Mob Hijackings Continue, Police Powerless: “We Own This Now”

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Headline News | 483 comments

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    As more and more Americans across the country become impoverished by rising costs for essential goods, falling wages, job losses, and an unraveling social safety net, those with nothing left to lose are becoming more daring, more aggressive and more ruthless.

    Nowhere is this as apparent than in the cities of Chicago, where police have compared the explosion in violence to a tribal warfare akin to what we’ve seen in Iraq or Afghanistan, and Detroit, Michigan, where acres upon acres of dilapidated homes have been razed and police have simply stopped responding to emergency calls in certain areas.

    The rule of law is steadily collapsing, and in due time you may see it in your city:

    Even the old-timers in Detroit never have seen anything like this… A mob of 40 black people moved into a convenience store and will not leave.

    They say they now own it. They eat. Smoke. Cuss.Threaten. Spit. Rob. Sell drugs. All on video.

    Police, ministers, neighbors, the store owner and just about everyone else seems powerless to stop them.

    “It’s a Bad Crew gas station,” said one of the mob to the local Fox affiliate. “If you don’t know what that is, I can’t even tell you.”

    The owner calls police, but nothing happens. The police “come here and then they leave. Two minutes later they (the mob) are back.”

    Source: WND

    Also see: Mob Beats Detroit shopkeeper:

    “I am shocked he is still alive,” said the store owner. “They came into the gas station and said ‘we own this. This is our hood. This is our gas station. We are going to take whatever we want.’ It’s a war zone.”

    We are living in a society where legislation and law enforcement have been aimed squarely at law abiding Americans while criminals are allowed to do as they please. As criminals realize they can indiscriminately pillage and attack innocents without being held to account under existing laws, we can fully expect this trend to spread to currently peaceful neighborhoods. At some point the violence will simply overwhelm local police departments.

    At that point, it’ll be up to each individual American to look out for themselves and their families. Or, things will get so bad that the government will announce ‘temporary’ local, state or national emergencies, declare martial law and deploy military personnel on the streets of America in response to the disturbances and rampant crime waves.

    Whatever the outcome, those who play by the rules, follow the laws, and respect the individual rights of others will be the losers.


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      1. first

        • Not that first thing again. At least say something positive about gun ownership, like which type of firearm makes you feel the most secure. Or how much of a freaking nightmare martial law would be. Or how the mafia is nothing but an ugly extension of the existing government.

          • This is the reason I do not go anywhere including my own land without a firearm. True around the house I only carry a 357. But when I am out and about I carry real fire power always.

            I have been in a store AMPM and there was some real looks until I “Showed” my weapon on my side. I have even been in town when I use to work, had to draw a few times to make a point. I worked in the Hilltop of Tacoma. At 3AM that could be a scary place.

            The key is always carry and always be ready to use it. And if you decide to point it. Don’t talk shot.

            • That’s the way. True John Wayne – wild west style. Show them your firepower. Don’t forget the swagger, the bluff & the bravado, be tough & never back down.

              The typical alpha male – lone wolf response. Why not just boycott them, and go somewhere else.

              Societal breakdown happens when those vested with authority don’t step up and do what they are elected or paid to do – protect the people and enforce the rule of law.

              On one extreme you have the Mussolini & Hitler types, who fixed the problems by hanging the ringleaders from a pole.

              On the other, you have the do nothing politicians and public servants.

              Forget the hollywood antics – and the one off responses. This solves nothing really, only makes the vulnerable more vulnerable.

              Petition, shame, and by any (lawful) means make the authorities step up to there responsibilities, or step down, and allow someone who will step up do the job.

            • Its been about 10 years or so since I witnessed a robery at a convenience store in Oakland. I’ll always wonder why I “didn’t look back.” I saw a young man walk past me towards the door after I was about 5 paces out. My wife was with me and even though I saw him reach up towards his head I never looked back. Minutes later I heard sirens, a police helicopter and as I was driving away from the area I could see they were converging on the store. Sure enough he robbed it. I was the only one that saw him before he lowered his mask – why didn’t I look back? Anyway it took the police, courts and this society 4 years to convict him; they are lucky his image was seared into my head. I traveled back to oakland for three different court appearances; he got 8 years in prison.

              That kind of society can’t sustain. I am all for the innocent going free but the guilty can’t cost us a $100,000 in investigative work and trial costs to put away for 8 years.

            • @ facebookpage.
              I know your speaking about other thugs, but, when I see someone with a gun on their hip its usually a responsible gun owner and am not intimidated in the least. Instead Iam comforted knowing I’m not the only carrying. I would strongly recommend not showing off your firearm over dirty looks or bad manners.

            • @FACEBOOK PAGE = Poster Child for Gun Control !

              after reading his rants and raves of the last few months

              he shouldn’t be allowed a “crazy straw and spit ball” let alone a self boasting illegally concealed carry .357mag.

            • Having lived in Camden, NJ, go there and “flash your piece”. You will see how quickly life changes…

            • Concept weapon: The Reinforced AR-15 Lower Receiver

              A “gun” has many parts but only one part is regulated and serialized. The ability to fabricate the lower-receiver on a gun and then purchase the un-regulated parts on the open market results in a weapon that exists without regulation. You can do this today, with the right equipment by downloading this file and following the instructions here or below. This however is not the same thing as making a 100% 3D printable gun, using a printer that is produced using 3D printable parts. The community of gun owners and supporters needs you…

            • You contradict yourself. Never show it or pull it unless you are justified to use it!

            • You are a psychopath and shit heads like you are the reason why there is so much anti carry sentiment. I expect you are a punk who is afraid of even little old ladies. Some day you will get your fantasy of blowing someone away. Hopefully someday you will point at an off duty or undercover cop and he will cap your stupid ass.

            • I must clear up my above statement.

              When I said looks The full story is I was in a corner store in Hill top of Tacoma Mid 90. I was in for a soda and some JoJO Snacks. I new the owner and the employees very well. I Owned the building around the store. A group of the local gang bangers came in and started to act up. Not ulike in the video. I Knew that at least a few of them liked to carry junk illegal guns. I mostly open carried. In this case I Was turning around to show it was a unfair fight if they thought they would wait in the parking lot or whatever.

              Nina I do have a John Wayne style about my self. So thank you for pointing it out. I dont take shit. And I am not the type who can quietly roam around so why try. This world would be a lot better place if there were more John Waynes around.

              When it comes to the rule: if you are going to pull your weapon it is with the thought it will be used. And that is a serious and proper training guide to any new shooter. But with real world experience. Pulling the gun is just a step in a danger close situations. Pulling a pistol and keeping at your side is different then raising it to fire. Pointing it at a target. Think of it as the same as pulling and loading your AR from the back seat if you see a crowd of thugs coming down the street pulling people from their cars. What you’re going to wait til they get to you.

              Always carry Always loaded always ready

            • John W. I am past the need to Cap somebody. I have had the displeasure of killing. My point is there are many of us out here that have had to use our training in real world situations. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. I have seen what happen when you do not show enough force. You end up cleaning the guy brains off your face because he wasn’t ready. Then finding out it was a 14 year old with an AK that did it.

              What is funny The first one is easy. It the second and third and so on that gets harder. Until a point you just go numb and do your job.

              And in my state except for half of king county. Carry a weapon is rarely mention. And that why I only drive though King county try not to stop.

              And John in many areas I am a Shithead, so you did get one thing right.

              ?? John have you ever pulled over to help a sheriff because he was outnumbered. I have. And I saw the look in his face when he was able to calm just a bit. When the other sheriff arrived I just stood there while they took over. Yes the new arrivals didn’t know me but they had been forewarn by the first sheriff there was a civilian helping. So I know who to point at.

            • Benny

              “Petition, shame, and by any (lawful) means make the authorities step up to there responsibilities, or step down, and allow someone who will step up do the job.”

              In most case I would prefer to just stay out of my way. In my neighborhood we do a better job policing our area. Except when a dumb ass leaves his car in the road behind the fence. In that case he got what he deserved. New seats”

            • No offense but I cant decide which ” actor ” was more cheesy ….John Wayne or Elvis ? they both have the same mannerisms and voice inflections . Uhuuuuuuh huh .

            • Me and other retirees don’t run the roads after dark. We eat out at noon, and run errands early in the day. Most crime happens at night or later in the day. Why bother to report shoplifting since criminals get off easy and police don’t care anyway? Several employees at Walgreens and Best Buy were fired for trying to stop shoplifters, one tackled the perp in the parking lot. These are major chain stores, which don’t even care if they’re robbed, so why should we care? Kohls and a dollar store called the police who arrested several.

            • If the first mobster to come back was blown back out the door full of 00 buck the rest might think about going somewhere else. JS

            • John Q: Aren’t barrel ballistics “finger printed” at the factory for every weapon produced, so that the FED’s can match the “signature” to a spent cartridge?

            • That’s the way. True John Wayne – wild west style. Show them your firepower. Don’t forget the swagger, the bluff & the bravado, be tough & never back down.

              The typical alpha male – lone wolf response. Why not just boycott them, and go somewhere else.

              Societal breakdown happens when those vested with authority don’t step up and do what they are elected or paid to do – protect the people and enforce the rule of law.

              On one extreme you have the Mussolini & Hitler types, who fixed the problems by hanging the ringleaders from a pole.

              On the other, you have the do nothing politicians and public servants.

              Forget the hollywood antics – and the one off responses. This solves nothing really, only makes the vulnerable more vulnerable.

              Petition, shame, and by any (lawful) means make the authorities step up to there responsibilities, or step down, and allow someone who will step up do the job.

            • Target rich environment!

            • Answer to Benny: White flight has been going on for decades. we have nowhere to retreat to today. The current system actively helps these thugs in their lawlessness.The elected “officials” will care when it comes to their gated communities.

            • @ FB “Draw a few times to make a point” ???!!!???

              You sir, are a moron. You will be one of the first to go when TSHTF.

            • “had to draw a few times to make a point… And if you decide to point it. Don’t talk shot.”

              You’re a moron.

            • AM I missing something? Can someone please explain why a group of mostly intelligent people are giving this FB clown thumbs up?

              He is obviously an idiot with an inferiority complex that is not living in reality.

              This guy has seen one too many western movies.

            • You Go! you Rambo You!

            • John T John ina Box

              Did you ever think that you are the one that is wrong or the odd ball. Please see my reply below. You need it.

              Also to add you are the one that will be to late to even think of his weapon and before it done your child next to you will have a hole in them that you could of prevented.

            • Well, my tongue in cheek comments at the start of my post went well. Most disliked in this list. Well done.

              I suspect those in the idiot class missed the point I was making.

              If you respond in kind, as an individual, you will only increase lawlessness. Those who will suffer the most are the vulnerable .. ie women, children & the elderly. For example, that’s what has happens in numerous African countries where law and order has broken down, and often that’s what happens in war zones and after dissasters.

              The Government in America is meant to represent the people. It’s not a third party private organization, or it’s not meant to be. If you want to solve the issues of lawlessness, you have to make your ‘public servants’ do what they are paid to do, or get rid of them.

              Taking the law into your own hands only leads to lawlessness. The wild west was not won by the ‘John Wayne’ cowboy types, as depicted in the holywood version, but by the ‘rule of law’.

            • Same here, I open carry a .357 in town. Going to get a concealed carry permit, so I don’t need to worry about my jacket falling over it and covering it. There are a few others that open carry also, but mostly it’s all concealed carry now. I think it’s just going to keep getting worse. peace

            • You are a liar. You never drew down on anyone.

            • Kingdomer Interesting statement. You must live where all is neat and clean and all under control. Many thing happen that never get talk about. You probably dont even truly know what your neighbor do in their spare time.

              You must live in the This how I wish it was world. I on a daily basic see the crap. Hell today I was riding my bike and stop next to a car and there was a Pistol on the seat. (Low Rider) Do you take the effort to look at the real world. I live in it. When you travel in it. It is more dangerous than the schools prepped you for.

          • The police are only powerless because they want to be. Watch them go after whitey if he farts and it smells too much.

            • I am white so I will be called racist for saying this,but why do blacks act this way? This has nothing to do with being hungry or desprate.Blacks are way out of control in every town they infest and the media will not ask why blacks who are a minority are the most disrespectful violent race of people in every country in the world.I suppose it is whitey’s fault.

            • Why are radical islamists the way they are,2wisper?

              It’s their up-bringing/roots/culture that leans towards immoral/uncivilized behaviour. When you throw drugs/alcohol, and hatred into the mix, you have a receipe for the evil spirit to take control of lives and the decision making process. Hence, the results we are now seeing from youth forward. A life of crime and pain.

            • @two2wisper,

              I am white as well, and have tried to be non-racist and look at it objectively. I have looked at this issue myself, having lived all over the USA and seen it up close and personal many times. I think that the current generation of black people act the way they do because of the PRIOR generations failures to raise them properly. I cannot deny that had I been raised in a broken home, with a doped-out mother, absent father, with drugs on the streets and gangs offering a semblance of “family,” that I would have turned out any different than the “punks” you see in these videos. I see these “mothers” hauling around a half-dozen kids from 3 or 4 “baby daddys,” cussing and swearing at them the whole way. They are mentally unfit for society, much less fit to be a mother. With that as an example, what chance do these kids have?

              Now, as to the “cause” of the prior generations failures and general pervasiveness of drugs, crime and low intellect, I am unsure. Probably a slew of factors that I am not versed on enough to comment.

            • This would not happen in Joplin, Missouri. The perps would be shot, stashed in one of many empty, secluded mine shafts, and life would go on. You don’t ‘F**K’ with the mid-west and we are NOT ‘powerless’ to do anything. A ‘brother’ tried to break into my home through the back door in 1995. Shot him just as he entered laundry room. Very painful stomach wound I am proud to say. There was not even a question about whether I had the right to do it. All I am saying here is that you CANNOT BE A VICTIM if you take matters into your own hands and fight back. Detroit must be a bunch of pussies.

            • How right you are. Years ago here in san Diego there was a series of robberies where people were assaulted by goons weilding PVC pipe. No big deal you say? One guy who was robbed was rendered brain dead that way. At first the cops claimed they could do nothing about this. No stakeouts, no decoys nothing you are on your own. As it turned out this was taking place in the gay area of San Diego and many of the victimse were gay. Suddenly every resource was available and in less than a week the perps were caught. They also for the first time revealed the perps were black which had been covered up before. If you want police support you have to be in one of the preferred victim groups.

            • Blacks act this way because their own society is breaking down. Back in the 60’s NINETY percent of black households had a father present. Now? it’s 10-20%. They seem to have no issue genociding themselves thru mass abortions either. Thank Mtv for the shitty gang bangin rap music/culture too. Ever watch a movie (drama) with a mostly or all black cast? It’s all about how they are hated on, kept down by the “man”, cheating, sexual promiscuity,drugs, gettin high, crime, gang life…I could go on and on.

              I used to think it was SO racist every time I heard the 15% lower IQ by blacks in general, but now I wonder if it really is true. That toothless wonder, the “Obama Phoe” lady is a perfect example. As I watched her yammer on and on in total awe of her “Obama phoe” I thought “If I was black, I’d be SO embarrassed of this dreg!” I mean I literally felt embarrassed FOR her! I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or get pissed off.

              Personally, I don’t care any more if any one thinks or calls me a racist because the term is overused and frankly WORN OUT. I just call it as I see it. Does not make me right or wrong – it’s just reality. Racism goes both ways and to tell the truth, I see a LOT more of it aimed at whitey from blacks and mexicans. Look up Black on white and brown on white crime stats. Pretty much says it all right there. For some reason, they don’t call it a “hate crime” and the race of the perp is rarely mentioned. I wont even get in to the stats on Black on Black crime!

              When I hear stories like the one about the Chinese restaurant that was caught wheeling a dead deer into the back, it reminded me of exactly why I am not a big fan of diversity. Our “diversity” that was once a strong positive point in America, is likely to be the very thing that will spark a race war and/or turn us into a third world country.

            • You cant reason with an animal , both blacks and hispanics in a group are prone to this behavior , why ….who knows? but your observation is correct , and dont let people tell you that it is racist . The proof is in the prison system and on the street .

            • What really pisses me off is the sheer number of finger pointing cry babies in this country who will say that people are fleeing cities like Detroit because they’re “racists”. Hmmm….. it couldn’t possibly be because we don’t wanna pay sky high taxes in exchange for shit services, government corruption and “in your face” crime rates.

              Honestly, why should ANYONE obey the law anymore? When these thugs and their counterparts on Wall Street get to do whatever the hell they please, why should any of us any longer give a shit?

              Personally, I don’t know why this shop owner doesn’t cut off the power and water, wait a day then lob in some Molotovs. Then blame it on the punks who invaded HIS store, collect the insurance, and tell that city to go fuck itself

          • Aw shucks. ya’ll need to lighten up. It’s just kids being kids. After all, most are probably underprivileged, and don’t get enough to eat.
            Where’s your compassion?

            (see Dy. I’m trying)

            • By radical Islamists you mean alqaeda. People should not group all Muslims together (not saying that you did). Vast majority don’t want any war. Just like we americans are not represented by our government. The radicals don’t represent Muslims. Maybe that’s why we are in the wars we are in now? Just like the last article stated. The Russian General put it in an extremely common sense way. By the way, I am a religios Muslim, and I mean that I take my religion into consideration everytime I do something. It helps me become a better person.. My cousin is in the navy. My other cousin is in the army reserve. And I love this country.

            • In response to Anonymous, the muslim. Since you are apparently in America, I just want to say something to you. This is the land of the Free. You are free to worship any way you want, as long as you don’t try to “push” your religion upon others. As long as you try to fit into American society and don’t look to American taxpayers to give you a “free ride”, then you are welcome here. This comes from a descendant of forefathers that came here before America was free from the British monarchy. Before there were “radical islamists” and “terrorists”. I don’t care if you worship a tree frog and find little green flies as your saviour/messenger, as long as it doesn’t threaten me or my children and family, hey, have a good trip.

              Now, there is one point I want to make to you. All “radical islamists” are not Al-Qaeda. There are many, many Muslims that want to kill Americans. I don’t care what,if any, group they are aligned with, they are radical and subject to terrorist tactics. They are here in America, and most likely in every part of the world.

              Now, Me and my neighbor “budds”, will not hesitate to end the lives of anyone threatening our families or our way of life; especially those that are seen as “American haters”. If you come to our neck of the woods, we will leave, you and yours alone; as long as you mind your own business and stay out of our way. Understood?

          • The article I read about this mob takeover of the gas station in Detroit said:

            “Cops respond 9 hours after clerk attacked, say ‘hire security.”

            Wow, they respond 9 hours later! If we don’t/can’t protect or defend ourselves and our property, then no one else will. The thugs KNOW they are on video tape and yet don’t seem to care.

            If this is not a wakeup call, then I don’t know what would be.

            • Security? With what a full auto AK? Not much a guard is going to do to 40 thugs except get beaten and die. If he did shoot first he’d go to prison. No win. There is no viable solution here. If ” man ” has evolved to this point let God have mercy on their souls.

            • “Not much a guard is going to do to 40 thugs except get beaten and die.”

              The other 37 will be too busy running for the exits after hearing the initial couple of shots and seeing the first 3-5 attackers fall (bullets tend to travel through soft flesh and hit other people behind the first one).

              The fastest way to disperse a generally unarmed mob of almost any size is with gunfire – most folks (especially if unarmed) are more interested in not getting shot than in stealing trinkets. I strongly suspect that most of them are also not going to be in any hurry to tell ‘their’ side of the story to the police, either.

              I further suspect that once at least some of the mob sees the guns come out, they’re going to bolt for the exits anyway.

            • Hire a Russian immigrant as a security guard …….make sure his resume had Speznaz for the previous occupation .

            • LOL don’t tread says: In response to Anonymous, the muslim. Since you are apparently in America, I just want to say something to you. This is the land of the Free. You are free to worship any way you want, as long as you don’t try to “push” your religion upon others.

              Yes anonymous do not be like those who came here and founded the country.

              This comes from a descendant of forefathers that came here before America was free from the British monarchy. Before there were “radical islamists” and “terrorists”

              This comes from a descendant of the ppl that was almsot wiped off the face of the earth by those forefathers. Hmm genocide wonder if that counts as terrorisim? Nothing about white guilt just about history.

            • Try this simple trick, one large can of comet cleanser, one old school M-80, put M-80 inside can, light and throw and laugh your ass off. Clears a room in seconds!

