Military Site’s Forecast for 2025: Economic Collapse Will Lead to Massive 78% Depopulation in America

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    depopulationWith economic malaise on the horizon and any number of triggers ready to set things into motion, military site recently posted their global forecast for 2025. The site, rumored to be a front for various alphabet intelligence agencies, says that America will soon see a large reverse migration as those who came here seeking riches and safety will emigrate out of the country following a serious, multi-year crisis.

    According to the report the economy of the United States will dwindle from a GDP of $17.4 trillion today to just over $800 billion in the next 10 years – a decline of about 95% with respect to the goods and services produced within our own borders. Such a decline would be staggering, but it’s not the most ominous aspect of the report.

    According to Deagel, the real concern is the adverse effects on our population, which is currently just under 319 million. If the forecast, which does not include the possibility of war or widespread pandemic in its analysis, is accurate then America may experience an event so massive that some 78% of our population would be wiped out, leaving just 68 million people living on American soil by 2025. 

    The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration. In the past, specially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the States.

    The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy.

    Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations! We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe – suffering a similar illness – won’t be relevant. Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible. Take into account that the Soviet Union’s population was poorer than the Americans nowadays or even then. The ex-Soviets suffered during the following struggle in the 1990s with a significant death toll and the loss of national pride. Might we say “Twice the pride, double the fall”? Nope. The American standard of living is one of the highest, far more than double of the Soviets while having added a services economy that will be gone along with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no servicing jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s.

    The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result. via Silver Doctors

    U.S. Specific Data Forecast 2025

    Video Commentary from Crush The Street:

    With the predicted mass migration and drop in economic productivity will come other changes, according to Deagel. Military expenditures will drop significantly from $756 billion annually to $7.2 billion, and population density will drop from the current 33 inhabitants living per square kilometer to just 7 people taking up the same space ten years from now.

    The report is certainly controversial, especially given that the source is unclear. The site claims to be a ‘Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviation’ that is maintained by private individuals who have no relationship whatsoever with the government. But some sources have reported that Deagel has done business in one form or fashion with various intelligence groups.

    Thus, we publish this report with some hesitation and a healthy bit of skepticism, yet find it compelling enough given the current global environment that it may be of interest to readers.

    The idea that a major depopulation event in the United States can happen as a result of a widespread crisis is a topic we’ve covered previously. The Center For Security Policy published a report in 2010 outlining the dangers posed by a targeted electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States. According to that report, which has been shared with Congress, up to 90% of Americans could die within a year:

    And experts forecast if such an attack were a success, it effectively could throw the U.S. back into an age of agriculture.

    “Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy.

    Source: ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’

    An EMP threat is certainly a completely different set of circumstances than an economic collapse, at least initially. But as survival author James Rawles notes in his fictional, yet quite believable, account of economic collapse in his widely popular book Patriots: A Novel Of Survival In The Coming Collapse, the notion that the economic system could break down to such an extent as to cause a major die-off in America is a distinct, albeit improbable, possibility.

    In fact, the U.S. government has been training for just such a scenario in recent years, a concern highlighted by popular radio talk show host Mark Levin:

    I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating.

    The collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.

    I’m not talking about a recession. I’m talking about a collapse, when people are desperate, when they can’t get food or clothing, when they have no way of going from place to place, when they can’t protect themselves.

    There aren’t enough police officers on the face of the earth to adequately handle a situation like that.

    Source: Government Is “Simulating the Collapse of Our Financial System, the Collapse of Our Society and the Potential for Widespread Violence”

    Though makes some seemingly outrageous claims in their 2025 Forecast, within this context the possibility of a major depopulation event begins to look more and more probable.


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      1. FWIW: ht tp://

        • I don’t mind dying. I want my children to live though, if it’s God’s Will, that is.

          • “The collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.”

            LMAO!!!! The loss of 250 million Americans??? No. 🙂

            Pure fear porn. The economy has “collapsed” numerous times in our history. America is still here. While a “reset” may occur, and is likely, it is just as possible and just as likely, if not more likely, that nothing of the sort will happen. The two-tier economy, such as it is, can bump along at the bottom like this for a long, long time. It has.

            Even if that “collapse” scenario did happen, it wouldn’t happen in a vacuum and the whole world would be plunged into the abyss that DEAGEL envisions. You can run but you cannot hide from an event that takes down the world’s financial power.

            Not gonna happen. Pure “Psyops”.

            There are many groups who want to put fear into the hearts of Americans. Don’t believe the dribble. As Christians we know the scenario, the end, and the Victor. Until He returns, God’s work must truly be our own. Fight!!!

            “I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered my from ALL my fears”. Put on your armor, gird up your loins, ask for strength in prayer, and then go out to battle. We battle not against flesh and blood but Principalities and Powers.

            If you want a Vision to believe in, believe in Washington’s Vision and the return of Jesus Christ!!! 🙂

            • Well said. you are a breath of fresh air on this site.

              Dominus vobiscum.

              • Bill G.

                Et cum spiritu tuo.

                Been a long time. ;0)

                • I agree; I do not think things will get as bad as they predict. It would have to be pandemic catastrophe for that situation to arise. There is hope it will be less than they say.
                  Sursum corda… ( I couldn’t resist!)

                  • what you have to remember is those numbers are the worst case, and it will ALL depend on the scenario of events. in some cases WITH the events happening in a specific order YES these numbers could be correct, BUT what you need to aware of is that for the LARGE numbers to be correct it will take MASS starvation and or sickness or some type of scenario other than JUST a financial collapse. SOOOO with that in mind you need to watch carefully HOW these things start to unwind as that will be the key as to how severe things might get!

                • Where did you Tridentine Latin mass guys come from?

              • AMEN! the truth has been spoken.

              • if your idea of fresh air smells like pig shit then you are right…alas even the court jesters can have some fans I guess.

            • You want an idea of what the left has planned for you, Whitey?

              Watch HELLSTORM, on helstromdocumentaryDOTcom.

              That was just the beginning, the rest of the White race is next…

              • Just to be clear “JustMe” is NOT just me. this just me has been here for a long time. Durangokidd, you are so right. I wish the thumbs were back!

                • if the thumbs were back you would see what the majority think of DK and you may change your tune. He is the resident devils advocate for ANYTHING written here. If you called his mother an angel he would call her a witch. He says whatever he can to enhance his narcissistic ego to be “right” on EVERY subject. His opinions are like the weather but far less important.

              • JustMe–your IQ must be that of the intellectuals I saw burning the place they live in Baltimore–or Ferguson–or LA–the ones that when interviewed couldn’t string 2 coherent sentences together with a teleprompter–my advice for those you–and them folks is stay where you know–don’t venture to far–cause possums gotta eat too.

                • Filth like you are responsible for White Genocide.

                  • JustMe–you sure told me–lol–the only thing that is going to happen when you and your super intelligent ghetto pals decide to venture away from the safe haven of your ghetto is the police are no longer going to be there to protect you from those of us that have a permanent and immediate cure for your particular ailment. But I digress–I am absolutely sure you, and those you are espousing have the intelligence to cause “white genocide”, couldn’t read a road map to GET far enough out of the ghetto to commence your so called genocide so I think were pretty safe there. You have a nice day now and don’t fret about such things-it will happen soon enough

                    • You’re so righteous and witty. Now wipe the victory drool off your keyboard…

                    • I like your style Realistic , keep the trolls away. Witty fellow prepper. I’m ready if they wanna try to visit me.

              • Hellstorm leftist propaganda. What the movie doesn’t tell you is that the Nazis did the same thing to Britain and Poland years earlier. Doesn’t make it right, but payback is a bitch.

              • BRING IT ni66er

            • Kidd I agree with you, only way we suffer loss’s like that is E.M.P. I don’t know why 40 or 50 guys don’t walk to the river and start up a mining operation. There’s always something to be done. How’s that go? The good Lord helps those that help themselves.

            • If you take the time to do the research on what has been done to this country, you will see what is coming is no “re-set”, Go to the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis website and study it’s economic research section)
              . The Great and Terrible day of the Lord will be like nothing this world has ever seen. If those days were not shortened, none would survive. He has been warning His people. The signs are all there He said to look for.

            • This is bs. Other countries are not so stupid as to let millions of now homeless Gringos invade their countries. Only the US and Europe are that stupid.

            • You are better off worshiping a pet rock for guidance. Can’t fix stupid. I will be glad when all the idiots parish from earth. Natures way of thining the herd of gullible cult morons.

            • But, what happens before the Lord returns to rule the earth? Hint: antichrist, mark of the beast.

            • Only problem is that your “forecast” isn’t based on one single fact.

            • Durango

              You are correct regarding Jesus Christ. That does not mean as christians we won’t go through hard times. Also Washington gave us all a warning. If we turned away from God then his protection would be removed from us. That has happened throughout the bible with catastrophic results for those who turned away from the lord.
              That is what I think is happening in this country. We have turned away from the lord and his teachings. With that punishment will come. We have killed millions of babies through abortion. We have allowed things like homosexuality and porn to become excepted in our society.
              Also the bible does not referance us in the end of days prophesy unless you would say that we are the mystery Babylon which is a possibility. Either way we have catastrophe.
              There are so many things that are different from the great depression. Now we have 50 percent dependent on some sort of government program. What do you think they will do when the government says it is broke and cannot assist them anymore. ( A tiny little hint would be Baltimore times 50 or 100 or 1000 ). People have the me me me mentality now. They believe that they are owed things from others. They have no clue how to live life relying on there own self.
              That is why this time is very different and I believe will be the end of this country as we know it.

