Montana Earthquake Increased “Super Volcano” Eruption Concerns

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 40 comments

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    After being hit with the strongest earthquake in 20 years, Western Montanans woke to the trembles of a 5.8 magnitude quake. Although the damage is not severe, many geological experts are now raising concerns of Yellowstone’s dormant super volcano. In the wake of this earthquake, fears have increased that it could be waking up.

    The U.S. Geological Survey reported, with Reuters adding that the tremor was felt hundreds of miles away, from Missoula to Billings and some surrounding states. A swarm of over 1100 earthquakes recorded in the Yellowstone caldera over the past month, in conjunction with this recent quake in Montana has prompted scientists to voice concerns about the so far dormant Yellowstone “Supervolcano.”

    The quake’s epicenter was about 6 miles south of Lincoln, originating from a depth of nearly 3 miles underground, according to a preliminary report from the U.S. Geological Service. Subsequently, the USGS recorded seven more tremors in the same area within an hour of the initial quake, which ranged in magnitude from 4.9 to 3.8.

    Map of Lincoln, Montana's earthquake activity

    Map of Lincoln, Montana’s earthquake activity

    The earthquake was strong enough to knock items off walls and shelves and tremors were reportedly felt as far away as Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    The location of the earthquake is not surprising, according to Mike Stickney, a seismologist at the Earthquake Studies Office, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology on the Montana Tech campus in Butte. “It’s right along the axis of the intermountain seismic belt,” said Stickney. He also said that this quake occurred on a strike/slip fault, a vertical fault where one side moves horizontally against the other, similar to the kind of movement experienced along the San Andreas Fault in California.

    That said, he said he “does not believe” the quake is seismically tied to the recent “swarm” of smaller earthquakes in the Yellowstone National Park area. “I don’t see any direct relationship between these two sequences,” he said. “This is a pretty sizeable earthquake. It would certainly have the potential to do structural damage near the epicenter, but we’ve had no reports indicating damage yet.” Others, however, disagree.

    While minor earthquakes are fairly common, Thursday’s moderate quake was the strongest felt in western Montana in two decades. The last one to exceed 5.0 magnitude was reported 12 years ago near Dillon, according to the USGS. Most of those incidents had epicenters farther south, many centering in the famously active Yellowstone National Park. In total, there have been more than 70 quakes measuring larger than 4.5 in Montana and parts of Wyoming and Idaho since 1925, according to the USGS. The largest quake in state history was magnitude 7.2 in 1959 near west Yellowstone.

    The USGS reports the Lincoln quake was one of 20 within the last week and 236 within the last month. –Zerohedge

    None of the quakes have set off the dormant supervolcano in the Yellowstone caldera just yet but that doesn’t mean these aren’t chain reaction events leading up to a massive eruption. Yellowstone has a 600,000-year cycle and it has been 640,000 years since the supervolcano has had an active volcanic eruption. Some experts still claim, however, that Yellowstone has at least 1000 years before it’s next violent magma uprising, if not more.


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      1. It is only a matter of time before the ‘Big One’ hits!

        • The “PRESSURE” is building in more ways than one AND in more places than One !

      2. My house was rocking!

      3. The Creator can only take so many abortions, so much hedonistic debauchery, so many sodomites and trannies, so much whoring out of precious children to treasonous criminal psychopaths for booze and disgusting vile trash called “entertainment, and he can only take so much from COWARD addicted to everything New Babylonian toxic dumps, who poison their children they do allow to be born with toxic vaccines and GMO glyphosate EDC filled fake food horror, so they can keep consuming the poison filled garbage…..the Creator can only take so much from evil hate filled war mongering demon possessed New Babylonians before the Creator decides it is time they receive a warning, and the Yellowstone Supervolcanoe might be the very last warning the COWARD boot licking toxic dump New Babylonians will receive.

        • RA,

          Surely, the Cup of Wrath is full to overflowing with our abominations, yet, God in his infinite mercy gives us a ‘a little while’ in case one person might repent and be saved (start prepping both for this life and the next).

          I watched a gruesome video that BB referred to today of some young Jihadist carrying out executions with a blade. It was absolutely horrible. Why do these guys never scream? It is a travesty that the MSM tries to cover up these atrocities by ignoring them. Evil has permeated this world much more than we realize.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Thumbs up sir!

