MSNBC’s Matthews: If You Oppose Obama You’re a CRACKER

by | Jan 17, 2011 | Headline News | 67 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Do you have a problem with President Obama’s health care bill, or do you question his eligibility status? Whatever your beef with the President may be, Chris Matthews says you’re a cracker, suggesting that any attack on the President is an ad hominem attack based on feelings and prejudice as opposed to intellect:

    Chris Matthews:

    So much of this attack at Obama has been ad hominem directed at the person, the President. Whether it’s somebody, some cracker out there on the right, some third party type, who says he’s not an American, or if it’s somebody a little more sophisticated basically saying he’s a socialist…

    You might be a cracker if…..

    • You oppose the largest deficit spending in the history of the United States
    • You don’t believe in universal health care provisions which mandate your participation through the threat of imprisonment
    • You believe the internet should remain a free and open society
    • You think that a talk radio or web site host should be able to discuss whatever topic he or she likes without a government requirement to provide equal time to opposing views
    • You think that someone should audit the Federal Reserve’s bailout printing programs and the gold reportedly in their vaults
    • You believe that open free markets and not governments create jobs
    • You, like our founders, cling to the idea that the right to bear arms is a natural, inalienable right which protects your ability to defend your life, family, liberty and personal property from those who would do you harm
    • You prefer not to have your genitalia touched when taking a commercial airline flight from one city to another
    • You’ve ever been to a Tea Party rally

    You might also be a cracker if you happen to be a White skinned non-democrat, or even a Hispanic/Black non-democrat, though we believe that some would refer to you as a sell-out if you’re the latter.

    It seems that it is often pundits, talking heads and “journalists” of the left-wing persuasion who continue to insert race into this debate, while most third-partiers and republicans could really care less what color our President is. Though admittedly, many would like to know more about his background, namely whether or not he was actually born in the USA and what he meant when he had Dreams of His Father, Barack Obama, Sr, who just so happened to be a dedicated member of the Kenyan Communist Party.

    While we won’t deny the fact that some will attack our President through the use of racist or bigoted language and personal insults, the majority of the arguments presented by third-party independents and those of the Republican Party are based on ideologies, policies and politics – not color – as Mr. Matthews implies with his cracker comment.

    One doesn’t have to be a ‘cracker’ to realize that President Obama is, in fact, a socialist with communist leanings. His entire platform is built on this – it simply cannot be denied.

    Update: For our international readers, or those unfamiliar with the term “cracker,” we offer the following definition from :

    CRACKER [krak-er] /ˈkrækər/

    1) Slang word used to refer to those of European ancestry. The word is thought to have either derived from the sound of a whip being cracked by slave owners, or because crackers are generally white in color
    2) A racist term used against Caucasians/Whites


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      1. Mattews is a dick head.  Plain and simple…  It simply amazes me that someone would nationally portray himself /herself as such a fool and not be embarrassed.  More amazing is that MSNBC allows such a fool air time.  The girl’s morning show on Fox News has higher ratings than MSNBC in prime time.  Truly sad…

      2. …..sigh…….

      3. Comments…..Matthews was Ted Kennedy’s ass wipe and anything out of his Liberal mouth can be considered the by product  he wiped out of Kennedy’s butt

      4. I’m a cracker? Chris Matthews is a sheep. Baaaaaahhhhhhh

      5. Kinda reminds me of the Dr. Pepper commercial with a twist – “I’m a cracker, he’s a cracker, wouldn’t you like to be a cracker too.”

        A cracker is also a native Floridian.


      6. Couldn’t care less about Obamas race,religion,skin color, college.

        What I do care about is that he has obviously sold his soul to the wall st bankers.

        Plus he has no business experience, and it shows.

        Worse, he doesn’t even earn his salary.
        Grandiose vacations, bonehead bills ….  playing hoops is about involved as he gets.

