Nationwide Civil Unrest Coming… and City Dwellers Are the LEAST Prepared to Survive

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News

    Prostrate tank under fire from enemy aircraft. Military mission in the country

    As I reveal in this podcast, below, military contractors are being told to prepare for domestic deployment inside the United States to prevent cities from being burned to the ground by raging, lunatic mobs. Yes, mass social unrest is in our near future, according to the people who run military contracting operations.

    We don’t yet know exactly what event might set off such widespread civil unrest, but it’s not difficult to make some informed guesses about possible scenarios: An EMP attack from North Korea (which is suddenly very real thanks to recent ICBM testing by the Norks), an attempted left-wing revolution to overthrow America, a deep state coup attempt to remove President Trump from office, the collapse of the global debt pyramid, mass arrests of left-wing pedophiles in positions of power, and so on.

    The point is that military contractors — i.e. former military personnel who are hired back on as private contractors — are well equipped to operate as domestic “special forces” to carry out specific missions on U.S. soil without violating posse comitatus. For the record, I happen to know a lot of these men, and the ones I know are 100% pro-America patriots who are upstanding citizens. They are well prepared to help defend America against those who are desperately trying to destroy it from within.

    These “contractors” are courageous, highly capable men who are experts in hand-to-hand combat, land navigation, assault tactics and long-range target shooting. Every one of them is a survivalist by nature, and they are hardy, intelligent, dedicated individuals. Do not take my article as implying in any way that these are bad people. In fact, my belief is that you will beg for their protection against the out-of-control left-wing mobs and militant groups (such as Antifa) that are trying to burn this country to the ground.

    As a quick example, check out this story about a Trump supporter who was viciously attacked and beaten almost to death just yesterday by left-wing Antifa terrorists in Boston.

    Special missions, including rescue operations, guarding infrastructure and overwatch protection for police

    These military contractors are capable of carrying out all sorts of special missions, including:

    • Guarding key infrastructure against terrorists (power distribution hubs, power plants, railroads, etc.).
    • Taking out terror cells (Antifa, etc.) and their leadership with precision assaults or sniper missions.
    • Manning key transportation checkpoints such as those leading in and out of cities.
    • Providing overwatch protection for local law enforcement who are attempting to quell crazed left-wing mobs.
    • Running rescue operations to retrieve individuals who have been kidnapped or trapped by left-wing terrorists.
    • Extracting people from live shooting scenarios, even while the battle is still raging.
    • Sabotaging infrastructure being used by left-wing terrorists for their anti-America operations.
    • Destroying supply hubs (ammunition depots, fuel depots, etc.) of domestic enemies.

    Trust me when I tell you these highly-trained men are fully capable of carrying out such missions with speed, precision and remarkable adaptability. Just ONE of these “operators” is worth at least 1,000 Antifa losers in terms of battlefield assets. Comprised of former Marines, Special Forces and even Navy Seals operators, these individuals are hard as hell to kill, and determined as hell to get their missions accomplished no matter what.

    Listen to my podcast for more details (story continues below):

    U.S. cities will become war zones, yet city people are the least prepared for disruptions

    The upshot of all this is that if events unfold as we are being warned, large sections of many U.S. cities will be transformed into “war zones,” complete with arson, looting, gunfire and dead bodies. This, of course, means severe disruptions in:

    • Food deliveries to grocery stores
    • Fuel deliveries to gas stations
    • Internet connectivity (which affects food stamps)
    • Transportation and commuting routes
    • Emergency services, including hospitals, fire and police

    Disruptions in all these services and supplies will only worsen the degree of panic and desperation among city dwellers. As I point out in the following podcast, city people tend to be the least prepared of all. This will add to the panic and cause the situation to escalate rapidly:

    City egress routes will be blocked in some cases… not everyone will be allowed to LEAVE

    The realization behind all this is even more shocking when you consider the fact that local law enforcement units have been told over the last year or so that when inner cities collapse into chaos and rioting, police units will NOT be sent in to deal with many situations. Instead, in some cases the strategy will simply be to “contain” the chaos and prevent it from spreading. This means manning roadblock checkpoints while allowing certain sectors of some cities to burn to the ground.

