Moments From Ferguson Announcement, Police Scanners Broadcast: “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Aftermath, Headline News | 148 comments

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    The moment of truth is upon us.

    In just a short time, the world will find out if the Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown case will lead to violence, unrest, clashes with riot police or all out martial law, as many have widely predicted.

    The show begins at 8 PM Central tonight, according to the official word, when the long-awaited, purposefully dragged out and prolonged Darren Wilson/Michael Brown grand jury decision is slated to become official.

    Several people have reported on Facebook that cops were overheard on police scanners in Ferguson declaring only a few minutes ago:

    “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

    Likely, those few words speak volumes about what is coming; what everyone has expected is coming.

    Ferguson, Missouri and nearby Clayton, where the grand jury has been meeting these past few months, are primed and ready to go. Everyone from police to National Guard troops, to government officials as well as protesters and media figures have all been ready for weeks – to the point of fatigue. Will the agony of waiting by the “battle ready” make the possibility of chaos just a foregone conclusion?

    Impatience and pressure for a decision have been building among residents and business owners, as well as police officers, who have been working 12-hour shifts with all leave time canceled since Saturday, said Jeff Roorda, business manager for the City of St. Louis Police Officer’s Association. That schedule will continue through the aftermath of the grand jury decision.

    “We have staffed up for civil disobedience, and now the guys are just waiting for an announcement,” Roorda said. “I imagine it’s just as tough on the Brown family and their supporters. The waiting is not easy on anybody.”

    “We just can’t get through this until we get to it,” Roorda said. “There’s a certain psychological toll that battle-readiness takes on a person.”

    Gateway Pundit is now reporting that police, EMS and fire crews are stationed along Clayton streets just waiting for the official word:

    In fact, even the mailboxes in Clayton have been put on lockdown.


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      1. Prepare to die!

        • Or, this could be the spark to excite an return to our Constitutional Republic.

          • Forgive me if I am wrong, I am really not the oldest here, but isn’t this similar to the race riots of the 70’s I think? Sorry folks but now you all know I’m young. Ps sold my 35 Dodge today I’m excited. Off topic… Anyways wouldn’t the modern race riots be perfect for the .gov folks to swing in declare martial law, confiscate ALL firearms? One city at a time? Meh I don’t know, I am going back to looking up motorcycles and and for some reason ford bronco’s on cl. Adios, Johnny In Mt is out.

            • Good luck on your vehicle purchase. I’m hanging on to my old Suburban because it’s a tank and I think you’re really vulnerable on a motorcycle. Kevlar vest maybe? In the 70s, I was a young and idealistic college student and worked in civil rights. When the riots broke out, they threw bricks through my windows, too. Maybe the days of rioting and getting sympathy for it are wearing thin and it won’t be as easy to get away with it, although I’m forgetting the Obama effect. (The other reason I still drive the Suburban is because it really irritates the libs, even more when I smoke a cigarette while driving. My “left-wing” sympathies vanished with adulthood.)

              • You, I like you.

              • Vicky, I was a kid in the 60s when the civil rights marches took place and they were not peaceful at all or even legitimate. I’m glad to hear you woke up and smelled the coffee concerning liberals. I have no use for liberals myself. They are the ones stirring up all the trouble concerning Ferguson. BTW, my vehicle is a GMC Sierra crew cab. I LOVE tanks. I feel safer in them.

                • Okay I know it isn’t a bullet proof vehicle but I did find an 88 Lincoln town car. I think it is pretty much a tank. Well, with my 300 win mag it would be. Used my ranger’s cab as a shooting rest while hunting and needless to say, no more rear view mirror.

              • No Vicky, you got older and made more commitments and became more integrated into the system. People with nothing to lose will always be the ones to fight and these people tend to be younger. They got mad because you did not get mad with them and change things. It hardly has anything to do with being liberal or conservative. Do you think all of the men that got angry with the founding fathers were saints? No, plenty of them were thugs, penniless, and mad at a system that did nothing for them.

