Mining CEO Proposes: Crush Market Manipulation By Halting Silver Sales: “Would Send Ripples To The Entire System”

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 246 comments

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    In 2011 the price of silver topped $48 per ounce, but just a few years later we’ve seen it collapse to such levels that it is now becoming nearly impossible to for mining companies to get it out of the ground and make any sort of profit.

    Many believe the price of silver, and it’s precious metal counterpart gold, is being manipulated by top-tier financial organizations that include large investment firms as well as Western central banks. Through the use of heavy leverage and coordinated attacks it is believed that these ‘cartels’ are working to keep the price of silver and gold low in an effort to prevent these resources from supplanting the global reserve status of the U.S. dollar. It’s gotten so bad that the Chinese government has actually decided to open their own precious metals exchanges just to try and counter the manipulation.

    Now, even the private mining sector is saying enough is enough.

    In an interview with Future Money Trends, Future Majestic Silver Corp. CEO Keith Neumeyer says that manipulated paper markets are not representative of the physical price of silver. According to Neumeyer, it costs about $16.50 to get silver out of the ground and with it’s current “paper” spot price trading at about a dollar over that, it is becoming more and more difficult for mining companies to break even, let alone maintain profitable businesses.

    Though the world produces about 800 million ounces of silver every year, paper traders are somehow able to control as many as one billion ounces of silver a day through the use of extreme leverage and derivatives. It is this leverage that has left many silver mining companies reeling.

    Neumeyer has made a proposal to other mining company executives around the world and suggests that they combine their efforts to create their own cartels, kind of like what OPEC does with oil.

    If we were to suspend production for just one month that would send ripples to the entire system. The supply is already tight. So it would be extremely interesting to see what would happen in a situation like that.

    I not only encourage them [silver producers], I would suggest that we all get together and do exactly that. I think it would be a very exciting thing for all the silver companies to form a semi-cartel in a way similar to OPEC. I don’t see why we can’t do that.

    I think we all agree that the paper market has no representation for the physical market… and I think it makes sense that we would all work together to sell our product to industry… and I would encourage all of them to pull back our silver.

    We should pick a month in 2015 and say ‘We’re going to hold back silver for 30 days’ and see how the silver buyers respond to that.

    (Watch at Future Money Trends)

    Indeed, such a move would send ripples through the market. And though the paper markets are massive compared to the actual physical markets they represent, a one month hold on the majority of the silver production in the world could well drive prices to levels we haven’t see before, and perhaps end the massive manipulation once and for all.


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      1. Let it happen! Just bought 100 silver dollars. Gettem while you can. Trekker Out.

        • Besides the silver market manipulation, do people also think that the stock market is manipulated too with all the money that the Federal Reserve is printing with all their QE phases?

          I liquidated last Friday when the Dow was at 16,100 and lo-and-behold, it bounces back to 16,700 or so. Even with today’s news about obola in NYC, it’s going positive.

          What the heck?? And I’m securities licensed too.

          • Paper Traders should be hung by the balls,
            but how do we hang them with paper balls?

            • Uh…scotch tape?

              • Thumb tacks!

                • NO, NO, NO!!!!! Keep it cheap! For 2-3 more years. I love this, I can buy it for Cheap. YES, What more can one ask or than this opportunity.

                  • I am right with ya….in fact for a time, I wish it would drop back to 5$

                  • Spot on Paranoid….a few more years then a nice bounce back to $50 and I’ll retire before 60 and leave the grid life behind.

                • Staple gun.

                  • Darts

                • gorilla glue with ice picks to hold while the glue dries

            • A smart buy right now would be to buy up about 100 Sawyer Mini Water Filters for about $18 each. When SHTF They will be the New Gold. Trust me on this.

              • Anything that might break the NWO central bankster’s hold on our financial system is okay by me. I say go for it.

                I’m buying all I can right now. If it goes up, bonus, but if not, I’ll still have something else to trade in the new SHTF market.

                You see, I’m not buying PMs to eat. I’ve got a multiple years supply of food, water and seeds in place, plus a little extra. I’m still adding to it every chance I get. I got a half dozen more canned hams last week. For me, that was a major purchase all at once.

                I spent more on the hams than I did silver, but I still got some of both.

                I’m diversifying my holdings, to remain as flexible as possible. Does that make sense?

                • The bankster cartel can only manipulate the price downward for so long; eventually there’d be massive shortages, just like when Nixon ordered his wage & price freeze. There is no shortage of silver eagles at about $20/ounce. You can go to Kitco and order all you want, no problem. You can manipulate paper silver, but not physical – it’s either there at that price or it’s not. And the fact is that it’s there – all you want.

          • @ FreeSlave,

            If you’re a licensed securities person, you should understand that most of the trading you see everyday is between computers and not people.

            With that in mind, how can you pose the question that you just asked?

            In my opinion, the electronic trading should be cut to 10% maximum with 90% being between people screaming and hollering for the best purchase price.

            These fucking computers we all seemingly need to nurse from are Satanic in nature. This includes iPhones as well.

            Go without using an iPhone or a computer for a week and tell me you all won’t go into opiate withdrawals.

            ….and they think guns are deadly.

            • Calif Resident,

              Are you in Southern Cal or NorCal?

              Anyways, I liquidated prior to Yellen announcing the possibility of more QE. Now I’m reading more articles about a “Plunge Protection Team” which explains much.

              Between QE infinity and share buyback financial engineering there’s a fishy smell about market manipulation.

              In all candor I thought it was awfully suspicious that there was such a huge market dive in Fall 2008 that happened right before elections. I had my suspicions that it was timed to sink McCain’s bid. In the sense that voters would blame Bush and the GOP for the market nose dive and hence vote against McCain. Whom for the record I despise as a RINO and whom I voted for only because I want to vote AGAINST liberalism.

              Now we have market upswings ever since Obola’s been President but the economy is sucking. Labor participation rates, etc…. But the market’s doing well! Why? Because it’s an anesthetic used to deaden the pain receptors that people should feel about the national economy. The sheeple are effectively fooled!! “Look! Up at the sky! The stock market is up! Obola economy is fine. It’s Bush’s fault.”

              There’s some stank, rank manure being peddled. And it’s working! Drives me nuts.

              • @ FreeSlave,

                I’m in NorCal.

                The bottom line is that nobody’s money is safe in any place other than in a pile in front of you. Better yet, turn it into hard assets like land, fuel, and ammo.

                If you want to know what the government has in store for us, go look up Theresa Ghellarducci on YouTube and listen.

                Get out, and stay out of the market. It is ILLICIT.

                • Nailed it cal resident. There is no longer a safe haven for your money ( if the govt has allowed you to keep some of it).

                  Banks?…zero interest, the possibility of electronic shut downs, cyber hacking and congress approving bail-ins…no thanks on letting banks hold my money for free.

                  Stocks?…the whole thing is rigged and while we will be investing our hard earned money, wall streeters, bankers and big corps either borrow money at zero interest and reinvest in their own failing/over valued companies..or they are short selling with rapid computer response to skim any small profits you might have gained

                  Cash at home?….only small amounts. Besides the risk of theft, fire or word getting out that you have cash around. The bankers…ie FED are constantly devaluing your cash via QE’s and inflation of real goods of daily living so that 10k in cash “under the mattress” will have the buying power of 9k in a few short years…

                  Gold/silver? Easily manipulated in value by wall street ( they only need to actually present 10% of physical PM’s for every 5,000 oz’s they sell), they short sell after they drive costs up a bit…there is the precedent of govt confiscation, and PM’s may be wonderful to have 6 mths after SHTF but in a crash and burn or bubble pop scenario..we may see huge deflation first..

