NASA Astronauts Respond To Plan To ‘Prove Earth Is Flat’

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Headline News | 100 comments

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    If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the past few years, you would know that there is a growing movement of human beings who firmly believe that the Earth is flat. One of those humans, rapper B.o.B, made headlines last week when he created a GoFundMe page to finance his project which he believes will prove the Earth is flat, but astronauts have already responded.

    When the astronauts caught wind of rapper B.o.B’s plan they responded to his asinine idea brilliantly. B.o.B’s idea was to “send a satellite as far into space as possible” to take a photo of the Earth, which he believes will look like a map.

    Since B.o.B is obviously not a scientist and has a very limited understanding of mathematics, astronauts took some time out of their day to try to save the young man some money.

    Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two men to land on the moon, and the second man to actually walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, then jumped in to derail the hopes of flat-earthers everywhere.

    NASA astronaut Scott Kelly also had advice for B.o.B, as well as video evidence that the Earth is round. If he takes the 35 seconds required to watch it, he’ll see just how round the world is, and save his GoFundMe donors the $200,000 he’s asking for.

    But B.o.B wasn’t deterred with actual evidence and the eyewitness accounts of men who have actually been in Earth’s orbit.

    No amount of evidence will convince those who have already made up their mind what they “feel” is true. No amount of factual data and mathematical analysis will be enough evidence to get people to drop deeply held but wrong beliefs, making the flat-earther, akin to religious cultists.


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      1. For the very first in my life I agree with a rapper!!!

        • Get a grip.

        • Individuals do not “feel” that the earth is flat, as this lunatic writer states.
          They have PROOF that the earth is flat.
          And it’s probably not a good idea to ask masonic “astronauts” what they have or have not done; because they are bound by oath never to speak the truth.
          And would you listen to anything a violent liar like Buzz Lightyear says, and expect him to be telling the truth?
          I am surprised he did not offer to smash BoB in the face for daring to suggest the earth is flat.
          And flat earthers are not “religious cultists”.
          This is not some cult which declares the earth is flat and unmoving; IT IS THE BIBLE ITSELF.
          Hence all the roaches crawling out of the woodwork to try, increasing desperately it seems, to “debunk” the truth.

          • The Bible DOES NOT say the earth is flat.

            Not one verse.

            The only explicit reference in Scripture to the completed earth’s shape is in Isaiah 40:22, “the circle of the earth”.

            Christ being shown all “the kingdoms of the earth” by the devil during the Temptation is NOT superlative proof of a flat earth, no more than when the Roman Empire decreed that “all the earth should be taxed” Luke 2:1 should stand as proof that the inhabitants of Alaska, New Zealand and Japan were included in that statement.

            Christ’s temptation account entails figurative speech, abstractions, not hyper literal events.

            Flat Earthism is based on a plainly stupid approach to Scripture. Next thing you will be telling us that believers are literally made of salt, because Christ called us “the salt of the earth”.

            • Psalms 19:1

              • “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” – Psalm 19:1

                By what metric does that say the earth is flat?

          • So if the earth is flat what is underneath it, once you go past the core? Is it a flat map shaped object? Are we in a solar system? What shape is the sun and do we circle it? I cant even imagine a flat earth can you explain?

            • You ask flat earth society people taht and you get ignored and/or banned for “trolling” their forum.

          • I don’t know what bible you are reading but mine says the earth is a circle. Is 40:22

          • Here is an interesting bit of information in support of a globe: When the Petronas Towers were built in Kuala Lumpur,they were the tallest building(s) in the world. The architect and construction company were American. They built the towers with a bridge that connected the towers at mid-height. When they were adding floor after floor to the towers as they were being built, there became a totally unexpected problem: The architect had not accounted for the curvature of the earth, and as a result of that miscalculation, the towers were diverging from each other as they grew taller and taller. The construction crew had to re-do some of the construction in order to make allowances for the changes in the architecture in order to take into account this divergence problem, and how it related to their ability to connect the towers with the bridge between them.

