NASA Models Predict Total Societal Collapse: “Irreversible”

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    The end of the world as we know it is coming.

    You’ve likely heard this before, especially from the growing number of voices in the alternative news and preparedness communities. Often dismissed as conspiracy theory or outright lunacy, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests these fringe thinkers may well be on to something.

    Despite assurances from most political leaders, experts and researchers who argue that we live in a stable and sustainable world, a new study utilizing mathematical models developed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center may confirm our worst fears.

    According to the Socio Economic Synthesis Center, which led the study’s research team and was made up of well respected natural and social scientists from various U.S.-based universities, society as it exists today is decades, perhaps just years, from a complete collapse of our way of life.

    Given economic strati cation, collapse is very difficult to avoid and requires major policy changes, including major reductions in inequality and population growth rates. Even in the absence of economic strati cation, collapse can still occur if depletion per capita is too high. However, collapse can be avoided and population can reach equilibrium if the per capita rate of depletion of nature is reduced to a sustainable level, and if resources are distributed in a reasonably equitable fashion. (SESC via Steve Quayle)

    The study cites scores of historical examples of civilization collapse dating back thousands of years. Given the facts it is clear that humanity’s long sought after Utopian society is a goal that is simply unachievable. Every five hundred years or so, the whole system simply falls apart.

    There are widespread concerns that current trends in population and resource-use are unsustainable, but the possibilities of an overshoot and collapse remain unclear and controversial.

    How real is the possibility of a societal collapse?

    Can complex, advanced civilizations really collapse? 

    It is common to portray human history as a relentless and inevitable trend toward greater levels of social complexity, political organization, and economic specialization, with the development of more complex and capable technologies supporting ever-growing population, all sustained by the mobilization of ever-increasing quantities of material, energy, and information. Yet this is not inevitable.

    In fact, cases where this seemingly near-universal, long-term trend has been severely disrupted by a precipitous collapse often lasting centuries have been quite common.

    This brings up the question of whether modern civilization is similarly susceptible. It may seem reasonable to believe that modern civilization, armed with its greater technological capacity, scientific knowledge, and energy resources, will be able to survive and endure whatever crises historical societies succumbed to.

    But the brief overview of collapses demonstrates not only the ubiquity of the phenomenon, but also the extent to which advanced, complex, and powerful societies are susceptible to collapse.

    In short, the mathematical models utilized to determine the results of the study indicate that there are two key causes for what the authors call an “irreversible” collapse.

    First, with the earth’s population now over 7 billion people our civilization is burning through resources faster than they can be replenished, and the burden of paid “non-workers” (i.e. those who are given resources for performing no actual function in society) leads to a complete break down in the system.

    We can see how an irreversible Type-N (full) collapse of Population, Nature, and Wealth can occur due to over-depletion of natural resources as a result of high depletion per capita.

    Workers and Non-Workers with the same level of consumption, i.e., with no economic strati cation. The Non-Workers in these scenarios could represent a range of societal roles from students, retirees, and disabled people, to intellectuals, managers, and other non-productive sectors. In this case, the Workers have to deplete enough of Nature to support both the Non-Workers and themselves.

    Second, and this may come as no surprise, “elite” members of society are accumulating whatever available resources there are in an effort to maintain control over the “commoners.”

    The Elite population starts growing significantly… hence depleting the Wealth and causing the system to collapse.

    Under this scenario, the system collapses due to worker scarcity even though natural resources are still abundant, but because the depletion rate is optimal, it takes more than 400 years after the Wealth reaches a maximum for the society to collapse.

    In this example, Commoners die out first and Elites disappear later. This scenario shows that in a society that is otherwise sustainable, the highly unequal consumption of elites will still cause a collapse. This scenario is an example of a Type-L collapse in which both Population and Wealth collapse but Nature recovers.

    The Elites eventually consume too much, resulting in a famine among Commoners that eventually causes the collapse of society. It is important to note that this Type-L collapse is due to an inequality-induced famine that causes a loss of workers, rather than a collapse of Nature. Despite appearing initially to be the same as the sustainable optimal solution obtained in the absence of Elites, economic strati cation changes the fi nal result: Elites’ consumption keeps growing until the society collapses. The Mayan collapse in which population never recovered even though nature did recover is an example of a Type-L collapse

    There are several other scenarios outlined in the study, but the above two are seemingly the ones that may be responsible for the coming collapse of our own civilization.

    In America, nearly 50% of the population produces nothing, yet receives payment in the form of money, goods and services. This takes resources out of the hands of those who actually produce these resources.

    Furthermore, it should be obvious that elite members of society simply take what they want through force, whether by taxation or criminal activity (as defined by natural law), putting even more strain on the system.

    Over time, the debt builds and pulls forward wealth from generations ahead, resources are depleted, and costs begin to reach levels that are simply unsustainable for everyone, including the elites who attempt to amass as much as they can.

    In the end, we all suffer the same fate.

    According to this and other studies, like one recently published by the UK Government Office of Science and entitled A Perfect Storm of Global Events, we are very quickly approaching the breaking point. Over the next fifteen years, it is predicted that the strain could become so burdensome on society that the system will crack and eventually break down.

    The result will be famine, war, and what some refer to as a “die off.” This will affect all segments of society.

    Naturally, there will be those who survive, and it will likely be the people who are able to develop their own sustainable environments on a personal, familial or communal level. These people may have taken steps to not only prepare for long-term crises, but to develop sustainable practices that will allow them to produce their own food and energy.

    The mathematics being cited here have been seen time and again in other studies, and they don’t bode well for human civilization as we know it today.

    With seven billion people on the planet, a massively unproductive non-workforce, and the greed of the elite, it is only a matter of time before something breaks and there is a real possibility that our civilization will not be able to survive it.

    The scary version? According to these studies, the consequences will be felt within most of our lifetimes.


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      1. Many of us did not need a study to know bad things are coming. When would have been a help though.

        • The time is now. Ever googled April 15 2014 Full Blooded Red Moon?

          • Ezekiel 38 & 39 are relevant and worth studying at this time.

            • (Ezek 39:6 NIV) I will send fire on Magog and on those who live in safety in the coastlands, and they will know that I am the LORD.

              It would appear that God will send destruction to the nations that are part of the multinational attack on Israel. And whose to say that Obama won’t make America part of that coalition?

              • Barncat, you could be right. If America turns against Israel, all bets will be off. America will be destroyed.

                • And, right on cue, we see the muslim-in-chief Obama turning against Israel, trying to force them to give up their land.

                  • I totally agree with maddog, we don’t need a study to see what is happening to this planet and society. Each day you can feel it. Just the mere sole fact that these ass monkeys are allowing that Fukushima poison into the ocean to create some strange mutant sea life and poison the whole ecosystem shows just where human civilization is going. Even the Russians tried to cover up Chernobyl. The Japanese could make Fukushima safe. The Netherlands completely reclaimed ocean floor, the Japanese could do the same and cover the thing up with enough mass, just sand to keep it contained at least. No human kind is totally f’ed, and most people have chosen this self destructive path, just look at how most people have come to a type of worship of bad governments around the world. 🙁

                  • Three flat tires with a
                    slow leak in the fourth.

                  • If it comes from NASA, it comes from the corp. Thus, it is pure propaganda not to be relied upon and designed to promote the money changers desired image of the future.

                    Just another attempt to shift blame from the money changers where it belongs, to the people they victimize.

                  • Ovomit will have his henchmen nuke a major US city.

                • @ braveheart. This government has turned against their own people, we are losing the Constitution drip by drip each day. They will turn against any and all allies. Just look at how England last fall voted not to help the U.S. against Syria. This country might not even have Canada in their corner the way BO and his cronies are taking this country to. I am just waiting for the breaking news of war or some black swan no one expected. I can feel that pulling sensation all around that we are in big trouble, more so than ever. How about you?

                  • Be informed — not speaking for braveheart,
                    but I indeed feel exactly what you describe.

                    I believe some people are closer to their
                    animal instincts than others.

                    Some people I have talked with have never
                    had the hair raise on the nape of their neck
                    or the electric tingle up their spine or the
                    sharp jolt in their stomach.

                    The feeling that one gets that makes them
                    look up when someone is staring at them
                    from across a crowded room is not felt by
                    everyone. Just an observation I have made.

                  • BI, good day my friend, and yes, I have the same feeling. Something big is coming and this country is going to fall. I fear there’s no stopping it. with monkeyboy turning against Israel, I feel America is living on borrowed time now. This coun try will be made to pay dearly and tremendously for its sins around the world. We can thank the banksters and their puppets for all of this. I swear TPTB need to forfeit their lives for what they’ve done to our nation.

                  • Hammerhead got this right on the head;
                    N – national
                    A – association for
                    S – socialist
                    A – agenda

                    I just read the whole paper, don’t recommend doing that, and it is definitely calling out for a large cut in the numbers of humans on the planet, i.e. Eugenics. Now can the planet support everyone we have on it and the more and more we are adding to it? They also implied that if we were to share equally, some form of ‘ism that I’d rather not live in, that we’d all be fine. So let some people die (Death Panels in ObomaCare, poison in the vaccines, etc…) and live in a world wide commune (Socialism, Communism, etc…), no thanks. I’m glad I paid ~50% of my income to support this sort of research. *sarcasm Now how do I stop paying taxes so I don’t support this shit anymore and not spend time in jail?

                  • Important News Alert!!!!!

                    Mooshell, her two little twits and her pig of a mother are causing problems for the staff at the hotel she staying at. Over 8 grand a nite for them to stay at the place. The motel staff says their a pain in the ass and they can’t wait for them to get the fuck out. (As reported by Fox news)

                  • BI, did you ever consider that GB didn’t “help us” in Syria BECAUSE THEY KNEW WE WERE IN THE WRONG? You don’t jump in and help someone commit a crime or atrocity, for no other reason than because you used to think you were friends.

                    I wouldn’t go help somebody rob an old lady, just because he had helped me with my refrigerator last week, and mowed my lawn the week before.

                    Friends don’t help friends commit atrocities.

                  • Hi Be Informed… me again. Just to say howdy…
                    Simply because, for some reason, I just felt the pull to read the comments, imagine that… I go right to your statement…

                    I told you guys, the Dark Aether would be getting stronger and stronger after the turning in Dec 2012, remember?
                    This is The Darkness, pulling on you, connecting you to all things. All things ARE ONE.

                    As a matter of fact.. I have just finished a final experiment proving this thesis. I have managed to produce a time dilation field, statically. This joins special and general relativity into one, and, proves the Unified Field of God… you know, what Jesus really taught privately…

                    Anyway, just thought I’d drop in and say hi, since, the Spirit drew me to this spot.

                    May the Force be with you… all.
                    Piper Michael

                  • @beinformed: Canada may not be in your corner but the centrifugal force of the collapse of the US will inevitably suck us in and we will partake of your misery, of that I am sure. I do believe that I have been holding my breath now for the last year waiting for the axe to fall on us. It cannot be long. A feeling of dread is over me constantly and I, too, am waiting for the black swan event or maybe just out of the everywhere, chastisement that is ours in full measure. The cup has been overflowing for a long time now and I do not think God’s period of mercy will extend much longer. I do have hope, though that in the end, God will triumph over the evil that has us in its grip worldwide. Hold fast, keep praying and trust in God.

                  • Correction to me earlier post: centrifugal forces spin you out, not in of course. Just remembered my times on the roundabout as a kid, hanging on for dear life.

                • What rubbish as usual from Barn Cat.

                  “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed” Genesis 12:3

                  God made this covenant with Abram when he was a GENTILE. Judaizers intentionally ow confusion among the faithful and in hopes of elevating the synagogue’s damned position.

                  The Abrahamic Covenant was with Abram the GENTILE and was a Covenant with him and his SPIRITUAL descendants. The synagogue of Satan feigns a carnal connection to Abraham, but Jesus damned that claim:

                  And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I tell you that God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham. Matthew 3:9

                  As you’d expect, the science and genealogy corroborate what Jesus said. The Ashkenazim’s origins in European Khazaria also makes the synagogue’s carnal “Abraham” claim laughable.

                  Notwithstanding errant exegesis by Protestant dispensationalists and Zionists, God was not speaking to or about Jewish people because there was NO Jewish nation—Abram, not yet Abraham, was still a GENTILE and God was speaking to Abram alone.

                  St. Paul affirms in Galatians 3:6-8 that God’s covenant with Abram, later Abraham, was made to him as a GENTILE:

                  “As it is written: Abraham believed God, and it was reputed to him unto justice. Know ye therefore, that they who are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing, that God justifieth the GENTILE by faith, told unto Abraham before: In thee shall all nations be blessed.”

                  St. Paul further elaborates on the justification of and covenant with Abraham before he was a Jew in Romans chapter 4.

                  Why weren’t the Pharisees in the lineage of Abraham? (Matthew 3:9) Why did Moses ‘accuse” them? (John 5:45-47) Only faithful Israelites followed the law of God. Contrary to the claims of Judaizers, the Pharisees did not have “the moral law of God.” Instead, Jesus said that the Pharisees “voided the commandment of God for their own traditions.” (Mark 7:9) The Pharisees boast that theirs is not a biblical religion, but one of their own making. The majority of both the Old and New Testaments tells of the defection of the Israelites and Pharisees. It is true Christians who are the true Jews, the true New Israel, the true lineage of Abraham and Moses, the ones who are “blessed” in Abraham’s lineage. (1 Peter 2 2:9-10; Galatians 3:6-8, and Romans chapter 4) It is by their fruits of war, genocide, usury, fractional reserve banking, swindling, and other crimes against humanity that you know the Zionists.

                  • JQP,
                    Do you know what Mark was talking about a few weeks back in regards to NOT blessing enemies? I think 02 might of been in on that conversation too. I have not been able to find any answers to this yet.


                  • You know, if you think about it rationally and make the claim that God will only bless us if we bless Israel, (as JQP pointed out who is Israel) then why is it we have to send them nearly 5 billion a year in tribute? If God is suppose to bless “Israel” then why do they need our money? My second thought is we still pay them tribute and much more, (only slave nations pay tribute), so why is God cursing this land where there are many that still believe in HIM, unlike those who blaspheme his name using the emblem of the six pointed star that uses six lines, six pointed pyramids and six intersects?
                    As King Soloman once said that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Those who were duped or deceived in a previous age will be conned again…But I digress for this milk will sour in some mouths, how can it be they will be able to sup on meat?

                  • Piper Michael, you don’t come around often enough anymore. good to hear from you again.

                  • A lot of wasted intellectual material, that in the event of a total societal collapse will not help the survival of you and your loved ones. Unless, of course, you plan to perish within the walls of a parish.

                  • John Q Public:

                    It is truly tiring to read barncats posts that are full of non truths (lies). When he states our govt. and the world is not run by jews I challenge him and all the rest of the shtf community to tell me just who in the Obama administration are not jews. Who in control of the non-federal reserve are not jews, who in control of the msn are not jews, who are the international bankers and who are not jews, who has challenged and is trying to destroy all our Christian beliefs in America, of them who are not jews.

                    Barncat is either a jew or he has been brainwashed by the preacher/teachers that Jesus has promised to send to the lake of fire come judgement day.

                    The Lord has given some to have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth. John Q, you are cerainly one of them.

                    I am anxiously awaiting barncats reply as well as any information shtf posters can enlighten me on my questions.

                • If you think God is going to protect His enemies that 2nd John identifies as anti-Christs you are badly mistaken. He is using them to be a thorn in our sides to bring us to our knees but the bible says that we will bring them before Him and slay them. these are the ones that are spoken of in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 as being those who say they are jews but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan.

                  • @ BJ

                    Mark was faster on the draw than I. You have it straight from his own keyboard—solid exegesis.

                    “And this is charity, that we walk according to His commandments. For this is the commandment, that, as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in the same: For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an antichrist. Look to yourselves, that you lose not the things which you have wrought: but that you may receive a full reward. Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father and the Son. If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him, God speed you.” 2 John 1:6-10

                    How can any sane and decent man clam that God “blesses” the antichrists and wants us to “bless” the synagogue of Satan? That is the kind of insane antichrist doctrine that occurs when the devil convinces some jackass that he is his own little pope.