    In much the same way that a viral pandemic must be contained to avoid it spreading, civil unrest will also be “firewalled” off to prevent its spread. This is the inevitable result of too few cops in most cities, where the cops are outnumbered by violent gang-bangers by at least a thousand to one. Any sufficiently large catalyzing event that causes angry left-wing mobs to spill onto the streets will immediately cause police and sheriff’s deputies to shift the focus of their activities to “containment” rather than “intervention.” (Trust me, they’ve told me this themselves.)

    Why does this matter to you? Because if you’re stuck in a war zone section of the city, you may very well be on your own for some time, unable to exit the city because all the egress routes are blocked as part of the containment strategy. Certainly, special people will be allowed to leave, such as the Mayor and her family, or high-level officials of all kinds. But if you don’t have this special permission, you may find yourself literally trapped in your own city zone, unable to receive any help from calling 9/11… all while having to deal with armed, violent left-wing lunatics on your own (with no help from the outside).

    My question to you is simply this: If you still live in a city, are you prepared to survive such a scenario?

    South Los Angeles, East St. Louis, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Phoenix, Baltimore and Boston… all potential WAR zones

    Due to incessant fake news propaganda and “journo-terrorism” by the left-wing media — which has become a clear and present danger to this nation — the Left in America has been transformed into a mob of deranged, violent lunatics who openly call for murder and violence to crush their political foes. Even now, the deranged Left is celebrating the utterly fake news that claims Trump ordered Flynn to “talk to the Russians,” thereby proving some sort of collusion where none exists. In reality, all presidential transition teams engage in international diplomacy by talking to the Russians, the Chinese, the Brits and everyone else. There’s no conspiracy here, it’s just that left-wingers are too stupid to understand how the executive branch of government actually operates, and the media is exploiting their stupidity to try to paint a “collusion” picture where none exists.

    If you want a fantastic example of the complete idiocy of lunatic Leftists, check out this Joy Behar hyperventilation episode on The View, from Friday, where she parrots utterly fake news (that was later retracted by ABC News) to lie to her low-IQ audience, convincing them all that Trump has been “caught” in a collusion crime of some sort. (Seriously, anyone who watches The View has an IQ of roughly room temperature and should probably be barred from attempting to participate in a Constitutional Republic.)

    By pushing hatred, derangement and sheer lunacy, the left-wing media has whipped up the Left into a frenzy / mania that abandons logic and reason. Now, the Left is poised to unleash mass chaos across America — and some are even calling for it, such as Antifa, now widely known to be a domestic terrorism organization. The fact remains that this nation stands one trigger event away from nationwide civil war.

    Similarly, any attempt by the deep state to carry out its criminal coup against President Trump would also initiate nationwide civil action in defense of America. The criminal deep state, run by Robert Mueller, James Comey, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch, is right now attempting a criminal takeover of the country. To protect America, all those deep state criminals needs to be arrested and tried for treason, yet if such a round of arrests were to take place, that could also set off nationwide civil unrest.

    In other words, almost no matter what happens in the near future, half the country erupts in one way or another. That’s because the Left has managed to divide America into those who love this country vs. those who hate it. The Left has become anti-capitalism, anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-law and anti-Trump. Pursuing ever-increasing radicalization, the Left now wants a communist revolution to throw Trump out of office, install a radical left-wing totalitarian regime in Washington, and round up all conservatives for executions or “re-education” camps. (This is the long-time goal of the so-called “Weathermen Underground,” which has transformed Democrats into a modern-day hate group and terrorist organization.)

    The left-wing media is part of radical left-wing terrorism, of course, as they continue to fuel the anger, hatred and violence of the Left with an ever-more-insane menu of fake news:

    If you live in the city, what’s your BUGOUT plan?