                The youth will always be the ones that make true revolution as history has shown. Even recent history like the Scottish independence vote. Let’s hope the older crowd can steer the anger in the right direction otherwise you will be on the receiving end.

                It’s happened in China with the Red Guards, the youth destroying the old foolishly. They may be wrong, but if you don’t prove yourself to be the ones helping to fight the system, you might as well be helping it. After all, you are a taxpaying supporter of the government.

          • I have my .22 posion tipped hollow points ready to rock.
            Go ahead punk, make my day…

            • Eppe, I started carrying my .380 in my truck today. I will also have my M1 Carbine and 12-ga. locked and loaded this evening while I sleep. I’ve been in a not-so-good mood today with possible SHTF maybe only hours away. I’m ready to rock myself. I’m not putting up with any BS.

              • Got a bandoleer of M1 mags?

                Six 15-rounders and two more on the stock, nothing like a little fire superiority.

                Short, light, works in the mud, and .38 Special power for short-range get-home requirements. Hard to beat the old carbine for such things. I should have bought a dozen of them when they were $100 and then $200 a pop.

            • Be careful, Eppe. They never attack you one on one. It’s always a mob against a few or even one.

              • Vicky, always careful, one pistol, one rifle, many 25 round mags, just protecting my 3 ladies in my life. Will not start shit, but sure will end it, quickly…
                Three shots and they would scatter, proven fact, no one wants a peice of lead in them…

                • My other Nephew bagged an 11 point Buck in Wisc yesterday. Nice Rack. He blasted it in the front chest and shoulder and it still took off jumped a fence and ran another hundred yards. And that is with a high powered rifle. You need more than a .22 BB gun.

                  • Deer are MUCH MUCH tougher than humans!

                  • Helped a buddy dress out his one-shot deer some years back. Put a 30-06 200-grain soft point through the heart, turning the organ into mushy meat, and broke one shoulder with his round. It still ran 150 yards and walked another 100 before it lay down and died.

                    Just one reason I like the .375H&H for hunting, they die where you shoot them.

            • Lol. .22? What the squirrels going to attack you tonight?. lol

              • “Well Placed …”

                While it is true, that higher calibers tend to be more effective (bigger hole, more damage, etc), a “well placed” shot can bring down almost anything, even the smaller calibers.

        • I’m not too worried about a mob of angry scum apes. They are free to burn their own shit, but they will be killed if they push too far.

          • Is it even possible that Ferguson police are not using voice encryption radios?

          • Do you know why they are scum apes? Because everyone let the civil rights movement get taken over by COINTEL. Because no one cared when it mattered. Because you let jews take control and usher in a victim mentality for them. Because everyone else stood by and let them enact bills to make that victim mentality possible. They are acting like rampaging, spoiled children. But a spoiled child is often a neglected child.

            A lot of people here sound pumped to use their guns. You’re a sick lot who has already dehumanized their fellow citizens. Bet you’re the same bloodthirsty fools that vote in wars and live to see other nations bombed into oblivion. Not saying you should put down your arms and give out hugs, but you’ve all seem to forget who is truly at fault for everything. These riots are a growing symptom of the polarizing wedge TPTB are using to further control everyone in a police state.

            • Beautiful and well stated.

              But due to the lack of replies, I wonder how many actually read it and let it sink in to ponder with honest reflection.

              “Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”

              Mark Twain

              • I don’t think most people want to acknowledge that the world is anything but what they’ve come to know it as growing up. It frightens them, harms the ego. I think the lack of replies might be a positive thing though. Maybe it did soak in and they know there’s not much to refute. Arguing against may actually help us more than it helps their cases.

                A fool who opens his mouth is likely to reveal himself.

        • There may be some protest, but it probably won’t go much further than that, unless directed from higher up somewhere.

          Most people are not even aware of this event. I work in a place with about 100 people, not one has mentioned anything about this; they are interested in their football pool, sitcoms, etc. Unless this affects them in some direct manner, they will not likely know anything even happened. Of course, if the situation does get out-of-control, they will suffer accordingly.