          • 1911 .45, M1 Garand.
            Who, me worry. Statement, not question.

          • You could’ve said everything that you needed to say, to describe what’s wrong in this country in 2 sentences:

            “We are living in a society where legislation and law enforcement have been aimed squarely at law abiding Americans while criminals are allowed to do as they please. Whatever the outcome, those who play by the rules, follow the laws, and respect the individual rights of others will be the losers.”

            That encompasses everything from our corrupt government to the high price of rice.

            • Well if China, Russia and Iran finally say enough is enough over US Foreign Policy and WW3 kicks off, you’ll soon be able to round up and DRAFT all those kids off the street and send them off to be slaughtered defending that Foreign Policy. Problem solved.

          • This is their way of getting americans angry and into the street. Obama has been trying to get class warfare going and it just has not been happening here like in Europe.
            This is very sad.

          • Wow, imagine what it would be like to be so well liked, so well loved, that you could literally do or say ANYTHING and they still adore you! Imagine the long vacations you could take, imagine the free perks you could shower your friends with at someone else’s expense, imagine the money you could make trading the markets that you control, imagine the book deals, the movie deals, the speaking engagements! Imagine the laws you could enact that benefit your position at the expense of the other side. You could do everything wrong and ruin the nation, but in their eyes, you can do NO wrong.

            Kind of makes me wonder though. They treat this guy like he is their messiah. But when the real Messiah came once, he did everything RIGHT, but they crucified him. He healed their sick, made the blind see, made the lame walk, raised the dead, fed the multitudes with only one small pouch of food, walked on the water, taught them the mind of God, forgave them of their sins, and empowered them with the Spirit of God. The crowd wanted Barrabas instead: the lying, cheating, killer who felt no remorse and offered no repentance.

            Seems as if nothing changes. The crowd chants:

            Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama. Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama. Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama.
            Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama. Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama.

        • It is political correctness. If just a few of these thugs were shot by the people they victimize this would stop. But of course this only happens where the public is not allow to carry.
          I know my gun keeps everyone around me polite just like the other man’s keeps me polite. I truly do not remember every being in a argument with a LEGAL Gun carrying person. A few when theirs was illegal but never with a legal one in the other persons hands. Interesting isn’t it.

          • In international politics, they called this the MAD (mutually assured destruction) method, keeping power balanced by the threat of mutual distruction.

            Sad really. Nations and communities are not built this way.

            It only has a chance of working while everyone remains sane.

            In this unbalanced world, the numbers of those with a sound mind are diminishing by the day.

            Suicidal tendancies, Super-Hero Mentality, Narcissism, Immaturity, Emotional Under-development, Drug & Alcohol Addition, Pride, Lust, Hate, Holywood Ethics etc etc, make it an explosive mix.

          • That is not the way to operate. You need to be a little more mindful when showing off your weapon.

            • Carrying a gun in a holster on your side is not “showing” it off. It is there for everyone to see and it IS a deterent whether people want to admit it or not. I personally carry concealed. I’m not saying it is the right way its just my way.

            • Correct Holster in a social setting is not showing off. In many place the the weapon and holster isa fashion statement. You should see my girlfriend Pink Glock Yes Pink and her Juicy couture custom holster bag.

              But pulling it out and waving it around of course will not get you invited back.

            • TruDat

            • More people need to open carry, where legal.

          • the idea that folks learn lessons from what they see around them is patently false in teh case of brain dead criminals. self defense killings in detroit and the surrounding areas (ferndale being the one i live in) are sky rocketing. it has not made any difference.

            • FERNDALE? Not really that bad of an area 🙂 lived in hazel park when I first moved here in 2000. Now up in Rochester Hills. SHit hits head this way my grp is heading out from here just head up Crooks.

            • Ex detroit here! Self defence aiht working so swell eh?

              A Fine ZOO was built near ferndale a long time ago. Perhaos LOCK them Monky Babboons and Sheboons Up with Real apes and gorillas!

              I bet detroit can earn big bucks charging $$$ to visit the ZOO and see Real monkys in Same cages with 1/2 Monkys!

              Folks! Please visit our New “TYRONE” exibit!

              FREE bag of Popcorn if You can tell which is the Real apes!

              It also allows the “Yooooots” a chance to show off like they tend to admire. Lookey there! Tyrone doing backflips while a 600 lb Ape is trying to butt poke tyrone!

              Just remember folks…It is Always the 95+% which makes the Good few look bad too…

            • ‘Nother ex-Michigander here. I lived halfway to Lansing, on a gravel road 10 miles off the Interstate, but at least once a year I’d see some ghetto trash casing the area. How many times it happened when I wasn’t there to see it I don’t know. SOOOO glad I could retire and GTFOD. Not only the ghetto trash, but the Muzlims have made all of SE Michigan a no-go area as far as I’m concerned.

              BTW, whaddaya bet the “proprietor” of that gas station is Middle Eastern? My observation before I left was that 90% of the gas stations east of US 23 were Muzlim populated. If that’s the case, they deserve each other.

          • Sounds like you like to go around being offended and then using your gun to back people down. Someday someone is going to either shoot you or shove your gun up your ass. People like you give legal carry a bad name.

            • I truly mean this. I assume you are an untrained person. You must hang out with a bunch of people who make you feel ashamed to carry. To me my weapon is no different then my leather-mans just a tool. I do not need the weapon to scare someone. The weapon on my belt make it to where in most case I don’t have too.

            • Facebook>>>John w is a cheesedick and not worth you time. We all know who the men are here. This country needs men, not mental patients, so people like John W can fuck off and go live with ’em if he likes ’em so much. Post on brother..I got your 6!

            • @ John W…..Could not have said it better myself. FB gives all of us that carry a bad rap. Talking about “drawing” on people and “showing” his weapon is an extention of his insecurity. A guy like this thinks his gun is what makes him who he is. It is sad. I’m not even upset at him I just pitty him.

            • Lets see When I Have drawn to make a point.

              Two Gang bangers blocking the street saying its their street

              Man running around with a 12 DB trying to find his crack stash

              I was on roof and they broke into the truck below me.

              Working inside and heard someone trying to get in construction site. Saw gun they ran.

              And I can list 15 more where I have drawn. Ad list 3 where I have pulled the trigger. And this is after active duty.

              And yes I was detain when the police had enough firepower to come into the hilltop. Every Time a few questions and all was good. Matter a fact 1 of the 3 shooting they didn’t even ask for my weapon. They were find talking with me with it still on me.

              Many will say bullshit. But I chose to work in one of the worst neighborhoods. Right between the blood and the crips. My choice is why I Have money now. I went into this neighborhood 5 Years before any white man brought money into this area. So I was buying house for as little as 1500$ renting them and corralled them. Before the 07 bust I was selling those same building for 185000$ and remember I collect 15 years of rents and properties I rented out. So yes all this “Gunplay” was correct. I was know as the slumlord not to fuck with. Both because I took no shit. And most likely I house their grandma. Or I was the only landlord that would house them.

              I do believe in gun politeness. You are want gun fear. We allow everyone to become scare of a Gun. Hell I more scare of Wal Mart’s entry doors around the 1st.

              So John in a box. I am happy you live where you can carry but only do it for fun. I carry where it is a tool. No different when I am on the Mexican border. No one listens. Someone steps in the middle of the crowd and rack a 12. Everyone is listening and their English improve beyond belief.

              I Agree you should not draw unless you plan on using it. Everything I drew I was planning on using it. It did it job be it the sight of it. The look in my eye. The fact I got mine out first. Or the sound of it crushing their radiators.

              People die foe stupid thing but I dont need anymore blood on my hands and not because someone wants to steal some copper or gas. If I catch them I prefer a ass kicking. But these days that come back and bite you. So just send them away.

              We may come to the day when I will have to kill someone because I caught them stealing a tool out of the bed of my truck. But not today. There are many reasons to kill. And if you haven’t it easy to say I will cap that fucker for doing ??????. When you have done it and come to terms with what it takes to do it you will have a different outlook on death and killing.

              Just in the video above you can say I kill them all. Over what they stole no I wouldn’t. Now the ass kicking to the man from the store. that’s another thing. And then when he is free you act like you would keep shooting. The idea is to save the man. Yes if they come back deal with it then. If it SHIF maybe you have to be proactive. But let wait til then.

              So john in the box. Fuck You.

          • Facebook page,
            Had you posted an explanation as to why you were flashing your piece around I would not have commented as I did. You sounded like you were just trying to intimidate people for no good reason. After reading your later post as to what the reasons were my apologies regrets for my post. I sincerely wish the peoples republic of Ca. has a little more common sense as to issuing. As it is now only the quarter million gang bangers carry.

            • That is why I did update my statements. I also see were someone who has not read my posts in the past or knows me could think as you did in your first reaction. The word looks was wrong on my part.

              Showing off is for the stupid and soon to be dead. But there is times when by showing you have a “Next step” can make it to where you don’t have take a final step.

              And if you are in CA you are right their issue stants is crap. I by pass CA always when I travel WA to AZ orNV. Plus I really love the roads in Utah. SO fastFun.

              We will counter each other again soon I hope.

              And I will add to all. The rule to leave it in the holster until you are ready to use it is a serious and proper training point. So of what I do say come from being lucky enough to have survived. And in 3 walks I did not survive untouched while on active duty. So the course of action is to not get in to danger in the first place.

        • I own a convenience/gas station and yes I am armed. Concealed of course. My employees have my permission to carry as well if they feel the need to. I have read and seen to many articles like this one to not be armed. Don’t want to shoot anyone but if it is me or them, it’s them plain and simple. This isn’t any John Wayne shit, it is good against evil and in my store, good will have the upper hand.

          • AZ Ready…I agree with you but I was wondering if you are worried about one of your employees shooting someone and it turning into a liability case for you. I lived in Mesa and I love AZ and miss being able to carry. Here in The Peoples Republic of Illinois, our “leaders” have determined that we are too stupid and child-like to be trusted to carry a weapon, oh wait, we are “allowed” to carry a pocket knife, but the blade cant be over 3 inches long, about the size of a politicians dick, and they will measure it if you get pulled over and searched.

            • BRW, although I have told my employees they are welcome to carry while on duty, none do. I am the only one that does. The liabilty issue doesn’t concern me. If a situation arose where a firearm had to be used, I will be more concerned with the safety of my employees and customers, not the bad guys.

            • AZ…gosh, your workers can carry and don’t? I have a Utah no-res permit and I carry as soon as I leave Illinazi territory. Sometimes I drive over to Indiana just so I can carry my gun to remember what exercising my 2A RIGHT feels like. If I was in a state like AZ again I would be strapped at all times.

            • b

              BRW You need to vote with your feet.

            • littledog…soon my friend…soon!

        • Not to worry. Police will start to arrest and detain everyone (NDAA),including YOU.

        • Links removed because of the really stupid requirement for linkless posts that hobble the usefulness of disseminating news like this:

          Plans to print a gun halted as 3D printer is seized

          A US project to create a printable gun has been derailed after the company supplying the 3D printer withdrew it.

          In a letter published on the Wiki Weapon website, Stratasys said that it did not allow its printers “to be used for illegal purposes”.

          Defense Distributed, the group behind the project, had planned to share 3D weapon blueprints online.

          Currently it is legal in the US to manufacture a gun at home without a licence.

          Defense Distributed raised $20,000 (£12,400) online to get the Wiki Weapon project started.

          It planned to develop a fully printable 3D gun, initially with no moving parts.

          “This project could very well change the way we think about gun control and consumption,” it said on its site.

          “How do governments behave if they must one day operate on the assumption that any and every citizen has near instant access to a firearm through the internet?”

          But the project hit a snag when the firm supplying the 3D printer got wind of what they were planning….

        • Good Job

        • Man don’t start that shit again you have a real story and you want to play childish games

      2. And they continue to take away the good honest citizen’s gun rights to protect themselves against the criminals. The government absolutely empowers the criminal scum when it hits the 2nd. amendment, even a little bit. I have said this before, ANYONE that goes against the 2nd. amendment is an enemy of freedom and liberty for all those that still cherish it. Then the state has the nerve to try to tell us that gun control curbs crime. What slows down crime is when the criminal slime thinks that someone that they intend to victimize just might shoot back and hit them.

        It is sickening to see the mob like state that is developing, but what is truly horrific is how they are poisoning the minds of everyone trying to convince them that gun control is the answer. Just sick. The answer is self protection, but the police are not going to be there in time. Firearms are a tool that everyone should have like other tools, AND know how to properly use a firearm and stop criminal scum before you become a victim.

        • I can’t wait to read the posts by the ones who say “There’s no collapse coming.”

          The collapse is not coming…’s here.

          • No, it’s not here. We have the collapse when there’s no electricity, no stores open, no police, no fire protection, and we have absolute anarchy all across the country.

            • TEOWAWI happens at different times for different communities and individuals. Some of us will be given longer to prep than others, before it arrives at our own front door, but we should all take note of events.

              Anarchy is like a silent cancer – it starts small and spreads while noone is looking till like a true parasite it destroys the host. How long till it infiltrates your neighbourhood?

              I just hope to God that poor gas station owner doesn’t have young children or elders on the property. A lifetime’s work – gone & for what? The mob isn’t building a better tomorrow, just destroying that within their own community that hasn’t already been destroyed like locusts. When there is nothing left in that location they’ll move on like locusts to the next locale and destroy all hope there too.

              This is the beginning of the manifestation of the “golden hoard” so many prepping articles have referred to for at least a decade now. Step up your preps, review your defences. SHTF is happening NOW, assess how long it will take to reach your location and prep accordingly.

            • Rome was not burned in a day

            • For that convenience store owner in the article, the collapse is here.

            • ” Barn Cat says:
              October 3, 2012 at 7:57 am

              No, it’s not here. We have the collapse when there’s no electricity, no stores open, no police, no fire protection, and we have absolute anarchy all across the country.”

              It looks to me in these videos that “anarchy” has arrived. I’m sure the burning buildings have no utilities eventually, no stores open, no police (obvious in the video), no fire protection…yes, it is here, by your own definition…

            • This IS how “They” Enginered Weimer Germanys collapse etc.

              “The goal of Judaism of today is: the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and Retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” — (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, Oct, 1937)

              “Some call it Marxism I call it Judaism.” (The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).

              “The Communists are against religion (Christianity), and they seek to destroy religion; yet, when we look deeper into the nature of Communism, we see that it is essential nothing else than a religion (Judaism).” (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 138).


              The facts prove otherwise.

              A Study of War by Prof. Quincy Wright, shows that in the period from 1480 to 1940 there were 278 wars involving European countries whose percentage participation was as follows:

              ENGLAND 28%
              FRANCE 26%
              SPAIN 23%
              RUSSIA 22%
              AUSTRIA 19%
              TURKEY 15%
              POLAND 11%
              SWEDEN 9%
              ITALY 9%
              NETHERLANDS 8%
              DENMARK 7%

              “I believe now that Hitler and the German people did Not want war. But we declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of balance of power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans’ around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleadings not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right.” –Attorney General, Sir Hartley Shawcross, March,16th, 1984

              “The last thing Hitler wanted was to produce another great war.” — Sir. Basil Liddell Hart

              “I see no reason why this war must go on. I am grieved to think of the sacrifices which it will claim. I would like to avert them.” — Adolf Hitler, July, 1940.

              “Germany is too strong. We must destroy her.” — Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936.

              “Judea Declares War On Germany! Jews of all the World Unite!” — London Daily Express, March 24, 1933

              “Hitler will have No war but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon” — Emil Ludwig Cohn Les Annales, June, 1934 “The New Holy Alliance”

              “We Jews are going to bring a war On Germany.” — David A. Brown, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934 (quote “I Testify Against The Jews” by Robert Edward Edmondson, page 188 “The Jewish War of Survival” by Arnold Leese, page 52)

              “The war was not just a matter of the elimination of Fascism in Germany, but rather of obtaining German sales markets.” — Winston Churchill. March, 1946.

              “Britain was taking advantage of the situation to go to war against Germany because the Reich had become too strong and had upset the European balance.” — Ralph F. Keeling, Institute of American Economics

              “I emphasized that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit.” — Samuel Untermeyer, The Public Years, p.347.

              “I felt sorry for the German people. We were planning – and we had the force to carry out our plans – to obliterate a once mighty nation.” — Admiral Daniel Leahy; U.S. Ambassador

              “In no country has the historical blackout been more intense and effective than in Great Britain. Here it has been ingeniously christened The Iron Curtain of Discreet Silence. Virtually nothing has been written to reveal the truth about British responsibility for the Second World War and its disastrous results.” — Harry Elmer Barnes. American Historian

          • The collapse is not here, yet. It is still in process. have you noticed the price of gas the last few days? Up over twenty cents and I heard it went up again last night. Hope it hits five bucks before the election. If Obama is re elected we are toast, not sure if Romney can stop the financial disaster but I would bet he will not use it as a pretext to declare martial law and other power grabs. Obama has issued hundreds of EOs and I would expect that pace will pick up if he stays in power. It would be fitting if he used the NDAA to arrest the entire useless Congress and lock them up.

            • @ John W.

              Read the other day that Ovomit has done over 900 EO’s, and as we know many involve “Government Measures” during a crisis.
              Either the Pres is paranoid as hell, or he’s getting ready for some planned event in the not too distant future.

              Just finnished reading a book by a guy from Argentina who on how to survive an economic crash. The one there happened in a short week, wham-bam-thank you….!

            • Rev Ike – I got that email about the 932 EOs also, and it turns out it is totally false. Every excective order mentioned was signed during the Kennedy Administration. Read about it on Snopes and follow up with your own google searches. There are plenty of reasons to take issue with the president without having to make stuff up.

            • FOR: Blind Fools who keep refusing to belive that YES there Really is/are “Cabals” etc who are behind all the evils etc!…Get Out of Denial ASAP!

              British Colonel John C. Scott who gave an election speech on August 14, 1947 revealed the real underlying issues of the World War II.

              Scott claimed that at the conclusion of military operations in Poland a war by telegram was waged between the Allies and the German Foreign Office. He was one of the transmitters in those negotiations.

              ‘The Allies gave the Reich two conditions, and their acceptance would have brought about an immediate cessation of hostilities, and a free rein for Germany in Poland.

              Those conditions were, Germany must return to the Gold Standard and the League of Freemasonry must be readmitted to Germany.

              This was not published until November 6, 1947 in “Tomorrow,” which closed its article by stating “Some 55 million people had to die to make the Gold Standard in Germany permissible.”

              In another book written by British general J.F.C. Fuller in 1964 the title of which is “The Art of War,” Fuller stated:

              “Hitler’s political ideas were not what thrust us into the war.
              The cause of the war was his successful attempt to rebuild a new economy. The roots (of the old economy) were envy and fear.”

              “When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.” — The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940)

              “We managed to drag the United States into the First World War and if they (the US) do what we demand in regards to Palestine and the Jewish armed forces, then we can get the Jews in the USA to drag the United States into this one (the Second World War) too.” — Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, to Churchill (September 1941)

              “One of the reasons why Hitler must be wiped out is that, intuitively and despite the technical opposition of Hjalmar Schacht, he developed a dangerous social system. Obeying only to necessity he rejected the international system as well as the private capital system.

              Indeed he had no gold and therefore he could not use the system based on the dollar for his economical government plan. The only assets he had were the technical competence and the working ability of his Nation.

              Of the technical work he made his capital and there was in this principle something so formidably counter-revolutionary that he succeeded, as if by magic, to overcome in the shortest possible time the unemployment of seven million technicians and workers. ” — Kristjan Rakowski, the USSR ambassador in Paris and London (1938)

              “It is not the Germany of the first decade that followed the war – broken, dejected and bowed down with a sense of apprehension and impotence.

              It is now full of hope and confidence, and of a renewed sense of determination to lead its own life without interference from any influence outside its own frontiers. One man has accomplished this miracle. He is a born leader of men.

              A magnetic and dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, a resolute will and a dauntless heart.” — David Lloyd George (Ex-Prime Minister, UK), in the Daily Express (Sep. 17, 1936), after visiting Nazi Germany

              “Our Jewish interests demand the final destruction of Germany.” — W. Jabotinski, founder of “Irgun Zwai Leumi” (January 1934)

              Abortion was BANNED Under Hitler, a reversal in existing J E W policy. So was gun control, except for declared enemies of the state, ie J E Ws.

