More Attacks Are Coming: “The Intent Here Was Jihad And It Was Carefully Premeditated And Planned”

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Headline News | 274 comments

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    Though the FBI has been careful to use the term “terrorism” in connection with the San Bernadino massacre on Wednesday, even a novice investigator should be able to conclude that this is exactly what was behind it.

    Immediately following the events in California the media put the anti-gun propaganda into high speed. If you were watching mainstream news you no doubt heard repeated mentions – to the point of annoyance – of words like “long guns” and “workplace violence.” The astute observer knows good and well what the agenda is and at some point today President Obama will confirm it, just as he did following the Fort Hood shooting and the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. They want to disarm you, plain and simple.

    But what happened at the social services center in San Bernardino was anything but workplace violence.

    It was, by all accounts and publicly available evidence, a methodically planned attack.

    The now deceased terrorists produced over a dozen pipe bombs. They came into the office building with GoPro cameras, presumably to record the killings and share them across ISIS-controlled social media pages. They were heavily armed with high capacity magazines and possibly AK-47’s, both of which are on the California ban list. A neighbor who feared being labeled a racist claims that people were coming in and out of their home at odd hours, along with a variety of packages. And, most notably, as The Daily Sheeple reported a full 12 hours before mainstream media would even utter the words, they were Muslims of middle eastern descent. 

    Karl Denninger sums it up succinctly:

    There are those in the media who are trying to spin this as something that “set Syed off” at the holiday party, implying that there was some sort of quick-action rage motive.  This is utterly necessary for the “gun control” narrative that immediately came spewing out of the rectally-inverted President’s mouth within minutes of the massacre occurring, but it is also demonstrably and knowingly false.

    Why?  Because these two left behind 14 pipe bombs, which you can’t manufacture in an instant.  It takes time, effort and planning to make improvised explosives, never mind plenty of care (or you blow yourself up.)  Second, what the hell was his wife doing involved in this and third, they dropped off their young child with a relative before starting.  These cannot be reconciled with a “rage monster” sort of event and instead point to clearly-premeditated and planned action.

    It is quite obvious that the intent here was jihad and that it was carefully premeditated and planned.

    Further evidencing the planning of this act they clearly intended to document their jihad as well as both had GoPro cameras strapped to their vests.

    In addition they had explosives strapped to remote-control cars at their home and three IEDs were found and detonated at the site of the assault, apparently rigged to a toy car remote.  Fortunately they were either not commanded to detonate or malfunctioned.

    So here’s the problem with the narrative that our jackass President and a number of others wish to run this morning: Two or more people intent on jihad don’t give a crap about gun laws and there is no lawful way to manufacture IEDs detonated with toy car remote controls.

    In other words this has exactly zero to do with guns except in one way: When these two sheetheads decided to commit their horrific act there was exactly one opportunity to stop them and that was if a decent number of the people at that party had been carrying guns.

    Source: The Market Ticker

    This morning President Obama will declare another war on so-called “weapons of war.”

    His proposed solution will be to disarm Americans to keep us safe from terrorists, though he will likely make absolutely no mention of Islamic extremism or Jihad as the motivating factor behind these attacks.

    But make no mistake, that is exactly what the case is here.

    Moreover, there are potentially another dozen individuals linked to Syden Farook and Tashfeen Malik, one of whom actually purchased their weapons for them legally from a U.S. based gun dealer. These people are sympathetic to the cause and actively assisted Farook and Malik.

    Just as we highlighted after the attacks in Paris, this is only the beginning.

    There are terrorists in our midst and just last month it was reported that eight Syrians were captured illegally attempting to cross the porous southern border into the United States. The Department of Homeland Security continues to deny that any credible threats exist, even though we know for certain that tens of  thousands of OTM (Other-Than-Mexican) illegal aliens have made their way into the United States over the last decade from at least 14 “special interest countries.”

    “We have left the back door to the United States open,” former Rep. J.D. Hayworth told the station. “We have to understand that there are definitely people who mean to do us harm who have crossed that border.”

    The threat is real.

    We are at war and it has come to our shores. These people intend to kill you. They intend to kill your wife, your child, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, and your neighbor.

    They will sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah to do so.

    As we saw yesterday, when seconds count police are minutes away.

    There is only one way to stop or minimize such attacks in the future and it is the very opposite of what our elected officials will propose today.

    Be armed. Be vigilant. Be ready for war.


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      1. Like I said yesterday:

        Kill ’em all, let Allah sort them out…

        • Well, there will come a point where all scum muslims will either need to be shot and killed on sight, or hauled off somewhere. Same goes for anyone trying to protect them.

          • The protectors are the Lib’s, liberalism, multicuralism, is a weakness brought by the left in this country. Just like with Hitler, weakness encourages despots to do bad things.

            Neville Chamberlain believed all we needed to do is be nice to Hitler and all will be good. That didn’t work out so well…. Liberalism is a mental disorder and it is plain and simple to see.

            This liberalism uses Political Correctness police speech to not blame islam for this, but instead blame the tool used in this heinous crime.

            Stop Lib policy and we stop this insanity…..

            • Thank you Stan for your excellent comment.

            • They will not stop though Stan and everyone posting here knows this. Gonna have to bury them along with the islamic savages.

            • Stan, most of us that are God fearing, redblooded Americans need to be more vigilant and ready to take action. The politics and the liberal media are in the tank. I agree with you 100%….And God bless our police who have been vilified by this administration and Black lives matter. Where are their comments NOW…. crickets.

            • Stan, most of us that are God fearing, redblooded Americans need to be more vigilant and ready to take action. The politics and the liberal media are in the tank. I agree with you 100%….And God bless our police who have been vilified by this administration and Black lives matter. Where are their comments NOW…. crickets.

            • Well said ! The Obama voters said twice they wanted America fundamentally transformed. They got their wish and here is just one of the results. They were to ignorant to ask, ” transformed into WHAT ?” Many of them will be dying right along with us. The big difference is, WE will fight back ! They will whine for more government protection.

          • This really makes me laugh. Especially since you’re far more likely to die of brain eating bacteria than a terrorist attack. Be skurred, be vurry skurred, not.


            But hey, if you could just get the right criminal in the Whitewash House, your country will begin to improve immediately. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, please. They’re coming for our guns either way no matter who the Criminal in Chief is and that’s what’s all this is really about. Right Rham? Never let a good crisis go to waste?

            • Joe, it speaks to the further degradation of individual rights. It’s your choice to own a gun or not, but don’t ridicule me for embracing one of the rights I’ve got left. I’m a law abiding citizen, why would you try to ridicule me for doing so ?

              • Ridicule you for what? I bet I own guns than you more than you. I’m just calling it as I see it. They are coming for OUR guns, just like I said. They can go ahead and take mine, from my cold, dead hand, to loosely quote Charlton Heston.


          • Menzo, you are just an antisemite.

          • Had to do a little research on the endless hordes of Muslims, now 1 percent of our population and rising.

            JFK decided that our immigration law a which mainly allowed northern and western Europeans in and excluded others had to be changed. He was assassinated, but it was pushed through Congress and signed by LBJ as the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. A provision added late Iin the process was for those who want to “join families here.” The beginning of chain migration. It also included the education preference, exploding foreign students in our universities who stay in through their doctorate in hopes of getting in that way. The promise was this would not change the face of
            America because there was no compelling reason for mass
            immigrationfrom Muslim countries, for example.

            Until the Bush regime where endless ttrouble making in the Middle East
            East drove Muslims into this country. Ditto Obama.

            So how do we repeal the Immigration Act of 1965? Put pressure on your fol m s in the House and Senate, please.

            • I don’t have enough money to “put pressure” on any of our so-called representatives in D.C. Maybe I can own a senator for Christmas???

          • Well it’s now come a time that the muslim in the white house should have a hit put out on him.

        • em=americans

        • As I posted in another article here on SHTF Plan, one needs to put themselves in their shoes. The US along with its Allies have absolutely ruined the MENA on purpose. The objective was a divide and conquer strategy. Four areas which were doing quite well have been turned into desolate war zones, Iraq, Yemen, Lybia, Syria. On top of that the US created and encouraged ISIS.

          As the saying goes, Karma is a bitch.

