NASA Warns California Drought Could Threaten U.S. Food Supply: “There will be some definite changes”

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Commodities, Forecasting, Headline News | 367 comments

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    NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has sounded a stark warning over California’s sustained drought, publishing its latest findings where satellite surveys show a rapidly depleting groundwater supply.

    And with California as the United States’ most valuable agricultural state, and thus key to America’s food supply (and much of the world’s as well) that could mean drastic consequences for food commodity prices and potential shortages.

    The Nature Climate Change journal carried the report, which Think Progress summarized:

    A new Nature Climate Change piece, “The global groundwater crisis,” by James Famiglietti, a leading hydrologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, warns that “most of the major aquifers in the world’s arid and semi-arid zones, that is, in the dry parts of the world that rely most heavily on groundwater, are experiencing rapid rates of groundwater depletion.”

    The groundwater at some of the world’s largest aquifers — in the U.S. High Plains, California’s Central Valley, China, India, and elsewhere — is being pumped out “at far greater rates than it can be naturally replenished.”

    The most worrisome fact: “nearly all of these underlie the word’s great agricultural regions and are primarily responsible for their high productivity.”

    NASA’s satellite map shows the loss of weight height just in the past three years:


    According to NASA:

    “California’s Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins have lost roughly 15 km3 of total water per year since 2011 — more water than all 38 million Californians use for domestic and municipal supplies annually — over half of which is due to groundwater pumping in the Central Valley.”

    Yes, of course, California is a desert. So, that isn’t helping things. But it was reformed into a thriving economy by controversial and historically corrupt irrigation scheme, and is now vital to U.S. food security.

    The result of these dangerous conditions is, not surprisingly, higher commodity prices – including food and water – creating higher profits for the companies that provide these services. Privatized water could drive prices even higher.

    There are storm clouds gathering, so to speak, but they aren’t bringing rain.

    In July, California’s state government economic report was already warning of losses in the billions for farmers feeling the weight of drought conditions, though it claimed the national food system would be little impacted.

    However, time has made that claim ring hollow. In August, Bloomberg reported on the “global reverberations” occurring because of the drought in California:

    “It’s a really big deal,” Sumner said. “Some crops simply grow better here than anyplace else, and our location gives us access to markets you don’t have elsewhere.”


    The success of California agriculture was built in large part on advances in irrigation that allowed the state to expand beyond wheat, which flourishes in dry climates. It’s now the U.S.’s top dairy producer and grows half the country’s fruits, vegetables and nuts.

    “Water has allowed us to grow more valuable crops,” Sumner said. “Now, we have fruits and vegetables and North Dakota grows our wheat. Without irrigation, we’d be North Dakota.”


    “There will be some definite changes, probably structural changes, to the entire industry” as drought persists, said American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman. “Farmers have made changes. They’ve shifted. This is what farmers do.”

    Locals in California are now reporting everything from reduced availability of produce, to higher prices in restaurants and reduced hours and activity at farmer’s markets and local stores.

    Most farmers have cutback on what they are growing. In many cases, that means chopping down trees, orchards and not planting as many fields:

    “I was just talking to a farmer today who grows olives and almonds. Expect prices of almonds to skyrocket because they’re cutting the trees down because they don’t have enough water to keep them alive,” said Helstrom.

    California is by no means the only place facing life threatening shortages. There are similarly alarming trends having all across the globe, particularly in arid and semi-arid places.

    Texas ranchers and farmers have been dealing with returning dust bowl conditions in the panhandle and surrounding regions, with very difficult drought conditions and conflicting urban competition for water which strain supply.

    Elsewhere, too.

    The 20 million people in Brazil’s Sao Paulo are facing a stark 5 percent reserves in their municipal water reservoir, with Brazil’s Public Ministry recently acknowledging that the Sao Paulo water supply might last only another 100 days.

    Further shortages in rain could easily be the makings of a disaster that could deprive its residents of the basic necessities of life, particularly the swelling poor populations. Already, rationing has crept in, and water used for cooking, bathing and cleaning has been restricted.

    “Suffering from its worst drought in over 84 years, the city of Sao Paulo is in the midst of a crisis. For as of this weekend the city’s primary reservoir — the Cantareira — had dropped to just 5 percent capacity putting millions at risk of losing access to water.”

    “The fall prompted the city’s governor — Geraldo Alckmin — to again ask for permission to draw emergency water supplies from below flood gates to alleviate catastrophic losses from the Cantareira and ensure water supplies to the region’s 20 million residents. The move would tap a river system that feeds two other states also facing water shortages — Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. But the draw is only a temporary stop gap and, without rain, the Cantareira will continue to fall — bottoming out sometime this November.”

    Large swaths of the immense Amazon region are enduring drought, while various hotspots across South America are also drastically below average precipitation levels.


    NASA has also tracked serious aquifer depletion in “the North China Plain, Australia’s Canning Basin, the Northwest Sahara Aquifer System, the Guarani Aquifer in South America … and the aquifers beneath northwestern India and the Middle East,” as Think Progress notes. Parts of Northern China are also seeing their worst drought in 60 years.


    That’s pretty harsh news, and the long term impact could be pretty serious, and just one more reason to prepare a reserve food supply and prepare a plan to  deal with anything that may come.

    There have been many other warning signs about the food supply and commodities markets – not the least of which include the billions in losses that corn farmers are facing due to market rejection in China and other countries as a result of GMO contamination.



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      1. Vital to the American food supply? Cali for the most part grows luxury foods like nuts, fruit, and fancy vegetables. Stuff that used to be grown locally when I was young, and could be again. It might inconvenience a lot of liberals who shop at Whole Foods if Cali produce isn’t grown, but I for one won’t care.

        • Western USA has had “mega droughts” (google “mega droughts USA”) before in the last 1300 years that have lasted OVER 200 YEARS! Maybe the last 80 years has been an unusually wet period and you are back to the start of another long dry cycle?

          If so, looks like other places will be making a killing selling food to the US – fancy all your food coming from China anyone? They aren’t exactly careful how they produce anything – most ruthless and irresponsible people on the planet if you ask me.


          • well, we can agree on THIS!…”grows half the country’s fruits, vegetables and nuts.”

            • Off topic, but mark your calendars:

              Monday, November 03, 2014
              “Holocaust Trial” Author to Speak on Zundel and David Cole

              On the eve of the national elections in the US we hope the following announcement will not be lost in all the electioneering hoopla

              As we near the 30th anniversary of Ernst Zundel’s Great Holocaust Trial in Toronto, Canada which began on Jan. 7, 1985, Michael Hoffman, who covered the trial from the press gallery in the courtroom and wrote a book about it, will discuss with Prof. Kevin Barrett on his “Truth Jihad” radio show Zundel, the trial and a relatively new book that mentions Zundel, Republican Party Animal, by the Judaic revisionist David Cole.

              Mark your calendar: the program should be broadcast Friday Nov. 7th 10 to 11 Central and will be archived at

              For a preview of Hoffman’s take on Mr. Cole, see his letter which was published here:

              • My take on this is that we have IDIOTIC central planners. For the most part, California has been a desert State. Why in the hell would anyone want to rely on California as the main food supplier UNLESS some agri-business way back in the 60’s and 70’s saw an opportunity to test their GMO seed crops to see what would grow?

                It’s the same idiotic central planning of building a major city in the middle of a desert aka Las Vegas.

                You reap what you sow.

                • “You reap what you sow.”

                  Preppers don’t want to eat what’s been sown (by hideous Libs). At least this prepper doesn’t.

                  • Off Topic…

                    UNPRECEDENTED: Obama FORCES Insurance Industry to Withhold 2015 Prices Until After Election

                    In the past, new prices were announced 60 days before the first day of the year.
                    Not this year.

                    “Barack Obama is again playing political games with our health insurance industry and has turned in another underhanded move against it by FORCING insurance carriers, brokers and agents to withhold their 2015 prices until AFTER the 2014 midterm elections are over all so that the news of higher prices won’t hurt Democrats on Election Day.”


                    “Much of this news has gone under the radar as Democrats and their lapdog media are keeping this as quiet as possible.”

                    “Past practice has always been that the next year’s new rates are released 60 days before the first day of the next year. But Obama has mandated that companies hold back on that normal practice so that he can shield Democrats at the polls.”

                    An insurance agent explains…
                    “This year, for the first time in 20 years I cannot even quote a replacement product because Barack Obama has issued a GAG ORDER to the health insurance industry instructing them NOT TO DISCLOSE to their January 2015 health insurance rates until AFTER the mid-term elections.

                    This is unprecedented. Normally health insurance premiums are released for public viewing 60 days before the January 1st effective date.

                    Where are the reports on these cancellations and the gag order from NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN? The only news organization that I am aware of that has reported on any of this is the Fox News channel.

                    I can guarantee you one thing, not one of my clients who received a cancellation notice is voting Democrat on Tuesday.”

                    The Gateway Pundit
                    (also posted on Drudge Report)

                  • Yes, but it’s not just about us. The problem is that the world needs the factory farming system that has developed over the last century in order to produce enough food for the burgeoning human population. If it collapses, mass starvation will ensue. There simply is not enough food in the world for 7 billion people to forage for in the wild. Expect any such collapse to threaten your personal food supplies and your ability to cultivate them simply because of the large number of starving people you may encounter after such a collapse. As nice as it is be to exist as an island in the vast sea of humanity, that possibility collapses when the rest of mankind can’t feed itself.

                    So far as it goes, worldwide famine is the SHTF scenario that most concerns me at this time, followed by a pandemic of something like ebola. Compared to these two, the financial collapse scenario pales in comparison because they simply can’t be compensated for in the medium term. Financial systems have come and gone in the past but a loss of ability to produce food or a mass loss of educated people (engineers, architects, programmers, etc.) who know how to bring back our technological society would be hard to bounce back from.

                  • I couldn’t care less what the political orientation of the farmer is, I eat fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, beans, etc and organic if I can get it. Not all of us are looking forward to living off of freeze dried crap, beans, rice, and squirrel. I’ll eat it if I have to but frankly I’d be happier if the fresh food keeps growing.

                  • Winston:

                    The world needs factory farms or wants factory farms because they produce cheap food?

                    Who’s responsibility is it grow your food?

                  • Freeslave. You may want to put some culture in your life and try the California Wines for your pallet. Instead of your backyard Grapejuice backwash. Lol

                  • @Anonymous: Read it again and think about it. Can I grow my own food? Yes. Can you? Maybe. Can 7 billion other people all do the same at the same time? Not bloody likely. Modern agriculture techniques are why the world’s population has boomed over the last century. Take it away and eventually the world’s population reverts to the number who can sustain themselves living off of nature and primitive agriculture. If I am to be extremely generous I will say that’s about a quarter of the people living today. Sorry, but I do not want to see the death of billions of other humans simply because they cannot be fed with what the system collapses to without modern agriculture. Then again, neither do they. Which is why resource wars will spring out of nowhere in the disorderly chaos that comes with such a collapse scenario.

                • climate

                  • Noun needs a verb, adjective or other operator for relevance. 😉

                • Plenty of fertile land in the eastern half of the country and it is wet over here. If I drive across states in rural area, there is shitloads of abandoned farm land sitting idle. These areas could be fired up in no time if needed. This California problem is a blip in the big picture. People can find ways to deal with water/food issues with the vast resources untapped in the US. I am not worried, at least not about California.

                  • @ Gonetoolong : The real problem is, except for radishes, it takes two to three months before harvest of crops. That could equal alot of hungry or dead folks.

              • John Q. is an ignorant anti-Semite. The Germans themselves documented the slaughter of the Holocaust and it cannot be denied.

                • horseshit!

                • Prove it, Sharon. Otherwise, you are the ignorant (and arrogant) Z-shill troll (knowingly or unknowingly) spewing lies for your handlers.

                  • True story EA. Her back posts show how she “flies”. Proof is not available to them for their position, only lies and name calling.

                    JQP is one of the “smartest” posters on shtf. Anyone REALLY interested in what is wrong with America and the world should follow the links he posts.

                    Ever wonder why people like Sharon do not include facts in their posts? It is because they cant!

                  • Well, POGgy, she said that the Germans documented the Holocaust themselves, and that is a fact.

                  • @ Old Coach
                    That site is pure propaganda bull sheet and is a perfect example of how the ZIonists “keep their dream alive and well” in the gullible, malleable minds of Americans who believe, some how, that that particular tribe, can be trusted. Unbelievable how people buy in to this make-believe, totally fabricated world. Where is the evidence? Where is the proof? SHow us the proof, Old Coach. Now!

                    Have you read ANYTHING, and JQP has brought volumes to this site, any evidence clearly proving the “6 million died” hoax? The thing is, minds like yours have been programmed to such an extent, that even if the truth was hitting you over the head in the form of a golden truth brick, you’d still deny it. That’s how brainwashing works. And the Zionist machine has got it down to a science. Who writes the history books for schools in America? That question ever crossed your mind? Who determines what should be in history books, what is relevant HISTORY?

                    When the evidence is so clear cut on 9/11 and Americans STILL BELIEVE it was some Arabs with box cutters, it’s like, minds like that are toast, too far gone to ever get it. It’s scary to see so many gullible Americans believing what MSM, owned and operated by the same “people” who bring you the “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum”, brings you news that is not always skewed, favoring the few.

                    Anyone who is a real prepper has done their research and sees through the lies. Sees who is really running the “show” i.e. the REAL REASON WHY WE HAVE TO BE PREPPING in the first place!

                    When the time comes, and the Truth finally penetrates through the corrupted MSM, which will be after the whole system comes crashing down, people who once believed in this Zionist crap, if they make it to the other side, will be crying in the streets, begging for forgiveness for having been so blind to reality. THAT is the quintessential mind-blowing revelation in store for those who took it all in “Hook, Line and Sinker” prior the Great Awakening. God, please, let it be so, soon!!! Blatant ignorance is so destructive and shameful.

                  • Holocaust Commemoration
                    Strengthens Zionist-Jewish Power

                    By Mark Weber, Director
                    Institute for Historical Review

                    The United Nations General Assembly has voted to designate January 27 as international Holocaust Remembrance Day. The UN resolution to commemorate Jews who lost their lives in Europe during the Second World War was introduced by Israel and approved on Tuesday by most UN member states.

                    What’s behind this resolution and the Holocaust remembrance effort? Whose interests does it serve?

                    It is, of course, fitting and proper to remember all victims of war and genocide. But Holocaust remembrance is not, as its supporters claim, a noble effort motivated by sincere concern for humanity. It is, rather, a one-sided campaign designed to further Zionist interests.

