Must See Video: American High Shcoolers Off-Guard and Out of the Classroom

by | Feb 3, 2012 | Headline News | 239 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    A new video from Lunch Scholars catches US high school students off-guard and out of the classroom.

    Watch how they respond to a series of common questions covering topics such as American history, geography, and politics.

    • In which war did our country win its independence?
    • Who is the Vice President?
    • Which countries border the U.S.?
    • How many stars on the flag of the United States?
    • Can you name a country starting with the letter “U” ?

    Hat tip Igy


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      1. Is this any surprise?

        • Is this why we pay our educators the big bucks? This would be a hit at the next PTA meeting. Do they still have those?

          I wonder how indebt they will be with college tuition loans, and still be as dumb as a stump? Maybe the King of America will forgive the loans.

          (You buy em books, send them to school and what do they do? —- THEY EAT THE TEACHER!)

          • If the Teacher looks like Ms. Jones in my History class, your damn right!

          • To those who would blame the kids, remember that they are a product of their environment. Monkey see, monkey do. What you sow is what you reap.

            This is a deliberate dumbing down of America.


        • “We go to the polls with the voters we have–not with the voters we might want or wished we had at a later time”.

          Is it any wonder that the country is irredeemably fucked up when the products of public education go on to themselves become public educators as well as voters? If I was the Grand Pubah of Iran bent on destroying the Great Satan, I could not have done a better job than the Progressives have done by releasing flocks of imbeciles on our youth to turn them into barely functioning humans. There should be a special place in Hell reserved for those who advocated this kind of crap, and lamp posts reserved in this world for public educators and members of boards of education at every level who tolerate this kind of ineptitude and gross, criminal incompetence!

          • I just took a temp job with a state organization that pays minorities and to prepare for college. If they complete the program they also pay for college. This program is so obviously racist that I can hardly keep quiet during staff meetings. I just hope I can keep quiet for five more months.

            The most frustrating part is that the teachers in the schools are not smart enough to correctly complete a mileage reimbursement form so we have to do them and just have them sign. A few try to fill out the form, but we have to send them back again and again. It’s not rocket science. The spreadsheet does the math. They cannot even type their name in the right box.

            • “When the good jobs be comin back”?

            • most of the people in the vid are white…how does this apply?

          • AMEN to that Brother!

            • The above was in response to Moon is a harsh mistress.

          • Amen.

          • The Moon and everyone reading this: Savvy folks gave up on the voting polls decades ago, knowing they were rigged by the Elite. A total farce. Parents that have dumb kids are dumb butts themselves…private schools with high academic ratings is where their kids should be. Chinese contractors are over here now building bridges, roads, etc. because we are too damn lazy and stupid to fix our own stuff. This was on ABC news last week..America is without hope; we must prep. and hunker down.

        • Absolutely no surprise.
          I am actually a product of the Los Angeles Public School System- Class of 1991.
          And I knew then that it was 1776 that won our Independence.
          All the rest should be common sense.
          Now,… 1984 equals 1776.
          Those who know not what that means, look into real history.
          Start with the Boston Tea Party.
          End with the American Revolution.
          Now you have 2012.
          History repeats itself. But liberals are too stupid to see that.


        • I guess the village failed….

          • The village trusted. The problem was that those with an agenda got into the system and rigged it. So if a child who knows nothing gets passed along each year, slowly the system dumbs down to keep passing them along. The teachers who strive for their kids to excell are pushing against the system and get pushed out or burnt out.
            There are huge differences between school systems. We were military ( and I grew up in several different school systems)so I have seen a number of different systems. The teachers genuinely believe they are giving their best but they are following the system and it is rigged to very low levels.
            It is brilliant really. Dumb down the system and the kids follow. Teach them to be passive and progressive and that is all they know (literally). The classic education was to teach critical thinking, not just info. Progressives do not want critical thinkers because they would stop following. Critical thinkers are inovators not followers. Critical thinkers are capitalists, builders of nations and cities and communities. They won’t just sit and be told what to do.

            • Why on earth do you assume that “progressive” is associated with “passive”? Unfortunately, too many so-called conservatives are not terribly concerned with thinking – they are the ones I would more likely associate with passivity!

            • Well Said!

        • for me IT IS a surprise, a very disturbing surprise to be honest.
          what did these kids do to pass each grades? are there no exams?

          • They just pass them because they don’t want to “damage their self-esteem” by holding them back if they haven’t learned the curriculum.

        • A ferocious argument for home schooling.

        • This really looks sad…. Are they not learning anything in school? I dropped out at about these kids ages and I know more than them. At 15 I aced the High School exit Exam, and again at 16. Then got my G.E.D. And I smoked more weed than Cheech and Chong while in HS! I bet if you asked them who Kim K was getting married to or who was in the sex tape with her, they would know that one, huh?

        • You people are so rude. This was supposed to be funny. It’s not like the students didn’t answer any correct. The person who edited it edited out the answers that were correct for a reason. And even if they didn’t, you can’t judge a school or a country by what like six or seven students. Plus, I bet tons of other kids around the world would have answered the same way. Not everyone in this school is dumb. Have you ever heard the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Same applies to this situation. Stop being so rude and grow up.

        • I just asked my fifteen yr. old daughter each of the above questions, she answered them all correctly without hesitation or prompting.. just saying!

        • ahh the old adolescent teenies too bad theyre probably gonna die. Thats What happens when you believe a false reality thats advertised to you everyday and you just go with the flow and dont have a clue about anything. And If someone tried explaining they would just think “what a weirdo”. But go ahead and listen to Justin Bieber while you can because he too will be dead hahaha. PS Im only 17 years old still in high school

      2. We’re screwed!

        • You are more than screwed…

          • Just me?

            • You in the general sense…not you personally

            • Navy Guys have been getting screwed on submarines for decades.

          • I bet they can text the shit out of a Blackberry and have symptoms of Carpal Tunnel.

          • Navy Guy and Nexus789: Come you guys, lets look at the bright side of this. These dopes already have all the jobe skills they’ll ever need: “do you want paper or plastic”, or “do you want fries with that”? And they’ll be really good at it.

        • The one in the grey blouse is pretty hot. I wonder if she’s 18.

        • Schooled – Feel like this was some sort of an iq test. Scrolled down pretty far, but didn’t notice spelling error called out. Picyune i guess.

      3. That is scary….if they were mucking around it would be amusing but they are not. Utopia is about right.

        • Just think these young people will be able to vote in just a couple of years. Given the depth of thier education they will make model sheeple for the corp.

      4. That’s disturbing. My unschooled 4 year old knows the answers to all those questions.

      5. Painful. Hilarious, but scary-sad.

        We are so boned.

      6. we don’t need no EDuKAsHun

        “We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”
        ― Woodrow Wilson

        the purpose of the American education system was NEVER to educate
        it’s purpose is to produce good little worker bees who are obedient and non-questioning,
        anyone with a true education and critical thinking skills is a THREAT

      7. Wow. Just wow.

        My 11 year old, raised and educated in another country, was able to answer all of the questions but one correctly. (She didn’t know the VP’s name).

        We don’t need no education.

        • Don’t fret because your child didn’t know the VP’s name; he probably doesn’t know it either!

          • hahahahaha!!!

            Have you noticed that he is in the news way less than most VP’s? Very low profile.

            • Because every time he’s given a mic he says something stupid.

            • So who’s fault is that? The imbecile of a VP or the imbecile who keeps handing him the mike? If it wasn’t for Biden, Obamination would have been the second black president for only 5 minutes or so.

