More Possible Excuses For Tyranny: 6 New Coronaviruses Found In Bats

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Experts, Headline News | 13 comments

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    Scientists have discovered 6 new coronaviruses in bats.  As we’ve seen, just one is enough to cause panic and tyranny, so now that we know of 6 more, governments won’t hesitate to use this as an excuse to further stamp out your human right to liberty should any of these transmit to humans.

    The research, published in PLOS ONE, notes that the viruses were discovered between 2016 and 2018, but aren’t believed to be related to SARS-CoV-2, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) or Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which all jumped from animals to humans.

    While it’s always important to be aware of what kind of viruses are out there and cause illnesses, it’s also important to know that anytime something even remotely minor happens again, the elitists will try to use it as another excuse to put all people on house arrest through fear and propaganda.

    “Viral pandemics remind us how closely human health is connected to the health of wildlife and the environment,” said the study’s lead author and former wildlife veterinarian with the Smithsonian’s Global Health Program, Marc Valitutto, in a statement. “Worldwide, humans are interacting with wildlife with increasing frequency, so the more we understand about these viruses in animals—what allows them to mutate and how they spread to other species––the better we can reduce their pandemic potential.”

    According to a report by The New York Post, this study is important to understand transmission potential.  That is important, but we also need to change how we respond to pandemics for the future.  Killing people’s businesses and banning them from making money while removing what is left of their basic human rights is not a solution.  Hopefully, this will give all of humanity time to reevaluate just how disastrous the global lockdowns were and how little they accomplished for a pandemic that was made out to be far more severe than it actually was.

    Another COVID-19 Whistleblower: A Montana Dr. Says Government Is Drastically Overstating Deaths

    BOMBSHELL: MN Senator Reveals HHS “Coaching Document” On How To OVERCOUNT Coronavirus Cases

    “Many coronaviruses may not pose a risk to people, but when we identify these diseases early on in animals, at the source, we have a valuable opportunity to investigate the potential threat,” one of the study’s co-authors, Suzan Murray, added in the statement. “Vigilant surveillance, research and education are the best tools we have to prevent pandemics before they occur.

    Additional studies will be needed to determine if these newly discovered coronaviruses have “the potential for transmission across species to better understand the risks to human health.”

    We, agree.  And in the meantime, we should all be looking for solutions that are not worse than the problem.  The lockdowns were an experiment and one that has failed in every way.  There are ways to slow the spread of viruses that do not involve ruining people’s lives and impoverishing them to the point that they couldn’t pay for medical care if they do get sick.

    The biggest problem is not a pandemic. As we have seen, the biggest problem is the solution governments and elitists come up with to handle them.

    GOOGLE Is Doing Whatever It Can to De-Monetize us And Shadow-Ban us. During these TOUGH financial times, we ASPIRE to stay completely independent and pay our full staff, so we can continue to deliver VALUE to you. It is possible for you to HELP us, by supporting our COVID-19 expert survival report HERE!

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      1. Kashkari, other Federal Reserve members, Wall Street, silicon valley, the medical mafia, the government, and the media have all been wrong about everything. Masters of deception can never be masters of reality. It is literally and physically impossible! 

        Give up! Confess! You’re busted! AGAIN!

      2. And further more…..Since January about 25,000 dead attributed to the Virus. Almost half of those in New York. And a good percentage of them are not actually killed by the Virus, but rather by pre existing serious medical conditions. So the entire rest of the country was shut down because about 12,000 sick people died and may have the Virus. WTF, over? When this is considered over, the death rate will not be much different than the regular annual flu. And we destroyed the financial well being of our country for this? Could this just be a dry run for something really big? Only the Shadow knows. Think about it.

      3. Kashkari, other Federal Reserve members, Wall Street, silicon valley, the medical mafia, the government, and the media have all been wrong about everything. Masters of deception can never be masters of reality. It is literally and physically impossible! 

        Give up! Confess! You’re busted! AGAIN!

        Somebody sold you fake invisability cloaks! Jack Asses! Walking around thinking that you are invisible! Lol!

      4. Dirty rats with fangs tyranny.
        Bats in the belfry tyranny.
        Eats mosquitoes tyranny.
        Craps from the ceiling…

        No one has officially stopped the snap drills or declared the experiment to be over. As I go outside, in broad daylight, most people are just now starting to follow the rules.

      5. All this economic destruction so some ch#nks can have a steaming bowl of bat soup.

        Thank you, China, for killing so many fat, sick, old and black people!

