Millions of Americans Are Vulnerable to Starvation: “Almost At the Point of No Return With Regard to the Coming Food Riots”

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Headline News | 372 comments

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      1. Simple Mathematics:

        (Food Inflation)+(Unemployment)+(No Food Storage)= Food Riots

        • Any body else notice that the cheaper ground beef is “weird”? When you fry it, it is very watery and not so much greasy…like mabey they are injecting it with something? I don’t know. I won’t buy the cheap stuff anymore. I’ve noticed this for two or three years now.

          • Now is the time to learn how to clean/gut an animal if you don’t already know how. You don’t want to take a couple of hours to do it if you’re in a cold winter rain. And you don’t want to cut into the animal’s stomach or intestines for obvious reasons.

            Also, it would be a good idea to get a box of exam gloves to help prevent Lyme Disease while cleaning deer.

            • Don’tforget how to tan the hide and make clothing with it! 🙂

              • Learning how to tan hide is a skill I wish to aquire.

                • It isn’t easy!

            • A lot of what we eat has been adulterated or watered down. The packaging has shrunk while the price went up. In the two years after the 2008 crash, prices for some stuff went up by 50-100% and packaging shrunk by 25-33%. I complained constantly to the media and on the net but nobody in the MSM said a damn word about inflation.

              The only way to beat it is grow your own food and learn canning methods. Not to mention stocking up on things that are on sale.

              • If we could only predict the death toll we’d know how to prep a little better.
                Went to wally world today and grabbed 30lbs pastas, 10 cans tomatoes and chili’s, pasta sauces, dry potatoes, 50 pounds of flour on less than $65. Some people will eat if they know what they are doing. Let’s just say concrete jungle monkeys won’t be counted amongst the fed populous when it hits the fan.

                • I agree, the cities will be certain death traps when the SHTF.

            • Somehow I don’t think these guys disagree with me…they just hate Jews!

              • The Zog JOOS Biggest enemy is the Truth. They hate being exposed for what they truly are. It completely breaks down their scams they oppress on the populace.

          • Water and food and a gun or two.

            I suspect that most other preps will prove nearly worthless in the beginning of the food riots. At least I know I will be eating for the first year or so once they start.

            By then, there will be a lot of dead people with a lot less competition for the food provided by nature.

            • Chris Martenson from Peakprosperity ran the numbers. He says since he has a degree in mathematics that when food prices get to the 70% of wages, that’s the flash point for riots.

              Most of Europe is getting to that point with Spain, Italy, Turkey and Greece already there. We are getting close to that number.

              • At least the govt could make food stamps edible.

                • I’ve had a feeling there will come a time that there will be so much bad news, we won’t be able to keep up with it– too much for us Internet users… I think we are nearing that time… just a lot of bad stuff going on!

                  • This is why people can’t go wrong when it comes making canned, dehydrated, and other long term food storage as an investment. Precious metals offers stable real money but in most cases should be secondary. Food offers something you can eat and live off during a whole range of different disastrous situations, including the individual ones that are plauging tens of millions of people in the U.S.

                    Canned goods are something that are much cheaper and last far beyond the “best buy” or even the “use by” dates. Canned goods are heavy, but if you plan to stay in your home after a SHTF event, they can offer weeks, months, or even some cases years worth of nutriention and avoid stravation. While water is not something that will go much up in value, the storage containers sure have. 5 years ago you could purchase a 5 gallon water containerer for 50-70% the price today. It is not even funny how much common and even not common ammunition has gone up in price.

                    Many people that have stored up food get tired of waiting to use it. Yet in reality the food is usually still quite good. Imagine being the person that is living day to day on delivery pizza and has absolutely nothing stored up while the world is standing closer to the precipice than ever before? That is an awful feeling of having no hope at all.

                    Still there are those that still say that this has all happened before and it will all pass. Yeah right.

                    There has never been such an explosive e to the x debt.

                    There has never been so much military hardware in some many country’s hands.

                    There has never been 7+ billion people on the planet with so few depleting resources.

                    There has never been a death dumping nuclear calamity like Fukushima that continues to poison the largest ocean.

                    There has never been so much utter depression and lack of incentive all over the world.

                    There has never been so many dead zones in waters, especially oceans that are from chemicals, not even Fukushima.

                    There has never been so many nuclear weapons by so many countries on a hair trigger. USSR and U.S. had more before, but basically there was no one else like now.

                    There has never been so many different deadly viruses and anti-biotic resistant bacteria floating around.

                    There has never been such a need for arable land and fresh water.

                    There has been before civilization ending events such as the Carrington Event that WILL happen again.

                    ONLY 1% of the people take this seriously. That is beyond pathetic and shows just how bad off the human race is WHEN even light to moderate SHTF events occur, not to even speak of the severe ones.

                • Calgagus,

                  You mean Soylent Green…

                  My kingdom for a non gmo peach!

                  • OMFG jerrytbg! i hear you! go to the store and buy one of those trophy peaches that LOOK perfect, bite into it and DAMNNN…no taste whatsoever! there ought to be a law. that’s why i shop at the mexican makets here in the hi-desert.

                • “Soilent Green”

                  • Charlton Heston and Chuck Conners 1975 Last line in the movie,” Soylent green is made out of people !” Great movie.

              • I think Chris’s number is actually when 40% of income is used for food things get unstable.

                Go to his site and search for ‘food riots” Third link down titled “Rising Resource Costs Escalate Odds of Global Unrest”

                • BI, good day my friend, and once again spot on analysis. For once, Dave Hodges put out an article I can’t call BS on. I know from experience that a personal long-term supply of food and other essentials is one of the smartest things anyone can do for himself or herself. I’ve had many a personal SHTF event where I had a good supply of storable food on hand not once went hungry. I have always taken responsibility for my own well-being. I don’t go crying to govt. or anyone else for help. I’m a prepper and will never apologize to anyone for that. The way things are going at this time food riots may not be too far away. When the ‘gimme dat’ crowd has those EBTs cut off, that’s when TSHTF. I just hope they don’t come to my place trying to turn it into their ‘supermarket’. I dread what I would have to do in order to prevent it.

                  • @ Braveheart. Time is rapidly running out it seems. People have no idea what they can save up on can goods just by putting something away each shopping trip. Like throwing coins into a beer barrel, eventually it adds up substantially. And how grateful someone is that they did throw coins into a container and especially how thankful they will be when they have food when the supermarkets and no one else does.

                  • @BI & BH:

                    yeah me too. whenever I arrange food stock, I always keep one can for shtf-storage. Upon checking them last night, and I’ll just smile while looking at them.

                    BH, may I would knock someday at your door, please don’t shoot at me.:-)

                  • I predict a GMO crop failure.

                    Already in Brazil bugs have grown resistant to this experimental seed and the farmers are forced to spray chemicals on them.


                    It could be biblical if it fails on a large scale.

                    Here is a great site for all things DIY – Off Grid.

                    Check this out folks…


                    I am saving seeds like crazy this year, massive amount of carrot seeds (bi-annual) enough for my whole neighborhood if they are interested, dill, bok choy, brocolli rab, peas, beans.

                    Plus loaded up on heirloom seed that I did not have.

                    Soft Red Wheat Seeds in transit.

                    Keep Prepping.

                • It depends on what your income is and what you have left over after you buy food.

                  • Yeah, that 70% number is way off, My wife daughter and I only spend about 10% of our income on food, and we eat pretty well. Either these people are eating lots of cavier or making no $.

                  • The average-income American spends about 7-12% of their income on food. You can spend a lot more if you want.

                    Folks on the lower income scale are spending a higher percentage of their income, that’s true, but the dollar amounts are about the same.

                    If you’re spending 70& of your income, you have no income beyond a subsistence level.

                  • BI, more excellent points. I just got home from doing some more prep shopping and have more of the same planned for this weekend. I also feel that time is running out. What with Ukraine, the Mideast, ebola, Ferguson. etc. something else could pop up at any time.

              • Rodster, Really! I did not know that! Thank you for the info.

          • Npgh

            I can’t eat chicken anymore, it doesn’t taste or even look right.

            • Try beans!! I can’t eat much meat, period. Tried to get a turkey sub for a change (usually buy tuna sub) and had to give it to friend– cant stand the taste of meat@! Ugh!!

              • Animal meat is gross to eat. It’s disgusting. American’s are trained from an early age to eat animals. What a bunch of barbarians. I say kill, kill, kill. No wonder this country is so stupid. All this store bought meat is tainted garbage. Lower the population, eat more meat. Talk about a bunch of brainwashed lemmings, you’re living in nutcase central.

                • Well at least you’d be a cheap date. Wouldn’t have to take you to dinner, just turn you out to graze.

                  • BTW, I’ve ate raw ground beef for years, still do. Like it 95/5. I just grab a handful place it on a Kaiser bun, large thick slice of vadalia onion, salt and pepper, and some times just a pinch of horseradish. Wash it down with an ice cold 12 .oz long neck pork-chop(beer). I guess by this time you’re retching. So go eat your twigs and browse the tree lines like ‘ol Ewell Gibbons use to do….maybe a bran muffin to help keep you regular.

                • Go hug a fucking tree

                  • PO’d Patriot, you’re making braveheart hungry. I’ve been a meat-eater all of my life and will continue to do so for the rest of it.

                • Dude, you’re harshen my rib eye buzz.

                • hey, al cmon over to my house I haven’t mowed the yard in 3 weeks. you can eat your fill , and bring the family

                  • I’d rather eat the grass than raw meat– makes me throw up to think about it! ; ( DISGUSTING!!

                  • Be thankful you were (VEGGIE) you were not in one of those Russian cities during WW2 when the Germans had the cities cut off, and SURROUNDED and people had to result to Cannibalism.

                    Now that is SICK

                    Where do you think you gone to be when the SHTF ?

                • Yea, that’s cool. Real cool. When your kids bellies are swollen and you’re too weak to move, maybe then you’ll pull your head out of your ass. Me and mine won’t be starving…
                  Standing ready in Daytona

                  • I love the fact that you’re “Standing by in Daytona”. Even though we’re not geographically close, that saying always encourages me.

                    I began canning meat last spring and so far, so good. We have access to an Amish store with local meats which has worked well. Meat in the supermarkets has taken on some strange appearances. All of the roasts have a faint lavender tinge and I don’t know what that even means. We will only eat out at a German Catholic hamburger stand close by. He has his own beef and it tastes like it did in the 60s and 70s. If I were living in a city, I would try as hard as possible to get out to farm country and start looking for some local contacts. We have our own chickens so I know just what we’re eating and canning. It’s not only how much you have to eat, it’s also WHAT you’re eating. Good luck!

              • Meat is awesome. God designed us to eat meat. After it hits the fan you won’t have the luxury of not eating meat. You’ll be lucky to get enough calories every day.

                • For all those who say you have to eat vegetables, tell me how many Eskimos have ever had gardens in the Arctic? They get most all of their nutrition from meat.

                  • Fish is fish; its not meat, as such… its a whole different food group. I eat fish, I love fish. But not animals’ bodies.

                  • @anonymous:

                    Last I heard, fish were in the animal kingdom. And Eskimos eat more than just fish, such as seals, whales and polar bears.

                    “Animals’ bodies” are an ideal food. Why do you think humans have canine teeth?

                  • Eskimos do eat mainly meat but much of it is organ meat. I read about this and organs have an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Also, when wild animals eat their kill, they instinctively eat the liver, contents of the stomach, and spleen first.

                • No, He didn’t design us to eat meat!! Carnivorous animals have long sharp teeth and a short alimentary canal. We are not carnivorous animals… we have short teeth and a long alimentary canal. We are designed to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts– NOT MEAT!!

                  Furthermore, a carnivorous animal salivates at the thought of eating a live animal… do you do the same?

                  • Carnivores eat nothing but meat. We are omnivores, we’ll eat anything.

                  • When the Israelites were wondering through the desert got sent manna in the morning and quail in the evening. Exodus chapter 16 verse 13.

                    God required the Israelites to sacrifice animals to him. He told the Israelites which meat was clean and which was not. The clean meat they were allowed to eat.

                    Romans chapter 14 verse 1-3

                    Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters. One man’s faith allows him to eat everything, but another man whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him.

                    It is fine to me if you don’t want to eat meat. That is your choice and I am fine with it. Do not condemn me or others for choosing to do so. God gave man control over all living things whether plants or animals. That is just the facts.

                  • Why, I am salivating as I write this…..Just thinking about a ribeye, does that! My short teeth do just fine. And whatever canal it ends up in……I don’t really care!

              • Anon,will make your food budget go that much further without meat.I hunt and fish and eat game and buy meat,that said have considered trying to do without meat in my diet.I will also state would not become anti hunter/meat eater and even if I go this route push comes to shove and can catch fish/eat meat to survive will obviously do that.

                • If a person is starving, that is a different matter… but as long as beans and rice are available, why kill an animal? Furthermore, when sick, one of the first things doctors will tell you to do is stop eating meat. People who eat rice and beans (and/or fish) live a lot longer than meat eaters. (And considering all the sh– they put in meat, its especially dangerous!)

                  • Anon, do you trust anything doctors say about anything? I don’t.

            • The chicken breasts from Sams Club are grossly huge. Franken chicken. I do feel sorry for them before their slaughtered.

              • I think its from the whore moans. I don’t know how they do it that way. Always wondered………

                • PO
                  The way you make whore moans. Don’t pay her!

