More Than 101 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Headline News | 219 comments

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    101 Million Out of workThe jobs recovery is a complete and total myth.  The percentage of the working age population in the United States that had a job in March 2013 was exactly the same as it was all the way back in March 2010.  In addition, as you will see below, there are now more than 101 million working age Americans that do not have a job.  But even though the employment level in the United States has consistently remained very low over the past three years, the Obama administration keeps telling us that unemployment is actually going down.  In fact, they tell us that the unemployment rate has declined from a peak of 10.0% all the way down to 7.6%.  And they tell us that in March the unemployment rate fell by 0.1% even though only 88,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy.  But it takes at least 125,000 new jobs a month just to keep up with population growth.  So how in the world are they coming up with these numbers?  Well, the reality is that the entire decline in the unemployment rate over the past three years can be accounted for by the reduction in size of the labor force.  In other words, the Obama administration is getting unemployment to go down by pretending that millions upon millions of unemployed Americans simply do not want jobs anymore.  We saw this once again in March.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,more than 600,000 Americans dropped out of the labor market during that month alone.  That pushed the labor force participation rate down  to 63.3%, which is the lowest it has been in more than 30 years.  So please don’t believe the hype.  The sad truth is that there has been no jobs recovery whatsoever.

    If things were getting better, there would not be more than 101 million working age Americans without a job.

    So exactly where does that statistic come from?  Well, the following explains where I got that number…

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 11,742,000working age Americans that are officially unemployed.

    In addition, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there are89,967,000 working age Americans that are “not in the labor force”.  That is a new all-time record, and that number increased by a whopping663,000 during the month of March alone.

    When you add 11,742,000 working age Americans that are officially unemployed to the 89,967,000 working age Americans that are “not in the labor force”, you come up with a grand total of 101,709,000 working age Americans that do not have a job.

    When you stop and think about it, that is an absolutely staggering statistic.

    And anyone that tells you that “a higher percentage of Americans are working today” is telling you a complete and total lie.  During the last recession the percentage of working age Americans with a job fell dramatically, and since then we have not seen that number bounce back at all.  In fact, this is the very first time in the post-World War II era that we have not seen the employment-population ratio bounce back after a recession.  At this point, the employment-population ratio has been under 60 percent for 49 months in a row…

    Civilian Employment Population Ratio

    Since the end of 2009, the employment-population ratio has been remarkably steady.  Just check out these numbers…

    March 2008: 62.7 percent

    March 2009: 59.9 percent

    March 2010: 58.5 percent

    March 2011: 58.4 percent

    March 2012: 58.5 percent

    March 2013: 58.5 percent

    We should be thankful that the percentage of working age Americans with a job did not continue to decline, but we should also be quite alarmed that it has not bounced back at all.

    If there was going to be a recovery, there would have been one by now.  The next major economic downturn is rapidly approaching, and that is going to push the employment-population ratio down even farther.

    So why is the U.S. economy not producing as many jobs as it used to?  Well, certainly the overall decline of the economy has a lot to do with it.  We are a nation that is drowning in debt and that is getting poorer by the day.

    But since the end of the last recession, corporate profits have bounced back in a big way and are now at an all-time high.  So you would figure that the big corporations should be able to hire a lot more workers by now.

    Unfortunately, that is not the way things work anymore.  Big corporations are trying to minimize the number of expensive American workers that they have on their payrolls as much as possible these days.

    One way that they are doing this is through the use of technology.  Thanks to robots, computers and other forms of technology, big corporations simply do not need as many human workers as they used to.  In future years, this trend is only going to accelerate.  I wrote about how this is changing the world of employment in one of my previous articles entitled “Rise Of The Droids: Will Robots Eventually Steal All Of Our Jobs?

    Another way that big corporations are replacing expensive American workers is by shipping their jobs off to the other side of the globe.  Big corporations know that they can make bigger profits by making stuff in foreign countries where they can pay workers less than a dollar an hour with no benefits.  How in the world are American workers supposed to compete with that?

    For much more on how U.S. jobs are being killed by offshoring, please see this article: “55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America“.

    And of course immigration is having a dramatic impact on the labor market in some areas of the country as well.  Cheap labor has dramatically driven down wages in a lot of professions.  For example, once upon a time you could live a very nice middle class lifestyle as a roofer.  But now many roofers really struggle to make a living.

    When you add everything up, it paints a very bleak picture for the future of the American worker.

    The cost of living keeps rising much faster than wages do, and the competition for good jobs has become incredibly fierce.

    Meanwhile, the government continues to make things even easier for those that are not working.  This has caused some Americans to give up completely and to be content with letting the government take care of them.  The following is from a recent article by Monty Pelerin

    As we make it easier to get unemployment benefits for longer time periods, more people take advantage of the system. So too with food stamps and disability. All programs are at or near record levels in what is supposed to be four years into an economic recovery. For many, the benefits of becoming a government dependent exceed what they can earn. One study reported that a family of four, collecting all the benefits for which they were entitled, would have to earn $65,000 per annum to have the same after-tax purchasing power.

    If you are a product of the government schools and are legal to work (i.e., have skills enough that you are affordable at the minimum wage or higher), at what point do you realize that there is no need to go through the hassle of actual work. You can live pretty well by staying home and taking advantage of the entitlements available to you. That is exactly what a larger and larger percentage of the population are realizing. In many cases, it is economically irrational to work.

    This behavior creates a social pathology that only worsens over time. Kids learn from their parents that work is not necessary and the many ways to game the system. In this regard, look for this problem to become worse over time unless these programs are cut back.

    In some areas of the country, it actually pays not to work very hard.  According to Gary Alexander, the Secretary of Public Welfare for the state of Pennsylvania, a “single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”

    But the truth is that most Americans still want to work hard and would gladly take a good job if they could just find one.  The following is one example that was featured in a recent Fox News article

    After a full year of fruitless job hunting, Natasha Baebler just gave up.

    She’d already abandoned hope of getting work in her field, working with the disabled. But she couldn’t land anything else, either — not even a job interview at a telephone call center.

    Until she feels confident enough to send out resumes again, she’ll get by on food stamps and disability checks from Social Security and live with her parents in St. Louis.

    “I’m not proud of it,” says Baebler, who is in her mid-30s and is blind. “The only way I’m able to sustain any semblance of self-preservation is to rely on government programs that I have no desire to be on.”

    And that is how most Americans feel.

    Most Americans do not want to be dependent on the government.

    Most Americans want to work hard and take care of themselves.

    Unfortunately, our economy is not producing nearly enough jobs for everyone and it never will again.

    So there will continue to be millions upon millions of Americans that find that they cannot take care of themselves and their families without government assistance no matter how hard they try.

    And this is just the beginning – things are going to get much worseduring the next major wave of the economic collapse.

    Yes, at the moment there are more than 101 million working age Americans that do not have a job, but that number is actually going to go much higher in the years ahead.  The anger and frustration caused by a lack of employment opportunities is going to shake this nation.

    That is why it is important to try to become less dependent on your own job.  In this economic environment, a job can disappear at literally any moment.  Anything that you can do to become less dependent on the system would be a good thing.



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      1. ” FREE YOUR MIND !”

        become your own boss
        become your own bank
        become your own grocery store
        become your own savior

        the only way to gain financial freedom is to be your own boss , own your own biz , be your own bank .

        break free of the nwo tyranny tax debt enslavement and cia zog mk-ultra brain washing .



        • You can not save yourself.

          • Sure you can, but you cannot spell cannot.

            • Sure I can.

              • I call utter and absolute BS. Doesn’t anyone know simple math anymore? There are ~310M Americans. How can fully one third of America be unemployed? How can 1/3 of the population be “working age unemployed”?

                Is this just a test to determine how dumbed down everyone has become?

                • Do you know what what U-6 unemployment rate is ?
                  If you dont then check into it.
                  Do you know the government has a vested interest in reporting a lower than actual rate of inflation ?
                  That CPI/inflation rate is always under-pegged bec that rate is used to calculate the cost of living increase that is granted to SSI recipients. I started driving in 1986 and I could fill my small honda up for 5-10 bucks.
                  I drive a similar sized Hyundai today and it costs nearly 40050 dollars to fill it.
                  Next go the price of home heating oil.
                  Next, get into a grocery store and observe food prices and then try to compare the same foods at 1990 price levels.
                  Math must not be your strong suit, but thats okay, in the NoBomma economy, you dont need no math, just an open hand to grab as many EBT cards with as many identities that you can cook up as possible.
                  The ability of just about everyone to use critical thinking on the pablum that is spewing from the MSM
                  is running too low.
                  We need more Libertarian Constitutionalists to be elected. No Tea Party Repugs, no DemoThugs. Its time this country start taking the middle path because both the right and left are playing the American people against each other, while giving large corporations TAX BREAKS to send our jobs overseas. And I dont think that is the least bit funny. I was laid off in 2011 and have not found any work, only discrimination.

        • Well V. Score one for you.

