MSM Florida Shooting Narrative CRUMBLES: Teacher Saw Shooter In ‘Full Metal Garb’

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 49 comments

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    Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Stacey Lippel is speaking out about what – or more specifically, who – she saw shooting up the school on that fateful Valentine’s Day. Lippel says the shooter was in “full metal garb” which is in stark contrast to the image (above) of the alleged shooter that the mainstream media continues to show us.

    Lippel, who is a creative writing teacher, says she was only about 2o feet away from the shooter as a “barrage” of bullets flew down the hallway and into classrooms. Lippel’s arm was grazed by one of the bullets fired by the gunman who she says was in “full metal garb” and was even wearing a helmet.

    I suddenly saw the shooter about 20 feet from me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway. Just a barrage of bullets.  And I’m staring at him thinking ‘why is the police here?’ This is strange because he’s in full metal garb. Helmet, face-mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before.” –Stacy Lippel

    Watch the video before YouTube removes it. The site has been scrubbing all videos that do not parrot the mainstream media’s official narrative.

    In the interview with ABC‘s Good Morning America, Lippel describes the shooter very differently than the image we were shown of Cruz in handcuffs on the ground. “I had a good visual of him. I saw him shoot a barrage of bullets,”  she said. But this teacher isn’t the only one making claims that don’t align with the students turned propagandists for a gun control agenda.

    Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Alexa says she passed school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz immediately after the shooting and had a brief exchange with him.  She also said there was, for certain, more than one shooter.

    Both of these eyewitness accounts fly in the face of the official narrative the mainstream media is expecting us to digest. By now, it’s evident that the media has an agenda and is working hand in hand with globalists to disarm the good American people with phony narratives and false flag attacks that become immediately about the loss of rights instead of about the gaping holes in their own story.

    Police maintain the suspect Nikolas Cruz arrived via an Uber ride at 2:19 p.m. and initiated his attack within 1 minute. If true, that would mean that Cruz would have had to suit up into full metal body armor, put on a full helmet and the whole nine yards, all the while assembling an AR-15 rifle which was purportedly packed into a duffle bag with a number of fully-loaded magazines. [All in under 60 seconds]

    An affidavit filed by the Broward County Sheriff states: “Cruz stated that he was the gunman who entered the school campus armed with an AR-15 and began shooting students that he saw in the hallways and on the school grounds. Cruz stated that he brought additional loaded magazines to the school campus and kept them hidden in a backpack until he got on campus to begin his assault.” -Intellihub

    One other oddity that was found buried and almost unnoticeable was an interesting detail found in an article in the Chicago Tribune. It claims that police found a kid in a bulletproof vest after the shooting. The student claims his dad, who is a cop, gave him the bulletproof vest.

    In the classroom where Mackenzie Hill had been hiding, police broke through the door. As the officers were guiding students out, they noticed something odd: One of the students had put on a bulletproof vest.

    The student said he’d been given the vest by his father, a police officer.

    Even in the safest city in Florida, he’d brought it to school with him, just in case. –Chicago Tribune

    Many ask questions because things continue to not add up. Calling those who want the truth “conspiracy theorists” in order to shut down the argument doesn’t prove the media, who has been caught lying and propagandizing for the government and a globalist agenda many times, is being genuine.


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      1. Its horrifying the extent of betrayal being perpetrated upon all Americans. The use of our own children in this way to forward an ideology is sinister. Pray for humanity, kiss your country goodbye

        • I’d rather kill the motherfuckers that are really responsible.

        • According to the FBI Annual Homicide Report, where they list ALL homicides in a given year and their location, NO ONE died at Sandy Hook / New Town. That’s why the records for Sandy Hook have been classified and sealed.

          Now the NWO Left has degenerated into actually killing kids in their quest for gun control and confiscation. They are truly evil. 🙁

          • Yeah, I live 15 mins from Sandy Hook. I guess my wife’s best friend’s aunt didn’t actually get shot in the face. Must have been a closed casket funeral with no one in the casket right? The family was just emotional because she went to Hawaii. What a fkin tool you are.

            • Nice try you shill growthefkup…. show us the autopsy report to those empty caskets.

              • People that call other people shills because they are morons doesnt make you right. It just makes you more of a moron. Tell you what…come to CT and Ill show you around and you can make a educated decision instead of your dumb ass comments….chode. Wide awake my ass…more like half asleep at the wheel.

