Moscow Unveils A Monument To Kalashnikov, The AK-47’s Designer

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 98 comments

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    A brand new statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov holding his signature AK-47 assault rifle was unveiled in Moscow on Tuesday. The statue commemorates one of Russia’s most renowned inventions.

    Kalashnikov is a staple name in Russia. The history of the rifle though began almost 100 years ago when its designer was born. The inventor of the world’s most famous rifle was born into a Siberian peasant family in 1919. He was mechanically minded and first aspired to design farm equipment. But World War II called him into the army and he was wounded in the 1941 battle of Bryansk. While he was in the hospital recovering, he heard other soldiers saying their weapons were insufficient to those of the Nazi’s. So, Kalashnikov got to work designing his own rifle.

    He made a successful rifle in 1947 for the Russian army. The infamous gun’s name (AK-47) commemorates the designer and the year of accomplishment. Avtomat Kalashnikova (19)47.

    The AK-47 soon became widely popular for its adaptability to rugged conditions, including jungles, deserts, and the bitter cold. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain. With little training, users of this rifle can often field-strip an AK-47 in a half a minute.

    The gun was quickly adopted by Soviet Bloc armies and the Soviet Union distributed them to the armies of ideological allies and revolutionary groups throughout Africa and Asia. Moscow also freely licensed other countries to produce local versions.

    By some estimates, the AK-47 and its versions account for about one-fifth of the world’s firearms. The rugged and reliable weapon is the number one choice for many armies, terror groups, and history collectors worldwide.

    In the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin: “The Kalashnikov rifle is a symbol of the creative genius of our people.” Or as Russia’s Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky put it: the Kalashnikov rifle has become “Russia’s cultural brand.”

    Kalashnikov solidified his place in not just Russian history, but in world history as well. His invention is on the flags of Mozambique and Hezbollah and its barrel is shown on Zimbabwe’s coat of arms.

    In 2013, Kalashnikov died at the age of 93.


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      1. Hmmm…,how about a statue of Stoner/Sullivan and company who took AR-10 and redesigned a bit for the M-16?

        I anticipate the AR vrs.AK debate in 3,2,1…..!

        • I don’t own a 5.56X45 mm gun. I am well trained with one.
          I have some 7.62X39 mm guns and I am well practiced with them.

          My choice of guns is primarily based on Ammunition availability.
          Our government can kill off 5.56X45 and Obama tried to to so.
          I can get 7.62X39 from any black market, anywhere in the world.

          As for the AK vs AR, my favorite is the SKS. It is accurate.
          and I like the built in bayonet.

          • Before Kalashnikov died, in an interview he was asked how he felt about his invention being used by terrorist groups worldwide and he stated he didn’t care. He was still a commie POS in my book.

            • AK- Spray and Pray. No good past 100 yards. Good close combat Bush/Jungle Gun like in Nam.

              Alert: Amazon teamed up with the Feds, and are selling illegal Gun parts online to snare idiots buying the illegal parts. I read an article, it was about a gun-part that makes the Glock Pistol fully automatic. Something about using an air soft part, to incorporate in your Glock pistol. I don’t own a Glock, just passing the info on. Stay Smart and alert. Does it pass the smell test?

              Week 3 from into Hurricane Irma in Central N FL, the high flood cresting tomorrow, almost flooding my property. I have about a foot left of margin before it washes over the high part of my property. My drive, roadway out of here is washing over from rising waters and filling in low areas. I have a Utility trailer packed and read to go, if I need to. SUV to pull the Trailer loaded with prepping supplies clothes, food, water, cooking supplies, etc.

              I spent a week to prepare prior to IRMA to tie every thing down for the 16 hours of 110-130 MPH winds in the Irma Hurricane show, and after, so many huge trees down and mini disasters were every where. When I was safe the next morning, I went driving around to see if anybody else needed help. I removed a lot of tree branches off the roads. Then after the storm, the weeks of clean up begins. I had 2 large oak uprooted, Cut a big oak off a guys trailer today, about every resident here had a big tree down. Neighbors helping neighbors. I’m impressed. Lots of Hero’s out there. Removed a big dead fall limb hanging in the tree above my shed with pully’s and rope 25 ft up.