      4. Fear Porn…there is no relationship between Yellowstone earthquake swarms and The Lincoln Mt earthquake. Most geologist will agree. Ask “Be Informed”, if anyone knows where he posts at.

        • eppe knew where he is now….but wwti killed him. maybe someone else knows? as i recall, it was a site about earthquakes and volcanoes….here’s a reprint from 3 years ago….i sure do miss BOTH be informed and eppe.
          Be informed says:
          Comment ID: 2922077
          January 27, 2014 at 12:52 pm
          HERE IS SOMETHING POSITIVE TO JUST CONSIDER WITH PREPARATION FOR ANY SHTF EVENT When true chaos slams the fan, will you be ready?
          Everyone hears of talk of war, new geophysical events and threats, deadly viruses, collapse of the economy, terrorism, nuclear contamination and much more. So what is the difference now between 10, 20, 50, years ago? This can still happen at a moment’s notice. We are in no way safer now than any previous perilous time in history. There are of course a whole list of other catastrophes that can end the society that we have become much too dependent on. Whatever mega disastrous event(s) eventually hits, which it will given time, how a person and group of people can be better equipped to survive it is what is all important.

          There is much advice on preparedness that focuses usually on one set of people being ready for a specific widescale calamity. One may be the urban setting of surviving in the city. Another making it in rural areas. Still another living through a complex wilderness setting. This however does not change what a person and group of people usually needs to live and be prepared for regardless of the disaster.

          With most prepper/survivalist you will hear the most important to survival is water, food, ammo, and shelter. Not to harp on what is necessary to and most important to everyone. There are still some other crucial considerations and an expansion of these customary needs to think over and understand that go into productive preparedness and are survival musts no matter the circumstances of what has happened and is happening.

          Look at following 10 generalized priorites to survival that should be included in all survival plans:

          1. Number one is staying hydrated. Being out of water will kill people very quickly and the last stages of severe dehydration are ugly to die from. People can store large amounts of water in cisterns. Others have workable wells and some have springs and streams. People stuck in urban settings must rely on storage of water within their homes or apartments, perhaps using cases of bottled water depending on size restrictions. Water filters and means of purfiying water are essential. Catchment areas using tarps for rainfall and learning dew collection is very important. A reliable source of drinkable safe water needs to be planned out before something terrible occurs.

          Staying hydrated also means remaining as MOIST as possible. People lose tremendous amounts of water when it is hot and dry. Staying immobile as possible during extremely warm or hot days will help retain body fluids. Eating high protein foods during hot periods uses up more water. Loosely fitting clothes to light colored clothes all helps in minimizing water loss and staying out of direct sunlight. Many people in desert regions also breathe through a lightweight type of clothe to avoid the loss of moisture through the mouth and nose. Misting of skin with spray bottles not only keeps the skin from drying out too much, but helps cool someone through evaporative cooling as long as the relative humidity if not at the saturated level. Don’t get thirsty by trying to ration water, this will become a detriment in the long run to your body, have enough safe clean water by making this a top priority no matter what.

          2. Avoiding hunger. No matter where your refuge is people have to eat to stay alive. What many people that prepare for emergencies don’t do is stock up with good quality food. We all need a certain calorie intake to maintain our weight and strength. This doesn’t mean high calorie food that has no nutriental value to it, especially high levels of sodium in it that requires a lot of water to balance it out in the body. People should when storing food to make sure that is quality food that they would eat during the pre disasterous times. Chemical additives in food simply mean that the food is cheap and the manufacturer is trying to hide the poor quality of it. Good wholesome food doesn’t require much, other than natural ingredients to make it taste good. If you can afford it, buy better quality food to store. During stressful times it is always nicer to have food that taste good. Something is better than nothing, but the better the food is you eat, the better off your body will be for it and the better your body will feel for it.

          Every person should scout out their area before something happens to determine what they can look around for to eat because their food supply is likely to run out sooner than later. Urban setting are the most difficult because of lack of natural vegetation and game, but not impossible. Each place that a person lives has some form of food available to them outside their home refuge. The best time to go searching is beforehand, and to map out what possible hazards they will face in a post SHTF environment around their home.

