MSM Begins Prepping The Public For More Restrictions In The U.S.

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

The mainstream media is now attempting to prepare the public to accept more restrictions and possibly another lockdown as the “delta variant” surges and not enough are willing to get injected with the experimental gene therapy.  The key to “winning the race” against the spread of the “delta variant” is getting more Americans “vaccinated,” according to mainstream media.

The media and government desperately want you to believe that you need this shot. They are pulling out all the stops and the underlying tone is to expect more restrictions if they don’t get their way. We know the censorship campaign has ramped up lately and the push to get this propaganda out has increased.

Officials and experts have said disinformation is largely to blame for the high number of unvaccinated Americans, a group that is seeing the largest impacts of the pandemic.

“This is not just a matter of people expressing opinions that might be wrong, this is life and death,” Collins said. –CNN

“We’re losing time here. The Delta variant is spreading, people are dying, we can’t actually just wait for things to get more rational,” Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health told CNN on Wednesday.

“Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

When asked during a Q&A on Twitter about the impact the Delta variant is having on hospitalizations, Chancellor Cam Patterson said hospitals are “full right now and cases are doubling every 10 days. If that trend continues, there will be significant challenges in providing care for both Covid and non-Covid patients over the next two weeks,” Patterson said, noting he met with Governor Asa Hutchinson to discuss the matter.

Hospitals are full? When have we heard that before?

New York’s COVID-19 Field Hospital Dismantled After Treating ZERO Patients

It is absolutely astonishing that anyone believes any of this anymore. But, they need more people to get the experimental gene therapy shot. That’s the obvious goal and they are attempting to use fear to make people believe they need the injection.

Vaccines have been available to most Americans for months, but still only 48.3% of the country is fully vaccinated, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — and the rate of new vaccinations is on the decline. It was down 11% from a week ago and is less than a quarter of the pace from two months ago. –CNN

Here’s a stat they are trying to push with no evidence.  I have yet to see any documentation proving this and I have been looking. This appears to be a bald-faced lie as of right now, and they expect it to be accepted as truth. The only people spewing this garbage are tyrants and their mainstream media puppets.

Much of the data now shows that more than 99% of people currently hospitalized with Covid-19 are unvaccinated, Collins said. That means those who are vaccinated have enough protection that they aren’t getting severely ill, Collins said. –CNN

Why would they lie about that? It’s simple:

Collins said he hopes the American public will pay attention to the data and decide that getting vaccinated is the safe and smart thing to do.

“I hope people will hear this, right now listening to this: If you are on the fence about whether vaccination is going to help you, listen to those numbers,” Collins said. “Why are we waiting folks? Let’s roll up our sleeves if we haven’t already done so.” –CNN

There you have it. The punishments will begin at some point for those still refusing this shot. Stay prepared and stand firm. They can’t convince half of the country to take this thing, and that’s a huge number. It is obvious at this point that the war for our minds is failing as they ramp up tactics that no longer work on those who understand what’s really going on.

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    1. Anonymous

      This will keep going on as long as the public accepts it.

      And that will probably be forever.

      People like these things being done, it makes them feel like like the government cares about them and they are safe because of it.

    2. Where???

      These people are such filthy liars. Hospitals are full???

    3. Warning

      Folks, stay far away from
      that ? injecticide ?

    4. dark humor

      Yeah, I need to get vaccinated about as much
      as I need an experimental
      substance being injected
      into me.??

    5. Mirror rorriM

      Seriously, shouldn’t that curve be as flat as a pancake
      by now??

    6. JohnP

      Thank you for calling out this fraudulent COVID exploitation. CNN is an agent of the Chinese Communists as is the NIH, which funded research into this bio weapon even though Fauci’s gain of function (mutating by design) research was specifically banned under the Obama administration.
      Exploiting this ongoing attack are the Chinese -funded Democrats, including Cuomo—the nation’s highest paid governor— who made over $5 million on a book deal!
      These false prophets and their deceptions are consistent with the Book of Revelation, and require ongoing deception to work. Submit and be mutated or get away from the tyranny.

    7. jakartaman

      The MSM, Big tech and the Democratic party are in partnership to bring America down.
      The Vaccine and man made virus is a evil strategy to destroy America without a shot.

