Most Important Russian Battleships Headed to Syria for Showdown: “This Will Be It”

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    This article was written by Superstation 95 and originally published on their website.

    Editor’s Comment: This disturbing report, if true, should have every American asking why their leaders are pushing for war in the middle east. People haven’t been told even a fraction of the truth about the situation in Syria, and the Obama Administration is quickly escalating things; with Hillary, it will mean war for certain.

    Putin and his Russian cohorts have responded in kind; they have grown tired of the hypocrisy and arrogance of the U.S. pattern of regime change. Whether you agree with Russia or not on this matter, there is a time and place to stand up to bullies and aggression, and Putin has vowed to stand by his allies in the Assad Regime and even in Iran. Nevertheless, Hillary and her shadow advisors are only too eager to push things into oblivion.

    After all, the greater the path of destruction, the more pages she can fill up in the history books.

    CONFIRMED: Russia Is Deploying Its ENTIRE Northern Fleet to Syria for Battle — This Will Be “It”

    by Superstation 95

    NAT officials are now confirming what SuperStation95 first reported five days ago — in the latest escalation involving Syria, the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov was now sailing past Norway on its way to Syria, where it is expected to arrive in just under 2 weeks.  As part of the carrier naval group, Russia also deployed an escort of seven other Russian ships, which we dubbed the “most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014” according to Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports.

    — Senior Nato Diplomat Says Russia Is Deploying All of Northern Fleet and Part of Baltic Fleet to Reinforce Syria Campaign
    — Deployment Is Russia’s Largest Naval Deployment Since End of Cold War – Nato Diplomat
    — Deployment Will Increase Number of Russian Fighter Bombers in Syria, Moscow May Launch Final Air Assault on Aleppo in Two Weeks – Nato Diplomat

    It turns out it was more than this and as Reuters reported second ago, citing a NATO diplomat, Russia is in fact deploying the largest naval force since end of Cold War to reinforce its Syria campaign.

    We want to remind readers what the east Mediterranean looked like in the summer of 2013, when the first escalation between Russia and the US converted the sea off the Syrian coastline into a parking lot for warships.


    In two weeks, it is about to get much busier.

    According to a report by the Norwegian military which released pictures taken by surveillance aircraft, we know that the Kuznetsov accompanied by a fleet of Russian warships, is currently on its way to Syria and is sailing in international waters off the coast of Norway near Trondheim. Photos of the vessels, which include the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the Pyotr Velikiy battle cruiser, were taken near Andoya island, in northern Norway on Monday.


    As reported by Reuters, a spokesman for the Norwegian military intelligence service said the country’s armed forces frequently release such footage, while newspaper VG quoted General Morten Haga Lunde, head of the service, as saying the eight ships involved “will probably play a role in the deciding battle for Aleppo”. According to Russia’s TASS state news agency, the aircraft carrier would carry 15 Su-33 and MIG-29K jet fighters and over 10 Ka-52K, Ka-27 and ??-31 helicopters.


    The naval group which includes the carrier and its escort of seven other Russian ships, is the most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014, Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports. The carrier can carry more than 50 aircraft and its weapons systems include Granit anti-ship cruise missiles.

    Next in the flotilla, in terms of firepower, is the Russian nuclear-powered battle cruiser Peter the Great.


    The Kirov-class cruiser Peter the Great escorts the carrier

    As BBC adds, a Norwegian Lockheed P-3 Orion reconnaissance plane, monitoring the force, photographed the ships. MiG-29 Fulcrum jets and combat helicopters were visible on the carrier’s deck.

    The other Russian surface ships in the group are: two large anti-submarine warships – the Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov – and four support vessels.


    Several of the task force ships are shown in this Norwegian photo

    These vessels will be “on-station” in two weeks.  Therefore, if the US and NATO are going to make any kind of move against Syria, they will likely HAVE to do it before Russian naval reinforcements arrive, if they are to have any hope at all of UNLAWFULLY overthrowing President Bashar Assad of Syria.

