented black athletes who don’t make it. So you need more than raw talent. You need an inner fire that refuses mediocrity; or at least less than your highest potential.

          I saw many talented black athletes in my own life who didn’t make it. That doesn’t mean that they cannot be productive citizens in something other than sports. Many people have hidden talents, and many, more than one.

          Chuck opposed the Trayvon Martin reaction from the black community, too. He believed that shooting was justified also, and in self defense.

          Personally, I have the utmost, and the highest respect for Charles Barkley. 🙂

          • Excellent post. Wish they would bring back the thumbs up (not the thumbs down, though)

          • What do you want to bet that after this, a bunch of former girl friends “come forward” from decades ago, to accuse him of rape or assault…isn’t that what happens when people speak out publicly against the NWO agenda?

            • I’m not sure about those accusations but if I remember correctly he wasn’t exactly a choir boy when he played ball for Philadelphia


              • Any choir boys here may cast the first stones.

          • DK do you remember when Cotton Fitzsimmons was the coach of the Phoenix Suns. Hard to believe, but he was my P.E. teacher in high school.

            • Cotton was a good coach and a good man. This world lost a real asset when he passed. I suspect he is still coaching in the next.

              Listen for his voice. 🙂

      3. everyone is appalled when people take the opportunity to loot in the name of “peaceful protest”

        I can see why black people are extra-disgusted, this promotes race division and hurts everyone.

        • Yes, 100% non-violence is the way.

      4. As you have noticed over the past few months, many of the frequent posters here have vanished (Be informed, VRF,Walt K, and myself etc). I’m ashamed to be a part of what SHTF has become. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some good ones (Brave,Ky mom)

        The reason so many of you posts got thumbed down is because other individuals agreed with what I’m posting. Enjoy your wacko comments because educated prepper discusion here has been gone for a while.

        BTW Not everything is a conspiracy.

        • Indy;
          I understand what you are trying to say, but this site like every other site evolves over time. Some things are good others not so much.

          Its not necessarily a bad thing. Though I would like to see more prep but it is what it is.

          I have been on this site for several years and there has always been a regular turn over of the main people who post here. Its nothing new.


          • Still would like to see the thumbs up (not down) re-instated. That way people can see what is helpful, while eliminating the troll issue.

            • I agree

            • Another site I read daily has a system where you can “thank” a poster for his post, and the moniker of the “thanker” is displayed below the post. No more anonymous ratings.

          • NO! Indy is right

        • Indy Colts: “BTW Not everything is a conspiracy.”

          What?? Are you saying that you’re not a believer in the NWO Jew Bankster conspiracy? How dare you! Blasphemer!

          P.S. I have seen Walt Kowalski post recently. And like you I do miss “Be Informed.”

          • yes….I’ve been posting…some. But I have also noticed that many of the folks who contributed valuable information have not posted in a while.

            I am giving serious consideration to leaving this site and moving on. (I’m sure that will bring joy to many)

            Mac’s articles are fine. I have no problem with that. But I feel like I’m living in pre-WWII Germany.

            Frankly, many of the people who post here now, will be the kind of people I will be most worried about when SHTF. They are the ones with no moral compass. And frankly, I just don’t want to be associated with them….even if it is to argue with them.

            So….if this site is going to “evolve” into a racist, anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi, atheistic, nihilistic enclave, then I’ll just be on my way. I see and hear enough of that with the popular culture. I may check out Mac’s articles from time to time…but I’ll stay out of the comments section.

            • Walt Kowalski: “So….if this site is going to “evolve” into a racist, anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi, atheistic, nihilistic enclave, then I’ll just be on my way.”

              Ugh. I hear ya’.

              • Walt and FreeSlave et. al. — We have updated our commenting policy and will be enforcing it across the board.

                “Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site, including the disparagement of people in the comments section.”

                I agree that this kind of stuff has no place in this community.

                • THANK YOU Mac !

                • Thank god for Political Correctness, we don’t want any FREEDOM creeping in here!!

            • Did I not say, “I may have to go back and check, if I am mistaken, I appologize?”

              And I was not race baiting.

              Oh and I lost count at how many times I said brown was a thug…..AND that IMO there were no real winners in Ferguson. I just don’t think he deserved the death penalty by a “privileged in blue” playing judge, jury and executioner.