      Wake – up
      Ammo up

    8. Stupordave

      Time to keep track of the assholes pumping this shit, and prepare to dismember the pieces of shit.

    9. Stupordave

      The county Sheriffs need to let these flunkies know they are criminally trespassing and arrest the shitbags and jail them for a period of one year. Or let the citizens know, that the Castle Doctrine applies and take care of the criminally trespassing POS however you feel necessary when POS appear on your property threatening.

      • Anonymous

        This idea might work if your sheriff was a professional and had integrity. But if examine police intellect, defective training and no regard for the Constitution/Bill of Rights, the idea does not hold up.

        Worse, our sheriffs and our police have been incrementally “trained” that the definition of liberty and justice are moving goalposts and can be changed at the whim of our ruling caste.

        Our enforcers and the judicial-prison industrial complex is nothing more than a bad joke.

    10. alfie

      I got the covid shot just to shut my son and daughter in law, as they both work in the health care industry. If I hadn’t got the ” shots “, then maybe ,just maybe I could have or might have been able to be with my wife of 48 yrs again.she passed away of cancer 4 yrs ago.

      • joe

        special kinda stupid

      • Texas Sweet Tea

        @alfie, are you a real person or just a troll because every article you comment on, you say the same thing. If your story is real, shame on your family pressuring you and shame on you for taking the shot to just shut them up. AND, your assessment of the virus is not rooted in fact to begin with. Not taking the shot doesn’t mean you were going to die. Your chances of getting sick are higher with the shot, not lower. The data now shows you have a much higher chance of getting the delta strain if you’ve had the shot. IF what you say is true, move on and accept the consequences of your decision. I just had an older friend take it although we all urged him not to do it. He got blood clots, which caused a massive stroke. He survived the operation and then his seizures and tremors started. They had to strap him down in the hospital bed. He is now unable to talk or walk. If he lives, he has a long road ahead of him. Totally healthy before the shot. So yeah, I’m tired of reading your B.S.

        • Wojo

          TST…..said the same thing to Alfia two weeks ago. Pretty sure its a bot or a nitwit.

          • Luke

            Yea, the push is really breaking all previously known records for deceit and propaganda.

            I joined a Neighbor ‘Next Door’ social networking website – primarily because I was interested in keeping up with any crime occurring in my neighborhood. What I saw instead, was non-stop, relentless and obsessive cheer-leading by scores of nauseating SJW liberals who were virtue signaling to each other about how they ‘got the jab’ like good little obedient and brainless sheep. It was so sickening that I finally got disgusted and canceled my login account.

            There is no doubt whatever in my mind that there is something extremely sinister going on with this samdemic agenda and this obsession to snooker every last human, regardless of age or current state of health to accept this Jab.

    11. Anonymous

      7/18/21 First “Monkey Pox” in 18 years in Texas.

      Los Angeles County Sheriff refuels to enforce new mask mandate

    12. Darth Skippy

      (I think, he must have handlers, to wind up the rubber band.)

      Dark Crystal, draining the essence from a podling

      Hair Sniffer’s goal was 70% of Americans vaccinated death-jabbed by the 4th of July.

      Over 60% were reportedly death-jabbed, at that time.

      Prior to the next round of lockdowns, almost 70% or more are now death-jabbed in my blue region.

      • JayJay

        Skippy–just as we don’t believe the numbers of vaers reports, we don’t believe the numbers from this admin about % of injected folks.
        It is all a lie.

        • Darth Skippy

          Everyone’s going to be pretending to have monkey pox, by the time we have herd immooonity to Covid.

    13. Immaculate deception

      If you like your nanotech death jab you can keep your nanotech death jab. Reminds me of the Dean Koontz Jane Hawk series.

    14. Immaculate deception

      Uncle Ira isn’t uncle Ira. Invasion of the body snatchers.

    15. JG

      I do not trust government at all. They let in mass amount of people that have not been vaccinated and then send them to various parts of the country without being vaccinated. This indicates the Biden Admin does not care what happens to Americans and COVID does not matter. In reality vaccines and COVID are a Big Money Maker for Big Pharma and their government lackeys, and COVID is control for government over us.

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