      6. The Chinese Wuhan biolab was originally funded by Obama to create a place where they could continue research into bioweapons so dangerous that research in the US was banned.

        US agencies financed and provided technical assistance to China. The research included using gene splicing to add viral code from other diseases to make the new Chimera more lethal.

        A major thrust was to sample bats from all over China to find ones carrying the most lethal variations of Coronavirus especially ones that cross infected to primates, pigs etc they found what they were looking for.

        They brought it back to the lab and cultured it, then they added RNA code from AIDS to give it the ability to hide from the imune system. Where they added the RNA they made it obvious. Much like adding a short paragraph mid sentence in to something written by someone else.

        The Chinese lab had a grad student working there, working with this disease. Perhaps an animal bite, or one stupid mistake and she became patient zero. The head of the lab was never contacted by the worker, the local hospital took one look at her, found out where she was working and called the lab. She had already infected many others, it was lose. The Chinese have covered it up, but the problem with the Internet is stuff erased always continues to exist somewhere that someone backed up.

        These details are important, because they imply a vaccine is likely never possible. When the head of the CDC looks into the camera, smiles his creepy smirk and says a vaccine is just months away, is just smoke being blown up our butts. There may be a cocktail of drugs that work, but it took a decade or more to find an effective set for AIDS. Interesting all the Obama appointed or democrat aligned top people seem to be pushing an unobtainium vaccine, while decrying other research. There is a bloody revolution going on right now to topple the Trump Presidency. Is it possible China has a cure? Was the virus designed with an on off switch? China continues to insist the virus is under complete control in China, not possible with a natural Coronavirus and no means of treating people.

        When I prepped for a pandemic, I thought I’d be fighting a natural disease, not one from the psychotic Satanic deep state.

        My final opinions. This thing isn’t going away, currently it’s not treatable, Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc seems to work for a large percent, if you can get a doctor to give it to a conservative.

        They just keep shutting down studies on treatments claiming stuff like the treatment causes heart issues, while Coronavirus is known to cause heart issues…..

        Interesting few to none top democrats have gotten Coronavirus, yet Coronavirus affects liberal democrat cities the most. Are they all living in bunkers, what does Nancy know that no one else does.

        There is an old joke about two men, after playing tennis are walking home. A bear starts chasing them, one guy starts putting his tennis shoes back on. The other dude says what are you doing? Shoe guy says, I just realized I don’t need to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you.

        This thing came from China, China reports “no more deaths”, it’s not spreading anymore even in the most populous nation in the world, no Democrats get it, only Republicans. The CIA says there is no such thing as coincidence.

        Did any of you think the deep state would not use germ warfare? Just one more insurance policy. We are so Fo<€ed.

        • A few things I did right and wrong.

          Love my old rarely used bread machine, twenty pounds of flour, and a two pound pack of yeast from BJ’s. We have to watch we don’t get fat from too much great homemade bread.

          Oops, in the early days I saw this coming, didn’t realize you can crack eggs into silicon muffin trays and freeze them, drop them into a bag then keep them for up to a year.

          Been making my favorite omelet mix of fresh veggies, meats and mushrooms for years and freezing it in a zip-lock. Put a handful into a pan, defrost, sauté, add egg, even canned dry egg and you have an amazing meal. I was missing sautéd mushrooms on some meats. I was like dang, just buy the gigantic I could never eat it pack of mushrooms, clean, slice and freeze them, people walk past these in the store. I now have a six month supply.

          Interesting thing about this disaster, electricity, i.e. refrigeration has been reliable. Use every square inch of your freezer. I do have a generator, plus fuel, the cars are never allowed to go below half.

          Food sources, little is cheap or on sale anymore, been trying to grocery store order on line. It doesn’t work. The system is broken. Plant a garden, I had bought a few of those silly seed vault cans over the years. I questioned my sanity, not now, almost no garden seed available anywhere now.

          Did I say plant a garden, this year, make it big.

          What has worked, orders for canned or dry goods from Target. Omaha Steaks, check daily for specials, order only when you see what floats your boat. Omaha steaks was alway a joke, expensive, my brother in law bough me one for my birthday, every year. I do love a good steak. I did appreciate the gift, What is expensive now? Keep your freezer full.

          Reply if you have other sources that work.

          The real sh|+ is about to hit the fan. Real food shortages, I’m wanting Chickens.

          Thank God it’s spring. Plant a garden. Have lots of protein in your freezer.

          If you were a good lil prepper you have more. Keep your freezer as full as you can

          Did I say “plant a garden”, big as you can. My wife thought me a bit daft, said she’d never eat that crap stashed in the barn, here we are, no food goes to waste in this house anymore.

