Million New Yorkers Can’t Afford Food As Hunger Crisis Worsens

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    In the seventh month of the virus pandemic, New York City is still in shambles, with more than half a million residents unemployed as the small business collapse continues. Broadway is closed, Manhattan offices are empty as remote work dominates, violent crime is surging, and an exodus of people from the city has created a perfect storm of economic chaos that will hunt many New Yorkers for years.

    A byproduct of the virus-induced economic downturn is food and housing insecurity for millions of people in the Tri-state area. Deep economic scarring produced by permanent job loss has left many people in a bind; some working-poor may never recover while others could take years.

    Food and housing insecurity will be, or should be, a hot subject as millions in the Tri-state area are suffering ahead of the holidays. Readers may recall in early October, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey warned that more than one million New Jerseyans were expected to suffer food insecurity by the end of the year.

    Now the problem is becoming more widespread. At least one million New Yorkers are expected, or will soon, experience food insecurity, according to FOX 5 NY.

    Alexander Rapaport, the executive director of Masbia soup kitchen network, said, “We have done disasters before, but nothing is even close to what we are doing now,” referring to the long lines at food banks across the city is all too common.

    Masbia is a nonprofit soup kitchen network and food pantry, with Borough Park and Flatbush locations in Brooklyn and Forest Hills in Queens. Rapaport said there had been a 500% increase in demand.

    In a separate report, NYT estimates the number of New Yorkers who are going hungry could be upwards of 1.5 million.

    Denise Allen, a mother who visits one of Masbia’s food banks, said:

    “I’m on a limited income. I visit every two to three weeks,” said Allen.

    Rapaport said, “there is so much need. So much so that for the last three days, Rapaport, his staff, and volunteers have been operating around the clock. All three locations are now open 24/7, feeding 1,500 families a day, but it is still not enough.”

    With demand high for food banks in the city, he said long lines have developed, which forced him to create an entirely new system in what he calls digital food bank lines.

    “You now have to make an appointment to pick up your box of food,” Rapaport said.

    Meanwhile, it’s not just the Tri-state area that is in economic distress, with millions going hungry while others are at risk of eviction; Feeding America, one of the nation’s top food banks, recently warned that it may run out of food in the next twelve months as demand has overwhelmed its network.

    Food and housing insecurity for millions of people across the country signals the transmission mechanism of stimulus, if that was through fiscal or monetary, has failed to support the working poor.

    *EDITOR’S NOTE: If you haven’t prepared for the upcoming food shortage, please do now! Time is running out. People can still get food from the food banks and buy it at grocery stores.  That will end, and when it does, the food riots will be intense! It isn’t just food either. There is a combustible combination of several things that could ignite at any second. Please stay prepped and alert. 


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      1. The Surveillance State and Medical Mafia are out of control. They have proven themselves to be Monsters. They destroy everything. They steal everything in their sight and claim it as their own. They pose grave dangers to human life, society, economies, countries, and the entire world. They spy, they stalk, they steal, they kill and kill and kill and kill and keep other people’s labors for themselves and destroy other people’s health for their own predatious gluttonous extravagances. That is not health care, it is quackery, snake oil, fraud that is worthy of prosecution and imprisonment. The financial sector, tech sector, government surveillance/police state, university/research/regulatory divisions, MIC, NGO/charity sectors, and media are all involved in the largest global conspiracy ever perpetrated against humanity other than Santa Clause. 

        We should call this scamdemic Santa Clause in Reverse, that breaks into people’s lives with little green men and steals everything in sight like a gang of masked thieves in the middle of the night and kicks people out of their homes and businesses and keeps them for themselves.

        They steal from the middle class and the poor, and give to the rich. They steal from the honest and the competent and give to the corrupt and mentally incompetent. They steal the emotional security  and financial security from the young and the innocent of all ages, to give emotional security and financial security to the corrupt and middle aged or older, which is emotional security and financial security  that they are not entitled to because they are corrupt and incompetent. They are entitled to go to prison and nothing more than that. 

        Andrea Iravani

        • That is really weird that Tony Evers turned State Fair Grounds into a hospital! Wisconsin has so many hospitals! This is obviously a coordinated show refusing to admit as many patients as they are able too! Hospitals in South Eastern  Wisconsin are practically as prevalent as churches! Like Bill De’Blasio did in NYC for show! This is total fraud! And State Fair Grounds for a hospital where animals are brought in every year?! It is the least sterile environment possible! Tony Evers and whomever else chose State Fair Grounds really deserve to immediately be prosecuted for careless disregard for human life and reckless behavior as well as gross negligence! 

          It’s a political stunt! I have been getting fliers from Democrats running for ofgice all using Coronavirus as a platform led by Citizen Action and sponsored by Citizen Action which is a lobbying industry for healthcare that poses as a charity. Citizen Action’s Dr. Robert Craig was one of  the authors of the Affordable Care Act which excluded a public option from healthcare when Democrats controlled The Executitive and both Legislative branches. They conveniently forget that, and now demand what they themselves refused to allow! Health care is a racket!

          South Eastern Wisconsin has 29 hospitals and a population of 
          2,049,110 people. There is a total of 17,628 hospital beds in SE Wisconsin. That would mean that .085% of that population to be in tne hospital at any given time. 

          In comparison, across Europe, there are 538 hospital beds per 100,000 people in contrast to 860 beds per 100,000 in SE WI.

          I’m surprised that they didn’t just do it at the Milwaukee Zoo! The people in this state are sick as hell, which I have been posing about! 