          • How ignorant. BLACKS SAY THEY WILL RIOT EITHERWAY of the Decision. Just a bunch of looting free Sh!t Army looking for an opportunity to steal sh!t.

            YOU LOOT WE SHOOT!!

            • WWTI, oh so true. all of the members of my “ventilation team” are ready to go. I won’t put up with their BS.


              • WWTI, I saw it on Fox News. party time is closing in on us.

                • Got both AR’s piston driven 5.56’s dialed in w/ green tips. The 12g and 2 x 9mm hollow pts +P’s. Long distance 30-06 auto dialed in at 200 yrds. Then a .22 Henry survival rifle, .177 Pellet rifle 1200 fps, Crossbow and a slingshot for game Ha.

              • I believe they new down deep the gentle giant wouldn t
                be indicted. It s not like he was on his way to church
                and the cop shot him in the back.

          • Isn’t that the sad truth! Our office has been watching and wondering, but we’re the old Civil Defense group and probably more aware. Most of the young men are wondering how it will affect the Ohio State/U of Michigan game. It’s in Ohio this year, but Michigan has several volatile hot spots that just love to riot. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I’ve been away for a week.

            • Vicky, my advice to anyone wanting to go to that game would be just stay home, order pizzas or whatever, and watch it on the tube. Much, much safer; and cheaper too.

              • Let them go to their “game”. That is all they comprehend, anyway. They still won’t get it when they are beaten, or killed in the streets, and their Freedoms are gone forever. The vast majority of morons that pass for American, ahem, “men” today are not worthy of the Freedom they have.

        • This is going to be a TV event only. Nothing significant is going to happen. There will be a couple of people arrested, big media chaos, a couple of windows broken out that will be made to look like doomsday.

          TV event only, nothing going to happen.

          • People in SUVs taking potshots at the cops already. Doesn’t sound like a dud.

          • I agree, this has been over sensationalized by the govt whores in the media, and sadly many on here have emotionally sensationalized it. Then again some here mentally masturbate to all fear porn.

          • John Stiner, don’t mean this like it sounds, but this WILL be significant and WILL be more than a “TV event”.

        • All of you old fuckers supporting this piece of shit pig, I hope your children get shot by 5.0.

          Wilson didn’t need to shoot that kid. That’s what the bat belt with the taser and pepper spray is for. He shot him because he wanted to kill somebody.

          Young Marines in my family have told me they want to go to Iraq purely to have the experience of killing people. Don’t say no. You know it’s true.

          Now I hope the darkies riot and put those pigs in fear for a change.

          Nothing like walking a mile in another’s shoes, is there?

          • Acid, maybe he didn’t need to shoot him, but I’m glad he did. One less POS on the streets. Many more where he came from.

            I’m not defending police brutality, and they are getting way out of line too with their increasing militarization towards a police state, but the nigs have got to be put in their place. And there really is no good place for them.

          • Acid Atch: That officer has the RIGHT to protect himself. WHAT IF HE WAS YOU SON, HUSBAND OR LOVED ONE. Taking a job as an officer DOES NOT MEAN ANY PUNK GETS TO HARM OR KILL YOU! Go suck an egg!

            • AES. Were you there when they presented the evidence? I think not. So shut the hell up!

              • Nobama and T-town, AMEEN to your responses to that sodomite that calls himself acid.

                • That should’ve read AMEN, NOT AMEEN. typing too fast again. that sodomite got me stirred up.

          • Acid, you haven’t been paying attention to this case at all. It was a legitimate act of self-defense against a 6’4″ 300 LB TURD who intended to KILL him for no good reason. I challenge YOU to walk a mile in a COP’S shoes and then tell us what you think. That cop had no other choice. So you support rioting? Let’s see someone come to YOUR neighborhood, burn YOU out of YOUR home, and see what you say about THAT, IF you live to talk about it. BTW, we “old farts” have more wisdom in our heads than a young PUNK like you has is his little finger. Try walking a mile in the shoes of an “old fart” BEFORE you run off your stupid mouth!

          • Wretch, you should try being behind a badge in some inner city hellhole, see how long you last with your Bat Belt and pepper spray.