              German Families and Mothers were subsidized to have more children, and birth rates set new records. German women under 44 were banned from working for J E Ws.

              Pornography and prostitution (2 J E W Vices) were BANNED.

              America went throuh its greatest depression, whilst Germany was the envy of the world.

              Only 10% of its GDP was spent on military.

              Tithes to The Vatican went up 3 fold and to the Lutheran Church in Germany as well, similar charitable endeavors were matched.

          • Walt: My personal definition of SHTF is when you can’t buy food in the supermarket. At that moment, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs kicks in and civility toward each other goes out the window. Feeding your family trumps the rule of law. I’m extremely happy to report that every supermarket I’ve visited is fully stocked as of this moment, ergo, no collapse… yet.

            • FOR: Modern day “Economic-Experts” and Hyper-Inflation types…

              ‘When Hitler came to power, Germany was hopelessly broke. The Treaty of Versailles had imposed crushing reparations on the German people, demanding that Germans repay every nation’s costs of the war. These costs totaled 3 times the value of all the property in Germany.

              Private currency speculators caused the German mark to plummet, precipitating one of the worst runaway inflations in modern times. A wheelbarrow full of 100 billion-mark banknotes could not buy a loaf of bread.

              The national treasury was empty. Countless homes and farms were lost to speculators and to private (Jewish controlled) banks. Germans lived in hovels. They were starving.

              Nothing like this had ever happened before — the total destruction of the national currency, plus the wiping out of people’s savings and businesses.

              On top of this came a global depression. Germany had no choice but to succumb to debt slavery under international (mainly Jewish) bankers until 1933, when the National Socialists came to power. At that point the German government thwarted the international banking cartels by issuing its own money.

              World Jewry responded by declaring a global boycott against Germany.

              Hitler began a national credit program by devising a plan of public works that included flood control, repair of public buildings and private residences, and construction of new roads, bridges, canals, and port facilities.

              All these were paid for with money that NO LONGER CAME FROM THE PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.

              The projected cost of these various programs was fixed at one billion units of the national currency.

              To pay for this, the German government (not the international bankers) issued bills of exchange, called Labor Treasury Certificates. In this way the National Socialists put millions of people to work, and paid them with Treasury Certificates.

              The main reason why the bankers arranged for a world war against Germany was that Hitler sidestepped the bankers by creating his own money, thereby freeing the German people. Worse, this freedom and prosperity threatened to spread to other nations. Hitler had to be stopped!

              Makow quotes from the 1938 interrogation of C. G. Rakovsky, one of the founders of Soviet Bolsevism and a Trotsky intimate. Rakovsky was tried in show trials in the USSR under Stalin. According to Rakovsky, Hitler was at first funded by the international bankers, through the bankers’ agent Hjalmar Schach

              The bankers financed Hitler in order to control Stalin, who had usurped power from their agent Trotsky. Then Hitler became an even bigger threat than Stalin when Hitler started printing his own money. (Stalin came to power in 1922, which was eleven years before Hitler came to power.)

              Rakovsky said:

              “Hitler took over the privilege of manufacturing money, and not only physical moneys, but also financial ones. He took over the machinery of falsification and put it to work for the benefit of the people.

              “Can you possibly imagine what would have come if this had infected a number of other states?” (Henry Makow, “Hitler Did Not Want War,”
              March 21, 2004).

              Economist Henry C K Liu writes of Germany’s remarkable transformation:

              “The Nazis came to power in 1933 when the German economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit.

              “Through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began.” (Henry C. K. Liu, “Nazism and the German Economic Miracle,” Asia Times (May 24, 2005).

              In Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheldon Emry commented:

              “Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 on, which accounts for Germany’s startling rise from the depression to a world power in five years. The German government financed its entire operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold, and without debt.

              “It took the entire Capitalist and Communist world to destroy the German revolution, and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers.”

              These facts do not appear in any textbooks today, since Jews own most publishing companies. What does appear is the disastrous runaway inflation suffered in 1923 by the Weimar Republic, which governed Germany from 1919 to 1933.

              Today’s textbooks use this inflation to twist truth into its opposite. They cite the radical devaluation of the German mark as an example of what goes wrong when governments print their own money, rather than borrow it from private cartels.

              In reality, the Weimar financial crisis began with the impossible reparations payments imposed at the Treaty of Versailles. Hjalmar Schacht – the Rothschild agent who was currency commissioner for the Republic — opposed letting the German government print its own money…

              “The Treaty of Versailles is a model of ingenious measures for the economic destruction of Germany. Germany could not find any way of holding its head above the water, other than by the inflationary expedient of printing bank notes.”

              Schact echoes the textbook lie that Weimar inflation was caused when the German government printed its own money.

              However, in his 1967 book The Magic of Money, Schact let the cat out of the bag by revealing that it was the PRIVATELY-OWNED Reichsbank, not the German government, that was pumping new currency into the economy. Thus, the PRIVATE BANK caused the Weimar hyper-inflation.

              Like the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Reichsbank was overseen by appointed government officials, but was operated for private gain

              PS: HENERY MAKOW(above) IS Jewsih! So is He too an antisemite for writing Truth?!!

            • AM: Well said.

            • Yea, I agree Prepper. No collapse yet. Just personal calamities that may or may not be of their own making.

              The “real” SHsTF when the banks close/lock down and within hours, maybe a day or two for some areas, the supermarkets will close/lock down. Then reality sets in for the sheeple and those that have been playing ostrich.
              It will be a sad state of affairs, no matter how well one is “prepared” for it.

            • Angelo… great info on the banking in Germany. I didn’t know the Reichsbank was a private bank. Shows how long the Rothschilds have controlled central banking. As they say…history is written by the victors. We are mostly brainwashed.

        • At some point, TPTB in some particular city will attempt to disarm the folks who are dependent upon their personal firearms for self-defense. And at some point, some citizen is going to say “NO, you aren’t going to disarm me.” At that point….it will be game on. That’s when it will get real interesting…and real ugly….real fast.

          • @ Walt “FROM OUR COLD DEAD HANDS!”

          • “And at some point, some citizen is going to say “NO, you aren’t going to disarm me.” At that point….it will be game on”

            It will take more than one I’m afraid.

            • Yes it will, but the Mississippi starts with a single drip.

          • Executive Orders not close to 900 yet under 200 actually.
            rev. ike where did you read that? this is where i got my info from 🙂
            the numbers are the order numbers not the ammount, just to make sure we are ont he same page 🙂

            Barack Obama (2009-Present)
            EO’s 13489 – 13623

            George W. Bush (2001-2009)
            EO’s 13198-13488

            William J. Clinton (1993-2001)
            EO’s 12834-13197

            George Bush (1989-1993)
            EO’s 12668-12833

            Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
            EO’s 12287-12667

            Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)
            EO’s 11967-12286

            Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977)
            EO’s 11798-11966

            Richard Nixon (1969-1974)
            EO’s 11452-11797

            Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969)
            EO’s 11128-11451

            John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)
            EO’s 10914-11127

            Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961)
            EO’s 10432-10913

            Harry S. Truman (1945-1953)
            EO’s 9538-10431

            Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)
            EO’s 6071-9537

            Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)
            EO’s 5075-6070

          • …you mean like they already did in New Orleans?

          • DK & JRS…Thank you and glad to see at least a “Few” here get it!…Like I wrote several times prior. Today a main objective All of Everybody awake, and hopefully them who aint awaken as yet soon will be. A Major necessity is to Refuse to allow PC and crys of rscist or antisemitic stop you.

            Keep seeking Facts abd Truth, especially of the few off-limits areas such as nazis etc and germany 1933 and most importantly 1918 Russia!

            I realize most folks are so brainwashed their entire life to believe a couple minority groups are the worlds Only victims, and of course Blameless as in never yet did no wrongs nor deserved it etc.

            But it simply is All a huge pack of bullshit Lies period.

            PC and racial slurs or antisemite slanders canNOT function as intended(to shut Out truth speech) unless We keep allowing it!!!

            Like the saying “Refuse to be a victim”..”Refuse to be silent due to slanderous False claims and PC sensitivities”

            My method is usually to Laugh Loudly while I stare at their eyes boldly!…Most PC types and race baiters and antisemite lablers, are Never ready to get laughed to their Faces!

            It kinda reverses their agenda! Instead of You being scared or stumped for words, They become utterally speechless!…Then it is They who go on defense and ask dumb loaded questions. Thats where You come back with Factual Truth loaded answers or counter questions and Destroy their kommie Asses big time!

            This is even better to do in Public arenas where you plant many seeds of truth to awaken others to THINK!

            After all how can so many even Here this site be so damn awake to MSM and public school Lies/propagandas. Yet be refuseing to use the exact same awake method if the topic is Africans blacks or Jews?…Thats where they all Run away fastly due to FEAR!…Stop it! Finish the Rest of awakening process and Learn the final lessons of it all.

          • With modern technology the way it is , anything like that happens anywhere in the US , somebody on a cell phone in that town or city makes one tweet or whatever they call it ……the rest of the nation will be warned within hours ….and have a proper reception waiting . Seeing how addicted and dependent people are to their cell phones , I dont think the gooberment is dumb enough to cut that off without knowing the riots and chaos ( even to themselves ) that would cause in the people ……..maybe they are that stupid , dunno . Either way , I do believe they may try it , but because of that fact alone ….hard to keep quiet , then you look at the logistics of what that will take in man power alone in a nation this size , you can then understand that resistance groups will actually have a good chance if they can organize . Then when its game on ……all those BIG countries that dont like our government may decide to send ” advisors ” and equipment to help things along ……if we can do it …somebody else can .just sayin

        • Be Informed,
          Right you are!
          For only the power of the gun could detour those Savages!
          Can’t you just hear it know,
          Little Tyrone, was a good boy…
          He ain’t bother nobody.
          All those grandmothers out crying the same BS over the death of the little monsters
          They had to raise.
          This is what the MSM, would make us endore over and over, if someone takes the
          law into there own hands to deal with these thugs.
          The MSM, bares much responsibility of the attacks on the 2nd amendment.

          • Slick: Chicago’s got a big pussy for a mayor. Little Rham Immanuel ‘pleads’ with gangs not to shoot innocent people, PLEADS. Talk about being held hostage. I live in Florida, and when I was in Miami 4 or 5 years ago 2 thugs with guns came into a Burger King and started to put people into the cooler when one patron, a retired USMC helicopter pilot, pulled his licensed piece and shot both, killing one. Miami P.D. said good shot but his toothless welfare grandma wanted to know why the man who who shot her career criminal grandson was’nt going to be arrested. Talk about clueless. And here in in north Florida, last month an elderly patron at a computer gambling club wounded 2 little wannabe criminals and chased them out of the place. Security cameras got a lot of it. Check it out for a good laugh. Little Tyrone (Trevon) pulls that crap here in Florida and he’ll get his ass shot. We don’t go looking for trouble but at least here in Florida we can defend ourselves and not cower like sheep or slaves.

            • Gregory 8,
              I live in the Tampa bay area,
              And you are absolutely right!
              We have good and reasonable gun laws.
              The largest threat to our gun laws in Florida, is all of the liberal North easterners
              moving down here and trying to water them down. They seem to work there way
              Into our local politics and try to implement rules and laws, that they were used to
              In the northeastern shithole they escaped from that they helped to ruin.
              Incidious creatures.
              I understand completely were the bumper sticker “we don’t care how you did it
              up north” came from.

            • Florida needs that great sign I read about..”We don’t dial 911″!!!

            • AZ gets a bad rap from the lefties , but it is a very gun friendly state , bordering mexico and all the wide open spaces in that state , it has to be gun friendly for its residents to try to keep pace with the crime .

          • “All he wanted was skittles and an iced tea”

            And we wonder why people don’t stand up.

            • Youre right. All he wanted was some ice tea and skittles
              untill some yahoo wanted to make a criminal out of him and play hero. So the kid faught for his life and got the best of the cowboy untill he reached for his gun.
              Just because some people have been socialy engineered to be violent slaves, should not mean it’s okay to shoot some kid. Now that they know their project works they are aiming to make all of us like this but if someone complains, they just tell the public that they are just trying to blame whites to keep us fighting and scared of each other while the elite destroys us all.
              And those people invading those stores need to be locked up and rehabilitated if they can or put in a labor prison force and offered good christian mentoring.

            • that wont make them evolve any faster . just sayin

        • Be Informed: this has nothing to do with 2nd ammendment rights in this case, though is suspect you are speaking generally. Michigan is a shall-issue CPL state, with Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground. Full-auto guns and silencers are legal here. There aren’t any other states, except for those wiht constitutional carry laws, which beat out michigan in terms of 2nd ammendment friendliness.

          • @ ferndale. Everything has to do with the 2nd. Amendment. Those that hate freedom and rather have us fight off criminal slime with a rolled up newspaper like so many European countries that have banned almost all self defense from innocent citizens, those anti-gun creeps will seize on this to further their agenda. Those that hate for citizens to be able to defend themselves against the true monsters of the society will say that because of the freedom of gun laws this is happening. Those anti-gun vermin will use every last event to try to get our freedom to defend yourself taken away.

            Every single event related to guns and even other non-lethal self defense has to do with the 2nd Amendment. I live in a state that loves guns and respects guns and there is not too much crime. I lived in california before the laws really became restrictive and it was terrible how they treat good honest people. Back east it is absolutely frightening, there are 8 states that ban even stun batons and stun guns. Pepper spray is regulated up to hill. Everytime one event related to the 2nd. Amendment and our basic rights to defend our lives and those around us are affected, matters so much.

          • a-b: I’m 59 y/o and I don’t care what someone’s age is. ‘Little Trevon’ was 5’11”- 6′ tall and weighed nearly 180lbs at age 17. If I ever find my head being bashed into the pavement by a ‘kid’ like this, he won’t see his next birthday because I carry a gun and at least one knife. I don’t look for trouble but I won’t be a victim either. Get stupid here in Florida and you’ll likely end up dead.

            • Messg to “Little” Trayvon aka wild baestly animal.

              Stupidity is Not the way to attain a ripe old age in life.

        • Gun controle ONLY affect law abiding citizens …..criminals will still have them and be unaffected , and in most cases even bolder than they were before . It also increases the enterprise of selling illegal arms .

      3. Wow, I think they will declare martial law. Maybe they should, I don’t know. Even if the store owner is armed he can kill some but they will keep coming back. So what’s the best thing to do? I have no idea. I personally would stay fully armed and loaded at all times but that’s just me.

        • No, he doesn’t have to kill them all. Just shoot one of them and the rest won’t come back.

          • serious?? Yes they will come back and with a lot more and all with guns. I am a huge supporter of the 2nd amendment, but you have to use common sense and clever/sherewdness. I live in Michigan, we won’t even go to Detroit anymore for the football games….no way!! And the town I live in we are the white minority and things are getting bad bad. But to think you’ll shoot one and the rest will leave and not come back is utter foolishness and naieve as hell.

            • They would come back with more people, and guns. Shoot up the store and then set it on fire.

            • I remember when the Eight Mile Road area was really nice back in 1966. I stopped by there again in 1970 and the area was well on its’ way to slumhood as many of the whites had already moved or were in the process. The 1967 riots were the final wakeup call to get the hell out. No doubt with another four years in office Obama will fix all this.

            • BJ:..Are you in Warrendale areas?…I used to reside there untill 16yrs ago when moved up north mich.

              Back then I had a huge pig roast at my crib in the neighborhood. Over 300+ bikers and aprox. 50 neighbors attended. It was in Aug. and Africans was Flooding our only white detroit One square mile area left.

              The africans just started use of a grade school Closed for Years due to no money in city coffers etc.

              BUT! Detroit monky mayor had zero problems finding Plenty of money to Fund a new “MalcomX” grade school for “Black Boys” ONLY!(racist?)

              Mayor was spending 2 &1/2 Times normal cash per student as other grade schools.

              Well at the pig roast several white neighbors asked me “Why is it you biker types never has problems with black africans like the rest of us does”?

              I told her and her pals Bikers ALWAYS packs guns!(way prior to ccws law passed in mich!) and if ANY crazed sub human Animals like them(africans) ever even Try to mess with Any of our pals we will find them even if we need 100,000 Bikers backing us from Texas and all points between!(bikers stick together).

              I told her you never seen any bikers get carjacked right?…Because if they try it we if necessary will Burn detroit to the fuckin ground to find who did it etc!

              And them africans Knows it!….

              Back to Malcom X school!!…News TV news detroit came a few days later and asked alot of us in school area what was problem with a malcom X school there?

              Man I unloaded and got so pised off. I and We all told em, Why didnt city coffers have cash for WHITE Kids with a school Two blocks from their cribs?

              Yet after being closed for 6-8 yrs I think it was, all a sudden an african Black Boys ONLY school in OUR white area is now Ok?…Remember we lived in the ONLY remaining One square mile of detroit that was still 99% white.

              It was so obvious from black tv folks and others by their smarrmy attitudes that they Planed all along to Purpously do that school in Our area to basically Fuck-Whitey over Period.

              Well We told them you better Move it to Your areas pronto or there will be troubles.

              At first they thought we was bluffing etc!….School remained open. Next weekend I and a few bijer pals got the Neighbors involved and had a Huge Protest! Signs and all!

              First MSM tv news came…Then Tons of cops even the “Big Four”(detroit top detective squad from headquarters on Beaubien downtown!) Cops told us to pak up and leave or else…

              We told cops Fuck YOU! You leave and take this monky crap school And malcome X and do not come back! We have HAD IT!

              We stayed all day protesting and probobly a couple Thousand area folks joined us to Demand, NO malcome x african school in Our neighborhood.

              By monday next…It was Shut Down for GOOD!

              Them cops in detroit Know not to mess with biker types there. We so outnumber cops it aint funny.

              Usually we got along swell and many cops and wayne co sherrifs ride harleys with us alot. But do the bikers wrong?…We got bros EVERYWHERS!…Even as far away as England-germany-Holland-Ausstrailia! Most everywheres.

              Thats how todays whites Must stick together as One peoples. I do not see why it aint happened as yet?

              Guess some folks must get Raped or shot first to get common sence eh…..

              Our small neighborhood quickly went back to as before…Normal-Quiet-Plenty parking on side streets etc..but while malcome x school operated what a nitemare and mess of traffic and so many africans it was unbelievable.

              The Bikers protected the rest of white citizens and all was swell….Sounds like a kids bedtime storybook no?!

              PS> When I say whites stick together etc…I am NOT advocating we dont allow other races to join us. I Want others too!…Just it seems others do not care to help us whites. So we must do it, right.

        • He could try locking them in the store and setting it on fire.

          Lots of upside there:

          1. Hopefully exterminate the entire horde of roaches infesting the place.
          2. Eliminates any possible future spawn from these locusts watering-down the national I.Q.
          3. Owner collects insurance and leaves that shit-hole area.

      4. Saw this yesterday on another site…what to say? You wanna act like animals then expect to be treated like animals…men only have freedom when they act responsibly towards others freedom…cross that line and the law of the jungle kicks in as it should…these thugs dont care about the owners right to life liberty and property,then neither should the owners care about theirs…things are fixin to get ugly!

        • If I were the ownee I would either walk away (the rational and moral choice), or I might lock them inside and firebomb the damn thing. It might prevent
          another similar incident. Nobody attacks you if you are more insane and more violent than the perpetrators.

          • I don’t want to point out the obvious, but the owner IS an a-rab. I’m sure he’s got an explosive vest or two in his closet. 🙂


            • Yeah, and all kidding aside, came to this country to get away from that crap. And gets this.

            • LOL…

            • Probably a Christian Iraqi. That really pisses the blacks off that these guys come in with nothing and in a few years have a chain of stores. That is why “you did not build that” is so appealing to losers who blame others for their failures.

          • Very machiavellian, Theguesswho,
            When they declare war upon you it is time to return the favor. Be smart. I got a gun let me shoot them. Not smart. Fire bombing the entrance so they cannot get out tactically smart. It is not about being crazy, it is about being feared, About willing to go one step further. I do not fear crazy people. I fear he who will go one step further then I will go. I speak of unity alot. As you see those who will be out there are uniting. Gangs are united. Police are mostly united, We are scattered. 1 man with a bunch of guns vs a mob. All it takes is a banana oil molotov cocktail. Works alot like tear gas just without the burning sensation from the gas, alot of puking tho if inhailed too much. Now you want something nice to play with figure out how to make one of these homemade.
   talk about game changer.