                  • Good evening, Sarge. You just put a big smile on my face with that one. Been hanging around eppe? If so, sounds like you have the right teacher for comedy. I’ve had meat, fish, chicken, etc. for my whole life and never had any trouble. I’ve known a couple of people who were strict vegetarians and had some medical issues. I think it’s propaganda from FDA or whoever about becoming a strict vegetarian with help you live longer.

                  • …if you CAN make a whore moan, you might not have to pay her…just sayin’.

              • The wife calls those Mae West breasts.

                • They come from Dolly Parton Redleg Chickens.

              • Yeah, they put all these hormones, etc in animals’ feed so they will have larger breasts or whatever… and you get to ingest all these hormones as well, to your detriment.

              • It’s been said eating grains on the level we do is the worst thing to happen to humans. As a result, our brains are shrinking, we are devolving.

                Reprogram your mitochondria to metabolize your energy from fats instead of carbs and see what happens:

                Your weight normalizes.
                You need much less food, allowing the money saved to buy high quality.
                Reduce medical bills.
                Only need to brush your teeth every few day ( tho I still brush daily)
                Slow glycation, extend life span.

                Just the tip of the iceberg.

                I recommend Nora’s book Primal Body, Primal Mind.

                Of course this all ends up leading to more existential questions, and the more one is focused the less food is eaten for entertainment. Just my opinion.

              • Now there’s another definition of “long-term” foods. 40 million years is nothing to sneeze at…

          • Everything is GMO…cows are fed GMO corn..chickens…pigs…I don’t even trust things like free range. California Food used to be some of best tasting food on the west coast…it is all GMO and taste like your eating air shit

          • Npgh.They inject with a water solution.They may have other things they put into it.I worked in the meat packing industry for many years.In the early 60s the owners decided there was money in selling water.Does not matter what grade you buy the meat will have water added. I do not buy it any longer especially at places like Wal-Mart.You will never know what you get any longer.I stay away from meats even poultry.At Wal-Mart it will all be coming from China. your choice.

            • @tacoma…they do it with scallops too. Very hard to get them fresh. 🙁

              • Npgh. All food is unsafe.What are the people going to do?Hell I do not know.Die I guess.

                • Tacoma

                  Everything is fake. Except Bullets.

                  • Funny thing sling-hubby went to Academy Sports and found hundreds of boxes of 22 ammo for sale, from Mexico, but they had no gun powder in them. He asked the clerk what the deal was, clerk didn’t know.

                    Fake bullits?

                  • Slingshot.. You are correct and they will soon be taking most of us old guys out.

                  • Replying to Grandee; they do pack zero powder bullets you can shoot them in revolvers inside, for target practice. 22 shortage passing here, been able to purchase 300-500 Long Rifle here every delivery day for a month. Had ammo left over after the line passed. Out within an hour but still everyone got some In the last 4 weeks anyone could have bought 3 Bricks and 300 CCI

                  • Grandee

                    You should have brought all of it.
                    Probably made by Aguilla and are low velocity rounds about 400fps. No powder just enough from the primer to kill small animals without all the noise. Use them in single shot rifles and revolvers.

            • Lots of frozen fish from China At Walmart!!!

              • True. And we don’t even fish anymore since there are always warnings about contamination. Ohio has never been safe in the fishing area. Several of our largest lakes have so much toxic algae that you can’t wade in them, much less eat the fish which are all floating at the top of the water anyway. We are so lucky to have pure (but stinky) well water. I hope that lasts for a long time. Friends in Louisiana and Mississippi say the same thing about their fish and shrimp. We’re sticking with home grown and home processed. Blessings!

          • Npgh … Have you also noticed that ground beef doesn’t taste the same as it used to? The grocery stores are mixing regular ground beef with pink slime to “keep the cost down”. I got this info from the manger of the local grocery store where I shop 7-8 years ago. Google pink slime to see how they make it. You wont eat ground beef again.

            • @navy…thats what I suspected.

            • @navy…thats what I suspected. Thanks.

            • If purchased a walmart, it could be horsemeat…they advertise it as “ground meat”.

              No shit, one of my wife’s aquaintances took it back and complained about the consistency and taste.

              The spokesman in the meat dept. said that is was horsemeat…and this was a year or more ago.

              I worked as a subcontractor on a wm over 20 years ago…they were bastards then. I have not set foot in one ever since or given them one damn cent.

              I pray that they fail every time I hear someone mention them.

              • No, it couldn’t be horsemeat. That’s a myth. Horsemeat is more expensive in europe than hamburger. That’s where they sell it.

                • It is the absolute truth…do your diligence.

                  wm and the waltons don’t give a flying fuck about humanity or anything but the bottom line.

                • barn cat you are correct.BUT but you have no idea what you get any longer.It has been a long time but I bought some ground beef? at wal mart.When cooking the odor was just so bad I not only threw out what I was cooking but the entire package.May have been ground rats for all I know.

                • Horse on the hoof is going for around 50 cents or less a pound on the market, beef averaging around 2.20 lb on the market, don’t know for sure about wally world selling it, but it is much cheaper than beef in the country.

              • I was in South Houston many years ago. Went into a supermarket that catered to a large Guatemalan/Honduran population there. They had donkey meat, and goat. At least it wasn’t hanging on a hook covered with flies, which is how you get it in Saltillo. In an “upscale” restaurant no less. (I think it was the only one they dared feed us gringos at.) I ordered the refried beans, and bottle beer. At least the beer was probably sterile.

            • Also, Navy Vet, if you knew what is in milk, you wouldn’t buy it again, either, except for organic milk.

              They give all these hormones and shit to cows to make their udders larger so as to get more milk. Problem is, a lot of times the cows will develop mastitis. So when they milk the cow, they don’t bother allowing all the scummy stuff to be squirted out first– they just put all of it in the bottles– infected material from the udders goes in your milk as well. BUY ORGANIC!!!!

              • If you knew anything about the dairy industry you’d know that a cow with any udder problem at all is segregated, so the milk never gets to the food chain. Sorry, but I live among a small legion of dairy farmers, so I’m a little more aware. Milk processors are extremely vigilant about stuff like that. A farmer who allowed such milk out of his milkhouse would be caught the first day, and likely would lose his buyers.

                Organic is a crock. Somebody finally compiled a study of food borne illnesses controlled for organic vs. modern technology farming, in 2009 I think. And guess what? Organic was double the rate of food borne illnesses.

                • Agree with you in theory, but if you grow it at home, it really is organic. Knowing the government is trying to weaken you or kill you is depressing, so the less grocery store shopping you can do, the happier you will be. You can even grow peanuts in Ohio and make your own peanut butter. Labor intensive and sticks to the top of your mouth, but it’s good and it’s pure. I haven’t found a way to make my own sugar, except Stevia which is not that satisfactory, but guess a little less sugar is a good thing. We have had NO bees this year which is very troubling and the man from whom we buy honey has no stock. I have fifty pounds stored and will use it at holidays and birthdays. Any other good ideas???

                • A certain amount of pus, yes pus, is allowed in milk bottled for the public. Look it up yourself.

            • Grandee, that’s a new one on me. Any caliber of ammunition with no gunpowder in them? Now that is really disturbing.

              • That’s Aguila “Colibri” .22 Long ammo. Has extra primer compound, but no powder. Throws a 20 grain bullet that looks like an airgun pellet, at about 500 fps. Virtually silent in a rifle. I used to use it to pick squirrels off the feeder at 20 feet range, and once I killed a skunk with a lung shot. But it leaves a nasty hard ring of fouling in the chamber, which has to be soaked and scrubbed out before you can go back to regular ammo.

              • YOU must be very careful using them in a rifle. in some tight bores they can get stuck.

            • Don’t go to Wal-Mart to buy meat. They don’t have real butchers. All the meat comes in already packaged.

              Go to a grocery store that has a butcher. My local Food Lion has butchers, and there is a window so you can see that they only put meat in the meat grinder.

              We also have a butcher shop that gets local cows. That’s even better.

              • True ‘dat, it’s lousy quality, nd it’s 10% to 20% more expensive than my local small-chain market.

            • Always maintained that the only reason for the stores selling ground beef is that it had something wrong with it… If you want decent ground beef, you have to grind your own.

            • Sad to say, even Whole Foods has been accused of peddling GMOs and heavy metal contaminated products. So far I have not seen such accusations against Sprouts or Wild Oats.

              Caveat emptor!

          • NPGH,

            Yes, I thought it was just me???

          • Ive seen labels on chicken I used to buy, now actually says 10% broth. yeah like they inject it with water to get more weight.

            • Where I live there are a lot of chicken houses. I don’t know the name of the drugs they put in the water and chicken food. It causes the chickens to grow weigh faster than normal. 6 weeks from the time they are delivered to the time they go to slaughter. I know a guy who owns a farm. If anyone wants to know I can find out exactly what they are fed.

              • They feed sub-clinical doses of antibiotics to get the rapid growth.

              • Mike I am near Farmville.. you nearby?

                • Scottsville my friend. We should try to meet one day.

          • Injected with water. Try to get beef that is 85% or so beef with only 15% or so water.

          • I have a friend that works for Tyson Chicken. They actually inject or “pressurize in water” the chicken that will be sold as lower priced meat – as the store brand. It may be bigger and be more “pounds of meat” but it consists of significantly more water (less meat) per pound than the higher priced chicken. Perhaps they are introducing this tactic into the beef processing pipeline.

            • The packaging says, “Water Added”.

            • Of course they’ve done that with hams since I was a child in the ’50s. Otherwise they cook intolerably dry and tough.

          • YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT some friendly advice…

            noticed the same thing 5 years ago , so i buy my meat online from the ranch.

            REAL NATURAL NON-GMO chicken , pork , beef , steak and burger patties.

            it’s real non gmo free range meat, real 100% beef burger no fillers.

            the taste is how it should be natural and real .

            love going to the store now and i just walk by all the GMO’d poisoned hormone steroid arsenic poisoned dyed fake pink slime meat for sale .

            it ships in 24 hrs in dry ice arrives over night.

            And it’s cheaper usually than store bought.

            … link

            or just go online and shop around.


            • Do you have a link for your supplier? I’d like to try that.

            • Zaycon has a good reputation, thinking about their upcoming chicken sale. 1.89 per lb, bulk.

              Depending where you live you can get beef, pork, etc.

              They deliver it by semi to local churches, etc. You prepay and pickup when they come to your area.


          • Maybe it’s ground up homeless from a FEMA camp mixed in with the beef?

          • They’ve started adding cellulose fillers, just as was done in England during WW2. Sawdust, figuratively speaking. Some are using processed soybean meal. Sorry I can’t provide the link, but read this just a few days ago.

          • Yes I’ve noticed that too. Also when I cook bacon and drain the “fat” it stays oily/liquid instead of solidifying into that good solid white lard substance.

            • if you make your own bacon, you don’t have that problem. Most of the water leaches out during the salting/curing. Better also.

              • Check into American Guinea hogs. They are smaller than normal hogs. Very tame and easy to keep. I have a small electric fence for them. They have more marbling than the normal hogs too. A good preppers animal I think.
                Just and idea for anyone interested.

          • Soylent Green precursor?

          • Yes, I have. It lays in the tray in “strings’ and has an odd odor. I asked our butcher about it and he said it is injected with water then extruded through a machine which is why it looks like strings. He swears it’s safe, but it doesn’t cook right or smell right. I won’t buy it and, since I have some of my mother’s old kitchen equipment, I have bought roasts and ground them into hamburger myself. Food is not only expensive, it’s weirder than hell.

          • Yeah, most meat is “enhanced with an extra %15 solution”. Read the label. I don’t have a ton of money but I invested many hours of time after work working at my local organic farm for a substantial discount on my CSA. More importantly, I’ve built a good working relationship with them and they know they can count on me to work no matter what comes and have no problem “paying” me in locally produced organic food. Skills and networking will take you well beyond your food storage, I suggest cultivating both ASAP.

          • Npgh

            Go to Dixon Meats in Shelocta, that’s near Indiana PA if you don’t know. We buy our beef by the half. It’s black angus. Their Website is

          • Buy a small meat grinder, purchase the meat that has a “reduced” price label on it. Lean meat beef or pork, I set a price of $3.50/lb.Lean meat and cheaper prices. Family packs are the best deal and get to the store around 9am, most of the re-wraps are done by then.
            From an old Butcher..

        • We’re walking through the last pages of the Good Book. Quite possibly the first 3.5 years of Tribulation. Death, famine, plagues, wars rumors of wars and earthquakes. Seems like the front page of any local newspaper.

          Revelation 6:5-6
          5 When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds[a] of wheat for a day’s wages,[b] and six pounds[c] of barley for a day’s wages,[d] and do not damage the oil and the wine!”


          • whats your good book say about Revolution 5.56?

            • Revolution 5.56:
              “I looked and beheld a black rifle, it was of curious workmanship. Lo, and in the distance, I beheld a person carrying a black flag, with indecipherable writing on it, followed by a legion of slaves, all claiming to be servants of All’ah.”
              “I raised the black rifle, and it spoke, with fire and the crashing of thunder, and the slaves of All’ah fell down dead, and those who did not die, fled in sheer terror”.

              (sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation!)

              • Damn I tried pushing that thumbs up button a bunch of time but it only gave you one.

