Navy SEAL Explains Why Bin Laden Proof Of Death Photo Was Never Released: ‘His Head Split Open Like A Canoe’

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Headline News | 90 comments

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    rob-oneill(Pictured: Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill; Credited with the shot that killed Osama Bin Laden)

    We all remember the night President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. All of America celebrated, many in the streets.

    The following day Bin Laden Death photos started circulating the internet. Immediately thereafter the internet’s “conspiracy theorists” pointed out the many reasons for why the pictures were not the real Osama Bin Laden. Facial comparisons at the time suggested that something was off.

    For better context, here’s the photo (right) disseminated to the general public:


    But as The Guardian noted at the time, the photo appeared to be a composite image enhanced with editing software:


    An image apparently showing a dead Osama bin Laden broadcast on Pakistani television and picked up by British newspaper websites is a fake.

    The bloodied image of a man with matted hair and a blank, half-opened eye has been circulating on the internet for the past two years. It was used on the front pages of the Mail, Times, Telegraph, Sun and Mirror websites, though swiftly removed after the fake was exposed on Twitter.

    There was another photo released, reportedly taken within Osama’s compound immediately following his death:

    Osama Bin Laden Dead - Liveleak - Real or Fake?

    As you’ve no doubt noticed, Osama Bin Laden’s head appears to be completely intact.

    That wouldn’t be a problem, except that according to Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill’s account in his new book, The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior, Osama’s head was pretty much destroyed when SEAL’s engaged him at his Pakistani compound:

    An unnamed point man and O’Neill proceeded up to the third floor. After they burst into bin Laden’s bedroom, the point man tackled two women, thinking they might have suicide vests, as O’Neill fired at the Qaeda founder.

    “In less than a second, I aimed above the woman’s right shoulder and pulled the trigger twice,” he wrote, according to the New York Daily News. “Bin Laden’s head split open, and he dropped. I put another bullet in his head. Insurance.”

    There is some dispute over who fired the fatal shots, but most accounts are that O’Neill shot bin Laden in the head at some point. According to a deeply reported article in The Intercept, O’Neill “canoed” the head of bin Laden, delivering a series of shots that split open his forehead into a V shape.

    O’Neill’s book says the operators had to press bin Laden’s head back together to take identifying photos. But that wasn’t the end of the mutilation of bin Laden’s body, according to Jack Murphy of SOFREP, a special-operations news website.

    Two sources told Murphy in 2016 that several SEALs took turns dumping round after round into bin Laden’s body, which ended up having more than 100 bullet holes in it.

    Murphy, a former Army Ranger, called it “beyond excessive.”

    Full Report: Business Insider

    It has been widely reported that President Obama lied about certain aspects of the Bin Laden story. Some have even suggested that Osama wasn’t killed in 2011, but rather, a full ten years earlier in 2001. Moreover, there have been no less than nine  announcements of Osama’s death since the attacks of September 11th.

    So, did Osama die on the night of May 2, 2011? Or could he have died from a medical condition or military strike years before?

    We’ll probably never know the complete story.

    What we do know is that the public was lied to at the very onset of the reports, suggesting nothing government officials disseminate via the media can be trusted to be an accurate portrayal of events.

    Related: The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior


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      1. I think they should have shot him a few more times….”beyond excessive” my ass!!

        • They should have ventilated his wives too, fucking rag head cockroaches.

          • Dude…. Osama died of liver failure…

            • Your sources please.

            • He/she doesn’t have any proof, other than what he/she read on the internet. But there seems to be ample evidence (reasonably logical information, by seemingly credible sources, on the internet) that bin laden died of “some kind of” illness, most likely because he didn’t have adequate health insurance while residing in his cave.

              Unless anyone of us was actually there to witness his death, if he is dead, then really, no one knows for sure. It could all be made up. If one isn’t directly involved with the “story”, what ever that story might be, then it’s all conjecture.

          • Liar why now after all these years! Classified sure but still released a lie. Never trust the great lying baby killing satan! They are all liars!

        • BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



          DOES HE???????





          • The story is absolutely plausible. You ever trained with the SEAL’s? These guys are machines.

            • Mindless/heartless machines, yes indeed, brainwashed to carry out their mission of spreading “democracy and freedom” to any sovereign country they are programmed to invade.