            Go read up on it. It is pretty interesting, and heavily supports the concept of a spherical earth. This would be a HIGHLY unlikely dis-info plant, to use in support of a spherical earth.

        • Only an idiot would believe that 35 second video provided by scott kelly! If you look at the “horizon” of the “globe” it is a perfect “curved” line, how can that be when there would be clouds that would break up that outline? The earth’s profile could not possibly be such a perfect curve except when viewed from an extreme distance! And exactly where is all of the “space junk”, tens of thousands of pieces,or other satellites, that orbit our earth? No a single one was seen in a complete 360! The earth is flat!

      2. Earth is flat? Same people that think anthropogenic global warming is true. In fact, there actually IS a Flat Earth Society, and its president, Daniel Shenton has stated that he thinks the evidence fossil fuel usage is contributing to global warming.

        You can google “Flat earth society+global warming” to verify. Same flat earthers that think, re their socialism that has NEVER worked anywhere, at any time, that “this time is different.”

        • flat earth society is not every person who knows the earth is flat. flat earth society is a shill group, controlled opposition set up. space and the theories people believe are true about it like the theory of gravity are no different than the global warming believers. they believe govt religion of Science not actual empirical science. you have fallen right into the snare…

          • The snare is on you, Robbie. As Dr. Richard Lindzen, prof of atmospheric science at MIT, Dr. William Gray, the #1 hurricane forecaster in the world, and John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel have called your AGW, “a scam.” Their words, not mine. The famed Kegwin study, published in Nature, re. marine radioistopes on the Sargasso Sea, proves that we are warmer than the LIA, but *we are STILL below the 3,000 year average temperature!* Even Phil Jones, the lead AGW shill at East Anglia -before he was outed by the Climategate scam (we know YOU have forgotten that; the rest of us scientists haven’t) was forced to admit to the BBC that the MWP was probably real.

            But… I’ll bet you still think Mann’s hockey stick was “science,” right?

            Look around, mon ami. You are, yourself, standing right in the BIG GREEN MONEY snare of ignorance.

            • Read what he actually said, “mon ami”, rather than what you think he said.
              The two are entirely different.
              We await your apology.

        • Well, the Flattards think the Earth has a DOME over it, like a “snow globe”, which, curiously, is only half a globe.

          Their universal excuse for evidence like Scott Kelly’s above is that it is “CGI”. According to the Flattards, ALL evidence of a spherical planet has been created by COMPUTERS. Like the stuff from the 1940s and 1950s.

          • Only an idiot would believe that 35 second video provided by scott kelly! If you look at the “horizon” of the “globe” it is a perfect “curved” line, how can that be when there would be clouds that would break up that outline? The earth’s profile could not possibly be such a perfect curve except when viewed from an extreme distance! And exactly where is all of the “space junk”, tens of thousands of pieces,or other satellites, that orbit our earth? No a single one was seen in a complete 360! The earth is flat!

            Here’s one for you, genius. If the earth is 24000(+/-)miles in circumference, spinning at 1000 mph, then explain how on a perfectly calm day with clouds in the sky, those clouds can appear perfectly motionless (sometimes for hours) as well as NOT change their shape? Clouds are water vapor, and to appear motionless, they would have to be traveling far more than 1000 mph (because they are at a far greater altitude, not at the earth’s surface). At that speed they could not possibly keep the same shape for even a second. I have yet to find ONE scientific mind that can explain and/or proof how that can happen!!! Go for it!

            ——————– CRICKETS ————–

            • prove (not proof)

            • Wow. That is quite interesting Rattlejake. I never thought about the clouds before., and i’ve read some on the Flat Earth and i find it very intriguing. I am in the middle. I am not sure what to believe, but since “they” lie to us all the time i wouldn’t put it past “them” to lie to us about the earth being round. I need to search out more info. I am so fascinated by this theory/fact.

