Must Watch: When People Laughed At Donald Trump And Anyone Who Said He Would Win

by | Nov 13, 2016 | Headline News | 56 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Who’s laughing now?

    (Watch at Youtube)

    And for some good comedy from Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle On Saturday Night Live’s Election Nigh wrap-up:


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      1. It was the same people who laughed at Peter Schiff when he warned of economic collapse in 2006:

        Proving once again that the mainstream media and their narrative is full of shit.

        • Anonymous, spot on. Libturds have the WORST HABIT of getting egg on their faces. Can’t fix stupid.

          • I watched the Trump interview on 60 minutes tonite. Stahl asked Trump if he was still gonna prosecute Hillary. In a nutshell, he evaded the question and basically said the country is in bad shape and the country’s big problems need addressed, like healthcare. He also seemed to walk back the mass deportation of illegals that was part of his campaign strategy. He said he’s gonna deport or incarcerate the illegal criminals, drug dealers and gangsters then he’ll make a decision on the rest. I’m starting to wonder what his plans are now for China and Isis

          • can’t fix stupid


            if you’re a nurse, you can sedate it. 🙂

            • Grandee, LOL! My late wife was a nurse so I know what you mean. Sedation is probably all anyone can hope for.

            • can’t fix stupid

              Sure ya can.

              Deport it.

              • Or you could liquidate the stupid.

            • …There is something really wrong with a country when er nursing has become a dangerous occupation.

            • This Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Mike Evans ((Black Guy))) took an knee during the National Anthem Yesterday to Protest the election of Donald Trump. Where do they get these freaks?

              Also at the same Game the US Military is doing Recruiting to cons some drunk kids into signing up for the Military. The Radio Announcer said 5 (Stupid idiots) took the oath and signed up for the Military at the Football game with the Bucs vs. Bears.

              So again this just confirms the NFL is a Recruiting tool for the Military, and Just one more reason to Boycott NFL. Do not buy any game jerseys, player or team paraphernalia. And certainly do not Go to any games for over priced hotdogs. Then Tax payers are paying for the Hundred Million dollar stadiums as the NFL Teams Pay no Federal Income Taxes because the entire NFL is classified as a 501c3 Non Profit organization, and the Team Owners and Players are making Millions in profit, all to be a recruiting tool of the US Military. GEICO also advertised PRO-Military which is just Recruiting Idiots thinking they are fight for America when all they are fighting for is Fascism. Boycott Geico also who is owned by Warran Buffet.

              We need to clean out all the Scam BS in this country and call them all out.

            • …a nurse..or a bartender…

        • Its been ten years. There is still no “economic collapse”. Is there. Hmmmm ??? 🙂

          • Yep Trump Wins and Precious Metals Take a Beating like no other. Silver is slammed down again for another -.56 cents to $16.80, and Gold down to $1213.00.

            WTF. Hey, anybody still swimming in PM Mining stocks? Bwhahahahahahahahahhahahaaaa Why just a few months ago it was every other scam article, saying BUY!!! lmfao

            • Maybe this is a Commodities Ploy to shake out all the weak players, so the Big Guys can come in and steal all their Physical Gold and Silver on the cheap. One thing is certain, I have not lost a single Ounce on my PM’s.

              India is eliminating large paper Money Rupies. People have 30 days to turn in their cash before it is completely useless. They are doing this to Supposedly to curb corruption. Folks, this is your Golden Opportunity to Buy PM on the cheap. The G20 said the US Dollar would be no more in 10 years. I say 4 years. Preserve your wealth in PM’s, Land, Livestock, Food, Water Treatment, somewhere out of all cities and away from all banks and paper fiat money. This economy will expire shortly into a huge pile of unpayable Debt. Trump has the Power to wipe all bank debt off the books and declare Banks Illegal and predatory loan sharks. No more credit cards. So go max all your credit cards up right now, and buy food, guns and ammo.