          • SEAL training–all SPECOP training, really, puts them in a different league than most of us. The optics they use on their 10″ barrel M-4’s would definitely make such a shot possible. You, I and most others reading these words may not have that kind of wind or conditioning to accomplish such a shot, but I believe that the guys who train for these missions do. Just my two cents…



              FUCKING SHEEPLE

              • Eisenkreutz – you are the fucking idiot. Yes, we do indeed send the very young into battle. Been happening for years and will continue to happen. So, yes you stupid fuck……it’s very possible. Dumb shit!

              • Let me guess…you voted Obama.

              • 1st tier operator huh ???you must have bio like james bond,and sgt.rock combined there are some pics on the net of o’neil in dress blues ,it looks he has been there he is sporting all the i been there did that plumage,so you gonna make a stolen valor complaint ,the ”budweisers” take those challenges very seriously,there are numbers to call on the net

            • Agree: people have no idea of how intense the training is. I went through it in the 80s. My cardio was at peak: for fun on my time I would cross country ski: probably one of the best ways to get your whole body in synch. We would do live fire target practice over and over again. This involved running at full speed, dropping down, taking a firing position, getting a tight grouping on a target, then back up again, more running, then down, fire position, etc.

              We would do house clearing. This involved going through a wrecked house: having to shimmy down walls with deep drops: screw that up and you are paralysed for life.

              The training takes you to a point of such fine tuning and ferocious but controlled violence, few can match it without having to do the same. I have always felt sorry for the various black and white fools in the years since who have tried to attack me or my friends on the street or in a bar.

              I also laugh when I see obese ‘preppers’ running around thinking they are hardcore.

              • “I have always felt sorry for the various black and white fools in the years since who have tried to attack me or my friends on the street or in a bar.”

                Yawn…ho, hum…next!

            • Ignore Eisencrap…..

              He’s just a frustrated gay snowflake underachiever living in his mommy’s basement.

              When he’s not watching gay animal porn while playing with his own feces, he’s trolling here.

              If a Navy Seal (or any other real man for that matter) even looked crossways at him, he’d instantly assume the fetal position with a thumb firmly inserted in his mouth.

            • They absolutely do! Its been 20+ years ago that I was able to train with as well as witness SEAL’s in training. These guys would make most professional athletes envious in there physical abilities. The mind is the most powerful tool. With the right mindset they believe they can accomplish anything – Closest thing to an immortal walking this planet.

              Eisenkreutz,,, curious how you can look at a photo and determine who has been in combat. You do realize that most of our elite combat groups are composed of many 20-30 year olds?!? The photo above looks to me to be a very confident, highly trained, ready to rock 25yoa SEAL.

              • looks like a silver spoon mcstain wanna be .

          • Eisen, damn good points. The kid looks like a wannabe thug to me. He’s got the right mentality to be one of today’s cops. All we need.

        • Osama binbama was dead 10 years and the body kept in cold storage from kidney failure. His head is in some crypt of skull and bones with the mouth being used as an ashtray for a wealthy gay man.

          • Sources please.

            • Gandhi cognized this information through the eternal Akashic records.

      2. Its all moot now. The CIA specializes in disinformation. What you see is not always what
        is there. The MSM is the CIA’s propaganda outlet. The sheeple will believe anything.
        The jihad world did not seem very rattled by his “death”. There’s a million guys like him
        out there.

      3. Who really knows if Bin Laden is dead or not? What measures were taken to positively identify him. Finger prints, DNA, just what exactly? It’s a damn shame you can’t believe your own government even about something like this.

        • Bin Laden has been dead for close to 15 yrs. Paksitan Pres Benazir Bhutto revealed this publically- and was promptly assassinated. Endless garbage from the Trump Dump– old boss same as the new

          • That’s easy. Japeto!

        • It is a shame. I pretty much can’t have an opinion on anything regarding American policy any longer. First off, my opinion means less than shit and my opinion is formed from facts that are and have been manipulated by all media outlets. All I can do is try to live my life and roll with what is presented to me in my little world. A damn shame. We are all lied to at literally every turn anymore.

      4. “nine announcements of Obama’s death”…. we all wish.