          3. Special needs. This is what few people would regard as third most important, but it can be life threatening without that special need. Many people need a certain something stay alive. It could be blood sugar levels, a certain type of medication or vitamin or mineral, or some other need to keep the body alive and functioning. Don’t assume that you can do without something that you need. Each person is different as well as others in any survival group, stocking up and finding alternatives to conventional treatment is paramount in survival. Address your personal needs now and the personal needs of others in your survival group that may depend on something to live or remain well and stock well for these needs.

          Another special need is something that few people give much thought to after a catastrophe, this being something to bribe your way out of a bad situation or on occasion trade for something that you need. This should be considered in any survival stockpile, items to be used by desperate people to save yourself and others. Trading with an alcoholic is not such a good idea, but having alcohol (booze) available to bargin your way out of something is not a bad idea. Cigarettes are of course another item highly prized, as many prisoners have saved themselves with a cigarette or two. Another really needed item will be rock salt. People like animals become quite in need of salt to live, and this essential nutrient will become in short supply quickly. Rock salt in 50 lbs bags is cheap. Certain items you might not have use for should be considered to add to a stockpile that others may desperately have desire for them.

          4. Protecting yourself from others. This is an absolute must. Even someone totally isolated needs good protection. While some people are opposed to firearms, it must be understood that the further you are away from an attacker, the less of a chance you have or being injuried or killed. This means having something that will project an object at enough force to stop the attacker(s). There is a whole school of thought of what someone needs from rifles to handguns to ever size of caliber. The main focus needs to be on the individual needs of a person and/or group. Any prepper/survivalist should also not limit themselves to ONLY firearms. Many other weapons offer protection and practicality such as stealthness and ease of use, especially hunting game. Bear spray is a lot more effective on a large attacking animal than a lower caliber firearm for example. Booby traps and other means of slowing down, impending, or stopping something is something to consider also.

          One of the worst misconceptions of self defense is not understanding the stopping power that is necessary. Many people still rely on a baseball bat or other weapon that can be easily taken away from someone, especially by more than one attacker. People have to think about what life will be like after a severe disaster, it is not business as usual. There is likely no help from law enforcement or nieghbors, most people will be on their own. What do you need to stop someone, packs of hungry vicous animals, or many people from taking what you have? Realistic thinking of this needs to be contemplated before something occurs and acted upon. The willingness to do whatever is necessary to protect you and your family is something that all must be ready for. Someone is not being a Rambo type by being simply well prepared to defend themselves and their families with extreme force from harm and death.

          5. Safety from the elements. We are all use to turning on the air conditioner when it is hot and the heater when it is cold. This luxary is something likely to be part of the past after a major disaster. Your home can become like an ice box or like an oven. This takes its tool on people and uses up more valuable supplies to stay warmer or cool enough. People should consider some sort of insulation scheme with their survival area before anything happens to maintain temperatures like the way a thermos does. Safety from elements also includes the wind, rain snow, and from the aftermaths of a SHTF event. This can include sheltering from radiation from a nuclear war, nuclear disaster, or terrorist incident. Protecting everyone from anything from the outside that makes life more difficult and trying, on the inside.

          Another hazard from outside that needs to be kept outside is vermin. Many people will have blown out windows after certain disasters that let in the air and the pests. Rodents carry every type of disease imaginable, control of these animals must be a top priority. Proper waste disposal is one way of keeping these parasites at bay. Insect control is another consideration, as fleas, ticks, and flies have been the source of death throughout the ages. Many natural and man-made repellents work well with them. You are trying to keep your place as sterile and clean as possible.

          6. Personal upkeep. There cannot be said enough of keeping the body as near to healthy and free of physical stress as possible. Personal hygiene is essential. This means some method of bathing, keeping your mouth as germ free as possible through daily dental care, and not allowing your body to have to highly regulate and repair itself. This goes with the safety from the elements and maintaining as near to what your body is most comfortable with. Too many people try to rough out a situation, and this macho attitude has its definite pronounced liabilities. The more your body has to cool or warm itself, the more fuel is needed, eating into your survival stash. The more physical stress someone has, the more vulnerable they are to succumbing to disease and sickness, and the overall shutdown of the body itself.

