mRNA COVID Injections: It’s Not About The Money, It’s About Conquering The Human Mind

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    This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé.

    Why did the medical establishment push the Covid vax on the world even when they knew it didn’t work? Dr. Michael Nehls says it wasn’t about money. It was about conquering the human mind.

    Dr. Michael Nehls is a physician and internationally renowned molecular geneticist who has recently published a book titled ‘The Indoctrinated Brain’.  On Monday he joined Tucker Carlson to discuss his book, what he has discovered about the effects the covid mRNA injections are having on the human brain and how this impacts the working of our minds.

    After watching the interview, author John Leake published the following commentary.

    By John Leake

    Yesterday a Substack reader graciously sent me the link to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Dr. Michael Nehls. Without question, it is the most stunning interview I have ever seen. To explain just why I found it so stunning requires a few prefatory remarks.

    When I finally came down with covid-19 in June 2022, I carefully recorded my physical and mental states. My primary symptoms were:

    1. A general feeling of malaise that reminded me of a nasty hangover.
    2. Extreme fatigue.

    I immediately treated it with the McCullough Protocol and was able to perform my normal activities on day three, including a long walk. In some ways the illness resembled severe colds I’d had in the past, but it was utterly unique in the way it affected my emotional state.

    For two weeks I was beset with a general feeling of depression and frequently plagued with gloomy thoughts. I asked Dr. McCullough what he thought about my depression of spirits.

    “I fear it’s what we call neuroinflammation,” he replied. “The spike protein causes an inflammatory immune response that affects the brain, and autopsy studies have even found the spike in the brain.”

    This, he explained, was yet another major problem with covid-19 vaccines, which induce the body to produce the spike protein in uncontrolled amounts with uncontrolled duration. To make matters worse, because it’s not a sterilising vaccine, people who receive the shots still get covid-19, often repeatedly.

    The combination of shots and boosters and covid-19 illness repeatedly exposes the body (including the brain) to the toxic spike protein.

    During the last two years, I began to notice something happening in many of the people around me. Barely perceptible at first, the signals grew stronger at the end of 2022 and steadily amplified over the course of 2023. What I observed struck me as something like mental lethargy – a lack of cognitive vigour.

    Conversation with many people was fine as long as we were discussing trivial matters – a funny dog story or sporting event or celebrity gossip. However, as soon as the conversation shifted to a subject that required a bit of cognitive energy, the conversation shut down.

    Not long ago, while visiting my younger brother on Maui, I (half-jokingly) asked him, “It is just me, or do a lot of people seem like they’re in the early stage of Alzheimer’s?” My brother agreed, and even confessed that he too had suffered periodic bouts of brain fog. A general contractor, he also observed what he characterised as a general competence deficit. In his experience, it was becoming steadily more difficult to find young men whom he could at least train in the business of home construction. Some boys who’d applied for work in recent years did not even know how to sweep a floor.

    And so, when I watched the interview with Dr. Nehls, I was primed to be perfectly awestruck by his observations and findings. On a personal note, I was very happy to see in Dr. Nehls an example of the intellectual vigour, curiosity and diligence that I have long admired in the German philosophers and scientists of the past. Until I saw his interview, I was worried that Germany’s old intellectual fire had been extinguished.

    As Dr. Nehls describes it, both covid-19 (a bio-weapon made in a laboratory) and the mRNA vaccines are key elements of a general assault on the human mind and the individuality that emerges from a healthy, autonomous mind.

    It is no coincidence that covid-19 arrived during the same year that the World Economic Forum announced its Great Reset agenda. As Klaus Schwab stated: “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

    As I have observed in previous posts, the hallmark of a person who is ideologically possessed or programmed is that, no matter what questions you ask him, he always answers with the same slogans and dogma. An ideologically possessed person is literally unable to think.

    With astonishing clarity, Dr. Nehls enumerates all of the ways in which our ability to think is being assaulted on a daily basis. Please watch the interview, and please buy a copy of Dr. Nehls’s new book, ‘The Indoctrinated Brain’. Last night I dove into the e-book edition. It must surely be one of the most extraordinary books ever written.

    [Note:  The interview John Leake referred to is behind a paywall.  If you are a subscriber to The Tucker Carlson Network (“TCN”) you can watch the interview HERE.  If you are unable to subscribe to TCN, you can watch the full 49-minute interview on Rumble HERE or BitChute HERE.  A transcript of the interview can be found HERE. Tucker Carlson posted a 7-minute clip from the interview on Twitter, see below.]

    The Indoctrinated Brain, excerpt from The Tucker Carlson Encounter, 1 April 2024.  Source: Tucker Carlson on Twitter


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