            • ~Daisy~

              Very low profile indeed!

              I suspect the real reason he’s kept hidden, is due to his irritating proclivity to perform fellatio upon anything resembling a zionist/israeli tuber!!!

              Yep, in his view…microphones are erotic!

              —Pavlov’s dog has nothing on zionist deep-throatin’ Joe.—

        • I’d like to forget who the VP is.

      8. These are the example of our future. My wife deals with this type everyday in her classroom. She has decided that you cannot teach the unteachable as hard as she tries. Although she teaches grade school, the trend is the same.

        • That is because of the parents. It is not the fault of the teachers NOPE NO WAY!! I am blessed with 2 children a 3 yr old and a 20 yr old. My oldest is an artist who is talented you know why? Cuz i taught her to agree with all the BS in school to act like you agree with all the canned answers “they” want to hear. Example she had gotten tests that asked her how whe FELT about situations etc. Well haow do you grade on an opinion, a feeling…you can not unless you give THEM the “correct canned answer. I raised her to do it but know it was brainwashing. Taught her what our counrty is UPOOSED to be what it was intended to be. WHY? ZWHY? Because my parents taught me how our goverment lies. How Polio was tested etc. My parents taught me to not trust them to be smart not foolish. I am not even really old and know better because I was taught I was BLESSED and I hope to bless my youngest with the same power…knowledge that can not and will not be truthfully taught today nor was is with my oldest. She is now in college to be an art educator. She is VERY opionionated, artistic, and not trusting of gove. she thinks they are too big. She likes ron paul not because of legal drugs (believe it or not she is clean) but bcause he wants to shrink gov. she thinks for herself. Parents TEACH YOUR CHILDREN and let teacher shove the agenda at them your children will know the difference REALLY they will

        • So, is the problem with the kids or the curriculum/system? Obviously the system is inefficient and worthless, but your wife’s experience make me believe it has a lot to do with the students. It must be the cumulative dumbing-down effect of the system that has landed these kids at this point.

          • Find any old school books from the 1950 or 1960 era and compare those to today. Also look at how they taught: memorization, essay tests with critical thinking skills vs open book, multiple choice, no answer is wrong.
            1950: 5+5=10 2012: 5+5= how do you feel about that

      9. I knew it would be sad so I didn’t watch it……

        • It was like watching a train wreck that you knew was going to happen.

      10. I’ve got 3 teenage boys at my house right now (one is my son). All 3 of them knew 90% of the answers. I guess its all how you raise them.

        • Try 80%

        • It’s timing.

          The grouping system starts working on them right out the shoot. K through 12. Some they can not get, thanks to parents keeping them open to the natural pleasure of discovering.

          It’s simple.

          • QuantumBlubbler, the word is “chute”.

      11. This is all part of the deliberate dumbing down of America. If you really want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes, I suggest heading over to this site:

        Nobody here should really be surprised by any of this.

        • Search YouTube for the American Deception’s website creator’s Mother – Charlotte Iserbyt. There are some excellent videos for those that don’t have time to slog through the American Deception site.

      12. Everyone in favor of dissolving the US Department of Education say “Aye!” Or signify by clicking a thumbs up.

        Its an obvious waste of taxpayer money.

        • I’m starting to worry…that’s twice I’ve actually agreed with you…

        • Everyone in favor of abolishing the Department of Education string one of those bastards up from the nearest tree!

          When TSHTF and there is no more protection for those who abuse us, mark my words – it will be a time of horrific score settling that will turn your stomach. Those who work for government agencies, especially hated and despised ones like the ATF, IRS, EPA, DOA, will be looking to disguise the fact that they ever heard of them because when a furious public looks for scapegoats to punish, these and their families will be at the top of the list. No one who works or worked for government on every level down to local city councils will be immune from the retribution that will surely be coming. This kind of stuff like that video are just gasoline on the fire to a populace that is increasingly looking for someone to blame for the problems we are facing.

          • EXACTLY CORRECT !

          • Don’t agree with your thoughts of retribution. This abuse will probably continue. If retribution hasn’t happened by now, such will never happen until the USA union breaks ups. And if a breakup happens, we’ll probably have more challenges than seeking out simple scape goats. – – And I do mean simple.

            • It hasn’t happened yet because they are still protected and the pain has not reached the point that it starts awakening the mob. When the jails start turning out even violent criminals because there is not enough money to house or feed them then the time will be ripe for retribution. When the government thugs start kicking down doors in order to confiscate illegally hoarded food then the unfocused rage that already permeates our society will be brought to focus like a laser on those who will be openly subjugating us. What has to happen is the majority who are without jobs and food and hope will have what little they have taken from them to support a minority government class. That has not happened yet and I suspect we will not see it until after the election when the can cannot be kicked anymore.

          • JM: There’s hope for you yet!

          • No… stuff like could never happen here. Could it?

            You mentioned how despised federal thug employees right down to your local town council members may have some serious retribution coming. This reminds me of a local guy who shot the judge, zoning agent, and lawyer who were running him off his land over some obnoxious, silly regulation. But imagine the magnitude of ill-trodden Americans might rise up against their opressors when the S really Hits TF? And what about that very large of chunk of paid government thug employees, the rank and file U.S. military man and veterans?

            In spring 1945 the German homeland lay in complete ruin, but the rank and file German soldier wasn’t widely despised or blamed for losing the war. Is the rank and file U.S. solider WIDELY despised or blamed for his involvement in 50 years of ruinous, imperial, illegal wars from Vietnam to Panama to present day? I think not, but some may differ. As far as shock troops go, the ATF is hardly comparable to the SS, but the line between rank and file soldiers, local police, and federal zombie shock troops needs to be drawn.

            Next, standing armies (like the U.S. army) fight for whomever is in power. The German people, in large part, hated or were ambivalent about the dictatorial Nazi regime and their trained killers. Germans who openly supported the Nazi regime and local collaborators were certainly obliged to change their position or be held to account by the end of the war.

            What about the current American regime and it’s trained killers? What about U.S. government thug soldiers fighting for… gasp… Obamney? The Nazis were bad, but the U.S. has been running 50 years worth of illegal wars ever since JFK was eliminated, one more contrived after the other, for profit and power alone.

            U.S. soldiers are fawned upon in the mainstream neocon media for the most part. They are viewed as patriotic, virtuous supermen, while many are in fact, gang members, wife beaters, and suicidal alcoholics, just like a large number of police are.

            I agree with one thing for sure… having worked or working for the U.S. government in any capacity may be something a lot people will be trying to hide and cover up in the very near future.

        • This has been the plan for over a century..


        • DK – EXCELLENT POINT. Dept of Education has approx. 5,000 employees that obviously drink coffee all day and get overly paid.

          Let us not overlook the other DOE – Dept of Energy, about 16,000 employees at a low estimate. They produce no energy either. Also coffee drinkers.

          Lot of dead wood in the District of Corruption needs trimming.

      13. Pathetic

      14. Jeez, I thought everybody knew America won its independence from the Indians when Germany bombed Pearl harbor.
        51, no 53, hello, duh, its 57 states…BHO campaigned in all of them.
        Of course Canada and Mexico border the US,everybody know that… but how did they miss Cuba?
        Can you name a country that starts with the letter U?
        Hello…no countries start with the letter U its a vowel!
        Who’s the vice president? We don’t even have a vice president anymore…they stopped doing that after WWIII.

        Man these kids are dumb!!!