              Now preparing for the storm flood coming down river for the last week from the Big Green Swamp. Been marking water level every morning, with sticks in the Mud, since I have a canal and connected lake on 3 sides of my property. Watching the water rise up and up. My BOL is on an inland island, and the Main road out of here is washed out, so we only have one other way off the island and that is about a 20 mile drive in the other direction.. Oh I’m having a fun time.

              I am all off the Grid, using solar and never lost power during the Hurricane, all my neighbors here and 7.2 Million in FL were without power for 6 days or more, Gas stations without power or ability to even pump the gas, or out of gas, and many stores were closed with no electric, food store shelves were bare. No water or food.. All gone, Noisy Generators out there humming along in my area. So I now know who has food, a fridge and freezer. lol So after 6 days of no electric, the air was filled with chain saws buzzing away, and generators running, and smoke from all the fire pits to get rid of all the tree debris, it looked like a bomb hit us.

              Now week 3, packing up the house to evacuate because of possible flooding. I hauled my lawn tractor on a flat bed up to higher ground at a neighbors house. Got to have these friendships and local relationships set up ahead of time if you need help. So go help your neighbors a head of time, when they look like they need an extra hand, it will pay dividends. I pretty much handled everything here on my property by myself. Got to have a lot of tools, gas and oils to run everything. I only tapped into one of my six- 5 gallon Jerry cans to give a neighbor a few gallons of gas, just after the storm. Lot of unprepared people out there. Got all your tools in good working condition right now? Just in case like chain saws in good running condition? Chain sharp, plenty of 2 cycle gas and bar oils. 1 is none, 2 in 1 and 3 is a charm. Stay organized and carry a good variety of tools in your Vehicle. I carry rope now.

              When a storm or disaster hits, What you got Now is all your Got. In a disaster, everything shuts down or all sold out and you just wasted time and gas going on a scavenger hunt like my neighbor, because he was too lazy to prepare. I even checked all my tire’s air pressure on all wheels and spare tire wheels, before the storm. My spares even on my various trailers, were down to 20 Lbs. Spare tires will loose 5 to 10 PSI every year. GO check your spare tire pressure. You will be glad you did. So be Prepared now, and the Hero not the Zero when a disaster hits.


              • Oh yeah I forgot to mention, flooding also brings gators and snakes and snapping turtles. So if Anybody walks in the water, look out for that. Pack your Pistol, shotgun and a good knife and machete. After the hurricane for about a week there were no mosquitos, and now, since every ting is really damp, they are thicker than flies. So pack bug spray. Lots of that and sunscreen.

                • CrackSummSkulls

                  You stand at 250 yards and let us know how you make out. I find they group about 4″ @ 100 yards. They’re plenty accurate to fulfill their purpose.

                  • AK is for close up (under 200 yds.) A bolt gun is for everything else. I will have a shootout with ya at 800 yds. Wanna bet yer life on an AR?

                    • They used to make an AK with a 20 inch barrel it was if I remember an NHM-91. I had one and it shot pretty good at 200+. With my slr-95 I can easily take someone out at 2-250 yds. An accurized good quality bolt gun will fook you up at 1000 yds. if you load yer own and PRACTICE! Wind is the hardest to overcome but I’m getting pretty good at it now 🙂

                    • I remember a 800 yd match where I was running a bolt action with a good scope. The 13 year old girl next to me was shooting an AR of some sort with iron sights and she shot as well as I did. It’s the shooter that usually makes the difference.

                    • Yup, 7.62×51
                      22″ REPR

                    • Your right genius the nhm 91 is the Chinese version of the rpk in 94 when the assualt weapons an took effect they were banned from in port to get around that they cut off the bayonet lugs sawed the barrel down to get rid of threading for flash suppressor then spot welded a fake one on and gave it a thumb hole stock and renamed it the wait for it. the mak 90

                    • Forgot to add nhm 91 is preban the mak 90 is post ban

                    • Also you can build ak 47s way cheaper with no paper work what a country,sarconic,and a few others have some great deals on parts kits plus there’s a new company selling milled 80% receivers kinda like the 1911s with the phantom jig f all paperwork on guns

                    • I could nail a bad guy at 800 yds with my blackpowder muzzle loader just like Quigley

                  • Hey Kev, I’ll stand at 300 Yrds and take every one of you all out, while you all spray and pray.