          • Acid Etch….you are vile to say such a thing as hoping someone’s children get shot. The cop DID INDEED need to shoot that thug. ALL evidence points to the cops innocence. You are nothing but a race baiting idiot. Seems like everyone in your family should receive some serious mental health intervention. Your families wanting the experience of killing people is SICK. Now that the verdict has been announced 5 hours ago, as you hoped, the darkies are indeed rioting, looting, firebombing, shooting. But the cops and National Guard don’t seem like they fear anyone at this point.

          • Brown got what he deserved. Wilson was defending himself. nuff said. You sir can kiss my @$$… But this is the response your fishing for anyway, isn’t it?

      2. Forget the rubber bullets and tear gas! Live rounds will settle this problem quick. I’m just thankful I live in Idaho.

      3. It’s shameful how the media is treating this like a Monday night football game

        • DC

          Good comment. The media and federal government are doing there best to cause civil unrest. They have tried several times to inflame people and cause race riots. I wonder why?
          Could it be cover for something?

          Maybe they try for gun control from this!
          Maybe they pull the plug on the economy and use this as cover!

          They want it so bad for whatever reason. I am sure there will be some violence in Ferguson. Not sure if it will spread to other areas. If it does then avoid population centers and large groups of people.

          I pray there is no violence. The grand jury just announced there will be no indictment. People must obey the law and understand that the officer did what he should have. The evidence speaks for itself.

          Everyone watch your six and I pray for you all.

      4. There are lots of morons on all political sides of the “Ferguson Incident”, who not only were NOT there, but are itching for violence to break out; for their own nefarious purposes. Such people are not part of a normal productive society and should be shunned.
        Pithy or sarcastic comments merely serve to inflame the situation past the point of any rational or common sensibilities. Let’s try to be adults people, and not fall into the trap of the societal ooze and excrement.

      5. At a minimum, this will be educational.. for anyone with eyes to see.

        • I’m curious to see how the protestors react, law enforcement, and the media.

          • I’m curious what inflammatory comment our agitator in chief will make. “We must respect the rule of law, even when that law is corrupt and racist.”

            • That’s pretty much what he’s saying right now. That, and he’s got lots of DOJ people out there to help cool things down, even though the DOJ has spent 3 months keeping the pot boiling.

              The man is a total joke.

      6. Time to make some popcorn and watch the fireworks show.

        • Right there with you on that

          • We have 12 gallons of wine. popcorn, and a red ryder bb gun ready to rumble 🙂

            • Oh ya and a shield to protect us from the spear chuckers..

              • The Cops in Fergy have already confiscated knives from protesters tonight.

              • I just turned on the force field!
                But seriously, appalling!
                First that we even have this circuis going on
                And second that obola isnt directly announcing that he is bringing the dumbass brown back from the dead!

                • Kula, I have been meaning to ask you. What is Kula? Just wondering.

                  • Kula, Maui

            • Becareful with that bb gun, it can get you death by cop like the 12 year old boy in cleveland. Beware also, some scum here are fine with that.

              • BJ, WHOA THERE. Our regular posters here are NOT scum. You’re starting to sound like acid.

              • BJ, WHOA THERE. None of the good people here are SCUM, but trolls certainly are. You’re sounding like acid. You don’t really want to be like THAT, do you? I would hope NOT, for YOUR sake.

                • Mac, sorry for the double post. Had trouble getting the first one to go through.

