Multiple Bubbles Are Going to Bring America to Its Knees: “The Warning Signs Are There”

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    If you’ve been paying attention to the ongoing degradation of the American economy since the last financial crisis, you’re probably flabbergasted by the fact that our economy has managed to make it this far without imploding. I know I am. I find myself shocked with every year that passes without incident.

    The warning signs are there for anyone willing to see, and they are flashing red. Even cursory research into the numbers underlying our system will tell you that we’re on an unsustainable financial path. It’s simple math. And yet the system has proven far more durable than most people thought.

    The only reasonable explanation I can think of, is that the system is being held up by wishful thinking and willful ignorance. If every single person knew how unsustainable our economy is, it would self-destruct within hours. People would pull their money out of the banks, the bonds, and the stock market, and buy whatever real assets they could while their money is still worth something. It would be the first of many dominoes to fall before the entire financial system collapses.

    But most people don’t want to think about that possibility. They want the relative peace and prosperity of the current system to continue, so they ignore the facts or try to avoid them as much as possible. They keep their money right where it is and cross their fingers instead. In other words, the only thing propping up the system is undeserved confidence.

    Unfortunately, confidence can’t keep an unsustainable system running forever. Nothing can. And our particular system is brimming with economic bubbles that aren’t going to stay inflated for much longer. Most recessions are associated with the bursting of at least one kind of bubble, but there are multiple sectors of our economy that may crash at roughly the same time in the near future. For instance:

    • Eric Rosengren, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, recently made a startling tacit admission. We may be in the midst of yet another real estate bubble. Major financial institutions in this country are in possession of over $14 trillion worth of residential real estate loans. That’s well over $40,000 for every man woman and child in America.
    • Low interest rates have fueled a bubble in subprime auto loans, and that bubble appears to be reaching its limits. There are now over 1 million ordinary and subprime auto loans that are delinquent, a number that hasn’t been this high since 2009.
    • There is now well over a trillion dollars worth of student loan debt in this country; much of it owned by low income families. And there’s little hope that these students will ever see a return on their investment. That’s why at least 27% of student loans are in default. While more than one in four students are in default now, that number was one in nine a decade ago. And if current trends continue, there could be $3.3 trillion of student loan debt by the end of the next decade. Clearly, this isn’t going to go on for much longer.
    • And who could forget the stock market? Despite experiencing low GDP growth every year since the last recession, the stock market continues to break new records. Many of the companies on the stock market (especially tech companies), have a market cap that is between 20 and 100 times their sales or earnings numbers. Some are much higher, despite experiencing slow growth, or even no profits at all.

    Our economy is awash in cheap money and financial bubbles that threaten to wipe out tens of trillions of dollars worth of savings, investments, and assets. Everyone can close their eyes and hum while they hope that everything is going to be just fine, but it won’t be.

    I said before that if everyone knew how unsustainable this economy is, it would all come crashing down. But they’re going to find out one way or another when it comes crashing down anyway. Hope and confidence can only prop up a bubble-ridden economy for so long.


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      1. What’s new?

        This story has been told over and over. So, I’m going to repeat what I previously posted. Only I’ll change the words.

        In South Africa:

        The KneeGrows are on a killing spree.

        _ ?

        • The white people of European descent appealed to the European Union to be allowed to receive refugee status and be allowed to return to the land of their ancestors. Refused.

          __ ?

          This is a crime.


          • I’ve seen Champagne Bubbles bring chicks down on their knees. So it must be true Ha.

            • I once knew a girl whose nickname was Bubbles,
              She was on her knees, her back her side, ? Oh what fun it is to ride,,,,

              • Inappropriate comment!

            • “Published on Feb 18, 2014”
              So what’s your point?

          • They should have never moved in with the spearchuckers. No sympathy from me.

            • Anon, most of the Africans weren’t there when the Boers moved in. The Boers were there before most Whites were here. The Boers were there for over 300 years.

              • Thanks for the history. That said, its a black continent.

                • North America used to be a red continent. Colors change.

          • what up B from CA, no sex advice today? I guess you didn’t get butt-fuct by your cellmate yesterday or something.

        • They destroy everything they touch.

        • yes indeed. I want to know why it is that any 3rd world person can be granted refugee status and fast tracked into Western countries, unless that 3rd world person is White, Christian, and has a family, in which case they are declined and have no support whatsoever?