          • Ok, I’ll put myself in the shooters shoes: He was born here in the US, enjoyed all the benefits of a western upbringing, enjoyed a decent education and a local government career, enjoyed the freedom and security of travel around the world as a US citizen, enjoyed freedom of religion, and celebrated it by walking into a facility for the treatment of developmentally disabled individuals and killed a dozen or so of his coworkers. Sound about right?

            • Classic!

            • Yep, that’s it, but somehow that’s our fault, according to the brain-dead zombies out there who will never, ever, admit that their world view of the USA as the root of evil, that their beloved enforced multicultural society, their open borders paradigm, the misunderstood religion of peace, the entire mantra of the left, is completely and utterly a lie.

              People are waking up, no one is believing their bullshit anymore, except the indoctrinated fools.

            • Yup, talk about biting the hand that feeds you and I can’t even find a semi decent job, my God, what a true cluster if I have ever seen one. . .

          • 1400 years of Islamic jihad attacks on Christian nations are quite enough, it’s time to end this by whatever is necessary. This demonic religion started jihad before Mo was dead and have continued since, just watch “Why we are afraid, a 1400 year secret at This isn’t a response to Western actions, it’s what the Koran tells it’s followers to do.
            It’s time for all the infidels to gather for the final crusade!

        • I got banned from ANP for posting something like that,,,
          Sope people are not in touch with our eventual reality where the violence of the middle east comes here to roost.

          • Used to know a young woman that claimed the fastest way to get rid of a creep on a bus was to ask “Have you been saved? and start talking about the Pentecost”.

            • During Thanksgiving dinner a friend of mine who is a preacher, was telling a story of when he was just starting out and naive. He and anther preacher picked up this rough looking hitchhiker, and when they drove away they started getting creepy feeling from the guy, so the guy in the passenger seat turns to the hitchhiker and says, “Are you ready to meet Jesus?” The guys eyes got real big and asked if they were going to kill him. He begged them to just stop the car and let him out. LOL. Two preacher types scare this scruffy hitchhiker with a innocent question.

          • ok THAT was fantastic!

        • Eppe says,
          BIG YUP< been trying to tell people and MAYBE those people will OPEN there f—–g eyes now and start to understand, we are infidels and we have to be converted or killed, there is NO room to be a nice neighbor and or friend, it is there solemn DUTY, so when your brainwashed that you get a HIGHER level of heaven when you do Allah work then what the HELL do you expect! we have not even begun to see what is about to happen here in the states people are going to be woke up the hard way!!

          • So why has muslims not yet killed orthodox christians that has been resideing in and amoung said muslims in most if not every mid east nation since Jesus walked earth?

            None of them christians converted and they remain alive..Although Yes currently they have many troubles which come direct from usa and israel and england’s creation of alciada on steroids aka ISIS aka Israeli Secret Intel Services.

            Forget gas pipe lines or oil wells etc etc…Yeah they desires all that also…But the number one main reason for killing off as many as possible and makeing refugees of those what remain alive…

            Is so that the jewish state of israel Can acomplish Its zionist goals of ownership of ALL mid east lands as biblically spoken of 4000 years ago to abraham.

            And everything now done there is next taught to deluded usa christian apostates as it is Gods work! and Prophecy come true now!

            BS…Their so called abrahamic “Real estate” deals hinged upon total obedience of and to the Mutual covenant which they royally Failed at doing once too often so even God Himself disowned it and Them. And no such covenant land deals were ever given to Any Khazars who didn’t yet convert to judaism untill 750 a.d.

            But promoteing it as prophesy fullfilling sure geeks up much unquestioned defense and support, especially for more WARS! More Millions innocents deaths!

            Ironic that its going on 15 yrs now and not yet has state of israel nor jews been attacked even though daily we are told israel and jews is main enemys and objects of islamic hate etc eh….So far its been Other muslims and christians that got killed off…Only Many Millions More been killed by usa-british-Israel war plans and effects compared to killed by muslims.

            Easy to see here at shtf which folks has been hannitized and foxtvzioized eh.

          • I can’t help but wonder, prophetically speaking, if there is anything in writing (or legend) that states we will not prevail? Since nothing exists …I would tend to believe that we WILL prevail …no matter what they “throw” at us. We are Americans. Smart, tough, resourceful and determined especially when we get back into a corner. (They just fucked with the wrong people …meaning: the actual people of the USA and not our “representatives” who have created an uproar and calculated mess of the middle-east (allegedly …I’ve no idea what has set off what so far). It’s enough to know we are indeed “under siege” and at war on our home soil. Isn’t that just fucking dandy…

        • Amen my friend!! But this bunch of liberal ,ass pukes will NEVER EVER do anything close to that, but its okay for them to attack us left, right and up the rear twice!! Wake up America before it is too late, it may already be too late I hate to say and think.

      2. On the news they are going to use women in front line combat do they forsee not haveing enough males soldiers or going through alot or fighting multiple locations fronts

        • Fucker Lucifer

        • I think you are right: double your draft intake in one go by allowing females. Women can undertake most combat roles apart from specialist roles (special forces).

          I suspect they anticipate multiple foreign and domestic fronts and thus a need for substantial recruitment into the Armed Forces to do it.

        • OK– he gets a bus full of virgins. What is her prize?

          • 72 Sybils…

        • We have not killed enough yet to satisfy Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan’s wars. So now we use the “Slaughter Your Daughter” technique.

      3. Who has provided a positive ID that those that were involved in the alleged shooting at the center were in fact the two that were killed by police? Where is the evidence? Where is the proof that these two people did it? The police say they have identified the two that they killed that were in the black SUV.

        • There were survivors an witnesses. It seems the police knew within the first hour who the main shooter was. They just didn’t tell anyone until the Feds said OK.

          Did you find it even a little curious that within minutes of the announcement of the shooters name four hours later that the local CAIR chapter had a public news conference that featured the shooters brother in law?

          The FEDs meaning the Obama administration managed this thing from the start. Imagine the news media knowing this was an Islamist terror attack and hiding that fact while they ran their anti-second amendment infomercial packaged as news coverage, even while Obama and his administration did the same from the White House.

          • My question is, where is the third shooter??

            • Someone else…….. WHITE HOUSE, CONGRESS, SENATE. However the mastermind is located in the WALL STREET.

              • Stolz: Compare book of Rev. verses To how ironic it is that Wall Streets Huge Bronze BULL statue out front of main entrance……Compare to Rev states of a “Babylon” “Woman/Queen” the sits atop wild beast animal like a Bull, and is in control of that beast animal as its rider would be…

                And biblically a woman can represent a religion or church.

                And statements about the Lands of sodom and ghomorah where the Lord was crucified etc…And mentiones seven Hills….While most folks claims that is the vatican in rome etc…

                There can be NO doubt that religion aka a “woman” Is Babylon Talmud, the seven Hills of Jeruselem,(all 7 named in bible) and today NO sane awake person can deny that the entire usa fed govnt and every possible entity we call society and culture of any nation and its peoples has been Hijacked royally By Israel and zionists and jewish control freeks.

                HQ of finance Is Wall street globally….And who owns and runs wall street at least 90% or greater?…Same folks whos dual citizenship is with Israel aka woman that rides/controls that beast/Bronze Bull out on sidewalk in front of main ent of wall street HQ.

                Its obviously a symbolic meaning in part by mentions of the Lord killed in sodom etc when that orig sodom was egypt lands Not in israel…So it has to be symbolic reference meaning a comparision TO sodom Now within jeruselem israel lands which Is location he was killed at.

                What a great huge deception to get most every usa christian looking to rome italy and vatican for it all to come down while in reality the MAIN antichrist culprits hangs out in mid east israel land!

                Just Dump hagee type dispensationist mambojambo and clear out head, then RE read it all with an OPEN Mind this time and see what develops….

            • They report a third person is in custody, police are not discussing any details about that person. Possibly he is detained under terror laws that let the government make him or her be disappeared. It has been over 24 hours, so unless they were quietly released I thinking we may never hear about this person!

        • Do you think perhaps no one saw the attack happen?

          What do you mean ‘alleged shooting’? Do you think it didn’t happen?

      4. That half nig piece of shit in the “WHITE HOUSE” wants us all dead.

        • I will destroy you Satan rite now in the name of JESUS!

          • JS

            Did you mean, Right. Instead of Rite. Just checking ;0)

            • Jim, apparently it didn’t work. Try that again please.

            • WORD FASCIST!

              LOL, stay on target sling.

              • AGENT SKINHEAD

                Had to poke fun. ;0)

        • Ever notice, that the Black Caesar has purple lips?

