MUST WATCH OBAMA SLAM: “Is It Not A Reality That You Have Showcased Us As A Nation Of Pimps Prostituting Ourselves In Return For a Pat On the Head?”

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Headline News | 212 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    There may be hundreds of millions of myrmidons around the world who will bow at the feet of U.S. President Barack Obama, but Irish deputy Clare Daly is not one of them. Not by a long shot.

    In the following speech, Ms. Daly delivers a scathing portrayal of Barack Obama as not only a hypocrite for his actions around the world, but a war criminal to boot.

    The people of Ireland should be proud, because this woman is definitely not following the party line as she highlights the ridiculousness of Barack Obama’s rhetoric and policies.

    The biggest irony of all, the protestations of Obama himself, in his speech to children in northern Ireland about peace. He said “those who choose the path of peace, I promise you that the United States of america will support you every step of the way… we will be the wind at your back.”

    Now, I ask you, is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award? Because we have to call things by their right names, and the reality is that by any serious examination, this man is a war criminal.

    He has just announced his decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition, including the Jihadist fueling the destabilization of that region continuing to undermine secularism and knock-back conditions for woman.

    This is the man who has facilitated a 200% increase in the use of drones which have killed thousands of people, including hundreds of children.

    And you Taoiseach, you are the one who’s turned a blind eye on these activities.

    You’ve talked about the G8 being an opportunity to showcase Ireland.

    But is it not a reality that you have showcased us as a nation of pimps prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head?

    (video via SGT Report)

    The fact is, this woman is right on target.

    While we are all Americans and we proudly proclaim ourselves as such, many of us have come to realize the hypocrisy of the system in which we live.

    How is it possible that a Nobel Prize was awarded to an individual who gets his kicks from dropping bombs on innocent women and children, while in his very own country he aims to disarm law-abiding Americans of their right to protect themselves.

    How is it possible that when this administration illegally taps the digital interactions of 300 million people, that the whistleblower who released the information is the one considered a traitor, a sentiment shared by no less than a third of our populace?

    How is it possible that he is able to pass Executive Orders criminalizing your right to ignore what’s happening around you, mandating penalties and prison time with the stroke of a pen should you fail to report suspicious activity?

    This is the America in which we live. And this is our Dear Leader.



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      1. I love the reply she gets
        that guy has Obama’s hand up his ass
        nothing more than a muppet
        bought and paid for

        • “War Criminal” on his resume. I like it, it goes well with Liar.

          • Obama thinks he can walk on water–the jokes on him…..

            We all know that shit doesn’t float

            • I wonder if “Burt the Brit” from across the “pond” could offer an opinion with respect to Clare Daly? She appears to be an honest, no B.S., bare fist fighter, and “Irish Spitfire” for what is right.

              The FACT that she calls a “spade-a-spade” with respect to our “Present-dent”…all the better!

              • Don’t piss off a red headed Irish woman, my mom was one and when they get mad the blood rushes from their brain and goes to their fist via their mouth, often to both places at once.

                • I don’t know your mother personally, but from your representation…I LIKE HER! A strong woman is worth (fill in the blank) strong men!

                  The one caveat is this: WE men must find a satisfying neutral ground to “co-exist” with these opinionated, steadfast, and potentially “deadly” co-partners of life. (Drama, because I know most “women” are addicted to drama)

                  “A good one” is worth more than gold…A bad one will “help you(push you)into an early grave”. Been with “both” in the course of my journey. God bless and keep the “good ones”.

                  Time to “wrap-up” my pseudo-philosophical “ramblings”. I’m cooking tonight, and “the little woman” ;), will be home soon.

                  • Obama is only following in the footsteps layed out by George W Bush and crew.

                    Obama is Bush 2.0.

                    Some know this as the false left/right paradigm.

                    Most are simply blind.

                    But by all means… “Engage”, if it makes you feel better.

                • Need to do a celebrity swap where this woman replaces Michelle O for a week. We won’t have to tar and feather Barry and run him out of town, she’ll do it for us.
                  I see why so many Irish men joined the missionary priests and went anywhere in the world, rather than have to face a woman like that over dinner every night.
                  Having said all that, man I wish she was in our government.

                  • Honest men, good men would be delighted to face her every night. It’s the ass wipe maggots like Obama with something to hide that could never stand her bore-into-you-gaze,

                  • sorry kids
                    yourmotherwaswrong says:
                    is correct
                    how quickly we forget the Bush/Cheney years
                    or should I say the Cheney/Bush years?

                    still sucking at the left/right tit ???

                    ya see
                    when ya take the red pill
                    you HAVE to chew it up and swallow it
                    bitter as it may be
                    it don’t count if you roll it around in your mouth
                    and then spit it out

            • He’s surely not my leader, dear or otherwise.

              He is a prick and the sight of him makes me want to throw up.

              Perhaps we should change his medical records to reflect the fact he is NOT human.

              • It will be a great day in America when this communist kenyan sob is arrested for fraud, perjury, malfeasance in office, and TREASON.

                Can I have an “Amen!” on that? 🙂

                • Howdy, DK, and MEGA AMEN! It’ll be great when we can capture and punish all of TPTB. braveheart

                • @The durango kidd

                  It will be a great day in America when the war criminal from Texas (George W) is arrested and held to account for his crimes against humanity!

                  Can I have an “Amen!” on that?

                  The double standard makes me SICK!!!

                  • You’re both right DK and Mother, it’s unfortunate that it will never happen. it would be even better if we, as a country, would stop voting for these people and supporting their political parties!!

                  • You don’t deserve the down thumbs. Both of these presidents and all since Kennedy have been puppets. The Red/Blue game is just a distraction. Bankers, financiers and the military-industrial complex have been running this show for a long time. Left and right are just two wings of the same bird of prey…Butler Shaffer.

                  • Look dip sh*t nobody here thinks Bush was all that. But to try to deflect any responsibility of O-blama is just typical liberal thinking. You are using the same tired retort that all liberal robots use, “he did it, so it’s OK for me (or O-blama) to do it too!” By your logic (sorry, it doesn’t really apply)everyone can murder, steal, cheat,etc because someone else did it first. How about O-blama taking a different path and doing the right thing?

                  • I say let ’em be bunkies! There’s plenty of vaseline to go around.

                • A fucking men…he’ll be drug out of a fox hole just like Saddam was.

                  There will be no place for any of them to hide.

                • Arrest Obama on war crimes and then see what kind of rioting occurs on the streets. If it ever happens, I am heading for shelter as soon as I hear and not coming out for weeks.

        • When is enough, enough?

          • JustMe says:

            “When is enough, enough?”

            A: When the people of this country finally get the balls to do away with the Federal Government.

            Until that time, we’re just pissin in the wind.

            Had enough yet???

            • Yourmotherwaswrong:

              WOW!!! I was very surprised at how many thumbs down you received!

              You hit the nail right on the head. I come to his site because the news is unfiltered, even though it’s somewhat biased. There are a lot of Americans who don’t believe in this two party system we have. I hate to scream racism, but it’s funny how everyone has all of this Anti Barack Obama instead the “Government” as a whole. Clearly Bush got the ball rolling with the Patriot Act and all of the Anti American policies, but everyone wants to point there finger and blame the black guy. I love this site but the underlying racism is running rampant.

              You can count the number of bigots on this site by multiplying the number of thumbs down marks this comment receives by two. It sucks though, because i feel the same way they do, but they probably don’t like me because (yes i said it) I’m black. SMH

              Please read this quick, because after awhile its going to be “Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.”

              • No, he’s be blamed because he is the current president, don’t start with the racism shit

                • Why the thumbs down when Bush was mentioned? You must have missed the point of my argument. Or maybe you like Bush and not Obama, or you like Repubs and not Dems. It’s all an illusion, wake up people!!!

                  Sometimes you have to go back and re read your own posts, and apologize if necessary. I did and i still stand by my statements. Again, i love this site. It’s just a few people on here that makes me wonder.

                  • I don’t like either side, dem or repub, they’re all criminals, and need to be dealt with accordingly

              • @LibPrep, You’re correct about Bush and the so-called “Patriot Act”. However, you criticize folks for referring to Obama, instead of the government, when you do the same by referring to Bush-not the government.

                Do you even realize YOUR BIAS??