                    Since the late 1970s, remembrance of “the Holocaust” – usually defined as the genocidal killing of six million Jews in Europe during the Second World War – has grown tremendously. This media and political cam­paign, which Jewish historian Alfred Lilienthal calls “Holocausto­mania,” includes a relentless stream of propagandistic motion pictures, television specials, books, education courses, museums and commemorative events.

                    In many American and European schools, as in all Israeli schools, a focus on the wartime suffering of Europe’s Jews is an obligatory part of the curriculum. A number of countries, including Britain, Germany and Italy, officially observe Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are more than 250 Holocaust museums and memorials worldwide, most of them in the United States and Europe. The largest is the official US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, which draws some two million visitors yearly.

                    A prominent Israeli Holocaust specialist, Yehuda Bauer, observed in 1992:

                    “Whether presented authentically or inauthentically, in accordance with the historical facts or in contradiction to them, with em­pathy and understanding or as monumental kitsch, the Holocaust has become a ruling symbol of our culture. Hardly a month passes without a new TV production, a new film, a number of new books of prose or poetry dealing with the subject, and the flood is increasing rather than abating.”

                    The Holocaust campaign is important to the interests of Israel, which owes its existence to massive and continuous support from the United States. Holocaust remembrance helps to justify enormous US support for Israel, and to excuse otherwise inexcusable Israeli policies.

                    Paula E. Hyman, a professor of modern Jewish history at Yale Uni­versity, has accurately observed:

                    “With regard to Israel, the Holocaust may be used to forestall political criticism and suppress debate; it reinforces the sense of Jews as an eternally beleaguered people who can rely for their defense only upon themselves. The invocation of the suffering endured by the Jews under the Nazis often takes the place of rational argument, and is expected to convince doubters of the legitimacy of current Israeli government policy.”

                    Another Jewish scholar, Tony Judt, recently wrote:

                    “The Shoah [the ‘Holocaust’] is frequently exploited in Amer­ica and Israel to deflect and forbid any criticism of Israel. Indeed, the Holocaust of Europe’s Jews is nowadays exploited thrice over: It gives American Jews in particular a unique, retrospective ‘victim identity’; it allows Israel to trump any other nation’s sufferings (and justify its own excesses) with the claim that the Jewish catastrophe was unique and incompa­rable; and (in contradiction to the first two) it is adduced as an all-purpose metaphor for evil — anywhere, everywhere and always — and taught to schoolchildren all over America and Europe without any reference to context or cause. This modern instrumentalization of the Holocaust for political ad­vantage is ethically disreputable and politically imprudent.”

                    Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish scholar who teaches at DePaul University in Chicago, writes in his bestselling book, The Holocaust Industry, that “invoking The Holocaust” is “a ploy to delegitimize all criticism of Jews.” He adds: “By conferring total blamelessness on Jews, the Holocaust dogma immunizes Israel and American Jewry from legitimate censure… Organized Jewry has ex­ploited the Nazi holocaust to deflect criticism of Israel’s and its own morally indefensible policies.”

                    In the United States and western Europe, the Holocaust is given an almost sacred status. It is portrayed reverentially, and as a central event of world history.

                    One Jewish American religious figure, Rabbi Michael Goldberg, has aptly referred to “the Holocaust cult” with “its own tenets of faith, rites and shrines.”

                    The Holocaust remembrance campaign reflects an arrogant view of Jews as a special and superior people. Reflecting this view, Abraham Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League — one of the most influential Zionist groups – declared: “…The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself. It is an event that is the antithesis of Creation as recorded in the Bible; and like its direct op­posite, which is relived weekly with the Sabbath and yearly with the Torah, it must be remembered from generation to gen­eration.”

                    In several countries – including Israel, Germany, France and Spain – it is a crime publicly to dispute the official Holocaust story of six million murdered Jews. Many individuals have been fined, imprisoned or forced into exile for daring to contest Holocaust claims. No other chapter of history is judicially protected in this way.

                    Non-Jewish victims of genocide, oppression and war simply do not merit the same consideration as do the Holocaust’s Jewish victims. There are no comparable museums, memorials or solemn ceremonies to commemorate, for example, the vastly greater number of victims of Soviet and Chinese Communism. As historians acknowledge, the non-Jewish victims of Soviet Russian dictator Joseph Stalin greatly outnumber the Jews who perished as a result of Hitler’s policies. Authoritative estimates of the number of Chinese who perished as victims of repression, famine, and forced labor under the Communist regime of Mao Zedong range from about 30 million to more than 60 million.

                    The Holocaust remembrance campaign deserves scorn, not support, because it is an insincere and one-sided effort that serves Israeli interests and bolsters Jewish-Zionist power.

                  • Lying eyewitnesses…

                    The quality of “eyewitness” testimony is shameful. Watch ABC News video of “Holocaust eyewitness,” Herman Rosenblat rationalizing his shameful deception:

                    Interviewer: How can you say it wasn’t a lie? It wasn’t true and you know it’s not true.

                    Rosenblat: Yes, it’s not true, but in my imagination it was true.


                  • EA:

                    A good place for people who claim to read MANY books on history; a good start would be Gruesome Harvest.
                    Gruesome Harvest is a free PDF and will change your view of corrupted history about what really happened in Germany.

                  • The, holocaust?

                    I assume you’re referring to “crown-jewel of kosher-mathematics?”

           know, that 20th century event & guilt-geld algorithm….where out of a total population of 4.5million jews, living inside Nazi (geographically) controlled territory……six million were ruthlessly exterminated!

                    ..yet, on the flip side…, we have 2.5 million survivors from that original group!


                    Damn..ya gotta give the ‘tribe’ some credit for chutzpah-math… anyone who could get the majority of Euros & Americans, to buy into such a fanciful equation and blindly accepting the resultant / sum….deserves watching closely.

                    -(deep sigh)-

                    ..isn’t it a wonder..that they control our banks, governments & medias…and damn near everything else nowadays?

                • The jews all died of disentary. And cowards for refusing to fight the Nazis. Just like today did you see any Joo Boots in Iraq or afghanistan? No. They sit in Tel aviv and bomb Palestinian babies from their bunkers.

                • While I’m no expert on the holocaust and really have little interest in studying it after my youthful overexposed indoctrination, I have always wondered why the need for a law against denial. If this is in fact historically true, why does the truth need a law to defend itself. To paraphrase ‘truth need not be defended, it is like a lion. Set it free and it will defend itself’.

                  There can be reasonable debate about a topic, but when laws are created to stifle any discussion in opposition, I start to wonder why. When genuine inquiry and debate is converted into a thought crime, I begin to question the validity of the claim. Truth needs no defense. Lies need laws, the truth does not.

                  Here’s a question I have had for sometime: Why was I required to study something about the holocaust every year in school while there was absolutely NOTHING mentioned about Stalin’s purges, the Holomodor, Mao’s murder spree, nor the Killing Fields of Pol Pot. I had to learn about those on my own while Anne Frank’s Diary was required reading and videos of dead bodies during WW2 shown to me at ages I’m not sure were appropriate for such subject matter. Makes me wonder why that would be the case when the body counts were so much higher in those other instances.

                  Also, why is it called ‘The Holocaust (Trademarked)’ as if the other tragedies somehow don’t rate?

                  • And why was Schindler’s List shown on Prime Time (was it ABC?), “UNCENSORED”, for all to see? What set that movie apart from ALL OTHERS, creating an ambiance of being “special”, bordering on “holy”?

                    65 million Americans were indoctrinated that night. I was one of them. At the time I kept asking myself “why are they allowing this?” “What are they trying to accomplish?” “What is the motive behind showing this uncensored movie, during prime time, with a special intro by Spielberg, I think, and some kind of post ceremony afterwards?

                    It can’t be denied, the movie, the acting was exceptional, but that’s where it ends. “Why it was given special permission to be shown that night”, and “who allowed it to be shown”, were questions not clear to me back then, but now, it’s so obvious. Who owns Hollywood? Who owns the Networks? Who owns the Porn industry? Who owns the Medical industry? Who owns the military industrial complex? Who owns America’s Politicians? Who owns MSM? What 2% practically own everything, including the minds of most Americans?

                    And I had no idea that the “holocaust” was required study, now. Looks like SheepDawg survived the “waterboarding”, to share his/her brilliantly insightful story/experience.

                    And who is responsible for the chaos and mayhem engulfing the world, forcing us to prepare for some implosion at any moment? Who are “TPTB” that all commenters who post here talk about?

                    THE DARK ENTITY MANIPULATING BEHIND THE SCENES directly connected to THE ZIONIST NAME, IS NEVER BROUGHT UP IN A TOPIC FOR AN ARTICLE ON THE SHTFPLAN?????????? Not once, do I recall. Why is that?

                  • @Sheepdog – that’s a good question. I too was taught very little of the Communist atrocities in school. My father knew, but of course I didn’t listen……

                    Several exposes of Stalinist infiltration of the US Government, based on the KGB files that were available for research for a short time after the crash of the USSR, have shown pretty conclusively that that Communist propaganda has been a big part of our “education system” going back to the 1930s. Covering up Communist atrocities is a mature industry in the USA.

                    “Stalin’s Secret Agents”
                    “American Betrayal”

                    Just four of the books that have come out in the last 8-10 years.

                    FDR’s administration was absolutely riddled with Communists, including his chief adviser and hatchet-man, Harry Hopkins. (FDR’s Valerie Jarret…)

                    Quite a few of these Communist “agents of influence” came out of Ivy League colleges, especially Harvard.

                  • Mass graves or massive amounts of ash have never been uncovered…lots of Jews and other races died in Germany. Millions exterminated though? Zero evidence only testimony, mostly from tortured prisoners after the fact

              • Can anyone explain to me why none of the Bolshevik communists that murdered over 100 million people in the take over of Russia were never brought to trial?

                Reading what author Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about the torturers/butchers that led this mass murder it is mind boggling that no one has been held accountable.

                • Good evening, Granny. I have to agree. When my wife and I first married, we had our honeymoon at Key West. On the 2nd day we were strolling along the beach when she finally broke down and told me about her life under Fidel Castro. She boggled my mind with stories about how after Castro and his thugs CONFISCATED PRIVATELY OWNED FIREARMS then only a few hours later started rounding up people for execution, how some of her family died at Castro’s hands, how he turned Cuba inside out by the time she escaped from there in 1967. I was absolutely horrified. She finally let it all out and I just held her for what seemed like eternity. Before the wedding, I had already met other Cuban exiles and heard their stories which were no less horrifying. Those people taught me a lot about communism, having already experienced it first-hand and made me more opposed to communism than anything else could have. If necessary, I’ll die standing up against the communist NWO bastards. My wife is long gone thanks to a POS Haitian drunk driver who finally met his end not long after, but her spirit still lives within me. That spirit will never die. Take care.

                • For the most part they were never brought to trial because they died of old age before the Soviet Union collapsed or shortly thereafter. And another reason, and the primary one, is that they won and they wrote history. Ths Nazi conglomerate didn’t have that opportunity. thanks

              • who the hell cares, get off the site moron

            • With apologies and respect for our decent California friends— drought, starvation, and collapse are a most logical outcome for the perversion, depravity, and corrupt politics of California. Let California’s philosophy die a death deserving of its diabolical rhetoric. Let decency and justice arise from the dust.

              Meanwhile let us pray for the conversion of all sinners, ourselves included.

              Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

              • JQP

              • “Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.”

                Said the guy that blanket blames all jews for all evils.


                • JQP does NOT blanket blame all jews for the ills of our beloved nation and the world. That is what his statement of “prosecute the guilty” means and most of us here can discern that.

                  • Wow.

                    The trolling is strong today. There sure is a lot of pent up anger out there. You know when they come to sites like this, they are desperate.

                    Most normal, logical and balanced people tend to flock to like minded groups. What kind of person goes to sites that are totally against their own belief system?

                    Someone with a mental disorder.

                    Don’t feed the trolls. Let them burn up with all that hate.

                  • Anyone who still believes the hokum of the HoloHoax should read how the purveyors of the myths have publicly admitted their lies and errors:


                    (There is an imbedded link to Part 1 as well)

                    History, science, and exposure of the phony eyewitnesses are catching up with the liars and extortionists.

                    Also, I highly recommend Hoffman’s upcoming interview (links posted above). Hoffman is meticulous in his documentation and sources.

                  • Their pet Islamofascist fellow-traveller’s party is taking a shellacking at the polls, so the trolls are throwing tantrums.

                  • When you cite JQP, please don’t cite one comment while ignoring the vast body of that slobbering dolt’s yammering, that does indeed blame the jews for every evil.

                    Doing so makes you look at stupid as he is.

                  • @ Laugh

                    Still you have provided no quotes to support your claim. Be known as a liar.

                • @ Laugh

                  Quote me verbatim where I supposedly condemned “ALL” Jews or be known as a just one more liar, just one more child of the Father of Lies.

                  • Obviously John q Pubic is a paid ZOG Shill. How much does Israel pay you weekly to post that zionist crap?

                • I wouldn’t call it “blanket blame” when I have fact checked 90% of everything John q has posted. He is 100% correct. Sorry folks its not racism if its all true. Open your mind and do some digging

              • I appreciate the respect and the apology in advance John Q, this conservative prepper is living in exile in what I call:

                A) The Left Coast
                B) Kalifornicate

                It’s a beautiful state physically, so much going for it actually. But the Libs have ruined it fiscally, politically, and most importantly, morally.

                My favorite teams from little boy to even now have been the SF 49ers and the SF Giants. (We won the World Series over the KC Royals in Game 7, our 3rd in 5 years!) But I feel sick because San Francisco is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. And my buddies remind me that I’m rooting for teams that represent Sodom and Gomorrah. Almost makes me want to find new teams to root for because I hate what that city has come to stand for morally. Bunch of God-hating militant homosexuals. Who are jackboot fascists with no concept of hypocrisy. And who spread their moral disease of liberalism throughout the state and exported to the rest of the country and the world through Hollywood.

                There’s a Salt-and-Light remnant in Kalifornia and we win battles soul-by-soul, and that’s all we can do.

                Drought? Famine? Economic disruption? We deserve it.

                State Pension collapse? So what? The other 49 states will do the Great Bailout. (I’m not a state employee either.)

                • You sir, have won the internet today.

                  I am a recovering Californian myself – beautiful country to be sure. I will never come back, however.

                  The drought is mostly caused by the people who put a small worthless fish over growing food.

                  I am in agreement with you, California deserves everything that it gets.

                  Damn shame.

                  • Thanks Townsaver. Went out to the local elementary school (which is my voting precinct) and voted against the Libs by voting for their GOP opponents.