                • When you justify cops shooting a 12 year old kid, albeit a stupid kid, with a bb gun at a playground, no matter how real the gun looked, you are IMO scum, an idiot and part of the problem. I have as much experience if not more than most when it comes to big inner city thugs of all colors. I know how they think and act from both lives I have had, the bad old me and the new me. I have been robbed and know it was blacks, I was shot and almost killed by a black street thug. I don’t like the way they talk, walk and act. I think they act like animals with little to no brain or rational thinking. No common sense, no morals. My point is that when we start acting like ALL them are bad and don’t deserve to live, even if it is death by cop…then we are screwed. So many on here talk about the system, the govt, the police state we live in….but hey it’s ok if a black thug gets killed by a cop….that is hypocrisy in cases like this. I don’t care what I am called or thought of on here, I will not waiver or change my mind. The guy didn’t deserve to lose his life by a cop…he was unarmed. I don’t believe the cops story. I am sure most on here do in this case, but wouldn’t if the circumstances had been different….they are hypocrites. Again, Mike Brown was no good guy, but arguing, fighting, scuffling or EVEN charging some guy in a uniform who has no real lawful authority, doesn’t deserve you to be shot to death. And there are more than one accounts of finding from the autopsy. The trajectory of the bullet wounds going downward does not have to mean this 300lb 6’4″ out of shape doper and drinker, shot by 6′ cop, was bent over like a professional athlete and charging. It could mean that he was shot and then started falling down and forward as he was continuing to be shot.

                  The last bullets to enter him were in his head, the kills shots. How is it if he was bent over and charging, and the last bullets were to the head with his head down, did the bullets enter his chest BEFORE the bullets ot the head? That only seems plausible to me if he was falling down and forward after being shot…..NOT bending over and charging and THEN being shot.

                  If at the very least, the qualified immunity, prosecutorial discretion and self policing needs to go. Also the very vague statues allowing cops to determine self defense in fear of life need to be tighted up…A LOT!

                  If we allow this, don’t complain when the gang in blue come for you. Some sheeple on here are even calling for the National Guard to come in……some idiots have no clue what they are wishing for.

        • Love it!!!

      7. And what is any different about this incident from any other killings that go on, everyday in America? Obama, that’s the difference, He’s the Director of this production. The script has been written, the handsomely paid actors are all posed to carry out their roles and the media, just like this site (Hyped “Let’s get ready to rumble”) are doing their thing to fuel the fire.

        It’s always about control and manipulation of the masses. They want your money and they want your arms. And they are going to get it all, in the end, contrary to the “MOLON LABE” crowd.

        • Spot on!!!!

      8. Ethnic cleansing is imminent, regardless of racial affiliation.
        All it takes is a spark…

        • TO EVERYONE; FAUX NEWS JUST ANNOUNCED DARREN WILSON NOT INDICTED. Party time is just around the corner. good luck to everyone here.

        • Let’s get ready to rumble?
          Amen, I agree with the boons. Enough, ENOUGH.
          Let’s do the dance

      9. Snipers on the roofs~Check!!

        Bomb sniffing dogs~ Check!!

        Battons ready to crack skullls ~ Check!!

        Daren Wilson Plane Tickets to Hawaii~ Check!!

        D Wilson got married last month to a fellow Ferguson Lady Cop. Honey moon plans on schedule ~ Check!!

        While Monkeys in Fergy go Apeshit ~ Check!!

        • Al Sharpton with drafted speech to tell the nigs Ferguson will remain chocolate ~ Check!

      10. ah let it happen.

      11. George Zimmerman to replace Daren Wilsons for Cop Job. Just kidding.. LoL

      12. Something will happen regardless……out of all the people shot and killed in this country the press is horned in on this one. Too many others are dying in the major cities that make Ferguson look silly. who is killing all these people? Not cops but people living in the same communities. Lets hear their suggestions.

        • But..

          What if..

          Grand Jury announces guilty?


          • Won’t happen since they don’t determine guilt or innocence. They just indict or not. If the indict, then there is a trial.

      13. If only we had Ed Sullivan announcing..

        It’s a reaaly big show tonight!


        • Posse…just to make your point clear..Grand Jury’s are not set up to find guilt or innocence. There function is to indict or not to.

          Stay Ready my friend

      14. Actually this is competing with the Monday Nt Football. Raven at the Saints. Great time to have PIP Picture in Picture TV feature to flip back and forth. Game to the Riots!! Ok how many of have your Guns loaded sitting next to you right now? Ha!!