          Speaks of having an Arab in the woodpile…
          Just sayin…

        • Was listening to Hannity interview trump on patriot radio. He all but came right out and said that if the president is not stupidly naive he’s a terrorist.

          • (insert polite comment here) 🙂

        • marty you’re wrong about him. He’s not a “half-nig”. He’s 100% all-nig, even the half-white part of him.

      5. You would think that, at some point, the rug would pulled out from Obama. Truth is dead in our government and new media, but he/they can’t always get away with it. That time may be now.

        • If the rug were pulled out, have you seen the V.P.? What’s scarier than Obummer? Biden, the ass clown of the currant WH Admin.

      6. Well said Mac.

        • I have spoken with lots of folks in the last 24 hours about this — everyone knows what the hell is going on.

          We all know it’s Jihad terrorism influenced by Islam.

          We all know Obama and his ilk will try to push further bans, restrictions and confiscations.

          We all know that the only way to stop such an event should we ever be caught in this situation is to have a weapon on us because by the time the cops get there everyone will already be dead — and most law enforcement personnel would agree.

          It’s simple really.

          When war comes to your doorstep you have only ONE option.

          • Mac, actually you have several options: firearms, flamethrower, booby traps, trap doors, chemical gasses, directed magnetron tube emissions, thats just a few lol 🙂

            • Maybe in your deluded mind you can walk around with flamethrowers and chemical weapons, but the rest of us will stick with guns and knives, thank you.

              • Yup,
                Pretty easy to conceal a compact 1911
                Not so much for a flame thrower with a trap door thingy

                • You DON’T carry those with you geezus. You use them as perimeter protection! Do I have to explain this really?

              • Sorry those items are over your head smokey. In your deluded mind you think guns are the only way. Let me know how that works out for ya lol.

                • And who is we? I think most people here are smart enough to know what to do with the other things I mentioned. You really should just speak for yourself because WE aren’t that stupid 🙂

                • You need to change your moniker to Idiot.

                  Go right ahead and build a flamethrower, see how that works out for you.

                  Moronic numbskull.

                  • Ha ha ha, you really are an idiot! Have you ever heard of guerilla warfare? Only a moron would not incorporate guerilla strategy and think they will just shoot their way out of everything. I will win, you will die. The thing is your so stupid you can’t even see how stupid your remarks are lol.

                    • When it comes to guerilla tactics I can improvise all kinds of things that you could never think of (not saying much). I am light years ahead of your simple minded ways. I think Hannity is on, you better go now lol.

                    • Genius and smokey

                      There are plenty of improvise weapons that you already have and can assemble them at home. Nasty stuff too. Flamethrowers have their place but having a bottle of insecticide thrown through my home window and breaking is really bad. Would you have the gear to combat that scenario.
                      That is what the Raiders will use to drive many from their homes.
                      Some can be used for diversions others deception depending on what it is and how you use it.

                      Some people would be happy with a .22 cal. rifle while others would want a tank.

                      If a person handed me a flamethrower for free I would not call him names and turn it down. Fuck, Let’s burn something!

                  • Smokey

                    There is a site that sells flamethrowers and are legal to own at the moment. Around $700 last go round. They had a nice video for sales. Very compact.

                    • sling, they are easy to make and a lot cheaper too. Unwanted visitor at the door? Roast them lol. And I don’t mean answer the door to do it lol.

                    • Moron.

                      Insane psychopathic fantasies.

                      Shouldn’t you be digging some pits in your front yard to catch terrorists in?

                  • Actually, and honestly, I did just that (built a flame thrower of sorts), and it works wonders (in this case it is for setting small fires so that you can curb a larger fire from coming through …or getting over a ‘fire-break’). But, I see no reason it wouldn’t be useful to REALLY put some PSI’s into the bitch and hose down the area (just never put the sob on)! lol…. (I converted an old “Indian Water Pump” …originally restored they are grand tools to have …but NEVER on your back full of fuel. Holy Hannah!

          • Sherriff Joe just said that the 250,000 ccw holders in AZ
            (no longer required to have one) need to step up draw their weapon and stop this sort of thing from happening here.

            • Ulster county in New York has called for the same. Must make the gun grabbers warm and fuzzy

            • Genius.of course those are options,in Detroit,at least until last week,one could legally buy a flame thrower,bottle of bleach and another of ammonia thrown/broken together,poison gas,hell,the list is endless with 100 bucks and a big box store,sure,carrying a flame thrower not the best idea as daily carry(well,at least until the floodgates of fun open!)but there are many great things one can build for the 4th of July!

              • OK,flame throwers for sale in Detroit and the USA: ht tp:// ,space to avoid the dreaded moderation game between http,get a flame thrower folks!

                • Dammit, you can make one out of junk and a propane hose very easily. Old appliance parts, pipe, etc. Nothin fooks you up and freaks you out like being on fire lol. It’s not meant to be portable. For longer distance heating think tannerite and a glass jar of gas gel. Thats all I can say about that 🙂

                  • Fat, mommy’s basement guerilla, seventeen, maybe.

                  • I can. For those of you that use ‘propane bottles’ (any size but I am speaking of the 14.1oz or 400g BERNZOMATIC propane ‘bottle’. Use them until there is just a small bit of ‘liquid’ propane left in the bottle. Now, “dress”(meaning: “camo” your bottle so that it blends perfectly with a tree (or whatever!) (cover it with bark(or whatever) and even put a dead limb into it and keep it about chest height (I like just over the head myself). Cover the outside with glued on nails, glass, BB’s, “frag” of any sort that you have (even sharp rocks are great). Obviously, you then shoot that sucker at the right moment and any approaching/potential threats will be immediately engaged in other, far more important things digging out shrapnel and putting out their burning clothing and skin.
                    Are they legal? rofl Do I care? This is war! (All is fair in love and war). Since it is an affirmative that “they” wish to kill or enslave/convert every last being on earth, it is a given that these people must die.
                    Genius …we’re SO on the same page. thumbs up

                • You’d need a fricking flame thrower in Detroit.

                  Hell you’d need a damn minigun.

                  • Fill a super soaker with gas and styrofoam .

          • One option? No way. Do I go with 30-06 AP, .223, 308, for MBR; 45 FMJ, or 9MM HP? Lots of options. Do I go with basic green or do I try Black? I’m near panic boots or sneakers? AHHHH

          • This was just a warm up. I have real worries about doing much Christmas shopping at any large mall. Read Matthew Brackens new essay TET 2016. I think he nails what is coming down the road.

            • I’m with you. The nice option we have in this day and age, is online ordering. That is going to be our primarily means this year again, as it has become much easier to just click-click-click.

              I think I’m going to do more grocery shopping online as well. I go out biweekly but it’s time consuming and with the sh*t getting deeper, I feel better staying close to home.

      7. Facts:
        1-Every single terrorist attack on this planet is done via the followers of the satanic salt located in the desert shit hole of Saudi Arabia.

        2- Since the formation of the so called ISIS barbarian army the two fictional enemies named Saudi’s and Israeli’s are the closest allies and no longer in the closet allies.

        3- Now the puppet in the WH and the rest of two party puppets wants to disarm Americans.

        Can you SHTF readers connect the dots? If not you deserve what is coming in a very near future.

        • Thank you Stolz Vorfahren for a small voice of reason in a sea of unreasonable responses based on emotion and not fact.

          • RJ, Thanks. The real enemies of freedom and freemen have used the sea of unreasonable responses based on emotion and not fact for decades to destroy the humanity.

            • Stolz, Danke mien hier! 🙂

              • Mit Vergnügen…Genius.

          • Latest headlines:

            “1,000 rabbi’s urge Congress to allow Syrian refugees into America”.

            How many Syrian refugees are being allowed into Israel?

            When will we wake up to who wants America turned into a shithole? Or destroyed?

            • Or why synagogs are never attacked, or isreal is never attacked, or saudis are never attacked, etc…

      8. I would like to see everyone in the US who owns a gun to start open carrying without regard to permits or laws.

        Just imagine a couple of terrorists step into a room to cause mayhem, and everyone in the room pulls a gun on them.

        • No, only 3% of us would pull a gun.

          The rest of ‘America’ has been turned into a bunch of sniveling whiny ass pussies.

          • THUMBS UP!

          • God all mighty needs to kick Lucifer’s ass rite now before it’s to late.

          • Really???