              • Mike: “Washington gave us all a warning. If we turned away from God then his protection would be removed from us.”

                Yes, but Americans have not turned away from God. And they won’t.

                Oh, the LEFT who is in power turned away a long, long time ago, but there are many, many tens of millions of Americans who still go to church every week and worship the Lord of Hosts.

                There are many tens of millions more who do not attend church because of the corruption,immorality, and hypocrisy of some churches; but still pray to God every day and demonstrate their relationship with Him in small ways to others all the time.

                I see it EVERY day.

                Even with all of their troubles, Americans are still a very generous people and generosity covers a multitude of sin. The Lord will remember His own. The Lord will remember America. 🙂

                • Durango

                  I agree with you that there are many Christians left in this country. The problem is the rest of the country. It is not only the leadership which is in power but it is also luke warm religion.
                  The founding fathers and our grandfathers are rolling over in there graves right now. I think the count was 5100000 abortions that this country has said was okay. Pornography and homosexuality is all over the tv.
                  I look at the moral decay of our society over the last 30 years. It used to be that using foul launguage around women and children was a big no no. I have seen fights over that. Now it is everywhere. A handshake was an excepted agreement. We never locked our doors. Now that has all changed. The believers have allowed that to happen if we outnumber all the rest. That in itself is a sin.
                  I am a free American. Months ago in a leadership meeting at work we were told that as leaders we could not pray if asked to do so. There were many others in that room that are better christians than me. Deacons in churches, people extremely active in there local churches. I told my boss and his boss that I would not comply with that policy. If it meant I was fired that day then fine. I was the only one that said they would not comply. Then I found out that out of all the meetings they had had I was the fourth person to say they would not do it.
                  I realized then that I was correct in prepping for sure. I started prepping because I believe the economy is going to collapse.
                  In that meeting I realized that we are doomed as a country for sure. Not because of money. We are doomed because the country does not consider God in it’s decisions anymore. That is why things suck for most right now. God has removed his protection from America.
                  It just breaks my heart.

              • Mike: “What do you think they will do when the government says it is broke and cannot assist them anymore.” ?

                You assume the government will be broke. I don’t think that is a valid assumption for a government with the power to create money, even if that money is an EBT card.

                In a worse case “economic collapse” the government could provide capital for small miners and buy the gold and silver they produce at a discount to stimulate the economy. Its been done before.

                There are many ways to continue the scam and it gets even easier under Martial Law. An “economic collapse” shtf scenario is not an EMP or Pole Shift scenario.

                The poor will eat or they will feed on US. 🙁

                  • After FDR confiscated the gold in America by requiring it to be turned in by Executive Order, he single-handedly raised the price of an oz of gold from $20 to $35 an oz by edict, to make gold mining profitable again.

                    Then he bought all of the production until WWII, when those gold mines were closed and the emphasis was placed on copper and other munitions metals.

                    Not unlike what Russia does today, or China, with respect to their gold production. The US Government could do it again too; and might if metals ever back money again.

                    Not only that, but the USG could do the same for all oil & gas produced in America by pegging the price at say, $70 a barrel for every barrel of oil produced and used within the USA; so that American Shale companies could produce flat out and eliminate all oil & gas imports, making America totally energy independent again, while we transition to solar. 🙂

                    • Durango

                      One other thing I forgot. If you believe in the bible then this has to happen to the dollar. We are heading towards the one world government I think. The SDR is one part of that.

                    • Trouble is, this sort of thing takes time to organize and put into force and practice. If things aren’t ready to go BEFORE they are needed, and can be implemented quickly, they simply won’t happen in a timely manner that will do anyone any good. I do know, that those who have little, will have nothing under a “collapse” scenario, and those who have much, will hoard their treasure for as long as necessary. I believe this hoarding has been going on for quite a few years now, and with the left wing politicians holding the right wing by the neck, seemingly permanently, population control based on giving the people just enough bones with just enough meat on them, to keep them dependent on uncle will prevent any sort of planning for disaster, other than population control by military and paramilitary groups, like police, and national guard, etc.
                      There are more than a few neighborhoods that could hold out for a while, filling the streets with the dead bodies of those who make the mistake of looting the wrong block, but even those will eventually succumb to the overpopulated, undereducated masses who suddenly are cut off from their bone supply. Dead bodies, breed more dead bodies, by the diseases that will arise from the stench.
                      I think one would need to, if able, move out of the big cities, or migrate to rural areas, buy acreages or farms, and try to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. Even the gov’t. will take your food if they get hungry enough. I can’t think of anyone who has successfully fended off the gov’t. when they went after someone. They just keep coming, and will do whatever they have to, or want to, to win, even if it means dropping a bomb on you, like that mayor did in a major city back in the 70’s, on a house with some militant group holed up in it. He evacuated a whole block or more, and “whammo”, problem solved. A sad situation. I think people will turn to “tribalism”, and try to survive that way, as independent groups, doing whatever they must to do so.

                  • Never in 5000 years ? And yes it is very possible that we will all see the day when the freebies are no longer available . That will be a very bad day and time there after. None of what we see is sustainable. It is all just ILLUSIONS and apparently many of you here have bought into the illusions ! Problem is they are breaking down right before our eyes. Look around and tell me if you see progress of any sort or simply illusions created to hold the bogus system together with cyber dollars ? Do you actually believe this is sustainable and USD is not going to be a discarded ? That RESET will be brutal and it is coming, it is already in motion and likely cannot be stopped by anybody now.

                    I must say there sure is a lot of dumb and ignorant comments on here ? Lots of clueless.

                • Durango

                  I hope you are right. The thing is the more they print the less the dollar is worth. Other countries are slowly moving away from the dollar as a reserve currency. My belief is they will go to a mixture of currencies as a reserve. I believe they will go to the SDR. When that happens immediately things that we buy will go up 30 percent or maybe more. That also will hurt our ability to print money non stop. Inflation then comes to this country. At some point the dollar just becomes a piece of paper. Minors and others will not want that unless they need it for there outhouse. History has shown what happens if you over print. We will be taking sacks of paper called dollars to buy a loaf of bread.
                  The only thing that allows the U.S. to print is confidence in the dollar. That is slowly going away. You can see it in the policies of other nations as we speak.

            • 1st of all, even though the US is in financial trouble and a collapse is inevitable, the rest of the world will be even worse. Because all other world currencies are backed by the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency – which itself is backed by nothing except us tax payers – these other countries will collapse financially too; even China.

              1st world countries will look like today’s 3rd world countries and 3rd world countries will look like 6th world countries. China will be really bad off. Why? Because all that capacity to manufacture “stuff” is useless when no one is buying due to capital drying up. China then has the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people. Same problem with India, too many people to feed and no jobs/money. Africa and Latin America won’t be getting the aid they are used to getting and their problems will be too numerous to count and no one to help them. Japan same problem as China but maybe even worse since they have been in trouble for decades. Europe will be slightly better then China, India, Japan, etc. but worse than the US. The EU is toast – probably will collapse 1 yr or more before the US Dollar.

              For a short-time, we might actually see an influx of foreign investment. Seeing some of that right now, as countries are beginning to dump the US Dollar buy up some of our assets here with these dollars.

              But the eventual ponzi scheme will come to an end – sometime in the next 1 – 7 yrs. THAT is the problem. Not knowing exactly when. BUT knowing the trend is in the direction of a collapse should give the ones paying attention an advantage over those who are asleep and ignoring the signs all around us.

              • Friends,

                The BRICS has been in existence for some time now (Brazil, Russian, India, China, S. Africa), with over 100 other nations signing on to this and other trade agreements such as the AIIB. To think that the world will fall because the US falls is pure delusion.

                These nations know what’s going on and are preparing themselves to exist just fine amongst themselves, without a US service-based economy that imports far more than it exports. Those imports will be rerouted within these newly formed trade networks and heavy investment will be made into developing regions.

                Why would other nations want to do business with us when most US corps., as noted, will move offshore anyhow? How do we know that the US won’t devolve into a giant third-world cesspool while China (as predicted by leading economists and the elite) becomes the new king of the hill, moving their Nike factories to cities like Detroit?

                The bottom line is that the US must fall in order for the NWO (i.e., antichrist) to ultimately be established worldwide. Now that our national debt exceeds GDP (not even including unfunded liabilities and global derivatives debt), and with China holding all the world’s gold and setting themselves up as the soon-to-be world reserve currency (gold-backed yuan), it looks like this scenario is just a matter of time.

                Lest we be caught unaware, I think it’s wise to get rid of our cognitive dissonance that an immoral and imperialistic empire can survive indefinitely under a just God by merely printing more and more worthless Masonic fiat.

                May the Lord Jesus protect us.

                • I see the US fall and China’s rise as a general balancing. US rose before China did; we had the economic boom of the 1940’s through 1970’s then the slowdown. China had to catchup.

                  Sure the US may overshoot down; but for us to become the 3rd world and them the 1st maybe be an exaggeration.

              • The only part of your entry I would quibble with is that if everybody experiences the same amount of loss, most of those people in 3rd World countries already know how to survive quite nicely solely on what the natural environment around them will supply–whereas, most inhabitants of the developed world would starve if their food didn’t come out of a box, frozen food meal, or a restaurant.