    Remember, the presence of US and NATO forces inside Syria is one-hundred percent ILLEGAL. There is no declaration of war by Congress, there is no “authorization for the Use of Military Force” from Congress, there is no United Nations Security Council Resolution and there is no permission from the lawfully elected government of Syria for any US or NATO forces to even be inside Syria.  What the United States and NATO are doing inside Syria is completely illegal in every regard.

    Here’s the rub: The US is bound and determined to oust President Assad, to clear the way for a natural gas pipeline from QATAR, to supply natural gas to Europe.  The US and NATO want this pipeline because Europe is so reliant upon Russia for natural gas.  That gives the Russians power and influence over Europe which the US and Europe don’t like.

    So when QATAR first proposed this new pipeline in the year 2011, and Syrian President Assad said “NO,” that’s when all this nonsense about him being a ruthless dictator started flowing.  That’s when “freedom fighters” (from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and the rest of those Sunni Muslim countries) started “arriving” in Syria to “help” the Syrian people . . . . half a million of whom are now DEAD thanks to that “help.”

    Russia has made it clear that ANYONE who attacks Syria or attacks the Syrian government, will be engaged by Russian military forces which are operating inside Syria with the permission of the Syrian government.

    So the lines are drawn. Will the US and NATO attack Syria or its President and start a war?  We will all know within two weeks.

    This article was written by Superstation 95 and originally published on their website.


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      1. Obozo and hillbeast need to be out in the ocean on one of our destroyers by themselves provoking the Russians. I bet they’d shut their damn mouths then.

        • Agree: Obama needs to be wearing a flight jacket with Prez patches and Hillary can have a baseball cap with USS George Bush on the front and a desert camo elasticated waist pant suit. Lots of shots of them looking through binoculars at Damascus in flames. Maybe Obama flips some burgers on the flight deck!

          • Isa 17:1 ¶ The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

            • grandee…rest assure that your beloved state of the Israel will also be a ruinous. Actually that would be a time to celebrate.

              • That’s it! I’m going to the store to buy more popcorn.
                Then when all this hits the fan, I’m ripping off all the damn labels from all my mattresses.

                • BlackMoe.

                  “I’m ripping off all the damn labels from all my mattresses.”


                  I put that “Short Time Left To Live, Bucket List”.

                  Running with scissors was a big to do also. Hahaha!

              • Do not follow false teachers or preachers concerning the Jews, please seek the truth from the Holy Bible. GOD gave the land of Canaan to the Jews for as long as the world stands, and this was an “Unconditional Covenant” So beware, otherwise you are disputing Gods Word. Trekker Out. Long Live Israel!

                • I know the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synogouge of Satan. GOD. They call themselves Jews but are the children of Satan. Jesus. Are they both wrong? And you are of your father Satan .?

              • Don’t be foolish. God will protect His people.

                • The UN sent the fake Jews to Palestine and ever since there evil has abounded in the Middle East. God does restore anything unless there is repentance first. Lets move on from this false theology once and for all

              • Have you ever been to Israel Stolz?

        • Better yet, they can go ashore together in a Zodiac boat, a geriatric Seal Team One, and they can deliver weapons to ISIS.

        • Kinda like the Mafia telling a store owner what kind of bread he is going to sell. If you disagree we trash your store.

          Obozo needs his lights punched out.


      2. What we will end up doing is stumble and fumble into a war that is totally avoidable. Obama and Hillary will just sluff it off as oops…bad Russians while those of us that have kids in the military will be mourning loss of life. Weak presidents always get into wars.

      3. For a voyage that long the Kuznetzov will need TWO tugs!

        ..and that bunch of rust buckets will not last a day against the Yanks! If they ever arrive on station that is.

        • Old Codger
          Respectfully Sir.
          The current year is 2016.

          The surface Fleet does not matter.
          On top of water Naval Assets are for show.
          On top of water Naval Assets have use in a conventional battle.

          However, like I said, “The Current year is 2016.”
          What is below the surface? Who is below the surface?
          Where are they at? Location?
          How many are there? Numbers?

          Russia CURRENTLY has Subs off shore of USA East Coast and USA West Coast.
          Those Russian subs are Nuclear Weapon capable.
          Launch time until destruction less than 20 minutes.
          20 minutes until Oblivion.

