Mock DHS News Report Depicts Gun Owners as Terrorists

by | May 1, 2013 | Headline News | 199 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    A mock news report produced by the Department of Homeland Security depicts American gun owners as terrorists in another example of how the federal agency is trying to demonize the Second Amendment while itself stockpiling ammunition.

    The report depicts the arrest of “an extremist group reportedly planning a series of terrorist attacks on U.S. cities.”

    Dramatic footage shows police conducting a mock raid of a house and yelling at reporters to get back while the news reporter relates how the men were arrested on charges of “illegal possession of firearms.”

    Similar to previous DHS characterizations of likely terrorists, the men are played by two Caucasians in their 40′s.

    The video was grabbed from the website and appears in a file along with other documents from a HSEEP training program run in coordination with FEMA in the interests of “national preparedness.”

    As we have previously documented, the federal agency’s insistence on portraying the vast majority of terrorists in its training videos as white middle class Americans has prompted charges that the DHS is attempting to demonize conservatives and big government adversaries.

    However, the portrayal of gun owners as terrorists is sure to stoke even more rancor amongst those who are concerned that the DHS is being prepared to aid in overseeing the Obama administration’s gun control agenda while itself buying ammunition in huge quantities.

    As we reported last month, the federal agency is testing a number of different drones at a scientific research facility in Oklahoma that have sensors capable of detecting whether a person is armed, stoking concerns that the federal agency is planning on using UAVs to harass gun owners.

    The DHS is also collaborating with New York State government officials to confiscate guns belonging to people who are deemed, often erroneously, to have a mental condition.

    The DHS’ commitment to buy around 2 billion rounds of ammunition has become a huge controversy in recent months, with the Government Accountability Office announcing this week that an investigation of the purchases is “just getting underway.”


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. Must be time to hold
        Some citizen Drills .
        Muster up .
        The bugle sounds.
        The time is near .
        Stand .
        One and all .

        • **Scratching head**
          Goes hand in hand with those paper targets .
          Guess we need some for us .

          • Thank God for alternate news sources. If it calls itself progressive or liberal and violates the constitution and demonizes its citizens and passes legislation that no one has read and tells them what and much to eat and forces unionization and taxes the citizens to death; then yep it is communism.

            • right wing conservatives are on board with the whole agenda dont fool yourself

              • seriously, I get why the right wingers are afraid of big government, but the fact that they’re not equally afraid of corporations is entirely suspicious.

                government and corporations both have about the same incentive and capacity to dick around with the rest of us. they both want us to be unarmed, complacent consumers.

                wasn’t it the military-industrial complex that we were supposed to be losing sleep over? it wasn’t just the military complex. I’m pretty sure of that.

                • you canadian turds have been a hole in our backsides since time began…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

                  • Canadian? There are Canadians on here?

                  • Us up here, your cousins, your relatives, your neighbors, your friends
                    you never met yet, we are watching America slowly sliding into the abyss . It is like a beautiful lady that is destroying herself on crack cocaine and it’s painful to watch.
                    Or maybe the ignoring of the God inspired constitution of the USA
                    is inviting in the seeds of destruction.
                    I see the frustration on the honest, good natured, hard working, Americans.
                    Some of us actually believe that God has placed us here to be in a position to help you folks when TSHTF.
                    God bless America…
                    …A Canadian.

                  • Al, that post broke my heart. Beautifully stated, and alas, too true.

                    My husband and I have many times reaped the bounty of Canadian hospitality, starting with our honeymoon. What a lovely country filled with kind people. We have been to Niagara on the Lake, which was burned by the American army. We have seen downtown Detroit bathed in golden light from the sunset as we sat in a Windsor cafe. We found the best icecream in the world on Manitoulin Island (Farquar’s, about which we still daydream).

                    I pray that we never have to throw ourselves on your mercy. But thanks for being a friend to the North. I know some people get their knickers in a twist over Canadians posting here, but I think that we can use the friendship and the gentle critiques.

                • If the corp says you are a terrorist, it is a compliment.

                  It just means that you stand against the banksters and their corps, who ironically are REAL terrorists making their assertions against those seeking peace and freedom to obscure the truth about themselves.

          • Can I shoot those paper targets with my new Ruger Pellet Gun when it gets here??

            (I have wanted one for many months)

            • The acronym “HSEEP” could be rearranged to say “SHEEP”. How prophetic….or pathetic of you like.

            • Speaking of paper targets,the new trayvon targets are really popular,but not so much in the “hip hop”communitae…..

        • Freedom Speech from movie “Braveheart”

          “And I see whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny.

          You have come here fight as free men …. and free men you are.


          Will you fight for freedom? … Fight, and you may die.

          Run, and you may live, at least for a while,

          And dying in your beds many years from now would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that, for ONE chance, JUST ONE CHANCE !

          To come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our


          • Well said yet one loser voted thumbs down. The sheeple today are such losers!

            • They were white guys. Probably Christian! Good to get them off the street.

              • Understood … we should simply ban all muslims and there would be much less
                Threats and violence .. send the vicious Muslim criminals to mecca where they all want
                To go . Let the Saudis deal with these Fucks they hate us any way. Bring it on ..
                Its inevitable anyway the sooner the better.

                • Patience Jim, they are running out of time. As they, tptb, keep prepping.

              • Yes, and they were also homeschooling their kids. They need to be locked up! Booyah!

              • -DHS x 3-

                Hmmmmmmmm….you wouldn’t be from the kosher crowd by chance, would you?

              • As a white guy, I can say that I want nothing to do with “the street.”

                just give me a small farm in the country, a pickup, and a rifle that takes a boomerang-sized magazine, and I’m happy as a fucking clam.

            • Hmmm. Didn’t Hitler have similar propaganda crap right below times became quite horrible for the Germans. I wonder when the DHS will start to wear certain armbands with some NWO marking on it.

              • BE INFORMED it would be better if they wore badges they make great targets

              • Just remember that last time it was the Jews, this time it will be whites in general and Christians in particular. I am not a believer but find it scary with all the anti Christian vitrol coming from certain sources. At anytime any group or individual can become the target. The attacks on Palin and Joe The Plumber were indicative of the fact that the media is now an organ of the state just like the old Soviet Union and any other dictatorship.

            • Hey Ben, are you from Belmont by any chance?

          • From this day to the ending of the world,
            But we in it shall be remembered-
            We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
            For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
            Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
            This day shall gentle his condition;
            And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
            Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
            And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
            That fought with us.


            of Labor Day

            • Reminds me of a Quaint Rain:

              |)en7ists’ |-|ands 5urely dri11 teeth in
              |\/|ouths at the 9ort,

              And (ertain 1nteresting 4nimals odder plip-plop near the river \^/ater 8lack,

              Others are sad to 5ea the cracked egg spill in the 8rook, yes Horace I AGreeley,

              After all even for |-|amsters in the 5hire whole old eggs are better than |\|ew 8rooken.


              Seems silly but sometimes there’s a lot of truth in a joke.

            • St Krispin Day

          • Katsumoto to Tom Cruise’s character in The Last Samurai before springing their trap on the IJA: What happened to those 300 Spartans? Dead to the last man. (trap sprung).