          Many nutritional deficiencies of the past are seldom seen anymore such as scurvy, but will pop their ugly head as soon as the regular diets of people are no more. On top of a stockpile of vitamins and minerals, each person needs to understand all the basic needs a body requires. Books on mineral and vitamin counts of individual foods is the best source of information on this as people will eventually need to obtain their food through other means than the accustomed store brought supplies.

          7. Germs are my enemy. Sanitation is something that everyone must practice. It is not just to keep the insects and other vermin away, it is to stop bacteria and other pathogens from getting into your body and into your environment around you. It should be known that anti-bacteria soaps and other disinfections have a limited shelf life. Bleach for example loses its ability to kill germs quickly, months to a couple of years depending on the brand and concentrations. This should be planned for by any prepper and these items should be rotated frequently. Fuel to boil water, sturdy containers to hold water, as well as to sterilize items necessary for cleaniness.

          Too many people lose the hands awareness motto. Very few germs actually infect people through the air. Even the flu is mostly contacted because of touch, which is more concentrated usually than in the air. Throughly washing hands can save much grief from sickness. Proper cooking of food is something some people fail at to kill pathogens in the food. Use of cutting boards, knives, and other cooking instruments for items not cooked are another source of contamination. The nearly invisible germ is what will kill more people after a disaster than anything else. Something else to remember, when one becomes ill, many often soon follow.

          8. Remaining civilized. This is something that many don’t think is that necessary for survival. This is a board scope of what it means to be civilized. People without light during the night are in a dangerous situation, it is depressing and mostly leaves people vulnerable and crashing over each other and anything left around. Just like maintaining temperature control, it is necessary for the well being of people to have some means of being able to properly cook their food, being able to go to the bathroom and use toilet paper, anything that helps someone to maintain what they and their bodies are use to. Change is difficult to deal with, drastic change can be life threatening. While the credo of any prepper/survivalist is adaptation is key to survival, people still want to have something they are use to and ease into a new world as well as possible. Remaining above the level of a savage or an animal must be maintained as much as possible.

          Another thing to consider is that being civilized has its benefits in that people think with a clearer head when they can still remain logical and reason through problems. One of the worst aspects of someone that is no longer civilized is that they begin to act and think like a savage. This might work in some circumstances, but in most situations the one best defense a person has is their ability to use their brains and out think any opponent or threat. Losing being civilized and someone loses part of that superior thought process to outwit most problems and predators.

          9. I can still fix it. After a cataclysm the regular world is going to be gone, and with it most of the most conveniences that people have come to expect. A person’s ability to repair what is left to make their world at least function is a skill that will take anyone far. Jerry rigging devices, being inventive and creating workable parts and machines, and regular repair will become a norm for the new harsher world. One just has to see someone without a proper tool just how much total misery they go through in the present day world. A tool that works makes all the difference to a task that is impossible without it. Everyone wants to obtain the hand, eye, and mental coordination to work with tools and fix items on their own and with others.

          People can train themselves before a disaster happens by using hand tools to repair an item instead of modern electric tools. They can attempt to repair an item using only what is around the house. People can make useable items out of “good” junk or spare parts. It is training of the mind to think, create, and make repairs that someday will become more than routine, but a necessity to help them to survive. Also make such a person high in demand for any type of post end of civilization as we know it work force.

          10. Mental stability. This is something that will play a huge part in many lives. People see the world they are use to come crashing down, and see a new world that is extremely frightening and even more threatening. Some people will opt out to suicide either through immediate means or slower and dragged out than face such an impossible world. This is why all of the above 9 priorites are so important. A person must have hope and that hope is so deeply drained away when times become so awful for them that they feel the only way out is death. Retaining some form of normalcy is a basic requirement for many to survive after everything is taken away.

          One of the best means of retaining some mental stability is diversion and any sense of accomplisment and progress. The more someone’s mind can be taken off how miserable they are and how much despair a situation is, the better chance they have of not falling into deep depression or coming out of such despondency. While entertainment such as boardgames, cards, puzzles, etc. may seem like space taken up for no good purpose, much of this become a life saver to many. Books are something that have saved people from going insane in confined spaces such as jail. Boredom on top of despair are a really bad combination. Anything that can offer some happiness or distraction from the shear horror of what is going on is quite valuable. Positive feedback to others for chores and tasks and showing appreciate can go a long ways. Remember just because you are all right doesn’t mean someone in your family or group is.

