NASA Expert: Alien Life May Have Already Visited The Earth

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 45 comments

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    A NASA scientist has said that aliens may have already visited the Earth.  Silvano P. Colombano also claims that these alien lifeforms may have gone unnoticed by humans due to their extremely small size.

    Colombano says that the extra-terrestrial beings would have looked quite a bit different than the carbon-based organisms currently roaming our planet, according to The Daily Mail. He also states that any visitors; past, present, or future, could easily be missed because of their tiny size. These super-intelligent interstellar traveling aliens could possess technology that humans cannot even comprehend at this point.

    “Considering further that technological development in our civilization started only about 10,000 years ago and has seen the rise of scientific methodologies only in the past 500 years, we can surmise that we might have a real problem in predicting technological evolution even for the next thousand years, let alone 6 Million times that amount!”

    The Daily Mail further reported that Dr. Colombano told California’s SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) backed Decoding Alien Intelligence Workshop back in March that scientists need to broaden their idea of what an extra-terrestrial would potentially look like. “I simply want to point out the fact that the intelligence we might find and that might choose to find us (if it hasn’t already) might not be at all be produced by carbon-based organisms like us,” his report read. He added that scientists must “re-visit even our most cherished assumptions,” which has implications for everything from an alien’s lifespan to its height. “The size of the ‘explorer’ might be that of an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity,” he added.

    Colombano says that humans limited ideas of what another planet with life would like could be restricting our ability to locate intelligent life outside of earth. For example, a silicone-based lifeform would likely not look anything like the pictures of the carbon-based entities in our heads of a “typical” alien being.  He also explained that not every single UFO can be “explained” but not every UFO can be “denied” either. 


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      1. Yes the Aliens came.
        Then they said, “No intelligent life forms here.”
        “Just psychopath politicians trying to destroy the economy and start nuclear wars.”
        “Common People that do nothing to stop the insane.”

        So the “‘theys” went onward in the universe to find intelligent people.

        Elvis left the building.
        “Beam me up Scotty. Nothing but insane politicians and lying media here.”

        • NASA expert says alien life may have already visited earth……………my have, may have, may have, may have etc.

        • ANON

      2. No aliens have ever come here. And if we did, we wouldn’t tell you. Oops!

        • Well no chit! There still here and occupy congress.

          • reper sleepr, there is far more truth and fact to your comment than you likely realize. They actually do live among us and many are in powerful government positions which should explains a lot. They are called the Archons and very real indeed ! A friend some years back showed me and explained it all to me in detail. His injuries from dealing with one of their enforcers were very real and later our government simply killed him for speaking about it. Now many people know about it so not anything new any longer. Our shadow government is run by these entities.

          • YES !

            They are called REPTILENS

      3. We already have illegal aliens, trolls, libturds, minority criminal organizations, out of control corrupt and evil government, etc. You name it, we already got it.

      4. There are several possibilities.

        Nephilim are real and co-exist and are malevolent. They are mentioned in the Bible and in noncanonical works like Enoch.

        The Earth is covered by vast oceans and intelligent life could exist within in it. Both whales and dolphins display extraordinary intellgence.

        Vallee’s interdimensional hypothesis would allow co-existence of intelligent life that we could rarely perceive as our senses cannot even actually detect four dimensions. Our brains get sensory input in slivers of microseconds (just like the frames of a movie) and thus our sensation of the passage of time is an illusion removed from reality. 5th dimensional creatures and their technology would appear as morphing objects as they passed into the 3rd and 4th dimensional plane. Ask any scientist or mathematician.

          • 2002 Khandahar Giant
            Multiple military eyewitnesses saw a living being an estimated 15 feet tall able to withstand multiple gunshotsbefore finally being killed.Then taken away to be studied.

            Nephilim can mean “the fallen” ie fallen angels or it can mean giants. It’s mentioned in passing three times so not just in Genesis but in Ezekial.

            A pituitary tumor can cause giantism but almost always causes severe weakness and debilitation as they age.

      5. Better not eat insects. They could be aliens that are so small nobody noticed that they were wearing spacesuits with boots and helmets, and that their tiny spaceship is right near the colony.

        Hold the raid!

        _ ☄️?????????

        • But is it ok to feed them to your tarantulas?

        • They are call Gov. Drones

      6. Hahaha! Foolish, puny Earthlings! Of course we’re here. It’s harvest time.

      7. O yum! BBQ at Zork’s this Saturday. Wouldn’t miss that for the whole planet.

      8. Columbano said that scientists must “re-visit even our most cherished assumptions.”

        There is no reason to believe that aliens are strictly materialistic in their philosophy, nor that they must always make contact, through the state’s legal channels.

      9. Yep coming from south of the border with the caravans.

      10. Maybe a tiny extraterrestrial came here and got eaten by a cat.

      11. Aliens have been to earth often. Earth is a petri dish, we are the experiment. They are getting ready to start over due to the diminishing IQ of their pets…..

        • Of course aliens have been here. Many many times. There is proof all over the place. Look at the hundreds of ancient sites all over the world depicting aliens. Not to mention the construction of many of these sites. Even with todays tech we can’t recreate what was made back then. How did the ancient people have such vast knowledge of astronomy, math, construction? THERE IS PROOF EVERYWHERE! Anyone with a pea brain can see it and it is unrefutable….