            If one can’t live in peace and freedom, and one’s choice is an honorable death or ignominious slavery … a lot of costumed thugs are gonna die first.

            Molon Labe

          • @ Ghostrider………..WOLVERINES!!!!!! (Red Dawn,1984)

          • @Ghostrider………WOLVERINES!!!!! (Red Dawn 1984)

        • Make sure your piece is loaded. Finger on the trigger, none of this PC BS.

        • Let’s do the math here..

          Boston as a recent sample study..
          9000 plus military and law enforcement combined for one 19 year old”terrorist”

          Since many of us are now “terrorists”..lets’ keep it at 100 of us for example..
          That equates 900,000 law and military for 0ne hundred terorists..


          I like math..

          and I like these mathematical odds even better..

          not necessarily the eventual outcome..

          just saying..


        • Exactly,

          I wonder how they would react to citizens training to defend against and subdue rogue law enforcement or military units who were in the act of trying to enforce unconstitutional orders?

          • uh…Waco 1993

        • …….What?

        • Not One More Inch.

      2. Wasn’t my house. Weren’t no actor DHS minions playing dead on the front lawn.

        • They’ll be playing these faked drills for the dumbed down to show they’re on top of their game until the grid goes down. The sheep will then be crying in the darkness, “Where they takin’ you Ma? BAAAAAAA

          • Hehehe! You mean another drill that goes hot like “Sandy Hook”?

            Sandy Hoax is now a massive failure doing just the opposite. The “controlled explosion drill” that went hot in Boston isn’t doing much of anything.

            You watch! In a few months there will be something massive that will kill lots of people. More democide. Divide and conquer. The only trouble is the fascists can’t seem to understand what is going on. When they have something like the last two flags waving in the wind and it just wakes more people up, they don’t know what to do other than pull out a new, bigger and brighter flag. This will simply wake up more people and confirm, more deeply, what we already know.

            Its almost time to pluck the NWO goose!

            • Ny Washington 911 conn sandy hook Boston bombing one place left for the big one right were it all started birth place of the nation PHILADELPHIA. That’s we’re there going to end our freedom
              Next target and nothing has happend here yet .wish I lived somewhere else !!!

              • @Northeastern prepper-
                My thoughts exactly. I’ve had an unnerving feeling that something is going to happen in Philly for a while now. What better place for TPTB to make a point than to stage another one of their false flags in America’s birthplace.
                If something does happen you need to get out quick. In an emergency 95 & 76 will be at a standstill so I would suggest just grabbing your BOB and start walking: best bet would be to follow the R7 train tracks north. It’ll be the fastest and safest way out of the city (unless you have quick access to a boat in which case take to the river). You’ll find safe places up here, I’m about an hour north of Philly in the rural burbs. There are quite a few patriots and prepared folk around here.

                Be safe

            • What scares me most about your paranoid delusions isn’t YOUR insanity per se, but the fact that this asinine comment isn’t followed by a dozen comments critical of it.

      3. Last attempt to in-post….

        BI, Jog Here, Apologies, ‘off-topic’

        The entirety of all northern hemispere magnetometers are going fruit…eyes open Friend. There is a WHOLE lot of activity all around, solar and otherwise…no clarity exists as to ‘who IS causing WHAT” at the moment…


        • Dang JOG, should we be dropping trowel and preparing to pucker up?

        • HUH? Going fruit? How long have you beeing seieng this?

          • REPOSTED…..#@*!$%^#,..A-hem,

            Howdy PO’d, JASC,

            PO’d…”Not Quite yet Bro…” ‘Tis a lot up right now..but WE are WATCHING same ‘like a Hawk’ as it were. My feeling is that what we are seeing now is a direct consequence of that LARGE GRB the morning of the 27th. For several months the Solar aspect of things has been VERY quiet, contrary to expectations…then this ‘event’ occured and V’iola, suddenly we’ve got ALL kinds of activity broadly. That said, all such are being monitored closely…should ‘something’ occur I WILL ‘post-in’ here, immediately.

            JASC, the pattern of ‘deviation from true’ began around 12:00 UTC…the monitors at all stations from Kaktovic to Gakona (Alaska) are well beyond the standard 500 nT scaling at this point…quite a jump, as it were. Also, it is the case that the average solar is ABOVE C-class at this time. Again, right now, there’s so much coming in from different venues that is is hard to ascribe ‘precedence’, Eh?

            As said, I WILL post-in IF something ‘comes-up’…can’t leave my ‘Family’ in the dark..Now can I?!

            Till long as my damn connection isn’t ‘glitching again.. a LOT of that lately Y’all…dunno.”


            • Thats the govt monitors monitoring you and trying to load malware, one of my buddies found it, so were leaving it, apparently if they can see my stuff o can also see theirs, just need to know how to look, guess it pays to have a few hacker friends

              • Sounds as serious as “Eeennyy Weeennnyyy! Chili Beennie, the Spirits are about to Speak!!” By Bullwinkle J. Moose

                “Gee, but are they friendly spirits Bullwinkle?” Rockey Squirel.

                “I don’t know Rocky! Hey wanna see me pull a Rabbit outta my Hat Rocky?”

                What other than “maybe” protecting electronic gear can anybody really do if sun flares actually do something? Yes I am aware once a 150 yrs ago flares fried most of the nations telegraph lines and screwed up Morris code signals. But it aint as if you can avoid any potential whatevers if they happen again right? Perhaps I am missing something huh.

            • Damn, you quakers got in on this one early.

            • @ JustOneGuy. Doesn’t this mean that minimum amount of seismic activity with the increased magnetic instability like this? That is what you were kind of saying before? Please verify this because I have seen all sorts of precursor quake activity that shows something quite big is coming. Any chance of an X flare that could cause an EMP for the planet from some of the sunspot fields that are forming.

              • BI,

                The answer – short answer – is, “Yes, under THIS circumstance you SHOULD be seeing an increase..this is NOT the notmal state-of-affairs…the 27th ‘event’ was BIG.

                See Mac if you need details…it is too damn long to open-post Friend…TOO long.


                • Awwwww cmon , post it, this is serious stuff!

                  • Howdy Kula-Bro!

                    Sorry Friend, YESTERDAY was a NIGHTMARE….something to get out, no way to do so. My Net connection has got me to the point of thinking about ‘trouble-shooting’ my ‘pute with a FIREARM…

                    That said, what we were seeing yesterday was a vrod deflection in the planetary magnetometer net that we weren’t expecting…in the ‘wee’ hours we DID have a excursion to M-1.1, but that is about it. Still, will be WATCHING…

                    The thing I was referencing with BI runs to SEVERAL pages…Mac would have my HEAD on a PIKE if I in-posted that here…and I like my HEAD where it is AT!!! 😉

                    Till later Friend…


              • Sorry BI,

                Yesterday was a BAD day for me getting anything out…my Net connection was so ERRATIC that it was almost useless. Friend, the current possbility’s with respect to an X-Flare are and center around JUST one region…NOAA 11734…only THAT is ‘big’ enough to muster the total required energy for an ‘X’. The ‘straight’ here though, is that – so far – THAT has been quiet…it is instead 11731 and 11732 that are signigicantly active, neither of which is that ‘Goldilocks’ combintion that produces large flaring; think “SIZE x Complexity = ?” FOR the moment things are ‘nominal’…

                …That said, watch Solar over the next couple of months – Yes, nonths! – this type of thing has previously been able to REVERSE an existing trend (the direction of), fostering large changes in gross Solar behaviour. I’ll keep up with it for a bit yet…but my departure draws closer with each passing day…soon I will be pre-occupied, thoroughly. Such as that, then is in thy ‘ball-park’ as well, permanently…

                Anywho, Too-do-loo Friend…


            • Guess I better get this canning all done then and soon.