        Currently their is nothing in the presidents office other than a puppet. BO is this shell of a president

      7. I guess I’m supposed to take offense to the “cracker” comment.  However… since I do not give a rats ass what people think of my opinions I could care less.

        Just more smear mongering by the MSM to try to get people to disassociate themselves from the free thinking individuals who see the government B.S. for what it is. 

      8. Matthew’s comments about whether or not the upcoming continuation of the Obamacare debate would be “on the merits” literally made me laugh out loud.

        This “journalist” was crying…literally crying…with tears of (probably fake) joy during the inauguration…on the air.

        I guess all of the Hopium was just too much for him to bear.

      9. Chris Matthews is S**T ON A SHINGLE!

      10. Just so we are all on the same page.

        Cracker, as an insult, actually comes from the scotish people who moved into the southern Appalachians.

        The term, as an insult, means “one who talks to much”.

        By this definition Chris Matthews is the cracker as is any of the other blowhard loudmouths on television and radio.

      11. Chrissy Boy only knows what that tingle in his leg is telling him!

      12. Would I be considered a “cracker” if I thought the long legged mack daddy was white rather than black? I mean, why can’t he be white? I know the lips are a little thicker, the nose rather large and flat, and the hair, well the kinky hair is definitely black, as well as the skin, but do children of interracial parents always default to the most domineering physical characteristics of one of the two parents?

        I say he’s white. Well, mulatto.

      13. I just had a fleeting vision of Chris Matthews being shanghai-ed (sp?) and forced to work days and nights on end as a greenhorn aboard a Bering Sea crab boat…   🙂
        That would give him a “tingle” he’d never forget!

      14. Cracker?

        Well, at least I’m not a Communist.  LOL.

        The Progressive Left is imploding, and they are doing it to themselves.  Sit back and enjoy the show.  Every time one of them makes a comment like that (you know, the kind that don’t make any sense), more and more people realize how utterly stupid they are.

        The race card is all they have.  They are victims of arrested development, stuck in the 1960s in what they consider were the best of times in this nation.  History tells us (I wasn’t born yet) that it was one of the worst of times in this nation, and yet the nation managed to pull through and move forward.

        Chris Matthews and his ilk (disingenuous white liberals, or DWLs) seem to desperately want the nation to go back to that time.  They want to re-live their glory days.  You see, they were part of the inner political circle, safe from the police dogs, fire hoses, violence, war, and basically doing any of the actual work that was required to move the nation forward.  Not much has changed.

        Happy MLK Day.

      15. Ha! As soon as I saw MSNBC I just kind of left the site. Don’t watch it. I have in the past. They are most illogical. I mean, really, you can have an opinion but when that opinion is so lacking in facts, logic and contains gargantuan leaps of logic, you realize that the have an agend which they are trying to disguise as news.

        MSNBC, news wise, would have to ride the short bus to work. They don’t have a clue and they won’t think about anything. Their purpose is singular: help government expand.

        MSNBC, the alternate spelling of “Bought Off By The Left”.

      16. M ain
        S tream
        N ews
        B ull
        C rap

      17. Boycott “Hardball” advertisers until this racist is fired. This hate speech, so fresh on the heels of the Tuscon tragedy is something no decent person should tolerate.

      18. My only problem w/ Health Care as passed last year is it still leaves the moron CEOs/CFOs/COOs and senior execs in charge of ‘deciding if grandma gets surgery’ or ‘if 9-year old Susie has a transplant.’ I’d prefer, after living overseas for 2.5 decades and being taken care of with so-called ‘socialized medicine’ in several countries in Europe, South West Asia (aka Middle East), Far East, Central America, The Balkans and North Africa.  Why be against the weakness of Obamacare? Because those same ceos/senior execs make millions by DENYING care. I’d prefer it be in the hands of US Govt SESs pulling down a whopping $190K per year with NO stake in gaining more bonuses and such for denying care.