          There is another problem that many people fall into that prepare for emergencies from minor to the end of the world as we know it. This is not a clear focus on their personal immediate and long term needs. Each person has different and unique needs and no survival plan fits all in regards to what exactly a person needs to put away. Some people lose sight of what and how much they actual will need have, ending up with not nearly enough to survive even a couple of weeks. A false sense of security. While others go to the other extreme of putting away everything, including junk and useless items that take up space and send their survival organization into total disarray. This is what is defined as a “Pack Rat Prepper”.

          Someone should always aim to become a ‘Practical Stockpile Prepper’ that utilizes their volume of space, their limited resources, and their supplies into a well organized and cost effective life saving cache of supplies. This means to balance what you need and not stock what you don’t need and you or no one else can realistical ever use. It often means quality over quantity. Someone needs to know, so it is not lost in confusion. Items that need to be rotated are done so. A person can get to exactly what they need rapidly, being time efficient. Material is clearly labeled and organized. Even items that require a lot of them, the more the better like toilet paper, are keep clean, dry and stacked orderly. The opposite of this can be very self destructive to everyone.

          Like the common pack rat that see something and grab it and hide it, many people see items as someday valuable and pack them away for later. There are big problems with this as most pack rats are clueless what they actual have. There is no concentration of true need. Pack rats put all their eggs into one basket and that basket is consistant of utter clutter. Pack rat preppers will keep items that have become useful to no one. This might include food that not even a cockroach could eat, piece of broken plastic, broken tools, even broken glass. They see junk and litter as something someday someone can use. Screws, nails, and other spare parts have much value, but trash just takes up space and prevents any type of organization of real needs. They totally lose track of everything and only see the stacks of what they have as volumes of value. This is extreme, but is a downfall that many people that store up for tomorrow fall into in varying degrees of severity.

          This is where a true skill comes in before, during, and after a calamity hits, being what is called an ‘Expert Scrounger’. Being able to forage around for useful items is a true art. Anyone can collect useless debris in a big pile that serves no purpose. It takes someone with an imagative and creative mind to see an item being put together that will work and be helpful to them and others. Many talk about after some monster cataclysm that we all will be reduced to an 18th century level of primitiveness. They don’t see all the potential of so much finished products out there laying around that anyone from the 18th. century would have relished having for the taking. People will also have to learn how to be the gatherer of food, herbs, and other medicinal plants out there in nature for the picking.

          Another expertise that almost all people will need to learn and hone is living by their wits. Having what is called savvy will be necessary. A hunter needs this to be able to outthink what they need for dinner. A trader needs this to out master whom they are bartering with. A traveller must have this to not get caught up in a manmade or natural trap, and how to get loose if they do. A survivalist needs this know-how to be able to adapt constantly to the multiple changing world around them after the stability of the human civilization might not be around.

          One other trait that most people don’t like is fixability. Sometime you may have to bug out to another location or do something that you might not have ever considered to survive. The old adage here is that sometimes beggers can’t be choosers. Even the catchphrase of grin and bear it might apply. The ultimate goal is to live and live as well and as long as possible. Common sense must take precedence here, whatever is best going to suit that goal of survival even if that means shallowing one’s pride to do what is necessary for everyone’s benefit.What anyone is aiming for is the ability of themselves and the people around them to be able to survive and make what they have left around them work to keep them alive and well. The more serious any situation is, the more someone and a group will have to pull from what they have stored up physically and from within themselves. A strong and well balanced level of storage of these needs that can be efficiently used and will be the difference between a likelihood of survival and a miserable difficult possibly fruitless effort at it.

          • BCOD,

            My children laugh and love your name! Thank you for that excellent posting from Be Informed. I am going to save it. I miss him and Epp and JOG. I wish Mac could persuade them to come back, I don’t think he can with old Epp (may he RIP) but there was a younger Epp who posted from time to time.

            Thanks for posting that…

            Louisiana Eagle

            • thanks back to YOU for a lot of great dialogue on here…always enjoy reading your posts and USUALLY agree with you. i can’t blame B/I for leaving….too many trolls here for an intelligent man to put up with.