                    Most likely I’ll be voting for the losing side, but it just doesn’t sit well with my soul when I think about all our military men (and women) who fought and died for this country so that we could have the rights and freedom to vote, among all the other rights and freedoms that they died for.

                    So I go out and vote as an expression of my eternal gratitude to our fallen warriors for their sacrifice.

                    And I also want to honor the Founding Fathers of America who crafted this Republic. And that’s another reason why I vote.

                  • Townsaver. I was born and raised in So. California; left in the late 70s. Mesquite Flats and Stove Pipe Wells in Death Valley are 2 of my favorite places in California. Don’t ask me how anyone could make a living there but those are very scenic places to visit. But the coast is just ruined with the overdevelopment, high cost of living, and crowding. Water shortage is already a serious issue; it could have been addressed a long time ago.
                    You ever go to Newport Beach? The Wedge was a great spot for body surfing (more like body slammed) and a couple of the beaches in Santa Barbara county were superb for board surfing. I used a homemade 7’7” swallowtail board for riding most of the waves that rolled in. Damn water’s cold, and the waves can get fairly big depending on the wind, etc.
                    Anyways, I miss Cali but definitely would not want to live there.

                  • I was born in CA. myself, as well. Would NEVER go back. Such a shame. It used to be a conservative state – until all the fascist leftists from NY, MA., etc. moved there a few decades ago

              • JQP, I agree. Good post.

            • BCFD
              Do you mean? Human fruits, Nuts, Veggies?

              • YUP!

                • i LIVE in the middle of the sons o biches, so i gotta DEAL with the dumb masses EVERRRYYY FOCKIN’ DAY!

            • That is awesome Doom… “fruits and nuts….” Booohahahah..

          • Check this Out. To make matters worse – Fracking is Destroying California’s Drinking Water Supply. Dumping three billion gallons of illegally dumped toxic water mixed with clean water. This is Criminal!!!!

            Fracking Ruining California’s Already Depleted Water Supply
            by Kevin Mathews
            October 14, 2014
            2:30 pm
            Water is hard to come by in California currently thanks to a devastating drought. As the government tries to determine how to get by, the last thing the state needs is to have its already limited water supply contaminated, yet that’s precisely what has occurred thanks to our friends in the fracking industry.

            That’s why we’ve started a petition to end fracking in California immediately.

            Three months ago, eleven fracking wells were shut down in central California after being suspected of leaking wastewater into critical aquifers. Analysts found that nine of the wells had in fact contaminated the state’s precious water supply. In total, three billion gallons of illegally dumped toxic water mixed with clean water. Chemicals like thallium, arsenic and various nitrates that fracking companies use to conduct business have been discovered in high concentrations in the water supply.

            Even more disheartening is the news that this investigation is not over. Regulators have reason to suspect that 19 other fracking sites may have leaked toxins into water supplies, though those areas have yet to be tested.

            This development shouldn’t come as a surprise – researchers have found time and time again that the chemicals that get used in fracking “magically” wind up in local water supplies, even though gas companies deny responsibility.

            State officials knowingly accepted risks when they permitted fracking to occur. This gamble turned out to be even more reckless than they could have anticipated, however, now that water is in such low supply.

            Fracking doesn’t even need to poison aquifers in order to deplete the water supplies. A single fracking site can waste as much as 150,000 gallons each day. The water is mixed with toxins and fired underground to free up natural gas supplies. Because it is combined with chemicals, this water is unsafe to use for other purposes afterwards, too.

            It is unclear how the state will deal with its polluted aquifers at this point, but one next step should be obvious: putting a moratorium on fracking in the state immediately. California does not have the luxury of losing any more water at this point. Forget natural gas — H2O is clearly a more precious resource during this drought.

            • WWTI

              The Californicators will be moving EAST.
              Fukishima radiation might make desalination plants impossible.

          • California is still dumping millions of acre feet of fresh water into San Francisco Bay to save the Delta Smelt and the Snail Darter. Water that could and should go to the Central Valley. Farms are going out of business, almond trees are dying and being pulled out by roots. I see it every time I travel down the 46. The truth is that the rains will come back but the farms will have all been bought up by the Red Chinese. Then watch the water flow. This just a cheap way to give sovereignty of our land to foreign lenders as we bankrupt ourselves to pay for illegal alien babies.

            • The Delta Smelt is on the FEDERAL endagered species list and is protected by the Feds. The Ca farmers would pump water if they could..

          • I am a farm land owner. You talk about importing food from China. But the fact is the US is a major exporter of agricultural products to other countries. The US feeds much of the world. I just can’t believe this nonsense about a food shortage. Farmers are paid to NOT plant cropland. Droughts occur all the time in different areas of the country. Every farmer has a backup plan. As far as this year goes…bumper crop of corn. Unfortunately because of a overabundance of corn, the corn price has fallen from $7.50/bushel to $3.25/bushel. Food shortage? I think not – just look at this chart for the price of corn over the last year.


            • Absolutely right. But there’s also an overabundance of paranoids who just have to have their falsehood fix every day.

            • that’ll teach you bastards to work hard and try to make an honest living. Sorry, couldn’t resist, but that’s what the average ugimme would say. thanks

          • Someone here has been saying for a couple months that famine is coming to America and to plan accordingly. He also said that the future of farming is local, and vertical. Buy a warehouse.

            Who was that masked man??? Better get a subscription to his monthly newsletter, ’cause he is such a “smarty pants” !!! 🙂

            • BTW, California has NO shortage of water. With the Pacific Ocean at its doorstep and current de-stalinization technologies, California could be exporting water to Arizona and paying Arizona to take it, just to get rid of the excess.

              Israel is doing it. The Gulf States are doing it. California can do it too. Another real weather challenge but a contrived emergency because there is another goal in mind.

              Its called “depopulation”. 🙁

              • Durango kidd, I gave you a thumbs up cause you made me laugh “Smarty pants” lol..
                And your right, the old saying they can put a man on the moon but cant get water too the farms.
                If this Smelt had any value other than Political they could move them somewhere else, or farm rise them like any other fish..

                • Thanks PA, but I can’t take credit for the “smarty pants” moniker.

                  That gift was given by Helot/Clark a few articles back who has long been rumored to be Lew Rockwell’s protege and boy wonder, trumpeting the benefits of FREE TRADE and selling it to US as a FREEDOM. 🙁

              • The enviro weenies fight them every step. It took eight years to get Carlsbads desal approved. Even then the fought it. One of the issues was that it put salt into the ocean.

              • california has no money , it can have water or it can pay pensions , how is that going to work out > ? LOL

                • Cancel the f’n pensions for government workers and let them root hog or die poor as the rest of us in the private sector are doing. You show me a government employee and I’ll show you a ugimme. The lowest form of live on the planet.

          • China can’t even feed itself these days. Prices are already going up on some items like citrus.

          • In the US, the Ogallala, is being rapidly depleted. And, guess what else? The corporations have decided that you have NO RIGHT TO WATER, it should be treated as any foodstuff, and sold at “fair market value”…

            The Republic is DEAD.

            • Who gives a rodent’s scrotum about the Republic. When the masses die off from lack of water then the aquifers will replenish themselves, the depleted population can start to multiply and in a 1000 years we can do it all over again.

          • I’m sure the idiotic chemtrails aren’t helping. I watched this last Sunday over the western burbs of Chicago as they **clearly** sprayed the heck out of the sky. I never believed in this until I started looking – and those are NOT regular vapour trails!!

        • We have been making the land produce – with chemicals fertilizers, irrigation, broadacre farming practices – more than it was ever “designed” to. It cant last and what you are experiencing in SoCal we also had a 10 years drought here that brought many farmers to their knees. We here are still not out of the woods yet either and parts of Aus seem to be slipping back.

          Ten, twenty or more years of drought is just a drop in the bucket in the overall scheme of things to Mother Nature – but a disaster to people who only think in terms of season to season (or in the case of TPTB – only as far ahead as the next election).


          • Absolutely!

            They think in terms of “season to season”. They have been spoiled by use of irrigation and snow melt.

            If this year’s snow pack isn’t nearly record breaking, the rivers that feed the irrigation systems, primarily the Colorado River, the whole “dam thing” may dry up.

            When Californicator’s realize their politicians pissed away billions that could have been used for desalination plants, and their taps are barely a trickle; they will wise up and start building, maybe.

            Maybe not to the extent that Saudi Arabia is, but enough to supply the needs of the State. The Saudis operate over 30 plants and produce billions of gallons of potable water.

            With a population of about 30 million, maybe Southern and Central Cali. (close to that of Saudi arabia), needs to take some lessons from the Saudis.

            It isn’t too late to start, but the bureaucracy of politicians will prevent any common sense approach to a solution.

            Oh well, reap what you sow. If you can’t sow, move the farm.

            Cities to the East and North better look out….”the skittish are coming, the skittish are coming”.

            • Important insights, readydownunder and olcu812 !!!

              Underlying the decades of depraved agricultural and water policies is the unifying theme of Occupied America—loot to profit the few.

              Remember that Satan and his synagogue’s motto is not a theory, but an action plan: Depopulation and enslave the survivors.

              • -Loot, to profit the few?

                ..depopulate and enslave the survivors?

                Yeah, I agree.

                That said:


                Recall their mantra of..’never let a good crisis go to waste.’ Thus were gonna see additional draconian legislation cropping up soon.
                California(the peoples Republic of), will lead the pack:

                1.> ..water meters on private wells, per taxation $$$.

                2.> ..additional consumption taxes on water related it a water-based VAT(value added tax)..for the benefit of society at large, don’tcha know.

                3.> ..Worst case equal, an elite sponsored relocation program for the waterless sheep(domesticatus-Americanus)..unto their version of kibbutz-camps, w/ DHS over-site/control, of course.

                4.> ..fill-in-the-blank laws/schemes, per more money & power for the state.


                ..funny, how none hear of recommendations to cleanse California, or indeed the arid Southwest, of its illegal alien infestation..which could reduce the overall water loss/consumption rate, by 20-25%.

                Thus politics, is part of the problem.


                Most here at this site/forum understand that politics is not principled..its organized crime!
                But, since we’re vastly outnumbered, compared to society at large..there’s little chance of effecting a meaningful change to the political side of this crisis.


                Somebody once said: “..democracy was the honeymoon, when stupidity married greed.”

                ..we’ve been stuck w/ that honeymoon hangover ever since..

                As a result..methinks Mother-nature is currently throwing something akin to a serious menopausal hissy-fit, over said union. This is gonna hurt if she doesn’t calm down!

                ..’cuz if she doesn’t, the current utopian police-state and its allure for complete control, will merely ramp-up their spoils system..their self-created host/parasite paradigm.

                ..and of course, continue to brutally feast/feed on liberty, money…and misery!

                To the detriment of us all, per the crisis..they refuse to waste.


                Good post, John Q

                • @ Hunter

                  Your forecast is precisely on target.

                  Our mutual friend has my new email address.

              • How did I know Jews would come back into play?

            • HAARP high pressure areas offshore from northern California have been deflecting weather systems north away from California. HAARP energy is steered and positioned through the use of cell towers. Cell towers in the US are grossly over-powered to generate more wattage than needed to transfer cell communications. These towers are government-controlled, as is HAARP.

              In addition to the chem in chemtrails and the use of HAARP, environmental legislation has required the release of water in reservoirs to make the decline in food production more immediate and pronounced. Weather has become a weapon that our government is using against us by controlling food production.

            • As of right now it looks like another drought year based on surface ocean temps along the North American coast which will once again build up a high pressure ridge blocking storms. It will be cold again in the East and Mid West as a result.

        • If half the effort was put into a garden that people put into their lawn and shrubbery the abundance of food would be shocking. I had a great uncle Nuzio from the old country that had a 60ft by 300 ft lot. 250ft of that length was an organic garden. Of course Nunzio knew nothing of organic but knew he did not want to buy anything. The chickens provided fertilizer, eggs and the occasional meal. If he could have grown sufficient wheat, sugar cane and coffee he would have bought nothing.

        • I guess the folks at NASA need to convince the folks at HAARP to refrain from their evil deeds that contribute heavily to this drought. That won’t happen though as they both have the same bosses.

          • That is the cause of this drought. The HAARP signature has been clearly identified off the coast of Cali and it has been driving the rains north. And besides depopulation, this is a land grab on a statewide scale. If this were a real drought, big Ag and big business would not continue to operate as if there was no drought, they would be changing their operations or planning to relocate for their own survival.

        • Coach, Cali grows everything. Lettuce, Oranges, Garlic grapes for wine, onions, olives, strawberries, tons of produce. Why do you care if you are eating home grown? How about we inject some facts here instead of clueless opinions.

          Food Facts
          California has been the number one food and agricultural producer in the United States for more than 50 consecutive years.

          More than half the nation’s fruit, nuts, and vegetables come from here.
          California is the nation’s number one dairy state.
          California’s leading commodity is milk and cream. Grapes are second.
          California’s leading export crop is almonds.
          Nationally, products exclusively grown (99% or more) in California include almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, kiwifruit, olives, persimmons, pistachios, prunes, raisins, clovers, and walnuts.
          From 70 to 80% of all ripe olives are grown in California.
          California is the nation’s leading producer of strawberries, averaging 1.4 billion pounds of strawberries or 83% of the country’s total fresh and frozen strawberry production. Approximately 12% of the crop is exported to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Japan primarily. The value of the California strawberry crop is approximately $700 million with related employment of more than 48,000 people.
          California produces 25% of the nation’s onions and 43% of the nation’s green onions.
          Gilroy, California, “Garlic Capitol of the World,” has hosted 2 million at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.
          California Crops
          Bell Peppers
          Milk & Cream

          • Excellent response, the only thing you forgot to list is raisins, California leads the country in raisin production as well.

            • Raisins? Raisins??? Raisins are a metaphor for the American economy. 🙁

              “Oh the beauty of an empty morning;
              Like wild grapes hung on a vine
              While time, time stands still like running water …
              Running through a gorge cut sharp
              By time and water …
              Rushing faster, rushing faster:

              Faster than, than grapes to raisins
              Hanging death-like, in the beauty
              Of an empty morning.”

              • OOooh, that would smart – if the yokels could only understand it!

          • WWTI… Only a Damn Fool would red thumb your post above. The price increases and the increase in imports from countries that the farm laborers still shit in the fields, will effect us all. Also you ommited Feed that is grown for beef, chicken/eggs and dairy.

          • You help me to prove my point ! How much of that produce can you survive without? Artichokes? Kiwi fruit? Pistachios? Strawberries? Only if you are a limousine liberal is year-round access to those item and essential of life, without which life will not be worth living.

            Every item on your list can be grown east of the Rockies. And they were, until cheap transportation and the ag-industrial complex drove the small truck farmers out of business.