                Furthermore, few are “blaming the black guy”, they are blaming HIS totalitarian, Marxist, dictatorial, fascist, usurpation and ignoring of our constitution.

                He rules like an inept king, not as a leader of a supposedly free country!
                His list of true and viable scandals tell the whole story for those that are not deliberately oblivious to facts.

                I wouldn’t care if a TRULY black man ran the country. Why should I? Political leaders must be judged by their merit or lack thereof. Obama isn’t truly black…he’s half caucasoid and half negroid.

                I guess when a person is deliberately blinding one’s self to the facts, the worn out and too often used “racism” fits just perfectly! No intelligence is needed and no reflection on right and wrong is necessary.

                • @Rick
                  I totally agree with everything you said.. I don’t like Obama due to some of his policies, lies, etc. (we can go on and on). My point by bringing up Bush was to highlight that those who seem to point all of their frustration to Obama put Bush up on a pedastal. I wasn’t singling out everyone on here who says something negative about Obama (it’s just those chosen few, and they know who they are, let’s be honest) I haven’t been able to stomach any of the lies that both parties have been feeding down the docile Americans throats, who surprisingly asks for more and more.

                  My comment was soley in response to those who gave thumbs down to @yourmotherwaswrong for the following comment:
                  It will be a great day in America when the war criminal from Texas (George W) is arrested and held to account for his crimes against humanity!

                  Can I have an “Amen!” on that?

                  The double standard makes me SICK!!!

                  Seriously, what was wrong with that comment? If we are truly blaming the “Government” and not the puppets who are elected as Prez……

                  Those were too many thumbs down for a site who blames the “Government” and not who’s currently in charge. Did i clarify myself?

              • Lib, it has nothing to do with color, that alone probably got you a few thumbs down. I’ll give you a thumbs down for ‘the bigots on this site statement’. There aren’t many Bush lovers here either, nor Clinton, nor the first Bush…..
                Each president has added his mark in taking down our country. Obama has put it into overdrive and consistantly lies (as have others) and rides the race card. We also know that he is the fall guy for tptb and isn’t believed to be American.

                • As i mentioned earlier, then why the thumbs down on yourmotherwaswrong comment about Bush. When you say their aren’t many Bush lovers then why so many thumbs down on that comment, which went hidden due to low comment rating?

                  That speaks loud and clear to those viewing this site.

                  Don’t get me wrong, there are a few trolls on every message board who will do a thumbs down if someone says “It’s a beautiful day outside” but that thumbs down number sticks out for a comment that i thought everyone shared. Granted i haven’t taken the time and read all of yourmotherwaswrong’s comments throughout this site. But i thought that was the sentiment of most people on this site. I guess i was wrong…

                  Don’t worry, i’ll wait for your response.

                  • Lib, he still got a majority of thumbs up. Don’t get fixed on the downers, there are times you can hit either a thumbs up or down and give credit for more than 1 hit.

                    Plus, there are trolls everywhere, which you know.
                    Have a good day fellow prepper.

              • @LibPrep says:

                “WOW!!! I was very surprised at how many thumbs down you received!”

                Don’t be too surprised! There are a good number of low IQ, knuckle dragging, morons on this site.

                Their emotions rule them, not the other way around.

        • This video….wow….

          What did the hand say to the face???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? SLAP!

        • After this beautifully stated speech…

          she’ll probably end up to a similar fate as Michael Hastings..


        • Obama can go get fooked….

        • While we applaud Clare Daly for rightly calling Obama a hypocrite, be careful with whom you side. The old “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” attitude can be dangerous. Most folks here seem to be free market constitutionalist. Clare Daly makes Schumer, Sanders, Feinstein and rest of our so-called left look tame by comparison. Daly is a member of their ‘far-left’ which is socialist/Trotskyist in view, the very antithesis of everything folks here believe in. But I love her fire against Obama.

      2. FUCK BARRY the fairy SOETORO



        he has no valid social security number and has 3 of them last count


        FUCK BARRY the fairy SOETORO


        NinaO ;0p

      3. Traitors need to be hung by their necks untill dead.

        • Well, the law is the law. Never been to a hanging before. Popcorn?

          • I like in the old Westerns a hanging was like a Family Outing, might come back in. Style, I long for them days..

      4. Next thing you know- Obama will be on the cover of People Magazine after being named the Sexiest Man Alive… HA!- like Bill Clinton being named Father of the Year.

        • Howdy, CL. Those are some scary thoughts! braveheart

        • How about Husband Of The Year?? 😉

      5. BE FEARED……or be sheared.


        …..stay the course….BA.

      6. “…we will be the wind at your back.”

        And the bombs on your head…..

      7. Obama is just another poverty pimp comparable to the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

        The ignorance of the masses is what keeps them in business, and business is good.

        • When Newsweek magz(jewsweek) had him on the cover with a Halo over his head and the Caption at bottom of cover page said “The Second Comming”…Tells you what minds such as Ex congress woman Jane Harmon(zio/jewish) of Kailf fame who now is Co-Owner of that Liberal Kommie magazine really think and believe.

          Worse Yet! aprox 50+Million african blacks along with, God only knows how many Millions more, of ignorant stupid white liberal Fools also believe in regards to their “Second Comming” Hero Master dictator Hobammy and his wife Meswell da sheboon.

      8. I wonder just how many wars you need to have going before the Nobel organization asks for the peace prize back? Just wondering, and I allways wondered about a peace prize given out by an organization whos founder invented dynomite, again just wondering.

        • To the a$$clown that red thumbed my comment was it my wondering that upset you? Or was it the pain of your paradigm self destucting before your eyes that bothers you? Again just wondering but dont let my wondering get in the way of your nose dissapearing up the dear leaders 4th point of contact.

          • Good one, Boss Hog

            I ignore any red thumbs that come our way because
            other than the ubiquitous trolls that steal the air
            that we breathe, everyone on this site is the voice
            of Clare Daly in our own right, and if not for the
            tenacity of we the dissenters, this country would
            already be lost. We are legion, yes we are.

          • What I have been wondering is… “What did he do to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?”

            • The ability to read a teleprompter and not stop lieing.
              Think it is easy? Try it. It is hard to read it while it is scrolling up/down. Takes talent?

        • .ALL OF THEM.

        • Dynamite was made as a safe way deal with nitro.his invention saved many lives!

      9. You look at the decay of people, you only have to look at the degree of what BO gets away with in comparison to what got Nixon to quit. The blame really stands in the masses that totally accept that to be a politician it means to be a lying sack of manure. Society has created BO and these other so called leaders in their own image of only doing what is right for yourself and not your country and fellow person, and that is the thing that we all have to worry about.

        • Be informed,

          Excellent! Well said.

        • Howdy, BI, and I also agree. that’s just one more thing to show how far we have fallen as a nation. It seems that only people like us care about high standards. Nowadays, any POS can become a politician; doesn’t matter what you’ve done. braveheart

        • BI…exactly…Nixon resigned over a breakin at a democratic party headquarters building…something that today we look at and say…SO WHAT?…take and add up all the so called scandals of any previous president and their level of knowledge and involvement in each scandal…then add all of them together and this Kenyan bassturd would exceed them all!…think about that folks…this administration has scandal piled on scandal with this Marxist sob right in the middle of all of them…this is unprecedented in American history and most likely in world history,any one of them wouldhave brought down better men than he’ll ever be…what is it going to take to make something stick to this clown?…Ill tell you what ole slick willy had nothing on this guy!…and now today we find out this usurper and his Marxist buddy holder sent agitators to Florida to organize and stir up demonstrations in the Zimmerman case…a non federal case in a sovereign state….this guy is dangerous beyond all description….hes the head snake in a pit of vipers…the us federal govicorp inc!

      10. When I look at Barry it just brings anger to my soul. Can’t remember any other person that has made me feel the same.

        • I feel the same way. Im sure there are many others like us.

          • Yes! Very Many!!!

        • @Indy Colts

          So you’ll give the George W. Bush administration a pass on it’s 8 year crime spree and shredding of the constitution?

          Look up the definition of “Schizophrenia.”

          • You mean there were no weapons of mass destruction? We didn’t win? Iraqis are not free and secure in their new found democracy? We accomplished nothing at a tremendous price? Oh well, Cheney made money.