                Now that the children have been put in place, I get bent out of shape when idiots claim shit didnt happen because they are too small minded yet think they are “awake” Now if you want to talk about how a AR wasnt used and it was mainly a handgun that he used we can have a discussion. They closed the autopsy reports because it would have shown the caliber they were shot with. All construction workers had to sign a non disclosure agreement when they demoed the school probably because most bullet holes were not .22 caliber. Principals funeral(I was there do you wanna see a pic) was closed casket. A AR would not have done that much damage at such a close range. The round would have icepicked through. Now a Glock 20 would cause that damage at close range.Just some actual fact based ideas instead of”it didnt happen”

                • What about all of the free houses that the “poor parents” got on Christmas Eve the year before? Hummm? Explain that, bright boy.

                  Oh, and what about the fact that there are NO deaths recorded in the Soc Sec records or anywhere else for the month of Dec?

                  You are a shill, either that or you are brainwashed. I’d say a paid shill.

                  • Wow another moron….come to CT and ill show you around too. But we all know you wont do it even if I offer to pay for your trip. It is easier for you to spout BS on the net than it is to have any testicular fortitude and come see for yourself. I wish I was getting paid to put asshats like you in their place. No better than the liberal babies spouting off at the mouth. Another chode.

                    • I understand you are upset, but even with the facts you present, you push people away from your message. Is that what you want? Or do you get PAID by the insult? I sincerely hope you’ll take a moment to think about your representation of yourself. Because its an absolute failure. You look like a bigger ass than the people you insult. If THAT is your intent…bravo, stellar work. And why dont you take your own advice and grow the “f”up. Oh, you are SO eloquent as well. Kudos.

                    • FUCKING TROLL

                • Did you know Noah Pozner? His picture is posted as being killed at New Town, CT. Of course it’s also posted as being killed in Pakistan a year or two later. Google it. Google “Noah Pozner, new Town” Then;
                  “Noah Pozner, Pakistan” judge for yourself why people don’t trust the lying news outlets. (Note I don’t call anyone names, it’s hard enough to know what’s true among all the lies)

        • We have to realise, these are Perpetrated BY THE FBI.

        • Why haven’t we heard an interview with the Uber driver that dropped him off at the school?

      2. Oh man….I wonder how long before she ends up face down in a koi pond???

      3. I am so tired of these sons of bitches not telling the damn TRUTH~!!~

      4. There just might be a common ground that both sides could agree on, but I do have my doubts, regarding mass shooters. Except for a very small percentage of the population, we are NOT born as a natural born killer. A killer is made not born. Therefore, if the goal is truly to do some thing about mass shooting, then rather than enacting yet again another law to ban some thing, focus on what factors that produce a mass shooter. Mass shooters have several traits in common.
        1. The shooter had a troubled childhood.
        2. Was raised in a single parent house hold (think
        single or divorced mom) where the child’s father was
        either absent or abusive.
        3. The child was prescribed psyche meds to make him more
        controllable (ADD, depression, anxiety).
        4. The now teenager, in addition to all the usual items
        that make being a teenager years a pain in the ass,
        has a history of poor social/conflict resolution
        skills, which fuels a rage against every one else.
        and resentment against everyone around him, turning
        him into an outcast or a loner.
        5. He lives in a cultural and society that sends very
        mixed messages about violence. Think of our
        entertainers, who call for gun control, yet make
        millions in movies with that same actor, shooting
        people without consequence and being a hero for doing
        6. Thanks to feminism, being a normal male is viewed as
        abnormal, deviant behavior and labeled as “toxic”.
        Males are expected to become more and more
        effeminate. Also there is not a “right of passage”,
        where a young male under goes to become a “man”. The
        very notion of being a “man” as a social construct is
        mocked. Our culture once had “heroic” both in real
        life, historical, and in our common entertainment men
        who, demonstrated the qualities, virtues and a
        standard of behavior. Traditional manhood is being
        replaced with a gender neutral, confused wimp (soy
        boy), or a parody of the worst traits take to an
        extreme (inner city gangsta thug).
        7. Another trait in common with mass shooters, they were
        non-religious. I don’t know of any who attended a
        church regularly. Having a belief in a much higher
        authority than yourself, to whom you WILL have to
        answer to for your actions and conduct in this
        life, does strongly curb one’s impulses.

        If we want to stop mass shooting, then stop creating the monsters that do such deeds.

        • The truth in these words can not be refuted.