      5. They compound a lie with a lie.

        The greatest potential intelligence find was caught unarmed and trapped in a room with no escape. For retribution they shoot him twice in the chest and once in the head never attempting to take him alive for interrogation. The multiple witnesses, who I suspect really did not exist in that very secretive community just so happened to die a couple of months later. As the Church Lady on SNL said, “How convenient”. This left one lone SEAL to carry the “official” story.


        The man was killed at Tora Bora December 2001 and he was worth a lot “alive” and little dead. The fire in the War On Terrorism that justified unfettered military attacks across oil the rich middle east and adjacent areas was OBL. He came in handy conveniently making an audio tape on the cusp of the Iraq war vote cementing some kind of relationship between him and Iraq. Over time his usefulness declined and when he was more useful dead he died.

        George Carlin in his stand up diatribe said, “I don’t believe anything the government tells we, nothing”.

        • And what you wanna bet that one SEAL they didn’t terminate is mind controlled. Listen to him talk, he’s practically foaming at the mouth as he rattles off endless and at times meaningless data.

          • I don’t think they need to. SEALS are the JV team with the CIA as Varsity. They do as their told.

      6. I don’t take eye witness testimony as proof of anything, anymore.
        Either come across with some actual physical evidence of your claim or don’t write it down in a book because I won’t bother reading it.

        “It has been widely reported that President Obama lied about certain aspects of the Bin Laden story. Some have even suggested that Obama wasn’t killed in 2011, but rather, a full ten years earlier in 2001.”

        Is that second Obama a typo, or is it just wishful thinking?

      7. Shots in the head were FAR too quick!

        Should have been ‘elbowed’ twice, ‘knee-capped’ twice, and ankled twice!

        Then offered him a pork sandwich!

      8. That navy seal is lying. Bin laden has been dead for over 10 years.


        • Hcks, Show us photos of all the 1.5 Million Chi-coms lined up on the Mexican Border ready to invade, like you said. Proof of Life or proof of Lie? Take your pick.

        • No, he was there. Pretty much the entire story has been revealed with some diligent reporting and research. Seymore Hersh wrote it up a couple years ago:
          The Pakistanis held him in that compound and one of their military leaders sold him out to us for the cash reward. We botched the raid and Barry and the dems sold out the Pakistani and blew the cover story. Everyone had to try and cover their butts. And here we are.

      9. Ok now , like 5 or 6 guys have claimed to be the guy that killed OBL
        Also we were told Seal team 6 was the team that took OBL out
        And we were also told that the entire seal team6 all died in a helicopter crash

        So I’m supposed to believe what story now ? What version , huh?

        Oh and all the Jar heads I know wouldn’t say Dick about their tours “over there”
        Because it’s too dam ptitiful and disturbing
        So I’m supposed to believe this Marine puts it down on paper
        When clearly in debrefing he was surly told and signed on that he would and could STFU
        No matter the torture

        So I call a big fucking Bravo Serra loser

      10. I don’t like the flavor of smoke your blowing up my ass!

        • More crisis actors using Hollywood make up artists. Dog and pony show.

      11. The problem with liars is that truth tellers who report unusual outlandish events, come under suspicion. After a while, nobody believes anything. This condition makes communication impossible.


        • And that is their plan

          • Show me the proof that Adolf Hitler died in his bunker. Show me the proof that the Spanish blew up the Maine.
            Show me the proof that the Germans sank the Lusitania.
            Show me the proof that Germany gassed the Jews.
            Show me the proof that Egypt attacked the USS Liberty.
            Show me the proof of the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
            Show me the proof that Oswald assassinated Kennedy’
            Show me the proof that terrorist dropped the Twin Towers.
            It can’t be done.
            Its all been bullshit since Waterloo.

      12. According to reliable, retired intelligence sources, Bin Laden died of kidney failure in Pakistan in Dec., 2001. This info was not revealed due to the Gov’t wanting to keep the fear factor high in the American public so that the Neocons could continue their liberty stripping agenda.

      13. I’m just not sure. The math doesn’t add up.

        LOAD OF CRAP. The operation “as propagandized”(?) was impossible for even my ugly military brethren to carry out.

        Look at the reports.
        BS propaganda 1 – After the (super secret) UH60L Blackhawk went down they all boarded the other (super secret) Blackhawk Helo.
        General characteristics
        • Crew: 2 pilots (flight crew) with 2 crew chiefs/gunners
        • Capacity: 3,640 lb. of cargo internally, including 14 troops or 6 stretchers
        • Fuselage width: 7 ft. 9 inches.