          • You are living in the past we’ve all worried about bush its oblamas turn now

        • Indy–I ask myself often. Have I been living in a shell???
          When in my lifetime of 62 years has there ever been a president hated so much??
          A first lady that makes us ashamed??
          An administration that needs to be tried for treason?
          A congress that needs to be hung with ropes on trees?
          A 1% of corporate thieves that needs to be jailed for so many reasons there’s not room here?

      11. Mac, is there someway when we visit the home page that we could blot that smug picture of BO? 😉 Maybe we could have the option of moving one of the pictures of one of the advertisers to the right that we could place over that horrible picture. Yuck, almost as bad as a full blown up picture of feinsteinless, which would turn the audience to stone.

        • Amen! I don’t want to look at his sorry a$$!

        • Its meant to be enlarged, printed and taken to the range.

          • wrong

            Don’t forget to paint on the Hitleresque moustache.

          • Keep it that size aim small miss small.

          • Don’t do that a t a public range it will get you a visit from the Secret Service.

        • You people are funny, do you really think B. Obama, G. Bush, B. Clinton, G. H. W. Bush, Reagan, ect. are really making any decisions of value?? Are you really that clueless?? All of your energy is directed at a person who makes a few public appearances, gives a few speeches, is written about in newspapers, is talked about on radio and TV, and has no real skill or talent, and who will be out of office in 8 years at the most. Perhaps there is a reason that person is put in front of you on TV, in newspapers, and radio, has his/her name associated with grand, over-hyped decisions concerning this country. Perhaps one should look beyond what is conveniently placed in front of them and then direct their energy where it will have some effect and not be wasted.

          • SD Mule, you have a valid point but a traitor is a traitor and he’s at the head of the public table with many more at his sides and they all reserve the same fate.

            Molon Labe

            • That should be “deserve”

              • Some folks here whom Keep demanding we Always mention somebody from the repubs like gw bush, whenever we critisize a dem or liberals or hobammy etc, remind me of the same type folks who always demand we first make note of the fact that “Not all blacks” or “Now all Jews” etc etc are bad.

                Or if a white person mentiones that he is proud to be white its the same attacks. It should be quite obvious to all reading here that 99% of folks Here this website, AGREE 100% that yes gw bush is as bad, that yes not all of this or that group or race are bad etc.

                Why not get Over yourselves, and realize what Should be More than Obvious by now if you have been reading this site for any length of time. Does every single individual always need to first inlclude a “Disclaimer” of that sort prior to makeing a quick statement how they think of the issue at hand. And AT HAND issue is a Key point.

                This article is about HOBAMMY! Not GW or repubs. Only,the 1/2 whits here seem to always read stuff not written and harp on it non stop. YoMammo especially.

                No matter what actual words are IN a post reply, Yomother always is able to find Unwritten words, then harp and question others Motives etc. What does he/she not as yet Get?

                Gee I better add My disclaimer! Ok here goes…I LOVE Monkys and Jews and EVERYBODY else worldwide as NONE are or do anything wrong.(except of course for that fool Yomomma). Does That make ya happy and fuzzy warm inside yet?

      12. Syria News 7.7.2013, Terrorists killed, their weapons destroyed in several areas


        As seen this clip form the video, the chemicals in the hands of the hired mercenaries come from US companies.

        N.O. ;0p

      13. All hail the chief!!! He’ll take your money, your land, your guns, and your life. And hell do it with a smile on his dumbo eared face!

        “And liberty shall fall, with thunderous applause!”


      14. Although I miss my Mom & Dad; and Grandparents very much at times ( Not to sound like a sentimental sap ) i’am supremely glad they are no longer around to see where this country has gone under our POS President. Especially my Grandfathers; both of whom were both born in 1905. My one Grandfather was 30 years U.S.N.; and was at Pearl the day of the attack; 12/7/1941. Knowing my grandfather like I did; he would NOT understand how a pile of garbage like O’Bummer could have been elected President. Ditto for my other Grandfather. We have gone so far off track; I myself can barely recognize the country I remember as a kid.

      15. Much unlike Ronald Reagan. Who was nothing like that. At all. Ever. Right?


        Oh and Nobel invented dynamite. Fitting actually if you think about it.

        You know… I’m beginning to accept the undeniable fact that we’ve pissed off a ton of people since Nixon. It’s extremely likey that the very second we start being all unilaterally nice to people, they’re going to gobble up all the strategic positions on the globe and then come kick our ass 10 years later.

        Sorry but them’s the breaks ain’t they?

      16. Even though it hurts me to hear how poorly our country is thought of; at least we know there are a few people in the rest of the world who recognize the truth and are not afraid to speak out.

        • With respect I don’t think she was dissing America…she specificly mentioned barry…barry isn’t America not even a hemmoroid on our backside…he sure as hell isn’t anything to me but a pain in the backside… then again maybe he would qualify as a hemmoroid….one that’ll have to be surgically burned out… but it will feel sooo much better when hes gone!

          • @REB

            Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush/Reagan… is America.

            You voted for this shit, remember!

            You own it. Take responsibility for your actions (vote) and “employees.”

      17. This reminds me of the “King Has No Clothes” fable…

        My congratulations to Ms. Daley for calling the turd POTUS out….

      18. How did this lady get in there? She clearly does not belong to the world stasi.

        • Let Obama bring on that “civilian national security force”. 100,000,000 gun owners will hand their asses back to them. braveheart

          • First 80000 will just hand them over. And then half that’s left will forget where they hid them some won’t have the first idea which is the dangerous end. There will still be many but we need to look at real numbers not blow up wishes.

            • I bet many folks here are counting on FP and his many dozens of highly skilled very top secret seal groups peppered all over america waiting to Pounce and save it all. Thats the impression I got anyways.

        • We’ll shortly learn about how she unfortunately ” Clinton suicided ” herself.

        • Ms. Clare Daly should be the PM of Ireland instead of the dickhead who tried to chastise her. braveheart

      19. I voted for Obama the first election. I thought he would restore our civil liberties and bring about positive change.

        However, later I was furious when I saw the changes he really brought about! And the hypocrisy!! The Bible says by their fruits ye shall know them and his actions (fruits) are abominable! He is a traitor to the American people!!!!!

        • Can you please explain how you quote the bible (which implies belief in this context) and ever vote for a Democrat. The philosophies expounded by each are DIAMETRICALLY opposed to each other…

          • I’m not a “born again Christian” like so many on this site, who claim to follow Christ, when in reality they don’t know the half the Truth of what he taught… so in answer to your question, republicans do not have a hold on Christianity/the Bible… Jesus was not born here, was not white and does not belong to you!

            • Republicans are closer to Christ then the commie dems. GOP has its problems but they aren’t usually the baby killers and the ones pushing EPA bull.

              Grasshoper: It would be intelligent not to judge Christians when you are quoting a book you do not believe. JESUS doesn’t have to be white in order for us to serve and love him.

              • I never said I didn’t believe in the Bible… I just don’t believe in the interpretation most Americans give…

                As far as Republicans go… that’s how they got you: they pretend to be Christians, down on abortion, down on gays… in reality, they simply want your votes and your money. Unfortunately, most “Christians” are too naiive to realize they are being had.

              • Indy says that “Jesus doesn’t have to be white in order for us to serve and love him”.

                That’s true. But what’s so ironic and (since we are on the subject) hypocritical is the fact that so many on this site who profess to be Christians/followers of Christ are also Prejudiced as he…!

                (Remember that little second commandment– something about loving your neighbor as yourself… doesn’t say “except for the black dude down the street” or the Mexican.

                • Grasshopper wow are you all over the place or what Ive given you a green thumb and a red thumb on this article. Green thumb for realizing your being screwed +1 then red thumb for quoting the bible without a clue about what your saying -1 . Just so you can do your own research try Exodus chapter 20 in regards the commandments, do that first then come back and tell us how silly it was for spouting nonsense you know nothing about. Loving your neighbor is not the 2nd commandment in fact its not a commandment its a summary of all of them in part the other part being to love God with all your strength mind and body. I would also like you to read John ch3 and tell me all about “born again” and what Jesus had to say about it. God is not racist his only begotten son IS a Jew and in all probabaility not caucasian. The truth is available to any and all no matter how it disturbs us we still must face it in the end.

              • Republicans are closer to Christ than the commie Dems?

