Moderna Insists Booster Shots Are Needed: How Surprising, Considering They Will Make BILLIONS Off Them

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Moderna has not surprisingly come out released the “data” that says booster shots are going to be needed. They claim people who were recently vaccinated have fewer breakthrough cases.

    But we all know why that is. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you are NOT considered “fully vaccinated” until you have had the second shot in your body for 14 days. That means when people are going to the hospital for vaccine injuries, they get to do two things. One, tell you it’s a COVID case in an unvaccinated person, and two, hide the fact that it’s a vaccine injury.  Watch this video below for more information:

    The U.S. drugmaker shared a new analysis from its phase three study that showed the incidence of breakthrough Covid cases, which occur in fully vaccinated people, was less frequent in a group of trial participants who were more recently inoculated, suggesting immunity for earlier groups had started to wane. But according to the CDC’s own website, those “breakthrough” cases could be something much worse: vaccine injuries passed off as an “infection” in an “unvaccinated” person. The way “data” is collected anymore makes it hardly worth mentioning, except they are using it for the totalitarian enslavement of humanity.

    “There’s a large debate, we all know, about whether or not vaccine boosters are going to be necessary into the fall,” Moderna President Stephen Hoge said in a phone interview according to a report by CNBC. “That debate, what makes it really hard is it’s not really about whether the vaccine worked last month. It’s really about whether it’s going to work this winter.”

    The data shows that “we do see a significant increase in the risk of Covid-19 for those who are vaccinated a year ago versus six months ago,” Hoge said.

    Those who are raking in billions of dollars on these shots for which they cannot be held liable if a person becomes injured or worse after taking them have said you need a third one. Considering the nation of bleating sheep we have, a good number will line up for more shots.  And look where that’s gotten Israel.

    In fact, the massive uptake of boosters has failed to stop the spread in Israel, as their cases surge. Despite the booster program Israel now has one of the highest infection rates per million in the world.

    Follow the money. It should not strike anyone as odd that Moderna, who has immunity from all liability for the damages done by their COIVD “vaccines” is promoting a third shot that will make them even more money. It’s pretty obvious at this point. Sadly, to many are unaware and just don’t care.


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        THE FDA VOTED AGAINST THE BOOSTER SHOTS only those more vunerable to Covid can take them.

        Since 2 board members left the FDA, they may be feeling some fear of the people in the deaths of so many from the shots, mentioning the risk to younger people as why they are against Boosters.

        This is aganst the plan to destroy the country, and the evil one may just go full out booster and force it. 2 shots are enough to kill half the country slower, but this is not good enough for President Beelzelbub.

      2. What you mentioned about the way “data” is collected
        being hardly worth mentioning is true and as you said
        it is all about how they use
        that “data” . These evil psychos are experts at twisting everything/ lying and using it against all of us. Whether the data is real or not doesn’t even matter. Even the facts don’t matter to these assholes. All that matters to them is what they can make us believe. This is an excerpt from something I recently read which speaks about just that:

        Facts no longer have any bearing on anything, and events are determined purely by the ability of the media/government to spin an emotional narrative that they can get the public
        to buy into. ?

      3. This company was practically bankrupt before covid and never brought any kind of vaccine to market before. There dirtbag CEO is on video bragging to the World economic Forum that we made the mrna shot in two days time! Are you kidding me? This guy needs to be hung and quartered for crimes against humanity!

        On a side note i believe i had the convid a week ago and recovered in 3 days. Stuffy intermit-ten mild headaches with a sore throat and felt like the weakest cold i ever had in my life.

        Im big on vitamins every day, green tea and cherry juice . I took 500 mg of elderberry zinc a day on top of my other supplements and worked like a charm! I am not a Doctor but I rarely ever get a cold at 44 since i quit drinking many moons ago!

      4. Just start reading the obituaries in your county and surrounding counties. Look at all the people dying from a “sudden illness” and also all the people dying in their 40s 50s and 60s.

      5. Bifurcation amongst the hospitals is what is so desperately needed. We need to establish safe zones where our dignity is respected. Something like a society existing within a society.

        The Doctor Inflicted Tyranny has become so grotesque that at all levels within it they only speak to us in terms of gibberish. Whether it be their upper level mouth pieces Joe Biden or the MSM or the even the local doctor at the local hospital. As they have the country operating at only a fraction of its potential capacity with ridiculous mandates because of the supposed “covid” immigrants unchecked for disease are invited and allowed to flood the border. As of this moment 10,500 Haitians have assembled under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas expecting admittance.

        Lew Rockwell recently posted an article “Are the unvaccinated a threat to others?” In it he replies to the nonsensical assertions the vaccinated have against unvaccinated. Several commenters grounded to reality made comments such as “ There is no path to herd immunity through using a “vaccinating agent” which does not confer immunity. Why is this even being discussed?”

        As I mention in a comment above, there is no mathematical way based on the established time frame that ANY vaccine could have passed long term trials and yet the establishment under the Doctor Inflicted Tyranny claims that there has been approval.

        For so long as we allow ourselves to be ruled over by an imbecilic psychotic nanny Doctor Inflicted Tyranny who gets away with speaking to us in nonsensical gibberish there is no alternative but for the country to collapse and the rule of law no longer exist. Our country simply devolved into rule by thugs who for the time being present as having some sort of tactical militaristic advantage

      6. Remember when they said the likelihood of side effects were expected within the first few days of receiving the serum?

      7. The Senior Partners are the ones giving the directions from behind the scene.

        The ones presented to the public as being in charge of things are just figureheads that follow orders and mislead the public into thinking they are the ones responsible so the people will stay focused in the wrong direction and be unable to change anything if they don’t like it.

        That’s why they win and we lose.

        Every time.

      8. Breaking News, the web is full of accredited professional scientists, virologists and doctors who are steeping forward with the FACTS about the mutations being caused by these false vaccines and the HUGE number of deaths and sickness caused from taking the vaccines which they are trying to suppress.

      9. Its all about the money………lots of money.

        • J in VA – it is about money, but that’s only part of it. It’s about power too. The State wants power more than anything else, the corporations want profits and special rights/privileges more than anything. When the two merge to mutually assist each other in achieving their goals it is called fascism.
          The State has power, the corporations have expertise and resources. The corporations provide the means for the State to achieve its goals, and the State rewards corporations (in this case big pharma) with hyper-massive guaranteed profits and specials privileges (again in this case immunity from any and all legal action). Only the citizens lose out.
          The State sees citizens as managed disposable resources, corporations see people as captive profit units. To help keep all the skids greased in these relationships, some corporate members are given a sort of official powers, and some politicians are made incredibly wealthy. However, both despise us.

      10. Oh yawn, ive had sinus infections 10 times worse the carona. Take your booster and shove it up your moderna Ceos Arse that claims they made there pc program vaccine in two days, and on camera bragging to the WEF clowns! The narrative us finally starting to fall apart for adverse reactions!

      11. Anyone else see the video of Moderna Ceo bragging to the WEF that they created there shot in two days?

      12. Legends in their own minds. There ALWAYS will be tons of tar and truckloads of feathers to properly dress predatory bankers, real estate agents, The Fed anything, Moderna, J&J, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, The Ensyma Solution, et al.

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