                    • One shot kill, 365 paces/yards deer hunting and dropped it. Using a Browning semi- Auto 30-06, and a cheap weaver scope.

                    • Maybe so, I’m not challenging your manhood, skill or bravery but just stating that an AK47 is very capable of hitting a man sized target in the torso. Add to it that they are the most common firearm in the world and your likely to have several targeting you. It would be very foolish to discount their capability at normal combat ranges. They filled many a body bag.

                    • crack, deer cant shoot back coward?

                    • 300 yds is nothing, a guy with a 22 WMR would be deadly at only 300 yds. most rifle matches shoot 600 yds or more and many shooters can hit a ten inch circle most of the time at 600 yds. if you zero your 308 win at 2 inches high and you hold about only about 6 inches high over the bad guys head and allow for propper wind drift when the shot breaks, presto no more stupid 300 yrd comments?

                • CrackSummSkulls

                  Given a few days of no electricity in Florida and you have a sewer biological problem as nothing is gravity fed, its all pumped.

                  • People have yard septic tanks mostly mound systems with will not flood and plenty of water here to flush the toilets. I never lost electric, since I am all off the grid using solar and a battery bank. I’m typing this using my solar electric and satellite internet powered by my solar. Most people here have wells and use grid tied power to run their well pumps. But most got electric back within about 6 days.

                    Its called prepping. I am prepared to deal with this. Its just a challenge to know how prepared I am.

                  • Kev, Most all septic’s in FL are gravity fed. Our homes are built higher up for flooding and the septics are enclosed Tanks and raised mound drain fields. If you live in FL you should already know this.

                    • The conventional sewer systems in South Florida are pumped not gravity. Naples Fl, one of the wealthiest areas in the US has significant fecal chloroform in storm water.

                    • Drive through water away from home. Fecal Chloroform and its associated bacteria / viruses are splashed everywhere.

                • CrackSummSkulls

                  Given a few days of no electricity in Florida and you have a sewer biological problem as nothing is gravity fed, its all pumped.

                  • Never seen a hurricane, never seen a tornado, don’t have mosquitos, very few snakes, no biting flies, why would anyone sign up for that shit???

                    • Good points. If the skeeters are that bad and they probably are, get one of those electronic fly swatters from Harbor Freight for four bucks. Add your own D cells.

                      I got one, it works great. 🙂

                    • Sunshine 345 days year.

                • So remind me why you live there?

                  • I’ll answer that. As I’ve said before – no region of the USA is free from some natural challenge or another. From blizzards to earthquakes, drought to flood…. our country has something for everyone. It is beautiful here in Florida. Like all areas a person chooses to live in, they must adapt and be able to appreciate the real natural world. And be willing to accept the consequences of that same choice of residence. I feel no sympathy for those who carp, “I can’t live without….(A/C, power, drugs, some social whirl…)”. In Florida is opportunity to do so many things. The same as it is anywhere one selects to be ‘home’. But!!! If you’re chary of snakes, air so thick with heat and humidity it is like breathing soup, the occasional flood, hurricane, waterspout or seasonal snow-bird LOL, it ain’t the place for you. I ask the same type of question when each year I read those in some snowy clime conversing about snow-drifts and tree-fall due to the weight of some recent snow storm. Or when some Cali-denizen talks about a tremor…. It just ‘is what it is’ for each of us. How we see or feel it to be is the key to surviving it and loving it.

                  • Because I am not a sissy living in the MTs like you and JJ with your cats.

                • i am so awesome

              • CSS,
                Discover is giving extra cash back on Amazon purchases, for the next couple months.

                I said I was going to get WaterBobs for family for Christmas, well Amazon and most prepper sites are sold out of them.

                I guess more people are prepping up after watching multiple hurricanes hit. I’m thinking prepper supplies will be the hot items through to Christmas.

                Guns sales are down and prices have been improving. There’s a glut of guns in stores. Trump just began removing export restrictions from US gun makers. Gun maker stocks are jumping. This move could eliminate the glut in stores.

                • Thanks for supporting the enemy! Uuugghhh….

              • I like high quality AR platform,, just my pref

                • I see no need to get into the AR v. AK argument.

