NASA Experts: California Needs 11 Trillion Gallons to End Drought, Southwest States “Not Sharing a Drop of Water”

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 82 comments

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    Rain has returned to California, taking pressure off of the immediate emergency of the ongoing drought via the help of several inches of recent rainfall.

    But the Golden State loses about 4 trillion gallons per year, and would need roughly three times that amount to return to safe and normal levels.

    “Recent rains are no reason to let up on our conservation efforts,” Felicia Marcus, chair of the State Water Resources Control Board stated.

    The same NASA experts who sounded the alarm over the drought’s threat to the food supply are now warning that California needs some 11 trillion gallons of water to replenish to normal levels.

    Eleven trillion gallons — that’s the amount of water that NASA scientists say would be needed to replenish key California river basins in what they’re calling the first-ever estimate of the water necessary to end an episode of drought. That 11 trillion gallons is the deficit in normal seasonal levels that NASA said a team found earlier this year in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins, using Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites. The GRACE data, presented Tuesday at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, showed those river basins losing about 4 trillion gallons per year — more than state residents use annually, NASA said.

    Adding to this challenge, neighboring and nearby states in the Southwest with whom California shares some water rights have been meeting recently over the water emergencies – and making clear that it will NOT BE SHARING any additional water with the parched state:

    “If anybody thought we were going to roll over and say, ‘OK, California, you’re in a really bad drought, you get to use the water that we were going to use,’ they’re mistaken,” said James Eklund, director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board

    “Arizona has the same interest” as Colorado in ensuring its supply is protected, said Michael J. Lacey, director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources. “I am not sure we will express it as pointedly as that,” Lacey said of Eklund’s remarks.

    Eklund’s insistence on Colorado’s water rights drew diplomatic responses from his colleagues in other states on the eve of a Las Vegas meeting of water managers. The managers, from seven states, are working on ways to ensure 40 million people in the parched Colorado River basin don’t go thirsty.

    “California has not sought any Colorado River water beyond its entitlement and has no intention of doing so,” said Jeff Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

    The ongoing droughts in the Southwest during the past decade have depleted more than 14 trillion gallons from the Colorado River basin – an amount even greater than California needs to regain normal levels.


    And the worst may be yet to come:

    Many experts believe the current drought is only the harbinger of a new, drier era in which the Colorado’s flow will be substantially and permanently diminished.

    Faced with the shortage, federal authorities this year will for the first time decrease the amount of water that flows into Lake Mead… a crucial source of water for cities from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and for millions of acres of farmland.

    Reclamation officials say there is a 50-50 chance that by 2015, Lake Mead’s water will be rationed to states downstream. That, too, has never happened before.

    “If Lake Mead goes below elevation 1,000” — 1,000 feet above sea level — “we lose any capacity to pump water to serve the municipal needs of seven in 10 people in the state of Nevada,” said John Entsminger, the senior deputy general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

    As SHTF previously mentioned, the rationale for prepping is as strong as ever:

    That’s pretty harsh news, and the long term impact could be pretty serious, and just one more reason to prepare a reserve food supply and prepare a plan to  deal with anything that may come.

    There have been many other warning signs about the food supply and commodities markets – not the least of which include the billions in losses that corn farmers are facing due to market rejection in China and other countries as a result of GMO contamination.


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      1. I should be thankful and I am thankful for all the warnings that Mac puts out on this great site. I’m just so grateful that I know Who wins in the end and that He knows me as one of His.

        • I wonder how long before Kalifornians realize that the “fly-over country” part of the USA, for some reason, doesn’t much care about their problems.

          • When I left the left coast I warned my friends twenty plus years ago……. Pheonix, Tuscon, your up next. Pacific northwest and the Rebought……. thats a great place to be…..

            • You mentioned something in a post either today or yesterday about a requirement? I am assuming you have a group. We almost joined a group in 2011 that had “requirements” and we are so thankful now that we ran like hell from them.

              Out of curiosity, how long you been working on this thing and did you all come about as friends first or family? How does it work out? Because I know when there are “requirements” that usually means there is someone in charge.

              Just curious.