        • ~RWS-III~

          What worries me is, that they’ll likely be “perfect employee prospects” for DHS positions to staff the camps!!!

          • Well GS look at it this way….at least with idiots like these running the camps and guarding us we stand a better chance at escaping or maybe even taking control of them and using them to further our cause…I mean if theyre gonna be useful idiots they may as well be OUR useful idiots….just sayin’ 🙂

            Seroiusly though…if you want anything screwed up(no matter how simple its supposed to be) just call 1-800-FED -GOVT

            • ~REB~

              LOL….Dammit boy! Gotta give ya a thumbs-up for that one!

              Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining…if you look hard enough!

              Good post, sir!

      15. It would be interesting to see this interview conducted with members of Congress and the Senate.

        • I’d also like to see it done in a private school, Id bet my last dollar the students would have nicer clothes, be better groomed and know every answer, the PROBLEM is public schools. Anything with or related to public (everyone) ie socailism is crap. Homeschool or private is the only chance our future has.

          • I will respectfully disagree.
            Public schools in Eastern/Western Europe and in Asia are WAY AHEAD of ours.

            I am not advocating any “isms”. I am just trying to point out that ideas that are input into our brains by MSM are inaccurate.
            No system is perfect, but schools in other countries must be doing something right as their students are always first in all international competitions.
            What I am saying is: it is not public-bad, private/homeschooling-good, it is a much bigger problem, it is a systemic failure. Whether accidental or intentional is a questions for a separate discussion.

            • Do not really care about European schools. I am concerned about OUR schools.

          • Public schools are supported by those whom the public schools support, public schools obtain customers by edict, public schools are financed by threats against private property. Those don’t seem to be viable approaches to any reasonable activity.

      16. This is nothing! I teach at a community college and the vast majority of those folks are mouth breathing, tongue chewers. The only entrance requirement is that they have a pulse – money not necessary as the student can get all sorts of financial aid. This chaps my butt because my tax dollars could be better spent simply by throwing it out of a moving vehicle.

        • You hit the nail right on the head! My kid can’t get a grant so she paid for her bachelors and grad school out of her pocket. She worked full time and went to school full time and STILL graduated with honors and was not eligible for even a free textbook. I know personally women MY age who work this student loan thing for money. Taking classes for theatre and film production and crap . When It is suggested that they go to school for career skils like, data processing, or medical assistant or even billing and coding, or anything that could land them a job… You get thrown outta the bunco club.

      17. We don’t need no thought control. All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.

      18. these type videos are biased. they might ask 200 people and edit to only include the dumbest answers.

        • This is a valid point.

          Though if I were putting this video together, and didn’t care how others looked, I would stick with them and not look for others to question.

        • Sure they do!

        • Maybe, but it is still disturbing that these are the people who are following us. I fear for this country. These are all Obummer voters (or future Obummer’s). Too stupid to take care of themselves.

      19. Why learn it in school when you can find it on your I-pad if for some silly reason someone would care about it?Besides, it’s all basically useless directed history if they are’nt going to teach you about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Give them some more flouridated water.

      20. I worked for the Lake Washington School District after retiring from Boeing in 2000.

        These are the people who will be voting in a few years.

        This is a product of our public school system – you should be concerned.

        When you are in the nursing home these people will be running your country.

        Now that is scary isn’t it?

        • You got one part wrong; they will not be running the country because they are too stupid to be up to such a task. The Chinese will let them think they run the country while they lead them by their empty scrotums.

      21. Before I even watch these videos let me share a little story. A friend of mine took 5 teenage employees at his work 10 years ago and asked them to tell him the time from an analog clock. None of the 5 could decipher the big hand, little hand method of timekeeping. I saw it with my own 2 eyes.

        • Just before I QUIT teaching public high school, the school board in my county mandated that all classrooms had to have digital clocks. A large amount of money was spent to purchase and install new clocks. Why? Parents were complaining that their kids couldn’t tell time on the analog clocks and if they were not allowed to have their cell phone out then they needed some way to tell the time.

          • Kids today aren’t even taught cursive writing! I transferred an Ar15 to my son and when he signed the paperwork I was horrified to see his penmanship. I could have shoved a pen in my ass and squatted over the paper and done a better job. Its tough being a dinosaur in todays world. I am the only constant in an ever-changing world…and I like it that way.

            • Should not have read that comment while taking a drink. Now there’s vodka spewed all over my laptop.

            • Honestly, I don’t see the need to spend valuable time teaching kids cursive writing anymore when they only thing they’ll ever need it for in modern society is signing their name (which even people who know cursive tend to scribble anyway). Heck, even the most elegant cursive is still harder to read than mediocre printing.

              This seems to be a big deal to some people, but I can’t quite figure out why.

            • You just got goosed.

            • How old is your son. The reason I ask is you should have know the kid did not know or was struggling. I’m not a teacher but was involved with what my children were learning in school. Be aware of the day to day activities of your children when they are away in the mind fucking asylum.

            • Have mercy, I haven’t laughed so hard in a lonnngggg time…

      22. It’s all part of the progressive agenda, dumb down the masses so they can’t think for themselves. The ignorant are easier to manipulate and control.

        Homeschoolers may be this country’s salvation!

        God Save our Republic!

        • The leftists will say that it’s all a right wing conspiracy.

          Dear friends, it is time to release the illusion (or delusion) that we have two parties or even that we have a choice. The bags with money are in charge and we’re just pawns in their game.
          They have us just as they want us – divided, ready to cut each other throats, while they’re laughing their way to the bank.

          United we stand, divided we fall.

        • Not this time Mom. God is sick and tired of being thrown under the bus. In Revelation it speaks of the END of the U.S. and England for just that reason. Kind of like Sodom and Gomorrah. We have it coming this time!

        • The public school system has been in decline for several decades now.I remember Latin,French as well as Spanish AND German being offered to the freshman class.I watched as in the 1970’s the bean counters gained control of the system and “leveled” the playing field.Kid’s from “spanish” homes were expected to keep up no matter what was spoken at home.Not coddled or given a break.Many of my classmates spoke Italian at home,but ENGLISH was expected at school.And fluently as well.Today? between the REPOCRATES in Congress cutting funding(so that the UBER-RICH Capitalists can pay less taxes to pay for their kids expensive private schools)and the “pass them no matter what” liberals outlook,things look rather grim.
          Of course letting China tax American goods at 40% India at 20+% while we allow them to import at 4% helps no end.
          Was a fun time while the ride lasted,but it’s now at the end.
          Best to all

      23. RWS III,

        I’m cryin’
        I can’t even see the keyboard

        TOOO FUNY!!!

        Y’all Beware!

      24. I’ve got three years worth of hoarded cookies if that is all I eat. My birthday is coming up and I’m not taking cookies to school to share.

      25. you all should be blaming yourselves. none of you whiners teach children what is needed. you blame schools for not teaching, while you neglect to blame yourselves for allowing schools to ruin young minds.

        pointing a finger at these kids requires that you point three back at yourselves. unless you’ve mentored kids, you have no right to complain. it’s your own lazy fault.

        • We should blame ourselves that government funded education is so poor it’s turning out student’s like these?

          Give me a break. I would absolutely guarantee that a panel of the kids of the readers of this site would blow most adults out of the water on a civics quiz.

          Yes, it’s about how you raise your kids, but for kids not lucky enough to have involved parents, the schools bear the onus. The schools need to be held accountable for this.