          • Only time will tell, it ain’t over yet. Trump is already back tracking on his “promises”, imagine that. And everyone just knew Trump was going to save the world, yea right. I have said from the start that Trump is a part of the system, he is not going to do a damn thing but make Trump richer and more famous than he already is.
            What is really a joke is all the people who have been saying,”the American people are wide awake now. They are paying attention and they aren’t going to take it any more, GO TRUMP.” Rah, Rah, etc.

            Yea, well who has egg on their face now? I know it ain’t over til it’s over but people are NOT awake! They are just as asleep as they have always been. Now this may wake up a few more once the realization of Trump lying to them takes hold. But don’t get me wrong, I am glad Trump won, at least we aren’t going to war with Russia, or are we? Ha, You don’t know either, do you?

            It was being said that Trump is the “great unknown” in all this, really? Really? All you have to do is realize that the only unknown in all this is what is the next lie you’re going to be told. This is going to get real interesting, don’t you think? Trump is in it for Trump. If he manages to drag you along with him, great, but don’t count on it.

            Do your research on why we are in this mess and don’t count on Trump or anyone else to save you, but yourself and God.

            Mr Charlie out.

        • I speak six languages.

          Im going to go to French Guyana over the holiday break.

          Why? What the hell for?

          I’ve been to a few third-world countries in my time.

          Puts things in perspective. Helps me understand the non-white races. Helps me with my bushcraft.

          Besides, tourism to Europe is down 40% thanks to the sand apes and Japan glows in the dark. Russia and China hate us. What’s left to do?

          They call me an ignorant racist.

          I’m not ignorant. I’m quite cultured, travelled, and read.

          I’m not ignorant.






        • Don’t go to protest rallies anymore.

          I went to a few pro-‘Murica soirees but conditions have changed now that there is talk of violent communist revolution.

          You don’t spend all this money on your shit just to get killed by some pavement ape or some idiot cop in your local, formally nice white city now turned into a shithole by minorities.

          If women never built a fucking city on this Earth what fucking right do they have to be leaders?????

          One absurdity after another with you people!!!!!!!!!

      2. Breaking news! Leftist protesters fires just caused global warming spike of 9.8% !!!!

        Polar bears are marching in Tuktoyaktuk against the George Soros funded leftist protesters, who have just spiked global warming by 9.8% with their recent fires. One polar bear, Ted Y. Baer, told NBC (Nuthin’ But Clinton) presstitute Ima Scamster (just before he ate her) that “Obama had actually reversed the rising of the seas, just as they told us he would. In fact, last year they dropped 5’. And now this! They are invading my safe space/ice floe, and it’s not fair.”

        Here is a graph of the warming the leftist fires from just yesterday have caused.

        Oh wait. Sorry. That is Mikey Mann’s fake hockey stick that was proven a scam. But never mind – they can use it for anything no matter how far off it is!

        Oh yeah. Rock is not funny, and just another Learjet leftist. I absolutely NEVER watch this doofus.

      3. Bet they ain’t laughin now…..

        • Jim, last time I checked, depending on WHICH group of libs you’re talking about, they’re crying, calling into suicide hot lines, rioting, etc. They have the WORST HABIT of getting egg on their faces. There is no known cure for the stupidity of libturdism.

          • Jim, last time I checked, depending on WHICH group of libs you’re talking about, they’re crying, calling into suicide hot lines, rioting, etc. They have the WORST HABIT of getting egg on their faces. There is no known cure for the stupidity of libturdism.

            REPLY And I use melted snow flakes for my iced tea and liberal tears as a sweetner! SNiff Boo HOO HOO Sniff sniff!

        • Everyone here has a crush on Trump.
          Yes he is likely a better alternative than the TRAITOR-who practices Demonic Ritual/Vodoo.

          However, I don’t worship Trump. I was hopeful about his possibility.
          I am NEVER a Follower of ANYONE or ANYTHING, other than Christian God.