              • We have worked on this for about five years now. Some are friends and some are family. I have family members that I love dearly but when it hits the fan they will be a deadly liability so they sadly will never be on the team. Same with some of my beloved friends. We have “requirements” to hold each other accountable. We have several “leaders”. Our two doctors… well they are the leaders of the medical side of things. Our two Oath keeper LEO’s (one special forces trained), are in charge of helping all members with fire arm safety and training. We have hunters, mechanics, technicians, logistics folks (me included), clergy, a Plummer, and so on. We all live our normal everyday lives and we live them to the fullest. We generally think alike, are conservatives, gun owners, independent, like small government, most are Christians who actually act the part and love and respect there fellow man, have a solid work ethic, honest and honorable, have multiple ethnic back grounds. We go to concerts, movies, ball games, snowboard and ski, fish, hunt, play music, and so on. BUT we all know how things are beginning to un fold and unravel so as a group we have a back up plan that relies on each of our individual strengths. With in this shell we have some “REQUIRMENTS” to be on our team. Things like… Good nature, OPSEC, not drawing attention to yourself, Following the law (until which time we can’t), good work ethic, able to give and follow depending on the situation (lead in the areas you can and need to). We are selective because it just takes one big mouth bragging idiot to make life miserable for the rest. We do not allow bravado. I can depend on these folks with my life and my families life. BJ find or build a team like that because as a fellow preper I want you to succeed. If you go it alone you will not. It takes work…. but it is worth it. Wish you the best and remember…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • If you like your drought, you can keep your drought.

            • At this point, I’d be overjoyed if all of CA from the Bay southward DID dry up and blow away. Taking the Aztlan and La Raza tribes with it.

              • you are a racist peace of turd and i’m not even Hispanic. fornicate yourself.

              • The LaRaza and Aztlan tribes will just move to your area. They have no intention of stopping with just California. I love how the morons on here blame the average people in Cali for the drought. I do not remember anyone in Cali making fun of Texass or Georgia during their droughts. The 1976/1977 was far worse than the current one and was wiped out in a matter of weeks by the 1978 deluge.

          • Dont say that over at ZH it will get you banned

          • You’ll care when the commie-queer folk show up ready to vote and mooch by the millions. Look at what’s happening to poor Texas and my state, Georgia. For God’s sake, North Carolina is politically purple. Locusts are drawn to bountiful fields and leave nothing but a wasteland in their wake.

            • There are more illegals in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area than in Calif. Not mention all the dirt bag yankees now infesting the South.

              • Hey John, go screw yourself.

      2. Well, to be humane allI can do is to advise them to drink their own urine.

        • Macht schnell, Nazi pig! Drinken sie urine! Macht schnell!

          • Das deutsche Volk wird dann erfahren, wie tapfer seine Söhne auch auf diesem Platz für die Freiheit eines edlen Volkes mitgekämpft haben und damit letzten Endes für die Errettung der europäischen Zivilisation. Denn der Sieg des bolschewistischen Untermenschentums in Spanien hätte nur zu leicht seine Wellen über ganz Europa schlagen können. Daher auch der Hass derer, die es bedauern, dass Europa nun wieder nicht in Feuer und Flammen aufging. Sie wollen sich daher erst recht keine Möglichkeit entgehen lassen, um zwischen die Völker das Misstrauen zu säen und die für sie erwünschte Kriegsstimmung anderwärts zu schaffen.

            • Say what?

            • interessantes Zitat
              ist aus der Zeit vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg

        • Seems to be plenty of water flooding Northern Cali. They had Tornados in LA last week. Weird.

      3. OK because finding a way to take salt out of ocean water is way to irrational compared to f****ng the atmosphere and other peoples water, besides its just Cali no big loss in my book.

        • Build and run desalination plants. Is living in Cali still worth it?

      4. Maybe they oughta turn the HAARP. Isnt that what its for?

        • Or more Chemtrails. Just to piss off the liberals there.

      5. Hey Not so FreeSlave…. I watched the dual survival and they said in case of heavy drought human can drink their own urine as a last resort….I guess NGO is a Nazi channel? Oh well you folks call everyone a Nazi so have a good night.