        • That would be because you have learned to think instead of absorbing the garbage that has been dumped on us for hundreds of years.OBTW…the FEs I have spoken with think socialism and global warming are part of our Globalist masters plan for ultimate domination.

        • Im not a Flatter, former sailor in the uscg.

          Problem, the way of explaining the curve of earth is to observe a ship go over the horizon. You see this with your BARE EYES.
          Yet when you look thru a telescope the ship is still there.

          So, it really did Not go over the horizon as your eyes show you. it is an optical illusion.

          THIS is A FACT.. im having trouble with it now as ammo against the flatters.

          Plus the fake ISS space station footage. and the astronauts STATING, we have NEVER LEFT earth’s orbit.

          • That’s another urban legend (the ship vanishing instead of going over the horizon).

            And the daft explanations for sunsets… Flat Earthism has been designed to deliberately discredit Christians.

        • Almost invariably, flat earthers are rational thinkers, not afraid to challenge the so called orthodoxy.
          Hence very few believe in AGW, which really IS a hoax.
          And btw, the FES is a well-known disinformation site.
          Go check “The Morgile”, or Jeranism if you want to learn the real deal.
          Both on YT.

      3. “Science” from a rapper? What’s next? Kim Kardashian telling us how to live a wholesome life?

      4. The video the astronaut has provided is a load of cgi bs!

        • And there’s no such thing as gravity, dinosaurs, space or nuclear energy, right, Evan?

          • Gravity is a theory…..the idea of an accidental magical force that pulls things to the center is ridiculous.

          • Actually gravity does NOT exist! Look up the definition and it refers to an “UNEXPLAINED”, or “IMAGINARY” force. On a flat earth gravity is simply a combination of weight/mass plus density. For gravity to be real it would have to be able to regulate it’s force for every different object on earth because each one has a different weight/mass and density and would require a different force to counteract centrifugal force!

            NASA claims that space is a vacuum, so how is it that our atmosphere doesn’t all get sucked out to space because it would be trying to equalize pressure? The only way to prevent the loss of our atmosphere is there is a “solid” between our atmosphere and space – God called it the firmament! Oh I forgot, it’s that imaginary “gravity”!

            By the way, most Flat-earthers are NOT members of the left! Many are Christians who actually believe scriptures accounts of the earth’s creation.

      5. What ignorant idiots, flat?
        I thought we put that to rest a looooooong time ago,
        Hell, theres High school kids in Ca working on the Earth Sky project who prove flat earth just plain wrong every time they send one of their baloons into the stratosphere,,, the ISS? What, thats imaginary?
        Cant fix stupid, not surprising a rapper is involved, i stopped reading after that,
        These people are dumber than a bag of hammers

        • A helium balloon destroys the theory of gravity…firmament above and one below. van allen radiation belt is what they call the firmament above and lie about what it really is and the second there is a 2 min video on youtube of scientists in 1996 I think it was, sending a sub into the bottom of a ocean trench. in that trench was a opening with water so cold and salty it was more dense than steel. also 8 in squared per mile drop on a ball right? Chicago seen across lake Michigan at roughly 50 miles when it should be roughly 3k feet below viewing because of the drop. so many more examples and people sending up no fish eye lens balloons up now too.

        • i was sailor before in the USCG, the trick was to watch a ship go over the horizon. proving the round earth, yet when you look thru a telescope, the ship can still be seen, HOW?

          • For fooks sake, look out the window of a plane sometime, you can see the curve…

            • Hey moron, try researching the windows in aircraft. They are round or have rounded edges AND they are thicker in the middle than at the edges (slightly bubbled – not necessarily noticeable at a distance). These windows give a”fisheye” view! WHY? Because of the pressures caused by altitude and speed when flying – flat squared cornered windows blow out!

