More Censorship: Facebook BANS Right-Leaning Group ‘Britain First’

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 26 comments

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    The censorship of those who buck the establishment is continuing with Facebook’s banning of the group “Britain First.” Private companies have the right to ban anyone they want, however, with the ramping up of obvious censorship, the establishment certainly seems like it’s desperately trying to cling to power by silencing those who dissent.

    Facebook has banned the conservative political group Britain First for breaking its rules that prohibit “hate speech” on the social media platform.  Facebook said they had “repeatedly posted content designed to incite animosity and hatred against minority groups.”

    Britain First described itself as “a patriotic resistance and ‘frontline’ for our long-suffering people” that will “restore Christianity as the bedrock” of national life and put British workers first.

    “There are times … when legitimate political speech crosses the line and becomes hate speech designed to stir up hatred against groups in our society,” Facebook said in a statement, according to CNN. And Facebook didn’t simply stop at banning the group’s Facebook page. They banned the owners’, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, personal pages as well. The group’s accounts were later suspended by Twitter.

    Britain First gained international attention last year when President Donald Trump retweeted three videos the easily offended took as “inflammatory” posted by Fransen on Twitter.  The page then became infamous for setting off a political firestorm soon after, that many political pundits assumed strained relations between Washington and London.

    “We are an open platform for all ideas and political speech goes to the heart of free expression,” the company said on Wednesday. “But political views can and should be expressed without hate.”

    This ban also means that the group and its leaders cannot set up Facebook pages in the future. The social media company says it did not take the decision lightly but had to respond to attempts to incite animosity and hatred, mostly against the religion of Islam.  The leaders had posted such things as a comparison of Muslims to animals, and captioned photos with “Islamaphobic and proud,” both of which constitute “hate speech” according to Facebook’s policy.

    “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself.” –Potter Stewart


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      1. Someone tell these idiots that all religions are all man-made fiction.

        Usually by the time a child hits puberty they no longer believe in Satan Claus or Muhammad Ali Jaffe Rodriguez Soretoro.

      2. No loss there. (Think about it).

      3. Islamophobic and proud, yupyup
        Just a self description.

        According to libs your not allowed to think for your self.
        So much so that even agreeing with the 50+gendered wacco’s is racist, bigoted, immoral and just mean.

        I’m waiting for them to start eating their own, it’s history
        and there have been minor instances but I want a big one.
        History as in the french revolution of lefties killing their own
        for not being left enough.

      4. “But political views can and should be expressed without hate.”
        Tell that to a Democrat or a Liberal, they hate any opposition. I do not hate Democrats or Liberals, I despise them and I repudiate them. Hate to a large degree is based on fear. My opinion of Democrats and Liberals is well thought out, they simply are the largest threat to me and my family, and should be eliminated wherever possible.

        • Rellik, AMEN to that one. You sound just like me. I don’t care what libturds think so they can go f#$% themselves.

        • They are just like Nazi troopers,,
          Silence opposition,
          More reason to NEVER disarm,

        • Relik: I agree with you completely…take ALL Liberals and drop them into a vat of napalm for a nice swim.

      5. Its one reason why I don’t do social networking……cept here.

      6. “Censorship reflects a societies lack of confidence in itself.”
        Not untrue.

        Censorship reflects a societies degree of secrets, facts withheld and lies expressed as true facts.

        In England a person can be put into prison for questioning that a certain number of a particular group were exterminated in a particular way. It is the first time in the modern world that intellectual debate on a historical event has been criminalized and its investigators persecuted.


        • Every single nonwhite in Europe should be dealt with as part of a criminal invading army. Get out of England or die.

          That is reality. There are no refugees, just invaders waging war, and the native people of England are losing. Englishmen stand up and fight like men. To hell with all of them.



          • BCA: You are right Sir! They are a vile, nasty, dirty, diseased bunch of Invaders. They will do nothing of any value and will only take and use and abuse and ultimately ruin, and destroy. Wake the hell up people.

      7. When government censors its communism, the enemy of freedom. When business censors it’s their freedom to conduct affairs as they see fit without government intervention. We fight the former and praise the latter.

        “It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or fascist foot”.

      8. Mark Zuckerberg just needs to be added to the list of those we do not allow to go on if and when it all come apart. Give him a real job shoveling outhouse pits out or something. Would be a suitable exchange for all the crap he’s dished out on the world.

        • Heartless: I hope that rat, mutt Zuckerjew gets his when it all hits the fan down the road…Individuals like him are these super rich, spoiled, progressive, left-wing nuts, that want to push their poison on as many as humanly possible. I am so glad I deleted all of that so called social media garbage years ago and do NOT miss any of it for a damn second period.

      9. “Hate speech” is a Jewish invention meant to suppress dissent against White genocide.

        • Beo: I agree. It sure is odd that those on the left and blacks and muslims and various other vile groups can say whatever in the world they care to say and it is fine but as soon as someone on the Right says something, hold the presses, as then what they said is now a massive concern and a huge cluster. The amount of double standards is just staggering.

      10. England is done. And Germany just re-elected that Cunt who is destroying the country?? Wtf? But I read she ran unopposed. They musta just figured on liking the ass screwing they been getting. Gonna be too late to save. That’s my fear for United States

        • Coyote: I agree with you as well. WTF is wrong with these people? Are they really that flipping STUPID or do they enjoy the idea of vile, diseased muslim sand-apes running around killing, stabbing and ass raping their wives and daughters, mothers and others? My God, wake the hell up you damn buffoons. And yes, The U.S. best get things straight as well. Those invaders are an utter cancer that needs to be cut out and removed and destroyed or else, there will be buyer’s remorse big time.

      11. Great Britian and Germany have women spokespersons. Put a women up there anything goes. Mass unwanted immigration, mass decline in original country cohesion. Of course they’re figureheads and uglier than half dead parrots. Where is the internet for dissent and rightly so. Female politicians suck at being as bloodthirsty as old white crones. They make it up by being babbling empty diversionary heads. Duh, what immigrants?

      12. Harsher punishment if you feel that the crime was a “hate crime”. Pure nonsense! Crimes committed out of greed are better than crimes committed out of hate? It makes little difference to the victims what the motive was. Inciting people to actual violence is a crime when it is successful. Inciting people to hate is morally wrong but not a crime.

        Remember the bakers who refused to provide a wedding cake to a homosexual couple? The courts ruled that they didn’t have the right to refuse. Facebook exists because the Federal government created the internet for public use. The owners of Facebook has even less right to refuse to provide service to the public.

      13. I there is a cost for not using Facebook. But I am willing to pay the price for refusing to give my consent to a company that is evil. Facebook is evil. All that government and corporate censorship does is create more rebels and harden their resolve. For every new form of censorship they impose there are people working on ways to work around or find alternative to it. Just because a guy is quiet does not mean he is not very pissed off.

        Old adage: It is not the lion’s roar that signals danger, it is his silence.

        • Yup,,,
          Resolve deepens dayly

      14. And when they pass “hate speech” laws here, we’ll go to jail for our words and thoughts. Just like those “free” people of Europe and Canada.

        • When they do i will make sure they get an earful

      15. FaceBook sucks period! Nothing but a bunch of Liberal, DemonRATS pushing their vile and disgusting agenda and pissing on and trying to silence the Conservative’s Right-Wing opinions. YouTube/Google is pulling the same garbage as well.

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