        • New Vegas,
          “Having a belief in a much higher
          authority than yourself, to whom you WILL have to
          answer to for your actions and conduct in this
          life, does strongly curb one’s impulses.”
          is a good observation however it doesn’t’ work
          on Moslems or Democrats.

          • Rellik, You do have a point. Thank-you. The reference of a higher authority, is the general Judeo-Christian world view, based on the teaching of both the Old and New Testament. There was a time when we, the USA, was a largely Christian nation. So, yes, if you believe in a Judgement Day, then it will influence your behavior.
            Islam is a totalitarian political system operating under the fiction of being a religion. As a “religion” it is evil to the core, and the polar opposite to Christianity.
            I now refer to the Democratic party as the party of evil. Many Democrats are openly hostile to Christianity. Both Muslims and Democrats seek to suppress Christianity, thus evil.

        • Amen brother! Spot on!!

      5. The second video is gone already.

        • And Snopes is saying that the video doesn’t say what it actually does say. I’ve watched it before, but I didn’t get a copy as I usually do.

      6. False-flag just like the Vegas Massacre and all other mass shooting incidents, all for the purpose of getting our guns. Our guns will eventually have to speak for us.

        • TDBh, yes. The purpose is our guns. To grab them. But, that is but the first step. I see it as there’s a flight of steps leading down to the hell that is coming, that TPTB are planning on. And call me tin-foil hat bat-sh*t crazy – fine, I don’t care – but there is huge conspiracy against all of us regular (more or less) pieces of humanity. Sometimes I think that those arrayed against us just can’t be human. They just gotta be something else. Maybe started off human; but, ……. changed/morphed into something evil.

          • heartless, you nailed it exactly right. You’re not crazy. They’re doing it one step at a time but we still have to resist each and every step.

          • X-FILES !!!

        • FBI = Gestapo. They are behind ALL these shootings. The Deep State is TERRIFIED of Armed/angry Citizens.

        • Thanks for the link—good background info on this story. I had forgotten about the hands-off policy of that county’s LEOs or more precisely, the county’s policy so more financial goodies could be reaped. We see the results.

      7. Yeah, was just thinking earlier– they are stepping up the police state– going forward as planned– republican/not in office. On TV, it said Trump to meet with (?) concerning new gun control measures– to limit our guns to certain kind (that is, not up to par with the elites/military, the better to control and dominate us!)

        (And yes, I usually HAVE voted democrat). At this point, I doubt I will ever vote again. (What for? There is no point!)

      8. …All supplied to (whomever) by Deep State’s clandestine Government agencies for the obvious purpose of fomenting the “defenseless” sheep’s bleat for more defenselessness of themselves? Someone–which should be everyone–in self-provided, even self-made and self-tested as adequate by one’s own standard “full metal garb” could far more safely rush and disable such a (thanks to Democrat helpless-pandering “weapons-free zones”) sole-armored assailant so evidently instigated to commit this kind of massacre (to be used for pro-gun-control) by any of their Deep State-embedded Government’s clandestine agencies.

      9. All of these conflicting narratives are given on purpose to confuse everything. We are not meant to know truth, as the “truth” is wholly created by the media. Always has been. The major networks all reported on Gulf of Tonkin false flag, didn’t they? Who followed up on the Israelis in New York during 9/11? By creating a morass of information – outright false and allegedly “true” – reality is compromised.

        “The medium is the message.” – McLuhan

        Take that girl who claims she talked to Cruz after shooting. Seems fake, right? Or is it? Was she told to do this, was she merely mistaken, or did she walk the the psycho AFTER he shot all the kids and that is why he responded with surprise when she said what she did.

        Maybe this teacher was merely mistaken, conflating different memories of the event. Maybe she is confusing cops coming into the building with full gear and the shooter. Or perhaps she saw a second shooter. WHERE IS THE VIDEO? There has to be video of all this.

        So many shootings, none of which make sense. Vegas is the worst. Where were the spent shell casings? Why was the blood pooled as it was? Why all the change in stories and timelines from Vegas police?

        The medium is being massaged by those with their own agendas, from all sides. As a longtime media critic I am starting to feel the only answer is too withdraw: no TV, radio, Internet, nothing.

        It’s all a mirage ….

        • There was meant to be a drill going on which they were all expecting, except once again, it went live. Teacher must have seen one of those kitted-up so called participants, setting the active shooter scene, but with live ammo. That’s why she at first wondered about “why is the police here?”. Don’t think she would be mistaken about who was shooting at her and hitting not only her, but students close to her.