          • i’m saying that communities need to fight for their members. when a child fails, it’s because of the community failed. just as people get the government they deserve, so do the get the children they deserve.

            people, (you, me, everybody) have choices to make daily about whether or not we invest in our community, or whether we wall ourselves off from it. we can blame the nanny state all we want for poor education systems (critiques are quite valid), but are we augmenting these poor systems by mentoring kids or teaching kids in our own neighborhoods? the answer is clearly no.

            • So, Ferndale. Are you saying, “It takes a village?”

            • you’re goddamn right it takes a village. in today’s society with lower marriage rates and simultaneous , communities need to step up to fill the gap. you may not like it, but unless you take care of the people around you, your community won’t be there to take care of you.

              call it a matter of objectivist self-interest. call it clintonite liberalism. call it whatever you want, but the basic fact remains we’re all swimming in the same pond and it’d be easier to float if we all pitched in.

            • I don’t live near a village, I don’t have any kids and I’m tired of paying school taxes on everybody else’s intercourse trophies.

            • I tried to fight that fight. I had my sons in public school for a few months. The school refused to make any accomodations. They were uninterested in my ideas since I didn’t have any degrees in education. There were NO local public schools that were anything better than fascist babysitting services.

              I refused to keep my children in a demeaning, debilitating environment and I yanked them out to home school them. It wasn’t easy to do as a single parent but we worked together and, now that they’re grown,we all agree that it was the best move we made.

              There are some battles that are too large for one person to win. The best I can do is opt out. This decreases the money feeding them. It creates a new generation who knows there is a better way. That at least accomplishes a small gain. And my sons did not become “another brick in the wall”.

            • Can anybody tell me what year did the government start collecting income taxes and why? I wonder if the Amish has this education problem? Even the PBS liberals on tv are starting to question our great leader by asking indirect questions to their guests. I’m just a professional. I’m just a professional. Creasy: Pita, do you have a pencil?
              Pita: I go to school, don’t I?
              Creasy: There is no such thing as tough. There is trained and untrained. Now which are you?

            • Ferndale: While I agree that WE are all in this together, I do not believe that taxpayers should be footing the bill for the education of illegals or their kids.

              Teachers have supported this farce because they have not wanted to lose their jobs or move due to a lack of American kids in their particular districts.

              Where were the teachers and the teacher’s unions when the GB’s were transferring American factories offshore putting engineers out of work?

              With teachers supporting the education of illegals, the cost of education went up while the quality went down, with larger class sizes and less attention for American students.

              The village idiots that have championed the education of illegals have done so at the expense of the American teenager and it shows.

              Kill the Dept of Education. Kill the FED!

          • Who is the Deputy prime minister of Canada?

            • Awesome question. As a Canuck, I’m ashamed that I don’t know the answer. I will say that Deputy P.M. is apparently an honourary position only (Wikipedia). Apparently, the office has no standing in law and does not carry out any formal duties or tasks.

              Turns out that there has been no deputy P.M. since 2006 (Paul Martin had Anne McLellan), in other words, none under Harper’s governments.

            • Wrong. The answer is who cares.

            • I’m just hacking, Stoosh. I don’t ask anything unless I already know the answer. You’re awesome.

        • @ferndale,

          Those SOBs take our money and give nothing of value in return. If they took my money and my child came out of their rathole with the ability to function as a productive member of society I might not be so upset. The part that burns me up is that anyone of these socialist bastards who imposes this system on us does not send their own children to one of these schools. They know what evil they are perpetrating on the rest of us and that is why I will have a hard heart when I string up those responsible after they lose their protected status. A murderer can only steal your life, these bastards are stealing our childrens souls.

          • i’m talking about what people can do to improve their communities. i know that mac’s post is about school kids, but i’m saying that communities need to do their job after the bell rings out at the end of the day. instead, people get caught up in their busy lives and rely on uncle sugar to do the things that they ought to be doing. we (me included) rely on government to replace our lack of charity. we rely on government to replace our distinct lack of interest in the development of our younger members. we leave it to the state to protect children from abusive parents instead of telling our neighbors that they should be hitting their children.

            there is sooooooo much that can be done by individuals, apart from paying taxes and being a good citizen, that would improve the communities in which each of us live. you don’t need a government grant. you don’t need their permission. you need initiative, foresight, and time.

            • Ferndale: You are right about all of that, BUT it is hard for the middle class to find time to do anything but scrape a living together and meet their rent or mortgage, when their jobs are offshored and 30 million illegals are invited in to invade the country and take OUR jobs so that the members of the Chamber of Commerce can pay lower wages.

              WE cannot restore education to America until WE restore political power to Patriots and jobs to OUR citizens.

              The best way to restore education to America is to ax the US Dept of Education and allow the village to educate their own kids, but not the education of illegals.

        • First letter after a period is to be capitalized. You should know this and teach your children. My children know this and can manage this task in printing, cursive and typing. I will try to explain the commas to YOU at a later date, or I could have my eight year old do it.

          • if the only idea that enters your puny brain after reading what i’ve written is to comment on my capitalization, then clearly you’ve been captivated by authoritarian nature of education that limits expression of ideas.

            in short, i don’t give a fuck if you don’t like how i communicate.

            • sorry, herr dieseldan. i will try harder herr dieseldan. i will comply with your sentence capitalization rules. please do not tell der kommandante.

        • ferndale…Your point does have some merit. As a libertarian, I think the Dept. of Education should be abolished and local communities should set up their own means of educating the young.Be it homeschooling, hunting skills or what ever your community can decide. If you don’t like the local education you could vote to change it or you could choose to move. As it stands now we have NO say in our children’s education. It is all controlled by corp agenda

          • you are missing the point. education doesn’t occur solely within school walls. it occurs everyday outside of schools nearly 24 hours per day. the decision you have to make is what kind of time you’re going to take out of your life to be an educator.

            • @Fern, I think that YOU are missing the point. While I will agree with you that there is SOME education of our young people that should occur outside of the class room by parents and others in the community, the premise of the article is to discover the depth of knowledge on questions that are expected to be taught IN THE CLASSROOM by EMPLOYEES of the TAXPAYERS.

              Given that, our EMPLOYEES are doing an extremely inept job and under normal circumstances (think employees in the private sector) should be FIRED!

        • I beg to differ. Fortunatly my oldest graduated
          before all this testing crap came about. My youngest was put into gifted classes in the 4th grade, ( at my insistance and personal expense for independant testing) to get him out of the cesspool. I offered remedial reading classes until he was in the third grade to other students struggling for FREE. I can’t tell you how many of those kids didn’t read at all and were not encouraged IN CLASS to do so or even taken to the school library to check out books. I don’t know about you but when I was a kid, the class went weekly to the library for books. I personally taught Mathematics in his classes for FREE until the seventh grade, all those kids were proficient enough to proceed to Pre-Algebra upon entering middle school.(6th grade). He is now a junior in the Internatiol Baccalaureate Program with a 4.28 GPA. I was mocked by teachers for insisting parents check their homework and return it signed, told not to put so much “pressure” on the little tykes to give me a correct answer ( in my class if you scored highest on the quiz you got a piece of candy , omg I’m soo mean!!) And lectured about raising my voice if the little munchikins started running around and yowling while in my classes. Apparantly the teacher is supposed to wait quitely until the little monsters stop stabbing each other with pencils before class can start. I was actually told by a math teacher in front of the PRINCIPLE that a “c” on a test was a good grade. REALLY? talk about marginalizing students. In other words “Meh, you dont have to try so hard to learn ,just pass, I don’t really care” is what she was saying.. and then she was PROMOTED to the School Board the next year. But I was more than welcomed to take the kids off the Teacher’s hands for a hour 1/2 a day so they could text, read, or check their email and make cell phone calls. They had planning periods for the other “stuff”. That’s why it’s an issue for everyone. If even ONE teacher thinks it’s ok for a child to not be the best they can be at all times in every subject than the kids are screwed.