      6. Oh well I’ll bite. I never paid attention to the flat Earthers in the past. Now I’m not so sure the Earth is a globe. The video and other photos could very well be computer generated graphics. Proof would be an actual picture of Earth from outer space, those official photos that exist have been proven bogus. High altitude balloons and private rocket launches have photographed the Earth as completely flat with no curvature seen, even hot air balloons. Those videos look real. Like is said by globe believers an object moving away on the ocean disappears from view because of the curvature. Yet when using a telescope that object comes fully into view. That could not happen on a globe Earth because the curvature would take it out of view. Hundreds of more proofs that the Earth is not a globe can be read by searching the internet. The Earth as flat is mentioned in many Bible verses. Seems like compelling evidence to me.

      7. I’ve got to say that not one of those guys answered his question. They deflected with NASA video. He asked where the curve was in the picture. Math would deem a curvature based on distance. I’m not necessarily siding with the rapper, but they simply didn’t answer his question.

        • Two cities 16 miles apart is not going to show a curvature based on how large the planet is. Flat earthers, yikes.

          • Kb:
            The Globe Earth based math for curvature is:
            8″xD2 (or 8 Inches times the Distance Squared).

            A city that is 16 miles away (per globe earthers) would be

            8″ x 16×16=2048″ (or 170 feet) below your current position and thus, out of the line of site.

            To summarize more clearly, any city that is 16 miles away from you will be completely blocked from your viewpoint based on the “curvature” of the Earth.

            To take this “Globe shaped belief” to the ridiculous look no further than this weatherman who tries to explain away a photo of Chicago (taken from the Michigan side of the lake 58 miles away) as a mirago…LMAO! The indoctrination of the globe earth is deep seated and will require many open minds to “re-learn” the truth. Up until the Copernicun lie in the 16th century, everyone was of the agreement, the Earth is a flat plane.

            http s://

            (I broke the link by moving the “s”)

            BTW, that Chicago skyline photo taken from Michigan (if we’re on a globe) should have been 2,242 feet below the horizon and never visible…

            The Truth shall set you free.

            • You forgot to mention that because the earth is a “ball” that anything that you could possibly see at that distance would be leaning away also!

              • Both these remarks are brilliant. Well done!

      8. 3 words: Line Of Site

        • Which site is that?

          • the one thats not in your vision or understanding

      9. The flat-earth community has become a kind of part-time chess game with me. I keep wondering, “How could I overthrow them, operating strictly within their phone-booth-sized zone of accepted data? They are a tough bunch to satisfy.

        • Ask for a picture of the edge of the flat plane. I haven’t seen any.

      10. I agree with the rapper. We have people all around the world…. Ummm wait a minute.

      11. The earth is flat what’s next, the moon is made of green cheese?

      12. Yeah astronaut ms. kelly is a bought and paid for schill, ask him about gun control if you need evidence of that. NASA stands for never a straight answer. For me there are two competing ideas that are equally probably; 1 the earth is a closed system with no way of escaping. 2 there is an extremely advanced space program. There is no way for me to know without having to rely on hearsay or videos which anyone who has ever seen a movie, can be completely manipulated :s

        • You have confused Scott Kelly with his twin brother Mark. Scott is an astronaut who spent a year on the ISS (over 6000 orbits of Earth). His brother Mark is married to Gabby Giffords and has been active in gun control issues, which I deplore.

          • Thanks for the correction wee liam 🙂 not that either really gives clarification of the divergent paradigms I was referring to.

      13. Ok “flat earthers”, answer this. How can one part of it be lit and the other part be dark? Do it in a computer animation for all to see, or Stu.
        Also, not one of you has answered my question in 5 years:
        What is on the other side?

        • Should say…. or s.t.f.u.

        • There are computer animations of flat Earth and the sun and moon circling the flat Earth. These imply the Sun and moon are far smaller and much closer than what is taught. The sun and moon are both within the firmament that encloses the flat Earth. All you see in the sky revolves around the Earth with the center of the flat Earth being Polaris directly above the North Pole. Time lapse photography shows everything revolving around the Earth. Just like the UN symbol and others show.