            • Jesus himself said in Mathew 24:22 “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened”

              If you are a preterest, this means nothing of course. If you aren’t (and a Christian as you imply), it should mean that the elite plan to reduce population will be so effective that if Christ doesn’t return at some point, no one would be left.

              Using the term porn shows where your mind is for one, but saying it will be reduced gradually at that ’till 2025 is actually quite optimistic from what I see coming. I see it coming much sooner than that, and if you are still standing for Christ when the ‘dissidents’ (Chrsitians) are rounded up by our Islamic/Liberal administration you’ll be singing a different tune.

              Every move that is getting made is a spiritual one at this point, and it’s all either indirectly or directly aimed at wiping Christianity off the Earth to prop up a Luciferian kingdom. ISIS is the final beast of Daniel that crushes everything beneath its feet.

              • ISIS isn’t the final beast in Daniel. We’re going to see a one world government emerge from the chaos that follows a complete economic collapse.

            • You’re either ignorant or uninformed.

              What are people supposed to eat when the stores are empty?

              What are people supposed to drink when there’s no public water?

              Surviving a northern winter will be almost impossible for the unprepared.

            • Those other “Collapses” that the USA survived IE Great Depression and Dust Bowl so on most of the population knew how to grow food find water hunt game and so on there was a sizable portion of the population in agriculture business now days less than 1% of the USA population is in the farming industry and they are an average of 68 years old.
              Stores have only 3 days worth of supplies because of “Just in Time ” delivery systems so any disruption to transportation will have significant impact.

              Times have changed durango so put down the papyrus scroll and pay attention.

          • Argentina went through massive economic collapse and their population did not shrink at all. This is all fear mongering.

            • What do you think is going to happen to all the EBT card holders when the collapse happens? It is my belief that the cities will burn. So saying the inevitable collapse is fear mongering is ridiculous.

            • Argentina and Zimbabwe were different. People there used dollars. As soon as they were paid they bought food or dollars. Same thing in Zimbabwe.

              The economic collapse will come suddenly in America once the derivative bubble bursts and the banks close.

          • Gods will says you are an idiot to put any faith into a hoax based on lies and false promises. Religious people will die first due to being gulible.

            • WWTI

              Hello my son. Hope you have been well. I feel so sorry for you when you leave this earth. It breaks my heart.

            • Most of the New Testament was written by eyewitnesses or those who talked to eyewitnesses. As Luke said,

              (Luke 1:1-4 NIV) Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, {2} just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. {3} Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, {4} so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

              And as Peter said,

              (2 Peter 1:16 NIV) We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

              Read what Paul said:

              (1 Corinthians 15:3-8 NIV) For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance : that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, {4} that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, {5} and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. {6} After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. {7} Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, {8} and last of all he appeared to me also, as to one abnormally born.

          • I understand as I have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren, but I think it’s gonna be a group thing. When we go, they may also go. GOD’s will is that we turn back to Him and love and “obey” Him and His wishes, and we aren’t doing that. Man seems to want things his way instead of GOD’s way. That’s our problem, a sin nature problem.
            GOD’s will is that none of us perish and have everlasting life, however there are some conditions to that. We must obey and persevere until the end in order to be saved. GOD doesn’t send any of us to hell, we send ourselves by we way we live and disobey Him.

        • Gone Camping:

          Are you planning to carry a 70 lb. pack and wear crampons in SHTF?


          My experience is probably 99% alpine style and 1% expedition style. Doesn’t mean I cant do it. I have all that shit on hand, I just don’t carry it in my pack unless it’s necessary. Fancy gear is best left to experts, yet experts have no need of fancy gear.

        • Stop slandering the gays.

          • Acid, we do appreciate the survival tips you give on occasion, but YOU need to stop slandering the good people on this site. As long as you do, I’ll keep attacking the SODOMITE.

        • Johnny_Cash-The Man Comes Around – YouTube

          4 min – Sep 6, 2009 – Uploaded by TheJohnnyCashChannel

          +Anna Maria ci troviamo del tutto d’accordo su Johnny, Anna Maria:-) … Johnny Cash …

          • Acid is a useless sissy. I had the good sense to stay straight.

            • Choice had nothing to do with it, we are born with our sexual orientation. If you disagree then please tell me how old you were when you chose to be straight, what made you choose it and how you overcame any gay urges.

              • Yes we all have our major temptations. In my young wild days I made many wrong choices. We all have choices to make regarding right and wrong. My biggest temptation is beautiful ladies. I choose to be faithful to my wife. In my younger years I had many relationships with wonderful ladies. I cheated on one and saw what that caused. I chose never to do that again. I also chose to sleep with many of them. Now I choose to be monogamous and devoted to my wonderful wife. The temptation is still there and I have a choice to make.
                If homosexuals want to have sex they have that choice. That is completely up to them. I have a problem when they start wanting extra rights or to be included in a religious ceremony called marriage. Then the government attempts to tell christian business owners and churches what they must do no matter there beliefs.

                The government needs to stay completely out of the institution of marriage. If there were not rules about taxes or insurance then there would be no argument about marriage.
                If I choose now to sleep with every beautiful woman I come in contact with then there will be consequences. The same is true of homosexuality.
                There will also be consequences for this nation for going against Gods word. We export most of the porn now. We make homosexuality an excepted practice. We kill the unborn in a mother womb. All things seem to be excepted except for the bible.

                Why is that the only religion that gets persecuted? Strange is it not?

              • E. Grogan,

                Don’t waste a lot of time waiting for braveboy to respond. He doesn’t have anything he can say regarding your questions to him so he’ll just pretend he never saw your post. He does it all the time whenever he’s mentally outgunned, which is 99 per cent of the time.

              • Grogan,

                You don’t choose to do what’s natural, you choose to do what’s unnatural.

                Heterosexual is natural, it’s physiology and doesn’t need to be chosen, homosexual is unnatural.

        • OK….PLEASE….lets be realistic. Right now…..the US has some ??? 75 nuclear plants. IF anyone with even half a brain can see what 2 Fukashima style China Syndrome is doing to the planet, what the blazes do you think 75…plus the ones in Canada and Mexico are going to do? And this mind you is for that ‘intentional’ form of terrorism which is devoid of the possible cosmic influence from the sun or Nebiru style impact. In which case ladies…….. its HostaLavista Baby for the entire planet…..unless…..oh yea…I forgot….are those damned lizard ET’s capable of dealing with Nuclear WInter for a 1000 years? No…on EMP here. ANd now we move to something else….like a virus taking down the grid or the Pandemic spread by the aerosols from the Chem-Trail jets. Other than that….no place in a Metro area is safe….it already is not safe lol lol.

      2. Per the Guidestones…

        • It will be horrendous. They’ll be plenty of enemies to deal with. Government scum, scum foreigners, former friends, gangs, islamic heathens, and the list goes on and on. Lethal traps on your perimeter are a must.

        • Reported by guys with the hollow points.

          • It will be strange trusting no one.

            • OutWest I occasionally meet one of the many Bosnians around St. Louis (largest Bosnian population in the US). I usually ask them if they were there in the 90s. Same civil war Selco writes about at One told me the hardest part was not the hunger or fear of getting shot. He said it was when his best friend tried to kill his father and brother for a meal. He didn’t say they killed his best friend but it was implied. He said not being able to trust anyone was the worst thing he went through.

        • I agree with the Guidestones 500 million population goal. However, I don’t agree with killing people to reach the goal. Just sterilize women when the first child is born and the population will naturally decline over time.

          • Are you from China?

          • Luke Warm, you are cold

        • Eppe, a couple of days ago you ask, does anyone go back 4 days and read a post? I have given this some thought in the past, particularly when we had the thumbs. And the answer is, your wasting your time and intellect to even make a comment on an article the same day if Mac posts another article. Unless the first article of the day is really interesting and the following articles are really boring. The thumbs proved this out, you could check articles that were a day old and when a new article came out the last 10 or 15 old comments wouldn’t even get a vote. Trekker Out. Just Saying!

          • True, but sometimes there are responses back and forth that are worth following up on, even if you’re basically talking to one or two people.

        • I wonder if it really will do that,
          For us thats not too far in the future, already almost half way through 2015,
          Things to think about eh,
          For myself i question what will happen to people in areas like where i live, good chance we could make it as access is not as easy as walking from island to island or from the continent to here.
          How will our local government act?
          I can picture them trying to tax the people to keep the illusion alive for themselves and having it go instead very very badly for them. How many public officials will try and do that when they get filled full o .308 holes,,,,
          Its going to get interesting, sooner the better, but this could also be another WOLF moment,,,

          • Kula,
            I’ve wondered the same thing. Where I’m at is very poor($$$) in comparison to your stomping grounds, so I wonder how the local government could do anything but hide from angry “Gimme Dat” citizens. Military is used to “invading” the island, but what is here? One dead, two maybe dead, one just waiting to go, and one very active Volcano, I don’t think the Feds will bug us. I expect a big out migration on the Barges, after they steal what few boats we have here. There is maybe at most 20 stores where you won’t get shot if you loot. I just hope there are enough horses and mules to go around for those of us who stay. There is plenty of cattle, although not as many as there used to be. What is WOLF? Aloha.

          • What I would worry about most for HI is invasion by China

      3. Less likely to be “demigration” and more likely to be “death by looting”

        • It’s BS, nobody is going to take new immigrants, we have been stupid to do so. Or an 80% die off in ten years, without war or some such, also BS.