        • Stolz V is exactly right. Although the taste is not your fav. I would try to filter it if possible. Quickly see alternative water sources. Dig a hole and trap moisture, suck on leaves, pine neetled plant roots etc. Drink turtle blood. Fish eyes. Lots of creative watet sources.

        • Stolz: “Oh well you folks call everyone a Nazi so have a good night.”

          #1. Not so.

          #2. Again, please realize the irony. Or the Fallacy of Special Pleading.

          Think. Not every German is/was a Nazi. So it’s wrong to think or call or believe that all Germans are Nazis.

          Likewise, not every Jew is/was a Globalist NWO Bankster. In fact, most aren’t. So it’s wrong to think or call or believe that all Jews are horrible Globalist NWO Banksters.

          Think. Call out your own intellectual inconsistency. Then own it. And don’t make the same brain fart.

          • Well said FS

          • 95% of Catholics in Germany supported Hitler. BTW/ Hitler was Catholic.

            • Hitler was many things but he most certainly NOT a Catholic. Hitler was an occultist and a pagan; he hated Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. That is why the Nazis whipped up anti-Catholic hatred through their currency and immorality trials. Furthermore, if you look at the history of the SS, they not only were rife with pagan symbolism, SS leaders from Himmler on down did their very best to tear their members away from the church, and had they won the war, they would have most likley been almost 100% effective.

              To read up on it further, I suggest “The Occult Roots of Nazism” by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, “The Voice of Destruction” by Herman Rauschning, “Zodiac & the Swastika” by Wilhelm Wulff, “The Nazis and the Occult” by D. Sklar and “Unholy Alliance” by Peter Levenda

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

      6. It didn’t help the Fracking Industry dumping 3 Billion gallons of toxic fracking water in Cali’s Drinking Water Aquifer.

        • Good point. That was the non-mistake that was no big deal. I had forgotten about that. At least it was wet, I guess.


        • 3 billion gallons? Your math makes as much sense as all that other liberal garbage that’s floating around in your mind.

        • WWTI, I believe that fracking should be stopped altogether. That’s one factor that contributed to the water shortage in the western US.

          • With all due respect, braveheart….mule fritters. Drought and emptying reservoirs “to protect the delta smelt” is what has led to their predicament. That and their profligate use of water, which is of course typical liberalism. i.e. “use it all up, there’s more where that came from. All we have to is raise taxes.”

            Reminds me of a cartoon I heard about….pack of shipwrecked dogs marooned on a desert island, and the alpha dog is saying “Who votes that we eat all the food now?”. All paws raised, of course.

          • RG – Well there needs to be more oversight and EPA Regulations and fines to those Fracking companies that destroy fresh water sources. Fracking Co’s dump the most toxic crap down those holes that break up the reserves. Nothing like polluting Mother Earth via direct injection like a Heroine Addict.

          • If you believe that then you are a tard. Fracking is a small user of water compared to agriculture. The drought is a result of not enough rain and too many people.

      7. Well this particular drought has been contributed to the following…

        according to all sides of the equation across the board

        global warming

        global cooling

        climate change

        natural periodic weather patterns

        geo engineering



        el nino




        • I’ll play.







          Oh, and the bottom feeding fish that are apparently more important than all of the above.


          • So what r u saying?
            Those things should go away?
            Just trying to understand where you are going with that

            • Sarcasm, kula.

              Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

              Diversion of water from farmers to save some fish that already had it.

              Mind boggling.

              • I know, was just yankin yer chain,
                Merry Christmas

      8. Ponder this–water, like food and shelter, are life’s necessities.

        Where in the name of heaven have the California politicians been, and I mean at EVERY LEVEL, local, state, and federal, in addressing this crucial issue?

        YES! They have spent billions on accommodation illegal criminal-invaders to their state; feeding, sheltering, and educating non-citizens, while this HUGE ISSUE has been staring them in the face.

        To the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth liberal, NONE of life’s essentials matters–only THE AGENDA: control, deprivation of freedom, banning religion, abortions, birth control, sex anytime and any place with any thing.

        Liberals= a culture of death. No nurturing, caring, love, nor necessities. Always–THE AGENDA. What do individual people matter? Not a whit. THE COLLECTIVE and CONTROLLED MASSES are all that count. We all know who said: “To make an omelet, one needs to break a few eggs.” Your life, like an egg, will be frying on the parched sidewalks of California with no water.