        According to WHITEHOUSE reports the second Helo would have to have loaded 4 current crew plus 4 from downed Helo plus 24 0r 25 SEAL’s that is a total of 33. Figuring an average weight of 200 pounds per trooper weight 6,600 pounds. Add to that gear 100lbs./ea. plus dead body (200) equals another 3,500 pounds plus dog/ 80 pounds plus collected intel/ 100 pounds. total 10,280 pounds in a Helo that has space for 14 troops or 6 stretchers and internal cargo capability for maximum 3,640 pounds.

        Can you say B as in B and S as in S?

        BS propaganda 2 – they were picked up by support Helo (always in play). Except the CH-47 is a large size helicopter with a 60-foot rotor span, the effective length of the whole aircraft is 100 feet while landing or takeoff. An overlay using computer forensics by a very INTELLIGENCE friend of mine, she tells me the exact distance from the wall which was 6 feet 7 inches wide to the table where they separated trash was exactly 102 feet(important).

        Now I feel confident saying the military pilots could land a 100 foot bird in a 102 foot space. Where the conundrum lies? There was approximately 24 feet of a UH60L super secret helo lying about 67 feet in the LZ.

        Not even my ugly AF brothers a can beat physics. Yet!

        3rd BS propaganda was after a Helo insertion across the road from Pakistan’s “West Point”. Then a shoot out, then a Helo crash there was ZERO response from regular Paki ARMY, Paki Special Forces personnel, nor the Paki Intel Svcs. ALL WHICH ARE STATIONED AT THEIR “WEST POINT” !!!

        Even after as some say they didn’t need the support bird to land inside it landed outside the compound and the SEALs blew a hole in a wall and went out to it !!!

        No frigging way. Paki ISI took him out and the SEAL mission was Smoke & Mirrors to prevent the Paki people from coming unhinged and rebelling against their leaders who we paid off.

        • George Carlin, possibly one of the best social commentators in the late 20th century.

          h ttps://

      14. What I do know is that if that Son of a Bitch obummer said it there was a lie involved somewhere!

        • Nolan, the shoeshine boy has always been a liar.

      15. good cover story. bin laden was dead for years. whole “raid” was a story to get Obama re-elected. nice try. just like 9/11, you can’t fool us all.

        • Looks like the story got him re-elected. And Mitt Romney. Dumb sheeple.

      16. Mac

        I write to recommend proof reading of your text prior to posting on the site; it makes more sense when accurate.

        Note: There are clearly two instances where you insert “Obama” when the term “Osama” is the logical intent.

        • Thanks for catching these. I actually DID proof read – TWICE – for the very reason you mentioned. Very easy to confuse the one letter. And I STILL missed it!

          Hopefully corrected it all now!

          Thanks again,


        • I believe that is commonly known as a Freudian slip or parapraxis…???HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      17. I don’t believe one word that comes out of Obama’s mouth. He’s a sympathizer to the Jihadist. And this ASAP to dispose Bin Laden’s body into the ocean is suspect.

      18. I have never believed the official story of how Bin Laden died as presented under Obama and his pack of liars. Complete fraud. But look the msm showed people celebrating in the streets. Brain dead America easily fooled most of the time.

      19. is dude dead or alive?

      20. Hmmm

        On the morning of 9-11 former president Bush (Sr.) was having breakfast with Ben Laden’s brother representing the Carlisle Group. In the aftermath of 9-11 Ben Laden, who just happened to be on the cusp of a terminal illness, categorically denied having anything what so ever to do with 9-11. And in fact, the likes of the FBI etc. did not list him on their most wanted list. In all likelihood Ben Laden died fairly shortly after 9-11. His persona was kept alive as a convenient specter to trot out whenever the US or Israel committed another false flag in the years that followed…..Regardless of just how his demise took place the fact remains that he was on dialysis for years. Furthermore, his death was recorded by the MSM on more than one occasion. There is no way that he would executed and his body dumped in the Ocean and then all the Seals involved die in a mysterious air crash thus creating an air tight story line for the government. If you believe that one, then you probably believe the Dancing Israelis were Muslims and Israel had nothing to do with 9-11.