                    And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever? 2 Corinthians 6:15

                    I am astonished that there are so many who profess to love Jesus Christ and claim to be Bible believers, yet allow willful deceivers like Barn Cat to ignore every single word that Jesus Christ said in the Bible about the Pharisees. Over a hundred instances of Jesus damning the Pharisees and their followers and warning us about them in so many passages, but fools believe some Judaizing seducer who perverts the spiritual Abrahamic Covenant into some phony carnal connection that supposedly morphs European moneylenders into Judean prophets.

                    Jackasses and antichrists—too many of them!

                  • @Mark,
                    So when you mentioned not blessing enemies, you were talking about His enemies (peoople who call themselves Jews ansd are not) and not our personal enemies…correct?

                    I don’t have a King James, only a HSCB, but have KJ on my phone (YouVersion bible app) I will have to read this when I get home tonigh adn try and nmake sense of it.

                    Thanks to both of you for replying.

                  • @ BJ

                    There are SERIOUS problems with the KJV—many of them derived from the KJV’s reliance on the Masoretic texts.

                    Here is the short version.

                    At the time of Jesus Christ’s Incarnation, there was NO complete Hebrew Bible. Ironically the ONLY complete Bible (Old Testament) for the Israelites was the Greek Septuagint.

                    AFTER CHRIST a “Hebrew Bible” was compiled by the Masoretes, some of it edited as late as 1000 A.D. (!!!), but the “Hebrew Bible” was ALTERED to reflect Judaism’s HATRED OF JESUS CHRIST.

                    Need proof?

                    The Dead Sea Scrolls agree with the Septuagint confirming that the “Hebrew Bible” was changed by the rabbis to reflect their hatred of Jesus Christ, His Church, and the New Israel, Christians. The rabbis altered the Word of God to dethrone Jesus, dispute His Virgin Birth, etc.

                    The ONLY complete and authentic Old Testament is the Septuagint.

                    Ironic isn’t it that the GREEK is authentic while the Hebrew is not? It is a clever and diabolical trick of the rabbis to pretend otherwise. The “Hebrew Bible” was finalized 1,000 years AFTER the crucifixion.

                    For the Old Testament, rely on the Septuagint. For an English version, rely on the original Douay Rheims, not the Challoner or Haydock revisions.

                • Israel is the #1 most serious threat to the continuation of life on this entire planet, moron. Israel is nothing more than an international crime syndicate masquerading as a nation-state, nitwit.

                  I suggest that the renegade bravefart seek some help with the chore of pulling his head out of his embarrassingly stupid butt hole.

                  • Well golly gee, no fkn shit this society will collapse. Ive been saying it for years, the population is way too big and at least 50% are worthless moronic resource consuming zombies. Combine that with the psycopathic rulers of the planet that destroy the earth with all manner of poisons in theyre effort to cull the herd and maintain control and it’s a recipe for absolute disaster! Does it ever even cross your mind how much resources it takes to support an average human for say 70 years? All the landfill space, mined metals, oil, plastics, water, textiles, toxic waste created from refinement of all the commodities, pollution created by vehicles, heating, power generation, waste disposal, etc. now times that by 7 billion and figure it out! Idiocracy is a documentary of the future, irresponsible morons shitting out 6 kids with no regard whatsoever for true sustainability or thought that they are actually depriving more responsible people of resources. Even though I despise the elite I can see why they despise us and want to cull the herd. Watch the documentary “idiocracy” it is happening now. Mankind is to stupid to be free and thats why he never has been and never will be. Eventually man will reap what his ignorance has sown and it looks like sooner than later. Now get on over to walmart and get you some more chinese crap to throw in the landfill and waste resources and toxify our land! 🙂

                • Stop saying America!
                  It is the Obama regime who does not represent the people of this country anymore.
                  The people have recognized “O” as the evil entity who has invaded this country to destroy it.
                  The people as a whole want peace.

                  • America voted for him, twice. And nobody is trying to stop him. So yeah, it is America. Just like America murders 1 million babies a year. Even if you never had an abortion, if you sit and do nothing to stop it, you are just as guilty.

                • “All who bless Israel will be blessed. All who curse her will be cursed”

            • This study has been written about in a bunch of places. I got it on a couple of my feeds and so I looked into some of it. Learned that the National Science Foundation was part of this study along w/ NASA. Nasa isn’t doing space exploration anymore since OBama declared there new mission was to promote Muslims in science. Now wouldnt you know that guy who led the study is a Muslim. His name isnt mentioned here I dont think but hes a math geek and hes got a math model to use. Well I know enough about math to know those models can be written for desired expectations and it is just like the global warming shit weve been forced into living with.

              The write up here is most interesting since the point of view is acceptable to most of us. On the surface the conclusion of that study and even Macs take on it seem legit to us. But I say caution and beware. The people funding the study are from govt and from Natl Sci Found where Bill Gates spends a good deal of money to shape our outlooks with. The question is why would a progressive like Bill Gates have an interest in this type of thing and in the big seed bank vault in Norway?

              When I read a few other articles on this study I learned this was not a scientific study. The people involved even said it was more like a sociology viewpoint based on some calculations.

              I smell something rotten and think this is a set up for more of the same and its another progressive/commie activity to push the inequality, population control and social justice crap even further. In that article w/ the link above from the Guardian, it even says these progressive/commie objectives:

              “the scientists point out that the worst-case scenarios are by no means inevitable, and suggest that appropriate policy and structural changes could avoid collapse, if not pave the way toward a more stable civilisation.

              The two key solutions are to reduce economic inequality so as to ensure fairer distribution of resources, and to dramatically reduce resource consumption by relying on less intensive renewable resources and reducing population growth”

              The study aint about true collapse as we prep for it. Its another progressive/commie theory to push the objectives they want for the NWO to take hold. Economic inequality means they want to continue to rape America and send it to 3rd world countries.

              Theyre trying to play us. Dont swallow it.

              • CAL, You are 100% correct here.

                This is another Agenda 21 push , nothing more.
                To the uninformed it would seem obvious that climate change , overpopulation and economic inequality are all drivin us into the ground.
                Chicken little will panic and gladly accept whatever the UN or other “world government” entity throws out as a quick fix for their problems .

                YEA , Dont swallow it .

                • Yawn, yawn. How many times in the last four or five years have we had to endure and read about our impending economic DOOM? Always touted by some high level muckity muck that routes this shit out by the truck load. How about this.
                  Make your prevarications all you want and if they don’t come to fruition,
                  YOUR FUCKING FIRED!!! As in no JOB, BITCH !!!

                  • A watchman on the city wall doesn’t begin to sound the warning only when the enemy is near. He begins to sound the warning as soon as the enemy comes over the far horizon.
                    Just because some see it coming and sound the alarm not once, but many times, doesn’t justify your filthy tirade.

                  • Hammerun: have been hearing this since the 80’s when many books hyped a crash, and tapes were sold via the JBS, etc. (no internet then) that pushed food storage, gold and silver. Since the 90’s a handful of hard core preppers have passed on; the preps were dumped, money spend in vain. Not just food either. Wood stoves, purifiers, camping gear, etc. One couple now in their 80’s and the heirs will eventually dump their stuff if nothing happens. Now I’m as old as some of them back then so I prep for weather events only. I don’t want a cluttered house- I had to clean up after a parent who died, w/ piled up food, etc. We have downsized a lot since retirement. Been there and done that ref to: y2k

                  • DOOM and GLOOM prognostications won’t go away, sure as the tables fill at Waffle House, there’s job security waiting on those hungry fellow travelers. Pass the Ketchup, pleeez….

                • Sure seems like Agenda 21 to me too Hammnerhead.

                  The govt sure does spend a chunk of change on these commie ideas. If Obama was serious about his commitment to roads and bridges instead of planning a commie Red State, we would solve our infrastructure problems. But we know the only things hes serious about are his golf swing and his Reggie Love buddy.

                  • CAL , One quick look at foriegn policy and immigration laws will affirm an Agenda 21 driven policy .

                    I try to raise as much hell as i can at my local level against all these “sustainable” ideas .
                    Mostly on deaf ears.
                    Obama’s idea of fixing roads and bridges is him reaffirming his committment to unions and the “colletive” idealism that drives all his policy.
                    And its ultimatly just as corrupt.

                • Want to SEE an Easy to understand form of what these NASA, Atheists, New Agers, Tree Huggers, and AGENDA-21 Kommies are Really all about?

                  Then go watch RT tv news Latest Full hour Documentary about how NOW Today In Africa regions, Multi national Global huge Corps, have become Land owners of lands that occupy the size of PARIS France city!

                  16,000 Hectares of size lands!…Where the “Company” has most of worlds source of Lipton Tea grown.

                  Where tens of thousands of african workers, work, LIVE, in Company supplied Housings, Company also has Many Out Buildings similar to a store. Where all african workers WALK to on Foot to recieve ALL foods, Snacks, Candy bars, Laudry soaps, Toilet papers, etc etc…ALL daily needed foods and supplies for a nice cozy life as a, Company worker, living Inside the Tall fenced In lands, complete with Guards, Supervisor boss men, etc.

                  I forgot to include: Workers get FREE medical helth care too!(hobammycare?).

                  The worker Women seen in video expose by RT tv shows several women who refused to speak out unless RT did an interview OFF company lands.

                  Once safly away those women stated how most Boss men, also african men who are paid as supervisors by corp, Demand sexual favors daily from as many as 5 women per day! And All women who refuse sex get sent to pick Tea leaves in areas where its already been picked clean!

                  Which greatly reduces pay. Give up Sex favors and get good pay!

                  oh and ALL houses, Foods, Snack foods, Candy bars etc, and ALL daily used items such as laundry soap etc is ALL company provided FREE of charge to ALL workers.

                  Thats probobly good since workers are fenced in, and have NO other stores or sources to Buy any stuff from, other than free company provided goods…Goods which the Global Corp is also owner of as one major Corp like Nestles and others have a grand total of aprox 350 or More seperate products sold globally to over 2-BILLION consumers!

                  That documentary RT shows is NOT nestles company. Its one that Owns Lipton Tea bags…I cant recall their co name now?..But I wrote of nesteles as they too operate in similar fashions probobly and they have 350+ different consumer items sold globally.

                  Thats one good reason when folks claim if only we Boycott a certain product we can bring global corps to Their knees, is a certain Fail project before it begins.

                  If we do a boycott on a particular item, say nabisco Crackers…The owner corp will Laugh at us as they have 350 to 500 More products they sell daily, globally to over 2 Billion buyer consumers.

                  That RT video is Exactly what new ager, tree hugger Kommie marxists desire for ALL folks worldwide.

                  With Their top 1% as the major Bosses of those sex hungry supervisors and, 3rd worlder workers.

                  I swear very first thought I had when I saw fenced in workers and their Homes and company stores, complete with company logos and typical billboard type colorfull advertized words and photos of products was…FEMA CAMPS!

                  Yes workers are free to go Outside fences. But when Inside fenced Lands, lands the same size as the city of Paris france! They MUST all abide stricty to whatever rules company corp had demanded. No mention I heard of the wages they earn?…maybe thats in Part II of video?

                  What a real Eye opener of Our future if we allow folks like this articles “NASA” scientists and Bill Gates type Khazars to rule the roost.

                  This is what scientist folks invented since back in 1934, when it first was called “A Technocratic Society” for the future….Yep its been all Planned as such since 1930’s era folks…Thats reason Today all You keep hearing touted constantly is something like this.

                  “We Today NEED Scientists, and Social engineering Professionals to re develope a better system for everybody to Live by so it remains…”Sustainable” for next 10,000 generations!”…

                  Scientists and social pros really equals Atheists, Tree Huggers, Bug lovers, Snake savers, Whale petters, and New Agers with a Huge smattering of genocidal Freekish Eugenisists engineers fully controlling EVERY thing, Lands, Peoples, Moneys, foods, and stuff.

                  All they promote is More and Better “Freedoms” and “Equalities for All”…ALL we ever GET from that crew, is MORE kommizim, MORE Broker and Poorer, LESS Equal, More under their Boots controled, and way LESS Freedoms as daily freedom is striped clean away from us all.

                  What a laugh! NASA scientists worried of fuels consumptions, while One rocket launch, and all nasas related use of various fuels probobly is enough to Keep a city of 100,000 people driving cars, useing electricity, heating Homes and cooking on stoves with elec or natgas for a full Year, if not Longer Yet!

                  Perhaps a Better Plan is: One very Wide concrete Wall, 8ft tall, and RULE# .308 eh? That would be with Them “Technocrats” standing at Wall…With Us Manning rule#308’s

                  • TG, Unilever owns Lipton now. Like RD Shell, it is an Anglo-Dutch consortium, and very much an old elite mechanism. I’d be more worried about the Chinese incursions into Africa and S. America right now, quite frankly. They don’t bother to play by the same rules, because they don’t have to. If you think the Anglo-Dutch colonial overlords are bad, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Confucian/Marxist dictatorship of over a billion people on a worldwide roll of success–it’s a far worse replay of Imperial Japan, which was Confucian/Fascist, 60 million during the prewar period, without nukes (that we know of).

                    And they are out for revenge-in Asia first (Japan, Taiwan,
                    S. Korea, not necessarily in that order, but first in their minds), and then creating a real empire in Asia.
                    The Aussies are well aware of this, which is why they are part of five eyes. NZ, if I recall correctly, disengaged
                    from the program a while back due to some nonsense over the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior. They became nuke-free, which, while highly commendable, especially in a land of 4 million people, leaves them exposed in a serious way to any overtures from China/Russia, and exposes that flank of Australia as well; NZ has little in the way of defense forces. They will inevitably free ride on AU if the SHTF.

              • Calgacus,

                I tend to agree with you on this one. But there are several points that no one can dispute.

                1: In the US, we aren’t producing jack anymore. I know several people (one being my lazy sister) who said they would run their unemployment out because it didn’t pay to go back to work and make less money. That is a major labor problem.

                2: Whether it is elites or my neighbor eating at an all you can eat buffet, we are seriously using and consuming too much sometimes.

                3: Every 500 years there is a total collapse? It hasn’t even been 100 since the great depression. Not sure how I feel about that statement.

                4: Elites Vs Peasants? I think there is a growing rift between the rich and poor, and I think the politicians are bought and paid for. I think there is a great financial storm coming and I think the rich are using free money from the Fed to buy hard assets with FIAT currency to try and give themselves “legitimate” claim to hard assets (land/factories/production centers and farms) for the rebuilding phase. The question is, will the survivors accept this or will these folks swing from light posts?

                5: The Left and Right are so far apart, they might as well be governments of rival nations. Here we are given a choice between Coke and Pepsi, given a red or blue sweater, and told to cheer our team on. What if we feel coffee or tea? It is the independents who need to take a stand here and the independent thinkers who were the heart and soul of the American ingenuity and progress.

                If some major collapse happens, those of us that survive (and are not killed by a lucky shot by some .25 auto or slipping and smacking our head like I probably will be) will be the ones who will need to rebuild and keep to the Constitution. I guess only time will tell.

                Getting off my soap box and looking for something shiny to occupy my for the rest of the day….. 🙂

                Keep your powder dry,

                • To JJsan
                  I like your points and agree with all of them. I dont know enough history to say the cycle always repeated but from reading that Fourth Turning I could see those cycles presented and that cycle theory made perfect sense to me (so I like reading Burning Platform and the Jim Quinns take).

                  Back to your points here. Most of us here can read the articles about that study and we can agree that were using up resources, consuming too much, buying way too much stuff, eating too much stuff, and letting stuff own us. We get the little stuff and the 1% get the big ticket stuff. Yeah the Fed gift keeps on giving to the 1% to buy up the gold and start up companies while all of us keep getting lied to and robbed.

                  The division of elite vs poor has probably always been a problem but I dont know enough history to say for sure. Maybe theyll do themselves in this time because its a global game now, the likes of which aint been experienced before. There are social wars everywhere and people are focused on going against one another. Theres the division of race and the division of religion. Its all happened by design and if people stay hateful and preoccupied they wont see the collapse being planned and acted out.