          Russia subs have Tsunami torpedos.
          Picture a wall of water 70 feet high hitting USA east coast.

          If that doesn’t make you sick.
          Then how about the Russia-China Satellite Weapons overhead?
          EMP for breakfast?

          TRAITOR Obama and other TRAITORS like Hillary Rotten Clinton are provoking a Nuclear war. Clear enough for you?

          Those Russian surface ships are saying, “Russia does not want war but is willing to fight.” They are a message.

          But UN-Banker-7th Floor Group-US TRAITOR Politicians-ALL these PSYCHOPATHS are Not listening to that message. They want war.

          If the American people or Joint chief of Staff Generals had enough courage to put Obama and Hillary in Orange jump suits, with numbers front and back, while they await trial.
          ———Then and only then, will this World War III INSANITY be stopped.

          Impeach. Arrest. At all costs. Word PEACE and Civilization is at stake.
          Psychopaths MUST not be allowed to continue this INSANITY.


        Here is the latest as we roll out on shit street. I told you guys that it was a serious situation.. and as soon as the war starts, the environmental collpase hits in 2017, literally changing the earths surface a little.


      5. No, they need to be eliminated from the gene pool.

      6. I am afraid that obummo and the beast will get us in a WWIII scenario. They both hate America and want to see us brought down to our knees!

        • It’s not really Obola nor Hiliary that want war, it’s those above them pulling their strings; it’s the zionist schmucks that own and control the banks, press, and our own government that want war, all for money, and lots of it.

      7. The deployment of the Kutzenov has been announced at least in March or April this year. It had originally been planned for July. It has been deferred due to problems with the maintenance it was plannedly undergoing.

        Why now acting like “this is an escalation!”? This seems really silly.

      8. Most Important Russian Battleships Headed to Syria for Showdown: “This Will Be It”

        Russia is making a huge statement with this move.
        This is getting beyond serious – and something tells me, that the US is not going to stay out of the way.

        • The old naval adage of ‘he who controls the straights of Gibralter controls the Mediteranean’ is still valid today. Its a serious choke point and one jealusly guarded by empires past and present. The British have controlled it for the last 300 years (now under NATO).
          Why is this important? Well, if war with NATO is actually on the cards then this Russian carier group will stay in the Atlantic to cover the straights. The subs escorting the group can also cover all UK bases, both in the UK and on Cyprus with MIRV’s and Kalibre from that spot too. The straights are behind all the missile defence ‘shields’ moved up through Europe, and the MIRV’s in the subs can also threaten all Eurpean cities. The surface fleet are equipped for anti submarine warfare (another clue) and are armed with nuclear tipped hypersonic anti-ship missiles known as ‘carrier killers’ (another clue).
          My take (as an armchair general) is that this Russian group is a checking force should the US, UK, and France get ideas about blockading the current Russian fleet in the Med, or worse, feel they have enough assets in play to neutralise the Russian sea and land forces. The Russian carrier planes are therefore not just for attacking Syria, but to protect the fleet (which is also equipped with the naval version of S400).
          If some Russian subs operating in the pacific also become ‘untrackable’ then we know its game on as the US mainland will have been targeted in such an event by over 600 warheads (all undersea MIRV’s and unstopable).
          By the way, all US satellites are marked by both Russian and Chinese space assets (an open secret for deterance), and have been for more than a decade, so it will be back to WW2 style command and control which NATO has not practiced for some time – as far as I know (in my position as an armchair general). The Chinese, Russians, and Iranians (who NATO will face) has always maintained analogue ‘low tech’ in addition to digital ‘high tech’.
          So, in summary, if the Russian fleet enter the fish barrel that is the Med, then WW3 is unlikely, but Syria is going to get a pounding, however if they cover the entrance/exit to the Med from the atlantic side, then it is much more likely we will have a very white christmas from all the radioactive ash and fallout that will drop for months. But what do I know, the fleet could be heading south for some R&R……

          • If Syria is attacked it will come from the Indian ocean- Diego Garcia. That is probably why the Russians have moved an unknown number of missile systems to Syria. An attack from the West would be via cruise missiles. The Russians can either take them out or splash them via EMP/jamming. Apparently missiles fired in 2013 fell into the sea. Technical error I guess.