                Like… in a similar fashion to how Alaska is closer to the galaxy of Andromeda than Arkansas is?


        • You were stupid for ever even thinking this man was any different.

          • I wasn’t stupid, Eisenshi–, I was naiive… I had only recently became interested in politics…and who are you to be talking about stupidity with all the crap you write?!

            • Grasshopper, way to go, you tell Eisenpuke like it is. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Trolls never do. braveheart

          • I see Eisentroll is at it again. Who yanked on his chain?

          • Eisen, back off from grasshopper. He was misled along with tens of millions of other people about Obama. At least at some point he finally woke up and smelled the coffee. He’s no different from the other people who were misled. braveheart

        • You never wondered how a nobody who had done nothing remarkable could be elected out of the blue?

          • Ahem…that would be “installed”.

            “Elections” became controlled popularity contests long ago. Uncle Joe laughs in his grave…

            “It is enough to say there was an election. The people who cast the ballots decide nothing. The people who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

        • Grasshopper,

          After listening to Obama’s live speech in Colorado Springs on July 2008 when he called for the creation of a Civilian National Security Force, that sounded a bit too ‘Fourth Reich(ish)’ to me.

          I’m not usually a one issue voter, but that was enough for me to vote for McCain even though I didn’t like him. I hate voting for the lesser of two evils, but in the case of Obama and the threat he represents to Americans, it was an easy no-brainer.

          There is something dreadfully wrong with any candidate who harbors thoughts of creating a Civilian National Security Force that is just as strong as the military.

        • You voted for that son of a bitch? Obviously, you didn’t read his platform, or if you did you are a pro communist. It read like it came right out of the communist manifesto.

        • @ Grasshopper

          “I voted for Obama the first election. I thought he would restore our civil liberties and bring about positive change.”

          After watching an interview of Mrs. Obama, I seen hate in that woman’s face and the stage makeup and lies couldn’t hide it. I figured if she’s so full of hate that she it reads like a neon sign, that Mr Obama couldn’t any better so I voted against him. He was such an unknown that all I had to judge him by was his wife.

          I have a strong dislike of John McCain so I wrote in a protest vote. It was like pissing in dark pants though, I got a warm feeling and nobody noticed.

        • Grasshopper: have you yet read that bible part where God condemns those who worship dirt-rocks-stars-suns-Animals-Snakes & spiders(called the creeping crawling things) and overall proclaim “god” in name yet they wroship the Created Things as if of more importance etc. Kinda reminds me of all them agenda 21 envirowhacks and Global warming believers!

          ps: a Very swell written Rebutal article of global warming liberals is at todays newswithviews website look for article by Tom DeWeese…He has his Own website also and provides tons of actual true proof of FAKE global warming and agenda21 nonsense. Reading from the Opposite side of global warming stuff may assist in your delema of accepting you got fooled into belife of it etc…I hope his evidence helps you on that. Very good counter info Indeed he has!

      20. American presidents have been well-paid liars and warmongers since at least 1900.

        A dumbed down servile Amerikan public gets the leadership it deserves. It’s not like venial skunks stole the stage on a virtuous, productive citizenry. By the tens of millions our fellow citizens have been tapeworms for generations.

        It’s too late to do anything other than endeavor to secure the best outcome for our loved ones.

        tangential question: Does anyone have any suggestions for gas masks and filters for use against OC, pepper mace, or other riot control agents? N95 isn’t designed for that. Thank you.

        • I would say pretty much any one that doesnt have internal filters (cant change without removing).

        • They’ll probably use VX on everyone, and skip the CS, mask accordingly…

      21. What’s the difference between God and Obama?

        God knows he’s not Obama!

      22. (Secular Animist writes…)

        My world view
        Julia Whitty asked: “Which worldview do you identify with?”

        My world view is that in the not too distant future when the Earth is undergoing global ecological meltdown and human civilization is collapsing under the onslaught of unmitigated anthropogenic global warming, and billions of people are dying from famine, thirst and disease, that we will look back at navel-gazing such as this article and ask in horrified astonishment “what were they thinking?”


      23. nice tie,,, It looks smart’r than he does{{{{

      24. Bravo to Ms. Clare Daly for speaking her mind and the truth! What a stunning contrast. On the one hand we have Ms. Clare Daly telling the world what Obama really is, and on the hand we have the Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) Mr. Enda Kenny putting on the best impression of a prostitute I have ever seen in rebuttal.

        The cracks in the armor are spreading. It’s only a shame that this “Nobel Peace Prize” pretender was given another 4 years to finish the social, financial, and global destruction he began in 2008.

        • Howdy, YH, and I totally agree. Anyone who tells the truth about Obama, regardless of where they come from, is #1 in my book. The Irish Prime Minister made a pisspoor attempt to defend Obama. Any one of the MSM talking heads would’ve done better. Kudos to Ms. Claire Daly. The Irsh PM is probably a stooge for the bloody Brits, anyway.

          • +1!

      25. That “wind at your back” will most likely be a shock wave from one of antichrist Obama’s drone strkes.

        • He should have said: “We’ll be the fart in you face when you come up for air”

      26. Meme Mine wrote: “I’m a Green Liberal and Progressive Climate Change Denier.”

        With all due respect, your political views are irrelevant and your views on the science of anthropogenic global warming are utterly ignorant and just plain wrong (not to mention being incoherent babble). You really don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about, and whether you are green or red or blue or progressive or regressive or whatever else you want to call yourself, you are simply regurgitating fossil fuel industry-funded denialist bunk.

        • Todays Tom DeWeese newsiwthviews website article DEBUNKS what GRasshopper Just claimeed of Big Oil funding global warming Deniars. While the Deniars Back up with Proven solid Evidence that its a hige HOAX-SCAM-SWINDLE-designed to screw all of You out of way MORE TAXES for Virtually NOTHING real. Another well played Liberal Kommie Swindle.

          What do you not yet Get? Try reading some Opposite materials for once grasshopper. I have for a dozen yrs or longer and the facts and truth are global warming is a fuckin massive Kommie NWO HOAX!!!!! Get it yet? You Will when YOU read Others evidence too!

          PS: Be CERTAIN to Pay atten to his article part that QUOTES GreenPeace leader Admitting that there is ZERO thats NO aka NONE-Threats to POLAR Bears!! Greenpeace Admits that Finally! You Owe it To YOU to read the Other side of it.

      27. Leave it to an Irish representative, Daly, to give her own govt. a serious chastising for being a lapdog of Obama’s America. America deserves the verbal abuse also for allowing Barry’s & Hillary’s policies in the middle East.

      28. Hertsgaard confronts the ‘climate cranks’ – Climate Science Watch

        Feb 27, 2011 … Because discussion about climate change in the U.S. is dominated by how the issue is … When virtually every major scientific organization in the world, including the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and its counterparts in …

        • Would you read Only Black Panther and Louis Farakan articles to prove whites are All raayyysssiss too?

          Or First check a few Pro white sites articles and THEN make a determination?

          Grasshopper proves what some have claimed, that being, Liberalizim= mental Derangment and once a lib most will Never recouperate nor change.

      29. The No Agenda podcast clipped this speech in one of their recent shows. Loved it!

      30. How do I ask her to marry me?

      31. Wow…no wonder all the Irish men are dunks. ha

        Good going lady!

        I’ll say this….. I’d drink a beer with her and listen to that accent wither. ha

      32. Thomas Finger, the U.S. intelligence community’s top analyst sees it happening by the mid-2020’s…

        Nov 11, 2011 … Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer The worst direct impacts to humans from our unsustainable use of energy — over the next few decades — will, …

        • My 2 cents…
          Get your facts straight before you try to convince educated people about climate change. Your obviously buying into the official standpoint on man made climate change. Sure, the climate is changing, but to say that human intervention is the primary cause is patently false. Do some research, and get your own facts, not just what you have been told.
          I would cite facts for you, but then YOUR facts would not be straight. However, it is undeniable that there is a giant financial interest in duping people into believing that carbon dioxide causes global warming.
          But i do agree that we have f##ked up our environment, that is also undeniable.

          Not trying to preach, or attack you, just hoping you will do some reading.

      33. Friends I have a few important links for you….

        Who’s running the show…and how they will enslave you and your children

        The plan of the socialist and commies.