      10. This is a point that really bothers me: people buy dangerous dogs all the time– I’m afraid to leave my house lately because the neighbor has a really large, aggressive dog and I have to walk to the bus stop. So I’ve been staying home a lot lately. I usually love to go out walking but now my outings are curtailed.

        This may seem cowardice but when you think about what happened to the lady up in NY, years ago… she was afraid of these 2 dogs and one day, they broke loose and killed her– tore her throat out!!


        If people are not required to get a permit/take lessons in dog care, etc, then I should be able to buy a shot gun with the same ease and with the same lack of restraints as someone who goes to buy a Doberman pincher or Pitt bull!!

        • Bear spray / pepper spray will show the beast who is boss. A couple of times, and that dog will make sure it is as far away as possible. Postal carriers do this.

        • Feed those dogs rat poison.

      11. The most rare thing coming from government is the truth. Its so rare that truths that we believe today are based on lies from yesterday. One could say that the foundation of society isn’t bedrock but rather bullshit.

      12. Just read the Chicago Tribune story ( about the timeline of the the shooting, which included the report of a student wearing a bullet proof vest. It is odd. I wonder if the kid brought the vest to school for the first time the day of the shooting, brought it everyday, or kept it at school. Very interesting. Makes me wonder if the kid or his police officer dad knew something specific or were just taking precautions. If I felt the need to send my kid to school with a bullet proof vest, that is the day I send my kid to private school, or start homeschooling.

        The thing that really pisses me off about the student walkouts and demonstrations resulting from this shooting is that how many of those same students reached out to befriend Nick Cruz? Numerous reports state that he was bullied and picked on. How in the hell does that happen with all the tolerance, diversity, and rainbow crap! The only reported friend is the student and his family that took Cruz into their home after the death of his mother. Now the stupid high school students are demonstrating and protesting so that SOMETHING is done!Too friggin’ late!

      13. For the record, the official story is the guy walked out changed somewhere, got a burger and then was arrested. I am not just trying to support the MSM, but you guys all get pretty out there and don’t really even follow the official story. If he ducked out, tore off his gear to get a burger, well…

      14. Just a witness, nothing to see here. I think vegas showed us that it desn’t matter how many witnesses point out strange occurences, they are meaningless to those who know why witnesses are seeing strange occurences. It’s the synagogue of satan / deep state, and their lap dog swamp media, running the show.

      15. I occurred to me that last month, Hilary and her ilk was in the news. It seemed with each new item about her Emails that just maybe, one might have the hope that justice might be finally served. Now with this recent shooting, Hilary and her fellow criminals have gone down the memory hole. I do wonder if there is a connection here. I could be wrong too. But with all the attention her crimes (and those of the government agencies) something was needed to distract the public.

      16. Police trade in vests can be had for 50$ ? Glueing one panel on the inside of your kids back pack would give them a shield? Do it so no one can tell?

      17. Computer being messed with so repost. Police trade in vests can be had for 50$? Glue one panel inside your kids backpack. As a shield ? Do it so no one can tell?

      18. It’s a stage production.
        Not saying no one was hurt.
        Just that there are people who will do whatever it takes to get what they want; lie, steal, even kill children and babies.


        • The flu vaccines and the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) kills and damages more kids every day of the year. Stop giving teenagers crack riddlin and opioids. Shoot them, it’s faster.

          I hear the CIA is bringing in illegal drugs to addict the children. Criminals have taken over.

          Google “Valentine’s Day massacre”. Before this incident, you’ld Get the story of a gang of criminals dressed like cops. They put the competition up against the wall and shot them in cold blood. Never forget.

          It’s psychological brainwashing fear control response.


      19. Agreed B from CA, another false flag operation to gun grab. Real folks may or may not die in a false flag.

      20. Looks and smells like a Red Flag incident to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. Eye-witness description doesn’t line up with shooter. Response delayed. Protests organized extremely fast by professionals. Scripted town-halls organized extremely fast. Smells like Cruz is a fall guy for something even more sinister than he.

      21. Don’t sent your children to public school to be brainwashed. Home schooling is pretty simple. You can do it over the internet. Keep then safe at home where someone who loves them is protecting them with a gun.

      22. We are already being subjugated and no one is doing a damn thing about it. Where is our President Trump on this type of devious operation that took the lives of American children?!

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