          *****Did Something happen to Trump?
          *****Brainwashed? Body double? Was he fibbing to get into office?

          After his “meeting” with traitor/pro communist/pro muslim obama.
          Trump said, “obama is a good man.” WHY????????
          Trump just said, Trump, on pledge to appoint special prosecutor to investigate Clintons, says “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people” WHY???????
          Here is my source: just remove spaces in www cut n paste in browser to go there.

          w w w

          Why would Trump say that?
          *****Was he Brainwashed or Manchurian Candidated at the obama meeting?
          Trump does not seem to be the same guy that people voted for.
          Maybe he is just tired? Stressed? Overwhelmed at what he has gotten himself into?
          Reality of the magnitude of the job has set in?

          Did obama tell him something that makes everything else seem Petty because of whatever is coming ahead? Events Already in motion. Or is Trump brainwashed?

          Before you laugh you need to understand that the technology you are familiar with is 25-50 years BEHIND what is really possible technologically.
          Brainwashing and electrical/magnetic/thermal/radioactive/microwave/chemical manipulation of brain/cognitive function is a very real and current technological capability.

          “obama is NOT a good man.”
          “Clintons are NOT good people.”
          Trump saying those things is FRIGHTENING to me.
          Trump Calling the Clintons who are: CRIMINALS-TRAITORS-ANTI AMERICAN-Sexual Predator-Demon Worshippers “good people”.
          ****I am worried now. Did Trump do a 180 after one meeting with obama?
          Or his he playing chess until he makes it into office?

          Why doesn’t this web site write article about the subject of mind control-brainwashing-mental manipulation. This is a VERY important survival topic.
          Psychological control is much better and effective than physical control.

          Trump should NEVER spend time around obama. Trump is in physical and
          spiritual/psychological DANGER by being in obama-hillary proximity.

          There is a massive FRAUD about this subject,brain manipulation. This Topic is HEAVILY censored. Or dismissed as “Tin Foil” hat material. That is one means of social control, RIDICULE. I doubt this site will put up this post.

          Prisoner of war mutiple times. You can’t believe until you see it up close.
          Watching my fellow humans MURDERED by USA Police was horrible. Worse than time as POW.
          I would think twice about EVER allowing yourself to be put in “custody”.
          USA law enforcement MURDER people for PROFIT once they are jailed. This is FACT.
          No bail. No Attorney. No phone call. Police disappear you. Then KILL you.
          Indiana Sheriff Dept recently raided by Feds.

      4. It’s always gratifying to see libturds get egg on their faces. HEADS UP EVERYONE! I’m not normally a fan of Dave Hodges, but I came across 2 articles on his site that outlined some scenarios which are plausible and not too far-fetched. Links: http// AND http//

        • Mac, BTW, you might want to read and maybe even link to those 2 articles from Dave Hodges’ site. those 2 articles are worth some lively discussion.

          • Yeah Brave, Like this: How America has been destroyed by the Khazarian Mafia.

            Article: Rothschild’s Zionist Khazarian Vassal State Of Israel


            This same tactic has been used over the centuries to destroy many countries. Not Iceland any longer. Its about time we share History with our readers. Read this article, and connect the dots to all the chaos in the world and here in the US including 9-11 when Israel used Nukes against us TO BRING THE TOWERS DOWN.

            Trump could drain the swamp quickly. Putin is on Board, England Voted Brexit, its all changing course. This is the World’s Common Global Enemy. Know thy Enemy.

      5. How about that.

        As said, The media already elected H. Clinton before the vote and expected us the public to follow their lead.

        I remember in 1968 the word was how bad The Baltimore Colts would hammer The New York Jets in Super Bowl III.


        A good change is coming. So is resistance. Always is to change.

        If ever she had egg on her face, she had it on November 10th Long time coming.

        The Trump victory is a sure sign that The Public is alive and watching. That is a good thing because just because he won, is no reason to stop prepping.

      6. Libtards can never seem to grasp a simple concept: their philosophies don’t work in the real world and never have. A major tenet of liberalism is that you have to deny reality.

      7. Libtards can’t seem to grasp on fundamental truth: their philosophies don’t work and never have. To be a good liberal you have to be able to deny obvious reality.

      8. Frank, agreed. They’ll never know what reality is because of the fantasy world in which they live. They’re a lost cause.