            • Amen to that….


              • That was for Walt’s K’s comments….


        • Im afraid many left because they couldn’t refute those they disagree with any proven facts. Maybe their skin just isn’t thick enough. As Ive stated before im not a Christian. and ive been attacked because of this. Have I ran away with my tail between my legs? Of course not. You cant learn anything new by always having others agree with you. I want others to argue the facts and prove me wrong. Instead of doing like indy colts just did. Indy colts don’t like or agree with the message. However rather than refuting with facts. Indy colts insinuates there is something wrong with the others that they are Wackos! Every one has a first admendment right. Not just those who we agree with. That is the test will you fight for someone else rights even though you disagree with them. All forms of censorship are wrong. Its a coward who when they don’t agree with the message resorts to personal attacks on the messenger. Just you watch Mr Barkleys message (which I agree with) (I think him & George Foreman are good men) will not be approved by many black & their leaders & since they cant refute his message they will resort to cowardly personal attacks. Remember this a person cannot build themselves up by tearing others down. as far as prepper info. Ive noticed anythime any person ask a question many here are quick to answer and try & help them. Don’t expect to be helped if you don’t ask. SHTF is still the best site. and the thumbs being removed is a improvement.

          • Old Guy: I suspect their skin wasn’t thick enough. Its a tough crowd, opinionated, and radical. You have to be willing to give as much or more than you get here or head for the showers.

            Its a free-for-all, and that suites my ex-Marine personality!!! Engage!!! 🙂

          • I would agree with you Old Man on that point. People rotating in and out on this site if they find it useful. And for many new comers and it would be good for preppers to give and share a few tips on prepping. Even a food recipe in Cast Iron. I try to post Prep tips, on occasion. It would attract more people to the comment section and add links as well. If idiots want to dilute the purpose here, or post stupid jokes on here they should go to some other joke site. Stick to the topic or some other relevant current news out there to keep people informed. Just posting stupid stuff is ignorant and pee brained space wasters.

            I bet if Detroit was without power for more than a few days there would be some mass burning and killing going on. I bet people grabbed their guns when the power went out this AM. Being cold with no heat or electricity sucks big time.

            As far as religion, I will back you up on that subject. plenty of Stoopid sheep out there clinging to a fricken book of fiction and superstition fear porn. lol If there was no religion most the wars would end, and they would have a Thanksgiving dinner together sharing corn on the cob and small pox infected blankets instead. lol.

        • Indy… also the “joos did it” nazi’s Have to post a short story everytime linking the jews on every subject. Hardly anything to do with prepping as far as solar power, gensets, alcohol stills, root cellar construction etc. @ Ghost… evolving for the better is good.. What we have here is evolving to “pin the blame” not prepping. As some will point out that you need to know who is @ fault (JOOZ), I answer why? what are you going to do about it? “pour gas in thier bunker vents”. Bull shit. People will be struggling just to stay alive and feed thier family. The only shooting done by anyone will be to protect themselves from dirtbags trying to take what they have prepped.

          • Dave in Idaho: “also the “joos did it” nazi’s Have to post a short story everytime linking the jews on every subject.”

            Dave, you are a very bad man. You are a fellow unbeliever in the NWO Jew Bankster conspiracy along with Indy Colts. Bad man!

            ” As some will point out that you need to know who is @ fault (JOOZ), I answer why? what are you going to do about it?

            Dave in Idaho, don’t you know? These keyboard commandos are going to tell you about it, about the NWO Jew Banksters. That’s what they’re going to do. Beyond that, I don’t know.

            • Dave in Idaho

              Prepare to be hit with a 9 paragraph drooling ramble from them guys, oops, I mean condor. You will be called every name in the book also, but all on behalf of condors ” loving God”.

              • Only 9 paragraphs???

            • Chalk me up as another one who is sick and tired of the jew-haters and their insane ranting. Broken records is what they are. Stuck on stupidity and hate.

              • I agree Smokey, and while I have learned some things from the jew haters here about the true perspective of certain prominent Jewish Rabbi’s; and the historical origination of many philosophical ideas promoted by the jews; I thank the haters for the documentation.

                I do not blame all jews for the New World Order: which today transcends race, religion and national origin; and promotes an egalitarian corporatism to the benefit of the few at the expense of the multitudes.