      19. Ah, so this is where the triple K rally takes place, with IQs of 72 making sure THEY don’t succumb to the far-left socialist meanderings of an Obama administration!  Boy you guys are so bright, so right on with your cute quips and pronouncements.  I wish my left gonad were as witty and obviously worldly as youse guys.
        Keep it up, morons, you’re hero, bush III is probably just around the corner and he/she will save our country from…..itself….or something like that.
        This is a RIOT reading this stuff. Almost like it’s purposefully made stupider by each commenter!!!!!!!!!

      20. Comments…..go stick your head up your ass chris mattews,douchebag!

      21. Oppose the Rockefeller/Rothschild eugenics healthcare plan euphemistically entitled “Obamacare”?

        You are no doubt a package of Stoned Wheat Thins.

      22. I’m a cracker.  I like other crackers.  I like them on my soup also.

      23. I actually voted for our beloved leader, President Obama. I did so for two reasons; 1) he told me that he was going to end the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and bring our troops home Immediately after he was elected and that 2) he would end politics ‘as-usual’ there in Washington, DC. HE HAS DONE NEITHER!!! Even if we were to have another election in 2012, doubtful, Barak Obama won’t receive another vote for me. Plain and simple; I don’t like being lied to.

        I know that I am an old redneck. And if an ignorant ‘libtard’ like Chris Matthews wants to call me a “cracker” or a “racist”, this isn’t going to bother me a bit. Consider the source and move forward.

      24. Ritz, or Saltine?

      25. Comments…..You know, the most amazing thing about these goofy commentater, is that one time they preach about the divisions of the parties and the people and then within the next few minutes, they are hell bent on dividing the masses through their ignorant statements.

        Chris Matthews is probably one of the most useless newscasters, I place him right along with Joy Bayer?, dr. Phil, Oprah, that silly grace woman and above all, Sarah Palin. i am a die hard conservative and I beleive all of them are nothing more that pimps for the simple sheeple. The prey on opportunities for sensationalism. With the very real problems that are facing our country, why, why are we even allowing them to enter into our homes vomiting this trash? They absolutely serve no purpose other than to incite the the thoughtless.

        I think that if the American people would turn off Oprah,Phil, Sarah’s Alaska, American Idol, and ALL of the goofy, mind numbing “reality” shows and stop texting and emailing and look face to face and discuss with someone the issues, we all may be able to make better decision.

        But above all, return to our Creator. 

      26. Comments…..(to the tune of Okie from Muskogee)
        “I’m proud to be a cracker from Wisconsin…
        and a Packer Fan when it comes to football!”….twang twang twang…

      27. msnbc and fox try to get everybody distracted with the dem/repub phoney piefights while the banksters steal the countries wealth.

        don’t watch the state/corporate sponsored media. watch interesting independent academic utubes (while we still can)  -   “amped status”, “david degraw”, “chris hedges”,  “paul craig roberts” , “william black” and last but not the least  – – -interesting stuff on obama “wayne madsen”…….

      28. European Americans will soon reach the point where enough is enough……Moronic lapdogs like Matthews, who pose as “journalists,” will likely not fare well then the SHTF.

      29. Comments…..more bs from the media

        phil berg…the head birther is a lifelong democrat. and lifetime member of the naacp. former assistant attorney general of pennsylvania. guess he’s a cracker though.

        man, it’s like i’m back in junior high school reading excerpts from pravda…..

      30. My true friends call me Nabisco……

      31. This is why the Government wants to control the internet! I turned off my TV a long time ago.
        Personally, I am looking forward to when SHTF, then those who surive will have to do so on their own merits. Is it just me, or do others find it odd that you cannot pray in schools but Congress opens with a prayer????

      32. Chris Matthews is a tool, and everyone but his four viewers know it. He is only a step above Keith Olbermann in that he has two more viewers.  LOL

      33. Funny, I’m Latin so you can count me out…I just don’t like him never did.  I am from Chicago and vividly recall him appearing one day out of no where.  He is exactly what I expected him to be, a total failure and a total sale out.  Let’s pay for another fricking vacation because it must be hard selling out a total nation.  Bastard.