              • TPSnodgrass, that sounded rather original. Good one.

                • Braveheart

                  I have not posted in a long time. Just took a break from everything. Rarely watch the news anymore. Have looked in several times. Hope you have been great. Tell Be Informed I said hi and hope he has been great as well.

                  • Mike in VA, good to hear from you again. I’m doing great and still prepping. BI is still at the top of his game. Hope you’re coming back. I miss your posts.

              • And after the first round I walked to the animal dressed in black outfit and the black flag was red in his blood. He opened his eye looking at me and the black rifle moved to his forehead and I asked him do you want the rest of 28 remaining rounds fast or one at a time…and all he said was ….I was made by your ZOG and was paid by the king who walked hand in hand with all of your presidents. At that moment all 28 rounds released.

                • Stop wasting ammo!!!

              • TPS
                1000 Thumbs Up!!

              • and behold Big Brother poured forth from the bowl they call MSM and blinded and dumbed down all the people of the land ,and they cursed “The Black Gun” inso much as any that would partake of the black gun would be scrourged and delivered up to there death ,the nights were long ,the days grew cold ,a piece of bread could buy a bag of gold

            • At 2800fps!

              • Warface. More like Revolutions 5.56, chapter 62gr Green Tips, and the 3200 FPS passage, with a 7:1 Twist flash in the sky, that no man has seen before. Thou enemy shall drop to his knees and beg for mercy. Claiming he shall never sin again.

                • WWTI, that’s also a good one.

            • Don’t get hit and return the favor until neutralized.

              Beat that plowshare into a sword and use it.

          • It’s possible, but then again plenty of people throughout history have thought they were in the last days and were wrong. You have to live the duality. Prepare for the possibility of going through the great tribulation but also live your life. I see a form of Marxism in our future, but I also see that the path is made wide for some sort of totalitarian ruler to come in and easily win people’s trust. Perhaps it will be a mixture of both. Right now, most people either have never had faith in God or have their faith waning. Thus this lack of knowledge makes them easy prey for a messianic figure to come in a “solve” all their problems. Just look at the 2008 election to see proof of this.

            • Winston,kinda like my tired(tiring!)shopworn phrase,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.

          • Dad, I agree with you. I personally believe we’re in the days of the White Horse (Rise of Socialism), and on the verge of the days of the Red Horse (Worldwide War).

            Have you ever noticed the similarities between Matthew 24 and Revelation 6?

            Many will come saying “I am Christ” – – – White Horse
            Wars and rumors of wars – – – – – – – – – Red Horse
            Famines – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Black Horse
            Pestilences – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Pale Horse
            Persecution of the Church – Fifth Seal, Martyred Souls
            Earthquakes – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sixth Seal

            Between the Sixth and Seventh Seals is a significant occurrence – the 144,000 Jews are “sealed”. Immediately after this a great multitude appears in Heaven.
            I believe the great multitude is the rapture of the Church. The “sealing” of the 144,000 Jews prior to the rapture is because God is preparing his servants to take the place of the Church. For 2000 years, God has used the Church to reach the world; he is about to turn back to Israel to reach the world.

            Your opinion, Dad?

            • Revelation 6:8 (The Fourth Seal/Pale Horse) –

              1/4 of the earth’s population will die.

              And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

              The phrase “the beasts of the earth” literally means “diminutive creatures”, as in germs/bacteria/viruses.

              • Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26

                The prophesies and blessings refer to the Faithful, those who died faithful to the Old Covenant and those who die in the New Covenant. God NEVER promised to reward or bless those who reject him, blaspheme him, call His Blood down on their generations, and are described by God in Apocalypse 2:9 & 3:9. Quite the contrary, in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26, God was quite clear about the punishments he would heap on the faithless and wicked (See also: Leviticus 18:28; Numbers 14:23; Deuteronomy 4:26-27; 6:18; 7:12; Deuteronomy 30; Ezekiel 13:9; Jeremias 7:15; 29:13-14).

                It is true Christians who are today’s true Jews, the true New Israel, the true lineage of Abraham and Moses, the ones who are “blessed” in Abraham’s lineage in the Faith, the people of the New Covenant promised in Jeremias 31:31-32. (see also: 1 Peter 2 2:9-10; Galatians 3:6-8, and Romans chapter 4) As St. Paul explained, the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants are fulfilled in those in the Faith, not by those who reject the Faith, who connived the judicial murder of their Redeemer, who called His Blood down on themselves and their generations, who blaspheme Him today. (Galatians 3:6-8 and Romans Chapter 4, Matthew 27:25) DNA—whether real or phony— has NOTHING to do with God’s blessings today. See Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9 to understand who makes false claims to be God’s People.

              • St. Peter, chosen by God to head His Church on Earth, speaking to His Church, those who chose Jesus Christ:

                “But you are a chosen generation, a kingly priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people: that you may declare his virtues, who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light: Who in time past were not a people: but are NOW the people of God. Who had not obtained mercy; but now have obtained mercy.”
                1 Peter 2:9-10

            • The Israelites, specifically the House of David, were chosen (past tense) for the birth of their Messiah. The good Israelites accepted their Messiah and the New Covenant that was promised in Jeremias 31:31-32, a new covenant because the Israelites as a nation had “VOIDED” the Mosaic Covenant (see also Mark 7:8-9). The Mosaic Covenant was fulfilled and REPLACED by the New Covenant (Hebrews 7:18, Hebrews 8:1-13 quoting Jeremias 31:31-32, Hebrews 10:9, Colossians 2:14-15, 2 Corinthians 3:6-15). Those who chose their Messiah were the true New Israel, the true Jews in the lineage of Abraham and Moses.

          • Yeah, Yourdaddy, and the other day I saw 2 guys on a soap opera kissing, full mouth! I can’t believe the trash on TV… and I’ve seen females doing it too!

            • OOPS! beter watch what I say… I believe old Eisencrap is back (with different name- something about Acid… maybe “Acidhead?”) Anyhow, Eisencrap is gay and likes that sort of thing…

              • So….Eisencrap is a fudge-packer, eh?


                • Yep, reportedly lives up on “Gobblers Knob”.

                  • I always knew something was wrong with eisen but DAMNNNN!

                  • Says he doesent suck on them ,just lets them lay in his mouth ,i believe that still makes him gay

                  • How does this gratuitous potty mouth talk pass “moderation”? Moderation spikes articulate and referenced rebuttals, but allows such filth.

                    Who is “moderating” this blog? The culture-destroying, pornographer tribe?

                • You fucking guys are killing me!!!

                  …a pickle licker huh.

                  • Turd burgler, booty-hole bandit, anal assassin, rectum wrecker, brown-eyed eisenhower (he likes to carry a big stick), knob knawer, etc.

                  • Back when I was in school it was called “playing the meat flute” or “eating a tube steak.”

                  • Knob Gobbler.

          • The Great Tribulation doesn’t start until after the world leader signs a 7 year peace treaty with Israel.

            (Daniel 9:27 NIV) He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

            (Daniel 12:11-12 NIV) “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. {12} Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.

        • Read the free PDF Gruesome Harvest. You will then understand what controllers of countries can do to their populations through war and food control.

          Read up on the Bolshevik Russian Revolution, then read Gtuesome Harvest, then you will begin to understand what is in store for America.

          It is being played out in America as we speak. We are going to learn what it was like in the Bolshevik Revolution and in Germany after the war had been declared at an end. Oh ya, withholding and control of food will play a big part in what is planned for America.

          Dare to check up on what you have been misinformed by the MSM. It will shake you to the core.

          • Yeah, that all makes sense, Granny. They have taken away most of the jobs, put half the nation on foodstamps, SSI, or whatever… should be simple to kill us off that way. Take away the pensions, foodstamps and disability checks and people weaken, cannot fight back and have to acquiesce to their demands… really frightening!!

            Plus, old whats-his-face said that it used to be easier to control a million people than to kill them but nowdays its infinitely easier to kill a million people than it is to control them… oh, yeah, it was Brezinski, Obama’s security advisor who said that.

          • I have read up on Soviet history due to my heritage and find it fascinating. Most people in the US wonder why they chose the Bolsheviks over other options. There were actually several different groups fighting in the revolution, but only the Bolsheviks had a clear objective and goals for after the war. I think this is a large part of why they won. Most people were tired of war and wanted to have some certainty of what would come afterward. People always seek order over chaos, even if that order is despotic. This is why anarchists never win. (They were a force in both the October Revolution and the chaos in Germany in the 1920’s before the rise of the National Socialists.)

            • I’m also well-read on the Communist era, and agree 100%, Winston.

              I keep pointing out to some of the meatheads here that the Ukraine fighting isn’t inspired by some western CIA. There are still a few Ukrainians alive today who remember Holodomor, and even the children know about it. Their fraudulently elected President was selling the country out to Putin and Gazprom, and they didn’t like it.

            • Winston:

              Only the Bolsheviks had the backing of the Money Kings in New York City.

              • This is true, but there is more to the story than that. While it is important to follow the money trail while looking at history, it is also important to understand the other factors at play too.

          • Howdy, Granny. Right after our wedding, on the 2nd day of our honeymoon, my new bride broke down and told me about her life under Castro’s nightmarish rule in Cuba. She told me things that absolutely blew me away. She lost part of her family to Castro’s goons. Those revelations made me more opposed to communism than anything else could have. I know the NWO has the same things in store for this land. We have to stand up and fight, even if there’s no chance of victory. I will NOT die on my knees begging anyone for mercy.

            • Hi Braveheart:

              Hearing first hand how a despot came to power in Cuba and what he did to keep control must be a chilling tale you will never forget.

              Reading the two PDF’s I have listed in the last two subjects stands my hair on end; to say the least.

              I know you have followed a lot of links that posters have provided so you have a good indication of what the people of this Republic, America, is in for.

              Ferguson is just a start up spark, that is the way a revolution starts. The imported commie revolutionaries will be sent to every riot that is coming our way.

              Pity how few people can see the writing on the wall. It would behoove anyone interested to look at Revelation in the Bible ro see how this mess is going to play out.

              You are going to need your sidekick “Bertha”. I will be glad to know when you say you are safe in Georgia. You will have family there to rely on.

              Stay safe my friend.

              • We hate Christianity and the Christians. Even the best amongst them must be considered as our worst enemies. … Down with love of our neighbours. What we need is hatred. We must learn to hate: this is they way in which we will conquer the world.”

                USSR’s 1933 New Anti-Religious Manual in Hill, Kent R. The Puzzle of the Soviet Church. An Inside Look at Christianity & Glasnost. Multnomah Press, Oregon. 1989, page 92.

                Once you understand WHO the Bolsheviks were, you begin to understand their satanic policies. Naturally the tribe and their accomplices are the ones who point their fingers at others for “hate.” Hypocrites!

          • When your starving you’ll swear allegiance to whatever flag is flying.

            • Not all …only rednecks.

              • Do you even know where the term “redneck” originated. You ought to look that up and learn something. Unionized labor who fought a war on US Soil to gain their independence from corrupt business practices. Only private war ever waged on US soil.

        • There is an end game.
          Trash the global economy.
          Contract the suburban sprawl.
          Watch Detroit.
          Then when all is bad.
          Off a rail line… spring up a new China style city.
          Small apartments, parks, public transit to the factory or office.
          No BBQ, guns or cars.

          In a way…they have to go after this model as the planet cannot support everyone driving an SUV to work. I just put $60 into my car and the wife’s.

          I’m not saying I like or support it.

          It’s just the reality that they know of.

          When you are starving and hungry.. a nice FEMA style apt. commie block apt. and three squares seems nice.

          It will work long-term.

          They underestimate us all.

          The smart ones… have a wall of dried grains and beans.
          Guns and ammo.
          We can hold out.
          We have safe’s full of silver to cash in to pay the property tax.
          I figure I could hold out for about a year if I had to.

          The real fear is a pandemic they will engineer.
          Too many souls on the planet.

          The boomers will die off in time.
          History will record them as the reason for the fall of America.
          They sold off the factories.
          Churches are for sale.

          Things are changing.

          Also… everyone is maxed on credit …Walart is having issues.

          • Safe full of silver to pay the property tax?!Uh,fuck that noise,at that point the tax collector may be the next dinner!

            • Warchild, I doubt that in any post-SHTF scenario any tax collectors will be alive, never mind trying to collect a property tax or any kind of tax for that matter.

        • …and what?…over 150 million on food assistance brother!

          To those of you who think your republican status means shit and that your vote can change things, wtfu.

          Accept the fact that the takers boned us producers…now it is time to wait patiently to get even…or our kids and grandkids are toast.

          Hey brother, I’m cold-packin tomatoes as I type…I be stashin grub like a mofo!

          as always…”don’t go down without…aw u know the rest.

          • “Stashin grub like a mofo”. Yes, that’s what a true prepper does. I’m the same way and still doing so.

          • We just finished the third batch of fig preserves this week. And the trees are still full. We have a friend down the road who can’t stand figs but has a yard full of them. We are helping him out by removing his ripe ones every other day.

          • Lastman, like that line “I be stashin grub like a mofo!” Gonna adopt that one. Weve been canning green beans, mater sauce, salsas, and this past week did our own tomato meat sauce with maters, onions, peppers, and beef. Stashin grub like a mofo.

            Nothing as good as growing your own. Maybe well get a cow next. We always get w/ a local farmer for our beef. We order a side and we freeze most but can some. Also give some to the kids to use. The wife gets all the giveaway bones for beef broth that she cans up.