            New Jersey is called “The Garden State” because up until 1950s or thereabouts New Jersey supplied most of the fresh produce to NYC. (Some came from Long Island.) Then the Kali farmers, using the railroads and the Interstate system, undercut the NJ farmers and forced them out of business. (Another factor was that Kali could supply fresh produce in the off season, and people became used to that.)

            I grew up next to a “truck farm” in Massachusetts, Andy Boy Farms, which supplied vegetable to all the groceries for miles around. My mother used to can stuff she bought at their road stand, so we’d have it for winter. All gone to developments now.

            There’s no earthly reason why the nation would suffer more than temporary inconvenience if Kali produce disappeared from stores. For a while some things would be more expensive, and many things would be seasonal, just as they were for the entirety of human existence, prior to cheap, fast transport.

            See, us old folks actually remember stuff that you kids would do well to learn.

          • So all you young back to the land entreprenurs this is your crop list. Start looking at those you can grow well in your climate/state, overlay the list of what is almost exclusively grown in Cali and then the list of the most perishable for local sales at top dollar: that is where you focus your energy.
            But I think only small and medium growers will be forced out and bought out for pennies on the dollar at best. Then the rains will return once only big Ag is left.

          • Any of that stuff I can not grow myself I can do without

        • Here’s a plan… Let’s kick anything to do with God out of our schools, court house, public square, and even make the preachers submit their sermons for government approval. No morals just amoral. Let’s push genetic food, sex, drugs, reality TV, western medicine (when country medicine works but does not make billions for big pharma), huge debt to make everyone a slave to the system, manage wars for profit and then send your best people to die for your “company”, elect the worst of the population because the “cool”, dumb down the education system and teach immoral behavior, punish the producers and reward the “useless eaters”, and tax all of it….. yea this will work…..
          The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire.
          “When the Lamb broke the third seal, I heard the third living being say, ‘Come!’ And I looked up and saw a black horse, and its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. And a voice from among the four living beings said, ‘A loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley for a day’s pay. And don’t waste the olive oil and wine'” (Revelation 6:5-6, NLT).
          A loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley for a day’s pay.” Three loaves of barley equal approximately one pint. This is generally regarded as a minimum-sustenance diet. Therefore, this verse foreshadows a time when an entire day’s wage will barely yield enough food to survive.
          PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS……..time is getting short……..

        • Hold, Old Coach! You are assuming far too much. As a native Californian, the state grow MORE than half of the country’s produce(and NOT just the “fancy stuff”) and about half of the country’s rice and beans. Yes, California, in particular, the Sacramento Valley grows most of the world’s nut crops, like walnuts, almonds, pistachios, which are used in all sorts of “non-fancy, non-Whole Foods Market products.Just about all of your salad products you now eat come from California. So, yes, your food products will indeed skyrocket, and yes, you won’t have any to eat. Assuming that all Californians are liberal “Whole Foods” sandal-wearing granola munching hippies is not even close to being accurate. While the areas of Sacramento, the Bay Area, Los Angeles are indeed “liberal”, the rest of the state (which has 58 large counties) is not at all liberal. We are just outnumbered. Assumptions like yours are a lot like the bilge being served up at the daily White House Press Briefing. Educate your self just a little bit better. Thanks.

          • I agree, you are outnumbered. Get north of San Fransicko and it is very conservative.

            But the writing is on the wall. Mob rules.

            I stopped trying to defend California a long time ago, and simply left the state. It is too far gone.

          • Coach is getting old, so just excuse him, as his memory is fading. But him ranting does help his blood pressure for blowing off steam. So sometimes just go with it.

            Good Job Coach!!! lol Keep em coming!!! Beer out my nose.

          • Whole Foods sells nationwide. Not referring to Kali only. And yes, I know full well that outside the big metros is conservative, gun-totin’, Godly folks. Sad that the urban liberals who haven’t clue #1 how to farm meadow grass are destroying farming in your state.

        • There is nothing wrong with eating locally grown food in season. It’s better for everybody.

          The average distance your evening meal travels to get to your dinner table is 1,500 miles. If you eat organic food, it’s even greater.

          95% of food cost is from the supply chain.

        • Off Topic:

          After Amnesty:

          Currently Illegal’s enjoy the ‘good life’. They can’t be prosecuted, and if they happen to be convicted, they are released. They get free food, medical care, education, and in states like CO, free recreational marijuana.

          If Obama grants them citizenship, much of their ‘special’ status will be gone in a flash. Now they will need to apply for, get and keep a driver’s license and social security card, file tax returns, buy car insurance and in general become good citizens or be subject to the rule of law.

          I wonder how they will react when their special status is cancelled.

        • The one thing Calif. has is a year round growing season. Maybe if the idiots in charge would stop importing millions of immigrants the water would once again be in balance with the population. I realize that the greatest part of the water goes to farms but they can always be paid not to plant annual crops. The crime is the destruction of the fruit and nut orchards that took twenty years to get to full production. Time for Calif. to get serious and start offering Oregon three times the going rate for water from the Columbia that Oregon will never miss. This could be used to keep certain reservoirs full.

          • Oregon can not and will not pump the Columbia south. Look to the Pacific, stop fracking, evict or tax illegals for the services they use, stop companies like Nestle from bottling millions of gallons a day in Cali and then shipping it out of state etc. Asking for water from out of state before you stop the in-state waste and corruption is like getting your tenth credit card so you can pay a bit of the debt on the other 9 cards= a really bad idea!

          • That would have to be one hell of a pipeline, to bring enough water from the Columbia to the Central Valley to irrigate all that land.

          • There’s ample water in the Columbia River, they certainly could be pumping some of it to California. If you start your pipeline around Hood River, then run south, around Medford you turn into gravity flow, and could literally siphon water without pumping. That plan was around in the 1950’s, and could still be done, but Oregon and Washington won’t give up any water. It will take an Act of Congress to do it.

        • You’re right, OC, cali grows mostly junk food for soccer moms, tree huggers and commies.

          Biscuits and gravy for me and here and there a fried rabbit.

          Semper Fi

        • Sorry but you are idiot wrong. Ca is the source of a lot of real crops not just vanity items. Most of your carrots, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, rice and a host of other items. Cotton, citrus, apples, on and on. Yes you can grow some of it, and live on rice and beans. You won’t like it; and when people lived on what they grew locally they didn’t like it either; and they only had 3-4 billion people. Something like 1/4 of our corn crop is grown on irrigated fields and they get twice the yield of non watered. so yes starvation is going to be real.

          • East of the Mississippi we can grow ALL of it. And did until Kali drove us out of the marketplace.

            Industrial farming in Kali knocked out Eastern produce based on several economic factors:

            * Fertile land – (dry areas have not had nutrient leached out).
            * Industrial-grade artificial irrigation.
            * Cheap and abundant transport to eastern cities.
            * Indolent urbanites trained to demand “fresh” strawberries in January.
            (they ain’t really fresh in MY book.)
            Last but not least: Cheap ILLEGAL migrant labor.

            I daresay that we would have far, far less of an “illegal alien” problem in this country if Kali farmers had not been so ready to flout the law of the land, as they still do. Just as we would not have an “urban ghetto” problem if cynical British plantation developers had not chosen to been so greedy as to make their fortunes using slave labor.

            You Kalifornians would like to hold the rest of the USA hostage, but if the Central Valley does collapse, we will have the last laugh. We just go back to doing what we did before subsidized industrial ag beat us down.

            • Most of the country cannot grow anything in the cold months. Try growing crops in December in the North east or Mid West. Go for it.

              • Yep. Just what will you do for 6 months of the year for fruit and veg? Cali is the winter produce stand for the nation but crops take water and while there is plenty of water to bottle and ship overseas and plenty for golf courses and government officials landscapes, there is not any for food crops. Odd if you ask me. Unless the game is a land grab to shut down the small and medium growers and leave it all for big Ag. AND then the rains will return.

            • Come out of your dream world. When the East grew most of it’s food the whole country had half the people it does now. My Grandfather made 50-100 gallons of sour cabbage, there were no fresh veggies. No orange juice no body wants to go back.

            • We have an immigrant ‘problem’ in this country because for the most part white people were too sorry to do their own manual labor. Too busy worrying about sports, vacations and the beach. This is fact and to argue with it is just blatant stupidity.

          • Come to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio and look at the yields from “dry land” farmed corn. I live here. I know.

            • You have no clue what dry is. Illinois gets about thirty or forty inches of rain a year and it gets it all year long. Nine months between rains in Calif.



          • The alternative, numbnuts, was a Democrat.

            That would really be insanity.

          • Acid, YOU’RE the one who ought to be put on an ice floe and cast adrift. YOU’RE the one who can’t understand that it’s NOT we ‘old farts’ who are harming this country, it’s the politicians, banksters, the tribe, etc. you DILDO. So why don’t you just FOAD!

          • One thing for sure your momma should be shot for having you. damn near a crime against humanity of which you are barely a member. I agree that Mitch is a useless bitch. All these gained seats will be wasted since nothing will be done with it.

        • This would have a huge impact on food in the nation. It would take at least a decade for the rest of the nation to accommodate this loss. California’s production is vast and no other state compares. We just don’t grow food for whole foods. If your diet is majority of grains then you are probably okay but you desire fruits and veggies then prepare for them to be scarce and pricey.

          Article shows a few of the percentages of what is grown – 95% of all the nations garlic. I suggest people learn to garden.

        • 40% of all the leafy greens and fancy stuff as you call it is grown in California and bother yo it will if they go down the tubes. Where the hell do you get your info?

      2. And Mac, since when is Think Progress a legit source?

        • Agenda 21 is a big deal is california , they are pushing extra hard. I wonder how much of this drought is caused by the socialist’s is washington.

          • Uhh, “IN” california.

            Coach, since when is NASA a source ?
            LOL , NASA is the leader in climate change propaganda.

            • Honestly, Nature and Think Progress and NASA? Theres a drought in CA but I dont need no bad gov or commie groups telling me about doom from global warming.

              WTF? Artical aint even worth reading after using those sources. Well keep growing our own anyway. We dont want to support Kalifornia anyway.

          • How much is caused by chem trails? Seems like a good way to control the population.

            • The chem trails of controversy are often simply tiny bits of metal they are trying to seed the clouds with in California and other drought stricken areas to try to force rain. I wonder if it will eventually create a volcanic-winter affect for the rest of us though.

          • I think the CA drought is caused by liberalism. Just look at a map.

            • You meant that sarcastically, of course, but in fact you are absolutely right.

              SAVE THE SMELTS!!!~~!~!

          • If agenda 21 is implemented then the US will only be able to have population of fifty million. Where will all the Mexicans go?

      3. I live in SoCal. And since I have lived in Cali, water has been an issue. We know people who as of recently now have a completely dry well. There are cities in Cali that are without water, completely without water. But most of these idiots don’t care. I can comfortably state that the sheeple of this state really don’t believe that this drought will effect them. They keep taking their 30 minute showers, washing their cars once a week, over watering their lawns, making sure their swimming pool is topped off, etc. These are the same people who don’t prepare for anything and don’t think anything bad will ever happen to them.

        Not only are the sheeple in denial, but so are the cities. City govt want the sheeple to cut back (yes, serious cut backs finally) but they aren’t saying a single word to all of the golf courses that drown in water to keep those greens nice and pretty. Since when were golf courses more important than crops?

        In truth, if the state was serious about fixing the water problem, then they would not just tackle the homeowner but give hell to industry as well. God help us if the golf courses aren’t green! A true SHTF scenario.

        • I tackled my wasteful neighbor’s problem with the outside water faucet. The kids like to go out and turn the water on and walk off and leave it on. The yard has been flooded a few times.

          I took a file and roughed up the threads on the faucet, pretty good. I bought an end cap and some JB WELD and brought my monkey wrench…I don’t think that faucet is going to flood the yard any time soon. 🙂

          • I denies having anything to do whatsoever with sixpack’s attack on those youngen’s… 😉

          • Six seems to have some clever skills come SHTF. I love a good conspiracy. Revenge is best served cold.

          • You did that to your neighbors property? If so you are an asshole. Were I him and found out you did that you would regret it. Ever think about telling him what his kids are doing? You must be a no knock SWAT team member.

        • Being from the Midwest, when I looked at relocating to a warmer climate with more opportunities, I took vacations to both Cali and Florida.

          Cali- Seemed expensive and I did not feel like driving at least an hour each way to go to work. My Aunt car poolled and drove 2 hours each way to get to work. That was nuts, no life sitting in a car all day. Cali beach, cold water, and shitty sand. and I’ve seen the damage from earthquakes. Positives=I love Napa Valley Wine Country.

          FL- Had everything I was looking for and more, work from home now, the beach within minutes, clean, great fishing, water temps 85 to 90 deg, scuba, boating, good looking women, friendly, and inexpensive when I moved here 24 yrs ago. Plenty of business opportunities. And No problem with fresh water sources, and there are lakes, streams, ponds, exotic nature everywhere, sunshine and warm winter temps 365. I call this home now. Good decision on FL vs Cali. Negatives= more friends and family will want to come visit and use my house as a hotel. Cut that off yrs ago. No More, as I sold the guest bedroom bed. lol

          • WWTI

            Tell them about the BUGS. Lots of BUGS. Bugs in the daytime. BUGS in the Night time. Bugs All the time.

            That will change their minds. ;0)

        • I live along the Central Coast but grew up in SoCal and I can barely stomach those people…even family and for certain all my old friends. They are just totally clueless. What’s worse, they don’t seem to care at all…just give them their shopping malls and golf courses and let’s not forget their mega SUV’s with their 1.5 children. It’s utter silliness. I know a guy who is a firefighter and refuses to stay anywhere less than 5 stars. He’s a firefighter for goodness sakes. It is ABSURD.

          All the golf courses are green and so are the lawns.

          • @anon 1970

            I drive a 4 door 400 hp pickup everyday that gets about 16 mpg. I’m not a construction worker and I guess in your mind I should be forced to drive a prius right?

            • The best part about those prius cars, is the STRIP MINED lithium ion batteries that need to be replaced every 3-5 years, with more STRIP MINED minerals.

              If it ain’t grown is has to be mined.

              You tell them about how toxic the battery is to the environment and they go off about carbon offsets and global warming.

              These people can not be reasoned with. Just let them die.

              • Agreed!!!

              • Have they gone to Lithium then? Last I looked they were still using Nickel Hydrides, which are serious HazMat when it comes time to dispose of them. (Lithium is OK.)