    What’s the upshot of all this? In my view, the No. 1 thing you need to be working on right now is getting out of the city. If you’re already living well outside these urban chaos zones, you’re better prepared than 95% of the population, even if you do nothing else at all. The most dangerous scenario in these potential events is being trapped in the city with no escape, no supplies and no means of self-defense. By simply acquiring a water supply, some basic food items, a legal handgun and one afternoon of gun training, you will put yourself into a better-prepared position than 99% of the U.S. population.

    Naturally, left-wing cities tend to criminalize firearms ownership by law-abiding citizens (because that’s how stupid the radical Left has become these days). So if you’re in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New York City or other anti-gun cities, you have no legal means of defending yourself even when the police decide your city is so far beyond hope that they’re not going to come help you either. But guess who definitely owns guns? The gang-bangers, of course. They’re well armed because, by definition, they don’t follow anti-gun laws. Only law-abiding citizens follow the laws and turn in their guns, so gang-bangers will have free reign to rape, pillage and murder their way across the urban landscape. Ironically, for the most part they will be targeting anti-gun people who will suddenly discover they can’t call 9/11.

    Bugging out of a city, by the way, is nearly impossible if you wait for things to hit the fan. You’ll be stuck in traffic with all the other last-minute people trying to bug out, too. Most likely, you’ll end up stalled on the freeway. Personally, I carry a folding bicycle in the back of my vehicle for precisely this purpose, ready to bug out of my vehicle on a bike, carrying a backpack of supplies. I know that I can easily bike 20 – 40 miles in an afternoon, but walking 20 – 40 miles takes more like a day or two. I also carry a bugout bag with compass, cordage, camp stove and all the other items you might suppose a prepper should have. I’ll cover more details on proper vehicle bugout bags in a future article.

    So in addition to having a bugout route with your vehicle, you should also have a bugout plan that involves abandoning your vehicle and bugging out on bike or foot. This means you’d better have a compass, a map, some cordage, water, food, self-defense, light source and so on. And you probably don’t want to hike along the highway, or you’ll be attacked and robbed by violent mobs in no time. Your best bet in many scenarios is to get off the main roads and traverse the terrain on foot, far away from the crowds clogging the roads. Remember: Most city people have been indoctrinated with socialism or communism, and that embodies the idea that your stuff should be shared with everyone else. In other words, the fact that government already robs people of their money and redistributed it to those who didn’t earn it serves as a dangerous philosophy during any collapse. People who didn’t prepare will demand your stuff! (Question to you: How do you plan to defend your stuff? Or are you going to give all your stuff away to those leftists who refused to prepare?)

    Listen to my podcast to learn more about surviving a major catastrophe if you happen to live (or work) in the city:

    Bookmark this website to stay informed as stuff hits the fan

    Finally, bookmark this website. Check back often (we publish news throughout each day), and especially make a point to check back as chaos events being to unfold across America.

    The mainstream media can’t be trusted. They knowingly lie about almost everything, and they hate America, to boot. In contrast, we are a pro-America, pro-survival website that tells the truth and helps save lives. When it all hits the fan, you’ll want our analysis of events and guidance on how to navigate uncertain times.

    Stay informed and you’ll stay alive. Be safe, everyone. History is about to catch up with us all, and the future of our world is highly uncertain. The left-wing media is a journo-terrorism organization, and they’ve convinced nearly half the country that they have to commit mass violence to overthrow the government and execute Trump supporters. We are one spark away from a raging forest fire that will sweep across this nation and cause mass chaos, suffering and death. My aim is that you survive this… and that the United States of America survives intact, too.

    About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below.

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      1. I have lived in both Houston and Miami. Big dirty sanctuary cities that would not take much to turn into pure Hell.

        • Fine by me, I live in Houston.

          Quoting Psycho from the movie stripes”All I know is, finally I get to kill somebody.”

          Seriously though, you are only in danger in you live within 10 minutes of the dangerous part of town, doesn’t matter if it’s a big city or small town.

          Just watch the news, where does the trouble start ? where do robbings usually happen ? always in the same trouble and usually poor parts.

