MSM Warns The Next Pandemic Could Come From the Meat Supply

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The mainstream media has warned that the next pandemic could come from the meat supply in the United States. The propaganda attacks on meat continue and are expanding.

A fear-mongering and propagandized message from those who authored a report from Harvard Law School and New York University, says meat is the problem and could cause another scamdemic. The report is said to be examining how humans, livestock, and wild animals interact here in the U.S.

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Many familiar ‒ and terrifying diseases ‒ originated in animals, including HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Zika, pandemic flu and COVID-19. Some started in other countries, typically on the African or Asian continents. These so-called zoonotic diseases are often blamed on poor hygiene, lack of government oversight, or unsafe practices in those places. -USA Today

The mainstream media’s language is particularly telling. They are looking to panic the masses over meat consumption and it has become obvious that eliminating meat is a large part of the agenda.

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“There really is this false sense of security and unfounded belief that zoonotic disease is something that happens elsewhere,” said Ann Linder, one of the report’s lead authors and associate director of policy and research with the Brooks McCormick Jr. Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School. “In fact, I think we’re more vulnerable than ever in many ways.”

The report, which was led by NYU’s Center for Environmental and Animal Protection, claims several areas are vulnerable to another “pandemic.” Commercial farms where millions of livestock come into close contact with each other and their handlers along with the wild animal trade in which animals are imported with few or no health checks, and the fur trade in which minks and other animals are bred for their coats, with little safety oversight is the main concern.

“Through globalization, we’ve erased seas and mountains and other natural boundaries of disease,” said Linder, an expert in law and animal policy. “We’re mixing animals and pathogens across different continents and circulating at a dizzying and ever-increasing pace.”

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