                  IRA’s..401k’s..nice for balancing a portfolio but don’t place all your eggs here–again there may be bail ins and also those pensions might be giant ponzi schemes where new contributors are needed to cover the money being drained by baby boomer retirees…there may be nothing left in the cupboard when it’s our turn to start receiving back what we paid( plus the govt is involved in many of the ira’s and pension plans)..

                  Social security…lmao…see above comments on pensions, 401’s and IRA’s

                  So in the end…my humble advice is to spend your money on durable and long lasting goods that have value and will only cost more a few years down the road…if nothing else, at least you saved your money from the ever-increasing inflation of prices in our debt based monetary system……..

          • DOUBLETALK:

            Spencer went for a three-mile jog and visited a bowling alley in Brooklyn named The Gutter prior to feeling symptomatic Thursday morning, Bassett said. The bowling alley has been closed. He also traveled on three subway lines. Authorities are checking his MetroCard to determine where else he went.

            “At the time that the doctor was on the subway he did not have fever … he was not symptomatic,” according to Bassett, who said the chances of anyone contracting the virus from contact with Spencer were “close to nil.”

            De Blasio and Bassett were joined by Gov. Cuomo at a news conference to allay concerns about the spread of the virus, especially via public transportation.
            Sounds good, right? So about ten paragraphs later, they slip this turd in the punchbowl:

            The doctor began feeling sluggish a couple of days ago, but it wasn’t until Thursday, when he developed 100.3-degree fever, that he contacted Doctors Without Borders, authorities said.The health department said a special ambulance unit transported a patient suffering from a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms


            • Let’s all go to the hottest spot in Africa and fricking lick some Ebola patients, and then we’ll just assume that if we have no fever… hey! We must be fine, right?!

              … this guy is a doctor, on top of how stupid this already is.

            • Yea, he went from ‘fine’ to a 103 fever instantaneously. OK.

          • Yes, the Fed and the too big to jail banks are behind propping up the stock market. They’ll get their money out just before they trigger a collapse. They could do that by announcing that interest rates will be going up by 3% next quarter. Then of course after the market crashes they can buy up the market and then announce that the pending interest rate increase is now cancelled.

          • Look at it this way, you got out over 16,000 on the Dow.

            A lot of folks are going to get out at 8,000 and below, if the soothsayers have correctly divined the raccoon entrails, things are going to go south.

        • MT, exactly. Been buying some for my son and daughter as well. They’ll appreciate later I hope.

          • If the price of silver will not support the mining of silver for a silver mining firm, how is 800 million ounces a year mined at a profit???

            Let me answer that question for you. This silver, in the main, is the by product of Copper Mining. The cost of mining all of the metal in a copper deposit is embedded into the cost of mining copper for a copper miner.

            When it is profitable to mine copper, the silver, gold, and other minerals that are extracted from the ore is PURE PROFIT. A silver miner is dependent upon the market price of silver. BIG MINING is not; its just another profit center for them.

            In this way, BIG MINING, runs small mining out of business and buy out their mineral deposits; “consolidation” in other words: just as BIG RETAILERS like Wally World run small retailers out of business; and just like the coming CRASH in Europe will eliminate small banks there who have been around for generations.

            This is the New World Order in operation. More wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer corporations; more power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Vote while it still makes a difference. If it didn’t La Raza would not be pushing their homies to vote, and ACORN would not be voting twice.

            Engage your employees or be enslaved by them. 🙁

            • DK
              Thanks for the informative post.
              i was unaware that PM’s were mined as a byproduct.

              • Hammerhead: I do what I can. 🙂

                • durango kid says: Hammerhead: I do what I can. …to support the empire at every turn.

                  “Vote while it still makes a difference.”

                  Yeesh, I guess people can be willfully blind, that’s their choice.

                  I mean, that’s the ticket, encourage the bastards! Go team, go! Psft. Dummkopfs.

                  • helot/Clark: If voting didn’t matter like you and others claim, then why is Obola determined to open the border to ILLEGALS and get them registered???

                    Check the Internet “meme” about ILLEGALS voting in North Carolina and other states where their vote may turn the election toward the liberals and make the liberals a permanent majority.

                    Like the trend in TEXAS, historically one of the most conservative of states; that is now becoming a sanctuary for liberals, and which has a major influence in the Electoral College.

                    You are a fucking MORON!!! 🙁

                  • Clark: You must understand how the Empire operates if you want to compete against beat them and beat them at their own game.

                    Now we all know why you are still living in your mother’s basement and mooching off of her. Get your head out of your ass and out of her refrigerator.

                    Then get a job you fucking deadbeat!!! 🙂

            • “This is the New World Order in operation. More wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer corporations; more power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Vote while it still makes a difference. If it didn’t La Raza would not be pushing their homies to vote, and ACORN would not be voting twice.”

              Truth, spoken succinctly.

            • You don’t know accounting or silver mining. From Britannica dot com on silver mining:

              “Although some silver-bearing ores contain silver as their largest metal value, virtually none has silver as its main constituent. A typical ore might contain 0.085 percent silver, 0.5 percent lead, 0.5 percent copper, and 0.3 percent antimony.”

              That’s why the extraction costs are so high.

              • … and apparently You either don’t read very well, or have a problem with fractional math, to wit:

                “0.085 percent silver” is a little LESS THAN 1/6th of the “0.5 percent copper” which clearly makes the silver a BI-PRODUCT OF the copper, and while copper production COST is supported by copper prices, then; silver is certainly a freebie PROFIT, AS IS WHATEVER ELSE THAT COMES WITH THE LOAD — just as DK said.

        • Stop delivery of contracts in paper dollars and the manipulation of physical ends with it.

          • Stop derivatives trading and fractional reserve banking, and the majority of world financial problems would fade to black.

            • I was talking about futures and options, not derivatives.

        • OPEC is government-run
          Private parties beware: Sherman Antitrust & Clayton Act.

        • Oh My the “World is a Stage!!!”

          The manipulation right now is propping up this $6 metal at $17. Silver only rose above about $6 in the last 5 years,

          Meaning are you trying to tell me that Silver miners for the last 60 years have been mining silver at a $10.50 per ounce loss? I say BS. I bet the cost to mine silver is about $4 an Ounce, and not $16.50. They are just saying that to avoid a total collapse. This is another Big Fraud.

          Folks this is another Pump and Dump Scheme for TP2B to sell off their excess silver at $17 and next year this will b ea $6 Per OZ Metal. BTW/ I sold off all of my silver at $42 back in March of 2012. Yeah Baby!!! Anybody buying silver here at $17 is a SUCKER!!!! I will start buying next year again at $6 to$8 per Oz. I’ll Save this Post just to prove it.

          • You are showing your true self, wwsi, Iowa is going thru the lowest point in his life, and you make fun of it. You are a heartless piece of work. No wonder no one wants to be around you. We all see your snide useless dribble, and most of us here would like to see you disappear, permantly. I, personally would invite Iowa here, and get him back on his feet, find a good woman, and feel like life is worth living. Iowa, things will get better, GOD is looking after you, though it may not seem like it at this moment, but we are praying for you, so do not do anything rash, take a deep breath, collect yourself, and work it out. We are behind you, if that makes any sense…

            • eppe, seems to me WhoWuddaThunkIt was giving out a fair warning, one Very few people know of (and perhaps a Lot of people missed?) rather than making fun of Iowa.
              I may be mistaken, but it didn’t seem to me he was making light of Iowa.

              Seriously, word is, Never dial 911.
              Nor any damn 1-800-goobermint lines.
              The sheet will get you whacked, just look at the blog entries at Will Grigg’s blog to see what I’m saying.

              …If you’re a cop apologist you might not get it. In that case, may God have mercy on your soul. And, fuck you.