        • yeah, this makes sense, good article… so many things on the horizon, collapse is inevitable. Article I saw the other day said the clock (doomsday clock) is now about 2 minutes until midnight… crap, I would say half minute til doomsday. the listed various things, like climate collapse, financial collapse and war as things which is moving the hands of the clock forward.

          • all those earthquakes happening last week– did you’ll hear? Not just the big one in India (Nepal) but various ones in the states– California and else where…
            great video at “unrepentant cowboy” website with Johnny Cash singing and playing guitar… will try to send it here… scary!

      4. It will never get out of the teens I’m afraid. My gut tells me with in the next 18 months at most.

        • At the rate we are going; Nan. Pelosi will be just getting ready to start campaigning for her second term as pres, having taken over from Hillery, and Greece will be being told they won’t get their 17th bailout if they don’t get really, really, really serious about over spending in 2025; this is BS.

        • they been saying this same things for 15 years that i know of buddy. Dont worry about it. This could go on another 25 years. The “next year” junk is just to make you open you pocket book 🙂

        • Copperhead I agree.

          I have had a very bad gut feeling for about 8 months now. It does not go away like the feelings I have had in the past. I hope I am wrong but fear I am not. To many things happening all at once now. Time will tell.

          Good luck and God Bless to you and yours.

      5. “We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America”

        Finally, that fours years of Latin I took in high school will pay off, at least I’ll be able to speak the language.

        • lol. Though unfortunately there won’t be much of a reverse migration of mexicans and other central and southern american indians. Those that have come in the last 60 years from south of the border aren’t producers and creators of wealth. They are parasites that even after 3 generations here still are net tax consumers.

          Parasites won’t leave unless there is a healthier host for them to leach from; and where would that be? Mexico doesn’t have medicaid or anything like it. You think south of the border countries want their low IQ laborer class with dysfunctional family structure back?

          Anyone think blacks will ever return to Africa? The implausible scenario described above is still an improvement for most of sub-saharan africa.

          There has never been a successful multi-ethnic society in all of recorded history. Not one ever. Ours won’t be the first. White people are too old and didn’t have enough kids to support them in their old age.

          The death of western civilization will start (already has) with a whimper and not end with a bang unless ethnic conflict over the remains of a dying civilization intensifies.


          • Great true post Rebel.

            Please, anyone, post where your out of the country hidey hole might be when America blows up.

            The whole world will be on fire… will be lucky to get out of town or across a state border.

            • Yes, the government is simulating the collapse of civilization in America; AND elsewhere.

              Russia has turned belligerent, and China is flexing its muscles in the South China Sea.

              Why? In a word: Nibiru.

              This is the destroyer spoken of in Revelation. All of the major powers know its coming our way again and are working feverously to prepare themselves for survival and ultimately; conquest after it passes.

              As Christians we know the outcome and the Victor. There is nothing to fear. Rejoice our Salvation draws neigh. 🙂

              • Ok Durango, when is this thing supposed to get here?

                • Nibiru arrives in 2012, no 2013, no 2014, no 2015… just like the collapse. next year from the last year.

                  • it will get here when GOD say and only when he says good comment Durango

                  • ANON: Don’t know that yet. Some say in the next few years. I think the ETA is longer than that, but coming, maybe 15 years to coincide with events identified in Revelation. Much must happen yet, before the “end”.

                    I do know that it is outside of the solar system, but coming this way. If it is moving at 100,000 mph (the speed of a comet) it is half way here from its discovery in 1983.

                    If it is moving faster than that ….. 🙁

                  • It will get here when GOD says and only when he says Good comment Durango

                  • Google “Two Suns”and you’ll see that it is indeed coming, but when is still the big???

            • where to go? I have thought about this a lot. I have examined places online. I have visited places that seemed interesting. I have finally decided upon southern Chile. the few negatives are so outweighed by the many positives. some are: cheap land. low cost of living. family oriented population. recently went thru a collapsed society situation. you can buy land on a tourist visa. plenty of water. year round green meadows. honest cops. better not ever try to bribe one. one negative, very few of them speak English.

          • Agree. Whites haven’t had enough children but the mexicans and Muslims have.

            I have done my duty.

          • rebel,
            i addition to what you said, they won’t go back and others will come for years as it would many years for the rumors of the good life to drop off, many will still think it is better here and so they will continue to come from all over. it will be a nasty thing for many years to come!

          • Rebel

            There are already reports of pick up truck loads of Americans trying to sneak into Mexico.


        • South America…I have opened this door already, because it is better to be one year early than one day late. A lot of water (well, if you stay out of big cities like Sao Paulo), amazing nature and good energy, good climate and fertile land. It is still possible to get a permanent visa and to buy good land. Check this out –

        • South America, where to go! It is still possible to get a permanent visa and to buy good land. Check this out –

        • Er… we speak Spanish down here, AOWG! Not Latin.

      6. And the white man showed up to this country caring a song in his heart and a box of chocolates in his hand …right?

        • No, the white man showed up with manufactured metal knives and axes, a box of wooden beads, gun powder and the wheel: for which the natives sold them their land and allowed them to established FREE TRADE ZONES on the North American Continent.

          The natives have been in retreat ever since. The white man will not make that mistake. 🙂

          • Really DK?

            When the international Zionists banksters showed up with their wampum, the worthless FRNs, and their usury fees…..

            The white man has been on the retreat ever since.

            Get real!

            • The only reason the whites are in “retreat” as you say, is because they stopped having kids while subsidizing others.
              White America is awake. White America is aware, thanks to Barry Obola.

              The plug will be pulled soon enough as the States begin cutting benefits to those “others” to save their employee pension plans; and the GB’s defund the useless eaters. Look around. That process has already begun.

              Can you say “Jade Helm”? Can you say, “Peak Others”? 🙂

              • POG: You don’t think those train cars with shackles are destined for white suburbia, do you? 🙂

                • DK:

                  Have you seen train cars with shackles? I have not.

                  However, if the overcharges on the PD in Baltimore do not stick we might wish to see that train with shackles headed to every big city in America.

                  • POG: My point exactly. 🙁

                    • DK,
                      just because they control the trains NOW does not mean we won’t later and fill the cars with the real scumbags who started all the crap!!

                    • Apache54: God speed. 🙂

      7. You can’t talk only about a Western financial collapse because the entire financial system is integrated worldwide. An American collapse means a collapse almost everywhere.

        The report doesn’t mention climate change either. The temperature in Mexico and Central America is going to get too hot, so you’d have to move to South America or the mountains. The drought in our west and southwest, and bird flu in the midwest, will raise the price of food dramatically. (I just came back from shopping and I noticed that asparagus in Walmart went from $2 to $3 i a week–that’s a 50% jump.)

        And since I doubt our government will do a damn thing about any of our problems, I’m sure there will be more demonstrations and riots.

        • Climate change is a hoax and a fraud. It’s not happening. Man made global cooling was a fraud in the 70s. Man made global warming was a fraud in the 90s. Climate change is a fraud now.

          It’s all about using panic to get people to agree to massive changes in the ways we work and live.

      8. Mehhhh…I’m not buying it. I don’t see demigration as being the end result. I can see peoples dying enmasse after an EMP or Civil Unrest.

        Then again, I haven’t figured any of it out. It is all speculation and all we can do is be as prepared as we can for all the various possibilities.

        Clear as mud….

        • I agree its Not De-migration.
          The elite plan ten years plus into the future.
          This report is very frighting, they already know what “EVENT” will happen.
          My guess is several events at once, Economic Collapse, EMP, WAR.
          Those that are prepared have a chance to survive.
          The unprepared will die!

      9. I would urge everyone to take a look at the website before getting too shook up. Read the purple text explaining the data. You’ll see these are some odd folks talking about God, satanic cults, and denying they are arms dealers. I spent a career in military intelligence; I worked at NSA HQ and for a defense contractor. I can tell you these “Deagle people” don’t write like any agency or defense contractor would write (and I’ve read countless thousands of documents). In short, I suspect they are some nut jobs.

      10. No social security, no medicare, no food stamps, no money and no jobs means that a large part of the over 60 population would die off rapidly without access to health care and food.

        You don’t need an EMP, plague, super-volcano or zombie event to depopulate the US.

      11. Ok, i work with numbers and my scientist friend warned me about this very outcome. I work with numbers, let do some math calculations. 340,000,000 times 78% is 26,000,000. Oh, right on target, what a coincidence, looks like only 26,000,000 will survive. I think he is telling me the truth, since i am friends with him. Then he tells me that the survivors, preppers, will be in the 3-5 millions, because us prepper people will be killed by other prepper survivor groups on the outskirts of town, yes our own kind turns against us, that leaves now 3,5 millions survivors, and the remainding balance is not other that the elitist cabalalist bastards in the DUMBS. Yes sh…. will be so caotic that we preppers will not be able to tell foe from allie, and will get our azzes killed by our own kind. mix up the environemtal calapse with that, the volcanic eruptions that according to the my friend, will drop oxygen levels around the west coast and in the gulf forcing us to run inward, to breath clean air, and that the decaying dead and stinking bodies from a the gun shot wounds, disease, pestilence and starvation will make the air unbreathable. I think we are really screwed. For all you posters on here that like to jump on and bust our azzes about us being overly paroniod, cant you ideots tell, that the BIGGEST PREPPERS IS THE VERY CABAL GLOBAL and LOCAL GOVERNMENT, WITH THE DUMDS, why do you think the bastards are hoarding ammo, food, weapons,etc. Then they go on the evening news calling us conspiracty nut jobs, since they will be able to run like hell into those under ground bases pre “SHTF EVENT HORIZON”, then post SHTF. Its because they are planing this genocide, and certain unavoidable planatery catastrophies not related to Haarp will also devastate the surface of the planet when Nibiru comes around then triggering a fractural pole shift of 25%, basically slipping the earths crust. This is what i was told. Its all real.