        Navy Seals follow orders. Navy Seals don’t execute global level high value targets on their own initiative and then destroy the physical evidence which is almost immediately reported in the MSM. Ben Laden was not responsible for 9-11. He was far too intelligent to carry out something that was so obviously terrible for his people and his cause. Even a child grasps the concept that an attack such as 9-11 against 9-11 would mean the destruction of the people responsible or all out war.

        Means, motive, opportunity and who benefited. Ben Laden never had the means,or opportunity and damn sure didn’t benefit.Ben Laden’s death as officially described is a lie, jut like the entire war on terror.

        • @Ddearborn

          well put

        • No, refer to the link I posted above to Seymore Hersh’s article revealing the whole sordid story. What’s more likely? What would you expect from your government? A real conspiracy worthy of the XFiles, or a bumbling set of screwups?

      21. Well, I DO know Brian Williams was shot at during the raid. In fact, Dan Rather found a memo proving just that!

        • Wasn’t Hillary wounded too? I know she got shot at when she was in Bosnia.

      22. I don’t believe this ever happened as reported. One thing is, they would never have stood there putting extra holes in him- if you watch any so called documentary on the raid, they were supposed to be getting out of there as quickly as possible due to a possible counter attack. I always thought the burial at sea was fishy… see what I did there.

      23. never trust the words of an agent of government

        who knows what the truth is

      24. More sensationalism.
        All the above photos of a supposed dead Osama bin Laden have proven to be fake.
        There has not been one single credible photo of Osama bin Laden dead.
        And anyone who trusts Navy Seals or any other Special Operations branch is a fool.
        Special Operations are Zionist contract killers.
        Bin Laden was a CIA asset who also did intelligence work for other countries.
        Arabic Muslim intelligence agents like Osama bin Laden were used to manipulate other groups of Muslims by attaching terrorist ideology to Islam.
        The Zionists used groups like Al-Qaeda to spread psychological operations and topple regimes in Muslim countries.
        Osama bin Laden was also used in Afghanistan by the Zionists to operate the illegal drug trade of the Golden Triangle.
        The wealthy Laden family and the Bushes have been business partners for years.
        Everyone knows that George H. W. Bush held a meeting with the Carlyle group which Shafiq bin Laden attended on 9-11.
        I believe it was agreed upon that an ailing Osama bin Laden would take the blame for the events that transpired that day.
        It’s clear Osama bin Laden was a Zionist puppet who traveled quite frequently before 9-11 while doing intelligence work for many countries.
        I find it rather strange that after the U.S. supposedly killed Osama bin Laden Al-Qaeda has not retaliated in any way.
        ISIS is the new big bad wolf used by the Zionists to keep the world living in fear.
        To believe the offical narrative about Osama bin Laden and 9-11 is stupid.
        Kay Griggs tells much about the vaunted Special Operations and she proves they are pawns for the Zionists of Israel.

      25. I find that reasoning pretty lame. The gore that people watch nowadays on TV and video ,much of it real , doesnt affect people. So his head was split open. It isnt going to hurt showing it. More crap propaganda.

      26. Wasn’t he a CIA asset and patsy?

        OBL organization named “The Base” by the CIA.

        And without money and weapons from the US, Israel, Saudi-Arabia and Pakistan? There would never have been a so-called Al-Qaida.

      27. Damn, this kool-aid is good!!!

      28. You know what is amazing…is that anyone trusts ANYTHING that comes from the USA FEDGOV or any agency or and representative of it…but your rubes still hold out hope that they might break tradition and tell you even a smallest grain of truth….SMH…desperate to hold onto something from your lifetime of brainwashing, its really quite pathetic the UNEARNED notions of courage and honor and integrity from anything attached to government or military. Someday that entire façade of cognitive dissonance will fail you, probably why people see a light in the distance at death, they couldn’t survive knowing the truth beyond that briefest flash of light.

        • Lie after lie after lie after lie, ad nauseum, you people eat up the pablum spewed by your government. You would thin you would get tired of it…but sadly no, you don’t.