        • JOG,
          What the hell are you talking about?
          Please elaborate.

          • No, please don’t elaborate

            Com’on Slick, don’t encourage them



            You guys save this link. Check it several times a day.
            It will tell you when to expect a geomagnetic storm.

            Keep preppin’

        • I hear ya JOG

          Got my eyes wide open and my hands wet on the wheel,Buddy

          • Why the thumbs down, Good People?

            My eyes are wide open to anything that may constitute a
            SHTF moment.
            My hands wet on the wheel…… haven’t you ever driven
            hard and fast and your palms get sweaty on the steering
            wheel from the exertion of an intense situation, such as
            an emergency hospital run, tornado, earthquake, etc?
            I’m sure you have, so maybe it’s just the trolls taking
            their pot-shots at me again. Screw them.

            • don’t be so sensitive OW…

              Time for being sensitive has past.

          • Radar Love…….Golden Earring

            …Gotta love Rock & Roll…..

            ..shake,rattle and roll….BA.

            • BA, didn’t they also sing, “When the Bullet Hits the Bone”?

              • @P’Od:



        • Must be playing the HAARP.

        • So whats the deal with that HAARP thing, its not tied to that huge marine radar platform is it?

      4. just one more attempt at convincing the sheeple that constitution loving gun owners are a wacko terroists and that big gov. is good…

        The scariest thing you can hear is “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

        • Screw ’em.

      5. Ask the people in Austrailia how that “gun control” is working out for them

        Im past the point of giving a shit what they think is right or good for me.

        this just proves it was not about safety, its about control, and to go and lable someone or a very large group like this, shows complete contempt for our liberties and our bill of rights, therefore who ever mouthed this shit is in and of themselfs the terrorist to this countries founding documents and my dam rights as a human..

        give them the option, deportation, G-bay..or hangin’
        every one loves a good tyrant hangin’

        oh yeah besides all the hippocracy of this all

        • OH Lord Help us! Now there’s HIPPOS in charge?! (sorry…couldn’t resist). thumbs up on the post though.

        • Actually I am happy enough. Well prepped , well stocked and I hear grease and pipe sales went postal before the buy backs.

          The up side is that most of the horde are unarmed.

      6. This is why I have 5 gallon buckets filled with rocks sealed in mylar. They claim the rocks have a 30 year shelf-life. You can buy these at; and ask for Fred Flintstone.

        • Do these rocks have to be registered?

          • only the black scary looking ones

            • Got a pet rock named trayvon.

            • Are they the sporting smooth rocks or the assault jagged rocks?

              • If the government has them they become “personal defense rocks”.

            • Only if the Buyer is a White person. Now that all the orig nazis are long gone and dead, White Folks are the new replacements or 21st century Nazis now. What other choice exists? After all when the Only Card they have had to play has been the Nazi card since end of WWII.

              To keep their game going they Must Reinvent nazis and turn them into American White Folks this time around.

              No evil nazis left=Zero more sympathy for a certain group.

              New Solution= Blame WHITEYS!=They continue to be eternaly Victims!

              • As long as you specify white Americans. We have been actively attacking one or more nations basically non stop since WWII ended. If the world sees us as the new nazis it is really only because they are finally realizing the reality of the situation. Don’t bother trying to defend our constant aggression. The nazis had “reasons”. Every aggresor feeds the masses propaganda to justify invasion. I am sick of hearing the same old bullshit about how US brand shit doesn’t stink. We need to stop swallowing the lies about the past as some are beginning to stop swallowing the lies from today.

        • Do these rocks come in a tactical model? Do they have sling mounts, or will I have to have a rocksmith attach them?

          • Word has it those rocks can penetrate Tortoise Shell Body Armor.

          • Mamma B
            I was wondering how many features make them assault rocks or if big game rocks or bird rocks have many different characteristics, and what about concealment? Do i need a CCRP? And also am i limited to 7 rocks if im flying into NYC? Or can i carry the max load?

            • Gives getting your rocks off a whole new understanding.

        • Ugly, the heck with rocks. What I want to know, is there a shortage on pressure cookers, and what kind of a premium do we have to pay to get some. And how long of a shelf life do they have. I guess now, Homeland Security will be buying them all up. They can kill two birds with one stone, stop the terrorist and prepper canners. Can we get these on gunbrokker. New HLS Motto, (We Ban, So You Can’t Can) Trekker Out.

          • Spud guns, and Molotov cocktails. Body armour ain’t fireproof.

            Wo needs permits when you have injinuity?

      7. Sorry O/T
        •B of A is already down 1.54%.
        •Citigroup (NYSE: C ) is down 1.80%.
        •JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM ) is down 1.84%.
        •Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC ) is down 0.75%.

        yep sure, give up them guns…LMFAO..riiiight

        • Gold and Silver also down, but starting the slow climb back up…

          • With such Massive demands to Buy silver and gold, and such Low amounts avail to buyers lately(about 2-3 weeks) then why hasn’t prices sky rocketed based on sound money principles(as they say anyways) of supply vs demand?

            Add in that a week ago a huge silver mine that is 16% of all world supply of silver, collapsed and is off line for a long while now. That alone should raise silver prices big time right?

            I think maybe alot of metals “experts” and sellers have been wrong on most of what they say. Most all other goods for sale and lack of supply while huge demands exist equals massice price rises. Yet Not with gold or silver?

            Copper is way down also and due to as some claim that China buyers have stopped buying so much copper, due to china GDP is Down over 5% so far this year. Were those gold experts and sellers also wrong about china advice too?

            • In the “real” world, pm’s are the only money.

              We haven’t lived in the “real” world for a long time.

              It is about to return…many won’t survive.

              That is how the earth works.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

          • Desert Rat, make sure you have plenty of the good stuff like 30-06 and .308 ammo, brass, primers, powder, bullets and such.

            Semper Fi

        • I LUV GOOD NEWS

      8. Soldier

        sooner or later … ‘ There will be blood and a Reckoning upon those ZOG FEDGOV Traitors who have Betrayed once free AmeriCa the AmeriCan people who once trusted them and the U.S. Constitution !’

        it is coming …

        • That whole ZOG thing is a little too Neo Nazi to add credibility to any statement. Best not to be affiliated with the NeoNazi movement or the Klan for credibility purposes.