          • I’ve actually had to use that tactic before, and it works. Once, I had a large black guy following me for several blocks, down a dark street on my way home. I am female and he made 2 of me. I rounded the next corner and ducked behind some bushes. After he passed me and was standing there, looking around to see where I went, I stepped out from the bushes but remained in the shadows. I said in the most menacing tone I could muster: “You lookin’ for me”?

            It startled him. He replied: “Shit, I don’t want no trouble” and walked away. I wasn’t exactly unarmed, but I didn’t reveal it. That was a prime example of the scariest fight I never had. A good show of force from a crazier-than-he person can save lives—yours and/or theirs. Just remember that if push comes to shove, that you don’t forget to breathe and squeeze slowly.

            • Sixpack, this made me laugh! My daughter (21) always says that when she finds herself in a sketchy situation, she just acts extremely sketchy and people walk a wide circle around her or back off. She has already scheduled to get her CHL and got a .38 for her 21st birthday.

      5. An unarmed man is a servant. An armed man is a citizen.
        I know how we can disperse crowds of mobs.

        • There was a shotgun inside the secure area of the store. The clerk just would not use it. He said next time he probably would.

      6. In the near future the government will be declaring martial law on its citizens. The out of control violence rampaging through our cities and citizens acting out of characture by arming themselves. These will be a few of the excuses the government will use to take over by declaring martial law.

        Now is the time to get away from conjested areas. Set you family up in a safer environment. Violence is coming to all of us. The cities of America will be drowning in violence before long. You will want to be in the best situation when violence is at your door.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • The government will declare martial law after the dollar collapses and food stamp cards fail. That’s coming soon.

      7. Wow, several things wrong in this video. First of all was the worker who came out of the cage without that gun. Why do you have a weapon if you aren’t going to use it?

        Second on the list is the response of the cops, they told the store owner to hire off duty cops to do their jobs. What a joke law enforcement has become. Those neighbors need to start their own police force and clean out the trash in their neighborhood. They don’t need no stinkin badges.

        • Agreeded Highspeed. Why have a police force to protect and serve if all they can do is advise. Oh ya. All the money we paid went to union bosses and double pensions.

          • Police do not protect and serve…all they do is “enforce the law” and even that seems interpretive regarding this article, deciding which side you’re on.

      8. Oh look, Youths and Teens.
        Chicago and Detroit have an awful lot of Youths and Teens.
        They also have an awful lot of crime.
        I wonder if the two are related?

        • It’s a ghetto mentality. Mom had 5 kids from 5 different men. Kids grow up without fathers. Without rules. Without respect for other people or their property.

          • Thats right. Most confusing day for a black kid is Father’s Day.

          • the five absent dads were probably her old crack dealers who went to prison. You know how it is when you lose your drug dealer, you need to fuc…I mean, find a new one…

          • They dont have respect for other peoples property because the damn president doesnt have respect for private property! They all thought that Obama was going to take all of white peoples stuff and pass it out in the ghetto. (Well he is-BUT it is taking alot longer than they expected.) I’m telling you all that if Obama gets re-elcted class warfare will go into overdrive! If Romney wins I’m guessing Rodney KIng style riots in major cities.

        • We all know what “yoots” is code for.

      9. The Fed has the power, enforce its power, if not,”Barney Fife” (no bullet in his pocket) will. The only compassionate response, is to let them look into the glorious light( beautiful, yet terrible) , then turn off the bulb. Remember, not all of God’s creatures are beautiful. KAL-EL

      10. Lo there do I see my father. Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters, and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo they do call me. They bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla. Where the brave may live forever

      11. Ok, I’ve tried twice to post the link to 2016: Obama’s America. Nothing showed up both times, even as a moderated comment. Nothing. Am I banned?

        • Seems Mac likes to moderate alot latley. No freedom of speech.

          • Mac’s so busy latley scaring the shit out of people that his server gave up on him. OOOR, the NSA & NRO are toying with him … .

            • Hey Buttros, we heard your name the first time!

          • Not true disector284…

            Watch this, Fuck a cop with a badge and a gun and fuck any gangster with a gun and an attitude. Mac?

      12. Not. Ok. I just watched this movie and when I tried to post the link here, it won’t post anything. Wow.

        I can tell you if you have not already watched it, that it confirms all our fears about this guy, with the exception of the Birthers. It says he was born in Hawaii, not Kenya. Otherwise, it ties his past together in a nice, neat little anti-colonial, pro-communist package. Worth the look if you can find a link. I tried to share, but again, nothing. Hmmm.

        • It doesn’t matter WHERE the fraud was born; he ‘claims’ his father was Obama, a Kenyan, a English subject, therefore he is not a Natural Born Citizen, citizenship stays with the father.
          Regardless, he was adopted by Indonesian Soetoro, and a dual citizen can not attain presidency.
          And there are no records of an attorney filing papers of a name change; so he is committing fraud.
          And committed purgery when he signed Illinois papers to run for senate saying he had no aliases and he had more than one– Barack Hussein Obama II, Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah?

      13. The people of that community are cowards to not pull together and put these punks down. Does the police chief of that city not think it would be wise to atleast arrest the ones who were caught on camera doing illegal activities? This makes me so mad. This is when vigilante justice would be nice.

        In my fantasy world;
        If I were the store owner I would give my employees a paid day off, then when the thugs show up inside I would lock the backdoors, get In my car and drive it through the store crushing the punks in the way. Then get out of the car with a shotgun to clean the rest of the house.

        • Sowhatsthe plan: No, you pack up and move to a gun friendly state that doesn’t have a lot of ‘spirited urban youth’. Why anyone would choose to live in one of these overtaxed, over regulated states is beyond me. Places like the entire north east, Illinois, and Califronia are not places where anyone should be living or doing business. If that gas station owner stays much longer, someone in that neighborhood is going to kill him. He and others like him should vote with their feet and move to (gun & busniess) freindlier states.

          • michigan is a shall-issue state with Castle Doctrine laws and Stand Your Ground laws in place since before the current economic crisis started. knowing a little bit about what you’re talking about is helpful.

      14. The entire social network has broken down and the ish is hitting the fan in Detroit and Chicago and some how they are just thugs. A lot of talk on here and on other post about how the US is systematically being torn apart from within currency being devalued people out of work and in a case like this have no other choice but to do exactly what we expect . What is it because they are African Americans? We applauded the greeks for doing the same thing but when it happens here in AA neighborhoods everyone hollering “get your guns” know the root problems they are not our enemies but those that continue to say that D town is back and thriving. If this was So Ho people would be screaming oh my lord those poor hungry people someone please help them.

        • Havent heard about the Greeks occupying corner shop to sell dope, where was it?

      15. Let us see James T’s link please!?

        • The freakin sky is falling…..!Run for your 401k aaahh !

      16. As the whole “crisis” fairytale continuous, we are going to experience more and more weird things.

        who could imagine some years ago that our neighbours would be hungry, that our relatives would migrate to Australia or Canada, that we would march and collide with the police forces?

        Stealing for survival could be justified, but stealing for the joy of the action is against all ethics.

        Be prepared guys. We are going to see many more crap.

        Be safe.

        • Great advice manos! Economic collapses appears to occur in cycles, and the cycle wavelength is decreasing rapidly now. The problem is lessons from previous collapses are not applied to prevent present or future collapses. As long as we live in debt based economies that place more value on paper and intangible assets versus wholly owned hard assets such a precious metals, the destructive cycles will continue until they can continue no longer.

          Stay safe out there manos.

        • manos

          Once again.. how correct you are!

          These “youts” are not protesting government tyranny and oppression..they are simply mob rule for “no gd” reason except they can..

          And what the hell are the cops going to do..?
          Even here in a small town of 12000 they don’t even bother 1/2 the time cause the “just-us”system plays catch and release all the time..even when they have multiple rap sheets against long as they prey on the lower and blue collar areas nothing is done..

          And that my friend is all part of the game…as you very well know..

          The quickening degradation of society is rapidly unfolding here..but most are still nestled in their alternate reality of bread&circus events aka sports, follywood, television and the upcoming election of the century..all a fools game..

          and most are still playing it..

          Stay well manos

          and thank you for your updates as always

          cause “it will never happen here”..right?


      17. Not a good idea for the store owner to display his open carry gun on camera. If he wasn’t a target before, he is now. Second, not a good idea to have the unlocked shotgun in such an accessible high traffic location…on camera. While a group of thugs are beating the clerk senseless, another thug can easily sneak behind the counter and acquire the weapon. It’s good that they have guns, they just have to be smarter about displaying them.

        In any case, the criminal problems are mounting quickly and we have not yet even scratched the surface on the approaching crisis. Great article Mac.

      18. Boo shoulda got shot!!

      19. Morning all.

        This is the product of the instant society. “I want it and I want it now and I am not going to work for it I am going to take it” We are facing a total lack of morals and ethics and it can only get worse if its not stopped, the question is how do you stop it?

        If the store owner shoots one of them he’s dead, life or livelihood? The police could shoot them but they won’t, too much paperwork and the do-gooders from nice neighbourhoods where this doesn’t happen would be out in force.

        They have them on film surely arresting them and locking them up would be an option but more and more the police don’t. They harass the living shit out of motorists and moms who let kids play outside but refuse to act when it’s blatent the law is being flounted.

        If we had the answer to why the law enforcers act like this we may find a way to solve the problem.

        Just my thoughts

        Take care

        • Morning Burt!

          • YH morning how are you?

            Take care

        • I totally agree shirtlifter. Did you notice they were not in a hurry to pilfer any oral hygiene products such as toothpaste Burt ? Because they have a better dental plan in the U.S.. Whats about you ?

          • Oh for the good old days. “Tony” would drop by on Friday to pick up the envelope. And every crumb in the hood, from cops to bum, knew that place was “off limits”.
            And “justice” was swift and certain for offenders.
            I see business opportunity.

            • Rick

              The safest streets in Philadelphia were the ones in South Phila that mob guys lived on. Every once in a while some junky made the HUGE mistake of stealing there. They were found in an ally dead and no one seen or knew anything. That got loyalty for the mob guys so they were tipped off real quick if an unknown was in the neighborhood. The old women shopped at the corner grocery store carrying cash w/o any worry.

              Basically a higher order of criminal kept the lower order vermin in line.

          • Butthead

            You obviously have a problem…first vaginas and now teeth lol. Sad pathetic little man. You think you sound enigmatic and deep when in reality you sound sad and weird.


            • Now thats funny, burt. Thanks.

            • Wanker !

      20. 1) Play that buzzing sound that only young people can hear. Drives em off like pest spray.

        2) Play classical music. Has been shown to drive gang banger types off also. But less subtle.

        3) Have an accidental fire and close the store. Move to a better location.

        • 4) Shoot them.

          No, what is really going to happen is that the slum will become more of a slum as biznesses continually move away. They will be few jobs than there are now and fewer economic opportunities than there are now and it will all just keep getting worse.

          This is a problem caused by socialist policies of the politicians that run the “giverment” and deny men’s rights to defend themselves. Where there is freedom and lack of regulation there is prosperity. Where there is government, regulation and color of laws, there is desolation. You are seeing it here.

          • 5. A nest of bees or wasps over the ceiling.

            As the mob enters, the motion dedector realeses the nest, and the wasps attack the matcho men…

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

            none gets hurt, it will be considered as an accident, and the mob will have a couple of painful days to remember.

            • …and easy to do. I know paper wasps love to build in ceilings. Shoot, any house in the country is littered with them. You could transport a nest to the area, feed it and keep it alive. Winter would be a problem, though. Anything below 70 degrees and the bees are sluggish.

              But, its a great idea.

              I also thought about hidden magnetrons (microwave guns). Aim them at strategic spots. Power them up from a switch behind the counter. Install them above a drop ceiling. The dry tiles would not inhibit or interact with the microwaves, but the people. Well, if you focused it properly, would be hurting. They would leave, yet, no one would even know what happened.

            • Hi Manos

              I like your thinking.

              Hope all is well

              Take care

      21. Personal protection only goes so far. One of these jerks will cap the shop keeper at some point in time.

        Hey! Step back a minute. Rent a delivery truck, hire some off duty cops, warehouse the contents of the shop some where safe. Shut it down. Living with a mistake in a safe location is a much better alternative. Start over!

      22. THE LOWEST OF THE LOWER CLASS AMERIKAN POOR – TAX DEBT SERF SLAVES ARISE AND TERRORIZE THE STRUGGLING MIDDLE CLASS – MOB RULE “RULES” NOW IN AMERIKA – this type of behavior is already rampant through-out the major of the commie controlled ussa , just hidden by demographics – it will soon be moving from the inner cities run down decaying slums and country boy local red neck trailer parks into the pristine watered manicured lawns of middle class commie amerika.

        where i live – it’s the low income druggy’s pot heads alcoholics meth heads petty criminals and their some what middle class educated growers manufacturers transporters suppliers who are a “unorganized clan of terror crime wave” against the better cleaner middle class of folks in my town county state.

        it only gets worse from here.

        it will spread like wild-fire next year as more amerikan low income poor become zombie blood crazed desperate for clean food water shelter and the finer things the middle class still barely have.

        now it’s open nation-wide class warfare.

        the RULE OF THE GUN is now in effect!

        GOT GUN?

        • thank you for typing legibly. this is not sarcasm; it’s truly makes your posts easier to read. notsaying i agree with all your points all of the time, just my head doesn’t hurt trying to decifer your posts.

          • ;0P pssszzt

            • Good morning,…crackerpuff.

        • 357 for the two step

          12 gauge for the line dance

          45-70 for the moonwalkers

          click click BOOM

          • @BA … “RIGHT ON THE BULL’S EYE ((+)) !!!”

            ya forgot the reach out and touch em’ softly “.300 win-mag” for the zog gestapo high flying ballerina’s wearing black in the zog un nwo national prison state sniper towers ;0) .

            they will control whole cities and blocks with their dhs death dealing snipers – the only way to counter a sniper is either AIRPLANE carpet bombing or a SILENT STALKING INVISIBLE counter sniper !

            most of us don’t own a B-52 , so …

            ;0P GOT .300 WIN-MAG ?

            • Recently won one in a gun raffle. Mossberg. Haven’t scoped it yet. Suggestions?

            • Remember if they are true snipers on mission your 300 Win Mad does not have the range to counter the rifles they will be using 338 416 50. And I love the 300 straight shooter. Was taught on it but remember.

              Now if it is the new 308 that are in most squads now. Your 300 does have the edge in range. But remember they have a radio. Trumps all. When the a-10s show up dont be there if that is your plan.

            • I don’t worry ’bout hill toppers, I’m a Ghost.

              …I like to get dirty………….BA.

          • And the 308 for the background noise.

      23. it is glaringly apparent that the issues of and surrounding self protection are increasingly falling back into the laps of individuals where it should permanently reside to begin with… my response to the a thug beat down or take-over is CCW and in-store protection… yes, there would be backlash but at what point do we say enough and begin to stand up for our selves, our lives, our loved ones and our livelihoods..??? !!! the time is past due.

      24. What the heck do you think will happen?

        GUN FREE ZONE.

        …where the color of law abiding are coerced into not efficiently defending themselves so this kind of thing can happend. I bet the police in the windy city feel really appreciated now. They become important even if they are impotent.

        Won’t happen in my state. Maybe once.

        They do this to my gas station and I’ll grab one of my S&W 59s I’ve got behind the counter. They threaten, I’ll shoot.

        I bet one shot from a pipsqueak 22 short Derringer would scatter them like roaches when you turn the light on.

        But, they know they’re safe. Its Chicago. Guns are, uh, “discouraged”. The owners need to adopt a more “De LaPaz” attitude toward the color of law.

        “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free, because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything that I do.” -Bernardo De LaPaz, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

        How long will you sheep lay down for these “rules” that are not law? You’ve been told by the state that they are “law” but when the real “law” is violated, nothing seems to be able to be done.

        Its all color of law and immoral. Inhibiting a man’s ability to defend himself is immoral under THE REAL LAW that existed thousands of years before the USA. Now, pissant politicians in a pissant state say you can’t defend your property from a group of thugs? Someone needs to whip out a Mossberg with an extended tube, stubby ammo (1 3/4 shells) loaded with BBs and put a dozen of them on the ground. This crap will stop in one weekend.

        I don’t know what the color of law gun rules are in Chicago but, if I lived in Chicago and this happened in neighborhood, I’d arm up and the cops can kiss it!

        Its obvious that the sheople have not awakened in Chicago yet. I’ll pray that they get a clue soon.

        • @NETRANGER … ummmmmmmm ;0p what happened to YOUR self professed – can’t live without it “PEACE LOVE and “HUG IT OUT CHRISTIAN turn the other cheek PEOPLE POWER B.S. (belief system) ” ???”

          hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DO YOU NEED A “HUG” ;0P @NETRANGER ???

          ;0p pssszzt

          BWAAAAHAHAHA ;0)

        • @netranger Be a good christian DO AS JESUS WOULD … TURN THE OTHER CHEEK AN JUST “HUG IT OUT” with em’ – PEACE LOVE KINDNESS FORGIVENESS LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN @netranger … ;0) bwaaahahaha

          can we say @netranger is a hypocrite boy’s and gurl’s ???

          ;0P pssszzt

          • They might say I’m a hypocrite but they might not. If you knew the true interpretation of “turn the other cheek” they you would understand. You clearly don’t. You only know the pacifist brainwashed sheople version.

            Did you hear what Jesus did in the temple? Yeah, uh, frankly, He got pissed and turned their tables over and whipped some of them. He caused so much violence that He drove the money changers and the swindlers from the temple market. …maybe He gave them hugs and kisses later? Bible doesn’t say.

            Please, whoever you are (Nina?) your interpretation that I need to give out hugs and kisses to follow some pacifist paradigm in this situation just shows your lack of Biblical knowledge and just plain common sense about the Christian faith.

            WWJD: He’d probably say, “Bless them Father, for they know not that I have a shotgun and a 9mm glock with an extended magazine behind the counter. Expect them later.” He would then calmly ask them to leave. He’d be bright and cheery and the first arm across the counter would break with a crack you could hear across the street. Then, out comes the Glock.

            Get a clue. Jesus was a revolutionary. The modern pacifist interpretation was designed to aid in controlling these rebel rousing Jews With A Saviour in the 1st century AD. You can see through it if you look, but most do not.

          • Whoever you are, you are confused. I’ve never advocated “peace and love” and “hugs all around” for defense. Are you CRAZY? Do that to these people and THEY WILL EAT YOU.

          • Just for the record: I CAN’T STAND THAT SONG!!!

          • NWO; UR GUNNA GET 8

      25. Move.

      26. When the tools of freedom are inhibited, nothing good comes of it. This could stop in one weekend. The local brutalists in blue could simply put out a bulletin: All business owners may own a shotgun and use it to defend their establishment.

        The problem would go away after one more of these stunts and a couple slum slitherers get shot.

        But, I bet that won’t happen. You know why? The blue bastards want to feel important. So, they will permit it to happen and continue to appear to be trying to do “everything they can” to stop it.

        People of Chicago: leave that place. Come to a place where your business and your hard work will be respected by both people and government.


        • True enough, PATRIOT, however, just one gun and a little ammo with a can do, will shoot attitude is better than truckloads of ammo and gobs of guns and a wring your hands, what can I do now attitude.

          Don’t think the guns and ammo will change the attitude.

          YOu have to willing to pull the trigger and drop the hammer.

          Some may have mistaken my willingness to talk to people who are willing and even help them out or take them in as some sort of pacifist dementia. Its not. Charity is one thing. Defense is quite another. As forgiving and kind as I can be, but, cross that line and I’ll drop the hammer on you without blinking an eye or a pang of guilt. I might say a prayer, “Lord, I hope they’re believers because they’re about to head your way.”

          Science says the average person thinks at about 1300 words per minute. If thats average, I’m probably doing 3900 words per minute. So, if you do the math, the above is 14 words, which means that prayer will cost me just under 1/4 of a second (.22 sec). I can live with that.

          When the chips are down the hammer better not be. You better be cocked and locked and ready to rock or you’ll be dead.

      28. Chicagoland is or at least was a gun free zone. Every so often, there are gun turn in days…with some sort of cash type ‘benefit’…allows the bad guys to replace aging weapons and acquire new and better ones….the city has tried over and over again to sqash the gangs, with new police superintendants…same techniques that fail…insanity, just like Einstein said.