                  Why not have both?

                  Oh…..and a bolt gun as well.

                  And then…there are times when a very accurate .22 rifle would be the weapon of choice.

                  Just sayin’……..

                  • good advice A5. done plus some.

                  • i used to think that way untill i smartened up

            • I seen the same interview and as I recall he was sorrowful for its criminal purpose but justifies it because of its adoption by his military. He was surprised and made note that Eugene Stoner profited handsomely from his invention while he didn’t.

            • What about the terrists that use M-16’s and MP-6’s and all other sorts of weapons for worldwide terrism? Oh ya, that’s the USA…. nevermind, I’m sure the makers of them don’t care either….

          • Rellik,
            AK ammo runs 50% heavier than AR ammo, it’s also more bulky, three times the cost, the magazines are heavier and also more bulky, as well the rifle is heavier.

            With an AR you can carry more food water and ammo. Grandad fought in the pacific, he said it often came down to “they were just a little more fed and supplied than the Japanese” who were often starving. At the end of the war, they brought combat soldiers home on slow boats with kitchens open 24/7. The military was ashamed of the near starving immatiated US soldiers who were often near walking skeletons.

            An AR is also easier to fire for a weakened or injured soldier or small framed person. My wife and daughters could easily handle an AR plus a stack of magazines. After a shotgun it’s the next logical weapon. After that a I’d skip the AK and jump to a 308, or 300 Winchester even in a bolt action should a peeing match at distance become an issue. You can get an incredibly cheap light weight Savage bolt action that can take the fight to a half mile or more with some skill and tech in the scope. I have a Savage in 308 and it was so cheap I consider it a pass out, never the less it is an awesome tool.

            From a military perspective, I have to say, it also depends on where you live. If I lived in the plains states, I’d totally value distance weapons. In the East where you are hard pressed to find open distances of more than 200 yards in a forest the AR is a better choice.

            I really think the whole AK vs AR debate is over cooked. Both are fine rifles. Train with what you are coumfortable with and have a bunch of ammo.

            • The AK round is also a lot more lethal. Depending on your objective, either one has a purpose.

              • It’s just another tool in the tool box. Mission drives equipment.

          • i choose my gun based on my mission. i win most shooting competitions regardless of the model gun i choose. if my mission is to piss off AK owners i bring the mini 30. if i want to piss off AK owners i bring an AR etc. if i want to piss off AR owners i bring a ruger 10-22

        • how about a statue of the NRA with a “no gun zone” around it?

          • How about a statue of gandhi with a bullet hole in the skull?

            • how about a statue of charlton heston’s balls being roasted in hell?. while the devil prys a flintlock out of his hands and brady is shoving an AK up his a$$?

            • i love you, but i don’t respect you

          • How about a statue of the NRA with:

            “If It Wasn’t For Us and Our Members we would be Canada, Australia or maybe even the UK”.

            • i think if you check the statistics you will find more people in prison for gun law violations and more people murdered by cops in the USA than any of the non-NRA countries. all the NRA does is help create more anti gun laws like brady acts.

              • The US has more gun law violations not because it has more gun laws but rather more guns. What you do 100% legally in the US will get you locked up for a long long time everywhere else. The US is by far the least restrictive on guns with purchase, ownership, transport, use and carrying than ANYWHERE else in the developed world. Find me better, site one place. Switzerland? Nope. Israel? Nope. Czech Republic? Nope. And they’re the remaining best.

                The US has a Second Amendment and the most effective organized grassroots lobbying group in the US, likely the world, The National Rifle Association.

        • I have and like them both.

          • I would say any ammo one needs get it before society falls apart,and,if ammo becomes outlawed,well,society is falling apart,hence,no matter what your firearm choice,have plenty now,along with well,everything!

            • but if ammo is illegal you will need to turn it in and waste all that money

          • Menzo, I’m looking into getting an AR. AK isn’t reliable past 100 yards.

            • They’re reliable just not as accurate at 300 yds like an M4. They are heavy, especially the milled receiver models. They just ain’t gonna win any turkey shoots but they’re a whole lot better than a handgun in CQ’s.