          • Dear B.C.,

            Excellent post, Sir. Very in-depth, clear, and informative. This is the type of thing that I always hope for…good, productive dialogue that helps others. Thank you for sharing it with everyone else, and with me, as I’ll print it off and refer to it.

            Thanks once again.

            Respectfully Yours,


            • thank YOU for a lot of great articles. just to be clear, that was written by “BEInformed”, maybe 3 years ago. i save stuff like that, and repost when i think of it/find it. i have a great library from the last 8 or 10 years, and a LOT of it comes from shtfplan…..thanks to MAC!….the comment sections are as important as the articles themselves, even though there are many naysayers and trolls here, they are still worth reading. keep up the great work!

          • Is it true, Eppe rip?

            • Yes, it’s true. Eppe passed away.
              RIP Eppe

            • yes, wwti effed with him so much, he had a heart attack and passed on….what was it, about a year ago….a rattlesnake with the CLAP couldn’t collect the laughs that eppe got here on shtfplan….rest in peace, eppster, you ARE missed by MANY…..wwti keeps changing his name on here, but he can’t hide his disposition….that guy could make a BISHOP kick out a stained-glass window….he’s easy enough to spot.

          • BCOD ~ Good info! However, I shall rise to defend the packrat tendency… at least to some extent.

            In a long-term crisis (e.g., “One Second After”) many items which are now regarded as trash will be seen as useful resources. Cardboard cartons, empty tin cans, and glass jars will be recognized as items of value as soon as they are no longer available.

            Not saying that you should have mountains of such items or anything; but even now, I always have at least a dozen empty tin cans of varying sizes in a box down cellar. I use these all the time — mostly as temporary containers, and also when I need a small piece of sheet steel; as stand-off supports; and as sleeves for glass bottles that I want to protect from possible breakage.

            Many people would look at some of my preps and wonder “what kind of nut would save this crap” but the USA is phenomenally wasteful, and a lot of what is thrown away can be re-purposed.

      5. Posted yesterday about the USGS map didn’t show any 2.5 mag or larger earthquakes in the continental US. Somewhat unusual. Pressure sometimes builds up during lower earthquake activity. As a side note for preppers, if the Yellowstone big one pops, you can probably just kiss your butts good bye.

        • Only hope would be ‘cool weather’ crops in South America. You just have to get there ahead of the ash cloud and horde of starving zombies.

        • Listen to the USGS if you believe the rest of the lies of gvmnt propaganda. Follow the money, the corruption runs deep.

          Earthquakes can be forecast, using simple laws of physics. The USGS can’t hide earthquakes from Dutchsinse. Watch from the 45:00 mark how he has predicted their human mistakes, deletions, computer errors, military tests, and mine collapses, all occurring in places where and when he warned earthquakes would strike.

          7/06/2017 — Major earthquake activity underway – Western USA, Philippines, Japan, Europe all hit

        • C’mon, guys. This vid is bs. He grand canton WAS NOT created by a volcano!!

          Let’s try to keep it somewhat reasonable…..please?


          • Well, I dumbed it down as far as possible, all the way down to the point that a two year old could understand it.
            Yes, the Grand Canyon was indeed created by this jumbo sized SUPERVOLCANO.
            Sorry, but we have dumbed this down as far as we are going to, just to accomodate you “Grunty”. And don’t beg, it will buy you no mercy.

        • This video was insane. It was a joke, right?

          Yep… and that ant hole in my backyard is also a hidden supervolcano that authorities are suppressing, after the Grand Canyon one… and along with Niburu, which I, myself, have been hiding in my closet, lest it spread fear among the populace.

          • You are the joke “test” You have no name so you are not a person so therefore I could disparage you as much as I want to. However I suspect that you and “grunty” are the same “person”. You need to go back and take some more trolling lessons and you better hope that I don’t ever id you. If this is “spam” or unacceptable to you shtfp or the author of this article, well.

            KISS MY FUCKING ASS!

        • FANTASTIC!

      6. There’s not going to be any “super volcano” eruption in our lifetimes or the lifetimes of any or our identifiable descendants.

        Don’t waste your time worrying about it.

      7. Mac, I really appreciate you adding the other site that provides the other side. The value of this site is allowing for intelligent, full throated debate, and allowing each side to go back and forth. Iron sharpens iron, as it says.

