Must Watch: Ivanka Trump’s 82 Year Old Neighbor Goes Off On Protesting Mob: “You Want To Get Your F***ing Face Hit?”

by | Apr 2, 2017 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    Scores of activists showed up at Ivanka Trump’s neighborhood to throw an outdoor “dance party” and protest Trump’s environmental and LGBTQ policies.

    The crowd reportedly got rowdy and loud, frustrating residents of the area.

    One man wasn’t going to sit idly by while they wreaked havoc in his neighborhood.

    The 82-year-old man decided to let it be known that he wasn’t happy, and when one leftist protester tried to call him rude, he got much more than he bargained for.

    Man to female protester: Why don’t you invent something? Do something… Get out of here.

    Second Male Protester: No need to be rude.

    Man: Rude? I live here! Don’t give me… You want to get your fucking face hit?

    Male Protester: You want to hit me?

    Man: I’d love to… You want to fight with an 82-year-old man?

    Protester: You want to talk like that to a woman?

    Man: I’m talkin’ to you Sonny. Are you a woman? Get the fuck out of here.

    A must-see clip:


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      1. I love this guy.

        The nerve of these people coming to their neighborhood and creating a disturbance and then calling the guy who lives there RUDE !?!


        Stupid lefties and their social justice wars. IDIOTS.

        • Anonymous, the freaks won’t stand a chance when TSHTF. There WILL be a serious ‘house cleaning’.

              • Good,but their best was “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”.I will say though not really Sabbath when with Ronnie “Children Of The Sea” was a awesome song!

                • Sabotage was best.

            • Genius, thanks for the music. Brings back some memories, LOL!

              • Get off my Lawn..

          • These idiots wouldn’t last a week in Argentina or Venezuela.

        • The NWO Left is ORGANIZED across the board, and at all levels calling “white”, “black” and “black”, “white”. It’s the BIG LIE trying to undermine even the most basic facts from ten thousand different voices to make it all seem “true”.

          The examples are endless.

          Ivanka’s neighborhood ??? Give me a break. Patriots must do likewise and they need to do it now. Patriots need to acost the left at every level, everywhere across America in support of POTUS.

          It is not enough that TRUMP is in the Oval Office. That is just a start. Patriots must ASSEMBLE and take it ti the streets. The streets where the Left lives. Turnabout is fairplay. 🙂

          • There is an organization that does just that – Oath Keepers. Join, if you want to “assemble”. OK were at the Oregon stand-off, guarded businesses in Ferguson, and are preparing to provide security at a free speech event in Berkeley.

        • They want to destroy property and assault people, then expect the people they attack to be civil. These are the rules these con artist leftists want us to play by.
          All of the men in the group need to get together and take care of business as soon as they show up. Meet force with force. Otherwise we can continue to expect more violence from the left. They cover their faces. Cover yours. They use clubs and pepper spray. Take the hint. Step up, deal with it, show no mercy, quickly exit.

      2. Gotta love today’s youth. That 82 year old man looked like he still got some pep, it woulda been hilarious if he woulda bitch slapped that little snowflake.

        • The old fucker had a big yap, that’s for sure. He talked tough and then hid behind his age. An old bitch.

          • Says the “mighty” keyboard warrior. Lol!

          • Says the libtard cupcake…

      3. Hey everyone, I just got back from AR checking on my Dad who had a health issue but is OK now. I see I’ve got some catching up to do.

      4. That freak wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes if he had come to my home or any of my families’ homes with his BS. That 82-year-old should have bitch-slapped the freak. I would’ve gladly backed him up.

      5. We need more articles like the firearms cleaning article and less of what seems daily mirror style news(?).

        • OK Here’s a useful idea for a shelter. Just pack the bags in and fill them with surrounding dirt and use local stuff for a roof. This isn’t some crappy plywood shed it can be permanent and boolit proof!

          ht tp://

          • As one guy posted in the comments section, I would use roofing tar as an adhesive instead of barbed wire. I like this idea!

            • ht tps:// 27 cents each.