          • And let me just add: For my son, I researched sending him to Baylor In TN. for high school. It turns out the IB program offered at this particular high school had more to offer him academics-wise than the expensive Private Education did.

        • I will agree with you on the fact that most parents send kids to school thinking it is now a teacher’s job to raise their child. Very few parents I know invest time into doing/checking homework with their child or any other additional learning activities.
          It takes a parent [b]and[/b] a teacher to produce a good student.

        • Blaming ourselves? Very easy to say. However, more parents need two jobs to pay for the inflated costs and taxes and hence have little time at home to teach discipline and prudence. This is not a case of parents ducking their responsibilities, but a case of other responsibilities overwhelming parents’ abilities to place their responsibilities in correct perspective.

        • Peyton Manning is a Pastor?
          I would love to go to his Church.

      26. Oh we’ve always been screwed.

        Big whoop.

        Up till now we could paper over it effectively.


        LIKE A BOSS!

      27. There are some very bright young people in this country. Unfortunately none of them were in this video! Also unfortunately, they are far outnumbered by exactly what was shown here. Kids today are the product of public education, the media, and their home life.

      28. Nikita Khruschev was right.

        • Slowly but surely…

      29. This really hits a nerve with me. I try to remember that I was young once too but to watch kids today is like watching a contest to see who can act like the biggest asshole. Kids today have no respect for their elders, authority and even worse, their parents. My girlfriend has two teenage sons and their every waking moment thought is playing those goddamned video games. And they nauseum. I guess letting the kiddies be babysat by a game is easier than being a parent.When my boys were young, they had video games but their time was limited. I worked alot of hours back then but my kids were a priority and I spent as much time with them as time allowed. These days the kids think they are the parents and we should do whatever they tell us to. I was raised by a father who had no qualms about taking me to the woodshed and looking back, I’m grateful he did it. He only wanted me to be a productive member of society and that is commendable. I guess in todays world, some parents just don’t give a shit. How anyone can look at todays new breed of idiot and think this country is heading to better times, has to be fluoridated out of their minds. I wish I lived in a time where it was acceptable to whack someone being disrespectful in the head. But I guess that might hurt someones self-esteem. The world has run amok. Glad I’m armed and know how to take care of myself.

        • I get tired of hearing that psycobabble about self-esteem as well. My observation has been that the “troubled” youth have an inordinately HIGH opinion of themselves.

        • “The young people of today think of nothing but themselves. They have no reverence for parents or old age. They are impatient of all restraint. They talk as if they alone knew everything and what passes for wisdom with us is foolishness with them.” -aristotle

          people have been complaining about young people for thousands of years. get off your high horse and go mentor a neighborhood kid.

          • Ferndake: yes, We should mentor OUR kids. If We don’t do it a pedophile will seize the opportunity.

        • The “authorities” in this country are mostly assholes, and they don’t deserve an ounce of respect, so I’m not exactly apprehensive that they aren’t getting it from the younger generation.

          It’s the older generation that bows and scrapes to anyone with a badge that scares the crap out of me, because those are the ones that will run to their masters to turn you in for “hoarding” when the SHTF.

          • Amen brother!

            “Authority” has really done a fine job worthy of respect. I suppose it depends by what goals you choose to measure them against.

          • I agree with you Chris. The thug cops have given all cops a bad name. I was kind of referring to people like bosses and employers and that kind of thing. I actually had a very pleasant meeting with a couple of cops when they came to my house for a small vandalism incident. One cop told me where to go buy my video security system and we talked about guns and motorcycles. He told me he likes the idea of CCW in Illinois. The county cops in my area are a good bunch of guys. I know the sheriff personally and he is an old tough Marine who stands behind the Constitution but has no tolerence for scumbags…just like me.

        • @Blackrifle: While I agree that “sparing the rod spoils the child”, today using the rod gets one arrested for child abuse and has the possibility of having your children being raised by the state at worst and by foster parents (not that I have a problem with foster parents) at near worst.

        • Well written and factual!

        • Great article, thank you, Satori.
          I would like to add that, in my humble opinion, with the legal methamphetamines (ADHD meds) being pushed onto children, we’re producing a next generation of drug addicts.

      30. Well, what do you expect after several generations of the Dept of Stupification???? Oops, I mean, ahem, the Dept.of Education??? Do you really believe that the stupification of the American sheeple ocurred by CHANCE?????

        If so, I have a really nice shiny bridge in East Texas to sell you, ahahha.

        Why now?? Why now, at this critical time in our history????

        Why, when we need, more than any other time in our history, do we need young people to understand our founding, our history, our founding document, we find our young people so wanting????

        I have a homework assignment for your guys. Look up: #1: Saul Alynski, #2: Andrei Gramsci.

        Don’t bother with that liberal, progressive, bleeding heart, false history eternal motion machine GOOGLE. Go to the original sources.

        And then we can have a real discussion about how we may be irrovocably, irremediably doomed.

        What say you???

        (BTW Mac: Great web site. I am handing it out to everybody that I meet that looks halfway awake. Glad to see a local guy make good.)

        • East Texas !!!!

          KEEP PREPPIN’

      31. These kids know way to much, we must cut funding before they get any smarter, a smart citizen is a dangerous citizen any politician knows that! thank god are future generation doesn’t know what the constitution stands for let alone their rights if they only knew what their goverment was up to, I guess cutting funding to public education is about best thing a politician can do to save there ass and to keep the poor from voting. God save the queen I mean food stamps, welfare were going to need it do we have a queen?

      32. I thought it interesting that the young man who put this together got these students to “sign off” on their own ignorance.
        I was not a good student. I majored in weed throughout high school. But even I knew these answers at this age. I can’t shake the feeling that the teaching curriculum that makes these students ignorant (sorry)is intentional.
        WND showed examples of history test questions from around the 1850’s (Probably 3 yrs ago). I doubt all of us combined could have answered most of those questions. I believe that “curriculum” was used on us as well, and successfully. For all of the knowledge we each have, and think we have, I’m concerned that in our own way, we are also a bit ignorant. But waking up. (I hope this did not come off offensive)

        I have told myself for years: The more I educate myself, the more ignorant I realize I truly am.


        • It is intentional. There are thousands of documents verifying this at and

          “Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education, blew the whistle on government activities.”

          She has worked tirelessly to expose this, yet many people don’t want to hear it. This is the product that is desired. The whole thing is one giant scam. How else can you enslave a free nation without a violent dictatorship except through the mental corruption of the youth?

      33. Generally the schools don’t really teach you any facts. So no random trivia stuff. Well maybe in history you might have to remember facts and dates and names but not everyone takes history.
        The real concern is what happens as some of you said, is when these people get put into occupations where they can make some potentially important decisions concerning the lives and future of others. Sadly, i’ve seen what sort of dickwad institutions and ideas come out of this. Everyone knows as least one institution or department filled to the brim with bureaucrats and other spawn of satan

      34. Greetings,

        Things are always at their worst just before the pendulum swings. I think we are at the apex of stupidity as we’ve passed record amounts of hubris down to our children. Now, we are all about to witness the spectacle of great calamity descending upon a group of people that is in no way prepared for it.

