Nancy Pelosi’s Fully “Vaccinated” Staffers Test Positive For COVID-19

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Source: The New York Times

    This is just more evidence that the “vaccine” is either not a vaccine, or it doesn’t work.  Nancy Pelosi’s fully vaccinated staffers have tested positive for COVID-19 after coming in contact with Texas democrats who fled the state.

    According to Newsweek, the staff members are experiencing mild symptoms of the virus.  While the vaccine does not completely protect a person from getting and transmitting COVID-19, it does decrease the severity of symptoms if the person were to contract the virus, reported Axios. 

    “We know that there will be breakthrough cases, but as this instance shows, cases in vaccinated individuals are typically mild,” a White House official told Axios.

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    MSM Tries To Convince The Public Deaths From COVID After Being Vaxxed Means The Shot Is “Effective”

    Pelosi’s staff member led the group of Texas Democrats through the U.S. Capitol last week when the delegation flew to Washington, D.C., to stop Texas Republicans from passing restrictive voting laws. Six of the Texas lawmakers have since tested positive for COVID-19, all of whom were vaccinated against the virus.

    “The entire Press Office is working remotely today with the exception of individuals who have had no exposure to the individual or have had a recent negative test,” Hammill said in a statement. “Our office will continue to follow the guidance of the Office of Attending Physician closely.”-Newsweek

    A Florida Republican, Representative Vern Buchanan, announced on Monday that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He is also fully vaccinated and experiencing “very mild flu-like symptoms.”

    “I look forward to returning to work as soon as possible,” Buchanan said in a statement. “In the meantime, this should serve as a reminder that although the vaccines provide a very high degree of protection, we must remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19.”

    6 Fully Vaxxed Wedding Guests Caught The “Delta Variant” OUTSIDE, And 1 Died

    There seems to be a trend. Vaccination status doesn’t seem to matter whether one gets COVID-19 or not. So what’s the point of this vaccine?

    Keep using critical thinking. Something is going on and we may soon find out what sinister plans they have to keep us enslaved.




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      1. “after coming in contact with Texas Democrats who fled the state” Yeah, that’s
        usually how you become infected. I try to avoid contact with Democrats at all times, they’re such filthy little
        things and that was the case even before covid????

      2. One should not have to die to leave office!

      3. One thing I’m certain of: Every single person that gets the vaccine and then catches covid will die.

        That’s a fact.

      4. To get back to normal, work, truth in govt. and hoaxes being rained on us by those that consider themselves elites will require a revolution…….it s time for it. Throw them out, go back to 0 and start over again without lobbies, corruption, parties and fraud. It appears that it needs to be worldwide.

        • To play at revolution is to plough the sea.

          And the majority of the time, those who do it lose.

          It’s taken the Left 90 years to get us to where we are today, and inertia of those years keeps us going that way, that isn’t likely to change quickly if it does at all.

      5. Note: The Spanish doctors that discovered the deadly graphene oxide in several brands of covid injections have made a video that said that Glutathione can help break down and eliminate the graphine oxide from the body. Pass the word.

        The video where I saw this was over on Bitchute.

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