        After seeing this new article by the 10,000% legitimate person, David Hodges, with his sickenig facts of life of hell on earth, is suddenly backing up and matching up with the numbers that the said scientist told and friends about, that almost made loose bladder control. Folks, the numbers are matching up with This is what is scaring the crap out of me, making me post what he told me here. So i bet i am going to get my azz chewed out about that i watch too much Tv, from so joker named “justmesay”, obviously some 18-19 punk, who is not mature, thinking he can come on here and post against my indisputable facts, get a life dude, you dont know crap.

        • silly, it is just ‘just me”. The “say” part comes after everybody name. pay attention please.

        • HCK,
          YUP. i agree you have a overall view with a GOOD feeling for what is likely to happen.could play out in many different ways but ANY of it will be very nasty and lots will perish!

      12. In the past, specially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the States.

        Whoever these people really are, apparently they don’t pay them enough for proper grammar.

      13. Hells bells I’ll be 71 years old.
        I just hope I’m in as good a shape as I am right now.
        On the other hand maybe it will be just my Alamo. One fight and over. I’ll do my best to make it a big one.

        • Just remember your pension will be long gone before then.

        • Sgt

          I would join your Alamo any day. Hope you have been great.

      14. I see many discrepancies in the information presented. Russia loses 96% of its population, but the GDP increases $1.5 trillion?

      15. A “crisis”? Come on man! For me…every single day is a crisis just to make it to the end of the day. Maybe what they say is true, practice makes perfect, maybe then I will cruise right thru this crisis and not even know it occurred.

        • I hear you brother/sister,
          The “collapse,” happened for me in 2004,
          its been “fun & games,” ever since.
          Not sure how I am still here, but I am.

          Its interesting to watch better off folks brag here,
          about how well they are doing, and how they’ve “Got it all under control,” & then some.

          NO ONE will be ready for the final collapse, no matter what they say.

      16. Just another wonderful day.

      17. Hey Cosby, welcome to the What on Gods earth kind of comment handle is that? the handle you chose there. There will be literally of millions of Bill Cosby types roaming our cities looking for trouble. I highly recomend, No 4 remington stealshot. This round will certainly change that type of behavior post shtf, because pieces of meat will be falling off thier bodies at 50-75 yards.

        • your English and your spelling is off. something is very odd about your posts. and since when are you the welcoming committee? seem to be trying too hard to make friends. definitely something amiss here.

        • 1 well placed 69g SMK out of an AR will be effective too,
          They like to tumble and bounce around when they hit bones, makes a real mess.

      18. A flaw with the article is that it provides a list of countries and their projected declines but doesn’t show the countries that’ll take all the people that will leave.

        All the people that leave, say the US and UK will go somewhere but where? Who will accept them?

      19. SERIOUS QUESTION ABOUT PREPPING: I read the article; and MAYBE its Half Right. Maybe. Just my personal opinion. Anyway; I have a serious question that I truly don’t know the answer to. In the Supermarket; what is the Shelf Life of a typical canned good? Im talking about DelMonte Canned Corn; String Beans; Chef Boy Ardee Ravioli? You get the idea. I KNOW the end is coming. Everyone here knows it. The Fed absolutely knows it. I just don’t want to buy a truckload of canned goods; thinking im sorta prepared; only to pop the can open and find a petri dish of former food. ANY info on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

        • I tried some canned green beans that best by was may of 12,
          Tasted ok, they dont taste that great to begin with,

          • I have eaten cans of corn, green beans, etc. best by 2002 and still here taste not the greatest but eatable. As long as the can is not bulged out as for me and mine its fair game to eat. Oh I ate the can’s this January 2015.

            • I put the old stuff in soups, drop my immersion blender in it and it comes out grinds (local lingo for delicious) add some wild rice mix or orzo and your eatin good.

            • Might I humbly suggest a rotation system for your canned goods?

          • I received a case of canned peaches from a senior citizen last year that expired in 1999. No cans were bulging, so I cracked one open. Passed the sniff test, juice did not taste strange, chicken I fed some to did not die:).
            They were a little mushy, but still passable for peaches 15 years after expiration…so they were probably close to 20 years old. I ate a bowlful, and I’m still here giving cop-haters a poster boy to flame.

        • the Fed mandated expiration dates are a joke …. stored in cool and dry environment you can bank on a couple decades …. the acid (fruit & tomato) type foods cause problems with the can – new poly lined cans are less problematic ….

        • Wet packed canned foods are usually marked with a two year expiration date per FDA regs.

          Thirty years ago wet canned food were generally marked with a canned date, and were expected to last 5 years.

          Old time rules, check every can before opening to insure the can contents are still under vacuum. Discard any can that shows signs of internal pressure. A general rule, bring to a boil and simmer for at least five minutes any can older than expiration date. Be skeptical of any can dented along a seam.

        • In 1976 I lived for months on C Rats dated to early 1950’s
          only thing bad was the ham and eggs, they were just bad!, but with enough Tabasco, were still edible. As long as you don’t have leakage or expansion, canned goods should last as long as the container seal system stays intact. Asthetics may degrade, eg. potatoes get mushy, Pasta may get mushy.
          Bon Appetite!

          • Thats funny, we were living out in Hamakua in those days, remember my dad got cases and cases of those rations from a friend, we ate em all, and yea, a little tabasco or chillipepper water went a long ways.

        • Ask for free buckets from the bakery. Get some 50 pound bags of rice and beans. Clean buckets well. Dump beans and rice into said buckets.

          Good for decades. You can add dry ice to the buckets and let the frozen CO2 push out the Oxygen.

          Best to buy bunches of seasoning too.

        • The Mormon Church has a lot on this type of stuff. It’s lots of places. Reports show a can of corn stored for over 20 years was still good. There was a steamship “Bernard” sank 150 years ago found with some canned goods still good. There is chunk of Elk Jerky in the Cody Museum, 100 years old, they say it’s still OK. Problem is integrity of the can, taste, vitamins and consistency of the food. Anything canned with tomatoes is a problem, they are so acid they destroy the cans. Most fruits get mushy, Biologically if it was properly canned and the can is still intact it’s still usable. Taste is another matter. Some things do keep forever, If dry, in proper cans bottles, whatever, sugar, salt, baking Powder, honey, corn starch. vinegar, whiskey, water. A few others. Powdered Milk gets a poor aftertaste in about 5 years unless you vacuum pack it. But I have used it in cooking without problem, Mustard seems to keep for years. You will just have to look around the net. In my case I’m using lots of canned goods out dated in 2011-12. I’ve eaten Pound cake in GI cans from 1943 just fine.

          • Powdered milk…
            I take any expiring powdered milk, and use it as fertilizer in the garden. The plants love it.

            It is the only prep that I actually discard when it gets old, that is if you consider using it as fertilizer, discarding it! Check the price on bone meal?

        • Store at constant moderate temperature, it will last for years beyond the Best By date.

          Acidic foods, like your ravioli, containing tomato paste, have a shorter life.

          Do rotate your canned goods. What you store should be what you eat. If you are concerned about a shelf of stuff, donate it to a food bank or target practice, and replace it.

          Do not be afraid to toss a can, check it before, during, and after opening.

      20. Practice: weak side and point shooting they will save your life. In my notion night vision is a must, even the cheap ones are better than nothing.

      21. Boy, there really pushing this EMP shit.

      22. Oh now it’s 2025 …….LMAOOOOOooooooo……..when I when will you fools wakey wakey

      23. What Outwest said. Lot of truth to that. We cant event trust our own frickin preppers. Now i know how the 26,000,000 survivors went from that number down to 3-5,000,000. I just about lost bladder control after seeing, since i was told that the cabal put up the site to announce what their plans are, since they like to let us know that they plan on killing all of us. I kept noticing recently that they keep reporting and writing artilces about, “EMP attack will kill 9 out of 10 Americans, and its now obvious, that this number is their goal. So it their way of announcing the master plan, now they are talking about Jad Helm 15, the so called mastering of the human domain. They were even nice enough to show us the very shoes in the logo, that we will be wearing before we face the guilotines and firing squads. It’s all adding up.

        Someone once quoted:

        Form my cold dead hands.

        • HCKS, I’ve been known to use that quote myself. I’ve also used many times, “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” Braveheart

      24. I do not think we have ten years left before it all comes to a head. Famine and disease will be a big problem. Those that have prepared will have the best chance for survival. Got preps?

        • Yep, 20$ for 3# hamburger at Costco

          • Hilo, wild salmon, unfrozen $6 a pound.
            My town, local beef, Hamburger $4 + chg
            per pound.
            Pears(avocados) $0.50 ea. (mine aren’t ripe yet)
            My neighbor has an orchard.

            Costco is for yuppies.

      25. This article is incorrect on so many levels it is pure fear porn courtesy of Mac Salvo.

        1-Do you really believe that Asia and Latin America will be able to/want to absorb so many immigrants? I’ve spent time in both regions and believe me, the people do not want any White folks living amongst them. They only want our money, but in a collapse scenario, the money obviously becomes non existent.