                  We got to learn to ignore the bs and train ourselves to watch for the changing policy and plans, not swallow there ideas and take the bait. Theres always some weird way that the progressive commies put out buzz words to each other like its secret code but it tends to be there right before us. The articles on the NASA study have those buzz words in them. Seems logical until we step back and think on it. Its more Agenda 21 NWO takeover.
                  We are being manipulated. If we are smart we can stop it, put the emotions behind us and observe. Then we can react differently than what they want. Like you say, the independent thinkers need to take a stand.
                  We owe it to ourselves, families, and America to question everything and look at events and these policy issues and agendas from different angles.

                  • It all dates back to the moneychangers. Only time Jesus got physically angry and threw the ”moneychangers and vendors” from the temple. Study the history of the moneychangers. Not much has changed since then. These people are the curse of humanity and its my thought Jesus saw the misery and manipulation they would cause hence His physical anger.
                    Money has no motherland

                  • @Calgacus…RE: We owe it to ourselves, families, and America to question everything and look at events and these policy issues and agendas from different angles.

                    Ain’t gonna happen brother it’s over…chalk it up to a completely propagandist media system and socialist/commie educational system. System collapse? Bring it the hell on…Burn it all down.


                    Every day I thank God I’m 61…and lived during the best years this country ever had.

                    Sure the

                • I think you are right: a friend has just come back from Washington and was blown away by how it is booming and how rich everyone seems. The chasm between people in Washington and the rest of the population is unprecedented. The bureaucrats seem to not care they are living large and imposing policies that are totally screwing the rest of the population.

                  You just know they go home at night and read Mother Jones and tut-tut about all the bigots and bad people out there who can’t see how enlightened they are.

                  • YEP , Frank the 202 area code is the most wealthy in the US .
                    Just coincidence? I doubt it .
                    Big gov. in all its tyrannical glory .

                  • Yup, 8000 sf houses and Mercedes everywhere!!!

                • If a collapse does happen, there will be no constitution. Bigots like many here will become murderous thugs who wontanly kill anyone whom they deem undesirable. The flip side is there will be other groups of bigots who will deem the bigots here as undesirable and attempt to eradicate them too.

                  • ncjoe, there are already murderous thugs [black males and females] who wantonly kill anyone for any number of reasons and I expect it will become worse once the balloon goes up. BUT HOW F#$%ING DARE YOU CALL ANY OF THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS COMMUNITY KILLERS. WE ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND ARE TRYING TO SAVE IT, YOU SORRY MOFO! I’M SURE THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR SOMEONE LIKE YOU. YOU BETTER HOPE I NEVER MEET YOU BECAUSE I’LL MAKE SURE YOU GET THERE! YOU’RE A TROLL SO YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED TO BE UNDESIRABLE!

                  • Thank you, Captain Obvious.

                  • NC.

                  • Ya know how tell who is a racist or a bigot?
                    Just wait for them to call someone else a racist or bigot.
                    Works EVERYTIME!

                  • To everyone here, I was feeling good until I saw both of ncjoe’s posts and something inside of me snapped. At the same time, Eisen came into my mind, but I still pounced on ncjoe like I normally do anyway. These trolls really do know how to get someone going. I hated Eisen with a passion and wanted something bad to happen to him. Now I look at ncjoe the same way. I hate these fucking trolls when they come on here with their lies about us, etc.

                  • Newsflash, NCjoe—-Blacks hate you as much as they hate me. Just give them the opportunity to show you. Dumbfucks like you have trained them for generations to hate whitey.

                  • Newsflash, NCjoe—-Blacks hate you as much as they hate me. Just give them the opportunity to show you. Dumbfucks like you have trained them for generations to hate whitey.

                  • @braveheart,
                    Hi bro… just a quick drop in. You are still The Braveheart? Despite the name change… wtf?

                    Anyway, give NCJoe hell, he deserves it… as usual stirring up everybodies blood pressure… me? Nah, I feel sorry for him and his ilk now, they don’t get to me anymore. I realize, life is short… maybe even shorter than we think… no time to waste on anger.

                    Take care, hopefully I can come back soon… busy busy, tired of WINTER!

                  • Thanks for clearing up your bigotry, Joe, you’ve tried to lie about it before now.

                    So, premeditated killing is your plan, eh? Good luck with that, don’t expect to last long at it.

              • This reminds me of the 1941 Nazi film – Ich klage an. A film on justification for euthanasia. A film that prolonging life is sometimes contrary to nature, and that death is a right as well as a duty.(Wikipedia) A possible justification for reducing the world’s population under Agenda 21

              • Calgacus
                I agree. That so called study is like a turd wrapped in bacon. Like you said “Don’t swallow it.”
                There will be some kind of economic collapse or depression, or reset eventually but the timing is a complete unknown. I personally believe there must be some kind of “trigger event” because there is no hard number which cannot be exceeded for borrowing, or printing money, or job loss, etc.
                I wish we had leaders instead of politicians on the national level. Two thumbs up for the State of Georgia and their new pro gun law. They are one up on Texas now.

                • Candle
                  that book Fourth Turning claims a trigger event sets the cycle in motion every time. Seems logical to many of us but they look at the past and always found a trigger.
                  Right now, there seems to be a few possible triggers at the ready, like the warnings that Be informed is saying today.

                • Idaho Governor signs emergency law nullifying all future federal gun laws


                • Candle’ I think we are in a depression. We know all the numbers they release are fake. Like today, Consumer Confidence is up, the highest in 6 years. Their numbers are pulled right out of their ass.

                  • hell eyesopen, we can pick apart their numbers right from the gubmint releases of information…like GDP. they SAY we are GROWING our economy, but if you get into the details you find out when money is PRINTED and lent out…’s a ADDITION to our Gross Product! crazy as it sounds, yes, when money is handed out like water, it makes our GDP go higher! given what i see in washington, maybe lindsey lohan isn’t crazy AFTERALL!

                • Candle,
                  I no longer think the timing of the economic collapse for America is unknown. It has started with Putin’s masterful chess move on Obama. Listen to March 24 Hagmann & Hagmann report with the guerrilla economist. Putin let the west cause revolt in Ukraine and the installation of a fascist bankster government so he could take back Crimea (it was part of Russian until Kruchev gave it to Ukraine). Then Obama would predictably respond with economic sanctions and Putin would retaliate with other BRIC nations in taking out the dollar as the reserve currency. It is happening now!
                  I have been prepping for economic collapse since May 2011 and have heard many alarms on sites like this saying get your money out of paper, out of the banks, into gold/silver. Only now would I call this alarm. We may have less than a month before the reset or several months but it will be in 2014. The result of the dollar losing its status as reserve currency is said to be hyperinflation. I can’t say with any authority but it is certainly a likely result as a huge increase in prices of anything imported will be a result.

                  • We were told back in 2000 that 2014 was the reset year. Everything seems to be on track for this to happen. Look at the laws governments are rushing through – the power to snatch bank accounts, massive power to tax authorities, more and more rules to restrict the ability of people to do business outside the country and inside.

                    It’s on…

                    Read Super Sad True Love Story: a great and funny book on future America. Gold-backed yuan and Norwegian petro-kroner are the king currencies and the Canadian dollar is the ‘stability’ currency. There are two US dollars: a shit one for domestic use which is basically worthless; and a second one that is pegged to the yuan. Most women have to do sex work just to supplement their meager incomes. Everyone is tightly controlled by credit ratings and these ratings determine your place in society. The state uses mass, real-time surveillance to control the population and to sniff out dissent. When it is found, a drone takes them out within minutes. One thing I do know: that witch Amy Chua will loooove this future world.

              • OutWest, I’ve been getting those same feelings lately. I don’t like it when I get such feelings.

              • As the article noted; 50%!!!! of the populace of this country is living off the sweat and toil of the other half with the incomes of these producers being extracted by the barrel of gun, the treat of incarceration, and future hyperinflation; all initiated and mandated by a 3-tier, “local-state-federal” of acutely dysfunctional, inept, and corrupt governmental structures. Not much more to be said.

                • Born Free, Free to be a Slave….

                • Its not just USA. Most of western Europe is like this, and Africa’s population livesd largely on handouts from other parts of the world.

                  • Fatchicks — so true.

                    Little advice though,
                    change your handle,
                    presentation is everything…..

              • EXCELLENT observation and analysis Cal !!! 🙂

                • For All Of The Hyper-inflationary Maniacs Here Preaching The Collapse Of The Banks And The Dollar Because They Are Too Stupid And Uneducated, Lacking Any Financial Credentials, or Common Sense To Follow The Money To The FED Member Bank Accounts (IE Brandon Smith):

                  Here is a snippet from a recent Zero Hedge article which confirms what I have been telling you folks for four years, now. And for free. 🙂

                  “Naturally, it goes without saying that the Fed, which as even Fisher now admits, has over the past five years, worked solely for the benefit of its banker owners and a few good billionaires, has done everything in its power to subsidize banks as much as possible, which is why this debate was so ridiculous it merited precisely zero electronic ink from anyone who is not a clueless economist. ” Cursor down at ZH to find it.

                  Its not rocket science My Peeps. It’s basic finance and economics. I wouldn’t tell some of you how to can peaches or repair your car, because that is not my background.

                  Follow the money. 🙂

                  • little faggot

                  • BJ: I guess that little snippet from a Zero Hedge article burst your Alt Media Hyperinflation Meme Bubble, because it validated everything I have been telling you folks here for the last four years. For free. LMAO!

                    Good! Now you can prep with your eyes wide open.

                    Brandon needed to be trashed because his premise and his analysis was false, and he was spreading his false gospel to people like you who believed him. He meant well. He is a good man and a sincere patriot, fooled by people using Alt Media to make their fortune (in Dollars btw). He is just not fully informed about economics and finance.

                    I am.

                    You and he would be better men if you both just admitted your deficiency in that area and moved on. I am sure there is something that you, he, and everyone else here is an expert in. Its just not in finance and economics. I am probably better educated and more experienced than 90-95% of the American people on those topics given my background.

                    The Second Leg Down will be a formidable challenge for many families like yours. Fortunately, you have a good job. Tighten your belt another notch.

                    Save ten dollar bills in number ten cans. It was good advice when Mushroom offered it. Its good advice now. SHTF is coming, but not yet. When it does, there will be a shortage of dollars.

                    There always is in a Depression. 🙁

                  • Nothing you write, report or repeat burst any such bubble I may or may not have.

                    I just wanted to be a smart asss anc all you a little faggot after reading ‘YourMotherWasWrong’ post about you the other day in reference to “little faggot.”

                    Brandon puts you to shame, hands down in a nano second. You don’t even come into comparison with him or others like him. dk, your not even in the same universe with such people.

                    BJ 🙂

                  • BJ: I thank God I am not in his universe or or others like him. They are wrong, ignore the facts, and do not even have the common sense to follow the money to the Member Bank Reserve Account at the FED.

                    Neither do you. 🙂

                  • @dk,
                    And I gather that all your education from the system and all your experience in and contributing to the evil system, all your plaques, certs and mini trophies confirm this to be correct and true?

                    Yeak ok, whatever………….it’s your wet dream, cum however you like.

                  • Please tell me if I have this straight. If the money is going to the banks to keep them solvent then they will hoard that money and limit the actual amount we can access in a given time frame (say a day). Similar to Ukraine and Greece. Thus making cash scarce? I am trying to understand so we can best position our family for the fallout. I will say that our family is working on being more self reliant – are you saying that is bad? or are you advising people to store extra cash for when it is short? Thank you and I mean no disrespect by asking these questions.


              • Right, I was about to say “equitable distribution of resources” can’t happen except in Communism… and then ONLY in THEORETICAL Communism (not in actual, real-world Communism).

              • 1,000 thumbs up to you Calgacus!

              • Agreed
                NASA..the agency which propelled all the star wars technology into space under the guise of space exploration for the uninformed…and now they have a model for societal collapse?

                It’s all a is everything which emanates from the feds….

                The inevitable collapse will occur when they decide it is time..if ever..period.

                Meanwhile,wealth extraction from those of us who work will continue unabated as will wealth redistribution to never ending millions who won’t work…period..

                Everything is by design

                Nothing is by accident


              • IMO, this article smacks of “everybody but me” arrogance. The only other subset of people who weren’t blamed for using up “our” resources are DEAD PEOPLE.

                Of course if you think about it in the same tone as this article, dead people are taking up too much of our land resources, by being buried in cemeteries. Good land that we could be planting on or building on, is just going to waste. The people there don’t produce anything but methane.

                OTOH, the cremation of bodies pollutes “our” air and uses “our” petroleum resources, by people who don’t produce anything.

                I’m sorry, but this article is another bust as far as I can see.

                Perhaps instead of fretting about how everyone else is taking “my” resources and not giving me anything back, I could think about some ways to help everyone contribute to this world in some way.

                We were ALL born on this planet, so doesn’t that make it OUR WORLD?

                • Sixpack

                  If they planted the dead vertically
                  with a post hole digger, then they
                  wouldn’t take up so much space.

                  • LOL, but I’ll bet they still won’t give us a discount on our burial plan…as close as some of the headstones are, I’ve often wondered if they haven’t been doing that all along.

                • the world is over populated. there are too many have nots not contributing to the whole. time to erase those whom do not contribute. military dictatorship is theonly answer. “democracy has failed we did what we had to do to save the planet from apathy of the masses” Charles Zulu

              • A dead giveaway is the use of the word “fair”. Socialists always use that word. Of course, THEY will be the arbitors of “fairness”.

            • leagle, Barn Cat, & Iowa: Just what we need-a reading from some book of ancient mythology. Anyone who still doesn’t believe in evolution only need read all these dire fatalistic missives from such primitives as yourselves to know that some of us (you) haven’t evolved as far as others and because you prefer superstition over science. You are all still living in caves afraid of shadows. Next time you’re ill don’t use modern medicine brought to you by men of science, just use your faith. Perhaps you’ll discover something.

              • What an arrogant prick…..

          • Did a woman predict that date?…Cuz the Bible says no man will know.

            • Bible also says when women rule and kids terrorize, you are in judgement.

              I think we are already in judgement, in fact the abortions alone have to put us in juedgement or God would be a liar, abnd I know that isn’t true.

              • Hillary is next in line for the throne…scary

                • Look at the women on the Supreme bench.

                  • AmeriKa is under Rulership of stupid lib women, Queers, and jews….What a total difference when compared to say, Russia thats ruled by a pro russia, white, christian nationalist Man eh.

              • God cannot be a liar, because he does not exist outside of your deluded imagination.

                • ncjoe, who are you calling deluded? F#$% you!

                  • the renegade braveheart: typical response from another phony Christian-full of anger spewing hatred towards those who don’t believe as you do. You and others like you are just one of the reasons that churches are losing folks, especially the younger college age kids. They see your hypocrisy and reject the belief system that supports it. So you can curse me until the end of time and it will only speed up the process. I use your demonstrations of intolerance towards others to show the true moral rot that exists in most ‘so-called Christians’ such as yourself. You have no idea how much of a service you are doing for the eventual demise of your superstitious beliefs. 20% of Americans, and it’s higher amongst college students, consider themselves as non-religious and another 10% say it’s not an important part of their lives. This trend is growing and within a generation, or two, houses of worship will merely be these quaint little places of the few remaining primitives. Along with education, your contribution of hatred and intolerance is creating this momentum-thank you!

                • The fact that God created morons like you that the rest of us can laugh at is proof He exists.

                • NC.
                  MY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOUL.

                • Joe, since you exist, you haven’t stopped lying.

                  Try another tack, the personality you have doesn’t work.

                • Actually, NCjoke, YOU don’t exist outside of HIS mind. Better hope he doesn’t forget about you in the near future.

              • Where in the bible does it say “when women rule and kids terrorize, you are in judgement.”?

                • Its in Ezekial I think?…a Verse telling that due to disobeying God and His natural laws etc, Israel is going to end up with women leaders bossing men and a small child as king…Then it goes on to tell how and why thats a very Bad thing and compares to being under Judgement etc.

                  try Ezekial chapter 14 maybe?…I do know for sure its in Old testement verses. try computer programs that you type in key words and it shows all bible verses with those key words etc….That outta work swell to find ity.