        This is absurd and treasonous; but, one always gets the government one deserves. HERE is your government, “Golden State.”


        Go elect more criminal-politicians like Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Thompson, Newsom, Thompson, and that idiot, Jerry Brown.

        This writer is not going to shed a tear for drought-stricken CA. They are getting what they deserve.

        • You are my hero!


        • If all the liberals there would dry up like slugs and die off, perhaps Kalifornica would become a nice place to live.

        • Seasoned Citizen, welcome aboard, and everything you said is true. The drought in Cali is only one part of god’s judgment on this entire nation. It’s tragic, but it’s only going to get worse. I’ve been through Cali once; wasn’t impressed with the place at all. Definitely another world. I’m glad I live in the eastern US where there are no water issues.

          • Tragic is when you did the right thing and died anyway.

            What is happening in CA is just comeuppance.

            Remembering that one key aspect of Christianity is free will. God gave us the power to be stupid, (and evil), and with that power to opportunity to reap what we have sown.

          • Sadly, the drought won’t finish them off before they can infect some other area.

          • Seems that just a short time ago most of the Southeast had a record drought for two years. At least calif. has water storage. Not enough as the enviro weenies stop every attempt to add more.

      9. I live in central Calif, and don’t see any reason why other SW states should be “sharing” their water with California. Co, Az, Nv, etc cannot get water via desalination; Ca could, but for the most part won’t because the folks along the coast don’t want anything industrial-looking in their backyards.
        It’s Ca’s enviro-wackos that are forcing the discharge of half the state’s available water to be sent to the ocean, to water fish that are already there. Most Californians have declined to meaningfully reduce their water consumption. In the time that Ca’s population has tripled, not a single additional drop of reservoir capacity has been added, even though our “normal” climate has 2-3 wet years followed by 4-5 dry years, just to keep these same left-wing idiots happy. Why should we now get someone else’s water to waste?

        • Dave, It is the same mind set that is happening now. “You have it, I don’ you should share / give me some of yours.” How much worse it will be after SHTF !

          There are TWO kinds of people in this world. GIVERS and TAKERS.

          Unfortunately there are way more TAKERS than Givers.

        • I beg to disagree with you. MANY Californians are reducing the amount of water they use in response to the lack of rain. Personally, I live in the country and have a well, and we are also trying to use less than before because if we lose our well, the land may be worthless. And I certainly don’t have $10,000 to dig a new well.

          And the issue with the salmon and the smelt is far more complicated than just letting water run into the ocean. I suggest you read a bit more on what is actually being done and why it is being done. Because the Delta is deteriorating from decades of use, the salt water is infiltrating the fresh water areas in the Delta. This is bad for people and for the fish that can’t live in brackish or salt water. The Delta is the hub of all water operations in the state. Without the Delta, many people would be hurting, not just those in SoCal. The history of the CVP and the SWP is quite interesting. It all began with politicians giving each other favors in return for a vote. As most public works projects do…

          And not all of us in California are liberals – there are some conservative pockets throughout the state, populated by good and moral people who hate what the liberals have done to this beautiful state.

      10. Instead of borrowing untold billions of dollars more to build a train to nowhere that no one except a few SoCal politicians will use, Ca could be going all out to build desal plants.

      11. They need to stop chemtrailing the west coast…..Thats the main problem…..

      12. Desalination? Do they filter out the Fukashima radiation…..?

      13. when and where they can move out of California, No water and taxes way too high. The water won’t come out of thin air. Nevada is in the same boat and too many people clustered there too. People may have to sacrifice to move but better than dying of thirst.

        • God help us! Don’t let ’em move and bring their mass insanity to where I live!!!

      14. All that coastline and salt water and yet nary a desalinization plant anywhere. I thought there were some smart people living in California who may be interested in….solving the problem of not enough fresh potable water where and when they need it. I guess that solution wouldn’t be difficult enough, cost enough or create enough (or even more) left wing NIMBY’s even for California for them to even….think of removing the salt from the sea water. Anyway, you can lead a Californian to water but you can’t get em to drink because both their hands are busy clutching their wallets.