        2-Deagle is not connected with the government or any alphabet agencies. It is run by an elderly gentlemen in North Carolina and he is probably laughing his ass off at this stupidity. Review the website, there are numerous discrepancies that cannot be logically addressed.

        3-These countries that are supposed to allow American emigrants in, are barely functioning countries right NOW. Many States in Latin America are one event away from being declared failed states.

        4-The elite do like to broadcast their intentions, however not in such an obvious fashion or manner. They are all about occult and deceptive practices. They will not spell it out for you, you must connect the dots.

        I would rather die on my feet under an American sky than live as a second class citizen in some third world shit hole that won’t allow us in anyway. We are in for rough times, but this deagle report is comical.

        • I agree.

        • I agree; the Deagle site is bogus; more likely a nut jobber or hoaxster than any professionally planned Dis-info. Take it from one who has reason to know, the agencies and defense contractors don’t produce reports in that folksy, semi-literate style we read at Deagle.

        • If you want to live in a 3d world country, be sure you have skills that will be useful there.

      26. The oceans are too large for USA-demigration. Besides, why would other countries want USA people when they have enough of their own problems? The reason the USA has so many people from South America is because they don’t need to cross an entire ocean to get here (not to mention the USA gov’ment doing squat to catch them and send them back).

      27. The Elites want to eliminate the “redundant people”, us. Robots are the future slaves. Or are they the future masters?

        • Well, there is a certain percentage of the world’s population that fall into the “useless eaters” category. I can understand why the elites would want a goal of “thinning the herd”–even if I don’t agree with killing people as a way to achieve the goal.

          • whenever I hear the phrase “useless eaters”

            I think of Wall Street types,bankers and politicians

      28. hmmm
        this might come in handy

        ACLU makes app that sends phone video of police misconduct directly to ACLU servers

        ht tp://…ends-phon.html

        • I like it, would like to find out how to automaticly upload to youtube

          • Live streams costs $ but can be done.
            If you are worried about local PD, being
            locals, buy the streaming app for your phone,
            your provider’s, streaming plan, and get a safe
            cloud account. Password protect and encode
            all your data.
            This way after they confiscate your phone,
            you go home and up-link the video to
            Youtube. Keep in mind Youtube is run by
            Liberals and they will sanitize any anti
            Democrat material. Cops beating a local
            will be censored, Cops beating a Haloe
            will be OK.

      29. Come what may, the fact that we are even looking at sites like this one, is proof that the system is broken. We passed up the end of the road a long time ago. Yet here we are still going. Get right with your maker, keep yourself at the ready. I believe we will know soon enough what the future holds. Just be ready, for when it does go to hell, you don’t go with it….

      30. something else that is good to know

        Little Known Fact: Police Can Track You With Your Printer

        ht tp://

        • I’ve had the feeling that old time technology like typewriters, carbon paper, film cameras with photo development materials will be very desirable in the future. Its like the bacterial strain MRSA that is resistant to spore based antibiotics but good old 1930s sulfa in large dosages kills it.

      31. Gee looks the agency is bake online even the names have changed, sounding more red neck to fool the masses. Nice try azz clowns I talk to real people, Good luck trying to force us to let down our guard..not happening. See the hodges link. You think they passed the bill and set up the firing squad for the hell of it, and now guillotines..nice try azz clowns, now your posting crap attacking Mac. We waller up and mud dive in .223 here in my city..we eat and breathe, sh…t and pizz 233& 5.56. Welcome to the punks.

      32. another 18 months of Hope & Change … if the country survives Obammy nothing can kill it ….

      33. 2025?!? Doomsday profits and soothsayers have been predicting all forms of death and destruction of the world for years. 2008. Aw shucks I meant to say 2010. Ah hell, maybe 2012. Nope, 2014. We all know it’s coming there’s just no real way to know the timing.
        I will say I don’t think we’ll last to 2025.

      34. The US population was 133 million in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. This is evidence that the land will support at least this many, likely more, and that’s with hundred year old technology.

        People during the Great Depression sustained themselves for the most part on backyard gardens. There was food in stores, but most people just couldn’t afford it, they were unemployed.

        After an economic collapse it will take years to rebuild the economy, employment, build credit etc. the trick will be food and shelter through the first winter? A lot of people will simply freeze. I picture the government nationalizing all resources, and rationing to people. Corruption will be rampant.

        On a brighter note, I’ll be planting four more fruit trees in my yard this week! Nom, Nom, Nom! Dang I’ll probably end up on a terror watch list now for planting long term sustainable food…….

        • I used to love reading Woodpile Report, Old Remus used to post pictures from the 30s and 40s regularly, i have also read volumes upon volumes of books about history,
          There were a LOT of real skinny mal nourished folks during the depression. Surviving was at bes what most were doing, in Europe it was worse, far worse.
          This time around it will dwarf the great depression and make it look like a minor period of discomfort.

          • KF I miss ole Remus also, hope wherever he is he’s doing well. If anyone of you knows him, please give him my best.

          • Used to be that Churches and private organizations like the Salvation Army ran all the soup kitchens, the government has squeezed them all out, and put nearly 50 million on food stamp cards. They all are now slaves owned by the state. It’s illegal now in much of the country for private citizens or even church groups to feed the poor.

            Hungry people will do anything to survive, and this government will exploit them.

            If there are disruptions in supplies, like food and water, the government will nationalize them in a flash, and control who gets them and how much they cost. It’ll look like the former Soviet Union with food for everyone, where in the small town of ten thousand, the only store gets 500 loaves of bread per week!

            As for growing your own, you’ll need a plan to protect it. Ignorant people will trample gardens looking for anything ripe to steal, destroying the rest. They’ll kill your egg laying hens that can feed you through the year, for the immediate pleasure of eating your chicken. Without refrigeration much of that chicken will likely get wasted.

            If you do manage a good backyard garden the local government may seize your harvest! The idea that you want to can for the winter will not stop them from taking your food to give to other eaters now.

            Large farms will be nationalized and farmers will have to turn over their harvest to feed the central city government first, then their politically connected friends, then the wealthy, then Joe Average. It’ll suck to live in an inner city, or nursing home!

        • But how much land growing food in the 30s has been concreted over by now?

      35. just a quick update

        US: Avian flu toll doubles in a week

        h ttp://

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the bird flu isn’t sabotage. The Chinese have plenty of strains to play with and cripple our poultry industry.

          • The cattle herds are at pre 1950s levels. The government already “helped” pig farmers in northern us and canada by seizing and slaughtering their heritage pigs who “might” escape their pens.

            Canada has special “new” pigs that are gmo and mixed with human ecoli and mouse genes that grow (& be bacon) very quickly other gmo pigs have thicker skin for the processing machines “comfort” not the health of the person eating it. Exactly when the heritage nongmo pigs were slaughtered.

            The raw milk drinkers have been attacked in the war on goatkeepers. GMO goats that make “spider milk” products the government purchases for warfare are ok; the people drinking raw goat milk from nongmo goats are the criminals in America.

            Dairy cows have been already gmo changed to produce a more human milk for newborn humans who need human breast not gmo experimental udder feeding. Spent dairy cows are hamburger and these herds are made with human genes on purpose… do they get sold to the same slaughterhouses when the gmo cow is too old to milk?

            The virus the chickens “might” get is only affecting coop only birds; chickens with coop/pen are exposed to sunlight. This virus dies in UV light like most others. There is not any possible way an escaped sick chicken spread this virus to these locations. Another vector of transmission protecting the virus from sunlight across several states skipping vast distances to jump inside closed coops might possibly be “in an inspector’s pocket”…

      36. Today’s History Lesson

        George Will Confirms Nixon’s Vietnam Treason

        ht tp://

        I wonder how many thousand or tens of thousands died because of Nixon ?

        • Probably up to a million Vietnamese and roughly 59,000 Americans along with a thousand or so ROK troops and a few Australians and New Zealanders thrown in for good measure died predicated with the buildup post bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident.

          DuPont, Dow, Colt, GM, Ford, Chrysler, The Seven Sisters and a host of others made good money along with the workers in those industries while their sons died for nothing. No where in our Constitution are we to fight for an economic system. Only bankers and industrialists desire that goal.

          • K2
            The economy is what drives the American way of life. Feeds our children, puts a roof over our head and helps us put food on the table. Without our economy we are a third world country. Our biggest daily decision at that point is selecting the proper size rock to throw at the evenings prospective supper. Defending anything that threatens the American way of life is worth fighting for. Our “system”, at least at one time, was the best in the world. Getting back to the social norms etc… that made our country the best the world has ever seen is worth fighting for.
            That some yahoo in a NYC skyscraper gets rich off of a war is inconsequential to the working class.

            • (XXXDefendingXXX) Fighting anything that threatens the American way of life is worth fighting for.

              Thats what I meant to day.

      37. Gonna go pick up the seedlings for my garden Saturday. I haven’t been feeling good the past two weeks don’t know if it’s allergy or cold or flu. But I’m working through it and by the end of the day my head is splitting and my legs feel weak and tired. If this don’t improve tomorrow I’m a go to doctor. My doc is a fruit cake he used to be a good guy but now he complains about all the $ he gives away and just dumb shit. He is always trying to give me meds for shit. I told him I don’t want chemicals unless it’s absolutely nessasary. So if I feel better the garden will go in I’m not a green thumb but my garden always produces a lot. I think it’s because I use seedlings so I can identify the strongest ones. It’s fun and my kids like to watch me pick grocery bags full of produce. I have a mulberry tree it’s about 30 feet tall and I cut some of the lower branches back so wife can sit under it without branches hitting her on the head. It’s really nice to have my own dirt that I own and produce what I want on it. I feel for you apartment or condo guys it’s tough to do anything you have to grow in buckets. After a collapse having you own homestead will be vital I feel. My town passed an ordinance that we can have chickens just no roosters. I’m not gonna do it but it’s nice to know I can without getting my balls busted. Rabbits probably for me. There is no homeowner association but neighbors just keep up their property. I’m not one to make a stink over a unregistered car. Since the scrap prices for cars went up you hardly see junks in driveways. If the economy goes down I’m not gonna worry I planned ahead as best I can. There are things I can do but they will cost big$.