              • Helot. Exactly. Desperate eppe thief is grasping for straws cause he’s got nothing else. Yes this is a fair warning to everyone about self proclaimig you need help in a crisis the Gubberment is NOT thete to help you. Just like veterans seeking help then gets their gun rights taken away. Iowa is going through a hard time and why I said don’t call any crisis hotline. I may have just saved Iowa’s life. Eppe is just ignorant and trying to pick a fight he will never win. Thx for seeing the light.

              • Don’t mention God and then sin by cursing someone. It’s stupid.

              • Helot, WWTI has been a shit stirrer since he arrived 10 months ago, all he does is spew hate. Why did he even include Iowa in the post, but to degrade him. Open your eyes, he is a royal prick, sorta like you. And you are a piece of work yourself, why do you rag DK? Got no life either???

            • F-off Joke thief. I’d invite you to my house just to kick your ass once and for all.

              • WWTI, You just might get more than you can handle, since you are a legend in your owm mind? Or am I being too obtuse???

          • It’s good to see you’re ignorant about a lot of subjects. Such as your rejection of Christianity and your thinking that Florida is a good bugout location.

            You have to measure the value of silver historically. Back in the early 1960s you could buy a loaf of bread for about 15 cents and a gallon of gas for about 25 cents. So, in other words, you could buy those items with a combined 4 silver dimes. Now a gallon of gas is over $3 and a loaf of bread is over $2. The value of a dime today in silver is $1.25. It would still take about 4 silver dimes to buy those items today. Just like in the early 60s.

        • People seem to miss the point on PMs. All purchasing it for right now would be to transition real wealth from a failing currency to a new, more robust currency. Historically my own family has done this, in the Civil war.

          You have to assume that the dollar will be replaced by something more stable for purchasing gold and silver to make any sense. After all, you really wouldn’t be bartering it in a SHTF situation.

          So at the end of the day, purchasing PMs will help you… if you survive the collapse, the rebuild into a stable country, economy, etc…

          Call me skeptical.

        • This is a serious question for those of you who buy physical precious metals. In a SHTF scenario, who is going to trade you goods for silver and what is the price going to be? Let me explain further. Silver only has value because somewhere in the annals of history somebody decided to attach an arbitrary value to it. It has purpose today in electronics, but as a currency it is still just an arbitrary value. In a SHTF scenario you can’t eat silver if you’re hungry. You can’t wear it. You can’t use it for fuel or burn it as a heat source. Yes you can trade it for goods but you have to find someone willing to part with life sustaining food, clothing, weapons, ammo, firewood or building materials. I for one would tell you to go pound sand if you offered me some silver for my fresh eggs or vine ripened tomatoes. Now if you would like to trade some ammo, or a winter coat for some food, you might get my attention. I see it as throwing away money I could have spent on lead.

          • They traded the American Indians $24 worth of trinkets and beads for Mantattan Island, which is now going for about $1000 plus per square foot…

            So now what? How an anybody possibly know what people will want, post SHTF? All you know is what YOU will want. I could see trading some PMs for a small plot of land somewhere, possibly a sublot from somebody who can’t handle what they’ve got.

            I wouldn’t bed so quick to think that PMs are worthless. Nobody knows what they might be worth to whom.

            • Well if China, India, and Russia are gathering all of the gold they can get their hands on; or their mining companies can produce. There must be significant value to GOLD.

              Someone here has been saying for years: “Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the CHANGES”.

              Who was that masked man??? 🙂

              • Russia and China are buying up all the gold available. Not just what’s being mined in a given year.

            • The only reason why Manhattan is worth billions today is that the whiteman made something out of it.

          • The value of PM’s, and the reason we should be prepping some, is not what they may be worth in a SHTF situation. The value of PM’s is a store of value and a way to preserve a portion of your wealth through the CHANGES,for value on the other side of those changes.

            Use your ten dollar bills buried in plastic coffee cans and silver coins to purchase items DURING SHTF. Even quarters will work for that because they are metal. people will accept metal coins. 🙂

          • don’t remember who said this but the quote goes: Gold is the money of kings, silver the money of gentlemen, barter the money of peasants, and debt the money of slaves. Silver and gold have retained value for ALL of recorded history . . . I don’t have to understand it to think it’s a solid bet to continue when even in the most primitive of times it held value everywhere.

            Though a 100 oz engelhard bar of silver might be somewhat difficult to use in day to day trading . . .

          • Jake won’t accept silver or gold, he only wants ammo, or a winter coat. Funny thing is, the guy down the road is happy to trade some ammo or a winter coat in exchange for some silver or gold, because the other guy down the road wants silver or gold for what he wants.

            It’s ok that you don’t know the value and role of PM’s, Jake. Other people will, and amazingly, you’ll still get what you need. That’s the beauty of capitalism and the Free Market.

        • Trekker. You should buy 100 Sawyer water filters instead. For $18. When SHTF You could sell them for $50 to $100 ea. Peoples lived depend on good clean drinking water. Silver isn’t going to save them after 3 days of being thirsty.

          • Boil your water with a silver coin in the pot.

          • WWTI who am I going to sell them to, and what are they going to pay me with 50 or $100 green backs or maybe a silver dollar. I’m right back where I started. Trekker Out.

      2. It would be nice if this happened, I’d love to see my silver go back to $50 or more.

        This guy better get him some kevlar and one of those bullet proof limos though, cuz the big boys moving that 1 billion ounces per day in leveraged paper aren’t going to play nice.

          • TheGuy … Cue snowplows in 3 2 1…

        • Mining CEO Proposes: Crush Market Manipulation By Halting Silver Sales: “Would Send Ripples To The Entire System”

          I support this 100%

          but I doubt the miners have the stones to make this happen

          • With the Price of Oil going to drop to $60 a Barrel every Companies cost in all aspects of Manufacturing and Mining will be dropping also. I see $6 silver coming by next year.

            • Yeah don’t think so, QE will start back up or the system collapses.THEY WILL NOT ALLOW DEFLATION ! When the next QE starts pm’s will take off.

              • They THINK they will not allow deflation. Deflation scares central bankers so badly they soil their underwear when they think about it. They probably pray nightly to Mammon that their defenses will hold.

                BUT, if we get a black swan event which overwhelms their defenses, it’ll be Katy bar the door.

                And those defenses are nothing like robust, given the world situation.

                Just today I read that 25 banks in Europe failed their “stress test”. One criteria for the stress test is that they have 8 percent in liquid assets on hand. Eight percent. It used to be that twenty percent was required, until the go-go ’90s and the Clinton administration, (helped along by Phil Gramm, may God have mercy on his soul, because I sure won’t).

          • Halting silver sales by junior miners would do NOTHING but give copper miners the incentive to put on a third shift and produce more silver as a by product. Metal miners are not taxed on the metal they store, only upon the metal they sell. They sell when prices are high when industry and consumers will pay more.

            If you think that BIG COPPER is not sitting on tonnes of silver and gold bars waiting for the price to rise, you would be sadly mistaken if you expect the price of silver to shoot through the roof in a boycott of Junior Miners.

            The stock of Junior Miners would tank and BIG MINING would buy them for a song. Can you say, “Gobble, gobble”? 🙁

          • Da Yooper: Halting silver sales by junior miners would do NOTHING but give copper miners the incentive to put on a third shift and produce more silver as a by product. Metal miners are not taxed on the metal they store, only upon the metal they sell. They sell when prices are high when industry and consumers will pay more.

            If you think that BIG COPPER is not sitting on tonnes of silver and gold bars waiting for the price to rise, you would be sadly mistaken if you expect the price of silver to shoot through the roof in a boycott of Junior Miners.