          • There ain’t no ZOG. There’s just a Rich People OG… RPOG. Most rich people aren’t even Z’s, in actual fact. They’re C’s who think that BHO is the antichrist.

      9. I bet everyone in this McDonalds wished they had a gun…oh but they cant, because this is in Melbourne, Australia..they took them all away so everyone would be safe…

        Uhhh, I guess they forgot to tell the criminal element that no one in that country is to have guns.

        thank god it ended well…curious do they let their repeat offenders back out on the streets like this country does?


          • Interesting that the sales person that took the shotgun did not himself use it as a weapon. The guy probably never had a real gun in his hand in his life.

            Three decades ago there was a aircraft hi jacking in which Navy Diver Robert Stethem (spelling) was beaten to death. A passenger went to the bathroom and a terrorist left his browning hi power in there and the male coward told the terrorist “you left your gun in the bathroom”. Once again, “I hate guns” and this is what you get.

            First thing, know how to use the weapon, second use it accordingly.

      10. Still waiting for DHS to actually stop a terrorist attack.

        • The only attacks they atop are the ones they orchestrate!!!

        • They didnt stop boston
          Even though they actually had spoken with the guy
          Then even though they went house to house trompling on folks rights
          They couldnt find the one guy,
          Guess theyre a bunch o schmucks afterall,
          Cant wait till they are outnumbered 3-1 by angry patriots,
          Should be interesting!
          God save the republic
          And bless the souls of the men and women willing to stand for it.

          • Also, it is very likely that they knew something was going down and still couldn’t do shit about it. At a minimum they knew, at worst they were involved. And think about this, many libs are clamoring for more cameras to prevent these attacks. All this would do is give the public more cool videos to watch after the deeds have been done. Wouldn’t stop a damn thing.

            • Its like the Hunger Games

              • Joel Skousens latest weekly report article on Boston event was included(main parts of it) in Devvy Kidd’s article a couple days ago. Joel asks if all these attacks were really prevented by fbi and none are false flags, why has zero terrorist orgs so far going back as far as 1993 first trade tower attacks, ever yet claimed they the terror orgs is whos responsible?

                They always claim they did it(terrorists) to gin up membership and support for their orgs. If nobody knows they did it how does that generate noteriety terrorists thrive on?

                Joel’s part of devvys article was fairly long and had quite alot more info on Boston screwups and changed stories etc. He says he thinks it is not as we were told at all, same as 9/11-waco-oklahoma buildg.-1993 trade center-and most if not every so called halted terror events fbi claims to have done since 9/11.

                If you care to read what he says, go to newswithviews site to find devvy kidds article 2-3 days ago. Scroll to Bottom of Her article, look for a LINK at bottom/end of article that says “Addendum” click That link, to 2nd page of her article which is Joel Skousens outstanding analysis.

            • it took 9500 cops and military to find one unarmed 19 year old, think about that for awhile

              • The cops and military didn’t even find him…
                Some poor fool stepped out in his back yard for a smoke after they gave the “All Clear” and found him in his boat.
                He was found less than 400 yards from the spot of the shoot out!!!!

              • Thats because they werent looking for anything or was all about the “lock down” and the “look of power”..the innitial test of martial law to see how the people would react.. and everyone there reacted wrong for this REPUBLIC

              • A nineteen year old who was trying to flee in a boat on dry land at that.

      11. * watch this … still think they’re here to help you !?

        Gangland: U.S Gangster Marines

        According to a recently released FBI report, Gang-related activity in the US military is increasing and poses a threat to law enforcement officials and national security.

        The report, Gang Activity in the U.S. Armed Forces Increasing, dated January 12, states that members of nearly every major street gang have been identified on both domestic and international military installations. Members of nearly every major street gang, including the Bloods, Crips, Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Hells Angels, Latin Kings, The 18th Street Gang, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), Mexican Mafia, Nortenos, Surenos, Vice Lords, and various white supremacist groups, have been documented on military installations.

        • EOS, that’s cause we live in a country that’s 50% commie and the rest cowards, including the military that kills without a declared war.

        • This is also because many times these guys are picked up for something and are given the chance to clear their record if they serve, pretty common for anything other than murder charges, know one kid who did get the offer so he could keep a manslaughter charge off his record, 2 tours in any branch, is currently in ag

        • Enemy of the State.

          What we have to face.

          The government of D.C. Congress.
          Feds. FBI DHS
          Local Law Enforcement.
          State Troopers.
          Gang members.
          My next store neighbor.
          General Thieves and Thugs.

          Did I miss anyone????

          • Starting to really feel like a minority! Sheesh

          • Oh!
            Fed. Reserve.
            News Media.


            • Heavy on the news media… the propaganda these days is amazing!

              • Did I miss anyone? Yes, Prozionistic neocon pastors.

                Heres an example of such: Pastor says, “ok church remember God is who decides nations prez and leaders as God is in control,(even though God gave every person Free will, even for voteing issues! I guess God disregards voters free will votes? NOT!) Therefore church Always Obey all govnt officials and Their laws No Matter What they tell you or what laws they impose upon you all!(or else God will get pissed off big time) IE; as wrote in Romans ch 13.(unless you actually Read ch 13 properly)

                5-minits Later same pastor tells church this: “Ok church Next weekend we will sponsor a huge dinner and party to support all of usa Miltary for doing so swell a job at Destroying so many Other Nations, AND Those countries “Govnts officials” by massive carpet bombings and killing every govnt official our troops can find!”

                Wait a moment! Didn’t God choose Those nations Govnt officials also since Gods always in control regardless What we think-say-or do-or Vote for? Hmmmmmmm…

                Yes I definatly would add such pastors to your list. Very dangerous falsehoods they teach no.

          • @SlingShot … Respect !

            we the III(3) % Freemen Freewomen and AmeriCan Patriots of Liberty are not surrounded by the ZOG Zio-Neo-Con enemies of the Republic , we are merely in a ((+)) TARGET RICH environment .

            all we need worry about is Traitorous ZOG , the I(1) % Zionist’s and NeoCons .

            question ?

            What happens when you cut off the head of a dangerous venomous snake ???

            the body dies .

            hint : strike the snake from it’s blind side with a powerful enough blow from the shadows , and you wont get bit by it as you kill it .

            Arm Up Stock Up Prepare … Predator or Prey of the NWO UN ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV the choice is yours !!!


            • -;0P-

              “strike the snake from it’s blind side….”

              You’re talking assassination of their elite, dude!

              …see politicians and the mega-banking/mega-global comm/news networks owners. They’re not that difficult to trace or locate.
              I actually have their vacation villas and properties hard-copied, of many.

              Google-earth is a tool for the dedicated!

              Be careful bro’, cover your tracks.
              Some of us actually listen and comprehend your rants. Watch your six closely.
              Be tight!

              Big time!

              • @Trapper … Respect !

                Thank You for your Words of Wisdom ,

                an for being a True Free AmeriCan Patriot !

                We’ll see you on the Firing Line when that day comes .

                NinaO ;0P

          • You’re right. Need more ammo!

          • You missed a bunch: Commies and cowards.