      34. sound of a whip being cracked by slave owners

        IOW:  The good old days

      35. Comments….. Am I suppose to be offended by being called a cracker?  Well I guess it’s better than being called a cocoapuffer which is the term I use for people sucking off the public teat.  That would be people like Obumma and his wife Mulechelle.

      36. It’s interesting that on my Cox cable setup, a show called “Everybody Hates Chris” is on at the same time, and is right next to, Matthews’s show on MSNBC.  Every time I go through the channels I cannot help but think it is one and the same show.

      37. You can not criticize Israel and survive but you can openly hurl racial slurs at Whites and keep your job.

      38. Comments…..Anyone still not convinced that Chrissy is not
        a dangerous dope on a par with Anderson Cooper I offer this
        quote concerning Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment.
        Chris Matthews on MSNBC called Bush a “hero” and boomed, “He won the war. He was an effective commander. Everybody recognizes that, I believe, except a few critics.” He added: “Women like a guy who’s president. Check it out. The women like this war. I think we like having a hero as our president. It’s simple” Ah, the unbearable lightness of the talking heads.

      39. Well, I’m a cracker now! In the past, I’ve been called a sell-out, yelled at by Obama supporters as I left our local Republican headquarters with my children and had my blackness(whatever that means)questioned. I’m first and foremost a child of God and a proud American who happens to be of African descent.
        Many brave men and women of various ethnicities and religions marched,had fire hoses and dogs turned on them,  were incarcerated,  spat on,  and even died that I and other black people could have the right to vote,  and I refused to waste my vote on someone simply because of the color of their skin.

        So, in the end, I voted for neither the Democratic nor the Republican candidate!

        Cheez Whiz- slavery wasn’t so good if you were a poor white farmer. Some of them were worse off than slaves, at least economically.

      40. Comments…..  remember guys, one of the main purposes of the MSM , is distraction.  And they are good at it.  When they get you pissed about their rhetoric, you forget about the real issues, that are discussed on these blogs daily.  The government is just doing their thing keeping people divided, with the commentary of these ass wipes.  
              Have your moment of disgust at this media jack__f, and then remember the real issues.  They are the important thing to remember.
             By the way, I love some of the above posts–they are great.

      41. If you are a Hispanic American, or Black, non-democrat I think that makes you a “graham” cracker. If you are half white, half black non-democrat you are probably an “oreo”.  Asian non-democrats are probably “fortune cookies”.

        All of these racial epitaphs are making me hungry. Smores anyone?

        Maybe off-topic, but still racially-related:
        If I remember correctly, the slaves in America did not own any guns.  Repeal the Second Amendment, anyone?

      43. I like the little oyster puffed crackers best with a steaming cup of deer stew but the little Japanese orange crackers (cookies) are damn good too.
        I will never understand libs (and don’t want to anymore).

      44. This site censors like the painty waist police, I’m out of here.

      45. Comments…..jerry said:

        Ritz, or Saltine?
        Obumma is a graham cracker.

      46. O.K, why is it that when ever I read the comments of almost any particular article or video on the web I am indeed reminded of exactly why the s**t is going to hit the fan: There are a bunch of bat-s**t crazy people out there! I sincerely hope that we can’t extrapolate some statistics that suggest that the number of nutty comments on the web are representative of the same number of nutty people in the general population, because if that is the case, I don’t know if I care if humanity goes down the crapper. Are you people really serious? Yeah, I bet that all of you that think that Chris Mathews is a corporate media mouthpeice also think that the weepy Glen Beck, (who by the way just panders to your fear and emotions ) is just so right on… you are all duped. There is only one side! The side of the PEOPLE, damnit! Perfect, instead of uniting as one force, the corporate media have spoon fed you this idea that there is a ‘left and a right.’ I call that divide and conquer montherf***er’s! And did I sincerely read here that a  poster of  African decsent actually respond to some freaky ‘south will rise again’ whack job calling for the sound of a slave whip?! Please, I’m begging you, tell me that it was a joke.