            • Absolutely not! I apologize…my point isn’t that they drive a ‘big’ car that leaves a ‘big’ footprint but that they drive a ‘big’ car because they think they need it to drive their 1.5 to soccor practice then go to Whole Foods, then on home to their mega mansion where they have all their little recycling bins lined up. They make no sense. It is the Orange County Syndrome (OCS).

              I drive a Yukon XL. I love it and wouldn’t dream of getting rid of it to drive a Prius. Hell to the no! I do have 6 kids though and do need a big vehicle but regardless, I drive what I can afford and what I want. I wanted a luxury vehicle and since I can afford one, I drive one. But I am no greenie, nor do I pretend to be.

              They aren’t consistent. Ever. Just sheeple. Whatever serves them best. Just like the politiking fools who have armed guards yet want to take our guns….whatever serves them, no logic needed.

            • Nope, drive whatever you want. But expect me to drive right on by, In my little car, when yours runs dry. Far as I’m concerned ,the old tale of “The Grasshopper and the Ant” rings true.

          • Maybe you are just a busybody always unhappy person. You sound like a real joy to be around. Why get upset that people are clue less? Nothing you can do about it. If heavy ran does not arrive this year then Calif. and Nevada are toast.

            • Who said I am ‘upset’? I live in Ca, unfortunately and I see the complete and utter lack of logic. Of coarse, that is everywhere. But the liberal idiocy is really in your face here.

          • Anon1970, your points about CA are well-taken, but I drive a GMC Sierra crew cab truck that gets only 20 mpg on the highway. No little mickey mouse cars for me, ever!

            • I went for a ride in a friends little diesel VW WTF name it was, when we pulled up to a stop light and the people in a car next to us were laughing his car. I started laughing too. I refuse to ride in some little POS cricket motor car or with him anymore. He is a woosey, the one that told me hes not buying long term food, cause he said he likes to eat fresh food. lol

              He does not have any guns or weapons either. He’s dead meat when SHTF. Some people refuse to listen or get it, for the crisis coming. BTW/ I also ordered another case of MRE’s today 1400 Calories per meal. Good for 5 years. A Man’s got to eat when I’m running and gunning coming up. A person can burn 2K to 3K calories a day, in war or conflict.

            • I won’t ever drive a tincan car…I saw some pretty awful car accidents as a young EMT. I think my post wasn’t clear enough in what I was thinking. It isn’t at all that they drive big, wasteful cars…it’s that they do that while ‘pretending’ they care about the whole green agenda. I want to tell them to make up their minds but they wouldn’t have any idea what I was talking about. I just wonder if their brain is attached, in any way, to their actions.

              • Anon 1970, libturds DON’T have any brains.

      4. I wish I knew a way to preserve avocados for the long haul. Dehydrating didn’t work, I tried, and the only way I could think of to can them, would be as guacamole. Anybody else ever tried preserving avocados?

        • Just plant your own guacamole tree. Problem solved Sixpack.

          • There is no such thing as a “guacamole tree”, however, you’re in luck. There are Avocado trees!

            • No I am pretty sure NGC meant guacamole tree because then you don’t need to grow the onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lemons and hot sauce. The guacamole tree takes less space AND saves water over growing all the other ingredients. See? So sensible.

        • They freeze well.

        • Hi sixpack,

          I think the only way is to puree the avocado, mix it with some lemon or lime juice and then freeze it. Other than that, I think NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin is right. Maybe planting one in a greenhouse and kind-of keeping it bonsai-style (trimming the roots every few years to keep it contained in the pot).

        • Six
          No I have not, but Freeze drying might work.

        • Avacados are a tough one. They spoil quickly and once a Guac is made, it pretty much needs to be all eaten the same day, as it turns brown or black over night in spoilage. I planted a small tree here in FL 12 yrs ago, as it takes 7 years for fruit to bare. Then in 2004 the hurricanes blew every leaf off the tree and it died. Now I grow Pineapples, have over 100+ plants in the yard.

          • Many varieties also need another tree in the area for a polinator. They are also frost tender and there are very few areas that they will survive in. Sure do taste good though if the right type.

      5. If the drought hurt the food supply so bad, how come some body in a past article said WallyMart had libbys veggies for 50 cents a can. Sounds like they had an over supply to be so cheap. Don’t most come from Cally? This article sounds like my Cuz, blown smoke up everybodies kazoo.

        • The prices usually change with the next new shipment, if I’m not mistaken. I think stores will sell of current inventory and the next on the shelf will reflect the new prices. Stores usually don’t go re-mark everything on the shelves every time there’s a price change. They do it when they restock.

          I’ve noticed prices are rising drastically. 3 one pound canned hams (DAK brand) was 14.95 just two months ago, now they cost 21.99 from the same place.

          Prices are going up.

          • Wrong,they change the stuff on the shelf immediately after th wholesale price goes up. supermarkets have a very thin profit margin and take any opportunity to mark up the shelf items too. I did 30 years in the industry.

            • Don’t confuse us with facts Jim.


          • Dak Canned Hams, – Check Campingsurvival. I’ve Ordered cases in the past. Now $4.28 ea. or $4.18 / 24 case

            I am not endorsing this site, but its a great prepper item resource, that I’ve bought off of many times in the past. And while you are there pick up a few Sawyer water filters. When SHTF you will triple your money with that great barter item. WWTI

            • Just ordered a case 24 Dak cans and a few more Sawyer filters for barter. Use the promo-code “BACKDOORSURVIVE” for another 5% off your order. Cheers. WWTI

              • I only wish I could afford a whole case, to get the bulk prices.

                • Get someone to buy a few with you. Split the case, some is better than none.

            • Thats a good online resource, dont know why you get down thumbed on what you wrote. We have used them for years and never a problem. Sometimes they have giveaways added into an order if you leave a comment on your order. Got free paracord that way. Gotten some canned bacon and other foods, paracords, antibiotics, and equipment from them. They ship out asap too. Like I said, never a problem.

              • He gets thumbed down because he’s a turd and we remember turd comments from previous articles.

                • Indy, you are ridiculous. Get over it. The is a forum for debate. Why hold grudges. If I read a post and disagree I may give a thumbs down and post a comment or not, and then the next comment same person posts I like, I give a green thumbs up. If you just red post everything cause you don’t like someone, what is that proving? But thanks for pointing your self out, now we know its you doing it.

            • WWTI, I bought a couple of Sawyer water filters back in June and tested them in a creek bordering on my cousin’s BOL property back in August. They gave me some of the best tasting water I ever had in my life, even better than my Katadyn. I recommend the Sawyers to everyone here. I’ve got a Katadyn Micro with 2 extra filters I’ve saving for a barter item. Someone will be very grateful to get their hands on that in post-SHTF. NO WAY I’ll let go of the Sawyers. Plus, ALWAYS get your water from a running source; creeks, streams, rivers, etc., NEVER from a pond. NO filter made can get all of the crap from pond water. You’ll get sick fast from drinking pond water.

        • Oh yea, NGIC, we took advantage of that product clearance price at walmarket. and, we will buy a few more cases at that price if they are still cheap when the buzzard shits this month.

          The Seneca Corporation owns the Libby’s Brand and has growers and distributors all over the USa. They are one of the largest and most advanced produce packers in the world. I don’t know about their Canneries, but due to the high cost of transportation, they probably can and distribute within the regions the food is grown.

          Since the topic of this article is about California, we have tried to identify and cull out the purchasing of all California produce/foods since the Fukishima spill. since we are on the East coast, we feel confident our Libby’s pea and corn products, are grown in the midwest area or maybe the south.

          When the distributor’s have made enough room for the storage of this years harvest, I feel sure the prices will go back up. Most canned food prices have gone thru the roof over the past few years. We have seen times, not too long ago, that canned veggies would go on sale for as low as four cans for a dollar.

          We are now cycling out Luck’s brand pintos that we bought for .50 cents per can about two/three years ago. We have the large cans (18.8 oz) of Campbells Sirloin Burger soup, we bought at that time for about $1.35 each.
          They are now almost double that.
          They’re, ummm,ummm, good! but we will make our own when all these are gone. Most likely with venison, or bulk bargain beef.

          The potatoes,carrots,onions are relatively cheap and the beef broth is also. We grow our own green beans, so we will not have a big expense in our own hearty soups.

          We just finished shelling out our seed beans for next year. Got over a gallon of large beautiful green bean seed. After many years of growing different varieties we found the perfect green bean, a stringless type that grows an eight inch hearty bean, that is resistant to insects and fungus. We started with a handful that an old lady gave us for planting several years ago. she swore by them and we concur.

          We have about 300 quarts, that some go back to 2011, and we are just finishing the final few 2010s. My Dad, 81, has cans that go back to 2007. he says they are still good. Green beans are wonderful and healthy, when canned right.

          • Silver trading below $16, now at $15.95 and falling. Oil $76 per Barrel. Look out below. Buy Food People!!

            • Oil

              Is it dropping because of election season or because economies world wide are slowing?
              Or is it both?

              Buy as much gas as you can now. Treat it with a stabilizer. We all know it won’t last. If nothing else you will have saved money six months from now.
              Metals buy if you can afford them on top of your primary preps. This will not last either.

              Oil has dropped before every recent election. Not this much though. Another warning sign I think.

              Go vote people. May not do any good but be able to tell your grandchildren you did everything you could to prevent what we are headed into.

              God bless you all.

              • Mike in VA – One huge reason Oil is cheap cause the OPEC Cartel and the Petro Dollar Supporters have been vastly over producing to Put Russia and Putin in a Hole, cause that is their main source for income. So the US have been flooding the Market with vast supply and causing the price to plummet. There are barges of and tankers full of oil just sitting all over every where looking for a place to unload it. Oil and gas will be getting cheaper for some time, until they lift this scam on Russia. Our win somewhat but it may cause Putin to fire off a few Nukes at the NWO Tribe. Which would not hurt my feelings either.

                • I love fisking WWTI.

                  The Arabs are cutting prices only for oil shipped to the USA. They aren’t doing anything to Putin. What they are trying to do is drive American drillers out of business.

                  • The US doesn’t get much oil from the Arabs. The majority of our oil comes from Canada.

          • The UPC code has origin coded in, dont it? It would be good to know where our food is grown if we buy something in a can. Dont see Libby brand too much around here.

            Your right on the homegrown green beans. We do up hundreds of jars and still have them from 2010 that were eating on.

          • Nestle took over a Libby cannery near where I live several years ago.

        • NGIC, I never blow smoke up anyone’s kazoo, so go back to sleep, idiot.

          • Cuz how did you know I just woke up. I Love you Man, Keep on blown smoke Cuz.

            • NGIC, go play with acid or something.

              • Cuz I have played with mercury, but no way am I playing with acid.

                • Using that Cuz term is Sooooooooo Gay.

        • Take a drive up I-5. You will change your mind. Not to mention the tens of thousands of acres of the best farmland in the World now paved over and built on. Borrego Springs is in the process of being abandoned due to no water. At one time it was a mini Palm Springs.

        • It’s canning season, lots of supply out there.

      6. I saw something about Californian yuppies going up to Alaska and ruining that state with there selfish ways.

        If this is true remember.

        When you get off that plane in Alaska you are part of the FOOD CHAIN.

        • Hopefully, they are taking cell phone selfies with the bears.

          • Hahaha, probably! It’s hilarious that adults take ‘selfies”. Since when was it cool to never grow out of a junior high mentality?

        • Hopefully, they are taking cell phone selfies with the bears.

        • Saw a bear on my road the other day. It was already in full sprint by the time I drove up, but I honked my horn anyway to discourage him from the neighborhood. I’m nicer than most of my neighbors who prefer to train the bears via 12 gauge. Humans are the apex predator. Show no fear, be the dominant animal and above all else….DO NOT RUN AWAY.

          And yes, it is true….we are not immune to the CA idiots who come up and want to change everything. Where they obtained the high degree of self-righteous indignation and sense of self-assigned superiority over others I will never know.

      7. We ain’t seen nothing yet…

        Truthstream and Dane Wigginton have both substantiated that this entire drought is manmade through the so called geo engineering projects..all in the guise of cooling down the planet and reversing the so called global warming aka climate change nonsense..

        Hey it’s out there…

        You can’t make this stuff up..


      8. Well when they have posioned the water table with fracking chemicals then the cost of bottled water will be as exspensive as top grade beer from Walmart.

        We cannot allow people to have cheap water without paying taxes on it can we now !

        • Walmart has “top grade beer”? Really?

        • Gee, where I live we’ve got wells fracking for gas every two or three miles. Thousands of ’em.

          No contaminated groundwater yet.

          I feel deprived !

      9. I was shopping the other day for food. Ground beef is up to 8 dollars a pound for the same reasons. No water to give to livestock. I went with turkey. Apparently there’s still enough water to give to them, because it was half as much as the ground beef.

        • beef and pork went up almost a year ago because farmers sold off their herds(beef herd at DECADES low number) because they couldn’t afford to feed them anymore….that was before the drought got really BAD. water wasn’t even in the equation back then when i FIRST started paying attention….chicken went up too, but it remains on sale OFTEN for 59cents/lb(legs and thighs) PARTIAL blame should go to the FED for pushing up inflation/commodity prices…..BTW, they SAY el nino is COMING(bringing RAIN to at least SOUTHERN california)!

      10. Seriously, the drought is real, but this article referencing the Anthropogenic Climate Change crowd is not buying any credibility with me.

        “The Nature Climate Change journal carried the report, which Think Progress summarized:”

        Sorry, anyone paying attention knows what is really going here. This climate manipulation via the use of chemical aerosol spraying combined with SCALAR microwave arrays are what is causing this man made situation. This of course is being done for many reasons:

        1) Population reduction in areas marked for reforestation

        2) Selling the lie of Global Cooling. No Global Warming. Oh dammit, we can’t prove either, so let’s just call it Climate Change until our weather manipulation programs are fully perfected. It’s being sold to justify everything else coming.

        3) Control of every natural resource on the planet, including water, fuel but most importantly, all forms of energy, especially human energy.

        Those are but three reasons from a massive list. But hey, don’t believe me, “cuz this shit is crazy talk.”

        No, go read the Report from Iron Mountain, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Owning the Weather and Behold, a Pale Horse. You’ll be scratching the surface, but it will begin putting your mind in the right place to understand what’s REALLY happening here. You’ll be able to read Agenda 21 with a whole new insight. You’ll understand what is really going on over at Get a fucking clue people!