          • The UN logo is a MAP PROJECTION, not a depiction of flat Earth.

            You are at odds with the flattard dogma, which states that outer space does not exist – that the stars are being PROJECTED on the dome from somewhere, somehow. An impossibility. Polaris and all the stars DO NOT EXIST, according the Flat Earth dogma-makers.

            I’d be worried they might be coming to your house to set you straight, if I were you. Which, happily, I am not.

        • If it was flat and rotated there would be advertisements on the other side lol.

        • The reason that YOU can’t grasp the concept of flat earth is because your mind is controlled by your childhood indoctrination and your fear of being ridiculed. YOU believe that the earth is millions of miles away and is millions of miles in circumference when it is easily proven not to be.


          Answer to your question – Who says there is another side? Who says that space is infinite? ONLY GOD KNOWS!

      14. My coke I had yesterday was flat but nothing else!

      15. A Short Story about a Father and Daughter and Birds and GOD
        Dramatis Personae:
        F: Father: Father
        D: Daughter: Daughter

        Father: Yes sweetie, I can see the murmurations.
        Daughter: What did you call them? Murmur something?
        Father: Right. Murmur -a-shuns.
        Daughter: Murmurashuns! Murmurations!
        Father: Exactly. Very good honey.

        Daughter: So beautiful it must be from GOD!
        Father: Well actually honey, logically speaking these murmurations tell us
        that there is no wind in the atmosphere certainly none at the
        ridiculous 1600km/hr.
        Daughter: Huh?
        Father: That means that the Earth is not spinning. There is no rotation.
        Daughter: Ohh, okay.
        Father: Yes honey. And if there is no rotation, then the entire heliocentric
        model of the solar system falls apart.
        Sunrise and sunset can no longer be explained using their model.
        Daughter: Wow.
        Father: Yes wow. We need another model entirely.
        When you include bird migration patterns you realize that birds do NOT
        adjust their flight path for the supposed curvature of the earth.

        Daughter: Huh daddy ? Whatcha mean?
        Father: I mean that if the Earth was a globe, then the birds would have to
        constantly adjust their flight path in altitude given the thousands of
        kilometers their migrations can take them covering the so called
        spherical curvature of the Earth.

        Daughter: Oh, okay.

        Father: Yes honey. The flight path of the birds tell us that the Earth is
        flat. And that tells us that GOD exists.

        Daughter: Why come Daddy ?

        Father: Because sweetheart, we cannot have a flat disked Earth like plane(t)
        created through random action and scientific principles.
        It just cannot happen that way. Thus the Earth was made according to
        purposeful design.
        Someone sat down on some celestrial workbench, and designed and
        created this flat plane(t) that we call Earth.
        That is the only conclusion we can come to. Thus GOD exists.

        Daughter: But Daddy there is an easier way to know GOD exists.
        Father: Huh? What is it honey?

        Daughter: Well looking at those, whatcha call them, murmurashuns?
        Father: Yes, murmurations.

        Daughter: Right, well those are so beautiful they could only come from GOD. So
        GOD exists.
        Isn’t that right Daddy?

        Father: Hmmmmm. You know what honey? I like your explanation better. Yes
        you’re right.

      16. There are reports of many continents beyond the ice wall in Antarctica. Even NASA now says the Earth is pear shaped indicating a wider circumference at Southern latitudes than at the equator as was found by early explorers. Have you seen those pear shaped photos from NASA yet? Neither have I. There is a mathematical formula found from the globe Earth model as to how much curvature is found over a specific distance. Even at 50 miles distant smaller objects would be below line of sight because of curvature. That’s not the case when binoculars or a telescope is used. You can’t see over a curvature at ground level.

        • Drive across the prairies – the flattest part of earth – and see for yourself. DUE TO THE CURVATURE OF THE EARTH’S SURFACE, when the next major city appears on the horizon, you see the tops of the tallest skyscrapers first, and then as you go over the curve the lower portions of the city gradually come into view until you are on the same level. Flat earth theory BUSTED!!!