      9. All of these ships are nothing but BIG targets. You don’t have to hit them to sink them. Just set off a nuke wit in a couple of miles away and there are TOAST.

        Ok. Prep Prep Prep. It might be the only way to survive.


        • True sarge, but our ships will sink just as fast and just as certainly. I AM prepping, and have been for 5 years straight.
          I live 150 miles from a large metropolis, Las Vegas, with no military bases or major population areas anywhere near me.
          I figure I have a slight chance of survival if our insane rulers cause WW3.
          The best solution is to lobby our stupid and demented leaders to cease and desist baiting and provoking Russia and China! NOTHING over in the middle east or anywhere else is worth nuclear annihilation. PERIOD!
          We don’t want to see our loved ones’ faces melting away from radiation poisoning.

      10. There is a phrase for circumstances like this: Oh shit!
        And, that sinking feeling that our leadership, those people on whom our very lives depend upon for our survive do NOT have the slightest clue.

      11. “Battleships”?


      12. Hard to believe everything is (possibly) hanging on a (possible) event that certainly appears will happen upon arrival by Russia’s Fleet (their finest – two or three subs/boats are part of that same flotilla).

        Putin hasn’t sent his finest on a pleasure cruise. Fox News and others are obviously lying their asses off (as it is soooo obvious) and blaming Russia for events that have never happened and even ‘slipped in’ a little sentence stating that we “might” have to resort to a nuclear first-strike from a rocket that we have right on their border in order to prevent them from doing “(I forget what they paint for a picture but it’s a huge damned lie). Looks like Hillary must have been in on it and she loves the idea of nuking Russia “preemptively” (and that’s a scary damned word that I hate). It’s the same word Fox News was using this morning.

        So I have to wonder if that Russian Flotilla will even reach their destination before a preemptive strike is made? That would certainly change many things and force many ‘hands’ …putting the greater numbers in the worst possible positions.

        Knowing that the government which isn’t our government is responsible for the unrest in all parts of the globe (because they must control everything), isn’t putting my mind at ease, and everything that IS taking place on Diego Garcia points directly to “the staging of war” …and given the number of aircraft and moored ships, all bets are off as to how long ‘low-yield’ bombing or fighting would actually last before a big surprise lit up the night sky, revealing Russia launched a large warhead from a short distance …and the flotilla was to “carry out” the hostilities that are sure to follow. (You won’t find politicians ANYWHERE NEAR “hostilities or war-zones”).

        Molon Labe

        Off the soapbox…

        • The Russian move could be to draw a reaction.

      13. Anyone have an ETA on when the Russian fleet is going to arrive on station off of Syria?

        • About 2020 I think.

          Will do a lot worse than the last ‘Armada’.

        • @Kevin2;
          I believe the article said approximately 2 weeks. The impression I get; and I could be wrong; is that the United States Military Leadership actually THINKS this is going to be a cakewalk against Russia. Personally; I think Uncle Sam is about to get his collective ass handed to him in a military conflict. This is NOT Libya; Iran; or Iraq. These countries actually hit back.

          • Dave

            It doesn’t matter who “Wins” or who “Loses” as the status of the combatants on the world stage will have a global impact of massive proportions. If its one aircraft it might be contained. If its ships firing on ships this will virtually immediately go to a place that the sane don’t venture to. At a very minimum this will be a Black Swan global economic event.

            “United States Military Leadership actually THINKS this is going to be a cakewalk against Russia”

            They’re kinda known for that logic. If it happens it can present a problem all its own. A very bad ass kicking, putting someone on the ropes, who is armed with nukes, is dangerous. The world would be better served if the US got a bloody nose, not too bad but bad enough to show some respect and restraint in foreign policy. They just can’t go around bombing, overthrowing who they want, where they want and when they want. Its been unacceptable with the Roman Empire, The Spanish, The British, The Communists, its just flat out unacceptable period.