                This mindset is entrenched in, and grows exponentially in the markets of NYC, which coincidentally, is where the concentration of jews in America is most visible. 🙂

                • Am I the only one that just scrolls past the posts I don’t want to read???

                  I mean really. At this point I basically know which posts to bypass. Why doesn’t everyone do that?

                  If I let everyone who disagrees with me Get under my skin I’d never leave my fucking house


                  • I’m with you on that, Ghost Rider.

          • I’ll get flamed with ya DAVE , I am no fan of the jooze banker whatever made up conspiracy BS either.
            But if ya wanna know about root cellars and water distillation ( stills ) , I got all afternoon……

            • @ Free slave… Its not that I don’t think the NWO is comprised of alot of jews, its that there isnt a damn thing we can do about it and it takes away from REAL prepping. @ Hammerhead… I have a concrete root cellar, I would like to build a still in Jan or Feb, and not for water.

              • Distilling isn’t that hard. Water bild at 212 degrees. Keep the temp below that and you get the wiskey. the recipie , Formula, & purity are the tricks. I filter mine with charcoal. I use sweetgrain Soaked with apple cider for my mash.

                • Now THATS preppin…… but I want to run it in my dirt bike..

                  • If its for fuel the higher proof is what you will need. corn is what you likely will need. Ive never made any fuel hooch.

                  • Although I’ve never tried it, a neighbor made a bio diesel processor that worked and then was planning to make a gas-ahol distiller.

                    Problem was that it wasn’t cost effective. Even after buying the corn in bulk, the high proof stuff, around 190 is just so very little from each batch, that he would have ended up with too many by products.

                    I laughed at him and said he would be better off buying the 180 proof grain alcohol at the liquor store and trying something with that.

                    He gave up.

                    • Even the big ethanol plants are not cost effective. They buy the corn and convertit into ethanol. the sell the wetcake ( sour mash with dirty corn syrup added)
                      , dry disstilers grain & corn syrup. And they must have a government subsidy to remain in business. many have went broke and are closed down. Ive hauled corn too them and the by products away . there is one near Chatoka Ill. Two near Mt Vernon Ind. One at Palestine ill. and one at Obion Tenn. and many others. losing proposition al the way around. raises the price of corn that feeds humans & animals. the ethanol dilutes the gas and reduces power and fuel economy. and it cost the taxpayer money.

                    • Its cost effective if TSHTF and that was the only fuel available. Thats what I am after, otherwise I’ll just go to the gas station.

        • I can take off my tinfoil hat now?

          But, but, Detroit just got EMP’ed!

          Just get back to the topic at hand Indy. They want you to leave. They want you discouraged.

          Things are going to get worse over the next two years, not better. The internet is all we have left for free exchange of ideas. Of course they are going to marginalize it.

          Remember what brought you here in the first place. Others are just waking up, and need to be encouraged, not discouraged. Stand tall.

          • Exactly!

      5. Anybody remember the Olympics back in the early 70’s when the blacks won all three medals in one event and when they took the stage they gave the black power salute. Anybody know what there names are. I sure don’t! And then there was a black man that won the Gold Medal in boxing and when he won he waved a little American Flag. Anyone remember who George Foreman is. I sure do! Respect is given, when Respect is Deserved. Trekker Out.

        • I remember George Foreman. He made the statement when you hold a grudge against some one or something you are simply giving them or that free rent in your head. A remember Chassius Clay Being stripped of his medals for doing what he believed was right and refusing to fight in the wrong war. He later came back as Muhammed Ali. now that man sticking to his beliefs was bravery he deserved respect.

          • Old Guy is wrong as usual. Ali was NEVER Stripped of his Gold Medal. Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) kept his Olympic Gold Medal and threw it in the Ohio river. Is id told that:

            The story is said about Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) that after he was refused to be served at a whites only restaurant he threw his gold medal into the Ohio River. Others claim that he lost it and that story is not true. He did receive a new gold medal in 1996 at the Olympic games in Atlanta. Source:

            But he was never stripped of his Gold Medal. Old Guy is going senile making shit up as he goes. He isas bad as Durrango (Boomerang) Kidd. Keep getting hit in his head with his own stoopid false claims and comments.