                  Theres also a new test verse where Christ said “things shall reverse, summer will be winter and winter shall be summer”…Thats not complete context verse,,,But he was talking of last days events and just look at how Many issues or things had reversed compared to what always used to be the normal ways etc….Women leaders doing Mans roles, dads stay at home mommies,Blacks being risen above whites every possible way and place.

                  Russia acts more like USA used to be! while america acts more like old russian Soviet kommie states! and many more “Reversed trends or ways” eh…I think These are what Christ was speaking about perhaps.

                • Isaiah

          • WTF does this study have to do with putting a man on the moon, WTF is NASA doing studies like this for, right now we can’t put a man is space without Russia doing it for us. This so pisses me off, waisting valuable and scarce resources doing these types of studies.

            This GD president has taken everything that made this country great and has turned into total crap. At a minimum I can’t wait for him and his clan to get out of office. I’d like to put the whole lot of them on a russian rocket for uranus. They can go there and wipe out the klingons for all I care as long as they are gone and never have to see or hear of them again.

            • N – national
              A – association for
              S – socialist
              A – agenda

              • Hammerhead, did you see my post to you with questions in regard to building?

                • BJ , I did not , point me to the article you posted under and i will look it up.

              • N- Need
                A- Another
                S- Seven
                A- Astronauts

              • N-Never
                A- A
                S- Straight
                A- Answer

                Even landing on the moon was a big lie!

          • Proverbs 3:5-6
            Trust in the Lord with all your heart
            and lean not on your own understanding;
            in all your ways submit to him,
            and he will direct your paths

            John 14
            Do not let your hearts be troubled

            • Thanks, CB. That’s good to read.

            • Yes. Nice to see a Biblical quote that doesn’t tell me how awful I am , or how Gods wrath will fall upon me etc…

          • Today we get our fearless leader stating, “he is more afraid of a nuke going off in Manhattan”. Hmmmmm, could this be America’s next FF?

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • No, he just didn’t want to answer the question.

            • He just wants to change the subject. He knows he failed big time the last couple of weeks and needs to distract the morons like NC Joe.

          • Give me a break !!!!

        • Ummm all I need was a good history book…. Just sayin…..

          • NASA for Muslims.

            When countries go broke there is always “leaders” that “want” more power, wealth & status when there is enough young men to die. A good history book and the American Hero Channel on WW I & II will teach one that. The short lesson is to be in a war or serve before being a Commander in Chief.

            Everyone is created equal but nobody is born equal. It’s a small club and you’re not in it. Most people don’t even know there’s a club.

        • Was there not an REM song about this….

            • Mac, that song describes our situation to a T. It’s TEOTWAWKI but I DON’T feel good about it.

              • AWESOME MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • lol @ Mac

            • Mac:
              Thanks for the song. Now I can’t get it out of my fat head!;-)
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. NS. N.REB

            • At one time I had that entire song memorized believe it or not.

              That’s great it starts with an earthquake birds and snakes and aeroplanes and Lenny Bruce is not afraid eye of a hurricane listen to yourself churn world serves its own needs dummy serve your own needs speed it up a notch speed grunt no strength the latter starts to clatter with fear fight down hype…

            • My 2nd mom lived 4 doors up from Peter Buck,(in Roswell, GA) guitarist with REM. He used to come up to their house to “jam” with her son in the 70’s. This was way before the “REM” days. Later, one of the guys I grew up with got in with them in the early days, and was the soundman at every concert for 20+ years. I remember going to the ’40 watt club’ in the late 70’s to hear them….
              Makes one wonder for those days again….

        • You can usually figure out the what and the where, but the when is always the hard one to pin point.

        • The only thing that’s alarming is that they are talking about a global societal collapse rather than just an empire collapse. IIRC when the Mayan civilization collapsed it did not take out everyone else, just them.

          Here the thought is, this will reset humanity on the planet.

          • I doubt the rural Mayan was affected. Well, they were not allowed to grow Amaranth; and that is really like us. We are daily being cornered. The “collapse” as I see it is when people just say screw ’em and stop allowing themselves to be pushed around.
            I think the “collapse” they should write about is when the makers decide to STOP rewarding the takers.

        • This article is pretty “deep” and I would like to compliment Mac on his endeavor in putting this down on paper in a cognizant manner that more than just some can understand.

          I do wonder about the total collapse and what exactly does that mean? Would there be a graduating effect where one part of society declines but another arises in perhaps cycles? And then vice versa?

          It kind of takes the idea of skilled workers being worth more than unskilled bureaucrats and that the elites with no skills are able to function without? That doesn’t sound right. Again, very deep analysis that will take a lot more thought. That is if I had the ability to even think on that level. lol


          • BIG B,
            “In this example, Commoners die out first and Elites disappear later. This scenario shows that in a society that is otherwise sustainable, the highly unequal consumption of elites will still cause a collapse.”

            Assume commoners are EBT card holders and the so called elites are what is left of the middle class.
            Under socialism anyone with the ability to be “sustainable” would be so called “elite” .
            They wont drag TPTB into this , their wealth is a given.
            And so is their survival .

            This is the only way the uber rich will survive , by keeping surfs on the land .
            If you are lucky enough to have land to work you WILL BE considered elite by all those without .

            • @ Hammerhead,
              So you are saying Kingdoms would be reborn? What you can control is your kingdom and all who work the land or produce anything of value all pay homage to you?


              • Commoners will die out because the robots and drones of the elite will be turned against them, when they are not delivering pizza. 🙁

              • LOL , NO!
                BIGB , I wish i was better at explaining my point.
                I got nothin , to make it clear.
                I need to work on my literary skills if you thought that was my point . But i laughed .

        • I wear my tinfoil hat proudly….!

        • This is silly. The Fed will be able to print all the dollars we need and the world will take those dollars because everything else is worse.

          (I’m channeling Durango Kidd here if you can’t tell, and am in full-mode sarcasm)

          • Hey Walt! Now you have the spirit!!! USA! USA! USA! 🙂 Seriously folks the dollar is the weapon of choice for the NWO and unfortunately that weapon is going to be aimed at Russia. It is also strengthening against other currencies and will be invigorated, like NATO, with the crisis in Europe. There are four fronts coming against US. WE will need all the ammo WE can muster.

            With the disclosure that the former, previous woman PM of Ukraine was seriously talking about nuking eight million Russians in Ukraine during a taped telephone conversation, is it any wonder that Putin has troops massed at the border ready to invade the moment this bitch takes power again?

            Surely Putin disclosed that information to Merkel and the G-7 before leaking it to the press. So how come, Merkel was saying that Putin was delusional? BTW that former PM of Ukraine has admitted she said it.

            Who is the Nazi? 🙁

            • There are some people who wouldn’t admit Russia was justified in protecting itself, no matter the circumstance. The blind hatred is staggering. If an enemy threatened to nuke me, now publicly, I think I’d start rolling up the welcome rug too.

              For a bunch of people who say they are willing to die to defend their GOD-GIVEN human right to protect themselves and their stuff, with lethal force, many on here don’t seem to think God might have given that same right to people we don’t like, like Russians…or Iraqis…or Syrians…or Libyans…or, well, pretty much nobody but us special people have the right to defend our territory.

            • That Ukraine woman is also a tribe member of synagouge of satan incase anybody was wondering why shes so genocidal and is desireing to kill 8 million folks by nukes.

              Just another member of those nation Wrecker Khazars.

              • @Them guys – The Bible refutes you in so many places it’s obvious that you’re just spouting some personal hate-agenda.

                The only thing I care to say to you is that while you talk a big talk about Christianity, you put the lie to everything you say by your hatred of a group of people – ANY group of people. Hatred isn’t the way of Christ.

                So why should anyone listen to your ideas about Christianity if you don’t even have the basics right?
                If you want me to listen to your replacement-theology doctrine, first show me that you have love in your heart – then I’ll believe you’re a Christian. So far you look like just another child of Satan.

                • hey Fool SOVO: I have many times posted actual Info, Links and exact quotes BY/From Jewish persons and sources. I am repeating or posting what They admit or say…Thats not “hate” thats Facts and Truth, foolsih one.

                  I post bible verses with actual ref verse numbers and chapters etc You can do Own homework to verify and read.

                  I have never lied of the various jew infos I posted like Khazar DNA proof jews are Khazars etc…That Too is info and DNA results from a JEW scientist and HEBREW Univ IN israel lands!…So maybe You have a perception problem or severe Lack of comprehensions troubles eh?…better Fix that fast! Otherwise You will likley remain deluded of jew or israel or bible issues and facts. Why not Awaken to Truth and stop being deluded eh…What do You not yet Get anyways?

                  Sounds like You are similar to barn cat here…you demand proofs yet no matter how much proof and Links get provided you, you refuse to READ any and remain delsional.

                  READ what PAUL wrote about New covenant REPLACED the Old covenant with 12 tribed israel…Just because I cannot off the cuff here and Now recall exact bible chapter and verses dont make my Infos wrong or evil you idiot fool!

                  You Do Your Own homework and find and Read those proof verses. Because You say its NOT facts nor truth…Then YOU should Prove me wrong idiot!…You Show me/Us all here how I am incorrect since You say so! I say You are full of BS jewdeo zio christian preachers crapolas galore from your post info. SEE John Q Publics Post to Barn Cat close to TOP of forum posts here…JQP Really fully explains it Biblically also!

                  Then return to let me know that You too now Get It!

                  PS: Christ commands us to Learn Real truth, then learn to Discern between truth and falsehoods, and Then to Reprove and REBUKE!…to rebuke Christ Hating Jews is NOT hate of jews…It is simply Pointing it Out aka reproveing, and Rebuking what they do evil and wrong…

                  You like barn cat probobly think Gods gonna bless jews no matter what right?….Even after jew soviet russians did communist revolts to mass Kill off 250 million innocents eh?…If You do, like barn cat? Then You also are a massive Huge Fool. Delusional due to lifetime baptist jewdeo zio pastors BS teachings most probobly.

                  So Far for 2000 yrs now its been Jews that are so hatefull of christians…Maybe You need rebuke jews for That eh.

        • I hope collapse doesn’t come until after the NCAA Championship is over. I’m picking Arizona to win. They play again Thursday night at 7pm local time.

          Go Wildcats!!! 🙂

        • ” However, collapse can be avoided and population can reach equilibrium if the per capita rate of depletion of nature is reduced to a sustainable level, and if resources are distributed in a reasonably equitable fashion.

          Wait, appreciating the writers sentiments, I’m supposed to believe that communism can save the planet? WTH?!?

        • We need to understand threats to plan for them.

          Just like the methods the DOD uses to make plans, in plans, in plans. Anyone who seeks to maintain some level of preparedness, needs to understand the nature of potential threats.

          The fall of Rome was a slow bleed out that took hundreds of years, which implies a good survivor plan covers future generations. This article screams, think bigger, and teach your children well!

        • Sorry– in a hurry– but I read that some study done by (forgot name of University) but these researches did study and it all pointed to collapse at certain date (perhaps this one– just skimmed story–in a hurry).. but later, they checked their data and yep– data after data all pointed to collapse– we are on track… sorry, rushed…everything in the report was confirmed by the data.

        • hmmmm…. what’s the square root of this impending shit storm?

      2. Not irreversible, but we won’t be around to see it.

        • “This generation shall not pass before seeing the coming of the Lord.”

          • Which generation? My parents? Mine? My kids? Got three maybe four generations here cuz one of my oldest is pregnant, could you be a little more specific?

            • Stew, see if this helps:
              In the Lord’s parable of the fig tree he makes this telling statement in Matthew 24:34:
              Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
              “This generation shall not pass.” If our assessment of the fig tree and the 1948 emergence of Israel as a nation is correct, then the generation that saw 1948 will not pass until all that Jesus declared in the cited passages is fulfilled. Using the Bible life span of 70 years as stated in Psalms 90:10, simple addition of 70 years to 1948 yields an outside date of 2018. Keep in mind that Jesus did not say all would be fulfilled when the generation that saw the budding of the fig tree came to an end, but that the generation would not pass until all was fulfilled. The fig tree has budded.

              It’s beginning to rain.

              • 9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.

                10 Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

                11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.
                16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.

                17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.

                20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.
                25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

              • So basically……some Biblical scholars use ONE verse as proof that Christ was referring to the rebirth of Israel as a nation (the fig tree), and that the generation that witnesses that would not pass until all other prophesies are fulfilled….Is that what you are saying?

                Don’t get me wrong…..I think we are in the last days. I’ve just grown extremely skeptical over the years of some of the interpretations of prophesy that I see coming down the pike…….like the pre-trib rapture doctrine for one…

                Prior to the 1830’s, the doctrine of a pre-trib rapture did not exist in mainline Christianity. It’s source can be traced to a John Nelson Darby…and was further expounded by one C.I. Scofield….a philandering, family deserting, con man (do some googling on him if you don’t believe me)

                This doctrine (actually a heresy in my opinion) has been embraced by mainline evangelical Christian churches and I believe will be the source of a lot of delusion, deception and discouragement when future events don’t line up with it.

                I believe this doctrine is responsible for the failure of a lot of otherwise fine Christian people to prepare for what is coming. They all think they are going to be raptured out of this mess and won’t have to worry about anything. And they will be the ones who end up on the buses headed for the FEMA extermination camps.

                • I believe this doctrine is responsible for the failure of a lot of otherwise fine Christian people to prepare for what is coming. They all think they are going to be raptured out of this mess and won’t have to worry about anything. And they will be the ones who end up on the buses headed for the FEMA extermination camps.

                  Amen to that post.

                  • Luke 21 says no to that theory.

                  • Christ was basically answering Several questions they asked of Him. What he said of Jerusulem surrounded by armys etc was related to what he also said to the jews and pharisees…That their Temple would again be destroyed and not one stone left standing upon another stone.

                    That Part of his answer happened in 70 ad. And the Facts that as he stated Not a single stone was left standing, is ALL the Proof one should need that regardless how many phony prophecy preachers keep telling you that the “wailing Wall” in Israel as jews calls it…Is “all thats left standing of jews temple”…Is BUNK BS pure horse crap. Or a huge LIE.

                    That wailers wall as they calls it is all thats left standing of an Old Roman Armys compuund fortresss that roman armys posted in jerusulem used as refuge to remain safe from the many outbreaks of riots and threats of such by radical violent jews who just as today always try to stir up troubles, then they run to Hide, then re emerge to seek Whatever cash or praises for being such always innocent victims. When its them who does the most and worst troubles.

                    All usa political fools going to israel to don a jew skull cap, bang their foreheads against that wall and Pray to that wall to gain jew cash and votes and major msm tv news approvals so to get elected, are fooling only themselves and those deluded jewdeo christian idiots who actually believe that wailer wall is whats left standing of a jew temple!….They claim every bible word is Gods own words and 100% accurate as wrote…Then contradict it by saying that wall is whats left of a jew temple!

                    If they was correct, and they are Not, thats makes Jesus wrong or a Liar…Of which hes neither of. He Was 100% right that NOT a single stone be left standing..

                    So do all you jew firster fake christians get it yet? That wailing wall is NOT any part of any jew temple.

                    And You support neocons and dems pols who Pray to a fuckin Wall?!!…oyVey!

                • Got to agree with you Walt. I see it like this if we are God’s army here on earth why would He take us home pre-trib just as we would be needed most to help non believers become saved.

                • The End cannot happen until.

                  1. Israel is gathered back to their homeland
                  2. Israel’s Temple is rebuilt on its ancient site
                  3. The Anti-Christ is revealed
                  4. The NWO economic system in place that is cashless and involves a number 666
                  5. The revealing of the two witnesses killed and then resurrected
                  6. Armageddon

                  The End will not occur until all those have been fulfilled. Now of course, many will die during that time period. There is no absolute, concrete evidence of a pre-trib rapture. Quite the contrary….

                  • There’s nothing in the Bible that says any Christians will be spared tribulation. In fact, it says we should count on going through some of it.

                  • Theres also zero bible mentions of any jew rebuilt temple.

                    Heres a fast easy understanding why pre trib rapture preachers are wrong.