      15. BS. They have been encrypted transmission since August. Fact.

      16. fearmongering…..another reason to cower…every time I turn around “THIS IS IT”….’frady cats…”how many times ya’ll going to bite on this type of foolishness?”(yawn)

        • YAWN, you bitch, we’ve been missing you. turn on your boob tube and watch the coverage in Ferguson, then try to tell us it’s fear-mongering. YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

      17. “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”

        Looking for trouble and worse yet hoping for it regardless who you are and who’s side you take is insanity.

      18. I have been wondering, how or why this particular shooting made it to this level. There are unjustified killings by cops ALL the time, I am just curious…why this one?

        I would of rather seen a better example of outrageous out of control cop killing make it to this level and they are not hard to find. It would of really been nice to of had one make it to this level that didn’t have the race factor in it. That way all the race baiters wouldn’t have that card to play and all the hate filled ones who are just plain old racist wouldn’t be able to spew their hate.

        • BJ:

          Come on, BJ.

          No race card, cant get the thugs to tear the fabric of America apart.

          • I disagree…thugs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.

        • No indictment period
          CASE Closed now Go home Apes.

      19. This should be interesting…

        • i made popcorn and put on a pot of coffee.

          should get some real good looting video no matter what.

          • Good idea Iena. Think I’ll start a pot of java. Tried to watch the Livestream on the Alex Jones site but the feed keeps shutting down. Sh*t’s getting crazy in Ferguson. Lots of tear gas fired in the streets and residential areas.

      20. I don’t want to belittle concerned citizens that in fact some police are out of control and or overreact. I’m not saying I know in this case what happened. I do not, and we have only the MSM delivering hand picked information and not to be totally trusted one way or the other. Ever.

        Also thug life is a reality and many cultures seek to justify it and the violence that ensues or simply live in denial.

        So on one side we have a segment fearing the Police and on the other side we have the police fearing the people. Both sides have some justification.

        It’s going to be a difficult situation no matter what happens. Pray.

      21. Sadly something will happen. To many hot heads unwilling to be reasonable located in one place. I will be surprised if it stays peaceful.

      22. I know this might sound bad, but i hope he’s found innocent for the sake of trimming down the black population when those savages start going ape-sh1t.

        i’m not a racist, i could live peacefully along side different skin colors…but when they’re the ones who can’t let go of racism and start harming innocent people…then it’s time to start taking the trash out.

        • I could not agree more.

        • I can agree with that statement as long as the trash bag has all the colors of trash in it.

      23. Well time to thin the herd!!!! I like the facebook post that I saw today that the best way to show my support for the shooting of Mike Brown is to loot stores, steal all we can , and then burn them down! Oh and now we will add that we will also beat and possibly kill all the white people we can. Way to show how you want to be respected and treated as equals, let’s loot and steal from innocent people! Shoot all their free shit army asses and let’s sort it out next week!

      24. Excited!!! Cops killing blacks, blacks killing cops…it’s win win!!!

      25. Who Cares

        Tested: you are being tracked

      26. I’m sure shakedown artist AL Sharpton is race baiting the Brown family right now to take action. Watch him throw fuel on the fire.

      27. This about the blacks being treated unfairly, and they are being treated unfairly, the blacks and everyone else should band together and kill as many police as they can. Only then will law enforcement change their attitude. and return to respecting everyone’s constitutional rights.

        • Bullshit!
          That punk got exactly what he deserved.

          • 100% Agreement. I have no doubt the cops hassle blacks. But this case is NOT one of them.

            Just heard the announcement a minute ago. No indictment.

            Sadly, there’s too many blacks living a Ghetto culture.

            • Sadly, there’s too many blacks.

        • This is where I disagree with you. This is about all people of all colors being hounded by TPTB’s dogs!

          And that was the strangest press conference form a prosecuting attorney ever. The most important evidentiary question asked, he him hawed and ended his answer with “all evidence presented.” Yet he did not answer the question at all. So far there is no evidence to support fear for your life self defense for shots fired while outside of the car…..NONE! And no one mentioned or asked about distances. What a joke!