            The stock of Junior Miners would tank and BIG MINING would buy them for a song. Can you say, “Gobble, gobble”? 🙁

            • DK

              I dont care about the junior’s – try to get them to agree on anything LMAO

              Thats why they are junior’s

              what I am looking for is for the major’s Barrek – Core – Hecla

              to grow a pair & do this

              if they do – THAT will make a difference

              but like I said ” I doubt they have the stones to do it “

        • But Anonymous, it has intrinsic value. Why should you ever care about its price in dollars?

          Low prices mean you can trade your worthless paper to get so much incredibly valuable silver. And then when you have so much of it. You can do everything with it that makes it so valuable. You can:

          Look at it.
          Turn it into “medicine” that will turn you blue like a smurf.
          Make a mirror.
          Look at it.
          Eat it (oops nope can’t eat it)
          Take it to the store and buy groceries (oops nope they don’t take it)
          Look at it.

          Bask in all its great intrinsic value.
          Look at it.

          So why would anyone ever want the price to rise? You can keep buying more and more and get so much incredible intrinsic value. I hope it goes to $0.05. And then I’ll get so much I’ll have pounds and pounds of silver to use for all its great uses.

          Oh wait, you all wanted it to go up – to trade it back for dollars? Why? They are worthless!!! I can’t do a damned thing with dollars – nothing! I can’t buy groceries, or pay my rent, or hire a hit man, or pay a doctor, or buy a home, or hire an employee, or buy some gas, or… Oh, I can do all that with dollars?

          Wait – silver has intrinsic value and dollars don’t. I chant this 10 times a day. It has to be true.

          Just like I want the price of rice and beans and ammo to go down (so it doesn’t cost much money to get all its value) – I should also want the price of silver to go down… unless of course its just another speculative fiat investment…

          uh oh, I just lost my Faith…

          • Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer. $6 Silver Coming!!

          • Look you’re buying “stupid”.

            Unless you happen to have a metal smelting and circuit fabrication factory, or… for that matter… an economy capable of supporting a significant number of said operations, silver INTRINSICALLY means about as much as this shiny black rock I found stuck in the tread of my shoe.

            On the other hand, when everyone freaks out running around with their hair on fire waving their arms over their head, sort of like what happened in Greece… suddenly everyone wants it.

            This is what you are buying.

            You are buying the demand of a quarter of a million people with flaming hair and deer-in-the-headlights eyes.

              • Halting silver sales by junior miners would do NOTHING but give copper miners the incentive to put on a third shift and produce more silver as a by product. Metal miners are not taxed on the metal they store, only upon the metal they sell. They sell when prices are high when industry and consumers will pay more.

                If you think that BIG COPPER is not sitting on tonnes of silver and gold bars waiting for the price to rise, you would be sadly mistaken if you expect the price of silver to shoot through the roof in a boycott of Junior Miners.

                The stock of Junior Miners would tank and BIG MINING would buy them for a song. Can you say, “Gobble, gobble”? 🙁

                • helot/Clark: I see you are still sucking Lew Rockwell’s dick. Lew Rockwell is a NWO Agent for the Crown pushing FREE TRADE. Yes, the same FREE TRADE that has crushed the American Middle Class.

                  You fucking faggot!!! 🙂

        • Excuse me, Anonymous;

          But i don’t think silver has ever hit a $50.00 per ounce selling price, ever. You may cause some idiots to go out on a limb with that disinformation, and loose their ass, before they do the research.

          I know, it got close during a brief period in early 1980, late ’79, but didn’t hold long. i know for a fact it dropped to less than $5.00 an ounce from early ’83 to ’86, because i owned a little country Convenience Store and Gas station, and….

          I bought punch boards from a guy that filled them with old “rough” silver coinage, and charged me out the ass, because he said silver was bringing above $20.00 an ounce. Granny did’t raise no fool and i had checked out the current rates before asking him.
          Anyways, he was delivering and I was still making a good lick….$$$$; so i didn’t argue or try to “jew”. Folks got excited when they won a 1890’s silver dollar or 50 cent piece. They were really rough and some were so worn you could barely read the date. Players didn’t care. Even the local LE would play sometimes.

          In the late nineties it was still under 10.00 dollars.
          Sometime in the mid-2000 around 2006, a prepper friend of mine got real scared of an overnight SHTF deal and closed out some investments, and bought about $30,000.00 worth of pure silver at $11.00 an ounce.
          He and his wife split about three years later. I ran into him a couple years ago and asked if he had sold his silver and made a 150% profit. A long period of silence ………… and a blank stare into space…..
          “The ex-wife got it”.

          I thought, “you dumbass, I told you to keep it a secret”.

          • Silver hit 49.45 jan 18th, 1980 London Fix.

            That is the official close price, and wehat they use for the high.

            Intra-day high, trading at the CBOT the high was 52.50, on that same day.

          • Oicu, silver did hit 50$ one day in 1980, when the Hunt brothers drove/cornered the market. From there a long slow dive to 4$ in 1999. I bought 1000$ face value junk silver in that time frame. Was gonna sell after it hit 46$, but my gut said not to. If you read charts, in time it will go above 50 again one day. If you listen to certain posters here, they will lead you wrong. I wish I had bought more, but placed monies in gold at 270. Holding both. Still. One day both will rocket. Land is another killer investment, if just to produce food and shelter. As Will Rogers said, they can’t make more land. But any investment has risks. Be well rounded is my advice. Of course the joke Nazi will trash me just for posting. Have a blessed evening…

            • And if bartering for acorns, white oak has the less tannic acid, that’s why deer seek them out at this time of the year. And if we ever barter for acorns, then I am a gazillionaire, per Forrest Gump….

            • “they can’t make more land”

              I used to hear that a lot in 2006 on the housingbubbleblog before the crash.

              Also, yes, they can and do. They fill in areas of the sea in Holland and Japan to create islands. Plus, there’s worlds of unused space elsewhere.

              • Helot, In Japan the island they made is sinking. Eveywhere they try to raise land in the water, guess what, it sinks eventually, get a life, until WWSI and you mate. Comprenede? Or are you just ignorant which seems to be your way of thinking???

            • Yeah I hear Tulip Bulbs are making a big comeback again. NOT!!

            • … if you haven’t already done so; you might consider buying more silver with your gold — 74:1 Ag to Au ratio @ 16:32 9 Nov. 2014 — not a bad risk, considering the current validated ratio of Ag to Au deposits are from 6:1 ~ 13:1 world wide.

              Repurchase your yellow stuff later, if it’s that important to you.

          • If memeory serves it all hit $44 not too long ago in 2009 or so? Not that I was paying attention as if I would actually ever sell any of mine pre-shtf.
            I bought a 100 oz bar at $5 and paid $550.00 including handling fees and such in early 2000. You know what it’s worth today? 100 oz of silver 🙂 and it always will be. The thing is that if you try to find a point in history where silver has no value and is useless it’s really tough to do. As a though exercise try to name a few things that hold value as well as silver and gold.

            I have a few (ahem) rounds of 30-06 greek mil surplus rounds from WWI that I have fired 1000 or so and not had a single misfire. Great store of value and useful for these last 100 years and will continue to be. Silver however starts around with recorded history or so and will still be around for many many years.

            “junk” silver might be more practical than straight bullion but you really can’t go wrong once your day to day preps are in order. If you have enough to make it past 1 year with leftovers to start over at some point I would urge you to consider adding silver.

      3. Starve the thieves. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all. I still wouldn’t sell my silver if it became 200 dollars an ounce.

        • I prefer the balanced approach. I’m still slowly stacking (as I have been for the past few years), but if silver hits $200/oz and that increase is AHEAD of any inflation (or hyperinflation) curve, then that means a profit can be made. So I’d sell as many ounces as would be necessary to get my money back (the paper FRN kind of money), leaving the rest of my stash in my possession at ‘no charge’. Those remaining ounces I would definitely keep in my possession to ride through the dollar collapse to the other side.