        Think about this for a moment. When the Roman Empire fell, one of the many things that were lost was the knowledge of making concrete. Future generations could see with their own eyes that the Romans glued rocks together but they couldn’t figure out how they did it. It wasn’t until the 16th Century that someone figured out how to make concrete again.

        Our young people could not rebuild much of the world that surrounds them. No one has taught them how to build, create or survive. It is going to be quite a show.

        • speaking of Romans reminded me of this line attributed to Socrates

          “Our youths love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority – they show disrespect for their elders and love to chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when their elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up food, and tyrannize teachers.”
          c.400 B.C.

          • Funny, but that was a quote I was going to use originally instead of what I said. The Greeks, too, were overwhelmed not long after this particular quote occurs.

            Look, our kids are damn near useless and I strongly believe that a great trial is now underway that is really going to put everyone to the test. People that have never suffered pain to match their ignorance are about to learn the meaning of pain.

            I strongly suspect that it isn’t going to happen in a happy, friendly and polite way either.

          • @CSHELLZ – Yes, the quote is ageless & priceless. From that quote we all see that there was authority and real teachers c.400 BC. I have also a Colonial Virginia student study guide published c. 1760. If the study guide were taught today much courtesy & the will to learn would still exist.

            We now have little authority and minimum quality teachers. a society of dumba**ses. Future politicians of Uhmerika.

            And I thought Viet-Nam was an insane trip. Now I am living in a nightmare !

      35. lord have mercy, i could not watch more than two minutes of this! and these kids were not even truly embarrassed about their ignorance…these kids dont deserve an education…they all need to work awhile in a sweat shop with no lunch breaks and not pee breaks..omg! i wonder now about their parents and if they are this stupid. what is really scarey is these teens are almost adult age and will be in the job market and producing more idiots.

      36. Utopia = Full of WINE

        Geesis. I meant full of WHINE! WHINE! what’s rong with mi spelleng?!

        • public school grad??

      37. Get your kids another video game , put them in front of the TV and pop a video in to occupy them, sit around the house and enjoy the reality shows with them, do facebook and twitter , take them to soccer basketball and the traveling cheerleader shit, . You have done a great job preparing them for the world! I see this day in and day out amongst my neighbors and co workers and it’s hard to have any respect for them. It’s the symptoms of a disease that has led to the dumbing down of America. They may be stupid but never in doubt of their mainstream sheeple activities and attitudes. Those of us that think, question, and choose a responsible path are ridiculed and attacked as extreme in our unwillingness to participate in the menusha they believe to be the foundation of their happiness. Wow, it really makes me concerned for the future. Survival of the fittest and natural selection will really be an eye opener for these kids and their families. They will likely not make it through what’s coming. Wow…..

      38. Courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars. The liberal teachers unions have truly F’d the future of this country, and these kids are walking texting examples of their failure. But hey, all we need is a little more dough and everything will be fine… F that! If you are one of these students history teachers your ass needs to hit the road.

      39. Good Lord! In 20-30 yrs these people are going to be running the country. I’m hoping for a heart attack early so I don’t have to live through that mess when I’m 80.

        • No, in 20-30 years those kids will be pumping gas, and the 99% of kids who answered the questions correctly but weren’t included in the video will be running the country.

          • They still pump gas?

            • Anonymous, if it doesn’t have a mouse, they have no clue
              how to opporate the pump!

            • Obviously I meant “Operate”. My spelling sucks, ….and yes, I went to Public School!

            • Where I grew up (Oregon), state law requires gas to be pumped by an attendant, mainly because politicians are economic illiterates who think that making consumers pay more for gasoline “creates jobs!”

      40. We are in deep droppings. I could answer all those questions and name all the presidents and capital cities of this nation at their age.

        Has anyone seen this article? I found it in my e-mail and just wanted to share…

        Check this out! You wonder why the Bush’s visited the white house? Well here it is!

        A shocking report prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Prime Minister Putin on the just completed meeting between China’s Vice Premier Li Keqiang and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger states that the Chinese were told that former Florida Governor John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, brother to the former US President and son of another, will be elected as the next American leader despite his currently not even being on the ballot.
        Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with Jeb Bush [photo top left] yesterday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing where both pledged to advance cooperation between their two countries and, this report says, agreed that once Bush had taken office a ‘new era’ would begin in US-China relations.
        According to this report, Kissinger told Keqiang that the Republican Party election process to select their nominee to run against President Obama was “completely manipulated” to ensure that their 2012 Convention would be “deadlocked” thus allowing for Jeb Bush to be nominated as a “consensus candidate” and thus his parties leader.
        The path to a deadlocked convention, this report says Kissinger told the Chinese, lies in neither current Republican frontrunners Governor Mitt Romney or Congressman Ron Paul having enough delegates to ensure their nomination on the first ballot after which their supporters will be free to nominate anyone they so choose.
        In order to ensure a deadlocked convention, this report continues, Kissinger noted that Romney will obtain his delegates from what are called Primary States while Paul will receive his from those holding caucuses and “open” primaries, with neither of them receiving enough votes to secure their nominations.
        Political analysis on the US election do, indeed, note that Paul’s path to the Republican nomination lies in the caucus and open primary States which shows what is called his “secret path to victory.”
        To the most shocking aspects of this report are the comments attributed to Kissinger that claim the entire American electoral system is under the control of their National Security Agency (NSA) which controls the computers used in their elections and whose outcome is determined by their elites, not the citizens themselves.

      41. So they included footage of the five dumbest kids out of the one school they interviewed and suddenly the entire generation of young people across the United States is “hopeless”, and “we’re all screwed”?

        Reality Check: Yes, public education sucks (mightily), but let’s get some perspective here and stop with the “back in my day” crap. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter what year you made a video like this, you’d ALWAYS be able to find someone ignorant enough to put on camera for a laugh.

        Think of the stupidest person you went to high school with (Chances are, you’re having trouble choosing just one). Now imagine getting lumped into the stupid bucket with them, merely because you happen to be from the same generation.

        Get a grip, people. There are plenty of bright kids out there, and just because he cut the footage of them rattling off the answers with ease doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Since we’re all so smart around here, I’m sure we realize that edited videos posted on the internet don’t always represent reality, right? Good.

        • You’ve never tried to teach a class in a minority school, have you? Good.

        • Sure, there are plenty of bright kids, but even more dumb ones.

      42. I just vomited in my mouth again. We are truley doomed! Fire evry parent who has a child in this school. Then hang the over paid (on strike every fall) teachers. Why are we all paying for this?

        • Oh,oh! I spelled every wrong. My bad!!!!!

      43. It’d be great if the author of this article actually spelled sCHoolers correctly.

        • I was wondering if he’s done in on purpose.. 🙂

        • Type in “spelled school wrong” into any search engine as see what comes up. LOL

        • JenneK; sometimes it’s not the School. It’s old age and in
          my case, dementia.

      44. Hidden due to low comment rating Click to read. STAGED LIKE 4 MO FO’S

      45. The American education system was hijacked by the parasites many decades ago.

        It is John Dewey’s idea of education turned into a dumbed down socialization. John Dewey knew it was a place to condition people, but even he would be appauled by what is happening in his school-system today. Yes, we all knew people in our days in school who were dumb as rocks, and some even thought it was cool to be that way; but it has become institutionalized. It is now about creating drones.