          • Really? NOT!!!!!!! If there really was a curve, then when the tops of those tallest skyscrapers appeared, you could NOT see the tops, because on a curve they would be leaning away from you. Yet if you look at them through binoculars when they first appear, they are standing straight up – 90 degrees! This is also true, even more so, of mountain peaks, yet when they appear they are not facing away!

        • Show us some.

      17. Proving or disproving whether the earth is flat or spherical should be fairly easy. Get an aircraft that can circumvent the earth without having to land. Start in Greenwich and fly north along 0° longitude. You will cross the North Pole and start flying south alone 180º longitude south. When you reach Antarctica and fly across the South Pole and begin to head north along 0° longitude back to Greenwich, you have proven that earth is spherical. However, when you reach Antarctica and hit a barrier that keeps you from flying across the South Pole and have to fly east or west to reach 0° longitude, you have proven that the earth is flat.

        • Get B.y.o.B on that flight with a film camera! All these smart cameras have CGI in ’em!

          Wait. Last week I saw a flattard who said electronic devices do not exist! According to him, they all have MECHANICAL DEVICES INSIDE! Which suggests he has never tested his own theory by opening one up. . . (SHS)

      18. According to George Mason Univ professor Walter WIlliams, the average Black H.S. grad has the same level of Science as the average White 6th grader. BTW, Williams is Black!

      19. According to George Mason Univ professor Walter WIlliams, the average Black H.S. grad has the same level of Science as the average White 6th grader. BTW, Williams is Black!

      20. The Earth is actually a cube.

        People believing it is flat are only looking at their side of the cube.

        You need to get a bigger picture to see the whole cube and know the truth of it.

        • Borg?

      21. Remember, those people elected obama!

        • LOVE it!

      22. Research who Wernher Von Braun was, then take a look at what is engraved on his gravestone. I’ll give you a hint, it’s Psalms 19:1. ” The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” TPTB love to leave clues. These psychopathic satanists running the world have created lies deeper and more in depth than we will ever know. If you do decide to look into flat earth, forget all that you’ve been “taught” by the system.

      23. Seriously you would have to be retarded to think the earth is flat. Come on – really? Have you never done any ballistics calculations?? I suppose that’s all CGI? LOLs

        • Research it. The math that TPTB tell you about globe earth are the same equations that prove it wrong! . Why does it take the same amount of time to fly from NY to London and vice versa? One way should be significantly shorter given the rotation of earth, correct? How about earth being surrounded by the vacuum of space?? If there’s a vacuum, how is there combustion? How and what do rockets thrust off of?? How about flight paths that they tell are flown on an arc due to rotation? These same arcs are nearly a straight shot on flat earth map.

      24. Someone please prove roundness beyond any doubt. Just do math of 8XdXd where d is distance. Example 8x27x27/12 for Ponchatrain Bridge one end would be 426’ lower than the other. Should be able to coast across on a red wagon.

        • Yeah…start at one end and coast to the other.

          Turn around and coast back…

          Phew. This is taxing my flat brain.

      25. Ok, try this on for size. In order for the rapper to send up a camera, he needs to use calculations. Well, those calculations are based on a round earth. So if he raises all that money, he will run into a snag during the science bit.

      26. A very good positive proof of the lunar landing and a round earth would a positive picture of the lunar landing module still on the moon. With the advanced telescopes in today’s inventory that should be an easy task since they can see super novas light years away from earth. The distance to the moon is comparable to just across the street!!

        • When i was reading about a flat earth awhile back they were saying that yes the earth is round, but it is like a round flat disc in the sky. I need to search more, cuz i am in the middle now.

      27. Another proof of the flat Earth is when aircraft fly long distances they would have to regularly adjust the nose down to remain at the same altitude on a globe Earth. They don’t.

