MSM: “Get Used To It!” The Supply Shortages Will Only Get Worse

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    If you haven’t started preparing, you are going to have a difficult time getting the things you’ll need to stock up on. Prices are going up in the aftermath of fiat currency created by the central bankster criminals, and the shortages are only just in the beginning stages. The mainstream media says we should “get used to it.”

    According to the Seattle Times, delays, product shortages and rising costs continue to bedevil businesses large and small. And consumers are confronted with an experience once rare in modern times: no stock available, and no idea when it will come in.

    In the face of an enduring shortage of computer chips, Toyota this month announced that it would slash its global production of cars by 40%. Factories around the world are limiting operations — despite powerful demand for their wares — because they cannot buy metal parts, plastics, and other raw materials. Construction companies are paying more for paint, lumber, and hardware while waiting weeks and sometimes months to receive what they need. –Seattle Times

    “There is a genuine uncertainty here,” said Adam S. Posen, a former member of the Bank of England’s (so a banking cartel member) monetary policy committee and now the president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. Normalcy might be “another year or two” away, he added.  Considering this is a central banker making these comments, we should take this as a threat.  They are not out to help anyone.

    Global shipping prices spiked beginning back in March of this year, and as many goods became scarce, the finite economic law of supply and demand took hold.  There are more fiat dollars chasing fewer goods.  It isn’t difficult to figure out what happened.   Consumers in the United States and other wealthy countries had taken pandemic lockdowns as the impetus to add gaming consoles and exercise bikes to their homes, swamping the shipping industry with cargo, and exhausting the supplies of many components. After a few months, many assumed, factories would catch up with demand, and ships would work through the backlog.

    Food Supply Chain Is DESTROYED: Prepare Now, Stock Up If You Can

    Obviously, that isn’t going to happen.

    “There is no end in sight,” said Alan Holland, chief executive of Keelvar, a company based in Cork, Ireland, that makes software used to manage supply chains. “Everybody should be assuming we are going to have an extended period of disruptions.”

    Prepare and keep preparing.  Prices will not go down and the supply chains will remain destroyed for the foreseeable future. It won’t take much at this point to have empty grocery stores across this entire country.


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      1. Prices won’t go down as long as the money supply keeps increasing in relation to the amount of goods available and demand is higher than supply.

        Reducing the amount of money available or increasing the supply in relation to demand will reduce prices.

        This could happen in several ways, none of them likely to be easy on the working class.

      2. Food, to high, ammo to high , utilities going up, gas going up and ships not getting unloaded. Not enough truckers to deliver goods, ports in La. closed and with fires and storms over the US, its going to get dicey. People out of work/not working, government spending out of control and gridlock on COVID. sound like a perfect storm?

        • It IS a PERFECT STORM going the way it is:

          The printing of money and our insane psychopathic leaders will destroy the dollar and economy. This includes Republicans spending out of control as well.

          Our GDP will be practically non existent in a few years

          Tax revinues will be nearly gone because the work force was forced to take the deadly shot to die off or become disabled within the next few years..Nearly a million people just from the shots, and they were sterilized from it.

          Hospitals will close, healthcare will be destroyed because they forced the death shots on doctors and nurses

          Insurance companies will go under.

          No emergency care, no police, no firefighters.

          We won’t be able to pay our debts and the US will default.

          Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will end by 2027-28 or sooner and no amount of fiat money printed will stop it because the dollar will be worthless.

          Without these things, the workforce will stop, no paychecks, no money, no grocery stores, no food, no gas, no electric power, you are on your own.

          This is what it is coming to, and it is too late to stop it. The wheels are already set in motion–half the country has been jabbed and many more will die because they never listened and prepared.

          Want to hear something funny?
          I read where people are stocking up on toilet paper so much the TP companies are running all day and night shifts to keep up. As I see them falling off the cliff to their deaths, they are holding on to their 6 pk of Toilet Paper as they go down the abyss!

      3. Andrea – if Hitler was the bad guy and removed why are we still having the same problems? THINK! Why have jews been expelled like no other group? Why are no jewish doctors or lawyers speaking out about the violation of Nuremberg laws?

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