        Obama…playing Robin Hood on the middle class…. Steal your 401k and IRA

        Why buy gold…




        Another strategy… Buy rental property…fix it up real nice and rent to DEMS at high rents.
        Keep them poor!
        The rents bought my sports car. Thanks dems.
        Your rental increase notice is in the mail.

        • Why things are the way they are, welcome aboard, and thank you for those links. Hope to hear more from you.

      34. of his remarkable book “Climate Wars” before, and there’s been …
        Veterans Day, 2030 | ThinkProgress

        Nov 11, 2011 … Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer The worst direct impacts to humans from our unsustainable use of energy — over the next few decades — will, …

      35. It is a world not merely of endless regional resource wars around the globe. It is a world with dozens of Darfurs and Pakistani mega-floods, of countless environmental refugees “” hundreds of millions by the second half of this century “” all clamoring to occupy the parts of the developed world that aren’t flooded or desertified.

        In such a world, everyone will ultimately become a veteran, and Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day may fade into obscurity, as people forget about a time when wars were the exception, a time when soldiers were but a small minority of the population. And if we don’t act swiftly and strongly to stop it, the worst impacts could last a long, long time (see NOAA stunner: Climate change “largely irreversible for 1000 years,” with permanent Dust Bowls in Southwest and around the globe and Nature Geoscience: ocean dead zones “devoid of fish and seafood” are poised to expand and “remain for thousands of years”).

        So when does this start to happen?

        Thomas Fingar, “the U.S. intelligence community’s top analyst,” sees it happening by the mid-2020s:

        By 2025, droughts, food shortages and scarcity of fresh water will plague large swaths of the globe, from northern China to the Horn of Africa.

        For poorer countries, climate change “could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” Fingar said, while the United States will face “Dust Bowl” conditions in the parched Southwest“¦.

        He said U.S. intelligence agencies accepted the consensual scientific view of global warming, including the conclusion that it is too late to avert significant disruption over the next two decades. The conclusions are in line with an intelligence assessment produced this summer that characterized global warming as a serious security threat for the coming decades.

        Floods and droughts will trigger mass migrations and political upheaval in many parts of the developing world.

        For the latest literature review and projections, see “Must-read NCAR analysis warns we risk multiple, devastating global droughts even on moderate emissions path,” the source of this figure, where “A reading of -4 or below is considered extreme drought”:

      36. One of the best books I ever read on climate change (a misnomer! A whole lot more than mere “change”)… but the best book I ever read was “Climate Wars” by Gwynne Dyer.

        He’s not a scientist, but he interviewed different people around the globe who are in many different professions– the climate scientists, military leaders, anthropologists, political leaders, etc. and asked their opinions on the subject and what their plans were… Its a really engrossing book!! I read it three times! Scarey as heck!!

        If you are not familiar with the science, it may not make as much sense to you. Still, you should get a pretty good inkling…

        I’ll try to post link to give a glimpse inside.

        • Hey grasshopper, you want to do us all a favor please? Take your tired, worn out hippy ranting about global warming and ram it between your legs. Any stupid fuck who would vote for Obama WOULD believe this shit.

          • Anonymous, F#$% you and back off from Grasshopper. He’s not the only person who was misled by Obama; millions and millions of other people were misled also. At least Grasshopper woke up and smelled the coffee at some point, so he’s in the real world now. Are you any relation to Eisentroll?

            • Hey braveheart, this is preaching from a guy who took 3 fucking years to figure out how to use the reply button? Now quickly, chug down your pint on Jack Daniels, you’re late for your AA meeting.

        • You must have brown eyes, because you’re full of brown stuff.

      37. Gang of 8 immigration bill ” will not see the light of day” in the house of reps. Bout time some common sense broke out!

        • mark my words- they’ll cave. Boehner will be the first…as expected.

        • It isn’t over-till-its-over. In my life, I have seen far too many “chickens” counted before “the hatch”. I sincerely hope your analysis is correct.

          NEVER discount the influence of THEM WITH NO NAME. There is a palpable fear associated with THIS ENTITY. In my mind, nothing else can explain the absurd path WE are being led down by our supposed “representatives”. THESE “representatives” know something you and I don’t. What I mean is this: THEY know it for a fact, and not simply within the realm “conspiracy speculation” based on the most intensive research and logic.

          I will validate my opinion again: In less than 90 days now…OUR WORLD (USA, possibly globe) will enter the APOCALYPTIC PHASE that “the majority” refuse to acknowledge or prepare for.

          WE are being inundated with “look-the-other-way” planned distractions. Now is the time to do much more than “read-between-the-lines”.

          First, WE must find and validate the “actual lines”. A task that requires increasing effort with each passing day. EYE-ON-THE-BALL! And IT is by full intent, bouncing all over the place.

      38. Ads related to climate wars– gwynne dyer
        Climate Wars Gwynne Dyer – Free 2-Day Shipping w/ Amazon Prime is rated (491 reviews)4.5 out of 5.0 Low Prices on Millions of Books .

      39. F-ing fascinating! This stuff is c-span on steroids. Sometimes it takes an outside opinion to correct ones’ own.

        • Oh, by the way; can we trade her for hillary? We’ll throw in bill for the boot!

      40. Middle-class revolution’ fuels Pentagon war plan

        “Diamond’s alarm bells parallel Fukuyama’s, and it’s a blunt warning about short-term capitalism: “More people require more food, space, water, energy, and other resources.” As a result, the growing demands of these new consumers will also trigger more wars, more famine, more pandemics, more floods and fires, no-growth economics, and, worst of all, more miscalculations by overoptimistic politicians and profit excesses of capitalists.”

        “And where, as “the planet’s carrying capacity shrinks … an ancient pattern of desperate, all-out wars over food, water, and energy supplies would emerge.” Where “warfare is defining human life.”

        they know what is coming
        it would certainly explain the police state being
        RAPIDLY developed

        • So Over population is to blame for same Ancient Patterns of wars for energy food etc etc, like when in ancient eras Only a couple Million Total people populated the entire planet?….Hmmmmm….Contradictory eh.

          They know stuff because They make it happen. Just they rejct admiting to that fact.

          Anybody who claims to be a believer/christian, cannot deny that acording to Gods words he created the earth and all systems operating on it and for it and for Us humans etc. And He never said anybody is to try and keep the planet pure as when created and only Two persons were created to dwell on and take charge of it all.

          In Fact acording to bible, Gods told us all His Final plans for earth are to Burn by Fire all that all of mankind has Ever made or built. Including all that He, God created on earth too. Then He will Remake it all New again as a combined Heaven And Earth as One and it is to exist Here not in some fantacy outerspace invisiable existence some call heaven. A New heaven and earth As ONE where NO remeberances of the Past earth Age shall be remembered any longer by anyone who shares in it With Him.

          So as believers, we are Not supposed to try every hair brained scheems concocted by Money grubbers and envirowhacks who think by screwing Todays folks and Their kids somehow That will lead to a Perfect earth that will Last another 10,000 yrs or more.

          God is and was intelligent enough, knowing the entire Future of All things, to know how much Oil-Food-Water etc etc humans and animals will Need to last untill God’s Pre-Determined era of the massive changes to begin when we enter the New Final age of Eternity. Where all measures of Time shall cease.

          Therefore the planet earth is Not anyones “mother” nor does the planet or “Nature” “Think” as a Human with a Mind does, and no such events of “mother earth or nature” Knows when to cull the herd, or cause calamity etc occures ever. What Does occure is caused By God…Or by mankind Humans and most often evils are caused by the Wosrt sort of humans we have seen. Thats work of Satan the devil though. God does Only Good. He “allows” satan and his human evil followers to do evils untill God plans to Halt it all for a time, or for Good. Mother earth or nature just “Exists” without a mind to think.

          Thats basicaly what is said in the Bible as Gods words to and For humankind. Thats the deal believers are supposed to accept and believe in right?

          So why waste time trying to do a liberal kommie delusional “fixit” to last forever plan, bound to Fail miserably?

          Disclaimer: Yes I agree as good stewards of our planet as home, we are supposed to preserve things and keep water clean for our consumption etc, and make good use of Proven farming methods etc too.

          But it should be Obvious after reading Gods overall plans that He never intended for anything else but to use up stuff as needed. Not be a gluton but as needed.