      38. When I read comments from preppers about our ancestors surviving during the Great Depression, I often shudder at the optimism. The reason that so many were able to survive was common sense and ancestral knowledge. These folks were used to having very little possessions. They didn’t own their homes but many generations lived within the same home, and often it was rented.

        The land WILL NOT support foraging wild edibles whether plant or animal. In fact, if you think this, then try it for a week or two instead of your usual vacation. Try as you might to gather enough wild edibles to live on them alone.

        Most people who lack sufficient acreage cannot raise enough plant based food to sustain their families. It takes a very wise person to raise food on the average amount of property in America. Without raising livestock, which would most certainly be rabbits (which are very lean and hence low in calories), then it would all be but impossible on the average amount of property that people possess.

        Please do not be overly optimistic about your ability to forage from the land, nor to raise sufficient calories by future agriculture on your property UNLESS you actually are doing it NOW.

        We have an opportunity to teach as preppers. The most important wild edibles that can easily be taught have to also be ones with high calories. These are SEASONAL in scope as you cannot harvest very often. Those are grasshoppers that can be dried and used to boost protein in other dishes like stews. The common acorn that has tannins removed. Maple syrup which got the Native Americans through starvation time as food stores ran out. Finally common grass seed that is free from ergot rust provides a whopping amount of calories. Most wild edibles take more in calories to locate them…than these four common and easily identifiable ones.

        • My Italian grandparents, great uncles and aunts all immigrants each produced a lot, a very lot of food on small 1/4 acre gardens organically which was the only way they knew how and knew they did.

          Rabbits, chickens, tomatoes, peppers, egg plant, squash even some corn and they all had their imported fig trees. You would be surprised how much can be produced on a small bit of land. They bought the absolute minimum, hunted bringing two shotgun shells bringing home two rabbits and if not they cursed the shell manufacturer saying, “They no putta pellet in a shell”

        • It is interesting how many people think they can just roll right into foraging or growing their own foods. Im a comercial grower and know im going to have a tough time balancing out my diet!
          Not to mention food preservation,
          If you aint already doing it or trying to do it you could be screwed, how do you heat it, sanitation, water? Fuel? Huge list, and i actually live where you can grow year round and never freeze to death! Should be interesting.

        • I agree that some of our ancestors during the Great Depression were able to grow a lot of food on 1/4 acre of land. The questions though are manifold about whether the average American or alien residing in America have both the common sense and ancestral practical knowledge and pure gumption to grow their own food or raise it as livestock? Does the average American or alien residing in America understand how to fish, hunt, or trap?

          I think that over 90% do lack common sense, ancestral knowledge and gumption.

          Consider the enormous amount of illegal immigrants to the USA. Couple this with the dearth of practical agricultural knowledge. Most people lack even the most basic hand tools and they certainly do not have 1/4 acre upon which to grow/raise food.

          If you’ve been mentored and educated yourself about foraging upon the Land, then you know much of what I’ve said is true. Watch any wilderness survival show just to witness that MOST experts starve during their time in the wild. Much of their survival is an endurance contest mixed with reducing energy output as to only expend enough energy that has a reasonable amount of payoff in caloric intake.

          The growing season is very limited. It’s lengthy from seed to harvest. Infestation, plant disease, too much rain or inadequate rain (for the water utilities will certainly not be operating. That means that the smallest mishap will result in a reduction of harvest and then poor preservation and hunger will also influence how much you will eat as a survivor.

          Now couple the fact of theft into the equation will so many immoral people too. How much livestock will be taken by predators? How much of your harvest will be lost to theft?

          I think people are entirely too optimistic when they consider the relatively moral Americans of the Great Depression compared to the average American today.

          • Your final statement is the absolutely critical factor that very few seem to pick up on. My dad grew up a dirt-poor, Okie-style farmboy in Iowa, and he continually emphasized to me that it was the cooperation among family and neighbors — not necessarily close friends, but neighbors — that made survival and eventual recovery possible. Today, the vast majority of Americans — especially in cities, but increasingly in the suburbia and rural areas — have not spent enough time with people living nearby to know whether or not they can be trusted to not rob, rape and kill in a crisis, let alone whether they have useful skills and experiences to tap when SHTF.

          • Arkie, I fully expect for those local farmers who raise cattle to be inundated by predatory townsfolk who have no prepper skills. I fully expect for things to play out precisely like they do in One Second After. Town councils will scoop up local supplies from local groceries, demand farmers give up their livestock, and then once these meager supplies run out, for there to be genuine anarchy.

            The only way that the system works today is the artificial boosting of food sales through monthly EBT credits. The only way that food sales exist on a regular basis is pension and SS deposits into checking accounts. Halt the payments for a month, and the whole house-of-cards tumbles.

            Never think the USA is like Argentina. Never think that since things worked out during the Great Depression that they’ll work just fine today. The average American has just about zero practical skills. Even if it were to happen in early Spring (come planting time), and even if everyone gardened, had tools, and was mentored, you’d still have many months before adequate caloric intake could be gained to sustain the nutritional requirements.

            This is why prepping and agriculture go hand-in-hand. Without adequate food storage to get us through those sorts of food shortages, anarchy, and inability for LEOs to do anything, then it will be up to preppers to protect and take care of themselves.

            Think how fast Baltimore degenerated. Think how riots happened in other cities in response. The USA today is a powder keg and it won’t take much. A sustained trucking strike, and inability to transport across rail and barge, severe economic uncertainty and persistent unemployment all could conceivably happen at any time.

        • Best store your high calorie carbohydrates: grains, beans, oils and raise your protein even in the city: chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat. Chickens need carbohydrates and proteins also but rabbits can get by with mostly wild greens you can harvest: grass, clover, apples, alder leaves and branches,etc.

      39. 2025? I didn’t know that we had that much time.

          • Exactly Native. If this country gets to 2016 without some catastrophic event or economic meltdown I would be eternally grateful. Unfortunately, we all it will be here one day soon, what day we do not know.

      40. Why is Deagel not true

        Ive seen pseudo-white people of high standing in my society promote mass immigration policies, laughing at how it will hurt whites (they think i’m okay with that as I’m brown, so they discuss things openly in front of me).

        White people are owned. Their food is made in some third world country. So are their basic goods. Now that all muslim countries are politically destroyed by the US military and china is owned by the bankers, if the economy fails its a slam dunk. Whites will die due to lack of food and will not be able to set up an alternative economy in time (1 year minimum) before succumbing to hunger/disease/violence/etc. Most have not prepped – the masses will fight each other for scraps to survive. The so-called elite are arrogant but also have a desire to let you know you’re owned – hence they control all mass and alternate media via trolls etc, but also give away some truths.

        Godlessness has led to this. The solution is a spiritual one, even down to honoring marriage vows and not slutting it up, but most people will not come to this way of being, even if forced to. So we get the destruction of the world due to social engineering by evil banksters and their brethren.

      41. It’s not food and clothes the people can’t get that will trigger mass rebellion…it will be because they get their medications!

      42. Redneck101, I don’t think we are even going to last till January 2017. We are definitely extinct by 2025. Dealge assures that one.

      43. 2025 is a ruse. If we make it to 2017 it will be a miracle.

      44. The elites want southern mexico and all central america for themselves. Better weather etc.. They want to fill all of the old iron belt cities with immagrants.

      45. Gas is back up. The freight is slower the guys say it’ll pickup don’t worry you’ll be busy but past few days haven’t picked up hardly anything. I think businesses are tapped out they are not making big orders of pipe and raw materials they are getting less materials manufacturing is dead. A guy told me his company is closing by the end of the year. They make lottery machines. Company is moving to Arizona. A lot of people out of work another guy told me 32 hrs is full time where he is working. What the hell you gonna make on 32 hrs need two jobs.

        • Get well soon friend.

      46. Preliminary research indicates that the owner of the deagle site, Edwin Deagle of Aberdeen, NC may be Maj. Edwin A. Deagle, aka Edwin A. Deagle, Ph.D., who, at least in 1977, was Deputy Director of International Relations for the Rockefeller Foundation. Or it may be his son, Edwin A. Deagle, III.

        So, either he’s making up stuff to scare us at the direction of the elites, or he’s broken away and is now a certified tinfoil hat wearer. Either way, I wouldn’t pay much attention to his web site.

        • I found more info. Edwin A. Deagle, Jr. was Under Secretary of the Air Force under Clinton and a CFR member.

          So is the web site this person, or is there another Edwin Deagle? BTW, Aberdeen is a very small town in Moore County, NC, but Moore County is also home to Pinehurst. A number of celebrities have homes or have had homes in Moore County, including Michael Jordan and Sean Connery. So it wouldn’t be that unlikely for a CFR member to have a home in Aberdeen.

          I do think it’s odd for a person of that standing to have a strange web site registered under their own name where anyone can look it up.