                    Their claim is that God going to Remove Holy Spirit from earth since thats all thats holding back satans evils right.

                    Then they claim since Holy Spirit Lives inside Christians, then God HAS to also take christians with, when God takes the Holy Spirit out of earth right.

                    Okay then explain This…Bible and Christ both says when a person Repents and decided to become a true christian. They will become a “New creation or creature, In Christ” as if reborn a new person right.

                    But Christ and bible verses also state that ONLY the HOLY Spirit is capable of makeing that profound change within any persons right.

                    So then, acording to many pastors of pre trib beliefs…They claim what bible speaks of in order to explain away what bible says about persecutions DURING trib periods of Christian Saints etc…They claim that AFTER christians are raptured away, only Then will antichrist man emerge to do persecutions…SO…

                    To make it seem to “fit” the bible verses these phony pastors then claim after christians raptured away, OTHERS NOT yet believers or christians are going to realize they Missed the Boat or rapture event so thats when Hundreds of millions then will get saved, right, so Thats where they get “christians antichrist will persectute from”

                    ONE Major FLAW or Fly in Ointment folks with That nonsense.

                    If Holy Spirit is removed from all earth realms…Then how can ANY more people ever get saved as a True christian?…Who or What is going to create that “New creation person in Christ” for all them folks once spirit is Gone for good?

                    Its not remotely possible. So that alone refutes everything of Pre Trib Rapture swindle scams folks.

                    They have taken out of context book of Danial verse, the part says “he shall cause the daily sacrafice to stop or cease”…..He=Who?…Those pastors claim its antichrist, they claim daily sacrafices stopped Has to mean jews rebuild a 3rd temple becuase unless a temple is there no daily sacrafice can happen…BS!

                    Did Moses and Abraham and many others do animal sacrafices?…YES…Did ANY of Them guys ever have any “Temple” erected to do such in?…NO! None of them ever had a temple.

                    There ya goes folks one More falsehood as taught by self promoter pastors teaching jew/israel Firster crapolas galore.

                    yes the jews want a 3rd temple to again do animal sacrafices in…Which also Proves they Reject christs sacrafice!…What are Christ rejectors called biblically folks?…ANTICHRISTS!…Get it Yet? Jews are antichrists for their rejection of Him. And some believe Gods going to greatly Bless jew antichrists?…And Greatly Bless defenders and supporters of antichrist jews?

                    So where is That written of?…What foolish Nonsense eh.

                    Seems many self proclaimed christians need take a vacation from economic collapse therorys and spend a bit of serious RE think Bible reading study time no?

                    Hate to see them brainless fools perish along with Christ Hater jews for eternity eh. Bet bet is RE think most of current protestant and baptist jewdeo zio christian fables and do so SOON!

                • Sure be ready, but the end days may be many years away.

                  • lets leave religion at the door myths and boogey man and the like are as likely as me seeing a skittle shitting unicorn lol

              • Lonewulf”: Yeah, I’ve been hearing that same nonsense for 40 years. Hagee, Roberson, Lindsey, and others were all saying that a generation was 40 years so that would put the second coming around 1988. Well, they always hedge their predictions and when this didn’t come to pass, they ignored it and pushed the date back again and again to 1998 then 2008. It goes on and on, perhaps 2018 will be the year! You’re doing the same thing as they are. Jesus said that no man will know the hour, not even the Son. And just where in the Bible does is say that this was a parable, rather than an factual quote from Jesus, other than conjecture on some preachers part. Since it’s not specifically from the Bible, then it’s suspect. And just where in the Bible does it say that the Fig Tree is a metaphor for Israel? It doesn’t, it’s just more conjecture. It’s preachers trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. So why are you trying to make that square peg fit?

            • Stew, it’s the generation which sees Israel becoming a nation again, which happened in 1948.

              • parents. Not a lot of time left if that’s true.

              • A biblical generation appears to refer to 40 to 120 years….

                • Ugly: My point exactly, there’s enough wiggle room to make it any time someone wants=40-120 years. That’s called the “Bullshit Factor”.

              • Do some studying, that bastard state, misnamed Israel, should have been called Edom instead. The so called “jews” are descended from Esau Edom instead of Jacob Israel. They are imposters who are trying to get the birthright back from, and destroy true Israel, the white race that is the descendants of Jacob.

                • MARK: BINGO! Exactly correct! Fraud jews are Khazars, as recent DNA results proves unrefutably. Khazars came from Khazaria kingdom, which is areas Now called Moscow russia etc.

                  Khazars true ancestors were Mainly TURKIC, with HUNN and Asiatic MONGREL Mixed in with also Caucasian(caucases mountain regions etc). TURKS prior to called Turk were called EDOM or edomites!…Edom and edomites are direct decendandts of ESAU!

                  ESAU was jacobs Twin Brother who SOLD or Traded or Bartered his Brithrights TO bro Jacob! Jacobs name changes to ISRAEL!…He Had 12 sons who became head patriarchs of the ORIG 12 tribes of Israel.

                  Judah is only one tribe that lived in Jerusulem, and Mixed marriages and made babies with MANY NON israelite folks…Like with egyptians, Turks or edomites, etc etc.

                  There were very FEW left that wer still Pure Judah tribe members at time of Christs birth. Even their “jew” King Herrod was an Edomite! Herrod was jew king yet NOT of israel tribes! What does folks not yet Get?

                  JEW became a Nickname for judah folks in jerusulem lands.

                  Jesus was born a Nazerene of Nazereth, in Galliee..

                  Israels main bunch there today since 1948, along with main leadership class persons are all Khazars aka EDOM!

                  Foolish deluded jewdeo christians are praiseing, worshipping, defending and supporting in every possible way and also with oddles of usa cash! the very Main major Enemys of actual Israelites decendants!

                  Various christian Truth websites has old Maps that outline the travels and Paths taken by True israel decendants since before Christs era…They coinside fully with same direct travels and Paths taken, nations erected, BY White folks!

                  Who eventually setteled in and founded EUROPE! White European nations!…Who Then Founded America and Canada!

                  Foolish delusional jewdeo zio christos are defending and honoring and supporting Their worst biblical and secular enemys of all times!…Stop defending EDOM and calling it Jewish or israel. Learn YOUR whiteman Histories and spend Lass time on jews history since some of Us here have already explained it all to you. Support and Defend Your folks and race etc…You will when edomite fake synagouge of satan jews comes for You!

          • This should be a good thing right! We should be lifting our heads up in anticipation and joy right!

          • “generation” and “race” are synonymous in ancient Greek.

            • You are right. that’s why the bible says that Noah was chosen, because he was perfect in his generation. He was pure Adamic man (white, blush in the face).

              • Actually, Adam means ruddy or red, not white.

                • No it is Edom means Red and rudy complexion. Thats why Kommie soviets all has RED flags! it dates back to their true edomite Esau ancestors. Who in 1848 invented Marxist Communisim, then as jewdeo marxist bolshevik kommies mass murdererd more folks that were White and Christian than in any time of recorded history!

                  Todays edomites are Turkic Khazars. or Jews as some reeferes to em.

        • Ok … so we Nuke California and most cities east of the Mississippi. You got to start somewhere and you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Sorry Braveheart … Memphis is toast…..

          • Ummm..prevailing winds blow East

            • OK so we go conventional on California… that way we save the napa vally…..

              • May I just go on record to say that there are a few of us keepers in California?

                • YASHA , I had a good time visiting cali years ago, saw alot of cool stuff.
                  Its gonna be a shame…….
                  Get out while ya can .

                  • What has been done to California by the socialist Democrats in that state…..and the tyrants in D.C… a tragedy.

                    California was a literal paradise. And morons have messed it up.

                  • The land of milk and honey attracted a lot of flies, cockroaches, rats etc.

          • I volunteer Philly, NYC, Newark and Albany before Memphis

            • NYC and DC need to be destroyed first. After that, it won’t matter what other cities fall.

              • Don forget Balmore. Noth of DC…

                • That’s a two for one deal right there…

          • Man on the inside, that’s OK. I fully expect something significant to happen to Memphis. As long as I can bug out to GA on time, I’ll be fine.

            • Braveheart, Wouldn’t you be better off headed to Arkasas and the Ozarks? It seems like GA is a bit far for you when SHTF. You would need to cross the mighty Mississippi River, which might not be easy unless you get a really good head start. Just saying.

              • laeagle. I have family in the mountains of north GA. I did try to get some property in the Ozarks back in 1997 but my mortgage application was rejected and I even had a co-signer with perfect credit and was debt-free at the time. I’ve always had to rent. the banks made damned sure there would be no American Dream for braveheart. Besides, I’ve already got half of my supplies at my cousin’s BOL; never have all of your eggs in one basket. If I can leave early enough, it’s only a day’s drive.

            • Why is Memphis in jeopardy?

              • Memphis has been rated in the top ten most danguras cities in the U.S. twenty years in a row…. Time for one or two B83’s….. Run Braveheart…. run….

                • Thank you for the info, Man on the Inside.

                  • Memphis also sits along the New Madrid fault. Wherever you want to go My Peeps …. be there to get there. Some of you might want to look into Intentional Communities that are moving back to the land.

                    Or create one. 🙂

                • Man on the inside, what is a B83?

                  • 1.2 megaton air drop….. in the words of Lelo from the “Fith Element”….. Big bada boom……

              • VanMom says:
                Comment ID: 2976590

                March 25, 2014 at 12:44 pm

                Why is Memphis in jeopardy?

                Nuff said.

                • Memphis:73% black??

                  Answer your question??

                  • JayJay, it was at 67% last time I checked but that figure may have gone up since then. Either way, it still speaks volumes. I live and work here so I ought to know.

              • VanMom, welcome back. First, New Madrid. Second, the FBI lists Memphis as one of the ten most dangerous cities in the US. Yes, Memphis has its own problems, but at least we still have private gun ownership here to keep the “problems” under control.

                • I saw a very sad story the other day, but braveheart, there are foreclosures for $3000 in memphis. I forget the neighborhood. good luck on finding something.

                  • nopittypartyhere, I appreciate the thought, but I need something OUTSIDE of Memphis.

              • Memphis is considered the smegma of TN. Our county in the east has the highest tax rate in the state, so they can send it to Nashville, thence to Memphis. Braveheart, I’m praying with everything I’ve got that you can get out of that hellhole in time.

                • Babycatcher, are you in TN? what part?

                • Yea, ya gotta get out of there BH.
                  I was there in the 70’s. Still a good time on Beale St. then. Used to go to a place called Gridley’s for BBQ. Remember the “Memphis Mafia”?
                  “Thank you, Thank you very much” (Elvis)

                  • McDave, I remember Gridley’s BBQ; they’re down to one location now. You wouldn’t believe Beale St. these days and it’s really on the expensive side. As for the “Memphis Mafia”, I knew a few of those people along with Elvis’ Dad and Uncle. From age 16 to 18 I worked in a supermarket part-time. Vernon and Vester Presley, Elvis’ Dad and Uncle respectively, used to come to that store for groceries. I was usually lucky enough to carry their groceries to their cars for them and guess what kind of car they drove? You guessed it, CADILLAC. At the time Vernon had a Sedan de Ville and Vester had an Eldorado. At first I started getting $50 tips then later those tips grew to $100. For a teenager to have $100 back in the early 1970s I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now the entire neighborhood around Graceland has gone to hell.

            • One for you old timers who remember the 40’s and 50’s, suggestion for new driveway signs.

              Come up my drive
              You will be shot.
              turn around
              and you will not.
              BURMA SHAVE

              I was going to sign Bertha Shave for my friend Braveheart just to give him a smile. For you youngsters who don’t know what Burma Shave signs are, check them out.

              • Loved those signs, just waiting for the next one to come up while riding in back seat.

              • Say When, don’t give me any ideas. Those could be hazardous to someone’s health. But I will keep it in mind. thanks.

              • Partial to the Bull Durham chewing tobacco signs myself……” Sho’ do taste sweet!”.

          • No nukes. An EMP attack will kill people and leave the land intact.

            • talk about getting medieval. I wouldnt be surprised to see this as an alternative to complete MAD via nuclear warfare. It does the damage without the fall out, not only this, but any relief effort after a week or so leaves a population at your mercy/fingertips…this would be the end of any nation. For sheeple so used to modern conveniences, a life of ‘indentured servitude’ after ‘One Second After’ living will be worth the sacrifice

          • Hey Braveheart, do you know what the longest bridge in the world is? It’s the one connecting west Memphis to Africa! 🙂

      3. No pun intended, that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you keep fucking over the serfs and some point they will either revolt like they are doing around the world or they will die off.

        The thing people forget is that throughout history, societies have collapsed that were just as advanced as ours in their day.

      4. “This generation shall not pass until it sees the coming of the Lord”.

        • Where is that Antichrist dude when you need him…. oh he is in the EU…. got it … Thanks…. ok… now play that REM song….

          Just keep trusting the Lord and PRAY,PLAN,PREP,FORM TEAMS…….. Of serfs… but the founding fathers where serfs………

      5. Without explanation…

        Could you all pray for me and my family as the world is trying to divide us?

        Please and Thank You, and GOD BLESS.

        • Iowa, of course and blessing to all.

        • Iowa,

          Even as I write this, our prayers are going up to the Lord of all Goodness, Mercy and Grace. This is not a good time to divide and separate (not that there ever is a good time!). Love covers all sins including mine. Hang in there my brother and sister. We all need each other more than ever before.

          Love and prayers,

          laeagle of the Acadian Redoubt

        • I’ve said a prayer on your behalf.

        • Iowa,

          Praying for you and your family. May the Lord bless and guide you.

          Most families go through some difficult times. Don’t give up. Keep praying.

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • IOWA:
          Will do I will alway pray for someone that asks for prayers. God be with you, brother.

        • Prayers for God’s mercy and grace. He knows your special need. May you feel Him close in a special way.

        • DONE

      6. Of course history is full of collapse. The only question is how fast?
        Ours should have collapsed already due to debt and unnecessary wars. But who knows. I know I don’t so with my little bit of preps I don’t worry too much anymore. But, I know the signs to look for and make darn sure I am close to home! God Bless, James

        • The Bigger they are the harder they fall!

          • …the bigger they are, the less likely they’ll be able to get back on their feet quickly…

      7. Whatever happens, happens. People ought not live in fear their entire lives but cross the bridge when they get to it, otherwise, it’s a life wasted. Believe in God, yourself and just be.

        • What it means to be poor

          One day a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people can be. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.

          On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, “How was the trip?” “It was great, Dad.” “Did you see how poor people can be?” the father asked. “Oh Yeah” said the son. “So what did you learn from the trip?” asked the father.

          The son answered, “I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.

          We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.”

          With this the boy’s father was speechless. Then his son added, “Thanks dad for showing me how poor we are.”

          Too many times we forget what we have and concentrate on what we don’t have. What is one person’s worthless object is another’s prize possession. It is all based on one’s perspective.

          Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for all the bounty we have, instead of worrying about wanting more. Take joy in all you have, especially your friends.

          • LOVE that!
            I don’t mind being poor, as long as I can afford it.

          • KYMOM:
            You did it again with another great one, Thanks
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Sometimes proper perspective is everything.:-)

            Beautiful, Ky Mom.

          • Ky Mom, thank you for that beautiful and important story. I’ve been poor at one time and I’m only a common person but I don’t regret it for 1 minute. Very important moral to that story.

          • Good one Mom.

            • To all here, ‘Truer words were never spoken’ (from someone who’s been there)Thanx KY Mom for not letting some of us forget where we came from! (: take care, CC

          • And that is why those of us that have a little extra should SHARE a little with those that dont.

            • Happy to share, just don’t like having it TAKEN from me, Ya know?

              • AMEN. Sharing implies a choice.

          • Thanks, KY Mom!

      8. One way or another, the problem will be corrected. War, famine, disease or the hand of God. As George Carlin said, the planet is not going to become extinct, we are.

      9. The only thing that is irreversible is my hairline.

        • Hair club for men or the bosley insatute… you can be saved…BadAmerican….. you can be saved…

          • Man,lets not forget rogaine!I really lucked out,men of multi generations on both side of family suffered the affects of “male pattern baldness”,somehow it slipped past me,am still a full head of long hair rock n roll motherfucker!Well,at least till the clouds from fukishima pass by!