      28. Way too many people on the street there right now for this to end well. Be safe people.

        • Way too many STUPID BABOONS you mean,
          The war protests in the 60s and 70s civil rights movement,
          THOSE were legit protests.
          A punk ass thug who decided to rough up a cop and got capped?
          Thats just the way it goes when you do stupid shit,
          These people, and i use the term loosely, are just provoking some serious crap,
          God bless the many officers and other LEO on the ground in these cities,
          These people are NOT peaceful protesters!

          • Evidence proved Brown Thug was charging the cop when he shot and killled. And just after the Thug tries to steal the cops gun in the cop car. Where the thugs Blood DNA was also found. Blacks are lying and need to take responsibily for their Thuggery actions. You steal and loot, we gonna shoot. Period.

            • Brown was falling forward after being shot, that is why the entries were like they were. Not because the already shot and bleeding, 300 lb gorilla as our own resident pig here puts it, was bending over at the waist to charge the pig.

      29. oh you mean censor

      30. I gotta tell you,
        These people disgust me, i have lived 50+ years and managed to not have any scrapes with the law beyond a few traffic citations that i totally deserved.
        The fact that these people are standing out there talking shit to the cops just shows their character,
        LIVE ROUNDS!
        THAT is EXACTLY what this crap deserves.

        • Kulafarmer, I agree except for the civil rights marches. Those were anything but peaceful. Those protestors do deserve some ‘lead nutrients’.

        • Too bad Ferguson couldn’t just be filled up with water like New Orleans.

      31. This is just proof that black people are the most racist out of all ethnicities.

      32. Drudge:

        No Charges

      33. No indictment.

        • Justice!

        • See what race baiter Al Sharpton spews tomorrow.

          • If there is a tomorrow!
            Just kidding

      34. No indictment. Lets face it. The goon got what he deserved. If one of his goon buddies from the hood killed him this never would have made the news. A pile of horseshit from the day this came out. Go ahead and riot, burn down businesses in your own town.

      35. Officer Wilson not charged. A lot of disappointed jungle bunnys. Boo Hoo now they got a excuse to go tribal boogoola boogoola. let the rioting begin!

      36. Brown family pisses now it will be really hars to sue for millions of dollars. Message for Blacks. Go Home Rest up and go find a Job tomorrow and contribute to society instead of looting a burning their rown down.

      37. Nig Obummee going to now make his monkey race baiter speech..

        • You have had some of the best posts several times lately…but they go ignored. That tells me a lot about a majority of the posters here.

          Thanks for posting.

          Did you watch Darren Wilson’s defense attorney give his 20 minute preamble for his client tonight and then not give one piece of evidence to answer how the armed cop was in fear of his life to justify self defense and lethal force. That question has never been answered or evidence given….NOT ONCE.

      38. No doubt there will be several complete mopes refusing to believe the actual forensic and ballistic evidence presented to the Grand Jury.
        Golly gee, with all of the black-on-black violence in the City of Chicago, don’t THOSE black lives lost matter? Nope, it is not politically convenient for those losses.
        Typical of the ProgressivePlantation-Massas and their poverty-pimps, to call the genocide of black people in Chicago as politically acceptable, never let a crisis go to waste.(Rahm Emmanuel)

      39. I just love how Mike Browns parents want to us to learn from this situation and not to have this happen again. How about let’s have parents learn not to raise THUGS and CRIMINALS!! The point to learn is they raised a piece of shit that thought he could rob and beat up people, even police officers and get away with it!!!

      40. HOOWEE YAAW let’s let the monkey shootin begin!!!!!

      41. This is not just an issue for Ferguson but , an issue for America.

        There are ways of channeling your concerns constructively.

        Over time it builds up, we can make advancements.

        Positive advancements.

        Depend on civil rights advocates.

        The news media plays a roll on this.


      42. Gotta love the way the Prosecutor delivered the smackdown on the race hustlers and media ghouls in his introductory remarks. But the scanner is lit up. Gunshots, looting, some reporter hit in the head by a brick just now.

        • Gunshots going on in Ferguson according to the Highway Patrol scanner. I can see the National Guard in the streets asap.