            • Not true I can put every round inside a paper pie plate at 300 meters now granted that’s not a tax driver but still not bad for an AK but do have one of the 20 inch barreled ones but that’s still a head shot

              • Sorry tac driver

        • Warchild Dammit!

          The AK47 was in Com Block hands while the US was issuing M1 rifles.

          I take exception to the creative genius as the AK47 is internally a Garand and externally MP44 with a Remington Model 08 selector. This argument is moot as the intermittent windshield wiper inventor made in his lawsuit against the auto industry (which he won). The AK47 fits its purpose far better than any other firearm. Its relatively easy and cheap to manufacture, its utterly reliable under adverse conditions, its accurate enough for modern war. The M16 is a scalpel, accurate by any standard and extremely so for a military weapon. Its sacrifices durability / reliability (it’s direct impingement system shits where it eats) to obtain this accuracy, controllability and light weight.

          AK47’s will be in service 100 years from now.

          • Brave a ak sighted in properly in good running condition can absolutely hit at 300 yards with decent accuracy with iron sites,have a friend who I personally have witnessed do it on a few occasions,usually when he hears the 100 yard comment and wants to show it’s inaccuracy(the comment).

            • AK 100 yards. WC- Not all AK’s are top of the line. most are sub-inferior many made in China, and Eastern Block Countries with less than precision manufacturing and tooling.

              I will meet you at the gun range with my Sig Sauer 5.56 Swat Patrol Battle Rifle and you bring your AK and lets do some long range shooting and seek the results.

              • If you want some top of the line AK custom work to turn it into a very accurate weapon, this is the outfit to do it for you if you have the coin.

                Krebs Custom AK’s.

          • Mechanically an AK47 is very close to a Ruger Mini 30. If you scorn the former, scorn the latter. Move the long stroke gas piston from below the barrel to on top of it, give it selective fire capability, change the furniture and presto you have an AK. The bolt’s of both have two large locking lugs and don’t gather crud like the M16.

            • I’d much rather have a SKS sporter over the Ruger 30.

              • Personal taste I guess. The Ruger has a two stage trigger. The SKS’s that I have fired have a long, creepy, spongy trigger pull. Of course being Chi Com was no advantage as the machining looked like it was done with a file (and it might have been).

              • the new ruger mini 30’s with tapered barrel is far superior to the old straight barreled version as far as accuracy is concerned. but i still carry the old style mini 30 from time to time when i want to be frustrated with an in accurate jam-o-matic.

          • Personally I like the Daewoo models of rifles its an ak upper on an at lower there the K1 K2 ar100 Dr200 dr300 there sweet when you can find them they were on slick Willy assault weapons ban no longer importable

            • Sorry AK lower

            • Sorry third times a charm ar lower

            • Ya I remember those. Never tried one they were kinda pricey back then. If I ever see a deal on one I’ll be sure to get it!

        • WD
          Not for me it is the M1A/M14 over the AK or the AR.

        • how about a statue of charlton heston telling people to hand their guns in like he did in 1968?

      2. In Russia… statue tears down you!

      3. Expecting winds anywhere from 75 to 150mph starting sometime tomorrow. Hurricane center is all we’re watching right now, until power and dish network go down. It has turned slightly southward so we’ll be seeing a near direct hit.
        Our first one.

        I wonder how our long time poster “anon” who lived in Florida fared during Irma. You there, man?

        If the net stays up I’ll update…we might sleep in the hurricane vault tonight even though it arrives tomorrow.

        • Ketchup, let us know how you fare. You’ll be in our thoughts.

        • K
          I survived a “super typhoon”.
          It looks like you are about to
          be hit by one.
          Keep your head down.
          Stay safe.

      4. I don’t know if “invention” is quite correct, as it’s a cross between an SKS and a Nazi Sturmgewehr…

        But it’s definitely “perfecting” both.


        Ok yeah the barrel noodles all over the place but apparently cheap was more important than accurate. Mmmm might be true might not be… depends how many of them you can field. See Panzer versus Sherman.

        • Klashnikov invented the SKS too. About time he got credit for his guns because he never got rich whatsoever from it. Hail Klashnikov!

          • This is a site
            with a very few people
            SKS is based on a German
            cannon design.

            • By Klashnikov lol.

            • Did not know that. Always wondered where the SKS came from. What cannon is this you speak of?