        By the time 2050 rolls around, many of us older people won’t be here anymore. However, the world your kids and grandkids will inherit is going to be a fucking nightmare if these illicit programs are not stopped. Imagine a world that looks like a combination of Brave New World, 1984, Minority Report, They Live and In Time all wrapped up into one dystopic nightmare where a few rulers have everything and those allowed to still breathe are crammed into tiny cubicles inside mega-cities. Food will be scarce, work will be long, life will be short, families will be small, freedom will be unheard of, cars won’t be for you, everyone will be chipped and every aspect of everything you do will be monitored, measured and judged by computer systems being installed now. All the while the handful of rulers will be in a position of almost unstoppable authority.

        So, this shit going on in California,…is all part of the agenda. Like it or not, the future is going to be a serious nightmare if these lunatics are not stopped and stopped very soon.

        It all ends in Zardoz.

      11. Wars over resources are coming.
        Also, many people are unaware that some states within the usa are almost at war with each other over water rights.

        Need to learn how to collect and process rain water I guess.

        • True Watching.. Florida right now is suing Georgia for Georgia cutting back on water flows into FL. Could be the Swanee River and a few others. The problem is if Florida does not have enough water to flow out into the Gulf of Mexico the salty brackish Gulf water then flows back up the rivers and contaminating other Fresh Water sources and Aquifers. So restrictions on the taping of water out of rivers is monitored.

          This case was just approved to go to trial at the US Supreme Court.

          Florida to sue Georgia over lost oyster beds in water rights battle –

      12. @MAC-
        I know you dont control the advertising that shows up in the margins . This morning i have an AD for the EDF or envirnmental defence fund to my left , TOO FUNNY !
        Do these folks really think i will send them money? HAHAHA

      13. Chem-trails not allowing ground water to evaporate enough to create rain clouds. Controlling the two most valuable resources known to mankind, two birds with one stone.

        Think of all the illegal pickers this will put out of work, guess they’ll have return south of the border.

        • Got to love thumbs, there so opposing. It’s why I comment.

          ending world hunger

          ht tps://

      14. Well, well, well. I have taken to not commenting on anything serious on this forum as I was once was known to do. However, that beiung said and since I live in the heart of the situation, ie, Sacramento area I believe I may have some insights. I see all of this in my daily travels through out N. California.

        First of all. The California drought is real. Not politicaly motivated at all. Just yesterday I found out that there is not enough water in Lake Tahoe to even feed the Truckee river which services the Reno, NV area.

        The American Rivers which are the 2nd largest river system in N. Cal. are mere trickles of there normal flow. This is so big because there are the largest river chain to feed the Sacramento River which is the major artery in water terms feeding S. California.

        The major resevoirs in N. Cal. are depleted into nothingness. Again this is a major supply of S. Calif. water where vast and hard ro understand quantities of food are grown that are again I say unfathomable amounts of food are grown. So much food that when Reagan took the Russians on a 747 jet tour they realized they could never beat Amereica thus ending the cold war.

        The rice crop here N. CA. was not effected that much this year as any other crops because of a strong water lobby. The amount of rice grown again syaggers the imagination. It supplie all of the U.S, most of Japan and China which are huge consumers of rice. That was this year. Next year without some type of relief there will be no water fo this. Famines around the world will occur.

        Corn: You folks unless you live in Nebraska cannot understand how much is grown here. Why do you think herds of cows have and a4e being taken down around the entore country to limited breeding stock. No feed. You have seen the cost of beef in your stores. Well hold on as it is going to get a whole lot worse. Even the Mexicans in Mexico are rioting because of the lack of corn for tortillas and such. Heard much about corn ethanol lately? No you havn’t becaus there is nor corn to make it with.

        Nuts: N. Ca. is the biggest supplier in the world for almonds and walnuts. If you thought beef prices have gone up you aint seen nothing yet in the way of noyts.

        Melons: If they don’t come from Ca. or AZ then you are buying stuff from S. America. And if the water situation does not change there will be almost no American melons of any type available.

        Tomatoes: OMG! Whwre do you think Campbells tomatoe soup comes from? There are literaly million of acres of tomatoe grown in Ca. No water next year you will be eating at a premium AZ and S. American tomatoes or nothing.

        I could go on but I think you all get the point. This drought is no joke. We have to many people in Ca. and they just won’t stop building more houses and apartment when we have a antique water system that can only support less that half the people we have living here. So until they stop building more home that are infrastructure can handle the I am going to use as mush water as I want to. Screw Jerry Brown the limp wristed som-bitch.


        • sorry for the spelling and gramatical errors.


        • well said, bigb…that’s the way I see things from so cal too….it seems OUR dear leaders here in high desert have thought ahead, and bought LOTS of water, so we don’t have the severity HERE yet, but it’s coming HERE too….and there sure as HELL aint NOBODY else around HERE trying to CONSERVE it!

        • BigB

          They are doing the same thing in Florida. Building all over without concern for water. South Florida will drain the state of this resource. No desalination plant that I know of and unlike Bermuda with their water cisterns there are none constructed.

          We Preppers might be a few years early but you can bet your bottom dollars rain collection and water purification plus conservation will be big in the future.

          Blue water barrels (55 gal.) and personal water towers.

          • Tampa has a Delanization water treatment plant.

          • Cape Coral uses Reverse Osmosis for the potable water supply. Its great water, ultra pure but it wants to re-mineralize so homes with copper pipe end up having to be re-plumbed with plastic piping of some sort. They’re crafty with treated effluent from the waste treatment plants too. That goes exclusively to underground sprinkler systems. The plant life consumes the remaining nitrogen compounds while the aquifer gets evenly recharged. It keeps it out of the waterways.

        • BigB.

          The Utility company came out and said we all needed to cut down on our electricity and water usage. Big push to conserve. Yeah, we went and got the energy saving bulbs and water conserving toilet stems and our bills did go down. Guess what? Then the Utility company came out a few months later and said it needed money because the revenue was low and raise our costs.

          Fuck them. I use what I want to use.

          • Slingshot, I’m the same way but I also try to conserve water and not waste any. I’m goping to get a few of those 55-gallon barrels myself. My relatives in north GA have rain catching systems on all of their homes and conserve the hell out of water.

            • That should have said ‘going’ not ‘goping’. Typing too fast.

            • Yeah Cuz, in case you fer got we call them cisterns. That where all our gutters drain into. Come on home, I’m the Cousin, guess who the Idoit is?

              • NGIC, you are the idiot, no question about it. As long as you’re NOT a troll, you’ll be OK.

        • Good post BigB

        • I don’t always eat watermelons, but when i do, I eat dos eqi….naw shit, wrong commercial.

          The point is, no California watermelon I ever tasted, ever came close to the almost perfect ones grown in New mexico and Georgia. The Georgia sangria is awesome and their cantelope is also.

          As far as California Nuts go, i like almonds ok, but i can live without them.
          I use south eastern grown Pecans in baking, and keep a can of Cashews by the bed as my go to snack. They are not grown in Cali.

          If i want walnuts, I have many trees on my property that i can harvest from every fall.

          Sorry, you will be affected, by the drought; but, it isn’t gonna affect the majority of the population except in Cali.

          should have been desalinating years ago.

          • There are two places in NC that grow the best melons, Bogue Sound and Rocky Hock. Go to those two areas in season and get the best.

            • Yep, I ate some of the Rocky Ford variety cantalope, and they are awesome.

              Cantalope melon is far superior for my taste than water melon. I sprinkle a little black pepper and sea salt on them and eat a half at a time.

        • Must disagree with you on the rice statements you made.

          IF rice harvest is low first thing that would happen before people starvation would be the use in pet food being stopped. At present over 10% of all rice produced in USA I goes to feeding worthless parisites (pets). That would end , the sooner the better. A 10% shift from rice being used to feed animals to people represents a very large amount!

          • Ping
            I respectfully disagree.

            My 1/2 Lab 1/2 Aussie is a work dog and a very good guard dog. there are time when I’m not home and it feels good to know that my dog as you called him parasite is with my wife out in the middle of no where.
            God made dog mans best friend for a reason, it is too bad you don’t see that.

            I know of people with little dogs and the only thing they might be good for when TSHTF is to bark at everything and hunting mice. If not they won’t last long the bigger and stronger dogs will eat them.

            Ping if you are new to the site WELCOME.

            Aim Small Miss Small

            • LITTLE dogs make the BEST watchdogs, because they react to EVERY LITTLE noise, they got BETTER ears…i know because i owned BOTH for years. and added benefit is VERY little dogfood for a small dog…i tell all my prepper friends if TSHTF, i will be picking up a SMALL dog on THAT DAY, if possible. my german shepards won’t be much use if they don’t hear the perps coming….and this crap about your big dog “taking care of the perps”…PFFT!….I WILL BE TAKIN’ CARE of the muhfugguhs MYSELF! you people’s trust in your BIG DOGS is often mis-placed….and there are far to many WORTHLESS dogs and cats out there being neglected.(worthless eaters, let’s call them)

          • Yea Ping,

            On the rice thing from Big b, he forgot to mention that, the most sought after, rice, grown in Cali, is not the variety most people use.

            It is the rice variey grown for “sushi” bars. Yea it probably is most produced in Cali, and most likely the most of it is consummed there by wealthy sushi (over-priced-fish) eaters.

            I don’t see what all the hype is. i have eaten it on occasion and the rice with washabi sauce is good, but not worth what it costs.

            Also, some fish has worms and microscopic parasites all thru the meat. I don’t like eating any kind of meat raw. I will eat a 1 1/2 inch thick rare steak if “I” grill it to my perfection and inside temps requirements. But, not raw or too bloody.

            i think I’ll lay a big ribeye, a two incher, out of the freezor that we bought on sale at $6.95 a lb. this summer.
            Marinate with apple vinegar wine (I made) and Allegros and cook over mesquite charcoal.

            • mix half soy sauce with that vinegar and you will have MY marinade recipe…i also add garlic salt and pepper…it’s a hit every time….i’m ALWAYS asked how i did that steak! of course, until now, the only people that KNOW how to make it have slept with me….so be careful telling where yuh got the recipe! people might git the wrong idee!

          • Ping, with all due respect. Some of us value our “worthless parisites (pets) over many people we know. Those of us who are pet owners get it. There are many people that if I had to choose between saving their lives or that of my dog. It would be; Not sorry dude, it sucks to be you. Abandoning my dog is NOT an option. How about we do some thing about the human parasite population, such as the bimbo who has 11 kids by 3 differnet baby daddy and demands that every one else be taxed to support her and her brats.
            Harming my dog is an act of war.

            • it’s a slippery slope, argueing over whether dogs are worth more than people….i will grant you SOME dogs are worth more than SOME people

          • Respectfully disagree….not all animals are to tote around in your purse. Our dog is a working dog and priceless. He keeps animals away (mountain lions, bears, foxes) from my children and our homestead animals (chickens, goats, turkeys, ducks….). Our outside cats keep the mice population down. Sure we love out ‘pets’ but they are really part of the family and NEEDED and useful.

        • Been told first hand by personal friend who runs the trains here….corn, rice, wheat by the literal trainloads are all going to port to be shipped to china…


          • Mac: why can’t I post the last of the antibiotic article????? It is not very long and way less than the max word count. I have tried about 7 times now….what gives?


          • PKLL thats the way it’s always been. They cry about being a Protectionist Nation and how we have to have Free Trade, but did you every notice that other countries only Import goods they can’t live without and we Import nothing but junk from them. But to try and make it look good, TPTB encourage and entice American Corp. to move out of the country and produce appliances, TV’s and such so we can then Import these items from them. What a snow job. Those countries would me glad to Import food and our natural resources with out us buying they’re junk. Trekker Out.

            • MT: Yup…my friend says they have been exporting out our food for a long, long time. Why are there food shortages? Why are we shipping our food to china?


            • The goal is to industrialize the world thereby increasing their demand for oil and other resources and strong-arming if necessary the sellers and buyers to exclusively use the USD in the transactions thus maintaining a strong demand for our currency.

        • Well said BigB. A lot of produce comes from Ca, and so does dairy. My husband travels the Valley (his co is based in Fair Oaks) and is pretty concerned with how bad it all looks.

          This is worrisome.

        • Michigan grows melons, but of course it’s seasonal.

          (Boo-hoo, I wanted my fresh cantaloupe in March!)

        • @BigB,

          I don’t share the same viewpoint as you. I think your coming from the standpoint that California is the only place things grow.

          East Coast / Mid Atlantic agriculture can easily ramp up to service the needs of the people. Everything that grows there grows here.

          California has long since had the advantage due to cheap immigrant labor, unfair redirection of water supply, and discounts on GMO seed such that East Coast / Mid Atlantic agriculture couldn’t compete.

          Now though, there will be an increase in demand and the East Coast / Mid Atlantic farmer can compete…even matching the wholesale price.

          Thus, I don’t think the California drought is that critical to the food supply. In fact, it might actually help California straighten itself out in the long run due to a change in philosophy and policies.

          • That’s what I’ve been trying to tell ’em from the very first post on this thread, but all I get is red thumbs.

        • My coworker says they don’t have to pay for water in their apartment, therefore they don’t use their energy and water efficient dishwasher, they wash by hand in order to cut the cost on electricity. SIGH! I’m willing to bet there are a TON of people in Cali that do the same thing because they don’t have to pay for water. Spoiled…very spoiled.

          I’ve taken surveys before of my students, asking them about their water usage. I would comfortably state that 80% of my students take 30 minute every day. They don’t see it as a problem.

          • sorry…should say 30 minute shower. arg.

          • I leave the stopper in the drain and use an ole coffee container with a handle to scopp that water out and flush the toilet with it

        • you also have 20 million illegal wetbacks there in Ca living off the Gov Tit…. and yes, they get EBT benefits, college grants and can serve on a jury.

      15. There’s a HELL of a lot of serious things going on in America today. The MSM, and Government know all to well about them, but warn the people no way. Why; because if the truth got out their days would be numbered every last one of them. Used to be that people cared for one another, not today it’s everyone for themselves, dog eat dog world of today is flat going to pay a heavy price for their lying. A few like here, on the plan know and will survive. To the POWER BROKERS we all are just useless eaters and not needed. I can not help but thing they are in for a very big surprise in the very near future. As Sgt. would say Aim Small–Miss Small make every shot count.


      16. Californians are not short on thinking they are God’s gift to the world, that’s for sure. I lived there a little over two years (sac, sf, la) and the natives don’t even know “the east coast” is more than one state! I say that to say this: the agricultural output of CA is less than that of three other USA states combined. CA is a large state, but, if divided into 3 states then each would have lower agricultural output than many other states. The whole “California feeds the world” nonsense is actuarially and actually nonsense. Probably don’t even produce enough food to feed all those people packed into LA/SD and in SF! They are fortunate pestilence has not migrated there over the rockies; but, most deserts of the world don’t have many pests! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for human cities being in deserts.