            That is a great statement about the 3%. Ten Million Gun Owners but very few will use a gun.

            Doesn’t sound like we are as big a solid force as we thought we were.

            • First; Try over 100,000,000 gun owners. Then know 6,000,000 Have CCW’s. 3% of 100M is 3X the size of US Army. I don’t need more.

          • Really, the only pussies are people who DON’T own guns. I’ll pull a gun if necessary.

            • I agree braveheart. Guns should be required in every house. People should secure their guns in a easily accessible way. People should also be held accountable for the gun (s) they own. If you are careless and or stupid and your gun is taken from your car or house then you should be responsible for the crimes committed with the gun.

              • Like voting there are some people who should not own a gun. Too stupid and careless. Like most voters.

              • If everyone were required to own a gun, there would be a lot less guns stolen.

      9. FBI has been careful to avoid using the term “terrorism”


        Even Stevie Wonder could see that this is “terrorism”

        The FBLie is an embarrassment. How come the NSA or Homeland Security didnt stop this?

        • stevie wonder is too busy singing about “freeing his people” on Apple commercials to “see” anything….

          • How did Stevie Wonder’s parents used to punish him?

            Leave the plunger in the toilet lol.

            • Whats the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?

              Where you mount the dirtbag!

            • How did Helen Keller burn her fingers?

              Trying to read the waffle iron.

              • Why did the blonde go to church?
                She heard there was a guy hung like this..

                [———————– 🙁 ——————–]

      10. don,t let any Muslims buy any firearm even one who are born here they are the enemy of the usa once they are here in usa will plan against usa using our resources against us why must be played like this losing our rights because of some towel head who hates america and wants to kills us yet we let them in this country by the millions and then wonder why this is happening we give real weapons missles machine guns to the ememy in middle east use against us how dumb are we funding them who knows hows much of those weapons made it back to the Muslims in the usa yet our gov,t want to ban us from owning guns yet give them to our ememy round them up ship them out of usa even one born here yet we coddle them make excuses and blame american gun owners for actions of the muslims this is wrong

        • You need some periods in there bro.

        • I don’t know if youre aware of this but theres such a thing called punctuation its used among other things to prevent runon sentences and generally makes your posts easier to read so from now on please take the extra time when posting to punctuate your sentences ok because that’ll be much appreciated thanks oh and by the way have a nice day

      11. Damn I miss the good ole days. There are countless problems endangering us. A faltering economy, racial antagonists, moral erosion, terrorists, self serving politicians just to name a few. Granted, we’ve always had problems but never to this extreme. When they are added collectively, no argument can be made that any government intervention can solve these problems. If you can’t see that we are standing at the door of the tribulation/ armegeddon, you are blind. This is not gonna stop until it gets so bad that God will intervene on behalf of his people. I truly hope you know him and are one.

      12. Their own strategy works against any Liberal Solution.

        If you see something, say something.
        Then if they are Muslim, shut up or you’re a racist or an Islamophobe.

        Maybe they should issue check off lists to insure proper procedure to identify and reporting to the authority’s

        • If you live in West Virginia and meet a terrorist, tell them how to get back to the freeway, because they must be lost.

        • See something, shoot something, bury something, forget you ever saw something. Repeat as neccicary!

        • That’s really easy.

          Is he white, and male, or is she white, female, and over the age of 70?

          THEN say something. Shit, make some bullshit up even.

          Otherwise shut up.

          Easy. See?

      13. Its funny, they talk of “getting weapons of war off the streets”
        They have more to worry about from my bolt action “hunting rifle” than any of my black guns,

        • yep, why do you think they had to kill Chris Kyle .. because any man that is a threat to you a mile or more off, is a “presidential” or regime threat.

          • I thought I was the only one thinking this.

          • Chris Kyle was a fuckin psycopath that loved killing. He stated that he despised the iraqi people and wished he had killed more of them. You think this asshole was a hero? Fuck him he needed to die!

            • I never read anything like that about Chris Kyle. I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I’d Believe him before an Iraqi.

        • Kula, 10-4 on that. You have a much better chance at a distance than any close up confrontation. Avoid close quarters combat if at all possible and get to where you can shoot and scoot.

          • One shot,
            Lay low
            One shot
            Lay low
            Get the drift

            • And leave behind some nasty suprises for them lol 🙂

        • That’s why the initial reports used the term “Long Guns”

          • California already effectively bans any firearm that even resembles an assault weapon.

            They have already floated propaganda that the “Long Guns” were legally purchased, they were not. They appear to have been “straw purchases” in another state, and then illegally brought into California.

            So to say they were assault style weapons would indicate that California gun laws didn’t work. With this line of propaganda they can claim they need to expand the existing assault weapons ban to other long gun types.

            • They may have been part of the huge gun collection that Holder and Obama sent to Mexico. If they were, nothing will ever be said about it. How are we to know that Holder didn’t send these guns to Mexico, for this intended use, in the first place.

            • Bought by who? CIA????

        • I think “they” should indeed immediately mount their campaign to disarm the Thugs-in-Chicago, and disarm every last one of them living in public housing immediately. We could sell pay-per-view tickets of that fun and possibly pay off the national debt, so many people would be interested in viewing worldwide.
          89 people (not that black lives actually matter in Chicago of all places) were shot this past weekend inside the adopted hometown of our DearObamaFurher and his pal Rahm(Chai-Boy)Emmanuel.
          Not a peep from the Pravda-Propagandists-of-Marxism. Wonder WHY that really is?

      14. Open season in the near future on all non-whites. No bag limit. Shit is about to hit the fan!!!

        RIP America!!!

        • This is uncannily honest. There are few debates as to who the enemy is, only PC.

      15. It’s workplace violence!!!!

        Don’t you understand if you will just give us your, AR’s, you auto-pistols, wine bottle openers and patatoe peelers we can all be safe!!!

        We’ll put up really big “NO GUNS OR SHARP OBJECTS ALLOWED” signs and evryone will respect that for sure!!!!

        And maybe make Obama ruler for life since every facet of American life is so great now!!!

        (The pathetic thing is there are those who would agree…)

        • Hows that been working in Auz and GB? Seems they still have killing

          • Cain killed Abel let’s outlaw rocks….

        • OMG, a tree fell in the forest, and no one heard it. Quick call a hazmat team and weapons disposal experts, because there could be sharp sticks just lying about.

          And now CNN will interview the blind cleric for his views on “Sharp Sticks” and the religion of peace!

      16. isis needs to blow up the gates of hell and satan.

      17. Active shooting drills nearby,my guess is was allowed to happen to get folks geared for another war and war on our rights in name of “safety”!The ironic part is folks determined more then ever to be armed and do not believe letting in a bunch of refugees from countries that hate us will help.There is a much bigger picture here folks,stay armed and ready for a attempted loss of more rights,time for the citizens to draw a line in the sand and unlike obola actually defend said line by ALL means necc.

        • Ya, they will roll out CAIR talking heads and a slew of progressives espousing the benefit to our society of removing firearms other than single shot hunting rifles abd double barreled shotguns them pass an emergency proclamation by the president declaring martial law and the suspension of the constitution so they can get this thing under control,
          One thing they are not considering in their infinite arrogance is the fact that most will not go along to get along,
          At some point everyone has their screw it moment, that would be when,,,,

          • I’ve about met mine. I filed a complaint with the police commission, against the police chief, maintaining he is in violation of Hawaii law and 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law, regarding his refusal to issue a Concealed carry permit to me, purely based on his opinion.
            No facts, no medical issues, Just because he can.
            I expect them to uphold the chief of police. When that becomes the case. The police chief is a criminal and the people overseeing him agree that is OK, then I will no longer feel obliged to follow the law of man. I will drop back to the Law of Moses and observe only that, there are only ten commandments, so it will be easy to remember.

          • Kulafarmer, the ‘screw it’ moment really came for me last week when I discovered my home broken into. 2 of the 5 handguns that were stolen were my favorites and I will be replacing those 2 between now and Christmas. No ‘going along to get along’ for Braveheart. The libturds and ragheads from CAIR can kiss my patriotic ass. I’m not giving up shit. Let the f#$%ers bring it on. I’ve got something they DON’T want.

            • Brave,why the moniker changes/add ons?Anyhow,screw waiting for the local show,go out first chance and replace one of your missing family members,long ones great but a concealed carry when needed,like about now,is a great add on and should be immediately rectified!