          The profit made? Well, that would be spent on more supplies to prepare for when the food hiccups in the supply chains start. Believe me, I’ve already lived in short-term SHTF situations lasting a few weeks, such as earthquake, tornado, blackout, water loss, etc. I’ve personally seen time and time again that your neighbors will begin to panic and alter their behavior after only 24 hours of inconvenience.

      4. silver was not as high as 50 an ounce in 2011.

          • Mac, Artillery round off to 49 still close at 50 for a 155mm.

            • Hey Wrong
              WTF is with all your red thumbs.
              We’re getting too many people
              on this site that can’t handle
              the truth, so it seems.

              • AlphaFrog. These Trolls just Red Thumb cause they don’t like the truth. They live in their Hick fantasy joke world.

                Just keep posting the truth, they will eventually be bankrupt and get their internet service cut off.

                • Yeah keep talking,lets compare our personal balance sheets and see who the clown is. BTW I live in the SF Bay Area,home of high wages and home prices.

              • Well, either it did or it didn’t. Pretty simple even for a carpenter. Just saying……..

        • Before I became a “prepper” whilst still young and wild, but with wife and child; silver was less than $4.00. Oh, how I wish I’d has the wisdom then that comes with age.

          Old Libertarian

          • Old Lib I don’t know that I’ve got any wiser, but I remember in 1965 I knew that those coins were going to be worth more than face. But like most of us peons, I didn’t make the move and really didn’t have the money. Those silver coins were just hanging there like a money tree, but I didn’t take advantage. Trekker Out. HindSight!

            • MT, My neighbor has been saving them since 1965. He told me he doesn’t even know how much he has. At the time silver was at $30.00 and I told him. He thought I was lying. Unbelievable he had no idea.

              • I know a guy that had an ice cream truck that he operated after working his regular job. He did this in the 1960s into the 70s and had the foresight to save those silver coins. He has a ton of them. He has yet to check for numismatic value.

          • When first married years ago , my wife spent my “junk” silver coins at the laundry mat. OH NO !
            She just didnt know .
            Easy come easy go.

            • Hammer. Is she from Georgia? LoL

            • hammerhead, around 1970 I had a boss that had some pre65 dimes and I gave him 15 cents apiece, and my wife thought I was crazy. To bad he only had like $10 worth. Trekker Out

      5. Mac,

        Really like when you post about bartering better. I got about 12 ideas form the others on thing to get or do.

        Thanks y’all for your ideas.

        Only reason I’m here. : )

        • Thanks for the input Hillybilly! Those are always great conversations full of excellent ideas. Will keep an eye out for information pertaining to barter and such.

          Here’re are several good articles on the subject:

          Top Post-Collapse Barter Items And Trade Skills:

          How to barter or negotiate using psychology :

          Bartering and the Community:

          Salt Will Be The #1 Bartering Item:

        • I really liked the ideas on the Yaupon bush for making tea. We are going to the nursery this weekend now that it is payday to see if I can find some.

          Also, some of the others that started me thinking…
          Getting fabric, Sambucol, Demon WP, using Naptha instead of lighter fluid. Getting a stock of Dentek/Temperin.

          The article on the 12th had a lot of suggestions from everyone. (a lot better than the article itself) But, I will stock on more fishing line to make cheap trip wires.

          Thanks y’all. Keep’em coming.

          • @ hillbilly SC : Dentek at the dollar store for, you guessed it, $ 1.00. Bought a dozen of them.

          • SC, ilex vomitex, tons of caffeine, native Indians made a black drink to make them purge. Tried it once, puked my guts up. In weaker form, will wake you up…
            Happy drinking, mix with alcohol, be a wide awake drunk…

          • Lighter Fluid IS naptha, in a small can and marked up 300%

        • Hillbilly, Nobody is bartering for acorns just yet. Hang in there..

          • I think, somewhere, someplace, more than just some One is bartering for acorns.
            And both sides are coming out ok.

      6. Alright!

        First we read it is about $24 to mine an ounce, Now all of a sudden it is $16.50. Eight dollar spread in information. We never get the facts.

        No better than debating if Ebola is Airborne.

        • It depends on the concentration. I know in gold mining when gold is high they mine the areas with a low concentration of deposits. This is to try to keep as many hands on the job as they can in lean years mining richer deposits. However if they keep fucking with prices instead of letting the market work no one will be working.

          • maddog

            Each company has different ore grades of land. So how does the market come up with the standardized cost to mine an ounce of gold or silver. Manpower, fuel, equipment, fuel, smelting and time?

            • Probably all of the above. The miners have been doing it a long time and if you know any you know they know exactly what it costs. Like I said the low grade gets mined at high prices when they might get 1/2 oz. per ton. When prices are low they’ll mine higher grades that might produce 1-2 oz. per ton.

            • Who ever said there was a “standardized cost”?

              That’s like saying there is a “standardized cost” for catching catfish or growing squash.

          • As always, manipulated data is somehow proof or evidence or useful information to compare other maipulated data to.

          • You are better off buying a metal detector and looking for meteorites. The value is quite high and they are everywhere on mass vacant land. Desert, open fields, etc.

            • If you’re looking to prospect and make a buck , sure. But I won’t give you a slice of bread for a meteorite if tshtf.

              • When I was a kid, we had a meteorite holding down our well cover. The farmer drug it in out of a hole in his field, with a team of plow horses. No one but my geology teacher was interested in it.

                • I saw a meteorite the size of a vollyball selling for $30 K in Maui. Check out what the market value is. You’d be surprised today.

      7. My wife works for a global mining engineering firm. They do the studies on feasibility for miners before they waste their time digging for gold or other metals. I can tell you without a doubt the mining industry is collapsing in the US and around the world.

        • Supply and Demand, always comes around in the end. So if the mining industry collapses, they won’t have to withhold Silver, it will go up regardless. Trekker Out.

          • Guess that would fix it. Good thing we stashed a bunch.

          • MT – Remember in 2006 the Housing Bubble, when everybody thought their house was going to be worth a Million Dollars. Silver is falling off the map just like housing did, just look at a 10 year chart and look where it is going again. Next year I will buy your silver at half price fire sale. And as it continues to slide, more people will be selling.etc…

            • Sorry WWTI you won’t be buying mine. Every heard of cost averaging. Well next year when it’s half price, I’m doubling up. Only the weak hands collapse when things go down. And then I’m going to be ready when the next bubble starts to inflate. Trekker Out. Down But Not Out. Well on second thought I guess I am Out.

            • Won’t be buying mine, either.

              Buy low, sell high.

        • I can second that
          I have family in South America and 1 of my family was (was) a mining engineer with the task of doing the feasibility studies

          was is the operative word.. he was let go of last year

          why? mining industry collapsing all over the globe

        • How the fuck do you get red thumbs for a post like this? Must be the fucking libtard/turds have returned. Eat shit and bark at the moon fucking morons. Prove me wrong instead of being a coward throwing rocks and running and hiding behind the fucking keyboard.

          • madddog, Its your potty mouth.

            • This coming from you. Have you taken a look at your response record?

              • Wwsi is now making fun of Iowa, what a loser wwsi is.
                Joke Nazi, die off, it would make my day…

                • eppe your Christianity is showing again. LoL. Stop obsessing and refering to me, I am not your gay lover.

                  • You could not handle it anyhow…

          • I was thinking the same thing MD. There must be truth to this article and the comments since the spyer trolls are thumbing everyone. If they can’t keep us asleep, try to confuse us. Problem is most people here are doing their research and are seasoned thinkers.