        • E.g. here are 2004 agricultural output numbers. Note, much commerce is done off the books in southeastern states as farmers markets are not required to pay sales tax. I never saw a 1/10th decent farmers market in CA.

          2.5359 NC
          2.8903 KS
          3.4820 MN
          3.6171 NE
          3.6186 IL
          4.5197 TX
          5.1919 IA
          9.0782 CA
          – NOTE: in fact the next two states added together ALONE have more agricultural output than CA. !!!

          • Red Thumbers, as you choose to ignore facts then why are you even on this site?

      17. I use to hear California would fall off into the ocean with an earthquake bout when I was young…..

        ahhhh to be young again

        • Truth be told, Cali. will be destroyed one way or another. That is inevitable.

          • aw, come on now brave, you just pissed in my wheaties for the day….and here i thought everything would be peachy here in califorever! LOL

            • BCOD, I do sympathize with any good people stuck in cali, but I have to call it like I see it.

            • Dont mind him, he is surrounded by nigs in Memphis.

              • Dave in Idaho, my home, job, and livelihood are here. Not happy about what the monkeys have done to my hometown, but that’s the way it is. I just hope I can bugout tp GA when the time comes, so I watch events as close as possible. I really do sympathize with the good people stuck in Cali. It could have really been something if it wasn’t controlled by commies.

                • thanks for calling them what they are! communists, fer SURE!

      18. Eastern Maryland has a rain tax where since it isn’t going in the ground you’re taxed on square footage of roofs,driveways,parking lots,etc. some counties in Va. don’t allow rain barrels or cisterns for water collection, they need the water/sewer money we all pay. I’m waiting on an oxygen tax!

        • Jim in Va. Don’t hold your breath!

          • MT: LOL….there is that dry sense of humor again…

      19. Thanks for this article.

        I know that many on here claim the HAARP machine and geo engineering are causing these droughts, but they are worldwide as the article points out.

        I’m not sure that think progress has an agenda with this article. Perhaps they do in general, but I like to get info from all sources.

        There is also a bad drought in Guatemala and other Central American countries as the map “almost” shows. This is one of the reasons for the migration north into the states.

        If el nino fizzles, the rest of the states will be looking at not just thousands from south of the border, but millions from California migrating and looking for better digs…kind of a reverse Grapes of Wrath.

        Pray for rain or get them “divvinin’ sticks” out.

      20. Today is the day to change all of the ills you see around you. Go VOTE! If the Dems hold the Senate, then we (the intelligent group) know we are fucked! However, if the GOP takes the Senate, then we know we’ll have to twist some arms or break some heads to get the country back on track.

        Just think, the Harry Reids, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the fruits and nuts in Calif and West are out on their ear. Happy days are here again!!!!!!

        • I dunnit. Got to vote no on SIX new taxes and millages! You people who say “don’t vote it just feeds the corrupt machine” don’t know what you are missing!

      21. George went to visit his elderly cousin Darrel and while eating the breakfast of eggs and bacon prepared for him, he noticed a film-like substance on his plate. So he says, “Cus, are these plates clean?” Darrel replies, “Those plates are as clean as cold water can get them.”

        That afternoon, while eating the hamburgers Darrel made for lunch, he noticed many little black specks around the edge of his plate so again he asked, “Are you sure these plates are clean?” Without looking up from his burger Darrel says, “I told you those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them.”

        Later that day, they were on their way out to get dinner. As George was leaving the house, Darrel”s dog who was lying on the floor started to growl and would not let him pass. ” Darrel, your dog won”t let me out.” Without diverting his attention from the football game he was watching, Darrel shouted, “Coldwater, get out of the way!”

        • Eppe
          When my kids were you. Coldwater cleaned the plates better than they did when they had to do the dishes.
          By the way I was eating my oat meal when I read this. My Coldwater (Boomer)came over and cleaned my bowl. I will wash it in hot water later.
          Thanks for the laugh.

          • Kids were young. not were you. DUH!

        • That’s funny stuff, eppe.

          We let our little terrier lick our plates and most pots and pans clean, since we don’t feed him table scraps.

          Last week I was in the yard with the dog and the wife was on the back porch. i hollered at her to make sure she washed the dishes with plenty of antibacterial soap and extra hot water.

          She hollered back, “Why is that”?

          I said your dog has just dug up some covered up dog shit from the mulch, and was eating it. I thought it was a rotten bird or mouse until i picked it up and smelled.
          She called for him and said, “get your rotten ass in here so i can brush your teeth”.

          I just walked around laughing to myself. She did brush them, cause later, I walked in and he was foaming from the mouth like he was rabid.

          • Priceless!

          • if you got a brother-in -law like i do that’s always moochin’ dinner, just invite him over one last time, serve dinner, then set the plates on the floor for the dogs to clean…..BEFORE he leaves the table, put them back in the cupboard….problem SOLVED!

        • Eppe, keep them coming. another good one.

        • another classic! THANKS!

        • 🙂


      22. I don’t think so. More fear Porn!

        Cal. may grow some different types of fruit and Veggies but it might make OJ go up but beside that I don’t see anything changing.

        The stuff that they grown in Cal. is manly eaten in that area. Not to say that some of the stuff doesn’t get to the rest of the country but it is more of the specialties foods.

        Now if the drought was in the Mid west. Ohio-Ind.-Ill.-Mo-Iowa-Wis.-Mic.-Min. and the central plains like Neb.-N&S Dak.-parts of Wy.-Mont.- Col.. If you take out the central part of the US that wasn’t able to producing food then I would be worried.

        Are you Sure that the water isn’t being wasted by the Fruits and Nuts that live there. Or the rules and regulation about not letting water run into a different area because it might hurt a bug, humans be damned.


        • you aint been the 300 mile or so drive up the valley where it’s grown then sarge. they grow any and everything between the 99 and 5 freeways(not to mention the imperial valley SOUTH of there), and it’s a SHITLOAD of food that comes out of kalipornia…..what do you think the kalipornians are gonna eat if we got no water here?….it’s gonna hafta come from ELSEWHERE!…oh DEAR,….i AM in trouble living here!

      23. Another point on this water and recycle crap.

        The recycle program wanted us to sort and clean the plastic and glass containers. Now to clean them you had to remove the labels and remaining contents. Need water to do that. But your are charged first for potable water which is 1X. Then you are charge for the sewage which is 5x. Don’t forget your man hours cost too. We then set it out in the container provided by the city, paid with your TAX DOLLARS and they come and pick it up and take it to the recycle plant. Suppose to cut down on the landfill. Well it was found out that it worked so good that the recycle plant was now sending recycle material to the land fill and had to pay the dumping costs. Which in the end costs more money. Also the containers are small and on a windy blows the crap all over and the place looks like a landfill. They do not take cardboard either.

        I am not a fan of the recycle/environment crap unless it can provide a positive and sustaining profitable process.

        • Where I live, the recycling is voluntary. We don’t have garbage pickup. We have to take everything to a convenience center ourselves. There are dumpsters for different categories, regular garbage, yard waste, construction debris, paper, plastic, and one for glass and tin cans mixed (sorted later). They also have an area for paint cans and used motor oil. The attendant will tell you which dumpsters are appropriate if you ask. He or she will help you unload your car or truck.

          We save aluminum and take that to a metal recycler who pays us for it. We get anywhere from 50 to 60 cents a pound for the soft drink cans, but less for cat food cans and other aluminum, such as old lawn chairs and storm doors. They also buy iron, steel, copper, etc.

          Recycling like this keeps at least some of the material out of the landfills.

      24. Big B, couldn’t have said it better. I’m in the Bay Area and it just amazes me. The normal bias is so prevalent here. I think many of my neighbors think they will be able to eat there lawns. I’ve never been a waster of power and water as I just don’t want the high bills. (Yeah Right!)I have been getting reclaimed water for the wife’s roses and I have 1700 gallons of rain water storage capabilities for my garden. Back in the 70’s drought, restaurants only gave water when people asked for it. Restrooms had signs asking to conserve for those that are brain dead. I still see people that leave the water run while washing their hands. But the big problem is with our gov’t. & environmentalists. They ask people in the cities to volunteer to cut back and cut off water to the farmers. I’ve seen several bumper stickers that says “Restore Hetch Hetchy” I guess people really are that stupid. I believe we also appropriated funds back in the 70’s to build more reservoirs. Gee, I wonder where that money went? We have a water proposition that will just spend more $$$’s on “Education” That will fix the problem. More propaganda. For those that think the CA., Texas, Kansas, OK. water problems won’t effect them are just, well, I will be nice and just say they are very misinformed. Plus, how much of our power is hydro electric? Hoover dam’s turbines are expected to shut down in 5-7 years. This generation has not suffered any adversities and are about to experience the worse ever seen.

        • my biggest pet peeve is when people wet their toothbrush, and leave the water running the whole time they are brushing their teeth!

        • Without a doubt Papa J. They wanted us to vote today to spend more money on the infrastructure like resevoirs and dam’s. Bullshit. That money would just go into the state coffers or more importantly to save Calpers. The envirolmentist’s here would never let another dam be built and have proven it many times in the last 20 years. RE; The Auburn Dam. Just build it!


      25. They may run out of water but CA never runs out of meat as long as they keep Kim Kardashian A$$ on a jumbo size.

        • cant eat silicone ,, its a carcinogenic

      26. I’m an old transplanted farm boy to the city. Whenever I go for a drive in the country, I see farmers ( upper north central / midwest ) tiling their fields to get more farm ground planted, to get rid of all or most of the wet spots ( I remember what a pain in the rear it was to go around or through the small lakes to do field work ) and when I talk to different farmers ( my brother-in-law and others )why they tile, what will or might happen down the road, I get all the scintific information that they have been fed by the big companies ( sorry, can’t spell either ) about another dirty 30’s will never happen and the only water they are getting rid of is the surface water. I’m sorry, but when you tile a field to drain the surface water, you are also draining the ground water and the at some point down the line the subsurface water and I know and remember that the rains don’t always come when needed.Am I a stupid S.O.B.. probably, more than likely. but all my experience is from growing up on the farm in the 50′ and 60’s. Dad didn’t like using chemical fertilezer ( cost too much ), he didn’t mow his hay ground 4 and 5 times in a yr because he said that you have winter kill if you mow it that many times and that the hay lifted standing will catch snow in the winter time. True, farmers are feeding more people than ever,, but at what price?

        • LOL ! I like to kid friends in the Wood River valley of Idaho by saying that, where I live, water is just a damned nuisance, and we pay to get rid of it!

      27. California has a choice- either the “endangered fish” or the population. At this time, California has decided fish over humans. Now you know where government stands on you and your well being.

      28. I was in Washington state for a prolonged period of time on business. It rained all the time, all day every day, it seemed a water surplus.

        Is there a pipeline from Washington State to California??

        • one of the things i thought about when they passed all those hiway bills to “fix” the roads that didn’t NEED fixin’…was to build another canal to so cal…now THAT would be worth spending money on to create jobs!

        • We like our Evergreen state up here in Washington.
          Regardless of what others may think of the Left coast of the state, they are not all Liberals. Remember the gun buy back program that turned into the biggest open air gun show right on the streets of Seattle?
          If you travel north, almost every foot of ground between interstate 5 and the Cascade Mountains is either berry/vegetable farms, or dairy/poultry,(after getting past Tacoma/Seattle.)
          Go east and the Mighty Columbia River irrigates the entire east side of the state. Personally I do not eat the food that grows around and near or down wind of Hanford, but there is a lot of food grown that is not in that area.
          If Washington was able to seal its borders the state could supply everything every person needed or wanted for ourselves and for some beyond. Baring Citrus, Oranges/avocados, and Tropical pineapples/bananas.
          We produce wheat, corn, beans, lentils, peas, squash,and are even starting up some rice.Then of course we are the apple capital along with peaches, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, etc…
          OH, but you do not want to move here, because, you know, it rains All the time, and gets real cold in the north part.
          To many libs here too you know. Just stay away for your own peace of mind…

          • The guys at the Puget Sound NSY told me that it rains so much in Puyallup that the birds build their nests upside down.

        • No, but there should be, from the Columbia River to Redding, you can literally siphon the water, it’s gravity flow from around Medford, Oregon to upper California, then pumping the rest of the way.

      29. i heard a few more people in charge of handling nukes were “relieved” from their positions.. im assuming they were the kind of people who wouldn’t fire on US citizens.

        but theres good news…my grandfather passed away recently and left me an old 7.62

        • A few of the generals were heavy drinkers or had command problems, according to the news.

          Do you think US nukes are going to be used in the US?

          Sorry about your granddad.

      30. Eastern NC can replace CA in food production any time. There are miles and miles of fields here that are now planted in large-scale crops, such as wheat, corn, soybeans, peanuts, and cotton. But there are also fields of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cabbage. You should drive by a cabbage field after the harvest when the residue starts to rot. You can smell it with the car windows shut. The farmers plant what they think will make the most profit in the coming year. If CA crops fail badly, all the vegetable prices will jump, which will cause more eastern NC farmers to switch to truck farming. Some have already, but there will be more.

        There is also a lot of land in eastern NC that has gone from cropland to forest for various reasons. If that land went back into farming, I believe NC could match CA.

        BTW, any fresh vegetables I buy are grown locally.

      31. “Gee Whiz, ya’ tink!”

        “Der’ ar reely smert at n.a.s.a ain’t they!”

        NASA = N.ever A. S.mart A.nswer

        “Nasa is just another useless multi-billion dollar white elephant cash cow for the m.i.c. and z.o.g. , space exploration should be privatized with a international peaceful space accord exploration regulation organization made of elected citizen reps from every country in the world as regulators!”


      32. NOW you know the type of future Henry Kissinger had in mind in 1970 when he said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

        -Another parallel: California and Las Vegas: Modern day Sodom & Gomorrah. Water keeps depleting and both *will* be turned to ‘salt’.

      33. Food shortages? What’s the government plan? Oh yeah, let’s import 3 million more people every year.

      34. HEADS-UP!


        “the us air farce and us navy are purging nuke missile base commanders and nuke sub captains who do not agree with the NWO ZOG’s ‘nuclear icbm first strike’ attack plans!”


        Someone in the NWO ZOG is planning to throw once free America under the nuclear ICBM bus!

        do you know to really survive a nuke attack?



        • Is it back to hiding under our desks again ?


          • @EOTS- i’d pay attention to this one funny boy.

            the zog amerika m.i.c. has a well established history of droppin nuke bombs on already defeated and surrendered countries…

            japan tried ‘MULTIPLE TIMES’ to surrender ‘before’ –
            Hiroshima and Nagasaki being nuked by zog amerika happened.