      47. Mathews is a zionist douche bag.

      48. Speaking just for me crissy dont bother me none,I mean its to be expected coming from him…ya know birds chirp and dogs bark,liberals RINOs and such like critters spout retarded nonsense! His kind calling me a cracker is nothing.
        I “would” however be bothered if he said something nice about me…that would indicate a failing on my part  🙁


      49. All I have is a bag of crackers. But it’s not for eatin’. It’s just for lookin’ at.
        I didn’t surrender, but they took my horse and made him surrender. They have him pulling a wagon up in Kansas I bet.

      50. Even a fool like matthews can get the ratings. Matter of fact the more off the wall this guy sounds the more his handlers like it. He gets paid to be stupid. And people will tune into the moron till a bigger moron comes along.

      51. REB??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
        What, you don’t get it? let me ask you all something, are you all FOX news watchers? I am certainly not going to make any assumptions about that, except to say that from all the opinions being spouted here I would expect to here on FOX news. That being said, I will make no assumptions. However, if that is the case, do you reeeeaaaalllly think that FOX is a genuinely alternative media source? They are just as  corportate as MSNBC. Which means that they are there to make money, and they are making alot of it off of you, while fomenting all of this anger and frustration felt by people and turning people against each other, otherwise we might get wise to what’s really going on, which is that the Corpratocracy is making money off of all of us, liberals, Repulican’s, Tea parteries… all of us–and instead of standing up as one people and saying NO, we are just doing all this petty bickering between each other and getting caught up in idealogical bulls**t, which I think is just what the powers that be want. Just for the record, I think Chris Mathews is a duchebag. I also think that Glen Beck is a duchebag, and Larry King is a duchbag and Pat O’rielly is a duchebag. My duchebag detector doesn’t discriminate between ‘left and right.’ They are all duchebags at the major networks. Oh, and I guess it’s not O.K to call anyone who disagrees with the Obama administration a “cracker” but it is O.K to equate Liberals with “critters.” I see. So it’s O.k for all of you to take cracks at the “liberal’s” but lord forbid if they do it to you…

      52. GoldenFoxx: Obama is half white, half black, I think that makes him an “oreo”; but wait, he is not a non-democrat. He is High Commander of the Dems.

        I like peanut butter smores.

      53. gforce…..No man,I dont get your rant…sorry but you’re all over the map.I will attempt to explain.
          You stated that someone here was calling for a slave whipcracking and the “south rising again”something or rather..I looked and it isnt there in that context, that was my question.

        You refer to folks here as montherf***er’s (your spelling)bat-s**t crazy…whack job…you call a bunch of people ” duchebag”(again your spelling) and with”petty bickering between each other and getting caught up in idealogical bulls**t…..and then you want to know why I dont get it?Really?
        You have to make sense if you want people to understand you!Speaking for myself,I dont own or watch TV so I dont see Fox news or any of the other networks,Im too busy running this farm to waste my time with that,I dont know much about Beck or King and have no idea who Pat O’rielly (spelling?) is!(nor do I care)
        If you had taken the time to reason you would have understood my previous post was simply a dismissal of all of it,an attempt to call to folks attention that in the grand scheme of it all they(the slur hurlers) dont matter,that their actions are just like little birds and other animals who make noises that we ignore…gee whiz!