      18. Once again Americans brought gadgets to a gun fight. When is someone going to tweet ‘We are shooting back!’? America has enough gun owners. What America really needs are more ARMED CITIZENS.

        • Amen!

      19. The Last news gathering it was stated the two shooters had NO CAMERA’S

        We will see if something shows up on Utube.

      20. CNN mentioned in passing early yesterday that it might be milita.
        Now with the info being released they are bending over in every possible way to say it might be something, anything!, other than terrorism.

        They had gone to Saudi and Pakistan earlier and were making bombs in the basement…

        Addition had always been challenging for the federal government…

        • Especially when you get into numbers like 2+2

      21. Just put a “Crusader’s Cross” decal on the stock of my 590A1. I just want the savage scum to know where the 00 buck is coming from.

        Psalm 139:21-22 ” Do I not hate them, Oh Lord, who hate you? and do I not loathe those who rise up against You? I hate them with a perfect hatred; I count them as my enemies”. NKJ

      22. About a month ago, my son was in a wrestling tournament involving 20 schools. Near the end, close to the championship match, a dad kept screaming until finally the ref had had enough and went over and got literally nose to nose with the guy. The ref kicked him out of the gym and this guy looked mad, and I mean furious.
        The remaining time I was there, I could not enjoy the match because I kept watching the doors to see if this nut would come back and shoot up the place. That, ladies and gentlemen is the world we live in. Be armed, alert and attentive to your surroundings.

        • at least in my state you can OC in a public school if you have a CPL

          yep , they hate me .. haha fuck em

          see if they hate me after i save their miserable lives

          • @Robin Sage

            You really have a hero complex. Always posting about how you are going to “save” somebodies life.

            • Anon, you have a nothing intelligent to say complex. Robin on the other hand does have some good things to contribute.. Don’t feel like your being condecended to, speak up with some wisdom or good stuff!

      23. I hear that the Baptists/Presbyterians/Methodists are deploying a large number of “Church Ladies” armed with dishes of “Tuna Casserole” as a counter to ISIS attacks! (sarcasm)

        Really, when was the last time a group of Christians posed a threat in this country, ever?

        • Stars, when they came to this country and slaughtered the natives?

          • So about 125+ years ago? How is that relevant to what is going on today?

            Oh wait…….it’s not!

            • I guess I should put (sarc) after sarcastic comments lol.

              • Lol!!!

                • I thought you were serious too!!!

            • maybe not relevant , but it is and was significant

              especially if those were your ancestors and you give a fuck about how history repeats its self

              like the picture of the Indian that says

              oh the government took your house? .. tell me again why I should give a fuck

              • YOU gain, huh? Tell me why I should give a f*ck?

                • you shouldnt

                  insignificant people usually dont

                  • still butt hurt over the truth eh?
                    bummer for you

                    • really to be honest if you knew me, you would know i was trying to help
                      I wouldn’t want your wife to get killed , or have her gun taken when she sets her purse down

                      but due to my harsh ways you took it as a personal attack , that really wasn’t my goal, I was trying to wake you up to something I have already been shown why its such a bad move( trying to help)

                      so if you want to categorize my genuine concern for your shortsightedness as being a jerk,, that’s fine stay with that im used to it and it doesn’t bother me , but if you look deep down in yourself you’d realize I just didn’t want your family member to get hurt

                    • Sure troll, whatever hero fantasy helps you manage your illness. Seek help

          • The smaller persecuted tribes allied with us for their survival. And ended up with casinos.

        • I don’t know the answer but this is one Christian female that will shoot to kill or use other available methods if need be.

          • And here’s a second that won’t hesitate to protect my children, family, and friends.

      24. Yes, its getting phucking serious…t is now out of control.
        What’s even more disturbing is that 2 of those phucks were arrested in my area last year and one of the arrest was reported on TV, then the cops busted another one. The rat bastards are literally here in Houston.



      25. Great article Mac

        I am always armed and very aware of my surroundings. I agree with Ted Nugent who says God bless those who disregard no guns allowed signs

        I do fear that Obama will push gun control he has pretty much gotten everything else he has wanted

        • If we don’t want soldiers and cops to obey illegal orders . We shouldn’t obey illegal laws.

          • Disobeying unconstitutional/illegal laws is not in itself illegal. It is not possible to break the law if the law is not valid.

      26. Gun control is the problem not the answer.We need to protect ourselves during the attacks not relying on law enforcement after the rampage.

      27. The fact that most people who are commenting cannot acknowledge that this was another false flag brought to you by your own United States government baffles me.

        If this shit can fool you guys then it just proves my theory that as long as the government gives the people (this includes preppers & non main streamers) something to hate or fear, they are free then to do whatever they want.

        Me thinks this is just a distraction from the fact that the US Government is ISIS as Russia proved.

        There is no game to win. There is no side to pick. We are all just actors in a great play for the amusement of things in other dimensions? Realms? Solar Systems? Our own soul growth? Who knows. Who can say for sure.

        • Didn’t fool me. It’s the gameplan in action.

      28. All part of the planned NWO collapse, and the coward pussy Zombies could care less. We have Christmas coming and more football of course for the cowards to pretend nothing is happening, everything is fine, just keep shopping coward Zombie boot licking trash and all your cares will go away.

      29. I’m waiting for the martial law ballon to go up and the Constitution to be scrapped and for the resulting gun confiscation.

        Can you feel the pressure/desperation for this to happen?

        Ufortunately I sold my arms to a CHL holder last year and threw in all the ammo…

        So the nsa, fbi, atf, irs, cps, ala, ama, blm, ice, cia, along with all the other alphabet soup agencies can go screw with someone else…

        All I have left is a broken rubber band and half a box of paper clips…

        • Vet1,

          Be careful that you don’t put someone’s eye out! (sarcasm)

      30. We should boycot America for defending herself against terrorism, just like America boycotted South Africa for trying to defend herself against the terrorist Mandela.

      31. I was flipping between CNN and Fox News last night and here is my recap:

        CNN: they wanted to talk about gun violence and what should be done about it.

        Fox: they wanted to talk about the perpetrator(s) and what should be done about it.

        • Observations which are both true and funny.

      32. I told you guys a few days ago that this was coming.

        Arm yourself all the time this thing in Commifornia was just the tip of the iceberg. There is more coming.

        Please folks watch your 6. There are more to come.


        • Folks it doesn’t matter who or what was behind the shooting.

          There are more to come so PLEASE PROTECECT, you and yours.


          • SGT Dale.

            How would Law Enforcement view the procession of a loaded flare gun in your vehicle or in a purse?

            Now you can buy an Olin 12 ga. flare pistol at Wal-Mart.
            Then the Military 26.5 mm flare pistol on line.

            Would it be considered like a knife?

          • Sgt. Dale, absolutely spot-on. What matters most is that more of these are likely coming, no matter who is carrying them out.

        • yep , Boss I remember your words
          I pack daily 2 45’s and am thinking about carrying an AR in my truck for back up

          the game has changed ………..significantly

          • Same here, I’m thinking of putting mine in my SUV as well. Better safe than sorry.

          • Always been a 1911 man, but since I sold all my weapons I’m purty darn accurate with a paper clip and rubber band at 3 meters….

            However, I agree Sgt, the game is just now kicking off…

            • I sold all my weapons to the muzzies up the road 🙂

            • I like a ten inch barreled ar15 in the car . With 60 grain or more hollow points . 40 round mag.

          • If you are going to “pack heat” …always pack at least two should the first one fail. I prefer three ‘on body’ AND an AR in the car. I don’t give a damn which alphabet agency knows me or what about me either. They are also as good as dead when their ideas getting moving “full steam ahead” …however terrible it may sound, we have little choice but to shoot and kill enemies of We The People. Since “they” qualify (all are treasonous at the least), then they too must be killed, or this will never end.
            Public Disobedience is about to take upon a whole new meaning. lol….

        • There will be more of these attacks, and sooner rather than later. A self-made terror cell just actuated itself, there are more of them out there.

        • It sounds like he had quite a bomb making set up going. If he was in fact manufacturing as many bombs as they say he was, they better start looking real hard at who he was supplying bombs to. This could be more than just a one man bomb shop, but rather a bomb factory for a local terrorist cell.

          • I would also like to know if he took the bomb in when they shot the place up, or did he take it in when he first went to the part and when it didn’t go off, come back in and start shooting. They said it was on a table in the middle of the room.