      29. Do you know the REAL reason why veterns are suiciding at the rates they are. Because on top of all the horrors they were witness to and part of, they simply cannot live with the fact after their service, that they were complete gullible morons that bought into all the patriotic brainwashing and bullshit, and that all of their pain and suffering after the fact compares not a whit at all to the pain of the realization that they were morons and used to attain someone else’s fortunes while they expended the best part of their lives and health and GOT NOTHING BUT BETRAYAL IN RETURN…Yeah, that’s the shame they kill themselves over, lives utterly wasted and the dignity of finding out the TRUTH after a lifetime of lies, its no wonder they drink themselves to death and then put a bullet in their own heads. Anything to end their suffering and shame for being used so easily.

      30. The way that praetors talk to eachother is like encouraging a small puppy, to do a trick, or one of the “special Olympians” to cross the finish line. It’s all morale. That’s their only currency.

        So, at least one round appears to have struck OBL.

        First, “Bin Laden’s head split open.

        The next time, as wide as a canoe.

        I see why it creates doubt, when media embellishments are discovered.

        And, I believe in a kind of conspiracy theorist, who finds intrigue, around the house, office, and neighbor’s fenceline. It can be a personality flaw, as well as a legitimate observation.

      31. Let’s look at just the possibilities IF in fact, the raid went down as described in the official government story.

        I maintain that IF Bin Laden was in fact struck in the head with 2….or even 1 round from a 5.56 round, his head would in fact….look like a canoe. I would imagine that the back of his head would have pretty much exploded.

      32. Something about that pic of the Seal O’Neil bugs me….

        Wasn’t Woodland Camo phased out years ago? Particularly in desert environment?

        Perhaps that’s just a photo of O’Neil from years back.

        • Looks like Opie Taylor joined the Militia.

      33. i dont believe this shit any more than i believe the official story

      34. September 11, 2016 Al Qaeda: The Data Base

        Wayne Madsen Report and Global Research 20 November 2005 Osama bin Laden with Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1979

        Global Research Editor’s Note: This article originally published by Global Research in 2005 sheds light on the nature of Al Qaeda, an intelligence construct used by Washington to destabilize and destroy sovereign countries, while sustaining the illusion of an outside enemy, which threatens the security of the Western World.

      35. Oct 18, 2013 Interview with Bin Laden Raid Eyewitness Mohammad Bashir

        Watch this interview from Saama TV, Pakistan, with eye witness Mohammad Bashir, a resident of Abbottabad and neighbour to the alleged “compound” where the US government claim Osama bin Laden was hiding. Mohammad gives his eyewitness account of what he saw happen on 2 May 2011 (local time) – an account which fundamentally contradicts the official story.

      36. I do believe it happened the way he describes.

        I just don’t believe it was Bin Laden. He has had many doubles and journalists have proven it; esp. the ones with a younger looking Bin Laden each year.

        • Let them tell it. They had the DNA match to “prove” it was him.

        • Do a search for “A gallery of fake bin Ladens”.
          There was a LOT of them.

      37. Eisenkruesh or whatever your handle is. THAT is what the S.E.A.L. Team is all about and why we have them. YOU should check into what the S.E.A.L.’s training is, really! The only harder and better trained soldiers on the face of the planet are the Russian Speinatz (sp?). They won’t allow such training in the USA because its so fierce that they loose several every class & it ain’t because they quit either.

      38. The US Gov’t is one of the most corrupt, fucked up organizations on the face of the planet and that is awful for so many reasons folks.

      39. all bull shit lies about usama . his family has vacations ,business , dinner et al with the bushes . he was a double agent for black ops . he was being hidden and protected to die in peace from ailments . when the notification of his death was relayed to t.p.t.b. they staged the attack . they then proceded to scrub the residence and killed everyone around who ad contact with him except the personal family attendant who escorted the body back to the bin laden family . the burial at sea was bull shit fake . wake up sheeple .

      40. Yes, how brave of these killers for corporate hire to sneak into a house in the middle of the night and shoot people in the head (and everywhere else). So sad their helo went down not long after. Apparently a fair fight is not for the gun-toting puppets of the globalists.

        • Johannes

          1. It never happened
          2. No SEALS were lost because none of this really happened.
          3. OBL was killed at Tora Bora December 2001
          4. He was “kept alive” to further the propaganda by obtaining political support to use the military ostensibly for terrorism but actually to further the agenda of the globalists

      41. OBL died of kidney failure in December 2001. SEAL Team Six killed a very tall goat herder posing as OBL.

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