          Having your own business is wonderful and trying to break away from from the chains of government is noble. I am going to throw out an observation over many years and let the chips fall where they may.
          I go to plenty of Flea Markets and you see many selling all sorts of merchandise. Used to be mostly home goods but now they are turning into Farmers Markets with more produce stalls than you can count. According to the law, you can sell two days out of the year without having to purchase a business licence, or not having to collect state tax. I have NEVER seen any sort of licence displayed. Besides this there is state legislation to include yard sales. There is a record when you rent your stall but not how much you make on sales. Yet I see the same people every weekend do business. It is only a matter of time when state representatives ask for their licence and the Tax monies, so called due to the government from sales.
          Also even with good locations many “start up” small stores fold within 18 months, I guess victims of the slow economy. What many thought was a good product, doesn’t always pan out. I have watch many Mom and Pop stores sell there business to make way for Major Chain.
          Stores. The simple life is almost gone.

          • I have had my own business for decades– no license, no problem. Just a very simple, one-man business… err… female.

            • Grasshopper,

              Lots of people work out of their home. They are fixin to try and collect state sales tax from internet sales.
              How that would all fit in I have no clue. For sure they are closing in on all of us.

          • “” It is only a matter of time when state representatives ask for their licence and the Tax monies, so called due to the government from sales.””

            They can ask, but they can’t make you get one or pay taxes on a license that doesn’t exist.

            By not getting a license, you agree to do nothing for the state.

            • Agreed.

              But if you meet the their requirements of operating a business without a licence are you open to be fined?

            • GC ~

              I have a couple of questions, if they aren’t too personal. Do you have a driver’s license? Do you license your vehicle? I would assume that to drive the vehicle you have to have valid plates on it. If not, how do you get around these things?

              Thanks in advance.

              ~ Daisy

              • Daisy,

                I don’t have a valid drivers license. The last one I had expired a few years ago. I keep the card as “evidence” that I have passed a state proficiency test for driving skill, but NEVER carry it on me.

                The “plate” on my truck is one left on it from when I inherited it from my father about 5 years ago. I consider it abandoned property from a foreign trust. It is from a different state than i live in, and the 2009 expiration sticker was removed long ago. The “Certificate of Title” was sent in as a scrap vehicle so it does not exist in the states database any longer.

                The key to the corps extortion racket is the threat of taking away the privileges (licenses). Any action taken is against the licenses, not YOU.

                I do have Notarized identification documents, already accepted as evidence by the state, of who I am, my choice of Law and allegiance, and other tidbits that I want in any record that may be made during any encounter with the criminal syndicate you call government.

                Slingshot, you only need a business license if you are operating under limited liability. I own and run a small local website building business and never considered getting a license (ie. taking on the state as a partner). Not one of my customers has ever asked for one, and they gladly pay cash for my work.

                I have many other web sites I run for myself as well. As soon as the state sends someone out to do my work for me, I will consider taking it as a partner under MY terms. That, of course, will NEVER happen.

                It’s all about whether or not you feel you need permission to conduct your own business, ie. to live. I don’t need nor ask for such permission.

                • GC ~

                  Thank you very much for that information.

                  Do you ever get pulled over for not having a valid sticker on the license plate? If so, how did you (or would you) respond to that?

                  I hope it’s okay that I’m picking your brain on this! I’m working hard to disengage. 🙂


                  • Daisy, I have been passed by many cops but never pulled over. I follow the rules of the road and they have no other reason to pull me over.

                    Should one pull me over and ask for my ID, they will get my documents, Notarized with 2 witnesses. They are , by the corps own law, admissible evidence of my identity in any matter.

                    What most fail to understand is that when a cop asks for an ID, there is no law, or even a corp code, that requires them to produce a state issued ID. Nor is there a Law or code against you making your own so long as it is not done for fraudulent purposes.

                    He is asking who you are. If you give him a state issued ID, then you are telling him you are a subject of the state that issued it, AND OF HIM.

                    If you tell him who you are in your own way, he can raise no dispute about you identifying yourself. He doesn’t have to like it, but he does have to accept it because it is authorized for state use by it’s notarization. It becomes the identity of record, and it identifies a free Man outside of the jurisdiction of the corporate courts and above its officers leaving them with no standing to proceed corporately.

                    I will not refuse to identify myself to an officer if forced to, but I will do it my way, and in a way that protects my rights and assigns the proper jurisdictions for any claim they want to make.

                    If an officer wishes to make a claim against me, the ID documents require them to do so personally with the duly elected Sheriff of the county and to bring him to the scene so the matter can be discussed in my presence.

                    If he wishes to issue a judicial summons, he must bring the judge to the scene to sign it in my presence. Failure to do so is provable fraud in the corporate courts.

                    The goal is to properly identify yourself from the very beginning of the encounter, not to piss anybody off.

                    Your job is to protect yourself from the corp and you can not do that if you submit in the beginning by presenting a state issued document to identify YOU.

                    Or any of your other property for that matter.

                • GC

        • VENDETTA people in this country are to damn lazy to make
          on their own they would starve if they had to hunt for food and thats going to happen

        • I’ve been self employed since 1992 and love it. Prior to 2008 I always felt at a disadvantage and NOW post 2008 I am at an advantage. I’m able to pay my bills and save a little.

        • “Self educate yourself”?

          Fantastic, let’s start with understanding the definition of redundancy.

        • Oh, Vendetta, yes almost anyone can be a prostitute, but not everyone wants to. Most of us have morals too.

        • Basically, the only way one can actually do all that is illegal—like selling dope, for instance.

        • Switching to an agriculture “100% organic” would solve the unemployment problem.

      2. 56% of college grads are working for minimum wage. 24% of advanced degrees are working for minimum wage. The destruction of the middle class is well underway.

        • that’s true, Peter Parker. My daughter has 7 (SEVEN!) years of college yet works for a hyundai dealer, doing customer service work (phone work that is extremely boring, tedious, mind-numbing and depressing).

          She’s is trying to further her career (degree in nursing) but really difficult trying to make ends meet!

          • Welcome to the off shored, out sourced, free trade global economy. The service sector economy is all about mowing banker’s lawns and flipping burgers, anything that can be done on a computer can be done overseas. A landscaping degree is now more secure than an engineering degree.

            this is one of the topics that get’s my blood pressure up. This economy is nothing less than engineered treason.

          • Here in Florida an RN commands top dollar.

            I know of many college graduates that are underemployed however all “College” is not created equal. Many students are educated in fields that have little employment opportunities in even good times. We might be bad off now but my family had a relative that graduated from MIT with a degree in electrical engineering in the mid 1930s and could not find a job. That’s about as bad as it gets. He became a baker before the war, was a Lt Commander in WWII and got wealthy in insurance post WWII.

            • My industry was mostly outsourced and the jobs that are left here are either DoD or done by H1B (foreign worker visas) – most companies (Indian management) don’t want to hire Americans anymore.

              If you don’t think the halfrican and his republican sellouts won’t do the same to the MEDICAL PROFESSION, I’ve got a slightly used bridge for sale – I’d like to keep it but I need the cash to buy groceries…

              • Everything that can be outsourced will be outsourced. If you never leave your office that office will end up in Bombay India. My father said, “You need educated hands”. Hands must reside within the nation and a skill in demand directing those hands be it plumber or physician is essential. Even those positions will provide less and less opportunity as more people gravitate to those there flooding the market.

                It’s a big shit sandwich and everyone is taking a bite. The only difference is if you can get more crust than shit with that bite and how large of a piece you have to bite off.

              • Check out brightfuturejobs. Deal is you have to have some non-free, specialized technical skill. non-free keeps many out. Specialized is the purpose of the H1 actually but everyone knows that the exact opposite is the norm. I’m like you… last job the entire mgt team except for one non-American was replaced. Most all the replacements were from the same country as the manager 4 levels above us. Funny part is we were #1 ranked against our competitors. But, we were the wrong nationality (American). Bad part is 1/2 the non-Americans actually worked in America in our office or working from their homes in America (about 40 people). L1 visa I believe.

          • yep. Just got my MA in a rather useless field (archaeology), with 56K in student loans. Never considered a path outside of going to college when I was growing up, the public schools dont really talk about alternatives. Luckily for me I suppose, I make $15/hr doing legal research. But the 6.8% federal student loan rates 350/mo student loan payments are a killer. just got to keep working harder.

            • Maybe your archaeology degree will enable you to assist in finding a copy of the Constitution after Obama and his armies are defeated.

              Til then, it may comfort you to know that student loans can only be collected from the earnings of a Social Security Trust. If you don’t attach anything to the number and quit using it, they can never collect anything.

              Support the banksters only as long as you feel you must. When it is time to quit giving them your money I am sure you will know it.

              • haha! Yep, I am just paying the bills and working on my bug out vehicle.

              • Hey GC,I have a question for you. Daisy has asked if you have a valid drivers license,and if not,how do you drive a car and get license plates for it? Not suprisingly,you’ve ignored the question and disappeared from the conversation once a pointed question is asked about how you avoid the corp and exactly how you manage to avoid your alleged non compliance. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this either. It seems every time you’re asked for specific details about your claims you magically ” disappear”,only to resurface later,and make other unsupported claims which you never provide any details about. Would you beleive anybodys claims like that when they don’t provide any detailed proof?

                • Anon,

                  I don’t spend all day on this board, nor do I read every single comment, especially those from Anonymous. I have never bypassed an opportunity to help someone understand how to leave the corp and quit using it’s papers and numbers.

                  Here is the answer to Daisy’s questions as I posted above:


                  I don’t have a valid drivers license. The last one I had expired a few years ago. I keep the card as “evidence” that I have passed a state proficiency test for driving skill, but NEVER carry it on me.