          You would think the looters and robbers would wise up and head to the rich parts of town to get the high dollar stuff and harm the women that look like they could be a model, but that’s rare and usually someone traveling through on their own that just happened on chance to wander thru the rich part.

          you know why ? because they’re lazy ! if not, they’d get ahead and onto better things on their own efforts.

          no, i’m never worried unless i’m in the dangerous part of town.

          how are the looters going to get you when they don’t even have gas in the car to get to you ?

          not worried. I fear the govt who can get me whenever it wishes for whatever reason; not them.

          • Lena, agreed. “Contractors” were used in New Orleans after Katrina for gun confiscation and that was against GOOD people. Those contractors won’t be used against any common criminals; only against people like us. They better bring body bags for THEMSELVES because they’re NOT going to have their way with me.

          • i have lost more to tax collectors than any criminal. but the main reason i believe looters dont go to the rich end of town is because rich prople can afford lots of boolits and mercenaries.

          • Years ago I attended a Class in Houston.
            It was out by the TI factory.
            How can you get 10 minutes away from the Bad parts of Houston?
            You’d have to be in the Gulf of Mexico.

            • You are exactly right. And GOOD LUCK to anyone there when the SHTF.

            • to answer your question, I live in a neighborhood called tanglewood; one of the richest in Houston and if I don’t leave it, I can go a whole weekend and not see anyone but whiteys and Houston is less thsn 40 percent white.

              in Houston, tanglewood, katy, sugarland and friendswood are all areas looter and gangs may have fun the first night, but the second night theyre all guns up and will put it down.

              • lena, I hate to burst your bubble but I am a native houstonian and there are no safe areas of town, just some that are less dangerous. For example, my cousin’s daughter lives in a nice upscale neighborhood in Sugarland. On arriving at home, a man she thought to be a sheriff’s deputy forced her into her home, tied her up, then stole whatever he wanted. She was fortunate he did not rape or kill her. I also know for a fact there are areas into which the police do not even go at night. Houston is a cesspool thanks to the liberals and the cowardly rinos who talk a good game but do nothing. And yes I know Tanglewood well.

          • My experience was the majority of the sanctuary city of Houston is dangerous.

        • English, I spent 7 years in Miami myself. With all those different ethnic groups there form the Carribbean and South America the least little spark is all it takes.

          • I’ll be going after whites only.

            • In St.Louis it is whites that are in charge of the drinking water and making sure the pumps work and the right chemicals are added to keep the dindu’s water safe ! ? Looking forward to the monkey uprising !

          • Miami is a cesspool. It is Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba etc etc

        • I couldn’t make thru but half of this article. The author is literally promoting and celebrating Marshal Law. Tell ya what, these guys are one thing, U.N. is another and there should be a well placed round in the center of every blue helmet seen in the USA.

      2. DH and I had a prolonged “discussion” just this am about starting a small grain patch in back yd.

        “You can’t grow enough wheat to feed anybody in that small of a patch!” he announced.

        It took me 3yr to get it right for growing an heirloom corn, storing it properly (think weevils) for next yrs crop, having enough for planting while still using some for grinding.

        Hard to convince him that I would need the practice to get it right (think a couple yrs, maybe).

        People, if you haven’t been practicing and prepping in these years we’ve been spared a Venezuela like existence, you are far behind where you need to be.

        Don’t forget to prep your soul. Eternity is a long time to be w/o Jesus.

        • Amen Brother. The first year I tried to grow just simple Bush Beans and Tomatoes in large pots I failed totally.
          Practice makes perfect as they say.

          • Agree 100%. I gardened a lot in Ohio and had good yields. Moved to Missouri and have gardened here every year for 7 years. Totally different ball game. The bugs, heat, plant munchers and other things make it hard. Need lots of water.

            I pity the person who buys some seeds and think they will grow enough food if TSHTF to survive on. Unless you have experience growing in an area, it’s hard and many things can go wrong.

            Experience is what counts.