         As for getting caught up in”idealogical bulls**t”(your words) I know some people do,I do not… thre are two sides to this fight…surely you dont  think Karl Marx, Stalin,and Mao would have to agree with Thomas Jefferson,James Madison and Ben Franklin or visversa…you dont think they are equally valid ideals that should just find common ground?? I dont think you do!
        If you do then we are completely on opposite sides of the discussion,there are two very different ideas in the world for the future of mankind,if you have followed this forum for long then you know I come down on the side of personal liberty and personal responsibility,no compromise with the other side that wants to control everyone and everything(whether left, right or from outerspace),if fighting that  is getting caught up in( idealogical bulls**t) then I plead guilty.

         you wrote…(“Oh, and I guess it’s not O.K to call anyone who disagrees with the Obama administration a “cracker” but it is O.K to equate Liberals with “critters.” I see. So it’s O.k for all of you to take cracks at the “liberal’s” but lord forbid if they do it to you…)end.
        I guess you missed the point…I dont give a rats rearend what they call me,nor will I cede my right to call them as I see them…okay?any clearer to you now?

        Most of the people here have strong opinions and express them,sometimes very well and sometimes poorly,and even though we may not always see it eye to eye the same… we for the most part are respectful and tolerant,the heat of debate is where ideas get tried in the fire so to speak,people knock the rough edges off my errors and I help polish some of theirs…we are here mainly to help and to teach and yes even debate and disagree,it would be great to have you join in and help shape the nature of the teaching and learning,we get farther without being nasty and disageeable….but we do retain that right. Thanks!

      54. Heres a quote from Gordon Chesterton some may enjoy as there is a certain truth to it!

        “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

      55. My health care went up another $297 dollars a month because of this health care bill going through. I pay 600+ a month for my family of 4 to have vision, dental and medical. Do I get 600+ a month worth of quality medical care? No I don’t because the majority of health care providers suck and simply want to run all the co payers through as fast as they can to make their money for going to college years ago. Personally I think everyone one of them need to be audited bi annually by undercover specialists. If you fail the audit you pay into a community work fund helping out with all the lazy bastards unwilling to get their own health insurance!!! Oh if you really want to know who this worthless president it go to youtube and watch the Obama Deception or read The Manchurian President! This guy is a work of art.

      56. Scott: That $7200 that you are now paying yearly reflects the intent of Obamacare to transfer the cost of health insurance for the poor, indigent, and illegals to the middle class.

        Last year a medical facility in Pima County (Tucson) had to file for bankruptcy because they had more than $100 million in bad debt from providing health care to Illegals. A loss that rippled through American jobs, businesses (vendors), and families affected by the BK.

        That example can be identified all across the US in every state. We just can’t afford these people. They need to go home.

      57. Scott:….My health care went up another $297 dollars a month because of this health care bill going through. I pay 600+ a month for my family of 4 to have vision, dental and medical. Do I get 600+ a month worth of quality medical care? No I don’t because the majority of health care providers suck and simply want to run all the co payers through as fast as they can to make their money for going to college years ago. Personally I think everyone one of them need to be audited bi annually by undercover specialists. If you fail the audit you pay into a community work fund helping out with all the lazy bastards unwilling to get their own health insurance!!!

        I understand your frustration. My insurance prem increased significantly too. The problem is that this is a BAD BILL. Like DK said we are paying for people that have no business being here to begin with. I work for a hospital and we have lost money hand over fist (as many have) We are required to treat, we can not turn anyone away. By the way we are audited continually by independent sources.

        I did an online Healthcare calculator that gave you totals on the additional taxes I would have to pay for my particular income…..I will have to pay an additional 4,300.00 a year!!!!!!! 

        I don’t know about you all but I can’t afford that….I can hardly make ends meet now.

      58. Comments…..   nicely put REB.  sometimes we have to pull a rodney king . “can’t we all just get along”.  ha-ha.
            I enjoy the posts on these blogs, and will express my opinions, but I don’t feel like wasting my time arguing with people.  I have found that no one cares what I think but me and my dog, and I’m not sure about the dog.
            But there are some great ideas passed around that help me decide my best course of action, and for that I’m gratefull.  Good luck everyone, even when we disagree.

      59. Your dog cares when it’s near chow time…..don’t you know “the look” ?  ahahahaaaaa

      60. Our parrot is potty trained.  When he poops he says “that’s a good job”.  I crap you not!  I’m scarred to teach him politics.