                  The “plate” on my truck is one left on it from when I inherited it from my father about 5 years ago. I consider it abandoned property from a foreign trust. It is from a different state than i live in, and the 2009 expiration sticker was removed long ago. The “Certificate of Title” was sent in as a scrap vehicle so it does not exist in the states database any longer.

                  The key to the corps extortion racket is the threat of taking away the privileges (licenses). Any action taken is against the licenses, not YOU.

                  I do have Notarized identification documents, already accepted as evidence by the state, of who I am, my choice of Law and allegiance, and other tidbits that I want in any record that may be made during any encounter with the criminal syndicate you call government.

                  Slingshot, you only need a business license if you are operating under limited liability. I own and run a small local website building business and never considered getting a license (ie. taking on the state as a partner). Not one of my customers has ever asked for one, and they gladly pay cash for my work.

                  I have many other web sites I run for myself as well. As soon as the state sends someone out to do my work for me, I will consider taking it as a partner under MY terms. That, of course, will NEVER happen.

                  It’s all about whether or not you feel you need permission to conduct your own business, ie. to live. I don’t need nor ask for such permission.

            • Any chance of transferring credits to geology? I’m ignorant but it’s rocks and their finding oil and natural gas in those rocks. You have a lot of the difficult sciences I assume and some of the math.

            • They pay depositors almost zero percent and yet get 6.8 percent from you. What a scam. Most of the money is taxpayer money with the banks just being the middleman. Then on top of that the debt cannot be wiped out in bankruptcy.

            • thats because they created the game ,they wake you up one early morning and say ,son you got to go here for the best part of the day and its fun at first ,but then it drags on and on ,for 12 years and then its Whew! thats over ,and then they get you up the next day and say ,son now you got to go over here and spend the best part of the day ,and they sell you this shit by telling you that you can have all this wonderful stuff if you just apply yourself and this drags on for years and years ,and then your 45 or 50 and you wonder why you ever wanted the stuff to begin with ,and they (the goverment) never gave a shit about your education ,or that you got your fair share of stuff ,they were just molding them selve’s a new life long tax payer right from the start

          • have been in the carbiz for 35 years lots of ups and downs but if you apply yourself to production sales finance etc you can do 100k in your second year not glamourus but much better than what my mba I got in 86 could ever pay

            • same in computer programming but you have to move all around the country fairly constantly. But some people get locked in at places with good benefits.

          • tell your daughter to get over her self !! sheesh who the hell said that work has to be FUN
            its WORK for god sakes its meant to provide a check and a way to support your life NOT guarantee fun excitement etc

            Be glad she has a job boring it may be she could be like most people out there broke desperate almost to the point of giving up.

            or she could be like most welfare rats selling there bodies (to pay for there extensions ) and Nails that reach 7 inches long ( you can tell these women don’t do any Real work) . right now i know about 1,000 people who would take that kind of work ( including me )

            458 socom

        • And it will only get worst. Hopefully all the educated people learned some common sence or we are truly screwed.

          • Apparently they didn’t learn how to spell…

        • I never had college, but I believe that I make more than most college students do now.

          It seems like 2nd hand items are the new gold in this present situation. Ala’ Pickers Storage Wars or Pawn Stars on tv.

          🙂 🙂

        • Well underway? It’s almost complete.

        • V, I for one thank you for posting this link. It’s great technology and a good example of community.

      3. The seeds of a New Revolution will be sown by the young

        • NEVER GONNA HAPPEN ! ;0p


          IDIOCRACY is REAL !




          • All your children is belong to us

            • Ron Paul: An important battle for freedom is quietly being fought right now

              “A common feature of authoritarian regimes is the criminalization of alternatives to government-controlled education. Dictators recognize the danger that free thought poses to their rule, and few things promote the thinking of “unapproved” thoughts like an education controlled by parents instead of the state. That is why the National Socialist (Nazi) government of Germany outlawed homeschooling in 1938.

              Sadly, these Nazi-era restrictions on parental rights remain the law in Germany, leaving parents who wish greater control over their children’s education without options. That is why in 2006 Uwe and Hannalore Romeike, a German couple who wanted to homeschool their three children for religious reasons, sought asylum in the United States. Immigration judge Lawrence Burman upheld their application for asylum, recognizing that the freedom of parents to homeschool was a “basic human right.”

              Unfortunately, the current U.S. administration does not see it that way, and has announced that it is appealing Judge Burman’s decision. If the administration is successful, the Romeikes could be sent back to Germany where they will be forced to send their children to schools whose teaching violates their religious beliefs. If they refuse, they face huge fines, jail time, or even the loss of custody of their children!

              The Administration’s appeal claims that the federal government has the constitutional authority to ban homeschooling in all fifty states.”

              The Daily Crux

              • The federal government has NO legislative authority in ANY of the 50 states. Obamas idiots seem to be claiming the corporate constitution exempts it from the real one.

                Let the guillotine fall swiftly upon their necks.

            • you must be a dumb ASS………..?

              • that was for zionist

              • aka TROLL!

          • Vendetta

            It did happen, in the Sixties

            Only this time around it won’t

            be about Peace and Love

      4. Jobs are over-rated. They just encourage people to enslave themselves to debt to buy shiny things. Buy a cheap piece of property for $5,000. Freecycle, Craigslist, and another $5,000 will build you a nice little house that will provide it’s own power and water.

        SNAP will pay for your food, HEAP will pay your gas bill. Cell phone and internet will also be provided by the government as they have been deemed necessary.

        Just kidding. . . Make your own job doing anything a few hours a week to cover these.

        • I second some of this:

          “Jobs are over-rated. They just encourage people to enslave themselves to debt to buy shiny things.”

          And I have the money to retire today if I can maintain my current spending level for the next 40 years, but watching and hearing stories of governments raiding people’s money as they see fit has me spending nights and weekends ramping up my job skills in case they come after my assets. There is no way I’m living off what the government chooses to give me.

          And i do hope there’s a special place in hell for those who drove the US to become what it is becoming.

          • Holly hell can I get an AMEN on that!!!!

          • A significant bout of inflation can derail those plans quick.

            • A significant bout of inflation – will never happen when the Federal Reserve doesnt allow any interest rates anymore. With no interest rates, no cost of money, we dont have capitalism anymore.
              We have a corporate welfarocracy. Lobbyists write the laws and buy the lawmakers.

      5. These numbers don’t count the increase in food assistance, Gas and food prices, control legislation, electronic supervision and dependance on government assistance in all forms. Meanwhile there is a decrease in ammunition, PM’s, liberty, and gun rights. This in conjunction with world activity and global economic collapse your preps will soon be tested. Honestly I realize this is said frequently on this site but PM’s price is artificially deflated, the media LIES by default and people are losing the ability to think for themselves. TPTB will take advantage of this to put everyone not ready in a collar.

      6. Most of the young folks I know have two jobs and they are barely getting by. Rent is $1000 a month for an apartment, gas still nearly $4 a gallon, food is 20% above a year or two ago, and going to go higher. Taxes are a real burden on anyone who works, the freeloaders need their stuff, you know. Young workers are too busy to be pissed, but they are uncomfortable, and are figuring it out that the administration is lying to them.

        • Also, (young) people smoke and drink and partaaay and have tattoos and have to have all the gadgets; but of course it’s not their fault if they can’t pay their rent. But they can’t figure that out.

          • And voted for Obama ’cause he’s cool!

          • Julie

            Cigarettes at $5 a pack and a pack/day is $150 month thrown away for death. Get a smoking couple and the magic of math says $300 per month.

            I don’t know how they afford to smoke.

            About 15 years ago a kid came to the door looking for one of our kids. He looked like he wrapped himself in a stencil and walked through the paint booth at an auto body shop getting a few rivets to boot. I closed the door on him. He is in now in Smyrna Correctional Facility in Delaware. Fortunately we saved ours and they’re both gainfully employed w/o criminal records.

            • Hi from northwest Dover de… in tje boonies.

          • Amen to that. What is with all the damn tattoos? Go ahead, kid, spend thousands of dollars inking yourself up from ass crack to daybreak, just to ensure that no one will ever want to entrust you with their business and hire you, and you will never hold a decent job. Then complain to me that you can’t seem to get a job and need government assistance… Dumbass.

            • It’s difficult enough to get a decent job w/o writing “don’t hire me” all over yourself. I think it’s possible that this generation feels there is futility in even trying so they intentionally sabotage themselves. I believe the inner city minorities have had the same mindset and it’s being culturally shared across racial barriers.

            • Quit complaining and be quiet! A law to require a tattoo saying “I am an idiot” on your forehead would be rightfully wrong and costly. But these people do it at their cost. And it works just as well, what more could you ask for?

      7. Best bet, If you have a talent, market it yourself! The only possibility of your own recovery is self employment. I am about to start making quality hand made furniture to sell.

        • 006…whomever red thumbed you will be going to hell.

          on fucking fire.

          You and those of us who are self-employed are the last of the toughest sob’s on the face or this earth.

          We will never quit, therefore, we will live forever…and those who have given up, well, they will get exactly what they deserve.

          Be your own man or woman.