      47. No real way to know what will happen in 10 years. Debt bubble will likely blow, but the government will print all the money it needs to meet the ‘entitlements’. Of course, the size of your entitlement check will rapidly fall behind the real cost of goods. The will be shortages of many essentials as the producers face similar inflation pressures. This will cause rioting and looting, and will be met by force. But except for war (always a possibility), few countries have ever lost that much population.

      48. This Deagle site was discussed months ago, and I was alarmed. But after bringing it to the attention of my local group, someone pointed out that it is MORE LIKELY that the ARROWS before any 2025 numbers indicate the INCREASE or DECREASE from current levels. Look at everything again with this in mind! Makes way more sense then.

        For the U.S.A. current 315 million population, a reduction of 65 million. Makes sense, but is totally the opposite of what the numbers have been for the last 60+ years. GDP $17 Trillion, showing a reduction of $882 billion

        BUT !!!!! This way of looking at it shows something completely different. For example, both China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Argentina show their populations doubling! While others are cut in half or worse. Seems a pattern that any country that is on the coast has a reduction in population, like S. Korea, current 49 million with reduction of 39 million! Spain 47 million reduction of 25 million, or Russia 142 million population reduction of 136 million !!!!!!!!

        Now just thinking, maybe China built all those empty cities for a reason?

      49. The sooner the Corporatist Fascist Orwellian Police State complete evil vile shithole of Murica collapses, the sooner we can start rounding up and arresting all the fascist boot licking shit stains in the Republican and Democrat Parties, the sooner we can round up and arrest all the Corporatist Fascist genocidal filth in the Chemical Companies, Food Industry, Big Agri, Big Pharma, and of course the main fascist filth shit stains on Wall Street and the Banking Cartel. If the fascist boot licking shit stains in the US Military continue to support this Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL FEUDAL SYSTEM, all the US Military filth will be arrested and put on trial also for supporting GENOCIDE and crimes against humanity. If you continue to wave that filthy vile evil disgusting Corporatist fascist filth Murican flag-YOU ARE THE LOWEST FORM OF FASCIST BOOT LICKING GUTTER SWINE FILTH ON THE PLANET.

        • Problem is they will all be in their underground bunkers

          • Hopefully their underground Air conditioner fans stop working and they starve of oxygen then.
            The ones that promoted mass death.

      50. If you believe Deagel they tell you that about 90% of our population will simply move to China or Viet Nam to look for work, RIGHT?
        First of all I would have to PAY out of pocket over $1,000 air fare for each family member to fly to China and the kind of jobs I would be looking at would pay about $.25 (cents) per hour and I would work 7 days a week and 12 to 14 hours a day, is that right?
        Yes, and to not know the language, customs, people etc. Yes that makes perfect sense to me, don’t it to you?
        Oh yes I could do that – NOT!

      51. The best way to grasp what will happen in 5 or 10 years is to look at what is happening today. So, let’s take wealth creation and social stability. In terms of wealth creation, year-on-year, this has been going down. More people than ever are now on welfare or receiving government benefits. The population has also changed dramatically, from a majority European origin – and the best and brightest of that bright continent (think of the scientific and technological innovations brought by the Germans) – to mostly the dregs of the third world. In terms of social stability, just walk around any low-income neighborhood and tell me people are not hating on each other.

        A good test of tensions is to get clean shaven and put on a nice suit and walk around the ‘hood. You can tell how close you are to the next riot from the looks black people will shoot you: they tend to give you the big stare, or suck their teeth. Then you know the tensions are back up and heading for a riot. Totally different experience in Asian places. Usually they ignore the ghost, but if you look like you have cash, then the women are definitely interested. The one thing you will never get is social stigma or anger for being successful and/or smart. They respect that.

      52. I think 78% depopulation estimate is too low. I think 90% will die. Things like this snowball. the weak sickly and unprepared will die. then diseases will kill many healthy. many will be killed by others for a variety of reasons. It wont be a reset or a reversion to a 1800,s society. It will be a no holds barred lawless root hog or die survival of the meanest & fittest. Think stone age existence.

      53. An economic collapse.Followed by mass civil unrest.
        I think this planned destruction of our country via Cloward and Piven planning is so the elite can put a world government in place.”CHANGE” Global warming/climate change will be used to instill more fear and approval of an agenda 21 kind of system. Remember, we have leaders who think there are to many humans for the planet.

      54. Old Cop, welcome to the board. We are not all cop haters here. Most of our Texas cops are good people. Texas, according the the “communist natzi cabal government” that took us over. Chances are if your posting on here, you may have seen the Jade Helm 15 map, if not, do a search on youtube. You may even notice that your state might be colored red.

        Texas is now a domestic terrorist state, ” hostile territory” , that is colored red on the Jade Helm 15 map. For for the regular good cops that read here. You guys need to start posting. We have the occasional anti-cop ignorance here from time to time. I am not a cop, and i am not anti-cop.

        Let us know if you all need Extra “Chawk” for the Jihadist down here in the Texas read zone.

        Old Cop, buy the way, as far as food prep is concerned, i recomend Backpackers Retreat. Cans are good to store at home, if your on a budget, buy small amounts weekly, then go to academy, get a good bug out bag from one of these banner sites on this site, and buy the back packers retreat, this allows you to pack weeks worth of food, and its light weight, it makes it easier to fight during shtf, when roaming dred locks thugs are heading your way by the thousands, pick up a cas of No 4 remington, and some 12 guage Acutips, 3″ for bigger game, as a back up. I am sure you may have seen the Baltimore showdown. Alot of the old fart cops are revolver types. Get some hollow points for bigger game during shtf season. The can goods are good for home storage but a bad thing when you have to leave your area, its too bulky, so the food packets are better. If your have to run, your bug out bag will have to weigh no less then 50 lbs for athletic good looking studs like myself and others, however, you might not be in as good of shape, so you may need one for 35 lbs. Not trying to be a smart azz, just bring realistic. You will need to be able to run, and if you cant run, your are screwed, because if you are caught, you could be killed, cooked, roasted, seasoned and eaten, post EMP. Read my previous post about my scientist friend and what he was told. As you can see, it aint looking good. Talk to your local cops, chances are they have been prepping and your just finding out. Prepare and get to be in the surving 3,5,000,000 post shtf. We are now in the SHTF EVENT HORIZON, the point of no return, so you need to start getting ready now.

        Make allies with cops in your area, and you cops who are new to the board, you guys need to start prepping if you havent started yet. Texas cops are getting into prepping bigtime. I was really suprised when they told me that they were readers of this site. Get with the patriotic militas, and make allies. So that when shtf comenses, you will have food and water to survive. The bad rogue cops have damaged your reputations with their illegal crap and abuse of power. Oh and by the way, we are not concerned about human rights abuse of jihadist, they have no rights was far we are concerned. No constitutional rights for Jihadist bastards. Welcome to the

        And EMP event would be devastating. 9-10 people will be dead in less than one year. My prepper allies have even told me that since i am so into health and organics, that i may be good eaten post shtf, if i die, that my meat with be safer to eat, and even gamier. Now i may be eaten by my own kind. I hope this helps, respectufully, aka HCKS.

      55. Ron is spot on. The Puppet Masters have been running this game for a long time. Agenda 21 is the engine that drives their machine. The world must be reduced 85-90% to make the world “sustainable”…Just some things to ponder, David Rockefeller turns 100 years old in June. Now say what you will, his evil little fingers have been in an awful lot of pies over the years and he’s pulled a lot of strings attached to a lot of evil people…Maybe, just maybe things have accelerated because the likes of Dave and his ancient reptilian friends, Henry K, Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros…Soooo many years of plotting, and planning, they want to see for themselves the shit hit the fan…

      56. Those figures can be easily reversed if government liberals get OUT OF THE WAY.

        Yes, easily reversed. Fear not America, get rid of liberals and the coast is clear and you can live again.

        Get your Bible out now! Cast liberalism aside.

      57. It could happen, although within the next 10 years? I don’t know.

        This is not the America I grew up in. Most Americans are in crowded cities totally dependent on ‘services.’

        Census 2000 Population Statistics: U.S. Population Living in Urban vs. Rural Areas

        Population living in Urban Areas:
        # of Areas: 3,629
        Total Population: 225,956,060
        Percent of U.S. Total: 79.219

        Population living in Rural Areas
        Total Population: 59,274,456
        Percent of U.S. Total: 20.781

        Deagel forecast:

        United States of America
        2025 Population: 64,879,100
        2014 Population: 318,890,000

        Population leaving the US is also a good point. I know several people who are already considering leaving for Central and South America. People immigrating to other countries had better have either lots of money or very good practical skills to put to work.

        Then there is the prospect of starving during a national or global economic collapse. Millions died in the US during the Great Depression. Do the research.

        Then there is the prospect of US civil war and / or revolution.

        Finally there is the prospect of global nuclear war.

        I can see it happening. Hope not.

      58. Here’s the thing…. if you take Deagel’s info provided, it shows there isn’t a “migration” it in fact shows a total difference of -310+ million people!!

      59. Read the book of Revelations in the KJV Bible. It’s going to happen. I just hope it’s later than sooner.

      60. I expect a 95% population reduction after the collapse. Think about it: no goods are transported across the country; no police or fire protection; no electricity; no public water; complete chaos. Preppers are thought to be about 3% of the population. Only half have more than 6 months of supplies. You could make the case that a 5% survival rate is too high.

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