          The gas-lighters in Wisconsin that have been torturing me with DEWs on me since June of 2017 that started right after my first cell phone was hacked and vault 7 technology has been being used on me and a gang of thugs all moved into the neighborhood and break in steal, vandalize, spy, stalk, and gas-light, are so mentally incompetent that it is shocking! 
          The DEW users are attempting to get me to believe that Sputnik is using the DEWs on me, and when I listen to Sputnik radio shows via Sputnik Website, the neighborhood hacking gang constantly hacks and stops the show from broadcasting. These people are so retarded! Sputnik radio in DC operates on a frequency used in Milwaukee by another station. 

          Of course the psychopaths that have been doing all of this want to blame Russia! Try blaming Ron Johnson! The likely culprit! On the senate intelligence agency! Wisconsin sucks! Home of McCarthy! It never stopped! It is also why Sensenbrenner authored the Patriot Act and why Tommy Thompson was the first head of the DHS! And why Tommy Thompson was a heavy investor in Veri-Chip rfid implants! Illegal medical surgery was performed on me in this sick Nazi Orwellian state of freaked out psychopaths!

          They will face the same fate as the German Nazis because they are acting like the German Nazis! If you want to seal your fate and be sure to go down in history with the same level of infamy as the German Nazis, a sure fire way to achieve that is by following in their footsteps! 
          Wisconsin is 55% German, as if it isn’t obvious by their Nazi policies! The second leading export from WI to Canada is 
          “medical samples”! They are farming residents!

          The Wisconsin Nazis think that if they do not target Jews, it is not Nazi behavior, what they don’t get is that the fact that many of the Nazis victims were Jews is irrelevant! It is monstrous behavior and the victims religious and ethnic heritage are irrelevant! It is grotesque, macabre behavior ! Josef Mengela was one of the Nazis that was involved in 
          Nazi medical experimentation and blinded many people by trying to turn brown eyes blue with chemical drops, and he sawed off a womans hands and deliberately sewed them back on the wrong arms, and he deliberately infected people with parasites, and he deliberately revived people from a clinical state of death strictly to torture them, and he performed surgery on people without anesthesia.

          Josef Mengela, like the Nazis in Wisconsin did not posess one iota of common sense. These individuals are more mentally incompetent than people with Downs Syndrome, Schizophtenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Alzheimers, and more mentally incompetent than people with all of those things combined! If you were to ask people with a combination of all of those things if it would be a good idea to do any of the things that Josef Mengela did, they would all unequivocally say NO! That would be a terrible idea! But Josef Mengela was a highly respected man in Nazi Germany and considered to be one of their leaders, like the psychopaths in Wisconsin, and like Anthony Fauci.

          Let the Nuremberg 2 Trials commence!

          Andrea Iravani

      2. With Cuomo and DeBlasio killing over 32,000 New Yorkers by putting covid patients in nursing homes, you would think there would be a surplus of food! But will New Yorker’s keep voting for these two fools?

        • Voting? Who said anything about voting?

          We’ve seen enough to know that it does not matter what the vote is — the only thing that matters is who counts the vote. Followed closely by who controls the mainstream media.

          And we can forget reform. Trying to reform a system gone over to 100% corruption is like trying to polish a turd. It simply can’t be done.

        • With all due respect, this is technically a surplus of food, called overproduction and stag-flation.

      3. What do they say about pigeons and bread crumbs? Keep feeding them and they will keep coming and multiplying. Native Indians used to call them ‘hang around the forts’: people who gathered close to where the free food and welfare was. These people are the modern urban version of this.

        Nobody should be in a major city like New York if they can’t afford to be there. The government should do what it used to do: move people out of the city to cheaper places if they can’t find paid work or afford to live there. In their place, trust me, thousands and then millions of ambitious, hard-working people from around the world would happily fill their places and contribute to New York’s economy.

        And what about the UN? They are based in New York: why don’t they offer some solutions???

      4. @Tyler
        when police were called…Borat and the hooker should have been tested for covid.
        they could have been (cough)dispatched to carry out a hit.

        Giuliani should have known better
        obviously the little head was doing the thinking.

        thanks for the ban


        There is a combustible combination of several things that could ignite at any second. Please stay prepped and alert

        well no shit Sherlock!

        • Edit:
          * h̶o̶o̶k̶e̶r̶ – media whore
          no offence to hookers intended

      5. Escape from New York

        Staring Kurt Russell Lee Vancleff

      6. When many of us suggested “Covid-19 shutdowns” are UNSUSTAINABLE, this is what we meant. Thank you to NY Governor Cuomo (D) and NYC Mayor DeBlasio (D) for so aptly demonstrating that fact. Of course your draconian tyranny did NOT lead to solutions. You cannot hide from a virus within our large, closely-packed, cities with the objective of perpetual avoidance of the contagion. Similar problems occurred in the closely-packed, old cities of Europe. Have we learned nothing from history (Bubonic plague, Spanish Flu, etc.) ?

        • They won’t tell you this but how viruses interact with human beings has everything to do with race and genetics. And in the past 30 years we flooded the West with people from the third world and with all the health and genetic problems and social habits that come with it (low Vitamin D levels, poor hygiene and sanitation, urban overcrowding, corner cutting, diabetes, obesity, especially with blacks). The ‘Rona has run wild in these communities and these communities are vectors that are keeping the virus going. Plus it doesn’t help that blacks have spent the summer partying, rioting, having over-large public events etc.

          For example, HIV runs wild in some populations and barely affects others.

      7. With the Biden Corruption it should be apparent to everyone That Donald John Trump is by far the lesser evil. Vote for Trump.

        • I agree: Trump is far from perfect but he is far better than Biden. With Biden you will see the radical left take charge and you will see whites thrown out of work to be replaced by BLM candidates.

      8. This is what America can expect under a radical left democrat government especially in big lib cities.

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