      61. O.k, I apologize. Yes I did say that many of the posts I see online are batsh**t crazy, and that includes some posts I have read here (more on that later.)   However, perhaps I could have come to the table differently, because you are right REB, what do I contribute by “ranting.” Also, when I used the expression “motherf**kers” it wasn’t meant as a personal attack; more like an emphatic exclamation. Also, I was calling the major network personalities “duchebags” not anyone here.
        I guess I feel passionate about this stuff.
        As far as crazy statements people have made– calling Obama a communist or equating his healthcare program with communism is crazy, and people who say that are, well, ill-informed at best of what true socialism or communism actually looks like. We are the only developed nation in the world who does not provide universal healthcare for it’s people. Is Canada a communist, or a socialist country? Mexico? England?  (and as I can tell by your letter REB, you know the difference between socialism and communism, but I digress.) Obama is about as capatalist as it gets. He has surrounded himself with major players from wall street– (Gietner, Paulson, Bernake,  etc. ) the very ones who helped create the bloody financial mess we have today. You can disagree with his policies all you want–great it’s a free country–but when people start calling him a communist, or questioning his place of birth, or other such stuff- I think that’s crazy.
        Well REB, now that you’ve appealed to my rationality, I’d like to
        put my two cents in about this healthcare debate:  I live in Canada, but I am from the States, so I have had experience with the healthcare system in both places. In Canada, I never have to worry about wether or not I can afford to take my son to the doctor, nor do I wait any longer than I ever did in the States to get seen.  I can see whomever doctor I choose, despite popular statements to the contrary by some people in the States.
        I hear alot of statements from people about “personal responsibility.” What does personal responsibilty mean to some of you on this forum: Does it mean that, if someone loses thier job, and they can’t afford to take their kid to the doctor or pay their medical bills, to bad for them? Do you believe that people are poor because they just don’t work hard enough? Did you know that the largest reason for bankruptcy in the United States is because of people with chronic medical problems not being able to afford the care they need, so they wind up re-mortgaging thier homes and running up debt? What about the working poor? Never mind that we used to have a middle class before all the jobs were shiped off shore in the name of “free trade”!
        I also believe in personal responsibility–but I also believe that poverty is entrenched in parts of our society in ways that are challenging and complicated. I believe that many people find themselves poor through no fault of their own! (Please see above comment about the disapearence of jobs! ) I also believe in self-reliance and self-sustainability, but I also believe that people don’t actually get by all on their own.  We get by with community– our families, friends, and neighboors helping each other. So kumbaya I guess, because I  believe that ALL the people in the United States are my community, and I think people deserve a leg up from time to time. I’m sorry people’s healthcare premiums are going up. I really believe that if a universal healthcare program had truly been in place, the bastard insurance companies who are making a whole bunch of money off of all of you would not be doing so now.
        However, I am completely shocked at some of the above statements from people:
        ” We are treating poeple who shouldn’t even be here…”  and “That $7200 that you are now paying yearly reflects the intent of Obamacare to transfer the cost of health insurance for the poor, indigent, and illegals to the middle class.”  You mean like poor senior citezen’s who’ve lost their pensions through no fault of their own? Or kids from poor families who have had no choice in the matter as to what type of economic class they were born into? Where is the bloody compassion. I for one am willing to have my taxes go up so that every man woman and child can be seen by a doctor, because I believe that every human being deserves that much. Kumbaya again, whatever! As far as the fear of paying for illegals, you know I am not officially legal here in Canada until my residency paper work  goes through, therefore, I don’t have a medical card, therefore, I HAVE TO PAY TO SEE THE DOCTOR here in Canada! So as you see, there are solutions here to some of these issues you have–and, by the way–you allready are paying for poor, indigent, and illegals, in the form of your tax dollars. Do people think that the 40 million or so who can’t afford healthcare should just curl up and die? Or should they just buck up and start looking for some non-existant job? God forbid that anyone of you should ever find yourselves in a crappy financial situation through no fault of you’re own.
        Why is there so much fear around universal healthcare being the slipery slope to socialism. Canada is still a capatilist country that is continuously seeking evermore “free trade” agreements, and it’s had a universal healthcare system for some time now.
        So, ya know I wouldn’t have come to this site if I wasn’t pretty sure the system wasn’t about to crumble– It’s funny though, we Lefty liberal types just blame different people… and so that was what I meant by “petty idealogical arguments.”   I thought maybe it might be more productive to concentrate on what we have in common as Americans (I married a Canuck, but I still feel American..) instead of all of these other distractions. Kumbaya motherlovers!