      12. And we are surprised, why? If we can’t see the writing on the wall then we deserve all we get and then some. Those of us on the web site have been saying for years that this potus is a fraud and an extremely dangerous adversary of freedom. The Boston lockdown should remove any doubt from people’s minds, but alas, they are still high fiving and applauding the police that stuck guns in their faces and forced them to leave their homes. Home of the free and land of the brave?

        • This is a Kreuzian Apocalypse = masses of stupid people begging to enslave themselves.

        • That’s been revised to “land of the fee and home of the slave”.

          This message is a public service announcement from the Truth Ministry. War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength.

      13. Those of us on THIS website, sorry about that, I tend to type really fast when I am agitated.

      14. “…file along with other documents from a HSEEP training program…”

        Appears to be a typo… I believe it should have been:

        “…file along with other documents from a SHEEP training program…”

        • villageidiot- I know, my mind instantly
          transposed that one. funny sheeit

      15. Howdy slingshot, JASPak, PO’d,…aww heck, EVERYONE!

        PO’d, the answer is “Not QUITE yet, Beother”

        JASPak, “We atarted seeing a broad trend to ‘deviation from true’ in the vicitiy of 12:00 UTC. The standard scaling – at 500nT is insufficient at present – and this is applicable for the entirety of the Alaskan mag-chain from GaKona to Kakatovic. There is s a LOT going on in the wake of the Huge GRB on the 27th (AM). This type of response on the Solar Front IS known to occur from previous historic examples.

        Tht said, things ARE being WATCHED very closely, Y’all. Should it happen that anything beyond the ordinary occurs I WILL post-in forthwith…presupposing that my IDIOT Net connetion hasn’t ‘gone south’…and no, I DON’T think that what ‘is above’ is yet responsible for that currently.

        Hey, Y’all are like FAMILY to me…the FAMILY I WOULD have chosen if I’d had ‘my druther’s’…I’ll keep you all abreast of things as they occur..IF they occur.

        Back to the graphs….


        • JOG:
          Thanks for keeping us posted! trying to keep up with everything nowadays is not easy!

          • Why don’t you guys get Mac to start a daily thread just for quakers, grafters and assorted off topic stuff.

            • Off topic? Who’s off topic? ….. Was there a topic? I must’ve missed it! Dang! I hate when that happens.

              Now, about that Mary Ann/ Ginger debate… How come it’s always one or the other? Everywhere you look, there’s TWO choices.

              Black or White
              Light or Dark
              Regular or Extra crispy
              Ford or Chevy
              Budweiser or Coors
              Stetson or Resistol
              Democrat/Republican (okay, both sellouts. but still…)
              Dunkin Donuts/Krispy Kreme
              Coke or Pepsi
              Aerosmith/Led Zepplin
              Paper or Plastic
              Cash or Credit

              There’s just too dang many choices! It’s drivin’ me crazy!…

              • Paper or Plastic? I always respond “Yes” It is fun seeing their look of confusion.

              • That was real funny, Smokin’, but not up to your usual stuff. Maybe you can write something about earthquakes over on the Quaker page.

            • Howdy Big X,

              Mac has had his hands full for a while, we’ve been HOPING for somesuch since last fall……


        • Hello JOG!
          See you’re still around… how long ole freind?
          Q: will you have an email where you’re goin’…?

          Ok, question. I read somewhere (I forget) about the magnetic field of the planet weakening… and tectonic stresses strengthening.
          1. Is there any factual data supporting this?
          2. Are they related?

          From what I’ve seen from you and BI, there is a correlation and evidence of this?

          PS: You gonna say good bye, and let us know you’ve bugged out for good?
          PPS: You gonna give us some clue how to find you when the SHTF? Sounds like you might be in the last redoubt?

        • Jog ,
          U think this could be the beginning of a carrington event? Those mag readings are extremely energetic. I wonder what this will do to communications and low earth orbiting satellites.

          This could be very bad.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • JOG I’m going to call you a friend. Time grows short see you on the other side. Take care BUDDY!

          Keep the FAITH

          • Howdy Wacthman,

            IF it didn’t otherwise show up here already, I am Honored Brother, thereby and in return as well!!


      16. Scary. Is there anything in the video which says the Americans broke the law? Also, isn’t a “malitia” group explicitly spelled out in the Constitution of the United States of America? One has to wonder that the producers and the funders of this video are the actual TERRORISTS if they are seeking to overthrow the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States of America.

      17. Things like this only prove the utter fear this rogue gov has in regards to the patriotic citizens of this once free country. They work daily to demonize us, so they can paint us as the problem in the eye’s of all the low information collective slaves they’ve worked so hard to train.

        The training aid is very revealing in how they will go about using trumped up charges in order to make an initial arrest.
        The description of what was in the house sounds like that of any wise prepper, add the word illegal and it’s all the justification they need to raid any law abiding citizens home.

      18. “They” don’t stand a chance against “us” and they know it. The filthy, criminal federal government is circling the drain hole of history and will soon go the way of the dinosaur.

      19. Here’s what you do…
        Don’t spend much.
        Just keep buying silver.

        Now when you factor in you’ll sell your silver under the table…and you avoid tax….that just makes it all the better.

        Also.. Buy real estate.
        It’s like having your own slaves.
        You get about 20% of a person’s take home when they pay the rent.

        I get my rent monthly and I love going to the mail box.
        It’s like an extra paycheck.

      20. Saw a great tshirt
        “When guns are outlawed, i will be an outlaw”

        The march is on to turn us in to law breakers at every chance they can.
        It isnt going to be long before someone fires the first shot and every gun owner is going to be treated as a criminal having their doors kicked down in the middle of the night.

      21. I’m BAAAAAAAACK! 5 days away from the Internet did me some good, but now I’m back on a roll. Ghost Rider, thank you for that little speech from the movie that’s named after me. Let’s all remember we are talking about a federal agency with no legitimate basis for anything it does or even its own existence. They are working with other like-minded groups, etc. to disarm us while they’re arming themselves to the teeth prepping to go to war against us. I’ve watched countless videos from DHS and other federal agencies that are nothing but pure propaganda. I don’t care how many lists I’m on, what they think of me, what they think is good or best for me, etc. F#$% DHS and the rest of the federal government! There’s no legitimate basis for anything they do. We’re facing a government with some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us. Nobody has any obligation to anyone who has evil intentions toward them. The time is soon coming where we’ll have to fight to survive. There is no safety in surrender. We’re all being forced into a nightmare scenario that none of us ever wanted. It’s either fight or die in some godforsaken federal death camp. Surrender is never an option for me and I hope the saqme holds true for everyone else here. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • @Braveheart
          Glad to see ya stirring around these parts!!
          Lot’s of moving going on .
          Every time I see your username,
          I see Mel Gibson!
          ps.. Thumbs up!