      5. Ketchup,you have a grade school desk?You do,good,now,duck and cover!You will be fine!

        Seriously,take a shower now while power ect up,cook up a bunch of stuff in fridge/store if not done so lots of water ect.,you know the drill,see ya’s on the other side!

      6. Rellik,do you mean “Duck and cover!”

        Ketchup,you know the prep drills,see ya’s on the other side/sleep tight and all that!

      7. A similar monument to the Colt 45 or a Winchester originators wouldn’t last long here.

        Side thought: maybe all statues could emulate a Burning Man image so they can be regularly immolated and rebuilt.

      8. Russia puts up monuments. USA tears theirs down. What is wrong with this picture?

        • A lot of spoiled rotten little bastuds running around in this country. They don’t live very long in Russia.

        • Want to know something very interesting? In Belarus there are several monuments to “The Great Patriotic War” (WWII). These all have three flags with the USSR’s flag at the top. The other two were the US and UK. These are government monuments built during the cold war. In school they were taught about the great help both the US and UK gave to the USSR. School here in the US missed the Soviet contribution with the exception of a superficial single paragraph. My friend toured the monuments and his wife was educated in their system as she is 50 years old.

          • I stand corrected, three pillars each inscribed in stone representing the USSR, USA and UK.

        • Plain & simple: Its part of the 45 Goals of Communism. The idea is for the Left to undermine and diminish American History, Heroes, Founders, Institutions, Art, and Values.

          The propaganda only works on Snowflakes because Patriots have not pushed American Ideals and Ideas hard enough. This current generation has been taught by the Left which made a concerted effort decades ago to take control of education in this country.

          They have been successful in brainwashing a generation that repudiates its political roots, its core values, and all things American. Push back. Hard. 🙂

        • Libtards

      9. A Russian AK with steel core 7.62 ammo is the finest infantry weapon. Period.

        The fact is that bulk 7.62 ammo is too heavy for little boys.

        /s/ E7 John Richmont Haidet, USMC, K3 26, ” route 9 picnics”, 1967-1968.

      10. Russia putting up monuments we are tearing ours down!!!

      11. The AK-47 didn’t require the machining of parts with suck close tolerance of parts. This allowed gunsmiths in other countries to manufacture the weapons locally. The parts of the M16 require that the parts be made more precisely. The trade-off is less accuracy at farther ranges. There is no question that Kalashnikov and his rifle have impacted history. Zhukov and the designer the Russian Tiger tank also havd quite an impact. I wonder if there are statues of them?

        • you are confusing tolerances with larger clearances, but that is expected from idiots.

      12. AK-47 vs. M-16 (and variations): apples vs. oranges. Both platforms have a proven track record of getting the job done. Both have their respective strong points and short comings/limitations. As Thomas Sowell put it: There are no solutions, there are only trade offs. In a crisis (aka shtf) I have confidence in either weapon to keep my ass alive. The Russians did get it right when they adopted the AK-47 as their standard infantry weapon. I suspect that had we fielded the AK-47, many of its critics would be the AK-47s biggest fan boys, arguing what are seen as faults are its virtues.

        It is interesting to see how the Russians are copying/adapting our developments in equipment to suit their needs. Smart move, let the other guy spend the money to field a new item, then wait to see how well it works out in the real world, then copy/modify to meet your needs. From what I have seen, they are fielding some very good equipment and in some cases it is better than ours.

      13. An Arsenal milled sam7 with the latest obzor 1p63 and golden tiger ammo is one of the finest combat systems I have ever run.

        Puts most AR platforms to shame. In reliability, with no ftf or ftc problems even after running 10 mags w/o cleaning. 7.62×39 has Much better penetration and performance in the 0-250 yard “real world” combat range than the tiny 5.56. And at (18 cents per round) compared to 30 it’s a bargain. The obzor is the latest Russian optic and is even better than our trijicon sights for fast acquisition of targets. Anyone that dismisses aks as inaccurate and cheap have only ever seen a wasr or one of the Century arms “Frankenguns” they slap together by one of their trained monkeys with a bunch of mismatched parts. Stock Milled Arsenal’s are just as accurate as any stock off the shelf AR. With a double hook trigger as smooth as butter.

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