            • Kevin2,

              I don’t think there can be just a ‘bloody nose’! In such situations, if you draw your sword, you better plan to draw blood, and lots of it. Restraint, hesitation, cannot be entertained. Nukes will be flying within 4 minutes according to the witch which means a counter response must be anticipated in less time. There are a lot of ‘if’s. No one will be throwing ‘measured punches’ under these situations. That is why it was referred to as mutual assured destrucion ‘MAD’. Just my 2 cents worth from Chenault country, oops, I meant Cajun country. We live in ‘interesting’ times! Time to head for the hills? We don’t have none down here. Can’t go spelunking either. Submergibles would be the way to go.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • I outlined the best case not necessarily the likely case. I do think a US jet going down can sober everyone involved to the fact that, “This is real”. If that doesn’t immediately get both governments on the Red Phone and start talking it will very rapidly escalate. I doubt if another chance at avoiding the use of nuclear weapons will occur if something on the order of a ship is lost.

                If this gets very close and pulls back from the precipice of Armageddon I think nations around the globe will abandon support for the present, “We do what we want” US foreign policy. Because of this Syria poses far more importance than the natural gas line as the bully is being challenged. This in and of itself is a threat of epic proportions to global domination both military and economic. This psychological variable which defies simple mathematical logic of, “Why start WWIII over a natural gas line” is my chief concern. Conversely Russia, drawling a line in the sand, realizes its has to stand firm or dissolve into insignificance. My apology of two kids in the school yard appropriately fits.

      14. EVERYONE on this board KNOWS that the United States Government has been Hi – Jacked; and gone rogue. Our Government is now in the hands and being run by the NWO Globalists. These INSANE Psychos WILL take this country to war to achieve their ” Agenda. ” The ONLY hope I can see is if some Sane Higher ups; Joint Chiefs of Staff or 4 stars flat out refuse to execute any military action on behalf of the Globalists. I can’t see 225 Million American dead in one hour over a damn pipeline.

        • At least most the dead will be Democrats and those that can’t make up their minds.

        • “over a damn pipeline.”

          It is greatest misguided gamble of risk verses reward in the history of the human race. What is frightening is with this mentality, if its not this incident, it will be another.

        • Dave, you are correct…..As long as we don’t get fried at home with the Russian ICBM, I’ll be going to any country that the US is waging war against. We have a criminal Government and I won’t support the criminals.

      15. If the Russians do commit an aircraft carrier, look for near fly-bys on our ships and planes.

      16. Did you hear Hillary state in the debate last night that “when we go into Syria to retake…” or something to that exact effect?

        This means the NWO’s plan IS to provoke/start world war three BY us going into Syria which PUTIN has stated IS his trigger for LAUNCHING!

        As the earth rotates, the radiation will poison and sicken everyone and destroy the food supply.

        These people are insane/mad/deluded/psychopathic.

        40-million people UNDERground ain’t no drill, it’s the real thing, my friends.

        Prep, Pray, and repeat endlessly.

        – the Lone Ranger

      17. Well, I guess we lost another ally (Phillipines). Our trusted leaders are at it again.

        • The US does not have allies and never had. It has vassal states.

          • With the exception of the UK as the US and UK are in essence joined at the hip.

      18. It’s called a battleship, but it’s not a battleship like we think of them. That Russian ship is bristling with more damn missiles than you can shake a stick at. It has more anti-air capability than anything we’ve ever seen. It has more anti-ship capability than any other ship. It’s a monster. Plus, the Chinese have an aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean. Didn’t see that on the news, did you? The Chinese are using the area for learning signals intel. They’re sitting there picking up our signals, etc. Searching for our subs. Thank you Obama, for helping them. You ass.

      19. Reminds me of the Battle of Tsushima 1905, russian black sea fleet wipe out. Russians have never had a good navy. That could be the dumbest move I have ever heard. One Arleigh Burke class destroyer can take out over half the Russian Navy. Damn stupid if you ask me, now the entire of Russia’s East and North has zero naval check. St Petersburg is vulnerable, Murmansk…Russia can be taken within a week.

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