        • here is an object lesson about how crazy the school system is
          in the past this kind of experimentation would have been encouraged. now because she deviated from the prescribed lesson plan for the local progressive union run school she will be a felon.
          it has become clear that the progressives only like individuality when its in lock step with them.
          we cant have this kind of behavior in the schools they think as it makes the teachers look foolish and out of control.
          remember the child who made the Gun sign with his fingers we have a Zero tolerance level in the schools. partially because it scares the staff

          or do you remember the Deaf kid whose Sign language name resembled a gun. and was MADE to change it to something less scarey.

          now the schools will not tolerate any form of individuality unless its just like all the other kids.
          its OK to be a cross dressing boy and a Gay girl who likes Men’s underwear on her head ( just kidding )but have some one bring lunch from home and boy look out.

          Look for more of this from the local schools as they try to Stamp out being normal

          Skittle shittin unicorn

      22. Y99, welcome back and I have to agree with you. NOBODY tells me what I can or cannot have in my home, PERIOD! braveheart

        • Braveheart

          Thanks for the welcome back, a favorite poem I found long ago in return.

          Battle is a joyous thing. We love each other so much in battle. If we see that our cause is just and our kinsmen fight boldly, tears come to our eyes. A sweet joy rises in our hearts, in the feeling of our honest loyalty to each other; and seeing our friend so bravely exposing his body to danger in order to fulfill the commandment of our Creator, we resolve to go forward and die or live with him on account of love. This brings such delight that anyone who has not felt it cannot say how wonderful it is. Do you think someone who feels this is afraid of death? Not in the least! He is so strengthened, so delighted, that he does not know where he is. Truly, he fears nothing in the world.

          • To the thumbs down crew, try this one.
            “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

            DH Lawrence

      23. Just because this needs to be posted every so often….

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      24. Eisen, I have to agree that there will be WAY TOO MANY who will beg for enslavement. those qare the ones who drink the federal koolaid every day within the federal fantasy world. When the balloon finally goes up, they’ll be in for the rudest awakening of their lives and it won’t end well for any of them. braveheart

      25. Walt, thanks for that reminder; it really does bear repeating. If that had been my home in that video, there would have been some dead home invaders laying on the ground in their own blood. braveheart

        • Notice that Solzhenitsyn refers to the people as only having “axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand”.

          No mention of firearms there.

          I’m thinking it’s safe to assume that had already been disarmed.

          What’s the saying? First comes registration…..then confiscation….then incarceration….then extermination.

          • @ Walt, “First comes registration…..then confiscation….then incarceration….then extermination.”

            A very well documented historical sequence of events resulting in massive democide…in EVERY CASE without exception.

            The “lesson”, DO NOT COMPLY with registration and apply “extermination” to ALL that attempt to force this “initiation step” of the previously described sequence of events.

            Like it or not, that is the only reasonable choice that will be available…unless a FEMA camp sounds like a nice long term vacation destination. ;)!

            • Somehow….I don’t think they have “long term” residency in mind.

              Think Auschwitz on steroids. They’ll be looking to exterminate as many as possible as quickly as possible. I’m sure their technology for disposal of human beings has improved exponentially.

              The camps are for sorting out those who can be made to be compliant, and those who will not. Those who comply will be quickly relocated to places where they can be put to work (look at Obama’s recent executive order for reference). Those who will not comply will simply be “processed”.

              I chose the word “processed” deliberately, because it’s one of the terms the Nazis used when implementing their “Final Solution”.

              This time, it will not be simply the Jews, Gypsies and Poles exterminated. It will be anyone who doesn’t worship the state as god.

              • Can’t argue with your overall assessment Walt, especially considering my “this old dog won’t learn new tricks” to please any aspect of a “Police State”. “Re-Education” is not a part of my agenda. The “good news”…I can still hit what I’m aiming at within the upper 95% plus percentile of “trigger pulls”.

                Short, medium, and long range applications all apply. I am “tempted” to elaborate…but regardless of opinions, I’m not stupid enough to detail all aspects of my OPSEC. (A valid argument could be well presented by the fact that I even post here, aka already on “the radar”.) True, but the time to “hide” has been “eclipsed” by the now obvious agenda in full-play. Recruiting even one more is worth it. You never know what that “one more” could contribute.

                I will be “in-the-fight”. Non-refundable decision made years ago.

          • You know hes speaking of the russian soviet reign of terror right? I ask since it seems many folks seem to think it is about the nazis and WWII while it was WWI era and Russia it is truly about. His last book “200 years togehter” Names names and tells readers Who the true culprits are/were. Thats why its never been translated by any publishers in usa or europe into English so we can read it!

            However, a couple website have found persons who read russian to translate the book into english chapter by chapter and added to their website as made avail. That reign of soviet kommie terror WAS the True Holocaust of all holocaust’s of all time.(main victims were white and/or christian) The Only era of such mass brutality-tortures beyond imagination-cruelity-and Barbaric Mass Murders that has ever been recorded in all of history was the Crusades in the Roman Colleseum, where so many christians were tourtured and murdered.

            No other historic documented event of such magnitude exists Bar none. Soviet Kommies were and still are the absolute worst scum to ever exist.

            That is the reason what some of us learned by age of 5yrs old(55 yrs ago for me) still holds true today. That being, The Only Good Kommie…Is a DEAD Kommie! America is riddled with kommies today.

            • @Them Guys….

              Yes. I absolutely understand he was speaking of the Soviets.

              I don’t want to go into it in detail here, but there is very little practical difference between communism and Nazism/Fascism. Those who have had to live under either would probably tell you that. Both represent totalitarian tyranny at the extreme and are where any country ends up when they start down the road of collectivism and statism.

              You don’t hear about the holocaust that communism is responsible for, because communism/socialism are the philosophy and doctrine of the political left in this country. The MSM are the propaganda agent of that philosophy.

              I used Auschwitz as an example, because it is something that most (or it used to be most) people are familiar with when it comes to the evils of tyranny.

              Some think it could never happen here. But what they fail to understand, is that while the scenery may change, human nature does not. The sociopaths are still with us today….and tend to rise to the highest levels of government.

              • Walt, yes I agree with what you wrote. I also believe it goes even deeper as to why msm never deals with kommie atrocities as you stated. Thats due to so many msm and politition elected to office, especially fed high ofice as well as prez apointed positions, are actually the direct decendants of those orig. Russian Kommies responsible for it all back in 1918.

                I read that Hobammys main Bro-Mentor-Number2 whitehouse advisor(used to be till a year or so ago) David Axlerod is actually the Great Grandson of Leon Trotsky himslef.

                And just like Rham Emanual hobammys Other and #1 whitehouse advisor chief of staff(till he left to become chicagos mayor!) Both Rham and axelrod are dual citizens who both spent two or three yrs each in service to the IDF army(israeli army). Yet neither ever served in Our usa army.

                Those two traitor kommies are but a small fraction of current political-msm-corporate heads etc that are related by Birth to those original soviet kommies. And I’d bet that not one in 10,000 usa citizens are even aware of thses things. Although at least 9900+ of same can tell you every small detail of Kardashians lives!

                So yes I guess we will never anytime soon see MSM reveal these issues or truths. It remains Our jobs to alert others and plant seeds of truth if we like it or not.

                • Just the tip of the iceberg bro.

                  Everyone best be checking the neighborhood.

        • @braveheart,

          Fuck that! If that had been one of my neighbors there would have been blood in the street. They wouldn’t see it coming from their rear. And so it would begin.