      28. B.o B., look through a telescope at Mars or Saturn. From any perspective you see a disc. Unless you think the Earth is shaped like a wooden nickel that always turns its flat side toward a telescope, then the thing you see must be a sphere. Spheres are not flat. I understand that you snowflakes believe reality can be changed by repeating the lie, but this lie won’t fly.

        • I’m not a snowflake. I’m a Deplorable and damn proud of it! And yet i’m right in the middle of this flat earth thing and i need to study more.

      29. There’s a bunch of maroons on here today.

        The earth is basically round. The proof is in trigonometry. The diameter of the earth was roughly calculated thousands of years ago by measuring the angle of a shadow cast by the sun at noon at two different locations at the same time of day.

        ht tp://

        Flat-earthers don’t understand anything beyond 2+2.

        Also, with a large telescope, you can see with your own eyes that the moon is a sphere. I saw it when I was in college astronomy.

        • Archivist idiot.
          The proof you cite was predicated on an ASSUMPTION.
          ie that the sun is far distant from earth.
          Which it is not.
          Clearly, you have done no research whatsoever on this topic, so anything you say is hardly worth reading.
          So it would seem that those who understand 2+2 are several steps ahead of you.

        • As long as you’ve got that telescope handy, go down to the beach with a calculator to figure out earths drop and ask yourself why you’re able to see things beyond the curvature. Also, ask yourself why at certain times you can see stars thru the moon. Lots of videos and pics out there that show it.

      30. It is curious to think that if this rapper wasnt a threat why would astronauts immediately respond to this? If it was such a joke why would these guys respond at all? Really… Buzz responded. Does anyone else think that is peculiar? Didnt Buzz also visit Antarctica a few months ago? Now I am not saying I agree its a flatearth… but with this kind of response, (and like with most things these days) something is not right with all this and definitely not right with the kneejerk defense of something that all parties are saying is ridiculous. If someone spouts lunacy one just normally shakes their head and ignores them… it doesnt take NASA to form a response. Hell, climate change didnt get this response – so why flat earth?

      31. You can prove the Earth is flat with your cell phone, download a level app that uses the accelerometer on your phone, lay it on a flat ground and calibrate it as level, then travel somewhere far or fly across the world and open your app to see how much curvature it detects. If you set it on the ground and it’s still level then the Earth is flat, if it’s skewed when you set it on the flat ground then the Earth is curved.

      32. For those that have sailed any appreciable distance there is no question that the Earth is round. Places and other vessels appear in the distance as a vague dot, then become more visible as you sail closer. Spend some time at a port and you can see ships come and go. When a ship disappears, it didn’t sail off the edge, it merely sailed past the distance of curvature you can see from your vantage. Go up 10 stories and the distance is further. The Earth is basically spherical.

        • Watch the ship sail over the horizon as you call it, then pull out your telescope and watch it come back in view…the world we inhabit isn’t what we’ve been told it is.

      33. Tests firing a cannon straight up indicate no spin of the Earth. A cannonball shot up landed within a foot of the cannon, sometimes back into the barrel of the cannon. If the Earth were spinning the cannonball would land a greater distance away.

        • Holy shit, dude. The cannon is traveling the same speed as the surface. When the cannonball leaves the cannon it is going the same speed. You do at least believe in inertia don’t you? Or is that fake like gravity?

          • Gravity has never been proven, still just a theory. Think in terms of density.

      34. The mobius mentality that only common core can produce. It enables AGW, Russiagate, the stock market and your shadow government to exist. I used to think Kissinger was full of shit but maybe there are useless eaters. These people will make good cannon fodder. An existence of no consequence will not be mourned.

      35. What difference does it make to your life if Earth is round or flat?
        Another layer added to the divide and conquer onion for humanity to peel.
        No wonder we never left the dark ages.