        • There is a Irish saying. You can lead a horse to water. However you gotta be strong & determined if ya aim to drown the sum of a bitch!

        • The enviros fought the Carlsbad desal for ten years because for one thing the desal would discharge salt back into the ocean. hard to negotiate with morons like that.

      15. Ive got plenty of water here in the north central Ar Ozarks. So I don’t care & am not worried. When the white river goes dry ill start being concerned. 99% of the things folks worry about never happen. the 1% that do happen they likely couldn’t have did anything about any way.

        • You must be wrong we have no water here in the Ozarks so move along nothing here for you people in Cali [land of fruits and nuts]

      16. fook the lack of water and drought, which is man made u.s. air force geoengineered by the way.

        commie kalifornication is all fukushima radiated and it will continue to be for the next 1000 years.

        anyone still living in cali AND THE ENTIRE WEST COAST deserves what’s coming.


        • Would Fooku Amerikaka’s mother please see that he takes his meds on time from now on?

      17. Welcome to the end.

      18. I wonder how much water was drawn off to stock all the underground bunkers…

        • Probably about as much as was shipped over to China.

      19. Dear California,what goes around,comes around. Too bad for you.

      20. That seems like a big number to you? The U.S. IS $18,000,000,000,000 in debt and that does not scare California one bit.

        • LOL ! Well said.

      21. How can anyone create a liberal vs conservative rant out of this article?

        Face it, when you build cities in the middle of deserts you’re gonna have water problems at some point.

        No matter how hard they try, no politician can make it rain.

        There is more pain coming to the southwest with millions more Central Americans on the verge of starvation because of their own drought. They will be heading north.

        But, I forgot, the DoD is chemtrailing them, too… for more Democratic votes.

        I’d link to the article but most would call it lies since it was a UN press release.

        • JRS , Please link the article anyway .
          Anyone with half a brain can weed out the truth from the BS , so why not throw it out there ?

      22. First, this is strictly my opinion. This just goes to prove that we are truly over populated. It is time for a thinning of the herd. Those who choose to not be responsible and think they are entitled to everything. Should be at the top of the list to go first. My thought.

      23. If they could engineer weather, you would hope TPTB would send rain to drought stricken areas. If they have this power and use it for control of the masses, then they should be hanged. I never understood the mentality that allowed total control by one group of people over another.

      24. Perhaps, constructing massive cities that require far more resources than locally available was not the smartest decision. No sympathy for these individuals & states. I recently relocated from Nevada and the future water crisis was a big impetus in my decision.

        • Angelenos and other Califorian residents will yet see what they are up against, and what they chose to brush aside.

      25. In california the politicians are raising the gas tax by $.70 a gallon. Should be able to buy some other state’s politicians with that much money.

      26. All for the sins of Californication.

      27. California with Nevada and Arizona have been having water struggles when I lived there in the early 70’s. They didn’t blame it on weather patterns, for there are drought times as far as history can record them. They blamed it on growing populations which cannot be supported with what collects in rainfall, rivers, and reservoirs. They have pulled the water table way down, taking more from wells.

        It is a “DUH!” moment when they act like the liberal government, using more of what is brought in. May as well call the Californicaton drought an $18 trillion debt. It is unsustainable.

        My solution is desalination plants for regular people to use and natural water for the farms. We need their food prices low to feed the nation, the rest of those loony tunes can pay a hefty price for water.

      28. California is naturally mostly desert. This whole food basket of the west coast thing is possible artificially through irrigation…… Duh!

      29. California has no water because it was loaded on tankers and sold while you were given a new truck flat screen TV and a chunk of change in your bank account. Now your truck is miled out you TV is fuzzy and your money gone now you want your water back. ? Just please don’t immigrate to Canada its too cold here for you. And were not about to enable your sence of self entitlement. Were already seeing alot of Americans here there easy to pick out just talk to one and you’ll hear nothing but complaints about how slow our workers are about how we could be making 4x the amount we are now by privatization of our resources and selling it off. I heard that and me and a few others were just sick.

      30. If the San Andreas Fault finally cracks end to end and California slides into the Pacific (as per Warren Zevon’s Desperados under the Eaves), one imagines this will go someway toward solving the state’s water problems!

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