      26. I spent my life resisting giving into prejudice or stereotypes, but after reading about the Office of Special Plans before the Iraq war, and how it was staffed with neocons, most of whom were Jewish – I became interested in the *lack* of discussion about the wildly disproportionate amount of Jews in the ‘neoconservative’ movement.

        There is a Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs – isn’t that bizarre? Isn’t it bizarre that the only debate sponsored by an ethnic group last election was a Jewish one, where they wouldn’t let Ron Paul Debate?

        Here’s the rub – since, and likely before Clinton, Jews have had massive power in the White House.

        With DHS, appointing Chertoff was about as in your face as it can get.


        I’m not espousing blind hate, and I’m not asking anyone to believe me. I’m suggesting you begin allowing that DHS is essentially the grandchild of the Office of Special Plans.

        See the Mother Jones article “The Lie Factory” to get a good view of that.

        “Zionism” is a threat to this country and the lives of millions. But it is running in tandem with broader plans to spread and control central banking, and to control regimes through which future gas pipelines will run. Hence, it is misguided to focus on “the Jews” as if most Jewish people are in on some conspiracy.

        However, Zionist control and influence of US government agencies is akin to the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia and Ukraine.

        Right now, the biggest single thing working in favor of the warmongering Zionists is “antisemitism”

        I propose use of the term “counter-semite” to mean one who opposes disproportionate Jewish influence in government, especially foreign policy.

        I also suggest people aggressively {but fairly} make changes on wikipedia, and leave comments on newssites about the Lavon Affair and USS Liberty.

        • ahh good another anti Semite i was worried we didnt have enough of you fruit cakes here

          now i can sleep at night

          Jewish skittle shittin unicorn

          • Antisemite=ALL who Disagree with or, Expose Jews or Zionists or their involvement in many subversive activities. Such as the Inventors of Russian Soviet Communisim for starters.

            Seems some folks are wedded to the notion that ONLY when jewish people are mentioned in a context of “Victims” or “The Only Victims that matter” is it appropriate or accepted speech.

            While I agree fully that not all jews are for zionist evils or kommie evils etc. I also lived quite long enough and seen and heard enough to convince me. That “Some” groups or races do seem to stick with their own regardless what is or was done by those members of said groups or races.

            From my experiences Two groups that come to mind which are Very likly to have a huge disproportionate number of supporters from their perspective race or group are…Blacks and Jews. No other group or race has such massive Lock-step support as those two do. Be it voteing, or simply Instant acusations such as Racist or Antisemite they constantly make use of those Hate terms and name calling.

            Oh yes! when due to Blind support or approvals you see or hear instant name calling of racist by negros or antisemite by Jews, and non blacks or non jews(usually misguided whites full of white guilt due to msm and hollywood) the Only true descriptive analysis of such, is that it is Always meant as HATE speech by Blacks or Jews who do it. As Both names Racist and antisemite have an agenda behind it.

            That True real agenda of always instantly calling a person such Vile hatefull names is by design, to create instant hatred of the object person being called such evil vile names. Its not supposed to be so, yet after 60+ years now of non stop brainwashing and PC efforts, most all folks who hear of a person called a racist or antisemite have a Kneejerk emotional based reaction. That kneejerk reaction consists of taking sides Pronto with the jew or black, and totally Against the one it was spoken to or of.

            Therefore due to PC such vile names which are almost always leveled at a White person, are also by design used to quell All further conversation or debate. Much like Sol Alinsky(who ironicly is also jewish) tactics achieve. And look how good it works!

            Todays america consists of a Huge percentage of folks of all types who subscribe to these silencing, vile, attempts at totally Degrading or Destroying not just that person called such names credibility, but rather to also turn as many others against the person as posible, to also ruin them. And once it happens most victims of being labled a racist or antisemite, will never be able to “redeem” themselves. Also due to PC.

            So what is it that so unerves those instant name caller folks? What are they afraid of? Are they afraid someone just may speak out with factual truth, and fully debunk many prior unquestioned beliefs perpetrated by so many race hucksters, or, hate filled Jewish persons?

            It is too bad we do not see a return to sanity, and a true expose’ of the many lies-fables-propagandas especially since the end of WWII era. I do believe soon many of these will be revealed for the Lies they are, since so many websites have sprung up dealing with this issue of late that one cannot begin to count them nor read them all!

            I do hope soon we shall see an end to usage of such Vile Hatred, disguised as objections to all mentions of blacks or jews that are not “Kosher” enough for those Many who so Fear Truths and Facts. Stupid can be delt with yes. But the hate mongering usage of these vile words or lables and names has gone way too far. It borders on a true need to do something to quell it as the Hate it truely represents.

            If enough folks will begin to Reject such vile acusations and name calling from kneejerk feelings based emotional reactionary’s, then perhaps soon these hatefull names used will cease, as afterall that is the Only card playable to race hucksters and their cohorts, the ones so quick to cry out Antisemite at every instant they hear or see or read any potential facts or truths which may cause Their undoings. More than enough proven and documented evidence exists today, from many credible sources so there really is no longer any excuse to remain in the dark and rely upon kneejerk methods which lend to destruction of good caring truth seekers trying to educate others.

        • JAKE S
          Looks to me with our Muslim President Obama “JOOOOOSE” are are not welcome.

        • -Jake S-

          Steady dude. You’re fixin’ to take a shit-load of flak, now.
          You’ve ID’ed the enemy of humanity, of truth, of honor, of goodness and of the Creator & his Son…….

          You’re gonna be red carpet-thumbed into oblivion!

          Welcome brother!

      27. Yea they can’t show (depict) the terreroist as young men of Middle Eastern descent, can they.
        They can’t even show young black males as terreroist but they can and will show young to middle age white males as terreroist.
        Now let me see, just who was it that did the Boston Bombings, young white men, right?
        And who was it that flew planes into the World Trade Centers, RIGHT AGAIN. young White Males.
        And who has vowed Jihad against ALL American’s? Right again, young white males.
        I think I see a trend here, eliminate all young white males and, NO more problem…
        Our Government has obviously gone insane.

        • Well at least they cannot pin the international sales of Human Organs for illeagle transplants on Whiteys! Thats because about a year ago in New Jersey, the FBI concluded a Ten Year long operation/investigation of human organ smugglers there. And guess Who the fed fbi Busted. They arrested and charged about 27-persons!

          Of all 27 arrested and charged for human organ smuggling, 5 that is FIVE were a mix of New York, and New jersey RABBi’s. While each, thats EVERY single one of the remaining 22 perps were a mixture of EX-NJ polititions, and Current elected officials. At least one was an ex govner or mayor if not one of each if I recall right(been a year now since occured) and most were State Reps or Senators and city mayors or other type state and city officials!

          The HEAD Honchos with Ties to the ISRAEL location human organs were shipped to of course were the….5-Rabbi’s. NO White perps they eh. Of course You never even heard a wispers mention of this 10 yr fbi operation which ran from NY-NJ-ISRAEL and several European areas, on such stalwart MSM’s like CNN-MSNBC or FOX TV right.