          “Don the full armour of God” and “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

      8. In 1977 when I graduated from high school here in Pennsylvania, the 20 to 40 guys and gals that I ran with all had “FULL-TIME ADULT PAYING JOBS” within 1 to 2 weeks of graduation. We were all 18 year old adults expected to work. Clothing factories, steel mills, manufacturing jobs of ALL types, mechanics, etc. I could go on and on about the different types of jobs we had. Something is DEADLY WRONG in USA. We are doomed it would seem. The kids this year again when they graduate from high school as they have for the last 6 years at least into ADULTS will be for the most part IDLE and SHIFTLESS….AND NO ONE REALLY EVEN TALKS ABOUT IT!!!!!!

        • I grew up not too far away we KNEW that it was only a matter of time before we would be working at DuPont, Shell, Monsanto, Sunoco, Texaco, Mobil, BP, Hercules, BF Goodrich, GM or Chrysler. Kids had kid jobs at McDonalds and delivered newspapers.

          I watched it all decline but never thought back then that we would see it like this.

          • True enough: FREE TRADE has real costs and I have been repeating that mantra here for three years. Folks, the gay and lesbian community represents only 4% of the population, yet they are getting what they want.

            Illegals are “unionizing” to demand their rights (?), and O’bummer is giving La Raza grants to push for the Mexicanization of the Southwest, while simultaneously creating $20 /ph jobs for Acorn as “navigators” for O’bummer Care.

            The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The Silent Majority gets fucked. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote!

            Let your Barnhardt out! Engage!

            • durango kidd

              The gay and lesbian community have horse power behind them. They fit the “modern” world by not reproducing. Their agenda dove tail fits the globalists.

              The “Free Trade” is trickle up in nature first effecting the bottom worker but in the end effecting them all. Quick story. A Mechanical Engineer I’m friendly with at work in 1994 was touting the benefits of NAFTA and Free Trade with a diatribe of how it will help businesses become more efficient and how everyone will prosper. Fast forward to 2004 and he was reading a Mechanical Engineering magazine and shaking his head. I asked, “what’s bothering you Chuck”? He said, “They’re outsourcing engineers getting them from India and paying them $25K a year”; “damn”. “What the hell are we going to do”?

              It’s funny that educated people cannot always see the obvious until it’s too far gone to possibly ignore and it effects them.

              • Hey, don’t worry. If you decide to organize and lobby for the right to marry, I’ll support you too!

                • I’m a Libertarian and believe that The State has no business in the marriage decision. Conservatives and Liberals pick and choose through the Bill of Rights which by default makes it a Bill of Privileges.

          • When I was in High School, I worked at McD’s flippin’ burgers. The place was filled with school kids trying to make a few bucks. That was 20 years ago. The same McD’s nowadays doesn’t have any room for high school kids, because its jobs are taken by full time employees trying to make ends meet.
            Never would have thought things would be like this.

            I feel sad for our children…

            • And even more sad for our grandchildren. The kids will maybe inherit a few bucks and a home to smooth out the worst of it.

              • If WE want to change things, We can; but WE must organize into a powerful collective. I have long stated that 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands, yet the most uncompromising gun lobby by Gun Owners of America has only 300,000 members.


                GOA believe that OUR Second Amendment right “shall not be infringed”. My Peeps, if those of you, who will not support those willing to challenge the PTB by your membership and donations, you deserve to lose your right to gun ownership: as a starter!

                WE must organize into a well disciplined fighting unit; whether the number is 30 million, 300,000, 300, or Freedom Cells of 3 Patriots.

                Add your membership to their effort. Membership has its privileges. Engage.

                • I’ll be tickled pink if 95% of Congress and Senate are voted out in their respective primaries and non politicians replace them. Repeat it every election.

          • I guarantee that in five years these times will be the good old days. The plunge down will be gathering speed.

      9. I could quit my job today and get another tomorrow.
        Some peoples skills are just not need anymore.

        • Apparently neither is spelling.

        • Work is for those who do not know how to fish.

      10. Why work? This is the new mantra. Just walk through any mall and check out the face tattoos, neck tattoos, nose rings, lip rings, pants down to their knees, ear ring things that look like their right out of Uganda and one has to wonder no further about why they are unemployable.
        In the article it states that one would have to make approx. $70,000 a year wages to keep up with what they are making on public (taxpayer funded) assistance. Sure beats my wages by a long shot. Sometimes I wonder why in the hell I kept working.
        Get off your lazy asses and do something. When was the last time a young person came to your door and asked if they could mow your yard, shovel snow, rake leaves?
        Always something to do.
        There are jobs in the area that have Now Hiring signs out, employers say that the folks just don’t want to work.
        Just take one look at the Occupadoes. Would you hire any of them.

        • Check out the tats and piercings that’s on the bodies of the youth that’s overseas fighting in the name of this country. It doesn’t matter if they are fighting the wrong war, what matters is that they stood up and are patriotic. What they have volunteered to do is more than most have done. The body piercings, tats, bad music and nomenclature that I don’t understand is for their generation.

          • Nope, I’m in that generation, and fought in all those places and got the missing hearing to show for it… Dumbasses, all of them. As the resident asshole NCO, let me say this: If you pierce your face or get tattoos on your neck, you’re too stupid to breathe and deserve your poverty.

        • You know why those ‘NOW HIRING’ signs are there?
          The idiots won’t keep your application on file– paper or computer– longer than 30 days.

      11. Not everybody should go to college.

        Not everybody should own a house.

        Some people should not live in the white house.

        The current politician should not have a job.

        Everybody but Ben should own gold.

      12. I don’t think the government is making jobless workers’ lives “comfortable”, Mac. No offense. Perhaps that’s the case for some people- there are unscrupulous people in all ranges of the income bracket.

        I just started receiving social security benefits a few months ago. Rent in my hometown DOUBLED in one year! I can’t sleep at night because don’t know what to do. I lost my customers because was traveling so much (trying to stay out of the cold- was living in my car)… this past year was unbelievably difficult!

        I had a sibling who died recently because she had health problems, tried and tried to get on disability but was not able to do so. No money for expensive medicine and died.

        And the homeless rate in my hometown jumped tremendously the last few years– was article about it in local paper.

        Everyone complains that the foreigners have all the jobs now (and homes!) and it seems to be true… just this morning saw article– “Chinese immersion program scheduled for local school this Wednesday”.

      13. Suckcess! Another 100MM AND WE WIN! Everyone’s retired and everyone’s on the dole, socialist Nirvana!

        • Oh yeah don’t forget to keep smiling. Is it the strumming of the lute by Nero or the violins on the deck of the Titanic that I’m hearing? You know the kind of sound the same. Opt out now my friends and be the Survivor you want to see in this world. Peace be with you all.

      14. Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent out an email alert to subscribers over the weekend, advising investors that You must now act to exit the system! Sinclair, who as recently as 2 weeks ago advised those attending his NYC meeting that investors have 2 years to withdraw their IRA and 401k funds from the system, has changed the urgency of his call significantly, stating:
        You must exit the system immediately because the Financial Nazis struck in Cyprus and now are moving directly towards you. This is simple fact, which if you ignore will be akin to the rise of the Nazis in Germany for those that knew they should, but never made the decision to leave that system.

      15. What are you talking about? The job creation is at an all time high, the market is up, we are not on the verge of war, and Obama does not want to take our guns.

        Did I mention that I have a lake in the Sahara for sale to those that believe this?

        • NRA Fan

          I heard Obama say we would all be wearing diamonds as big

          as horse turds!…er…or was that horse turds as big….

        • And well all be covered by obamacare soon too!
          Fuckin donkeys

      16. Oops! I guess I replied before reading the full article– sorry about that! (Wasn’t even written by Mac!)… sorry! ;(

      17. I love the look on the faces of the people that I work with when I tell them that I could care less if I get laid off. I do the work that I do as an “activity,” something to do to make use of my education, to interact with others, and sometimes, occasionally, to enlighten those open to new ideas.

        I have no debt, ample preps, and sleep well at night knowing if I “came into work” one day and work had been wiped off the face of the planet, I would simply go home, brew a big pot of coffee and crack open a good book.

        Unplugged, wide-awake, freethinking, and ready.

        The weak shall perish. Always.

        • Not soon enough…

          The weak, ignorant, and lazy are doing A-OK in my neck of the woods.

          Section 8 housing pays for the roof over their heads,
          Title 19 health care pays for their docs and pills,
          and EBT foodstamps put food in their fat bellies, with soda pop to wash it down…

          All of lifes major needs covered, with no end in sight…

          With hardworking people’s taxes paying the bills,
          why work???

        • Apparently more red flags are needed. If nothing else, our country has optimism, or maybe thick-headedness. So many people think everything will be “all right” pretty soon. There’s no reply to that type of blindness.

