Monetary Experiment Creating Mother Of All Crises: “Negative Rates Phenomenally Good for Gold and Silver”

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 24 comments

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    It is the silver and gold lining of the dismal and imploding economy.

    The longer that central banks force negative interest rates – and wipe out the value of savings, pensions, and insurance accounts by denying them return on investment – the more attractive gold and other commodities become as a safe haven for maintaining flexibility.

    Moreover, the closer the system comes to unraveling altogether, gold and silver remain attractive as a means of holding onto money with ready, liquid exchange value.

    If hyperinflation were to make the dollar virtually worthless overnight, or if cash controls were imposed to limit people to a paltry daily allowance from ATMs and prevent bank runs, physical commodities can still be used.

    Financial analyst John Rubino, of discusses the importance of physical holdings in this interview with Greg Hunter of

    via Greg Hunter:

    John Rubino, who was a former Wall Street analyst, says negative interest rates will be good for gold and silver. Rubino explains, “It used to be that if you were going to buy gold and store it in a vault, you would have to pay maybe 1% a year. You wouldn’t generate any cash flow from it. Meanwhile, a portfolio of Treasury bonds might yield you 6% a year. So, there was a big gap in cash flow between financial assets and real assets. That’s gone now in a world of negative interest rates. It actually costs you money to own Japanese or German bonds, whereas gold is still what it always was. It sits there and retains its value while your bond portfolio actually loses value. You pay rather than receive interest.

    So, this is a phenomenally good environment for precious metals, and that ought to play out over time. In other words, money ought to flow into those sectors, gold and silver, as the next few years progress. They are tiny little sectors compared to financial assets, in general. If just 1% of investable assets flowed into precious metals, it would send them through the roof. There is so much more paper out there than gold and silver.”

    While the system flirts with total disaster, there is actually opportunity for gold and other commodities. Storage fees are now cheap compared with the loss of funds that negative rates are costing financial market investors.

    John Rubino sums it up this way:

    “The money bubble is basically the big bubble, the one from which all other bubbles have come and gone. And the money bubble is about money, and government debt and financial instruments in general. It’s a global bubble that’s bigger than anyone before it, and that’s part of the reason that it has gone on so long, because everybody is participating; every central bank is armed with an unlimited printing press and it allows them to fool people by manipulating interest rates and lately buying equities and unlimited numbers of bonds. And that fools people into thinking the world is basically normal, when it’s not normal because debt is soaring, and financial leverage in every other aspect is going through the roof.”

    “We’re creating conditions, really, for the mother of all crises. It has taken longer than it seemed a few years ago, but it is starting to happen. The QE programs of the last few years, which were wildly experimental and really shocking to economists and everyone else, turned out not to work…. The system is either getting ready to breakdown shortly, or to go on to a new level of experiments that are going to be even more dangerous and set the stage for an even bigger crisis in the future. So that’s the question, when does this blow up? Either way, the current system is toast . The investment thesis of getting into precious metals and other real assets, rather than financial assets, stands. And it’s going to work eventually.”

    While huge tectonic movements are in fateful action, and central banks are printing us into a nightmare, individuals can hold relatively steady by simply being prepared, and taking advantage of the foresight they have gained by paying attention.

    Prepare enough food, supplies, medical equipment and self-defense measures to ensure your physical survival, and consider commodities and alternate currencies in that strategy.

    Consider how much you want to hedge in precious metals, and how you plan to store it, and access it in the event of a collapse or other crisis. Small units may be more tradable; silver holds that advantage, but will take up more space, and is a heavier currency to carry.

    The future of currency and central banks is uncertain at best, and likely yields an eventual precipice from which we cannot return, but which we can easily fall over into the abyss. Stay vigilant!

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      1. I stack a little shiny stuff, but I focus more on my abilities to raise food as my investments.
        That might might sound crazy but it’s my choice and I don’t regret it.
        Take care all

        • MommaD
          You are so correct ! Cannot defend without good food !
          Invest in growing outdoors and indoors !
          enjoy the day ! jsph488

        • Not crazy to make a choice and stand by it. Especially when choosing between money or practical knowledge.
          Kudos, good for you.

        • you can try putting an add on craigslist or your local classifieds to purchase some silver at spot. You may be able to buy it from individuals and not have to pay the commission you would to a dealer.

          • I picked up more silver rounds last week at $18.53 when it took a dip, today Silver closed up at $19.41, That’s an .88 cents pop in a week. and a 4.5% profit increase in one week. Its not going to get much cheaper. Wait a few months when this economy implodes, it will be at $25 an ounce, wudda shoulda coulda. We will start seeing dollar moves up on Silver in the days and months coming.

            Example: Sept 2010 silver was at $16, just 6 months later in March of 2011, Silver was trading at $48 an ounce. This is going to play out like this again, maybe even higher.

            The Price ratio Silver to Gold dropped back under 70 to 1 now sitting at: 68.22 to 1 today. The normal trading bottom is 47 to 1. So we have a lot of upside on Silver coming. So keep stacking. 47 to 1 at todays Gold Price of $1324.80 would put Silver at $28.18, so we got $9 bucks on the upside a coming for Silver. What part of that do you not like for an investment and preserving your wealth?