          • My favorite ballistic protection is those dirt filled wire and geotex fabric cages, are about 4′ high, can stack them as you fill also, i am ready to improvise with this, can fill it with my tractor pretty fast, they have been effective against IEDs and such in ag and ir,

            • My favorite “ballistic protection” will be the dead bodies of those foolish enough to come in my neighborhood with that librat bullshit..
              Just like in Korea..stack em up 2 deep and all is well.

      6. Gtfoh !!?


      7. Pepper spray and watch them cry for mommy the moment they step on your property.

        If they follow up with more, then so do you.

        Less than lethal’s should be amusing.

        • Fatty, I got one better. Use wasp spray on a libturd and he/she will go blind. Very effective.

          • LMFAO……………………………….

          • LMFAO……………………………….still laughing with tears running down my cheeks! Braveheart, you do have an awesome way with words……..

          • I’ve seen you say this before and it does sound effective, however I wouldnt want to cause permanent damage unless absolutely necessary. As a first tier defense, I couldnt justify it lol.

            • Fatty, I’ll use whatever I have available to me if/when a confrontation comes along. If pepper spray is all I have I’ll use it. If wasp spray is all I have I’ll use that. Your primary concern in any confrontation is getting out of that situation ALIVE. Do whatever you consider necessary and worry about any possible consequences later. I personally know of people who have followed restrictions on self-defense and that got them killed. FOLLOWING stupid laws has a price tag.

          • Brave, others, maybe you missed the posting here a while back. You tube videos with guys spraying each other. Wasp spray did NOTHING.

        • I met a CSM,few years back while on the job. He recommended instead of pepper spray, Wasp & Hornet Spray, ok not ideal re personal carry, unless via backpack. Plus side easy to carry in car, does not attract attention, sends a heavy stream, as i recall at east 15 ft.

        • I met a CSM,few years back while on the job. He recommended instead of pepper spray, Wasp & Hornet Spray, ok not ideal re personal carry, unless via backpack. Plus side easy to carry in car, does not attract attention, sends a heavy stream, as i recall at least 15 ft.
          Met a OTR trucker who agreed, carries in cab.

      8. I hate leftist, the day draws nei

        • nigh

      9. Nailbanger, libturds of ALL ages are a lost cause. There’s a storm coming, I can hear the thunder.

      10. Folks,don’t get arrogant,the useful idiots have money and armed/trained folks behind them.I would also say any idiot with a firearm can shoot you in the back.The cannon fodder is to burn ya’s out,only engage in defense of yourself or others,save your energies/supplies for real battle.

        • Speaking of cannon fodder and burning you out, if you have a native reservation nearby that sells fireworks you can get the 2 inch mortar shells (the ones that go BOOM). Would make for a good fire causing projectile battery! Fireworks have many uses in distraction tactics and smoke bomms are great too 🙂

          • Genius, you’re giving me ideas again. A 2-inch mortar shell stuck in a libturd’s ass and the fuse lit…..LOL!

        • The local useful idiots , some have money, most are just fucking stupid arrogant assholes

          • I said they have money and armed folks backing them.That said lets get on a more serious topic:

            Why the fuck are there “Slow Children Playing” street signs.Why would any one let the slow/chubby kids play in the streets?!The only kids in the streets should be the quick and nimble,keep the fat ones in the yard!the dumbing down of yet more generations continues!

            • Warchild, the fat kids are ‘junior land whales’, LOL! They’ll grow up to be SENIOR land whales.

            • I call it bowling for braindead’s! 😛

            • Heres a serious topic,,, bacon on my burger ? Or just cheese and special sauce?
              Or both!

              • Nailbanger:

                Why was the sexy tomato embarrassed? Because she saw the salad dressing!?


            • BTW Warchild, the armed ones can also be dealt with.

            • I thought the signs referred to short bus kids.

      11. “How chivalrous!” The protester was defending the woman against an 82 year old man! The last time I looked, Ivanka Trump was a woman. Actually, I think she is a mother as well. Here these jerks were in her neighborhood frightening her entire family. How chivalrous!