      10. As Spock would say, “That which goes up, must come down. It’s simple logic”

        I like the mantra on the ZeroHedge website as well:
        “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero”.

        Simply put- It’s not a matter of if, only a matter of when.”

        FYI- WHEN is coming soon.

      11. Greed is the driver of the collapse. If it is going to take 15 years to collapse completely, then I’ll be too old to care. You younger people need to pick up the slack and start raising hell. You really have nothing to lose and much to gain.

        • But the collapse started 6 years ago.

      12. I´m tired of all this hype.

        • Who cares anyway, I will try to live my life as good as it gets.

        • Then why read it? Maybe should open bag of Cheetos and watch Storage Wars….

      13. All I can say is…CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!!!!!

      14. Just like the fall of Rome …the fight for the choice pieces of real- estate will be right here. I spent a lot of time in the Panama Canal region. When you see it starting just go for a little walk. Borders will stabilize later. But while it’s happening you might want to take Phil Collins advice…”Pledge allegiance to the flag; what ever flag they offer.”

        • I’m just afraid the next flag might say “NWO” on it, with the pyramid and all-seeing eye.
          Can’t pledge allegiance to that one.

          • You sure? Many an underground has been created that way. Might be able to get people out once they find out what a big mistake they made.

            • Stew, my personal belief is that the NWO and Antichrist regime are one and the same. If I’m right, those who “pledge allegiance” – by means of taking the Number of the Beast – are doomed, not just on earth, but for eternity.
              If I’m wrong, and the next flag is Russia’s or China’s, then I might consider a false allegiance for the sake of a Resistance.

              • Sovo, I’m with you. I don’t pledge allegiance to just ANY old flag. I will be part of the Resistance and I’m NOT taking the mark of the beast.

            • That NWO Flag will have a SIX point Star. HQ for antichrist will be Telaviv, untill they are ready to reveal him from jerusulem.

        • Stew….all I can say is Vive Gamboa!

          • I have been looking for a pic I took from the main drag on Ft. Clayton since you commented but I can’t find it. It’s a cruise ship in the lock across the street…just looks like this ship in the middle of the jungle lol.

        • Stew ,
          I think that was silent running from mike and the mechanics anther song for the sound track of the collapse.

          You are right though , keep a low profile and stay out of the way. Stealth is your friend till things stabilize, the worst after a TOTAL collapse will be over after 3 months , by then lack of clean water and enough calories will severely thin the herd. The unprepared survivors will be in no shape to fight mentally and physically.

          Besides learning defense tactics and preparing, learn field craft and bush craft skills, be able to disappear into the wld for limited periods of time , be mobile , be able to move fast to avoid discovery. PRACTISE these skills., read the classic bushcraft books , part of my MOS in the USMC was learning these skills in scout sniper school , then called target acquisition and Reconassianse training. We learned to use our environment to our advantage and leave no trace.

          Above all get out of the high population density areas the will be death traps.



          Semper Fi 8541

          • My wife went to SERE training and she is Sioux so whatever I fail at she will most likely pick up the slack. I eat the weeds as often as possible…at first to get used to it but now I kinda like it. Can’t wait for April it’s pow wow season.

          • Night Breaker — I gotta tell you once again

            Your one liner sign-off is the best summation
            of the plight of the American people that I
            have ever seen laid down in print. OOOO-RAH !!

      15. Years ago, as the computer age was getting going, there were all kinds of economic computer models. Schools, think tanks, and firms were building them and reporting projections.

        Keeping track was an interest for me. Then about 10yrs ago things seem to die down and info on these models got scarce.

        An unsupported theory I’ve had is that ALL these models started to come up with big down arrows no matter how the data or methodology were tweaked or how rosy the future assumptions used were.

        Big down arrows is not something that makes a good story for the masses.

        The NASA model’s results support the theory.

        Any other known models that support collapse? Or how about one with good news?

      16. I dont doubt things are going south…but when a govt agency…any agency but especially one committed to the outer space mission of promoting muslim contributions to science and such…my antenna goes up….whats the catch…wheres the hook?…we’re from the govt and we are here to warn you so you can prepare?….not buying personally 🙁

      17. The NASA study says in effect that communism is the only hope for the future. That’s a lie. NASA knew what results they were supposed to get so they created their models accordingly. Just like the global warming people do.

        Income inequality is good for society. It means that people can get rich. In countries where you can’t get rich, everyone is poor except those who work for the government. And of course in North Korea, the big gift for government workers is a refrigerator. Despite the fact that nobody has dependable electricity there.

        • Barncat, I agree about that study. they can take their ‘recommendation’ about socialism and stuff it. My wife lost some of her family to Fidel Castro’s butchers in Cuba and she risked her life on a homemade raft to come across the Straits of Florida to freedom. the so-called Utopian societies have never worked and never will. that’s been proven time and again throughout history.

          • BRAVEHEART:
            I agree with you 100%.
            There is no such thing as Utopia on this planet or any other planet.

            Now in heaven that is a different story all together. THAT IS THE ONLY PLACE I HAVE HEARD OF THAT IS PERFECT.

            All we can do here is live a life that is good for you and the people around you. and treat your fellow man with respect if they desire it.

            Try to live by the GOLDEN RULE, DO UNTO OTHER AS YOU WOULD HAVE DO TO YOU. This works pretty good no matter what or if any God you believe in or not.

            No government, and I do mean NO GOVERNMENT, can or will give you a Utopian world.

            The U.S.A. did at one time have a great government.
            Now it has been corrupted over the love of power and money. IT WILL FAIL I’M SAD TO SAY.

            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

            • Northern Reb, AMEN to your comments.

              • Socialism / Communism does have an appeal to the lazy w/o ambition. I came to this realization when talking to a woman that immigrated from Belarus and others that came from Albania and Poland. Everyone in the former “Eastern Block” does not like the demise of the USSR / Communism. If the Iron Curtain dissolved post Stalin many would have chosen to stay in the cradle to grave welfare state as opposed to going west and really having to work for a living. This mindset is not just confined to the Communist nations as people in Italy (knowing several that visited, have relatives or immigrated from) have a similar lack of work ethic. The Communists would have lost those that were educated and hard working hence “The Wall”.

        • BARN + 100
          Now tell Obama , it wasnt on the telepromter .

      18. LOL! How many millions did they spend to determine that our resources are finite?

        And, as for that Utopian society…the elimination of social/economic stratification…never gonna happen. Achieving that objective would require either an equal level of drive and ambition across the population, or the reduction of all others to the lowest denominator…neither of which are possible with any living animal on the planet. To think otherwise, is to ignore the reality of biology in its most basic state. With every attempt to force the issue, society is driven ever further in the opposite direction.

      19. There are so many “pressures” that should have been allowed to release naturally, but have been restrained artificially and allowed to build way past their explosion points –
        – The fiat petrodollar bubble
        – Sovereign debt (led by US debt)
        – The artificial repression of metal prices
        – The stock market bubble
        – The new real estate bubble
        – The bond bubble
        – North Korea
        – Iran
        – World hatred toward Israel
        – All things liberal – Keynesian Economics, abortion, homosexual marriage

        All these, and other pressure points, should have been allowed to “vent” naturally – slowly, a little at a time. But TPTB have instead sealed off the safety valves while stoking the fires underneath.

        When one starts to explode, they’ll all go and they’ll take entire societies with them.

        • Forgot one, the morality bubble.
          And another, the virtual life bubble.
          Who are these future people? they are not people at all but simply appendages to the machine.

      20. Let it all go to hell. On a brighter note I just got a keltec pmr-30. Man is that one sweet gun.

        • I agree…

          • Any problems with it jamming???

        • Never held one but I want one. Is it loud? Have a revolver and shooting the 22 mag is loud in that gun.

          • Yeah it’s a little loud. I would compare it to 38+p from 4″ barrel. If you load the mags like keltec says it will function perfect and unleash hell. 31 rapid fire 22 mags hitting you real fast isn’t nothing to sneeze at from a 4.3″ barrel.

        • Never held one but I want one. Is it loud? Have a revolver and shooting the 22 mag is loud in that gun.

          • Sorry. Hit Submit one to many times.

        • I want one, thirty rounds of .22 Magnum is a great carry piece. Waiting for the prices to drop back to sanity, I think.

          Tell us about the fit, finish, reliability, handling. Thanks.

      21. Big deal, the Bible foretold this thousands of years ago. Welcome to the end times, everybody.

        • no anne marie, the bible told the story of the last time this happened. It was a warning for the future.

          • @eeder says: Yeah, I said the Bible FORETOLD this, not TOLD.

          • eeder. End times taught heavily in Isaiah, Zechariah, Joel, and especially Daniel.

      22. I am very suspicious of what NASA does now that their “mission” is to make ragheads feel good about themselves and promote global warming for wealth redistribution. Many of us can see TEOTWAWKI is coming faster than O’s approval ratings are falling without any “reports”.

      23. This is all just a figment of the elite’s imagination. It is all going to hell in a hand basket is their way of saying, ‘You know what? We don’t know!’

        You can’t know. This or the opposite of this and everything in between are the possibilities before us.

        It’s the beauty of Living within a complex system. You can’t know. You guess. Better yet you pretend to know or best yet you live in your own simple system and rescue whoever wants rescue as the wheels go flying off…

        ‘Just pull weeds and put them in the empty oil barrel. When it is all just a black ooze mix it with some sand and there’s your dirt.’

        • Rolls Royce says the plane is in Pakistan based upon the signals from their engines which are never turned off (as long as the batteries are charged, I presume).

          Engines cannot be two places at once. 🙁

      24. Adak, Alaska is getting active again, 5.3 just 20 minutes ago. This means Yellowstone will soon follow within a couple of weeks at the longest to also start to rumble away. Watch for some light to moderate movement in Yellowstone as these two volcanic areas are connected.

        • BI: It would seem to me that the area off Northern California and Oregon is linked to Yellowstone, and that a major subsurface slip or rip there where the fault zone has been quite active of late, could take pressure off of Yellowstone, as the Western US is known to be “on a hinge” geologically speaking.

          If so, then the vast plume under Yellowstone could be released via the substrata to the West. 🙂

      25. I believe Albert Bartlett said something to the effect of the greatest downfall of the human species was the failure to understand the exponential function…in other words, you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet.

        We are fast approaching the limits of the carrying capacity of planet earth. When el nino hits this year with a vengeance, the worldwide food riots will commence again.

        Reminds me of an old ditty:

        Gloom, despair and agony on me.
        Deep dark depression, excessive misery.
        If it weren’t for bad luck,
        I’d have no luck at all.
        Gloom, despair and agony on me.

        Shit…now I need a drink to cheer me up.

        • Interesting. What exactly is the carrying capacity of planet Earth?

          • Too many minus one…

          • The same as an unladen african swallow

            • As opposed to a european swallow creek?!

          • 42 billion. (and 42)

            AKA 42,000,000,042

            Plus or minus zero

            or, +/- 0

          • That depends on who you ask.

            Me, I think it’s at least the current population.

            No one says all nine billion of us need to have $60,000 a year and all that comes with it.

        • One up on you!

        • Gloom, despair, agony on me.
          Why did go and leave me all alone.
          I search the world over and thought I found true Love.
          You met another and Pffft, you were gone.

          • Slingshot, that sounds like a skit from the old “Hee Haw” show. Man, that brings back some memories.

            • Braveheart.

              You may be right. ;0)

              • Slingshot, it is. I miss shows like that one. those shows were some GOOD, CLEAN FUN. Nothing like the trash that’s on these days. I don’t even look at TV anymore.

          • HEE HAW!:-)

          • Gloom, despair and agony on me.
            Deep dark depression, excessive misery.
            If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.
            Gloom despair and agony on me.

            …story of my life…

          • Where O where are you tonight. Why did you leave me here all alone. I searched the world over and thought I found true love. You met another and pfttt you were gone

        • Shit…now I need a drink to cheer me up.

          Heck, chocolate works for me; and I can still cook dinner!!

          • oly on the rocks?

        • The good ol” days of Hee-Haw!!! Watched it many a day.

      26. It is 10% true, and 90% BS…..

      27. NASA predicts…..maybe they should get back to building space ships. Oh that’s right, they’re out of money like everyone else.

      28. I must say really don’t care why things will go south and hit the fan,basically at best just skim these articles,am here for prepping tips/other tips like firearms/gardening ect. along with a few laughs.I really only pay attention to articles that are in some way related to survival.I will post the hydroponic garden tower I did yesterday in case some missed it seems like a cool system,as usual,take out space between http I put in to by pass the moderation that makes post useless: ,hell,might even try smaller scale myself for testing purposes,of course,when winter finally realizes it is a unwelcome guest!

        • Dammit,
          That is a great idea. I still need more education on hydro systems, but I like the use of vertical space for limited garden space.

          • Mcdave,when you hit this one there are other posts that show the build,seems straightforward,might want a 12 volt baby water pump and a baby solar panel system to power,then,the lights go out garden still watered.On a side note go by Warchild,just had to add the dammit as there was short term a handle snafu here,really gotta try the old straight Warchild again,happy gardening Dave.

            • Warchild,
              I knew your handle, I just wanted to say “Dammit, that’s a good idea.” Sometimes, I think I’m funny.
              Also, I like the 12v ideas. Could put it anywhere that way.

      29. All the better reason to get out shake your ass and have some fun. Everything has a life cycle.

      30. NO S%^T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Why is it that the government is always 5 years behind the time.
        To me this ain’t doom and gloom. This is what nature dose all the time. When you have too many rabbits they eat everything, the fox and yotes start to multiply and the rabbit population starts to drop and when the rabbits start to get hard to find the population of the Yotes and fox start to fall off, and then the Rabbit population comes back. This is now happening to US!

      31. Sounds like Agenda 21 to me.

      32. We cannot complain when the officials do not tell us things and complain when they do. Take all information for what it is…..a suggestion, an idea, an enlightenment to use at a later time, or a waste of perfectly good ink….. it is all subjective and relative.

      33. IF someone told me 20 years ago that I would be stocking up on ammo, weapons, food, water filters, generators,and other various supplies due to a possibility of a TEOTWAWKI moment, I would have called them nuts! Every generation since Jesus Christ died from our sins has believed they will see the second coming while they are alive, but the crap that is going on now and all the people I know and those I read about on the various sites including this one just makes me believe we are approaching that moment.

        • Stan522

          And you do not need a rocket scientist from NASA to tell you that either ;0)

        • A wonderful post…….

          Since the threat of Y2K, I had stocked up on food and some emergency bug out stuff.

          Never had the idea I would have done since 2011 to today.
          I am mirroring your posting.

          And I pondered my efforts regarding faith in God’s protection.

          I spoke to a fellow worker because her and her husband have a little garden and animals on their property and she told me “she hoped the Lord would come before they had to use any of that stuff.” So, I guess it is better to have and not need and to need and not have.

          And on I march…..

        • STAN522:
          You might be right about the second coming, no man knows when.
          I would have been one of those NUTS. I would have told you to get ready for the TEOTWAWKI.

          You see I’ve been prepairing for the STHTF for many years now all the way back to the mid 1970’s.

          So far nothing has happen real bad yet.
          Do I fell silly, NO.

          I look at all my preps as and insurance plan, I have had to tap into them 2 times, once when I lost my job for about 8 weeks and second time was for a storm that hit the area.

          If the CHRIST does come you want need them and if Christ does not come you and yours will have a fight chance to survive and start over. Good Luck my friend.
          S.T.S.F.P. .NR.N.S. N.REB

      34. Did I read this wrong?
        Sound like another call for wealth redistribution.
        Oh yea, NASA is another wing of the muslim brotherhood now.
        Sooo… we can’t put an American in space without the Russians, but we got resources for this crap.

        • Thats what happens when you have a bunch of kids taught that they should be rewarded for mediocrity growing up and becoming part of the government,
          Yayyyy everybody is sub par but were all special! Yayyy

          • Nailed it!