            Or just hold on to your soon to be worthless paper Fiat IOU’s and watch them depreciate daily.


            • Historically, silver trades a 1/15th to 1/20th the price of gold. It is only in recent history that it has gone to 1/70th the price of gold. Since there are 9 ounces of silver mined for every ounce of gold mined, silver should be trading at 1/9th the price of gold. At current gold prices, sliver should be trading over $125 an ounce.

      2. Yeah, wishing I had extra money to put toward PMs, but I’m trying to get ahead on food instead. Maybe I’ll get lucky and food will be worth its weight in gold someday? Haha!

        • Rene, did you not read that article on here a few days back. In Venezuela 1 ounce of Silver buys 6 Months worth of food.


          • I’d still rather have the six months of food than hope that would be the exchange rate…

      3. Another gold and silver ad. How rare and unusual.

      4. Soldering copper HVAC connections with Silfos 15 just doubled because of the increase in silver prices.

        • Lots of Silver also goes into Solar Panels. There is a play there too, stock up on Solar Panels at todays prices. I’ve seen panels go for as low as .15 cents per watt. But typically about .68, thus a 300 Watt Panel = $204. Get 4 to 8 300 watt panels all matching, and keep buying the parts and soon you will have your own power company. Think about how much extra food you can buy by getting rid of your entire electric bill per month. now times that by 10 years. My ROI is about 4 years.

          Check this Website out for all Solar system parts and price lists.
          ht tp://

          I’m using these panels:
          Sonali Solar, SS-300, 300W: $0.68/W

          I have not had an On Grid Electric Bill for 18 months now.


      5. GOT SILVER? I do, but I got more Lead and Brass, and Food. Can’t eat PM’s


        • My recommendation for buy/selling in the Houston area:

          bring cash or check, if you use a credit card they will charge 3% more.

          • Royal Coin and Jewelry is another good place in Houston for precious metals.In my experience, they have about the best prices in the Houston area. They also have a discount if paying in cash. If paying by check, they may hold your purchase until the check clears and you will pay more if using a credit card.

      6. Long-term artificially low interest reveal government trying to stave off debt from becoming fully overwhelming and uncontrollable (which actually means not paying it debts). There is no doubt negative interest rates for treasury bonds basically means complete and end-stage government insolvency. In reality, one should not be astonished should that sort of measure be initiated, it is last-ditch desperation, just as bail-ins are for heavily indebted banks.
        Regardless of the associated propaganda that would be released should this occur (all is well, everything is under control, the public will not see any change in their lives, greedy people must be punished, etc.) you better be prepped. Cash available to the public will dry up almost immediately. It doesn’t take a genius to start seeing what will follow. Business (goods/services) in quick order will be greatly diminished including grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, etc. Then of course social upheaval and massive crime is not far behind.
        Stay very observant, watch and listen for things done or said by officials that don’t fit what what is actually happening. Always assume you are being lied to by TPTB. Assess your situation and conditions on an ongoing basis. It is likely only a matter of time.

      7. Tired of reading this same old line. If you can afford to buy silver and gold, God Bless Ya. But if you can’t, don’t despair. Jesus said that the poor will always be with us. (Didn’t he ever hear of Communism?) So, we’re not going anywhere.

        Honey is the best and sweetest investment by far!


        • You’re right.
          Honey is a very good investment.
          It can be used as food, antiseptic (wound dressing), barter and more. And it stores indefinitely.

        • I know a lot of people speak highly of honey, but i think it is a waste of effort.

          Sugar won’t go bad. If it gets moist it will just clump, which is not a problem.

          The problem with honey is that it is about a 1:1 ratio for sugar substitute.

          1 cup of honey equals 1 cup of sugar. That is a LOT of honey and it goes quickly.

          I suggest getting about six 5 gallon buckets of sugar, remove the sugar from the bags and dump them into the food grade buckets then seal them up.

          I opened one the other day that was 7 years old, just as fresh as the day I poured it in.

          • They both have their positives, sugar is cheap, but honey has medicinal benefits. My plan for honey is manuka for medicinal, local for allergies and cheaper honey in a larger quantity for consumption. For simply sweetening or canning, sugar is great but honey has a place in prepping, just not for all your sweetening needs.

      8. A supportive response to Sgt. Dale…… I thought brass and lead WERE precious metals. For that matter, good stainless steel surgical instruments and suture kits are too. And last – tin cans stacked high just can’t help but appreciate in value.

        Like the saying goes [to those who think they can buy food, meds, safety with gold or silver]: “wake up and smell the coffee” (as long as you’ve got some securely tucked away)

      9. I was thinking of making some silver bullets. That way I could say to the bad guy, “I am going to bling you up, mother fucker.”

      10. JS… Or knock out some of those BLM’s Gold Grills, and bag them up for safe keeping.


      11. People are turning to PM’s to preserve wealth. What if you have negative interest rates and PM’s drop in value? It would save the bankers and screw Joe.

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