      9. They’re crying now, not laughing. Bunch of sore losers.
        But remember this- most of those we see on the idiot tube are just pawns. Whether paid actors or sincerely upset- they’re still the pawns. Keep your eyes on the man behind the curtain. The NWO never rests.
        But, then again, neither do we.
        Stay sharp and keep stackin’
        We know who wins in the end…..

        • smokinOkie, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie. Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, had a term for them; ‘useful idiots’. He hit the nail on the head with that one. I’m still stackin’ and keepin’ all my options open.

      10. The shock:

        The Hillary supporters, not necessarily to the left, still believe television “news” is actually NEWS. When, in fact, it is just a propaganda tool of the owners. There are five media owners. All are members of the same ethnic group. The same ethnic group who control banking, the same ethnic group who created Communism. The same ethnic group who have been creating war for so long. Most are so shocked when they find out the facts. It is shocking. It is hard to believe that such a tiny group could do what they do.

        Oz, in Judy Garland’s classic movie was a nothing special, ordinary man using a technology to trick people into first believing his power. And then, giving him power.

        That is the media today. We give anyone on TV automatic respect. The media forecasters and reporters have been lying for the five media owners for so long, they seem to have convinced themselves that they had duped all of us.

        It is hard for these young people. Give them time under a strong Trump presidency. Some of the values that made America great will return when the people who made America great in the first place come out of hiding. There will come a time when the truth will be evident.

        White people are the least racist people on planet earth. It is because of white European values that a situation like this arose. No other Country has welcomed outsiders as much as European Countries. For that generosity, we got hate and a feeling of having been entitled to being allowed to join us.

        It has taken a lot of abuse for whites to say, “ENOUGH”.


        • B

          Outstanding comment.

        • As one bumper stick said: “SHOOT YOUR TELEVISION”

          Kierkegaard put it more sagaciously:
          “Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking tube which, say, could be heard over the whole land…I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing that the whole country would become mentally deranged if it were used.”
          Soren Kierkegaard – 1813-1855]

          Ourselves? We own a very old TV, but it is kept in a cabinet that is only opened purposely if we have a specific need. And we don’t have cable – I’m not paying, as Huxley noted, to be one of those types that will love his servitude, viz. ““There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution” -Aldous Huxley, 1961 (I’n NOT a big Huxley fan, but he did get this one right)

      11. The only known cure for libturdism is deliverance through Jesus Christ, it is too painful for most to accept Him as the answer. He gives us all the choice to go through the narrow gate, but most want the easy way, wide gate, sorry He makes the rules. We make the choice. Can you see the Divine intervention of Donald Trump winning the presidential race. He (Christ) will shake what will be shaken. Can’t wait to see what Christ will do next!

        • “Can you see the Divine intervention of Donald Trump winning the presidential race.”

          ANSWER: No

          If there was some kind of “divine intervention” here as you say, then what was Christ doing when Obama got elected not once, but twice?

          The notion that Christ has the power to influence our political spectrum is purely inconceivable … and if in deed Christ does possess these powers of influence into our politics. I would have to say … he is not doing a very good job. Is it an accident, mis-diagnosed, poor judgment … or has this been done on purposely?

        • I read prayers were sent world wide, not just in American states.
          Also, God brought us as close to the edge of the abyss the last 8 years to WAKE US UP!!
          Read your Bible; many, many events there.

          We do have free will–this must be understood by non-believers.

      12. B from CA, you ‘nailed’ it perfectly. BRAVO!

      13. The good guys are burrowing deep into George Soros rioters, and learning of their agenda, then reporting it to the good guys. Rot in hell George Soros.

      14. And just how long do you suppose the media and Hollywood have been trying to shape policy in America and for who? Glad Trump won,thank God we can rein in the insanity. The media tried deliberately to influence this election and failed miserably, so imagine the hog wash they will be spouting about anything President Trump does! After this election I shall never believe the MSM ever again!

      15. I often visit the Real Clear Politics website. They where rabid hellery supporters. Only published negative Trump Cartoons. Its great to see them have to eat crow. You can tell they are still anti Trump. Pre electionI didn’t think too much of Trump. But for the sake of my grandchildren Im gonna be pro Trump. I hope he really can Make America Great Again. I hope more things are accomplished to improve the making producers plight.