      12. Warchild, good points, but the left doesn’t have enough ‘cannon fodder’ to match even a fraction of the 100,000,000 gun owners out there. My ‘lead nutrients’ I save for self-defense and the real battles yet to come. 5-10% of all gun owners are enough to take out all the ‘useful idiots’ of the left, including the POS foreigners.

      13. These people are for sale to whoever wants to give them a few bucks. ‘Blame the leftists’ is getting pretty stale. I think they are low life dole bludgers of no real leanings (that would take energy) with nothing better to do than wreck havoc on society just for the fun of it. We used to call them Bodgies and Widgies back in the day. Hooligans. Trouble makers. vandals. useless idiots using good air. Poor things. Fancy having no life so this is what they do to make it interesting. Good on you mr 82 yrs old! Now THAT’S a man!

      14. Bacon of course,why ruin a burger with cheese and sauce,WTF!

      15. I’m 63 and I would love to punch him in the face!
        Bastards can start a fight, but I’m damn sure I can finish it.

      16. I love that generation! They have the spark and the fight still in them. They lived through the wars and many fought in them.

        From my personal experience, the generations are like this:

        80 plus: Feisty and openly call BS on the African/Muslim invasion. They speak very clearly about what is happening and that we need to kick these leaches out of the Western world.

        60 to 75: These are the boomers and they can’t blow Muslim dick and prostrate before Islam enough. I have given up on conversations with this generation. They are the ones bringing in the invasion.

        45 to 55: They know it is all crap and are prepping and trying to bug out.

        30 to 45: These are the snowflakes and the Obamanation. They are too stupid to understand what is going on.

        18 to 25: These guys are boiling with anger and are becoming race aware by the day as they see what is happening. They have no respect for the boomers. This generation is very dangerous because they have no memory of war or serious civil unrest so they will support extremist politics and actions, be it of the left or the right. They are the ones fighting all the Islamic wars across the Middle East and Africa: engaging in torture and mass executions.

        • I’m one of those “boomers” and my question to you is, you talk tough, tell us how many Muslims you’ve shot?”

      17. And the rest of amerika’s cowards yawn.

      18. How are they allowing this. The people don’t live there and they can’t be in the street or sidewalk impeding traffic. And they can’t be on people’s property. Why aren’t the cops arresting these idiots. I’m sure if I showed up at Obama’s daughters dorm and started having a dance party there would be some efficient police officers wanting me to try out their latest jewelry. SMH

      19. fuk liberals, it is time to stop this terrorist group

      20. Grandpa should have pepper sprayed that punk. Then followed up with a kick south.

      21. Just to note, she was a reporter (not a protestor) and her friend was helping her film. She attended the riot to report on what was going on (her job). She promptly and appropriately responded to the elder saying she would leave. Her friend simply wanted to stand up for her before leaving.

      22. “Man to female protester: Why don’t you invent something?”

        Then, a blinding flash of inspiration struck, in a Damascus Road moment, from on-high.

        So, you’ve just engaged in a Maoist ‘struggle session’, probably outmatched 100 to 1. Who was more tired.

      23. Leftist tactic of punishing conservatives by getting them evicted from their apartments (rented or purchased apartments). Leftist mob creates chaos inside and outside the apartment building until the management or HOA goes to court to evict you for being a nuisance. (doubt this will happen to Ivanka. Much more effective used against a person of average income.) Leftists use same tactic to get people fired from their jobs or get their businesses evicted from office buildings.

      24. It’s very disrespectful to go to someone’s home to protest, a person’s home is their sanctuary from strife. Protests should occur at a business or offices. Just think her children were there, they should not be exposed to this kind of behavior. Of course though, who said liberals could think or show respect? The police should have immediately started arresting these inconsiderate protesters. I’m a baby boomer and I’m a conservative and all you have to do is read the Koran to know what “all” Muslims really think and believe. My brother is also a baby boomer, but a liberal and has his mind set as a liberal and if he’s read the Koran he’s an idiot. Don’t put all boomers in the same category, alot of them will tell you just how it is.

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