        • I know several gun people who buy junk weapons for a few bucks and take them to Shitcago for the buy-backs. Thats where they get their big numbers from, not the shines turning in their guns. Shitcago is a HUGE SHITHOLE and should be bulldozed into the Lake.

          • @ BRW
            Except for Wrigley Field, home of the Cubbies.

            • 5 thumbs down, no Cubs fans out there?

          • Just turn off the pumps, it’ll sink on it’s own.( it was built on a swamp)

          • Uh, the lake is polluted enough! Can we just fence it off and let it die?

            Did you think of Shitcago on your own or did you get that from me? I used to use it all the time some months ago but my wife says its too harsh. So, I just use it in my head and convert back and forth to “Chicago”.

            I’ve been there multiple times. I will never return unless one of my kids are stupid enough to move there. I’ve never been so worried in my life. Wandered over to the northeast side by the lake. We saw crimes in progress, bars on the windows. You name it. I was up there for a computer conference with a buddy of mine. We were there early so we decided to ride around a bit. BIG mistake. I just remember seeing the scenery change and saying, “Uh, Kevin… Lock your door!” I’ve never been ANYWHERE that impressed me like that. Shitcago is a perfect moniker for it.

          • blackriflewarrior

            Absolutely, you get those $10 completely out of time Iver Johnson, H&R and US Revolver company pull pin .22s and 32s and get $50 to $100 for them on a buyback.

        • the only way any police superintendent is gonna squash a gang of thugs is if he is big enough to sit on a bunch of them—to wit–cops live in donut shops for that reason…

      29. Monday morning at 4am I heard a noise and investigated with my pistol. All I found was a neighbors cat and nothing out of place. When morning came my dual-sport motorcycle was stolen right off my enclosed front porch. They must have waited for me to go back to sleep. I’ve posted pics for my friends on Facebook and in WV user groups. I drive around every night in my wife’s Jeep praying God will lead me to it with no success. It is insured, but I doubt they will pay enough to have another one customized for my toddler’s side car.

        My truck has been in the shop for two months with no end in sight and I also lost a job and a baby within the last few months. I cannot hold on much longer before I regress back to the predator I was in my youth. I realize that I am not alone in my suffering, but once you have blood on your hands it is easier to return to when you were victorious. I need a win.

        • I want to clarify that I did not allow toddlers to ride on my motorcycle. It is strictly an emergency bug out vehicle.

          • Prepared Pastor,

            It sounds like you have had some very rough times recently. Sometimes, when it rains in our lives, it pours. Don’t give up. Grieve for your lost child – don’t bottle it all up inside. Don’t become bitter inside.

            If it is any comfort, know that your baby is safe with the Lord. Remember, this child looks forward to one day in the future meeting her Dad. Live the good life.

            Take care. Praying for and your wife.

            KY Mom

        • I suggest you try not thinking like you are Charles Bronson the Vigilanty, wrap a hot towel around your head, pick up a readers digest, turn on some soft music and dial 911.Vengence is not yours my friend .

          • @Roweena…

            Spoken like a true sheeple.

            • If we had more people like the Charles Bronson character for real, that shit in Chicago wouldn’t be happening.
              Just sayin.

          • Sometimes you have to help people meet thier Karma…

          • Rowenna: says who? Revenge is a wonderful dish and it’s best served cold, very cold.

        • @PP

          Al things work together for good for those who love the Lord, my brother. What good does it do if you gain, or kept, the whole world, but lost your soul/salvation?

          You’ve helped so many with your posts, Jesus loves you for that Pastor.

          Didn’t St. Paul say that now we see things thru a dirty window, but some day we’ll see it all clearly, and then God’s plan will make sense.

          God Bless.

          • His plan is clear to see Now!! aka We Whack em ALL and HE will sort out-judge-and sentence!

            Our fallen bros and sisters already with the Lord can assist in tossing them into the lake of Fire!

            I Love it when a plan comes together! Ret Col. Hannibal Smith…A-TEAM!

        • Sorry to hear about the bike and the baby.( can’t even imagine losing my daughter)

        • Hang on pastor! Remember, it rains on the just and unjust alike.

          “I’m no stranger to the rain, I’m a friend of thunder, friend is it any wonder lightnin’ strikes me”.
          “I fought with the devil, got down on his level, but I never gave in so he gave up on me”……
          -Keith Whitley

          • Great lyrics – but evil DID get the best of Keith Whitley. He died from alcoholism. 🙁

        • PP..I just returned with a neighbor getting 4 buckets of apples- my only neighbor and friend by the way- and I just told her–know what?? I think we live in a disposable world now.
          We were in my 22 year old Sonoma, cost $2400, and I believe it is better finance-wise to just buy one every few years and run it till it stops.
          3 years so far–so we got our money’s worth.
          Just like mowers–buy used, use it for as long as it runs; junk it and buy another used.
          Repairs on vehicles and mowers are astronomical now.
          Not even mentioning body work!! Geeze.

          Sorry to hear all your troubles..mine was last year in May–broken toes, freezer died with $900 in meat alone, and the mower died.

          Satan does tests us to see just how much we will endure. I have a friend in a nursing home, paralyzed neck down from a stroke–so my cup is ALWAYS half full.

          • @

            Had the freezer thing happen five years ago. I was on a trucking run to Los Angeles from the East coast and there was a bad lightening storm the day after I left. The little woman forgot about the breaker on the deep freeze which was in a little side room off the back porch.
            When I returned about six days or so later, I looked at the breakers after she told me she had to reset some. Yep, deep freeze was off. All was lost. A years worth of garden stuff and approx. two deer,etc. All that work and money just shot to hell.

            I said never again. I later bought the smallest deep freeze I could and only put garden stuff and about half a deer in there at anytime. Everything else gets either canned,pickeled, or dehydrated.

            We can now run the little freezer off a 12 volt battery bank and the solar panel if the grid goes down. Purchased two big heavyduty coolers for keeping the fridge stuff in and keep cool in a cubby-hole in a dirt bank with blocks of ice from the freezer.

            • My philosophy now is..canned chicken or frozen chicken..Frozen.
              Canned tomatoes or frozen tomatoes..Frozen.
              Canned green beans or frozen…Frozen.
              Any time it will be a choice of frozen or canned, it’s frozen.
              I, like you, am down to almost one empty freezer, the chest freezer. It is now filled with juice bottles of frozen water.
              Have canned all I can instead of freezing–some things I have no choice.
              Tomorrow??? Canned cooked spicy apples w. brown sugar and cinnamon. (2) 5 gallon buckets. Can anyone say carpal tunnel syndrome?? Or Naproxen?
              Good luck preppers, and pray for our nation.

        • Sometimes when it rains it pours. My husbandand I are filing for custody of his niece. Her mom is a worthless drug addict, the baby now is in Foster care. We were not told what was going on for months. His mother wants the baby but she is nuts and there is no way she will get custody. Now that we are planning on taking then adopting the baby we are waiting for her shit storm. She is vindictive, conniving, and a liar. I know she will call CPS. and do everything possible to make our lives hell. So I’m ready and waiting for that crazy bitch.

        • PP: I understand perfectly. WE will all be praying for you and yours. Take it day by day, one day at a time. WE all get OUR turn in the barrel. Apparently it is your turn. Many are called. Few are chosen.

          The Devil has taken EVERYTHING from me in the past, but when the Lord restores, He gives it ALL back, much more, much better, pressed down and running over. I know.

          Just endure Pastor. You can do that.

          Endure all things for Him and be patient pastor. Go about your father’s business. Crisis is God’s call to draw you closer to Him.

          The man who masters patience masters all things. Victory comes with the dawn after the night is darkest, and it will be glorious!

          I know. Been there. Done that. Endure.

        • @PP … you have my heart felt sympathies on the loss of your child … your child is safe now … be thankful for the love and wonderful experience of your and your wife’s love blossoming into your child’s birth and wonderful (though short) love filled life … be comforted by the knowledge your child is Safe Now a part of the Universe and Mother Earth GAEA in the hard times ahead .

          My tribute to your lost child @PP – RESPECT @PP … NinaO

      30. When the economy go belly up and we hit the big depression the colored folks will go insane!They will murder rape and pillage without compunction. If you want to survive you will have to shed the “white guilt” very quickly. The shtf will be worse than anyone can imagine.

        • Not in our neck of the woods. Only one family of blacks on a seven mile stretch. They are OK. No muslims, and no gangs. Anyone smelling of trouble or bringing harm will get put in their place by “our gang”. We’re all packin’ heat.

          • Lots of us here don’t pack heat. But we know how to find the furnace.

          • Really? What did Muslim American citizens ever do to you? This is why we have a problem in this country. No one can get along. Muslims are not going all around the country and robbing, killing, kidnapping, or raping people. Blacks and Hispanics and Whites commit more crimes than Muslims says not me, but the FBI. Muslims are already under the scope in this country. More than the whites, blacks, and hispanics. They present no danger to you. You just hate them for the fact that they are Muslim.

            Why can’t people just get along. I know gangs and uncivilized people should immediately be kicked out by the towns people or something. But why charge a group of people for a crime they didn’t commit? Why are you suggesting that Muslims are potential criminals or trouble makers? Isn’t that what is happen to Americans now illegally? Treat someone they way you wanna be treated.

            • I usually don’t cuss on here, but you are a fucking idiot retard Moe. You put words in my mouth that I haven’t said and I don’t care for it. Who is causing all the ruckus by carrying signs “Death to Americans”. Well , By God, I am an American and proud of it. I don’t give a rats ass if you suck muslims butts or not. If you come in our community carrying signs,with death threats, I’ll jump at the chance to whack your MO=fo head off. Better you than one of my kids or grand kids.

              Go ahead and jump aboard the “defend the Muslims” train.
              That same politically correct bullshit has got us to the point we are at. I ain’t forgetting 9-11. Just like the good ole boys from Missouri, if you want some respect and kindness from me, You gotta “show me” that you deserve it first. Otherwise, I’ll show you what that towel around your thick ass skull is good for.

            • Either you are American or not, so tired of the African, Mexican, Jewish, blah blah blah. I really don’t care where you are from as long as you are committed to being contributing member of society. For the good that is. There are enough pieces of crap in this world.

            • My friend you said Muslims. I’m saying based on what you wrote. Why are you so mad? No one threatened you or cussed at you. You can clarify what your point is. But replying to carrying signs and stuff… many people has this country killed? Not just Muslims, but others. We Americans always think we are right and everyone else is wrong. You don’t realize this but most of the world is tired of putting up with us and until we change, there will be no change. And it is embarrassing that you still believe 9-11. Your read the last article about what the Russian general said? And relax and just have a normal conversation man.

            • Been to AZ 100 times. Ain’t seen anything worth ever returning for. You got plenty of sand and illegals, not much else.

            • @

              Evidently moe is short for moron! You read something into me using the word “muslim”, and then you put words in my mouth with your infantile ideas. You are the fucking idiot that made a mountain out of a “moe” hill. All pun intended.
              I don’t have any use for muslims, people that are eccentric over a fake god and religion. Anyone that can’t see that has a screw loose.
              This country was founded and set up on God’s laws. That is christianity my friend not Islam.
              You and AZ dude can crawl up an islamic ass and die for all I care. I’m old and tired and don’t take shit off anyone, anymore.
              If you think a little verbal/digital sparring is gonna cause me to snap than you two are full of more shit than a Christmas goose. Bring it Bitches.

            • Moe says: “Why are you so mad?” concerning Muslims. Moe said: “They present no danger to you”.

              Well maybe not at this moment, but give them an inch and they will take a mile and a life, especially a christian life. Monday night in Nigeria, they(Muslims) killed as many as 30 innocent christian students, in the name of Islam. That was my brothers and sisters in Christ; Moe-ron….. That’s what they have done to me!


            • Oh, but Islam is a peaceful religion!

              I say; BULLSHIT! to that statement. Anyone that believes in a god that says it is OK and justified to kill anyone that won’t convert to Islam; has a screw loose and is in for a heap of hurt… soon!

          • @don’t tread. Don’t ever come to Arizona your ass will get kicked for sure here .

            • Stay within forty miles of I-40 and things are great. Prescott and flagstaff nice places. Phoenix and Tucson too hot and too over run.

            • You’re the idiot. This country was not found on christianity. It was found based on freedom of religion. Ignorant people like yourself are why americans have a bad name all over the world, not just from Muslims. europeans, asians, australians, south americans, and others think we americans are stupid, fat, and ignorant. All thanks to you.

            • Oh yea, Thanks John W, I forgot about Flagstaff. I do like that area since it’s far enough north to have elk. Anywhere I can hunt elk is OK with me.

              Moe, I only have one more thing to say to you and the muslims; “America- Love It or Leave It”
              Either way, quit pissing on America and get a life!

            • 30? How about the lie that got us into Iraq? 2 million and more iraqis killed. More than 100,000 dead in Afghanistan? It’s okay for the united states to kill Muslims right? You imply everything about Muslims and Islam that the media says. You may not be a sheeple when it comes to shtf but you are one when it comes it Muslims, foreign policy,.and the lies that you believe.

            • @don’t tread It was not about the muslim bs just your attitude People here in this area don’t put up too much with BAD ATTITUDE. seen plenty of guys like you end up face down in some alley cause of some smart ass comments in public setting. You Must have a few bumps on your head already.

      31. Soooooooo all white people will remain calm right? really ???????????? I guess the yellow people will run and the brown folks will sit back and watch ……Right ? “WOW” !

        • Thanks for that blisteringly hot insight! Now if you could tell me what the red and tannish colored people will do, I can finish my analysis of racial reactions to TEOTWAWKI.

          Oh, please let me know what the Oompa Loompas will do as well. (I think they’re purple).

          Thanks again,

          • I thought oompa loompas were orange. Well, back to work on my TV.

          • Throw in a couple of OOMMM-POPPA-MAL-MALS

        • What would Spongebob do?

      32. If they were in the mayor’s yard, I bet the police wouldn’t be “powerless” to stop it.

        • Unconstructed Southron

          Too right, the police would be all over it like a rash. Nothing will happen until this is going on in nice neighbourhoods.

          Take care

      33. Sorry, but this isn’t anything new. It was going on in the early 80’s when my work took me into neighborhoods like these. I can tell you that most if not all of these “youths” are the product of illegitimate births, that most of their mothers are on public assistance, that they attended schools that were low performing because of their own behavior, and that most if not all of them are already fathers themselves. I dealt with one “youth” in his early twenties who had fathered 13 illegitimate children and was proud of it. They support themselves by stealing, dealing, and/or shacking up with a woman on public assistance. What you are seeing is the fruit of the welfare state.

        Unless it’s a clear cut case of self defense you will be prosecuted if you pull a gun on them. That said, best gun to carry; Glock 21. .45 caliber. 12 in the mag and one in the pipe. If you use it though, get ready for hell on earth as you are investigated and likely brought before a grand jury. Solution? Get the hell out of there.

        • Vid taken down by “copyright claim”…

      34. I think I saw Obama issued cell phones and you have to be aware that these punks have Obama $$ (EBT) to spend on tobacco And spirits..

        This is the real new world order if liberals continue to run our household..

        These are the first ones to riot, loot, shoot, stab and grab..

        If the SHTF.. Lets start the “culling of the herd” right here with these people.. Then deal with the zombies as a recreational activity..

        This is just my realistic opionion.. Nothing more..

        Go on haters.. Start hitting the dislike option!!

      35. I take it that most or, none of you live or, work in Detroit.
        Just like feral dogs, the ONLY thing these scumbags respect is force plain and simple.
        If you kowtow to them, they only demand more.
        If they believe you’re afraid of them, they WILL victimize you and escallate the violence it until you either leave or, one of them kills you.

        And, who cares…DPD’s rate of solving murders has a stellar 8% success rate…so if they kill you, the odds of getting caught are only 8 in 100.

        The police? They aren’t respected and, are only given minimal consideration because they ARE armed, WILL shoot and, can be an inconvenience sometimes if they take you down to the “catch and release” cop shop where you’ll be out in an hour or, so and, right back to doing what you were doing before they rudely interrupted your crime spree.
        The cops show up, they scatter, the cops nab one or, two of them and, the rest return to continue whatever they were doing.

        For you liberal fools who believe this is poverty related, it is…poverty of values and thats it.
        They eat plenty, have designer clothing, jewelry, cars, drugs, ciggarettes, alcohol, tattoos and, weapons…all of which cost money that the poverty excuse can’t account for.
        I know plenty of poor people who scrape by on very little but, still maintain a value system and moral compass.
        The older people from “The D” who act confused as to why these thugs act the way they do…it’s easy, YOU fostered this thuggish culture in order to chase other ethnic groups out of “your city” and, now that they’ve done it, there is nobody left for them to terrorize…but YOU!

        Those “confused older folks” were the same clowns who 30 years ago were taking bows for their bragging rights in making Detroit the murder capital of America…who are today scratching their heads and wondering why all the jobs left for safer digs and why the last supermarket in downtown Detroit had to close down because it was…
        Too dangerous to shop at.
        Too dangerous to work at.
        Too costly to insure.
        Too risky to leave your car unattended.
        And made no profit because of rampant shoplifting and store security that was too afraid to stop it.

        A culture that embraced the most rotten behaviors of human beings shouldn’t be wondering why it’s fallen apart, people wish to avoid it and especially why other have stopped having sympathy for it and are sick of paying for it.
        They wanted this, they got this.

        The problem with Detroit was that when this kind of crap began to happen years ago, decent people either got the hell out while they could or, did nothing while hoping that the free flowers and unicorns from the government would pacify the bad apples…who only do this stuff ‘ cause they’re poor”.
        After 3 decades of making excuses for bad behavior and throwing money at the problem thinking it would stop, now it’s ten times as bad and, they’re demanding ten times as much.

        • That was a sound reasonable post snap. You seem to have a great understanding of the community there.

        • Hey Snap

          Honest & truthful post, dude.
          Very revealing how the government types have responded to the situation. Personally, I think you covered all the bases extremely well.
          However I have a question:

          Have you or others ever considered pooling your money, forming a 3rd political party & then ENGAGING the opposition in discourse, so as to correct the problems facing Detroit & its inhabitants?
          Is there any merit to such an idea or strategy?
          If not…why?

          Honestly, no sarcasm intended…this is merely a poll.
          Care to weigh in?

          How about the rest of Mac’s site resident readers? Is not Snap’s analysis on the money? Is it not a microcosm of the whole country to some extent & likely to be everyday reality nationwide and soon?

          So, let’s vote on this, ok! Thanks.

        • “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” — Ecclesiastes 8:11

      36. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop!

        • Put a pistol in each hand and that’ll break that shit up.

      37. A preditor looks for prey within its hunting territory. Either do not present yourself as prey or move out of the preditors hunting range. Out smart those who are bigger than you and yes carry a gun. God made man, Samuel Colt made men equal. I would bet that I shoot faster and straighter than any of these children who took over this store. I shoot hundreds of practice rounds a year, I would bet that none of these would be tough guys have ever fired a round in thier lives. They may own that neighborhood, but I would own them if they ever tried that crap in my community.

      38. When it hit’s the fan, people of all color’s will go insane. Mankind is basically a selfish beast. Take away all of society’s polite guidelines, and we become primates with nuclear weapons.

      39. California has just about wiped out our freedoms regarding guns. If you get busted for a firearm violation they come for all of your guns. They are just squeezing all gun owners slowly but surely until we will be left without any rights. Just passed a law saying we cannot carry a long gun in public unless you have a hunting license and are on your way to go hunting or you are going to or coming from a gun range. Sounds kinda like what Bert the Brit has to deal with.

        A for some of the more racist posts on here today: It is not a matter of color. It may just be a matter of culture. But I believe you cannot judge any one person based on color only on his or her actions. Just one mans opinion.

        Signed: A white man living in a black mans world.

        • it is a black thang dude. Pull your head out and wipe the shit outta your eyes.

        • I found out a few months ago, here in California if you put a restraining order on someone and they in turn put one on you – both parties can have their guns taken away.

          You are right – it’s not a skin color thing, it IS a culture thing and some cultures dont mix well with American ideals.

      40. The DW takes a business trip to Spain twice a year. She just got back and said, “It was as if some one flipped a switch and the economy stopped”.