          On a more positive note, we went home to Oklahoma two weeks ago and it is BOOMING. Mostly because of the things Obama hates. Natural gas fracking, full oil well production, ranching and, as always, the people are wonderful and strongly conservative. So friendly and so polite; something we miss in Ohio. On the suckiness scale, Illinois is doing by far the worst, Ohio has multiple problems, Indiana seems to be looking up and Missouri is so-so. Oklahoma has a balanced budget and Kansas is trying for the same. Illinois has Rahm Emmanuel and the democrat machine…. Both my husband and I are fully employed, and yes, we’re lucky. If I were out of work and wanted to work (there’s always a question there about some people) I’d head for Oklahoma. Rents are going up, but energy costs are relatively low, as are food and taxes. North Dakota would be a close second in opportunity. Western Oklahoma is semi-arid, there is no beach, most of it is flat and dry although parts are spectacularly beautiful. Also, unless you’re a Native- American, the government expects you to work. That would turn off many people, but I find it refreshing. We’re still languishing in Ohio because we can’t sell our house. If/when we can, we’re out of here. If you have access, check out the classified work wanted ads. The Woodward, OK., paper had three pages, most in the energy field. Historically, that type of work is difficult but pays relatively to very well. Good luck! (Also, if you’re a Greenie, there is quite a bit of opportunity in wind turbines. We saw thousands to tens of thousands of turbines which require servicing.)

          • As a native Okie I’d just like to say thanks. I’ve lived in many states in my life and haven’t found one to equal it in the things that matter.

            • You’re welcome. We feel the same! What part of Oklahoma?

        • @Satori,

          “how many more RED FLAGS are there gonna be ???”

          Honest to God I don’t know what it will take for people to wake the *uck up!

          Just like North Korea. WTF? They just closed down the most profitable enterprise they had going, laid off and have to feed like 2 million people percentage wise if we in the U.S. closed down an operation of that size. And yet we are still questioning if that Asian Pillsbury Dough Boy is going to do some thing?


        • @ Vendetta …. thanks for that story on the ER Doctor.
          Also, for that website. I love it!
          Are you in the Naples area, by chance?

          ~~~ Gardenia

        • Who are all the illegal alien loving asswipes that gave all the thumbs down. Most be all the left wing Obama loving lurkers that hang out here.

          • Who are all the Nazi troll-feeders that gave all the thumbs up? Must be all the UN-worshiping paranoid left-wing racists with their mouths permanently glued to the illegal White House occupant’s tiny wiener who hang out around here.

      18. If you’re just waking up…good luck.

      19. I’ve worked in construction all my life so far 25 years,just got let go..because the boss made his millions allready and didn’t feel like dealing with ” obamacare” among other things,homeowners want everything for free now….( what do you mean that’s not included!)…
        I think, no I know one reason he gave up was we were competing with companies that only hire illegals ( undocumented democrats)…
        When you can hire 4 illegals for one REAL American ,duh who’s going to have the best price?
        From my experience, I can tell you anyone who comes to this country to build million $ plus size houses,who lived in a tar paper shack,before they came here to build,good luck with that…..
        Buyer beware,I’ve seen some messed up shit!!!!
        Anyway who the hell is going to hire me now?…Markets in the shitter,and I’m one of those guys with TOO much experience …
        Well sir we will start you out at $10 an hour,how’s that sound….probationary period of course…
        BULLSHIT……….F$&@;$&@ in the A(@&$……..
        And that piece of shit Obama will force through immigration reform,and we are all F £€^+¥Ed
        Thank GOD I’m a prepper,I will make it ….others in my shoes,I don’t know.
        This country is done…… We will take it back……

        • If the country is done, why do you want it back?

        • I ditched construction in 08 because the boss was trying to get me to “pass on my knowledge”
          He had hired a bunch of micronesians from the job core,
          Fuck that crap, busted my ass for 20+ years learning everything from masonry to finish work and bought all my tools etc and im supposed to train those beetle nut sucking idiots who can barely speak english? Yea right
          Its a bitch for tose “progressives” when us conservatives dont go along with their spread the love crap.

        • Oh, Fed Up—are you talking about the stories of feces behind the drywall regarding illegals???
          Take that whitey!

        • Now, why would you send your kid to school with a mohawk KNOWING it’s going to start trouble? The wise pick their fights and fight to win.

          • How somebody wears their hair (or not) shouldn’t even be an issue or part of a conversation about school.

        • No, even better–every boy child should get a Mohawk and then what will they do?
          Funds are given per attendance.

      20. As a Physician making $160K /yr, the goal is was to quit being owned and worked like a dog. So, what is one to do in this situation? 90K home purchase has yielded a $377 / month 30yr fixed mortgage payment and locum tenens work 6 months out of the year is more than enough to allow for quality of life / balance. Screw the machine!

        • You’re being owned by whatever entity you’re making the mortgage payment to–they own your home until it’s paid-in-full. Pay the house off–stop giving someone else interest money.

          • Hi Leslie, I agree. Home will be paid off shortly.

          • Even after you pay off your mortgage, you will NEVER “OWN” your home…it is actually owned by your local government thanks to PROPERTY TAXES. Go ahead, stop paying your property taxes and see how much of “your” property you really “own”…

      21. There will be plenty more with no work. When MacDonalds has a ad for a cashier stating that you must have a college education. whats next?

      22. I know former colleagues and former students who have given up — people with doctorate degrees living in their parents’ homes, and some of their parents are now struggling to make ends meet, when before they were solid, stable, even upwardly mobile middle-class people. A friend of mine works for the state in workforce development — each week she receives a listing of businesses that have closed the week before throughout the country, and the numbers of people left unemployed by those closures. The numbers are staggering these days, and the numbers of people losing their jobs each week due to layoffs and business closures are overwhelming. None of this receives attention from the media. None of this is mentioned in the government’s unemployment reports. The figures they give are completely invented.

        America is collapsing, and our government is spending money like the economy is booming and is lying to us about damned near everything.

        • as the owner of one of the remaining small businesses in our town, I keep looking at the LST tax (the local services tax) and wondering when it’s going to jump from $20. to 2,000 due to all the other businesses closing.

          seems I can’t out what this tax is funding, either, as it’s just for those of who have the privilege of working here.
          Pennsylvania sucks.

        • We will havw forty million more legal workers and their dependents soon when amnesty is passed. Think things suck now? Hang on it is going to be a crash dive to the bottom.

      23. I must continue on working as a cube dweller. This is the sacrifice I make to support the education of a gifted and talented daughter. We have our urban house in a cul-de-sac and my wife goes to a fulfilling job as a substitute teacher. She used to make more money working with lawyers but the stress was too much. We are lucky, for now. We owe less on our house than what we paid for it, having around 40% equity, give or take. I work in engineering and am very busy, even have head hunters calling me weekly and sometimes daily. I have turned down jobs that would have moved my family away and often could have been lucrative but in the name of stability for my daughter, we stay in the major urban area we are in, Houston.
        On the Americans working idea…what I see is a bunch of visa workers filling jobs as there are not enough Americans trained to work in engineering. We smell a plethora of unique odors in our “kitchen area” at work, some curry based, some very unusual seafood olfactory abuses and many others un-named, unidentified. I don’t begrudge anyone who I work with, anyone who can do the job, we need. But I do see more than just a “productivity” game going on with new software and new rules. I see more responsibility being heaped on the employees, whomever they be, an insistance on doing more work per person, than I have ever experienced before. Maybe the software does allow us to be more productive but still the base work has to be done and all the extra reporting, fact finding, justifications that they ask us to do, is basically b.s. to satisfy some higher level manager and the schedulers who initially came up with the unreal schedule, they all want justification why it is not happening the way they foresaw, when often, they lack the skills to foresee reality. I see a whole lot of waste in certain levels and a whole lot of demands placed on the real workers. I used to love engineering, loved seeing things built…now it is just a job, to pay bills, so my family can go on in the uncertain times we are in and feel.
        I live a duo life, one as the “cube dweller” making my way through the world everyone says is crumbling.
        The second life as the outdoorsman I grew up to be, with the house in the Thicket and family land to bug out to in case need be. I’m glad I have both and love the second much better. Am fortunate to have a wife that lives both worlds and a daughter that enjoys the country as much as the modern world.
        I don’t put any stock in paper (pardon the pun), I believe in hard assets, metal mostly, with land and agriculture next. Seeds, gardens, water are the most important things in my second life. Who knows, maybe the most important in both lives….


        • This has happened here also. The owners contract the services of an “expert” in lean management. These guys work from a program that is learned at “esteemed” institutions of higher learning but are not practical in the real world. They come in and cut positions, speed up production lines and shortcut procedures. You end up with a stressed workforce and poor quality end product. Good management comes from hands on experience…not a book or computer program. This is coming from someone who has not been a manager, but sees real world results of this fiasco.

        • No video from the front?

        • Unfortunately Caterpillar has been farming out a lot of its engineering work to foreign workers for years.

          • CAT hasn’t had any choice in the matter really. They must adapt or die. Corporations are not designed to die; as vampires they are designed to live forever.

            Under Free Trade, a similar machine produced in China by a competitor using slave labor and a manipulated currency, costs less to buy and deliver to the East Coast of America than a similar machine produced in the States.

            This is the fault and TREASON of OUR elected officials who have courted Big Money and received it. Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

      24. “The jobs recovery is a complete and total myth. The percentage of the working age population
        in the United States that had a job in March 2013 was exactly the same as it was all the way
        back in March 2010.”

        Gee…if that’s the case then why are WE giving the Banking class 85 BILLION a month?

        HARK!!! What’s that sound in the distance…the sound of a train…No,

        …THAT’S the sound of 295 MILLION Amercan’s who no longer OWN or even have a valid RENTAL
        agreement to LEASE a ‘sense-of-Humor’…

        Hmmm, I wonder whether that NEW ‘sequel’ is about to come out yet? You know the one;

        …”The French Revolution, PART II’… 🙂

        The first part was a BLAST!