            A good prep is a pressure canner and the basic how to guide that comes w/ it. There may come a time when none of us will have cold storage and well need to put back some meats. Learn to use it now in controlled conditions because canning outside w/ an open flame will be different but its doable.

            • Wife making sketti-sauce as I type…fresh maters, peps, garlic, onion, basil all cookin on the stove.

              Got early apples to deal with later today…fresh sauce and pie filling.

              Mo pickles, beets, green beans this weekend as well.

              It is cold and rainy here in the Rockies. Good canning weather. We have received lots of rain lately and a great chance for more over the next few…then into the 80’s by mid week…that means a onslaught of maters.

              Counting our blessings.

              • Delighting in the fact there are still a few sensible people in Colorado. Am so happy you’ve had rain. Our part of Ohio has been wonderfully cool this summer, but we’re dry so have carried a lot of well water to the garden. Your canned good will taste wonderful this winter!

            • Now she’s make Babba-ganooosh?!? wtf! (not taking the time to spell check it)

              Hummus like stuff made from our eggplants.

              Asked her, “Honey, if I eat that stuff, it’s not going to make me a pacifist is it?”

              her reply…”no chance of that EVER happening honey”

              Just checking…”don’t go down without…

            • This is why I can, almost exclusively, except for corn. Our section of very rural Ohio doesn’t have really reliable electricity during storms and during winter. I bought a Volcano stove last year and am practicing canning food on it, since we may, someday, not have electricity at all. We also have no access to natural gas in our area, so I have to can on a ceramic top electric stove which is definitely not recommended. So far, so good, but I figure I better come up with a way to preserve what we have under any circumstances. If our electricity goes away for good, I hope it’s in winter so I can shove the frozen corn into a snow bank then can it on the Volcano. As long as the canner has a good pressure gauge, it will be safe but am sure I’ll be watching it every second.

              • Vicky we have a rocket stove and you can do pressure canning w/ one. Im thinking youll be successful w/ a volcano stove.Not much difference bet the 2 stoves.
                Do a search and youll find vids on volcano stoves and canning. Probably wont be long before most of us will see how unreliable the e-grid is anymore.

        • Math so simple even government types can figure it out. …and plan for it.

        • No point to complain, either you are ready or you have to fight for your life when SHTF so
          A- our entire muscle system, intestinal and other organs use Glycogen to work which is made by your liver using Sugar, driven from starch. So starch based food is your most essential type of food you need.
          B- You would also need protein for replacing the dying cells, but the need for protein is not as much as Starch based food unless you are in growing age.
          C- D vitamin is the most essential vitamin which your own body produces if you are exposed to more than 15 min of sunlight ,
          Result: In the SHTF situation where you may not have Electricity ,Running water, Refrigerator and so forth, One would need to supply him/her self with A and B type food thar does not need refrigeration. And here is the list of them. Just soak them in water for 2 to 3 hours if you may not have the mean to cook them, and live to see another day.
          Rice – lentil – all kind of Beans – Coconut powder – Can food and other type that you may find more usefull to you. Remember there would be no Elecricity or anticipate not to have it, and no Gas. Now if you have enough of them you would be less harmed than those folks who like mad crowd try to attack the grocery store which would be Empty in one Hour anyway.
          Work on it, it gives you peace of mind and if the S did’nt hit fan you eat it anyways.

        • Where do you people get these bullshit stories? Everything is a conspiracy unless of course the Joos did it which is even worse. Prepping site? Mostly left wing politics.

          • JohnWw

            Nuts. Hot Nuts.
            You get them anyway you can.
            Nuts. Hot Nuts.
            You get them from the Peanut Man.

          • JohnWw, what kind of drugs are you on? there’s no commies on this site except for the trolls.

        • Damn.

          Reading that article made me hungry.

        • Food riots….reminds me of the beginning scene in the movie “Running Man”. It’s going to be very nasty!

      2. I’m hoping that we don’t have to eat our stored food during the coming hyperinflation that’s coming before the collapse.

        We have some money saved in the form of gold and silver. I’m not sure how far that will go. PM prices will eventually explode but so far for 2014 they aren’t keeping up with food prices.

        • Barn Cat, I had to eat a lot of my stored food this past winter during an emergency situation, and its really amazing how fast the food goes! Now, when I get extra money, I realize I have to store up A WHOLE LOT MORE than I had before!!!

          • Anon,you saw though the value in having supplies though,shtf can be also a personal temporary set back that if prepared for what may come down the road also means prepared for other contingencies.

          • That’s what you put it by for, an emergency.

          • looks like you will be screwed if anything happens soon. What are you a poverty case that you could not afford to eat? Apply for an EBT card. Why not? All the dirt bags do. Get some while there is still something to get. Time is running out.

      3. The Correct Way to Spell Potato:

        If GH can stand for P as in hiccough,
        If OUGH can stand for O as in dough,
        If PHTH can stand for T as in phthisis,
        If EIGH can stand for A as in neighbour,
        If TTE can stand for T as in gazette,
        If EAU can stand for O as in plateau,

        Then the correct way to spell potato would be:


        • Potatoe

          don’t forget the ‘e’ remember….

          • Hey, eppe and dan quayle,

            I am confused.

        • Hayseed Dixie: She was skinny when I met her….

          ht tps://

      4. I got my basis covered but I know that 99.3 % of America does not and that will impact me sooner or later.

        To the dim witted 99.3 % of you out there who refused to believe all this was coming down I say:

        Die! Die! Die!

        Let Darwin sort it out.


        • Went camping over the weekend with some friends and cousins and someone said they know where there headed if something happens and I said you better bring a months worth of food or something to the table or you might get shot. You should have seen the faces drop. Lol

          • I have said the same thing with the same reactions. In the past I was the “guy with too many guns and a weirdo who stores food and firewood” now with this whole Ferguson and ISIS thing, the naysayers are asking questions.

            • Good,help em get started.I know many sick of family/friends not prepping when they can financially,tis that mental line many times that makes folks hesitate.I have gotten friends and family to consider and actually agree things could natural/manmade get real tough,they actually have prepped in ways and help where I can.I wish I and my family/friends all had Grizzly Adams lifestyle skills with a special ops combat tour or two under belts but guess what,we do what we can.The one good thing that can come out of bad news is more folks willing to try and ready themselves/family.With this in mind,remember,the smalls add up!Sorry,been awhile since I said that though!

          • I’ve been telling a good friend of mine to stock up on food and other preps, including a firearm and ammo, for seven years now. At first, he’d just tell me that I had gone off the deep end. After a couple of years when the subject came up, he’d say that he didn’t like rice and beans. I responded that he’d eat them and be thankful, if he was hungry enough. Lately, when I ask him if he’s put any food aside, he tells that he’s planning on coming to my house, if things get bad. I tell him not to unless he’s bringing a years worth of food with him. He says, “you mean you’d turn me away”. I tell him in a heart beat because I’ve been telling you get it together all of this time and you’ve done nothing, so why should I be responsible for keeping you alive, when it’s going to be a struggle just for me and mine?

            He still doesn’t believe I’d turn him away. Boy, is he in for a big surprise.

            • Navy Vet, I agree. I stopped talking to people years ago about prepping. They all gave the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ stare. Someone even told me to get out of the deep end. When the balloon finally goes up, they’ll all shit on themselves.

              • Navy/Brave,have actually taken friends and family shopping for longer term foods and other items,tis annoying but don’t give up on em,they do come around and is a nice feeling when they do and you helped out.My best plan that got folks thinking/and acting was buy what you would eat long term lasting wise in bulk,save money that way and hedge against inflation,don’t give up,tis what friends/family are for.

                • Warchild, my beloved sold me on prepping when she was alive and I’ve never regretted it for one minute. Best advice I ever received from anyone. I’ve been through a number of personal SHTF events and ALWAYS had a good supply of food on hand. Never went hungry one time. Never went crying, ‘Where’s the government?’ or any of that BS. I came out of each and every one of those situations smelling like a rose. I’m a survivor. It’s so sad that most other people ridicule us for advising them to prepare for adverse situations, but that is on them. It’s all that any of us can do to take care of ourselves and our own loved ones. There’s no way any of us can be responsible for anyone else’s families. Those people who refuse to prep have already signed their own death warrants. They just won’t realize it until it’s too late to do anything about it.

              • What too many folks seem to either ignore or are too dumbed down by fuzzy-touchy-feely type fraud preachers spew of today is that…in the Very Beginning of the bible, Genesis book, when God discovered what Eve and the Serpant had done by disobeying Gods command. God Punished both and placed a Never ending Curse upon Satan the serpand/devil.

                That curse states “God: And I will put Enmity(division and hatred) between You(the satan serpant) and the Women(Eve)…AND….Enmity between Your “seeds” (offspring aka decendants of the serpant) AND the Seeds of the Woman(Eves true decendants).

                THEN in the New Testement when Jesus Christ was speaking to various folks in the crowd He also stated …

                Jesus Christ: “Do NOT think that I have come to create peace…For I have Not…But RATHER, I have come as if bearing a HUGE Sword with which to DIVIDE the Whole Earth(the entire earth populations of humans) into Two Halves”.

                Therefore it is very ironic to keep seeing so many self proclaimed christian folk, constantly promoting the same falsehood’s of the typical Kommie liberal marxist agenda’s of….”We ALL need to act as One!” or “Why Can’t We ALL just come together to fight the problems/govnt’s etc”?….And several more versions of that same phony agenda. For if these folks will simply take it Serious that Both God the Father And Jesus Christ told Us at the very beginning of and near the very End of the entire Bible, that as Per Their plan and God-agendas, there can be No such, will never be any such, “come together as One” type plan ever to reach fruition period.

                That word God spoke was “Enmity” it means HATRED, Hatred Of the Other “Half” aka the decendants Of Satans Seed as God said it…Maybe if the deluded by fuzzy feely, goody touchy all get along as one bunch, would finally comprehend this major impediment to ever reaching their “goals” of One peoples all acting in unison, and somehow it will finally be the main “Cure” to America’s and the world’s Ills etc…

                Then they too will stop wasting so much time promoting a falied from the start agenda eh…No human nor a “group-think” of many humans are ever going to change that Curse God has placed upon Satan AND All of satans(serpant) Seed’s aka decendants…Therefore a much Better expenditure of these deluded folks energys and actions would be far better served if they were to instead switch their focus upon…Determining just WHO are these Satanic Human devils in the Flesh?…Which “Tribe” constantly proves by 3500+ years of history now to be That Curses decendant’s?

                Bolsheviks certainly fit that bunch of devil-kids eh. As do Khazar Zionist’s also. The actual documented historic Fact’s of most of what has happened since God placed that curse upon Satan the serpant, And All of His Future decendants(begin with Cain) are very easy today to research thanks to the internet capabilities we all have access to.

                Once one comprehends this fact and Act of God, plus the things spoken by Christ regards this issue, it becomes eaiser to understand most of what and whys of whats going on today and has gone on for many, many centuries past already. And at some point, it is all going to culminate in a true End Game scenario, which God’s agenda as well as Christ’s and His many “Clues” to it all that are recorded in the Bible New Testement books. Will prove out as true and Final.

                And a good winner Bet or Wager is certain to be that when Christ said “Rather I came bearing a HUGE sword with which to DIVIDE the earth into TWO Halves(division of Humans into Two Camps…#1-His Righteous ones and decendants of the Woman of Genesis…VS…#2-The Wicked evil doers who constantly strive and endevor to keep doing as Christ also stated they will do when he told the Pharisee rabbis and all of their followers(jews) that…

                “You are of Your father Satan, and his LUSTS You Will Do!”

                What did Jesus Christ go on to state are those sataniic devil LUSTS?…”For he(satan) was a LIAR-THIEF-MURDERER! and Has been such Ever since the Beginning”! Beginning aka Genesis garden of eden, where Eve and the satan serpant did a whole lot’s More than simply eat some “apple like fruit” of a forbidden tree of knowledge of Good and Evil”

                Ever since that era every generation of Us and Our ancestors has faced the same type Satanic Lusts played out again and again and BY the Same Tribe of serpant decendants…Figure out Who that group or tribe really is Today…And Bingo! You then realize most every former mystery and biblical non understanding etc is Now so easy to comprehend that you wonder why it took so long for YOU to awaken from your prior deluded state, which was likley caused by one or more of those fraud falsehood teachers who call themselves “Pastors & preachers&Teachers” Today.

                Learn these Truths and facts and it all comes together like puzzle pieces…Then Dump such type pastors pronto and be sure you Tell them Why you reject them!(thats If the pastors refuses to himself wake up and see the true Light of real Christ Truths). Ok go Rub that sand from your long sleeping eyes and research these issues well.

                OR, continue in these phony All act as One agendas invented by the orig Talmudic Bolshevik kommies and Frankfurt School Marxist swindlers…And remain on that Losing side of God and History and that Serpant satanic decendant side…There Are even More Non tribe, Non satan decendant gentiles who strive to assist those God cursed with Enmity, then there are actual serpant seeds…Do You really wish to continue as one of those Dupes?

                You cannot serve Two masters eh…God says That also. You can bet your last dollar that None of them satan serpant seed tribe serve God…So why should you ever assist them type doers of their father satans Lusts of Lie-steal-Murder(or defend and support then for doing it always, thats as bad and as Guilty as the bad actors are).

