Moderna And Pfizer Are Developing “Booster Shots” For The Experimental Gene Therapy

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Moderna and Pfizer are both already developing “booster shots” for the COVID-19 experimental gene therapy. That means this isn’t going to end after people get their first two doses of this stuff.  They will need to go back to get boosters every year because “immunity wanes” according to “science.”

    A 75-Year-Old Warning about Those Who Say ‘Listen to the Science’

    Moderna and Pfizer have recently said immunity can start to wane between six to eight months after getting the second shot of their vaccines experimental gene therapy. Dr. Peter Marks, a Food and Drug Administration official, estimates that vaccine-induced immunity is around one year, according to public remarks reported by CNBC.

    Pfizer is testing its experimental COVID-19 booster shot in combination with its 20-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in older adults, while Moderna told investors this month that a mid-stage clinical trial showed its investigational booster can help protect against the serious B.1.351 and P.1. variants. But wait, didn’t they already say the current experimental shots work to protect against the “scary new delta variant” that mainstream media keeps pushing on us?

    STAY ALERT: Delta Variant “Warnings” Could Be The Next Excuse For Dystopian Tyranny

    “The mRNA vaccine seems to be highly effective, two doses of that vaccine against this variant. The viral vector vaccines from J&J and AstraZeneca also appear to be effective, about 60% effective. The mRNA vaccines are about 88% effective,” Dr. Scott Gottleib said, referring to the vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. “So we have the tools to control this and defeat it. We just need to use those tools.” –SHTFPlan

    So then, how does immunity wane if this is an mRNA vaccine that tells your body to “make the spike protein” so it can attack it? Because…science. They literally want us to believe all of the nonsense they tell us regardless of how ridiculous it is.

    “We do not have data on when to expect waning immunity leading to breakthrough infections,” Dr. Stephen Hoge, Moderna’s president, told investors, according to a FactSet transcript of a May 6 earnings call as reported by Market Watch. “But we do know that there is a raging pandemic, that reinfections will happen at some point, and the best way to ensure that we do not have renewed outbreaks in well-vaccinated countries is to boost and maintain the highest possible levels of neutralizing antibodies.”

    “That tells me the vaccines are preventing infections and there are no rogue elements out there evading that protection,” Vanderbilt infectious-disease expert Dr. William Schaffner said according to a report by The Chicago Tribune.  “The vaccines are working.” What?

    So let’s get this straight. Breakthrough infections in the fully vaccinated mean the vaccine is working, but an infection in the unvaccinated means the immune system isn’t good enough? This makes less and less sense by the day, and we are still expected to stop asking questions and just obey our masters.

    What in the world is in this shot that they continue to lie and invent new ways to try to coerce people into taking it? There are far too many questions that cannot be answered for those applying logic and common sense. When will this nonsense end? We have some idea.  They told us a few months ago:

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated



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      1. These raving mad,lunatic,
        evil satanic creatures never stop “developing” new concoctions for the masses
        do they? Of course, history has shown that all of these creations are for the “benefit” of humanity. As we all know, they only have our best interests at heart.?

      2. So, if the so called “immunity” wanes after about a year – shouldn’t those of us who have never taken these “vaccines” and therefore not developed any immunity against the monster known as covid be dead and buried already. I mean, here we are walking around out there with absolutely no jab given protection. Why, it’s an absolute miracle that any of us unvaccinated lepers of society are still alive. I mean,
        our natural immune system couldn’t possibly keep us protected against the raging covid monster on its’ own –
        could it???

      3. If the liars and “scientists”
        were actually honest:
        “We are making this shit up as we go along because it is important that we keep this “global pandemic” bullshit going as long as possible and we know you morons will believe anything no matter how ridiculous it is as long as we say it is based on “science”. “Our rulers (the evil satanic elite) have advised us to do and say whatever we must do to keep all of you slaves under control and to of course ultimately end your lives with our plethora of wonderful vaccines” “Thank you for you time. I really wish I could wish all of you a good night but as you know we,the selfish evil bastards really don’t give a damn if you
        have a good night or not!!!!”

      4. Riddle me this. Both the mRNA and Johnson & Johnson vaccine convey immunity by getting the body to recognize the s-spike protein on Covid-19 and develop antibodies for it. Yes, immunity can fade over time…a reason why some vaccinations (e.g., tetanus) need boosters every once in a while, but WHY would any trained immune response fade within 6-12 months? I can accept that the vaccination is no longer in the body tissues teaching the body to recognize the s-spike protein, but I do not accept that the learned response is “forgotten” so quickly. Are they asserting that the new variants utilize a different modality to infect humans?

      5. After scaring the hell out of me and the country I got the J&J shot. then of course all the information coming out now made me angry. I put myself on certain drugs to offset the shot if future events prove negative. I’ll never take another shot because the govt. thinks I should nor any boosters. At 71 they describe me as a negative and now I feel the same way back. I’m on my own.

        • Fuck you Jim

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