          I lost a few pounds, just getting stronger.

          Preppers Rock.

          • Last comment on Chickens,

            A long lost freind was raising Chickens for the eggs. She needed the food. Most were old hens, gifts from people who couldn’t get them to lay.

            I suggested she play internet videos of healthy rooster calls.

            As she did, all hens responded to her like she was the house rooster, and started laying again. She noticed the difference in their calls when she was around them.

            Just a tip, Chickens are auditory. Many towns will allow a few egg laying hens, but prohibit loud roosters. Replay rooster calls from the Internet to wake up old hens. It works.

          • Today I’m going to Walmart and stand in line for the chance to buy discounted chocolate Easter bunnies. Really. Last year, I asked the department head if she would lower the 50% reduction to 75% if I bought them all. She agreed; and I cleared the shelves of all the quality chocolate (e.g., Russell Stover, Dove, etc.) I don’t bother with the low-grade stuff like Palmer.

            We have heard very little news about the virus in Africa ….so far. At the rate this thing is tearing through industrialized nations, I can’t imagine what’s taking place in third-world conditions. There is no way that Africa is going to avoid catastrophe.

            I’m stocking up on anything that is considered a luxury and comes from far away. Coffee, tea, chocolate, spices… these may once again become scarce and valuable, just as during the Federalist period. Sugar is already difficult to find in many stores; I’m surprised that these other items aren’t being snapped up also. The longer this situation drags on, the more likely that supplies of these will begin to dry up as well.

            I haven’t heard anyone, anywhere, mention coffee – – but I’ve stocked up on enough to last me at least a year. Same with tea and spices. Onward to the chocolate bunnies!

        • I would have to agree with everything you say. It is a bioweapon that went rogue. Doing an open source search, I found these coronaviruses were being developed and sold by a lab in Winnipeg, Canada. This lab has had a big problem with Chinese scientists stealing IP from the lab and the Canadian RCMP have been quietly deporting Chinese scientists when they catch them.

          Canada’s CSIS admits in numerous reports the country’s government at provincial and federal levels is infested with Chinese agents who are not working in Canada’s best interests.

          The head of the lab and others died mysteriously just as the coronavirus spread globally.

          As far as I can tell the Canadian PM is running interference for the Chinese in this op. He is a good buddy of Obama and Obama basically says he got Trudeau elected. Obama generously funded the bioweapons research in China, Georgia and Ukraine. Trump is not the instigator but the victim of this blowback from the Obama years.

          The Chinese will do anything for money, power and advantage. It is no surprise they took the US research money. But like their food systems, building standards etc. the Chinese cut corners for speed and greed. And in this case the bat corona got out of the lab.

          • I’m not sure this is the first bioweapon the Chinese accidentally let out.

            The current hog pneumonia pandemic raging across the world for the last couple years, resulting in the destruction billions of infected hogs, but so far didn’t cross to humans, sounds like an early version of COVID-19

            Point is this thing is real, and it’s not going away soon. Everyone should be wearing a quality mask whenever you are outside your home. Picture how many times a smoker walked by ten feet away and you got a nose full of the stink, even outdoors. Yes, Coronavirus is that easily transmitted.

            Thus DHS sends out special groups to intercept personal protection equipment orders and confiscate them for government use when ever they can. The US gov is causing the shortages…..they do know something they aren’t telling the American people. Wear a home made cloth mask? Suicide!

            Oh one other thing I did right, in early January I ordered a small UV-C lamp that will kill bacteria and viruses. These lamps also produce ozone that will sanitize the sides of things not exposed to the light. I set up a station in our laundry room, all incoming packages and mail get irradiated. Warning, the light from a UV-C lamp will damage skin and eyesight, do not look at the light, it’s like looking at the light from an arc welder without protection. Mine came with a timer, set it leave the room. It comes on ten seconds later and shuts off where you set it. Also, ozone is bad for your lungs. We close off that area to let the ozone build up to further sterilize objects, but give it an extra hour to disapate before getting our goodies. We deal with fresh produce separately. Hard skinned stuff I just wash with Dawn dish detergent, if I can wash a plate with it and eat off the plate, why not a tomato? We just don’t buy lettuce or other eat me raw, hard to wash foods, but it’s spring and some is already sprouting in the garden.

            Really glad I set this UV-C lamp up.

      7. Mac,
        Thanks for being here.

      8. Take probiotics.
        They improve immunity.



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