      8. Pray for Mr. Nuemeyer, talk like this can get you dead. He must learn to play by the rules.

      9. Well, there is a down side to all of this too. Just adding one more cartel to an already cartel owned world, while benefiting many early on, would end by damaging us all in the long run. How about we just end cartels instead? One more monopoly in a world of monopolies is my idea of a sound solution.

        • CORRECTION! is NOT my idea of a sound solution.

      10. Is China going to raid the COMEX?

      11. I’m kind of confused.

        Are they advocating manipulating the silver market to de-manipulate the silver market?

        The root cause is the entire concept of leveraged Paper Silver and Gold. In that regards leveraged anything. When you can gamble what you don’t physically own you have a recipe for disaster. The Stock Market Collapse go 1929 was predicated upon such policy’s. Abandoning Glass-Steagall watered down for two decades prior to its complete demise late in the final term of Bill Clinton ushered in the ability of the Banksters to attempt to fool, “All of the people all of the time”. As their difficulty increases facilitating this their actions become increasingly reckless and dangerous.

        • “I’m kind of confused.”
          KEVIN , Let me explain how i read it.
          They are gonna manipulate the manipulated market in order to de-manipulate the market.
          All clear ? hahahahaha

          • Got it. Clear as mud.

      12. I still say lead is the best precious metal to invest in.

        • Yeah, but in NY state Cuomo (from the HUD housing market fiasco) is trying to make lead lose its value too by requiring that ammo not “micro stamped” to be illegal after a couple years. Check it out – Safe Act 2 is coming this way unless all gun owner vote this guy out! He is making criminals out of a LOT of NY residents who are good people. And please don’t say “just move” because most of us simply cannot do that. This will bleed into other states too!

          • How silly,by the time the powers that want to be check for a stamp I could give a shit which laws I broke in defending myself or others,and as us in good parts of New England do when visiting,well,bring house warming gifts for friends trapped financial in insane states,screw bad laws,just done following them.

            • Warchildren… you can stap your ammo now in small print that reads. “IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!”

              • I like it,but feel time better spent then micro lettering ammo,still,times get real cold/snow deep not a bad winter hobby when snowshoeing for day done!

          • @ Damned in NY ~ Hear, Hear, I agree with you 100%.
            You should see all the ‘Repeal the Safe Act Signs’
            up here. I have also seen a few ‘Impeach Cummo’
            bumper stickers on vehicles. Everyone in Upstate N.Y.
            cannot stand Cummo. I pray that all the responsible gun
            owners unite together and vote this guy out of office.
            I know I will.

      13. ht tp://

        • Looks like the trolls are using some sort of automatic red thumb software.

      14. I’d keep some silver regardless,somebody can always use it. Its a hedge.

        • Jim. Sandbags make a good hedge too. Cover and concealment.

          • WWTI want to contribute something constructive to the folks. You write good comments sometimes, I just don’t usually agree. Anywho how about elaborating on the difference between Cover and Concealment. Sad part is, there is already a new article and we’re wasting our time on this post. Trekker Out.

      15. not yet please.

        still having fun buying real money g & s phyzzz at a bargain of a life time price with fake worthless zog amerikan fiat dollars.

        let’s wait till fall of 2017 at least.

        then you can crash it all to nwo zog freemason hell.


      16. I guess we should all buy more silver before this happens and the price goes back up.

      17. I like to cyote hunt for sport of it and was thinking about wear wolf hunting but if silvers gonna be that high forget it they can rip the lungs out of jim for all i care

        • I’ll stick with Brass and Lead with copper jackets for now.

      18. Are the Obola trolls back?

        • Naw Slingshot, I think this is just some of our locals going right down the list red thumbing everyone. I could probably name two or three, they run in packs you know! But that’s OK, this is just a fun site, along with some info. I’ve heard silver is going down to $3 per oz. but think I’ll buy some on the way down, WWTI. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Yes they are and now I have to start over again ignoring them. This is harder than staying on the wagon smoke free.

        • Its eppes hick gang of haters. They obsess over me now. I take it as fan mail.

          • wwti, what a legend you are in your own mind, just because you are well hated here, does not mean I am. Catch my drift, loser?
            Wish you would lose your boner for me, it is tiresome, or am I being too obtuse?

      19. Any thoughts on stock piling nickels as the value of metal content is greater than the face value. Read where it would be a good idea and post collapse economy

        • NewVagas, my closet floors are sagging, may cost more to repair them, than the nickels are worth. Trekker Out. But Hey, Their Still Worth A Nickel!

          • Actually around 7 cents as scrap metal. It’s around a 40% instant return currently if you are (gasp) not afraid to violate federal law and melt them for scrap.

            BTW I know a pre 1982 penny is worth around 3 cents in copper but my eccentric friend pointed out that he can’t buy washers cheaper than 3 cents so he drills holes in new pennies and uses them as washers 🙂

        • Vegas,been doing it for years as was last coin not screwed with,too bad the new ones now not worth it,hell,many rolls,also,pre 82 pennies before they were destroyed.By going thru change daily I rarely also find ,well….,a rare coin like a buffalo nickel or mercury dime,doesn’t cost much and fun and may some day pay off.

        • Not worth the money or the space to store them.

          Nickel is one of the commonest metals on the planet.

      20. Food — The Currency of the Future

        “Right now an unprecedented number of Americans are returning to a practice of our self-reliant and independent forefathers: Storing supplies of food. The events and circumstances we are facing here in America are unfamiliar to most of us.

        But they are so serious that we each must choose wisely how we will face our future. You can’t control earthquakes, floods, or the real estate meltdown, but if you have food and water reserves you will have personal solutions to how these things affect you and your family.”

        “History has proven over and over again that food and water is the solution to almost every major problem, particularly those involving independence, freedom, security, and yes, even survival.”

        Personal Liberty dot com

        • KYMom.. Sawyer water filters. $18 ea. Back up the truck

          • Sawyer water filters irritate me. In the instructions they say something like, DO Not let it freeze.
            Does this mean if I put it in the back of my car and it freezes, it’s worthless?
            I’ve never found an answer to that question.

            • Helot that only means if water is in the filter do not let it freeze. But you bring up a great point for those in cold climates. Filtering water out in the open freezing temps will be a real challenge. I would then switch to boiling water as it would warm you up from the inside.


        A woman was in a coma.
        She had been in it for months.
        Nurses were in her room giving her a bed bath.
        One of them was washing her private area and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor whenever she touched her there.
        They tried it again and sure enough, there was definite movement.
        They went to her husband and explained what happened, telling him, ‘As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little ‘0ral sex’ will do the trick &bring her out of the coma’
        The husband was skeptical, but they assured him that they would close the curtains for privacy.
        The husband finally agreed and went into his wife’s room.
        After a few minutes the woman’s monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate.
        The nurses run back into the room. ‘What happened!?’ they cried.

        The husband said, ‘I’m not sure; maybe she choked.!’

        • Great one, last straw, but watch out, the joke Nazi will get you. Ooops, I forgot, he only has a boner for me, carry on…..

          • eppe is forming a closet gay joke club and seeks like minded to send him your email addresses. To swap jokes and photos. Lol. eppe what you going to do when your wife catches you doing the down low?

            • wwti, you seem to be the gay one, no wife, kids, even your relatives cannot stand you. You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, or does it need to be spelled out for you?

              D.U.L.L. K.N.I.F.E. ????

      22. The only thing more valuable than Gold and Silver is land. If Silver went high enough. I’d sell to buy a property.

        I’d rather have some land to defend than be a refugee with nothing.

        • Ha! I’d rather be a mobile refugee with lots of gold and silver to defend than be a landowner with a tax liability while locked into that property… especially if that land encountered an extended drought or was near a leaky nuke plant or something similar.