            • Navy Vet. Just email him the Video of the “3 little pigs.” Itsa 1930’s Prepper Video. Its some information that small pee-brains can absorb in cartoon fashion.

              I too have an Ex Friend, that when I said he better start stocking up on food, canned and bags of rice, etc, cause trouble is coming. He poo poos me.. He said, “He likes to eat fresh food.” And he heavily depends on his refrigerator and freezer. I finally told him that when SHTF don’t plan on coming over. He has also failed to purchase a single firearm to defend his house or neighborhood. He is F*cked. He needs to step up to the plate and be a man. BTW/ We have not spoken to each other since last Feb. lol

              For all your best interests to all of you out there; better start weening yourselves off of these loser people who do not plan and ignore the signs. Cause no doubt, the first sign of trouble, they will be at your front door with their family, begging for help. Then what? Sorry Pale I warned you a thousand times. Now beat it!!

              • I also told another guy friend that he too better get a firearm for SHTF. His response, was… “I don’t believe in Violence!!” No kidding. So he can plan on getting his ass beat and robbed daily. Maybe it will finally click after a few beatings…, but then it will be to late. He’s another Guy who needs to step up to the plate and be a Man. That’s what this Society’s Liberal Pussification of Men has done to this country. Useless. He doesn’t even own any tools and kept calling me up to borrow some. I finally started just saying no. I no longer loan out any tools.

                • WWTI, excellent advice. I’ve already been reducing my contacts with losers all I can for several years now, but they sure are hard to avoid. If/when they come to my door, they are SOL.

                • I had a sticker on my roll-away that said:

                  “Don’t ask to borrow my tools, and I won’t ask to borrow your wife.”

          • I’ve heard similar things from people.

            I just say,

            “Bring ASSETS”…

            That stops them in their tracks, and they get a “oh, shit!” look on their faces.

        • And this coming from a guy that has his ‘basis’ covered instead of his bases…

          • I have a brother in law who believes tghe same thing as your friend Navy Vet. He just doen’t get it. I have tried to explain to him, he is big on insurance, that my preps are an insurance policy I have bought in the case of an emergency. I asked him if he got into a car wreck and recieved a settlement would he give me part of it?

            The problem is very few people think there ia even a possibility that some time in our lives there will be no government to back them up or bail them out. These same people refuse to look at history and see where goverments have all failed at one time or another leaving the population to fend for itself.

            It’s back to basis for me. 🙂 Hi Eisenshit


            • BigB, I’m the same way. I’ve been fending for myself since my wife died. I can do it in my sleep.

        • BigB…the earth will assuredly sort all of this out in the not so distant future.

          Violently and painfully.

      5. BUT…we are Americans…that won’t happen here.

        • The problem here is simple,folks do not want to think about things going south,a real mental block/denial.I can understand that to a large degree,is not pleasant to think about and actually prepare for with goods/supplies/more knowledge/skills ect.The folks I got going do not have hardened bunkers/a rifle squad ect.,but they do have some food supplies/basic self defense and basic med supplies,tis a start and gives em at least a chance.I also believe once the mental barrier broken they start to prep themselves in other ways,thinking,what is offered in area game/plant wise,reusing items they already own for completely new uses in tougher times ect.,and that is the kind of mindset with some basic preps that can make the difference.

        • With the current legal and illegal immigration situation this country has maybe ten years to remain somewhat as we know it. It will be tearing it self apart in the not too distant future. Watched a video put out by former Border Patrol officers and it is scary. AFBPO.Com

      6. Back in the 80s, I knew military families who were on food stamps and other assistance. Even further back, I knew men who had come home from Vietnam with PTSD and were left to defend to themselves and were a trauma to the whole neighborhood who didn’t know how/when/why they would snap so this is nothing the Obama administration caused. After seeing so many Vets with PTSD and wondering why, even as a child, why the government didn’t do anything to aid them after their discharge from the service, I KNEW I never wanted to have anything to do with an organization that treated people in such a way.

        • Most military now are better compensated than their civilian counterparts especially when the have a little time and rank. Try being someone with only a HS diploma starting out today and now Obama wants to issue 800,000 more work visas.

      7. I don’t even buy red meat anymore due to the price. I have to be happy with chicken and pork. Good thing I like both. I live in FL and even the fresh fish is expensive.

        I guess I shouldn’t complain…at least I’m able to buy food and every week when I shop a couple more can goods to add to my prepping supplies.

        • Hi neighbor! The only fresh fish I eat is what I catch. Insanely overpriced! Be safe!
          Standing ready in Daytona

          • @Daytona….I’m about 2 hours south of you. I use to fish a lot when I had a boat. Always had a freezer full of fish. Now I haven’t been fishing in a long time. I think it’s time to start again.

        • jbird do not forget that China bought out Smithfield largest pork producer in the US.They will ship all the good stuff to china and ship the trash they raise over there back to us markets.Mostly wal- marts.

          • @Tacoma…Thanks for reminding me about Smithfield. Need to start looking at where the pork is coming from. Most of the frozen fish is also coming from China. I don’t buy any frozen fish though.

            • Do NOT buy any Tilapia from Asia or any other Chinese fish. It is pond-raised, meaning a shallow muddy pit containing water and fish into which the village offal and trash is thrown by way of food.

      8. And to think 42% of Americans (all dems) think we are heading in the right direction and that we are recovering from 2008. And those people still have the right to vote. Go figure?

      9. Don’t worry about it! For the first week they’ll just be stealing liquor and sneakers. Be sure and get yours. Trekker Out.

        • Had to laugh thinking about one of eppe’s jokes in a past comment, about the poor lady and the vaccum salesman, when he dump the horse manure on the floor and the old ladies electricity had been turned off. Can you imagine when the SHTF and the golden horde steals all those big screen TV’s and lugs them home and there’s no electricity. Trekker Out.

          • No electricity for 2 years

            • No electricity for 2 years = The Great Culling!!

            • I can do No electricity for 2 years, just fine. I’m just about set up for it.

          • Sorta like all the dummies around here with grid tie solar with no storage,
            They THINK they will have electric when the grid fails, anyone who has done installations knows different though, most of those inverters dont even work if there is no utility side voltage sensed and cant even be switched to provide power unless there is power on the utility side,

            • Brah..maybe a visit to Kauai and burn that GMO corn field…jus saying..aloha

              • Pass, i like my freedom, criminal property damage goes against my grain

                • Besides,
                  Monsanto has more acerage here on maui than Oahu and Kauai combined

                  • Fo’ real, brah?

                    Monsanto get plenty land on Maui? No ways. You sure, dat?

                  • Free

                    “We treat our friends more better over here”


                  • “auwe no ho’i” (ow-weh noh ho-[short pause]-ee) or “alas, not again”. Both terms are used in desperation or disappointment, much like the times when one would say “it is what it is” or “it happens”, or even “Oh my God!”

                  • I thought Monsanto was one of Hawaiian Islands.

            • I almost did that.
              I backed out at the very last minute of a deal after i got the numbers($) and found out ‘no storage’ as you said.
              kind of bummed out the sales man.
              I’ll build may own system.
              More fun that way!

              • Same here, researched the systems pretty well,( 6 yrs as electrician) can do it way cheaper and way better than the contractor, they priced it at about 65k but would run everything as is, unless no sun or… I want storage, monitors and alarm relays to warn of low system and auto start a generator, dont care about the grid, they were pushing the tax breaks and couldnt understand why i didnt care about that crap, stand alone, only way to go.

              • ditto…over 40k for me and it would only give me half of what we got now…and we live pretty frugally.

                • Damn man thats pretty pricey. You can do your own system off grid style for about 12K with 2000 watts of panels, 12 L-16 batteries, 3500 watt pure sine inverter, 80 amp mppt controller, misc. wiring and mounting hardware. Most systems I install are half or less than contractors prices. Plenty of how too info on the net. Add a grid tie inverter so you can make use of the panels when not in off grid mode… 🙂

                  • Thanks for the info G…I’ll take all I can get as I get serious about my quest to “getter done”.

                  • lastman, If your serious I can post some links to very good equipment at good prices. If your going to do it on your own just remember this.. STAY AWAY FROM TROJAN BATTERIES AND XANTREX INVERTERS. I have had nothing but problems with these. U.S. Battery and outback are great I have had no issues. Midnight solar makes a great controller and combiner box. I’m off to the mountains for a while tommorrow so let me know 🙂

                  • Enjoy you trip and please send me that info when you are safely home.

                    There is so much crap info out there and I can’t waste my time looking at it all. I have an extremely knowledgable solar-wise electrician helping me.


      10. Good news although off-topic:

        The Story: Two Christian missionaries working for Samaritan’s Purse who had contracted the Ebola virus while ministering to patients in West Africa were released from an Atlanta hospital after making a full recovery.

        The Background: Last month, Dr. Kent Brantly was at ELWA hospital in Liberia helping treat victims of Ebola when he contracted the deadly virus. Fellow missionary Nancy Writebol, who helped decontaminate protective gear worn by health care workers when they treated patients, was also infected. Both Americans were flown back to the United States in a specially equipped private plane to receive treatment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

        Both Writebol and Brantly received doses of an experimental drug, ZMapp, and Brantly had received a blood transfusion in Liberia from a teenager who survived Ebola infection. But when asked if those treatments aided the missionaries’ recovery, Dr. Bruce Ribner, leader of the Emory infectious disease team, said: “The honest answer is, we have no idea.”

        The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says both patients have recovered and pose no health risk to the public.

        Writebol, who has not spoken to reporters since being released two days earlier, is spending private time with her family. Brantly said Writebol asked him to “share her gratitude” for the medical care and prayers they received. “All she could say was, ‘To God be the glory,’ ” Brantly said. Brantly made a brief statement to reporters before leaving to spend time with his family.

        Excerpts from Dr. Brantly’s statement: ““I did not know then, but I have learned since, that there were thousands, maybe even millions of people around the world praying for me throughout that week, and even still today. And I have heard story after story of how this situation has impacted the lives of individuals around the globe—both among my friends and family, and also among complete strangers. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and your support. But what I can tell you is that I serve a faithful God who answers prayers.

        “Through the care of the Samaritan’s Purse and SIM missionary team in Liberia, the use of an experimental drug, and the expertise and resources of the health care team at Emory University Hospital, God saved my life—a direct answer to thousands and thousands of prayers.

        “I am incredibly thankful to all of those who were involved in my care, from the first day of my illness all the way up to today—the day of my release from Emory. If I tried to thank everyone, I would undoubtedly forget many. But I would be remiss if I did not say thank you to a few. I want to thank Samaritan’s Purse, who has taken care of me and my family as though we were their own family. Thank you to the Samaritan’s Purse and SIM Liberia community. You cared for me and ministered to me during the most difficult experience of my life, and you did so with the love and mercy of Christ.

        Above all, I am forever thankful to God for sparing my life and am glad for any attention my sickness has attracted for the plight of West Africa in the midst of this epidemic.”


        Giving thanks to God and the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. Wow. Who woulda thunk it?


        • A lot of people from this community and a lot of others prayed unremittingly for his recovery. It was nice to see him proclaim publicly the Lord’s roll in his recovery.

      11. In 1930, 38% of the people lived on the farm. 90% of the people still had a connection to the farm yet during the 10 year period between 1930-1940 we lost approximately 7 million people from diseases caused by malnutrition.

        Today only 2% of the population is considered farmers with the majority having No connection to the farm.

        In 1959 the US farmer produced enough food and fiber to feed the world an estimated 5 times. Today we import approximately 1/3 of our food.

        Do to vertical integration and consolidation due to government policy driven by Banks and major corporations the USA is now dependant on outside sources for a large part of its food supply.

        If we have any major shortages or disruptions in our food supply or distribution system we will see chaos in the streets.

        While the solution seems simple; we just start farming and gardening the problem is Farming and gardening is a learned skill. It’s a solution that will take time to implement.

        Our best hope is to prepare now while food is still available.

        • You are EXACTLY correct FreeIllinios. Raising food is a definite skill that comes with experience, not a pack of seed. Lots of “preppers” have these stores of “heirloom” seed, and have never raised the first tomato. Don’t have the tools, don’t have the ground prepared, nothing….just some stored seeds and they think they are good to go.

          Right NOW, tools and prep material ( sand for heavy clay soils, animal manures, other soil amendments like leaves, compost, etc ) are CHEAP….because the fuel to haul them to you is still cheap. In the future, that may not be.

          We have been raising food for 40 years, and learn something new every single season. Right now, we raise about 75% of what we eat, including all vegetables, most fruit (bananas and citrus are the exception….they don’t grow in our climate), and pretty much all our meat…..beef, pork, chicken, fish (including processing from live to in the freezer or canning jar).

          This last year, we’ve built greenhouses to extend our growing season to all year (cool weather crops like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, etc in dead of winter ).

          Also raised out first oats and oilseed sunflower crop this year ( for oatmeal/etc, and for cooking oil from the sunflower seed )

          • @ TnAndy,
            Sounds like a pretty great life.
            You’re doin’ it right.

          • TnAndy you sound like some of the ole timers we used to have years ago when I was a kid, I like that!

            I have farmed for 38 years now and still make mistakes and learn something new all the time. My biggest lesson seems to be I cant do the things I could do 30-40 years ago.