            And zog amerika us military and zio-isreahell idf are/is actively still using nuke missiles and depleted uranium munitions artillery in the middle east.


            is it still funny?


            • what is uranium? depleted uranium munitions? and why should i care?

              Beyond Treason (Depleted Uranium US-WMD Iraq War Veterans Dying 2005).divx2


            • yes it is still funny

              because from my post and the reason i posted it..

              is because there is NO protection from a Nuke hit

              no fucking desk is going to save your sorry ass, and yet people bought their bullshit than, just like they are buying it now

              do you get my sarcasm now?

              • .f. – “Enemy of the State!”

                eots – “Hellooooo…”

                .f. – “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”


            • Your comment on Japan is not documented, and frankly, ridiculous.

        • Now, I will grant you this. Karen Hudes, former senior legal council for the World Bank (I forget her exact title, but that is very close) – i.e, no tin foil hat person – has publicly stated some US military detonated a nuke in the Atlantic a year or two ago, that was destined for some nefarious purpose. You can hear Hudes speak for herself here:
          Karen Hudes on South Carolina nuke

      35. Read a mathematical breakdown of the worldwide Ebola crisis. The MSM would have us believe it’s going away. In reality, it doubles in size every 3 weeks, worldwide. Theoretically, if it continues to do that, the entire 7 billion plus, population of the world would be infected by July 4, 2016. Theoretically.

      36. Please go to Steve Quayle’s website and read the article titled “Yes, Caesar defied the conservative ruling class in the Roman Senate in early January! He knew it would start a civil war in the Roman Republic. He told his loyal troops there was no turning back….all or nothing…conquer or die!” this is why I believe it is pointless to do anything here in America. The end result of America can be found in the book of “Revelations” it will be destroyed and uninhabitable. There is no future here for anyone! Please think of your children and start moving yourselves out of here as soon as you can.

        • Move where Martin?

      37. Time to invest in aquaponic infrastructure which consumes 2% as much as conventional soil-based farming.

        • Anonyplatypus: Yes, but it’s labor intensive and expensive…and you have to have a mild climate, year round climate or have it in a very large indoor greenhouse. Have you run across any sites that address these problems? I am very interested, but the hurdles seem to large…


          • should read, “mild climate year round…”


      38. im sure they( our lovely government) created this or at least the mechanism for this to happen in this area

        until the people in that area wake up to that, they will be bent over and screwed up the rear repetitively by those they have placed in power and dont hold to any level of performance

        get what you paid for ..or voted for or both

        by some of us voting we are giving these goons the leverage they need over us .. yes by voting,some of us are giving them the go ahead and fuck us over vote

        many people have not learned that voting is just giving them our approval to continue the same shit different day upon us all

        • @Satori-

          I have a de-classified (heavily redacted) report on the Liberty. It includes radio transcripts, diagrams, etc… Just glancing through it was telling enough for me. Let me know if you want it.

      39. it should be noted that the farming and ranching communities are the last hard working, God fearing, conservative bastion in california and you guys are bashing them. it is the ultra liberal cities (LA and SF areas) that run all of california’s politics. They have shut off the water to these people for years to “protect the smelt”. The liberals have voted down water projects that would have averted this drought or at least softened it. Yes, the liberals have been succesful in controlling our schools, our media and our judicial and governing bodies. The cities are full of easy money and dope for the mind. And when will people stand up and fight? When their bellies are empty and there children are dieing in thier arms? Or maybe they will just crawl inside a hole and die because no one cares about anyone else anymore?

        • “it should be noted that the farming and ranching communities are the last hard working, God fearing, conservative bastion in california and you guys are bashing them.”

          That’s true. Don’t bash the rural communities and farmers of California. They’re good guys. By land mass, the conservatives in California outnumber the Libs. It’s just that the Lib population concentration in San Francisco and Los Angeles regions far outweighs the voters in the rural areas. Lots of state government Libs in the Sacramento region too since it’s the Capital.

          It’s a spiritual war for the souls and hearts and minds between the Conservatives and the Libs. Right now, the Libs are winning.

          But I’m a “Molon Labe” guy.

          • FS
            If you think I was bashing I wasn’t. Just like us Cops there are good one every where.
            I know that there is a lot of great Folks in Cal. But the turds are running it and the folks that live there are not doing anything about it. They keep putting in the libtards in every election.

            • Well, I’m not putting the LibTards in charge. I’m an anti-LibTard voter.

              I’m not so much for the GOP as I am against the Libs. It’s just that the GOP has the best chance to stop the Lib.

            • the beaner vote puts the libs in charge of Ca. Texas is next as they are being invaded too.

          • I’ll bash ’em hard with one simple fact – they started the wave of illegal aliens coming over the border by flouting the law to hire them.

      40. maybe they should stop manipulating the weather over california, i suspect that would help, it seems that there is going to be a land grab in california in the near future.

      41. I didn’t know NASA and Nature Magazine were communist plots…NOT. What I do know is that too many of you are just totally stupid and wouldn’t know a scientific fact if Newton dropped his apple on your head. Just because very rich right-wingers tell you something doesn’t make it true. Repeating crap doesn’t make it true. And ignorance is not a virtue.

        • And if you like your healthcare
          You can keep it

        • “Repeating crap doesn’t make it true.”

          Yet you keep on keeping on don’t you.

          You know the consensus in the 17th century was that the earth was flat. That is a fact. But it wasn’t true was it.

          You are still stuck in the left versus right trap.

          Thus everything you say is claptrap.

        • So we should listen to the left progressive garbage?

      42. Once California is fully enveloped within the Agenda 21 scheme, rain and ground water will magically reappear.

      43. The Mexican government is in big trouble. Major unrest in the south of the country. The US government has flooded Mexico with illegal weapons. Was “Fast and Furious” a plan to destroy our 2nd Amendment or a plan to overthrow Mexico and merge it with us under the North American Union? Or both? If Mexico goes under, we get swamped. Even much worse than now.

      44. The most devastating account of voter fraud may be in the book “Injustice” by J. Christian Adams. He was a Justice Department attorney, who detailed with inside knowledge the voter frauds known to the Justice Department, and ignored by Attorney General Holder and company.

        One of these frauds involved sending out absentee ballots to people who had never asked for them. Then a political operator would show up — uninvited — the day the ballots arrived and “help” the voter to fill them out. Sometimes the intruders simply took the ballots, filled them out, and forged the signatures of the voters.

        These were illegal votes for Democrats, which may well be why Eric Holder sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil.

      45. Obama wants Amnesty so that he then can be considered a citizen!

        • Obama wants amnesty so that the illegals can do jobs real Americans don’t want to do. Vote Democratic!

      46. Because the left is soooo muuuch better?
        I dont believe ANY of them!

      47. This is definitely a great reminder to enhance and/or prepare your reserve food supply. Something that I know too many people don’t do and should be doing. We have 2 months worth of food and water and also have 4 recurve bows (Martin Saber, PSE Stalker, and 2 Bear Kodiaks – which you can find at to ensure we have the gear we need to obtain food after SHTF. You bet your *** we’ll be prepared. Are you???

        • JoeTel8, you call 2 months worth of food and water being prepared?!!

      48. Millions more voters had their say in another way — by sitting this election out. Roughly 61 percent of the nation’s 223 million eligible voters were expected to stay home, said Curtis Gans, director of the Center for the Study of the American Electorate.

        • If you don’t vote then don’t grumble!

      49. voting today is like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end

      50. I hope the entire food production system takes a crap!
        The people who have shit on us farmers again and again need to get bent over for a change,
        Let them eat sand

      51. Hi All: Food prices will for sure go up fore a lot of reasons CA being just one. If you can rip up flower beds and all that green grass and plant stuff to eat. Al so, order your seeds now because there could be a run on them in the spring. I know, most people will not but will complain. My favorite seed supplies is Stokes
        Seeds–have a great free catalogue.

      52. Martin: So can we, if we go out to the polls, can we say, we have ‘souls to the polls’ on Sunday, can we do ‘soul food after we vote’?

        Obama: Absolutely, I give everyone full permission to eat some fried chicken after they vote only after—if you haven’t voted…(laughter.)

        Racist bEOTCH!

      53. off subject
        So one hot California day, Superman is feeling super horny. Superman flies off into the sky and he thinks to himself, I wonder if Wonder Woman is at home. As Superman nears Wonder Womans penthouse apartment, he see’s that she is sunbathing in the nude and has her legs spread. Superman then remembered her rejecting his advances last weekend. Superman then let an evil thought take hold. Superman said to himself, I am faster than a speeding bullet. I am going to fly down there and fuck the shit out of her and will be gone before she realizes what is happening. BANG, ZOOM, WOW, Superman nailed it and as he flies off wholly satisfied he hears Wonder Woman say, holyjackhammershit what the fuck was that. The Invisible Man says I dont know but my asshole is killing me.

      54. There was a drunk sitting on the front porch of a saloon. Out from the Alkali Desert came a cowboy riding his horse. The cowboy dismounted ties his horse to the hitck rack and beat of a thick layer of Alkali Dust from his clothes with his hat. TheN he walked around to the rear of the horse and lifted its tail and kissed it right on the asshole. not a quick peck he smooshed his mouth pretty thoroughly. The Drunk asked Did I see you do what you did? The cowboy stated yep you sure did. The Drunk asks why in the world would you kiss a horse on the asshole? The cowboy states ive got chapped lips. The drunk ask does that help them. The cowboy states well it sure keeps me from licking them.

      55. Been busy catching up from the winter storm so I’m posting a little late about a good meeting with Eppe. We had a good exchange of ideas on prepping and a field trip to the Georgia Guidestones. It was interesting to hear the varying opinions on the purpose of the stones. I can say that Eppe is the real deal.

      56. HAARP high pressure areas offshore from northern California have been deflecting weather systems north away from California. HAARP energy is steered and positioned through the use of cell towers. Cell towers in the US are grossly over-powered to generate more wattage than needed to transfer cell communications. These towers are government-controlled, as is HAARP.

        In addition to the chem in chemtrails and the use of HAARP, environmental legislation has required the release of water in reservoirs to make the decline in food production more immediate and pronounced. Weather has become a weapon that our government is using against us by controlling food production.

        • I regularly look at the NOAA website for satellite and radar data so i can follow whats going on with our weather here on Maui, the satellite loops i watch the most are the ones for NorthEastPacific,
          You can quite regularly see oddities in the cloud patterns, strange lines cutting through them or abrupt changes in direction, is weird if you are looking at it without the chatter we hear in the background on these sights, then it makes sense, we get the chemtrails here too, usually at night so they are not noticed, last week there was a bunch of them that lingered over us,
          Remember being taught about them in school in the 70s then nothing, never heard about them at all till starting to peruse these sites, then the light bulds started going on and putting 2/2 together,
          Its total crap, i would really like to see the manipulation bite these fuckers in the ass, its time

        • Failed high school physics, didn’t you…

      57. A video will no doubt will be coming where the guy asks random Fruit & Nut California students some nonsense question to sign a petition and getting them to actually support it is going to be interesting on this subject. It will be something like, “If water is in short supply should people above 80 and below the age of 5 be rationed to one 8 oz glass a day so the University Swim Pool can be filled”?

        • If the drought continues should everyone over 60 be euthanized to save on water

          • Terrific question for a petition. I seen retroactive abortion petitions signed on video. All one needs to say are some catch phrases like Women’s Rights, Support Obama, The Environment or Free From The Government and they’re like a pavlovian dog lined up to sign.

          • Kula: I think they are looking more at 55 as the starting age.


      58. Satori: great article…seems prophetic….


      59. No Nation Has EVER Taxed Itself Into Prosperity

        You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating working Americans out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. Government cannot give to anybody anything that government does not first take from somebody else. When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to pay for them – and when that paying half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they worked so hard for, then that, my friend, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth to help the poor by dividing it.

      60. Old tip: Go down to the local craft store and pick up a bottle of florescence (glow in the dark) paint. Now put two dots on the rear sight and one on the front and there you have it. GHETTO NIGHT SIGHTS, hey they work. For me I use the tip of a tooth pick to apply the paint. Also they work better with a dot of white paint first under the florescence dot.


      61. ALERT!

        The evidence is INDISPUTABLE that HAARP was used to CREATE California’s drought.

        Make no mistake: the HAARP attack on California is an attack on US ALL!

        Yes, Durango Kid, I am that masked man who warned famine was coming, and not just to America, but to the world.


        Christ told both Maria and John Leary that very thing, which led me to investigate and uncover what most of us already know.

        The one world people want to reduce the 7.5 billion of us to just 500 million.

        Won’t happen, God the Father won’t permit it.

        But we ALL have to get right with God.

        And just WHO are the people who used HAARP on California and thus 50% of our nation’s fruits & vegetables and thus attacked ALL of us?

        The same people who order the Chem trails over our beautiful skies.

        The same people who ordered scientists to modify God’s perfect food, thus giving us cancer-causing GMO food.

        The same people who put autism causing and cancer-causing shit in our vaccines.

        The same people who pay off or install our elected leaders, and then assassinate those who won’t play their deadly games.

        The same people who created the AIDs virus to reduce the population and who are the same people who ordered an Ebola variant made to depopulate the rest of the world.

        The same people who ordered the lamestream media to suppress, until after the elections, how many Americans are infected with Ebola.

        You know who these people are.

        I know who these people are.

        And if you do NOT know who these people are, it’s easy: all you have to do to identify them is hold them to the TRUTH test: those who do not speak and witness to the truth are led by the father of lies because their very words are deceptions, obfuscations, falsehoods, etc.

        “By their fruits ye shall know them”, Jesus said.

        Amen, Lord.

        Or, as the late Dr. M. Scott Peck put it, “The truly evil do not reside in jail.”

        Amen, Doctor.

        Watch your six, and your three, nine, and twelve while you are at it.

        Make good use of your anger. How?



        Get right with God.

        Because there is a Hell. And the father of lies would like nothing more than for all us to become complicit with their evil, = their destructiveness = how THEY obliterate and destroy human life, the human spirit, all forms of liveliness.

        As the late Rev. Edward J. Brady taught, “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.”

        So stock up.

        Prep up.

        Pray up.

        Your very life, and your soul might depend on it.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “The hottest places in hell are for those, who in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” – JFK

      62. der’

      63. Most of the food I eat does not come from california , not a single fuck given about this

        • But the prices will rise on the food you buy Locally.

          • Not if I grow it ,

      64. Mark this website off as another anti-Semite cesspool getting its news from Think Progress… sigh… really wish Prepper Website would vet its links better….

        • As if your magic curse word makes all the evidence vanish?

          In these days when the internet allows easy fact-checking, “anti-semite” has lost its mojo.

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