            • That’s the Response I want Tell me where I got my facts wrong. However there is not any reason to state im going senile or making shit up. I was mistaken and believed the story about him being stripped of his medal I should have checked my facts. Like I stated before personal attacks are what cowards & libs do.

              • Ok ali wasnt stripped of his gold medal. He was stripped of his title. He eventually won a overturn of appeal to the supreme court.

                • He also converted to the religion of peace. You know, the one where they cut people’s heads off and stuff, cause -reasons-.

                  80% of soldiers do not shoot to kill anyway…

                  Reap what you sow, and all that.

                  • As far as I know Ali himself never cut anyones head off. The fact is there isn’t any national religion in the USA. We have freedom Of and freedom from religion and that’s a very good thing. Blaming a religion for bad things some of it followers do is no different than blaming a gun for the bad things folks do with them.The fact is a good person is a good person no matter what their religion race or lifestyle is. And a bad person is a bad person no matter what their race religion & lifestyle. its the same with political partys not all democrats are bad liberals and not all republicans are good conservatives.

                    • I disagree. All liberals are bad democrats.

                      There is absolutely nothing defensible about liberalism at all. Might as well try and defend communism.

                      And stereotypes exist for a reason. When painting with a broad brush you generally can include everyone in a group.

                      I don’t hear ANY muslims decry the beheadings, at all. Not even the peace loving moderate ones. That is because Islam, like any religion, is a control mechanism. Defend and accuse all you like, all religions have been killing each other for thousands of years because everyone thinks THEY are right.

                      The only thing that is right in this entire world, is the truth. Period. The truth is not subjective. The truth in not corruptible. The truth shall set you free, from the prison of your own mind.

                      That is all.

          • Trekker – further to your opinion on “respect”. My opinion is this – “To get respect, first you must have it”.



            • You can’t demand respect, you earn it. You can have respect for yourself, but that does not mean anybody else will respect you unless you earn their respect for you.

              Blacks think that they should be given respect when they loot and burn. Now if these blacks would go clean up their mess and apologize and work to rebuild the looted and burned building they damaged, then they would earn some respect if they took the initiative and just did the right thing. And act civil when a cop stops them and tells them to get off the street and stop blocking traffic and quit acting like ignorant baboons.

              • WWTI, AMEN to your comments.

            • Howdy, Aussie. My Dad taught me back in the 60s as a kid that respect had to be earned. It’s never handed to anyone on a silver platter.

          • And until the citizens themselves get to decide if a war is just or not. Old men will continue to make wars and have young men
            & women get killed & maimed fighting them. Just because I don’t agree with them doesn’t mean I cant agree with someone who has the courage of their convictions. Ali not only talked the talk he walked the walk. many folks hold the core concept that if its endorsed as Red White & Blue its absoulty just & true. Myself ill view everything including wars as questionable. Until the young refuse to participate their will continue to be wars. The wars for the most part where and are not being fought to protect American freedoms. They are waged & fought to protect & enrich the elite and further the UN -NWO and Agenda 21. don’t encourage your children to become pawns & cannon fodder. examine the brainwashed core concept you have. Try and see both sides of the coin.

            • Old Guy,
              Excellent Post!!! Critical thinking NOT blind obedience!!!!

        • MT: Excellent post!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! 🙂

        • It was 1968 in Mexico City.

        • Was one Tommy Smith?

        • Tommy Smith and John Carlos were the sprinters. One vid at Unfortunately, this is a bit slanted, as the PC “emcee” of the vid ignores that there is just as much anti-white prejudice as anything else. I personally had to work FULL TIME at night while at university while going to school full time during the day to get through. And I know for a FACT that if I had been black that would not have happened. My neighbor is Chinese with a white wife, an their girl had offered a scholarship as she was half Chinese. Good luck if she had been fully white. I am against racism just as equally when it comes from blacks or Mexicans as it is when it is against them. Not that THAT one will play well with the leftist fascists

          • TEST, my wife came here from Cuba in 1967. She came from an educated family and already knew English as a 2nd language. She played by all the rules as an immigrant. She worked at night herself while going to nursing school and made it all the way through. She was an amazing woman to me. It’s times like these when I wish she was still alive to tell people of what she went through under Castro. I learned more about socialism from her, her family, and other members of the Cuban exile community than I could have anywhere else. There were some times I had to get into some fights to protect her and if she were still alive I would still do the same.