      36. EVERY PLANET in our solar system and others is round, even the MOON, and the EARTH is FLAT???? Are people so gullible, as Lilliputians they can’t see the forest? Wake up people we have certain people in our society who are creating chaos by tearing down and destroying the old foundations of TRUTH to promote the NWO agenda and ideologies. News flash…the sky is still blue, people are still inherently wicked, snow is still white, and all men MUST die. Time is slow but sure, sin is sure but Jesus Christ still the cure, so stop listening to fools and their folly least you become one!

      37. This is foolishness on a scale that boggles my imagination. How many have seen ships leave port and at some point, observed the hull disappear from view, while their mast and superstructure remain visible, until they are below the edge of the optical horizon? How many have watched volcanic islands disappear into the ocean as,optically,they appear to sink,not merely grow more distant? How many of you have been exposed to having to continuously make course adjustments to a ship in order to arrive at a foreign destination, because of the curvature of the earth? How many have used directional radio antennas to communicate around the world and used the “Great Circle Map” to derive beam heading. How many have communicated by satellites that circle the earth every 1.5-1.75 hours with a continuous change in course as the earth spins under it? I was a sailor on US Navy destroyers for 5.5 years and have been in the N/S Atlantic, N/S Pacific, Indian and Arctic Oceans, and my lifelong hobby is amateur radio. I have seen the constellations of the sky change between the northern and southern hemisphere and seen both the North Star and the Southern Cross. My Bible says that the earth is a sphere hanging in the heavens! My experiences confirm this! Flat earth talk is foolishness!

      38. By worldly standards Im not an idiot. BA Mathematics, AS Engineering.

        But the earth is surely not round nor spinning. My first instinct was to debunk it I figured itd take a few moments, 2 years later Im still convinced.

        For Christians the Bible confirms what the eyes see. “The Earth shall not be moved ” in PSalms and the oft ignored Job 38:14 which is EXPLICIT in describing the earth. THis description mathes the observation of early 20th century explorer Picard (whom the fictional character is named for).

        FOr those with more science leaning. Check into Michelson Morely experiment. And Aries “failure” and dozens of others. Each time the earth is found to be motionless they simply create a new thing to explain it. Likewise how gravity was found to be off by tens of powers of ten in explaining the universe’s motion so they invented dark matter. Its all a farce.

        THe Bible also says Satan is father of lies and controls the earth. So to think we spend 50$B a day on NASA and it spits out truth for goodwill is absurdity.

        Few things to try at home:
        1) measure temp of moonlight
        2) Notice the fisheye aspect of plane windows when you board 3) Use binoculars to bring an object thats gone “Over the horizon ” back into view 4) Read up on the actual history of heliocentrism , NASA, and strangeness of Antartica Watch the Documentary “The Principle” 6) COnsider where does lies end and where does truth begin in this world.Watch Tell-lie-vision for several hours first.

        • Flattard, your academic education is impressive. Have you ever engaged a professor with your flat-Earth theory. Sailing or flying beyond the “line-of-sight” indicates you have traveled on a sphere. The arc, part of a sphere, you just traveled is an easily repeatable experiment. Surely you don’t believe you sailed over the edge. Other thoughts about optical tools increasing the distance seen over the horizon are easily explained by refraction.

      39. For a website supposedly dedicated to preparing the masses AGAINST the government, y’all sure are eager and willing to turn belly up and beg for the Zionists/Masonic/Jesuit/Luciferian scratch. FOR SHAME. And by the way? The pythagorean equation for curvature is about 8in x mi x mi. So that photograph you are mocking? There should be over 150 FEET of curvature between them. And there is not. Boom. No curve = Flat Earth.

      40. This profound subject of whether the earth is a sphere or flat like a coin with Antarctica forming its circumference is a test.

        If you investigate this subject and conclude that the earth is a sphere, you fail the test.

        I was born in 1972. In 1990, I finished high school in the top 0.85% of the state in which I live. In 2015, at the age of 43 years, I realized to my delight that the earth is flat, just like the Bible indicates.

        I didn’t fail the test.

        Thanks a lot to everyone standing up for the truth in this comments section. I appreciate you very much.

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