Minnesota Descends Into Violence After Police Shoot Unarmed Man

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    Tensions have been running high in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, after police shot an unarmed man during a traffic stop, reportedly over an air freshener. The incident has sparked protests that descended into violence.

    Police shootings are completely out of hand in “the land of the free,” but burning, looting, and destruction of the property of those who had nothing to do with this murder are also out of hand. Remember:

    You Can Be Against Police Brutality & Looting and Rioting At The Same Time

    The rightful response when a person doing the bidding of the ruling class murders someone is anger. But resorting to violence of any kind is still not going to solve the problem or bring back the slain.

    “All he did was have air fresheners in the car and they told him to get out of the car,” Katied Wright said.

    It’s illegal for drivers to hang items from the rearview mirror that may obstruct the view of the road.

    According to police, the officers who stopped Wright’s car “determined that the driver of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant,” and sought to take him into custody. It’s unclear what transpired next, with police saying that Wright “re-entered the vehicle,” which prompted one of the officers to open fire.

    Wright then drove “several blocks before striking another vehicle,” and was pronounced dead at the scene, while a woman in the passenger seat was injured in the crash and was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

    Daunte’s mother said her son was heading to a car wash when he was pulled over. She also accused police of leaving her son’s body lying at the scene for hours. -RT

    Protesters chanted Wright’s name, ignoring the orders of riot police to back off, and faced off with the officers standing guard at police headquarters.

    Unfortunately, the protests are not solely against the rulers who use the police to kill others. They have been marred by widespread looting as others use this as an excuse to take from others, and steal the fruits of other’s labor. It’s wrong when the government does it and it’s wrong when the public does it. Theft, including taxation, should never be tolerated if we seek a civil society.  Footage shows looters ransacking a footwear store. They also reportedly broke into a Walmart.

    The police are investigating themselves right now.


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      1. Maybe Wright shouldn’t have done whatever it was he did to have the warrant issued for his arrest.

        He and everyone else would still be just fine then.

      2. I can refrain from looting, and it can be the product of corporate welfare, at the same time.

        Whether or not I consider that community or it’s job applicants to be credible, keeping someone on retainer for less than the cost of life support is automatically going to cause bastardy and debt peonage.

        Artificial scarcity was built into that system.

        Chauvin could not tell the difference between you and Floyd.
        Floyd could not tell the difference between you and Chauvin.
        I can’t tell the difference between Chauvin and Floyd.

        The smarter ones, who are prettymuch discussing their attempts at colonizing you, want the trappings of self-ownership, not the rims, grills, weaves, and sound system kind-of things, which they are calling n!gger trinkets, out of their own mouths.

      3. Cue the riots and the burning of businesses people have spent their entire lives building.? As if looting the stores is going to fix any damn thing. smdh

        • We are repeating the 60’s and 70’s all over again.
          Millenial youth are experiencing what Boomers experienced in the 60’s and 70’s.

        • The bracero labor would surround this one tacoed-out car, like kids around an icecream truck. Mexicans built our local stripmalls in weeks, on more meth and cheap beer than actual food.

          I went up in rotundas and was called ‘El Presidente’, as one of the guards, guards being more concerned with insiders than outsiders.

      4. Why always a chimp out???
        The jungle runs deep in the DNA.

        Everything is racist – Therefore NOTHING is racist!!!

      5. Just read this:
        TO DRAW TASER,
        NOT HANDGUN ?

      6. air fresher stop myass. Duante Dindoo , jr banger, had a failure to appear on a stolen gun charge then fled the arrest. Numbskull diversity hire lady cop cant tell a taser from a semiauto. IT was all the gun’s fault.

      7. When we still observed a tradition against standing armies, or a praetorian caste, who would have been the police, and what would have been their authority?


      8. In other news….White Lives Matter protest was ill attended due to the majority of whites working, supporting their families, doing chores and yard work.

        • @Wojo, I tend to agree with you. You did say the word
          “whites”however so be careful because as you well know that be racist.
          Nowadays absolutely EVERYTHING be racist!?

      9. Land of the free, home of the brave… Hahahahahahahahaha hohohohohohohihohohehehehehehe;ahahahahha.

      10. Police types everywhere better understand that when “starvation to death” becomes ubiquitous, you better have relocated to where the ‘civilians’ didn’t know you as a pig. Have no fear, your devil is near!! One thing that would put a stop to the feral pigs from whipping out their issued guns and blasting away? PAYBACK! it’s coming mofo’s!

      11. Do the Demonrat Dummies in the media recognize that this man was RESISTING ARREST? Do the MSM fools understand the criminal jumped into a car, which is a lethal weapon? Are the dimwits we call journalists able to understand that this person already had firearm warnings on record and that he evaded arrest into a car. A car is a place many criminals hide their weapons. This is NOT rocket science, the media needs to THINK – rather than throw fuel on the fire.

        The cop doesn’t get a pass. Burning your own city is not smart.

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