        And further more, Aldous Huxley was correct, there will be no need to ban books. Most people will never bother to read them.

        How many people do you know who have actually read The Declaration of Independance, The US Constitution, and The Bill of Rights? Most adults today never bothered to read those documents, unless they were forced to in some class.

        They will have met the educatuinal standards of the NWO…

      46. OH they are good in technology forget about the rest haha

      47. Do we need a eugenics program?

      48. I go to this school and something you guys need to realize is that this video was made as a JOKE. We are one of the top high-schools in the country, so suck it.

      49. I just figured out why the US is building a very big border fence. It’s to keep them in!!!!!
        Also just realized why the TSA work at airports. It’s to make sure half wits aren’t escaping to go overseas and embarrass the reputation of the United States internationally. Oh snap!! The members of Congress, the Senate and White House been doing that for years!!

      50. There must be something in the water and/or food that retards mental acuity. I bet those kids could tell you everything there is to know about an iPhone.

      51. there goes the future leadership of America… and we wonder why we’re in the mess we’re in… just think of it this way: how many man-hours of planning and plotting went into producing these mental incompetents… now, multiply that by almost every city and town in America… oh, ask these same dolts about twittering and/or facebook or the latest american idol – you know, the really IMPORTANT stuff… too bad stoning is considered cruel punishment because there are some teachers, principals, school board members and parents who could use a lesson in life… and i’ll toss in a few of my fellow clergy for good measure who stood by and did nothing to speak out against such educational atrocities… the whole of our entire system was founded in part on the basic premise of there being a difference between right and wrong and how it applied to each and every individual… i.e. – grading on the curve removes any incentive and motivation for the individual to try to do something with himself, thereby causing him to violate the Biblical premise of trying one’s hardest at whatever he may do…

        i’m getting too angry over this to continue so i’ll finish in stating that my wife and i took to homeschooling the younger 2(who are now in their 30’s) of our 5 in their later school years because we saw all this come about in the public system… and when things do break down and the shtf, we are prepared to teach the old-fashioned way, the old-fashioned things to those who want to make an effort at learning something of value and substance… and, yes, the Bible will be a required Book and subject…

      52. OMG! ROTFL…that vid was so cul. L8TR

        The NGO foundations which very intentionally created the disaster posing as our public school system is only partially to blame. When combined with the very effective decades long campaign to destroy and invalidate the traditional family unit the trends which have manifested aren’t really very surprising.

        Add to it that most of these kids spend the majority of their time outside school speaking in rap/hip hop and video game influenced broken language and acronymed 148 character snippets of text and tweet (as in the 1st line of my comment) it has to make one wonder how we’ll function as a society in the future.

        Yes, this video could have been edited to include only the lamest answers but the Net is chock full of “man on the street” vids like this which aren’t edited and show equally or more disturbing ignorance abounds in this country. Hell, we can’t even graduate 50% of those who enter high school in many locations.

        BTW @toe cutter…there IS something in the water that retards mental acuity…it’s called flouride (a toxic industrial waste byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry).

      53. And i’m sure if you asked any of them the name of Lady Gaga’s latest album they’d all know it! How embarrassing to for America –

      54. My feeling is that we have to completely re-assess how we teach our young people. In the book “Brain Rules”, it discusses how our brain is not really designed to learn in the 50 minute sessions with many people in the room. Yet, that is exactly what we’ve structured.

        Makes me believe that home schooling is the way to go.

      55. Sure glad the teachers unions are “all about the kids.”

      56. And you don’t think Bo can get reelected, think again! These kids will vote for the coolest commercial regardless of facts. Oh wait a minute you actually have to know something about something to know it’s wrong!!!

        My question for the readers is. What if he is reelected???

        • same thing as if romney or gingrich is elected. they serve the same masters.

          • Two evils no doubt….lets see….George Soros or the Koch Bros…..I’ll take the gun boys over the socialist money supply profiteer any day.

      57. Lord! I have a 7 year old with asd who could answer those questions and we aren’t in the US. He goes to school to get access to the therapy he needs for his asd & to socialise with peers(if I could afford private salt, OT, etc I wouldn’t bother!)

        I EDUCATE him in the 3R’s @ home. Amblesideonline, mathswhizz and Ray’s arithmetic are the key curricula we use right now. I’m not raising an ijeet disability or no!

        He can meal plan, garden and is learning basic life skills like how to fix a dripping tap in an age appropriate manner. Kids are coming to adulthood with NO basic lifeskills like cooking a meal from scratch. That’s a key parental responsibility imho.

        These teens have no formal disabilities yet have been left with no chance to survive other than in a fema camp. It’s really cruel & their futures as anything other than cannon fodder or slaves is hard to imagine.

        A base level of formal/life education and critical thinking abilities are a key survival skill. The UK is no better – many of DS’s class mates couldn’t tell you what a cabbage looks like or crtically assess a msm report.

        I’ve said it before but getting hold of hard copy versions of proper educational materials (Rays is less than 100 bucks and will take a child from 4-16 years, ambleside gives access to many free pdf versions of classic literature for example) is an investment in your grandkids post shtf. Store it now while it’s cheap and available. If in doubt look for stuff published pre-1920 for the 3R’s when kids left school at 12-14 before education had been diluted into a joke.

      58. but, didn’t ya know? school isn’t for learning. It’s to socialize and have a fashion show!

        • Yeah, really.

          You’re gonna get together how many hundred kids and do what? You must be stupid!

          Oh, you’re a teacher, I get it…

          Remember the old saying, “Those who can not do teach.” Haven’t heard that since the Dept of Ed started, probably a priority of theirs to extinguish that thought in particular, the rest in general.

          Give your kid a book on critical reasoning and a lump of clay.

      59. Case in point: look at the title “…High Shcoolers…”


      60. This is exactly why my kid gets taught the truth at home.
        and tested on it..

        yes they go to public school..I wish I could home school them but both me andd mom are trying to keep our heads above water.. so they get a suppliment on relaity at home..

        most teachers think this is a 12 YO had to set them straight and they still didnt get it..argggggg

      61. Perfect: dumb and stupid!

      62. I know i spell a few words wrong every now and than..but Mac, was spelling school, shcool on purpose in the title?


        My fingers arnt the best typers, hey im old..we used to write shit out in my days

        like look at my last reponse I spelled reality wrong because my fingers got ahead of each

        Im far from a spelling cop..I just was wondering if you had done that on purpose?

      63. After watching the video and hearing what questions were asked,which were important to remember but maybe not as important as the questions that pertain to the actions of todays politicians or leaders.

        Example: Barrack Obama in history is important to remember .., but it is his current actions that should be asked to our students and the impact of these actions.


      64. I’ll bet 90% of their parents constantly tell them how great they are. It’s all about feelings today as opposed to substance. At one time we had winners and losers. Now everyone is a winner.

        Here are the results.

      65. Buy a lotto ticket and support the politicians.

        “If you see tryanny, say something!”

        • Its pay your stupidity tax. And I see tyranny all around me every day. My neighbor just put in a wood burner and asked to borrow my log splitter…he must be a terrorist. What is that phone # again…oh, its 1-800-IAM-ARAT!

      66. They that are fated to be fools, have one consolation, that they are fated also to be ignorant of it.

      67. One word: Homeschool.

      68. Wow now if the question.How to use a Ipad.Or log on to wikipedia or pop open a can of beer they will pass.HaHa Ha Ha!