      62. I wish you could edit after you post… when say “you” in my above post I mean the “royal you” and it is addressed to those who are particualy opposed to anykind of gov’t sponsored healthcare….not to anyone in particular here on this site…. now I feel like I have to carefully clarify everything I say.

      63. Gforce: Let me point out that the Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by France who were probably looking to send their tired, their poor, their huddled masses yearning to breathe free to US.

        Seriously though, the problem with Obama Care like so many other things is “fairness”. The middle class will be paying to the poor, sick, lame, and lazy; not the rich, and it will be a higher porportion of middle class spendable income. It will limit the quality of health care to the middle class, while the rich and Congress will be able to afford “supplemental” insurance to have the very best coverage, as they do now.

        Additionally Obama Care creates another 159 “offices and agencies” to manage the monstrousity that it is. Can you imagine how these O&A will grow over time? It will be a cancer requiring higher and higher taxes. As it is, this program is corporate welfare for Big Pharma.

        Both Obummer and McLame promised US their health care plan! Where the HELL is it? One health care plan for ALL Americans; including Congress and any “supplemental coverages” need to come out of THEIR personal pocket; but available to anyone who wants to pay for it.

        If Obama Care is so wonderful, why isn’t Congress enrolled in it?

      64. gforce… Hey man I have no problem with your getting passionate about what you believe,if you didnt then you probably really dont  believe it,its cool!
        I agree with your assessment of free trade,it isnt free trade, its “so-called” and its destructive to our nation.
        Regarding health insurance…yes it is a mess and we do need some fixing, people shouldnt go bankrupt just because they get sick,or broke trying to pay premiums…its just that obamas idea isnt the answer, it wont help anyone …itll just let the govt have more say without having to really do anything meaningful to fix the problem,govt needs to fix the problems it has caused then the system might work again.Thanks!

      65. Mardochee for President!!!  I feel bad for a young man such as yourself who’s race (by some) may now be considered unfit for the whitehouse for at least another generation because of the utter catastrophe that is obama.  Maybe the race baiters will be so rabid to make up for their mistake they will back someone like yourself or Lt. Col West the next time.

      66. Comments….. I am a Florida Cracker a term that came about here in Florida to describe our cow hunters (cowboys) due to the bull  whips used to herd cattle in the Florida scrub. Also used by dull whitted Yankees to describe those of southern descent.

      67. That is why people should have pushed for a truly “universal” healthcare program such as the one we have in Canada. The money does come out of your tax dollar, but it is a whole lot more simple of a system than the one that was come up with by the Obama administration. However, before we go around blaming Obama for what they eventually came up with- because they had to contend with a bunch of obstructionists in Congress–so what they wound up with was convoluted and watered down from where they started. Let’s not forget that the insurance industry is an EXTREMELY powerful lobby and they are trying to hold on to their current market share by any means neccessary.
        Let me be clear about myself. I am not a socialist, nor do I subscribe to any particular political ideology, although I definitely lean toward progressive… (which I suppose by some here might be considered godless commie… but I digressd)
        I believe in free choice and small business and all of that. However, when it comes to providing healthcare for a nation and making sure that all Americans can see the doctor, I do not believe that the “for profit” model works.
        I have enjoyed this discussion,
        Sorry to have come in with guns blazing.

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