          Where was Orielly, whos lookin out for ya?..Asleep at the ziowheels perhaps?

          I feel so relieved to know not all evils are done by White men! Now if only it got reported so other americans can know who our real true enemys of all mankind are huh.

      28. “Mother Jones” You got to be kidding? That is giant progressive, anti-constitution, tree hugging, violent, pile of crap. They support hit piece sites like “On Earth” Look at who funds these groups.

        Try again…….

        • the question isn’t the source of the information

          the question is

          is the information presented true or not true ???

          • Yes, true or not true? I would need that information to come from another source. It is like believing that Clinton did not have sex with that woman.

      29. hmmm
        it seems Joe Lieberman and Ahmed Chalabi
        (yeah you remember that lying sack of shite ?) are
        both members of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

        if that don’t set ur alarm bells off big time
        I don’t know what will ???

      30. Hey everyone! We sold our home in our HOA community and are moving to our BOL this summer. Excited doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about this!!! We have a pond full of fish, tons of fruit trees and bushes, bees, geothermal home, shooting range, and lots of preps!!!!

        Homesteader, here I come!!!!

        • I’m jealous.

        • How cool!


        • Very happy for you, and wish it were me and the DW too.

          Molon Labe

      31. Let me see, approx 15 government ninjas to bring 2 White, Anglo Saxon, Male, probably Christian, gun owning, possible militia members to justice.
        With 100 million gun owners in America and it takes 15 ninjas per gun owner, what is that, 1.5 billion ninjas. Each one gets one bullet, I guess we know where that 1.5 billion rounds are going.
        Stay alert. This is not going to end well!!!

      32. Well I”M thinking WE should do a mock movie on how the Government is a terrorist Organization:

        • If sun flares should strike say, Chicago area, could that cause severe sunburns on Jessie Jackson by any chance?

          I plan to send Jessie a bottle of Coppertone tan lotion just incase to be on the safe side.

      33. My community and I have resolved to be outlaws when guns becomes outlawed!


        • dude, relax just a hair and hit the caps lock button one time.

          de oppresso libre brothers

      35. You know you are spiritually saved or you just dont give damn about this evil world we are trapped in. Come Lord Jesus Come…

        • Maranatha!

        • Satori, it seems as of recent times several lib or progressive type publications and websites have been exposing quite alot of things now. Ironic isn’t it.

          I don’t here now recall which websites articles I saw referenced or mentioned in various Other site articles, but it sure seems to me the lib sites are exposing things or complaining of issues not done prior.

          It no longer matters where info comes from. Either it is facts and truth or it aint period. Much of formerly relied on repub or neocon websites have proven to actually be fronts for globalistic kommie nwo types. Does FOX tv ring a bell perhaps? Fox has not even made another mention as far as I am aware of regarding that TX chem plant disaster!

          Every day 24/7 each fox show is all Boston event and evil muslim terrorists. The exact same MO they used to swindle america into war with Iraq are being copycatted to get Us all to agree usa needs start new wars in syria and iran.

          Yet zero mentions of what amounts to Far greater dammage and more deaths and injuries in Texas at same time as Boston happened! RT tv news has done several Outstanding expose’s of several issues never spoken of on usa tv news shows. RT also has a Video archive at their website which shows videos of every Documentary shown on tv.

          Check a few out and be amazed at whats going on we aint told of! Like Live interviews of People who live in Palestine and how badly they are treated by israelis and the IDF soldiers. Soon comming to an american neighborhood near Yours! Oh yeah most folks in usa aint aware of it but there are about 400,000 Christians that reside in Palastine and have gotten along swell with muslims there since Christ walked the earth(the christians been there that Long I meant) Muslims for 1500 yrs only. RT also has doc video of interviews with Syrian Christians that number over one Million persons speaking out at how swell it has been under Asad and how good he protects christains in syria.

          Yes there are some real evil people in syria and iran. No different than the usa or israel I suppose. But alot more are good folks like we are. They too get Killed off if usa carpet bombs their country to make Netanyahoo jump wildly with glee.

          Folks here I bet will rethink things if they view such videos and listen to those persons who speak out and are Never heard in U.S.MSM’s.

      36. 22Mission, i just got home a few minutes ago and found your post. I had to tend to some things that kept me offline since last Friday but I’m back in true form. “Braveheart” is one of my favorite movies and nobody plays the underdog like Mel Gibson. Thank you. Y99, thank you for that poem. Very powerful and moving and hits the nail right on the head. BigB, I hear you loud and clear. When the bastards show up on my street, it will be game on. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      37. 22Mission, Y99, and BigB, just got home a few minutes ago and found your posts. 22Mission, thank you for those kind thoughts. Y99, thank you for that poem, Very powerful and moving, right on target, most appropriate. BigB, i hear you loud and clear. When the bastards show up on my street, it will be game on. Had to tend to some things since last Friday that kept me offline, but I’m back in full force. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      38. This goes over to several Net connection is BAD…

        BI, watchman night breaker, et al,

        The mags are attempting to settle now…earlier they were anything but. Specifically, the Z compnent, which is directed radially outward from the core, alonfg with standard x and y coordinates drove as far off line as I’ve ever seen it…rahter unusual. That said,

        BI…the nissive will be in Mac’s hands before midnight, problems here as I’ve said,

        Wathcman, Same here Brother…GOOD work, as I’ve seen so far, keep it up!

        Night Breaker, Dunno…don’t THINK so…just a guess here. This thing is NOWHERE found as an ‘academic study’, anywhere…we’re just beginning to realize that SOMETHING is going on, so to speak, with these GRB’s. THERE is a PTTERN to increased activity but nothing formal has EVER been done. THAT said, we are already seeing a net upswing in solar at this point. Bear in mind that as of last april HINODE found the sun to have gone ‘quadrupolar’…AND we’re NOT sure what that means either…

        …Gee, I’m REALLY ‘helpful’ here aren’t I?

        For the moment eveyone keep watching, we all will

        …”Und Guten Nacht, zu Alles”


      39. I calls it likes I sees it.

        Bureaucrats, the new Feudal Lords. Government LEO, the new Knights to keep the peasants down.

        ALL GOVERNMENT PARASITES!!! Besides a military to defend the border. We Don’t Need Them!!!!

      40. Cripes!! What about the DHS except their desire to play with my crotch is NOT ‘mock’? Tens and hundreds of billions of dollars in treasure spent, and not one single terrorist apprehended.Not one single confirmed terrorist arrested. Department of Homeland Destruction. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for gays. Ick.

      41. why do you guys really think its muslims causing problems? Don’t you know 9/11 was an inside job and Muslims are just the controlled enemy.. you have to create an enemy that does not look like or believe as you do. Good F’ing Grief people.

      42. Ok, so now we can hold mock “Drills” on how to fight off DHS when they unlawfully come to violate your rights and “detain” you?!?!?! We can video tape it and show how to handle these assclowns and put the video on the net for everyone to see… Intimidation works both ways…. DHS simply runs on the, ” We have more men than you ” theory and with their MRAPS and numbers. they fully believe that we are all crazy gun freaks out to kill everyone

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