            I was one of the 600,000 small hog farmers that got put out of business in 1998-2000. I miss the hogs but not the low pay and headaches

            TnAndy I am finding that people like you and I can take an old piece of equipment and if we can find parts, repair it and go to the field.

            Youngsters today can operate the equipment providing the GPS works.

            I rode around with a young man in a Cat Challenger 2 years a go that played with the push button shifter the whole time trying to go 8-1/2 mph pulling a 40ft tool bar.

            I think if he had to plow with a JD 2 banger traveling at the break neck speed of 2mph he would have quit.

            I agree with you on the subject of people buying seeds that have never planted a garden nor do they have the tools to prepare a seed bed.

            A lot of good people are going to be in trouble and sadly I don’t know if there is time to help them.

        • A lot of those people had plenty to eat, just not the right foods. Many of them died from pellagra, mostly because a high percentage of their diet was corn. Corn lacks niacin and tryptophan. The Indians knew how to process corn (nixtamalization), but they didn’t tell all the white people. Look up hominy on Wikipedia.

          • Thanks Archivist!

      12. Uncle FEMA will feed me,
        Why worry, theres 195 channels on my cable box, the computer is the smartest thing since anything, and the US government is the best!

        • It would ppear that the plan is: if you can’t make the computers smarter (artificial intelligence)… you CAN make people dumber (actual stupididty).

          Then they computers look REALLY smart all of a sudden 😀

          • All those typos…



            See! That’s my point… HAHA!

        • Go Away, ‘baitin.

          • Heh!

        • Kula, now that’s some SERIOUS sarcasm.

          • I am not addicted to my computer. I can put Gumby down and walk away anytime….

        • Yeah, kulafarmer, let’s hear it for the great Amurricans! Televised sports and reality TV keep the lemmings entertained, we got plenty of chickens stuffed in the warehouses to provide those nutritious chicken McNuggets for the kids, we have Starbux everywhere.

          And the CHURCHES will work with FEMA to assist in relocating and transporting their sheep to those nice little camps. Yeah, give them the verses from Romans 13 and tell the doubters and dissidents to pipe down in the back row. Or else…

          An executive with a college education told his friends (at a table next to ours) that Social Security has a surplus of money, and it will be there when they retire. Nobody laughed and no one challenged him, and these folks were engineers, who usually have a grasp of mathematics(!)

      13. better start my chicken coop this week and not next week….

      14. Dunkin Donuts by me had a sign on the door that said that prices on most of the food would be increasing on August 24, 2014. I do not eat there often as I try to eat mostly organic food and food that I grow. I will check out the prices in a few days. Looks like food price increases (noticeable, huge, etc…)has begun.

      15. And with cops like this who needs enemies ?
        all this is doing is making it easier when the S hits , or is he too stupid to realize that?
        someone needs to remind him that if he decides to act like this in real life his head appears the same as ours does in a scope, and if there is an issue in his town someone better hand cuff this bastard to the grill of his cruiser , cause you know he isnt getting reprimanded for this

        ht tp://

        • Officer Matthew Papper.. remember that name

          • There should be a website with a list of names of people and what they are guilty of. It should go all the way to the top and all the way down the list to the smallest governments. Family members should be named and places where they have bought homes and lands outside of the nation or within, so that when the time comes they can be brought to face charges and stand trial and be corrected, or executed. Don’t let them escape to Argentina or whatever other nation they think they can run to for cover. Bring them to justice!

            • Carlos. You can start with the list of those in Congress..

      16. People should start making prank phone calls like “It’s 10 O’Clock do you know where your food storage is???”

      17. “What does this say about an administration which uses our soldiers to defend the nation and then kicks them to the curb by denying their VA health benefits as the government also starves their families because they cannot survive on what we pay our soldiers? This is disgraceful, but it is the Obama fundamental transformation of America way!”

        This is the American way in general.

        You think our employers are any better about this???

        Which is astounding given that they won’t have a market for their products very very soon (who’s gonna buy them?), but I guess when you are stuck playing financial “chicken” with 5 other competitors who are major a&%holes about this, you got two choices. Join the a&^hole brigade, or go out of business and lay everyone off right now…

        Hey as an aside.

        That whole Ferguson thing. I’ve never heard of a riot “importing” protestors before.

        We just p*ssed off Putin.

        Coincidence? I’m beginning to really wonder. Really. McCarthy wasn’t exactly wrong, you know…

        • ” McCarthy wasn’t exactly wrong, you know…”

          • Mcdave

            Just a few years off. :0)

        • People have been imported for riots for many years. When I was in high school in NC, there was a race riot. In the middle of it, a bus with a Florida license plate pulled up and unloaded a bunch of people with bats and other weapons to pass out. This was on a Monday, and school was out for a week.

        • What the hell does Putin have to do with a bunch of blacks looting their own neighborhood?

          • Russia would’ve crushed that almost immediately.

      18. People have been told for years to put food away! What more can you do. People will starve, and it is a shame. God generally helps those who help them self!
        Leaches and Zombies will go nuts when the EBNT cards won’t work. The big cities will burn. I thank God I live in the country.
        keep Prepping!
        Food, Water, Medical stuff, Firearms, Ammo, Night vision, Silver and Gold.

      19. When hard times come, people get to hustlin. I’ve always gauged the spirit of America(Economy, political, etc.) on how many prostitutes I see on the street. I’ve never seen this many, even compared to the late 60’s when I started looking. There are women who look like they belong in College. Very good looking women, along with what looks like house wives and Sunday school teachers. WOW! The shit is getting deeper and deeper by the day. It’ gonna hit the fan, but in the mean time it’s just growing into one big pile all around it. Better start getting prepared to sell something to eat! Whatever that something is, you better perfect it and make it work for you! The people asleep will wake up to nothing and those that are awake and alert have the opportunity now! To do something to make sure you stay alive when the time comes. If you have daughters and good looking wives, you might just be one of those that gets to eat. The men better get some skills quick, learn something that can make you money even in bad times. Learn all the same things that those people used back in the 30’s. Budweiser will be too expensive, people will want to get wasted. Also if you know how to grow weed or hemp, or know how to make a good batch of meth, you might be the next superhero in your neighbourhood. Those with military background, you might want to start getting others like yourselves and offering protective services for those around you in exchange for whatever you like. Me, I don’t have shit anymore, my holes are all old or dead. I can’t do much anymore, but I have my own way out of this shit! One hollow point .45 to the inside of my mouth should do it. This message is for those young people under 45. We fucked your nation up pretty bad, sorry for whatever part I took in it. I don’t think it was much being that I never used the government for much and never received social security. All mine came from hustling for it. Anyway sorry that the baby boomers fucked you up! Those over in the 80’s like myself don’t care much for them. I do care about those younger, I say under 45 because you are still young. Maybe you can get through this shit? Maybe not?

        • There’s a hotline for issues like this, but your problem sounds more like collective guilt. I fit your age time line, yet I’ve worked my entire life, I was lucky in the sense my parents were older so they both grew-up in the Depression, so much of their era was passed on to me threw them.

          The 60’s introduced Marxism and the schools propagandized it, made it cool and intellectual, parents thought they could trust the Schools. Yes we are guilty of many things the biggest has been losing sight of God.

          God is the counter balance to all things evil, he’s an anchor in a storm and a shield in battle. The human mind needs an anchor, we must be grounded otherwise we will float through life and never understand a thing.

      20. I still remember that $150.00 dollar/jar of strawberries that Charlton Heston ate in the movie Soylent Green. That will be us before you now it. Soylent Green will shortly after that, perhaps?

        People that have not been paying attention to the *extreme* California and western drought….you will be shortly. Food prices are going to be through the roof this fall/winter and we are all going to pay for it one way or another.

        If you think about it, what better way to control the masses than through total control of food/water? You HAVE to have those things whether you admit it or not. Nothing is by accident…It’s ALL about CONTROL.

        • HAARP

          • Yes, HAARP, and they can REVERSE the damage, just as soon as they own all of the abandoned property.

            Long-term planning vs. short-term livelihood.

      21. Somebody help me. Trying to find out what Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County,AZ may have gotten from DLA. Cant bring up site. Also,what the Tucson PD may have gotten. Thanks

      22. Anyone on ANY budget, can put food away. Anyone, IF, they have the desire to. Most people, in this day of “convenience” and JIT distribution networks, have become accustomed to NOT needing to put food away/store food, for hard times, because they’ve allowed themselves to be led astray into a false sense of security. Shame on them.
        We were poor college kids when we first got married, yet we ALWAYS managed to acquire and store extra food and have done so ever since we’ve been married (more than 30 years now), so, it can be done on any budget and in any environment in the United States, IF, one has the desire to be better prepared today, than yesterday. There is no excuse, rationale, or justification for not being better prepared.

        • If I can do it, anyone can do it. I do it on the $180 I have to spend on food each month. I have more than a year’s worth stacked right now. I’ve only been stacking (this time around) for about 4 years, and I had to start over again after I lost my home and everything in it in 2010.

          I have NO sympathy for anyone who says “I can’t afford it”.

      23. Yeah you know what?

        Still at $160 a month…

        Hasn’t changed since 2006 for me…

        I guess I should be somewhat concerned about a run on the grocery store… but I cannot fathom how people are scr&wing this up so incredibly badly (and I’ve watched people do it in real life). What in the hell are they doing, eating out 3 times a week and the rest of the time buying prime cut beef and pre-packaged ready to serve “healthy” stuff? Yeah… that’ll run you up well over $500-$600 per person per month all right. Possibly more if you go hog wild with it.

        I think the problem here is that people fall for the “healthy” and “convenient” scams, have zero time to cook (I sympathize), and just are not educated and methodical about how they go about choosing what to eat. There’s no upper end to this. It can literally cost as much as you want it to. I don’t think you could get it UNDER $100 per person per month but you could very easily hit $1000 per person per month no problem.

        Just gotta pay more attention.

        That said… yes, I’ve been pushed into a very limited range of foods that will not completely mess my budget up. But they’re all as healthy as I want them to be and it’s a balanced diet. The produce is of course the worst, but it’s the one you can at least partially do something about by growing your own… probably won’t hit 100% of your needs there unless you have 5 acres, but a 50% discount on your overall produce budget is a good thing.

      24. Seems to be a slow day at the plan, so…..

        There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses.

        One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God with no actual address. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.

        The letter read:

        Dear God,

        I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pension.

        Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had $100 in it, which was all the money I had until my next pension check.

        Next Sunday is Christmas, and I had invited two of my dearest friends over for dinner. Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with, have no family to turn to, and you are my only hope. Can you please help me?

        Sincerely, Margaret

        The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to all the other workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and came up with a few dollars.

        By the time he made the rounds, he had collected $96, which they put into an envelope and sent to the woman.

        The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Edna and the dinner she would be able to share with her friends.

        Christmas came and went.

        A few days later, another letter came from the same old lady to God.

        All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened.

        It read:

        Dear God,

        How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me?

        Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful gift.

        By the way, there was $4 missing.

        I think it might have been those bastards at the post office.

        Sincerely, Margaret

        • Good one! I heard one last night I thought was funny….An old man is sitting on his porch when a kid walks by with a roll of chicken wire, the old man asks, what are you doing with that chicken wire? The kid replies, I am gonna catch some chickens. The old man laughs. An hour later the kid walks by with 4 chickens. Next day the kid walks by with a roll of duct tape. The old man asks , what are you doing with that duct tape? The kid answers, I am gonna catch me some ducks. The old man laughs. An hour later the kid walks past with four ducks stuck to the duct tape. Next day the kid wals by with some pussy willows and the old man says HOLD ON A MINUTE, I GOTTA GET MY HAT!

        • Eppe, you’re still the best. Keep them coming.

      25. Those riots at Ferguson were only in a few blocks, according to the better news reporters. The news juiced this shit up to serve up a nasty dose of sensationalism. The reporters said that the images that viewers saw was a small bit of violence in one area. Reporters also said news wasnt showing much of the peaceful folks. The agitators and those arrested were not residents. It was imported rioting. It was intentionally done that way.

        Funny how the day after Holder left, the Natl guard was yanked and the reporters were said to have packed up too. Not much on news feeds or the news either. The outburst was manufactured by the govt and radical groups called in to help stage that shit.

        Yesterday and today the focus shifted over to ISIS being here. Generals and other DOD tools trying to force Obamas hand to get aggressive instead of playing so much golf. Theyre setting up the new fear cycle.

        Not much talk on ebola now and not much talk on illegals crossing over the border. The flavor of danger changes every 4 days or so. Next time you get scared or pissed keep it in mind. Theyre trying to do that, trying to set their stage and overwhelm us. Remember that.

        I dont think food riots (if thats what theyll be called) will look like Fergusons race rage. Itll be a different face of crime, one w/ more desperation. We got to remember though that if people are really starving the energy level wont be so high. Hungry people will be angry and violent maybe. Starving people will be weakened.
        My folks always told me never feed a hungry cat or dog. They said you dont know where they came from or if theyre diseased, and theyll never leave.

        • And what happened to the two Malaysian airliners?

          I’m gettin’ my cup and going down the cellar to visit some good spirits.

          No bad spirits, spooks or boogiemen down there. They’re all upstairs in MSM heads.

          • Watch those steps………..

      26. so will the food shortages in the USA affect the feminist movement? All most of these USA and Canadian feminists do are eat cupcakes all day in their comfy big gov or HR job.