            • I’ve heard they threw some pipe bombs in the room, but they would not detonate because they were beyond the range of the remote control they were using.

              The next cell will fix that issue, you bet. According to neighbors, there were numerous visitors of Middle Eastern appearance visiting their garage at odd hours. So it looks like they were a bomb making facility for other cells in the area.

              They destroyed their computer hard drives before the attack, too. So they were communicating with other groups, no question about it.

      33. The DW had a business dinner last night with her boss. The Boss is from a European country and a Lib.

        The subject of the shootings came up and her Boss expounded on how “America has too many guns”…blah-blah

        The other 6 people at the table, replied (Even the those who call themselves Liberals), ” I’m not giving up my guns”!

        I’m married to one fine Lady!

        • That used to be standard thinking across the board of almost every European – I quit that topic years and years ago when it came to Euros – lost cause

          NOW – all across Europe the locals are wishing they had a 2A Right … in the countries where gun ownership is still doable – no guns available with a long back order list – even Mace is gone from the shelves …. haven’t seen it but I suspect baseball bats, axe handles and hockey sticks are a big seller again …

          • Europe may return to the days of crowds of angry peasants bearing pitchforks and torches, right out of the old Frankenstein movies.

      34. I hope ALL the info that was included in the article is correct …

        It’s mentioned that the guns used was bought legal by a third party – a straw purchase or transferred illegally?

        I haven’t read this previously and was wondering specifically what the Feds were holding back – they’d only say the guns were purchased legally …

        If true, it puts additional dents in Obammy & Company new antigun campaign – EVEN WITH LAWS & RESTRICTIONS IN PLACE – THE BAD GUYS AREN”T STOPPED

        • To have bought the guns legally in California, the killer would have had to be a 13-year old gun buyer.

          Don’t believe that crap about legal purchases. They were straw purchases, AND illegal transfers, both of which are felonies under federal and California state law.

          A straw purchase to any non-prohibited buyer is not a legal purchase.

          For these people to even possess the weapons they had, numerous laws had to be broken. Don’t forget, the female was not a citizen.

          • It has not been possible to legally buy an AR rifle in California since about 1998. Then you had to apply for have some paperwork to possess it. I found that out when I took mine to a gunsmith. He about had a heart attack and told me I would have to stay there with the permit while he worked on it. I ended up getting rid of it. Not worth the hassle.

            • Why are so many Americans obeying blatantly illegal laws . Our we such cowards that we do anything the tyrants say? Does shall not be infringed not plane enought . Do we have no backbone? Whoever enforces these laws is also the enemy. Can’t we see that? Find a spine. Grow a pair. We don’t even have the basic balls. How will we defeat an outside enemy if we are afraid of breaking some bullshit law. We are so brainwashed. F. The law.

      35. “These people intend to kill you. They intend to kill your wife, your child, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, and your neighbor.”

        If you ever met my neighbor you’d know that these people can’t be all THAT bad then.

      36. Hope all you guys still lost your bang bangs in a boating accident,high time for one if you have
        Not had one yet. This is now the wild, wild, west again and has officially been started ,and no
        I do not have to tell by who. We Americans know what vast number of scenarios just took place,
        It’s a cluster, and yep you are all right ! No doubt about it! So be vigilant ,we do not need permission to protect ourselves. The latest war mongrels just got sent straight to hell, people
        Knew they were in their midst,and any left will lie to you,don’t listen! The scum needs to be
        Off the planet for good and we are on our own. More of us than them……………..

      37. ok so 4000 rounds are an arsenal. Target practice is terrorist training. And working late in your garage is suspicious. Everyone knows that pipe bombs in your garage is a sign of work place anger and .223 ammo is for high powered long guns.

        Gee I hope they don’t outlaw my single shot .22, and the 100 rounds of ammo I just bought.

        Freaking twilight zone. When did up become down and black into white? The bad guys better not mess with me I’ll shoot them in the eye with my pellet pistol! (sarc)

        • Citizen, they better be afraid of me and my Red Ryder. And I will shoot their eyes out. [SARCASM]

        • wait…. what was that about pipe bombs????

      38. And you have to love these idiots who run out and take videos with their cell phones while there is a fire fight going on in front of their houses. All looking for their 15 minutes of fame on CNN. I keep telling my grand daughter, if she hears shots in her vicinity to get on the floor and behind everything she can find. You don’t know where those bullets are going.

        • Those cast iron bathtubs can be handy!

      39. In my opinion this was a sleeper cell going active.

        Using acts of violence to call for gun control/victim disarmament is an act of terrorism!

        Nuff said!

      40. Two Islamists targeted an office Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, where they murdered 14 people, wounding 17 others.

        Thankfully, we can fix this issue by stopping what Obama thinks is the real cause of terrorism faux global warming, providing free housing, lunches and medical care to the whole world (its simple: just divert all the money Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama spends on her monthly carbon spewing vacations and we could feed the world 10x over!) and by importing yet MORE radical Muslims from Syria (note: Syrian Christians, who are being murdered in droves, made up – at least before Syria was engulfed by war around 1.8m, or 10% of the total population; of which at least 500,000 have been displaced (see BBC News ). Number of Christians admitted as refugees? Need you ask??? Pretty much zilch.

        No word yet from the feminazis (who also said nothing about Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broadderick, Katherine Willey, etc sexual assaults), but I am suggesting we locate all the new Muslims in the zillion room mansions of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists. For example, uber leftist Tom Hanks bought THE largest house in Southern Commiefornia in 2010. He should have LOTS of room, and does new leftist darling Jennifer Lawrence (hey, Jen… why don’t you “redistribute” some of you wealth to all us poor SHTFPlan readers – after, “from each according to their ability and wealth, right???”

        Leftists are such utter hypocrites

      41. Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, sadly.

        Truth is, ALL innocent people and civilians are all entitled to a life free of violence – ranging from unborn babies, even up to and including the nasty people at Planned Parenthood. We should all condemn violence… where are the Muslims advocating as much, as I, and many others, do? As well, police should be PEACE officers first. Yes, we need the police, the military, and the 2nd Amendment as well – and this can sometimes mean force – but the “weapons” a civil society needs to engage others with is non-violent. The battle is one of education and information dissemination.

        Seems to me we have forgotten that the pen is mightier than the sword, and, as Victor Hugo said, no army can overcame an idea whose time has come. And thanks to people like Mac, Michael Snyder, Breitbart, CNS News, etc., the time for freedom comes closer and closer as more and more people – due to peaceful education and information dissemination – leave their “Yes we can/Yes we have no banana” chant-in cults and start breathing fresh air…

      42. “I’m only sorry that I didn’t kill more of them”, Chris Kyle on the subject of all the kills he scored in Iraq against Jihadist savages.

      43. 5th graders in Clifton New Jersey tried to bomb a High school. Under arrest. On Fox

        No shit. Google it.

        • It’s Jersey. Been going on forever.

      44. I believe the wife is the ISIS contact.

        Even tho they knew each other before.

        He had to go to Saudi Arabia to get her.

        She pushed him, radicalized him into action.

        There’s the reason ISIS now allows women in jihad.

      45. They thinned the population of welfare deadbeats at a Social Services Center. What’s the big deal here folks. When they start attacking taxpayers then I’ll get upset about it, until then…not my problem. thanks for your time.

      46. I Challenge any isis fighter to come up to me in public and try to kill me in a public place. It will be on the most laughable fails as i kick his ass right in front of the women. Since the administration gave away the locations of people like us to them. Then any of you rag head jihadist reading my post. Come and try that crap with me and see how bad it turns out. One broken leg your nose and one broken arm mandatory. I always notice that most jihadist ususally don’t pull stunts like that in my area. They are scared of us for a reason. Take and area like Mason Road in Katy, Tx. If a jihadist tried that publically in that area, i actually feel bad for them. They are going get phucked up very badly, horrifically,carved up, stretched, smashed, broken, shot up, phucked up beyond recognition, and you will see those jihadist sceaming, running heading toward HW 10m trying to escape the area..Some of the most viscous animals, veterans, cops and red necks live in the area, a place not be taken as a joke, and certainly not to be phucked with not to mention, serious fire power out the ass.

        Survial for jihadist is based on my scale if they enter Katy.