          Various animals and bugs has gone extinct since time began. I am Real Glad dinosaurs aint here now. Life would be hell trying to evade massive huge People eating dinos no? So yeah we aint to abuse resources etc but we Are to make good use of all that God gave us to use.

          Lib global warmers and envirowhack animal and bugs worshippers are Proof solid 100% what God says 2000 yrs ago, will occure in end times or latter days era, that some will name Gods name, but instead of honoring Him and His words to Us, will instead worship things Created while some even Deny the Creator of it all.

          He also said Those type folks is who He is going to Outpour His Wrath upon when their evils and sins reach a point Pre determined By Him since time began.

          Believe what ya want to…But so far all such issues and signs we see many fools doing Proves those Predictions 100% accurate.

          Use it before you lose it makes much sense for resources etc to me. Lib envirowhack jobs and global warmers do Not.

          I predict They will also agree with Me when that wrath begins to be Poured out!

      41. Saw Ms Daly’s comments the other day. Very interesting, considering she’s a socialist herself. So, I looked her up on wiki.
        Elected a couple yrs ago to the Teachta Dala (lower house of the Irish Parliament) as a Socialist Party candidate. Later, she left the party and joined (or started) the United Left Alliance.
        She’s basically told the Irish gov to **** off a few times. Usually over tax hikes, new charges for services, or other austerity measures. She’s pro-abortion, which isn’t the most popular opinion to hold in Ireland. And an atheist. Also not the most popular worldview among Irishmen. Still, you have to admire her style!
        Regardless of whether one agrees with her on religion, abortion or other views, it was refreshing to see someone (ANYONE) in political office call out our usurper-in-chief. Maybe she and Nigel Farage could come do a speaking tour in America. I’d go see them! (the enemy of my enemy….etc)

        • Well Okie she may not be perfect but she got ole barry sized up right…some old saw about a stopped clock being right twice a day? 😉

      42. Barack is snickering at the feisty redhead.

        He could not care less what she says.

        His bosses, the international bankers,

        already have Ireland by the balls.

        Hang some financial terrorists.

      43. Well, I see all of you are on a roll tonight with this thread.
        I love it. Your razor sharp wit is coming forth today.
        Kudos! Its great to see your opinions ‘put out there’ for all to see. I had to stop the video 1/2 through when Ms. Daly was getting a dressing down/yelled at, by that Irish leader. Blah, blah, blah, let me drown you with rhetoric and blathering words, until you have no idea what the topic was anymore.
        If Obama is on the t.v., I turn the channel. Or,
        turn it on mute and watch the body language and mannerisms.
        I have always been able to see through phonies a mile away.
        Thank goodness for Mac, this site, and a few sane people in the media to get out word that Obama is destroying this country. Yes, all U.S. Presidents were not perfect.
        Regan had the Iran/Contra scandal to deal with.
        But, this guy, this dude. I have never seen such a narcissistic, ego filled, controlling, shady, unethical,
        Pres. in my lifetime who has complete disregard for everything this country stood for. And, his handlers in the
        background behind the curtains are just as bad.
        I just can’t comprehend how he gets away with it all.
        Before I forget, Kudos to Ms. Daly.
        If she can ‘see through’ Obama, I wonder how many other
        nations can too.
        Thank you for allowing me to rant.

        • Emily, you’re welcome and hope to hear more from you. braveheart

        • Emily–as you, after the first rip-roaring speech, I just felt he wasn’t right..know what I mean?
          Then all the negative about his background and being an illegal, not an American citizen started coming out.
          Not ever hearing this name didn’t set right with me either.
          It was a constant onslaught online revealing the true character of this anti-God, anti-American, anti-constitution, anti-freedom fraud.

      44. This is real simple actually, Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize because he is the first black president, and the award was given before any of his more horrific policies were disclosed to the public. end of story.

      45. I think this lady is spot on. She has done her homework and the little smartass she is talking to has not done his homework. I think she is awesome.
        I was born in America and currently reside but I am no longer an American because I don’t support anything that the gov. does.

        • With respect this govt has nothing to do with being an American…being an American is your birthright don’t allow the evil usurper and the unholy alliance in DC to take that away from you…this too shall pass and when eventually the us federal beast is dead America will still be here and we’ll still be Americans…just sayin 🙂

        • Hey,.. why dont you move your non American ass in with braveheart and ove to Georgia and threesome up with Daisy and make your OWN country…?

          • Gpa,

            I think you are on to something. Not the wierd pairing up/tripling up thingy… but the time to flight might be nigh. Pilgrims.

          • Now, that was funny!

      46. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize because he was the first black president and his aggressive,lethal,invasive policies had not been really revealed to the world yet. End of story.

        • And he was installed by as many as 40% white voters along with 98% black votes because even After 50 yrs, that is a Full One Half of a century long time, those assholes are Blind to what type effects to be expected when folks puts Blacks in charge of Every large citys mayor-city councils-police cheifs-fire chiefs-offices nationwide.

          Even after 50 yrs experience seeing total degradation and destruction, of every posible thing created and built and paid for primarily By whites, for several Centuries Prior to the Black ceaser kommie Usurper’s staged entrance upon the american scene, those fools still elected him..Twice!

          If the last 50 yrs of such savage jungle madness due to handing control over to Black Africans wasn’t evident enough….Hopefully a Black African in control of the Entire nation, with the exact Same expected results whenever blacks are in charge of anything, shall awaken that 40% of white idiots if not for at least a small portion of african blacks also.

      47. You know, after awhile, one gets sick and tired of seeing obama’s ugly face staring out at us or blinking on and off, on every fucking page on every fucking website on the internet. I thought SHTF was a site that I could come to for a little reprieve. Guess I was wrong. I read enough shit about him and his evil tribe, and see his ugly snout shoved in my face every day without seeing it here too. Son of a bitch!!!!! Why don’t you just post the article and leave his ugly face on your machine!!!

      48. **This comment has been modified from it’s original version. It has been formatted to fit your screen**


        California Opens Nude Beach For The Blind; Called Braille Beach, You Can Feel But You Can’t Squeeze

        ZZ Top Cancels Another Show In Norfolk, Lead Guitarist Says He Doubts The Place Even Exists; Critic Responds: ‘Yes, Santa Clause, There IS A Virginia!

        Calif Assembly Introduces Bill To Allow Non-Citizen Poll Workers; Voters Say ‘Que Pasa With That?’

        Zimmerman Verdict In Jury’s Hands, Fla Braces For Worst; Mainstream Media Pees Its Pants In Anticipation

        And, speaking of potential violence…

        Okla House Proposes Naming An Official State Barbecue Recipe; 12,000 Rednecks Threaten To Riot If It Isn’t Theirs!

        • The “Zimmerman Verdict” is a loaded double-barreled shotgun. ONE OF THE BARRELS IS NOT LOADED. “Riot by design”! If “he” is “convicted”, “WHITEY/CRACKER” will “fade-away”.

          However, if HE is acquitted…no further explanation necessary! LOW INFORMATION ASSHOLES will “play into the hands” of the “puppet-masters”! Could THIS be the FUSE to ignite the MARTIAL LAW progression?

          NAY, I’ve got my “tin-foil hat” SIZED too tight!

          • Howdy, Yental, everything EXCEPT what you said about “WHITEY/CRACKER” fading away is spot on. White people aren’t going anywhere as long as they’ll stand up and defend themselves. Someone will harm you ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. NEVER, EVER, SUBMIT TO ANYONE WITH EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD YOU. YOU HAVE NO OBLIGATIONS TO SUCH TRASH. braveheart

          • Zimmerman doesn’t have a chance. The jurors will vote for NO RIOTS and not according to the law.
            Then we can go back to Black on Black crime. Black on White crime will increase and life goes on with the six o’clock news.

      49. Taoiseach and Maryland’s governor Martin O’Malley, two stupid “Mick”, Oshitbird puppets.

      50. The fact that obama was awarded the peace prize at the same time he was first elected reveals the fraud of this award. This was all fixed in advance, a complete psyop.

        • Right!

          I gave up all ambition of earning the Nobel prize after they gave it to B0.

      51. ok i have not watched the whole thing however even though i have not i have to say that if i could i would give that woman a standing ovation and take off my hat for her and clap until my hands ache if i could for her
        instead ill just say right on lady, I congratulate you for not being one of the sheep impressed by him for any reason that we dont know about.