        • Think Nor?

          A little history here Folks,

          On a lighter, happier note…

          Given the actions of the likes of the Morgan’s, Rockfeeller’s Van der Bilts, et al, it would SEEM that the general sentiment at large today is HARDLY novel…

          …Drats!!…Seems like we dIdn’t have the idea first;

          Up at Business Insider,

          “Here’s Why The World’s First Central Banker Got The Death Penalty.”

          The unfortunate truth though is that the sentence was later revoked…

          ….HOWEVER, I reeeeaally don’t think they’ll be quite so lucky the second time around…..Do you?

          Tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock….


        • The government is protecting the banks to in the end bend us oll over ang give it to us all,
          If obummer was giving 85 bil a month towards infrastructure jobs or loans to build factories and pushing all the multinational banks and business out maybe stuff would be getting better,
          NONE of the 85 bil a month benefits you or me or most likely anyone we know.
          Bring the ropes boys-n-girls we got some purging to do.
          Ill be damned if ill pay thousands upon thousands in taxes to keep some fat cat banksters in their armani suits and mercedes, all that crap burns the same when you douse it in jelled gasoline.

          • <>

            That is the question no one speaks about.
            See, they don’t give a chit about the working man; always the bankers.

            • ~~~If obummer was giving 85 bil a month towards infrastructure jobs or loans to build factories~~~
              I haven’t learned to NOT use those little graphics here yet…pooh.

            • @Jay jay
              Its interesting to me how this crap works,
              The government produces nothing, it takes our money and gives it to the bankers who are in trouble because
              They were trying to make money for doing nothing.
              Then the government takes more of our money to pay to people who are
              Doing nothing!

              ( to any legitimately unemployed or disabled folks, no offense meant to you)

              ( to leaches who game the system)
              Big old one finger salute to you

              Atlas is shrugging

              Good luck to you leaches trying to defy the laws of relativity

          • yep, we can all not pay taxes and just go to jail and get 3 squares a day, free clothing and shelter. sounds like a plan.

      25. “she’ll get by on food stamps and disability checks from Social Security”

        The cloward-piven strategy… overwhelm the system…
        Pure and simple.

        • I suspect the people will be broken well before the system is.
          I think the plan to lower standards of living bit by bit is now operating full blast.
          More people may be put on government subsidies but the money they get will buy less and less over time.
          Witness the Obama push to use “chained CPI”, which is supposed to more accurately reflect inflation.
          Apparently retired people on SS can substitute lower cost food for what they are now eating.
          They can take that 5 oz can of tuna they get at Wal-Mart, add some sawdust to it, and make it last longer.
          The sawdust will absorb water and be more filling, which saves the need to eat more.
          Therefore, according to the “chained CPI” apologists, the actual cost of living will be properly reflected by using a lower assumed CPI.
          We can’t have people actually maintaining their purchasing power, they must reduce it while being told
          that price increases are all in their mind.
          Naturally, monsters like Bernanke don’t recognize inflation as being anything more than a bland statistic, to be tweaked and manipulated like the rest of the financial system.
          This is great stuff, right out of a big brother handbook.

          • oh yea… and watch that 5oz can of tuna turn into 4.3ozs…
            which, btw, used to be 7ozs when I was a kid stocking shelves at 2 guys in Jersey, 60’s era.

            • wow! two guys ! that’s something you don’t hear anymore. went by way of Ame’s and Clover…

              • So you’re an old fart too… 🙂

            • I can remember the 6 1/2 ounce can, then the 6 1/4, then the 6 1/8, and then they blasted it down to 5.
              I agree, it’ll get even smaller and they’ll say people wanted the smaller size.
              So many products have shrunk in size and these lying shills pretend there’s no inflation going on.
              I’m waiting for a dozen eggs to shrink to ten.
              Bernanke and his ilk are scum, along with every apologist that defends their theft, their mealy mouthed lies, and their corruption.
              The media is a joke, going along with this like the lickspittles that they are.
              Frankly, I can’t wait for this waking nightmare to blow up.
              It won’t be pleasant but this agonizing slow drip of crap and fraud day and night is worse in my opinion.

      26. We don’t bring any thing in this world and we don’t take any thing with us when we leave. This life can be a struggle, but my hope is in higher things not of this world. Jesus said My Kingdom is no part of this world.
        This world is fading away. Don’t put your trust in gold or silver. That will be thrown in the streets. My heart is set on the Kingdom on hi. Get right with your maker and read the bible. (B)asic (I)nstructions
        (B)efore (L)eaving (E)arth

        • Psalms 33:18-19

          Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear
          Him; upon them that hope in his mercy;
          To deliver their soul from death, and to

      27. Let’s get this economy rockin!

        All it takes is twenty bucks… give a hooker a job.

      28. Someone help me figure this math out,the US has 300million people and over 100 million unemployed ,and unemployment is 7.6%.

        • @tired of nys bs,

          You really don’t get how they come to that number? It is America pre-school math for Heaven’s sake. Lying bastards!


        • The unemployment rate only counts those who are actively seeking employment and are eligible for benefits. If you take part time work, enroll in school, or drop off the rolls because you’ve been unemployed for too long (“chronically unemployable”) then you are not considered unemployed. It’s heads they win, tails you lose. If they keep everyone unemployed long enough, the unemployment rate will keep going down, without adding a single job.

      29. Just wondering. Can a person use an EBT card to buy an AR15 and ammo?

        • Hell, if the leeches can buy cigarettes and beer with their EBT cards, why not weapons and ammo? At least you can argue that you’re going hunting for your own food!

        • I don’t think so Say When. Hell, when the cashier told me food stamps wouldn’t pay for the dog food I had on the counter, I took and put it back and picked a couple steaks out instead. I guess Rover will eat steak this week.

      30. I just spoke with the friend who works for workforce development. She said that most of the 88,000 new jobs touted by the fedgov were fast food jobs.

        I remember a time when the promise America held was that children would do better than their parents down through the generations. Now getting a job as a cashier at Walmart or Burger King is an accomplishment.

        • My oldest daughter has chosen a two year vocational program instead of a university degree in the hopes that she’ll be prepared for a job as opposed to being the proud owner of a very expensive piece of paper.

          It’s sad, because she is such a smart, talented girl and should be able to study what she wants to and have some options. However, I’m proud of her for being sensible and I really hope it pays off for her.

          • Daisy

            Education for the sake of education is for the wealthy. In the end the question is, “So what are you going to do with that degree”? “Can you make a living at that”?

            There is the way it should be and the way it is. Earning a living is the way it is. She is obviously mature enough to realize it. She will do ok.

          • The fact that she chose the practical path and chose to dive into adulthood without doing the easier 4-year extended adolescence plan is a sign of her superior intelligence. College would do nothing for her. Most people emerge from college stupider than they went in (it’s science, look it up). If she’s interested in intellectual pursuits, a good library or any of the online options like Coursera will serve her as well as a $37k per year “institution of higher learning.”

            • Couldn’t agree more. I wasted years persueing a degree. Years and money that could have been spent really enriching myself and learning something worthwhile – all because I’d been sold some trumped-up ideal. I have 2 brilliant daughters and I will not invest a dime in any ‘higher education’ at any university for them. But they’re young. Does anyone here really think there will still be a large portion of kids going into over $100,000 into debt for some degree in 10 years or so? Honest question. I just don’t see it.

              • IF (big word) they can become Physicians, Dentists or the like or are in the top 5% in math and science opening other doors higher education may be rewarding but it just doesn’t pay the bills but sure in hell creates one.

                Unless we’re going back to the stone age electricians and skilled automobile service techs will be in demand. I think the planned obsolescence in our possessions will become fix it again too. The knack of being able to fix things will be in demand.

          • She will be better for it. Less time for the CORP. university to mess with her thinking. I have never hired a college grad that knew what they needed to know. They all have thought they knew, but re-programming and re-education usually takes a couple of years.

      31. Remember the old misery index that they used? It was unemployment + rate of inflation = OUCH. Well that index is no longer in use because it would make BO look like Carter or worse. So they happily skew the numbers so it looks like there is “ONLY” 7.6% unemployment and the rate of inflation is hidden behind a 17 trillion dollar debt. Everyone ready for the new trillion dollar BO coins? The country and the world is on fire, and no one sees the smoke or even smells it.

        The situation in the world is very suspicious, and it is possible that this North Korean issue is a false flag in the making for some world power; China, Russia, or the U.S. I am wondering why Porky gave that April 10th day which is a new moon. You would think if that wobbling “satellite” that North Korea put up could easily be shot down if the U.S. thought it has a nuke on it. 300-400 miles up is nothing, and U.S., China, and Russia you know have space weapons ready for such a threat. Porky’s grandfather’s birthday is April 15th I think. Why did Porky give that April 10th day?

        Another issue I saw on before it is news is that around April 10-11 there is suppose to be a large earthquake. They say it is the Saturn effect that I personally think is ridiculous because of the distance of Saturn from the planet in regards to gravity. I checked and around April 11 they have been earthquakes, MOST of the time each year. Mexico to South America is so primed right now for something very large that April 11 day could have something to it. There is a 90% chance of a mjor quake by April 14, and a near 100% chance by April 29.