        • Folks,what we must really watch is our backs till electoral and inauguration complete.We then must watch who Trump puts into place cabinet wise and what he really does or at least attempts to do say first half of New year,then,we can decide if this is really a good thing or we were conned and just another uni party potus,time will tell.

          • “we were conned and just another uni party potus”

            Chances are – this is more than likely a 90% probability –

            As you say Warchild – “time will tell” … and anything up ’till that point is purely speculation, but I don’t foresee a dramatic change in the way our Government governs.

          • After Reagan won by a landslide he put in major positions including cabinet positions those that were from the Trilateral Commission, CFR, and Bilderbergers. Notably, GW Bush, Weinberger, and other. Ron had the conservative rhetoric but that’s about as far as it went.He and the Republicans did not keep their promises. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

      16. What a field-day for the heat
        A thousand people in the street
        Singin”singing songs and carrying signs
        Mostly say, hooray for our side

        It’s s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

      17. Past presidents have changed their positions on major issues from what they were when running for office to something else when elected. When you don’t have to carry them out right away, you can promise more than you can deliver. They overestimate what the President can do, and the difficulty of getting things done.. Trump has promised a whole lot of things that will be difficult to accomplish.

      18. I remain on guard. I also remember the current loser potus saying that Trump would never follow him as President…..

      19. I know someone that’s laughing their ass off ! Libs , Progs and SJW’S are so helpless and pathetic it defies belief . Surviving on the crumbs that their loving slave masters throw them . To lazy to work and incapable of achieving anything . Soon they will have exactly what they deserve . NOTHING !

      20. Liberals had a phrase in the 1960’s and 1970’s of”Power to the People!”. They had no concept of what the “people” were like and how much diversity there is. Today’s liberals are even more insulated from people who aren’t like themselves. They were totally stunned that they weren’t the majority. All their friends on facebook and twitter were against Trump. Therefore the “people” were against Trump. They found out different but it was close. The population trends are against the Republicans. The fact is that time is not on our side which in turn means that time is not on America’s side.

      21. Did Satori leave the country?
        Was he ever in the country?
        Did he get stiffed by his handlers on payment per post?
        Why is he not in the streets sharing the love?
        Did he pay his bills?
        Did he get his green card revoked?
        Is he in Brazil with the rest of the boys?
        Are all his potential health care clients self deporting?…alas.,the subsidies are evaporating.

        Oh where.,oh where has the little dog gone?..oh where., oh where can he be?

        Live Free or Die..Americanism… Not Globalism… IS OUR CREDO!

        • talon, I think it’s funny how he disappeared a few days before the election.
          “Somebody” stopped paying operatives per post. Probably figured H had it in the bag.
          He was never here as a prepper.
          I’m going off memory, yes, but did he ever engage in prep things as discussed here?
          I called him a democrat operative and he came back with, “no, just being fair and balanced.”
          Guess the door hit him on the way out.
          He’s probably ‘hurting’ still!

      22. I can’t help but notice how conservatives are skeptical about Trump’s promises as opposed to his coming actions. That is refreshing. Had our current fearless leader dropped his pants and taken a dump on the flag and constitution, his followers would have cheered and happily re-elected him. I think Mr. Trump is at least clever enough to realize that straying too far from message would tank him pretty quickly. Hopefully this will work to the advantage of our country.

      23. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Ghandi

      24. Seed of Doubt

        It works and it’s funny as hell

        When you spread little nuggets of truth , especially to leftists , the seed of Doubt starts to grow in the mind. Soon the idea takes hold. The target goes back to their own leftists circles and try to engage in spreading of the lies but it doesn’t work. Something is wrong. The conviction for the lie wears thin. It becomes obvious to the other leftists that the heart of the target isn’t in it all the way. The target becomes ostracized. The target then returns to you to attack you for the sharing of the nugget of truth.

        It works every time

        Seed of Doubt

      25. ” How I Got Fucked ”
        Hillary Rodham Clinton

        the suckers will eat it up

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