        • Several gunshots, lots of looting reported. Sounds like a typical Chicago night. Holder and Obola would be proud.

      43. “I’d start a race riot for a swister ” watching this on tv , unbelievable ,this country’s got problems.
        I am now convinced that being prepared against this race of people is a must.
        Don’t let them in your neighborhood
        Don’t shop where they work
        Don’t donate to charities that give to them
        Vote down all mill ages that support them.

      44. Stupid is as stupid does. The best cure for stupidity is a really suckie consequence. Ferguson Law Enforcement, do what you must to protect and serve!

      45. Micheal Brown made a series of bad decisions and died because of them. If you’re going to steal from a store, ignore authority and then try to shoot a cop with his own gun,somebody is going to get hurt or die. He is an example of how not to get to old age.

      46. Well its happening. cop cars burning looting all they needed was a excuse. black folks certainly prove by their actions that they are have lots of problems. And those problems are not caused by whitey. They are their own worst enemy.


        Best news aggregator site I’m seeing. Drugstore on fire and the looters are rushing to get what the can before it all burns. Firemen withdrawn due to shots fired.

      48. OVOMIT, HOLDER, and SHARPTON went to Ferguson a few weeks ago, with the express purpose of inciting the blacks to start riots. I believe the government’s intention is to call for Martial Law, in which case, attack on ALL Americans will be legitamized…even if Ovomit has to use his pen. (jerkoff)
        Ovomit wanted the verdict of innocense. Ovomit is proud of his minions doing his work. Ovomit wants martial law BEFORE the end of his terroristic presidency so he can stall the 2016 election and stay in power longer. That is what this has all been about to begin with.

      49. Ferguson’s law enforcement only “rumble” must have been when their SHT Underwear, too scared under Political Correctness to confront the looters and arsonists as they destroyed the town.

        Gunfire heard must have been a prepper protecting his property. This is what’s coming when shtf, a perfect example of anarchy, and can’t depend on the government to save ya.

        • This is not anarchy, learn the meanings of words before using them. True meanings…..not just repeating everyone elses ignorance.

          • Full Definition of ANARCHY


            a : absence of government

            b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority

            c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government


            a : absence or denial of any authority or established order

            b : absence of order : disorder

            Well he technically did use it correctly “denial of any authority or established order”


      50. Tyranny of One, Tyranny of All
        Anarchy — An Abused Concept
        Written by Darrell Anderson.

        Straightforward etymology should convince most people of the true definition of anarchy. A straightforward definition of anarchy means “without rulers.” For example, monarchy is the “archy” or rule of one, oligarchy is the rule of a few, hierarchy is a layered rule; thus anarchy is the rule of none.

        Unfortunately, politicians, the media people, and other interested parties have distorted the meaning of the word. The philosophy of anarchy is one of the more maligned and misunderstood philosophies. The definition of anarchy has been highly politicized.

        Most people today carelessly use the word to mean bomb-throwing, unlimited boundaries, chaos, and disorder.

        Anarchy merely means no rulers — nothing more and nothing less

        An anarchist definition of anarchism found from The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910 is:

        “the name given to a principle or theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government – harmony in such a society being obtained, not by submission to law, or by obedience to any authority, but by free agreements concluded between the various groups…”

        Most of the definitions found of anarchy state that it is a society of chaos, but one site I found actually has a definition that, although it does not reflect all the aspects of anarchy, does describe the central idea of a society without rule. The definition on (An) Anarchy Home Page is:

        “Any form of societal organization without a ruler or other form of centralized, coercive control.”

        A web page on Defining Anarchism does a good job of explaining the roots of anarchism in reference to the current view of it.
        The article states that:

        “These modern dictionary definitions of anarchism are based on the writings and actions of anarchists of history and present and represent a positive theory…” but that “Exterior sources, however, such as the media, will frequently misuse the word anarchism and, thus, breed misunderstanding.”

        If you go all the way through the second link, at the bottom it gets into collectivism….which I do not prescribe to at all. Basically anarchy means to me….Leave me the hell alone and I will leave you alone.

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