          What I’m saying is, there’s no sure thing, Sierra Dave.

      23. Raise margin requirements to impede manipulation. That correlates with the drop form $48 an ounce in 2100. Would work again.

        • Mensa141 says more regulation is The answer.

          How about, regulation is The problem?

          That, and regulatory capture.

      24. Well I’m going to cook up a SHTF meal tomorrow. Big pot of Pinto Beans (Mexican Strawberry’s), slice up some potatoes, turnips, sweet potatoes, and onions then fry them all up in some bacon grease. Throw some sugar in my corn bread mix, grease the pan with you guessed it bacon grease. Make a big batch of sweet iced tea. Then after its done sit right down and clog the arteries. All I can say is what a way to go! You’re all welcome to join in.


        • You know why Mexicans refry their beans?

          They can’t do it right the first time.

          • Clowns don’t know a good thing when their slapped in the face.

        • To Copperhead, today I picked romaine lettuce, radishes, green onions, and a tomato. Made a great salad for supper. Tomorrow I will pick turnip greens, radishes, onions, and cayenne pepper. Cook the greens with some salt pork and other seasoning. Will be complete when the hot water cornbread is fried. Will bake a sweet potato and thaw out some barbeque to go with it.

          • Spit peas soup with ham, carrots and potatoes, Honey cornbread and iced tea sweetened with raw honey. Yum Yum. I might even wilt some collards in bacon fat…

            • sixpack very often the misprints and misspelled words are funnier than the jokes. But I’ll tell you, I don’t have a weak stomach, but I draw the line when it comes to spit pea soup. Trekker Out.

              • 🙂 I know. I saw that after I hit the submit button…LOL. We need some way to edit our posts. Ces’t La Vie!

                • Ha! Spit Pea soup. Too funny. Anyway, carbs is what’s the inflammatory killer. Kick out the potatoes, and the corn.
                  It’s called Paleo,.. or Primal.

                  Or, eat it til your hearts content.

                  It’s your choice, but don’t say no one warned ya.

                  “iced tea sweetened with raw honey” ya, that’s the ticket.

      25. People who buy silver/ gold for SHTF are silly. Let’s all bug out into remote areas, where no other person lives, and attempt to barter with a metal that would have no value, because no monetary system is established to value it.

        Sounds legit.

        • PREP DUDE -I bet in hard times i could trade my silver for some sugar, grains and copper tubeing , and really have some barter power.
          Gotta be creative , step outta the box.

          • I’ll bet people would GIVE you what you need for a still and throw off a brew, just for part of the proceeds.

          • A great barter item would be a hunting knife. Clean game, whittle a spear. Thousands of uses. I would rather have a multi tool than an Ounce of silver.

        • If gold and silver were so great, and pardon me but your lives don’t mean anything to me, why would I try to get you to invest in gold and silver. I’d keep it all to myself. There is not a lot of it around that’s why it is called “precious metals”. Cal .22 ammo is more valuable, I have lots of it and I won’t sell you any. So why would I sell you gold or silver? Because it is only useful in an industrial environment. Invest in things that are tangible, land, tools, food, water, and the things that can get you land tools, food and water.

          • Rellik, not looking for an argument, but I see that you would invest in food. If food is so great, why is it that people that have food are trying to trade it for Paper that ain’t worth anything. Trekker Out. What A Vicious Circle!

            • Anymore, I’m starting to think people like Rellik and Prepper Dude shouldn’t be countered. Let them find out the hard way, I think.

        • Maybe some of us don’t plan on STAYING bugged out forever. Just until things settle down, then, life must go on.

      26. Not to change the subject, but did anybody else see the WH alert that came on TV that even switched some people’s channel? It was not a test- it said that there would be some announcement ..,, very disturbing. What the heck is going on? This was in the morning. Some people couldn’t change the channel….then they tried to blame it on AT&T and then something else like a radio station. Very bizzare.

        • No, Cabin Fever I didn’t see that. I stopped watching TV a long time ago.

          Why are you still tuned into the hypnotic lying box?

          • Well, you assume a lot. I read about it- I didn’t experience it. Aren’t you so very special and uber-smart.

      27. Precious metals are not the way to go. If things go shtf on a global scale, governments will confiscate PMs: they have done it in the past and will do it again. They have a million different ways to make you cough up the PMs: taxes, legal orders, devaluation, prison sentences, etc.

        I recommend another strategy: build thick and involved networks. What is going to get you through a collapse is being able to produce something and to have a group of people organized around doing it. Then it does not matter if the currency collapses, or assets drop in value. You just adjust your prices, adjust your product or service, regroup and reboot. Be flexible but have a network you can turn to. Think of it as the old Mafia approach: you have your buddies, your bros, your guys. You stand together strong no matter what. You look after each other: get each other’s backs. Then you can ride out the storm.

        That is your ‘gold’.

        • Frank Thoughts,

          That’s a good analysis actually. I’d put it behind trusting in Jesus Christ as Lord though.

          But you’re right; I’d rather have an organized team than physical gold in a deep doo-doo scenario.

        • I’d rather throw all of it to the bottom of the ocean than let them have it. Or maybe I have a gambling problem.

        • Trust people? You got to be kidding me.

          “They have a million different ways to make you cough up the PMs: taxes, legal orders, devaluation, prison sentences, etc.”

          One could say the same thing about your firearms. You advocate surrendering them too? Maybe your first male born child?

        • Shouldn’t you just store them (precious metals) next to your ammo then? I mean they can confiscate 1 just as easily as the other. Government confiscation isn’t of any more concern for PMs as any other wealth, but it is a concern to be sure. Think they’re going to get the few (ahem) rounds of 22lr I’ve put back?

          I would ask you to look for all of the instances in history in any culture where silver or gold didn’t have value and wasn’t tradeable. I suspect that the exercise itself will demonstrate it’s value. It was valuable pre bow and arrow, post bow and arrow, in peace pre rome, post rome, etc.

          Before trying to understand why something I can’t eat or use could have value, look at the history and consider that it always has had value. You could be right though when arguing against all of recorded history, I can’t understand it well enough to say.

          My ranch is betting that all of recorded history isn’t an aberration and will continue post shtf.

        • “confiscate PMs”? You mean like how “they” outlawed drugs? And how “they” can’t even keep drugs out of maximum security prisons?

          …You have Far too much faith in your OverLords, Frank Thoughts.
          …And, surprisingly in light of what you say, too little faith in the common man.

        • Also, “Think of it as the old Mafia approach: you have your buddies, your bros, your guys.”

          Don’t those guys stab each other in the back all the time?

          Seems a hell of a lot riskier to me than PMs.

      28. And after you get the miners to manipulate the price of PMs up, maybe you can get the drillers to manipulate the oil prices up so our drums of SHTF fuel will be worth more.

        Who thinks up these bizarre ideas?

        These ideas only prove that people look at PMs as an investment and not money. Or they wouldn’t even be valuing their precious in terms of unbacked fiat.

        • “after you get the miners to manipulate the price of PMs up”

          That was too funny.

          As if. …

          Ignorance has no bounds, I guess?

          Hint to break free of ignorance:

      29. “Though the world produces about 800 million ounces of silver every year, paper traders are somehow able to control as many as one billion ounces of silver a day through the use of extreme leverage and derivatives. It is this leverage that has left many silver mining companies reeling.”

        THIS is why i cant wait for the whole thing to blow up in their faces,
        The money changers
        I want to se them throwing themselves off buildings because they lost everything,
        Would be a start,
        Politicians next

        • Sorry but you way takes all the fun out of it. I don’t want them throwing themselves off the buildings. I want to do it.

          • You have a VERY good point my friend!

        • No, I don’t want to see anybody jump from a building but It’s going to happen.