        00000.000000.0000-0000,0000.1..00000% chance of survival if they pull that crap in that area. The two pussy ass jihadist that attacked Gellers meeting in Garland Tx got thier asses liquidated by a cop with a .40 cal versus, two acency as clown jihadist, and got creamed. Totally phucking laughable.



        • Easy ‘ol boy our time to take many scalps and count coup ain’t far off…..along with maybe even a few Farook heads when nobody is looking.

          • Counting coup refers to the winning of prestige against an enemy by the Plains Indians of North America. Warriors won prestige by acts of bravery in the face of the enemy, and these acts could be recorded in various ways and retold as stories

        • HCKS, it’s coming sooner than anyone thinks. If I face a muzzie, I’ll just give him 2 quick head shots and be done with it.

      47. It is time for ordinary American People to

        • AMEN

      48. The MSM and law enforcement still pathetically not knowing the motive. How about a Muslim at a Christmas party!

      49. Give 7 day warning to vacate….Park a 15kt fat man in Mecca, and a 15kt little boy in Medina 7 days later….next day issue a ban on practicing all Islamic religion worldwide with 15 year prison time for first offense, death for second offense. Muslim problem solved.

      50. Give 7 day warning to vacate….After 7 days park a 15kt fat man in Mecca, and a 15kt little boy in Medina….next day issue a ban on practicing all Islamic religion worldwide with 15 year prison time for first offense, death for second offense. Muslim problem solved.

      51. Anyone have any suggestions on a rifle? I currently have an SKS (7.62×39) and am looking for something that shoots longer range. I’m not sure on a .300 win mag or .308 for calibers and really unsure about a decent rifle / scope combo. I think I’m leaning towards a .308 because ammo seems to be a good deal cheaper. Anyway not trying to hijac the thread just curious. Long time reader and rare poster here but I know there’s a good deal of knowledge here. And yes I’m on a budget, wish I wasn’t 🙂


        • .308 or 30-06 are both good choices. Lots of ammo for both. In a true SHTF/war scenario a .308 would probably be a better choice because it’s used by NATO forces so ammo will probably be more available. 7.62×39, used by communist block countries is also real common ammo but not nearly as lethal at longer ranges. If you really want to reach out and touch someone, get a .338 mag. Very similar ballistics to .338 lapua, but ammo is half the price. As far as scopes, a good leupold or Burris is decently priced. If you have money to burn, then Zeiss or Swarovski are excellent scopes.

          • I personally would go with .308,more ammo floating around then .300,that said,have a Weatherby .300 and love it!Tis in a friends safe in hunting land as that is all I have it for.On a budget could build one with 80% receiver(still legal)and ,does not have a id floating back to the feds,this would be a AR 10 style rifle,not sure wether you want a semi auto over say a bolt action,could build a decent one without optics for about 700.,the Burris is a reasonably priced/quality optic as Tex said.I have Swarovski binocs,love em!I at moment can’t afford their rifle optics but with Holidays coming up am open to any who are thinking a gift for Warchild!

        • Good low budget rifles include Winchester model 70, Remington Model 700, or a Savage.

          • Go with the rem 700 it has a LOT more aftermarket things you can do with it. You can customize the hell out of a 700 but not the others.

            • The ,30 cal spectrum is a great choice as it has 100’s of different types of bullets for different uses. Also if you are buying it for long range sniping etc. you MUST load your own ammo and find out what is best. A .308 is a great rifle and yes you would be more likely to find ammo (not match grade and who knows what loads) which will be ok for maybe 250-300 yds. If you are going for serious power and range a .300 win mag is probably best for the money. You can make loads that are 4000 ft. lbs. of energy which will whomp the shit out of a vehicle or light armour. Barnes solid copper boolits for penetration and matchburners for long range accuracy. Get a simple reloading press and necksize only for match accuracy. Make your OAL about 5/1000 off the lands of the rifling. H1000 is a great powder for the .300 and barnes matchburners or sierra matchking boolits. Federal primers are shit, use winchester. As far as an affordable good scope look into the swfa super sniper line. They have 1/10 milrad adjustment and are heavy duty and rezero perfectly and are only 300 bux (minus rings). Whatever scope you choose make sure it has at least 1/10 milrad or 1/10 moa adjustment! 1/4 moa scopes are junk at long range. Learn to use a mildot scope to calculate range and for quick adjustment. I can go on but this is long enough lol.

              • Beg to differ on the .308 only being good for 250-300 yards. Trai ed snipers use them at 600-1000 yards all the time. I’m a member of a range where .308 competitions are held at 600 and 1000 yards monthly. There are a couple classes with one being tricked out guns and the other being military guns firing NATO ammo. The tricked out guns shooting reloads are definitely better than military equipment, but in the hands of a good shooter, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of either one.

                • Texas, you misread what I was trying to say. If you pick up ammo from some dead fooker you don’t know what grain of bullet or the powder load so it could be way different than what your rifle is set for. If you were sighted in with 150 grain fmj with alliant powder and found some 190 grain sjhp loaded with hogdon powder the ballistics would be completely different. Consistency is king and if you shoot whatever you can find you will have shitty results.

                  • Rifles are for people who go out in daylight. Ask Selco or any soldier you won’t last long . Only go out at night . No matter what. Snipers everywhere . Get an auto shotgun . And stay behind cover. They will have night vision but it’s not perfect . Go out at night in the rain. If you have to go out at all. Get to love the rain.

                    • Rifles are even better at night with good thermal optics. Night hunting with .308 AR-10 for hogs is very popular here in Texas and good thermal scopes can see farther than 99% of the shooters can actually shoot. Night vision is ok, but with thermals, you can reach out and tough someone even in absolute darkness.

                  • All I was trying to say was that in a battle scenerio any ammo of the correct caliber is better than no ammo. I’d rather pick up something that will work than have nothing.

            • The Remington 700 does probably offer the most aftermarket options but the other 2 can be bought with options from the factory that the 700 can’t. My favorite option on the winchester is the BOSS (Ballistics Optimizing Shooting System) which is basically a muzzle brake/weight which allows you to tune the harmonics of the barrel to different bullet weights. I have this option on a model 70, .338 Win Mag. and couldn’t believe the difference it can make tuning in different bullets. The downside of the model 70 has a creepy trigger but if you are comfortable adjusting your trigger, they are adjustable. Probably the most plesent surprise came with the Savage. I owned a Savage several years ago, couldn’t hit a barn with it, a pure piece of shit. A couple years ago I read about their new rifles with the accutrigger and seeing I could buy one for less that $500 (with a basic 3×9 Nikon Scope) I bought one in .243 caliber. I must say, this gun flat out shoots and the trigger is one of the best stock triggers my finger has ever pulled. Putting a trigger scale on it, it consistently pulled at 3.4-3.5 lbs right out of the box and is very crisp. It too can be adjusted and is probably the safest of the 3 triggers, especially if adjusted below 3 lbs. You just can’t make this trigger accidently fire like the others can below that 3 lb. threshold. Both the Remington 700 and the Winchester 70 have been and continue to be used by military snipers. If possible, talk to a few people at the range and gun stores. Find what they like and dislike about each of them and then decide for yourself which best suits your needs. I own some of each, but I will say my next one will probably be the Savage in .308 with that accutrigger. It’s hard to find a decent rifle/ scope combo in the $500 price range

              • Texas, Whichever rifle you choose a basic accurizing is in order. Free float the barrel and glass bed the action. That makes a world of difference. The next step I would do is to cryogenically treat the barrel with a reputable company like 300 below dot com. I inherited an old stevens .243 and did all the above and it was a tack driver! With 47 grains of 414 and sierra 70 grain matchkings it shot 8 inch groups at 600 yards. The best ever was my friend shooting it with an all 3 touching group at 100 yds. Like I say, neck size only and very light crimp and electronically wiegh every charge with 5/1000 off the lands. A lot of so so rifles can be made much better with proper adjustments.

                • Thanks everyone, I’m going to talk to some relatives I think one has a Remington 700 that I will try. Happy Friday.

                • Sounds like you are also into shooting and reloading as much as I am. I may be wrong, but I think the original poster was just looking for a low cost long range rifle. I think maybe you and I got carried away with our answers because we are passionate about shooting. Most decent rifles such as the 3 I listed come already with free floated barrels. Cryo treating a barrel is nothing more than stress relieving the metal. For the best results cryo treating should be done BEFORE final cutting of the bore. It can help a finished barrel, but if the finished barrel has lots of stress built up and then Cryo treating relieves that stress it could shoot worse after treating. Most reputable barrels today go through some sort of stress relief before final boring and rifling.