      35. Good news today. Propane cost me $3.92 per gallon last month. Today it cost me $2.15 per gallon.

        • You need a bigger bottle.

          • We All do.

            • Pro Pain is only for converted truck & kitchen stove.

        • Propane price goes down after the heating season. I start a fire now only every other day.

      36. What do you want to bet Elites, if prepared properly, taste like chicken.

        • 30cal:
          I have ate snake before and it kinda taste like chicken, so you might be right.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • I wonder how people described meat before the chicken was domesticated.

            I also wonder how they described the size of hail before golf was invented (as in golf ball sized hail).

          • put enough salt, pepper and butter on just about anything, and you can make it at least edible.

        • Long pig,it’s what’s for dinner!

          • The other other white meat

            • Shit,be a narcissistic little bitch consider myself “elite”,damn,I may be on someones menu!

      37. I love studing history, what I have found is that the raise and fall of humanity comes along ever so often.

        You can go back to what we call the dawn of time and see it happening.

        So the fail of mankind is not unusual and it will happen again and again until the GOOD LORD says enough.

        I have come to the conclusion that man kind has been here before with most if not more technolgy than we have today.


        Will mankind survive in this up coming SHTF, YES. he always does. We will have to start all over in one way or the other, but we will survive.

        So do not give up, keep prepping for you and yours. You never know that greatgrand son/daught just might be the leader that brings us back from the brink. IS THERE ANY JOHN CONNORS IN THE FUTURE???? I would say there are many.


        FYI. Just pick up some coffee filters and unscented bleach for water purifacation, they had a sale on these at Walgreens. a little at a time grows to having alot of preppes.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

        • pool shock much better and a better shelf life—like indefinite if kept cool, dry, and in a dark place.

            S.T.S.FP. N.R.N.S. N.REB

      38. Most likely explanation at this point: The aircraft is being turned into a weapon

        I don’t buy this. Why? Two dead Navy seals after guarding the package/shipment put on that plane. What was in that package–did the seals get nosy and open that package??
        the idea that the plane was shot down with a laser by a ship??
        to eliminate the package??
        Was the package being stolen and on route to a rogue country with bio-warfare on their minds? and on discovery shot down by laser?
        Too many unknowns to believe the Indian Ocean crash story after 30 countries’ search.

        • I’m not buying it either.

          Only one of the 2 men found dead on the Maersk Alabama was an ex-seal.
          The 2 men were found dead on Tuesday, Feb 18th 2014…long before the Malaysian MH370 ever departed (Saturday March 8th). There appears to be too much time span between events (18 days)for me to connect the dots anyway.

          One of two American security officers found dead off the coast of Africa on the ship from the movie Captain Phillips was a former US navy Seal, according to a service record released to the Associated Press on Thursday.

          Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, enlisted in 1995 and completed his final tour of duty in 2008, according to his record, sent in an email by Navy spokeswoman Lt Lauryn Dempsey. The Seals are an elite unit of the military’s special operations forces. Kennedy served as a special operator first class, his record says.

          Police say Kennedy and Jeffrey Reynolds, 44, were found dead Tuesday in a cabin on the Norfolk-based Maersk Alabama — a ship that grabbed headlines in a 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates, an incident dramatized in Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks.

      39. I know it’s a good thing to warn people that the s is about to hit the fan , but it talks about fear mongers in the bible. Sometimes it gets to be too much. Maybe one day there will be at least a little good news on here.

      40. Wanna have some doom and gloom fun. Go to Plug in any metropolitan area. Zoom in on the map and watch the houses for sale and distressed houses multiply. Lot’s of folks dumping real estate cause they can’t pay for it any more. 2008 was round 1. Looks like 2014 could be the coup de grace for the American economy. The Great Depression of 2014.

        This is real raw data not some BS extrapolated from other BS.

      41. Why should we listen to anything NASA says when they can’t even send a person to the space station?

      42. well, I know i’ll never be 100%, but at this point we’re getting fairly asset rich (stocked on tools and equipment that last for years when treated properly) and as far as the bank knows cash poor. we’re not wealthy, but the debt almost gone. I’ve really got to get going on a water collection system. I have about 3 weeks bottled water, plus water for the dogs.
        In our town, the ground water was contaminated by chemicals for shade tobacco decades ago. a surgical oncologist at the hospital told me don’t drink the well water in this town. so water collection is my number one priority this spring. If it comes down to it, we can take the wheel barrow and buckets and get water from the river (1/4 mile away) but I don’t want to be obvious.

        next focus is continuing with starting from my own seeds to grow vegetables, and getting the fruit trees established. I found out my neighbor around the block has 6 bee hives. hes offered to teach us about bee keeping.

        gotta go watch NCIS for a little distraction from all this. later.

          • I know, I notice lots of anti constitutionalist themes, but I just live Gibbs and Tony. Hubby doesn’t care that I look at the menu, so long as I order at home!

        • Sounds like yer doin’ it right.

        • just saw a report that EPA making another push to be granted federal control of all bodies of water, even private ponds…. these bastards.

      43. “…simply take what they want through force, whether by taxation or criminal activity (as defined by natural law),…”

        Uh, excuse me taxation *OR* criminal activity? As defined by natural law, TAXATION IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!!!

      44. I still do not buy the official story on Flight 370. It just feels wrong. Yelling fire in a movie theatre is wrong, unless the building is really on fire.

        • suspicious package on board flight 370
          suspicious package guarded by two Navy seals before being transferred to flight 370 bound for???
          Navy seals guarding suspicious package found dead
          flight 370 carrying suspicious package disappears

          anything wrong with this picture??

          • Yes, your picture is false. Try another paradigm.

            The ‘suspicious package guarded by Navy Seals’ is totally false. Your ‘two Seals found dead’, is really one Seal, not two, and they died ten days before the flight took off. Are you telling us some package was loaded on the plane ten days before it disappeared?

            Not to mention, if this was such a secret that two guards had to killed ten days BEFORE it was loaded on the plane, just exactly how did YOU find out about it? Why are you still alive?

            Your scenario just doesn’t pass muster, bud. Try another one, but think harder.

      45. Hey… as long as I have a bed, a shitter and my ipod…all will be well.

        Let it all collapse. It will be fun to watch it all go down.

        This will just be nature correcting itself.

        What the collapse has done for me…

        Tons of milfs. All looking for a meal ticket.

        This is SO cool. All these hot women, just wanting to be taken out to dinner.

        It’s almost wrong!

        Thank you Obama for destroying the economy.. I’ve never had so hot tail in my life!

        See… Geeks revenge.
        I spent decades reading computer books.
        Now…six figures later…

        I’ll have a side of blonde with the double helping of the redhead.


        Anyone out there on board with my concept?

        When the world is going down.. you make the best of what’s still around. –police song.

        Red in the head…hot in the bed. I’m just saying.

        ps. Adding a new king sized bed to the man cave.
        BTW… I could bunker down for a year.
        Haven’t you guys thought if you had to….whom you’d bunker down with.
        Think about it.

        I will spread my seed far and wide. ha.

        • “Geeks Revenge” LMFAO That’s why you are on here “bragging” about your “conquests” and “six figures”?
          Better just wipe off the keyboard and call it quits Spanky.
          Spongebob starts in 5 min. Pajamaboy.

          • Mc,think about it though,patriotic computer nerds will lay havoc to govt. systems,will definitely have a place in fight against tyranny.

            • You are right Warchild, IF there are still computer systems. And really, I don’t mind Geeks, but the only piece of butt that guy EVER got was when his finger went through the TP.

          • FUNNY THOUGHT…

            Basically in 25 years all you boomers will be dead and gone.
            Thanks for buying all the nice homes and toys.
            My generation are now getting them very cheap.

            You all got fat and lazy.

            We laugh at you all and will be scanning the papers for your death notices to swoop in and buy up your harley’s and other toys you rode a few times.

            Enjoy the pine box bitches!


              A lot of us Boomers will burn our houses down rather than give them to you lazy, worthless, slacker kids.

              Your generation is getting nothing very cheap, you’re full of it. We’re the ones who got the good stuff cheap, moron. Bought houses at $30,000, selling them for $350,000. Gold at $300, selling for $1250. Colt Pythons for $250, selling for $1800. Land for $400 an acre, selling for $25,000. MS65 Carson City dollars for $12.50, selling for hundreds. $1000 bags of silver coins for $1050, selling for $22,000.

              So enjoy that 10-year old RV you get, it’ll last a few trips.

              The IT kid at the office came in last year, 30-year old geek basement dweller, totally brassed off on a Monday morning. Mommy (he calls her that sometimes) sold his Daddy’s ’57 Chevy and was taking a cruise. Little slacker thought he was entitled to it, went around telling us all what a cool car it was and how he deserved it and all.

              Now his Mommy is selling Mom and Dad’s house, and she’s moving into a townhouse. Worthless little pencilnecked pantywaist isn’t invited, Mom wants to enjoy the rest of her life instead of doing his laundry, providing maid service, and giving him lunch money since he blew his paycheck on pot and snowboarding tickets.

              I talk to folks all the time, disappointed in their kids, they’re giving them a pittance, the rest goes to charity, or the kids of some nieces and nephews who deserve it.

        • Hi Eisen!

        • Yeh , till you get some kind of ” social disease” and have no anti biotics .

          You will be deader than the unprepared outside .

          Semper Fi 8541

      46. Another blurp by elite leftists who actually aim to destroy capitalism. On and on and on with this social justice non-sense – socialist “theory” which time and time again has failed miserably in practice.

        There have always been collapses. But if a collapse occurs today it won’t be because we haven’t adopted communism.

        The Minoan society collapsed not because they didn’t revere Marx but because of a little problem with the Santorini super-volcano.

        I don’t think the Mayans heard of Lenin, yet somehow a prolong drought managed to bring them down.

        Obviously collapses have occured – and will occur in the future. Whether from a pandemic, an EMP or a super-volcano society “could” collapse. But if it does it will have nothing to do with leftist ideals

      47. A bunch of propaganda for the government to justify more taxes. No telling how much they spent to produce this claptrap when a simple read of history provides all you need to know.

        Organized societies collapse for two reasons, debasement of the currency (milking the poor to accumulate wealth for the elite) or any event that reduces the ability of a society to feed itself. Simple enough.

      48. SGT has an article that says the DoD is buzzing neighborhoods with Helo’s in Florida.

        One of those small types with a 20mm chain gun orbiting above your head can ruin your day.
        Putting it into perspective, an armored vehicle is not that bad to encounter.

        • Ever seen what a length of link chain can do to a helicopter that is flying LOW? 😉 The glide rate for a helicopter is basically ZERO. Chain gets shot upwards, helicopter comes downwards. Worked over in Vietnam, works here too. Jus sayin…

          • Cable gun, fires a spear like projectile connected to a length of light cable,
            That outa fixem!

            • Sounds good for everyday use!

            • Aim for the fuel tank

            • a good crossbow with adapted bolts.

              • 6,have a decent crossbow with 185 pound pull,would not carry a length of chain though even a few feet,would need something of much greater carry weight,one could build something like that I suppose.

                • If one could get a length of para-cord or other light rope caught up in the prop shaft or blades, it would easily drag/wrap the rest of it up, including the chain. It would just be a matter of getting it started with something lighter (and harder to see from inside the helo).

      49. NASA has distanced itself from the societal collapse paper by the UMD students:

        No doubt our society is at grave danger from being destroyed due to the greed, incompetence and wrongful actions of our leaders and the special corporate insider interests. But this danger would be the result of deliberate actions, even if those actions were to be misinformed and were to ultimately work against the very elites who took those actions.

        I’ve read the UMD paper: They base their analysis on a predator/prey model. The fundamental problem with this is that lions and tigers and bears do not get to invent politics, nuclear weapons, slavery, crime, evil and a host of other human actions. Their paper does not accomodate the actions of governments and other parties.

        If there is some sort of a crash, it will not be because there is a preponderance of meat eaters.

        Also, we are not actually running out of natural resources at this time. We have a logistical Malthusian problem, made worse by warlords and other parties who simply kill and starve people for their enjoyment. This does not mean that mankind is not on the way to overpopulating the planet. For example, the food we waste in America would go a long way to feeding the third world.

        The paper is pretty much bogus, particularly regarding the NASA connection, and has been blown out of proportion by various fear porn sites.

        Hakuna metata.

        • What I find amusing is that it took so many “geniuses” joining together to figure out that if “predators” outnumber resources, said “predator” society collapses. Seriously? It took a whole group and NASA to figure that out?

      50. Ghee, who knew? I’ve seen this population maxim over and over for 40 years. It’s not the population that will cause the collapse, it’s the non working population that will cause the collapse.

        Did previous civilization have retirement or entitlement? No, they worked to sustain themselves till the day they died. With retirement and entitlement we have 56% of the population in the wagon now and only 44% pulling the wagon, so we have already crossed the rubicon. We will collapse and I don’t need NASA to do the math for me.

        Many will argue my percentages, but within the next 60 months I believe we will see another 7 to 10% in the wagon just counting the growth rate of entitlements and Boomers. The storm is here and the conflicts are all over the globe so it’s not going to take much more for the dominos to start falling.

        • right on , the only thing i would add is 60 mos seems too long , my guess would be 10% more in 24 mos.
          Things are gonna happen fast i’m afraid .

          • We are both right. Really the only question is when??? Russia will take the Ukraine in the coming weeks and position for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, basically everything between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. As they push from south to north the may even backup and grab Georgia.

            Since we have proven ourselves to be week and we won’t honor our protection treaties the Chinese will also try the same hat trick with Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

            After that it’s easy to imagine a Red Dawn scenario for the US and the Europeans sittng out WWIII.

            One can only imagine the affect on the global financial markets, transportation, trade and medical supplies. I pray every day we can stop all this, but most of this is already in motion.

            • BUT…can you imagine what would have happened if the U.S. had honored the treaties and come in with guns blazing? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

              • We needed to stand like we did during the Cuban missile crisis, but we blinked. Now the Ukraine is gone. Just look at Mac’s new article its moving faster then I thought. Poland is already calling up the reserves.

                • That took place a few days ago…actually old news.

        • You know I do not have a problem with people working, but if they are just producing more junk dollar stores and creating things to put in land fills later than what good is the employed doing the earth. Why cannot we pay people to do things like take care of the elderly, orphans and sick. Pay these people well and teach human kindness instead of materialism. We could make parks instead of bombs. Nice clean neighborhoods instead of jails. Its just a thought.

          • Really? Maybe you should check with NASA for a flight to planet utopia!!! Try living in a third world country where death and famine are a way of life. Utopian society does not exist so get in the real world. If you do not work you shall not eat! That cold hard fact is going to slap the entitlement crowd in the face very soon.

          • We did make parks, and nice clean neighborhoods.

            Unfortunately, the scumbags turned them into cesspools.

        • Previous civilizations certainly did not have entitlements and retirement, like we do today, yet they still collapsed. They did have elite groups and underclasses, like we do today. Therefore, this lends credence to the thesis that it is the elite class which causes civilization collapse, not the working class.

      51. This study is a crock of shit. Those on this site know damn well how to prevent such a collapse and keep society thriving. Sadly though, idiocracy has taken over. Brawndo, it’s what plants crave. (For those that get the reference)

      52. @ Satori. I have been warning about the Nazca plate ever since those out of blue earthquakes have struck off the plate boundaries. The Nazca plate is ready for a huge quake again, but I don’t think it will be on the southern portion, but more to the north towards Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, perhaps Bolivia.

        By the way the Fiji Islands just had a 6.6 major earthquake just 40 minutes ago. This area was forecasted as an extended time period from comment #2955960 because of the continued precursor earthquake activity. The major quake swarm is still going on. I think I said until March 26, or 25, I can’t remember. Earlier on the last post I warned that because of the quake on the Mid Indian Ridge that Fiji was one of the danger areas because it was hit back in 1996 after the same exact spot was hit recently. These quakes follow a pattern that can be predicted. Like always, more precursor quakes will narrow this down a bit where the next major earthquake is coming.

      53. I can’t get on to the Affordable Care Act Web site. You believe me don’t you.

        • Ted ,
          Don’t worry with the wave of the dear evaders efluent touch hand you now have til the end of April to sign up for the unaffordable care act.