        There is something wrong, as even the crackerjack mass media seems to be waiting for something to break. Might be a good idea for everyone to do some spot checking of their supplies tonight or in the next couple of days. Just a hutch but it seems like Mac might be putting up something in red at the top of the page, breaking news, pretty soon.

        • My misery index used to be how many beers and shots of whiskey I had the night before. ;0)

        • wasnt there some kind of bazillion dollar stock bet due by april 25th?

        • You are 100 percent right BI. Some thing smells real bad and no amount of Oust is going to mask it. I don’t what it is but everyone has the jitters right now. I really hope you / we all are wrong and things sort themselves out. At least for a little while longer.


      32. Sometimes when you can’t find a job, you can find a bunch of little jobs. It isn’t glamorous, but in the past, I’ve had a collection of odd jobs that worked out to full time pay. I walked dogs, cleaned houses, ran errands, babysat and worked at a store.

        It appears to be nearly impossible to find a job in most fields these days. Jobs that used to have 5-10 applicants now have 100 applicants and very few can compete with that.

        • Daisy

          I live in a relatively job starved area and had to take
          multiple odd jobs to make ends meet myself.

          But I never considered piece-meal work a real job, it
          was more like a squirrel foraging for an acorn

          • Out West ~

            I actually kind of liked it. I enjoyed the versatility of it, but I’ve always been the free-spirit type. The work I do now is all in the same field, but it’s a similar lifestyle, with small jobs for different people. It’s a living, though, and that’s the important part. 🙂


      33. message to the POLICE , MILITARY AND DHS TRAITOR GESTAPO …

        Hint to the military, the spies, the police, the assassins and the security forces: If the drills you do, do not include you taking your family with you to a secure underground facility, then you are on the NWO ZOG list of 90% people to be killed.

        DUMMIES . ;0p


        • Message to all the imaginary forces who must be out to get me: please come kill me. I am too stupid to live.

      34. I totally agree Daisy thats why I jumped into the gigalo business, and it’s workin out fine here in Poughkeepsie New York. I’m satisfying all my needs from food, clothing, shelter, vehicle acsess and in most cases cash. I never thought that there were so many sex starved cougars out there. “PREP ON”!

      35. I’m not enslaved to debt on anything because I have been denied access to credit for my entire life. The only time I really wanted to use it was to buy a bugout property in the Ozarks back in the 90s. My application was rejected even with a co-signer and my co-signer had one of the highest credit scores of anyone around. After that, I just gave up on credit and I still rent to this day. If I stop renting I become homeless; that’s my only two options. I’ve even bought cars with cash all my life; never had anything financed. Since I’m debt-free, I can buy more preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. I tried to go to school once back in 1990 but couldn’t come up with any financing for it; glad I didn’t now. I feel TSHTF is coming soon. Still prepping all the way through. braveheart

        • braveheart

          What a coincidence—we must have the same banker

      36. One way or another, Feds were going to intrude on people’s lives and abuse their rights and finally take those rights away. Why? They want control. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening in this formerly “land of the free” and worldwide. Something is afoot and things are going to get worse. But what comes around goes around and what goes around comes around. No person on the face of this Earth will get away with anything. Those who perpetrate vast evils upon innocent citizens will get what’s coming to them. No question about it.

        Keep the FAITH

      37. Reports are available from all across the country that National Guard as well as active duty elements are “training” in civilian population centers, usually small to mid-sized towns (respect and admiration for the military run traditionally high in these towns, which under normal circumstances, is a good thing). These points to a pattern and patterns point to premeditation.

        The beginning of a springtime campaign in the cities & towns of our nation? Rehearsals have also been on-going with local & regional “SWAT” units. Verified in my AO, a large sign near the house being used for practice read, “SWAT TRAINING TODAY”. Two ‘stacks’ were visible on the home with civilian on-lookers. Standard military pre-mission methodology: Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse.

        Anyone care to show me how paranoid I’m being? I’d welcome it, because this does NOT add up to ‘normal’ circumstances & operations.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman

          Paranoia is becoming a national malady, certainly not unique to yourself.

          The television was crackling tonight about Obama taking

          aim at our retirement accounts now. They just keep on

          chipping away at everything we have and there will be

          an inevitable breaking point at some time.

          They know this. It’s what they are gearing up for

      38. Yep, that’s true, Daisy. I’m very much into natural healing and nutrition, have studied it for years. I went to apply for a job at a food co-op a few years back, thinking I could easily land it because of my love of this field. Unfortunately, I was told there were (don’t remember exact number) but basically a thousand or more applicants had applied for the job– just little, rinky dink job! Times have changed!

        • Hey G. I’m covered up in red clover. Borrowed
          A dehydrator and drying the blossoms for herbal teas.
          Any more ideas you can pass on?? Thanks

          Keep preppin’

          • Yellow Dock (root); Shepherd’s Purse (leaves and root); Dandelion roots and leaves; Perilla leaves; Wild Senna (the seeds); Elderberry flowers; Ginkgo Leaves, Willow bark (inner bark), Sassafras root and leaves and Mugwort. Believe it or not, most of these plants except the Ginkgo and Perilla (I had to plant that), grow wild in the pasture behind our home and we have been harvesting them for a number of years. We actually cultivated the Shepherd’s Purse in the garden because it makes a great soup, so does Mugwort. Be careful with Mugwort… it’s worse than mint and will take over if you don’t control it. If, for some reason you don’t like the flavor of the teas made with the above herbs you can always throw in a handful of roasted corn or barley and the tea will take on a “corny” flavor. Iced corn tea by itself in the heat of summer is very refreshing. Just saying.

      39. Yeah its pretty dull out there, keep preppin keep watching and keep calm . When this thing finally goes under the rebuilding of the republic is going to mean full time jobs for anyone wishing to eat. Lets just all remember who will be running things after the SHTF, us. Once folks have seen enough of this silliness the practical and prepared will finally have a voice that matters. No need for any liberal art majors in any degree, I need those weeds pulled or you dont eat, its that simple.

      40. Off topic.. but the http(colon) //n2yo ( dot )com/ website that we’ve been using to track the N. Korean sat. is down.. but it’s down in a weird way. You just get a white screen with a message ” The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable, Please try again later. ” . I’ve never seen that kind of message before when a website was down.. Can someone else try and see if you get the same thing please ?

        • n2yo is still down as of 9:55 PM Eastern.

          • N2yo is back up as of 11:24 PM.

        • @oUCH Same message I am seeing. From iPad and laptop.

          • And still down at 10:24 EST.. gives me the warm fuzzies, I’ll tell you that for nuttin.

            I tried to go there because there are 2 other sat’s I wanted to track, 39027 and 39028, not sure if they are N. Korean like 39026 is or not..

            • oUCH, it’s been down for a while, and oddly none of the other realtime sat trackers have Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 in their inventory. Not sure what’s up, but you’re right, that’s the sparsest “temporarily unavailable” page I’ve ever seen.

              • And the font looks weird too.. not like a normal techno-geek would use.. I honestly never thought that I would, in fact, actually need all the stuff I have set aside for my family.. SOB.. It looks like I actually might. If that don’t beat all.

              • Also, there is no http errors shown, no message that Firefox or Explorer cannot open that website..this looks like that someone has replaced the content on the old website with that page as the new content of the website…
                major hack.

                • That’s what I was wondering about, oUCH — hack. But since I also get potential false flag vibes off this entire NK thing, I wouldn’t put it past the govt. to be behind it.

                  Reminds me of the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

                  • I think that is what the Chinese actually said to Nixon when he first visited them.. no matter what the press said. 😉 They been working a plan all along..

                  • Okay, now we’ve connected Nixon to this. If we work Hitler and Genghis Khan in we win the conspiracy trifecta.

                  • It’s back up, oUCH. Just when I’d figured out that Genghis Khan’s yurt looked a lot like that NK satellite 😉


        When it starts it will spread worldwide since most of the
        defense systems are either automated or destructed by EMP forces.

        You can safely assume that all CAPITALS of the world will be hit
        as well as all major cities, airport, industrial zones and all
        seaports because of tidal waves

        Your best bets are the small towns but then again the bombs will
        fall almost everywhere and the blasts, heat waves, radiations
        fall out will be felt worldwide as well as the nuclear winter

        If you live in a rural are away from big cities at least 40 miles
        you may consider building your own atomic shelter should you be
        so lucky to be home by then and ready to dive into it.

        However most of these shelters are useless unless they are
        either far away from ground zero or deep underground. (30 to 50
        miles away depending of the size of the bombs.) If they are near the
        blast they quickly turn them into deadly oven.

        Besides that you must make sure you have your own oxygen supply
        if you are close by, otherwise the blast will suck it all up.

        3 EFFECTS:

        An atomic bomb has 3 effects: Shock wave, Heat Wave, Radiation.

        Say just for the record about a 2 megatons bomb that
        around ground zero to the first 5 miles radius there is NOTHING!

        From 6 to 8 miles NO LIVES and very heavy destructions, actually
        the only buildings left to stand will have to come down being too
        hazardous and we don’t even consider their radiation level.

        From 9 to 15 miles; some life left but if they were exposed to
        the heat wave they will die since they are burned too deeply and
        most of them have died from the shock wave that brought all kind
        of debris flying, cutting and smashing everything around.