            You need a couple years of food in case you crop doesn’t produce. You will need to hunt and forage.

            But never assume that seed vault will let you survive. Good to have seed, better to have experience actually doing it…

          • With dried beans dried corn and dried squash you can make a gruel that has protein, and carbohydrates. Like the natives did before the white man came.

            • exactly!!!!!!!

              heirloom seeds of the same !!!!!

      3. I’ve looked around when in big cities and yes they won’t last a week. If you watch the walking dead with the hoards that is what it will look like. You had better have a small army in place to stand against them in the beginning. If you survive the first 6 months giver or take you just might make it.

        Don’t be foolish they will rape and kill you and take everything you have set up for you and yours. Get the mind set that you will take a life to protect you and yours. This is the only way to make it through. Put your faith in God. Help when you can, but when you can’t stand your ground.

        Lock and Load it is going to get nasty.


        • Wouldn’t it be prudent to help thy neighbors to fight the hoard? Attack them before they attack your house? Unless you have a fort on a mountain they could overrun a position. “Attack what is weak avoid what is strong.” Sun Tzu

          • SW
            Wouldn’t it be prudent to help thy neighbors to fight the hoard?

            Of course this would be the wise thing to do. My neighbors are working together in my area. You can’t do all of it yourself.


          • no fixed position is defensable, long-term……

      4. The divide is great, when the war of words ends the shooting will begin. it will be a sad day for America.

        • yes blackjack, it will be one very sad day. As for any hope any city dweller will alter their habits as they now are…… not likely. Best thing we can do is just lay low, stay practiced and be prepared to make those people’s sad day a very very bad and last one if they do as we expect.

      5. Even those who think they are prepared are not prepared. The required change in your normal thought process will be too much for many. The inability to go from civililized to full on survival mode will cost many lives.

      6. Yes, blackjack, it will be a sad day for America. Most people would not think hubby and myself are preppers/conservatives/libertarian types by the professions we are in (psycho-therapist and public school teacher). We supported and voted for Trump, but with eyes open. We have crossed the Rubicon in America and hard times are coming; a think Trump has just given us some time to prepare. I don’t think this administration can turn the ship, just slow it down before we hit the iceberg. We live outside a medium size town in Alabama, so we have like-minded people around us – However, there are still PLENTY of riff-raff here. We just prepare as best we can, how we can.

      7. After 9 years of military and 10 years of police and security, I spent 23 years with one of the nation’s foremost defense contractors. I was assigned to the department of the navy.It was a job. We did what we were asked to do, where ever, when ever. I retired in 2011, at 59. A lot of what we were trained for was domestic, when they didn’t wan visability. They will use these contractors as guerilla police when they decide to control the populace, whether during riots or any other reason they choose. A lot of the training was questionable at best when it came to the law. We were reminded constantly that we were not sworn officers and did not have to follow policing rules. We were basically hired mercenaries.

        • hired mercenary will become a moving target. The hunter will become the hunted in the streets of america.

        • I call BS.

          • too vague a response. Please elaborate.

      8. JAS, I think you just confirmed some suspicions I’ve had about the contractors. Being hired by DC, I’ve always felt they’ll be used against we the people in one capacity or another. They were used against good people in New Orleans after Katrina. If they try to act against me they will die. Just another potential enemy. I’ll be out of the city and out of harm’s way before the balloon goes up so hopefully I won’t be confronted by them.

        • Yep. All you have to do is look at some of the actions taken by contractors in Iraq and Afganistan. Some of them used the power to do what ever they wanted. Others were good people that tried to do a respectful job, but in the end we all had to do the job we were hired to do. Remember, no boots on the ground mentioned no sworn military and did not mean there were not armed Americans conducting operations.

      9. I HAD A DREAM, FEMA rounded up 90% of the college students, 90% of the NFL/NBA/MLB players & their slave owners, and 99% of the college facility and threw them all into the FEMA camps for life, guilty of treason against the United States by willfully shitting on America every change they had.