      69. “Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.”- Bertrand Russell, “The Impact of Science on Society”, 1953, pg 49-50


        “GET EM’ IN AND GET EM’ OUT”






      71. Am I really the first of the egghead intulekshuals on this site to notice the headline is misspelled? Don’t fret, I know it’s hard to appreciate one’s own ignorance while mocking that of high schoolers (i.e., shcoolers).

        Clearly, we’ve witnessed another example of Mac’s well-developed sense of humor.

      72. at least the girls can all sell sex to feed themselves after the economy collapses…..the boys can all use their bodies to clear mines for the tanks….

      73. Whoever wrote this should have stayed in shcool.

      74. Today’s schools are to indoctrinate the up and coming

        Teach the kids that ‘anyone’ born in America is a natural born citizen and can become President.
        And they don’t even need a ‘real’ birth certificate–a computer-generated one on a website will do!!

        Don’t believe me?? Just ask the idiot of the year–Judge Malihi.

      76. Hey all these kids will need to know is how to use an Obama Food Card, Obama Medical Card and eventually how to shoot a gun with the Obamacorps.

      77. I taught public school for 6 years and I was an awesome teacher…the kind that rewards good behavior by taking the class out to the courtyard for lunch(yes, the other classes sat and watched us through their classroom windows and the teachers hated me!!)–not long ago, a neighbor’s child about 10 years old, the son of a teacher, came to visit me on my porch and as I watched the sky, I asked if he had ever seen the moon and he said yes, and I told him I meant really seen the moon-through binoculars.
        Nope, he didn’t care, it was okay.
        He returned in a minute and asked if he could see it through my binoculars..he was in awe.
        True story!! And this was a teacher’s child???
        Homeschool…I had 4 year olds reading at my home-based preschool of 6.

      78. Off topice:

        Has anyone heard from Burt the Brit?

        I haven’t seen her around her in a few days and with all the crazy weather their getting in England and Europe in general, I’m hoping she’s okay.

        • She went to Cairo to attend the next soccer game.

      79. This video would be amusing were it not painful. Thank you, government schools!

      80. My ancestors shed and spilled blood for this country. They built America with their bare hands. They invented the United States. Everythi8ng these useless, ungrateful bastards have is thanks to four-hundred years of sacrifice by MY ANCESTORS, MY BLOOD KINFOLK.

        And they can’t even be bothered to learn the very basic facts of our gift to them. Given gratis. Just for showing up with their greedy hands extended on Ellis Island. Or wherever.

        Dear God in heaven, thy will be done.

      81. To try to make some sense out of this (and all the other totally messed up things going on in our country), I found a book that clears up a lot. It’s not good news, just shows how deep, wide, and long standing the problems are and WHO is responsible. Read Brannon Howse’s book, Grave Influence. 21 Radicals and Their Worldviews that Rule America from the Grave.

      82. Teachers and administrators are busy teaching them crap they don’t need to know so they can pass standardized tests.

      83. I only made it to the 6th grade and i answered more questions….. Says something about our school system.

      84. Ron Paul 2012 !
        abolish the Dept of Education. to start with.

      85. Ah, the beneficiaries of a Liberal-Left educational system. Their Leftist parents must be so proud of their self-esteem!

      86. We are so fucked!

      87. Birt the Brit’ll be fine. The snow here in London’s no big deal. The trains won’t run/be late etc as normal for any kind of weather related. It’s Eastern Europe that’s suffering. We have family in Romania @-40 C

      88. I guess I’ll be pimpin’ these little skanks in my old age since they’ll be too stupid to do anything practical to feed themselves.

      89. It is indeed a sad commentary on America. I’ll bet these same students can rattle off the names of most beer labels and tell you everything you want to know about sex, but are woefully ignorant of the most elementary facts of American history. We are in serious trouble as these students represent the future of our nation. Psalm 33:12

      90. Am I the only one that finds it funny that this article, the point of which seems to be to show how dumb kids are, has the word “schoolers” spelling incorrectly?

      91. Actually this is of no surprise to me. George W. Bush could not remember the name of the general Musharraf of Pakistan whereas he is one of the leading US boys there. Remember Sarah Palin. Even the current election campaign reveals such geniuses… I mean is it so difficult to open a map and look at it. We have learnt it at primary school.

      92. You don’t actually have to know anything anymore. All you need is for someone to show you where the “ON” button is and how to use Google. Oh, that and when Snooki is going to be on TV.
        Makes me glad I never had kids.
        When the SHTF the first group to be rounded up is teachers. Give them a knowledge test and if they can’t pass a a simple one, put them out in a field making small rocks out of big ones.

      93. I recently took a road trip from our home in NC to SC to Myrtle Beach with my ten year old granddaughter ( a public school student). She asked me to let her know when we crossed from ‘North America’ to South America..of course she meant NC to SC.. We do alot of realism teaching to her and her brother.. At ten years of age, she can grow food, can food, catch and clean fish, camp overnight in the woods in a tent, and is very good with a 22 rifle. Her brother at 14 has already bagged many a deer, butchered and packed it. So I want them to learn what is necessary, and not come up with the dumb answers these kids do. We all see (her dad, my husband) that we will have to teach them pretty much what we ACTUALLY LEARNED in school in addition to the skills they will need. However, the public school system is a disgrace and parents MUST take it upon themselves to make sure they learn what they should.

      94. Well I have a child in public middle school, and one in high school. For what it’s worth, they and their friends are pretty impressive to me. Not dimwits like in this video, and definitely more diligent than my generation and that of my father (which screwed the country). I tend to be optimistic. Look at all the support for Ron Paul among young voters. I wouldn’t write off the coming generation.

      95. Just think. These dim bulbs will be voting within the next 3 years. Some of them will vote in this year’s election.

        Watch the movie “Idiocracy” for reference.

      96. What dismays me is that all too soon those kids will be voting. The young lady who named Uruguay, Uzbekistan and Uganda made me grin. Half the adults on this board haven’t heard of those other “U” places. And couldn”t find them on a map.

        However, one bright side of the story. No … wait. There isn’t an upside.

      97. This is just one of the many reasons why we homeschool.

      98. The missing point is the majority of learning begins at home! Just like the majority of customs and manners are taught there too. Is it a surprize that young kids today are lacking both manners and learning? Did you know that this generation of kids has the record of being the greatest ever raised by their grandparents then any generation in this countries history!! Many of todays parents(don’t call me mom, call me by my first name) did not learn the lessons of the past or have REFUSED to teach them to their children! So these kids are mistaught by the schools and TV. GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT!!

      99. The sad truth is our kids are total dumbass morons straight out of high school. If they don’t go to college they will be this stupid forever!! and may still be this dumb even after college. Ultimately this is the parents fault for letting them play too much video games, watch TV, talk on the phone, go to the fucking mall, etc…. I love you arbitrary young person so much, but I want you be as smart as a cow to lead to slaughter by folks because you are too dense to think for yourself. The truth is in the action; parents really don’t love their kids much now do they? Buying shit for them is not love it is bribery to get them to shut up or do what you want. Ahh…the future of our country…lazy dumb pricks who can’t answer third grade questions.

      100. I met a guy today that said his 8 year old is not taught cursive in school today. This guy said that his kid could not read it. Soon we will be able to in plain cursive english write notes that the future generations can’t even read. Hell most of the high schoolers can’t even write in cursive anymore. Pathetic! All because of fucking computers; benefits yes but detriments as well.

      101. The No Child Left Behind Act at its finest. The good news is that their self-esteem is intact; they seem to all feel good about being morons.

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