        Lot’s of closed shops and eating places. Grass not cut in parks , trash not picked up in big cities, hotels short on staff. Lot’s of signs calling for revolution. Same sort of flash mob looting as this video and riots.

        “I feel a bad moon rise’n” (old CCR tune from 1970’s)

        • Dude – you let your DW go to Spain? Are you insane?

        • “Rev Ike”
          Cheers from one Sanford and son fan to another!

      41. Even in Texas we are seeing the mob mentality. Courts continue to have revolving door justice releasing miscreants. We are watching the moral decay of society in fast forward now. Sadly, the rest of the population continue to be lulled my a bias media and and endless appetite for reality TV and social networking. Suerly they are smart enough to realize that Hollywood is a propaganda machine. They have always mentality prepared us for things coming about. Think about it. Late 80’s they prepared us for open gay relationships, then single families. They moved on to help prepare us for a minority / female POTUS by casting them in those roles. Now they cast survival shows and TEOTWAWKI shows. More propaganda? You tell me!

        • Txjustice,

          “Surely they are smart enough…”

          Are you kidding me? Have you stopped and looked around at the mouth-breathing, ignorant, bottom-feeding hordes of humanity roaming around lately? If it is not satisfying their most base desires (food, sex, drink), then it is not of any concern for them.

          Like a dog. It tries to eat something first. If it can’t eat it, it tries to shag it. If it can’t shag it, it pisses on it and walks away. Different species, same behavior.

          It’s time to put ‘ol Yeller down.

        • Tx; that revolving door justice may be due to lack of facilities, like cells! Gotta keep arresting those marijuana smokers that can’t get it by prescription!

        • Txjustice: It’s not tv’s fault. Books on these subjects you mentioned were out long before this stuff started showing up on the big and little screens. For example: a black president. Irving Walalce wrote a book in 1964 that was later turned into a movie in 1972 staring James Earl Jones called “The Man”. The story line is that the president (1) and the speaker of the house (3) were killed in a building collapse while visting in Germany. The VP (2) is called in and informed be he refuses to be sworn in because he’s dying. The White House staff begins to realize (panic) that that leaves the President Pro-Tem of the Senate (4) to sworn in, and he’s black man. There many more more stories out there that some folks find objectionable for one reason or another, but what’s the answer-censorship of books?

      42. I would point out that this is only the begining and say “welcome to the new world” because from here forward, I suspect that thisis how its going to be.

        • I agree, the violence in Detroit and Chicago is going to spread everywhere and definitely in big cities to where the police just write areas off.

          I’m in Houston and I am expecting that sometime in the next 5 years I will have to pull my gun out and maybe even have to fire it to defend my house from those that no longer fear any authority because they know its not coming to help.

      43. Gangs have figured out if WALL STREET and the BANKERS can do it so can they every one eles will belive what the NEWS tells them.

        • rather sad that the thugs are more organized then we are.
          they are united for thier cause ( as shitty as it is)
          Yet we will still fight over petty shit that keeps us seperated. It is a sad day when the thugs have shomething we can learn from even if we do not want to admit it.

      44. and…’I know trouble’s on it’s way”…. one up for Fogerty.

      45. Wow. Some thing is messed up here today. I posted this post earlier today and it now shows up under another name:
        Anonymous says:

        October 3, 2012 at 8:06 am

        California has just about wiped out our freedoms regarding guns. If you get busted for a firearm violation they come for all of your guns. They are just squeezing all gun owners slowly but surely until we will be left without any rights. Just passed a law saying we cannot carry a long gun in public unless you have a hunting license and are on your way to go hunting or you are going to or coming from a gun range. Sounds kinda like what Bert the Brit has to deal with.

        A for some of the more racist posts on here today: It is not a matter of color. It may just be a matter of culture. But I believe you cannot judge any one person based on color only on his or her actions. Just one mans opinion.

        Signed: A white man living in a black mans world.

        • “Signed: A white man living in a black mans world.”

          Sorry, thats not where we are. Most of the people that got us to where we are now are white and they just play minoroities like fiddles.

          If Herman Cain was president and Thomas Sowell was the FED chairman in 2013; we could right this ship.

          • Herman Cain! The same Herman Cain who served as Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City? That Herman Cain? Yeah he would’ve been great hu?

          • And Pelosi is as big a N**** as anyone I’ve ever seen.

      46. Another gang of entitled thugs of color. Same thing happens in Chicago, Oakland and St Louis. Anyone see a pattern here?

        • Yeah, I see a pattern. All the cities you mention aren’t in Dixie.

        • You forgot LA, California

      47. we need judge roy bean, start stringing them up from the nearest oak tree like they did in the old west! that is the problem, if they would have murdered that store clerk it would have taken 5 years to get to court and then what? 10 years max! enough is enough they let this kind of thing go on in the city but if you plant a garden the swat team is at your house in seconds!

      48. Okay everyone, here I go again. The real issue is the crimes being committed, NOT RACE. It’s a real shame what police have turned into since 9/11, but no surprise there since they don’t care about the public anyway. In a 1-on-1 situation with any thug, you will be on your own; you will have to fend for yourself. It’s really seconds that count when cops are always at least minutes away if not hours. When TSHTF, law enforcement won’t be around for anyone. All the rules we live by at this time will go down the tubes because no one will be around to enforce them and the courts will not be in session. Any gangs come to my house for anything, it’s game on. Vigilantism is coming, regardless of how you look at it, and it won’t be nice. Do what you have to do to get out of the situation alive and worry about any consequences later. You have to be alive before anyone can try to hold you accountable. i fully expect I may have to take a life in post-SHTF, so I’m ready for it, and to hell with any consequences. best wishes and keep prepping.

        • Braveheart …I agree. It’s certainly not about race. Hell I’ve wanted to shoot just as many white assholes before. It’s not only blacks.

        • On vigilantiism, if a group of drug dealing murdering pedophiles were hanged in the town square for all to see, law breakers and law abiding citizens, I can guarantee that the violent crime rate would drop drastically immediately. While at times vigilantes have punished the wrong person it does serve a purpose of deterence.
          I do believe that when a criminal is put to death, the American public should witness the act. America, you wanted the death penalty, you got it. Now Watch It. Take responsibilty for your decision.

          • The states should start a pay-per-view cable channel:

            I bet it would make a fortune…

        • I was born, and until I was 30 I lived, in an Eastern European country.

          All (let me emphasize this: ALL) robbers, rapists, murderers, and simply scum, were white.

          When I immigrated to the USA, I had lived for the first several years in a town where my little daughter was the only white child in her class.
          We moved out as soon as I started making enough money to afford living in a decent area, but my point is:
          I used to HATE blacks and latinos wit all my heart.
          It took me several years to realize that race is NEVER the root cause of the problem.

          I say: live and let live.

          I am old (and hopefully – wise…) enough to believe that most people are good.

          … and if they turn bad and attack my family, I can always shoot them.

          P.S.: Oh, yeah, almost forgot: of course, I do carry concealed.

      49. The hip hop music scene that glorifies this thug behavior doesn’t help the situation either. Every one of these guys has that stuff running on his ipod or a mental soundtrack running through his brain. Livin’ the Dream.

      50. Every time I try to post the link to the 2016: Obama’ America, it wont’ even allow the post to go into moderation. It just returns me to the article. Mac is not doing this. They sure don’t want people to see that movie. I wonder why? Not.

      51. bull shit when blacks ranpage destroy and steal all the doritos this is to scare the communities, who is behind …..?

      52. I read through a ton of the comments and if I missed it my bad, but I am shocked no one has stated what to me seems the obvious answer to this, as a business owner, I would shut any business down in areas like this, period. Its a losing proposition, the business will no longer have decent paying customers. The liability from every perspective supports closing it, as well as the statement it makes to those in areas like this.

        As soon as all the businesses are gone, leave them to their vices and let them (continue) to turn on themselves like a pack of hyenas at a feeding…

        • When it is your only business, your only income, just up and leaving isn’t possible — and shouldn’t be the answer. There isn’t insurance for “punks ruined my business”.

          The good people (and there are many) in the neighborhood need to form their own gang (volunteer police force) and support each other and their local businesses.

          • Gran Torino…Mr.Eastwood…prime example?
            He lost in the end.

            • How did he lose? He was dying of lung cancer and set the gang bangers up by having them kill him. You need to look a little deeper at things.

        • Don’t disparage hyenas…they conform to higher moral standard than the animals in that gas station.

      53. He should get a machine gun. He should warn them to leave If they don’t kill them all.
        They have no rights as vandals and thugs. The world would be much better off.

      54. Am I the only one who sees this as a totally acceptable and expected outcome in the endgame? There is a line in a ho-hum movie, “The Sum of All Fears,” in which the main antagonist states:

        “Let no man call us crazy. They called Hitler crazy. But Hitler was not crazy. He was stupid. You don’t try and fight Russia and America. You get Russia and America to fight each other… and destroy each other.”

        Why should the cops, soon to be the Nat’l Guard, and then possibly the military, waste resources and manpower putting down people that they have no intention of letting live when the dust settles, when they are MORE than happy in having them kill each other off for them? A bullet in the chamber is worth two already-dead useless eaters.

      55. This is domestic terrorism. The hyena pack mentality is happening all over this country. If Obama loses the election, can you imagine the repurcusions?

        • If he wins were toast Firehawk, If he loses we will see severe social unrest and then be toast. Sorry but you cant plug the hole in the titanic after its broken in half. The watertight doors were made of screens!

          • Obama won’t lose the election. My prediction is that if his team even THINKS he might lose, they will trump up some bs excuse to start war on Iran-enact martial law(so there can’t be an election at all) and that’s when the s really htf. We can kiss our 2A goodbye for good and for certain…and off to the camps it is!

            • He knows he is in a heep of trouble if Moochelle loses the use of AF1. That is like her personal tour bus. What a couple of grifters.

        • It’s time to get the show on the road. Either way you slice these animals will riot over the drop of a hat.

        • Domestic terrorism!?…But, Eric(I don’t recall any gun-running)Holder, won’t prosecute “His people”…

      56. fkn savages need to die.

        • SPOT ON!!!

        • Your an absolute Dick…..! You are so stuck on color its rediculous. I dont condone what those little bastards did but get a grip man, its not the color. You sound to me as if your highschool sweatheart ran off with a brotha or your mom cheated on your dad with some fat guy from FROM Mexico…….GET OVER THE COLOR, AND YOU WILL LIVE LONGER D A V E ! I’ll wait for your soon response !

          • Your PC indoctrination can be considered successful.

      57. If Obama loses the election, major urban areas will riot.
        The LA Riots will happen in every major urban area all across this country. They will burn down their own neighborhoods first and then head out to the surrounding areas. Anyone who is caught in these areas will be in serious danger. This could be the scenario to spark the collapse and institute martial law.

        • Yeah Firehawk, I expect a major chimp-out if the brother loses. How come white people don’t spray graffiti and burn down their own neighborhoods…?..can anyone enlighten me?

          • Most riots that resulted in burning down of neighborhoods was coerced by FBI informants and spooks
            and the gang stuff was injected into our culture as part of the social experiment. Our mom and pop stores were ripped out in place of projects and our families were targeted for destruction (research Margret Sanger
            and black genocide)The so called “chimp outs” are a big media production that always gets the desiered results from all sides.

            • Are you kidding me with this drivel? If I may paraphrase Martin Luther King “Judge me by the content of my character, not the color of my skin.” Ok so be it.

              Many good black folks that leave these communities and lead civilized lives are called Uncle Tom’s and sell-outs to the man.

              “burning down of neighborhoods was coerced by FBI” aka — It’s the white man’s fault. Are these people that easily led to destroy their own homes? What about personal responsibility?

              “the gang stuff was injected into our culture”

              – See Somalia, Darfur, Uganda, and Rwanda this is a tribal mentality.

              “research Margret Sanger and black genocide”

              – Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which later became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Maybe if people had some sort of self control or used birth control there might not be the need for abortion.

              “big media production that always gets the desired results”

              – Everyone has heard of the Trayvon Martin case, but how many have heard on the National Media the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom


          • They’re to busy “HUFFING” the spray can at a camp fire down at the levee maybe….?

            • ROTFLMAO!!!!!

        • I sure hope that this time they head out to Brentwood, Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Make the lefty liberals experience what others not as well off and insulated by money and status the crap that less well off areas have experienced with the growth in the lower class. This is the end result of the destruction of the black family and affirmative action which all but tells minorities that they are too stupid to make it unless the standards are lowered. Must do alot for the self image.

      58. I wonder if the cops would wait 9 1/2 hours to respond to white citizens taking over city hall, telling the major that we own this and are taking our government back? There would be an instant air strike called in. The irony of it is that we DO have a right to do that, but these jerks have no right what so ever to do what they did.

        Welcome to the days of evil is good and good is evil.

        • @James T.

          It’s called “Without Rule Of Law”.

          We should not be surprised. Our government has been operating that way for years.

          It’s what allows your President and Attorney General to ship guns into Mexico and Central America illegally, and get away with it.

          The Government in D.C. is criminal through and through….much worse than the one that caused the founders of this country to go into open rebellion.

      59. If the time comes when you have to use deadly force to protect yourself and you think about the legal ramifications first, you may not get the chance to fire your gun first. Shoot first, shoot straight, worry later.

        • If possible, flee the scene. The current system will try to fry you anyway. I believe shotgun pellete are hard to trace to a particular gun.

          Zimmerman did nothing wrong. It was obvious from the start that the events were being warped to fit the PC narrative. Hopefully Treyvon had not sired any offspring, stopping the madness.

      60. There are always the one’s that make any race look bad…there’s just more in some than others. But I can NEVER say I haven’t met a black man I wouldn’t trust with my life because I have. They were like family to me. It’s a damn shame though that the gas station owner is just trying to make a living in this type of economy and having to deal with that bs in the first place though. If he did have to use his weapon on one of these black thugs it would be another Treyvon Martin or Rodney King now there’s a winner. I lived in LA County when the Rodney King Riots happened in 1992. I only had to pull my weapon one time during that entire episode while at a gas station filling up my primered 61′ Ford pick up headed back to base. I watched a Super Market a block away down the street burn. A half dozen or more got around me at a gas station, talking their talk and I slid my .357 in hand on top of the bed rail while pumping. 5-6 would’ve went to meet Jesus that evening with hollow point/ hot loads because my name isn’t Reginald.

      61. The way I look at the “turn the other cheek” quote, is to turn the other cheek and if you slap that cheek too, your ass is mine!

      62. So much for LBJ’s “Great Society”. Fortunately, people who have adjusted to life in these hellholes find life too hostile and unforgiving where I prefer to live. Unfortunately, we have to travel through these areas from time to time if we cannot go around them.

        • Right with you James T.

      63. On many levels, this is of the most interesting and indicative stories I’ve read on SHTF. Thank you for highlighting this. So many people are clueless but we’re 3 meals away from this across the entire nation.

      64. Ok here’s what u do. Set off your ear piercing alarm. Get your keys and gun and walk out and lock the door. Pull your vehicle across the entrance. Call your friends list who have arms and get them to come to you. Call police. Hold THEM hostage til the police finally arrive!

      65. Hey Guys and Gals, There is nothing that happened in this story that can not be cured with a 4-week no bag limit hunting season. Sound crazy well what do you call what happened in this story. We are slipping into “Anarchy”. Lock -N-Load and put a stop to this now before it spreads to your neighborhood market. Support your local LEO’s by passing laws that protect the victims of these crime instead of the perp and by doing so putting a stop to the sue happy lawyers that try to destroy a LEO’s life for just doing their job. You what cops to go in and stop this kind of crime then we better step up and cover their backs. It is a fact that the African-American Culture is the most violent in the world. If the blacks had to pay for the destruction they cause then maybe we would see less of it. Don’t ever forget that the taxpayers of this country are the one that are footing the bill for all of this.

      66. Two of my best friends in my younger years were black. One of them bragged about how she stole jewelry when she worked for a big jewelry store. The other had a lazy ass husband who didn’t work while she worked hard for minimum wage. Both were really nice,. One day while we were talking, they both stated without hesitation they wouldn’t have a problem with their spouses robbing a store to feed their families. This was 35 years ago. Nothing’s changed.

        • same here DtDonuts. In the 70’s there were blacks and there were nigers, there also were white nigers. i had some good friends that were black as the ace of spades and even had dinner with them at times. The little ones got a kick out of a whitey sitting at their big ole table for twelve. LOL. I got a kick too cause i wasn’t feeling one bit wierd. They were just people to me.

          Now, some of those same friends took the wrong paths bacause of others and some started acting like nigers when they were around that type, but I just looked the other way.

          The thugs in the video remind me of the blacks that thought OJ was innocent, “just because he was black”. I heard it from blacks all over the country. “OJ is innocent”. B-Shit. He was guilty as sin. A lot of them knew he was guilty, but defended him “just” because of his color.

          I hate racism! I hate it has to be this way! We are all children of God so why do we have to play the race card. Blacks, as a majority, have the tendency to do dumb shit. Accept it or deny it, it ain’t gonna change in this lifetime. The cards were stacked against them from the moment they were first sold into slavery by their own people. It will never get better until they get past the ideology of “we got a bum rap”. So what! A lot of people with different skin colors have a tough row to hoe. They either rise above it or sit in a rut feeling sorry for themselves. Get the fuck over it!

      67. One can think if only they were law abiding and productive. Hell they can’t even get criminality down pat. A century ago this would have happened a couple of times and the merchant would have been charged protection. At that point not only would the ransacking stop but so would the armed robberies.

        Given a tad more time the place will look like Somalia.


      68. Its not like we have never seen this. Its just becoming more prevelent here. Its the norm in Somalia and Mogadishu. Roving bands of youth who pillage whatever they choose terrorizing the populous. Now fast forward 10 years as their favorite is given the title “General”. Will we be watching blackhawk down 2 (Operation Detroit)? If we continue to do nothing as a nation and accept this and cling to tolerance and excuses, I fear we shall.

      69. A scorched earth policy is a military strategy which involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. It is a military strategy where all of the assets that are used or can be used by the enemy are targeted, such as food sources, transportation, communications, industrial resources, and even the people in the area. The practice is carried out by an army in enemy territory, or its own home territory. It may overlap with, but is not the same as, punitive destruction of an enemy’s resources, which is done for purely strategic/political reasons rather than strategic/operational reasons.

      70. They brought it on themselves! Time to start shooting the damn jungle bunnies! I hope Romney wins just so the Coons will riot. That will get rid of the 13% slacker thugs!

        • Bring on the race war. I’m ready for them coons!

          • Secede the union …..then simply deport them back to the united states .

        • I guess your tired of being politically correct too Nam Marine. I live not far enough away from the giant shithole called Shitcago and every day there are reports from normally peaceful suburbs getting the Black cancer. The plague is growing, when will we stop it? I am about 35 miles away and my community is over-run with heroin. Wanna guess where its coming from(not only the CIA)?

          • I like that Black Cancer!!! Its true though, I have never seen anyone build a getto. What do you thing about Black Plague?

            • Plague, cancer, same thing. The local cops are on the hotseat for “racially profiling” because they run plates on cars with shines in them because of the heroin problem and the majority of them are from the city. The cops are trying to stem the tide and the liberals in the city are crying racism. I wish I would wake up one day, hit Drudge Report and find out that Shitcago has just mysteriously disappeared without a clue!

        • Marines last time I checked were not racist. That tells me your a wanna be!

      71. Worthless monkeys. Try that crap around where I “stay” and you’ll get your ass shot. And before I get a thumbs down, I have nothing against colored peoples…I think everyone should own 1 or 2.

      72. This is Detroit we are all talking about. This is common in all major populated cities around the world. This sheds absolutely no new light on anything. Now, if you start seeing this stuff occur often in both large and small cities/towns, that is when we should get worried.

      73. Listen to their words and what they are saying. They are Parroting the President and now believe they have the right to your business.

        Unfortunately with 94% of blacks supporting the President I can no longer say its just some isolated ideoligy that they have a right to the fruits of my labor, money and property.

        He,(BHO)has divided America and now I must support Nam Marines statement.

      74. How it should have gone.
        Thug: “Yo we own this place” (People start making threats and stealing)
        Owner:(pullng out a gun) “You die first, get it? Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, you understand me?

        • I’ll bite. Wyatt Earp..Tombstone baby! “Alright youngster, out you go.”