      52. If this country survives this fucker’s second term, and the time comes to build his presidential library, I have an idea what it should look like. Make it a large dumpster loaded with shit He is garbage & full of it B SAFE OUT THERE

      53. “If you let them do this to me and get away with it, then you’re giving them the eternal right to do the same damn thing to any one of you!” -Buford Pusser

        And we just keep letting him get by with CRAP!

        • That was awesome!

        • WOW! That’s CRAZY fast!

      54. ‘Shitcago Ill’ becomes the WILD WILD WEST ‘DODGE CITY’ is now full of legal carrying GUNSLINGERS AND GANG-BANGERS ALL ARMED TO THE TEETH !

        zio-jew fairy boy rahm emanual is royally failing as shitcago’s israeli zio-jew mayor

        “Following a weekend of horrific violence in Chicago in which at least 70 people were shot and 12 killed, this was the wrong move for public safety in Illinois,” Democratic Governor Jim Quinn noted as lawmakers overturned his veto to allow Illinois to become the last state in the US to allow residents to carry concealed handguns. As the BBC reports, the governor warned that the new law will allow people to carry guns in pubs and bars (and carry virtual arsenals on their persons), we suspect, if Chi-raq (the slang for the anarchic gang-ridden areas of Chicago) is any example, that this is already occurring en masse in a wide population of the state. Gun rights proponents, meanwhile, celebrated, “this is a historic, significant day for law-abiding gun owners, they finally get to exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

        N.O. ;0p

      55. Ms. Daly deserves praise for her rhetorical bitch slap of the mulatto, but by no means did she address the issues vis-a-vis Amerikan imperialist aggression against IRELAND and ALL European countries.

        Ireland, which survived 700+ years of British attempts to destroy it through invasion, ethnic cleansing and managed famines, is now being quickly annihilated by the central banksters of the EU (who are baked by Amerikan power, which in the end is only JEWISH power) and its own traitor politicians. MASS IMMIGRATION from the Third World, fervidly encouraged by AMERIKA, is the means by which Ireland (and all of EUROPE) is being destroyed.

        The most odious of the “Irish” traitor politicians is Alan Shatter, Irish Minister of Justice and Equality. Shatter, who is not “Irish” by any means but is in fact a Jew, is delighted that Eire is undergoing an invasion by Third World savages. He is GLAD that the Irish people are being impoverished and driven to emigrate, and that those who remain are on the road to minority status in their own country.

        Here is what the streets of Ireland look like today thanks to people like Shatter, and more importantly, the Amerikans who WILLINGLY support them and act as their muscle:

        And here is what Amerikan influence has brought to GREECE, the birthplace of Western Civilization (and TRUE “Holy Land” of ALL European mankind):

        The peoples of Ireland and Greece were never consulted about this planned Third World invasion, and they don’t like it. Who does like it? Here is AMERIKAN Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre, who heads a Jewish feminist “study group” in SWEDEN, lecturing Europe on the INEVITABILITY of its “multicultural” (non-white) future and boasting of the “leading” Jewish role in bringing this about:

        Amerikan influence (i.e., JEWISH influence, for supine, degraded Amerika has been totally CONQUERED by this conspiracy) is TOXIC to all EUROPEAN PEOPLES. A million inbred, Elvis-loving Scofield Bible-wielding idiots (themselves marked for extinction by the Barbara Lerner Specters of the world) from fly-over country, screaming about Amerika’s biblical “duty” to defend Israhell, can NEVER change this fact.

        • Bravo Ahab:! Another Grand Slam!

          EVERYBODY Should Watch that Linked Video of Barbara Spectre. Especially those naysayers who always whine or complain when any of us mentions the Facts and Truth that YES INDEED all our and every white nations Multicult Invasion of NON whites Problems are a Bonafide Factual as Proven By her On her Video that Yes it IS Mainly a Jewish by design Plan unfolding.

          Folks especially baptist evangelical jew firsters and israel worshipers better wake Up! And watching That jewish kommie zionist whacko Bitch explain Their Jewish Plans to dsetroy Whites and their nations by multiculturalizim non whiteys, must finally cause you to finally believe it is fact and truth.

          Then why not reconsider Your unquestioned total support for all things jewish and israel…What “IF” Scofields bible interpretations are Wrong?

          Many very intelligent folks have proven it a swidnle scam(scofields bible)…WAKE UP Whites and evangelicals. Before we run out of time to. WATCH THE VIDEO!!

          Then attempt to convince anyone not delusional that it is not a jewish zionist plan BY design! WAKE UP!

      56. Ad hominem…


        The Stanford prison experiment (or SPE) was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted at Stanford University from August 14 to August 20, 1971, by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo.[1] It was funded by the US Office of Naval Research[2] and was of interest to both the US Navy and Marine Corps as an investigation into the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners.

        Twenty-four male students out of seventy-five were selected to take on randomly assigned roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. The participants adapted to their roles well beyond Zimbardo’s expectations, as the guards enforced authoritarian measures and ultimately subjected some of the prisoners to psychological torture. Many of the prisoners passively accepted psychological abuse and, at the request of the guards, readily harassed other prisoners who attempted to prevent it. The experiment even affected Zimbardo himself, who, in his role as the superintendent, permitted the abuse to continue. Two of the prisoners quit the experiment early and the entire experiment was abruptly stopped after only six days. Certain portions of the experiment were filmed and excerpts of footage are publicly available.


      58. Where have many of the old original bunch gone? Where is Burt? And would love to hear from Manos, to name a few.

      59. @ slingshot. I hope you are wrong about Zimmerman getting a guilty verdict because of the threat of riots. This would be a total miscarriage of justice. I have been watching the trial on and off, and if Treyvon had been white or asian there would not even have been a trial. It was only from black pressure did this farce even begin. The evidence of Zimmerman having the crude beat out of him, what the police detective said, is plain as day to even a blind man. If those jurors vote no riots we that value FREEDOM to defend ourselves will take a major hit in this country.

        Every single black that has attacked ANYONE of ANY race will use a guilty verdict as a springboard to further say that ANYONE defending themselves against any black is already guilty. Many people that don’t have to be victims will be afraid to pull the trigger against any black with the fear of being found guilty like Zimmerman would have been. ONLY when some black is armed with a firearm will many feel legally safe to protect themselves and not have the “law system” come down on them. That includes innocent black people defending themselves against another black.

        That gorilla wearing clothes sharpton will use this to make sure that black gangs have an advantage over citizens and police alike. That butt faced jackson will preach how now ANY black that has been shot they just have to petition the local prosecutor with threat of riots to get ANYONE that defended themselves against any black. This includes all law enforcement, FBI even, and all citizens that “dare” to shoot the the spear chucker that is going to murder you and your family.

        I know some black people that simply want to be treated fairly, as all Americans should be. However these black terrorists like the black panthers and jack(ass)son and sharpie want free range to let blacks kill and maim everything, even other blacks.

        They call someone that preps and survivalist potential domestic terrorists, a totally unfair call as the volume of crime and killings from black gangs is 10000 to 1 as compared to any type of prepper/survivalist people. Besides this black gangs like the black panthers are associated with and fully support TRUE international muslim terrorists that can and have plans to kill millions or tens of millions of Americans with true weapons of mass destruction. Yes, black gangs and those that fully support them are affiliated with islamic terrorists because so many of these blacks ARE MUSLIMS. Terrorists hell bent on turning the whole world into islam and everything based on the Qu’ran.

        This government is so screwed up with whom is the real enemy and threat to the national security of the country. Let’s see now whom is the REAL threat.

        The prepper/survivalist that supports the Constitution and American freedom.

        Or the black terrorist, lots of them fully devoted to the Qu’ran and its full teachings that has ties to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, al qaeda, hezbollah, hamas, and every other islamic terrorist organizations fully committed to killing as many Americans as possible.

        I sure don’t see ANY prepper/survivalist screaming allah u ackbar (God is Great) before detonating their bomber vests and blowing up a bunch of innocent people. I sure see almost all of black muslims never condemning this act because it is a fellow muslim. Islam is the second most practiced “religion” with blacks. Again, whom is the true enemy to USA?

        • The the Trayvon negroes riot, they might have the delightful suprise of becoming just like trayvon.
          A lot of humans fed up with this negroe rioting whenever they dont get their way. Agains B52s loaded with napalm bombs would be my favorite way to deal with looting rioting primates. The thought of Napalm roasting away your flesh would make even the most stout hearted negroe rioter reconsider.