          • I know that. And still 99.9% of us humans can’t see the obvious and instead go, “Yup, God made this”….DOH! If we weren’t cheap alien entertainment at the moment, they would purge the petri dish and start over.

            • DNJ, that wasn’t directed at you lol. But you are correct, 99.9% are oblivious. I don’t know how much more proof they need. Maybe if we wrote it in braille and shoved it up their ass? If we are cheap entertainment then the aliens must have a sick sense of humor eh?

              • Yes sir. It may all be really clinical awe on the aliens part too, just a morbid fascination about how we are acting and they are content to watch us destroy ourselves to the very end….. Or like our lab grown “meat” trials, they are doing the exact same thing… Humans are their Lab grown “meat”.

      12. “…technological development in our civilization started only about 10,000 years ago…”

        Wait. I thought Adam and Eve didn’t have belly buttons.

        Sumpin’s not addin’ up…

      13. Yes, aliens visited the Earth. They found no intelligent life and left vowing to never return again.

        Scum Pecking Order:(short-list)
        Big Pharma

        As per Alien Dossier: SumTingWong-A73-21

        • Ron Ahrens and Eisenkreutz are aliens.

      14. There could be space aliens everywhere on earth. They could be watching and evaluating us. After all, humans are one gigantic freak show.

        We have built deployable weapons that could destroy all life. We basically don’t like each other will kill over parking spots and other daily annoyances. If I were a space alien I couldn’t resist watching humans. Do humans survive? We’ll see.

      15. So says a scientist, without one shred of supporting evidence.

        Any you’re tax dollars pay his salary.

      16. Hmmm. Scientists ?

        Modern science is the biggest joke ever. Climate change is caused by solar-flux, ie: sunspots, solar-flares, CME’s etc…

        Humans were created 300,000 years ago by highly-intelligent, highly-advanced “aliens” as slaves to mine gold. Gold that would subsequently by atomized and suspended in the upper atmosphere of their planet, Nibiru, to protect life on their planet from radiation emanating from ‘space’.

        The Sumerians new 6,000 years ago of this fact.

        These little ‘grey’ people are our baby-sitters. Their job is to monitor our technological development and our political conflicts.

        They would not allow humans to destroy the planet through nuclear war. If necessary, they would kill us all in order to prevent such an event.

        Human civilization as we know it is only 13,000 years old. The antarctic ice-sheet, after becoming unstable, ‘slipped’ into the ocean and caused a global tsunami that killed off most land-based life and many avian species as well.

        Some humans survived and were guided back to be a ‘civilized’ species over the subsequent generations.

        This has ALL be documented thousands of years ago and is now referred to as “mythology” by those whom practice the true mythology of modern “religion”.

        Here’s a link if you should ever wish to discover the truth and amazing reality of how humans came into being….

        Enjoy !

      17. All of this expertise on Earth yet not one authentic photo of the planet from outer space has ever been produced. Alien prison planet.

      18. See the Rat Utopia experiment (google it, Google can still find it).

        Yup, that’s us in all aspects, an alien experiment on a planetary scale. We have proof it was reset several times by ancient ruins and civilizations that flat disappeared.

      19. Alien Artificial Intelligence would be the drone scouts that first visited any planet. They have been on earth for thousands of years, think micro-tiny swarms as small as an oxygen particle. That is what these scientists are trying to confirm without confirming.

      20. Yes and these “Aliens” are sooo super intelligent because of their BIG BRAIN? NOT…..Didnt he say that they are sooo small that we cant see them???? I thought it was the bigger the brain the bigger intelligence?

      21. The estimated number of galaxes is 100 million. We are an obscure planet with water on an insignificant minor spiral arm in one galaxy…and not even the oldest near the central hub.

        I know, it’s all just an accident that spontaneously arose.

        There could easily be billions of similar worlds like Earth and there could be life that is in no way like our carbon based bipedal bilateral symmetrical lifeforms.

        • “Horton Hears a Who”
          “A Wrinkle in Time”

          There is no need to look through a telescope, per se.

      22. Ok, it’s very clear to me that the alien presented in the above photo, is Hillary without her ugly clothes and wig!

      23. This is reality not fantasy. In WWII we became a nuclear power and were worth knowing. We had official contact in 1946 as a meeting of world govts in SF the major powers did a meet and greet while the small countries were window dressing for the public The greys were housed in a secret underground WWII command facility located in Novato Calif in Cherry HIll which is between Plum St and Atherton Ave They are still there in a huge expanded facility studying our society and they are breeding thus growing in numbers They have exstensively influenced the local population have a nice day

        • I once lived in Novato. I know the place you are talking about. Still there, huh?

      24. One of the largest organisms on the Earth is a giant grove of aspens that are connected as it cloned itself. We can’t communicate with it, so why would you think we could communicate with aliens?

      25. Scientists are insane, yet, are in charge of the asylum.

      26. atheists will say anything to help one another believe that God doesn’t exist and didn’t create it all

      27. Hillary seems to be quite alien to me! 🙂
        SETI is a scam! I the idea that ETs would be using radio to communicate between the stars is like thinking we are using smoke signals to communicate! Lots of free money involved keeping it going though!

      28. THERE HERRRRE……


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