        • Yep, tommies brother ernie was a great runner too. From lemoore california.

        • That was the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, my old history teacher in high school, was at that Olympics and won a medal for his part of the relay, forgot which one. The three “Black Power”, “African National Congress”, Black Panther salutes were appalling.

      6. John Carlos was the runner that won a gold medal in 1968 Mexico City games that gave the Black Power fist and bowed his head to protest the Vietnam “conflict” and racism.

        Do you remeber when the Mexican Government fired on student protesters just before that same games, in Mexico City.



        I get my bag searched each and every fucking time I get on a place because of its contents. Pigs ask me “what do you need this for?” THIS IS WHY. Stupid fucking old people.

        • Acid, I have seen a previous version of this story and it blew me away back then. But it is the real deal. And I agree about the TSA.

        • Acid if you had a brain you would take it out and play with it.

      8. thousands hit the streets in protest

        I wonder how many out of every hundred actually “rioted” ???

        I’m guessing it was a fairly small number

        • American Thinker is great. And there are indeed Communists all over Ferguson. Too bad it is cold and Christmas, as their antics will sink like a rock this time. But they’ll be back, no doubt.

        • Paramilitary as in New Black Panthers? (Can’t watch video with my limited bandwidth, and too deaf to hear the sound track anyway.)

          • Would New Black Panthers be using flash grenade? I don’t think so.

      9. Barkley, bless his soul, is right as rain!

        Let’s not forget while there are multitudes of blacks in the hood looking for a role model (drug dealer, pimp, etc), because that all that is there in the ‘hood, there are a whole bunch of blacks in the NFL, NBA, Baseball, et al, who are just EXACTLY like those black thugs in the ‘hood. The only difference is that they have many millions of dollars, yet they are the biggest thugs going using drugs, beating up their bitches, not following the rules. Remember, you can take the thug out of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of the thug.

        P.S. Those St. Louis Cardinal football players who came out with their hands up last Sunday should be suspended for the remainder of the season (they suck so they won’t make the playoffs), and a requirement to perform community service in Ferguson be mandatory prior to being reinstated. Now, that would take balls, and the wimpy commissioner will probably just kiss their asses.

      10. While I like the site for the information it provides, even articles like this one that I do not agree with I see most comments are from racist people.

        Your comments are meant to include everyone of darker skin (who’s lineage lies in Africa) Not every protester looted. Not all looters were protesters. I think you’ll be in for a rude awakening when the SHTF and you see there are many more white looters than black. For most of you, the issues that’ll be in your face will be from white people with very few blacks in the mix.

        That’s besides the point which is this is a rich poor thing. Not black & white. If we don’t come together as a nation we’ll all fail. That’s for those who are not the 1%.

        • Human=flawed, it’s Not a rich poor thing, either.
          Income has nothing to do with it.

          It’s, ‘those who wish to rule’ vs. those who are being ruled.

          • You can add those who think its ok to vote themselves money goods & services from the public coffers.

          • Those who wish to rule are rich. Those being ruled are poor. No way around that.

        • what you state is true. There are many good black people. However the fact is this If all the whites disappeared from the planet tonite. Tomorrow the other races would have more problems than today. I the opposite occurred the whites would have fewer problems. If you want to see just what blacks can accomplish without oppression from whitey. You need look no further than Haiti. Those Haitians only invented one thing (the Haitian necktie. The only things they are good at is producing more Haitians. The rich are not the problem. Its those bad people of every race who believe that others have more than their fair share that are the problem. You cannot build yourself up by tearing someone else down. Racism is alive and well in every race & religion. I would venture to guess that percentage wise there are more racist blacks than there are racist whites. Not talking about it is akin to ignoring the elephant in the room. Nope ill not censor any racist no matter what their skin color.

          • That’s so not true. Whites would have just as many if not more problems as you fight each other for the resources that are now available because the none-whites are now gone.

            You are not taking history into account here. Every inch of these United States were stolen from none-white people. Then other none-white people were used as the backbone for industry as the country moved from indentured servants to slavery. So don’t get upset when the natives & “imports” rally. Work out the issues.

            Yes, there are some bad apples like Sharpton & Barkley. Trust me, Barkley is a bad apple. We cannot turn a blind eye to one of them because they say what we want them to say. It does not help the issue at had.