          • Abso-fucking-lutely! Have the next mass chimp out turn into trayvon times 3 million and watch the negro calm down in a BIG fucking hurry,lol!

        • @ Be Informed.

          Spot on, BI. This case is not about justice. It is about setting precedence. The Judge and Council had a tiff about Zimmerman not taking the stand for his defense. It was a slight of hand by the Judge to influence the Jury. By asking Zimmerman directly instead of Council is was the same as placing guilt by example. In the same way as a LEO asking a suspect if he wants to take a Lie Detector Test. If the suspect says no, it brings in the question, What do you have to hide. You can also compare this as taking the Fifth Amendment Right. At this point the Judge was not impartial to the case and injected her opinion to the jury by the impression of Zimmermans guilt.
          You can also argue this is about the, Stand your Ground Law in Florida. If there is a guilty verdict, it guts the law, making it useless by fear of prosecution.
          The ironic point of it all, Blacks can not use the same defense.
          Either way it is open season on Whitey. What a good way to unnerve those who have Concealed Weapons Permits.

        • Good morning, Be Informed, and I have to agree wholeheartedly. If Zimmerman is convicted, it will send the following message to the white community: if you’re attacked by a black criminal and act in self-defense against him/her, whether the criminal survives or not, you will be punished for it. I never let anything discourage me from self-defense. I carry certain self-defense items with me everywhere I go ever since the Clinton era. FOLLOWING any restrictions on self-defense has a price tag of its own and that’s your life. I disregard those restrictions. First, they violate the constitution. Second, following them will open the door for the scum to do God knows what. Third, it’s not in my nature to submit to any thug. I don’t remember how many times I was suspended in school for fighting and in self-defense. I’ve already been hearing some talk about riots in my area and i’m taking the appropriate precautions. braveheart

      60. Are We All Forgetting Something So Blatantly Obvious?

        This prime minister is calling our president a WAR CRIMINAL. a WAR CRIMINAL is a charge levied by the International Court……a one world ruler. That is just wrong.

        She is just a product of years of socialism. She doesn’t realize what she is saying. She has no idea of the American culture. We submit to no one.

        Do not validate the one world court by agreeing with her. Heck, I’m not an Obama fan either but to subject the office of the presidency to a higher world power is simply un-American.

        Let’s not set a precedent.

      61. Are we forgetting something so blatantly obvious?

        The prime minister is calling our president a WAR CRIMINAL….a charge levied by the INTERNATIONAL COURT; a product of those who want a one world ruler.

        We are americans. We answer to no one. I’m not an Obama fan either but to subject the office of the presidency to a higher power such as the international court is simply un-American….and worse yet, sets a dangerous precedent.

        That prime minister is a product of years of socialization. She has no idea what she is saying. And, she has no idea what it means to be American.

        • Let us savor the irony… the concept of erecting supra-national “authorities” over sovereign states became the pet project of two evil, crusading US presidents:

          1) The moronic Woodrow Wilson (who, besides establishing the Federal Reserve, agitated for the “League of Nations,” which senate republicans wisely kept Amerika OUT of), and…

          2) The odious Franklin D. Roosevelt, who never met a communist he didn’t like and (with the help of his red and/or Zionist advisors Harry Hopkins, Harry Dexter Weiss [a.k.a. “White”], Henry Morgenthau and Bernard Baruch) erected the edifice of the United Nations, the IMF and the World Bank.

        • We are americans. We answer to no one

          So likewise; why don’t we keep our snotty noses OUT OF other countries’ bizness!! 🙁

          • Agreed. However, the reality is, the world wants us in their business. Specifically, they want us to defend them. Otherwise, they’d have to fund defense, technology and then of course, they wouldn’t have the money to support their laissez faire socialist lifestyles.

            Take Irag for example. Does anyone remember why were there in the first place. It was because we were asked. Saddam Hussein took over Kuwait in about 30 minutes. The members of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia panicked because they saw that their oil empires could evaporate in a heartbeat.

            Thus, they dialed 1 800 AMERICA. George Herbert Bush had investments in Saudi Arabia plus their was something noble about freeing a nation that was overthrown by a dictator. Thus, the entire Iraq war was born. Mind you, approved unanimously by the congress and senate.

            Bottom Line. The world wants us in their business. They want us to do their dirty work for them.

        • Actually shes not the prime minister…shes a member of parliament…the other guy defending barry is the prime one I believe? Interesting though dontcha think that a socialist is fed up with one?
          However I agree we should never subject our nation in any way to any outside power but that’s not whats being advocated here…folks want this criminal prosecuted according to OUR law…and make no mistake about it he is a criminal…he has broken OUR law and that is paramount…not whether he broke some one elses law(that’s like someone else spanking your kid)…he is this govts head and has to be punished by this countries law/people…this country is responsible for him and should have the responsibility of dealing with him…so while she is correct that he is a criminal hes not going to be judged by Irish or world court law but by ours and ours has enough teeth to deal with him if we are willing to enforce it…whats the penalty for treason again?

      62. – It’s NOBEL prize, not Noble prize. What an ass.

      63. Grasshopper golwbull warming is a myth, scam ,superstition,religion. In fact the planet has been cooling for the last ten years. Shure it was 102 at my place today. But its july its supposed to be hot. Making war on coal isnt gonna help anything. Coal is a natural thing so what if we release sequestered carbon. Co2 makes plants grow. Growing plants release oxygen. We are sequestering carbon in landfills every day.Every moment the Mississippi River sequester,s hundred,s of tons of carbon in the gulf every day. Every day thousands of tons of cosmic space dust enters the earths atmosphere. Shure we are having climate change. Its not caused by mans activities. man cant mitigate or stop the climate change. No two days are the same the climate has always been changing. no one has the authority to dictate what the normal or optimal climat is or should be. Mans activities are not causing the pole shift. Man isnt causing earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods ,clatyclismic events ect. Those things where occuring before man ever lit the first campfire or started using fossil fuels. For every action their is an equal & opposite reaction. That means quite simply for every change in the climate and for every human or natural activity there will be an equal number of good positive results as bad negative results. So why do the greenies insist the end results will all be bad negative worst case sceinario,s ? Man cannott make something into nothing. No matter what that something will still be present some where, some how, in some manner. Man also cannott make something from nothing like prepetual motion it cant be done. So Its all a wash It all comes Even Steven

      64. hard to argue with her…and Im not going to, she is spot on

        • VRF,

          She called it like she saw it. If she ran for office she would get my vote.

      65. How ironic that a Noble Peace Prize winner will actually be responsible for killing more people in the history of the world when he finally gets his wish and collapses the economy. He will probably be responsible for over a billion deaths worldwide, be interesting to see his judgment day before God….

      66. Everything this Muslim touches turns to crap!

      67. I wish she would run for office here.

      68. What I loved the most about this clip is her rebuttal when she did something VERY significant. She separated the will of Obama/American Government from that of the American People when she stated that Ireland would stand much more shoulder to shoulder with Irish-Americans by rejecting the policies of our government rather than going along with them. It is a relief to know that other countries are starting to realize that we the people are not in control of this ship anymore, that our elections are competitions between cronies with the same agenda or outright rigged/fixed, and that we are generally a good people who do not support our government’s war-mongering, deficit spending, free trade agreements that destroy our jobs, tax havens that allow the richest “people” (corporations are considered people by our legal system) to evade any and all taxes, and their constant efforts to strip us of guaranteed constitutional rights. We’re locked in a battle against a tyrannical plutocracy here in America and they have the high ground of government to fight from. There is growing sentiment amongst some of us that we are going to be forced into a violent confrontation that we do not want. All we want is for our government to operate by the letter of our constitution where checks and balances still exist and dictatorial executive orders based on war powers that should have been ended after our first civil war are a thing of the past … where we break up monopolies rather than bail them out, take back the power to control our own money supply by shuttering the FED, reconstruct our tariff systems to bring manufacturing back to America by making our goods more attractive domestically by making foreign products more expensive in America, and a return to some sort of real structure or backing for our current fiat funny money.

      69. I’ll bet she can drink me under the table while having blood pudding for breakfast… and I’m Irish…

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