      75. sadly a business in this situation is effectively worthless tiwimon. Most owners would need the capital from the occupied premises to set up elsewhere.

      76. Time to lock -N-Load!! I still have kids at home and would rather not see a race war but a race war to end all this shit going on would be a hell of a lot better than to keep going down this road we are on. Back in 1775 at the Old North Bridge, did that Minuteman’s itch turn into a twitch. Ever wonder what motivated that first shot? I think this country is pretty close to being back on that bridge. Godspeed !!

      77. More good reasons to stay as far away from cities with their hoods, ghettos, barrios ethnic areas, Chinatowns, Little Tokyos, Koreatowns, Little Saigons and all the rest.
        When immigrants live together they spend their time talking about how badly they are being treated by “the man”. Stay away and let them destroy themselves. People who are willing to do business in those areas just for the profit realize what the risks are.

        • Hey Waterboy! Gatorade’s better!

        • I have to disagree on that point , blacks and hispanics are that way , they like to play the societal victim . Others , just dig in and make good their situation , mainly Europeans and Asians generally speaking . To be honest , and this is strictly opinion , I would like to swap out a Japanese for every hispanic we have , the country would be far better off if we did . just sayin

      78. I guess I just can’t get overly worked up over things like this, because when the “9 meals” clock finally starts ticking on these poor fools, it’s gonna be ugly, then it’s gonna be REALLY ugly, then…it’ll be over. Nature will have taken its due course in weeding out those least able to adapt to changing environments. I couldn’t care less if they ransack and burn to the ground Walmart and the local grocery stores. Let ’em have at it! Go apeshit! It burns SO many more calories and will hasten your assured starvation. Only a fool would approach such establishments in such times anyway hoping to walk out with a bag of groceries.
        All the while I will be only barely scratching the tip of my preps, catching up on a good book, waiting for the peace and quiet to return.
        I especially cannot get overly worked up when I realize that these fools still have not learned the value of a rifle. Everything is 9 mm, clackity-clack, gangsta style with pistols. When they learn to use rifles and scopes, then I might give them a second’s worth of consideration.

        That’s my thoughts, flame on.

        • The “fools” will turn to fire — burning always goes with rioting and looting. Fire suppression (yeah, the kind that doesn’t involve a spray of bullets) is a challenge that doesn’t get a lot of talk.

          • That is an interesting point and would agree with you that it is a challenge that doesn’t get alot of talk. I think it wise of each of us on here to take a look at our preparedness and factor this in.

            Any ideas for deterring this or being able to weather a fire to your home/prep location?

            On a side note – I brought up the point of booby-trapping a few posts back. The hordes will, at least, think twice about converging on your location if a few of their homies get feces-smeared punji sticks up their achilles and step in a few entrenched bear traps. Long enough for you to put a few donkey-sized holes in their torsos at least and make them look down the road for easier pickings.

            • Damn. Was hoping you’d throw some easy answers my way 🙂

              Seriously — I think fire will be a significant threat when shtf, and a widespread one if that is a grid-down situation: no water pressure, no heat so plenty of accidental fires from people trying to stay warm and in a city those will run rampant with entire blocks and neighborhoods going up in flames.

              Protecting yourself from accidental uncontrolled fires (or bush fires for those in retreats) will be a challenge. Protecting yourself from people determined to burn/smoke you out???

        • Good post. We don’t have to worry about them learning to use scopes and rifles as those are not in their inventory. We almost owe Hollyweird a thank you as they have glorified the pistol as the go to weapon when nothing could be more absurd. For us rifle guys, it’ll be like taking candy from a baby. Many people own weapons but hardly any train with them so all we have to do is wait til they empty their 9mms at us, using the ghetto grip, step out from behind cover with a fine rifle and…thin the herd. There will be plenty of 9mm around, for sale cheap and only dropped once.

          • You are such a mean person for thinning the herd. How do you live with yourself.

            • You know I was yanking your chain. And thanks you for your support. I saw it.

              And I have had a hard time disagreeing with any statement you make.

              Except I won’t be selling those 9 cheap.

          • blackriflewarrior..

            Just what is your caliber of choice?

            306/308/223-556/or 762?

            or all the above..?


        • No flame here. We got the flip out of that environment for a reason. I told my wife that when the city errupted she and I would be able to make popcorn and watch on TV from a safe distance.

          You are right about the markmanship of these thugs. All cheap 9’s, and they don’t aim. Just point in the general direction and spray rounds, hitting random targets. Politicians in big cities won’t let the police clean things up, because the thugs and their “community” are the voting majority. The working minority is supposed to just pay taxes and be sympathetic.

          Canning the last of the tomatoes as I type this. Freeze predicted tonight. Fine with me if Chicago and Detroit burn to the ground after the election. Just so I get the tomatoes in. That’s what’s really important.

      79. This must be that Hope and Change we were promised. When cops tell you to stockpile Beans, Bullets and Bandaids you know things are getting serious.

      80. this is all sanctioned by Eric Holder and Obama, holder will prosecute any black crime at all, he sad it on national TV. Holddr should be immediatlely arrested andd Issa should be arrested also for dereliction of duty and abetting this criminal, Where are the US Marshalls Issa, why have you not sent them in to lock this dirty racist bastard up.

      81. These “people” are useless, they cause greif and trouble and will never amount to anything. Society would be far better off if they were put to death.

        • They do not have to be put to death. Just stop supporting them and it will happen on its own. We don’t have to do anything but survive the death of this nightmare we created.

        • N word came to mind …….well it did .

      82. I’ve seen this behavior before, though it was at a resort where I held a job while working through college. Unbelievably, there where 20 of us working in the laundry department and all but 4 of us where black. The blacks would sit around on the washers all day while the whites would work. You would never see them doing any work because they didn’t do anything. The management may have been intimidated because there where never any repurcussions. I had to work 4 times as hard to keep up, and you better believe that there would have been repurcussions had I fell behind.
        I put up with it for about 3 months, and just when I had had enough I got promoted to catoring where I made 3 times as much money and was able to raise my standard of living. I have always worked hard, and now 20 years later I own my home. I wonder how many of those useless eaters are not even working now and blaming someone else for their position?
        While they are waiting for things to get better, I am WORKING to insure that fortune will favor my preparedness. When the SHTF, you had better believe that my dogs will be eating well on their bones.

        • I like the way you think. I was the foreman on a job in Shitcago and we used a temp agency to man our job. The first day they sent out a short bus load of fellers…about 30 total. By break I had fired half of them. By lunch I was down to 3. I called my boss and asked him if he had any more umm…black fellers…he could send out, so he sent out another 30 the next day. Same story. We ended up with 8 good black men out of about 100 that we tried out. We even kept a few to take to other jobs as they were good workers and willing to learn and a few went on to become journeymen carpenters. Nowadays no one wants to work because the pride we as a Nation once had is gone. Some of us never had any.

        • My dad is a Vietnam vet – he said the blacks he served with were all about each other (giving bigger helpings of food to their bros, while the white guys got half for example)and they were the whiniest group of men he’d ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Nothing’s changed, apparently.

          • Oh, man, don’t get my dh started on blacks in his bunkhouse in Nam.
            That is where he became prejudiced, racist.

            • I was rudely awakened in the Army…

      83. This reminds me of… ah nevermind.

        How to deal with it?

        Safeties off, boys.

        You only have to do it once. Twice tops.

      84. U.S. Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, Or Question “Mainstream Ideologies”

        See the list of “suspected actions” in the link below.


      85. I don’t care if they are white, black, brown, yellow, or what ever. This is what TPTB want, it’s in their game plan. I look for Martial Law to be declared this month. If not then right after the so called elections. What if the Big O get’s beat and he declare’s Martial Law will the Rom man take office in Jan. or not. Anyway we are in a world of SH-T. If you can GET OUT of the cities now, don’t wait for it to get worse, you just might not be able to then. Thats just this old country hicks two cents.

      86. Damn…I am so surprised—they are black!!!

        • Racist!

        • Yeah , that is surprising , * wink *

      87. This just in, Jet Blue is offering 1000 free tickets out of the country if the candidate of your choice loses the election (limited destinations). Anyone have any billboards in Detroit?

        • Interesting. But, I rather doubt the Syrians were stupid enough to mortar civilians in Turkey… This is some kind of setup. Lot’s of foriegn fighters in Syria, lot’s of people banging the drum to invade Syria. I’d wager one of the prime protagonists for invasion made this happen…

          • false flag…one of many

      88. If all the honest people would just get the hell out of the cities already (I know, not always easy), then they could just leave the scum to themselves.

      89. Greetings Everyone!
        These are truly sad times we live in!
        I must admit that I saw this coming 20+ years ago when I started working in a Federal job with black people(some of them DO truly earn their wages there),it’s a long story,different topic.Having said that,what happened to black people in this country since the 1800’s truly was more terrible than they themselves are doing today.Things like lack of jobs,CIA supported drug trafficking,no money spent on local schools and poorly managed welfare systems to name but a few have made a problem situation into a “golden horde” crime wave.Mind you,I don’t excuse their criminal actions,but know that Rich WHITES(Those REPOCRATES pushing Free trade acts,not enforcing immigration laws,and my favorite,the stealing of customers money by nefarious Bankers and their Ilk)have caused what would have been a minor problem become the “horde/mob”.After all if the “wall street suits” like Bernie Madoff can steal with impunity for years,why not the rest of us?.Still,no matter the underlying cause\reason,these times are upon us all.Recently,a local church “elder” tried to tell me when I joked about “keeping a shotgun by the door”that it was unchristian of me to have a gun in the house for self defense(except for hunting,go figure!)!I’ll say that I DO believe going out and looking for trouble with a handgun is morally wrong.I’ll not argue with those who disagree.But I will say if the little mobsters kick down the front door and try to invade my bedroom,THEY’ll meet Jesus before me.As many as can tapped,more than once if still breathing.Of course I didn’t tell our little “do gooder” that,I just smiled back at him and told him it was a joke.I didn’t want him or HIS Ilk coming back and trying to show me from the Scriptures why I MUST to allow criminal thugs kill me,rape my wife and kill her,then burn my house down to cover their tracks.All under the rationale that it’s my Christian duty “turn the other cheek”.THAT particular scripture applies to religious disagreements,NOT defending your family from murderous thugs.It IS sensible to leave a area that’s becoming “ghetto” to avoid “The Alamo” problem,but when they leave their turf and come to invade yours,then you do what’s necessary to defend your loved ones.I may be wrong on this,but I hope Jesus and God will understand that all I wanted was to protect my loved ones from the “Merciless Savages” who came calling.
        Just my thoughts,
        Best to All Here!
        Hope you have a safe place to sleep,and food for this day.
        P.Pastor:I’ll pray for you and your loved ones as well as Manos if you wish.

        • GFG; Exodus 22:2 “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed.

          • Read that verse in its full context. That only applies if the thief is breaking in AT NIGHT. If he breaks in in the DAYLIGHT & is killed by the householder, then the householder IS GUILTY:

            Exodus 22:2-4 (CEB):
            2  “If the thief is caught breaking in and is beaten and dies, the one who killed him won’t be guilty of bloodshed. 3 However, if this happens in broad daylight, then the one who killed him is guilty of bloodshed. For his part, the thief must make good on what he stole. If he has nothing, he must be sold to pay for his theft. 4 If an animal (whether ox, donkey, or sheep) is found alive in the thief’s possession, he must pay back double.”

            Compare KJV & CEB: Exodus 22:2-4:

        • GFG, Best from you in a while. Two thumbs up.

      90. I notice they aren’t white …………just an observation .

      91. A sign of the times. I am a retired police officer, retired in 1984. At one time there was a healthy respect by the criminal element, but now people don’t fear or respect the police. You think this is something, just wait, this will be nothing, it will happen daily. Your job is to protect your families and property by whatever means necessary.

        • Fear the police? Why should the people “fear” the police? You see, that is the way law enforcement has been indoctrinated to think. The mindset of “do it now” or you will be beat down. At one time law enforcement may have been to “serve and protect”. Now they are just revenue enforcers for the corporate state.

          • Thats the difference between the police of old who walked a beat and knew the neighborhoods they patrolled well and the people new them by name . Now its the brownshirt mentality , they dont know anybody , and dont get to …..nobody knows them as people either …..its the wrong approach .

        • I hear ya LC ,
          personally I blame liberal society for putting up with that . I dunno , public hangings seemed to work in the past . Needs a comeback perhaps .

        • That’s because the police, at one time, had respect for the citizenry. Now look. Watch the videos on Utube of cops gone wild. They will beat you and taze you and kill you at the drop of a hat these days! You think people don’t fear the police? Sometimes people call the police for help and the police wind up beating and arresting the victims! People don’t respect the police anymore because the police don’t respect the people at all! Look at the damn jack boot black suits and arms they put on just for protests! Look how they treat the protesters! Most of the damn police ARE the criminal element these days! They enforce unconstitutional laws and they don’t even blink doing it! Traitors for a paycheck!

          It has NEVER been the job of the police to protect and serve the citizens. Their jobs have ALWAYS been to protect the elite and the government by ENFORCING the laws. But at least the cops of yore had enough sense about them to treat citizens humanely.

          You said you retired in ’84. Then you would have been from the old school where cops would even give a man a ride home if he was too drunk to drive. People would actually come up to them, unafraid, to ask directions or just have a casual converstion with them. Now, as someone posted on one of these threads, you’ll get an answer like: “Do I look like a fucking map to you?!?” And even the police tell you not to ever talk to a cop, for any reason! They will use everything you say against you if they ever have any reason at all to arrest you.

          And just what do you think about the cops confiscating firearms in N.O. after Katrina? I still don’t know why there weren’t a bunch of dead cops and military instead of pictures of home owners handcuffed and helpless to defend their property. Do you agree with those procedures?

          Do you know what changed the relationship between the people and the police more than anything else? The War on Some Drugs! Nothing would repair that relationship more or faster than ending the war on drugs. There are more cannabis prisoners behind bars than for any other crimes. They even release the hard core criminals to make room in their prisons-for-profit for the cannabists! You can actually get more time and penalties for possession of cannabis than for rape or murder!

          Cops brought a lot of this disrespect on themselves. I don’t fear cops but I sure as hell don’t trust them, either! What the hell did the citizens ever do to them to change their attitude from peace keepers to Law Enforcers? Nothing! So don’t pretend it’s all the citizens fault that cops are not respected anymore.

          • Amen!, James T….the police are not your friends.

          • I agree about the city cops , but some of the rural ones still are real people . One time we were driving a company truck through Texas and the wiring went buggy , the tail lights were out and so were the dash lights . we rigged a temporary “tail light ” out of bicycle twist lights . We got pulled over by a sheriff deputy , to make things worse , for some unknown reason the vehicle didnt have proof of insurance or current registration in the glove box like its supposed to . Now given all of that ……this guy could have thrown the book at us ……but he didnt after he was satisfied we didnt steal the truck . This guy was more concerned about us getting hit by truckers half asleep , and suggested ….not ordered us , to call it a night in the nearest town ,and head back out in the morning . He even gave us directions , to the town and to put our flashers on ….we followed his advice ( this is all at 3 am ) …the guy with me remarked that he thought the sheriff would probably follow us to see if we did it . We scoped out the local motels and then turned around , we then saw a patrol car coming up from the direction we just turn around from . We stopped and it was a different deputy , all he asked was ” whys yer flashers on ?” that was it . no problems . Small towns I guess . Thats when I decided that small town Texas gets a bad wrap undeservedly .

        • You’ve been retired nearly 30 years? Must be nice.

          • There’s a catch. After that much time you are old. Rather be twenty five again than retired.

            • “They don’t call it ‘re-TIRED’ for nothing!”

              An old guy told me that when I was in my 30’s.
              Thirty years later I “get it”! 🙂

      92. Page…You better be careful!!! Here in California del norte I.E. Washington State, Flashing your piece, is/can be/has been, considered “Brandishing” a weapon.
        It’s a POS law/interpretation there of, but folks have been busted for it!

      93. Hmmm … Maybe pop a tear gas canister when they gather. Not really a long term solution, but might be fun. Stash a mask, of course. If a customer got caught in there that would be sad but maybe that person would understand when he could breathe again.

      94. We’re going to have to take ’em all out, then.

        …Or, let ’em take each other out and clean up the mess left behind.

        Every… last… rat, at a time.


      95. You are absolutely and sadly correct. The level of hatred and ignorance trotted out in the comments of this (and many other) forums is shameful. I am sure it will be rampant after shtf. Should you and I cross paths post-shtf I hope our own fear and distrust doesn’t prevent us from recognizing each other as humans in spite of skin color. Good luck to you Persona.

      96. I think we’re overlooking the 800lb. gorilla. Cops-failed. Justice system-failed. We are alredy on our own in case you don’t see it. Cops/lawyers/judges/politicians… None get motivated to accomplish squat until what…? The crime is committed on them or one of their own. Boy do the wheels of justice go into overdrive then! we have become fodder. The joys of indentured servitude. (fancy name for slavery)

        • This will spread – there are only so many police to go around. What is happening i detroit and chicago will spread, especially as municipalities have to make cuts to deal with increasing deficits. That’s why, as well all know, you can’t rely on someone to help.

      97. Other than the (20) 30 gallon water drums in my garage, which could be holding anything from chemicals, detergents, to powder, you’d NEVER know I am a prepper.
        I have a big house.

      98. it is not about color, it is about character.

        Come and Take it…………BA.

      99. I was wondering when someone of color would join in the discussion. I know there are preppers of all races. I can see how this discussion may bother you, kind of how the video was disturbing to the white folks here. I can’t speak for anyone else, but it seems that when the SHTF it’ll be blacks that we see on TV burning stores and looting first. Call me a racist if you will (I don’t think I am) but that’s the reality as I see it. Maybe it’s because of economic hardship, bad upbringing, no fathers, spending too much on bling instead of neccesities, but I don’t think african americans are prepared in the least to deal with survival after the next 3 meals. And for your stats, just because it’s not sitting by the door or on top of a night stand, don’t think that 90% of those whities are not armed, because the stats in 2010 where 42% of homes had guns, and are probably closer to 50% 2 years later. As for prepping, I recently read that there are only 3 million in the U.S. If you came to my home, you would not know that I was any different than the others. A good prepper knows how to store things away so that they are not easy to find. And if you are an extreme prepper, you could live in my house for months without finding my provisions. The only way you’d find them is to take a bulldozer to my home or property. I have a plan for security that will leave me in charge of any break in, undetected, while I choose when to take out the intruders. I can defend my property with near umpunity.
        If you are preparing to survive what’s coming then I for one will have no problem trading with you, knowledge, services, beans bandaids and bullets. When the SHTF, I don’t think people are going to stop to find out what ‘color’ anyone is before raiding or looting their homes. The same goes for the raiders and looters, they will be of all colors. If you can hunker down for a few months, starvation will get to most of them. When the dust settles, it will be the ones who where smart, worked hard and prepared for the unexpected that will repopulate the world. That seems pretty fair to me.

      100. When the economy implodes, there will be a little thing called ‘frontier justice’. These people will all be dead within a matter of hours. They serve America no useful purpose. I am not referring to this in racial terms for any liberal trendy hippie douches that may read this!

        Law and order MUST be maintained at all costs. I have said this before in my frequent comments on this great website….I have no problem stepping over the dead bodies of these parasites in the aftermath of SHTF.

        This country needs a house cleaning of revolutionary proportions.

        Obama needs to win in Nov so this can happen sooner rather than later. I am tired of waiting for the inevitable. The Axis powers in NYC, DC and Hollywood need to get their comeuppance.

        Agree or disagree?

        • I got a good rope and can make a torch. Where do we start?

        • Yes, Obama is better for the price of gold.

      101. I have mixed feelings about the posts here. I have worked with many upstanding black professionals and I received part of my training from a black surgeon who was top in his field. I have also seen black patients who are just run of the mill hoodlums. But I’ve probably seen an equal number of white and Hispanic hoodlums too. The majority of times I have been burglarized it has been the white drug addicts and career criminals, but that may be a reflection of where I live.

        Two thoughts. One is that they really are lousy shots. I’ve pulled a few bullets out of feet and legs and I’ve seen plenty of scars. I think the people who end up killed in these fights are either very unlucky or they have an attacker who just sprays the area with everything he’s got in hopes of hitting something.