      8. They have been downgrading earthquakes for several years. They are stronger than they report. I would like to still be alive when the New Madrid lets loose. That would be something to see!!

        • Oklahoma has now become the new New Madrid, thanks to the oil companies fracking and drilling deep into the earth’s crust, (even at Yellowstone!).

          Pressure moving from west to east will be released at the fracking operations before it hits the New Madrid fault line. Not to say there will never be an EQ on the New Madrid, but the deep wells will take the brunt of the pressure as they absorb it first.

        • The last time it went off, the church bells were ringing in Boston! It was an Earthquake.
          The next time it will be church bells in Australia but it won’t be an earthquake. My opinion only.

          Hopefully you are at least 200 miles from ground zero aka the little town called New Madrid on Mississippi river. It will be still dangerous even being 200 miles away,

          Very few people ever consider it could happen but I made a long study about it and have concluded that 4000 miles away from ground zero would be safe.
          Now, use your imagination to find out what would be the cause….!!!???

      9. If and when Yellowsone erupts, it will be time to leave North America. But since it could blow today or hundreds of years after our collective deaths, I think I will concern myself with more immediate threats to my survival.

        As I am no kid anymore, I find strange changes to my body that frankly are disgusting. Getting older is getting suckier all the time. My hair is turning white and is not as thick as it used to be. My eyebrows would look like Trump if I did not trim them. But these things are really unimportant. What really concerns me is the invisible deterioration one experiences as one ages.

        I don’t want to brag, but I can honestly say that all my life I have been blessed with beautiful, if not flawless, skin. So, it has been particularly annoying to get red bumps and irritated red dry skin all of sudden.

        Without going into too much detail, I researched and learned some things about poor circulation and how it can mess up your skin, especially on your feet. That you may not have athlete’s feet when your feet start getting red, dry, and all messed up. You might have poor circulation from sitting too long in one place on your computer or smart phone.

        This can be or become a heart or kidney problem. Your body needs exercise. You were designed to move. Drink water to keep toxins from building up. If your kidneys don’t flush toxins, they wind up in your blood. If your heart gets weak from lack of exercise, your blood will pool in your legs and they will swell up, turn red, itch and dry up.

        If this goes on long enough, it can go into your bones and cause real debilitation and serious pain. So, brothers and sisters, get up off your ass before you wind up f@@king f@@ked.


        • One more thing. Massage your skin with coconut oil. It is antibiotic and really helps to moisturize. Forget the expensive creams and lotions. Just use coconut oil. Put it in your hair, too. But not too much or you will look like a greaseball with stringy hair. Ha ha ?


          • where I SHOP, the coconut oil cost MORE than the shampoos.

        • B – good point on ‘feet’ – it may become your only means of transportation.

          • “My feet is my only carriage…” Bob Marley – Nah Woman, No Cry!


      10. A valcano under Barry’s house might warm him up. (It could be VERY warm where he is going)
        Being right with our creator is the number #1 best thing, IF a valcano does errupt or not.

      11. When Tom Brokaw sells his land next to Yellowstone for a little less than a million I will be moving over post haste. In fact, I’d settle for Helena, you can have Missoula.

      12. This is a pretty good resource for earthquake info, global (non) warming, and more.

      13. The large earthquake didn’t happen in isolation. Yellowstone has had a record number of smaller earthquakes of 876 over a two-week period. One of these was over 4.0. The swarm is still going on.

      14. NASA intends to pump water in there, according to BBC:

        Other people think we get to have controversy and excess fuel consumption and emissions, over much time, by the controversial.

        The others seem to be everywhere! And they are psycho-sociopathic, major-party ZOMBIES.

        I hope NASA has this sorted, better than when they let Dr.Brian May hook up with us, at all, given he’s a plagiarist, in a day, when credit is due, per Islamic State knowing AC-ZZ are a ripoff, from overproduction of surveillance, which happens to know there’s enough excess pickup, to track every pick attack, with every bit of conspiracy, by UBL, Atta, KSM, to hijack.

        So why, with all the fake music, do we suffer FAKE NEWS?

        There’s a REAL SUPER-VOLCANO, with real climate change, going on around it, and we have to live here.

        Can’t we just pump it down there and get along? We’ll see.

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