        As a MGTOW and a prepper, I will not shed a tear if the feminist movement in North America is starved out of existence.

        • Pretty much all things with labels that end in “ism” are only designed to divide and conquer.

          They’re ALL FAKE, fabricated.

        • You and me both!

      27. “The outburst was manufactured by the govt and radical groups called in to help stage that shit.”

        OR SOMEONE.

        The .gov is suddenly pretty low on my list, given what I’m thinking may have gone down here.

        Infiltrators of SOME KIND all right… comrade.

      28. There is a bill pending in Congress that will require the Bureau of Weights and Measures to re-configure their scales and amounts much like the hedonic adjustments to inflation and GDP.

        The new gallon will be called an Empire gallon (no, not Imperial) and will be 3 quarts instead of 4.

        The new pound will be 12 ounces.

        A “square” will be reduced by one inch each way. This way you can fit more Scotts onto those cellar shelves. Just be careful where you put those fingers.

        Bread slices will start closer to the crust end so you can get more slices to the Wonder loaf.

        Hot dogs will now contain not just the cocks and balls, but the assholes, too.

        The chocolate rations will be raised from 10 grams to 8 grams.

        I feel richer already.

      29. Was just in a grocery store yesterday.

        In front of me at checkout was an unmarried couple in their twenties. They purchased $111 worth of groceries. Most of it, by far, was convenience foods, frozen foods, and several items geared to kids. I think it’s a good guess they had at least one child.

        The girl whipped out an EBT card and swiped it through the card machine at checkout.

        Now, there are a number of conclusions that can be drawn from this observation:
        1. The girl was the one on EBT. She was not reporting to her case worker that the father of her illegitimate child lives with her and helps support her and the child. Ergo, she is committing welfare fraud and doing so without shame or guilt. She is a shameless, fornicating slut.
        2. The boy is conspiring to commit welfare fraud and is doing so without shame, without guilt, and without regard to what it says about him as a man and a father. He obviously has no dignity, no pride, and no sense of responsibility.
        3. The couple has more income than they are reporting to the girl’s case worker. The groceries they purchased were not basic ingredients…they were almost all convenience foods. They are in a financial position to splurge with the girl’s EBT card and buy the stuff they WANT, rather than the stuff they NEED.
        4. They both looked dumber than rocks, so they probably did not command much in the way of jobs, but what income they did acquire was being squandered.
        5. They will never be able to support themselves, let alone themselves and even one child, on just their own incomes. Therefore, they had no business reproducing.
        6. They have no qualms about defrauding, lying to, and cheating responsible working Americans who are paying most of the cost of their bills.
        7. They are too old not to know better and not to know right from wrong. Therefore, they are psychopathic and amoral, in addition to being entirely irresponsible. Theirs is not a union of love, but rather a union of convenience and parasitism.
        8. They probably are second generation parasites and their child will be a third generation parasite.

        This has to stop. People like this are breeding at a rate that the working segment of American society cannot keep up with. And they are lying through their teeth to the rest of us paying their bills.

        • The gov does not care about welfare fraud, They only care to make sure that the welfare recipient is not married because there has been a constant war against marriage since the 60’s.
          Around here EBT is accepted for everything including alcohol and cigarettes. The gov could watch any given convenience store for a week and arrest hundreds of people on welfare fraud and that is just 1 store. They know the fraud happens and they don’t care because the goal is to make as many people dependent on the gov as possible.

          • You know who would be bitching more if the Feds Cut off all EBT Food stamps? Nope Not the Poor, but the 7 Major Food Corporations that profit off of all that Federal Food Stamp Money. Just follow the money and who’s pocket it all ends up in!!

            Food Prices at Grocery stores is relative to College tuition. The more the Feds throw at the problem, whether it be Federally Backed Student Loans or EBT Food Stamps, it just jacks up the cost of college and food prices. You want to see food Prices drop in half? Cut off all EBT food stamp card programs today. Beef would be back to $2/ Lb in a few weeks.

            • Yep I resent that my Social security has to compete with food stamps

          • They already OWN those subhumans…no need to watch or care about what they are doing.

            You know who they really want.

        • watch the 1st 15 min of idiocracy. it explains the breeding progression of stupid people perfectly

        • ‘they have no business reproducing.’ You are So Right!!!

          I have thought that way for a long time now.

          • Yeah, but they have all day to reproduce. Me, when I get home I am tired….

        • There is one more option. They could have paid some
          pill/crack head 30 cents on the dollar for their card.
          Happens all the time.

          • Yes it does happen all the time, and get this, it’s not illegal to do it

        • 9. The male could have been a family member (brother?), thereby possibly rendering all previous conclusions incorrect.

          • Wrong.

            Even if the male was a brother or other relative, and even if she was not committing welfare fraud, she still was unmarried with at least one child, and she still was purchasing almost exclusively convenience foods which means that she was splurging on the taxpayer dime.

            She should not be entitled to taxpayer support simply by virtue of having an illegitimate child that she could not afford to support from before the time the child was even conceived.

            Cut off the welfare for having illegitimate children and watch the illegitimate birth rate plummet. NO ONE but the welfare recipients will say that welfare has not evolved into a wildly excessive, unjustifiably lucrative, unaffordable to the nation’s budget, riddled with fraud, entitlement that could and should be pared down to a mere fraction of its current state.

            The people who genuinely deserve support by the taxpayer are but a shadow of the current welfare roles.

        • or…a girl and her BROTHER/or neighbor providing the ride, etc, might be there spending legally.

          We sure make a lot of assumption based on our own biases, don’t we? At least the cart wasn’t chocked full of chips and dips, or filet mignon and lobster.

          Imagining imaginary crimes don’t help our situation.

          • I don’t care to have my taxes used to provide her and her ilk with food stamps that are used to purchase expensive convenience foods, much of which lacks the nutrients to keep them out of doctors’ office using Medicaid which I also pay for.

            It is outrageous that food stamps can be used for anything other than basic ingredients, ordinary fresh vegetables, ordinary ground beef, whole chickens, and ordinary fresh fruits, along with generic brand staples and ordinary/generic dairy products.

            I bought t-bone steaks for a special occasion recently — on sale — that were not the nicest quality but it was what I could justify in terms of price, and noticed at checkout that the screen said that those exact items could have been purchased with food stamps!!!! I remarked to the checkout lady that that was not right. She agreed with me enthusiastically and said that there are plans in the works to make changes to food stamps that would prevent things like high end meat cuts from being purchased. I certainly hope her information is correct.

            Just think what would happen to the price of steak if it were no longer provided to prison inmates and were no longer eligible to be purchased with food stamps…..

            And, just think what would happen to the makeup of our elected government if welfare recipients were reverted back to the tradition of not having the right to vote as long as they receive welfare…….

            Sorry, but he who pays the bills makes the rules.

            • “Sorry, but he who pays the bills makes the rules”

              ROFLMAO! That’s exactly the attitude men had when women weren’t allowed to work outside the home and vote. Congratulations! You’re a Neanderthal.

              BTW, In MY household, I swung a hammer for around $30 an hour, while my BF pushed a pencil in a warehouse for $8.50 or so.

              So, I wore the pants IN MY HOUSE.

      30. Get a few extra cans of food when you hit the market. Pick up some extra seeds,ammo. Use them to barter….

      31. A little over 200 years ago, economist Thomas Malthus put forth a few valid theories on population which I believe the PTB have used since then in formulating their plans and continue to use today. The one most of us are familiar with is that famine, disease, and war control population. Of those, war has always been the easiest for the PTB to accomplish. Until more recently, disease and famine were more natural occurrences than man made with a few limited exceptions. Over the past half century, all three are equally man made. War and disease result in immediate casualties, while famine takes a bit longer. War and threats of war have been a permanent condition for many decades now, and there has been a disease of the month on a fairly regular basis for those of us outside the war zones. Regulating famine has been the tricky one for the PTB but they are working diligently toward that goal. Concentrating food production by eliminating small farmers, zoning laws to prevent us from growing our own vegetables or having a few chickens, the proliferation of GMOs, all make us reliant on someone else for our food which, in turn, makes us subject to being controlled or culled. Another point Malthus made, known as the Malthusian trap, is that with every technological advance in food production, the population increases at a greater rate than can be supported long-term. So, instead of long-term prosperity, after a few years of abundance, we have greater hunger than before. When this happens, major political upheaval always follows and this is what the PTB are preparing for. Whether it’s contrived on their part to “bring order out of chaos” or they feel it’s inevitable and are striking pre-emptively, they know when we get hungry, we’ll react. Some will take the fight to them, some will kill their friends and neighbors for food, and some will roll over and become their best worker bees or do whatever is demanded of them for a meal. It won’t be pretty.

      32. I made it clear to the wife that her brother, nieces, nephew and their tribes are not welcome when they run out of food.

        She said that’s not very Christian of you, to which I responded, are you suggesting I buy more stored food now? She said no, I prefer if you don’t. I said that’s not very Christian of you, and they still aren’t invited!

        • One of the biggest first items to run out of is toilet paper. One of the biggest items on hand that is rarely used is Clothing in closets. So when SHTF, you can thank your wife as you begin to cut up old dresses of your wives and use the clothes material for toilet paper. Women usually have about 3 times the amount of clothes than men.

          Just saying guys, you have more resources in your homes than you think, and that are never used. Just have to battle the wife as you shred up her clothes closet during survival. And if you need to, you can use all those hundreds of women’s high heels out on your lawn as ankle twisters as rioters trip over them trying to get to your house. Can you think of other unused items that can be used for prepping?

          • WWTI, 1. I have no spouse who is not ‘on board’ with me concerning prepping. 2. I have extra clothing, underwear, socks, footwear, etc. stored away 24/7/365, for all seasons. I have plenty of resources for survival.

            • You’re the first person to mention clothing on here, that I’ve read. I bought years and years worth of underwear and winter clothes at a going-out-of-business sale, in diminishing sizes since I’m sure we’ll lose weight. Also got clothes for grandchildren in ascending sizes and same for shoes. I don’t think we’ll have to worry much about changing styles in the future. I can darn socks, although I don’t like to, but think we have a sufficient supply for our age. Take care of your feet!

          • 101 OTHER uses for women’s “war paint” collection.

            1. Faking injuries.
            2. warding off visitors.
            3. sign making.
            4. ___________?

            • Some foundations have sunscreen in them and while you’re out on the prairie hunting or protecting your home, it might protect you from skin cancer!

      33. As a nation the US has a much better fighting chance than here in the UK of fending off food shortages.

        For fun we tried a WW2 Xmas the other year. The recipes and ration books we sourced online & from elders served as both inspiration for a lot of non-igadget style old school fun and an education into what we NEED nutritionally instead of merely want. I’d suggest it for anyone wanting a novel homeschool project or simply to avoid the modern consumerist Xmas trap for their kids. It’s a really fun family prep training project if approached with the appropriate spirit of adventure.

        As well as the beans and rice storage the excercose inspired me to:-

        1/ Do something about my “black out blinds” cos when shtf blocking the view from outside into your home will matter. Security starts by not being stooopid.

        2/ Research how to provide enough fat in our diet long term and improve my storage of these for the long term.

        3/ Get some bantams

        4/ Learn how to make rosehip syrup, mead and blackberry wine ; ) (I tried dandelion roots as a coffee substitute and it was truly horrible seriously just store as much of the real stuff as you can!).

        5/ How to remodel some garments for reuse.

        Here in the UK we haven’t produced enough food to be remotely self-sufficient for many, many years and access to land for growing is nowhere near as affordable or easy to obtain as in the states. It concerns me.

        • Your Christmas sounds like fun. I have two of my mother’s cookbooks from WW2 ration era, and five or six from the 1930s. To say they ate “differently” is an understatement. I think I’ll plan a few of those dinners, myself. My sweet husband is a good sport and supportive. Dandelion roots are dreadful. You might try chicory roots which are almost as bad, but not quite. Do you remember the Little House on the Prairie series? In “The Long Winter”, all they had to eat was wheat and the mother had stashed some salt cod for Christmas which was a huge treat for them. I think Laura Ingalls Wilder must have been hungry most of her life as her books are full of what they did, and didn’t, have to eat. In order to organize our preps, I’m trying to accumulate food in multiples of 50-100 quantities. I have 50 pounds of sugar and am aiming for another 50. Have 200 pounds of flour in the freezer to guard against weevils and will package them tightly, then freeze another 200 pounds. 50 containers of salt, 100 bushels of red wheat, 100 bushels of white wheat, 100 pounds of oats, etc. 800 rolls of toilet paper, 150 rolls of paper towels, 50 gallons of chlorine bleach, 150 bars of Fels Naptha soap, 50 boxes of Borax, 50 boxes of washing soda. (I’ve been at this a long time.) 150 bars of hand soap, two solar showers, five boxes of first aide supplies and ten new sets of sheets. (The old ones can be used for kids clothing or slings.) I have a box of kid’s clothing patterns from the 1960s and even if they’re not fashionable and are made from old sheets, they’ll be dressed at least.

      34. Friends,
        Meat is important, but you better learn the plants. Deer wont last long in a panic. 330 million people and about 1 million grizzlies and wolves, the elk and deer will be scarce. Cows will be in short supply too as poachers will be rampant.

        Jerusalem Artichokes

        Not a tasty diet, but one could survive on….