          Semper Fi 8541

      54. Workers and Non-Workers with the same level of consumption, i.e., with no economic strati cation. The Non-Workers in these scenarios could represent a range of societal roles from students, retirees, and disabled people, to intellectuals, managers, and other non-productive sectors. In this case, the Workers have to deplete enough of Nature to support both the Non-Workers and themselves. Nothing new. As Ive stated multiple times Too many over paid and over compensated parasite takers. Too few underpaid and undercompensated Producing makers. Is not sustainable.

      55. This study simply reiterates what numerous observers have argued previously, especially since Thomas Malthus’s 1798 study on the implications of a burgeoning population on food supplies. One of the best studies was probably the Club of Rome’s research by Meadows et al., The Limits to Growth.
        We don’t even need all the mathematical models to make a persuasive argument that sociopolitical collapse is somewhat inevitable. History/prehistory document the ascent and descent of virtually every civilisation that has ever existed. It is hubris to believe that ours can avoid the perils of collapse. In fact, much of what we do in response to perceived problems only hastens our demise. We interfere in complex dynamical systems without understanding all the nonlinear feedback mechanisms, pulling levers in the wrong direction and pushing the wrong buttons.
        What is of significance is Joseph Tainter’s observation in his book, The Collapse of Complex Societies, that for those societies where most people have lost the ability to feed themselves, the chaos and starvation that accompanies collapse is devastating. And we seem to be right on track to duplicate this scenario.
        I offer two links for further reading:

      56. Don’t put down Putin, his balls r bigger.

        • I would drink more

          I would drink more too & pass out in the hallway.

      57. Google “Israeli Embassy Labor dispute.”
        Israel has pulled everyone out of their embassies.
        NYT article from 2012 indicated if they bomb Iran, they are concerned with 60 Hammas/Iranian sleeper cells around world.
        New justification: USA did next to nothing when Russia just took over part of a country that was not a threat. How can US come down on Israel for attacking a country that threatens to wipe it off face of earth when capable.
        Also, the President is in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis do not want Iran to go nuclear.
        Could be attack on Iran soon.

      58. Interesting information out there on the upcoming FEMA/DOD exercises taking place tomorrow, March 27th in the U.S. Some of the ‘mock’ scenarios they have listed are ‘odd’ to say the least. Take note of the Boeing 777 aircraft listed…talk about timing.
        FYI-This ‘exercise’ was all planned back in 2013.

        Thursday,March 27th,2014
        7:00a.m. Mountain Daylight Time/9:00a.m.Eastern Daylight Time
        AMALGAM MAKO Event I
        involving a Vessel of Interest that originated in Thailand and is enroute to
        Vancouver,BC, with a subsequent scheduled port of call in Seattle, WA.
        9:00a.m.Mountain Daylight Time/11:00a.m. Eastern Daylight Time
        North American Aerospace Defense Command Operation Noble Eagle event
        involving a Boeing 777 enroute to Seattle,WA, from Tokyo,JP.

        1:00p.m. Mountain Daylight Time/3:00p.m. Eastern Daylight Time
        North American Aerospace Defense Command Operation Noble Eagle event
        involving an Alaska Airlines aircraft.

        Tuesday,April 1st,2014
        7:00a.m. Mountain Daylight Time/9:00a.m. Eastern Daylight Time
        Traffic accident involving nuclear weapon transport convoy occurs on I-70
        near Grand Junction, CO.
        10:00a.m. Eastern Daylight Time
        Intel leads to Presidential order for activation of Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions-1.

      59. It is my understanding that this so-called NASA study was actually a graduate student’s project paper.

        But don’t let that stop the emotionally-controlled demagogues on here from taking it and running with it for all of the ax-grinding propaganda they can milk from it.

        Are there some tough times coming for some segments of U.S. society? Sure.

        Is there a complete meltdown of U.S. society coming? Probably not.

        As much as the fear-mongers would like it not to be so, the U.S. is still run by very powerful people who have no interest in, or intention of, seeing our country destroyed. The Obama aggravation will wind its way into history and things will get back on track for the most part.

        The remaining problem is likely to be the growing underclass and how to pay for them. That is the segment of society most at risk for tremendously tough times and they are the most likely reason for the transfers of military surplus equipment to urban police forces — to control and squash rioting when underclasses sink under the force of their own weight and unaffordable demands.

        Will the average middle or upper middle class citizen find himself pulling out the semi-auto rifle and setting up a perimeter to defend his own home and/or neighborhood? Likely not.

        We may see abject poverty returning to some areas of the country, akin to the Depression of the 1930’s, simply because we can’t afford to keep feeding/housing/clothing those who have failed to learn how to provide for themselves. We may see crime rates rise and certain large areas of cities become too dangerous to enter with anything but the most heavily equipped police forces — areas of Detroit were already at that point many years ago and it’s still standing (sort of).

        But arming up and engaging in military tactics to protect family and home is the stuff only of fiction and imagination.

        Calm down. Be prepared for emergencies certainly. But the often silly prognostications from a repeatedly limited group of personalities on this site is just a waste of time. Some of them are making a living off of fear and promoting imaginary fear.

        Get a grip on reality. Look around you. Spend less time on the computer and more time in sunshine and fresh air with exercise, preferably doing something productive and constructive.

      60. I often wonder where I will be, when the end comes. Driving a truck has taken me all over the place these last 25 years, I see a lot and wonder a lot about a lot. Most of it doesn’t make sense to me. I just wonder where it’s all going and what end does it all have? Lots of ????? No answers. Sometimes I dream of being back in 1969 where I used to work at a small grocery store, I dream of all the old dead people that I worked with and knew and my parents too! The way they acted with each other. So much love and it wasn’t spoken It just was. Wish I could turn back time.

        • I hear you,, i miss those days when we really did feel free, we are NOT free today.
          The 70s and 80s were the best i lived, camping, fishing, hunting, 4wheeling all over the place,
          Now it feels like theres a box, and dont dare go out of the box or cross any of these new arbitrary lines…

      61. Says a lot about what this site has become when drivel like this is posted.

      62. Says a lot about what this site has become when drivel like this is posted.

      63. The Anatomy Of Panic: How A Rumor Mutated Into A Three-Day Chinese Bank Run

        “By evening there were hundreds spilling out into the courtyard in front of the bank in this rural town near a high-tech park surrounded by rice fields.”

        “Bank officials tried to assure the depositors that there was enough money to go around, but the crowd kept growing.”

        “In response, local officials and bank managers kept branches open 24 hours a day and trucked in cash by armored vehicle to satisfy hundreds of customers, some of whom brought large baskets to carry their cash out of the bank.”


      64. I am going to call BS on this piece. Universities, and other US think tanks are also pushing Agenda 21 which requires everyone to believe TEOTWAWKI.

        This is an attempt to seize private property and coral people into stake and pack housing.

        They are also going after water resources.

        This meme is played out and wrong.

      65. Just received this e-mail from a friend……


        Amen to that…….

      66. I know this study adds nothing new to what this community already believes–the big collapse/disruption in our way of life is coming. The words “NASA funded model” adds legitimacy to the assertion that our life-style is unsustainable. Human-caused climate change is already causing water and food riots around the world as the elites in those nations horde resources which causes the working class and poor to riot and take or starve.

        The most likely trigger to an end to our comfy Western way of life will a loss of faith in investment in the U.S. Dollar, and/or over stripping of resources from the environment with too many resources hordes by the elites causing mass suffering, starvation, etc. in the working class leading to social upheavals. Our panic in the West is just because we are so spoiled. Look at the way people in India and Africa, for example live. Many live well with simple possessions and mostly a plant-based diet. Americans would get by just fine on less of everything and still live comfortably.

        I take issue with the way the term “nonproductive paid workers” get’s the thrown about as if there’s a class of people sitting back, getting Federal aid, and doing nothing which is a White-centric stereotype about those who receive federal aid are just “lazy.” There’s a dangerous notion that people getting Federal aid are parasites on society. There’s always a thread of truth to every stereotype, but to generalize all nonproductive paid workers as parasites on society is a danger and cruel direction for society.

        By “Nonproductive paid workers” I assume you are referring to the jobless, disabled, mentally ill, elderly. The jobless, of course, want a job. I’ve had to survive on unemployment twice in my life. It only pays enough for subsistence living. People who think that people are collecting unemployment money and just sitting back and being lazy have never had to survive on $1,200 a month in a major urban area. That much money does not even pay rent for a cheapest of apartments. I had to cash out my retirement fund to sustain me as I looked for work. If I would have had to try and survive on just unemployment compensation alone I would have been homeless in a month. The incentive to find a full-time job asap is definitely in the system’s low pay level. Trouble is that there are so few jobs to be found–especially for unskilled or under skilled labor. There’s an abundance of laborers and too few jobs so employers have used this situation as leverage to lower wages further for those new hire.

        The disabled, even though they cannot get out to hold down a full-time job anymore can still provide services to their families such as taking care of the home as much as possible, making meals, doing laundry–things that support the life of the spouse still working a full-time job–making the home life better. For those disabled people that are bed ridden they deserve help and compassion.

        The elderly offer plenty of unpaid services to their community and family. Chief among there is that grandparents often provide free child care services to their grand children which helps support the entire nuclear family. The elderly offer a sense of continuity in family structure / history / and perspective. My grandparents were the glue that held a large family together. After they died the family broke apart into their own new nuclear groups much like cell-division in biology. I think this is a natural process. The elderly, as for generations, offer increased neighborhood security because they are in the residential community while the working age people are off slaving for some corporation. They are the eyes and ears in the community during the day.

        There’s many more example of non paid productive work.

        My point is that someone’s worth is not measured by the amount of fiat dollars they bring home. The unemployed–want a job. It’s in our human DNA to want to feel useful in some way. The truly lazy will go extinct with the coming societal/economic great disruption. Disabled people want nothing more to be whole and useful in some way and seek out ways to be useful even if it’s just making dinner for their working spouse or doing the laundry. The elderly provide many, many non-paid services to society and family and deserve recognition and respect.

        I know that this message will just go with the list of other comments and probably not be read. For myself, and primary caretaker of a permanently disabled spouse while also working a full-time job, I have to say that someone’s worth is not defined by the amount of fiat dollars they earn. People, by human nature, want to feel like they are contributing in some way–to feel useful–like they have a purpose. Many vital services, that will only be more important as the Great Disruption expands, are non-paid services so please go easy on making it sound like “non-paid paid workers” are parasites on society. I think mostly you are referring to the unemployed and disabled. Receiving unemployment money is humiliating and only allows for subsistence living. Very few people would choose to stay on Unemployment compensation any longer than necessary. For those that think that those on Unemployment are just lazy you’ve probably never been in the unemployment system so you don’t know what it feels like and how little it pays. For those who think that disabled people receiving Federal assistance are a drain on resources you would think differently when it’s YOUR loved one who has become disabled. There are enough resources to go around for all. Most of the wealth is being hordes by the 1% elites. We need more equality in the system. That would provide for all. Please don’t try and stigmatize the weakest among us any in any way the cause of our current situation. The causes are inequality. It started in the 80s with off-shoring factory jobs. Every since Globalization took hold corporations have searched the world for the cheapest labor. That has had devastating consequences for the American working age laborer but the big corps don’t care cause they only want to make profit. Globalization, corporate greed, and concentration of wealth with the elites is the cause of our current and near future troubles–not the weakest in our society who provide many non-paid services to society and family and need our care and respect.

        • You are wrong about unemployment benefits.
          I knew a woman with 3 children that made more staying home collecting that than working the previous job after gas cost, meals, and day care were figured in.

          • sad ain’t it? I drew unemployment back in the 80’s for 5 weeks, I got $105 a week, total.

        • It’s sweet that you care so much but Goddamn son you need to be amongst the common people. They’ll smash those rose colored glasses in a second. If you were to talk about someone on this site then yes, these folks do not want a handout. Sadly a tiny fraction of the U.S. Is like those on shtf plan. I know we like to think of ourselves as the silent majority but I think the numbers are shrinking. It’s one thing to talk about living the right way in America, it is quite another to live it. Americans are waking up, but they are not getting out of bed.

      67. you religious fanatics are the problem and have always been the problem

      68. The productive sector will shrink as time goes by with automation taking over work and production. Robots are writing articles for journalists, Baxters are making the perfect Big Macs…so what to do with all these useless mouths to feed in the end?

        • Yeah, if the prices on robotic lawn mowers would come down we could deport a lot landscapers.

        • B-max-

          The solution for some, especially those w/ an electronic to gravitate towards repairing/maintaining said automation..ditto for the software guys.

          BTW folks…I’m publicly putting a in a plug/hat tip to/for B-max’s site/blog. He’s done well, IMO.
          ..and richly deserves ^thumbs/kudos for his work/effort!

          Check it out!!!

      69. Everyone should feel very smart; NASA’s study concludes what your intuition lead you to anyway. Irreversible; only if I embrace nihilism. But, chosing life, is to choose to give, share, help, feed – why is it better to give than to receive? Because it tends to distributing resources. There’s enough to sustain human life on earth; nominal death rates would establish an upper bound on risk to overconsumption.

      70. I’ve been stepping up the prepping. Buying more canned goods and planning exit strategies and routes. For the past several days, I’ve had restless sleep and have woken up with an undefined, but real, feeling of foreboding; voices in the ether and not many people are listening. I’ve been watching the Ken Burns documentary “The War” (again) and am struck by the parallels. The calamity will be worse this time, because there are more people, more ignorant, careless, lazy people that will whine, panic and then follow anyone that offers a hint of leadership. I don’t have the space or where-with-all to stockpile a lot of supplies but I do what I can. I don’t know if I’ll survive what’s coming, but I’ll give it a damned good try. Misneach, fianna.

      71. I am a mite pissed off about the internet these days. Two things happened yesterday.


        I tried to open an ObamaCare account yesterday, but their program crashed. Bottom line is that ultimately, they get to make a law, they get to make a computer system that you can’s use, and then they get to tax for committing a crime that they made happen.


        This particular thread takes about three to five minutes to load on my computer. This is not a fancy schmancy web site; it is mostly text. Yeah, there are a couple of bouncing coins in a GIF at the top of the the thread.

        On my computer, this site comes up, and on this thread in particular, yesterday as well as today, the computer freezes. There is no disk action and there is no modem action.

        I’ve hit Ctrl-Alt-Del several times to close down IE when I’ve wanted to do something else. The entire computer doesn’t freeze, just SHTF. The knee jerk computer apologist will tell me that it’s my fault for using a WinXP 64 bit operating system, but this is easily disproven by a simple trick.

        I opened up another session of IE, and went to a porn site. Immediately, the computer started downloading HD films in all their detail, along with the sound track, while this site stayed frozen. I had several films going simultaneously.

        It is not my computer nor the operating system. When I go to this site, there is anomalous computer behavior. It is clinically interesting to see how quickly and readily favored filtered information can be delivered to your screen, while the information you seek is kept from your view.

        The revolution will not be televised.

      72. People are quick to blame the poor and uneducated for bringing about our economic problems by gaming the system. A good portion do game the system because of weak oversight by government entities that just happen to realize all too well that this amount is so small as to be insignificant, so why bother, when compared to what the Uber-wealthy, the Big Banks, Big Business, Wall Street, and the politicians steal every day through any lack of oversight by gaming that same system, but on a higher level. Their enrichment is ensured by endless free money created out of thin air by the Fed being used to prop up the farce of a massively manipulated stock market and with it the underlying assets of big business, insolvent or not. RE: Big Banks. Just 2 months worth of this money the Fed creates could be used to fix the crumbling infrastructure of the U.S. and put MILLIONS to work in good paying and not part time jobs. But no, this would not enrich the right people. There is no worry for anyone at the top, knowing they will always be above prosecution and always be made whole (bailed out). The illusion of a recovering economy is only effecting the wealthy, as the middle and lower classes live in the real world. When this grand illusion finally collapses into chaos, the poor and middle class will be left to fight for scraps while the privileged will be watching with amusement while already figuring out new ways to control and financially rape us after the reset.

      73. Well, the 15 year time line matches up with “The Fourth Turning.”

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