        REMEMBER that we are only talking about a 2 Megatons, the usual charge
        for the average bomb that will be launch is from 10 to 20


        1) If you have nausea and throwing up nearly immediately after
        the blast, it means death within a week.

        2) If nausea and throw up in less than 2 hours, certain death
        from 2 to 4 weeks with invalidity during that time.

        3) If nausea and throw up in less than 4 hours, certain death
        In 3 to 4 weeks after the blast.

        4) If no symptoms show up there are still important risks which
        could appear later on, pregnant women will abort and all kinds of
        genetic defects and malformations will follow!

        Radiation sickness is not contagious but on the other hand one
        MUST not handle any object which was contaminated.

        Keep the FAITH

        • “You can safely assume that all CAPITALS of the world will be hit”
          I for one wouldnt be too bothered if someone nuked dc when the whole house, senate, judiciary, and executive are there,,,,
          Easy way to get a reboot!

          • Howdy Kula,

            Along that line of thought, a story I heard recently went something like this…

            “One day a young woman with two children who had just moved in to a new community took her children to the church just down the street from the house she had rented.

            At the door she was greeted courteously by the typical church greeter and both her and the two children were taken to be seated along the pews therein…

            After she and her children had seated themselves, looking around her at the people nearby she noted one very old woman seated to her right some several feet away…

            The wo,am was very, very old…so in in fact that every small vein in her worn, frail bent hands was clearly visible even from a distance. As it was early and there were yet but few already seated the woman noted that she could hear the woman praying softly…could even make out the words she was whispering. She heard this…

            “Father, I am old…and tired. I have loved yo with all my heart all my life…I have lived in your ways all my days and I am grateful that you have given to me to see the wonders of Your Mighty Handiwork in the World.”

            “I am troubled though Father…for all that I have truly LOVED in this life , all that I have cherished You have taken away from mem fromm the World, in the passage of Time…
            …I loved my dear husband for 47 years till you took him away from me in 2007…
            …I loved Elvis Presley…who you took away too early in his life…
            …I loved my dog Skippy…who loved me as well and who was my constant companion since my husband passed…”

            “Father, soon, I know you will take me as well…I AM ready to come home to you….there is but one small thing i want you to know…one small thing that is in my Heart that I must tell you…here, while I am, still in the World…

            The original last component actually was printed as Barack Obama….

            G’Night Y’all…


      42. I have come to the conclusion that the dumming down of our children is one thing that I can do something about as long as they are in my household. We as parents should make sure that our kids take all the math and science courses thay can. And make sure that they take the hardest math and sciences they can pass. Many times, the system wants us to go for A’s. In todays system, an A could mean the kids aren’t challenged enough. If mine don’t get a schlorship, I’ll pay. I don’t want them to come out with debt. They can do about anything with a math and science foundation. Our boys need to take the trade courses in high school whenever possible. Learn to fix things. Learn to build things. Learn technology; how it is made. And learn how to secure the home networks. There is so much more. But if they don’t want us to home school, then we should use them. Don’t let them use us or our kids. Talk about the information in the text books with your children. Then explain the way our government was founded and why. Teach then to answer the test questions in school but be free thinkers in life. It’s easy to pay the bills on line. But when our sons and daughters see Dad writing out the bills, they will come to know who is responsible. And yes, Mom and Dad are both responsible. But you know what I mean. If our youth is to have any chance, they must learn moral values at home. There are stores that have all kinds of books on how to build things and how to fix things. These should be included in our library. One day, libraries may not be available. But while they are, take advantage of them. Free education at our fingertips. An education is not a degree. An education is the collective knowledge an individual has that enables them to succeed in life. If you go to work and live an honest and decent life, that’s what you children will try to do. If you know how to farm, raise animals, prepare food, can food, sew and mend clothes, repair machines and structures; and pass this information to them, they will have a better chance at success in the future long after we are gone. Now is the time to sit around and talk about our grandparents and great grandparents. Tell our children what skill they had. How these skills will prevail when technology prevails. How many children today do you know that are not able to even read a road map. Can the even orient a road map with a compass. Know the basic functions of a compass. Every skill we can pass on to our children is a small victory. Every skill we can pass on to our children is something they don’t have to depend on the system for. I wish the best for everyone on this site. I pray that we all fare well during the coming years.

        Keep on prepping. Stand To! (Excuse the spelling errors.)


      43. Wonder how much longer it will be before we experience a major bank run at WF and BOFA?

      44. Wildly successful has been the propaganda sold for several decades that Amerika has a large Middle Class. T’ain’t so. Most employed mortgage payers were well paid mortgage slaves. There’s a vast difference between ten percent equity in a half million dollar home and owning it free and clear. There’s a vast difference btwn owning ten thousand shares of Johnson & Johnson and a rusting Honda in the driveway. Well, there used to be a difference, got it. Jist of idea from Charles Hugh Smith, “Imagining a Middle Class does not Create One,” circa October 2010.

        The Power Elite wants most of us dead. They want their greedy mitts on what little we do own. The sequence is: send the jobs overseas (that includes professional work. An MD or CPA in India can read an xray or file a tax return as well as a much better paid American). Jobless soon equals homeless. Homeless soon equals increasingly hungry and desperate. Living on the street one becomes prey to exposure, disease and violent crime.

        If your master in DC taught you firearms and infantry skills, how would you offer your services as private protection to a group of MDs? Or a group of people who build and repair better than they fight? They have skills all would need grids up or down. You have skills they will soon need when it all goes to hell. I don’t mean “protection” as the Capone Mob offered it. I mean a voluntary value for value skills swap.

        At the extreme of anarcho-capitalist thought is private police forces that actually do protect and serve their constituents, their subscribers. Private courts that negotiate. Your subscriber violated my subscribers rights … let’s negotiate a solution. Sorry to burst yer bubble statists but the state isn’t necessary for this either. The conventional wisdom yes but necessary no.

        IN an earlier post I asked someone how they would protect their garden 24/7? Their homestead too. One way skilled people could opt out of a corrupt system is by selling those skills militarism gave them serving the power elite.

        The fight is coming. Don’t know when but it’s on its way. The peaceful productive majority are more skilled at fixing cars or setting broken arms than they are at fighting. If you’re a skilled fighter think about how you will soon be able to protect yourself by protecting deserving others. Who of course would have to be on their guard against you becoming their new involuntary ruler but that’s another post.

      45. The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable.
        Please try again later.

      46. OutWest, you’ve had similar problems? I’m not surprised. There are people all over out here with no access to credit. I don’t even care about credit now. They say every cloud has a silver lining. If I’d been drowning in debt, I wouldn’t even have any preps. You’d be surprised how many people look at me funny when I tell them I’m debt-free. All these people who have the power to approve or reject credit applications can reject anyone’s application they choose and not face any consequences for it. I’ve had to give up on a few dreams because of the whole affair, especially trying to get that bugout property in the Ozarks. Now that i’m stuck in one of the concrete jungles, I’ll be facing all kinds of doodoo when the balloon goes up. I’m afraid it’s coming sooner than any of us realize with everything that’s happening right now. braveheart

      47. I can hear the thunder….there’s a storm coming….

        • that’s not thunder; preppers are just stacking their ammo!!

      48. Okie. Define politician…

      49. Purchase 3K$ in U.S. Postal money order(s) in one visit & you get to fill out a questionare. Dare up to ask the postal lady what questions u have to answer.

        Withdraw 2.5K$ and u are red flagged. Ask your friendly banker.

        Get your fiat, get your fiat.

        Where did mush go…

        • Cashier’s check–going on vacation or traveling; good answer.

      50. Time for a comprehensive immigration reform plan. More competition for less work. God I love this country.

      51. There’s no way I can get a job. I’m in my 50’s. I used to do temporary accounting work but now temp agencies only want very experienced people. I used to work with two agencies but now they never call.

        I have an internet business. Some days are good. Some days are bad.

        • Barn Cat, I don’t buy it. I ran a small business for a while. Small businesses always have a need for ethical, honest bookkeepers. I’ll bet if you pick up the phone and call 20 small businesses around you then you’ll have your own clients. Forget the agencies. BTW, you’d probably love the book “The 90 Minute MBA”. Its focused on real finance for small business.
          I have a real hard time with articles like the above as one could also argue so many people are out of work because they don’t have to work. Maybe the pops makes enough the youth and young adults don’t have to work. Maybe they work off the books or buy and sell houses so don’t really work. Really, with rich people tax rate (long term capital gains) well below hard-working people tax rate, then it makes sense to operate like a rich person. Might be the tax code pushes people out of the payroll lists. Might be people adjust and start to do things with lower tax burden. In the USA, that is stop doing the payckech thing. And same thing that drives jobs offshore too!!!

      52. Holy shiza you people are bat shit crazy.

        • So? You talk like that’s a problem I call it a method of understanding what’s going on.

      53. Keep working, millions on welfare depend on you.

      54. OK, there’s roughly 300 million people in America. 73% of them are over 19. That’s 219 million people in the US who are of working age.

        101 million of them unemployed… that would be 46% unemployment.

        Think about 10 adults you know. How many of them don’t have a job?

      55. All the immigrants have the jobs

      56. “USA” “USA” “USA” “USA” The land of PLENTY!!

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