        • Plant some fruit trees, apples, peaches, pears, they are a long term investment and easy to maintain. Juice and sauce made from excess is easily preserved as well it can be fermented. All these products are good for barter.

          If you are in a climate where winter freeze limits garden season, plant a good sized asparagus patch (18 to 24 plants for a family of four). It does take a few years to get established, but it’s the first edible green thing out of the ground every spring, and one planting will produce up to 40 years. If you can grow a lawn, you can grow asparagus. I planted a bed along the side of the garage, at the end of the harvest season you let it grow out to reenergize the root system, it looks like an exotic fern!

          Plant some Brussel sprouts, and a late planting of broccoli, both like the cold, you can harvest broccoli into a mild December and Brussel sprouts into January.

        • The unprepared masses would not be able to harvest deer, It’s hard enough for people who hunt all the time, so I do not think there would be a shortage

          • The masses will be killing deer all year around, you can bet there will be a serious shortage in one year of greatly increased hunting pressure with no limits and no season.

        • Grizzlies and wolves should tread with caution too…bear burgers and wolf stew come to mind…

      35. I happen to know first hand what is fed to the commercial chickens hogs & beef. Any kind of leftovers like the sour mash left over from the ethanol plants. bad corn flakes and chicken litter from growing houses along with growth hormones that makes the animals grow larger mature quicker and become fatter. The hormones are passed along to those who consume that meat. That’s why you see all these sexually mature 12 year olds with big tits & a pot gut. Even the boys need to wear a bra. I raise my own meat. Tame rabbits, chicken a pig or two & goats Milk cow. We hunt & trap . We never run out of deer meat. I grind it into deer burger and add a little pork when grinding it. And we grow garden and field crops to feed us and our livestock. If and that’s a big if we are left alone we wont be hungry. Ill not share with those who have ought naught to do with us producing our food. Ill destroy or poison it all before Ill let anyone else have it.Im not going to be anyone elses enabler. Eating commercially produced groceries laced with hormones and additives is bad for your health.

        • Thats great,many folks do not have the 40 acres to farm though.Hell,some towns making it illegal to have gardens.Folks need to push/fight if necc. the right to grow your own food/raise it ect. on small plots.That said,though have not tried it the vertical hydro pvc gardens semm at least a partial answer for folks with limited space,can even do em on a apt. balcony.

        • often wonder how the hormone generation will fare. My gut call is they’ll have heart attacks before they could ever become self sufficient. that and the massive headaches from detoxing. Remember how the Russian family old believers died within two weeks of rejoining modern society? may be the millions several of us fear would die within weeks from food shock. Their kidneys and other pars may not be able to digest fresh grains or roots. just saying…

      36. Yea it’s getting rough here in the trailer park, what do you eat when you can’t afford hamburger?
        I have found recipes that use beans to make fake hamburger on the internet, somehow that just don’t sound the same. Oh well I guess we all will be eating rice & Beans soon. (and loving it, as most will be eating grass).

        • Check out wild edibles, such as Purslane …

      37. Idiot is a legal definition. If a person is unable to take care of themselves, the court can rule them to be idiots and have a guardian assigned to look ever their affairs. Sounds a lot like the people on welfare for generations. Ever try to have a logical conversation with one? Might as well shampoo with Novocaine. These people will be insane when shtf. Prepare accordingly.

      38. To get the money together to start my food storage, I ate beans-n-rice washed down with water 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, for 6 months straight. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

        • I was in Central America and a lot of people and restaurants served up beans and rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It tasted great, many had their own family recipes. Lots of variety can be found in how it is prepared.

          • So practice your beans recipes now. Try a new one every single week – in our house Wednesday is beans night. For each pulse you store aim to have AT LEAST 6 recipes your family actually enjoy eating. Right now I’m trying a different red lentil recipe every week. Sept/Oct will be devoted to the humble pinto bean.

            Use sites like recipe goldmine etc or ask foreign born friends to find new ways of preparing the same very humble ingredient item from around the world.

            You’ll find your storage expands to include herbs and spices you maybe hadn’t thought you’d need. Most herbs can be grown for free in the smallest apartment and most cities and towns have at least one ethnic supermarket where you can stock up on spices in bulk.

            Prepping should be a way of life that is not boring, dull or a chore by now. Avoiding appetite fatigue, particularly in the elderly, very young and frail members of your group could be the factor that saves your loved ones lives when shtf.

            • “most cities and towns have at least one ethnic supermarket where you can stock up on spices in bulk”

              Isn’t it a shame that you have to go to an “ethnic” store to stock up on some bulk spice items?

              • If you have a Co-op, try there. Ours has lots of good bulk spices.

                One example : Ground black pepper in the 1.5 Oz jar, works out to about $9 an ounce.

                Buy in the 8 Oz. jar, price goes down to under $2 an ounce.

                Buy in bulk, no jar, about the same, but better pepper.

                • Now that’s what I was looking for.

        • Part of a good food prep is stocking up on Daily Multi-Vitamins. Your body needs a good variety. Some great cheap foods are bananas Vit B, and OJ Vit C. Here in FL we can get a Gal of OJ for less than $4. Sams Club. Get some Vitamin D by laying out in the sun and letting the sun hit the closed eyelids. The sun is also a good sanitizer of the body as the rays kills bacteria. So lay back and let the Sun hit your armpits as well.

          • I suggest you forget about your usual multi-vitamins like “one-a-days”, they’re all synthetic crap with other non-healthy ingredients.

            They might be better than nothing, but that’s about it.

      39. when it gets to the starvation point of stalking killing your neighbors to eat…

        JUST KEEP IN MIND when eating longpork human flesh only eat the buttocks roast , thighs and the younger the better (less toxins/ disease).

        first cook it 1/3 the way by bringing to a boil then slow simmer boiling for 3 hours then change the water do it again, leaches out most of the toxins disease in the meat.

        then it’s best to slow cook it like normal pork slowly boil with spices as you would bar-b-que for a day.

        YUM YUM !


      40. “We kill all the caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies.”

        ― John Marsden

        • With all the spraying for bugs and Mosquitos, then we wonder where the pollinators went?

      41. The best gardeners will have good gardens, and survive. Same with hunters and fishermen, the knowledgeable people will survive, the ones without the knowhow to handle the harvesting of game and fish will suffer. Teaching young people is paramount now. Between the government, bankers, ISIS and Ebola, the culling will come.

      42. At Walmart..10lb bag of chicken under $10, nice size bag of flounder 3lb i think, $4.99, dozen eggs.. under $3. That’s way more protein than needed for the week at $18. Veggies etc can be gotten cheaply.
        The whiners are all about pre-packaged convenience foods.
        We are nowhere near a food crisis.

      43. Food ?OK,you have 100’s of pounds of food,but,you need to go on foot with pack(no mule ect.),what do you folks consider the best travel on foot food i.e. in regards to space/caloric intake/ease of prep/i.e. fire ect. may be bad idea.The high calorie ration bars/mre’s/what are your thoughts?

        • Warchild, I did a lot of light travel in my younger days. My choices for shorter trips (a week or less) with no fire are jerky, peanut butter, honey, raisins and other dried fruit, crackers, salt, powdered electrolytes, iodine for water purification, and multi-vitamins. For longer forays where fire is possible and I might supplement with fish, game, or foraged plants, I’d add pancake mix, vegetable fat (coconut or olive oil preferably), rice, dried split peas (they cook faster than whole beans), and powdered cocoa. And I’d never go on a day trip without my coffee.

          • you know if you split pinto beans, they cook faster too. I split mine in a burlap bag with a rolling pin.

        • Pemmican….

          • PK,thanks,never heard of it,am looking it up and ways to make,will try and find nutritional value vrs. weight ect.

        • no fire -check out solar cooking.. On the travel – what would be the terrain?

          • Well,if in homeland area and just had to leave New England hill country/forest/open meadows ect.The terrain could be beyond my control if traveling for work or play and feel things so bad hit the woods.I have camped and have used a lot of Fox’s suggestions(thanx Fox)but this may to a degree be beyond my control.I would probably be burning a lot of calories as trying to get out of a region and feel safest on foot,why I want in my Molle which is my bug out bag the best bang for the buck food weight/space to caloric value wise.My bag is always adjusted to a degree for the 4 seasons and thus also may be burning a lot of calories just trying to stay warm.While I appreciate solar my goal is to keep as simple as possible the only reason I am doing this is home got too dangerous or away from home when things get sketchy.A fire will be a friend down the road and feel safe about one along with basically a necc. if I get fish/small game,the solar then if small and not space consuming might be a answer,even with no flame the smell of food might bring unwanted attention but would obviously try and be as alone as possible.

      44. You referred to violence in Thailand and tried to incorrectly associate it with food shortages. The bloodless coup in Thailand and the demonstrations before that had nothing to do with food shortages, but politics, power, and corruption.

        Thailand is a net exporter of food (rice, poultry, seafood, etc) for much of Asia and even the USA. Food had nothing to do with the demonstrations here, and there is was more violence in Ferguson than here during the last year.

      45. The cure for obesity is right around the corner.

      46. soil and green

      47. I read that people shop at sams club, walmart,and then go back to their out of the city home. Why not support the small town stores. These larger stores profits go to causes that work against you.
        Shop local , vote ,get involved in your community , that’s what will prepare you for the future.

      48. Would love to share this article with some uninformed, more liberal leaning friends but they wouldn’t be able to get past how bad the grammar is…I almost couldn’t!

      49. People are suffering from a bit of laziness too. Anyone can garden and anyone can produce food. But folks do not like to learn to grow food or work at a farm in exchange for food. They want to be chained to a box and spoon fed. I never though I would be milking goats but I do and I have learned how to make cheese and soap. I can and I grow food. I also teach others to do this. Things work if people tend to their own business and work with their own hands and share with their neighbors. Gods way works. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

      50. PK and Warchild, I’ve used pemmican often and it is very nutritious and a little goes a long way. What I learned was that it is best for winter travel if you make it the traditional way with animal fat but will get rancid in summer heat. To avoid this, substitute coconut oil for warmer weather. Coconut oil provides comparable energy requirements and will not spoil.
        Something else I’d like to mention is digestive disturbances when in the field. Bug-out diets are much different than our normal diets and often result in constipation or diarrhea, neither of which is fun under the best circumstances and can be deadly in a bug-out situation. I’d suggest carrying along some Citrucel or Metamucil to provide fiber if edible greens are not available and Immodium or Kaopectate for diarrhea.
        Another consideration is stress. Physical as well as mental stress quickly deplete the body’s store of vitamin C, so taking along additional C is prudent. In the wild, rose hips and pine needle tea (unless you are pregnant) are good sources.
        If you are a coffee addict like me, carry NoDoz tablets for dry camps. Caffeine withdrawal headaches can be debilitating and disorienting.
        Thanks Sixpack for the bean-splitting tip. I forgot to mention lentil beans for quick cooking and high nutrition.

      51. Breaking news. A black dood who would make mike brown look small. he was arrested foe illegally selling cigaretts. it appears 4 officers subdued him. one used a choke hold. and the black dood died. now thousands are in the streets at Staten Island . Yep its beginning to unravel.

      52. Old Guy,that’s old news.The thing in this case is there is very close video showing the police chocking guy to death.There is a march in nyc today to protest this,which seems at least the altercation itself pretty straight forward as to what happened.

        • Its unclear as to if the guy died from the choke hold. He could of has a heart attack? Look at the size of him. bug fat & blubbery its apparent he grew that big eating the hormone laced fast food that is paid for with EBT. Cops misbehaving? Citizens misbehaving ? Cops fault? Citizens Fault? Everyones fault? Goverments fault? Nobodys fault? It don’t matter its starting to unravel. And not just in the USA. Im 63 and just might live long enough to see how it all shakes out! Its going to be quite the adventure. It wont be pretty or fun.

      53. Off topic but for those concerned about aquatic pharmacy dot com hopefully they are supposed to resume fish antibiotics selling again sometime in September according to cal vet supply. Cal vet supply buys and sells from aquatic pharmacy.

      54. Off topic but for those concerned about aquatic pharmacy dot com hopefully they are supposed to resume fish antibiotics selling again sometime in September according to cal vet supply. Cal vet supply buys and sells from aquatic pharmacy.

      55. Test 01

      56. The foods to stock up CHEAPLY, are
        rice, and pasta, and instant dry soup mixes.
        walmart you can get a 5 pound bag of rice (store brand not hoite toite stuff) for like 3.50
        and Spagetti style pasta (again store brand for a buck a pound)
        i like spagetti style instead of elbows or curly cut or stove pipes for the simple reason, it is the most compact to store.
        compare a box of spagetti one pound to a one pound of elbow macaroni
        also, the old college kid stand by, RAMEN noodle, you can get a box of 12 servings for 2.45 thats 20 cents each.

      57. In 1930, 38% of the people lived on the farm. 90% of the people still had a connection to the farm yet during the 10 year period between 1930-1940 we lost approximately 7 million people from diseases caused by malnutrition.

        And we didnt have millions of ghetto moochers who lived on EBT and welfare as if those programs were a CAREER.

      58. …Not just socialists, communists and Marxists. Fascists (corporatists–supposedly according to Mussolini), militarists and police-statists should also be included as those who will use food and any other resources as weapons against the people’s individual liberty. Those who think their own “prosperity” (wealth, supremacy) is others’ mandate to join and work for them are fascists.

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