        The other thing is that the biggest danger from these people is at night. When I helped with home visits, we would only go to rough neighborhoods between 8am and noon. Almost everyone would be asleep. Even the patients were unhappy that we were showing up so early.

        I saw a report that the police were trying to solve a string of crimes in one large city so they decided to stop everyone they saw out in public between midnight and 4am. Almost every single person had a criminal record or was actively wanted for some crime. Less than 10% had clean records. Makes me think that WTSHTF, if I am trapped in a city somewhere, it would make sense to wait for the early morning hours to bug out.

        • I knew a Detroit slumlord when I lived up there. He was an ex-Marine, over six feet tall, under 40, and still tough as nails. He was our IT guy where I worked. He was also black. He told me quite frankly that whenever he had to go check one of his properties, he carried not one but two Browning Hi-Powers, and would often park his car where he could see and monitor the situation for half an hour or so. Never went there at night at all. Detroit police are beyond corrupt. If they’re not paid off, they do nothing for you at all. The store owner needs to get with the program.

      102. @ Persona. Those non-preppers regardless of race are fools, and they will perish like the fat out of shape walmart day and night walkers that they are. I am amazed that even 10% have firearms period. Unfortunately right now many black people have not taken up preparation, they are being conditioned by society to “think” that all preppers/survivalists are red neck white radical anarchists waiting to take on the government. This is pathetic, because PREPARATION IS FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS REGARDLESS OF RACE AND WE ALL NEED TO HAVE FOOD, WATER, GOOD SHELTER, PROTECTION, ETC., ETC., ETC.

        It is always nice to see someone preparing, it is a wonderful feeling to see someone thinking ahead to what is coming. Again unfortunately, when a black family is putting away food, water, firearms and plenty of ammo, and other necessitities, they are way too often labeled an Uncle Tom white worshipper that is catering to the evil white man’s paranoia. A black family that is preparing deserves the utmost respect as ALL PREPPERS/SURVIVALISTS.

        You would think that people after Hurricane Katrina and the MANY localized lightweight disasters that left people without power for more than 2 weeks, that people of all races would be stocking up with the basics. NO, because they have been conditioned to think that the government is going to be right there with FEMA care packages.

        When I think of the prepper/survivalist we are the minority, the 1% that think ahead. I will tell anyone this, gang members of any race do not want to attempt to take on the common prepper/survivalist. The common prepper/survivalists are some of the toughest individuals that they are. I once heard from someone that was talking on the prepper/survivalist being like trying to defeat a Jedi Knight or Master from Star Wars, or more like less science fiction like trying to defeat a Navy Seal. The prepper/survivalist is mentally hard core and ready and adaptable. They have practiced much with firearms and know how to use them. They go down only after taking many of those attacking them down first.

        To me, the prepper/survivalist regardless of race are the true people that are ready and will be the few that survive after mega SHTF for whatever reason. It might not be the economic collapse, it might be a world war, or the planet itself begins upheaval. Just look at the increased earthquakes and volcanoes. Whatever brings about the MEGA SHTF, the prepper/survivalist is going to be the last ones standing and that means the prepper/survivalist that is white, black, spanish, asian, whatever.

        • well stated b.i.!

          You follow geographical activities

          I follow geo political activities

          As we speak, and as the 2 great deceivers are arguing now on network tv..the Iranian Rial has just dropped 50 % of its value..thanx to sanctions imposed by the nato gang..

          This is affecting the average people over there..not the ptb nor the bankstas..

          This could surge into something much bigger..

          afterall we imposed the same sanctions to Japan before Pearl Harbor many years ago..

          how ‘d that turn out?

          just saying


          • @ possee. I would have totally enjoyed hearing Gary Johnson speak against the other two, but he was censored and banned from the debates. WHY? Because he actually would have viewpoints that would make some people think and THEY can’t have people thinking that there is another choice to the loaded true or false question that the two party debacle is. It is like asking which party, the democrats or republicans will soon bring total prosperity to the the U.S. No third alternative to the question, like NEITHER, or the economy is gone. Just like there is no third alternative to the two party TRAP.

            There is some bad events going on half the world away, and most of the world is fixated on the debate, the baseball final day, and whatver else NOT related to what suddenly could end the stability of the world completely. I watched that movie “The Road”, and it is so depressing and realist. All of a sudden all this pettiness can be gone within an instance. All of a sudden the ONLY thing that matters is where someone can get a drink of water, a bit of food, safe dry warm shelter, protection from robbery, rape, murder, and so much worse.

            This is why I try to stress the preparation issue so often, because there are so many points of collapse and chaos aiming their sights on the human civilization right now. So much we all need to try to add to what we have stored up as much as possible. that extra box of bullets or shells, that extra case of water or canned food, that extra something that will make survival that much more probable and in many cases more bearable. I sure hope there is more focus on preparedness issues as we get closer to ……………………….

      103. Say what you want, but it is primarily blacks committing these crimes. They have no parents, no upbringing, no morals, etc. Nothing to offer society but crime. These SOB’s should be shot on sight, and the person who puts them down get a reward. Then, only then, they might contribute something to society, but unfortunately, most blacks in this country have an entitlement mentality and all they want is more from those struggling to already make a living for themselves working. Notice I said “most” blacks. I’m not lumping everyone in the same group, because that’s no more right than what they are doing. Things are what they are.

      104. Big shocker..all nigs. What else is new.

      105. The man on the right with the blue tie is an ass hat.

      106. A woman said she noticed her purse missing form her car just before 5 pm. It was parked at her redidence at Hornet Drive.
        The woman said the car had been locked and the purse was in the back seat.
        The purse was valued at $400, the wallet $200, and $800 cash was in the purse, according to the police report.
        Also missing were the woman’s food stamp cards.


      107. well the Prez debate is over

        thats an hour and half of my life I’ll never get back!!

        who knew two politicians could cram so many talking points into so little time

        it was like listening to someone read off bumper stickers for an hour and a half

        • @Satori…

          But they did a fine job of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

        • So, who do you think won, and why? Never mind. It’s still a no-win situation for us…

          • gotta give it to Mittens on points

            a very mediocre performance by Obama

            • Looks like the media agree with you. Obama only gives a mediocre performance, even when he’s at the top of his game. It’s the Teleprompter-in-chief that deserves all the credit when he makes an intellegent point.

              So should we have hope now for change? OMG. I just used hope and change in the same sentence! Twice! I have to stop now…

      108. The debate tonight only made me miss Ron Paul that much more

      109. these freakin thug pieces of shit are the people that us freedom loving red blooded americans are just supposed to roll over to. we are told we need to hand in our rights to keep and bear arms because cock suckers like this are using our hard fought and won freedoms to do horrible things with. i will tell you right now that i will not roll over and acquiesce to these pieces of trash. i will not hand over my legal rights so these people along with the corrupt and bought off gov. can just walk all over us. you thugs need to wake up and start respecting freedom because i and many others are going to be very pissed when they pin the destruction of our nation on morons like you! you shouldnt be doing anything that gives anyone any creedence to try to take rights away. if you are an american you need to start standing up for and respecting liberty enough to not act like this.

      110. Bake them some castor bean cakes just for them.

      111. All posters on this site really needs to rethink what they have posted. Race should never be the root, evil is the root. Haters should always consider the reprocussions they themselves are baseing thier rants on. To much has gone on to long for the final chapter to be written, remember, WE (all living now) have nothing that occured over a hundred years ago, let the past remain in the past, yet remember the past to correct the future. Time is ticking!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ummm…I think I agree with you on the “ROOT” thing.

          Follow the ROOT back to it’s source and you will find the Federal Reserve Bank.

          The love of money is the ROOT of all evil.

          There are a thousand whacking at the branches for every one chopping at the ROOT.

      112. When the Dems say that Big O lost the first Lying Match, we are on very thin ice. Look for the RIOTS to start soon. I still feel that Martial Law will go down this month, because of the civil unrest in the cities. It will start in Chicago, this is my gut feeling or something will any way. Prepare all the more, and yes a few extra rounds won’t hurt. Tip- check it out OVEN CANNING been doing a lot lately and is working out great(dry goods).

        • The riots won’t start until the banks have extracted every last penny from all of us..

          and they are well under way for that scenario..


          keep prepping

          keep practicing

          and sharpen all your skill sets


        • Greeting Everyone!
          Many thanks for the link you provided!
          It things like that make this site so invaluable to Preppers and some Sheeple folks(those who may be visiting here as they begin to wake up!)
          Things are seriously FUBAR in America,but some hope still remains when rational,serious thinkers get together and share needed facts with each other.
          Very similar to the taverns and meeting places in colonial times(the net lacks the availability of good ale,a sorely missed item!)
          Great topic Mac,very timely and needed discussion/comments by(mostly) all concerned.

          Best to All
          Hope you have what you need for this day
          Your in our thoughts and prayers Manos and P.Preacher!

        • If I can’t pay my mortgage, I’ll leave when somebody MAKES me leave. I’m not going to make my family homeless just because some schmuck at BOA et al sends me a letter. They use every legal and often illegal means to screw borrowers, so why should I take the high road?

        • A wave of these could prove problematic for the banksters. A lot of people could end up living rent free for a long time.

      113. I love this country, am a veteran of the Armed Forces, have friends of all races and creeds, but I gotta say,…

        The United States of America is finished.

        It’s not something to get all choked up about or angry over, just something to acknowledge and align the path ahead of you with.

        This does not mean that it will be wiped off the face of the map, but it does mean our global hegemony is at an end and another power is due for it’s acendancy. Lets look at history –

        Egypt – Power and influence came and went. Still here, just not as relevant.
        Greece – ditto
        Rome – ditto
        British Empire – ditto

        See a pattern? Why fight the inevitable? Does anyone on here REALLY think that the USA was going to last forever? If it did, and somehow was able to reverse the decline tailspin it is in, it would be the exception to history, not the rule. I think what will be the exception is that it was brought down by the ignorance and indifference of its citizens, rather than barbarians at the gates.

        For my two cents, I think you should prepare as usual, but keep in mind what sort of nation you will find yourself in when the dust settles, and who will be calling the shots on the global stage.

        P.S. Rosetta Stone (Mandarin) is on sale at Staples – $179. Just sayin.

      114. This is an article about the young man I told you about, my friends step son, who was beaten and tazed to death. I didn’t claim he was an angel, just that his death was wrong. Here is the results of their lawsuit:

        – The Daily News
        Published October 4, 2012
        LA MARQUE — The family of a man who died shortly after a struggle with police, during which he was shocked with a Taser, has settled a federal wrongful death suit filed against the city of La Marque.

        Jamal Valentine, 27, died May 17, 2009, after he fought off officers who confronted him following motorists’ reports of seeing him walking down the middle of Main Street and rolling around on the ground.

        Valentine’s death was caused by high levels of phencyclidine and cocaine in his system that exacerbated a state known as excited delirium, as well as “blunt head trauma during police restraint,” and was ruled a homicide by the Galveston County medical examiner.

        Excited delirium is a manic state in which a person appears frantic while adrenaline pumps into the body at a high rate.

        A Galveston County grand jury cleared Sgt. Mike Kelemen and officers Richard Garcia and Forrest Gandy of criminal charges. Valentine’s mother, Joslynn Terrell, as well as the mothers of his children in federal court sued the three officers along with former Chief Richard Price, the city and Taser International last year.

        Earlier this year, the federal judge in the case removed Price and Taser International from the lawsuit, court records show.

        The city and the officers, each represented by attorney Norman Ray Giles, and Valentine’s family were ordered by the judge to mediation in the case.

        Last week, the mediator in the case informed the court that an agreement had been reached. Because of the settlement, the case was dismissed Wednesday.

        Details of the agreement were still being finalized, Giles said, and it’s expected the terms of the settlement will be known within a couple of weeks.

        Calls to the Lufkin-based firm representing Valentine’s family were not returned. –

        Yeah, the cops walked, but family will be compensated. Not a fair trade or justice, but better than nothing.

      115. *sigh*

        All you stupid ass racists, anti-semites and idiots are are ruining the comments!

        • Mommy make it stop !

      116. Mac, you need to ditch the racists. I really dont wanna have to ditch you and this site with word of mouth.

        • Liberal sniveling ………perhaps he ( Mac ) believes in free expresion , better idea ………you could start up your own web site and censor to your hearts content . Too much work ? Dont have time ? then dont let the door hit your ass on the way out if it is sooooooooo offensive to you ….its not like there is a shortage of sites to visit on the internet , just dont threaten the owner of a FREE web site because he lets other people voice views that are contradictory to your own . I bet your an Obama supporter …..if so , thats your right , other people also have the right to think for themselves and speak their beliefs . So again I say , Dont let the door hit your ass on the way out , your ” word of mouth ” carries no weight . Do your worst ! He will still be here , the site will still be up , and people will still come …..nothing will change just because you dont hear what you want to hear , nothing will change including all the work he has to do to maintain the site that you enjoy and visit for FREE , then you threaten the guy ……..what a sniveling jackass .Pay if you want to have a say . just sayin

          • Uhh no. I believe in free expression. I just dont want to be associated with a racist website, which it looks like you retards are making this into.

            So see ya. I will recommend James Rawles website over this racist one. Good luck all you dick head racists.

            • So long , dont let the door hit your ass on the way out fruitloop .

        • When it comes to your ‘hood, you will be a racist. People like you got USA into this mess.

          Note: Black people should be mad as hell at what the white liberals have done to their families.

          Please carry out your threat of leaving.

      117. (Guns) the new pecker wood penile extension.

        • Too bad people feel they need a gun just to walk the streets …………I’m from a generation that remembers when you didn’t have to worry or even think about those things , those days are gone . Guns ? yes!!! because of people like you that we need them .

      118. As a black person, I am officially done with this site and hte majority of the racist people on here who REALLY think they are better than me because of their culture.

        Jokes on them, last time I checked, they were the ones being made fun of by the whtie main stream media every single day.

        I am done. I take my knowledge, insight, and thoughts to people who are deserving of my time adn intellect.

        I dont want anything to do with you racist people. Goodday.

        • Goodbye

        • I’ll give all the fried chicken , ribs , and water mellon you can eat if you stay .

        • Leave him alone everyone, I don’t want to miss the intellect from someone who calls themselves buttburger

      119. You are right. Lot of new posters on here that must be trying to agitate so the site gets noticed/flagged by the wrong people. They really want to prove that all preppers and conservatives are right wing racists.

        • No , they are just whiners . Nothing wrong with self segregating from those you dont want to be around or expressing the obvious about them …..for that they gain the liberal label of racist . Not everybody , white /black/hispanic , or asian wants to freely mix with the other like one big happy family on this wonderful planet , its human nature to stay with your tribe so to speak . That doesn’t mean there has to be conflict with each other , and we cant coexist peacefully , but they never acknowledge that its ok if you prefer to stay around your own culture . For that your a racist . OK , whatever , it wont stop it or change minds about the subject . So label away …….we dont give a crap .

      120. You hit the nail on the head , it all starts in the home . Some races are better with that than others . But what can you expect from a generation where kids are having kids , not taught manors , or ethics ( work or otherwise ) paternity is unknown ……no values except satisfying immediate needs by any means…………and their parents are the same way ?

      121. Just another wakeup call that won’t be heard by the sheeple who are too busy doing nothing.

        The revolution has started! It’s just waiting for you!

        “Be Smart!” –

        U.S. Citizens
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        Non U.S. Citizens
        Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( )

      122. The stores in bad areas will to become like they are in Central America or The Phillippines – they have a totally barred shop front, and a small barred window where you ask for your goods, pay for them, then the goods are handed over.

        Sounds like an opportunity for some young entrepreneurs.

      123. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re watching NatGeo or BET.

      124. wow, just found out which community we need to get rid of first. This one. If you guys are considered threats and need to be monitored, just like storm front, I fully support the DOJ.

        • Another enemy of the 1st amendment wants the PC Gestapo to arrest everybody that is not with the party line . YOU are part of the problem …….not others with a different view .

      125. Before we deport all the wetbacks, we’ll have to get them to help us relearn how to nail on shingles and hang drywall. White america seems to have forgotten.

      126. sidenote: Jack Spirko’s site,, does not indulge in this racial superiority bullsh*t, and he wouldn’t tolerate that on his site. His following is open and shares knowledge freely, not sit here and talk about how they will shoot to kill when giving free range like the men on this site. Highly recommended for people who don’t want to go back to the good old days of slavery like SOME, not all, of the people in the community want to. Its not everyone, but its enough thumbs up to know they are not concerned on the “fried chicken and watermelon comments.” and really, fried chicken and watermelon?? Have you racists not grown up ONE BIT since 1950???? not one move in the right direction.

        • Buttburger,
          I eat more watermelon and fried chicken than anyone and I’m white.
          I don’t think most of these people at this sight are racist in the true sense of the word. More likely, just frustrated that men in black communities will not STAND UP and put a stop to the senseless violence that is perpetrated mostly by young black men. When will people like Sharpton and Jackson get as upset and loud about young black thugs interferring with business operations and killing each other? Something needs to be done in these predominantly black communities and it has to start with black men standing up and being MEN OF HONOR.

        • Then move on ………nobody is in your living room with a gun to your head telling you you HAVE TO return to some random prepper site . Like I told Fruitcake above , there are no shortages of sites on the internet , if this one is not to your liking , then its easy enough to find another that is . Just sayin

      127. Was reading your 10/3/12 article last night (though never finished the 480+ comments!); then tonight I saw this other article from a twitter feed: Evidently the Detroit Police Officers Assoc. (DPOA) are warning people to “Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk” as the cops themselves are fleeing Detroit, & that the DPD are understaffed & cannot guarantee protection, etc.:

        10/8/12: “Thinking of Going to Detroit?”:

      128. “Race” & “Racism” is a purposeful agenda birthed in the late 1800’s & early 1900’s out of the Darwinist + Eugenics movements. God never referred to “Race” in Scripture. “Race” & “Genetics” (Eugenics) is a human construct perpetrated by evil men as the path toward depopulation of the (in their eyes) “undesirables.” God only distinguishes between “nations, tribes, peoples, & tongues/languages.” Ethnos/Ethnicities. No “Racism.”

        “Out of one man came all nations of men,” says the Word of God. Don’t be duped by “Genetics” & “Racism.” It’s a lie & TPTB *want you* to buy into their lies. They love fools who don’t think things through or do their homework. It makes such people easy to manipulate… & that goes for both sides of the fence, whites & blacks. If people on both sides would wake up & realize the problem is NOT black vs. white &/or vice versa, white vs. black, but is the purposeful manipulation of society to create “race hatred” (white/black) & “gender hatred” (male/female) & “sex hatred” (straight/homo), “political hatred” (democrat/republican), “religious hatred” (Christian/Muslim/Judaism/Buddhism), “nation hatred” (American/Arab/Israel/Iran), etc. etc. etc., they would realize WHO the REAL enemy is who are purposefully agitating these factions against each other & people would direct their energy toward the REAL perpetrators instead of each other!

        TPTB stand back in their ivory towers, pulling the strings to agitate & generate all the problems & factions (Hegelian Dialectic) so that the people will turn on each other. Then TPTB will brush their white-(meaning “elite”)-gloved hands & step out in full view to establish their world govt after all the dupes have destroyed each other.

        Remember their motto: ORDO AB CHAO: Order Out Of Chaos. Wake up whites & blacks! You are being used & deceived!

      129. The time has come for a major response to the crime and druggies. If a couple hundred thousand people stood their ground and rid the gene pool of these creatures the US would be safer, a lot of dregs would be gone and the judicial system would be unable to proceed against the shooters. I’m not talking of gunning down just anyone, just those in the process of endangering someones life or property. I had to shoot a guy 30+ years ago, he fired at me three times, i fired once hitting him in the arm. Even though he was convicted it still cost over $12,000 bucks and many a sleepless nights. That was wrong then and it’s only gotten woese

      130. @Buttburger.

        I do not think you can completely destroy racism. That is a pipe dream. It is driven by fear and the constant regurgitation of subservient policys by those who want to maintain power. Racism in its present form can not break its own chains as it is self perpetuating, no matter how many laws are legislated. Why is it that children play together on the playground and then reach a certain age and race becomes a factor? How does 5000 sailors of all races, operate the most sophistcated war machine (Aircraft Carrier) with precision. The very simple to the most complex and we still can not figure it all out.
        All the Race Relation classes and Equal Opportunity Laws and racism still persists. What is the flaw in these programs that permeates onto this forum?

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