      52. As Mac stated.

        Be Armed. Be Vigilant. Be Ready For War.

        A few topics back we were talking about a US Tet Offensive. Twelve pipe bombs is a pretty good cache of explosives. Who were the others that visited the shooters. There were three engagement sites by Law enforcement with two shooters. They know now how much force can be mustered, their equipment and the time to get there.

        We could expect multiple hits next time.

        • I think you may be right. Just parsing the statements from ISIS you discover they desire a Tet style attack. That is their next move: attacks in many places at the same time to overwhelm systems. They are a fear-based organization and so they know this would spread fear far and wide, thus accelerating calls for more war. They may like anal sex and child sex like true Muslims do, but they are no dummies either. They want to bring it on.

          • If you want to know the schedule of events just call the fbi and ask them lol.

        • It’s going to be a long month.

          I wonder how long before someone proposes we not celebrate Christmas and avoid offending muslims?

          • That’s already creeping in. It’s now the holiday season or winter break in most public schools. They are teaching the young not to call it Christmas. Manger scenes are being banned, Christmas carols are being banned. I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone, they don’t have to celebrate Christmas but they damn sure aren’t going to take away my right to.

            • Our office went from a Christmas party to a Holiday party overnight when an egotistical little SOB took it upon himself to say he was offended by reference to religion in the workplace. He’d worked there for ten years with no problem, but suddenly he’s making up an issue.

              Gutless management rolled right over, no discussion, nothing, just give the little prick what he wants.

      53. It’s all going to converge soon. I could be wrong but 2016 could be the year it comes about.

        • War is upon us sir! We need to ready.

      54. Close the borders already!

      55. so this president drops weapons indiscriminately in the syrian desert for the “right guys”.
        but he wants to disarm ‘muricans.

        ” that our jackass President ”

        fuck yeah!!!!

      56. This is a two front war. One front are the Muslims, who do want to kill you just because you are NOT a Muslim. Here is another unknown factor, for every one Jihadist out there, how many non-jihadist are there that are providing support to him? Think in terms of a soldier; for every one combat soldier, how many combat support and service support soldiers do you need to keep him in action?
        The second front is that our own government is the enemy too. How does it feel to know that your own government hates every damn thing about you and calls you a “domestic terrorist” when all you want is to be left the hell alone?

        • NewVegas… yeah, “hates everything damn thing about you”, and I’d like to add… and also does not want us to have what we want and need. FACT: for the typical psychopath the region of the brain that controls behavior and impulse, and regulates emotion/empathy is damaged and/or under-developed.

          So basically, for the most part, we have brain damaged people (with either; high, average & low IQ’s) making critical life-altering, life-threatening decisions and choices for us every day. That’s the reality.

      57. Pipe bombs are not part of work place.

        • Depends on where you work lol.

        • Pipe bombs not a part of the work place?!Damn Shnurri,you have a boring job!

      58. Just another example of a mass shooting in a gun free zone. That is the one common link in all these shootings be it in the schools, movie theaters, recruiting offices, Fort Hood, or government office. ALL WERE GUN FREE ZONES. Did these criminals obey the laws making them gun free zones? I think not. So my question is, how is making another law banning guns going to make us safer. If anything we should do like the Swiss and require gun ownership and training. That is the only thing that will make us safer. Level the playing field so that everyone is equal. It won’t take long to take out the crazy jihadists then.

        • Day of Wrath is an excellent book, and a very likely scenario. It really got my attention since I have two adult children that are teachers. Another 2 book series that’s similar is called The Borrowed World (book 1) and Ashes of the Unspeakable (book 2) by Franklin Horton. These 2 books are also must reads and show the threat of a few “jihadists”.

        • Day of Wrath is an excellent book, and a very likely scenario. It really got my attention since I have two adult children that are teachers. Another 2 book series that’s similar is called The Borrowed World (book 1) and Ashes of the Unspeakable (book 2) by Franklin Horton. These 2 books are also must reads and show the threat of a few “jihadists”.

        • Day of Wrath is an excellent book, and a very likely scenario. It really got my attention since I have two adult children that are teachers. Another 2 book series that’s similar is called The Borrowed World (book 1) and Ashes of the Unspeakable (book 2) by Franklin Horton. These 2 books are also must reads and show the threat of a few “jihadists”.

        • Day of Wrath is an excellent book, and a very likely scenario. It really got my attention since I have two adult children that are teachers. Another 2 book series that’s similar is called The Borrowed World (book 1) and Ashes of the Unspeakable (book 2) by Franklin Horton. These 2 books are also must reads and show the threat of a few “jihadists”.

        • Day of Wrath is an excellent book. It really got my attention since I have a couple adult children that are teachers. There are a couple other books by Franklin Horton that also show a pretty realistic possibility of the carnage that could be caused by a few jihadists. Book 1, The Borrowed World. Book 2, Ashes of the Unspeakable..

          • Sorry for the double post, for some reason beyond my feeble tech abilities the 1st one wouldn’t post, so i tried a 2ND then they both posted.

          • Sorry for the double post, for some reason beyond my feeble tech abilities the 1st one wouldn’t post, so i tried a 2ND then they both posted.

        • Day of Wrath is an excellent book. It really got my attention since I have a couple adult children that are teachers. There are a couple other books by Franklin Horton that also show a pretty realistic possibility of the carnage that could be caused by a few jihadists. Book 1, The Borrowed World. Book 2, Ashes of the Unspeakable..

      59. These terrorists are opportunistic scum. They attack where they know they can get away with it. The days are coming when they get their asses handed to them by Americans who are armed and fed up with this bullshit.

        • Start removing them from this earth

      60. Piper: I couldn’t agree more been saying it for a long time our purple lipped predinent is really an Arab or he gots his purple lips from sucking on his puppet masters balls.

      61. As sucky as it is to be stuck living in California, I can without a shadow of a doubt say that AK-47 rifles are NOT illegal or on any kind of ban list in California. I own two of them. There is a modification the must be done to the magazine release, but other than that you can walk in a gun store and buy one.

      62. Remove them from life as soon as you c them.Or deal with the increasing hords later. Choose wisely……..

        • Agreed Sick.

          The only problemo is that most folk are actually protective towards these friggin’ cuckoo’s in the nest.

          I oftern ask myself… WTF? Why all the slant?

          I ain’t got no answers but I KNOW for sure…

          Islam has no place in the West if not the entire friggin’ world.

          I look forward to fuckin’over the Jehadist Muslim warriors!

          Send the Islamic hordes back to where they sprung from.

          The sooner the better.

      63. Every staged, pre-planned or premeditated event similar to, or just like this one, brings them a step closer to proving their (patently absurd) point about “Guns Kill” so they can disarm us. Certainly they don’t want to, nor can they invade or storm any town with an armed population.

        Their ultimate goal is ‘divide & conquer’ since power/strength is in numbers and only they can join forces. These psychopaths will have decent people who were good citizens, ratting out each other for a can of beans.

        With every staged event and media manipulation they are getting closer to their goal; diligently working towards an unarmed, defenseless population, criminalizing guns, where those who do bear arms may be breaking the law and could be fined/arrested…that’s what I think they’re trying to accomplish… although let’s never lose sight of the fact that WE DO outnumber them – big time. Anyway, if they succeed (as they usually and eventually do) guess I’ll join the hundreds of millions of like-minded.

      64. Most of our governments are behind ISIS because Israel wants to exspand its borders and Turkey apart from wanting to kill kurds also wants its cut of the cake.

        The export of the USA is military hardware and spyware in our software with the NSA keeping control over all the big US software names.

        The export of Isreal is banking, it owns the US because it buys all your politicians and the other big export is false flags and this is why you are bombing muslims on one side of the world and being force to let them in to the USA so that the government can get more control over you as they offer, no fuck that, demand to “Protect” the sheep.

        Deal with Washington and the banks and then see if the trouble goes away because i think it will but if you don’t deal with it then someone won’t be killing one or two americans each week but will be forced to drop nukes on all your heads, that someone being Russia or China or both.

        Yes i know you are being played but you don’t have to dance to the music aswell.

      65. The Negro Muslim will POUR it on during the last year of his term.

        He will harass and annoy you whites till no end for putting the negro in office.

      66. Oh my gosh. A SHTF post I agree with…………

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