            We’ll never get anything accomplished if we keep fighting each other.

            What I would really like to see is the amount of “welfare” given to corporations as compared to that given to individuals. Let’s have a discussion on that.

      11. When civil disorder becomes theft all moral high ground is surrendered.

      12. Yep, tommies brother ernie was a great runner too. From lemoore california.

      13. Ferguson is fading from the MSM spotlight…
        A dozen or so buldings were burned…
        Minor loot was thieved…

        Darren Wilson remains an exemplary police officer who, under incredible stress, followed his training.

        I’m proud of the American Law Enforcement Officer.

        • Former Philly Police Captain: Cops Are Mercenaries for Corporations

          “A retired Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, has told the truth about the role of law enforcement in America.

          “It’s an oppressive organization now controlled by the one percent of corporate America. Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries,” Lewis said during a recent interview.

          “In such divisive times it’s important for people to realize this isn’t a black vs. white issue, but a blue vs. everyone issue,” writes investigative journalist Jay Syrmopoulos.

          [Wendy McElroy writes,] “The modern policeman is, in fact, the antithesis of Marshal Dillon and an expression of the stereotypical British sheriff — a civil servant responsible only to government and governmental policy,””…

          • Helot, I’ve seen that video and heard an interview of Lewis. he’s a straight shooter. Take care.

      14. The blacks in Ferguson are racist criminals. Their behavior is in violation of all laws and social norms. I do not understand why Holder is not investigating the black leadership inciting the primitives.

        • I’ve had my share of prejudice in life, and I saw the down hill slide in Ferguson as the black population grew when I use to run through there on trains. But lets not paint with to large of a brush when we say blacks in Ferguson are criminals. I read on here where 70% of the population was black and the city has a pop. of around 22,000 so that would mean between 15 and 16 thousand people that live in Ferguson are black. When I watched the video’s I would say that there was less than 10% of the black pop. that would have been protesters, and who knows how many of them were outside agitators. Trekker Out.

        • Because Holder is one of them.

        • There are only two races.

          Those racing to heaven and those racing to hell.

          Both are full of all sizes, shapes and colors.

          Hosea 4:6
          My people perish for a lack of knowledge.

          • BJ,
            Those racing to heaven will perish for lack of intelligence.
            Those racing to hell will never get there, unless your definition of hell is Chicago, New Jersey, or McDonald’s.

      15. When blacks behave like they do in Ferguson, we call it saucer lipping. These people seem to lack the ability of rational thought. Round them up and cut off their government benefits.

      16. In the aftermath round up the agitators and hold them responsible for the burning and looting. Start with Michael Brown’s stepdad and move on from there. When you finish there, investigate the rape charges on Bill Cosby.

        • absolutely right.

        • smoochorelli, I never did care much for Bill Cosby and actually despise Bill Clinton, but these women that want to slobber and hang all over these guys because they have money and or prestige so they would do anything to be there plaything, but they get dumped by the way side and then want to come back 20, 30 or 40 years later and whine and cry rape. Give me a break. Now a child that is molested will have a undeserved guilt complex and may not report it for years, which is a different story. But a mature woman of legal age, for get it. Trekker Out.

          • MT, I cannot condone the drugging and rape of anyone for any reason. Money and privilege is not an excuse to abuse the rights of others. I did not say convict him, I said to investigate him.

      17. Love Ya Charles!
        A black man with that can think!
        Again Ferguson wouldn’t be a story if it was a Black cop shooting a white kid. or a black cop shooting a black kid. or a white cop shooting a white kid.
        Race baiters are the scum of the earth,

        • Sorry…..cops already have a copyright on the title “scum of the earth.”

          helot says:
          Comment ID: 3280008
          December 2, 2014 at 8:50 pm

          Former Philly Police Captain: Cops Are Mercenaries for Corporations

          “A retired Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, has told the truth about the role of law enforcement in America.

          “It’s an oppressive organization now controlled by the one percent of corporate America. Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries,” Lewis said during a recent interview.

          “In such divisive times it’s important for people to realize this isn’t a black vs. white issue, but a blue vs. everyone issue,” writes investigative journalist Jay Syrmopoulos.