        • They should have left Zululand a long time ago. Dumbasses.

          • Anon, it’s not all Zululand. Matabele land, Swaziland, and more tribal designations to the far west. Most Africans migrated to South Africa after the Boers. Even the communist Mandella’s tribe, the Xhosa, came down from the north after the Whites got there.

            • SO, let me get this straight- you are saying there were ZERO black people in what is now
              South Africa before the Boers. Even if blacks were not there in great numbers, they were
              still there first. Again, it was historically a black continent. Wonder if diamond mining had
              anything to do with white immigration to S.A.

              • No. The Dutch farmers (boers) colonized an empty Ama Bhulu early in the 17th century for the same reason the English and Germans etc. colonized America. Yo live a life as they saw fit, without interference. On the trade route to the East Indies, the Portuguese had no interest in it.
                The Boer Wars were fought so that rich, Jewish London bankers could take the gold and diamonds of the Transvaal.


        • What are Daniel Lang’s QUALIFICATIONS for making economic analysis ??? Just asking. 🙂


      3. I read on . Radical Agenda. That the reason Jews are promoting third world imigration . Is that they know they are on the list of deport them all. Muslems , blacks, Hispanics, Asians , Jews. And I believe they are correct . And they deserve it.

      4. How to avoid being wiped out by a bubble.

        Housing Mortgage and Auto Loan Bubble. – I own all of my land and property outright, and own my Auto, debt free. Sure I still need to pay property taxes, a few hundred dollars a year, and Auto Insurance another $750 a year.

        Its called being responsible and living within my means.

        I do not have any student loans, and I am not in the Stock Market. I invest in Silver, hard assets I control in my hand. And the upside has a lot of potential to double.

        This is where anon chimes in and says, “There you go again bragging about Silver.” Hell yeah A-hole. You either got it or you don’t. Smart people take the steps I took above and prepared. The clueless unprepared will be wiped out when the bubbles pop. Live within your means. You don’t need to be driving a $75,000 Dually pick up truck that depreciates $5K a year to prop up your fragile ego.

        • More self promotion. Nobody cares.

        • Go back in the archives and look at your posts. 99% of it is me, me,me. I. I. I. I have this.
          I have that. I did this. I did that. Many people that post here are just as prepped up as you
          or even more than you. All of your preaching gets old. You sound like a really selfish oaf.
          You seem to think you are way more intelligent and resourceful than all of these other folks.
          You have a very condescending nature. Constantly bragging about yourself. I think it really
          stems from insecurity.

          • Knowledge is Power, then act on your knowledge. Go get some Anon, as you hide behind the Anonymous curtain masturbating and wishing you could do what I do. You are very jealous. Only people who criticize are insecure because they will never attain what successful people do. I set an example. You just whine like a child. Other successful people cheer on those who make smart decisions. When someone tells me of there success, I cheer them on and congratulate them. You are jealous. Shows your immaturity as a human in 98% of your posts. Yeah Silver closed UP on Friday at $18.25 and closed on the up-tic for the high of the day, so more upside coming. I see $20 here in April.

        • Amen to that! Too many folks are one paycheck away from being destitute.

      5. Awash in cheap money? Only awash in compueter generated borrowed & loaned fiat currency. The actual paper cash doesn’t exist. and the wage earners certainly are not Awash in money of any kind.

        • Here! Here!

      6. Why Gold Will Soar to ‘$1400- $1500 by Year End’ – Incrementum AG
        It is refreshing when a fund manager discusses their opinion before completely loading up. This speaks of confidence in their view, integrity in their words, and a long view that is not worried about signals in the day to day events. Incrementum AG’s MP Ron Stoeferle is such a person.

        We’re now seeing a pick-up in inflation all across the globe. Incrementum AG says that Gold ‘may be in the early stages of a [bigger] bull market’. The drivers behind this are negative real interest rates as a byproduct of inflation. Prices may climb to $1,400 to $1,500 an ounce this year, said Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, managing partner at the Liechtenstein-based company, which oversees 100 million Swiss francs ($101.5 million).

        The rest of the Article: ht tps://

      7. I checked the script, the revision notes indicate that just the date was changed. I’ll find some time to re-read it.

        But right now I have to change out the condition yellow bulb on the panel, it burned out again. The red is starting to flicker as well.