          • Start with Obama, Harry, Nancy, Chucky, Bohner, Holder et al. I bet they bounce nice.

        • I’ve read that a lot of those traders who “jumped” from high windows in 1929 were actually pushed.

          Let history repeat itself.

          BTW if you need a more polite word for it, it’s “defenestration”.

      30. When the SHTF your silver will buy food, your gold will buy your life. Look at history this has been proven many many times.

        Throughout history 1 oz of silver was the equivalent of 1 days pay………..I dont know of anything else on this planet that is the same price today as it was 35 years ago……..I challenge you to name something that is the same price as it was 35 years ago apart from SILVER.
        Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

        • Amen. Please just look at the history. You don’t even have to understand it fully (I don’t) to know that it’s true. Silver and gold hold value and are the real deal.

          So after you’re set for at least 1 year I encourage you to consider adding them to your list of items to buy.

          As with all things you should buy and store . . . learn and study first. Seriously read and study . . . and then read and place in historically context . . . and then consider and analyze . . . and make your own decision.

      31. 2 shootings in one day, all over the media.. and so close to election time. im shocked lol

      32. Being a dairy farmer your silver or gold will not be worth much in a collapse. I would be willing to trade for diesel and gasoline, about 4 gallons of fuel to a gallon of milk.

        • Dude more like 10 gallons of milk for a gallon of fuel. We can live without milk. That is what Moms Teats are for, feeding babies. The rest of milk uses are optional.

          • So you don’t use cheese, butter or any other dairy product, which is fine, just asking? Optional, maybe but far less so than gold or silver or even fuel. As I’ve asked others, Let me know how it tastes.

        • Shooter what you gonna do, dry up all them cows. I bet when your tanks get full, you’d be glad to trade some milk for silver or gold. Trekker Out. Got Milk!

          • I doubt it. He’s got to run his tractors on something, and silver and gold don’t flow through Diesel injectors too well.

          • No I have enough friends and family to use a bit of milk, then we also make cheese, yogurt, butter, ect.
            People don’t understand right now food is horrifically cheap.

            • Bread and circuses.

        • Dear shooterbob, whatchya gonna do if all the guys you know who have diesel and gasoline, also have their own milk cows? Probably due to prior trades. Grin?

          • Have you talked to any farmers lately? The biggest problem will be long term storage for fuels, they need to be fresh, you can use stabilizer, but it’s still good for only so long.

            • Like 95% of Americans, helot don’t give a damn about farm policy because it buys its’ food from WalMart.

        • Hate to tell you this, but I can show you any number of times farmers killed livestock and burred the carcass because it wasn’t worth taking to market. I have seen farmers dumping milk because it wasn’t worth anything. Show me one time in the history of the world when people dumped their gold because it was worthless

      33. I truly believe the precious metals market, is indeed, being manipulated on a worldwide level. One only needs to look at the IMF issuing the SDRs, now in the “remimibi” or any other currency of your choice(other than US dollars. Why is this? Simple, the US Fed Reserve I believe, through, manipulation and use of the flawed QE “program”, allows the price of PMs, to be artificially low, in order for China, and the BRICS to acquire more PMs, to bolster their own economies. At that point, once China says we’ve got what we want, the price of PMs will indeed jump significantly on the world markets. This would allow the banks belonging to the IMF and Bank of International Settlements to have “assets” on their books, that they can hypothecate even further, to cover their own defaults on derivative swaps and other idiotic “instruments”, they are holding that are essentially worthless. It’s all the great shell game.Look at how Germany is being made to wait for a return of only PART of their bullion holdings spread over a seven year period, by order of the Federal Reserve. Why? there isn’t any bullion in Fort Knox that isn’t already hypothecated multiple times over, IF, there is any left in there at all. The world’s greatest shell game, and the politicians know it, as do the BIS, IMF and other bankers.

        • BRICS and the IMF are at odds with each other. They detract from each other, not compliment each other. You might be a little skewed on your outlook.

          • RE: “BRICS and the IMF are at odds with each other.”

            Not according to the guys at The Daily Bell.

            It’s sort of like Team Red and Team Blue here.

            Playing the little people for suckers.

      34. In the Movie “Water World” “Paper” was valuable. You can trade a few sheets of paper for sum ass.

        • You mean like Ass’ed Itch.

      35. Got an uplifting call from my brother today. Seems as though he has started his food storage. Never give up on family.

        • Congrats!

        • Yep people will start thinkig about prepping when their pantry is bare.

          • Good news Richard,better late to the party then when it’s over,I to have had success the last few years getting people to at least get some basics stored.This means though they are over the mental hump of denial and at least see the wisdom of extras of what you’ll eat/use anyhow.This site has a great starting point of about 300 for food for four for a year(enuff 4’s in that sentence?!). ht tp:// ,as always spaced http to avoid the little”moderation game”.I suggest everyone bookmark to help those who show a willingness to start prepping.

      36. Off topic

        Have any of you read the Grid Down series?
        Read all 5 books, anyone heard anything about another one????
        Left off where Mark was waking up on the ledge just sort of coming to,
        Was like WTH wheres the rest? Spent a couple hours googling and searching for the next book or info on one and nothing,,,,,,,

        Reading Rawles new book, is good, true to the style of his others, need to download some others,

        Thats one thing the Ipad is excellent for, get both Ibooks and Kindle on it, huge selection

      37. Neumeyer is raising a question that I have been asking for years. The paper game only works when the paper shufflers actually have some metal to leverage. What happens when they have NO metal to underpin these manipulation games? It ends, that’s what.

        Another question is, “Why don’t the silver miners make long-term deals to sell their silver to metals exchanges in China and India?”. If there isn’t one in India, set one up. With the largest part, if not all, of their output going to those non-paper exchanges, the paper boys would be left whistling in the dark… and good on ’em!

        • That move would likely get somebody suicided…

      38. Mac,

        What is with the titles of your posts being triple-struck over? Are you doing that or has someone hacked your site??

        • Hmmm … Not seeing that. Can you let me know what browser/OS you are using and we’ll check it out.

          Is it triple holding the main post title?

          Thanks !


          • I see it too. Mainly in the text body.
            using Chromium NOT Chrome
            OS is Ubuntu 10.04 lucid Lynx.

      39. It will never happen, the powers that be won’t let it. Even if it means gangster tactics such as paying people off, knocking people off, strong arming. The government and their banking buddies are the biggest gangsters around.

      40. Did I read that right? 800 million ounces of silver mined each year? What am I missing here?

        If we mine that much every year, I have to ask why is silver valued more than, say, salt, or turnips. Mining 800 million ounces a year doesn’t sound very rare.

        The value of silver compared to gold is said to be 15 to 1. And we know that is not the case in today’s economy, so why don’t you smell a tulip here? Where is the value of silver?

        Who might be the next Hunt brothers in this tempest?

        Buy food, and have a nice day.

        • Confused 800 million oz is only about 1/10of an oz per person. Look at Iron, It’s measured in Billion TONS. It’s a BIG planet.

        • That’s not a lot of silver. Let’s pretend there was no paper currency and that 800 million ounces was all coined into US silver dollars, at the pre-1964 fineness and weight of .900 fine and .78 ounces per dollar.

          That would give every US citizen less than 3 dollars for the year.

      41. The PM that I have purchased are for when the dollar finally collapses. Banks will close and your savings will be in the hands of those maggots, who will decide whether or not you get to keep any. The FDIC cant cover even 1 per cent of total US savings. The PM will be a fuck you to the bankers.

      42. I live six miles from what was an active silver mine in the Southern Sierra (until last year). It is (officially) shut down, awaiting the price of silver to rise above extraction costs. The owner’s son actually works it in his spare time, but they cannot afford to process the ore at the scale of a one-miner operation.

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