          [Wendy McElroy writes,] “The modern policeman is, in fact, the antithesis of Marshal Dillon and an expression of the stereotypical British sheriff — a civil servant responsible only to government and governmental policy,””…

      18. for all you shtfplan clubhouse vet’s

        check out NAPA 4003’s

        use your imagination a lil’…

        wink wink

        • Actually, having sufficient oil filters on hand to keep one’s oil pure and far more clean, is indeed “green”. Keeps your vehicle engines running a LOT longer and quieter as well. Much better for the environment.
          I am rather fond of having oil filters on hand.

          • Yes frequent oil & filter changes will add life to a engine. I also add a FRANTZ oil cleaner to my engines. It uses a roll of John Wayne toilet paper as a filtering medium. I have a 1944 Farmall M tractor. Its on LP and has the original factory filter and a FRANTZ also. oil & filters changed every spring & fall. Never been overhauled or any engine work ever. Runs very smoothly and doesn’t burn oil or have any blow by. and I use it frequently. Its not pretty hardly any paint left sheet metal rusty & bent ect. The old M doesn’t even have a battery or generator. It has a Magnito ignition and a hand crank. starts after a few cranks when cold. when warmed up it starts at 1/4 turn of the crank. not bad for a 70 year old tractor.

      19. We fall into the powers that want to be hands every time anyone makes it a race/economic/religious issue that folks then get violent over,we play into their hands.We need to keep in line the idiots in our communities no matter what creed/ethnicity/economic/education background and then see who is really trying to hold us down and keep us divided.The day we all look in the mirror and realize tis partly our fault for the way our country is now and try and do things to better our country and help bring about freedom for all we will then see,well,dare I say it?!,change we actually can believe in!

      20. Any moral coward will always use “violence” as an excuse/rationalization/justification to call attention to their alleged grievances. We’ve been pandering to the political-race-baiting-pimps-of-the Progressive-Plantation, for far too long. It is good that Mr. Barkley is calling it like he sees it. Unfortunately, Mr. Barkley will shortly be Oreo’d, by the same hucksters trying to foment racial animus and hatred, political discord, and equality-inequality excrement, to garner profit for themselves.

      21. Charles, the wild west wasn’t so wild, you watched to much tv. Sure a transition of having no police would be rough for a while, the people would protect themselves and each other eventually, making criminals think twice about their actions for fear of a Hatfield, McCoy type situation happening to their family… Then of course you have Soros and Co. to keep trying to create chaos to keep police in abundance and militarized for personal gain or NWO agenda to worry about.

      22. The author of this article obviously is not awake to the fact that the Ferguson incident, like the fabricated Disneyland incident back in the 60’s, is a fabricated smear campaign to con people into associating people protesting criminal govern-MENTAL behavior with criminals like looters and arsonists. What needs to be said about the Ferguson thing is that the cop here was incompetent and too stupid to deal with this black thug like a professional, i.e.- the police cannot appear to be judge, jury and executioner. Where was his backup? The cop couldn’t take this guy down by shooting him in the legs? And it’s no different with the asset forfeiture thing, cops acting like judge, jury and executioner without due process is nothing more than robbery.

        Why it’s ok to shoot and kill someone robbing you, assuming the property in question was earned by working, the time a person has to be alive is all they really have, and when someone busts their ass to earn some money, they have traded some of their life to have that money and whatever they buy with it. Anyone stealing so much as a Ping-Pong ball is stealing a tiny part of that person’s life. Taking a small part of someone’s life is no different than taking all of their life. There was a time in the U.S. when even the theft of trivial items got you the death penalty. And nothing is stupider, more moronic than the current prison system where the victim pays to feed and house the criminals – makes you wonder who is really being punished.

      23. First they came for the African Americans, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not an African American.

        Then they came for the Latinos, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Latino.

        Then they came for the Illegal Immigrants, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not an Illegal Immigrant.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me

        Martin Niemöller

        • First they came for the Jews and they had no backbone or guns. So they where easily rounded up. If and when they come for the die hard believers in the counstition. those type folks are ready willing & prepared. Those who come are in for a big surprise. When Hitlers army came to switzerland. the told the king to surrender. He stated I think Not. The german in charge stated you must nor resist. Resistance is futile My arny has twice the number as your countrys population. the king replied that’s no biggie. All that means is that each citizen will only need to shoot twice. The german army bypassed Switzerland.

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