        The DEFCON 2 bulb has been on for long it’s heat is warping the cover.

        Ah man. It’s the wolf near the chicken coop. Again. I’m tired of crying after it. I’m gonna have to start stacking up on anti-wolf spray soon.

        Aw. Shoot. My first batch of survival rice has expired…

        Good news is my latest DVD has arrived: “How to suck your thumb, hide in the corner and trust everything to Jesus.”

        Gotta load this up, I need some pacification. Yes sir.

      8. I’ve been preaching this for so long that most of my friends and family have grown immune to it. They are starting to think I’m the boy who cried wolf. I feel bad for them, because it is indeed still coming, and soon.

        • Its ok bud, most of us are in the same boat,
          Just rest assured in the fact that you will be able to say with a smug grin,
          “I told ya so”

        • China is even more broke.

      9. You folks are about as IGNORANT as can be.

        • Vocal: Well, do enlighten us my friend? ?



          • Obvious Anonymous is just a complaining Troll here. Probably broke frustrated as his wife ran off with the mailman.

        • expound on that. which one(s) of U.S.? ignorant by it’s very definition means to “ignore”, no? i doubt anyone here is ignoring what’s important news, since we are here educating ourselves to what’s making the world “work”.

          • Shmaybe ignore vocalpatriot?
            Leftist operative.
            No patriot, either.

            • George Washington. Some say patriot. Some from that time period would say terrorist.
              Macht nicht.

              • George Washington- Marijuana grower, slave trading Free Mason.

              • Macht nicht

                doesn’t matter, never mind, not important, forget it, does nothing, is not a big deal

      10. “the system is being held up by wishful thinking and willful ignorance”

        100% correct – America is completely FUBAR’d.

        Whether people think Trump is legit or not … matters none.
        The System has been against him from day one – the Constitution & our Bill Of Rights are effectively null & void – and that is what truly matters.

        The downfall of this country will continue as planned.
        All one can do is defend their own well-being in this Orwellian state of affairs.

      11. in 2005 at the end of the housing bubble, all of america(ns) took out a loan on their house that was priced at TRIPLE what they were “worth”. it destroyed the banks. what has been DONE to stop the bank collapse? nothing, that’s what. stalling, allowing them to carry those loans as money good is only putting off the inevitable….interest rates can only go to ZERO, and then nobody loans the banks a dime. and THAT will be the start of WWIII…people around the world will be PISSED when they don’t get paid back. BANK ON IT!

        • Thats what TARP was,,, guess who owns huge blocks of failed real estate notes,,,

      12. Been hear this when Carter was the Pres.


      13. Mar 30, 2017 Banks Are Secretly Reporting Cash Transactions To The Police

        UK demand for gold is surging. The auto bubble has been inflated and their many signs that show its ready to pop.Q4 2016 revised to 2.1 to show Obama had a strong economy during his presidency. CBO just published a warning that the economy is approaching a fiscal catastrophe. Foreign investors are dumping Japanese bonds a record pace.Banks are secretly reporting each individual to the police when they withdraw cash.

      14. Don’t forget about Commercial Real Estate. On-line meeting and purchasing options have killed the value of brick and mortar stores/malls/office buildings. Each year more places close.

      15. Bubbles? Doesn’t everyone know someone named Bubbles?

        • Bubbles was Michael Jackson’s chimp.

      16. Multiple bubbles are going to pop!

        When I fart in my bubble bath

        • nailbanger…. do you use mr bubbles by chance?

      17. The Fed said our world was about to end during the last crash if they didn’t do the Wall Street bailouts. It’s been a pie in the sky gravy train full of sunshine and lollypops ever since.

      18. I invested in health care insurance and have hundred thousands plus in it, with nothing to show but higher costs and a “prosperous” consumer economy thru threat..shoulda hid the money………

      19. To those who brag on owning “metals” (gold, silver) and how they will explode in the not to distant future, just curious; what does it matter if silver’s “value” is $20 of worthless FRN’s, or $500 of worthless FRN’s? By the time these metals climb that high the jig will already be up, and the only thing ANY fed-res-note will be good for is wiping one’s ass after taking a dump.

        • I will trade my “worthless” metals for your worthless agricultural land with buildings, tools and wells, so you can pay off the banksters and tax collectors who want the “money” that you can get for the metal.

      20. I cant recall a time when people didnt crowed about an impending collapse.

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