      10. I’ve read the comments by Braveheart, lena and others and agree fully that the thugs that went door to door after Katrina with their M4s and big attitudes was a warning that I have taken to heart. The Powers That Be WILL use that tactic wherever and whenever they feel they can get away with it. We’ve all been warned and need to make peace with the decision of whether we will live on our feet or on our knees.

        • It will be die fighting or die on your knees.

        • Hauptmann, welcome and it will be live and die on my feet for me. If they engage in that BS, they will die.

      11. I have always had an aversion to cities, they have too many people. The influx of foreigners in my lifetime has only increased my aversion. The increases on welfare, unemployment, and disabled have also happened thanks to our great health care. Dependence on the government has skyrocketed, we are indeed primed for catastrophic failure.

      12. As a nation we need to re-think our strategy, we learned the wrong lesson from Normandy. We learned nothing from Vietnam. Don’t get me wrong the soldiers are brave the leadership still fights with the modified continental line/chess strategy. Expensive in money and lives.

      13. Written like a true pig loving statist.

      14. Get a plan going…….time is of the essence….

        • Especially if you are in any of the cities mentioned in the article.

      15. Brought to you by Good Intentions Road Paving Corporation…

      16. Does anyone else remember Bammy Obutthole saying,
        “We need to keep the populations centered in the inner
        cities, because once they spread out to the suburbs and
        countryside, they are much harder to ORGANIZE.” ???

        Translation = Oganize: To recruit, build, brainwash, train,
        balkanize, divide, threaten, fight and destroy.

        Ky Mom, do you remember? You usually have all the facts? ?

      17. Blah, blah, bleeble-dee-blah…. People have been saying this same garbage for years. “It’s coming next year”…”The collapse is imminent”… Please. Just grow up. “It” is not coming. Period.

        • Tell that to Venazlia, or Argentina years ago…..
          Or the U.S.A in 1929….

          • It is not gonna happen. No matter how much you wish it into existence. The countries you mention have SPECIFIC economic reasons for failing. If not, the surrounding countries sharing their borders would be in as bad if not worse shape. Help yourself to a Global Economics textbook or two for the explanation.

            Ain’t. gunna. happen. Grow up and get over it. Next year, in five years or ten, I will be happy to say “I told you so”.

            • Edmund, given that the US has $20 trillion in hard debt, over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, coupled with the over $700 trillion in worthless global derivatives, it is impossible for an economic collapse NOT to happen. In fact, there has never been a fiat currency in history that did not, at some point, collapse. It is not a matter of if, but when.

              Feel free to ignore it. I don’t care when it happens. For me, what is important is that my family and friends will be prepared to deal with the collapse when it happens.

        • Or Zimbobwee

        • In the 1920s, one-quarter of all science research articles published in the entire WORLD were written in German. The country was widely regarded as one of the most erudite, cultured, and scholarly places on the planet.

          Communists were initially regarded as a nuisance in Russia and China…. just small groups of extremists.

          If history teaches us anything, it is that vast areas can undergo profound change in just a few years. It also teaches us that there are usually warning signs for those who are paying attention.

      18. “Defense Contractors” as the good guys?? I’ve been a Contractor to the DOD. I can tell you the quality, honesty and integrity varies greatly… many are just Cowboys hoping to pop someone under the aegis (legal cover) of the Fed Govt… ever heard of the BLM “round-up” in Nevada?? Be careful whom you trust

      19. I work very close to the bad part of town , where they come when shot or stabbed. I live 25 miles due north . I have had a practice run a couple years ago , making it home on foot . Had some Spanish speakers want to give me a lift bad , I kept my distance “3am” I’m an older white biker type , I now have a small tool bag with shoulder strap packed with useful items and have gone over slightly longer but safer route if I had to do it again . Good boots are important , don’t panick , and keep moving . In a shtf moment with hundreds out and about , I don’t know , if I can make the first 3 miles I think i can make it , best make sure you got that travel pack . Be the gray man , literaly , you got nothin you want nothin , be of no interest .

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